Phil Jackson pokes Heat

Have you ever seen those beef jerky commercials where the campers mess with Sasquatch? That’s Phil Jackson and the Miami Heat.

The Zen Master took out his stick yesterday and poked the bear a bit, suggesting more than talent goes into winning a title. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh? That’s nice, but might not be enough.

Here’s Philip on with radio station ESPN 1000 in Chicago:

“They got great talent. There’s no question about their talent they have. But, talent doesn’t always win. The team that shows the best teamwork will win it. We think we have established something. But, if [the Heat] can unite — and build quickly — they might be able to do it.”

The Lakers, of course, have demonstrated the best teamwork for two years running. Their championship defense figures to get a stiff challenge from the South Beach Super Fiends, though the man with more rings than fingers further illustrates the Heat’s undertaking with a bit of Lakers’ history.

“I always refer to when Wilt Chamberlain was traded from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and that put Baylor, West and Chamberlain together — three of the top scorers in NBA history — and they never won a championship together the four years they were together. It’s not always scorers and talent that wins it. But it’s teamwork that does it.”

Let’s be honest, Phil, talent comes in handy. Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Pau Gasol. Still, we get it. Lesson over … for now.


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  2. DWade says:

    Ask LBJ to pass the ball to me more often then we’ll win some games.

  3. js10jj says:


    First off bro, you need to get your facts straight, kobe hasn’t had any type of defensive success on either LBJ or Dwade, so don’t say either! And Artest shut down every big scorer that the lakers faced last year Melo, KD, Pierce, etc… but guess what he couldn’t stop LBJ why? Cause lebrons bigger than him and he can’t muscle the King like he does to everyone else… and Barnes on Dwade?? Please man, are you serious… REALLY. Do you even understand what your saying, it’s like me saying that Kobe will get shut down by Eddie House or something stupid like that!


  4. js10jj says:


  5. js10jj says:

    Ok so when they lakers had Shaq that wasn’t merely talent? Yeah right!!! Shaq was so good they threw into to him down low he either got fouled, dunked it, or missed a little jump hook and then dunked, or kicked it out to someone wide open cause they were double or triple teaming him. That’s not talent.. hmm I guess some idiot is getting it! Samething when Phil had Jordan, everyone move out of the way Michael would score on two guys and everyone knew what was going to happen and they couldn’t stop him, again that not TALENT right Phil? He’s a joke, he’s just trying to get in Miami’s head and it’s not going to work. CAN’T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS DAY! I HAVE FEELING THERE’S GOING TO BE MORE TRASH AND THINGS THROWN ON THE LAKERS COURT!!! AGAIN! LAKERS ARE DONE MARK MY WORDS AND THEY’RE NOT EVEN GOING TO PLAY MIAMI – OKC IS!!

  6. ILOVEDAGAME says:



  7. D-Town Finest says:

    MJ said this himself “Talent Wins games Teamwork and Intelligence wins championships”.. That being said The Heat have the Talent and there Big 3 have played together before.. Not just in All-Star Games but FIBA play.. The paracticed and they have been in games at the same time.. Wade and CO know each others tendencies there likes and dislikes.. Bostons Big Three meshed over the course of a Season.. This BIg 3 has a head start.. Lebron has never wanted to be Jordan, i.e why Pat Riley was able to sell him on being the Magic Johnson of the Heat.. Lebron was crowned as he was supposed to be the next MJ and dethrone Kobe…. He never wanted that how long has he been talking bout he wants to be the first player since the Big O to Average a Triple Double.. Lebron will be content with Wade being the scorer.. Bosh realized A. He Can’t be the guy on a Championship team nd B. He didnt want to anymore.. He was sick of having the shoulder the Load in Toronto.. Boston is Good but I’ll take Miami and heres why.. Miami played Boston in the First Round Stats dont lie they had no ANSWER for D-Wade none once so ever.. He had his way with Boston problem was he had No help Beasely Choked and other than him who could score on that roster. Now u add Bron Bosh Mike Miller and Eddy House.. Two Knockdown shooters a capable PF and Lebron who can score or pass.. And secondly Shaq going to Boston?? Really Boston??? You guys can Thank Kobe for this one.. His whole taunt of Shaq drove him to Boston.. everything Doc and AInge built will be torn down in a season… Once Perkins is healthy he is the starter.. They brought in Jermaine the other O’neal and have Big Baby.. Does anyone think Shaq will be happy let alone Cooperative not playing huge minutes?? Less minutes than last season when he was griping in Cleaveland??? I think not.. Out west its the Lakers and the Lakers.. Second best team is the Thunder.. There are a year or two from being able to dethrone LA or I should say one legit starting big man away from being able to challenge LA. Kobe is still Kobe. They have Pau and Odom and Artest now you add Barnes off the bench and steve blake??? They got better.. Theo Ratliff just to bang for 5-7mins a nite if needed.. Its a Laker Heat Finals.. And I dont wanna even hear about Orlando they let there best perimeter defender go.. Stan I panic oh so often van gundy has ran his mouth about the new look Heat same goes for Otis smith.. They have out a target on the Magics back,.. without Barnes who exactly guards Mr. James.. Secondly will we really be watching Vince Carter chase D-wade around for a series if they meet in the playoffs?? Really VC?? Atlanta is not a serious threat but for some reason they always give Boston trouble and play them quite well.. Chicago could play the role of spoiler but thats about it.. They could knock off one of the East Big Dogs.The East is good but I dont see any reason the Heat wont come out of it

  8. taiwankobe says:

    most of all you guys didnt understand what phils jackson means of saying that…thinks of it twice n maybe trice theres something deeper meaning about it….yet u still dont know who phil was….he is talking about his ability as a coach n thats is what he could morethan talents hahahahahaaaaaaa….you all stupid you cn get that facts ….

  9. js10jj says:

    All I got to say is that Kobe is done, all these laker fans are idiots talking about how great he is! He has had the best team in the NBA until the Heat this year and thats the only reason why they won anything! Ahhh 6-21 in game 7 against Boston and they still win, yeah he’s the greatest player in the NBA! Yeah right, he has the best supporting cast. I wish they played Miami more than twice this year, who is kobe gonna guard the whole game?! Probably the PG cause we all know that he can’t guard DWade or LBJ!

  10. bobby says:

    your three big Heat Not ……… wins…will to like on melo anethoy or kobe wins 2011 champs………….will to want james not Lakers…….relationship you james cavs cry… will to games boston v/s Lakers next 2011….yes who lakers chames 2011

  11. BryanO says:

    eenie meenie miny mo
    Miami will not steal the show
    LA wins three in a row
    eenie meenie Miami, NO!!!

  12. ielahiah says:

    lakers had malone, payton, shaq, kobe, and good role players… but they lost to detroit. Phil is right in a way, because if you put five all-stars in one team who have nothing in mind but to be better than the rest… then there’s a problem. “Why, you may take the most gallant sailor, the most intrepid airman or the most audacious soldier, put them at a table together – what do you get? The sum of their fears.”

  13. Nigel says:

    I agree with Phil. Teamwork and team chemistry and understanding and accepting one’s role. These are also critical components to winning a championship. Boston was the last team to get it right – and even that seems to have fizzled, but only because of Kendrick Perkins injury. Bringing in Shaq may mess with Boston’s chemistry – unless he is wise enough to accept his role until Perkins returns.

    So far this season, the Lakers is one of the only team besides Boston that has pretty much maintained the same team.

    I think Miami will have to go through Boston before having to deal with L.A.

  14. Lanate Bell says:

    To me Miami Heat will be nothing this year. Lets see D-Wade and LeBron doesn’t know how to play with each other. there used to running the game themselves. Who would take the buzzer beater shot? LeBron or Dwayne? If LBJ put up 40 then D-Wade thinks he trying to out shine him so he go try to put up 40, then Chris thinks he good but no and he going to try to put up 40. You can’t wotk together when your used to playing by yourself. LBJ has been t he best since he came into the league but has he won a RING yet.. NO!!! D-Wade has only ONE ring and that was because of who?? SHAQ!! Chris Bosh is just a another player. Miami Heat will be nothing this year.. If they have the best two of the 2003 draft class!!! They dont now how to work together. Mark my word the Heat will not win more than 60 games. If they do they will choke up in th eplayoffs and get beat in the first or second round.

  15. Thund says:

    talent matters but kobe bryant is the best in the world in what he have done so miami dont try to challenge them or else

  16. jordan24 says:

    that’s just the zen master being himself…

  17. H.C. says:

    It makes perfect sense of what the enlightened one is saying. Bosh. Lebron and wade are primarily scorers. The only one with real skill is wade the others don’t necessarily have skill, but superior athleticism they have relied on throughout the years.

  18. H.C. says:

    Alot of people overlook the fact that the lakers won with very dismal bench support this past year. Over the past few months they’ve tweaked it and got blake barnes and ratliff plus the main core group of dudes. So id say they have upgraded and will be almost unstoppable.

    However: this all depends on whether the heat continue to pick up more skilled role-men throughout this season. If they don’t and stand pat, the celtics will outgrit them in the conf. finals.

    Also: Pat Riley should’ve signed Eric Dampier.

  19. H.C. says:

    The heat won’t win this year, their role players aren’t THAT good. The lakers will get the 3peat, that’s if everyone is healthy. Also, I hate to say but im doubting erik spoelstra, Riley will come down and coach the sides. Their team needs about 4 tweaks to their role players and the next several years the sky is the limit.

  20. lg says:

    i dont really hate on teams but looks like miami heat thinks they will roll past any teams thatll come in their way like wade said i feel sorry for the guys thats gotta guard me and lebron you should never underestimate the other teams i guess thats why the dallas mavericks lost to golden state warriors in 2007 playoffs miami will have tough times in the playoffs against boston,orlando, chicago,atlanta etc teams

  21. REALMAGIC says:

    Remember people Miami have three superstar trying to beat the lakers,tkat’s the only reason because one on one they can’t.
    But still you can have a lot of players you want only five on five can play at the same time, so lakers is better now than ever with another shooter point guard Blake, and defense Barnes, miami will get tired at the long run and the relay of the lakers will win the race.

  22. REALMAGIC says:

    Hey, guys, Kobe is the greater lakers of time, he past Kareem and Magic, who score 81 pts, who have the record for 3 pts shots, 5 championships, dunk champ, league mvp, 2 finals mvp, all stars mvp,

  23. Jopida says:


  24. deuce says:

    phil jackson spoke the truth but do u really think he isnt thinking about how the lakers will match up against the heat…
    i believe the heat bench is fine, but they need a true big man because i dont think big z will start and they need a small foward. this would b my line up wade, lebron, haslem (questionable), bosh, center if they can find a fit in these two positions, they WILL win the championship this year.

  25. josh m says:

    honestly… no bias here…. the lakers are the best team going into the season trying to three peat thats crazy!!! so until someone beats them in the playoffs there is no reason to compare them to miami…specially the only way they will meet would be finals.and all lakers fans…..kobe hater this kobe hater that…blah blah blah he never one a championship by himself…so lay off he may have won some games and scored 80+ but no rings …great player but not the best…….LBJ…no one knows what miami will do…stink or amaze…………..just wait and see

  26. NBA says:

    this article was useless, u’d think phil j seriously dissed them but it was soft words normal comment and blah blah

    waste, soo many dam comments on here tho

  27. josh says:

    4 any one saying lakerscheated in game 7 ur wrong.u gotta [ick ur wins. reffs wanna please everyone so they play day they might favor one team the next day the opposing team.the celtics got a game 6 lakers shud have one.and they got their payback in game they even.phil does that alot.he wins game 1’s cuz he know l.a. is like 10-0 when the y win game 1’s in any playoff series.gamess 3,4,6,7 are important to him as well.plainly put yall shud know this by now.lakers know how to play their cards.lakers 5 1 ring.u tell me whose winning.

  28. josh says:

    lemme correct takes teamwork,talent,. . .and experience to win celtics had all three of these when they beat L.A. a couple years back.L.A. has had it the last 2 years.i cant say the same for this miami team.wade hasnt done much playoff wise and lebron and bosh lack experience as far as the finals go.they have a lot of work ahead of them as well.L.A. has made some enemies so now orlando,boston,and chicago will all want a piece in the east.its gonna b a dogfight next season 4 real.if orlando and miami meet it might b a seven game series.
    Phil jackson has it easy.they got some keyaquisitions(theo ratliff,matt barnes,steve blake) and didnt even lose odom or artest.the only competition they have is a frustrated dallas team that will once again try to make a move since buffing their roster.all phil has to do is get kobe to the finals and kobe will do the rest.its that simple.
    i cant say that 4 miami.they have cleveland,orlando,chicago,and boston to deal with.lebron is a ball hog and he cant do that on this team.itll b interseting 2 see what they come up with.4 tha record.i think L.A. cant take it again and give phil 12 rings and kobe 6(to tie michael jordan).if not maybe orlando or boston cuz of their finals aint winnin nuthin next can quote me on that.

  29. Rockets says:

    i am sorry to tell you guys but the rockets will win this year

    • josh m says:

      hahahahh lmao haha rofl hahah ur kidding right…..there not even in the top 5 to win it all

      1. Lakers
      2. Miami
      3. Boston
      4. Clevland lmao forgot lebron left hahahahhahaahah CHIcago
      5. Orlando

  30. ronald says:

    i think miami will won a championship this season..they have a great player and they have same will which is to win a ring.

  31. LAKERNATIONN says:

    all you ppl hating on kobe bryant saying he is a bitch ass whining player thats all WRONG
    he has changed his game you effin laker / kobe haters KOBES NO COCKY OR BALL HOG PLAYER
    if you guys watched the playoffs last year esspicaly games 6 and 7 in the finals KOBE relyed on his team to bring the championship bak2bak and i can say LEBRON JAMES his the cocky one saying he can bring more than 8 championships to MIAMI lets see the 8+ championships if they can pull it off


  32. Jamie S* says:

    Its kinda funny, reading these blogs. These writers will take certain parts of what someone says, and piece them together, and say, Hey Look! Phil took a shot @ Miami, or whom ever! In reality, Phil didn’t take a shot @ anyone, he just stated a simple truth. The proof is in the pudding, and the Heat has gotton a lot of press, and God bless’em as far as I’m concerned. But once the ball goes in the air, they will have their hands full. Sure they;ll win some reg. season games off of pure talent alone, but playoffs are a different monster. Its hard to beat teams whose core been together 3-4 yrs. Thats why most teams fight so hard to keep their cores together, I think in time the Heat will be successful. But if someone think you can beat those core teams, Magic, Boston, etc. with a instant grits team full of superstars thats been together for six months, their dilusional.. It takes comroddery, and cohesiveness, and those things take a little time, so people shouldn’t be too hard on them right outta the gate, but you know they will. However for now, I think the road to championshipville goes through the City of Angels, Their just too packaged up with added fire, and everyone getting healthy, (being they won the last one limping).. Barred a freak injury, Phil goes out on top, 3-peat style, and Kobe’s legacy is cemented in history. (The Brother from Another Planet).. Just one man’s opinon!!

  33. mike says:

    haet are gonna run it this year…lakers are done…the refs cheated for them in game 7 it was completely obvious…37 fouls called for la and 17 called for boston lol they could of made it less obvious…this is coming from a fan of neither boston or la…anyways ….go miami!!!

  34. Kracsta' says:

    Ohh…and one more thing…Lebron destroyed the Lakers everytime the Cavs meet the Lakers last year…The Lakers didn’t beat the Cavs not one time last year…I know the play offs are a different level… but when you have someone #…you have it…Now the Cavs.vs Boston in regular season…2 \2 split…so it didn’t surprise me that the Cavs couldn’t get by Boston…plus one superstar against 4 a gang of big men…Perkins, Big Baby, Rasheed…Lebron is the best player I have ever seen and I been watchin’ basketball since Magic and Bird…Now I’ve seen Lebron beat the intire boston team before and put them out of the play offs, but Kevin Garnett was hurt but still… it’s nearly impossible for one guy to win it all..The closest I’ve ever seen was when Wade did it(with Riley)…So, like I said…If Riley comes in with James and Wade playin’…IT’S OVER!!! remenber allstar 10′ …Wade and James show..killed everybody on the west by themselvles…holla

  35. Kracsta' says:

    All i’ma say is this…If Pat Riley comes from the stands and take head coach position again…IT’S O V E R!!

  36. skinnygoose16 says:

    phil jackson is an idiot.

  37. Lebron cant be a champ says:

    Lakers are the champs.. The team to beat.. they have proven there worth. how about the other teams?

    Just count the ALLSTARS / SUPERSTARS and compare.. everyone in the NBA Has Talent.. OBVIOUSLY..

  38. zandro says:

    Ops Ops…………………I believe still LAKERS AND BOSTON series in 2011 season….

  39. Hamza says:

    hey buddy u dont know anything alright, Phil is talking sense into Miami. they think because they have a bunch of idiots, they are going to the championship. and yes he has looked himself in the mirror with 12 NBA Championships, yes he is the best in my opinion! ok so what if they got defeated by Detroit in the finals, thats one loss, but they came back and beat the crap out of Boston and Orlando! so how do the Miami heat not stand the “great Boston celtics” they are the worst team right now in the NBA and the oldest team with a bunch of oldies. get the information correct when ur right idiot. And Lakers are the best team in the NBA and Kobe Bryant is the greatest basketball player in the NBA!!!!!!!

    • drew says:

      Youre hilarious.You call the Celtics the worst team in the NBA? You mean the team that took your precious lakers to 7 games and barely got beat? And Kobe? Didnt he go 6 for 24 and had his team bail him out to win? LOL Gotta love the irony of you calling anyone an “idiot”

  40. maldoc says:

    you guys are fools. study this equation well, because you will have a quiz tomorrow:

    Talent = Team Work = Winning

    Championship = Talent + Team Work = Winning + 1

  41. bosh, james, and wade are different from these 3 guys (chamberlain, baylor and west).. that’s what i can say.. stop talking thay can’t made it, i think they are envious because miami has a lots of talent. miami 2011 champions!!

  42. KOBE MVP says:

    So who has 11 championships i dont know his name is not par riley or the heat its phil he is the best so and kobe aswell he won without shaq and has more than shaq and we beat boston in game 7 by the way lakers have never done that before and this year we can get second 3 peat byt h way miami does not have a a coach the only way they could wih if pat riley is the coach.

  43. LArocks says:

    Don’t forget. Lakers won the last 2 titles. Heat is talented. But are they more so than the lakers? Come on Kobe is still the best player and closer of the game. Chris Bosh is not anywhere close to Pau Gasol. Wade is good, but Lakers has Artest, Odom, and a young and rising star center. Heat is all just hype now. It would be very funny if the heat is taken out by the aging Boston, which is honestly quite possible.

  44. REALMAGIC says:

    Hey, guys, Kobe is the greater lakers of time, he past Kareem and Magic, who score 81 pts, who have the record for 3 pts shots, 5 championships, dunk champ, league mvp, 2 finals mvp, all stars mvp, c’mon want more, if he stays as long Kareem, he will past him in pts. besides his injuries he still scoring, oh, i forgot he was robbed a league mvp when he avg 35 pts a game, they gave to Nowisky and Dallas was the first team to be eliminated from playoff.

  45. Big Bad Booty Daddy says:

    Lakers will win the championship in 2011.

  46. RJ says:

    I’ve always been a die hard L.A. Laker fan, in the case of Miami’s new roster changes adding LeBron James and Chris Bosh is heading for disaster in the season. LBJ is a good player dont get me wrong, but he demands a certain amount of minutes playin on the court so does Dwayne Wade. As Chris Bosh, he should b coming off the bench not as a starter, he did great in Toronto but it takes more than 3 egotistical players come together and say that they’re gonna win a championship. You gotta win the east which means, the heat has to try to get passed the Magic and Celtics. As you all should remember when the Lakers acquired Pau Gasol from the Grizzlies you didnt hear Kobe Bryant and the rest of the Lakers say out of random that they’re gonna win the NBA championship. No, you didnt, they showed it by how they play together in the Triangle offense. I get what Phil Jackson was saying, even though you have talent on a team it takes more than that to win an NBA championship. And I dont think that with LBJ, D. Wade and Bosh on a team will make it far this season. Yes Kobe had shaq in the early 2000’s, Jordan had pippen in the 90’s but what made them work so well together is not their talent its the chemistry of them working as a team not just one person who thinks its their team.. Cuz once that happens then the blame game starts happening, so i dont see the heat making past the 2nd round of the playoffs. LBJ should of stayed in Cleavland, he had more team chemistry with the Cavaliers, i just dont see it in Miami. And Wade, he only won 1 championship in 2006 with Shaq but i dont see it happening again this season… Yes we all havnt seen them play, yet, but when the Heat had that big celebration of adding LBJ and Bosh they talked way too soon about winning a championship. Its put up or shut up, lets see how much they can get along this season, but they’ll be eliminated within the 2nd round of the playoffs either against the Celtics or Magic…. It takes more than talent to win a championship……

    • drew says:

      Your entire post is disproven by the fact that these 3 guys played several yrs together through the olympics and have proven to have good chemistry together. Not to mention the Heat brought back 7 players from a team that won nearly 50 games last year and have 3 guys on the bench that can start for more than half the teams in the league

  47. asiong says:

    phil is ryt..its not more than talent..i dont think the heat can jive together at a very short period of time..championship ring for the miami heat dis season???..nah…..not now miamii….

  48. les vegas says:

    The Zen Master!!!!! I loved Riley w/ the Showtime-era Lakers, but c’mon man, does he really think the Heat are capable of beating Phil’s Lakers in a series? Please…Miami won’t even make it to the Finals w/ overrated Bosh, once-lucky D-Wade, or the hack of all hacks Queen James. Lebron has already cemented his place in basketball history, a loser, and a sore one at that. Looks like Pat Reily is caught up in the hype and believes it more than anyone.

  49. drew says:

    Nowhere in those quotes did I see Jackon taking “jabs” at the heat. This is just another example of dishonest journalism.

  50. Tony says:

    Phil hit the nail on the head with his comments. Before he became the Lakers coach, they had more talent the years before but they couldn’t win because of team work and a great coach to put it together. So, you can have all the talent in the world and still don’t when a title, Leadership, teamwork, and talent are the ingredients to winning.

  51. andreas says:

    you guys are a bunch of idiots stop repeating the same stuff. yes we know what phil means. Honestly I think the heat are not just going to win one title but multiple they just didnt get lebron and bosh but they also got a supporting cast that can step in and hustle and provided good minutes off the bench. plus look at the pistons they really didn’t have a superstar but they had good teamwork and chemistry, which the heat have lebron wade and bosh played for the Olympic team and went out and had fun that’s what their going to do with heat. be prepared for blowouts lots of wins and lots of championships from the heat.

  52. moky says:

    .spurs got the talent and teamwork…

  53. big smoke says:

    of course talent is not every think sometimes it is more than that its about team work and focus on the court and play with heart thats what makes the lakers champions.
    for exemple in game 7 lakers vs boston every body suppose kobe will score well and he will have a historic night but it was not he did not play well and he didnot score and there where it comes the teamwork as we remember artest have a strong game even pau gasol and also the smartness of the master phil so it is tru sometimes it is not about talent its about heart the lakers want that ring so bad to get their revench and they did it .

  54. letsgoheat! says:

    i think phil’s is kind of right but let’s not forget that when chamberlain, baylor, and west were united, they were not at their primes anymore. lebron, bosh, and wade are on their primes. thats a big difference.

    • iLL wiL says:

      Very true which is Y all 3 were smart 4 ther chioces dey made over the summer Iam a DIE HARD BULLs fan but i can’t (HATE)on it or on Lebron’s Decision on T.V. iam looking foward 2 playing dem n da playoffs.

  55. Tenki says:

    The epitome of greatness in coaching said it, and he said it loud and clear.i s Talent is a big factor to win games, but it all comes to teamwork when you want to win championships. This is not golf, or boxing, or MMA or the marathon. This is basketball, where teamwork is the essence of the game. Guys, ever wondered why our parents let us attend basketball training camps? Our parents wanted us to learn how to work with other people, how to make sacrifices, how to face adversity with the best that we can do.

    Phil Jackson is right in every aspect of what he said about teamwork, and he has 11 reasons why we should believe in him. However, that being said, I think Miami won’t back down from the challenge, and they would try to up the ante against the opponent. That is the reason why they had LeBron and Bosh playing alongside Wade for at least 5 years in the first place. Phil Jackson and the Lakers set the tone this year, they are the barometer for the other teams to measure, and Miami must prove to them that they have what it takes to win. Well, we still have to wait for a little over a month for them to showcase their talent (which they undoubtedly have) and their TEAMWORK as well.

  56. Matt says:

    How can you say that only talent is in the heat team.. talent is there but these three players have already won something together before they were at the heat.. so i think they know how to work with each other..

  57. LAfan says:

    to the kobe haters: kobe has 5 rings, league mvp award, finals mvp awards,scoring title, and was considered part of one of the greatest duos of all-time…let’s not forget anytime your team(s) play the lakers, you circle the date on your calendar, you hate the lakers (yet you don’t get all worked up about the bulls anymore) more than you hate….say, the nets or clippers, and YOU MAKE it a point to compare him to jordan (even if it is to say that he’s not the greatest of all time, maybe only in the top ten)……yet he sucks, right? wow. wade, lebron, bosch, boozer, amare, nash, paul, kg,etc….must really SUCK!

  58. okeiske says:

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  61. DRS says:

    Phil is right. Talent doesn’t always win it. The Pistons beat the Lakers in 04 with much less talent than the Lakers. However, the Pistons did have better teamwork and the Lakers had too many distractions and internal strife. However, I see this Heat team differently. These 3 played together on the 08 Olympic team, they were drafted the same year, and Wade and Lebron have been good friends for years. Moreover, Wade has been second fiddle to Shaq with no issues and Wade has been a leader. Lebron has been a leader since he came into this league. Bosh has been the leader of the Raptors. I see this working because I think all 3 players know how to lead, to defer, and to gel as teammates. Riley is the mastermind that will make it work. Wade has been to the mountaintop, and Lebron has been in the Finals. After 2 MVPs Lebron is ready to taste championship glory, and what better way than to defeat the Lakers. Can’t Wait!!

  62. ldhl89 says:

    I agree in the part of the teamwork
    But lets see who is talking
    Lakers are not a top assist team
    Lakers doesnt have a top assist player
    Lakers dont always show the teamwork
    Phil Jackson likes to play with Power

    In a fair place where the teamwork always win, BOSTON WOULD BE THE NBA CHAMPIONS

  63. jayson says:

    Thats true talent does not make a better tean, but practice make diffirence and teamwork…

  64. jayson says:

    Thats true talents does nt make a better team, but i think practice make perfect…

  65. Horace says:

    the nba champions in any given year have always had a great coach. jackson, popovich, rivers, brown. but spoelstra? riley maybe..

  66. […] Phil Jackson pokes Heat Have you ever seen those beef jerky commercials where the campers mess with Sasquatch? That’s Phil Jackson […] […]

  67. dropdimes15 says:

    so no one wants to admit that the miami heat are that good. i find it naive that no one can be real on here cuz they don’t want to believe it or accept it. i don’t like it either, but we all know that THE MIAMI HEAT WILL DOMINATE. lets be real. they have chalmers, mike miller, arroyo, haslem, juwan howard, big z, and three rookies with solid potential. thats a very capable supporting cast when you think about all the things wade lebron and bosh will already take care of. and if they really need it, i’m sure somewhere in the season they can muster up a trade or free agent, not too difficult when u got that kind of fire power already, and i doubt they will even need it. wade won a ship with a slower shaq, haslem (an excellent intangibles guy, which is huge for the new squad), a slower payton, slower walker, slower mourning, posey and a few other role players. can you actually say that wade doesn’t have a better team around him now?? he’s arguably not even the best player on the team anymore! and to say that hard work beats talent is to say that three of the best players in the world didn’t work hard to get to where they are today. they know that they have a big target on them, they will respond, and they will win the ship. i’m sorry but i refuse to lie to myself.

  68. Rob says:

    I think the real question in Miami is Spolstra. He hasn’t coached long…no wonder lecon wanted to play there. He gets another coach to push around! The chumps in South Beach will surely fail without a quality coach at the helm. Maybe Riles will come out of retirement and lead them? It’s yet to be seen but these guys will only go as far as the coach can carry them.

  69. Don Miguel says:

    I agree with Hot Rod. My dark horse is OKC as well. But going back to the topic, we must all admit that with the acquisition of Le Bron James and Chris Bosh, Miami became the team to beat. And I beg to disagree with the others claiming that they have poor back up. Big Z and Jamal Magloire are still pretty decent offensively and are experienced warriors on the center position. They are good for 6 to 12 points put together. Of course there is the newbie Joel Anthony. He’s still young and if Spoelstra can squeeze 10 boards, 1 blk per game from him, then he will be a welcome addition to the HEAT. Then we have Eddie House, Carlos Arroyo and Mike Miller. I dont think Mike Miller will be playing the point guard position on this team. Le Bron and Dwyane will be a much better option to go on point rather than anybody on the team. They are good passers as well as scoring threat. You have Mario Chalmers as well who was doing great last season. And finally, you have Juwan Howard, Udonis Haslem, Da Sean Butler and James Jones on your front court. Well im pretty sure Howard still has something left on his old body of his. Offensively this team has a lot of potential. Im a little doubtful abut defense though. Apart from the big 3 and Udonis Haslem, I dont think this team will do good defensively. So I think the thrust of this team will be offensive just like Mike D’Antoni’s approach. Well it will fit them well with Lebron and Dwyane handling the ball.

    Well, to complete my analysis, I think that the Heat will be having a hard time against Orlando and Boston on the East, Lakers, San Antonio(if the big 3 is healthy) and Dallas. Actually, they will have a hard time with teams who have dominant centers. The Heat’s middle is their weakness. So I think they will play zone on the teams with strong centers.

  70. Prototype23 says:

    You need both teamwork and talent.

    Teamwork alone will only get you so far the same with talent, You need both of them you need to grow and understand each other. How quickly you understand and trust this concept will determine how far you will go.

  71. HOTROD says:




  72. idiots says:

    most people who posts here are idoits/too biased… get a life.. phil jackson has a point.. the example he set is exactly the same with the heat scenario.. if they can build fast, they can do it.. that’s what he said.. everybody has talent in the NBA that is why they are in the NBA! it’s just a matter of working hard to improve that talent, and having a team that has chemistry from the team owner to the last benchwarmer.. get it? lakers won 2 years in a row, because they are the best team! let’s wait for the opening tip this season to see who is the next best team.. and stfu kobe haters, you just can’t admit that the super friends need to team up just to beat him.. and don’t compare him to the GOAT, even kobe says he is not there yet..

  73. paolo c says:

    when you read what Phil Jackson said thoroughly, i do believe there was nothing wrong with it. he did not dismiss the necessity of having talent, he merely added that there must also be teamwork. matter of fact, he acknowledged the possibility that the heat may pull this one too if they build early. what’s wrong with that?
    sure, Detroit beat a highly talented Laker team in 2004. that does not mean though that Detroit rode on teamwork alone. i am sure Billups, Hamilton, Wallace (both of em), Prince would surely be offended if u brand them as not talented enough. but that’s the point. Phil just maintains that there must be both talent and teamwork to have a better shot at a championship.
    and some wise guy even posted that the reason every single GM pays hefty sums for superstars is because Talent wins championships. well, he must have been a GM before. winning a championship is every team’s dream (whether one is a GM or a waterboy of that team). paying big bucks for superstars does not guarantee a championship (it may however, increase the chances), what it does for sure though is SELL T-SHIRTS and other merchandise and increase gate attendance. THAT, is one undeniable impact of having a superstar on a team and one aspect a GM does not overlook. one can have a talented team but never win a single championship but its sales soar along with its attendance. ask Dan Gilbert…

  74. rhap says:

    come on guys think before you react. phil just said ” talent doesn’t always win. their is a word ALWAYS in there dude.. think! talent + teamwork = championship.

  75. Papi Chulo says:

    Hey i agree with El KoBe only cuz Miami have the big 3 doesn’t mean they will win this season the lakers have way better players than the heat James might me the “king” but Kobe is a GOD he has 5 ring James has none. For me i say the Lakes will win again back to back to back titles three in a row kobe will never give up he will always want 2 win more Lakes starting line up and bench is the best and now with 5 new players the lakers will just keep getting better and better each year phil has the right 2 say that cuz he has more championships than any other coach in the NBA

  76. beantown says:

    Miami has a chance to win but everyone is making it seem like orlando and boston is just going to move to the side and let them reach the finals. and people are also forgetting about the bulls like they didnt add a couple pieces to their team so the east got teams that could make it and in the west, the thunder is being slept on. you seen the problem they gave the lakers last season and that was their first time there, just wait for this year to come around, they will be a problem.

  77. BIG CALI says:

    No one ever said this would be Phil Jacksons last year. Pau and Kobe both have 2-3 more years on their contracts and I personally would love to see Phil Jackson stay for those years then retire. To me that would be a blessing to see that. His current contract is one year but I hope that He will not decide to stop after this season. Not very many people have the chance to do what Phil Jackson can do which is win 12 13 14 championships as a coach in over 50 percent of the seasons he’s coached in the NBA.6 champion chips in 9 seasons with Chicago and 5 championships in 10 seasons with Los Angeles.

  78. VAV says:

    That’s what the Greatest (MJ) always say:
    “Talents win a game, Teamwork wins a season”

  79. Ruff says:

    I cant wait for the Celtics to welcome these posers called the Miami Heat. Frankenstein (Lebron) Eyebrows (Wade) and Filler (Bosh) will be dusted off the floor of the Garden with Shaq taking out the trash !

  80. MJ(Michael Jackson) says:

    C’mon guys. It’s a long and exciting new season. let’s just enjoy. No one really knows whats gonna happen. who knows maybe lebron will die or kobe or even David Stern. ahah! who really knows. its too early to predict. love and peace guys! heal the world. make it a better place. lol

  81. EL KoBe says:

    Phil knows what he is saying he has coach alot of championship teams and knows what a team needs to go to the finals. Sure miami has three of the nba’s best but only three they need to have a good starting line up and also having a good bench helps too. the LAKERS have everythinthe best player in my opinion of all time KOBE BRYANTt best power foward Paul Gasol, a great Center Andrew Bynum, also great defender Ron Artest , and a veteran point guard Fisher. That is a great line up compare to miami who has only three good players. When it comes to bench the LAKERS have the bench in the nba World Lamar Odom , Shannon Brown , Sasha Vujacic , Matt Barnes ,Theo Ratliff ,Steve blake , luke walton. The Best thing that they all play with great teamwork all the time they all like family.

  82. purpleandgold says:

    Miami, by far has the most talented team in the NBA this year. A championship team? That has yet to be proven. The east coast will win the Allstar game hands down, but the championship will always go through the Lakers its a given. So Laker Haters, you can criticize Phil’s comments all you want, but come late May of 2011 your team will be left in the dust. Miami, enjoy battling with the Celtics and the Magic for 2nd place! Hahaha Sucka’s

  83. Hosea Alston says:

    The man said that talent alone doesnt win. He never said you don’t need talent to win.

  84. birdman says:

    Phil has lost his mind. He has always had talent . Remember what he did on the lakers before Gasol came to carry the team? Him and choke boy kobe couldnt pass the first round for 5 years

  85. true kobe fan says:

    ok all you haters out there saying that oh well phil’s got kobe and gasol and artest and odom well yeah but he doesnt have 3 SUPERSTARS like lebron, wade, and bosh. no hes got one superstar thats kobe gasol adn artest are good but u dont get in the nba not being good

  86. 3Peat,17,6 says:

    the east is the best coference? since when? in the past? it was all pistons…’08 cleveland, detroit, and boston, ’09 orlando, cleveland, boston, ’10 cleveland, boston, orlando and this yr maybe boston, orlando, miami, chicago, the bucks…and the west? in the past? all spurs, suns and dallas…’08 seed’s 1-8 and golden state fightin’ with denver 4 8th seed…09 seeds 1-8…and ’10 all i gotta say is OKC WON 50 GAMES AND WAS THE 8TH SEED!!!!!!!!….and this yr? l.a, lakers, dallas, portland, okc, utah, phoenix,houston, san antonio, memphis, l.a clippers, and new orleans r all gonna be fightin 4 playoff positioning!!!!….so who’s gonna be beatin’ up 4 the finals now? having to go through 3 50-win teams….and ppl comparing the heat to bull championship teams…r u kidding me????….these guys aren’t any of those bull teams….o and the comment about the heat not having a center i totally agree wit u bro but u 4got 2 mention they don’t have a PG either so not only r they gonna have a tough time wit D12 but rose and rondo also…

  87. claudio says:

    maybe phil jackson is rigth,,, but can he win a championship whitout kobe a gasol, he had jordan and pippen, to won 6 shampionship,, but How many championships have been won without Jordan and Pippen, and kobe and shaq, and kobe and gasol??

  88. cancerboy says:

    to those who misunderstood phil jackson,please improve on your reading comprehension skills..thank you very much..

  89. Imad Akel says:

    teamwork is part of some talents.
    some talents piled together dont work because you get 2 people that only do the same thing which is redundant.

    BUT i dont think this is the case with the heat. Lebron and wade can psas the ball. Kobe is a ball hog that goes for scoring titles, but i dont think that’s the case here.

  90. mannyngaganku says:

    well ah, phil was right in saying that teamwork is needed in winning championships. if only the refs could have called either LePAWN James and Duck wade with ball handling greed and selfishness, they could have been thrown out of the game. hahaha. in the first place, i already put those talents of lePAWN, duck wade aand cris bosh on the same miami heat roster as i played through ny PSP, miami heat could not even beat the lowly minnesota. how much more when it was played vs LAL, they coukld not match the lakers and heat loss with a 113 trail eficit

    • iLL wiL says:

      So coz dey lose on PS3 u think dat will transfer over 2 real life,u sound as stupid as ur NAME Mannyngaganku.

  91. roland says:

    hahahahahahah the formula is very easy , what jordan, pippen and rodman did in chicago will be happening in miami with james, wade , bosh.

  92. ddddd says:

    @ Sean

    Funny and agreed! Lebron has cried, sulked, and quit. If I were a Cleveland fan (I am not) I would be calling Lebron for refunds on my tickets. Wont be the last time we see him cry!

  93. jared says:

    Well obviously you need chemistry and teamwork to be a good team, that’s just common sense. But it’s ridiculous for Phil Jackson to say that because he’s only won championships with teams with tons of talent. You can’t win a championship in this league without stars though that’s just the way it is.

  94. ddddd says:

    Phil is right. If Miami can gel then its a no brainer with talent. The talent is there.

    I think back to the 90s when Barkley, Pippen and Clyde teamed up. It didn’t work. Yeah they scared some people but thats about it. On the other hand when the big 3 of the Celtics first got together they pretty much gelled right away hence Banner what? 17 ten zillion? (I am pretty sure its 17)

    The next step is for Chalmers to realize what he has and pull a Rondo. Rondo basically has always said that the big 3 made it so easy for him and that pretty much all he had to do was pass the ball. Unfortunately that has limited the guy’s jumper, but nevertheless we can pretty much all agree that Rondo is one of the top 5 pgs in the league in spite of his jumper. When it comes to Chalmers… he has the potential… My question is whether or not he is smart enough to pull it together like Rondo did… As they say… Better late than never.

    They don’t call Phil “The Zen Master” for nothing. It takes the right combination of luck, skills, chemistry, and talent. That is basically what he is saying. The championship is the Lakers to lose at this point and that will not change until 2011, if it does. Probably will at some point, but who knows how fast the chemistry will come in South Beach if it does.

  95. raymond says:

    phil is right, talent does not always win championship. i have been always a fan of teams with a SYSTEM. and i think team SYSTEM wins championship. Because if a coaching staff builts a solid system it mold a regular player to STAR. and also Phil has everyright to say what he wants, i think he has the most rings in NBA…

    also just a fact, the only team that won titles with out a star center or a caliber big man is the CHICAGO bulls… JORDAN is the best…

    • EricNYK says:

      Actually, they always needed a decent to good 7 footer and until they traded Oakley for Cartwright the ring eluded Mr. Jordan and would have continued to do so, if they hadn’t got their 7 footer, most likely, no rings or at least not 6 of them. Decent to good center and a bad mofo PF was the secret that put the best scorer of his generation (K. Malone best player in that generation, sorry) over the top. Cartwright, Grant, Pippen, Jordan, Armstrong, Paxson, Rodman, Kukoc, Kerr, Harper and Williams. Jordan played with arguably some of the most “talented” teams in the business during his day. When ESPN and Nike started telling us who to like, what to watch and when to do it, was when the objective fan went out the window. I love and hate ESPN at the same time. It has ruined basketball (along with Stern) Global popularity doesn’t mean a better game. Hence this being the 2nd time weve been able to beat the world at our own sport. What does that say about the league and fundamentals, when we can’t beat Argentina or whoever on a regular basis. I still watch, because it is hard to break a life long habit, but make no mistake this game sucks now. Might as well just play it outside.

  96. faysal says:

    zen master got the talent but the don’t got the experience

  97. blastedboy says:

    MIAMI??? we will just see what they can do in this coming season…. but for sure they can’t beat lakers because they lack teamwork and bonding… the lakers are the most dangerous team in this coming season why??

    simple!! because they have the man with a championship caliber ( Kobe Bryant ) the best passing Big man Pau Gasol and the bad boy Ron Artest

  98. CELTICS_MJKH says:

    “Eddie House, Mario Chalmers, Udonis Haslem, Big Z, Carlos Aroyo, Desean Buttler, James Jones, Juwan Howard”
    Ok so I loved Eddie House in Boston, but other than that.. Mario Chalmers already made the play of his life in college you’ll see nothing suprising from him EVER again. Haslem will be relied on to play BIG minutes at power forward and center… Good luck with that. Big Z is going to be relied upon for minutes outside of his possible scope at his age. Carlos Arroyo is nothing. Butler is a rookie, James Jones hasn’t done anything since shooting the 3 well out in Portland, and Juwan Howard… Take a hint the rest of your Michigan buddies have hung the shoes. Go join Chris Webber and Jalen Rose in the studio analyzing the game.

  99. zandro says:


    1. BOSTON
    2. CHICAGO
    3. ORLANDO
    4. BUCKS
    5. MIAMI?

    2. UTAH

  100. zandro says:


    1. BOSTON
    2. CHICAGO
    3. ORLANDO
    4. BUCKS
    5. MIAMI?

    2. UTAH

  101. jun says:

    sometimes, luck can win a championship.
    just like chicago beating the lakers in ’91.
    they won bcoz they’re lucky and it’s so
    obvious bcoz b.scott & j.worhty were injured.

    • VAV says:

      you Looking like a laker fan. But what you said is true luck wins championship and finals mvp trophies like la in the 2010 finals KP got injured or am i wrong

  102. Leon says:

    I think a lot of people are getting confused here. Phil wasn’t saying you don’t need talent to win a ring, he was saying they have to work TOGETHER to win.

    So sure, mike had pippen and rodman, Duncan had parker and gino, Shaq and Kobe yaddah yaddah The point is they were able to work together. If the super friends work together they’ll probably win it. But if they don’t, and all we see if 3 different players battling for points they won’t.

  103. CHUPACABRA. says:

    I don’t understand why people are saying that the heat not good enough. CB4 and DW in the same team with some decent role players in the team means automaticly playoff contender. With LBJ in the mix means championship contender.
    I’m not saying that Miami is the best team next season, but they are without question 1 of the top contender to win the championship. This team has the seem chens to win the title as The L.A or C’s and any of those rising top contenders. The Lakers arn´t that dominant as a lot of those lakers fans saying. So be ready for the next season. Its gonna be a very good one.
    All those people who are talking nonsense are gonna regret. This miami theam is gonna be the one to watch. I can´t wait to see the NBA in the highest level again.
    I´m a proud caribbean living in europe. Its harder to follow the NBA over here than in the caribbean. But still i´m very entertained. I hope you too.

  104. gabz says:

    you suck phil i hate you

  105. anonymous says:

    Phil might have his point, as he already won 11 championships.
    But if you’re speaking about talent, how about Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol? They’re, in their roles, the 2 most skillful player in the league…
    The Lakers are not necessarily makes the most eye-popping plays… nut they get the job done.

    I disagree with the Zen Coach Teamwork=championship… but i do believe in Talent+teamwork=championship

  106. Sean says:

    So wait, the folks in Miami are going to get riled up because Phil Jackson isn’t prepared to crown them the 2011 NBA champs? Seriously? Is there anything you can say about Miami that won’t be considered either slander or unworthy praise? This has to be one of the safest, most benign comments I’ve heard. Zen Master is right, however much I hate to say it (as a Boston fan). Let’s leave it alone, if the Heat get upset, well, it won’t be the first time I’ve seen Lebron cry.

  107. Chris says:

    What Phil means is that you need both talent and teamwork. The heat have all the talent, but it may take sometime to get chemistry and trust going on the court. How quickly they do that will determine on how quickly they win a championship. I still think it will be Lakers & Celtics. I can see the Celtics smashing the Heat.

  108. 208 says:

    The only way the heat would win a championship this season would be if Phil Jackson were head coach!

  109. dom says:

    the master was right! but i am looking at it in a different way. all teams have talent but not all of their talent is enough to win a championship. it is the teamwork that really is the vital part of a team. no talented team can match a team with a bunch of guys that plays together. let’s just wait and see if the south beach boys can carry miami to a championship campaign.

  110. LA AC says:

    Phil Jackson is absolutely right. It does take more than talent. However, great coaching can help bring about that on-court chemistry where talent does exist on a team. As for Spoelstra’s coaching ability, the Heat beat the Jackson’s Lakers once last year with far inferior talent, and only lost the other game on a “lucky” desperation three that erased a late two-point lead.
    Mentioning the old Lakers teams is Phil’s way of playing mind games on the Heat, as he consistently does to his own teams, the referees, and the opposition. Nothing new there.

  111. Brandon says:

    Every one of Jackson’s championships teams have had, bar-none, the most talent in the league. He better hope he’s right, cause so far his own career has been a testament that he’s wrong.

  112. Fred says:

    Please Mr.Garcia…
    Do not mention Paul Gasol along with players such as MJ…Pippen…Bryant…Oneal…those 4 are hall of famers…Gasol is a decent player…but not a great player…


  114. hmmm??? says:

    –before you contradict what phil jackson said… read carefully what he said.. phil jackson had so many experience and knowledge in basketball and he said also that those 3 heat(wade,james,bosh) have Talent, but do they got teamwork?? and he said that if they do., they can win championships.. and we will see that this upcoming season.. No need for so many discussions and facts.. everything can happen in basketball and we all dont know what might be those unexpected happenings.. So as a conclusion,, he is not afraid of heat yet because, all phil jackson knows, as of now, is that they have talent, and i think not just ordinary talent, wade bosh and james have superb talents.. he is just waiting to see if those talent will lead to a great teamwork on their team therefore it might lead to a championship…We will all know that when tip-off starts.. 😀

  115. perro says:

    Hey,I must say that Phil REALLY is one of the best coaches ever,just look at his records.And he´s also a VERY smart coach like with theese comments that seems to piss a lot of people off.GENIUS,all publicity is good publicity and the reason he says theese comments is to stirr it up a notch,much like the famous Mourinho in the world of soccer,he also burst out comments just to tone down the hype for the people that now call themselves Heat fans.Btw where have you guys been the last 4-5 years??oh now you decide to cheer them on again when they bought the team, L O L a true fan sticks with it no matter what,and lets be honest when was the last time Heat had a sellout crowd.
    I´m not a Laker fan but Phil knows what he´s doing trust me,and no money in the world can buy a teamspirit,just look at the Celtics,that the last 2 seasons been routed out calling them old and what not,yet they´ve advanced 2 the finals 2 years straight,and honestly,,THAT is what a team is all about,their chemistry is unbelievable and NO I´m not a Celtic fan either just a huge admirerer,and I bet that when push comes to shove Celtics will be there and so will the Lakers,,,Heat will go far but not win since there are to many teams that has both better mentality but also deeper benches and better coaching staff.

    • iLL wiL says:

      i rather c miami win than lakers. i am a chiacgo die hard but as long as lakers lose i’ll b happy.PHIL(ZEN MASTER)is considered 2 b best coach in n.b.a. and since i watch him bring us 6 world chapionships i have to agree.

  116. jones says:

    wow! u miami fans need to take a chill pill. bashing phill jackson like that, dont u know the man is a legend. i know you are all trying to defend your south beach superfriends but at least be reasonable. this is a job not a party. this guys joined the same teams cus they are friends. lol how is that gonna work. pau and kobe are good teammates not best friends, artest and kobe aint best of friends. its a little weird

  117. maximuz says:

    its not about talent nor teamwork in winning NBA championships its about defense, rebound and hustle that pushes to the top level of the game that each player that has a great superstar with supporting aggressive cast that plays like a champion every single game from the training camp up to the finals with a heart and soul of a champion sticking every game played because every single game is precious whether in home or the road…

  118. dawolf says:

    everybody is talking about the heat and the lakers…… come one have you seen the celtics roster? a team who play the rythm that shaq as been waiting for a long time… i remember you some things : garnett, allen, rondo, pierce, o’neal, o’neal number 2, delonte west, big davis, perkins…. this could be an all star team or a u.s team….

  119. NBAFan says:

    Some of you guys are reacting like Phil said talent or (exclusiv) teamwork. First of all every NBA Player are talented, some more, some less… But teamwork produces always more than the sum of individuals.
    And who said the Heat are more talented than the lakers?
    Starting FIVE
    Fisher > Chalmers
    Kobe >= Wade
    Lebron >> Artest
    Gasol = Bosh
    Bynum >> whoeverstarts at center
    Lakers > Heat
    This might be subjectiv but the only clear advantage the Heat habe over the Lakers ist at the 3 spot.
    Nächste thing: I dont even want to compare the winningest coach of all time with a 3 year coach.
    And then… Experience: Right now the Lakers are the most experienced Team at NBA Finals level.
    So if it comes to a Lakers-Heat Final, I’d put my money on the lakers.

  120. Youalreadyknow says:

    dang I ment to say I mean in 07 not 04 ! lol

  121. Youalreadyknow says:

    My fault I mention 07 not 04 lol

  122. Youalreadyknow says:

    Phill jackson is right it’s all about teamwork’s pretty funny he said that through considering how many people bash lebron for not being able to get his team back to the finals since 04 , saying he doesn’t have enough talent..he choked and he’s not a leader but they forgot it’s all about team work nobody and I mean nobody won a ring on there own and if that’s the case then it wouldn’t of took jordan 7 years to get a ring before he got pippen and rodman and how long did it take kobe to win another ring after shaq left ? how many times did they lose in the first round of the playoffs before requiring pau gosol many rings did dwayne wade win after that great 2005-06 season? how many games did they win that following season? like 20…my point is talent has nothin to do with it if the whole team isn’t contributing some way then your not going to win ..look at dallas this pass season they had a better team than the spurs but still end up losing to them because of poor defense and offense only 2 players maybe three would be in double figures and the rest of the team probably 20 points all together ..saying players like kobe and jordan did it on their own is disrespectful to the other players on the team who helped get them those rings.

  123. xtianmerck says:

    the problem of HEAT is they have no center. they have big Z but can Z stop D12 or Big Fellow Oneal?

  124. soraa says:

    michael jordan once quoted that “talent wins games but teamwork wins championships” i agree with phil

  125. Ziad says:

    Hi all
    after reading all ur comment, i’ve another point of view, it’s may because i like numbers, don’t know. i believe in EFF factor of the NBA players, so i made the sum of EFF of best 10 players of teams : lakers (2010-2011), miami (2010-2011) and cleveland (2009-2010), here are the results:

    cleveland 103
    lakers 126
    miami 146

    so, here is my point of view, in numbers, miami is better than lakers, i think that EFF factor include teamwork, talent ETC…. as it’s include points rebounds assists steal turnovers blocks made/missed shots, ….

  126. CAsey says:

    Everyone seems to forget the 2003-2004 lakers with Oneal, Bryant, Malone, Payton, Fisher etc. They lost against the Detroit Pistons who played as a team. If anyone knows about the benefits of working as a team it’s Phil. The fact of the matter is though, Wade and Lebron are team players. They may not figure out how to work the best as a team this year, but in future, a championship or 3 seems likely.

    • tribon says:

      let phil coach the nets and let him preach his mastery, teamwork..can they win a title? absolutely not dude..sorry.. he need a lot of talented playerss,,hes lucky he coached the bulls during the jordan era

  127. Nicanor says:

    The Miami Thrice fellas only did well at the Olympics because Kobe and JKidd joined the team. The same squad, minus those two guys, lost to the world. Now I am supposed to believe that those losers can win a championship against NBA teams when they couldn’t lead an ALL-STAR squad to a World Championship against the equivalent of D-League teams that the world called it’s best? Save me the BS!!! Lakers are gearing up for a successful title defense and Boston will step on the neck of Miami in the playoffs.

  128. nba fanatic says:

    No KOBE24…no rings for the lakers…

    i know that phil is one of the greatest coach when it comes to championship records in the nba. he’s got 10 rings…6 with chicago and 4 with the lakers. b ut i think that without the key players in his team’s roster, phil could surely not get it to the championship. talent and teamwork should go together to be the champion…hope that without talent, teamwork will be a no show…phili should realize that he has a best line up in the lakers. that is the reason why they get artest to strengthen their defense because they have the very best offensive players already in the shoes of kobe, gasol and odom. try to take kobe or gasol out,…and surely you will know that tamwork is nothing if you lack the talent of one of your key players. miami heat right now is a threat in every team in the nba. they now have KING james who has his kingdom in miami, there is wade who owns the house and cris bosh who has a play inside out. phil should shut up his mouth…kobe is now on his 3o’s and 5- yrs from now, surely his ability will deteriorate…james and wade have not reach 30 yet…so i guess it’s their time now to own the hardcourt…like the chicago bulls in the 90’s who dominate every team in the nba, but time comes that their fame and greatness fades because its the end of their prime…phl shoul realize that there is a time for evevrything. time to be a champion and time to fade…i guess phil has a little left in his tank right now for his age and health issues speak about him… but am a big fan of the lakers though

  129. Nicanor Ojaliza Jr says:

    Phil is right on the money, that talent alone can’t win you championship. To many talented player are without a ring, so that mean the talent is not enough to win a championship.

  130. Val31 says:


  131. benedict72 says:

    phil you are wrong ,you need talent 1st then chemistry.When michael jordan retire after his 3 championship ,did you win with just pippen,common on you need talent to win the game.
    So that youll realised going back to first round playoff Durants talent almost push the lakers to game 7,and you dont have astrong bench in oklahoma thunder.So think 1st you have 3 Durant problem to solve now in miami .Dont you worry about team work thats why they have training camps.see you in finals.Again phil your are so wrong and you only got championship because of your players best talent kobe and MJ talent.

  132. Kobe4MVP24 says:

    Smack Johnson you forgot about Charles Barkley and Kevin Johnson no NBA title.
    How about the duo of Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady?
    They both never won an NBA title.
    How about the phoenix team of Steve Nash,Shaq,Amare Stoudemire,Jason Richardson
    All these superstar filled teams coudlnt win anything.
    Look at Boston Rajon Rondo,ray Allen,KG,Paul Pierce.All of them put together what did they win?
    Miami heat will be the same FAILED!

    • LA AC says:

      Didn’t you read the papers? The Celtics team you mentioned won the title in 2008, and only lost last year’s Game 7 because the y ran out of gas at the end due to the lack of frontcourt depth from Kendrick Perkins’ injury. As for Kobe for MVP, do real MVP’s shoot 6 for 24 in Game 7’s of the NBA Championship series?

    • tribon says:

      kobe the greatest ball hogger..durant is better than kobe and two yrs..he will be the nba

  133. Madcek says:

    I don’t think Phil necessarly diminished the importance of talent. His teams featured 3 of the top 10 scorers of all time, so talent needs to be there. What he’s saying is that you can’t rely on that alone. You need the right mixture of things. Actually i see some parallels between the 90’s Bulls and the Heat. You got 2 great wing players, who happen to be able to play some serious defense (for todays standard) and you got great rebounding in Bosh and Haslem. Spice that up with outside shooting-voila. (To make it clear James/Wade could work like Pippen/Jordan I KNOW PIP AND MICHAEL WERE BETTER, just for the sake of the argument, Bosh/Haslem could work out like Grant/Rodman although Bosh is by far a better scorer, Miller/House will be outside like Paxson/Kerr.) So it COULD become a great thing there. What this team lacks (for now) is the same mental attitude that the Bulls had and i am not sure they will be able play that crushing defense that the Bulls were able to. Oh and one or two tough 7-footers (like Cartwright/Perdue/Wennington/Longley etc.) would not hurt either. I don`t see Bosh or Haslem stopping Dwight, Bogut (yeah the Bucks will make the playoffs) or the twin O’Neals in Boston, not to mention what the west has to show for at center.

  134. Ryan says:

    Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard, thats exactly how i feel about this miami trio, they might take it too easy or too hard on themselves and lose it anyway, 3 guys with their ability isn’t always the best way to win championships, roles got to be distributed evenly and when you have 3 guys playing 38 minutes+ where the other guys gonna score and get playing time? i just see bad team chemistry and 3 players wanting to be the “best” in south beach.

  135. dropdimes15 says:

    didn’t the old school lakers finally win one in ’71 after bill russell retired? before that tho, the celtics won 11 in 13 years, the most dominant stretch in history. only that kind of dominance could stop wilt jerry and elgin.
    phil, your the best there is and ever was in my opinion, if mj himself praises you and calls you the zen master, i simply cannot argue, not that i’d want to in the first place.
    as lakers coach you gotta stay confident and collected, i respect this response. but we’re talkin about d wade and lebron in the same offensive scheme. your lakers may match up with them better than anyone, but wade lebron and bosh gaurding kobe ron and pau is a lot easier to see than the other way around.
    no one wants to, but lets face it. wade and lebron. what in the hell are you supposed to do about that.

  136. NBA Samuel says:

    Only MJ, Kobe and Shaq are in the same caliber as Lebron, Dawayne and Bosh. We are talking about putting Kobe and Jordan together on a team. I agree with Phil on teamwork works championship but it has been a while since 3 great players are morphed. We have seen the trinity and dominance of Celtics. This team overnight have became an franchise building team. This is going to be a very interesting season to watch. I play NBA 2K10 and all the EA Sports games series for for the last decade, there is a difference when you are playing Team USA against #1 ranked teams such as Lakers, Spurs, Magic . Personally I think Lakers, Heat, Magic, Celtics and a few surprises. This is a going to be great season to watch!

  137. all i gotta is that the super friends will have problems in the game. first, all of them are always gonna yell “pass me the ball!, pass me the ball!” to each other. PHIL is right. theyll have to have teamwork. go big or go home.

  138. edy viarel says:

    i never liked phil jacksons team,because they’re always over talented team, he should be worried about whats pats cooking this coming season…spo is a young and talented coach too…i think a dynasty is on the rise and lakers and phil is about to wave goodbye!!! p.s. i like kobe though, in the beginning and so as jordan…

  139. L says:

    The Lakers have to get out of the West first. Every year they struggle in the West with somebody. They have even struggled in the finals 2 of the last 3 years. So I don’t know how the Lakers suddenly becomes the favorites to blow everybody out but my guess is that they will finally go down. And it don’t even have to be the heat that does it. I think one of those young hungry west teams will finally get them.

  140. Ryezen says:

    The “Lakers will never lose” fans crack me up. Phil Jackon’s comments are nothing but a desperate attempt to cerate discord in the team he’s already realized is going to end his career on a down note. For once, he’s not coaching the lagest collection of talent in the NBA. And besides, what’s he supposed to say about the Heat? You expect him to concede defeat publicly, before the season even starts? Can you imagine if he said what he was actually thinking about the upcoming season? What he thought right after the trade was probably something like, “Our reign is over.” But what kind of coach would he be if came out and said that?

    And for the people claiming that the rest of the Heat’s roster lacks any depth, consider that they have Eddie House, Udonis Haslem, Mario Chalmers, and Big Z. All they really needed to add to a core of Lebron, Wade, and Bosh were players that could hit open jumpers. Since Haslem, Z, and House can all do that, I would say they couldn’t ask for much more. Then go ahead and consider the additional rebounding from Haslem and Z. Finally, the defensive capability, as a whole is amazing, with Chalmers, Wade, LeBron, and Bosh, that’s a serious defensive unit.

    Then there are those who say they’re going to lack chemistry. Well, #1) They’re great friends already, #2) They’ve all played together previously, and #3) They are “mature-minded” players, especially Wade and LeBron. I seem to recall an All-Star game where LeBron and Wade alley-ooped baskets with each other. Understanding defense isn’t what it will be during the regular season, but imagine the fun it will be watching them as they get to know each other’s tendencies even more.

    It’s crazy to me how many people were furious about James leaving Cleveland. Were people that upset when Garnett left the Timberwolves to try and earn his ring? Why is this so different? We want to see the great players become champions, but get upset when they move to a team that gives them a better chances? What kind of sense does that make? Don’t we all want players that value winning over salary?

    Something else to think about is that Wade led the Heat to a championship already. And that was without Bosh, or LeBron. I don’t see how the addition of those two individuals is going to HURT their chances, and since the Heat area already a consistent playoff team, it should only prove to solidify their post season depth even futher. Truthfully, I feel like they could joke around and just have fun and have the best record in the league during the regular season. For the playoffs, they might need to get “mildly” serious to win it all.

  141. 3Peat,17,6 says:

    first of all i wanna say…y does everybody keep talking about the 2008 celtics?…yes they won with the big 3’s first yr 2gether but was the big 3 all they had?…no way…rajon rondo?…hands down the 2nd best point guard(rose #1) in the east(west stole them all, d will, cp3, steve nash, tony parker) kendrick perkins?…arguably top 5 center in the league(D12, Bogut, Noah, Bynum, Yao, nene, kaman, lopez) can anybody name any other good centers?…perkins is somewhere up there…they had p.j brown, james posey, big baby, leon powe comin off the bench…good bench?…do the heat have a bench like that?…and they went up against a laker team that wasn’t exactly @ it’s peak yet…boston fans complain that perkins was hurt this yr 4 game 7 wasn’t byum hurt in ’08? wasn’t kobe hurt this yr?…and plus gasol hadn’t even played a yr with the lakers…and who played small foward 4 the lakers? vlade who?…the finals mvp was paul pierce and he plays what position? and who defended him?…another thing i wanna say is…the heat 3 gave up money?…r u kidding me? that was a joke right? they couldn’t get better talent cuz the spent 2 much on the heat “3”…and last i wanna say what does phil jackson coaching malone and payton have 2 do with absolutely anything? first of all, the lakers lost that yr…2nd, these guys were @ their end of their careers so y r they mentioned? the lakers r gonna win this yr…3Peat…17 Championship…6th ring for the true king…and 2-1 in the recent lakers-celtic rivarly…

  142. Jon says:

    Yeah..The Lakers aren’t all All-Stars like Wade, Bosh, and James. Three of the top ten players in the league on one team. Phil didn’t say talent doesn’t matter either, retards..

  143. Lakerfanatic says:

    GET OFF THE MIAMI HEAT BANDWAGON HATERS!!!! Coach Phil knows what he’s talking about! The man has 11 Rings! Not to mention that he only coached, Micheal Jordan, and ofcourse Kobe! Don’t be hating on the Phil just cause he’s speaking the truth about the Miami Heat. Yeah they will dominate during the regular season that’s for sure. But will they do it in the playoffs? That’s the real question. I’m glad someone is saying something about the Miami Heat. LeChoke James can avarage a Triple-Double all season long. The man still don’t got a single ring! The only one I give mad respect to is Dwade! That dude got a ring. Bosh is just a loser who can’t win a ring on his own, so he has to joing forces with another superstar to do it, just like the Boston Celtics.

  144. 3ryan says:

    Phil is right, as he is most of the times, but he is forgetting something!!! D-Wade has a championship ring!! So he knows what it takes to win and its not like this team is ” all talent and no team work”. Besides the Heat have some players that are willing to do anything to get a championship ring!!!!

  145. Cole says:

    To all the people saying he’s dumb for saying that talent doesn’t always win championships, he never said it didn’t help you win. But the bottom line is you can’t win on talent alone. If the Heat get some teamwork and chemistry they will have ’em both and probably win. But the Lakers have them both also so it will be a close finals.

  146. Bisdak says:

    To L.Ckz and the rest of the people who commented here about Phil’s statement should read back carefully and If possible, do it many times.
    Talent matter’s most to any games especially if it is not a team sports, like tennis, boxing, etc. But if your talking about team sports, talent is really needed but you need to have all the guy’s work as a team, including the bench players, coaches and all the staff within a team. Let take an example of the TEAM USA 2000 and 2004. they have people who have talents. But did they win? No, because they are not playing as a team. They’re playing on their individual talent that is why they lost.
    So please, before giving any comments, please read carefully. Don’t just comment on the person who is making a statement.

  147. Emperor James says:

    Phil Jackson doesn’t know what he is talking about. The Miami Heat won the NBA Championship on July 10. Nobody can compete with them. They will go undefeated this year. They don’t even need a Coach. They would go undefeated even if they had Richard Simmons as the Coach. We should just save ourselves a lot of trouble, proclaim them Champions by acclaimation, and send them the O’Brien Trophy for 2011. It would save the players a lot of injuries in the futile attempt to compete with Miami. The rest of the League will be playing for just the crumbs that fall off of the banquet table of the unbeatable Miami Heat. At the end of this season they will hold all of the records; 82 – 0 during the Regular Season; 16 – 0 during the Playoffs; Longest winning streak 98 – 0 and counting for probably the next five seasons. The ancient Greeks had nothing on them. At the end of the season we will have to construct an american Mt. Olympus, and install them as gods. If the Lakers are very lucky, maybe the gods will grant them the signal honor of allowing them to be their servants, adoring them, acquitting their every whim.

  148. Kevin says:

    bad analogy with the camper poking sasquatch thing. Last I heard, Phil`s got 11 championships to Lebron, Wade and Bosh`s 1. I guess that makes him sasquatch playing with the campers, not the other way around. On top of that, let`s remember that Phil lost in the finals with Kobe, Shaq, Payton and Malone. I think he knows what he`s saying when he says that talent doesn`t win championships by itself.

  149. dash_bubu says:

    I understand all of your eagerness in watching the super friends play but please everyone has its own opinion and its up to the miami heat and the super trio to decide for the faith of the team let’s just watch and see what will be the real result of this much awaited season =)

  150. kenzoi says:

    com’on… lets just wait for the post games… lets see what they can do. talent vs. teamwork… duo vs trio… offense vs. defense.. but i think this MIAMI ROSTER wont work as a team immediately.. cant you imagine three leaders in a squad? and they dont have enough NBA finals experience. the road to the finals for them is a tough one… i think it is a LAKERS-CELTICS rematch…

  151. jm says:

    well, those players that you mentioned has ONE glaring person in common… COACH PHIL JACKSON…. SO I guess you get the drift… So please, let’s show our respect to the zen master.. 😉

  152. erik says:

    what ever all of u say… still lakers will be champ this season…. boston was defeated by lakers…. even though they leads the series 3-2… sorry celtics… better luck next time….

    • erik says:

      yeah, it takes teamwork to be a champion… talents dont win title…. still lakers will win…. celtics is at their best…. bynum is in pain…. that proves it lakers is the best….

  153. RK says:

    I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. What is so controversial about what Phil said? It’s a legitimate statement. Why is everyone so sensitive these days?

  154. philly says:

    Phil is so right. teamwork is everything. look at the lakers. kobe, fisher, odom, gasol, bynum, artest, etc. they ALL have a great connection on and off the court. celtics. pierce, allen, rondo, garnett. the big 4. great teamwork and probably the best in the entire league. bulls. the team of rose and noah. the point guard and post relationship huge deal on the court. magic: they got the best post we have seen in a long time with the best 3 point shooters out there. denver: melo, billups, martin, smith. you could say they are the renagade team considering the knick-denver brawl but they came from one of the worst teams in the league and now one of the most dangerous in the league with that combo. suns: with nash as point guard and everyone stepping up strong team and they can hold even without stoudemire. spurs: even with the aging tim duncan he is still a threat especially with ginobili and parker. now look at the lone all-stars of last year. kevin durant: oklahoma get out. lebron james: get out and he finally found a coach he could get along with. chris paul: teammate needed. dwayne wade: good luck this year. chris bosh: good choice. best teams come up above the rest by teamwork and great coaching.

  155. Huberto says:

    One thing is for sure, a comment by Phil Jackson, is always a god one. I mean, come on, some of you people are saying that Phil is saying stupid things but its not true. The words are coming from the man himself, the top basketball dog there is right now. And he’s not hating, He has been winning championships for more than half of his coaching career, so HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. Rishan says:

    as phil mentioned team work will always be a deciding factor not only in Basketball but in sports as well as in work place. I believe wade, bosh and james has a very good understanding and hope they will come in the finals but surely Boston Celltics will be champions of 2011.Watch out folks….

  157. Lorenzo says:

    It’s not talent that wins championships. It’s team chemistry. Look at the Pistons a couple of years back. Talent will get you far, but won’t win you a ring.

  158. Noah says:

    I don’t see what the point of this article is. All Phil is doing is stating the obvious, that teamwork and talent go hand in hand. This Garicia guy is just trying to stir things up to create a new rivalry out of nothing.

  159. moshe says:

    i dont understand why pele here are grumbling about phil jacksons comments about talent and winning
    here is just trying to be jentile and diplomatic by saying that yes you need talent but there is something else that he does not say and that is coachingwhich in the last five minutes of the game can coat a team a championship
    besides i am not so sure that wade lebron and bosh are three great players on the contrary they are not great players at all
    for instance lebron has proved it for the last two years in the finals that he is a big looser
    in i would a great looser
    and this boshguy from toronto
    who the heck is bosh
    what has he proven until now?
    and last but not least who is the coach?
    is he k.c. jones?
    or pat riley?
    or other great coaches
    phil wil eat him for breakfaST

  160. alonzo brown says:

    idiots. the hole kobe and shaq thing and gasol. for one kobe was unproven and a wanna be great when he came to the franchise but come on every one has potential some just put in more work then others. thats why the only dream team to really compare was west, chamberlin and baylor they were proven players who pretty much dominated at there postions. thats what phill is trying to get at sure. other then kobe and gasol you can name 5 people in the nba that are better then the lakers at the other position. miami has lebron number one at his postion d-wade top 3 and bosh top 3. thats why he made the comment not just talent wins.

  161. Casey T says:

    It all boils down to injuries. If the big 3 can stay healthy they have an excellent chance of winning a championship in Miami. Bosh and Lebron do seem a bit soft so lets see what happens….

  162. JohnFil says:

    Let’s just wait for the start of the season guys and we will see. Lakers fan here!

  163. lilkedamaster says:

    Phil Jackson will NEVER give other teams credit or the benefit of the doubt. It’s not in his blood. He plays mind games and doesn’t tell the whole story. He does it to sow doubt and confusion. He knows what he’s doing. Yet, he forgets to mention the Boston Celtics. The first year the big 3 got together they won the championship, beating Phil’s Lakers dramatically. Plagued by injuries the following season, they advanced on the next. Giving the Lakers 7 games and a run for their money.

    Phil will always be Phil, and for that we love him. But he’s no Zen master and not a person who’s advice should be taken seriously, he’s simply a coach playing his part for the team.

    • MIAMI SUCKS says:

      You sound like another dumb LAKER hater!! Always throwing out the injury excuse!! But yet you want to forget about KOBE gong through the whole season with a broken finger. You never heard him whine about that. Or what about Bynum playing through the playoffs with a torn ligament in his knee. Yea, you like to give the celtics and these other teams excuses. But you forget about the injuries the LAKERS had, played through and still won the championship. Sounds like a pretty tuff team to beat to me.

  164. Lakers says:

    The Lakers are very talented, but they work as a team. kobe is very selfish but he knows what takes to get it done. All of the Lakers know that he is going to hog the ball and take ridiculous shots but thats how they work they learn from each offensive possession and read the defense like a good playoff team should. With that said the Heat are not a playoff team sure they got talent, and yes they do have chemistry but they do have obvious weaknesses. For example Dwayne has shown that he is selfish and feels the need to try and do it all by himself. Lebron gives up when he cant play through adversity, and Bosh can be handled by any of the PLAYOFF teams like Orlando and especially Boston. The thing that Miami has to do is find their role players and have them play their roles right and make plays. I do not think that the Heat will win this season but they will win more then one once they become a playoff team and learn what it takes to win it all. It is garuanteed they will win more then one with all the great teams aging. This year i believe that it will come down to same two teams with the lakers edging out Boston in seven,

  165. Josh says:

    it must be only one star in a team, a leader and a team work, Phil try to point it out. Bulls have Jordan and Lakers have Kobe

  166. Lakeshow says:

    All I gotta say is Lakers 2004-Shaq, Kobe, Karl Malone, and Gary Payton-coach? Phil Jackson-any talent in that bunch, people? But, what happened? They were defeated by a lesser talented Pistons team with no egos and better chemistry. Nuff said.

  167. heatbaby says:

    miami heat champions

  168. BrianShaw says:

    i don’t really understand why there are so many haters in this world even the one who posted this article.
    damn yes you’re right mike, scottie, kobe, shaq and pau are talents but still they won rings because of teamwork, did you miss what you highlighted the one’s phil said? “But, if [the Heat] can unite — and build quickly — they might be able to do it.” what he’s implying to is the heat does have talent but less chemistry but if they can build it quickly they might win it. don’t hate man you should be neutral.

  169. Read this!!! says:

    Hey Art ,Phil is not saying talent never wins he’s saying talent doesn’t always win and that they’ve got to come together as a group. And you can’t say those players didn’t have other coaches and situations before Phil Jackson became their coach, but it wasn’t until then they went from contenders to champions, so let’s not start another debate that has nothing to do with the initial comment.

  170. Noel says:

    I definitely agree with Phil. Talent alone can’t win it all. I just wished he cited his experience with the Lakers. He had Shaq, Kobe, Malone and Payton but Detroit still beat them.

    • MIAMI SUCKS says:

      Why would he cite that? He said talent does not always win championships!! He knows that!! Im sure he is referring to the team he had in 04 if he said talent doesnt always win championships!!

  171. jdq says:

    winning the championship is not a one-man or a trio job… it is a challenge all 12 players should take…

  172. SMACK JOHNSON says:

    Will somebody please SMACK whoever is trying to compare dynamic DUOS to dynamic TRIOS.
    West, Baylor and Chamberlain were such great individual players in their own right, that they could lead their teams in scoring.
    However, they put 3 scorers on ONE team.
    Then, I see these comparisons to the duos like MJ and Pip or Kobe and Shaq or Kobe and Gasol.
    These are DUOS. That’s why it worked!
    But let’s not forget, there’s been failed one’s too – Penny and Shaq, Marbury and Garnett, Stockton and Malone (and before you get your pannies in knot, I used the term ‘failed’ as in ‘WAS EXPECTED TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP BUT DID NOT)
    The only trio of actual powerhouses that’s worked IMO is 2008 NBA Champions, THE BOSTON CELTICS, which I expect to be in the 2010-2011 NBA FINALS for the epic rematch against the defending champions, THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS.

    And Please don’t hit me with the McHale, Bird, and Parrish trio…please. Everybody with the exception of Bird, would NOT have lead their team in scoring and been franchise players.

    So to reiterate, TRIOS don’t work.


    • dropdimes15 says:

      quite the stretch to say adding another all star to play with two already on the team will make the team worse.
      lets do some research.
      – the bulls had a defnesive-and-rebound dominant rodman in their 2nd threepeat and all-star horace grant in their first. boh players were crucial in the bulls many championship runs.
      – how bout magic, kareem and worthy on the showtime lakers? how bout 5 ‘ships?
      – you gotta include bird, mchale and parrish on the celts when each were considered in the highest regard for each of their positions during their time period.
      – the 73 knicks dominated with walt frazier, earl ‘the pearl’ monroe and willis reed.
      – and don’t forget the spurs with duncan, parker and ginobili (o ya…)
      so, history proves that 3 stars on the same team can be quite successful.
      wade and lebron wouldn’t even have gone through with this if bosh didn’t join in on the fun. and i think that the addition of bosh will be far from a step in the wrong direction.

    • otis says:

      I agree with your statement a lot of ” STACKED ” teams don’t make it let alone win it all in the finals or playoffs. All the duos you mentioned complimented each other. LOL how could you not have T-Mac and VC or A.I. and Melo on this list sir. BAck to the point good bench depth and role players who enjoy their jobs respectively. Miami doesn’t have depth compared to the top tier teams like Boston, L.A., Chicago, Dallas and so forth other than miller who is a legitimate threat in any fashion.

  173. marzman says:

    lakers will beat miami that 1 will come true.. phil, kobe, pau we salute you!!!!!

  174. lyndon says:

    the heat will put the lakers to flame..hhahahahahahaha

  175. jake10 says:

    Am a lakers fan but i think it’s dumb for him to say this considering you do need talent to win, and teamwork, talent is the most important thing.

    • otis says:

      Team WOrk is number 1. Perfect example the Trailblazers when they Sheed, Pippen, Bonzi Wells, Jermaine o’neal, Steve Smith, Rod Strickland, And Damon Stoudemire. LOads of talent , but no teamwork. Another the example the clippers bunches of number 1 talent, but no teamwork didn’t even see the playoffs. What about Nash, Marion, Stoudemire all together they were all allstars. Nothing to show for it. Dallas Mavericks Dirk, Kidd, Caron, Terry, Marion. Nothing to show for it. The Nuggets JR. Smith, Billups, Melo, K-Mart, NeNe. Nothing to show, Utah Williams, Okur, Boozer. Nothing to show. talent isn’t the most important factor look at boston and L.A. great coaching and team philosphy and chemistry on the court.

    • J'Rod says:

      phil is not saying that you dont need talent. he is saying you need teamwork with your talent. reread his statement again. 🙂

  176. No bench for Miami? Udonis Haslem was a starter on the 2006 nba finals team, he is coming off the bench. Mike Miller is a starter anywhere else in the league, he is coming off the bench. Carlos Arroyo is an underrated point guard, he knows the game and can run the offense. On top of that, Lebron Wade Bosh combo, two of them will be playing at all times. You think Miami is just going to sub all 3 out at once? Either Lebron and wade, Bosh and wade, Lebron and Bosh, will be on the court at all times. Subbing in is mike miller, Udonis Haslem, Dexter Pitmann young and talented, Carlos Arroyo etc. Miami’s bench is deeper than L.A. The starters don’t all return to the bench. 2 super stars will be always playing along with mike miller and Udonis, Biz Z, Juan Howard. Then you get the 3 super stars playing together. Any team that is ready to handle that must have any of the 3, Kobe durant Melo dwight chris paul and d rose combo playing on one team.

    • tingyman says:

      and yet they havent played with each other on the floor. have you ever heard of the lakers superteam of west, baylor and chamberlain. chamberlain was a man among boys, the one that went for 100 points in a single game. west is the all time scoring leader for the lakers and baylor was simply a beast. they didnt win a champ for 4 years.

      point is, grow a pair and watch basketball, you might actually learn something

  177. lyndon says:

    the writter is stupid.. of course, Miami will win this season.. what teamwork without the right pieces? LOL

  178. NP says:

    I don’t really understand how this is “stoking the flames”. He was merely stating the obvious. Anyone who knows anything about basketball realizes that it takes more than talent to win. I think even the Heat would completely agree with Phil on this one.

  179. Mr.redd says:

    Phill talk so much.. Yeah its team effort!! state the obvious!!! Everybody knows that!! Mr. Phil!! Tell something we don’t know!!….For all you peeps always stating the obvious! Please come up with a somethings thats never been heard before! THAT GOES FOR PHIL….. team work! yeah like no one knows that!!! LOL!!

    • tingyman says:

      so i assume that you agree with phil…. you yourself said that he was stating the obvious. So i assume that you agree with him in saying that the lakers are still the top team to beat


      Yea i agree its the same yada yada yada this one dude said it wouldve more glory for Lebron to win in Cleveland i agree but thats what we want but we dont always get what we want thats life. Thats just like saying KG shouldve stay in Minnesota A.I in Phily Shaq in Orlando and so on this isnt all about staying loyalty some player want to win and some just want to make money like JOE JOHNSON i mean thats how it is. Being THE GUY sounds so selfish instead of being TEAM PLAYER. People gotta give HEAT credit to WADE LEBRON BOSH for SACRIFICE A LOT FOR WINS.

  180. Goto Guy says:

    The Lakers are talented enough to match up with anyone, even the superfriends. Miami is a revamped team, then there’s the possibility of Chicago making the middle or latter rounds and as expected Boston and Orlando will again be there to challenge for the east crown but they need to go through each other and wear themselves out. The lakers are two deep in every position not to mention the talent and length of their frontline is the envy of everyone, plus a well rested Kobe, who isn’t just ready to give up the title.

    Phil is won championships for a reason, he is the other great advantage that the lakers have. Ask the players around the league and they will say that Kobe and Phil are still the best at what they do.

    The finals will most likely be a replay of what happened last June. The Celtics so long as their healthy and Perkins comes back and is still the same are going to show the other guys what playing as a team is, then there’s the Lakers who so far are competing in the west and the only team with talent enough to challenge them is either OKC or Utah. Which in reality isn’t that much as they should win over those two in 6.

    • tingyman says:

      precisely. call me crazy, but i can actually see the celtics getting the 4th seed and then beating the heat in the second round

  181. boo says:

    It’s a lose lose for Miami. If they win a championship this year there will be no glory ’cause they’ve got three superstars, but if they don’t win a championship this year it will be a joke. With the Lakers, it’s Kobe’s show with some key players to help him win, but with the Heat, it’s two Kobe’s and a Gasol, it’s just cheap. So even if the Heat do utilize team work and win a championship it’s not going to be an impressive championship where people say, “wow, I can’t believe they won.” It’s going to be more like, “no wonder they won, any team with that many superstars better win.” Also, I think there would have been glory in Cleveland if Lebron had stuck it out and won one there.

    • tingyman says:


    • MIAMI SUCKS says:

      Very well said!! These heat fans are so excited to have 3 superstars. But dont realize the championships they win, if any, will be meaningless. Its like the Olympic team that had KOBE wade Lequeen etc, and they not bring the gold home. That was an atomatic with that team. So theres no doubt someday they will win a championship, but it will be meaningless!! On the banner it should read “the championship that took three stars to get”. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. maddog says:

    Shutup Phil Jackson you’ve coached Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Bryant, Gasol etc. You haven’t won without a talented team so quit yappin’.

  183. catt says:

    I love this mans words… LeBWRONG James, Wade, and Bosh will never win a championship hahahah by the time they get good enough and thats if they stay healthy, the Lakers will stock up more firepower and another superstar to complement an aging Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol 3 years from now… Lakers will dominate the league for at least two more years and maybe 5 to 6 straight championships if everyone stays healthy…

  184. bravo says:

    The best knows best

  185. B says:

    dont see anything that can upset heat fans with that or perhaps i missed somehitng oO

  186. alams'14 says:

    heat will win championship..lebron, wade and bosh will prove that…

  187. Mr.Magix says:

    Phil is overrated

  188. Denise says:

    The Heat will be great in the regular season but the playoffs is an entirely different animal. Wade has always played hard and with fire, intensity and passion. The test for the Heat will definitely be in the playoffs where we all know Wade will take his game to the next level with high intensity. I can’t imagine that the remaining teams in the NBA will roll over to allow the Heat to take it all because Stern demands it, like we have not seen that before, and with that being said there are several questions for the Heat: will James, Bosh and their bench bring their games with the same fire, passion and intensity as Wade and whose feelings will be hurt first, James or Bosh when Wade jumps in their faces when he feels that they are not playing at his level. This season should be very interesting.

  189. walkerdog says:

    If you call Getting a hundred million dollars turning down money.Cause I don’t call it that.

  190. J-Short says:

    Only time will tell, you never know if the injury bug is going to hit but all in all it takes a team to win it all, and most importantly I think a solid bench is pivotal to any title run.

  191. Jerich@pinas says:

    wade, bosh and james are teammates and developed good chemistry in USA basketball program.
    They worked together giving up their ego and crowns just to win gold medal in beijing in 2008 olympics.

    If they can do that for the country of US, they can do it regardless of place.

    the ball is round, lets just wait, watch and see.

  192. native coach says:

    that is absolutely right by the best coach in nba history….remember when phil coached the stacked lakers (kobe, shaq, malone, payton, etc)…and lost to the champion pistons, because the pistons played more together cohesively….sorry miami….BULLS VS LAKERS again….just like good ol days….the bulls and celtics got it done because the gave up for the good of the team….miame will have 3 me, me’s…..the 3 saying give ME the ball….there’s no “I” in team but theres an M and a E….FOR THE BIG ME’sss

    Go BULLS!!!

  193. specialfriedrice says:

    cleveland had talent??? lets see they had lbj and, ohh thats right he carried the rest a team chumps, get it together people miami is all bout lbj and dwade if bosh cant pull his wait defensively do u really think they wont be shipping him out. lbj and dwade will make mj and pippen look b grade everyone knows it. shut up and enjoy the show.

  194. Peter says:

    Well, I really wish for KB24 to get a three-peat before his time is up. The Miami stars will get theirs later in their life. Let Kobe have this one lol.

    OK on Topic: LBJ, D-Wade, and Bosh can win championships. It’s like MJ, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman. Wade will play MJ role, LBJ can play Pippen role as defensive specialist, and Bosh will needa really step down and play the post defender and become a really terrific rebounder. Mike Miller must be Steve Kerr of the Bulls back then with his on-target shooting touch. Only thing they lack is a true center and worthwhile bench. if they can do that, they surely can knock off the the defending champs in Lakers. Well, thats just my opinion. It’s not always true or correct. It’s just what I envision how the Miami stars can win championships with the “talent” that they have. Of course, TEAMWORK also is an important factor to winning in Finals.

    Kobe and Lakers my prediction tho is they gonna win three-peat. It’s what i wish for. that is all.

    Im really looking forward to this season. Im anticipated to watch Lakers, Heat, and Suns.

  195. Paul says:

    Phil Jackson didn’t need Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, they needed HIM.
    Of course Phil can’t win with a regular team, who can?
    But can you honestly say that ANY coach could have led Jordan and Bryant to all those rings?
    Hell no, get your head out of your ass

  196. Oula says:

    PJ has won multiple times and he knows exctly what winning championship(s) calls for. He (coach) doesn’t even need to talk because his record speaks loudly. This upcoming season will be very attractive. I can not wait for the tip off……..time will tell. Well done Phil.

  197. kobe24fan says:

    ok phil
    your right
    but if you really want to win you got to have both talent and teamwork.

  198. kobethebasketballmessia says:

    Yes they played together in the Olympics. How many games do they play in a season? My point is this, they didn’t play that many games together to consider how it will be like when they play together in the NBA. International play is different from how it is in the NBA. Competition is different. Olympics-all of them carried the team NBA-they’re used to being that lone star, now sharing it with another could be hmmm interesting, but could be a dud.

  199. Matholemu says:

    I think that if dwayne wade can lead a team of what everyones saying of nothingness into the playoffs, i cant imagine the damage there gonna cause with the other 2,, As for when they play against the lakers, the only match up problem they have is whos going to mark the other big man? I assume anthony will be the main man on bynum or gasol, that for me is the only real defensive match up that the heat maaaaaaaaay have trouble with.. Other than that, i cant see any other match ups on the floor that miami are going to lose.. Wade and lebron can switch on kobe, derek fisher is aging and wont do much other than take spot up jump shots and lebron would take ron artest.. When u have talent like the miami heat, and the will to win like the miami heat, i dont think it should be an issue unless injuries hit them!


    Very true Phil…sure brings back memories of when the pistons nearly swept the Lakers in 2004 going 4-1 against “unbeatable odds”, a team virtually stacked with Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’neal, Karl Malone, Gary Payton and more…Team work always will prevail…

  201. Gus says:

    Phil forgot about the will and dedication to win. MJ want it every night. He practiced every summer and he possess a huge basket ball IQ. Kobe also demonstratse that spite and that work ethic to win it. LeBron want to win it on paper(-stats).

  202. david brooks says:

    lakers need to stay healty then they be fine phil final run all the motivation lakers need

  203. Slug says:

    If LeBron wins a ring (not including Ron Artest’s auction), I’ll eat my hat.

  204. david brooks says:

    lakers gonna 3peat for phil its is final year then after heat can take over!

  205. @JOHN, minimum 8peat? haha.. thats funny..

  206. stag75 says:

    listen i here all of your comments, the truth is will the super star’s willing to pass the ball or will they try to do it by them self. assest and defence is the two main factor which they have to be willing to play as what Phill say it need team work so look into what he says.

  207. basta001 says:

    Great arguments fellas…..Just can’t wait to c how it all ends up…..

  208. Vijay says:

    As always Phil will find a way to ruffle someone’s feather even when he has no calling doing so. I mean in the dead of summer vacation, fresh off of two long seasons, two titles and he poking at Miami, well so the article says. Simply put though, there is no poking here, just the plain truth. The truth often hurts and it often ruffles feather no matter what. I mean look at how the trio and their captain (Pat Riley) lashed out at predominately at overly qualified critics. Well the manager out in Orlando wont be considered qualified and a few others but wow. Anyways, I’m sure no one will have much to say to Phil, the man’s pedigree and reputation speaks for itself. And as much as persons are quick to call names like Pippen and Rodman, Kukoc in terms of the Bulls teams, yes they were good players dont get me wrong, not mention in my opinion when Pippen was paired with Jordan in the glory days, Pippen was the clear number 2 player in the league. But let us not forget that the Lakers at one point had two all star teams on their roster and a coach in Dell Harris and got bounced in the playoffs. The point is simply, talent alone wont get it done, it will get you wins, but it doesn’t guarantee a ring. Ask Kobe when he played with Malone and Payton, how that ended.

  209. wiz says:

    he tried to be as politically correct as possible..hes not poking anything. he just said they needed to play as a team to win. no really

  210. atl hawks fan says:



  211. jeff says:

    ur saying kobe wouldnt have one with shaq or gasol….

    this is wut i hate about ppl…. players in the nba need a wing man to win it aka MJ and pippen. PP Ray and KG… tim duncan, manu, and parker, also dont forget when they had david robinson that one year, billups, hamilton, and sheed and the defensive player of the year big ben,

    wut im trying to say is every team that wins either has a big 3 or a super star with a very good wing man/ all star or another superstar. so u cant say kobe wouldnt have one without shaq or gasol but nobody in this league can win without another amazing player. NOONE in the nba or NBA history will or will ever win with just one superstar its nearly impossible

  212. derrace says:

    i swear im a big kobe n derrick rose fan man this mami team is was unpredictable never saw noting like it but kobe is goin to have to work to the best of his ablity this year its gona be easy in the western-c for kobe but in the eastern-c goin to be hard boston, mami , orlando, and the bulls this season is were amazing happens its goin to be tuff this year

  213. wayne anthony navarro says:

    I’m just an ordinary person from the Philippines,
    You know guys, it is natural that you have the right to give a comment about those notable movements of the free agency of the NBA..
    did you now the song “too much love will kill you”?
    it’s just like “too much bad comments of the teams, NBA and those guys will ****…
    why can’t you just shut your mouth and love the free agency movements and the NBA and wait for the october 28 where NBA Tip-Off begins…
    those guys from the free agency make their right decision…
    those guys from the class ’03 have their teamwork and talent just like LA, BOS, ORL, etc….

  214. Kobe61196 says:

    Lakers vs celtics
    or Lakers vs Heat
    Either way Lakers will be well rested and we have the most talented players,Kobe the best basketball player ever, and the best coach the nba has ever seen.Combine all of this and i see a 3 peat in LA’s future.

    • Law064 says:

      Kobe the best player ever?? I beg to differ. He’s the best playing now but nothing compared to MJ get it correct he’s the best playing now not ever Cock sucker!!

  215. HOTROD says:


  216. HOTROD says:


    tuesday, october 26, 2010 October 2010

    mia PPG 0.0 RPG 0.0 APG 0.0 BPG 0.0

    bos PPG 0.0 RPG 0.0 APG 0.0 BPG 0.0

  217. brandonid says:

    Miami is too light in the britches.
    Look at most of the teams that win it…..
    They got good low post play on both ends.
    Miami won’t even be able to guard Shaq in the blocks and if they double….
    Ray Allen from the 3…make it rain baby
    KG money from 17ft
    Paul Pierce money from anywhere…
    I’m even a Laker fan lol!!!!

  218. dcaptain0319 says:

    yeah! i think teamwork will be the key to win games and win the championship. but you need talented guys or superstars to win it. if you don’t have a michael jordan or a kobe bryant on your team you can’t win a title because you don’t have go to guy in the crucial time. admit it! don’t judged the other teams because they got talented players on their team. lets just wait the start of the 2010-2011 season to begin. i think only the detroit pistons was the best to win a nba championship with less talented players. do you think if you don’t have like kobe bryant or michael jordan on your team you can win a nba championship? if you don’t have them on your team your nothing.

  219. Kobra says:

    you’re right phil it takes teamwork. look at the 1980 us hockey team. not a lot of talent but tremendous teamwork.

  220. BZ says:

    MJ, pipen, Oneal, Kobe,… they didn’t win the championship at first! it took years to win a ring although they where toghether.

  221. Kobra says:

    I think I’m going to listen to someone who has 14 championships over heat fans

  222. 0110100101 says:

    Phil Jackson is absolutely right. He didn’t say the heat “WON’T WIN”. which I understand would rile people up. He said that the Heat “MIGHT NOT WIN”. He said their trio of stars “MIGHT NOT WIN” a championship. There is a huge difference between those two statements. All he was doing was shedding light on the fact that any team no matter how good they look on paper always has a chance to not live up to expectations. And the fact really is the Heat is apart of any team.

    If people get riled up about that, then those people who are getting riled up, are way too jumpy for my comfort.

  223. Kobra says:

    3 peat 3 peat 3 peat

  224. la boy says:

    Umm I have to disagree with phil, yes teamwork helps win a championship. But you know what helps more?? How about signing Lamar Odom and Ron Artest at a bargain price, the highest payroll in the league, the highest paid coach in the league by far, a solid front office in a town basketball players WANT to play in, and most importantly landing Pau Gasol in the most lopsided trade in NBA history (look at what Garnett and Jason Kidd were traded for around that time). As much as I LOVE the NBA – I think it sucks that most small market teams can’t compete with the big market teams. And in an era where NBA players now have more say than ever in where they want to play its only going to become worse for those small-market teams based in less than desirable cities.

  225. Greg says:

    Will be funny to see all those overconfident egos from LA when Miami (or maybe another team) will dominate them so big 😀

  226. Justin says:

    Phil is telling the truth. When he had arguably the best starting five of the decade in Payton, Bryant, Fox, Malone and Shaq in 2004 they were beaten in the Finals by a defensive minded young Pistons Team with hardly any all-star.

  227. bigmike902 says:

    lotta talk bout chemistry and team work, alot of people are gonna be eating their words after the first ten games of season. miami has 82 games to figure it out. spoelstra is a smart coach and those three guys have a high basketball IQ as well as talent they;ll make it work. in a few months everyones gonna be talking about how their tearing the majority of teams apart!!!!

  228. just a thought says:

    just like the addidas commercial said ” it takes 5″ not two or three.
    they better get they game going coz lakers got refurbished. Barnes and Blake plus if Caracter and Ebanks are for real it would be pretty much a walk in the park for the lakers

  229. kobe says:

    2011 NBA Finals

    Lakers beat Chicago in 6

    Phil last game as a coach against his former team!!

  230. Miami Heat says:

    Miami will unite and win the NBA Championship!

  231. Odog says:

    Personally, i think the heat team will do fine. cant say if they will win the championship first year together tho. i also think the heat team lack shooters. bron and wade cant really shoot well consistently like how kobe would or durant would. i hope their working on their jump shots cause they will be alot of wide open shots created from someone driving to the basket…

  232. carl caluya says:

    I totally agree with phil, teamwork is the most important thing in the game. Thats why i think the lakers will have 3peat as they have the talent and advantage. they are veterans unlike miami. they got talent but theyre not good enough to beat the boston celtics. the lakers struggled against the celtics deffense and so will miami. lebron and bosh are over rated players. if you do match ups for lakers- miami, the only advantage miami has is lebron james over ron artest, but ron is the best deffender and he can shut anyone down except kobe so lebron will be struggling. kobe will just hit them hard jumpers against wade. bynum will just chew ilgauskas.. and Pau is the best power forward right now. he got the most talent and he’s gettin stronger and stronger. bosh will be too small for him. and the lakers bench are just too good for anyone thats why they will beat the miami. BUT i dont think miami will even get to the finals as the celtics will beat them, they got the best point guard- shooter and one of the best deffenders ray allen.garnett will beat chris bosh any day. shaq, rasheed, perkins, and oneil will be there inside not letting anyone in. and paul pierce who i think is slightly better than lebron.better team player, and great thinker and a leader.

  233. Joao Lira says:

    “Let’s be honest, Phil, talent comes in handy. Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Pau Gasol. Still, we get it. Lesson over … for now.”

    It is always about teamwork, they have been the greatest players in the world, but ask them if they could win it without the other guys behind them.

    Bad Call Garcia.

  234. MarlonD says:

    Enough with the comments and just let them play. Bosh. Lebron, and Wade already have proven they can have chemistry together (All star games, Olympics). I just can’t wait for this season to begin

  235. Who? says:

    they DESPERATELY need a GOOD coach. Erik WHO?

  236. NBA says:

    I personally hope that Miami doesn’t make it past the first round; the only real playoff winner from the big 3 is D-Wade and if they win it’s going to be from him. But Lebron and Bosh in their appearances have choked and against a team like Boston or Milwaukee or the Bulls; I really hope they lose and not win a championship this year. Afterward if they win it’s OK with me but I really hope this year will be a final championship for the Celtics big 3, they literally could’ve had 3 right now, if it wasn’t for losing Garnett/Perkins.

    Lakers 3-peat would be nice, but i think it’s only fair if Celtics or a surprise team like Milwaukee gets it.

  237. napalm says:

    East – Pretty easy to predict. My opinion. Dont hate on me lol.
    8. NYK, Phillie, Washington. Lol, you just cant predict this one.

    West – Wow, predicting this 90% would be like winning the lottery. Again, my opinion so dont hate 🙂
    1. LAL
    2. Dallas
    3. Portland
    4. OKC
    5. Denver
    6. Utah
    7. San Antonio
    8. Phoenix

    FINALS: Lakers over heat. Sorry heat. You guys will choke under lack of bigs and pretty much only 3 good players. Kobe still has a good amount gas in that tank too.

    • Law064 says:

      Your predictions stink Dallas #2 seed?? yor have Milwaukee over ATL?? lol Boston will come out of the East, sorry to say but the Lakers are the best team in the West. Boston will go all the way

  238. Chaserlighto says:

    the master has spoken
    its called beat L.A
    not beat the HEAT

  239. Kobe'sABallHogger says:

    Phil knows his team is second best to the Heat that’s why he needs to put the Heats down so his team can use that as hope and try to make themselves feel good. But the Heat’s coach and team knows that Phil is always trying to play mind games and using psychology but too bad Phil, keep tyring to raise your team’s hopes because the whole world knows the Heat is a better team and has the better talent. HERE COMES MIAMI AND A CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE. And 9 months from now, you guys remember I told you the Heat would win. Later laker losers.

    • Law064 says:

      You mean when Boston Win This year like they were supposed to last season, Game 7 was a fixed piece of crap. How can the LA Losers shoot 20 plus free throws in the 4th quarter alone??

      • Lakers WillWin says:

        Because Boston is a bunch of hakers, each foul they got was the RIGHT CALL.

      • JJ says:

        @law 64… u really are a sore loser. making excuses. lakers played harder when in counted in the 4th quarter. tey wanted it more. thats why they won.

  240. Dvoice says:

    Phil will prove his point when the Lakers beat the @#$@ out the Heat.

  241. travthemang says:

    I agree with Phil Jackson, but if Wade and LeBron and Bosh can even just jell together they’ll be tough to beat.

  242. J says:

    Kobe is the most selfish superstar of all-time. Just a few short years ago he was crying “trade me” because he couldn’t make the teammates around him better. One fact is clear: he needs a skilled 7-footer in order to win titles…no Shaq, no Gasol, no titles!!!

    • bigmike902 says:

      if u dont have a skilled 7 footer on any team your not gonna win a ring

      • dropdimes15 says:

        mj won six without an allstar 7 foot center. therefore, he is more dominant than kobe. and kobe will never reach his title count now that miami has taken over, and lebron will never get to his level either with all the help he’s got now. mj will still reign supreme. unless durant does some big things in his career himself and takes the crown. i actually believe he can.

    • Justin says:

      Same as Dwade!

    • Kobra says:

      maybe jordan wouldn’t have won without pippen or phil jackson but that’s what teams do, they go out and get other players in order to win championships

    • Br843 says:

      I’m sick of people saying that Kobe couldn’t have won with Shaq or Pau. Let’s not forget that neither Shaq or Pau could’ve won without Kobe. Basketball is a team game. It takes a team effort to win.

    • Trax Laker Fan. says:

      yet again im having 2 remind people that gasol is a not just a normal 7 footer but he is Spains best player and a international super star. dont take anything away from this guy. Kobe has already said no Pau no Rings.

      Kobe on the other hand before Gasol came to the lakers was winning games by himself!!!!! 50 point games @least 1 once a month 30 plus points a week he dropped 81 on the raptors on the raprtors home court. but you forget these things.
      just like wade for the past couple seasons he had NOBODY on his team NO fish (he left wen shaq left) No Bynum (he was warming the bench) No Odom (he only plays when he feels like it) NO Gasol (he was in memphis) and no Artest who dose that leave NOBDY it leaves KOBE WITH A NO TALENT TEAM. did we get to the playoffs YES both seasons YES.

    • EricNYK says:

      You can say the same about Jordan and every other team leader under 6’8. No Cartwright no titles, otherwise, they never would have traded a young much more “TALENTED” player in Oakley for old ” Medical Bill”.

      • Law064 says:

        Cartwright?? What a Idiot no Pippen,Horace Grant John Paxson. Cartwright was not a big rebounder or scorer he did a good job on D and could hit free throws. MJ did not have a dominant big man ever. Luke Longley?? He was a big uncordinated softee. You do need good team players that can step up when their number is called.

    • Bahamas says:

      he requested a trade because the front office surrended hime with these players for a championship run: Kwame Brown, Brian Cook, Smush Parker, Devon George, Radmonivic, Chris Mhim, Tiere Brown(yes he actuallt started for the lakers), Luke Walton, Leron Profit, and the traded Caron Butler away leaving the team to rest on the shoulders of kobe and odom(the only two that had ever acomplished anything successful in their carrer). he gave the front office an altermatum, either get better support players or he wanted to be shipped out.
      so wat did the front office do? they got rid of Brown,Cook, Parker, and George. then brought in Ariza, got kareem to work with bynm, fisher returned, and shannon brown was brought in along with farmar becoming a great back up. then we traded away potentionally the best PF of the Future for the best of the present with the swap of the Gasols

    • CHRIS says:

      who doesnt need a big man duncan 7 feet right kg 7 feet right rasheed wallace in detroit 7 feet right olajuwon 7 feet right

    • tribon says:

      absolutely right dude..100% i agree with you..kobe is the true cy baby in the odom and artest, no rings for kobe..game7 6/24 shooting…save by his teammate esp ron artest..

    • J'Rod says:

      you may be right. kobe admits it anyway. you can see how much he loves gasol and company. it is mutual, however, gasol loves kobe as well–kobe gave him two championships! lebron would have said the same thing to bosh and wade if they end up winning.

      he wants to win that’s why he demanded to be traded, unless lakers will do something about it (ie get gasol, sign fisher, etc.)… kobe is doing his part on the team, but so should the gm. kudos to mitch kupchak. 🙂

  243. TD Steward says:

    Ok- let’s stop playing and get to the truth of the matter: Yes- you need talent (1st and formost) and Yes- you must have Teamwork (it comes by leader) and to my friends and foe- consider this.., their is no team more talented that will grace the cout for years to come than the Maimi Heat ( period). With that said- teamwork- least we forget begins and ends with (631) LBJ, Wade and Bosh- they have been together -playing for two years “together” [chemistry-people]. Now here it come- “catch this”– leadership builds teamwork, and with Wade and LBJ, they will work it out and if necessary believe me Riles will be an enforcer, and so when they do… The NBA better figure out how to change some rules of engagement to allow aother teams to compete. Peace/Love TD

  244. GCRF says:

    Interesting, i always thought both things had the same weight including the how well the coach can deal with those personalities. I keep thinking of the Pistons with Rip, Ben, Rasheed, Billups…and their entire team, they gelled very well together, had good talent, nothing compared to Lebron, Wade and Bosh, but still won the Title. I think they had a certain amount of talent, chemistry, attitude, humility, defined roles, luck and strategy. I believe the Lakes can still have one or two more years of championships but eventually if the Heat can come up with other role players and become very solid defensibely as well as be very eficient offensively there is no way of stopping them. They have to mature together first and its up to the coach to adminstrate their very different personalities.

  245. Lee says:

    South Beach Trio will have no problem handling Magic at all,,,Celtics will be plagued with real injuries…..30+ year aggregate differential vs Heat. Jermaine O’ Neal? Has faded away….too many problems with knee injuries and only making 2 points ar a playoff game vs Celtics this past season…a $20+ million player….has no gas left in him…Delonte West I would not give my hopes up on this one either…LOTS of personal issues that will not work on his favor adjusting to the new team….Nate Robinson…great player though…but that’s about it…no true major improvements heading to the play-offs vs 2009 season..Plain and simple…Lakers/Heat.

    • MIAMI SUCKS says:

      You better not be a heat fan. You wouldnt want to see that match up. LAKERS would mop the heat.

    • tribon says:

      are you trying to be funny cant even stand by the magic how much more by the champs 2011

      • Law064 says:

        @Lee what are you telling me that the Miami Heat that has a 3 man roster plus Haslim can beat Orlando?? Or even Boston?? The Wizards have more depth than Miami. The Celtics will be back in the finals and they will raise that 18th banner. In the event that Miami get to the Eastern conf finals they will lose that series. Outside of Wade and Bosh, the Steroid kid Lebron is not a clutch performer he’s a chocker like van gundy & the Knicks. I don’t see Miami getting that far this year true they have 3 all star’s 1 true Superstar(Wade) but they can’t win with just these 3 guy’s, sorri 2 guy’s and the Steroid abusing HOMO Lebron Joke James. They need 7 more players Eddie house=NO Big Z=NO Mike Miller=? Try again next year

      • dropdimes15 says:

        i have lost some respect for lebron just like everyone else, but please don’t say he chokes, thats jst ridiculous. ask the pistons how he dropped the cavs last 30 points in a pivotal eastern conf finals game a few years back. and lebron isn’t a superstar??!! lol o boy

  246. JOHN says:


  247. kobron says:

    Well the Miami Cheat has to beat Magic then they have to beat the Celtics who are fully loaded right now. They got HOF coming off the bench (shaq) then they have Nate Robinson, Delonte West and Jermaine who were all once a starter. Then you got Big baby Davis who keeps improving at the tremendous rate. Not to mention elite point guard in Rondo and a great coach in Doc Rivers who will keep everyone in check.

    Celtics > Heat
    Lakers > Celtics

  248. Lee says:

    Chemistry has been proven for the South Beach Trio while competing at high levels during the Olympics. What the Lakers have to prove now is that they could be healthy, I am affraid 2010-2011 is not going to be a test whether the Super Trio have Chemistry. It will be more on the fact that Paul Gasol/Kobe/Fisher are due for injury time vs a younger more energetic team, this is going to be a test of endurance for the Lakers more than anything else.

    • MIAMI SUCKS says:

      The LAKERS dont need to prove anything moron. The LAKERS just won back to back championships. Its all the other teams in the NBA that need to prove they can beat the LAKERS. You are an idiot, the LAKERS have something to prove? And why you mention the Olympic team, i dont know. That team was much much more talented than the trio miami has. They had a full squad of ballers. Not just three good players. That cant compare. As far as injuries go, well we all know KOBE will play with a broken neck. Unlike Lequeen who had a little sore elbow and used that as an excuse every damn corner he turned. He better not brake a finger, he will be out the whole season.

      • Flawda954 says:

        Damn man i usually dont respond to these kind of these things but i keep seeing your ignorant name pop up…..Just because of ur name “Miami SUCKS” you should have no say in the matter of course your opinions are going to be biased becaused your obviously on the Lakers Nutsack. Grow Up and stop being a hater itll be good for ya….And if the Heat do manage to get to the finals and beat the lakers i bet your the 1st one to come up with some kind of lame excuse for it….(LAKERS ALREADY WON BACK TO BACK THEY HAVE NOTHIN TO PROVE) stfu up and sit down im out _1_

    • Waylon says:

      Yes they played well together in the olympics but they did have a mature Howard and lets not 4 get about Kobe.Also in the olmpics they weren’t nececeraily facing great talent I mean some teams had NBA talent but not much the USA should win everytime but w/o Kobe 2 years before in the world championships they could only manage a bronze so what does that tell you.Kobe has been injured also but played through it.

    • Law064 says:

      Yo Lee that was the Olympics and that was 08′ you could’ve said the All-Star game if anything bonehead. That was only 3 guy’s well 2 guy’s and a steroid kid that need 2 be a sidekick. The Heat will be good but they’re bench is nothing and the East is stronger come playoff time. Good luck to all teams and Lebron will be just a sidekick to D. Wade.

  249. celtic says:

    ya but the Lakers have a lot of talent. i mean come on, kobe bryant and pau gasol alone are incredibly talented. the whole reason the Lakers are so successful is because they have the talent AND teamwork. if miami can pull together its talent and create some strong teamwork then they should be as formidable as any. look at Boston, Orlando, LA: they have both the talent and the teamwork. you dont put a bunch of guys together that dont have talent and expect them to win just because they work well as a team.
    i think teamwork is what this season will come down to for miami. if they master the art of teamwork then they’ll be great! do i think they are going to win the championship this year? im going to throw out an optimistic answer: possibly. im not putting down anyone right now. im a boston fan and last year i didnt think they were going to make it to the finals. they did. there are always surprises, especially where there is talent

  250. DJOMLs says:

    Phil Jackson is all right only teamworks win NBA title

  251. vhojyage18 says:

    Team work is really a big factor here….. Maybe things will be be different for this”superfriends” because they been a leader of there team b4…..and team work is badly needed to win championship…… but i do believe they can win Championship and wear that ring…..i have no doubt of it…..:)

  252. MiaBoys says:

    Without talent chemistry means nothing…….its funny how Phill Jackson can say that because before Gasol got there they was a 8seed @best……you get him and now your the zen master again……LMAO………stop hating and let the games begin Talent rules in the nba always have always will

    • MIAMI SUCKS says:

      You are a ding bat!! What about the team the LAKERS put together in 04? Malone, Payton, Shaq, KOBE!! No championship. So you can say talent will always win dumb dumb!! Also, yes PJ is then zen master. When you have 11 championship rings, you can give yourself whatever damn nick name you please!! Shut the hell up LAKER hater!!

    • jhonny says:

      yes what talent did the detroit pistons had when they bit the lakers

    • EricNYK says:

      Talent doesn’t always win. I can give Phil a more recent example of star failure than the early 70’s Lakers, how about his 04′ Lakers! Malone, Payton, Kobe, Shaq, Fox, Fisher and CO coulnd’t even get to the finals. Swept or lost in 5 I believe.

    • Bahamas says:

      hey moron the lakers had the best record in the west before they got Gasol. only reason they got him was because of the freak accident with Bynum that year.

    • CHRIS says:

      so y didnt denver beat utah if talent rules

  253. tom verstreken says:

    i guess the problem wont be about the big three gelling, but if i’m one of the role players with the ball in hands, who do i get it to? I guess IF there will be any chemistry-problems, they could very well start like that…

  254. BleedGreen says:

    Keep dreaming phil,
    you needed the talent of Kobe,
    MJ,Pippen,and that fag flopper gasol

  255. Big Nate says:

    Well the question I have is this, Since Wade and Lebron play the same way (the both like the ball in their hands), they are going to have to adjust to one another and Chris Bosh is going to be the third option, does this team really fit together?

    • Renegade Jon says:

      They don’t play alike. LeBron has way more versitility than Wade offensively so Bron will probably be the only one expected to adjust his game. Wade can still be Wade. Bosh will be Bosh. LeBron will go back to playing more point guard and other times will play off the ball.

  256. Chris L says:

    Very true Art with the whole “Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Pau Gasol” thing…but let me add a few missing elements to that…Robert Horry, John Paxon, Steve Kerr, Derrick Fisher, Lamar Odom and NOW Ron Artest…..IF YOU’RE IN THE NBA, YOU HAVE SOME TYPE OF BASKETBALL TALENT!!! MJ didn’t do it on his own…neither did Shaq OR Kobe. It took a TEAM!

    Ask yourself what would’ve happened in Game 7 of the Finals if Sasha would’ve missed one or both of those free throws he took with 11 seconds left in the game? Or if Perkins would’ve played in Game 7…it’s always a TEAM effort, no matter WHO shines the brightest!!!

  257. toys says:

    Tell you honestly and a making a statement in this comment, The so called “Superfriends” and Pat Rileys Miami Heat will NOT be NBA Champions for this season, Phil Jackson well said “It’s not always scorers and talent that wins it. But it’s teamwork that does it” all the fame and hype that Lebron James and Chris Bosh they have nothing to contribute for the Team that Dwayne Wade already built. It seems like Lebron James and Chris Bosh is so eager to get a championship ring and Deshawn Stevenson was so right when he said that Lebron James is Overrated now i believe him that is the truth and Chris Bosh is joining that group of people who takes fame and talent for granted this guys will NOT win an NBA ring.

    • Trax Laker Fan. says:

      what team did wade build, before bosh and james got 2 miami wade was the team. i said it once and i’ll say it again they wont win this year or next year, not this year becuase their bench isn’t good enough to help them get out there confrence, and team work will be their challenge next year.

    • MIAMI SUCKS says:

      I believe they will when a ring. But it will be a while, two maybe three years. It will take time, it wont happen over night like people think. Plus you gotta remember, there is a guy in LA that plays for the LAKERS that is still in the NBA

      • pfft says:

        i remember people criticizing the older big three 3 yrs ago. they cant win it all and stuff. June came and i heard someone screamed ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE! 🙂

    • daez says:

      LeBron offers points, he was second to Durant last season and first in the league a year earlier, rebound and assists, averages 7+ in both categories for the Cavs the past 7 years. Bosh offers points too, a proven 20+ ppg scorer who can burst out for 40 on a good night, and rebounds, a proven double double PF. Both these players are fast, LeBron probably the fastest SF and one of the fastest players. Your comment of “they have nothing to contribute” is flawed and pathetic. Dwyane Wade didn’t build the team, he’s the centre piece of the team and the leader. As LeBron did with the Cavs, Wade’s skill and leadership helped in leading the team and making his teammates better. Wade, like LeBron, had pretty much no help whatsoever. Their teams only seemed good and they performed well because these guys made them better. Bosh tried to be a leader but he just isn’t. That’s why he’s more than happy to be a role player to Wade and James.

      • Waylon says:

        Lebron D-wade and Bosh are not gonna score as many points as they did before maybe not even close to that James and Wade may still avg a lil over 20 but bosh is gonna be in the teens range so ur lookin at a combined 50-60 ponts between three players so the bench and the other 2 starters are gonna hve to account for about 40 points a night just so they can win yes this could finally be the year we see James avg a triple double but the fact remains the rest of the team outside of the superfriends are gonna be hardprssed and come playoff time u can even see Boshs number taking a bigger dip once hes up against taleted forwards like Garnett who is still a defensive beast,Noah or Boozer whoever the Bulls put on him possibly Josh Smith for the Hawks plus possible guading Rashard Lewis out on the 3 point line just to many questions with Bosh in the postseason

      • Miami Fan says:

        Ok. You have to understand that all 3 guys, lebron, wade, and bosh put up big numbers and I get that, it is something to be excited about.

        But here’s the catch 22, and trust me, as hard as it is to swallow, I can almost garuntee miami is biting their nails in training camp thinking about this. First off, you don’t add up all the stats, it doesn’t work that way, it never does. Just because all 3 average over 20 points doesn’t mean they will all get there again. The same goes for rebounds, assists, and every other category. How will they share that load and can they do it, time will tell. Secondly, you can be best bud’s with the guy next to you and share a paycheck but that doesn’t mean you play well together. I really don’t see them winning right off that bat. The arguments there and don’t think for a second I don’t want them to(i would LOVE to see them win rings) but its waaaay more than that.

        The emphasis is going to be on who gives up what stat to compensate for the other and how well they handle each other in those respective scenarios. You can’t tell me bosh won’t get frustrated when he’s got a good shot down low and lebron opens up from 25 feet, or vice versa, wade open in the corner and bosh wants to take it alone. Its all a part of the process and as much as I am a fan(well before the Wade era) I don’t see it happening the first year.

        Will it happen? Yes.
        Multiple times: Yes.
        Back to back: Not as many times as much as our fans would like(there’s more than just 3 superstars in the NBA)

        Good luck Miami !!

  258. KingA21 says:

    personally i think the heat wll win championships because each player gave up money to play with eachother and win champioships.

    • Superfriends says:

      Well said at the end… Phil always had the talent and the money from lakers to win championships…. But i still think being
      the first season together ‘heat’ will go far in the playoffs but not completely far enough to win the championship. If melo lands in chicago its gonna be really difficult to advance to the finals…. theorerotically 3-4 tough teams in east for the heat to beat to advance to the finals. on the other side its really bad in the western conference, no talent(except spurs) lucky lakers…….

      • pfft says:

        melo will not be in chicago. he should be traded to rockets. imagine yao, scola, brooks and melo. get rid of that ugly-a$$ shooter named martin. haha!

    • Tom says:

      lol it look like they give up alot of money but you have to think about it it Miami no State tax so it end up only alittle
      oh about miami win the Champ can you wait untill they play befor you said they will win cuz right now the Nets Clipper etc… has the same record at the heat 0-0 xd

    • MIAMI SUCKS says:

      Money has nothing to do with winning championships DORK!!!!

  259. Nebs says:

    Completely agree with Phil Jackson. Miami definitely has a lot of talent, but they’ll have to prove that they have the teamwork and the chemistry to win it all, just as the Lakers before they won their back-to-back titles. Now the Lakers are proven winners, and hungry as ever, and Miami’s gonna have to take that title from the Lakers. They also have to get through some solid teams in the Eastern Conference first if they wanna get to the Finals

  260. light says:

    is phil jackson crazy even thou he coached jordan and bryant (top 2 player of all time) i have to say neither of those men are team players they hate sharing the ball but if wade and lebron was ball hogs like them in any way then the haters will attack them on everything they don’t do… both wade and lebron are very good team players

    • MIAMI SUCKS says:

      Hey “light”, I guess ball hogging wins championships!! JORDAN “6” KOBE “5”, about to get six. Lequeen ahhhh, “0” Wade “1” So hey KOBE, keep ball hogging so we can keep winning championships!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • URDADDY says:

        AS A MAIN MAN:
        MJ 6 RINGS
        KOBE 2 RINGS

    • J KiLLA24 says:

      haha what u just said was complete BS. If Kobe and Jordan were ball hogs and hated passing the ball why do they both have more than 2 rings?? We obviously know that no one player can win a championship by themselves so stop talking. Oh yea and if u r two of the best players to ever play basketball (Kobe & MJ)then ur obviously going to want the ball more than the average players *cough cough* LeBron

    • lucky says:

      first off, yea jordan and bryant fought jacksons system and philosophy of sharing the ball early, but after a few seasons when they realized what they were doing wasnt taking them to the next level, they matured and started sharing the ball. both average/d 6-7 assists a game. wade and bosh i dont think will be a problem. scoring wise, it wouldnt surprise me to see bosh’s numbers go up from the double teams on wade and bosh, but it will be interesting to see how lebron handles this situation. i hope for his and the teams sake that he grows up and gets over him and “his talents” and starts realizing that one player and scoring wont get it done. he needs to grow up and not throw his hands up and quit like he did in boston. but phil is more than right in saying what he did. guy has 11 rings, cant argue with him.

    • bobby says:

      You mean the greatest of all time, and one top 10 player.

      There are still others who are considered greater than Kobe.

    • Law064 says:

      Sorry Ididot but MJ was a team player, he had to be selfish at times in his carrer. The same goes for Kobe, he was selfish at times in his carrer but he had to do that being surrounded by nobodies!!!! Phil Jackson only won ring cause the teams were already contenders when he took over. The Bulls were already prep for a title run, Phil collins was fired and Phil hired. He did a great job coaching but the teams were already prepared with talent to make a run..

    • EricNYK says:

      Big O, Wilt, Russell, Magic, Larry. All five of those guys are better “basketball” players (not scorers, in that department, Jordan is the best all time) and they didn’t play in an expansion riddled watered down talent pool that is the 90’s and new milennia NBA. Stern has basically created something closer to WWE wrestling in it’s believability. The NBA is a joke these days. I’d take 4th and 5th seeded teams from the 70’s, 80’s and VERY early 90’s against these street ball clowns with no fundamentals, crappy free throw % and glory hound, gimme pig, childish self centered behavior ON and off the court. These jerks would have been thrown out of my NBA. Jordan was the first scoring champ to become a real champion and even with MJ’s intelligence and talent it took 7 years, trading down for the much needed center, so they could (finally) win it all. The players today know NOTHING of personal character, hard work or sacrifice. Just my .02

      • URDADDY says:


  261. STEVE "O" says:

    As always, Phil speaks of the truth. Those SOUTH BEACH CLOWNS won’t do anything if they can’t play together as a team. Too many egos on that team.

    • Laker Fan says:

      Steve o , you are the only offensive comment here..
      Why cant we just try to leave or ego as you stated out of this.
      yes Phils comments is reasonable, but as he said they can win if the play as a team , lets wait and see..
      I also believe that your harsh comment about clowns and egos is so far from the truth.
      Its alot of Talent and only LeBon could be considered to have a ego issue,, DWade , and Bosh is full of humility.
      lets give credit where credit is due

      • Isaac says:

        Kudos Lakers Fan!

      • MIAMI SUCKS says:

        STEVE “O” You are 100% right about the south beach clowns.

      • cold says:

        hey LakerFan if lebron has a problem with his ego why? he join miami. he forget about his ego when he team-up with dwade. so i think it is up to dwade.

      • GeneralManag3r says:

        Usually I like to read comments and enjoy them for the entertainment that they are, but I felt the need to reply to this one. I don’t mean to sound offensive in anyway possible but for you to say that SteveO’s comment about egos is far from the truth,you must be blind… What else can you call a man who takes an hour speacial to announce his plans to switch teams but egotistical….(he took an hour speacial but the only thing remembered from it was less then a minute)… “I will be taking my talents to the Timberwolves)…lol oops sorry wrong broadcast…
        I agree with you in saying that credit should be given when it is due… but as far as I’m concerned the heat’s record is 0-0
        and to be honest I don’t see the heat beating the celtics in a seven game series… none the less making it to the finals…

        *Thats real basketball not propaganda

      • GeneralManag3r says:

        excuse my idot statement of lebron having an ego I just realized that you wrote the same thing…ooops.. sorry

      • daez says:

        Steve-O, you’re the clown. Haven’t you heard that everyone thinks LeBron could average a TRIPLE DOUBLE next season? Yes, that does include assists. LeBron does have an ego, but he is avbout the team. Dwyane Wade is also a team player, though with limited help he’s taken on the leaderdhip role and put the team’s offensive load on his back. As Laker Fan said, just wait and see. You could be right, egos could clash and they may not be able to work their talents together, then Miami may crumble to the liking of everyone. Or it could work. Just wait and see… Clown

      • Marv says:


      • marc gonzalez says:

        Phil Jackson knows whats hes talking about. LA has had the most talent on their team for the past 3 years. the 1st year they lost to boston. thats an example of great talent in winning it. i still think LA has the best squad hands down. then boston, then Miami. Plus both boston and LA squads have the experience of playing together which Miami doesnt. I rooting for Miami but on the 15-man roster LA has way more talent than Miami. Pau Gasol IS better than bosh. Kobe is a little better than Wade. And then theres Fisher, Artest, Bynum, Shannon Brown, Matt Barnes, Ratliff ect. Miami got LBJ, Miller, Chalmbers, Arroyo, Haslem, Big Z Anthony, and Pittman whos a rookie. LA has a HUGE advantage as does Boston. If the Magic make a trade (V.Carter) they could be up there as well.
        This is a big challenge miami has ahead of them. i personally was hoping theyde get TMAc and see what hes got. EVERYBODY WATCHOUT FOR HOUSTON.. THEYLL B UP THERE WITH LA,OKC, AND DALLAS IN THE WEST

      • Calvin says:

        I agree wit LAKER FAN n iam da Biggest Laker Fan but if Miami learn how 2 play as a team n play well togther dare gona be a beast n da Playoffs but if da dont i think Boston is gona but dem out But 2 sum it all up i think its gona be Lakers n Boston again dats just my opionion

      • tribon says:

        in short phil jackson cant win without real talented tall players..common! if he were to coach the bobcats or the new jersey nets do you think they can have a seat in the playoffs..he demands talented guys..when detroit defeated the lakers when malone and payton along with them the years after phil resigned because he analyzed kobe is uncoachable and a certified ball hogger cry baby who wants some trade and a very desperate player..behaviour problem and very immature just like phil jackson..he has many rings but never plays fair..just take out pau gasol (the best big man in the world) from the lakers and no ring is possible for the lakers..even if there are two fishers..two odoms and five’s that!

    • Juan says:

      South beach clowns? When the Celtics lost Perkins due to his injury in game 5 (Celtics on top of the series 3 to 2) the Lakers won. First, Phil Jackson only coached where he knows the team has talent to win a championship, bulls and lakers it figures. Now Phil can talk all he can, but he knows that Miami is going to be the best team for many years to come, and I can say that he wants to coach there because Miami it’s a great team, and he wants another ring.

      No rings for 2010 2011, Lakers is written. Not to mentioned, Phil talks all that crap, he coached Carl Malone, Gary Payton, Kobe, O’neal back in 2000’s , and he talks about Miami. He coached all of those allstar and still manage to lose in the nba finals against the pistons, WTF.

      Lebron and Bosch finish their contracts and signed with a team that they know thay can win some rings, what NBA player does not want that.

      • Waylon says:

        1st off I’ve never seen a team that won a title w/o a star player so dont knock Jackson cause hes got to coach talent.Next even though he did coach malone and payton it wasn’t like either were still all stars and dominating the league the were old and past their prime.Plus Jordan Pippen or Bryant never won a title w/o Phil and Shaq won his first three with the Zen Master so lets not get things twisted.As far as Miami being the best team that is yet to be seen simply bc we dont know how well its gonna workfor a whole season for 3 egos and no bench help and an unproven head coach so until its seen and they win a title no one can call Miami the best team bc right now even though I hate the lakers they are the defending champs and unless someone dethrones them then they are the best.And as for ur comment aboutPerkins and the laker – celtic series Perkins went down in game 6 not 5 and Bynum was hurt the whole series and could barley play so there are no excuses the lakers were just better

      • Champkobe says:

        you fail to realize that Payton and Malone were in the twilight of their careers…somewhat like how Big Z is right now…so essentially it was just Kobe and Shaq

      • J'Rod says:

        Perkins got injured in Game 6, not Game 5. Bynum was injured for LA the year before (and the year before that as well). Good teams don’t make injuries as an excuse. Doc Rivers didn’t mention it. Boston guys don’t make excuses for injuries. That is part of the game. Basketball is a game of adjustments

        You’re right, Phil coached the star-studded lakers with malone and payton and lost. THAT IS WHY HE IS SAYING THAT TALENT ALONE CAN’T WIN! HE KNOWS IT BY EXPERIENCE. YOU NEED CHEMISTRY. THAT IS EXACTLY THE POINT!

        And maybe, you’re right, Phil joins teams that has talent. Also, teams that have talent wants him to be their coach. Of all 30 teams, if given a chance to be coached by Phil Jackson, wouldnt you grab that chance? Unless maybe you’re coached by Pop, Sloan, Rivers, or Riley (the other top dogs).

      • Rocket33 says:

        As usual, these comments have been taken way out of context. I don’t see where Phil has taken a real shot at Miami here. All he really said is that they’ll need to play as a team to succeed. And he has a valid point…

        His Lakers (full of talent) lost to the Pistons in the finals a few years back. On paper the Lakers were better but didn’t win because the Pistons played better as a team.

        Back to Miami, they’ll be fine offensively, 3 guys who can score a lot of points (if required) and they’ve surrounded them with shooters. The only question mark will be on defense. But hey, with the Big 3 not required to carry as much of the offensive load, maybe they can focus more on D.

        So, whether or not you like how they were assembled, you’ve gotta think they have a good shot at winning the title… if they play as a team 🙂

      • tribon says:

        well said dude! i agree with you

      • Juan says:

        It was game 6, wow I missed it by one number, but aleast I got the series 3 to 2 right. Phil did have alot of talent, Carl Malone gary Payton were not in the twightlight years, ss of a matter of fact Gary Payton got a ring with the heat and so did shaq. I will post back when the heat beats the west in the finals.

      • Champkobe says:

        Malone was 40, close to 41 when he was in the Lakers…and Payton was 36. Winning a championship after that doesn’t mean he wasn’t in the twilight of their careers…

      • TheProf says:

        Why People Still think that Boston Lost, not Lakers Win the last year Finals? Perkins Injured, but, Bynum Injured Too, Kobe Injured Too.. so What’s the point? Three years ago Bynum does not play in the finals, and Boston Won.. it is the same… Boston Won.. so stopp that useless chant that The Officials give the Game 7 to the lakers or The lakers won because perkins was out… That definetly is Bias..

        any way, Read carefully the whole statemen : “They are Talent, Period.. but they need Teamwork too.. ” that’s hard to understand….

  262. X says:

    Chris Bosh has to step down as a leader, and play more defence then he did in Toronto, theres not problem with Lebron and Wade making the first team defence again, the only problem i think will be their bench and how well the others work with Lebron, cuz its pretty hard to work with 3 superstars on one team.

    • think says:

      Bosh wasnt actually a leader in toronto… maybe that’s the reason for their woes. He may have lead scoring and rebounds, but I don’t think he’s really into leading the raptors before. that’s why he’s more than willing to play behind wade and lebron. As for wade, I think he has the humility to let Lebron run the show… but I think the people in Miami wouldn’t let that happen… especially when Lebron goes back into his antics or acts of selfishness and immaturity. Miami will always be Wade’s team.

      • daez says:

        Selfishness? Are you serious? LeBron selfish? What an idiotic thing to say. You don’t average 7+ assists by being “selfish”

      • Law064 says:

        I agree with that. D Wade will always be the face of Miami. Lebron is just Wade’s sidekick. D.wade is batman and Lebron is Robin. Outside of those 3 I don’t see them winning. They’re bench really have to show me something. Halsm is the only dependable player on the miami bench. Eddie House Big Z Mike Miller Juwan Howard wow they need more help unless the steroid kid Lebron play 48 min a game lol

      • URDADDY says:


    • pfft says:

      dont forget the 2 physical centers for heat. joel anthony and jamaal magloire. they can do damage on the defensive end. they can matchup well with the premier centers in the league (e.g Noah & Howard)

  263. think says:

    very well said… the season would be a walk in the park for Miami… but the real test will come in the playoffs… just like what Lebron’s Cleveland went through the past two years. The Magic will be a challenge, but i hope Boston will have the health to really test what the Superfriends are made of, even before they talk about taking on the Lakers.

    • DESHAWN says:


      • MIAMI SUCKS says:

        Thats what the heat bandwagon hoppers need to understand. Without a decent supporting cast, the heat aint winning nothing.

      • Ur Stupid!! says:

        Ya, no talent? Really man? Eddie House, Mario Chalmers, Udonis Haslem, Big Z, Carlos Aroyo, Desean Buttler, James Jones, Juwan Howard! What do you want for a bench besides this??? The big 3 are used to playing 40 plus minutes and they wont need to use all there energy taking over the games all by themselves since there are 3 possible all stars who can turn on their all star magic whenever or kick it out to mike miller or eddie house! Your a Moron!! They have also been playing together during the summers and olympics since they got drafted so their chemistry will be alot better than people are giving them credit for.

      • Ralph says:

        I agree, no doubt the Heat got talent, but do they have the supporting cast needed!? Can theri bench do it?

      • Waylon says:

        Your gonna say they Heat are talented beyond the big 3 well lets examine, Big Z yes can shoot but is a very big defensive liability and when ur gonna have 2 face possibly Dwight Howard,Andrew Bogut,Al Horford,or Joakim Noah then it could prove bad,Next Eddie House well lets see unless the three is falling which hasnt been happining lately thats y the Celtics got rid of him for Nate then he is preety much useless offensivley and deffensively,Carlos Arroyo cant defend the premire point guards and is only gettin older so I wouldnt rely on him for much especially as a point guard cause Lebron will take over the decision making so him and Mario Chalmers is not really making an impact,Juwan Howard did fill in nicely last year for Portland rebounding and defending but really he hasnt contributed much this whol decade and should really hang it up so the liklihood he contriutes is slim,Haslem is still a double double guy so no crticism there,james jones please thats a joke and damien james is a rookie small forward so slim to none playing time and lets not 4 get mike miller cause unless he can shoot the 3 still the he could be useless to the 3 because Lebrons and D-Wades assists usually come from driving in and kicking it out to an open shooter so it may not work and lets not 4get D-Wade and Bosh are both liabilitis on defense so if the go all the way to the finals it will be a field day for the lake show

      • KGfan says:

        Look at me – I’m going to make a statement that would have the same impact if I wrote it with some punctuation but I’M GOING TO WRITE IN ALL-CAPS ANYWAY! XD

    • Andre says:

      Cleveland wasn’t the most talented team, so that’s not the discussion. They were Lebron and some role players. Not even a second reasonable scorer. Cavs went something like 1-13 without Lebron in the past 2, 3 years.

      In fact Boston will be a test. They are much better than Lakers when health. At least they were in the last 3 seasons.

      • Law064 says:

        @UR Stupid, You Are STUPID, Big Z?? Eddie House lol he’s nothing don’t get me wrong he can hit an open jumper but sorry he’s been in a slump. Juwan Howard can hang up his shoe’s he’s done son!! Lebron can only win with a real superstar by is side(D.Wade) Lebron can’t lead a team to the finals and win like Kobe or D.Wade in 06′. Bosh would never win in Toronto but is a solid all star like KG in his prime. Phil Jackson made a good point because without teamwork you have nothing but talented fools running around tryin to fill up a stat sheet. I’m not a Heat fan but D. Wade is from my home town and I like his game C.Bosh is a great PF maybe the best in the league since Tim Duncan & KG have aged. Lebron Joke James the steroid baby will never be as good as Kobe or D.Wade, he’s like Joe Johnson he don’t have the killer instinct. I agree with him leaving the Cavs cause they never got him the help he needed, Shaq what a joke he was playin limited min, and was already 33-34 and injured. Clevland owner really need to blame himself for Lebron leaving. All the years Lebron worked hard with no consistent help from the team. He had every right to leave but hoppin on the heat wagon was a coward move. But he’s just the scottie pippen to D.Wade, Lebron can’t finish games or a series because he’s not a clutch player. He’ll never size up to Kobe, and I hate the Lakers but Kobe is the best in the league. Miami will go to the playoffs but will not win after the second round, better luck next year!!! Lebron will be cursed like Karl Malone who went to LA and got killed 4-1 in the finals against the Bad Boys of Detroit

  264. Alfonso says:

    zen master indeed teamwork wins over talent everytime

    • Andre says:

      Let’s not forget the probably the last 9 out of 10 champions had a LOT of talent, probably much more than any other contender. Teamwork was just one ingredient. The only team I can remember that beat teams considered better talented was Detroit.

      Lakers had Shaq and Kobe. The best Center and best guard by far. Spurs had Duncan, Ginobli, Parker and great role players. Boston 4 all-stars and a solid Center. Lakers had Kobe, Gasol, Odom, Artest.

      So it’s kinda of BS saying that stuff considering the most talented team are winning every single year, with very rare exceptions.

      • Richard says:

        Of course talent is required to win a championship.
        What Jackson means is that you need more than just talent, and he’s saying that both teams have talent, but Lakers also has teamwork whereas Heat doesn’t.

      • Ippy says:

        Hey Richard, how do u know this new Heat doesnt have teamwork? When did you see them play? They managed to win when they assembled Shaq, Payton, Zo, Walker with Wade. Lakers got to the finals with Shaq, Kobe, Malone, Grant, Payton, with KB. Only lost because KB started to play one on five against Detroit. Talent then team work. Talent with selfishness without trusting team mates is poisonous. I think talent also means understanding the realms of being in the team sport although it is ana aspect which is always overlooked. Most teams in the NBA have reasonable level of teamwork as coaches would not allow players to play otherwise. Coaches job is to jell talent together to make them a collective unit but being special talent takes you to another level. Even Phil said if they can channel that talent into a team effort they will do it. It is what the coaches are paid for. Scouts look for talent and coaches above all build team work dynamics such as establishing roles, design plays etc

      • D-Dub says:

        I like how ALL you bums are giving Odom and Artest these back-handed compliments including them in the ALL IMPORTANT talented roster when ALL of you doubted it even existed in them a couple of months ago. But it’s okay I guess this is what it feels like when your team is on the top with a foot on everyother teams NECK! Get a comment and stick with it all season CHUMPS. Oh and really, Kobe lost the Championship to the Pistons all by himself. You Kobe haters really dont know when to stop. LOL you confirm that men do have BITCHASSNESS tendicies with this ‘oh he think is better than me’ mentality. Grow some ALPHA balls and enjoy the KB@$ show.

    • tribon says:

      look yourself in the mirror might be talking about yourself..malone, payton, shaq, kobe…whow..defeated by detroit in the way the lakers can match the talented miami..but in no wat either the miami can stand out the great boston celtics..

      • KGfan says:

        Hey man, I’m a huge Boston fan but did you forget we lost the championship to Lakers? …and you’re saying they’re no chance of beating Miami but we can? Funny logic!

      • zone24 says:

        thanks for the thorough explanation ippy but some of us figured out that phil is talking based on his experience coaching the bulls and the lakers.

      • D-Dub says:

        You R DELUSIONAL dude. the shaq, shrek and donkey show closed before it started. all you need is puss-n-boots and your’e primed for another return to the finals SMACKDOWN. Oh wait, u do have Pierce so I guess the puss-n-boots is covered. Get pass Miami and we can talk.

      • Hamza says:

        hey buddy u dont know anything alright, Phil is talking sense into Miami. they think because they have a bunch of idiots, they are going to the championship. and yes he has looked himself in the mirror with 12 NBA Championships, yes he is the best in my opinion! ok so what if they got defeated by Detroit in the finals, thats one loss, but they came back and beat the crap out of Boston and Orlando! so how do the Miami heat not stand the “great Boston celtics” they are the worst team right now in the NBA and the oldest team with a bunch of oldies. get the information correct when ur right idiot. And Lakers are the best team in the NBA and Kobe Bryant is the greatest basketball player in the NBA!!!!!!!

      • marcus says:

        Do you not remember the lakers just took the title from your so called great Celtics?That was pretty bad logic, I bet you cried like they did to smh.

      • boy george says:

        uumm..karl malone got injured on that 2004 finals run..he could have posed a little threat for the pistons..and to all kobe haters..5 rings speak more than the “DECISION”..

    • MackDaddy says:

      hmm… pretty easy for Phil to say that when you have a talent filled roster like LA does. Kobe, Artest, Odom, Gasol, Bynum… yep, no talent there :).

      Greenie hippies can chant teamwork as much as they like, but there’s a reason every single GM in the league pays big bucks for superstars, and that’s because TALENT wins championships. Teamwork and chemistry is important, but not many teams in history have won the lot with no superstar talent on the roster first.

      • ONTHELEFTCOAST says:

        Phil must mean that it takes talent AND TEAMWORK. That talent alone isn’t enough. that being said, Phil has NEVER won with less than superior talent. He has always had the most talented roster in the league when he won his titles.

        There are exceptions: The Houston Rockets beat the Orlando Magic that had Shaq, Penny Hardaway, Nick Anderson, Dennis Scott, and Bryan Shaw.

        The Portland Trailblazers beat Dr. J’s 76ers.

        Props to Jack Ramsey on Rudy Tomjanovich. They showed what real coaching is about. Right Phil?

      • J'Rod says:

        You are almost right. Chemistry and teamwork by itself does not win championchips, you need talent. BUT Talent ALONE does not win championships. Talent + CHEMISTRY (ie teamwork) does!! That is exactly what Phil is saying. He is not saying that you don’t need talent. Yes, LA has talent–Kobe, Gasol, etc. But you need something more than talent!

        you dig?

      • anonymous says:

        theres always a superstar if any1 wins a championship. it is more important for lil things like teamwork/chemistry if both teams have talented players,

      • Law064 says:

        @KG fan Boston did not lose last year they were robbed, game 7 had to be the worst officiated game ever the Lakers shot 20 plus free throws in the 4th quarter. LA was given that game they did not win fairly!!!!

      • Andy says:

        I’m thinking that Phil’s probably saying that based on the assumption that the Super Friends will not have teamwork, that they will just hog the ball every possession. If that was the case, LeBron wouldn’t have done it. If he thought they weren’t going to share the ball, LeBron wouldn’t have sacrificed his reputation and his image for that.

      • zone24 says:

        guys c’mon, read between the lines.he’s talking about the years he didn’t win the championship with all the talents he had,

    • Crapmaster says:

      Zen master? what a joke. More like a Crapmaster.
      His Lakers couldn’t do crap without Pau Gasol, even having Kobe Bryant.
      If “talent” isn’t one of those essential ingredients to win a title, then why couldn’t he do it without Pau Gasol and Fisher?
      I’m a Lebron and Wade’s fan, I don’t really cheer for any team since I’m not from US.
      And for Kobe, as one smart guy mentioned, is the most selfish/whining player in NBA. Who’s the one demanded a trade because his team wasn’t doing anything to compete? Who’s the one criticizing his own teammate on Youtube? He’s just lucky that Lakers actually pulled off a trade for Pau Gasol.
      I don’t think Miami will win the title this year, then Pat Riley will come back as a coach next year and win the title. But guys, let’s not forget about Celtics’ big three, nobody thought they could’ve won a title.

      • Prince says:

        Hey men, Coach Phil said: “They got great talent. There’s no question about their talent they have. But, talent doesn’t always win. The team that shows the best teamwork will win it. We think we have established something. But, if [the Heat] can unite — and build quickly — they might be able to do it.” That’s it! Your not reading between the lines, you’re just keep on criticizing without understanding his statements.

        I want to repeat this for you to understand: Coach Phil did not say that only teamwork can win it. It’s`clear that what he wants to express is that TEAMWORK and TALENT are the key ingredients to win it. Do you think the Celtics could have done it in 2008 without jelling and having good teamwork in the post-season? I don’t think so. I’m a Laker fan, Shaq and Kobe did not win those three rings in early 2000s without basically having some sense of teamwork and talent. And so many team did it before. The Bulls, Pistons, Rockets, Celtics, Portland. Name it and TEAMWORK and TALENT are the main factors in winning.

      • unikr0n says:

        lakers couldn’t do crap without gasol? ohhhhh just like jordan’s bulls couldn’t do crap without pippen! you’re so right. every superstar needs his wingman. i agree, kobe definitely needs fisher and gasol to win championships. jordan wouldn’t be named the best player to ever play basketball on planet earth if it weren’t for scotti pippen. i don’t care what anyone says. those two have the most chemistry on the court than any other duo in the history of sports period. kobe & gasol are right behind them though. and i’m a kobe fan over jordan period!

      • D-Dub says:

        It’s clear you dont like Kobe, but try and play Kobe for the BIGGEST arrogant player is a stretch! Just in case you dont have TV reception in your country. Google ‘The Decision’ and you will witness the BIGGEST ASS of them all. I’m sure since is tea bagging with lebron you probably wot see this but it was worth posting. I rather be seen complaining about my team which most players do when their losing than completely DESERTING a already pathetic generational fanbase in Clevland all played out on national tv. Wow now that’s how u dump someone. LOL.

    • L.Ckz says:

      Okay Phil, take Kobe off your team and we’ll see if your making the same stupid remarks. I know all you Laker fans are gonna say “Well they do just as good without Kobe.” Yeah! In the regular season! Every team needs a superstar whether its LeBron, Wade, Kobe, Durant, Howard, whoever, the NBA is surrounded by players talents. And it also happens that there are different types of talents and one of them is Teamwork (just how Phil said.) If Wade didn’t have Teamwork, why would he ever ask for a REAL PG to step up in his team. Same goes for LeBron. And Bosh who said he would never be a 2nd option, much less third. The thing is, Miami is already building teamwork by all these critics! Not only is it motivation to win games, but to prove they can do whatever the heck they want. LeBron didn’t take the easy way out. He knew he had to sacrifice points, minutes, leadership, and pride to win a ring. Of course it would of meant more if he stayed in Cleveland and won, but honestly, when would that be? Anybody see Durant winning a title soon? Me neither. I don’t think the bench will play a big role either considering none of the Three Superstars had great benches to begin with in the first place. To conclude, Boston won a ring the first year their Big Three teamed up. Explain how that happened Phil. And they beat the Lakers. So eat some Miami Heat shorts.

      • Waylon says:

        Phil never said they wasn’t talented or he hasn’t had talented players h was saying that in order to when a title you have to have the best teamwork and play team ball not just win on talent alone. I’m not even a Laker fan but I tend to believe a guy who has one 11 titles about what it takes to win championships

      • Waylon says:

        And to finish what is needing to be said the 1st big 3 in Boston was all in thier 30s and past the full prime of thier carreers so its alot easier to put individual stats aside when ur career is almost gone.And as for the bench Lebron had one of the best benches in basketball when u can bring in a 2nd team all defensive player in Varejo,Big Z,Boobie Gibson who had just as much 2 do with the Cavs going to the title a few years ago when he had a stellar series against the Pistons,U had Delonte West,Jamario Moon, so the Cavs were deep. Miami and Toronto never had a bench but no one thought they was in it last year anyway. So it takes a full team to compete not 3 players it takes alot of teamwork and trust to win and even if the super friends come together and work 2gether they still gotta trust 9 other players that may not deliever

      • Jerry says:


        You are pretty stupid for writing that whole junk against Phil Jackson’s simple truth statement, “Pure talent/lack of teamwork wins no championship.” LBJ’s Cleveland could not get by Boston because of Boston’s teamwork. Boston didn’t have vastly superior talents. Kobe/Gasol’s first year could not beat Boston because they did not established the teamwork to win that year. Teamwork means everything, if not then Jackson should have won 5-6 rings with Shaq/Kobe, but instead they got beat by the team oriented Pistons. Sure you need talent, but at the top, teamwork wins.

      • Chi-Faithful says:

        Championships are not won on paper. Miami only impressed people in Miami. When will you all understand. Phil has been involved in 2 dynastys. The whole decision and pep rally was… frankly… G@y!

      • Champkobe says:

        Few things here…1 You say every team needs A superstar…emphasis on the A. Miami has three. And before you go telling me about Boston, Boston had A superstar and two all stars…pierce and allen were great players, but could never actually be a real superstar. 2. Yes, I actually DO see Durant winning a championship sometime soon. 3. “Lebron didn’t take the easy way out”… haha ok thats funny. ANYONE would bypass personal gain over a ring…and sacrifice minutes is just…wayy off.Also, you fail to recognize the year Boston beat the Lakers, the Lakers only had HALF a year to build chemistry with Gasol.

      • J'Rod says:

        What Phil was saying is, Miami needs to work together (temwork, chemistry) to win it. Talent ALONE does not. Obviously Lakers has talent: Kobe, Artest, Gasol, Odom, etc. But they have teamwork (chemistry) as well. It takes time for chemistry to develop. Lakers lost to Boston three years ago, but their chemistry as a team grew.

        Phil is just saying that Miami needs to have some chemistry, and once they get it, Phil even thinks that they can win.

        Let’s not misunderstand. Reread Phil’s comments on top! 😀

      • KGfan says:

        Well said.

    • norman says:

      thisss guyy doesent know about basketball lebro took the easy way out because he chokes every playoff chris boshh knew if he didnt move he would never win a ring and dwayne wade is just the best player miami has its all about chemistry all the way in basketball something the lakers have and seeign the way lebron used to play there wont be ass much apparently

    • anonymous says:

      get of this website ya big dummy

    • Andes Lihme says:

      “Winning takes talent; to repeat takes character.”

      “I’d rather have a lot of talent and a little experience than a lot of experience and a little talent.”

      “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

      “Talent is God-given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.”

      John Wooden 1910-2010

    • McKinley says:

      There is no doubt the heat got better. But The LAKERS were already the best of the best, and they got better too. I will go out on a limb and say the LAKERS are still the heavy favorites to win again. Another 3peat for the Zen Master. But Phil is right. It takes more than talent to win championships. The early years of Shaq and Kobe the Lakers could not get past the Utah Jazz. They had alot of talent on those teams. Phil Jackson takes over as head coach, and they won his first year.

    • Avery Tennison says:

      You need to remember that basketball is a 5 on 5 game………….not 3 on 3!!!