Passing fancy


HANG TIME (FILL-IN) HEADQUARTERS — If you’re sufficiently recovered from the Top 10 Circus Shots from last year, peruse the 10 11 dandiest dishes from a season that was. (Consider that 11th assist in the list a bonus one to enjoy.)

When it comes to assists, our list contends several no-brainers. J-Kidd, D-Will, Captain Canada and LeBron make the highlight reel. But two entries from Turkoglu? Varejao making an appearance?

You betcha.

Now cue the video above and vote like the wind:


  1. Hedo says:

    cCc hedo chief cCc

  2. florian says:

    The love this game, I love the love

  3. Braian says:

    Manuuu is the best! … AGUANTE MANU!

  4. Cleantone says:

    Oh come on! What about Rondo to Tony Allen?

  5. Olivia says:

    Manu is simply amazing. He does it all should be #1! Amazing talent, has the will to win and just a joy to watch! Way to go Manu!

  6. hey says:

    WTF no.1 wasn’t even an assist cause he dribbled after he got the ball

  7. weeeee says:

    Jason Kidd all the way. Know why? It’s because if you look at it closely, that’s the real no-look pass. He just stole the ball and bumped into that guy. There is no way that he saw the direction where The Jet was running off to. And, Terry caught it as if it was very well planned pass. That’s the true killer instict of a playmaker, feel where your teammate is going 🙂

  8. maxs says:

    the assists from deron williams was really boring
    Nash´s wrap around against the Trailblazers was far better
    -Go suns

  9. alex says:

    what about rondo’s assist in the playoffs?

  10. efesli says:

    manu and hedo!


  12. Bobby says:

    Right now i have to go for:

    1. MANU
    (absolutely ridicilous pass, the difficulty is what make it the best, he runs and catches the ball almost out of bounds infront of him and throws the ball behind his back immediately right on the money)

    2. HOUSE
    (same as above, but just microscopically less impressive)

    3. LEBRON
    (the best “threading the needle” pass, 1st of all he HAD to jump or else he couldnt make that passing angle, he jumps and lazer beams a no look pass in a veeeery small area, it is that timing that is absolutely perfect aswell as Varejao was cutting to the hoop, the ball with super accuracy goes right to Varejaos hands, Varjeao had to just put his hands up and lay it in….)

    The other passes were great to, but the overall degree of difficulty were not better than the 3 i mentioned above……

    Im just sad one Lebron pass didnt make the list, the one where he throws a no look pass between Jason Richardsons legs from behind 3PT line near top of the key, ball bounces to Varejao who makes a layup…. would easily be my #1.

  13. joe says:

    manus behind the back was easily number 1…hedos alley oop was nice, but thats a play that they spent alot of time practicing

  14. Bobby says:

    Where is Lebrons between the legs pass!?!?!??!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

    One where he throws a no look pass between Jason Richardsons legs from behind 3PT line near top of the key, ball bounces to Varejao who makes a layup.

    Why didnt it make it?

  15. henry says:

    well done manu…ur d best! ^^

  16. lilkedamaster says:

    I’m a be honest, its between Lebron, Kidd, Manu, and House. But here’s one to top them all.

  17. dean says:

    Hedo to Derozan, nice pass!

  18. iLoveThisGame says:

    the second of manu is the best, also the one of baron davis is sick as hell xD

  19. Evan says:

    Number 1 should’ve been in the Top Ten Dunks too Haha

  20. Nick says:

    Off the back board from J-Kidd to the Matrix should totally be number 1….. It’s not even in Top 10

  21. DarlingBryan says:

    Manu most entertaining player!
    if not injured.

  22. Dongz23 says:

    Manu is the best.

  23. jj says:

    the tony allen dunk suppose to be a top dunk

  24. Notseer Eeous says:

    Contrary to popular opinion I’m very glad there were two # 6’s because there will only be one #23(one team, 6 championships) but multiple #6’s (two teams, no championships.)
    if you don’t follow me see Jordan, Michael and James, LeBron in the index

  25. dominic says:

    what? 2 number 6? hehe…should be top 11
    i agree, manu should have number 1

  26. John says:

    How is Steph Curry’s behind the back to Maggette not on this list? That was a better version of Eddie Houses pass. And D. Will’s shouldn’t even be on there.

  27. D-Will says:

    D-Will’s assist is the best and Manu dishes are great !

    – L.A. Lakers for live !

  28. indiana says:

    “Hedo the hipster with DeRozan” is the ONE…undisputed…

  29. T.o. says:

    Rondo should be on here.. i dunno if there was highlights of the playoffs.. Rondo had a couple good once in the playoffs..
    deron williams was over rated..

  30. Michael says:

    How is the Manu does it all not even in the top 6!!! It had everything. There is no way the between the legs was better, you see that every season from Manu.

    • Andreas says:

      You see it once from manu and 10 times from nash… I cant see why they prefered the manu between the legs instead of nash’s

  31. Nikeca says:

    Baron Davis’ it the best looking assist, while “Manu does it all” and “House brings it down” should rather be plays of the season.

  32. ed says:

    I agree with Manu’s ( number 3 ) plays,

  33. Chinmay says:

    aaah….I can’t believe you didn’t add Rondo’s up-I-go- and – here – I – pass -below- Lebron assists in their game against Cleveland in 2nd round. 🙂

  34. Jake says:

    This list needs more nash, but I would say number one was rondo in the playoffs on the break make lebron look foolish

  35. marko says:

    1. Manu
    2. House
    3. LeBron

    • luvstheHeathaters says:

      like. that Lebron pass was so accurate in that tight space with no look and it was bounce and on the move. smh i like ur list.

  36. Jay says:

    not one from rondo?

  37. Patrick says:

    “Hedo the hipster with DeRozan” should be the number 1. Just try to do it on your own. And see how difficult it is.

  38. Kris says:

    Why is there two number 6’s? Why can’t i vote for turkoglus lob to derozan?

  39. rick says:

    there are 2 number 6’s and i like the under hand lob pass from turkoloo to derozian.

  40. eh says:

    you have 2 number sixes btw and u forgot hedo’s hip alley oop in the vote

  41. Brryan says:

    haha this should be the top 11…there are 2 # 6’s