Amundson signing with Warriors

The Warriors beefed up their frontcourt by coming to terms with free agent Louis Amundson, his agent told on Monday. Amundson, 27, was one of the last quality big men on the market. He joins Golden State to provide depth behind David Lee and Andris Biedrins.

The deal is for two years at slightly less than $5 million. The second year is a player option.

“It was obviously a long process and he had a number of teams pursuing him,” agent Mark Bartelstein said. “We ultimately felt this was a huge decision in his career. He’s made great strides the last few years and to get to where he wants to go, and he needed to pick the right place. Golden State was that place.”

Amundson spent the last two seasons with Phoenix, becoming a valuable cog on one of the deepest benches around. He averaged career highs in points (4.7) points, rebounds (4.4) and minutes (14.8), while shooting 55.1 percent from the floor.

Amundson was also known for his dogged defense and hustle, becoming a favorite with fans and inside the Suns locker room. The undrafted four-year veteran out of UNLV spent the first two years of his career with Utah and Philadelphia.

Warriors general manager Larry Riley targeted signing Amundson as a top priority to round out the team’s frontcourt. New Orleans, Indiana, Toronto and Charlotte also reportedly had interest in Amundson.

“He brings energy and a physical presence that we needed, plus he is an experienced player who has played in a system similar to the Warriors,” Riley said. “He is a tireless worker on both ends of the floor.” recently profiled Amundson’s difficulty landing a gig this offseason.


  1. Joel says:

    Why do the warriors like Brandan Wright so much? Do the rest of the GSW fans like him?

  2. KAE says:

    As a warriors fan, i must say this is VERY good news.

  3. LUKE says:


    Amundson is a great pick up for GS he can run the floor, brings energy off the bench and DEFENSE which the warriors are in dyer need of. with the injury to Ekpe Udoh and an unproven Brandan Wright, Amundson brings some stability AND EXPERIENCE.

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  6. WG says:

    Wow after making the finals, Phoenix is letting go of another proven and much needed talent. If the Geniuses at Phoenix HQ just held onto Barbosa, Raja Bell, Joe Johnson and The Matrix they might just have gotten a championship by now!
    Phoenix didn’t get a Title with Barkley’s era and wont in Nashs’ either. And yes some players wanted to leave, but good management I guess would mean keeping those players around someway. Brilliant management over the last 7 years, give yourselves a pat on the back!

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  8. zzanzabar says:

    The term ‘quality big man’ tends to make me cringe. It seems to be a euphemism for ‘doesn’t stumble over his feet and won’t get in the way of real players’. Often these players will play the role of ‘place holders’ in practice. You know; ‘You play the part of Gasol, Bosh, etc.’ If there is anything the FIBA USA team has shown is that the so-called Gilligans (castaways) of the NBA can really play if you give them a chance.

    • Mark says:

      Castaways, Rose, Billups, Durant, Westbrook??? what are you talking about, yeah if only Durant was given a chance to play, Lemar never gets game time for the lakers, when will the bulls start using Rose, its till for denver to ger Billups off the bench, get a clue pal that comment is a complet waste of space

      • Zzanzabar says:

        Huh? Who is talking about Rose, Billups, and Durant?? I thought this was about players like Amundson, Gordon, and other lesser known or lesser appreciated players around the NBA. Sure Curry and Westbrook are better known, but how many people lobbied for Rondo simply because of his exposure and the team he played on? The point is, just to be on a NBA team means that you have some talent and skill, and even if you are considered a non-starter (Amundson) or not a great player because your team flounders (Gordon with Clippers), that does not mean that you cannot play or ‘bring it’ when the occasion calls for it.

        That was one of the things FIBA proved, you don’t have to be the superstar to be on a super team. I just wondered what types of skills that Amundson would bring if he was a key player rather than a ‘quality big man’ that backs up other players. Who knows he might be the one on the next FIBA team that helps win the gold.

      • Jake says:

        All the players on the World Championship team were significantly more skilled than Amundson (except Tyson Chandler). I think part of the reason the WC team did so well is because they didn’t worry about having “quality big men,” they just put the best players out on the floor.

  9. WC says:

    Troy Murphy? I think you mean David Lee, since Murphy hasn’t played for the warriors for a number of years.