It’s a block party

HANG TIME (FILL-IN) HEADQUARTERS — We’ve done dazzling dunks, those kooky circus shots and the most-delectable dishes of the past season. So what’s on tap today?

As our main man Kenny Smith would say, it’s a block party and you’re invited.

We’ve got the 10 best baskets that never were, thanks to some well-timed acrobatics from the likes of those tall (Dwight Howard) and small (Nate Robinson) and everyone in between. Hint: Kevin Durant, you might not want to watch.

For the rest of you, fire up the electronic tape above and cast your ballots:


  1. Andy says:

    I loved the Jason Maxiell block, Shannon Brown was going to dunk on him and he wasn’t going to have none of that.

    • iLL wiL says:

      There is really 2 many jus 2 pic 1 when WADE n KING James been swat en people #@#$ all season who can really pick jus one.i guess i have 2 say dat Lebron on Rondo coz he a lil punk anyway heard he got mad coz ROSE won da START pg. spot on team U.S.A. so he quit.

  2. Zacha says:

    And where are Manu’s blocks against Garnett and Durant?

  3. Braian says:

    Delfino y Manu 2 glorias argentinas! son un orgullo! / Delfino and Ginobili, two monsters from Argentina! =)

  4. Muhamad says:

    Where is the block party by Lou Amundson onto Pau Gasol? That supposed to be here in the top 5. Just because LbJ blocked Durant, it doesn’t mean it is a great one. Look more widely please, NBA. There are more unsung heros in the league that the spotlights are not shine to them.

  5. jade says:

    LBJ was so Awsome.. IMBA and Amazing…

  6. Nikola says:

    Nate’s block is lame it’s only on the list cuz he’s a small guy… Maxiell and Bron are by far the best here as far as i’m concerned

  7. voydafa says:

    For me, Delfino’s block was the best.. It was like from a pro-volley ball scene.. first line spike!! and also, I was on that game and it was like hoooo-hahhhh!!!!!! >:))

  8. it deffs has 2 be lebrons block on durant that won the game and also lebron was crossed over, that would have 2 be sooo hard 2 get the block after being crossed over, i dont no many other players that could do that…also though rondo’s block on fisher in the finals was WICKED!! he got pump facked then still blocked him from behind that was AWESOME!!

  9. Goven says:

    where are josh smith blocks? he is best blockshoter!
    best block!

  10. VYtauc says:

    manu block is boring… why it is number 1 ?

  11. conharv says:

    TURIAF HAD THE BLOCK OF THE YEAR ON doesnt put it up cus no one wants to see kobe getting blocked..

  12. Olivia says:

    Manu’s block was simply amazing. He had another on Dwayne Wade and that was awesome as well. Should of made the list. Simply amazing

  13. PNEIS says:

    White men can’t jump. Proof? Look at 0:39, I know A. Parker jumped earlier but when LeBron hit Parker’s head, i LOLed! 🙂

  14. Steven says:

    Did anyone see Lowry block C.J. ?

  15. craylight777 says:

    i think manu’s block is the best…. LBJ’s block is nothing more but luck….
    why dont he try blocking someone that’s gonna do a facial ob him…

    • jus2real says:

      Who in the league is gonna jump over lebron when he is jumpin, only way u gonna get him is if u catch him slippin

  16. Ich says:

    Maxiell block on Shannon is just a real badass. You ain’t gonna do that to me Shannon!

  17. Bobby says:

    Lebron wins…

    Poor Kevin Durant, one dimensional sceletor right there, everybody blocks him.

  18. maxiellFACIALS says:

    I got the top 3 on this one……they were just too good…:)))

  19. Oli says:

    Where are Dwights Block Catches?!?!?!?!

  20. Taj says:

    Manu’s block on KG should have been here. That was insane.

  21. construction debris says:

    Manu blocking durant is by far the most amazing. alot of those other blocks were fouls not being called. so i wrote thos off my list of blocks i might vote for.

  22. Felipe says:

    And what about manu’s block on Kevin Garnett? I remember KG fell like a potatoe sack!!!

  23. Larry says:

    Why isnt Manu’s block on Kevin Garnet in is top 10…

  24. alejandro says:

    Manu is the best!!!!!….

  25. Paul says:

    the best block isnt here. The best block for me was Lou Amundson blocking both Bynum and Gasol in one 3 seconds.

  26. DieLawn says:

    You all gotta watch that Gerald Wallace block again. He comes from behind Mayo, gets in front and makes a clean block on a fastbreak, with real grace. Insanely under rated here.

  27. Flemo says:

    Manu’s was clearly the best, it was so clean and just amazing how he got around and up there in time!!….. its funny how D12’s lefty didnt get many votes, nuthin special the man does it like 4 times a game lol

  28. Jesse says:

    Where was Kyle Lowry’s rejection on CJ Watson? He jumped over him for petes sake

  29. fersarr says:

    So far Manu won both : best assist and the best block of this season!

  30. Redman says:

    Well I’m missing one of the best and energetic blockers in the league right now.
    Too bad “the Birdman” isnt in this top ten, he should be no doubt.


  31. RocketsLove says:

    Come on guys. Are you kidding me? What about Lowry rejecting C.J. Watson after jumping over him on a lay-up. That was one awesome swat!

  32. Best at S says:

    Is everybody invited?

  33. wikiwiki says:

    Shane Battier’s multiple blocks in one play was the best of the season.

  34. knicksfan4221 says:

    hell its nate robin on shaq 5-9 blocks 7-1 that crazy man

  35. Champy says:

    Where’s the facial block of Dwyane Wade to Brooke Lopez?

    • rocketfan_believe it or not says:

      Uhh, the people who chose the videos did not want to rui Lopez carreer cuz he is too young to be embarrased by repeating that block.

  36. jovi says:

    @marcus Didn’t you realize that “someone’s” block on Durant was also to win that game. I guess not.

  37. jacknohara says:

    SHAQ OWNED BY ROBINSON !!!! He ain’t talking anything about that , is he ? Cryptonate just owned him on that play. I mean, if shaq could jump, let’s say, a gillete, he would have avoided that embarassing moment

  38. FDR says:

    Manu all the way

  39. NIK says:

    for me its between Maxiell and Manu but maxiell wins it.
    The best part of that block was the fans cheering expecting a dunk and maxiell just shuts them up.
    Lebrons were alright but nothign special. His block on KD is similar to a lot where someone comes across the paint cuz the shot went over another defender first. His block on Rondo was solid but his chase down block isnt even special anymore.

  40. ThaMelo says:

    wow ANDREW BOGUT wasnt in this video…….bull crap

  41. marcus says:

    Manu’s block is clearly number one this year!
    But the only disappointing thing in this poll is that the fans do not appreciate wilson chandler’s block a little more.

    Ladies, didn’t you realize that he won the game with that block!
    No other play did win a game, it was basically just a block and nothing more. But wilson won the game!
    Thank you, at least the real experts got it right. manu deserves number one. his block was crazy (he got my vote!).
    but to win a game with that awesome play is way better than every chase-down block by anyone.

  42. Miguel Bordalo says:

    We can really ear Delfino’s block. That’s just too much for me, you have my vote.

  43. daniel says:

    delfino blocked that with authority.

  44. Vengeance says:

    I dont think the best block was on here…For me its got to be 5’6″ Nate Robinson coming up over and blocking Dwight Howard from behind in the playoffs.

  45. tdot says:

    gotta be lebron on rondo….that was just raw

    • Tox says:

      Not Lebron, he can only block from behind or from a help defense… did you already watch lebron blocking a facial… ah ah!

  46. aljo26 says:

    For me, LbJ gets it .. He swats Durant’s game winner attempt ! And we all know the KING dont wants to lose ^_^