Mavs high on Brian Cardinal

The Mavericks are moving quickly to fill the unexpected vacancy left by Tim Thomas, with veteran Brian Cardinal emerging as the early favorite to sign a free-agent contract, league sources told A deal, however, has not been reached as Dallas continues to consider other options.

Those possibilities include Bobby Simmons and Steve Novak. Cardinal appears to have the edge in discussions within team circles based on his experience, shooting range and work ethic.

Cardinal, a 10-year veteran, spent the last two years in Minnesota. The 6-foot-8 forward out of Purdue failed to live up to the six-year, $45 million deal he signed  in 2004 with Memphis. Still, Cardinal could give the Mavericks some much-needed depth behind All-Star power forward Dirk Nowitzki.

The front office thought it had ample insurance with Thomas, who missed most of last season to care for his ill wife Tricia. Thomas signed a new one-year contract with Dallas this offseason after it appeared his wife had recovered to the point where he could play again.

Earlier this week that situation changed. Thomas informed the team that he would again need to tend to his wife this season. The Mavs have contacted the league seeking to void Thomas’ contract.

Cardinal, 33, has career averages of 5.4 points and 2.7 rebounds over 356 games. His best season was 2003-04 in Golden State when he averaged 9.6 points and 4.2 rebounds in 76 games. He signed the monster deal with the Grizzlies that summer.

Simmons, 30, exploded onto the scene with the Clippers during the 2004-05 season, averaging 16.4 points and 5.9 boards and won Most Improved Player honors in 2005. He cashed in with $47 million, five-year contract with Milwaukee that offseason, but has been a non-factor for several seasons.

Novak, 27, is a four-year vet having played his first two seasons in Houston and his last two with the Los Angeles Clippers. He owns career averages of 4.1 points and 1.1 rebounds.


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  2. Khadija says:

    Yes, I beleive that bringing Mello to Dallas would make a huge difference, Trade Marion Chandler and couple of second round picks to land him. Cuban, you will NOT be sorry!!!

  3. Nasher says:

    I would just like to say that inking Brian Cardinal on the roster will not give any difference on and off the court because Dallas Mavericks all have what Brian Cardinal is having right now. If we need a bench warmer or a sub on PF, I think Luois Amundson or some kind of an energetic guy who can hustle the ball. When we have that missing puzzle, facing the lakers on the west finals means nothing but a thrilling game.

  4. STeiny says:

    Ken, you want to trade Kidd for J R Smith?? Am I hearing you correctly? You’re an idiot of the higest order, you wanna trade the floor leader of the team who averages close to 10 assists, 2 steals, over 5 boards etc for one of the streakiest shooters in the league? LOL. What a joke, then what you have no PG and an overload in the wings? LOL you’re ridiculous!

    As for the foolishness here of Chanlder being the starting C, get a grip people its going to be Haywood starting. Are you people Mavs fans? Because you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about!! If their current lineup can click they dont need to make trades you dimwits!!!

  5. Sukselainen says:

    Trade stevenson and carroll’s trade exception for Brandon bass

  6. Wesley says:

    @ tenki

    Somethings we would like to happen are just to good to be true,
    Imagen JR and Carmelo teaming up with Kidd and Nowitzki, don’t forget Marion and Jason Terry.
    Dallas would have his own big 3 and I think Denver would come off better with this kind off deal then cross waters with
    the Kniks, Sixers, Bulls, Nets or Clippers. Melo is a great guy, I follow him where he might go, his game is so underestimated cauze he have to do it every night, when all the others are lacking, you truly know how much JR and Carmelo are worth to have in your team.

    Question is, who wants to land Carmelo, seriously … Does he have that same Franchise glow over him if he leaves Denver.
    And whats up with the ‘bad behaviour’ of JR Smith? The gut wants to win and plays a good offensive game, don’t play him at point guard if he sins too much with turnovers. I think Cuban likes Carmelo, and It would be stupid to not giving a try to ink him. But Like I’d said, I would even be cheering for the Twolves if Carmelo plays their his homeball.

    I’d like to have some opinions…

    • tenki says:

      That is the whole point why I brought up the ‘Melo issue. Miami had its own big three in Florida, making themselves a legit contender to the title. Mark Cuban should realize that Dirk is not getting any younger, and their current roster was not able to produce positive results. Granted, they had their share of success in the last ten years, but other than that, they had not been able to make it to the Finals, with the exception of the 2006 season.

      If you weigh the options other teams have in landing ‘Melo, Dallas could be one of them. They really need to do this. Cuban has deep pockets to pay for his fines in the league, why not invest in his team in the first place? This is the worst case scenario if ‘Melo lands on Dallas: he can be trade bait to other teams who covet Anthony, the way LeBron and Bosh are to Miami. I

      I hope Cuban can pull off this deal to make Dallas a formidable opponent against the Lakers. Should this deal materialize, the top five in the Western Conference would be as follows:

      1.Lakers – defending NBA champions
      2.Mavericks – soon-to-be champions
      3.Thunder – KD and company wants to prove something aside from FIBA
      4.San Antonio – no one would question Tim Duncan’s consistency
      5.Portland – my personal dark horse in the west =)

  7. toys says:

    I would just like to say that signing Brian Cardinal would be a very dissappointment for the fans of the Dallas Mavericks, like me because its been 10 years that ive been supporting the Mavs still i have my hopes that every season they will become NBA champion moving with the fact that they almost had it when they were in the NBA finals againts the miami heat. In my opinion keep Caron Butler in the line up and in the roster he was traded mid last year and he still will be able to adopt with the run and gun with Jason Kidd, the mavs has a very good coach Rick and an outstanding soon to be hall of fame pf Dirk Nowitzki and an 2 improving centers Brendan Haywood and Tyson Chandler and most important is they have a former 6th man of the year Jason Terry that can give them 20 to 30pts per game and to top them up have 2 great improving PG Roddy and JJ Barea. Getting to the point is that they have all the pieces that is needed to make the Lakers a run for their for there money since the power is already switching to the eastern conference, I would suggest getting atleast like Fabricio Oberto or try to get atleast a legitimate PF that can give the team a boost from the bench when Dirk needs a rest either way Shaw Marion is there to take the spot when needed also. Mark Cuban and to Mavs it would be a mistake to take Brian Cardinal, Thank you.

  8. rob says:

    a trade to dallas would make DIRK and MELO sound better then leborn, wade, and bosh maybe we looking at the next nba finals

  9. LEE says:

    Could we please think about getting another center. Why can’t we get a legimate center, you now someone who heights more than 250 at least. I think that’s one of the reasons we can’t win a championship.

  10. LEE says:

    What i think you should do is get a couple of young players that can add to your depth. Lets face it your team is not getting any younger. I know with age comes experience but so far that’s not working.

  11. Ken says:

    Going after J.R.Smith would be a good move! Would not give up anyone for him, maybe Kid.

  12. Abel says:

    the Mavs should make a move for Hamilton hes a great SG and may be the piece that Dallas is missing I would trade Terry(not enough consistence) and Barea or Beubois(hes got some potential but we need championships before Dirk and Kidd retires)

  13. @tenki says:

    Tenki, that would not be possible becuase Butlers contract is nt enough for that trade. Melo make a good 6-8 million more and throw in one of thoe other 2 (both around another 8 million) so I dont know what you ar ethinking. Thats like saying ‘Oh lets trade Steve Novak and his 4 million dollar contract or Wade and his 120 mill one. Doesnt matter if you are giving up all those draft picks still gotta find a good nother 20 million in trade pieces for denver. That would be a nice lineup though.

  14. Dongz23 says:

    I just want to hear your answers from all the readers in this blog, WHY CARDINAL?
    I suppose he has already retire from the poor performance he has shown to the organization the previous years he had in the NBA. I just dont want to hear this again just the same with Joe Smith in Hawks, :to add Veterans in the Locker room and not in the court. . how bad. .. . . Don

  15. tenki says:

    I think that Dallas can actually work out this deal with Denver because they really have to do so. I mean, they are very successful with Dirk Nowitzki for the past ten years, and they were in the NBA Finals in 2006. Carmelo brought Denver some relative success behind his talent, and they almost reached the Finals if not for Kobe and company. Mark Cuban should have this deal done as soon as possible. Imagine a starting unit with Kidd, Terry, Anthony, Nowitzki and Chandler, and they would give the NBA elite a monstrous headache that only the Lakers can match up pound for pound.

    @Zzanzabar: if you think the Lakers can pull off a very attractive draft pick/player deal package, I think so can Dallas. If you were Mark Cuban, what kind of moves should you do? For me, there’s only one: sign in Carmelo while keeping the core of the Mavericks. How does that sound to you as well as Dallas fans?

    • zzanzabar says:

      In that regard I believe you are right. Cuban, like Buss, is no piker and can lay out a very attractive package. I just wonder if Carmello and Denver would go for it. Teams HATE to trade in their own Conference just to have their ‘mistake’ come back and bite them in the butt 4 times a year (but that would be true for the Lakers too). Although Melo has not actually come out and SAID he wanted a trade, their have been rumors that he has submitted a ‘short list’ of teams that would be considered for trade. It is my guess that the majority of teams on this list are in the East with maybe the exception of the Lakers. Considering the ‘bad blood’ that Denver had with Dallas in the past it would truly surprise me if Dallas was a consideration, but hey players have been known to change their minds and Cuban can be VERY persuasive.

      • tenki says:

        If i were Mark Cuban, I would rather have my butt bitten than pass on the opportunity to snag one of the NBA’s elite players after you-know-who. Just the thought of having ‘Melo in this roster gives me the chills.

        I guess the balance of power in the NBA is shifting to the East now, especially with the prospect of Melo switching jerseys. Well, let’s just wait and see how this situation develops. I am very excited to see the results of this off-season and the beginning of this coming season as well. Thanks for your time!

  16. Zzanzabar says:

    First in any so-called ‘Melo’ deal it must be determined if he has ‘player trade approval’ as part of his contract (this is a common clause with high profile players), if so then unless Dallas was on his ‘short list’ of trades you might as well forget it. Secondly any trade to another team would have to be sign and trade because no one is going to sign a player of Melo’s caliber for a one year op-out. Finally it is very possible that Melo (like so many others who have fled the Western Conference) is tired of knocking his head against the high powered playoff gauntlet, and unless he is going to the Lakers (who can package a VERY attractive draft pick/player trade) where he can feel assured at a shot at the title, Melo is headed to the East.

  17. fan says:

    SIGN NOVAK!!!!!!

  18. juan says:

    mark cuban if you want to win trade for melo and melo alone keep butler at shooting guard. trade marion and the two centers that are not named chandler and dont need to get a power foward thats why chandler is here you could just use him as the foward.and keep haywood at center

  19. juan says:

    mark cuban if you want to win trade for melo and melo alone keep butler at shooting guard. trade marion and the two centers that are not named chandler and haywood.

  20. Rico says:

    ok… WHAT?! @ Devante You have got to be kidding me. Antoine Walker? You should go educate yourself about his status, because signing him would be the dumbest move in years. Walker… seriously guy you should go watch some basketball before interjecting your opinion on some has been, never was anyone player.

    Tenki, givin the cold relationship with the nuggets, I highly doubt the Nugs would ever give Melo to Dallas, for anyone Dallas has to offer. And why go through all that trouble to get Melo when he leaves in a year or two to NY anyway. What a waste that would be. And giving picks away at that? I don’t see much sense in mortgaging our future for 1 year of Melo. Sry but that didn’t seem too well thought out. And that smith you have posted is that JR smith? because if it is then you really are about as dumb as your suggestions sound. I don’t know Cuban personally but I know he’d never take trash players like JR Smith.

  21. tenki says:

    Why are they high on Brian Cardinal? I think they should be working out on a plan to land ‘Melo in Dallas; if they do so, there would be a reason why they should get high. How about this deal: Butler + 4 first round draft picks = ‘Melo + Martin or J.R. Smith? Even if KMart has some health issues, at least he has a chance to play in the second best team in the West behind the Lakers. They have a legitimate shot at the title. Work out this roster:

    5.Jason Kidd

    Mark Cuban, would you like to reconsider?

  22. dennis says:

    they need to just sign steve novak he’s young and fresh and we can sign to a long term deal

  23. […] Mavericks are moving quickly to fill the unexpected vacancy left by Tim Thomas, with veteran Brian Cardinal emerging as the early favorite to sign a free-agent contract, league sources told A deal, however, has not been reached as Dallas […]

  24. Devante says:

    Brian Cardinal?

    If Cuban was smart he’d sign Antoine Walker instead. Walker is in great shape and has championship experience. AT least bring him in for a tryout.

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