Stealing the show

HANG TIME (FILL-IN) HEADQUARTERS — Nothing beats an accomplished thief. The precision, expert timing, nerves of steel and perfect getaway. It’s a delicate balancing act not for the faint of heart.

That brings up to our latest top 10 in a series celebrating last season’s bests. We started with dunks, made our way to circus shots, followed with assists, then blocksΒ and today we deliver steals.

Four rookies made the list — Brandon Jennings, Jrue Holiday, Chase Budinger and James Harden — and share the spotlight with Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Jason Kidd, Manu Ginobili and Dwyane Wade.

Watch the package above produced by the fine folks at NBA TV and vote away:


  1. Colin says:

    Not one comment on the Number 1 steal? Harden to Westbrook and back to Harden was a thing of beauty. None of the other steals even compare!

  2. Dsalon says:

    Wade didn’t win that game!!!

  3. LEO says:

    Wade’s was the best. but where the hell is Rondo’s diving steal?

  4. LiveBasket - PORTUGAL says:

    D-Wade steal isn’t that grat. And yes, in the next play Rondo made an alley-oop and game went to extension and then Boston won the Game.. Was one of the best game endings of last season of NBA..

    For me the best steal was the one of CP3.. Great steal, better ending =D excellent!

  5. Nore says:

    Whoever is voting here – its useless the most steals in this competition are far better then great and the playes Homeys the playes … Man i give all of them like a 11 on a 0 – 10 system … ^^

  6. Herrmann says:

    Budinger is way the coolest! πŸ˜€

  7. simon says:

    ah thanks i also reacalled the celtics winning this game…anyway nice steal by wade but not nr 1…where is rondo???

  8. DarlingBryan says:

    Wow.. Manu’s all over the top tens.

  9. ulyssis says:

    Wade is the best in all packages of a player… maybe others are good in steals but when it comes to the players all around performance nothing compares to Wade…

  10. Melski says:

    How disappointing – the Rondo steal when he went to the boards in the finals and then got up and finished the play…. How can this not be in the list at least….
    If you are going to list the TOP 10 – give it a real go hey…

  11. likedamaster says:

    You can tell most people voting don’t watch basketball. That Wade steal and dunk? Rondo made an alley-oop layup to tie it with less time, for the Celtics to win in OT. Melo deserves that top pick.

  12. Edwin says:

    why everybody is hating on Budinger? .. get over it Celtics fans,

  13. mr.celtic says:

    the only reason i don’t give wade the number 1 vote is because they lost that game curtosy of doc rivers and rajon rondo.thats all i gots 2 say

  14. Martin says:

    Where’s Dudley’s steal on Kobe Bryant?

  15. billy duncan says:

    jennings had the most pure steal

  16. DaHeatisON says:

    A lot of people is saying that Wade’s steal shouldn’t be number 1 because Miami didn’t win but do realize that Wade made the necessary defensive play (kind of like Jordan) win that game. If Miami could have stopped Boston on that last play, you all would be viewing this play in the same light as Wade’s steal against the Bulls 2 years ago. Simply, Wade is the closest thing to Jordan. I know is not the politically correct person to put at that spot, but think about how many times he makes a big play late in games–whether its offensive or defensive. He’s the only player in the league like that, Kobe make big plays offensively but not defensively.

  17. JzlD says:

    Wade’s the man. Damn he NEEDED a team,
    GO heat πŸ™‚

  18. Farhaan says:

    why is it that they didn’t included the the steal tip made by MANU and the stole by one of his team mate(roger mason i think) was not included ? that scene was also included in ASSIST segment…

  19. joao says:

    oh my god –.
    rondo tied that game with 0.6 .
    rondo played jas.williams
    RONDO is number one
    and budinger? one more step he would be home.

  20. Brian says:

    just realized Ginobili has made every single category while having the best block and assist of the year!

  21. Jmoney says:

    Where is Derrick Rose’s steal on Rondo which he then runs down the court for a reverse windmill??? That easily topped about 8 of the plays on here…

  22. Jake says:

    how about Jared Dudley stealing from Kobe and giving it to JRich for a 360 dunk?

  23. brandon says:

    You know what’s funny about Wade’s? Everybody got hype while the Celtics was drawing up a plan to force overtime………….GO CELTICS

  24. daniel says:

    I still can’t believe Miami lost that game.

  25. Kris says:

    Wheres Tyreke’s steal on Arenas on an iso to seal the victory?

  26. Jeroen says:

    Why does everybody vot for Wade. The steal wasn’t that great and if i’m not mistaking Rondo made an alley-oop lay up after that and Miami didn’t even win….

  27. Wei says:

    If you watch the highlights of that Heat Celtic game, the Heat should’ve won. There was a good 5 seconds the clock didn’t move towards the final seconds when the ball was in play. had the timer moved, there wouldn’t have been .6 seconds left on the clock for a Celtic comeback.

  28. Chris Cartier says:

    This list is offensive until one of the choices is renamed D-Wade pinches & loses.

    Plus, Rondo, the number one steal man in the game, had 189 steals that were better than any on this list. If you include the playoffs just add on 46 more unbelievable plays.

  29. Benjamin Pierce says:

    not one of them Rondo steal against Magic!!! is Number #1

  30. Bobby says:

    Wade wins

  31. steven says:

    Chris Paul still and in and out cross over was sick

  32. Kian Hui says:

    Do you guys realize, all 10 best thieves were at their own home. None away players in the list. LOL. & for those who are gonna say why #2 didn’t get the 1st spot, it’s because.. just watch that damn game.

  33. Jordan says:

    5% on budinger.. really? dont get me wrong a buzzer beater is great… but i just cant vote for a play that involves such a harsh travel.

  34. wade360 says:

    A steals a steal Charles.
    Sure it wasnt a game ending one, but I’m sure alot of people would prefer it over the others

  35. Charles says:

    Wade’s steal was nice, but it wasn’t for the win.

    Celtins won that.