The King’s Q Score Tumble


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We realize that Pat Riley doesn’t particularly appreciate all the heat being thrown at LeBron James for coming to Miami, but the negative vibes the James relocation project generated this summer are real.

And it’s not just the fans of other teams (and their coaches and executives, mainly in Orlando) whose opinions about James have changed.

His Q Score ratings took a monstrous tumble this summer, as CNBC Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell explains:

In January 2010, The Q Scores Company took a poll of the general population and found that 24 percent of people thought of James in a positive light, compared to a 22 percent negative opinion.

Henry Schafer, executive vice president of the company, told CNBC that the average sports personality has a 15 percent positive score and a 24 percent negative score.

“LeBron’s positive score at that time was the highest we had ever seen it,” Schafer said.

But since “The Decision” show on July 8, things have gone seriously downhill for the NBA star.

LeBron’s Q Score today?

Schafer says that now only 14 percent of the general population see him as a positive figure, a 41.6 percent drop, while 39 percent view him in a negative light, a 77 percent decline.

In fact, LeBron is now the sixth most disliked sports personality, according to The Q Score Company, behind Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco and Kobe Bryant.

But wait, there’s more:

Perhaps equally as interesting is the fact that James has apparently dragged down the general population’s opinion of his new teammates.

Dwyane Wade’s positive Q score went from 21 in January to 15 today.

His negative Q score rose from 18 in January to 25 today. Chris Bosh – whose move to Miami was part of what sealed the deal for LeBron – saw even a worse drop. His positive Q score only fell from a 13 in January to a 12 today, but his negative Q Score rose from 21 percent in January to 35 percent today.

Schafer says that LeBron’s “Decision” was one of the most detrimental acts – not related to any anti-social behavior —  by a sports personality since the Q Scores were first developed more than 45 years ago.

Lucky for James, the only numbers folks are going to care about in a few days are how many points, rebounds and assists he can pile up playing alongside Wade and Bosh.

The only categories that will matter are wins and losses.

And the only score that will be important at the end of his journey is how many titles he and his new teammates can win together in Miami.



  1. Lakers 3peat says:

    Repy to Trion

    Come on man, Kobe’s consistent help is only Gasol and DFisher. Artest hass great defence, but it aint better than that of Wade’s who is like top of the list of blocked shots at his position and height. Artest is not even supposed to be consideed an offensive threat on the team, thats why people give him so many open looks, they dont respect hsi jumpshot or three pointer at all, but he occassionally can hit them. And then you said Odom the MOST VERSTAILE, yea Odom is so inconsistent, you cant call a player great help or even good help when all playoffs long he shows up like 3 or 4 games and just glides through the rest. If you going tell me Kobe has had help with the same talent of JAMES/BOSH/WADE then you dont know sports at all. And stop LBJ had no helped, his team won 60+ games twice in a row, you dont get that many wins just because of LBJ alone, HIS TEAM-MATES helped in the process, the Celtics were just a bad matchup for them and plus LBJ quit once he found out West was sleeping with his mother (i dont blame him for that i would’ve quit too, my teammate sleeping with my mother, thats so disrespectful)

  2. zren says:

    The reason so many people judge Lebron’s decision is because the miami situation was brought about mainly by the players and not team staff and GM”s. Because of this people judged James, Bosh, and Wade as egotistical, but I think they got together because they were friends and enjoyed playing with each other. The problem was also the way in which Lebron made his “decision”, without notifying Cleveland personally; this made Lebron look disrespectful. Whatever the case, it’s best to let it roll and see what happens. Once the season starts, then we will know how Miami functions (or not).

    I was also surprised that Kobe made the “most unpopular list”, as I think he and Wade resemble Jordan more closely than the rest. Kobe is always focused on the court, and you can see it in his demeanor, just as Jordan was. Wade also has that same focus and dedication for the game, which I think Lebron has yet to fully impersonate.

    Overall, I think Michael Jordan is a great example for these players in that he was never boastful, but focused on every possession. Jordan put “his heart on soul on the court”, as Larry Bird said on an interview, and worked his best on defense, rebounding, and pushing his teammates to their best potential. Although Kobe and Wade have yet to show that same aggressiveness in every single aspect of the game, I think they both show the same focus Michael had.

  3. julius1022 says:

    you’re not gonna be heard in the finals nor in the conf. finals (miami)

  4. julius1022 says:

    lebron fans…….talk trash when the real game begins come october….it’s gonna be lakers vs. celtics again in the playoffs..

  5. shon says:

    Lebron should have humbled himself a little more instead of using such a big stage to make his announcement. People will like him again but he will never be liked as much like when he was with the Cavs

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  7. Ti Brown says:

    Great, great data and a great, great article; but so what? A Q score decline doesn’t necessarily translate into a decrease in marketability. Kobe’s jersey and shoe sales are typically the highest in the league, yet Kobe typically is the most hated personality in the NBA. Plus, I’d also be surprised if anyone in the NBA had more endorsement deal income than Kobe. Bottom Line – I think fans are more keen to spend on a player they respect professionally, not just on the ones they “like” the most. Lebron just needs to reclaim his professional respect by sharpening his skills and showing us how committed he is to being a pro. Fans respect Kobe because he’s generally seen as the most skillful professional basketball on the planet. Kobe is the consummate pro; the best of the best. People buy that – whether they like you or not. Once LBJ averages a triple-double, we’ll all jump back on his bozack. Watch. 🙂

  8. Bass Fan says:

    My opnion if you go back to MJ,bird,magic etc … there wasn’t a talent like now so one guy can really make a different and can win a champion. Now we have about at least 20 super stars and over 100 stars. Time have changed basketball now is more poupler and everyone want to be like mike(MJ).
    Lebron James make the right chooise for him and his family and if you see most of the teams now you have at least 2 stars are playing on the team excpet the Cavs.
    Yes it would be better if they all gatherd in one place (LJ,Bosh,Wade) but not in miami so no one can say it’s my team.

    if you work for a company and you know there will be no upgrading you would be gone , he spend now half of his carrer there and we didn’t see a huge changes .
    The owner Glibert want to be served and get alot of income and don’t pay that much, if he think bussniess also lebron have to think the same way.

    at the end he is a person and have the right to choose where ever he feel confortable and success , (( no confy no success)

  9. Karpe says:

    Wade score fell is because of his home town Chicago. They feel that Wade betrayed and used Chicago. Lebron was Chicago big prize until Wade started talking as if he was coming to Chicago even did a second meeting with the bulls. He was also on Chicago news saying he has to do whats best for his kids. And then poof, Bosh told him he wants to go to Miami and well y’all know what happens. People feel betrayal because After all what he said, its like he chosen both over his kids. Then Chicago realized he played the Bulls to put talking to Lebron on hold, ad again of course we know were he went.

  10. WG says:

    There is an article by Scott Howard Cooper ‘Not Top Dog Yet’ refering to Kevin Durant not being on the same level as LeBron and Kobe, So clearly he is another D.Wade hater who doesnt want to give credit where due. In my opinion D.wAde as an individual Talent is better than both mentioned names and the only player close to MJ as possibile, Just wanted to comment on that becuse you cant on his article page, probably feared he would recieve a million comments similar to mine,

    As for Le Bron, he’ll never be ‘the guy’ regardless of how many titles he might win
    The Heat will always be WADEs team!!!

  11. k1 says:

    you could not blame lebron for leaving cleveland. its the cavs owner’s fault. instead of trading hickson, Z, etc with amare he chose jamison instead. that play offs could be different with lebron, stoudemire, oneal, Z, mo, west et al. playing together… instead of surrounding lebron with 1 or 2 superstars in its prime, he chose so many role players, and washed up superstars. instead of clearing up cap space for the free agent period, he signed hi paid long terms individuals. its a wrong move and wrong decision by the owner. if james stayed in cleveland for long, he would carry the burden alone for ever with out winning a championship. for me, james’ decision is outstanding. playing together with his friends bosh and wade. miami team now is 3 times more better than the cavs bfore. thanks to pat riley.

  12. siri says:

    I believe Lebron will reflect on all this one year from today. We don’t know who will be crowned MVP if the Miami Heat wins everything. We all expect some great competition. I believe no team will lay down and let teams run over them. Since FIBA I believe competition this year will be strong. I believe NBA players will practice with every weight equipment know to man. And, I believe every NBA player will get better in every area. I wish the best for the Heat and Lebron. It paid off last year for Artest and the Lakers. Players right out of high school work harder. But, that’s my opinion. Yes Kobe has more rings. Infact everybody who have rings, have more than Lebron. We all should like the heighten competitiion. It should step every player game up. Improve or move on. Points and defense win games. With that said . Wilt Chamberlain put up 100 point for Philly against New York 3/2/1962, Kobe put up 81 points for LA against Toronto 1/22/2006, Ray Allen 54 pts, Allen Iverson 53 pts., Shaq for the lakers 61 against the clippers,3/6/2000., Vince Carter for N.J.51 pts against miami 12/23/2005 while Shaq and D. Wade tried to play defense and block Vince Carter shots. No Answer. With all these great new rookies and Durant and company. And with men improving and steping up do defend the paint. And with speed and precision of today’s young players. I will really enjoy the in NBA. Let the NBA games begin.

  13. NBA FAN says:

    I’m with you Jesse W!!! Everybody’s always gotta bring Kobe into it. why? cuz he’s the BEST! I’m not a kobe or laker fan, I’m just being REAL! Some agree with how good of a ball player he is now & all others will ONLY agree when he’s done with the game of basketball. Mark my words KOBE will go down as the greatest player to ever play the game!!! This post will surely bring out all the Kobe Haters, you watch – let the hating begin…..

  14. HeatFan says:

    All I can say is wait till playoffs next year…. Lebron & Co will come out and bash the Lakers. Heat vs Lakers finals and KingJames will get his long awaited ring. Can’t wait…. Kobe has been an show-off ball hog ever since he joined the league.

    Where as Lebron has been a great team player. Since day 1. So is Wade & Bosh. That’s why this new look Heat team will do well. Also, why didn’t anyone say when KG, The Truth and Ray Ray teamed up together???? Are they not considered good player like Lebron, Wade & Bosh. They got the job done didn’t they. It will be the same for the Heat. They understand each other… I like Boston as well….

    I don’t hate Kobe. He’s a great player. I just don’t like his attitude. Anyway go the Heat. LA be aware of the Spurs….

  15. Aaron says:

    Desmond Man you make me laugh. you say your a true fan? but you hate the Nba? thats pretty sad.
    you need to see the game for what it really is, entertainment. PERIOD
    whats gonig on in the NBA is entertaining nothing more. Its not like your in the NBA trying to shut down lebron, or kobe , iverson anyone cuz they would all light you up, For the GREAT player MJ was i would love to see him compete in this day and age. Now adays thier are so many great players in the league that it would be even more competitive for MJ, and there would be talk that he would be one of the greatest players in the league, not ever and some other old folk would be rememberd as the greatest. i just see the league as entertainment….don’t take it so personally dude.
    Oh and i guarentee if you ever saw/played against lebron,iverson, kobe you would respect them….everyone has different personalities and outlooks on life thier chief.

  16. gerom says:

    Hehehe, We should not be presumptuous about the result, let’s wait and see if these three (lebron, wade and bosh) could lead their team to the finals and totally dominate the league. I think there’s nothing wrong whatever team you belong as long as you contribute for the success of your team. However, we should not expect that Lebron James will still be the crowds favorite because Wade is the original premier player of Miami and he has proven that he could lead his team to the finals and get a ring without Lebron and Bosh in the roster just like what had happened in 2006.

  17. Jesse W says:

    I am not a Kobe hater. I am sick and tired of Kobe being dragged into anything that’s negative. Granted Kobe is no saint, but dam, leave the man alone for awhile. It seems that no matter what the topic is on an NBA team or player, Kobe is dragged into the discussion. Wait – here is a thought, Kobe is so good you can’t help but talk about him. Everything is relevant and Kobe is relevant supreme. Kobe, get fitted for another ring. Be it 2011, 2012, 2013 – Kobe will get another ring.

  18. hoffdawg says:

    this q score is the most rediculous thing I’ve ever seen.. Do people have nothing better to do then rank other human beings in a popularity contest… What a croc of sh!t.

  19. Heatfan says:

    I always disliked Lebron and now I am stuck with him in MIami. But as u all havce to remember this is a business and Cle was not going to give James anyother players to get over that hump. And you all have to sit back and say what about Chi they also cleaned up this summer with some good players and they might even b getting milo so r u all going to hate him also for leaving Denver?? I think these guys are in it to win it and they felt they were not going to win where they were at. WOuld u stay at your job if u were never going to get a raise?
    Fell sorry for me I have to hear Lebrons name now all season yeak!!!!!!

    Wade is still the man and I hope Bosh and the jerk bring us another ring.
    or they all leave Miami and head outwest to Nv.

  20. Xman says:

    You fools don’t know anything. The Lakes and Celtics are too old and are going to get ran out of the gym by the “New Team USA” aka James/Wade/Bosh aka The Miami HEAT. Remeber Wade is only 28, Bosh is 26, and James 25. They can get guys from the local YMCA and still win. Its their YEAR HATERS. JUST DEAL WITH IT. King James is Bigger, Faster, and Stronger than EVER! 6 rings

  21. Julien says:

    Can we hate LeBron ? yes (i do and i did before “the desicion”, for his style on the court).
    Can we deny his greatness ? No, he’s one of the best ever, no doubt.
    Will he be proud to get a ring ? Sure, but less than with the Cavs (he still got to win it… with his team)
    Is he a big mouth ? yes, and he can he’s one of the best ever even if doesnt represent my value.
    Can we compare him with MJ, Magic or Bird ? yes but it doesnt make sense…other times other mentality.
    I think the only thing we can really affirme is that he disrepected the Cavs by the way he quited.
    nothing more, nothing less.

  22. ninedays says:

    I’m one of those who lost respect for Lebron, after the Decision. I was an avid fan when he’s Cleveland although I don’t live there. People might accept it better if goes for the money and went to new york with Amare and turn things around over there. Then it would be Lebron and Amare vs Wade and Bosh! Going to Miami is a lazy choice. Also, “The Decision” is the most stupid idea in sports ever.

  23. RAUL says:

    Why is everyone all pumped about this? its still gonna be lakers vs celtics at the end of the year. thats good miami fans gave them a parade because there not getting one at the end of the season. lol

  24. I think It’s more of where he decided to go rather than him leaving that is taking the whole basketball world by storm. If he went to the Knicks, Nets, even Chi-Town people wouldn’t complain. He decided to go to Miami. A place where one of the top 3 best nab players of now resides in Wade. If it where just Wade & Bosh…..again no anger. But he decided to go to a place where there lies someone he constantly gets debated with by others on who is better (example= who is better. Lebron or Wade. Well Lebron has MVP’s & what-not….blah blah But he chokes in the play-off season…..blah blah. Wade has a ring….but he couldn’t do it without Shaq….blah blah. He isn’t as athletic as James….blah blah). No more friendly rivalry. No more crazy Lebron VS Wade games. It’s a slap in the face to some fans of the sport.

  25. NICO says:

    kobe isnt close to ever having that talent because lebron is solely better than the entire laker team and thats why he beat them 2 last year buddy

  26. Lakers 3peat says:

    This is a reply to “Everyone is Jelous” — WRONG Kobe has neva had the equivalence of talent of WADE/JAMES/BOSH on his team throughout his entire career. The closest time may have been 04, when they got Malone and Payton, but they didn’t win against Detroit anyway. Bottom line the Lakers got Kobey and Gasol and everybody else just fits in their role. And don’t say Big Three of KOBE/GASOL/RON or KOBE/GASOL/ODOM, because Ron is a good player but struggles in the triangle offense, you can just see it in his play, he looks so lost on the floor sometimes and Odom can never keep things consistent enough to earn himself caliber of an “ALLSTAR FORWARD” like Bosh. Everybody in the world knows LA is Kobe’s team, when the game on the line you hand the ball to MR.24, Miami, you know have a team where all three of these guys could be the centerpiece of a team to build a good team around. Im not mad at Bosh, him and Wade would have been the new Kobe Gasol combo, which was fine because everybody needs that sidekick, but bringing in James probably one of the most talented players in NBA history to join them, that was just straight overkill. It’s going to ruin the NBA, because every other star player will want to join two others just so they have a good chance of competing.

    • NICO says:

      buddy cleveland didnt make lebron james ..lebron james made he left …get over it. you would have done the exact same thing as would any other cleveland fan to the up money to the boys and girls club is quite generous he minus well do it if he could…so he did!! GET OVER IT…HE IS THE BEST SO IF YOU CANT BEAT HIM JOIN HIM

      • Thiago says:

        The best at season, but he is still doubtful in playoffs, where things really matters.
        You can compare this way: Kobe won it with Lakers without Shaq after 5 years…he struggled a lot, but he made it.
        Lebron took the easy way…if it were a videogame, it was like changing it to Easy Mode. Real legend play it at Expert Mode.

      • ninedays says:

        Even if he win 5 straigh championship in Maimi he would still the biggest douche. Good luck finding sponsors. Nobody burn Garnett’s jersey in Minnesota when he left. Lakers got Gasol via Trade. Artest and Fisher are more like role players. The Spurs got their big 3 via drafts. So really there’s no comparison.

        He can’t be the best if he’s not the leader.

      • zandro says:


    • tribon says:

      too much talent behind kobe thats why LBJ has to counter..thats all..game7 kobe shot 6/24 but still won because he had a lot of help..LBJ also is entitled to have alot of help…phil the best coach..artest the best defender..odom the most versatile..pau the best big man..kobe the greatest impersonator of heat the, 2011 champs..

  27. JR Raviz, Jr. says:

    Nobody is to blame for what LBJ is going thru these days but himself. To seek for championships, play with your buddies, go where you want to play is everyone’s prerogative especially when you are good at what you do added with the physical freakish nature that he is. It’s the way he handled his “DECISION” that people get upset about. He doesn’t have to slam it to the face and throat of the franchise and the city who basically made him what he is in front of a national TV showcasing his arrogant and self-centered nature. The impact of his decision basically drag down whoever is and will be connected to him as long as he plays the game of basketball in the NBA. The Q-rating being mentioned of his downfall basically reflects that with DWade and the rest of the team, probably, including the city. More power to him, but as a fan of basketball, I’ve lost respect for the way it was played out.

  28. Bermir says:

    Please, can the season begin already? I mean, we are down to talking about Q scores now… Who cares!? Is there really nothing substantial to write about. Mr. Smith?

  29. Thiago says:

    Lebron will be known as L-O-S-E-R for the rest of the days with that decision. No more MVP’s for him. Miami will always be Wade’s home.
    People try to justify it comparinh with Bryant-O’Neal duo early 2000’s. O’Neal came to the Lakers to be the team leader, there wasn’t any big star at that time. You can compare it with Amare going to NYK nowadays. And Bryant came as a rookie and developed there. If Lebron went to Knicks also, nobody would judge him like they are now. He would make NYK his home.
    Lebron had a fab team last season, with regular Mo Williams, the post monster O’Neal and a almost-star Jamison backing him off. And he should try keeping his ring mission at there. He would be legendary if he did. Now he can win 10 rings, he won’t be legendary, he will be another past MVP…only that.
    I respect KG moving to Pierce’s Celtics, because he was approaching his retirement. Lebron is 26 now, far from his retirement.

    • Imad Akel says:

      im afraid your “respect” does nothing for KG’s regrets…
      and you dont know that lebron wont get any more MVPs. Kobe has very strong team support and people still say “Kobe is doing everything” and he is still in MVP running because of his stats (even though he is NOT “doing everything”)
      Same thing can happen with lebron if he holds up his stats and keeps his efficiency high enough why cant he be in the running for MVP?
      btw season MVP might be harder for lebron to obtain now but playoff MVP is alot just sayin.

  30. Imad Akel says:

    You guys have got to stop dissing on Lebron.
    First of all the ego, all great players have ego. Not to mention ego sells. It keeps people talking and money flowing and attention rising on the game. This is good for basketball fans because it just makes things more interesting, I remember in the years tim duncan used to own no one really liked to watch him (or even the finals for that matter). After Lebron came into the NBA, people started paying more attention and watching more games even if they didn’t like him. So stop trashing the ego, if all great players in the NBA where as shy and underspoken as Kevin Durant and Tim Duncan the NBA would be so much less interesting.

    And as for piling up stars on one team, that is NOT a bad thing. It is never a bad thing to stack a team and raise the bar for the championship. It will create competition. And if it doesnt create competition and Miami ends up sweeping, then a dynasty will begin (and fans, even haters, love those either to see them thrive or watch them fall). Either way history is already being written and all everyone here is doing is nagging and complaining and calling players who stir things up abit cowards.

    I wasnt into the NBA back then but were people this skeptical when Shaq joined the Lakers with Kobe? I mean cut Lebron a break he is an entertainer and a great player (i am not saying he is the best but you cant argue that he isnt one of the most talented and skilled currently playing the game). I mean WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT? WHY ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

    Kevin Garnett, one of my favorite players, stuck with the wolves throughout his best years. Im not saying he wasnt recognized, but you dont get that much credit for sticking with your home team when your home team goes no where. You get more credit being a supporting player on a championship team (Look at derek fisher, that dude’s name has been mentioned in way more memorable playoff moments than KG has ever been mentioned while he was with the wolves.)

    If you arent going to give guys like Kevin Garnett the equivelant of a championship trophy for sticking with his home team, then dont act so shocked when guys like Lebron James leave their team to go get it for themselves. Im saying it, and i bet Kevin Garnett would back me up here, “GOOD FOR LEBRON JAMES!”

    This is the NBA, there is no consolation trophy, only championships!

  31. Desmond says:

    Lebron is a unique athlete.
    But he’s not a good rolemodel in any way. Try to picture Larry Bird or Michael Jordan Dancing on the court, embarresing their opponents like that…
    Imagine Bird or Jordan flexing their muscles everytime they dunk or scream everytime they dunk or pose everytime they made a good move.
    Jordan battled every superstar until he had beaten them all, lebron had a great team in cleveland and he doesn’t want to battle the celtics and magic anymore.. I think he’ll overcome both teams, but he just went the easy way and teamed up with wade and bosh…
    Not to mention the disrespectfull PR stunt talking about his free upcoming agency all the time…
    He’s just a strange kid, acts disrespectfull on the court as if he’s an animal or a little kid or something..

    Mj teamed up with scottie, yes, but scottie came to chicago as a rookie, benchplayer!!!
    scottie has always been overrated, but scottie grew under the tootalige of MJ…
    Rodman was with MJ yes, but rodman was 35-37 years old when he played with MJ, still a great rebounder, but nothing more than that…
    MJ had Kukoc ye, but toni was great in europe, but he was just one of the guys in the NBA, a good 6th man, but nothing more than that, which is why he never really shined after the bulls championship years, even though kukoc was still young after that…

    all in all, Lebron’s decsision is strange, he could win it all in cleveland within a few years, but he just chose not to stick it out… these guys are teaming up and their best years are still to come…
    that is just not right…
    Barkley, olajuwon and drexler teamed up in 1997, all of them being 34/35 years of age, way past their prime…
    what the hell is this lebron wade bosh thing? it’s not good for the nba and real basketball fans, it might be good for “fans” that just want to watch highlights, but for real basketball fans this is not an interesting thing to watch…

    In 1993 MJ and Barkley faced eachother in the 1993 nba finals, they teamed up in the dream team in 1992, just imagine that Barkley and MJ and Patrick Ewing would have teamed up in 1993…
    all of them being 30 years old at that time…
    that’s not interesting to watch…
    barkley and Mj squared of in the finals, incredible finals, MJ and Ewing battled eachother in the east finals, great matchup…
    MJ and ewing had been battling since the late eighties and the same goes for Barkley…
    they should have their own teams build around them, battle eachother while they’re still young and able to carry their team…
    I have no idea why Lebron doesn’t want to do the same…

    I think he can’t handle the pressure, which is why there are very few clutch performances of him, which is not me hating on him. pressure players are just that, you either have it or you don’t… robert horry was a freak of nature in the clutch, never an impressive player and in crunch time he killed many dreams of opposing teams in playoff time…

    Men, I don’t understand this lebron guy…
    don’t flex muscles after plays, don’t scream after dunks, don’t pose to the crowd after every and-1 play, please don’t do those kind of things, it’s painting a strange picture of what this beautifull game of basketball is all about…
    I’ve seen jordan scream only once after a dunk… it came from the heart… it was in 1993 when he slammed over rookie alonzo mourning, because mourning was a big mouth rookie at that time and a insane good shotblocker and he got MJ and talked smack, when MJ finally got him he posed somewhat and let out a scream, it wasn’t for the camera’s and it looked weird even, but that’s because it came from the heart and he let out a lot of frustration at that moment…
    lebron is a strange player, dancing like a clown on the bench on the court… why oh why???
    lebron is the face of the nba, why conduct yourself like a dancing clown, screaming in your face idiot…?
    if he’s a player that doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, then I can understand that he would act out a little, getting rid of frustration after good plays like dunks… screaming or disrespoecting opponents every now and then… but he was a loved basketball player with more recognition than he deserved… so why act like an idiot???

    I don’t dislike Wade, he must be laughing his *&^*^of now that these asuperstars are joining him on his team…

    This is just not good for basketball, I don’t enjoy watching the nba anymore…
    The only thing I would love to see is the heat get beat in the playoffs…
    I don’t care who get’s it done, just get it done…please!!!
    lebron talking about 6/7/8 championships… what is that…?
    He’s been talking championships since 2006 or something and he’s got the swagger of a champion ever since, but he’s won ZERO championships yet…
    please win a title first and then act like the idiot with an overload of swagger…

    watch interviews of MJ in 1988, MJ was the defensive player of the year, the MVP of the league… he didn’t win a championship yet, just watch his interviews from that time and see his attitude and demeanor, just the whole feel you get from his personality… and then watch lebron nowadays….

    big difference, just an annoying karakter that Lebron… win a championship and then act like you’re THE BIG MAN!!!

    even if you’re the champion it’s not appealing to act like an idiot, but then you’ve earned the right…
    there’s a big difference between being confident and being annoying…
    MJ was confident in his abillity and his teams abillity in his championship years, but he was neveqr an annoying dancing loud mouth muscle flexing idiot on the court…

    men, I hate the NBA nowadays!!!

    No real people to admire anymore like Bird, Magic, Jabbar, MJ, Stockton/Malone, great players!!! great conduct on te court…!!! you really lived and died with those players on the court…
    just imagine one of them dancing like lebron… talking about 6/7/8 championships liek lebron at a time when they didn’t have any yet (maloine stockton never won any, but they deserved it 10 times more than lebron)…

    Men I hate what the NBA has become!!! it all started with that idiot Iverson… a so called legend now…
    a rebel…. yeah great, see what it got him… no championships, not one good lasting memory to look at for fans… nothing… and this whole generation seems like an Iverson bread!!! watch any iverson dvd and they’ll highlight his dumbass crossover on MJ, like it was something special, one move in one game and one shot on MJ… good going allen the rebel iverson… that’s your career highlight rioght there… one shot over the great MJ!!!

    I don’t get the attitude of those guys… it gets them nowhere!!!

    most players are strange kids nowadays… It leaves me to watch the few good players like Gasol.. he can’t run or jump, but he’s worked on his skills and touch and strength like crazy over the years… gotta love the nash… gotta love Billups who never was recognized as a good point guard until he lifted the pistons to greatness… look waht billups did for the nuggets last year… a team led by iverson…. they were a joke… then biullups took over and they went to the west finals…
    that says it all when it comes to iverson…

    men, I hate the NBA and what it’s become!!!
    Mostly because I used to love it so much…

    • Imad Akel says:

      Im Laughing Out Loud man.
      First of all, i dont think lebron james is cursing or cussing people out on the court. A little ego talk is good for entertainment. After all these players are NBA players.
      Second of all, what planet where you watching basketball on son? You’ve never seen jordan stick his tongue out during a dunk? You think jordan is a good role model for kids?
      Here is how i see michael jordan being used as a good example to coach a kids basketball team:
      “Kids, basketball is a team sport. Always look for the open player instead of taking selfish tough shots, unless you’re Michael Jordan”
      “Kids, don’t be jumping over other people especially if they are big because you might hurt them or hurt yourself and its not worth it, unless you’re Michael Jordan”
      “Kids, never fight with your coach or general manager because we are all a team and the needs of the team are more important than the needs of one player, unless you’re Michael Jordan”

      And as for that chapionship swagger you talk about, sometimes talking like a champion brings you this much closer to a championship. And please, respect what James did for the cavaliers even in his (well you guys think its short) time there. He was one of the best players in the league, and he tried his best to carry the team to a championship. You think you could’ve done better? You think Kobe could’ve done better? 2 words: SHOW ME! Because last time i checked 5 years ago the cavs were a joke and i would’ve laughed at the thought of them having a shot at the championship. You must recognize the effort put by a player and not diminish it. Lebron DID BREAK ALOT OF SWEAT for the cavs. Who is going to give him a ring if he had stuck with the cavs and failed? Are you going to give him a ring? Or are you gonna give him your blessing then to do what karl malone did and do a last minute team switch in a final (kind of sad) attempt to get a ring? You know what’s funny is that you probably would have said “Well gee Lebron, if you felt your home team didnt have the potential to fulfill your legacy, then maybe you should have switched teams and thought twice before signing those contract extensions?”
      Well you know what, this move is Lebron “thinking twice”. And if you ask me its a pretty smart decision. At the end of his years, when the dust settles, it is important to have no regrets and feel like you made the best decisions you could have made to leave the biggest legacy you can.

      Even if the Heat fail, LeBron still did his personal best in both decision making and on court performance all in attempt to succeed.

  32. joe says:

    LeBron James had seven great years in Cleveland, so he need to be punished?

  33. THE BAHAMAS says:

    i mean look how youre treating iverson and you want lebron end up with one or two rins in cleveland and thatss that. pllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeee people stop walking around with this big void you call a life waiting for some media to fill it up with misleading information now they want you to hate iverson you dont know eenouggh of that man to hatee him or any basketball players but we need people like you to point your finger and say thats the bad guy haters

  34. Vick says:

    James is gonna be the best player ever regardless who he plays for
    everyone get off his tip he moved citys who gives a
    dont judge people, life lesson

  35. Nick says:

    I don’t understand why people other than Clevelanders care so much that he changed teams. He wants to win, what’s wrong with that? He took less money to win by changing teams. I would think worse of anyone who would rather lose every year and just pick up the biggest possible paycheck (i’m looking at you Amare)

  36. tenki says:

    LeBron should have every reason to increase his Q ratings once the NBA season begins. People love winners, and Miami definitely will be winners for this coming season, especially when he does everything everybody expects from him. After the “Decision”, many people thought that he was a coward, he was jeered at, and most of them felt betrayed after he left the team that drafted him. But you can’t blame LBJ for leaving his former team. That’s how the business of basketball is all about.

  37. Its all about wins and losses, obtaining as many rings as possible, on the best team you can get on with still getting paid, bottom line, Everyone should stop hating. Friends want to play with friends, Who wouldn t want to leave Cleveland, and Toronto s euro team just wouldn t do it….. Why does LeBron have to prove he s the man, No one wins champion ships by them selves.And as for popularity contests, Kobe proves that it aint no thang, Plus his teams have been stacked…..

  38. Just a guy says:

    Without Ben Roethlisberger in the top 5, it seems kinda racial.

  39. Chi-Faithful says:

    Greatness can be written on paper with a pen easily. However, 72 wins and 6 NBA titles in 8 years had to be earned. Blood sweat and tears for 7 years from the ground up! No jock riding. No grown man pep ralleys! Even when the Bulls were having bad seasons the stadium was sold out. I saw alot of red seats in miami. Now all of a sudden the season tickets are sold out? Fake fans and fake jock riding sucker stars. Too funny! Its been real… lame. Duces!

  40. yoram says:

    I dont understand with you expect from him to finish his career in Cleveland? i dont see nothing wrong with his move and i don’t see any difference between Lebron or any other players that decide to change team

  41. Dustin says:

    I think a couple things need to be said about this issue. LeBron James has carried himself with class in this crazy mess. Why get mad at the guy for making money for A LOT of people by doing an hour long segment on ESPN announcing a decision that lets face it was the BIGGEST in NBA history. Should he have just sat at home and tweeted it and make no money for anyone?

    I love watching a great Basketball player, but we make them into more then that. We create “LeBron James the Superstar” and of course when he does something WE don’t like then WE get upset because he messed with OUR vision. Society is so wrong about making superstars HEROs. Love the player and ignore the superstar, because at the end of the day if LeBron didn’t have a basketball in his hand no one would care. He’s a great basketball player and just leave it at that. If you don’t like his personality it’s the same as not liking your neighbor, only difference is you don’t hang your neighbor up on your wall or watch him on your television.

    LeBron is going to be loved again once he steps on the court, because he makes millions of people feel like they accomplished something in their lives by cheering there butts off for him.

    I know that everyone will continue to talk about this and society will never change, but that’s my take on this crazy mess.

  42. Evan Brockwell says:

    does anyone really think they care about the “q score”? They are all millionaires and have an unbelievable opportunity so they could care less if there liked or loved…i no i wouldn’t lol

  43. Rip Greenfire says:

    Seems like just yesterday I was watching Wade and LeBron doing funny ads for people, now they’re hated cause they decided to team up? LeBron I an understand, it’s kinda like watching a hero in a war suddenly switch sides cause he wants to win, but Wade? Seriously? The man did nothing worng. The people who came to Miami didn’t come because Wade lured them in with his evil mind and silver tounge, he justed wanted his tem to improve. Did he expect such a humongus improvement? Probably not, but he took it in stride. If anyone wants to hate him for that, they should also hate Paul Pierce for staying on the team that brought in Ray Allen and KG.

    Give it time, I think Dwane’s and Chri’s numbers will improve. As for LeBron, well, time is the only way to heal this wound.

    • daez says:

      Exactly. Wade wanted a better team, and Bosh wanted out of Toronto. When he joined Wade, LeBron “couldn’t say no”

  44. just a thought says:

    With James move to Miami his mvp hopes are narrowed, one of those 3 superstars is going to fade, the heat made life very easy for the lakers ( the monstrous east will sort them selves out, in the end a tired, banged up contender will have to face the defending champs).cleveland hearts broken, how about LeBrons family? im sure some ppl hate them too. thanks to one decision. i think he deserves his Qpoints right now
    Hey i’ve read an article regarding Ron Ron selling his championship ring. will Lebron buy that ring coz he deperately want one.

  45. Nabeel says:

    its a suprise to me that wades score fell.

  46. raptors says:

    well us raptors hate kobe for 81 reasons, naw just jk but only boston beanys hate kobe. weel i didn’t like lebron ever since he came to the league and now i just think his a complete douche i mean kobe is not that much better for asking for a trade when his team was losing but thats your home lebron. wouldn’t you dream of playing for your city and winning them a ring after workin hard ( for seven seasons like MJ). but he is a douche.

  47. zzanzabar says:

    Sekou, you cannot say that this is a surprise. Lebron has been the target of ‘dislike’ since he first came into the league, and after the disastrous PR stunt the ‘decision’, how could his ratings NOT take a tumble? But, so what? EVERY one the people before him have the same thing in common…they PRODUCE when they do what they do. All an prominent athlete has to do is to slip in the public eye and they will crucify him (or her) in an instant (I’m a little mystified that Ben Rothensburger is no where to be seen but maybe he gets a ‘get out of jail free’ card).

    Some are there because they are perceived as arrogant (Chad, Owens), although how they can do what they do WITHOUT having a certain level of arrogance is beyond me. Some because their public halo’s slipped (Woods, Bryant), and some because they are just too dam good at what they do (Lebron).

    The only way that this rating MIGHT impact their lives is in the realm of public endorsements. If advertisers use this poll then Lebron, and the rest of them, won’t be able to sell next years new and improved chunky soup, or whatever. It could mean the difference in a few million dollars in revenue, but in their bracket maybe it is not that big of a deal.

    • Ivan says:

      “and some because they are just too dam good at what they do (Lebron)” Did Lebron get any better over the summer or did he get better teamates? He had a higher like than dislike score last season, now its way off the charts, people dont dislike him because “he’s too dam good” people dislike him because of his demeaner

    • ItsForFun says:

      haha seriously… Just because hes “too damn good” hahaha… this guy must have lebron juice all over himself

      • ancil says:

        yo this is not nba for play station with you, the fans can trade players to any team…… it was the real player decision in the real world….kobe should play for boston and then there would be no more nba cause then people would kill eachother of that decision

  48. Sundling says:


    What to say.

    I can understand that LeBron James “O Score” has flipped but Wades And Boshs?
    Bosh was getting out of Toronto. That was no surprise.
    Wade, what? Why?

    Most funny, though, I think is that in the company of Tiger Woods, M Vick, etc that understandable has reason to feel sorry about things they did… we have Kobe Bryant. I just dont see why.

    A general explanation on “Why we Hate Kobe Bryant” from the “Hate Kobe Bryant”-side would be most apprieciated.
    I dont hate you but I just hate that I dont know why you hate.


    • daez says:

      It’s the whole “they couldn’t win a championship on their own, so they had to team up” business. LeBron got the heat of it, I don’t think much people liked Bosh to begin with so not much suprise their. The Wade situation is puzzling, yet sort of expected. Everyone hated Kobe becauswe the rape allegations a few years back.

    • Lebron made his own decision.Now me for one am a proud Kobe fan but Lebron will always come next in my category.Lebron Made a decision on how he felt what would give him a title and its a good dcision.

    • tribon says:

      its because LBJ is the best basketball player in the world..better than kobe..kobe has the rings because he has better talents and size behind him…but if they were to interchange kobe cant win a single ring..thats it..kobe’s career shooting percentage 45%..lowest in any hall of famer…copy?