The Ultimate Hype Man


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Give David Kahn his credit for keeping things interesting in Minnesota.

A day after the Timberwolves took out a full-page ad in the Star Tribune admitting that, surprise, they are not likely to contend for the NBA title this season, Kahn drops an even bigger bombshell.

In a detailed letter to Timberwolves’ fans (season ticket holders), he’s touting a “singular” move that will be made to complete his roster transformation and, we’re assuming, set the franchise on a championship path.

Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune offers up some insights on what exactly this singular move could be, tossing around names like Carmelo Anthony (with the Timberwolves as potentially the third-party in a blockbuster, three-team deal) and even Josh Smith and Joe Johnson.

Of course, Kahn can’t mention specifics — he’s already been fined once this summer for saying too much. But you already know that no one does the hype man routine better than Kahn (remember that summer league gem, above). And he certainly cranks up the hype machine with this letter that you have to read to believe.

Here’s a snippet:

During the last 14 months, we have added several pieces to our ballclub:  perimeter shooting, athleticism and length to the roster, and all while maintaining our youth.  Just as important, we have done so with an eye toward adding more talent by choosing to operate under the salary cap.

The reality is, we are still lacking a dominant player – our version of Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade or Kevin Durant – and that will remain an item at the top of the To-Do list.

It’s possible this player could emerge from within the roster.  Nearly every player on our team has his best days ahead of him.   Some could make an All-Star team during their careers and one has already become an impact player on the USA Men’s National Team in this year’s FIBA World Championships.  We also have eight players currently on the roster who were selected in the top-seven of their respective drafts:  Michael Beasley, Kevin Love, Wes Johnson, Jonny Flynn, Darko Milicic, Corey Brewer, Martell Webster and Ricky Rubio.

The average age of those eight players is 22.

However, if one of our players fails to emerge, we will be prepared to find more talent for our team – and we will seek a singular move rather than a series of moves, as we did these last 14 months.

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny him.

Kahn is the ultimate hype man!



  1. Anders Lihme says:

    Once you pop you cant stop 🙂

    To the other 2nd pick, Michael Beasley: Read above statement and google all the crap Darko has taken these last years and say to yourself “I am in control of my own destiny”
    Good Luck

  2. Anders Lihme says:

    Im a basketball junkie and ive followed Darko thru his career, the man is very very skilled in all aspects of the game except for ONE major thing…….the mental aspect. If he has matured and gets the confidence that he needs he could be (and im saying that the mental aspect is 90 procent of basketball) the next Pao Gasol. He is that skilled! I believe Kahn is a hyped up maniac (sometimes you need one) but Darco has the tools (Detroit where blown away by his skills, they picked him ahead of Melo, Wade and Bosh for chr…s sake and they knew they where potential allstars) Larry Brown buried his confidence in steel put him on the bench on a championchip team, but trust me Darko was a great practice player he just got a coach who doesnt play rookies, period (Gerald Henderson i see you). But also like Kahn said “He was too immature “. He needed 2 years in Europe to grow and get playing time and “Be the man”. The triangel offence will do wonders for him because his preferred playing style is face up basketball but he will bang and use mismatches to his favor (like Pao Gasol). Add Kevin Love, Wesley Johnson and Ricky Rubio with supporting cast and the Wolves are fighting for a playoffspot within 2 years.
    Hey Darco, no pressure just play and have fun with it! Congrats on becoming a father.

  3. little kid lover says:

    I like how they even mention Josh Smith and Joe Johnson in going to the Wolves. Ricky Rubio is good, but not that good.

  4. angel says:

    really ?? minnesota ?? really ?? carmelo ?? really?? are you crazy?? minnesota twolves is awfull and if seattle lost his franchise with 2 nba finals and a lot of playoffs games in his pockets ,, what you think happen in few more seassons with a team who dont have goals .. twolves stink and after this seasson his best player kevin love will be treade because he is too good player to stay with this awfull team .. and millicic ?? really?? auu mennn are you stupid ?? c-webb ?? jajajajaja ..pleasee !! kahn buy the next nba 2k11 maybe you have better luck and player movement .. ribio is not a superstart in the making and beasly is just another foward..

  5. ludacris says:

    C- Love
    PF- Beasley
    SF- Brewer
    SG- Wes Johnson/Webster
    PG- Flynn


  6. Tom says:

    I don’t know if i’d put too much hope in beasley. not when spoelstra constantly and by constantly i mean at least once a game…sometimes 2 or 3 times in a game, had to remind beasley his role on the team. like being in the paint for a defensive rebound…not near the half court line for a fast break. when a coach has to remind you what you’re on the court for every game especially on the NBA level…i don’t know. i just think he’s gonna be one of those players with a tremendous amount of potential to be great, but goes no where.

  7. geoff petrie says:

    kahn is stupid comparing milicic to webber..

  8. jax says:

    i think darko will have a solid year, nothing spectacular but solid. got a feeling he is just starting to get the hang of it. t wolves will be a train wreck tho

  9. ROBERT says:


    • Joe Turner says:

      Darko had a good stint at the end of last season with the wolves. Good enough that Rambis wanted him back. Evidently Gomes had a bad contract that was written when McHale was here that the wolves wanted to take off their books. Gomes was a standout guy and a decent player, but not the kind of player the wolves were looking for in their system. He was not very athletic. I don’t think Khan envisioned him fitting in with an up-tempo team catching alley oops from Rubio.

  10. John Bailey says:

    Darko should never ever be put in the same sentence as C-webb..

  11. skipper says:

    for me


    C – Milicic
    PF – Love
    SF – Beasley
    SG – Brewer
    PG – Ridnour

    w/ bench

    C – Pekovic
    PF – Tolliver
    SF – Johnson
    SG – Ellington
    PG – Telfair

    would be like the new jersey nets team last season. Full of Talent and good Prospects but hardly won 15 games. But with good management and coaching moves. They can be the next Thunders. If Beasley can show his true game, Scoring wise he can be a KD any night given. w/ Rubio and Flynn at guard position and w/ Hardworking Love at the post. If they can be intact 3-4 years. Look out.. most of this players are lottery picks if you notice. Before Thunder reaches the height that they are on today, they are also at the bottom of the standings just like Minnesota. Fun to watch this two teams 3-4 years from now.

    • los says:

      beasley be KD on any given night? thats crazy talk…. even if it is only scoring, KD is unstoppable every game, even in his rookie year he was a beast

  12. mike says:

    i agree wid the GM, this team is a potential championsip team just by adding beasley and getting rubio to play, they will have a PG-PF 1-2 punch which for me is one of the most formidable tandem in basket ball, talk about stockton and malone, payton and kemp, bibby and webber, williams and boozer, et al; the list just goes on and on add a powerful kevin love in the center, and a very athletic wes johnson in the wing, all they need is a pure shooter, like a mike miller or a mike dunleavy in the other wing and this team can reach milestones

    go wolves go

  13. biggbird says:

    not to seem silly, it may just be my interpretation of what’s written, but it would appear as though he’s suggesting that if down the track these players don’t pan out, then he’ll make “…a singular move rather than a series of moves”, as opposed to having one up his sleeve atm as the article would suggest. it’s semantics, i admit, but fairly important considering it changes the entire context of the situation.

    just my 2c!

    • tom verstreken says:

      exactly what i was tinking, hugely disappointed in sekou, you’re reading between the lines when there’s nothing there man.
      But he’s not the only fool here, i actually believed there was some interesting storie to tell about the timberwolves…

  14. Dongz23 says:

    All the players in the timberland are supporting cast only. Good supporting casts. All they need to have is a star or two then they will be fine.

  15. ddddd says:

    The funny thing is that the wolves are throwing all of their cards in waiting for Ricky Rubio to come stateside and save the day. How bout actually making moves that make sense so that Ricky Rubio would feel foolish for not coming stateside. At this rate I see him pulling a Fran Vasquez…. except for the fact that Orlando got good in spite of his refusal to come stateside. I hope for Kahn’s sake that Wes Johnson can carry his game over from the college level to the NBA level in as commanding of a fashion. That would be the only chance the wolves have.

  16. DieLawn says:

    I suggest that Khan trade Beasley, Darko, Brewer, Rubio, and Flynn for the Genesis Device.

  17. Joe Turner says:

    Khan didn’t acquire Marco Jaric…that was McHale. Khan’s first draft was 2009. You may remember he traded Mike Miller and Randy Foye (who didn’t work out so well in Washington) for the 5th pick…this was a great move. We got Rubio with that pick who will likely be in a wolves uniform next year. He has been developing on someone else’s dime over in Europe. He also picked Flynn and Wesley Johnson.

  18. JEREMY says:


  19. Jake says:

    Hey the Timberwolves might not be any better, but at least they have an updated players lounge!

    “Lets not mention me and Darko in the same sentence.” Ha ha ha.

  20. Bryan says:

    The wolves are horrible. The picks that Kahn makes are jokes. I think an average rube could make better draft choices. The wolves have passed on star players like Roy, Granger, Curry, Mayo and many more. The problem is putting the ball in the hoop. The wolves are coached by an amateur. He sets them up to run the triangle offense cause he used to be a Laker but if you are a historian of the game you will notice that the triangle offense was run to success by Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Hmm two all world 2 guards. You notice that on the Timberwolves staff? Kahn will be aretard and find another 3 and add them to our team and help further a logjam at every position.

    Heres an idea. Instead of gathering 3 players for your best player how about trading 2 or 3 of our mediocre players for a great player player.

    • Joe Turner says:

      Bryan, remember that Khan didn’t pass on Roy, Granger, or Mayo. That was when McHale had the job. In fact, other than drafting Garnett, McHale was terrible at selecting players. In my opinion, McHale destroyed this franchise. It is too early to tell what Khan’s moves will produce, but so far he has done a much better job in my opinion and in the opinion of many other wolves fans.

  21. Joe Turner says:

    I think it is very important for announcer or journalist to asking tough questions when appropriate, but Chris Weber was not professional, miss-interpreted what Khan was trying to say and then became defensive and immature. The interview never even mentioned the two Timberwolves draft picks. That may have been relevant given who you were interviewing and the fact that the interview was conducted during Summer League play. Weber seemed more interested in trying to make Khan look bad than conducting an interview. The clip above doesn’t even show the whole interview or how Weber taking shots at Khan in the pre-game.

  22. DrBrux says:

    Really? The last time I checked only five suit up at a time. A roster full of “potential” gets you no where when you have two and three guys splitting minutes at each position. Literally 2 and 3 per position. Milicic and Pekovic at the five. Telfair and Ridnour at the point (only because Flynn is injured). Hayward, Ellington, Brewer, Johnson, Webster, Beasley, and Tolliver fighting for minutes at the 2 and 3. Not forgetting that what minutes Beasley and Tolliver don’t get at the 3 they will take from Love at the 4. Contending teams have a few franchise players surrounded by very capable role players and backed up by a competitive bench. Below average starters fighting with backups for minutes will not be a recipe for success. Unless 3 or 4 players establish themselves as obviously superior to the guys behind them on the depth chart, AND they get the floor time that they deserve the timberwolves will be hoping to crack 20 wins again.

    • Joe Turner says:

      @DRBrux. When you are rebuilding and play in a market like Minnesota, I think it makes sense to fill your roster with young talent and have them compete for playing time. The timberwolves haven’t historically attracted many big name free agents so it seems to me they are trying to fill there roster with guys that have potential and work on developing those players. Playing time should be earned on any basketball team so guys who deserve minutes typically get them. Meanwhile, the wolves want to play up-temp so you need a few guys coming off the bench should be helpful.

      • DrBrux says:

        I disagree with the deserving players getting playing time. The stats from across last year show that Kevin Love was one of the best rebounders in the league (check the rebounds per 40min). On a team that struggled with everything why not play a fantastic rebounder, who has good passing skills and can spread the floor with a good outside jumper. It would seem like Love is the perfect forward for the triangle, and he reaffirmed his skills on the international level with his great play in limited minutes. When Kevin averages less than 30 minutes a game it calls into question the decision making of the management and coaching staff. If Kahn knew Jefferson was going to be traded this summer why not do it last year before the trade deadline and send him to a playoff hopeful for more than Kosta Koufos and a pair of Jazz draft which are worth very little. Plus trading Jefferson earlier would have given more minutes for Love to develop. I hope the long term plan is great because what I’ve seen recently has been disappointing.

      • Joe Turner says:

        @DrBrux. The reason Kevon Love did not get more minutes was because Al Jefferson played the same position and because he is terrible on defense. This is also the reason why he didn’t get much playing time on Team USA despite putting up huge point and rebound production and why he couldn’t play with with Al because then you have two terrible defenders on the floor at the same time. That being said…I am a Kevin Love fan. He has a lot of other skills and I’m glad the wolves have him.

        I don’t think Khan knew he would trade Jefferson and even if he did, you don’t reduce his playing time before you trade him. You play him as much as possible to help increase his trade value.