A.I. Headed To China?


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The silence speaks volumes about Allen Iverson‘s chances of ever wearing the jersey of any NBA team again.

Training camps open in less than two weeks and Iverson isn’t on anyone’s radar, according to his personal manager Gary Moore, who told the Associated Press:

“We’re very astonished, to say the least, that not one team has contacted us with any interest. I just don’t understand it … “What has Allen Iverson done to not warrant interest in him?”


The past few years — Denver, Detroit, Memphis and finally a return to Philadelphia, plus the off court drama — should provide all the context anyone needs when trying to figure out why there is so little interest in Iverson from NBA teams.

So now Iverson’s considering offers to play in China, where he’d join fellow NBA cast off Stephon Marbury in the professional ranks. Loyal fans of both players seem stunned at the lack of interest in either of these former NBA stars.

But it’s easy to understand from here.

Their time has passed in the NBA.

Fellas, it’s over.

There’s a new crop of young and dynamic point guards on the scene.

And if neither Iverson nor Marbury is interested in playing the role of aging mentor/safety valve, they need to pursue those interests in China.



  1. […] direct contrast to a similar poll was seen a month ago: When readers were asked to opine on whether Iverson should stay NBA-side, play in China or retire, a sliver under 50% advised A.I. to wait for a call from an American […]

  2. aries says:

    @Mr. Zzanzabar

    AI is not the same anymore and not at his prime before, includes the bad reputations and injuries. Everybody knows that, even a die hard fan of AI knows that, and even AI himself knows that. If the rumors that are the basis, AI is changing his mind, admitting that he is no place now in the NBA to consider the offers from China or Greece and worst to retire. Many people also saying what are the truth…is it your analysis is the truth? It is only your opinion and I’m sorry too to commend to your comments, because I find it exaggerated. But when a fan like me is getting hurt of this kind of write-ups to my idol, how about the feeling of people around him, how about the feelings of AI? It’s like a wounded man lying in the floor then someone put his foot on his chest.

    For me, Larry Brown loves to include AI in his roster but it is not Coach Brown will decide to sign AI, GM and President of a team has more power, in addition, last year they have financial constraint.
    Yes, as of now AI defense is his weakest point but not a player who don’t have defensive skills, basketball defense is a team effort, it is also not a secret AI’s number in steals plus the hustles, the pressures he gave to the opponent and the mental intimidation. All of those are the characters of a defensive player or a player who is trying very hard to contribute on defense.

  3. Lebron_8_rings says:

    Come on Z give A.I some more credit. where talking about one of the most prolific scorers of all time. lets judge him more for what he has done on the court and not his ego which i agree may get out of hand. but none the less he why cant he start for miami. Chalmers only averages 9 ppg iverson averaged 11ppg this year. Dont tell me he cant pass eitheir lol, he already knows he dosnt need to shoot the ball or carry the team. his assist over the years speak for itself and might i add when he originally was on philly.Correct if im wrong but i believe he cand just as much damage as Chalmers and definitly more than Eddie house. He only signed for $600,000 approx last year with philly. So clearly all he wants to do is play basketball,lets not be so hard on the guy. This year still voted to start in the all-star game so someone enjoys seeing him play lol. i think he needs to play for a contender with some help this time and not a team thats rebuilding. If not Miami I believe Jordan and Larry Brwon will pick up the phone.i gurantee you if not by all star break iverson is not signed. then by playoffs he will be pending on if hes still in shape and hasnt given up hope. i been following iverson for as long as we all. The guy still has some juice in the tank hes just that good. maybe not as great as he was but still better than alot of other talents we have in this league.

  4. Dwight Howard says:

    No to China, just retire.

  5. rann01 says:

    dont be silly people..Ai is the best 4 me..and one thing is 4 sure..he can prove his skills one more time after humiliating by other person who’s work is to do that..but i think let’s give him another chance..to get back his career, to build again his reputation and also to get back on his love..”playing basketball”

  6. AI MVP says:

    A.I. needs to play for the kings. Him and tyreke would be a great tandom. They need a veteran guard who is tough. Petrie pick him up!!

  7. Joe says:

    For some reason people like to act like Iverson always took 30 shots a game and never passed. I never understood that. When he had talent he passed. When he didn’t then yes he shot alot (but no more than Kobe). Webber got 20 shots a game playing with Iverson. Melo got 27 ppg playing with Iverson. You couldn’t win a title with AI as your best player, but he wasn’t selfish. What other superstar has 16 assists in a game 7?

  8. siri says:

    12/23/05, Allen Iverson with Philly put up 53 points in a game against Atlanta. I think Iverson should go where ever he wants to go. It’s his life. It’s his future. Right now US Basketball is as brutal as US football. Granger got his teeth accidently knocked out by Paul Pierce. Big Man Perkins for Celtics sidelined by Kobe and Bynum for the rest of the finals. They accidently body slamed him and put his legs out of commission. Had his knees all twisted. Really if your are at lightning speed, like Durant or jerky, like Collision, then you belong in the NBA. D. Howard accidently gave Glen Davis a concussion. Today Iverson needs to beef up. Get more muscle and weight or increase his speed. But at 160, six ft. plus he is too small for the NBA. His shots will get blocked everytime. And Howard and Lebron James will beat him off the dribble and probably injure him permantly. Let him go to China, if he wants. The men are lighter. He probably could teach the chinese some nice moves. If you not lightning quick, the average weight of the nba players push and box men out and body slam smaller opponents. I mean Cavaliers were body slaming Raja like a rag doll in the play offs. If the Cavaliers did that to Iverson, he would want to fight and disrupt the game. His fragile ribs might get broken. Hell I even seen Perkins put a hard foul on Pietrus ,2009 Eastern Conference. Iverson pound for pound was a legend in his day. But today men his weight must be quick. I remember one year I was playing some young lighter men on the play ground. They kept saying too quick. By time I got to the fourth quarter my legs felt like lead. And I couldn’t get my legs strength up to get good shot. Iverson get quicker like Durant, Collision, Westbrook or Curry or crafty like Nash or go to China, please

  9. Joe says:

    Iverson will only be good as a backup on a GOOD team. He’s only going to be a bench player if he truly knows the guy ahead of him is better. The bad thing is the GOOD teams are scared of him. Iverson still has a lot left in the tank. He could easily be the 21st century Microwave for a playoff team. Look at what he did against the Lakers a few months ago.

  10. BIGKL says:

    I think A.I. would be a good fit on a team that is looking to make a push in the playoffs. As long as he is willing to accept a role off the bench. I live in Atlanta and I am a Hawks fan and we would love his playoff experience and clutch performances at the end of games to take the pressure off joe johnson. Also since Jamal Crawford wants an extension and we might not be able to afford it he may be a good fit in the A…..

  11. kendell says:

    i hate that they say he cant play and he can he still the top guy ikno if you put him on a team i bet he will keep geting votes for the allstar game

  12. bryan says:

    AI needs too hang it up he’s washed up a has been that thinks he can start in the nba he doesnt play defence he has too dribble around on the court for 24 seaconds too put up a shot he doesnt know how too play in a system and he’s not a team player he mess up the pistons. with michael curr y who had no bussiness coaching a nba team.

  13. ai83 says:

    The place of Allen Iverson is still the NBA, not China.
    Some team should offer him a contract and it is a shame ment is happening to us, this is an insult to all fans.
    Listen to me Stern, you’re a hypocrite, you manipulate the general managers and the press.
    Iverson not China, it is time for him to return to the NBA, a future hall of fame can not be in free agency like Kevin Ollie man, What’s going on with Iverson?. There is a conspiracy against him , if any, and now more.
    Allen Iverson is still better than 90% of players in the league.
    Allen all your fans want your turn NBA, not China, you’re a superstar yet.


    his strength is wayyyyyy underestimated. any of u idiots relaise that his image looked bad ever since he went to detriot? and even then, he played awesomely. after 3 days in memphis, all he did in philly was assist and decently shoot. he didnt want to cause a scene and also make iggy look bad. he’d matured and he’s obviously not showing the 99% he’s still got left in the tank.

  15. marco says:

    I think many of you guys don’t have respect for someone who has always fought in his lifetime, on and off the court, and who’s now probably fighting against his own demons. Whatever it is, he deserves to be part of a nba team, not just because of what he gave but ’cause of what he still can show and teach. All those young and strong players you talk about, can only learn a life&basketball lesson from him. He might not have been a perfect citizen or the most unselfish of teammates, but he still is an example of courage,strenght,tenacity for the slums-suburbs-outskirts youth all across the world. It’s something to think about.

  16. nigel says:

    well i doh see why a.i is not on a nba team i kno he is a bit old but he got so much skills the nba under rates iverson in his whole career and time to show him some more respect am one of a.i number one fan and if his not on a nba team this season i wont support any nba team.

  17. Dongz23 says:

    “Only the strong will survive”
    Absolutely, but it seems lacking, lets make it this way
    And for sure thats not AI. . .lol. . . .

  18. ai83 says:

    It is a shame that Allen Iverson this team yet, he can still play at a high level in the league, neither China nor Europe, the place of Iverson is the NBA.
    Raptors, Knicks, Cavs, Nets, Timberwolves, Heat, Suns, Lakers … all these teams need to Iverson on the roster.
    Please, AI can still score 20 points and seven assists to not understand it, a future hall of fame still in free agency.
    Allen Iverson, the best player of all time pound for pound, 24 368 points and still without a team, the NBA of today is a shame Mr. Stern, Allen is an icon of the league, the NBA needs to Iverson.


  19. Jerry says:

    The fact of that matter is… no matter how you cut it up… if A.I had never left Philly in the first place a few years ago he’d still be a 25+ ppg 6+ apg guy. The sixers wouldn’t be much better but his career stats (already incredibly impressive) would be off the charts and the only thing we’d all be talkin about with him is when he’s gettin to 35,000 pts and who they could bring in to replace him when he retired. Let us not forget when he left Philly he was gettin 31+ ppg that season and had just come off 33 ppg the year before….. if it hadn’t been for Kobes crazy 35+ ppg A.I would have had his 5th scoring title w/ ease.

  20. INSAAANE says:


    Like I’ve said before, teams who are not gunning for playoff contention this season could make good use of Allen Iverson..

    Heck even good teams could make use of him; Utah?!

    Sign Allen Iverson! Most of us Enjoys watching an underdog than a 2x MVP who decided to move to someone else’s team instead of bringing people to his own…

  21. Benj says:

    I have been a basketball fan for a bout two years. I am British and have been trying my best to absorb any bit of basketball knowledge ever since I started watching and reading about baskteball. I have tried to watch as many games as I could, old and new. I have watched A.I in particular, mainly I think the fact that he is about 4 foot and still took the majority of the NBA’s giants to shcool appeals to the Britishness in me. Everyone likes an underdog.

    From what I have seen, admittedly from my poorly educated perspective is that he is still better than the majority of guards in terms all around play. He’s playing style is brutal on his smaller frame and it is obvious that he can no longer do what he used to be able to do due to his dwindling athleticism. Unfortunately, unlike larger players who tend to add bulk to their physique and use their experience to make up for their lack of quickness, A.I can’t grow any taller and to put on mass will just eliminate any pace he still has.

    Now to my long winded and possibly incredible Naive point, I think if A.I could change from being the 85 shots a game man he once was and concentrate on facilitating and being defensive he could run a number of teams in the NBA. Miami springs to mind, I know they are awash with ego’s already but I personally would still have him to adopt the facilitator role as he can dish just as well as any body and you would always be wary of living him open. I know Chalmers and Arroyo are solid but I would still have A.I, if he had a ‘pass first mentality’.

    In an ideal world, the last couple of years have dismantled that ego which once felt he was to big time for ‘practice’ and the toll his body has taken has told him that a change in style may be in order. I think A.I still could finish his career with the HOF finish he deserves. He won’t light it up as he did but he could certainly be a game changer. I think the dreamer in me does not want A.I to share the same fate as Stephon Marbury.

    I know that the majority of this post is based on wishful thinking but I suppose at this point, thats all we have. A.I shouldn’t go to China. It makes a mockery of what he has accompilished, in my eyes. He should have a retirment game, standing ovation, emotional overture, the works when he retires, not peddling his wares to various sub par teams in an effort to get a contract for the Veterans Minimum. I know he is largely to blame for a lot of the negativity surrounding him but I am surprised not one GM has had a go at sticking him on the roster.

    If you have bothered to read all this then thank you, you probably deserve a medal. Please let me know what you think as I know my point is not exactly bathed in logic or realism.

  22. Jeff says:

    Man Ai My Favorite Player My idea is for Ai 2 Retire With the heat i mean he will fit perfect in the startin Line Up PG.

  23. big AI Fan says:

    for me… allen iverson still can play… he definitely can play… he has talent, the ability, the toughness of a real nba star. i think if i am a owner of any nba teams out there.. definitely i would hire ALLEN IVERSON as one in teams roster… he can provide shots inside and out .. plus the fact he has the experience .. he is league mvp , an allstar , a being motivated person .. HE’s still “the answer” if i would pick any teams to put the name of ALLEN Iverson, the best team would be more likely will be Minnesotta, Clippers, Cleveland, or even LAKERS.. if iverson is on the Laker team he might be tremendous player playing along side Kobe… thats a great team… Who cares about that MIAME’s Big 3 anyway… if iverson would be on laker team playing at the point along side KOBE at 2 spot plus Artest at 3 and Pau at 4 and center Bynum.. thats a great starting 5… i guess… do you agree with me laker FAn??

  24. Nate says:

    keep playing if you want to AI its up to you not anyone else period its your life not ours

  25. andrew oliveros says:

    maybe better to go to the Philippines as an import..his talent is fit here.maybe he can get his championship here in Asia.

  26. aries says:

    Mr. Zzanzabar
    You are so unfair; I can’t believe it…
    Posting an analysis like this…

    According to you,
    “If Larry Brown, the ultimate in salvage (as in redeeming players) takes a pass, then who else would take a flyer on a player who has no defensive skills and requires 40 shots to make 25 points? It is time for A.I. to either hang it up or go international, but I fear that the ‘best pound for pound player in the NBA’ is done in the NBA.”

    Who says that the condition if AI sign for a team is to take 40 shots to make 25 points, you memory are still in the prime of AI, maybe you are a fan too. And no defensive skills, I have a question did you play basketball? Did you play in the NBA; to make a statement an NBA player has no defensive skills.

    It is right to say that AI is an aging one, AI has a bad image, Maybe AI is done… but AI deserves some respect and acknowledgment for what he done good things in the NBA.

    • Zzanzabar says:

      @ Aries

      I’m sorry if I gave the impression that I have no respect for A.I., because nothing could be more far from the truth. I think that he was (is) one of the most courageous NBA players to have ever played the game. His skills are legendary even if they have eroded somewhat as he grew older (after all that is true of every great player). I remember watching him almost single-handedly take his team into the finals against the Lakers and actually seemed to WILL his team to overcome what was clearly a superior team (even though they eventually lost that series).

      This particular article was about why he has not even been on the radar as a free agent, and I listed the reasons I thought this to be so. The 40 shots to 25 point ratio might have been a slight exaggeration (although I’m sure a 43% average is about right) in his later games, but it was intended to indicate his style of play more than anything else. As for defense, it is no secret that this is NOT A.I.’s strong point. I will admit that I had not considered Cleveland as a landing spot, but as I think of it I do not think Gilbert wants to increase his already sagging image as an owner who tends to bring in old’ past their prime players’ as a band-aid cure for what his team needs.

      I just don’t see owners and GM’s taking a chance on Iverson only to perhaps have that come back and bite them publicly in the butt. Maybe the best thing for Iverson to do is to wait the season out and see what shakes loose, but the last time that happened he simply quit the team for ‘personal reasons’

  27. Jacob says:


  28. André Alves says:

    A.I. the greatest i’ve seen ,i’m 16 , nowadays is other history , he will not be that good , but at least , he deserves our respect and motivation if his decision be come back , I’ll never question the answer!

  29. jonathan says:

    what yall dont understand (For those who think he should retire) is that when you love the game of basketballas much as he does, retirement is almost never an option. i mean we are talking about a guy that tried to change his style jus to fit in with the other great players from the league. if u think about it, when he was in denver he was the third highest scorer in the nba that season so no doubt in mine he can be the scorer that he was. Iverson should’ve played like the iverson i knew when he first have gotten to the league…either you win the championship as being you or you just dont win one plain and simple. Iverson cared what people thought about him and that was his downfall, but in my opinion if you love the game and no team wants you in the nba then go to china and play your heart out…

  30. The Greatest says:


  31. gold says:

    let AI play in the Philippines!

  32. money making mitch says:

    i think allen iverson should play ive watched him since i was little and im only 20 that is my favorite player the problem is people keep judging him from off the court instead of judging him being on the court. no body judged koby bryant off the court when he was accused of doing wrong and alot of these young point guards never accomplished what allen iverson did all i am saying is get off his back and let him play ball

  33. ATILA CARNEIRO from Brazil says:

    He should try to get back to the point guard position…

  34. Read this!!! says:

    If no NBA team wants to sign him, he has the right to do whatever he wants to. He deserves a spot on an NBA team. How come a team like the Cavs won’t give him a chance to play? Who else do they got at the shooting guard position? As I said, he has the right to do whatever he wants to do especially if the NBA is treating him like crap.

  35. Johnny says:

    I would prefer AI to retire from basketball. In China, he will not find what he wants to accomplish, Even if he keeps himself on the court, he could not create anymore exceptional thing, but embarrassment. Why not try to leave the court with little pride that he still has left in his fans.

  36. DieLawn says:

    The only thing missing from this discussion is one really big question: How much is AI asking for? I mean if he’s asking for anything more than the veterans minimum (seems likely he is) then it’s no wonder teams are passing on him. I’ve always loved watching Iverson play and there’s no doubt that he can fill seats for a franchise, but with his lack of commitment and willingness to take on a veterans role outside of the spotlight, well I can’t really blame anyone for staying away. So, Sekou Smith, why not finish framing this discussion and find out what Iverson wants for his veteran’s presence? This might help everyone understand why AI is getting a cold shoulder.

  37. Hot Dog mill says:

    In the last two years A.I has been bounced around too many times,prior to leaving the nba for personal reasons,he averaged 29,25.22.15 a game and before that 30 points a game,a scoring machine on offense,3-5 steals a game,he can still defend,plus he pushes the rock up the floor better than many point guards,with the right team,(BOSTON,LAKERS,ORLANDO,)A.I can finally win a championship,until then he should be comfortable coming off the bench,his numbers and points may still go down but AI in crunch time ,i beleive he can win games.NO CHINA,c’mon wait it out ,cause there are alot of teams that need help. p.s. put a gasol,odom,artest or a ray allen,rhondo,k.g or a bosh,wade,james on the same team with A.I GUARANTEED CHAMPIONSHIP just food for thought.

  38. ghing says:

    They should give A.I another shot.

  39. Big Phill says:

    The truth of the matter is….all the hate for Iverson has not come from the fans. If you want proof of that statement, then why is it that every year (including last year) he gets voting onto the all-star team. The fans Love A.I. The media and some clowns in suits have created this hatred towards A.I. People question his love for the game, but when he won Bronze for the USA, I rememebr them saying that he was one of the first to sign up to redeem The USA national team, but they showed him no love. I can name at least 6-7 teams that need him, and every team would be better with him on the roster. If he went to the HEAT….then they are all but guaranteed the championship. The Knicks could use him, and with Carmello trying to make his way there….thats another title contendor team in the making. I could give more examples, but I am sure you get the point. The bottom line is that this is a classic example of a player being black balled from the league, and I am about 75% sure that the “actual” reason has nothing to do with the sport itself.

  40. geop says:

    let AI play in phx they would score 200 per game lol… bt seriously he cn be b replacement 4 barbosa

  41. lil allen says:

    if allen leave the game i will be only

  42. iceman says:

    Let me say, I think A.I. is going striaght to the HOF when it’s all said and done, but he’s the reason why no teams are calling right now. Detroit, Memphis…….(and probably if it wasn’t for Lou Williams going down) Philly, he is NOT WILLING to accept a backup role. There’s no doubt that Iverson is arguably the toughest little guy to ever lace em up, and we would all be crazy to question his desire to win, but Iverson wants to win on HIS terms, and will not be moved on his stance. If he isn’t willing to compromise, then i’m sorry, but there’s no place for him in the NBA at this point in his career.

  43. lil allen says:

    I am a fan but also an idol for AI I was passionate about football since my birth with allen i become passionate about basketball I took you to must allen remains in the NBA because i want to see him every season

  44. Stan says:

    AI is better than half of some of these bums starting in this league. If any team had any type of IQ they’d use it and find a place for AI on their roster. I wish the Lakers had enough cap room, but wait didn’t Jerry Buss say he’ll pay any luxury tax in order to solidify a championship. AI on the already strengthened bench would shift the power back to L.A. as the favorites to win the title next year.

  45. D-Will says:

    AI can be a good back up if he leaves his ego in his house, if he want to be in the all-time greatest list he will talk with the Lakers or the Heat to win a title and then he should retire or be a ‘role player’ like James Posey with the youngs guns.

  46. Kevin says:

    China is the biggest basketball market beside USA, even though they did worth than Euro team. So to A.I., play in China means he can still have lots of fans and commercial relationship. In his age, he should consider about the passion to the basketball, he should concern about the perspective life.

  47. Dongz23 says:

    We kept on saying that Iverson should go to to NY, to Miami and etc. but the problem is this, “NO MORE TEAM IN THE NBA WOULD WANT TO GET HIS SERVICE”.
    AI still wants to play in the NBA for sure and his loyal fans would love it too. But how? HOW?
    Iverson’s FATE depends on the organization, owner and General Managers if they still have FAITH towards him.
    We can suggest but we cant control the game.

  48. Ida says:

    @ian I agree…The lakers should sign A.I…but I don’t know if that’s even possible since signing Matt Barnes. If that were to happen…Derek would have to come off the bench since A.I. wants to start…Its just hot air right now…but that would be sweet.

    ***Anyone saying AI is completely done is crazy 😀

  49. KAE says:

    A.I still got game in him left. Personally it would be nice to see him in a warriors uniform knowing how warriors can be injury prone and all.. plus he could be a solid back up behind Curry or Ellis. May be farfetched of course.

  50. Japheth Serafin says:

    I’d want AI to retire rather than play in other professional league. He is an NBA legend, even if he hasn’t won a ring, he is still one of the greatest persons to play the game. He must accept the fact.

  51. D says:

    He should try out for Orlando. That makes perfect sense. He could actually be their on-court leader in my opinion. He still has that quality.

  52. true baller says:


  53. Jay says:

    Miami Heat this is best time to give Allen Iverson a chance….. Please give them a chance… from Philippines NBA Fans…

  54. VA says:

    Never China, please. I wonder if the hypothesis of Stern trying to knock AI out of the league is true. Then, if the States cannot put up with Allen for all his straits, how could he be sincerely accepted by the people other than loyal fans in China anyway?

  55. Jay says:

    The best team for Allen Iverson for now is Miami Heat…. I think he can contribute the best role for the BIG 3 as a best point guard…

  56. Jon Linen says:

    This hurts to read, and even more to witness. Even though I understand everyones individual points of view its hard to see his career come to this. Any real fan of Iverson knows what i’m saying. It really hurts.

    If you never saw any of the playoff games that clearly showed his basketball I.Q. or saw him get up over and over again, then you wont understand. After routing for someone like him just once, you can’t not want to see him win before he leaves. I would hope he gets the chance, but all of you who are realist know its not a simple “I wanna see him play some more.”

    I tried to pattern my every step after that guy on the court, now reading this only makes me feel old(er) :-/

  57. Tom says:

    Ya’ll don’t understand…. Future HOF’s DON’T COME OFF THE BENCH. Hang it up AI. Don’t go to china unless you really need the money. You want to end your career getting scored on daily by chinamen? Just chill, play some dominoes or something. Sip an Old’E, light a blunt. Open a restaurant or a club, people always gotta eat.

  58. THE ANSWER says:

    Allen Iverson isn’t that old. If he needs to hang em up then so does brett favre who is in the nfl still. AI when he played I mean actually played this year, he did better than weak @$$ mike conley and louis williams. He can still ball. He’s rawww, but who cares about the NBA anyway. We all know (daveed sturn, didnt want to write his name) cheats the NBA anyway. Sacramento beat LA in the 2000 western conference finals. But if AI were to leave he should go to Europe or China and average like 50 points a game.

  59. Rick Barry says:

    If I was him I’d head to Greece. The best league in Europe where great NBA players have played at the end of their careers – Byron Scott, Dominique Wilkins and others such as Tarpley, MacDaniel, Eddie Johnson, Radja, Kukoc, Petrovic. Greek teams would be lining up for his services and he’d be treated like a God. It’s a simple choice.

  60. Bunbury says:

    The issue with AI is not whether he can play at good level or not. Memphis gave him that chance and what happended. Then the sixers gave him the chance and the same thing happened. He left before the season ended.

  61. wira says:

    A.I deserves a contract even though no team wants to give him one. A.I wherever u go your jersey will still sell! if u do came back to this season plz prove them wrong, bcoz u will always be an all star, a fan favourite!

  62. prodigy says:

    he should go to charlotte,ny,raptors,cleveland or the lakers,,,

    they all need a solid scorer,,,specially cleveland and raptors,,,
    lakers could need that extra scoring to have a better edge than miami…

  63. ddddd says:

    If Iverson could have enough influence around him, then he could work. The only place I could see that happening is in Boston. If Iverson got out of line in Boston, Rondo, Ray Allen, KG, Pierce, Shaq and Doc Rivers would seriously gang beat the guy until some sense got knocked into him. I don’t see it working in Miami. The Big 3 are awesome. I am not going to take that away from them, but they don’t have enough inner grit to make Iverson behave if Spo decides to start Chalmers or Arroyo over him. It might work in LA with Phil and Kobe, but there again… If Phil decides to start Derek Fisher over him, I dont think that Phil and Kobe are enough to gang beat some sense into the guy.
    When Iverson got to Detroit, he came to a team of integrating parts that lost its heart (Billups)… The team was built around team play and no showboating. Detroit tried to make it work with different combinations, but then figured out come playoff time that it was best to leave the whiner in Detroit to “rehab”…. or was it deal with the agony of the humbling aspect that he was no longer “the man.” He was the phillips screwdriver when what was needed was a flathead. He was the hole in the cup instead of the plug that was needed… enough metaphors….

    Now I will never question the guys heart. Pound for pound the guys got more heart than half the nba. I do understand the logic however of not trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Iverson is a steel square peg trying to make it into a league that commands moldable round pegs. Not gonna work like that until Iverson has some humble pie and enjoys it.

  64. K says:

    I fill he should go to a team like Mia, even if he doesnt start, he will find himself on the court during those clutch situations at end of some games.

  65. janski says:

    A.I should be given another chance in getting teams. But A.I needs to watch his attitude also..

  66. Goto Guy says:

    He should hang it up, he’s was once an elite player, it seems demeaning that he should play there. He must have save some dough so he can still live a normal life. The only reason to play there is his broke. He doesn’t need to become a sideshow and the only reason is that he’ll be a ticket draw. Hang it up proud, find another thing to do, initiate some clinics or something.

  67. camille says:

    AI is and always will be one of the BEST to ever hold a basketball!! I love him. period. However, I think his attitude got bigger than the game. He deserves another chance. His fans deserve to see him play. I would pay top dollar to see him. There are other guys in the league who are just holding down the bench with no talent whatsoever. Allen needs to humble himself and earn the spot He thinks He deserves, not just expect it to be his. A lot of players egos start with the media, most sports are a team, but the media hype up certain players and the fans get on it, Then the big egos start,so when it’s time to come down to earth most of these guys don’t remember how.. No matter what happens with AI, you can never deny his talent or the effect He has on his fans…I will always have love for Allen..

  68. patpat14 says:

    well, with all the said and done.. i think we as a fans must be happy to see our idol to play the ball in any league as long that they got the passion and desire.. he still the best pound for pound for basketball and we around the globe that love this game knew it.. for a.i be an insperation for everyone..

  69. Reco says:

    Someone sign him to a 10 day contract so he gets the send off/retirement he deserves.Real talk.

  70. Francesco says:


  71. dara says:

    whAT is the song in a.i 09-10 highlights?/

  72. IrvinFindlay says:

    NBA u should give A.I. want he f****** wants i men they’re still players who played about the same years as A.I. and starts older than him that are starters and still stars all he wants is to pick up where he left off n get a ring or 2! Even tho A.I. is my fav player he dont deserve to end is career like this he’s a star yall treat him like he wasn’t s***! knicks could use him they know it so these teams stop actin gay n put this star back where he belongs

  73. ai83 says:

    Iverson is still better than 80% of the guards in the league, he can still play at a high level. I find it amazing that no team is interested in him.
    Please Allen deserves respect, I do not understand as a future hall of fame has no team, is quite suspect, some team should give him a chance.
    Raptors, Cavs, Nets, Knicks, Heat, Suns, Philly, Bobcats …… please, all these teams need to Iverson on the roster.
    Allen your fans love you see in the NBA, not in China, you can still compete with the best.
    I just hope some NBA team to sign soon, not China, not Europe, your place is the NBA.

    Allen you are the best # 3

    Señor Stern Allen Iverson es un icono de la liga y del basket,la NBA necesita a Iverson.

  74. Sainaa says:

    I’m not a fan of Allen Iverson, but He is waaaay better than most NBA players now! This NBA managements and teams now getting boring for years, now more boring! AI’s only one failure is that he doesnt want to BENCH player! That’s why these teams are considering that about risk! But you know, Allen is not like others, he is the best smallest player ever! Don’t mention about China or Euro league, its too ridiculous!!!!

  75. blooody says:

    I just cant understand why cleveland didnt offered iverson a contract. They have only anthony parker on shooting guard position, delonte left, and they need one player to bi first option in clutch moments. Hickson,moon… are good players, but not clutch players.

    If they could return iverson from the best days, and im sure that he can still play on that level for some time,they would get a player of james quality, and return back the hype that surrounded cavs last couple of seasons. IMHO iverson in prime is even better than james. Too bad that his mental state isnt on the same level

    sorry for some mistakes in grammar (probably 😀 ) greetings from Zagreb,Croatia

  76. streetz says:

    too bad A.I. is what 35 now?? loved this guy.. im a fan.. and cant believe what happened this last years. hope he can find the way and be success again either in the NBA, China or anywhere.. hope the best for A.I. a great ponit guard or shooting guard what ever it is!

  77. Sainaa says:

    NO WAY!!! Allen Iverson is not Marbury! Allen Iverson is not T-Mac! He is former MVP! and multi score champions! Skills and age are not AI’s problem! He is a Legend! Why is that The Legend should go China League? Its ridiculous!
    The Answer is that he will play in NBA! No chance for CHINA sorry! Its crap league! even Euro League!

  78. ai is the man says:

    why doesn’t he join boston the retirement home of the nba, i hear they need a sg and a.i would fit perfectly as a role/ of the bench and plus boston will probebly sell the most tickects

  79. Hall of Fame Man says:

    I agree with Jalil. Iverson should go to a team where things could not get any worse for their position. I feel it is a very dumb decision by Cleveland to not A.I because they really need a few people to leave the whole is scoring that lebron left. Iverson might be old, but I think that Cleveland should at least give him a chance and give him a 1 year 1 million dollar contract to see what he has left. It’s not a lot of money and they will get a scoring punch. If he does good in Cleveland, than a lot of powerhouse teams like the Lakers, Miami, Hawks, will really be trying to get him next year in the 2011 free agency, and he could finally win the ring that he always wanted.

  80. Andre says:

    Maybe it is time for him to move on. But instead of China, his destination should be Europe.

  81. Milton says:

    Nao á ninguem melhor que iverson …. Allen iverson é uma referencia dentro de quadraa …. ele fas aqueles cross overs serem magicos …. Força Meu irmao Iverson

  82. Lakers fan says:

    yall r nuts best points gaurds are as follows 1.Chris Paul 2. Steven Nash 3. Deron Williams 4. Derrick Rose 5. Brandon Roy

  83. Banks says:

    *I mean off the bench hahaha

  84. linebacker0000 says:

    I can tell that alot of you people that are commenting have never played ” organized competitive sports.” It’s not just about age and physicality.

  85. Banks says:

    I mean, Iverson obviously can still play a support role, my problem is the kid ain’t making press conferences saying that “he is willing to play a back up role”. Because think about it, Gary Payton was thought to “just hang it up”…..but he accepted a semi-backup role in miami and won a championship after many years of searching. Iverson needs to grow up, and just announce to the world he is willin to be a backup playin and help WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP no matter what. Iverson will get good minutes off the bitch, and probably great minutes down the stretch….he just doesnt realize this…

  86. usofal says:

    the leauge is wrong all 30 teams for not even considering bringin the best smallest man in the leauge ever to their team well i wont say all 30 maybe 26 evryone excluding miami which i would love to see him there but i understand why they wouldnt, boston, orlando, and lakers, everbody besides those four teams will be playin catch up for the next five to six years, cause lets face it lebron and wade throw in chris bosh if u want, those 2 alone is better than michael and scottie easy mike is still the best and will remain so unless kobe get 7 and lookin an what bron did he wont even get 6 scottie was my dude but bron and wade better than he is, but someone commented b4 bout what allen has been to this leauge and including everything good or bad he was great 2 watch he made millions of people change their perception of him by what he brought 2 the court and everynight, some people leave the league and we dont even noticed my dude allen aint that guy hes definately a huge reason the league is what it is today and him leavin now even after 14 years leaves a big hole of greatest players in the league, hes just one of those guys even if u dont like him hes still due much respect and love, for what he has been, and will be probally since mike the second time the most missed in this leauge so wit dat said someone give a shot

  87. Persian says:

    A.I my love in basketball,sixers, and you started when i saw your game in playoffs, the game against the Bucks you scored 43 i think and drop down 6 three’s. i think moving from sixers to nuggets was wrong but i hope someday you go back to your own team sixers …. you are the best Allen …hope you to play in NBA again. hope to play in sixers again:-(

  88. Jam says:

    I really do not understand this future oriented minds of Nba teams. Don’t get me wrong, of course it is important to make moves for a better future. But most of the teams are wasting their “today” for a bright future that never comes. I mean what harm would there be of spending 1 million dollars on a player that changed the face of NBA forever. And there is this chemistry thing. As if all the teams have that warm friendship that can elavate their teams, so they cant risk giving a jersey to one of the greatest scorers of all time? He has ups and downs just like any other player on the court. But those “ups” are still UP above most of the pointguards (including the young players that would be lucky if they can achieve half of AI has achieved during his career such as Jennings). Selling loads of tickets, gaining 20+ points ( if he has enough mins) or 15+ ( if he comes off the bench), a hand that never shakes for a buzzerbeater, a competitive soul, experience of years, steals, fastbreaks, halley -hoops, killing crossovers, a heart of a true champion. ALL for 1 million dollars of cap space! Can you tell me that it wont be worth trying?
    Even if things dont work out, you just need to add 1 year for your master plan of the looooooonnggg term plans for that bright future. Am i not right?

  89. playtime says:

    He should learn how to become a BENCH SCORER or at least be a helpful teammate in terms of DEFENSE (which is not his specialty) before any NBA team wants to gamble and sign him in to a one year contract.
    Retiring from Basketball might be his best option and devote the remaining time of his life to the children, helping community, establishing businesses and to accomodate people searching for jobs.

    Jason Kidd, Grant Hill, and Steve Nash proves it possible to play at the highest level despite their age.

    T-Mac believes he can be the next Grant Hill or STAT (that comes off from a microfracture surgery and play at the same level before their injuries). Piston believes T-Mac can still do something, so they gambled since he is only 30 years old.

  90. Jalil Phillips says:

    Guys, Allen Iverson is a solid player with no sign that his skills have diminished. Lets be real, the years with detroit and memphis really wasnt Allen’s fault. Detroit didnt know what to do with his scoring potential in that spread offense and Memphis wanted Conley to start over him. He isnt as fast as he used to be but his speed and playmaking is too useful for China. I surprised that the Knicks or the Cavs havent thought about him so far because they have absolutely nothing to lose. AI KNOWS HE CANT BE THE NUMBER ONE GUY ANYMORE. YES HE KNOWS PEOPLE. He just doesnt wana be sent to the bench when he is better than the person who is starting. If he was on the lakers or boston, he wouldnt argue about starting. NBA teams should give this guy a training camp to see if he is in shape and see what he brings in their practices. Allen Iverson is always gona be my favorite player whether he is here or not. He just has to realize that people already respect his talent although he may not start for a team anymore. If a coach could get AI to come off the bench then they would jump at him but the question lays in how many minutes he will take from younger prospects. Any team interested in winning before developing will at least compare AI to their roster players today. AI should be more accepting of a lesser role because his fans, me, will love him whether he scores 35 or 12 pts.

  91. georgej says:

    Sekou, it win’t even about that my man. it’s about how the NBA treats its stars. It’s about what David Stern has done to the NBA and how he turned it into a corporation disrespecting its workers and the game itself even. Might as well drop the word “basketball” from the NBA. A.I. brought millions of fans into the stands and made this league billions of dollars and will keep making the league billions more long after he has retired because his fans were the little 8 year olds who will be watching for another 60-70 years. I just watched the video in the article about Riley-Van Gundy an how Bosh, Wade and james talked about family. The NBA ain’t no family, bro. Family will be with you in sickness and in health. The NBA is just abusiness. They will use you and abuse you until there is no use for you no more and then throw you out on the streets. Now, in AI’s case it will be in his million dollar mension since he got paid hansomely, but they cannot disrespect the man’s legacy that way. He needs to end hos career on his own terms and you cannot tell m that there isn;t a team out there that could use his help. None? Out of 30? Half of them finished below .500 last season. Really? None? No place for one of the league’s top scorers and all time greats.

  92. Russel says:

    I am a fan of AI’s talent, basketball skills etc. But not a fan of his attitude. I think it was his attitude that put him in this situation. So watch out Rondo!

  93. Michael says:

    Please someone anyone give allen iverson a chance u are my number one player A.I. that will never change no matter who comes into the league

  94. J Cartier says:

    I think Miami for one would benefit from Iverson coming off the bench , really what do they have to actually make a championship run , three players ? Do they really have a solid bench , what ALL NBA championship teams have ?
    I think the game of blacklisting certain players has gone too far.

    Iverson isn’t washed up , the NBA collectively is about to be because of its treatment of the players who sold the tickets , while I am sure that with Bosh , Lebron and Wade , Miami isn’t worried about not selling tickets , but again , backup is always nice in case one of the BIG THREE goes down with an injury.

    I’m sure with the abundance of star talent and ego’s on the Heat already , that Iverson isn’t about to get star treatment anyway.

  95. vaughn fernandez says:

    A.I. was a victim of politics…

    signing AI as a Basketball Decision is a smart business…hes a great competitor, plays even when hes hurt, hes cheap now, he sells jersey,can give the fans some ooohhs and aaahhs, another all star 4 a team and fills the basketball arena. but if teams general managers, team owners, team pres of basketball operations talk to other owners, pres. of basketball operations, gen mangers bout whether to sign him or not .. hmmn dats not smart business coz ur decision would be based on the influence of other team owners and other ops people…now thats POLITICS!

  96. vaughn fernandez says:

    A.I. was a victim of politics…

    signing AI as a Basketball Decision is a smart business…hes a great competitor, plays even when hes hurt, hes cheap now, he sells jersey,can give the fans some ooohhs and aaahhs, another all star 4 a team and fills the basketball arena. but if teams general managers, team owners, team pres of basketball operations talk to other owners, pres. of basketball operations, gen mangers bout whether to sign him or not .. hmmn dats not smart business coz ur decision would be based on the influence of other team owners and other ops people…now thats POLITICS!

  97. Legim says:

    Yep A.I. is still good, but it’s his commitment to his team that’s being questioned here. I would love to see him still play in the NBA. But it is his doing that he has been shunned by the NBA. I loved that he didn’t conform, stayed true to himself, rows, tats, thuggin’ and all. I have rooted for him since he set foot in the NBA. I hope he does get an offer to play in the NBA again, and settles in a more mature role in a team, and when he gets the PT just rip it up and show what he’s still capable of doing. Damn, I miss him in NBA 2K10.

  98. Nizzio says:

    I think Iverson would fit perfectly in New York. They need some scoring there other than Amare Stoudemire. He could start as shooting guard and score very easily in Mike D’Antoni’s system. He is also an excellent passer, which would benefit Stoudemire’s game. Allen Iverson is not as good as he was in his Philly days, but the dude can still score. He could start as a combo guard with Raymond Felton. Galinari at the small, Randolph at power. Chandler would be the 6th man off the bench, of course. New York has money and I’m sure Iverson would play for minimum salary. Not only will the fans be very happy and practically every game will be sold out, the Knicks will be a playoff contender and could possibly head to the 2nd round!

  99. Jacob says:

    i say he should go to the heat and put himself together.

  100. Casper says:

    Ps. AI, i wish you the best!! You have given me and others the game of basketball!

  101. Toto says:

    I believe that a great player like A.I should be here and nowhere else . He is not the best teamate everybody knows it but I do not think that he is the worse either. Just out of respect for what he has done for the game of basketball he deserves another chance. In top of that, just like mentioned by someone earlier that A.I. had gone through injuries and family troubles. I believe that we still have players in the NBA that are not as athletic and motivated as he is. I hope an NBA team should step up and give the guy another chance. At the same time, A.I. needs to commit himself more and go with the role that will be assigned to him. Just play team ball. Any team has need for someone like him especially those contenders that need a scorer from the bench to safeguard a lead. A.I. I wish luck my man.

  102. Casper says:

    Some of you who have comment on this article, clearly haven’t seen a sixers game lately(in his return). His season high for shorts last season was 18 (2 Times)… Not 40! He has changed a lot over the years, but the return to sixers talk the most. E.g. one game in the first half, he didn’t take one look at the basket! Not one!!! So no doubt that he is become a team player!! He knows, his game isn’t same, but he can still make the big man better and put up 13 to 20 point per game(and some games even put the team on his back(Sixers vs, Lakers)). So when the fat lady sings at the end of the day. He will be in the NBA (that’s a no brainer). The teams just need to figure out who he is and not who he was!! Injury is the key word. A few teams have only 2 point guards(sixers + few others) and if a injury appear… Who to call?? AI? Or who else???


  103. IanC says:

    AI you’re too good to play in China. you’re too good to be unwanted

  104. Astrid says:

    Damn, anyone know the song in the first video (2009-2010 Allen Iverson Highlights)?

  105. IDOT says:

    The Bobcats should sign him to a nonguaranteed deal. If he starts acting up they can simply cut him and it won’t hurt their salary cap since MJ is penny pinching. But come on, he signs Kwame Brown, Darius Miles, and could be signing Antoine Walker, but he won’t sign AI. Come on man.

  106. de Nasty says:

    i am really mind boggled and have no understanding for why the cavs don’t offer a contract….they have NOTHING to lose, he’ll fill seats in the stands, and will give the heartbroken cleveland fans something to cheer for

  107. syrymflash says:

    Plz A.I. don’t go to play in China; it will just destroy your reputation of one of the greatest.
    Don’t do it !!!
    Either NBA or Retirement.

  108. Shay says:

    Great player, regardless of what he has become now. Gonna miss u AI! Good Luck

  109. IanC says:

    for me, AI is still the best. AI dont go to china i know a team in the NBA will sign you. if not then just hang em up. i know you can still play like when you were younger if they just give you a chance. just dont go to China. if you get signed in a NBA team prove all the doubters that they are wrong. You are born to play in the NBA. i believe in you

  110. IDOT says:

    I’ve been a AI fan since 97. This dude is pound for pound. We all know about AI’s issues off the court but he has matured. When he re-signed with the 76ers he was passing the ball more than he was scoring. I agree with Sammy the Bobcats should pick him up. Larry Brown is the only one who can get through to him. Jordan signed Kwame Brown and Darius Miles. Plus I heard he might sign Antoine Walker. If he can sign them, he should give AI a chance. MJ still holds a grudge from when AI crossed him up. I wouldn’t mind seeing AI and Stephen Jackson playing together.

  111. aleksan says:

    I think its time to start the campaign: “AI TO RAPTORS”

    Come on everybody, join me on this. The raptors dont have true point guards, they are missing veterans and a go to guy. AI would thrive and finally give the raptors some kind of swagger. Losing bosh was a huge blow, but, some nice additions have been made in the off season, however, no true leaders or veterans have been added to the roster.

    Bring AI to the Raptors, he still has a little left in the tank and would allow the maturation of young fresh players. Toronto can have a fast paced game in the style of the d’Antoni suns of the past.


    • aleksan says:

      Sorry, I meant they do have sharing point guards not score first point guards, so it would work out perfectly!

  112. schelsko says:

    I would normally be the first one to champion the cause of a player that obviously still has game. The guy is/was an icon. The only thing that you need to know about me is that I live in Michigan and have been a Pistons fan since I was just a wee little fella.

    Let’s look at his most recent stops
    1)The guy flopped in Detroit. A solid franchise known for winning with defnse and team play. The answer couldn’t handle being a part of an ensemble cast that had been making deep playoff runs for years.

    2)AI couldn’t make it work in Memphis. I guess a team with a lot of young talent isn’t a good fit either.

    3) Philly home sweet home. The guy said all of the right things but couldn’t produce on the court. Eventually he leaves for personal reasons.

    Who wants to be the next team to give him a try?…… No one? I completely agree with his agent, it is astonshing.

    I guess a guy who’s all about himself, isn’t committed enough to PRACTICE, that has lost a step, and carries a ton of of court baggage might not be a good fit. Oh yeah and he’s undersized, doesn’t have a true position. The one position he could play is PG but unfortunately most coaches want their PG’s to be leaders.

    AI had a remarkable career and proved a lot of haters wrong along the way. But…take a deep breath….It’s over., atleast in the NBA.

  113. Cody says:

    I will not be watching ANY NBA games this year if this man is not in an NBA uniform.. This is sad. He said he is willing to accept any role on any team that wants him.. ANY role includes BENCH roles. Why do people assume he isn’t open to that? If the player ahead of him is better (unlike Mike Connley in Memphis) I think he’d accept it. But he’s not going to sit behind someone he’s better than.. No one in the NBA would. I think he just wants to play ball.. let the man play and cut him if it doesn’t work out. But don’t just outlaw him from the league when he MADE this league what it is today. After MJ left it wasn’t Kobe, or LeBron, or Shaq.. but it was a 6 ft 165 lb man among giants that made this league exciting. He was different from the players who conformed and represented a whole generation.. He is the reason I started watching NBA on a regular basic, bought league pass and went to games. If they are going to treat him this way then the NBA WILL lose a fan. Let him end his career the right way… he at least deserves that.

  114. Dale says:

    A.I. is by any measure still an incredibly good player who would add depth to any team. The greatest point guard ever was John Stockton, who played to age 40 and stayed at the top of his game. I would love to see A.I. picked up by an emerging team for his experience and what he could teach a young starter. Coming off the bench is often better than starting, especially when a team needs to pick it up and get going. He was a punk kid but matured into a pretty decent guy and has a lot to offer both on and off the court. He has certainly earned respect.

  115. Profsimard says:

    Look guys, old big men like Shaq or Sheed can contribute till late 30’s with size and 5 fouls and maybe some lane presence.

    Now aging selfish point guards who made their money based on speed and ball hogging cannot live long in this league. They’re like cute chicks who never worked and some day realize that they’re not cute anymore and turn sour. Iverson is the same kind of short vision fool who taught his gifts were timeless and that He was the center of earth forever: Well… here is Slim Shady for ya: “SNAP! back to reality…oupss! There goes gravity…”

    Iverson has no real basketball I.Q. and has lost is athletic edge…what can U do?

    Allen, please go torch some chinese kids as you still have time like Marbury who is trying to figure out what the word business means as He cannot multiply 2×2 without jamming is personal RAM in his weak brain.

    A.I. is just another headless athletic freak who aged badly and this is more sad than anything else. All China needs right now is Steve Francis to join Marbury and A.I in a historic nobrain-hogging contest for a bag of rice. China could do what it does best: Copy. (The heat with their own big three).

    This has nothing to do with a Nash, Stockton or Billups who are chess players and their IQ makes it possible for them to last…

    Get real folks! A.I. has lost his fooling powers and will soon lose his Jersey selling powers as well…

    Tell him to call Toine Walker to learn some more about historic stupidity…

    • BOB says:

      this is so funny, yet so true. what a wise man you are!

      • Wagga21 says:

        Are you serious..
        He made the all star team this year.. in what 34 appearances.. get real.

      • ju ju says:

        His basketball IQ os low? Okay, who was the last player to lead the 76ers to the finals?? Allen Iverson was the superstar face of that franchise and when he left there he played great at denver, while for some reason, his playing time was being cut a little bit more, season by season in his 2 and a half seasons there. Then he never played a whole season with any of the three teams he played with after Denver. His minutes were SIGNIFICANTLY cut. He wasnt given a chance. His playing time was cut for no apparent reason. He struggled with injuries but thats no reason to disregard him like he wasnt the best player in the NBA for years.

  116. Matt says:

    You know its not even about his style of play being detrimental to most teams this day. The problem i have with this whole situation is the lack of respect he is getting granted he did some of it to himself however iverson made the nba popular again. During his era he did things for the youth, highlighted a move and made it popular. Lets not even get into the stats he put up for someone his size and weight. Thisis so disrespectful how soon many forget what he has done for the league.

    • ju ju says:

      the NBA and many fans have been very disrespectful to the fact that AI is one of the best to ever play the game of basketball. Definetly the best ever for his size.

      My question is If Ray allen is allowed to run around and jack up threes every game, while mabye shooting good in one out of 6 or 7 games, then why cant Iverson play on a team and get 30 minutes of play shooting 40 to 50 percent?? If Kobe can play alomost every minute of every game, and shoot 45 percent while taking 40 to 50 shots per game, then why is Iverson shunned for shooting pretty much the same percentage?? Why doesn everybody think that Iverson cant pass?? Every highlight reel that i’ve seen of Iverson has at least three sweet assists on it. He is a producer, whether hes moving the ball around or shooting the ball. The idea that he cant contribute anymore doesnt make sense. The NBA and the teams in the NBA are wrong for treating Iverson the way they have over the past 2 years, and if he doesnt get picked up by a team this year, it would be downright dispespectful and a complete shame. Whay is the NBA putting a premature lid on the end of a SUPERSTAR player in the twighlight of his career?

  117. Nelson says:

    Please check it carefully.
    He took around 10~12 shots in last season and got average 13+ points.
    In Denver, he took around 18~19 shots per game and got average 26.4 points.
    He just needs a chance.
    He still has the ability.

    • ju ju says:

      EXACTLY!!!!!!! Why doesn’t ANYBODY else see this. It’s soooo OBVIOUS. His numbers dropped when his minutes dropped!!!

  118. Sammy says:

    Send him to Charlotte, they don’t have a decent point guard since Felton went to N.Y.

  119. Olu says:

    Sad! Sad! Sad!
    this goes to show that you need more than talent in this world. I love AI, the man has got heart! (maybe too much heart). I hope he gets to play in the NBA next season but nobody wants to risk distrupting team chenistry.
    Hey BOSTON, why not? if you can take the big TURNCOAT why not AI?

    • ju ju says:

      Boston has no need for a shooting guard or a point guard for that matter. AI need to go somewhere that DESPERATELY needs a scorer. Places like Toronto, and Cleveland would be a good fit. I also wouldn’t mind seeing him in NY with Amare otherwise Amare’s gunna break both his knees trying to cary that mediocre Knicks squad.

      • BOB says:

        I’m a boston fan, and i was annoyed when i heard they signed shaq, he could clash with any player at any point knowing his ego! and they don’t want another washed up player like iverson, the celtics have class, why would they sign AI? ray allen, paul pierce, rondo, nate robinson, KG, these players can all score the ball very well, why would the C’s need another scorer? I have nothing against Iverson, i just don’t want him in Boston thankyou.

      • ju ju says:

        @BOB I’m also a Boston fan and i’m not too upset about shaq because if you go back and look at this years Finals, the missing link was size and now the Celts have it. I agree with you that we dont need AI but i dont think its fair to call him washed up and implay that the Celtics are too classy for him. Allen Iverson has consistently done great things on the court throughout his career and then his numbers were cut in half when his minutes were cut in half. I think that a player as good as Iverson deserves better than that, practice or not.

  120. Malhar says:

    I seriously think he should wait around eve at 35 he can still drop 15 a game and SERIOUSLY should be looked at by the raptors or cavs both have major problems and a 1 year contract is really all that is needed. And 40 shots for 25 points? Ok he is about a career 43% shooter. That isn’t the best fg% out there but for scoring a 27ppg for his CAREER that is very good. He should just wait until some team actually realizes he can score and will sign him.

  121. codyweeks23 says:

    i think a.i. should stay in the nba.i think he is 2 in love with the nba and personally i think the nba would’nt b the same without him.he has spent his entire career trying 2 get the trophy and y stop know.and honestly which team would not want him rite know.he could probaby start on almost ant team as either point or shooting guard.and i think every team could use him.

  122. rusty shackleford says:

    He’d have a job in the NBA if he wasn’t such a friggen drama queen. Accept your role, make some money and come off a bench and help a contender.

  123. Omar says:

    Jere : I think i agree with your comment the most.

    I never saw him at his prime, but Iverson was ‘amazing’ (as one commentator put it), and he wears his heart on his sleeve – up front and frank. I just love him.

    I want to see him play again, live in the NBA. I would stay up any night until 3-4 am in europe to watch him live.
    I would buy tickets to take my kids see him in Europe, but China is too far away!

  124. INSAAANE says:

    What?! Are you saying that there’s no room or use for Allen Iverson in the NBA? It’s retarded. Teams who are not hoping for a playoff spot this season could pretty much use him to sell Jerseys and Tickets. He’s still one of the most popular player in the NBA and teams should give more interest to AI than TMAC….

  125. piguren says:

    go to heats, boston or mayb piston with tmac is also way better than china…

  126. juan carlos says:


  127. Christopher Littleton says:

    Iverson Is Still A Solid Player

  128. juan carlos says:


  129. Lyman says:

    I want to c A.I. Play in the NBA 1 more time

  130. Jere says:

    He still is (and probably will remain for some time) the most amazing player I have ever seen on the basketball court. No way he deserved treatment such as this but I guess all those enemies he acquired during his years of being everything other than League wanted him to be finally caught up with him. It’s a shame because he still had 3-4 years in his tank for us to enjoy in his game.

  131. Snika says:

    I disagree… wait it out, an NBA team will call. Just like Memphis did last year, and the 76ers towards the end of the season. Wait it out… a team with an obvious need for scoring will call his number after the season gets started. I understand why teams aren’t calling now. All teams are trying to build for the future, or avoid bad team chemistry. Once there is a team that doesn’t have focus, no team chemistry, or loses a couple players to injury: AI will be there. He will still fill up the seats. He is still an incredibly emotional player that wants to win. He is still highly offensively talented. And now, after an incredibly humbling 2 years, he will sit in the back seat.

    Teams like the Spurs, Bobcats, or Knicks could use some extra scoring punch and might be able to convince him to come off the bench. Teams like the Cavs, Raptors, and Timberwolves aren’t exactly moving up in the rankings quickly… I would think a $1 million dollar pro-rated investment in this guy would be worth it in the short term. But still, they won’t call him until the season starts and things aren’t going well. So AI, please don’t go to China… just wait it out.

  132. LALAR says:

    China? No way, he should retire if he is not in NBA, no China, its crap league! He shouldn’t contract with Memphis last year! His Detroid Pistons nightmare wasn’t for Allen Iverson’s bad play, because it’s BAD team! And then Memphis Grizzlies, of course Memphis is not playoff team and plus, coach wasn’t fit for AI! Sixers? its not his great Sixers now, crap head coach and of course again, not playoff crap team! PLUS! Allen is LAZY man! There are still great 34 year old players in NBA! AI could but they think he is not! So AI can show them what he could or if he can not, he should Retire! No Chinese league!

  133. riley says:

    It’s unfair how everyone says A.I. should retire. I mean T-Mac gets another chance to proove himself. Why not Iverson? That’s just me though. I know iverson is a headache for past teams but he led the sixers to finals. Instead of being the go-2 guy now he can be an awesome role player… -Riley

    • rocketfan_believeit or not says:

      That is the problem Riley, T-Mac and A.I. are still great scorers, there is no doubt in that statement, but they do not need to prove themselves, they are future hall of famers already, they need to prove they can be mature enough to help a team and stop wanting to be THE MAN, as they once were and still want to be. If they can handle the truth (and not Paul Pierce) they will retire decently playing for a team that needs some scoring on the board.

      • Nate says:

        Future Hall of Famers???? LOL!!! Maybe A.I. but not T-Mac. No disrespect to T-Mac, he was a scoring machine in his prime but besides that, he hasn’t done anything to be a valid Hall of Fame candidate. At least A.I. won playoff games and went to the Finals. Plus he is the toughest little guy to ever play the game.

      • Teodosic says:

        Maybe AI should play like Jason Kidd. I mean, as a leader. A good leader don’t need to score or anything. It’s just he’s there for to inspire and guide his teammamtes.

      • Wagga21 says:

        A.I, future hall of famer – yes
        TMAC, nah.

    • daez says:

      The thing is Riley, he had a chance. He’s had many chances. Denver, Detroit, Memphis, Philly again. Nothing worked out. Remember when the Grizzlies signed him, and at the big press conference he said that he wanted to help the team and do whatever it takes. How long did that last until he got fed up with the bench role and opted out? Not too long huh.. I guess it would be nice if the right situation came along and someone gave him another chance. Sad reality is, it’s just not going to happen.

  134. March King says:

    AI is still good, i think he can still compete with the best. what he needs to have is just a change in attitude and uplift his own spirit and game. I still believe in you Allen Iverson!!!

    • daez says:

      That’s true. But it’s not going to happen. He wants to be the leader of the team, he wont take a role less than a starter.

  135. ian says:

    Lakers can you offer allen iverson to be your back up point guard?

    • MIAMI SUCKS says:

      Hell no!!!!!! Are you crazy!!!! We dont need A.I Send him to Miami. He would be a better point guard than anyone they have now.

      • ju ju says:

        like!!, AI would make a great addition to the Miami All Star Team!!

      • daez says:

        No he wouldn’t, keep him out of Miami. Iverson isn’t a point guard, he’s a shooting guard. He can play PG, but he isn’t a natural PG. If he joins Miami, they still wouldn’t have a pure point guard, and Iverson would just take some of Wade’s minutes. But if Riley wants Miami to lose and be the laughing stock of the NBA, like every other NBA team is hoping (mainly the Cavs) then be my guest, sign. Otherwise, don’t be stupid.

  136. brad says:

    AI can still play in the NBA no question, he is still one of the best scorers out there. All he needs to do is become more of a team player, he was used to having it all on his shoulders back when he was with the Phillys for the first time.

    • Thanxamill says:

      I agree Brad im not an iverson fan but it seems just because u get traded a few times and iverson on Denver didnt work ppl begin to doubt your skills. Denver was a bad fit. I think more than anything else ppl(NBA)are not a fan of his style of play(one on one ball). His skills are there. The game has evolved so much that his style of play has been outlawed.Even players such as Durant who led the league in scoring is still a willing passer. If A.I would have allowed himself to be a passer more than a scorer his career would have lasted much longer. He can beat anyone off the dribble and he is a good passer. Iverson could have easily averaged 20 and 10 instead of 30 and 4. But then again he was on Philly which had no real talent. But A.I if your reading change YOUR GAME and you could be frightening. If i was the Bobcatz,Raptors or Knicks id give him a shot. I would put a clause in his one year deal. Any off court distractions and you forfeit half your pay. This iz Thanxamill dueces

      • old school says:

        CHANGE YOUR GAME?!?! IVERSON A WILLING PASSER?!?! That’s like asking the man to show up for practice or have him attempt to put down the alcohol and have some resemblance of a positive role model. All of which would never happen.

      • ju ju says:

        @old school, dude i dont know what AI did to you to have all this hate and keep calling him an alcoholic and blah blah blah. Every player is a human being, capable of making mistakes. Kobe is a Rapist, Jordan gambled so much that his dad got murdered, Arenas and delonte west are the gun toting players. Numerous player are known potheads. But AI gambles a lil bit and drinks a lil bit (when he gets benched, for no apparent reason except for “practice”) and he’s the worst thing to ever happen to basketball. Before you bash AI with some BS comment, just look at his career stats. Look where they drop, and then look at his minutes per game. Wow, it must be some kind of freak occurance that they both dropped right around the same time. Is it surprising that he couldnt score as much when he didn’t play as much?

        After you look at that, compare the career FG percentages of Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant. Not that much different, is it?? So why is AI such a bad shooter and a ballhog?? Kobe does the same thing as AI he just has a better team. But Kobe is considered the God of the NBA and hes only 3 years younger than AI. But AI has this label as uncoachable, and washed up and blah blah but the only reason he cand produce like he used to is because he isnt given the chance to. So next time you are gunna spout off some bs, look at the circumsances of why AI hasnt been able to do what he used to. It’s obvious that he just hasnt had the opportunity.

  137. Brandon says:

    A.I. you have done alot in your career, just hang em up. Your fans want you to and maybe your colleagues do too. No matter what anybody say from your rookie year up till your stint in Denver, you are one of the best, what you did at your size is something most players can’t do. The NBA doesn’t deserve anything else out of you. Screw Lebron, Kobe, Dwayne, and all the other younger guys, when you were their age, you were a huge gap in talent. 10x better, and you did it all on your own, you made the team, that’s not something the newer players can’t say. Wade been complaining since he first got into the league, same for Lebron, Kobe, well, we all know how that goes.

  138. ju ju says:

    I personally think it’s a bunch of BS that Iverson gets this negative image that he cant play anymore. His numbers prove that he isn’t washed up because if you notice, his scoring numbers have dropped, but so have his minutes per game. Also, those were seasons in which Iverson was struggling with injuries and personal issues. He is healthy now and I really think he could be a big contribution to a team. Which team? No clue. But, in the right situation, I think AI could prove everybody wrong.

    If I had to name one team that could use a scorer to run their offense through to create plays, I would have to say that the obvious choice would be the team that lost their most important scorer and player for that matter. The Cleveland Cavaliers. What do they have to lose? Give him a shot. If he fails, he fails. If he succeds, he breathes life back into a fatally wounded Cavaliers franchise.

    • ju ju says:

      Or the Raptors, lol.

    • old school says:

      Yeah you’re right why is allen Iverson getting all this negative publicity? I mean a man under 6 foot tall who shoots 39% while taking forty shots to make 25 points and can’t play defense to save his life who wouldn’t want to sign him(LOL&SMH)? Not to mention he demands to start and whether he does or not doesn’t show up for practice and is a raging alcoholic. I mean…..WHAT’S NOT TO BE DESIRED IN A PLAYER WITH THOSE OUTSTANDING QUALITIES. I MEAN SOUNDS LIKE THE MARQUE ROLE PLAYER(IF YOU COULD EVER CONVINCE HIM TO BE ONE BUT YOU PROBABLY HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF CONVINCING HIM TO PISS THROUGH BROKEN GLASS BOTTLES) TO USHER IN AND MENTOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF DISFUNCTIONAL PLAYERS(LMFAO.).

    • old school says:

      Yeah you’re right why is allen Iverson getting all this negative publicity? I mean a man under 6 foot tall who shoots 39% while taking forty shots to make 25 points and can’t play defense to save his life who wouldn’t want to sign him(LOL&SMH)? Not to mention he demands to start and whether he does or not doesn’t show up for practice and is a raging alcoholic. I mean…..WHAT’S NOT TO BE DESIRED IN A PLAYER WITH THOSE OUTSTANDING QUALITIES?!?! I MEAN SOUNDS LIKE THE MARQUE ROLE PLAYER(IF YOU COULD EVER CONVINCE HIM TO BE ONE BUT YOU PROBABLY HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF CONVINCING HIM TO PISS THROUGH BROKEN GLASS BOTTLES) TO USHER IN AND MENTOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF DISFUNCTIONAL PLAYERS(LMFAO.).

    • daez says:

      The only way Allen Iverson could make a decent contribution to a team is if he plays well, keeps his offensive numbers up and plays defense… COMING OFF THE BENCH. And, if you forgot, A.I. will NOT take a role that isn’t as a starter. He ha a huge ego, and as Mr. Z said it, he needs 40+ shots per game to score 25 points. He may still be good offensively, but his FG% won’t be too great. And when you think about it, if a team is bad enough that they need Iverson to make a scoring contribution to the team, they obviously aren’t getting any second chances or hitting the boards. Having Iverson on the team to miss 15-20 every game will destroy them.

  139. junior says:

    es mejor q muchos point gard de la liga…a los LAKERS le vendria bien

  140. kev says:

    stfu howard
    not all old players gotta hang up. this is call NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATE for professional basketball players. not for and young people its for everyone who are professional. thats why rookies are comming in to learn the game so they can be the future player once the old players have retire

  141. Dan says:

    Why China ?

    Why not play competitively in Europe?


    • A.I.isDONE says:

      In Europe? He is going to be eaten by a YOUNG spaniard in the name of Ricky Rubio.

      • Jake says:

        If he plays in Europe there is a very good chance he will never play against Ricky Rubio, and even if he does it will probably only be a couple of games anyway. Plus, Rubio isn’t that great anyway.

  142. iwillfilm says:

    I love Iverson, I even loved how he brought drama to the NBA, going to China would be far better than staying here in the NBA. I mean, can he score, yes, Defend, no. Play off the bench? No. For the love of it, Go to China, he may actually have fun there.

  143. the saint says:

    A.I. is done, he should go international for the love of the game, because the pace that the young players are playing now is too fast for ? A.I. now. It’s time to leave it to the young ones just like my Idol M.J. did…

  144. joel says:

    when you are done in the nba, you are done! just like any other sports when teams think that you are of no use to them, it’s time to hang up the gloves!!!!

    • Breyzh says:

      Tell that to David Beckham or Thierry Henry, pal…
      He should play in Europe instead of China ‘tho… That would be fun to see him against some competitive players… I mean: even Bonzi Wells was dominating China Basketball while he played there!!!

      • Fred says:

        Bonzi was a solid NBA player, a good scorer, of course he is gonna dominate, like most asian teams, they are just too skinny, they do not have a proper weight training sessions during off season or to maintain during regular season therefore they just cant bang with western players especially black athletes who are more gifted already. Im asian by the way, not being racist but stating the fact. If anything, asian teams needs to look seriously for conditioning and weight training to beef up and keep pace with other players around the world…its a serious issue.

  145. Howard says:

    I think A.I needs to hang it up Rasheed Wallace is and Shaq is hanging it up it is time for him to just hang it up he is done all of that gas that he had burnt out when he was with denver but A.I needs to hang it up and so does alot of other older players in the NBA too let the young players have their time now

    • codyweeks23 says:

      hey any1 out ther that thinks AI should retire is (no offense)a little retarted.or even go 2 china or euorpe.he needs 2 stay i don’t care on wat team.on any team he gose 2 he will b a BIG help.ya’ll hearin me.he needs 2 stay thats that.come on people he’s allen iverson.ya’ll knoe ur talkin about here.

      • jamal lamy says:

        ummm first of shaq is paying for the celtics, he’s trying to win a ring. i think iverson still has a year or two left in him. he is a very good and tough player. but sadly to say there is just way to many good point guards in the league right now so idk what his role would be.

      • daez says:

        Come on man, you can get out of that fantasy land you’re in and get back to reality. Allen Iverson WAS good. He isn’t anymore, he’s burnt out. He could still contribute maybe 20 ppg on a below average team that has no one else, and next season there won’t be a team like that. Even the TWolves are too good for him. They got young talent, plus obviously everyone forgot they’re getting Ricky Rubio after next season! Iverson can either go to China and play, or he should save his pride and dignity and retire. And that’s that.

  146. Zzanzabar says:

    Actually Sekou you said it all. What team now would benefit from A.I.’s brand of play? The Clippers? Should they add A.I. so that the can disrupt whatever chemistry they are trying to find? Unfortunately for A.I. he is a free agent at a time when all of the ‘have not’ teams are expecting a resurgence. Teams like Sacramento, Indiana, Minnesota, New York and N.J. are all hoping that this is the year they make a real turn around. In the past these where the teams that would say ‘what the hell, it couldn’t hurt’, but now they just won’t take the chance.

    If Larry Brown, the ultimate in salvage (as in redeeming players) takes a pass, then who else would take a flyer on a player who has no defensive skills and requires 40 shots to make 25 points? It is time for A.I. to either hang it up or go international, but I fear that the ‘best pound for pound player in the NBA’ is done in the NBA.

    • rocketfan_believeit or not says:

      Mr. Z as almost everytime, you are totally right again, when talking about A.I. there is no doubt that he still might have the talent that got him the “best pund for pound” player in the league. I mean, that does not go away with time, however as we have discussed previously regarding another superstars is that the problem is not in the lack of skills, is in the lack of comittment from these guys to anyone except themselves.

      In the past same discussion was put on the table for T-Mac, ok he ended up finding a team only because of 2 reasons and neither one of them was his will to really contribute to the team to rise up again, but his will to prove all of the people he still has a lot of gas in the tank, and that does not talk about him very good does it?

      1st reason – Pistons have nothing to lose this season, they might be trying to figure out before the trade deadline how to rebuild and where T- Mac should be sent.

      2nd reason- despite his Super inflated Ego, T-Mac is only 30, he still has at the very least a couple of years to become a mature player and accept the role of a complementary player that can help a team to become a contender. That is it.

      For A.I. even if Larry Brown takes a look at him, and consider him as an option in case D.J. Augusting gets nervous in the starting role for Charlotte, as you say, he is not the player that deserves to take 40 shots a game anymore. There are a lot, (AND I REALLY MEAN A LOT) of PG’s that can be the lead player on a team, wether they are experienced or not. Just to name a few

      Old ones
      – Nash
      – Kidd
      – Fisher
      – Parker (not that old)
      – Devin Harris (not that old)
      – Mike Bibby
      – Chauncey Billups

      New and newest ones

      – Jameer Nelson
      – Chris Paul
      – Rajon Rondo
      – Stephen Curry
      – Tyreke Evans
      – John Wall (if he gets to play PG)
      – Brandon Jennings
      – Aaron Brooks
      – D- Will
      – A lot of etceteras….

      Based on this list, where would you put A.I. if he insists on playing? He will never take the role of a back up PG, The only place I can think of him being is in NY only because Raymond Felton is not that solid but still, isn’t N.Y. people tired of bad desicions?

      • marc gonzalez says:

        you left out Westbrook, Collison, and a few others. and Zanzabar, Minnisota is not hoping to have a big turnaround.They know they arent. didnt you hear about the ad they put in the paper?? They said they know their not gonna contend this year… And to give you an answer of if A.I can still play in the nba is YES. Can he start? NOOO unless its for minnisota. The Clippers are looking for a big turnaround and they know they have a good chance to compete for a #7 or #8 playoff stop. Iverson would lower their chances of making it. Possibly the knicks like you said but only because I shoot better than R Felton. Amare is gonna get double teamed becasue noone can make open shots for NY. The Pacers have some young talent and L Bird wouldnt allow Iverson to get signed. Only the suns and the warriors run a offense that can possibly fit him BUT, the Warriors already have some good guards. And the Suns… well they actually started playing SUM defense last year (Enough to knock out the SPurs) so they dnt want him. unless he wants to be a #8 off the bench he’s better off going to china and playing 30 min a game instead of 8-10 min per game

      • Fred says:

        I agree with just about everything, except i think Raymond Felton is quite solid. under browns guidance he’s been solid tho not flashy, kinda like a eric snow back in the day, but with better scoring abilities and slightly better passing. Heck id love to see AI play, but given his ego, I say its better for him to retire. and another thing, bibby and fisher is no longer a lead player anymore, bibby once was but never fisher, he is just a beneficiary of the triangle in my opinion, and being the tough guy on a team full of pussies, just my opinion, he is no leader but lakers wouldnt have won it without him.

      • ancil says:

        i really wish to see THE ANSWER PLAY AT LEAST ONE MORE TIME IN THE NBA….he really should have made a move in the early life for a better team to get a championship ring.but one more time jus for the style of your game…..he could play for charlotte if DJ gets nervious as you said or he can go to NY and work with Amare and feed passes on the inside or he can still shoot….not like before though……and after the year feel free to go to china and play i for one would still follow up on your games

    • julian says:

      mr.z r u fing crazy. inverson is the best point guard alive. dont talk s_it about him.

      • AIisDONE says:

        You’re an awesome specie! “BEST POINT GUARD ALIVE?”
        PPG 13.8 / RPG 2.80 / APG 4.0

        Sure, AI “was”(past, has been, old) the greatest player pound for pound.
        But today, AI is a liability in defence and offense.


        Deron Williams
        PPG 24.3 / RPG 2.7 / APG 10.2 / SPG 1.0

        Rajon Rondo
        PPG 15.8 / RPG 5.6 / APG 9.3 / SPG 1.9

      • JBR says:

        Nash is (obviously) better, don’t be silly.

        And since when is Iverson a point guard, anyway? He always claimed to be a shooting guard.

      • Jake says:

        Chris Paul is better than Rondo. Fo show!

    • JF says:

      poor analysis: please give the guy some credits!

      • matt says:

        AI is the best player alive if we are still living in 2001, we all have a time limit, maybe its AI’s time to face a reality.

    • Joey says:

      It’s MJ who passed and not Larry Brown. I still love to see AI in the nba but if no team wants him, so be it. Play in China as there are lots of chinese loyal fans who still loves him. Besides we have so much love for him here in Asia. I believe some asians will go to China to see him.