You Vote, Top Dunks!


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You’ve seen the dunks.

Now it’s time to vote:


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  4. dre says:

    I saw D wade dunk on live TV. that stuff was NASTY. Lebron miss on one end. Wade does that on the other. it was so mean to do that to Varejao. but whatev. the kid sucks anyways

  5. LaTrell says:

    WADES DUNK is the BEST Hands down but D.Rose’s dunk was a lot more vicious its between them two though.

  6. born2ball says:

    yo my favorite was lebron, lawson and d-wade’s dunk. but im i the only 1 who noticed that tye lawson traveld???

  7. JRich says:

    How could you not put up (6ft)Will Bynum’s dunk over 7ft Tyson Chandler….it was show stopping!!!! Deeeeetroit Basketbaaaaaalllll!!!!!

  8. arvel says:

    it was wade’s dunk! hands down ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Jason G says:

    how shannon brown’s dunks from the playoffs missed this list is beyond me. i am not knocking the dunks on the list, but Brown was doing it BIG during the playoffs.

  10. the Regul8r says:

    lebrons dunk, yeah, bin done. stylish none the less. wadez is hot but u expect it from him from that spot.. toss up between D rose with the 2 foot plant, reach back to the hairs on ya ass crack no questions just hand to hoop to floor is amazzing.. then theres bigg iggy thru the lane, heavy traffic, watch his last step as he goes, i got this one, tucks it under his forearm, and explodes out of the traffic for a full boree finish at the rim.. but at the same time im thinkin if im not on melos team, when he full extension steals the balll, only to take 2 steps before puttin his stepping stone of defender back in his place… im cryin, thats fa sure

  11. nba analys says:

    lmao these nba announcers hilarious lol ” dis should be against the law son” “dragic allow me to introduce you to derrick rose “welcome to your kodak moment anderson varaejoe hahahahah silly comments…….

  12. JzlD says:


    Only dunks I believe shouldnt’ve been on the list were Bogut and Amare. They’re both big men.

    A 2 dunking on a 4, or better yet a 1(Lawson) on a 5…priceless ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. melobestdunk says:

    melo’s dunk is the best just cos of the reaction he is so pumped up then shakes his head gives me goosepimples.
    Most athletic is Rose’s but it wasnt over dragic and some find two hand easier.
    I waish lebron’s dunk against chicago in the playoffs was here cos thats one of my favs.
    Amare’s is sick as well just total humiliation

  14. Alexx says:

    None, Vince Carters 360 Statue of Liberty dunk.

  15. Johnny says:

    i can belive….amare’e got the number one!!…wade should have!!

  16. VYtauc says:

    i don’t feel amares dunk.. just don’t

  17. jj says:

    Stoudemire rub Tolliver head and still slam it! lol

  18. Isaac says:

    HAHAH. Look at the players on the bench. Especially for the D Rose dunk.Oops LoL

  19. Isaac says:

    LoL. Please. Wade straight kicked the guy out of the way. Over-rated dunk in my book. Too over-rated.

  20. Isaac says:

    Iggy’s own was just ferocious. The audio was great. It was just darn nasty. He got my vote

  21. […] Quel est le plus beau dunk de la saison 2009/10 ? Par Fabrice, 18 septembre 2010 – 10:22 News, Vidรฉos 0 commentaire Partager TweetSur son site Internet, la NBA propose de voter pour le plus beau dunk de l’annรฉe. […]

  22. jeremy says:

    tell me why before i even pressed play i automaticallly thought of Amare dunking over tolliver haha

  23. bob says:

    wowwwwwww WADE

  24. UpTheLadder says:

    All this fuss about Wade, ok, nice dunk, but slightly lacks unreal elevation

    For me Hollins staring down at the rim seems to come from arcade NBA Jam. I could barely believe it

    And Brewer sending Fisher flying while jumpin from about the free throw was nuts… Finally Amare, just for the “elevates, and detonates” I love these NBA announcers ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. masonjarjar says:

    JJ Hickson on DWade. Look it up. It’s sick.

  26. Daz says:

    Did i Miss sumthin Here? Top Dunk or Dunk over Some1 I Think Top Dunk got to be Shannon Brown Vs Celtic but on this top ten WADE!.

  27. Demone Harris says:

    dWAYNE wADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. nimraC says:

    I have to give to Wade! Over the top of a big man who is suppose to be a great defender. Most of the other dunks the player goes AROUND the defender. Not Wade just rise up over the top of him.

    • nimraC says:

      I have to add. Since reading others comments about how Rose’s dunk should be top. Rose was ahead of the pack on his dunk. No defender in front of him, No way should that get a top vote.

  29. Ron says:

    To be the top dunk of the NBA season I think you have to be bangin it on top of somebody. Rose’s was nice (love the power) but it wasn’t as good as Amare’s. He wins, and Bogut/Brewer/Hollins are next…yea they aren’t as well known as the big names, but do you see what they did to those guys??? Look at Fisher’s face after Brewer sits him down….hilarious

    P.S. Where is JR Smith’s alley-oop 360? Should at least make the list

  30. Adam says:

    Iggy for sure!! The power and speed and the way he cocked the ball back. It was like a mix of Lebrons’ power and michael jordan finess.

  31. Flash3 says:


    The best dunk in this year.

  32. dblock344 says:

    i like this dunk but i would put it at number 2. to me the best dunk was corey brewer on derek fisher. that was naaasty. did you guys see derek fishers face after the dunk? like he seen a ghost

  33. ABC says:

    M.Thornton vs G.Wallace !!!! #1!!!!!

  34. bweyre says:

    JR Smithโ€™s 360 alley-oop!!!

  35. Luuk says:

    Where’s the JR Smith 360 alley oop?

  36. Kamal Haddad says:

    For me it was hard to choose. However I believe the Lebron Dunk shouldn’t even be up there… I mean yes it was an awesome dunk, but I think to be in the top ten awesome just isn’t enough…but still WADE must have had a rocket launcher under his shorts, He made Varejao look like one of the seven dwarfs, the only way he could be stopped is by using antiaircraft weapons ๐Ÿ™‚ But the number 1 spot?!?!?! Nice dunk, but not a #1 spot dunk ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. jarred says:

    where’s jeff green’s game winning dunk on josh smith?…

  38. mister blogger says:

    Amare Stoudemire “ELEVATES and DETONATES!” <– my vote!!! How come wades dunk is leading? That dunk was just decent. Varejao was dunked on because he was just so slow to react, Wade just dunked it quickly while varejao was still mid way on his highest jump of 1feet. That was just good for him thats what he gets for being so sloppy and lousy. Nevertheless wades dunk was still overrated…

  39. Kevin says:

    tony allens dunk in the playoffs against the caveliers needs to be up here

  40. LakeShowSoPro says:

    Top dunk in my opinion: Though i hate the Celtics, it’s gotta be that Pierce dunk over Bosh with the knee to the balls! LOL

  41. LakeShowSoPro says:

    Yeah! If you didn’t vote for Wade’s poster dunk over Sideshow Bob, then you must be blind coz that was just wrong. Hey Sekou, i think we should make a vote on best announcer quotes on top dunks like :
    10. “Oh my goodness! Oh my!”
    9. “Well, that’s what folks came to see.”
    8. “Oh WOOOOW!.. Now that was spectacular.”
    7. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This should be against the Law… son.. My goodness!”
    6. “Hollins… climbs the stair… to heaven.. Ryan Hollins using the wizards as a stepladder to get up to the rim” ( He’s doing what now?) lol
    5. “It’s Igoudala…throw.. A PACK OF PLAYERS!!! WOOOW!”\
    4. “Corey just launching high taking the elevator to the top floor and finishing, posterizing Derek Fisher!”
    3. “My goodness! Dragic allow me to introduce you to Derrick Rose!”
    2. “Welcome to your KODAK MOMENT Anderson Varejao!” (This line from Reggie made me vote Wade. LOL)
    1. “Ohh Amare Stoudamire.. elevates and detonates! a devastating dunk here in Oakland! Maybe the top dunk of his career, that was savage!”

  42. dvcae says:

    I go for dwayne wade

  43. dvcae says:

    I go to dwayne wade

  44. Pdiddy says:

    Wade’s dunk should be number 1….. Small guy dunking on a big guy, straight after Lebron tried to dunk on J.Oneal. And Varejao wen’t crashing back on the ground with his legs sweeping up to his head…. then Wade walked over him… that topped it off.

    Brewer’s dunk was good, but he dunked on a little man.

    Amare’s dunk was good.

    Lebron’s dunk shouldn’t have been there as most of these dunks were posterizations.

  45. Caloh says:

    Rose had the best dunk and Varejo is one of the reasons James joined Wade.

  46. Caloh says:

    D-rose is gonna get robbed. He hit his head on the backboard. ENOUGH SAID!

  47. Mark says:

    What?! Nobody likes Lebron’s 4 step uncontested dunk?

  48. 2013 says:

    wade’s dunk shoul’ve been # 1…but what the heck its # 1 in the voting!!!!!!

  49. JSerna says:

    Those of you who actually saw Amare’s dunk live while watching the game would know how great that dunk was vs Warriors. I’m not talking about actually being at the game, I’m saying watching the game live on tv…. very very clutch dunk that changed the whole game.

  50. Knuckle Head says:



  51. Karth says:

    Wade’s demolition of Varejao isn’t #1 on the official list? You gotta be kidding me.

  52. CarL says:

    oh its nyc but no shannon brown dunks

  53. Knuckle Head says:

    Why is lebron even here who did he even dunk over????? And amare #1?? I dont think so….Wade was good but ill give it to ROSE

  54. kenny says:

    Wade and Rose both deserve to be high, but at 9%, I think Iggy’s is way underrated. I’ve never been much of a Sixers fan, but that was just sick.

    • kenny says:

      Iggy’s for sure, just watched it again and his has gotta be #1

    • Isaac says:

      ^^Exactly. Iggy’s dunk is number 1. That was just nasty. Busting through 2 defenders, cocking it back and throwing it down HARD with a tomahawk on a 3rd defender! Insane

  55. ReneGade says:

    I think the best dunk was jjHicksin on dwayne wade (even though its not on the list)

  56. B-rice says:

    JR Smith 360 vs t wolves

  57. moujik says:

    Brewer or Iggy are the best. Ty Lawson is better than Wade anyway. DeRozan or Weems don’t get mentioned cause they’re in Canada. Pierce on Ms Bosh as mentioned above as well. Melo cleared the space.

  58. ely sevilla says:

    d-wade’s dunk was the best,got hit in his face but still slams the ball…..its the best…no.1 dunk

  59. joshua chang says:

    i think the marcus thornton dunk on gerald wallace should be up there

  60. Wu Tang says:

    This is how it should have been ranked

    1. wade
    2. Hollins
    3. Iggy
    4. Amare
    5. Rose
    6. Bogut
    7. Lawson
    8. Brewer
    9. Lebron
    10. Melo

  61. ralphredimix says:

    #1 has got to be Lawson he elevated on Mbenga and the whole Lakers squad.
    #2 is a toss up between Wade and Iggy, I like Iggy’s better because everyone on defense knows what’s about to happen and nobody can stop it. Wades was savage because Andy is a decent defender, but he wasn’t jumping with 3 dudes next to him.

    #4 has got to be Melo on Milsap. He steals the ball and dunks it right back in homie’s face. That’s about as savage as you can get.

    #5-10 might as well be in any order.

  62. Omar Kordy says:


  63. James says:

    The Bogut over “Big Baby” was epic! Did y’all see him hitting the floor afterward? … Priceless!

  64. iggy says:

    iggys’ #1, he deserves more credit
    he powered thru 4 guys and cupped it with one hand

  65. Mayby says:

    Wades dunk on Varejao was so huge made lebron want to change teams

  66. kobron says:

    Shannon brown and ty lawson had the best dunk. Rose, Amare and Wade dunks were right behind them. Also the dunk on big baby david was underrated. Did you see the IMPACT?

  67. Jay Mac says:

    Lawson, no doubt for me . The left-right dribble move followed by the slam over two Laker 7-footers from a rook COME ON!! The way the ball bounced back into his hands was sick as well.

  68. Shems says:

    amare on top? seriously? lebron only 9th?
    I like rose’s ans wade’s too!
    and what about air up there, Mr 720 in sprite dunk contest?

  69. soltero5965 says:

    you forgettin about Shannon Brown’s dunks…

  70. Axel says:

    You should all watch Lawson’s dunk again… it’s even better than the Iggy one.

  71. adam says:

    honestly i complexity of derrick roses dunk, makes his the best

  72. DOC says:

    Also what made D Wades dunk so SICK is that Lebron tried to dunk on JO and got blocked and D Wade got the rebound came down the court and put it on Verajao then stepped over him shouting ” THATS HOW YOU DO IT!!!”
    come on someone should be FIRED for these. The people picking these things are clearly not fans of the game. And this is not just because this it always happen. Im tired of looking at lackluster top 10s and getting more excited at #6 than I am at #1. Look at the fans votes its not even close and Im sure if you did this for all their top 10s itll be the same thing.
    stepping down from my soap box now

  73. mr.celtic says:

    ddyyaanne dunk of the year and i think it should b in the top 10 of the year.

  74. DOC says:

    who picks these??? how could Amere’s Dunk be better than Wade’s or even D Rose.
    come on

  75. Chris PHX says:

    I gotta say that Amare’s dunk was just crazy, but not the best on this list, nore the best Amare dunk from last season. Amare had one of those dunks in just about every game. However, there were some Amare dunks last season that were above and beyond every dunk on this list.

  76. 3Peat,17,6 says:

    shannon brown???….none…r u kidding me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!……outta the list though i got go wit “Anderson Varejao welcome to your kodak moment!!!!” roses dunk was pretty sick 2…

  77. thetruth694 says:

    D-Wade is hands down #1. The voting speaks for itself. D-Wade was straight up nasty on that one.

  78. riley says:

    my favorite is when Fisher gets dunked on XP

  79. Miami Heat says:

    Dwyane Wade’s dunk was amazing!

  80. winston says:


  81. wordbird says:

    wade’s dunk was the best…
    … ty lawson travelled…. but good for him to be able to dunk against the lakers at that height…

  82. ldhl89 says:

    When people vote, they just think in the Player that make the Dunk, not in the dunk
    To me it was
    “Brewer bounces Fisher” The dunk of the year

  83. jharr says:

    Amare’s dunk was good but he does that dunk all the time..Iggy’s ,Rose and Lawson’s were tops for me.Wade destroyed Vajreo,but i hate all that is Miami right now so the same goes for the joke of the nba Bron’s dunk.

  84. DjDeni says:

    VINCE CARTER 360 was the dunk of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Jesse says:

    My favorite dunk this season was when Carlos Boozer dunked on some random Center/Forward and knocked him to the ground, and then Boozer stared down at him till the refs gave Boozer a T for staring.

  86. jay Ton says:

    Wade hands down…..If you don’t a little white dude, that should disqualify you from top 10, which is what Rose basically did.

  87. R says:

    Obviously travelling on 7th place, but referee’s whisper is silent….what can i say…NBA, where travelling happens ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. CJ says:


  89. MAGABE says:

    Man what i’ve seen to me it’s amaizing!

  90. Ryan says:

    Lawson a point guard dunked over two of the lakers bigs. how can that not be the best dunk. even if it doesnt look the best it is by far the moat impressive dunk on that list

  91. ANT says:

    there is a lot of nice but stick out to is AI dunk because i play the game and it’s hard to dunk with a guy on your hip and he spit two men and when like he was all bye his self. and lawson dunk over the two big man was good because he so small but I give it to AI

  92. KOBE suuuuuuuuuuxxxxxxx says:

    I wanna see Lebron dunk on varajeo this season

  93. y says:

    wade is always the best!!!! you rock \m/ !!!

  94. James Hoang says:

    those dunks are all posterized, I like the J.R.Smith alley oops 360, though ๐Ÿ˜€

  95. Big Phill says:

    I love wade…..but his dunk was nothing incredibly special (when it comes to a top 10 dunk)…lets be serious….I feel its a three way tie between Iguodala, carmello, and lawson. Look at each of those dunks, all three dunks shouldn’t have even been a oppurtunity for a dunk in the first place….and the other team still got dunked on

  96. JC says:

    Wade is the best dunk, we are talking about a 6’4 dunkin over a 7 footer. hands down Wade’s dunk is the best

  97. Bryce Fountain says:

    where is Pierce’s dunk over Bosh??????

  98. baller says:

    Lawsons dunk owned!!!!!!! he dunked over 2 center that are both more than a foot taller than him. WOW!!!!!!

  99. LEO says:

    First of all why are there no vince carter dunks?
    what about his 360 classic dunk?
    Second of all what about JR Smith’s 180(360) alley-oop dunk?

    but kudos that you included Wade’s dunk over Varejao.
    that one was BRILLANT! one for the decade D-WADE!

    • rocketman says:

      I agree. Vince Carter is on another level of dunkers. Kobe said it himself.

      None of these dunks are near what Vince does on regular basis.

  100. Beris says:

    Nice list, but how is it that I keep seeing JR Smith’s 360 Alleyoop not on these lists!!! that was one a the baddest dunks I seen in game in a while!!!

  101. D Rob 937 says:

    Hands down D Wade clowned AV, Wade went coast 2 coast and shocked n awed dat poor man. Plus act like you didn’t Wade county step over him where’ s da wet wipes…lol

  102. Nate says:

    How can brewers dunk NOT be number one for the season.. I guess its politics….Brewer took off further back and glided and proceded to lay the smackdown on fisher….

  103. PipsTheBest says:

    Wades my fave player, followed by Rose, but Brewer’s dunk over Fish was awesome. Seriously, if that had been Wade instead of Brewer you’d all be voting for that. Give the man some props for sending him flying. We could call it the ‘Flyin’ Fish’ dunk!

  104. domsee says:

    jr smith!!! 360 alleyhoop against timberwolves thats the best dunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. domsee says:

    jr smith, 360 alleyhoop against timberwolves

  106. Andrew says:

    Theyre all super sick dunks.
    Hands down the best dunk goes to Derrick Rose.
    Swag-wise, Derrick Rose’s dunk was the most impressive. Even though he didnt really dunk it on Dragic, i dont know any 6’3 guards in the NBA that can jump off both feet, cock the ball back that far and flush it. The first time i saw it, my jaw drop, was his head rim level and did you see how high and how difficult it was just by the way he landed? All the other dunks were sick dunk ons. But in a dunk contest. Rose would see some high scores using Dragic as a prompt.
    Iggys dunk would be second. You have the sickest windmills since VC. And now a cockback windup after knifing 3 defenders? Even better than Lebrons windup versus Pistons and Celtics. Bron Bron didnt knife three.
    Best dunk on.
    Bogut and Brewer hands down.
    Sorry Wade for being Wade and Amare for being Amare. Lebron being Lebron. Carmelo being Carmelo.
    And i see you Lawson!

  107. TomVF says:

    Easy: 6’3″ Flying Rose with 2 feet – 2 hands, DAMN!!!!!

    Wade’s dunk (1 foot – 1 hand) isn’t that impressive, look at the ball hitting the rim several times…
    Lebron and Lawson = sorry, but that’s travelling!

    Iggy’s multiple contact dunk also is A BOMB!
    And Melo: fantastic steal and finish!

  108. realjC09 says:

    dwade is the best! he should join dunk contest! :))))))))))))))

  109. patrick says:

    It should be wade’s dunk!!! you can see how varejao’s feelings got hurt on that one!!!

  110. Verk says:

    Man this makes me wish that shannon brown connected on that ridiculous free throw line jam over garnett (i think) in the finals. But anyways wade’s dunk is by far the winner, iggy second and rose third

  111. newbie says:

    of course wade’s dunk is the best.but derick rose really soars man. he hit his head to the board which is in 2,90 cm high,and his height is 1, he jump over 40 inch. it’s amazing

  112. Anthony POstanes says:

    i pick wades facial on varejao

  113. Luke Sicari says:

    D-Rose all day long man

  114. Mambaness says:

    Why wasn’t the follow up dunk of shannon brown not included in the top 10? i’d like to vote on that….. tsk…
    well gotta give to wade, because of how varejao was thrown… =)

  115. Drewgrah says:

    where’s the brandon roy dunk on the clips? that one puts half of these to shame…

  116. Taras Arbuzov says:

    it was Shannon Brown with his putback dunk

  117. Alby says:

    for me top 5 goes Wade, Amare, Rose, Bogut, Iggy.

    I cant believe there isnt more votes for Big Bogut… he demolished Big Baby Davis for that one

  118. Tomas says:

    Wade’s dunk over Varejao is the best… There’s really nothing to argue about the top dunk(Wade over Varejao). Wade, 6-4″ and Varejao, 6-11″ or 7″, that’s a good 7″! And the fact that Varejao is the biggest flopper the NBA has ever witnessed, game after game the same thing; he got what he had coming.

  119. Greg says:

    Iguodala’s is definitly the most spectacular and athletic dunk in that poll, by far.

  120. ando says:

    I can’t really see the ‘dunk on’ in rose’s dunk becos dragic is sooo far away, haha

  121. Alec says:

    Where’s JR Smith’s alle-oop 360? That has to be the best dunk of the season. Since it wasn’t there, it has to be Rose over Dragic for degree of difficulty, but Wade over Varejao for the attitude. (Varejao’s feet over his head, Wade stepping pver him)

  122. Kalbaskin says:

    wade’s dunk is nothing? why you voting for it people? Rose, Bogut and Melo, smashfacin’ dunks

  123. brandon says:

    woohh..the line up of the dunks were all amazing and really having a hard time choosing..but i will go to iggy’s dunk…its kind of school..he was like dr.j dunking without his afro..hihihi

  124. MB37 says:

    Rose’s Dunk was sick, wicked and NASTY! ๐Ÿ˜€

  125. gb1style says:

    I’m a bit hesitative : Anderson ” are you killing” Varejao is unbelievable, think about it : James miss a dunk the prvious action then Wade show him how to do that the right way : 6-5 on a 6-11 that way!!!
    Stoudemire is incredibly habitual
    Rose OMG!! Dragic : I sympathise!!
    Fisher : oh damn!! Fisher that’s sickkkkk
    but I choose Iguy: can you believe the elevation the power, through a whole team someone (foolish one) is trying to stop him
    are you sirious Iguy!!!

  126. tenki says:

    Anderson Varejao should’ve learned his lesson very well after seeing lots of posters of him being eaten alive by D-wade. I’m looking forward to next season, where many more posters from Miami will be made after the Big Three.

  127. workaholic says:

    And where’s VC on Varejao?

  128. Carl says:

    Marcus Thornton’s posterization of Gerald Wallace should’ve been in there…
    I voted for Iggy, Rose a close 2nd.

  129. Ouch says:

    Best dunk= Ty Lawson- The guy is 6 foot and dunked over 2 centers, given they are no name back ups but still. Also it was done in a big game against their rivals.
    2nd is Wade over varejao
    3rd Rose

  130. Chris-Don says:

    Wade is the best for sure. He did over a 7footer and even knocked him down. While Rose went up over a European guard, big deal, I think I could do that.

    • daez says:

      LOL well do it then, get a video and put it on YouTube.. That’s what I thought.. You wouldn’t have a clue how hard it is to finish a dunk after making contact in mid air. That’s what makes Wade and Rose’s dunks so crazy. Rose is short and he two-hand pumped before throwing it in strong. Wade went over Varejao.

  131. bagas ti eki says:

    poor soul of andy..i’ll try to offer a candle for him on all souls day.!

  132. Daniel White says:

    Igudalas dunk was easily the coolest looking so i’m gonna give it to him

    • heroizm says:

      i’m with u Daniel. iggy cuffed the ball from start to finish. you need more explosion to even clear the rim for cuff dunks and he threw that one down with authority and ease…

  133. Cloudydogx says:

    It was close between Rose, Hollins, Dwane, and Brewer. Hollins because he used the postee as a ladder and then dunked hard on him. Dwane, because of the huge popularity; Varejao practcly back summersaulted from ricocheting; Dwane STEPPED OVER VAREJAO; and the roof flew off. Rose for the HUGE AIR two hand jam; he was SO HIGH that he actually fist pumped MID-AIR before landing; the crowd pumping afterwards like Dwane; and just shear power and speed from the dunk. However–
    I chose Brewer, becuase he just embarrassed Fisher; practicly RAN OVER HIS FACE with the air he got; the ricochet knocked Fisher sliding INTO THE CROWD making him look like an overly surprised fool; just the pure underdog symbolism from it; and Brewer practicly embarrassed / posterized a portion of Fishers season, while he slaps the ground from impact himself and swaggers off. Lol!

  134. Chad says:

    Wayde’s Dunk for sure.

    Unlike others where they were like breakaways, or beating off the dribble dunks.

    Wayde slowly dribbled up the court to then accelerate face on @ vajero. He had his poterizing target locked before he even crossed half court.

    • daez says:

      Wade not Wayde, and Varejao not Vajero. But very true, Wade knew as soon as he got the ball that he was gonna put AV on a poster.

  135. jarred says:

    wade’s is d best ‘coz it was coast to coast, varejao is a lot bigger than him (compared to rose with dragic almost same size), & varejao went rolling on the floor… its just whole body to body contact – unlike bogut, melo & amare who used their other arm for adavantage… AI’s dunk is so sick, i cant forget it even at sleep after watching it live on TV… btw, that is d second best for me…

  136. Frank says:

    Were is JR Smith’s 360 ally??

  137. C-Lutties says:





  138. bigchronz says:

    Iguodala, and Wade tied for best, cuz wade got in in the dang face, and Dala cuz that fool tucked it in then pulled it out of his pocket for that sick sick thing, and Rose 2 handed shows his hops

    • daez says:

      Iggy’s dunk should’ve been top 5, but not Number 1 or 2. Rose’s two hand was sick. He went up, pulled the ball back, then slammed it crazy on Drajic. Amazing

  139. Auston says:

    for me i liked the Iggy and wade one, followed by amare, but i had to give it to wade

  140. 360 says:

    I might have given it to JR Smith’s 360 alley hoop. Where is it?

  141. Nel says:

    D. Wade’s dunk is the best! Look at how Varejao fall down..damn awesome!

  142. Dwayne says:

    come on wade dunk on Varejao was nasty.. chest to chest clearly number 1 and lebron his new team which is like the best thing that could of happen if your a heat fan ,had just tried to dunk on jermaine o’neal and got sent back .. wade came down dunked on Varejao and told lebron This is how its done.. classic battles between those two im going to miss it.

    • daez says:

      Yeah haha that was funny… LeBron took the ball down the court for a lay-up and got blocked… Wade gets the ball, brings it down the court, then OWNS Varejao… Wicked play.

  143. SpecialEDD says:

    I don’t know why Corey Brewers dunk on Robin Lopez wasn’t on this top 10??? I would had picked it!!! It was the hardest facial I’ve ever seen!!! and yes, where is Allen’s dunk on Jamison???!!! That was in the playoffs!!! Rose sucks how can you compare that dunk to these other ones, you people are crazy!!! That dunk was so easy!!! “Two handed”. What the hell man!!! I hate Amar’e but that dunk was sick….It would had been that or Brewer over Lopez!!! Wade’s dunk is also crazy!!! I chose Brewers dunk on Fisher, I like the underdogs!!! I know the wolves suck but If you guys watch highlights from the past year they have alot of sick plays!!! YOUTUBE IT!!!

  144. K says:

    I voted Wade’s, but i think they missed the top dunks of the season – Josh Smith’s tip in dunk to beat orlando and JR Smith’s 360 alley

  145. Chris Cartier says:

    Where is Paul Pierce’s dunk over Chris Bosh?? Is the Miami triumvirate untouchable since there’s been such a backlash recently? Did the technical Pierce got afterwards disqualify it? No matter what, that dunk was absolutely incredible. It just goes to show that Pierce will always be a better player than Bosh, just as the Celtics will continue to be a better team than the Heat.

    • rapsM says:

      Pierce kneed Bosh in the crotch when he was dunking on him. Oh, and Wade’s dunk was the best. Heat and Celtics ECF. Heat in 6.

  146. unotres says:

    Nobody for amare dunk? a heavyweight match, 2 guys the same size at the same speed, rose was the same thing but dragic cant jump steel was nasty but I go for amare, wade i think was at full speed but was the second for me and carmelo tied a steal 2 step bumb over millsap a shotblocker)!!!

  147. DJRD says:

    I voted for Rose caused that was like a train wreck wating to happen. You dont see alot of two handed facials. I do gotta say that the Iggy dunk was so bad that it was good. He went thru 3 people and just threw it down. His top 10 dunks on youtube are a must see.

  148. welpu says:

    Wade’s dunk is the best!

  149. Brian says:

    It has to be Ty Lawson on the Lakers because he is only 5’10 and the guys he dunked on were each 7′. Amare is as big as most of the people he dunks on. As far as D-wade on Andersen Varejao, he pushed him away while in the air to give himself room to dunk. Ty Lawson is the littlest guy on this list. Also where is JR Smith’s 360 alley-oop dunk against Minnesota because that dunk was nasty

    • daez says:

      Yeah, Wade did push Varejao out of the way to make room for the dunk… Wait… Think about that again man… Wade jumped… Made contact with Varejao, forcing him back… THEN he dunked it… You obviously have no idea how hard it actually is to make contact and still finish strong like that WHILE IN THE AIR…

    • daez says:

      OH and yeah, where’s JR Smith’s 360 Alley-Oop?! I went nuts when I saw that, that was crazy!

  150. tingyman says:

    no one is mentioning ronnie brewer? my team is the lakers but i have to say that fish was completely @#%#$ on that dunk!

  151. kobe says:

    they forgot about Bynum’s dunk on Garnett

    • daez says:

      Bynum’s dunks aren’t flashy or fun to watch. He just gets off the ground high enough to throw it in, then he does just that. Nothing special.

  152. George says:

    For me there is no way I could pick anything other than D-Wade over Side-Show Bob. Unfortunately he did the same thing to KG in Game 3 I think it was. If I could pick a top 3 it would be… 1. D-Wade, 2. D-Rose, and 3. Melo.

    • B-Rye says:

      …perhaps not in that order…but I would go with those 3 as my favorites…saw them all on t.v. to boot. I’m itching at picking Melo’s dunk…I had never seen him do something like that…it was a sick dunk!! (then again, had never seen Rose or anyone do what Rose did at his size

  153. blackmac92 says:

    Gotta be D-Wade’s. He gave Varejao the right guard haha

  154. Rj says:

    D rose dunk by far is the best dunk. The ground shook when he landed.

  155. M-vin says:

    i have no idea why nba put amare’s postz on the top and wade’s on the second…
    no one could ever flushed as wade did…

  156. Mr Smith,

    That is all sir.

  157. daez237 says:

    All these dunks were insane. Hard to choose and list these dunks. That Amare on Tolliver dunk was pretty insane, so was Rose’s TWO HAND pump facial. To be honest, I love Melo’s slam over Milsap, it proves two things… 1- Carmelo Anthony is the man. 2- The Jazz overpaid for a big man who throws bad passes and gets dunked on by Small Forwards..

  158. dhevol says:

    where was thornton’s dunk over gerald wallace. that was the best of the year, hands (and wallace) down!

  159. david says:

    NOT EVEN CLOSE! Roses’s dunk is absolutely filthy. nastiest posterization i’ve seen live. At his height, to jump off two feet and throw it down like that!? NASTY

  160. Lou says:

    Although wades dunk was obviously the best. you’ve gotta give it to d rose. Also andre iguodala, he is one of the best dukers in the nba. so explosive. Carmelo and bogey mans dunks are similar and are definately ones to consider due to absolutely owning their oppenents and sending a message to the league that they are both very good players. No one cares about Lebrons dunk. do something different for once, everyones sick of seeing dunks like that.

    • daez says:

      Come on man, LeBron’s dunk wasn’t great.. Same sort of dunk he always does. But you gotta give it to him. He drove past his man, pulled it down to avoid the block, then ripped in a powerful reverse, the third defender didn’t even bother trying.

  161. sandra says:

    Shannon Brown is shining like a star..the best dunk player…on Game 6 when beat the celtics he forgot that the dunk contest was like 4 months ago hehehe

  162. snowman says:

    i think carmellos dunk was the best to get a steal draw contact and still dunk it damn! thats amazing

    • L.Ckz says:

      I agree with the Melo dunk! The best three were Hollins, Melo, and #1 Wade. Melo seriously got hops! I think everyone is underestimating Brewer’s dunk too! Look where he jumped from! Insane.

  163. akhbar says:

    definitely wade’s dunk. if it weren’t the cushion, varejao would’ve rolled over backwards.

  164. J.C says:

    Wow no Shannon Brown dunks….Pretty lame!

  165. James says:

    im wondering why bogut’s sunk over azubuike is? that dunk was insane aswell

  166. Easy says:

    Rose’s dunk, easiliy. You have to realize, he did it with TWO hands….. and he cocked it behind his head…. Do you realize how much ups you need to have in order to do that??!! and the fact that he did it over a body, MY GOODNESSS *Mark Jackson Voice* The Wade dunk might look flashier, but Rose’s dunk is just Straight. Up. NASTY!

    • Chi-Faithful says:

      TRU, TRU

    • Eric Be says:

      Rose brings it with two hands all the time. Personally, I find it easier to dunk with two hands, more ball control. And Wade’s dunk doesn’t get it either. Too many NBAer’s could have scored from that spot, dunk or no. Great jump and all, but Anderson knew he was going down before he even jumped.
      My vote’s with Iggy. Through traffic and up to the rim off a poor foot plant. And the sweet cradle after the handle through the D? Man, I wish I could take that move to the Y with me.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Maybe true..but for me its much harder to overpower a guy thats double your size and weight, and that is exactly what Wade did, dunked over a guy double his size with one hand.

  167. Steve says:

    Amare’s looked like the pippen over ewing dunk from a while back, Gotta be the rose dunk to pull it back before you dunk on someone is nasty !!!

  168. Nabeel says:

    wades dunk was the best.

  169. QuestionMark says:

    Gotta say its hard to choose between Lawson’s, Rose’s and Wade’s dunk.. all are good, but I have to go with Wade over Varejao, that dunk still amazes me after seeing it 1000 times and it also gave me goosebumps, Wade over a guy thats like double his size..pretty impressive. But for a rookie, Lawson’s dunked really well. Oh well for me, Wade wins

  170. BE.water says:

    Why was Ryan Hollins up so high!?

    • daez says:

      I know right?! Ryan Hollins got up sooooo high! Head at the rim, his arm wasn’t even outstretched. Wicked dunk

  171. 2Co says:

    where is Tony Allen posterization’s over Jamison?

  172. Truman says:

    For me it was close between the Iguodala, Lawson, and Rose dunk. I had to give to Rose though, maybe because I saw it live. On tv though, not in person. I wish I saw it in person.

    • Chi-Faithful says:

      Rose with two hands off a vertical jump over a (supposed 2b big man) with power and grace. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    • TrueNbaFan says:

      Are you kidding me seriously everybody here is really tripping Wade’s dunk over varejao is the number 1 best hands down for 09-10 it’s crazy to think otherwise and having Amare’s number 1 is ridiculous it wasn’t even better than lawson’s dunk

      • TrueNbaFan says:

        Also chekc the voting… that proves it.

      • DWE says:

        too bad that varejao is a flopper though. so that makes it that much less cool

      • daez says:

        True, Wade’s facial should’ve been Number 1. But come on, Lawson’s dunk on Mbanged-on wasn’t better than that Tolliver ownage. Amare made Anthony look like a little bitch. Lawson got sat on. Melo’s jam all over the overpaid Milsap was crazy.

      • bageleaterkkjji says:

        are you guys serious……varejao? he didn’t even have have the ball when dunking it so it was a total fail plus dunking varejao=double fail

      • tyrone biggums says:

        Its on varejao, thats why it is the best. I hate that guy. flopping fag

    • R4 says:

      Derozen will be in the Top ten next season and watch out for the Young Gunz of the North… Sunny Side Up aka Sonny Weems and Double Double aka Derozen will be in your living room soon.

    • Wu Tang says:

      Hollins dunk was sik he got he head above rim