The Circus Comes To Town!


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re already knee-deep into the Top Dunks voting from last season, but there’s more work to be done.

Our weekend assignment is to sort through to the top 10 Circus Shots from last season and rank them from top to bottom.

So take a good look at the video (above) and cast your votes:


  1. derrick capers says:

    kobe you will always be the greties of all times

  2. DJ says:

    I am a big fan of Kobe and the Lakers, but I’m gonna choose Korver for this one. Know why?, because that was in the 4th quarter, they were down by 3, and time was running out. Man that was not just a circus shot but also how to define clutch.

  3. jao52784 says:

    montas shot was the best… no doubt. over the backbourd… hmm… too many of them… there are other shots that were really circus shots…

  4. JzlD says:

    Most shots were the same, over the backboard. Monta’s over the shoulder was sick!

  5. MATHEUS says:


  6. Bruno Simões says:

    Monta´s over the backboard is way better than kobe’s behind the backboard. But the best is the Monta’s no-look over the shoulder from San Jose!!! But that was practiced.

  7. Kestas says:

    although all of these practice session shots are doable, at least some of these vids (practice ones) are most likely fakes. This is nothing new.. Lebron also did some PR in his time with a masterfully done vid where he supposedly hits a few very long shots and it accidentally gets on tape.. boring. Real game shots are incomparably better.

  8. Rey says:

    We are talking about Circus here.
    Ellis’ The Best! Welcome to the Circus!

  9. Jun says:

    Looking at the result of the voting…i do not see LJ’s behind the board shot…which proves how bag his image has become since the day he moved to Miami. Really expecting his popularity really going down…bad move LJ!

  10. genrev a.k.a mikobe says:

    ellis’ no look over the shoulder and vinsanity’s shot was damn sick…!!!!

    these are my list..

    1.ellis no look over the shoulder
    2. kobe’s behind the backboard
    3. vinsanity from deep..
    4. dwights all star toss
    5. korvers behind the back board
    6.stephs extra long free throw
    7.lebron behind the backboard
    8. montas over the backboard
    9. mos behind the backboard
    10. mavs fandemonium… lets give credits 2 dis guy..

    hope you ll agree with my list,,,, peace..!!

  11. genrev a.k.a mikobe says:

    ellis’ no look over the shoulder was damn sick…!!!!
    1.ellis no look over the shoulder
    2. kobe’s behind the backboard
    3. vinsanity from deep..
    4. dwights all star toss
    5. korvers behind the back board
    6.stephs extra long free throw
    7.lebron behind the backboard
    8. montas over the backboard
    9. mos behind the backboard
    10. mavs fandemonium… lets give credits 2 dis guy..

    hope you ll agree with my list,,,,

  12. jay says:

    vince carter hands down

  13. purplepusha10 says:

    First off Monty shot was the best; And for the record that was not San Jose Thats OAKLAND,Ca The Warriors play in
    ( The Town) OAKLAND start given us our Props!!!!

  14. TheBI says:

    Seriously, how is LeBron’s shot better than Kobe’s? First of all Kobe was getting pushed out of bounds, while LeBron was able to jump into his regular shot. Second Kobe was picking up his dribble, that is so hard to do Kobe didn’t even jump off two feet he hopped off one to flick up a shot with a man in his face, he’s in a bent down position from the start of his shot for crying out loud, Lebron didn’t dribble, and fadedaway from his defenders meaning no hand in his face.

  15. ze_deevil says:

    Kobe homers be cloggin’ this poll.

  16. ayo says:

    Curry’s shots I thought were the best, simple because he did it twice. Thats hard!! Also Montas was crazy!

  17. ldhl89 says:

    when its time to vote the fanboys said: here we come

    This should be who is the most popular player??

  18. emilsv says:

    It is arguable which was the best! In my opinion the best shot is that who is hardest to repeat, all behind the backboard shots are doable, the real deal are Monta’s over the shoulder and Vince’s throw!

  19. Tom says:

    What ever happened to in-game circus shots that weren’t “behind the backboard”? This could use some variety….

  20. Ron says:

    without a doubt the toughest shot here is vince carter from his can over 3/4 court….some of those dudes (ellis, curry) dont even have the arm strength to make that. not to mention anyone shooting from their butt can tell you how hard it is. for in-game shots (and i agree with those who say there should be two categories) kobe or korver’s would win, but overall from these 10 shots, vince carter’s is by far the most difficult

  21. Denzo says:

    How can you compare Korver, Kobe or Lebrons shot, to Vince, Dwight or Monte’s??? If you have played ball you’ll know that shooting over the backboard is tough.. but not that tough, really.

    Shooting a full court while sitting down? Thats crazy.

  22. Charles says:

    OK, uh, HOW THE HELL IS LEBRON’S SHOT Ranked higher than KB’s ? I’m sorry but Kobe was facing three defenders, no where to go, contact that was never called and he actually shot that at the back of the back board not just in the baseline which I believed he has done with the greatest of ease before in the 06-07 season. Wow, Gotta give whoever made the ranking credit, you are really getting LeBron ready to take Kobe’s place after he retires but please you still gotta respect the man, the same man that has been the best player for quite some time now. Lebron’s the future and Kobe’s the present so please don’t ruin his legacy by selling LeBron now.

  23. tj says:

    half of these were garbage.they should only show the ones in the game and if they wanna show the practice ones there should be a different category.the practice ones are open shots with no pressure from defense or the clock.tho you gotta admit, dwights shot was pretty slick.and i think rondos tip in in the finals should be ther.hes 6 foot 1 man!

  24. Nicanor Orjaliza Jr says:

    Monta my win the vote, but Kobe got mine.

  25. Bob says:

    They should have put flip murray’s end hook-shot at buzzer at 3 quarters of the court. Yea, t didnt beat the buzzer but still extremely impressive.

  26. Kel13 says:

    typical Kobe… the only one who stared down the ref cause he thought he got fouled.

  27. Kel13 says:

    typical Kobe…the only one who stared down the ref because he thought he got fouled.

  28. J KiLLA24 says:

    kob’s shot over the backboard was better than lebron’s because he was fouled at the same time.

  29. gunggong says:

    how come kobe’s shot was number 2 in the voting??!
    monta,steph,dwight or even vince’s circus shots were wat better than that..
    kobe,lebron,korver’s behind the backboard were just nothing compared to the other shots.

  30. bunch says:

    korvers shot is so sick its crucial and then he still made the shot

  31. Jimmy says:

    monta is the best. and the monta shot missed the best part of the shot, the ridiculous handshake at the end.

  32. Yangbo Wang says:

    how many over the backboard shots were there? The only one that looked good was Kobe’s SPLASH!

  33. JJ Hickson says:

    Ok some of thease guys miss layups and dunks from time to time.

  34. Adam says:

    How are all the behind the backboard shots at different votes. They’re basically all the same play. And why are half of the selections non-game plays? What a ridiculous set of votes on all levels 😦

    • Ryt says:

      I Agree. he should put all the backboard shot in just 1 type. i think he miss some more circus shot from players that is not sooo famous.

  35. uh says:

    oh who really cares this poll is just nonsense those shots mean nothing.. most just
    circus acts sekou just scarping the barrel for preseason discussions.

  36. Nabeel says:

    kobes was pretty good and lebrons was second.then dwights

  37. L.T. says:

    lebron was double teamed the others werent, so he actually had a reason

    • The Real Roscoe says:

      Aren’t you supposed to pass out of a double team? After all, Lebron is apparently one of the league’s top passers and the best PG the Heat can put on the court now.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Your arent supposed..but most get by passing..or has to pass.. Lebron just shot is over even though he is a great passer and if he does play PG for the Heats…..the opposing PGs are screwed lol Lebrons has more upper body strength than any of the PGs in the league and can post em up so gonna see alot of double teams and passes to Bosh or Wade after being doubled

  38. mrspydaman says:

    Korver or Kobe, If you take out non NBA players and shots not made during a game those are the trickiest ones left.
    And if you think the other shots should count why not the shot from a plane in that commercial?

  39. Kris says:

    How come you left off the best one, I’m not going to vote since its not here, but you guys really should have put Tyreke Evans floater over the backboard and-1 with Bosh forcing him out of bounds on the list. It was better than at least half of these on the list, and was the best over the backboard shot last season.

  40. Buddy says:

    Ellis clear winner hes not even on the couurt and going to the locker room area when he makes I hate to say this as a Raptor fan but Vince’s shot wasn’t too bad

  41. kobron says:

    There really should be two categories, shot during the game and shot not during a game.
    Kobe was the best shot over the backboard and last year kobe was the first one to do so. Also dwight had the best shot not during a game where he was sitting down and shot it which is a lot difficult to do then compared to standing up.

    • knuckle head says:

      I agreeeeeeeeee

    • The Real Roscoe says:

      His shouldera are freaking strong if he can shoot sitting down like that. He could probably bench my car like it was nothing. And this is coming from a Celtics fan, so Dwight: You’ve earned my respect, if only through sheer strength. Damn

      • daez says:

        What about VC? I mean heck yeah, much respect to D12 for hitting shots sitting down. But what about VC? He was sitting down too… At the oppisite free throw line. That’s a loooong way to throw a ball, let alone 10 feet high and into a hoop. Hops and tricks.. Nice

    • Retail says:

      Kobe might have been the first person to do the shot, in that year, but he definitely was not the first person to come up with the shot ever. His shot was a bit easier, since he was closer to the basket, than the other players who did it that year. Makes no difference whether he was first, it was not that great of a shot.

    • Michael says:

      It seems like you are a kobe’s fan hah

  42. mj says:

    yeah, i saw that one too, it was pretty impressive…maybe the maverics fan was more famous than him…

  43. LAX says:

    Where is Igoudala’s shot he took in a practice facility? Off the wall, in the basket.

  44. marko says:

    LeBron’s shot was the best because he really knew what he is doing, he wanted to take the shot, not like the other guys. The other shots are to impressive, but more lucky than planned. LeBron is numero uno!

    • DWE says:

      he obviously didnt want to take that shot. its not like he was going up the floor sayin this time im gona shoot it from behind the net

      • Bob says:

        Yeah but when he was stuck he realized that he was gonna have to shoot it over the backboard to score and that was how he planned it while the others just got bumped and went back there and put up a shot when lebron knew what he was doing

    • The Real Roscoe says:

      You mean numero seis, now that he left the two time top seeded 60+ win team of his hometown to win a ring elsewhere. Ever wondered why so many people don’t like Robert Horry, Dennis Rodman, or Shaq? (Then again, with Shaq Vs. its hard not to like him:)

      • daez says:

        Why were they a 60+ wins, two-time top seed team? Because of LeBron. And why couldn’t they win a ring? Because the “supporting cast”. LeBron was all the Cavs had, but what did LeBron have? Next to nothing. That team was good because of LeBron. Stop talking trash

      • 90210 says:

        you can’t have a 2 season 60+ without a good “supporting cast.” get real man, LeBron is just a quitter and he ain’t no clutch performer.

  45. specialk says:

    The Korver shot was amazing!! Utah was down against lebron and the cavs. With the way lebron was taking over the game it looked like they werent going to be able to come back. This shot and a few other clutch shots got the jazz within 2 points with a couple seconds left to either tie it up or win the game. The last shot was taken by sundiata gains, a d-leaguer called up to fill a roster spot. The 3-point shot taken by gaines at the buzzer went in to win the game! Best game ive ever seen!

    • The Real Roscoe says:

      I didn’t get to watch alot of the regular season last year cause of college, but i saw that one. Sundiata’s shot was legit, considering they didn’t draw the play up for him and he just hoisted it up. It’s cool that the Jazz signed him after that game

  46. David says:

    Ellis’ no-look shot was sick..