A Fresh Start

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Chris Bosh is gone.

Hedo Turkoglu is, too.

There aren’t any mixed feelings around here about the Toronto Raptors after a seemingly empty offseason that has seen them go from a bubble playoff team to rebuilding mode.

It’s time for a fresh start and Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo made that clear with the way cleaned up after Bosh’s departure to Miami (via free agency), where he’ll team with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in a title chase that will be the envy of so many in Toronto and beyond.

The holdovers in T-Dot — a relatively motley crew including the likes of Andrea Bargnani, Jose Calderon, Jarrett Jack, DeMar DeRozan, Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems as well as newcomers Linas Kleiza, Leandro Barbosa, Ed Davis, Julian Wright, David Andersen and Solomon Alabi — will have to come together quickly if the Raptors want to erase the nasty taste of summer from the mouths of their fans.



Still, we have to ask, exactly whose team is this now?

Jack provided HT with some answers to that and more after a recent workout:

HANG TIME: It’s been a tough summer. What’s the internal outlook in terms of what kind of team you’ll put on the floor this season?

JARRETT JACK: It was rough when the trade got rescinded that was on the table with Charlotte. Basically, both teams agreed and then I guess at the last-minute it got refused. If we could have added Barbosa, Boris Diaw and Tyson Chandler to the team that we already had that would have given us a shot at being a legitimate team in the Eastern Conference. So I think that set us back a little bit. From what I understand we are still exploring some avenues to try to add to our team and hopefully we can make it happen. But if not, we’ll just have to go with what we’ve got.

HT: Going into the summer, when everybody was still in play in free agency, was there a feeling that even if you didn’t keep Chris (which seemed bleak even then) you’d get something in return to help rebuild this team?

JJ: Sure, assuming that Chris would just got  traded straight up and it wasn’t going to be a sign and trade, we figured no human being in this lifetime was going to do something like that and leave $30 million on the table. But it was a situation where they worked it out and he didn’t leave $30 million on the table, we were able to get a trade exception back in exchange. We’re still trying to make some moves. And it’s not over until training camp starts. We’ve still got a little time, and it only takes a phone call and two sides to agree. So you never know how quickly things could change.

HT: You know they’re talking championship in Miami, Boston, Orlando, Chicago and places like that. What’s the attitude for a team like yours, when you know the climb is going to be much steeper than some of your competitors?

JJ: It’s definitely steeper. We just have to find our own identity, really. All these other teams have established stars and we have a pretty young group of guys. We have guys that really haven’t established themselves in the NBA yet. I think once we do that, once we establish ourselves individually and as a team, once we decide what brand of basketball we’re going to play night in and night out, we’ll be fine.

HT: When you are watching all that goes on in a wild and crazy summer like this, with players going from this team to that one and the balance of power shifting the way it did, how do you stay focused only on your team?

JJ: I just worry about the things that affect me, my teammates, the organization I represent and let that other stuff be what it is. You really can’t worry about where everybody else is going or what they are doing. I’m just worrying about how we’re going to get better, what steps we’re going to take, what kind of positive moves that can be made so we can be a factor in the Eastern Conference. All you can do is mind your own business and see where it lands at the end of the day.



HT: From afar it seemed sort of strange last season watching the Raptors’ point guard situation. You started 43 games and Jose started 39 games, but it was hard to tell who was “the guy.” One minute it looks like your team and the next it seems like Calderon’s team. Who leads from that spot this season?

JJ: Just play, man. And that’s the frame of mind I’m going in with. If they have me leading the team and running the squad, then that’s what it is. If not, then I’ll come off the bench and do whatever I have to do and keep doing what I’ve been doing since I got in the league. Even if I wasn’t starting, I was coming in off the bench as a positive influence and trying to lead the team on the floor when I’m out there. I’m always trying to be the best leader I can possibly be whenever I’m out there.

HT: With such a passionate and knowledgeable fan base in Toronto that’s thirsty for a winner, how do you think they’ll respond to this team this season?

JJ: I think they’ll follow our lead. If we come out there and play a tough brand of physical basketball night in and night out, win or lose, they’ll respect us. To me, Toronto is a blue collar city. It reminds me of New York, Philly and those type of fans that are really passionate and rowdy. They definitely make their presence felt, if you’re playing bad or well they’ll let you know. So I think it’s up to us. If we go out there and show every single night that we’re hungry and just truly passionate about the game, they will respond to that. And honestly, that’s what you love about them the most as a player.

HT: I know you and Chris are good friends and have been for years. So you’ve obviously spoken to him about what they have going on in Miami. I know you guys have business to handle in Toronto this season, but you have to be curious to see how things play out down there, don’t you?

JJ: Yeah, I’m curious. The bottom line is, one person is going to have to be left out. And I’m not pointing fingers or anything. That’s just real talk. It’s very rare that you have three superstar guys in this league and everybody get’s their fair share amount of touches and whatever. And I know they all “compromised” some things to play together in the first place. But it’s one thing to say we’re going to do it and something else to actually swallow that pill and be that third option. Going from a superstar to that third option, when you’ve been “the guy” on a team for four or five years of whatever … it’s different. It’s like when you go from college to the league and you’re not that dude anymore and you have to take that step back. Some people can handle it and some people can’t. Like I said, somebody is going to get squeezed out of the equation down there. And that’s just how it is.



  1. no name says:

    typical band wagon fan – you can dish it but you cannot take it

  2. hobo613 says:

    First off ppl, who let Turkoglu get away w/ being such a soft player?!? Did he not know that Toronto wasn’t going to be Orlando and that Bosh (much lolve still) wasn’t leaving! Pheonix can have him…

    Giving Arim thta much money was like the Rudy Gay dea: too much for too little.

    What’s wrong w/ having two PGs? Much love/respect for Calederon, however here is too injured and doesn’t have enough steam left to carry throughout the season. Jack, ignore the ppl and just do your thing by putting in good service.

    The one thing that’s keeping Bargnani from shattering the paint is the same problem that Yao has, no Ego! He needs to no longer feel that he’s “disrespecting” the oppsing player (very Euro) buy delivering a strong posterization from time to time to boost his confidence and remind opposing players that just because he doesn;t talk trash doesn’t mean he’s weak.

    Toronto NBA is much like what the Blue Jays have and are facing in the MLB; they their division is competitive, however, the Raptors have it worse due to the fact that all the teams w/in the division are heavily into the “Arms race”.

    They’ll beat NJ/NY/Phily and Indiana/Detroit and Charlotte/Washignton, however, Playoffs?


  3. no name says:


    You cannot force me or the world outside of Florida to love Lebron. He is just not lovable anymore even if he scores a hundred points – you see he chose to be on the big team that can beat up everyone you know like a bully and no one likes a bully – we smile when he comes around we accept his money but we never accept a bully. Good luck..

  4. […] Thursday, Jack gave an interview to NBA.com and clearly said that the team is still trying to make a move or two, while expressing his […]

  5. […] Thursday, Jack gave an interview to NBA.com and clearly said that the team is still trying to make a move or two, while expressing his […]

  6. no name says:

    Hey Bobby

    Leave Jarrett Jack alone. Leave him alone as you left your sense of humor alone while your wrote your comment you lame no sense of humor probably a Miami heat out of work customer service rep who is now hired to cruise the web and send miss information to any site who question your collusion oriented we are a team don’t you just hate us club. Go suck an egg you ego invested bandwagon we are the world look at me club. Oops. Sorry Pat. Go Raptors go.

    • Bobby says:

      Yeah you got me. I am exactly what you said I am: an out of work customer service rep from Miami who scours the net looking for any means to bag Jarret Jack out.

      Its just that I get so lonely sometimes, and this is the only way that I can meant people.
      Please be my friend. I’ll be the biggest Raptors fan ever if you do!

      • no name says:

        Yeah okay Ill be your friend. I love you man. And I hate that Jarret Jack guy too, and I hate Toronto soooo bad!

        I just don’t get why Toronto would get rid of the best franchise player who is Hedo Turkoglu and replace him with some idiot named Jack Jarret.

        Well at least it was good riddance to Chris Bosh that lazy good for nothing. He didnt do half the things that Vince Carter did.

  7. rapsM says:

    Anyone believing that Bargnani can lead a playoff team…that’s funny. If Chris couldn’t do it, what makes you think Bargnani can?

  8. LakersnRaps says:

    I hope the raptors either make the playoffs or finish dead last in the east and get a top 3 pick next draft, finishing 9th or 10th like we have been the last few years will get you no where and the east is a lot more competitive then it has been in the past when teams like the nets, pistons and 04 cavs could make the finals. There is very little hope for the raps realistically to make the playoffs unless they can play some D. It would be best for the raps to blow the next 5 seasons and get some solid picks at once cause obviously if we have a garbage team with just one superstar on it then its going to be the same old story.

  9. bobby says:

    Jarret Jack is teh best player ever! hes better than Michael Jordan and Lebron James combined.

    Michael Jordan never won anything in his life. Jarret Jack will win 15 championships before MIchael Jordan even wins 1.

    Whats MJ doing these days anyway? Injured or something? Who does he play for? Lazy guy
    Get a real job

  10. Nizzio says:

    Time for Bargnani to rise and shine.

  11. Dynamic says:

    Letting Bosh go is the best thing the Raptors have done in a long time. The addition of Barbosa and Kliezia, both athletic, capable and dynamic players, will open up the floor for allowing Bargnani to flourish in the centre position. This will be his best year yet by far. Straight up, the big man can shoot! Expect him to make a lot shots. Barbosa’s thrash, pass and shooting ability is a termendous asset to this team. Calderon needs to be a rock off the bench, and the character of the second unit. Jack and Klezia are going to supply the grit and the finish. Weems, Derozan, Johnson, and Davis are going to be fast, furious, and fun to watch. This team is loaded with talent offensively and will have no problem scoring. The only question is wether or not Triano can teach this team to play some defense. I expect an exciting year from this team, and playoffs for sure, guaraunteed.

  12. Raps4Life says:

    lmao they asked “they have basketball in Canada?” another reason why Toronto is better off without a NBA team the US has no respect for Canada all they care about is themselves.

  13. Toronto says:

    Every player on the roster is a wild card, and that may be a good thing. The Weems-Derozen-Johnson trio can either improve to make this team solid or they can remain average and let the raptors compete for a lottery pick; same goes with all the European question marks of the team (Barbosa, Kleiza, Anderson) if they play as good as we’ve seen them internationally this team will be a very good play off team.
    Then again it could all just be hoopla and we’ll have a 20 win team next year, IDK but neither does anyone else… yet.

  14. Kevin says:

    Raptors were nv going to win a championship even with Chris Bosh, so Ys raptors fans so sad sbot Bosh leaving?

  15. Dave23 says:

    Toronto’s probably only allowed to be a playoff team and that’s it. They can’t acquire certain players even if they wanted to play for them. I’m sure there are no Toronto Raptors fans out there in the united states. Other teams hate coming to Toronto and losing, I mean referees probably hate staying in Toronto. I read that playoffs ratings wouldn’t be very good if Toronto were a good team, and it’s just like…….WHAT!? That’s absurd man. That’s just so upsetting. I guess that’s why we won’t every see an all-star event in Toronto……no doubt.

  16. Dave23 says:

    Toronto Raptors-What you get is what you get. This team should be moved considering how much people whine and complain about this team. Its just like whatever, it’s a reality that they will never be a good team so what its no secret. They will make the playoffs once in while because they simply have to right but…. Its better than nothing. Plus Toronto doesn’t need to win in order to hold a good fan base. Just think of the Leafs-sold out every night. It is what it is just be happy and hope things will change. And they will change sooner then you think.

  17. Steve-O says:

    Time for the Young Gunz to make a name for themselves…Amir Johnson, Sonny Weems and Demar Derozan…

  18. byrLLO says:

    Call me an optimist, but I actually think this year’s Raptors team has a chance to surprise all of you ignorant haters. Sure they won’t be going deep into the playoffs but they definitely could and i think WILL make the playoffs this year. Even with CB4 gone and Hedo Turkeyman gone to provide points (hedo only gave 14 a night last year) their problem was not on offence, they were first in the east. With tougher, YOUNG and more defensive/athletic players in Kleiza, Davis, Barbosa, Wright, and Solomon, and DeRozan as a sophomore and him and Bargs given a more offensive role, this team has something to prove and has a legitimate shot to create big thangs. It just depends on if they stay healthy and if Carlesimo pushes Triano to stop being soft and if they bench Calderon when he plays no D.

    • RJ says:

      Wright and derozan are both gonna take another year or two to hit their potential, if either of them is cerebral enough to do so at all/has the work ethic (I like both of those guys, but it doesn’t seem like wright has learned much his 3 yrs in the league, and will probably take over a year, before he does, and DeRozan is just pretty raw still.).

      Barbosa will be solid, but who knows how he’ll fit in with the rest of the back court. Solomon Alabi won’t do much more than block shots this year, and that will be in limited minutes, Ed Davis has next to no offensive game, and will only score on putbacks, running the floor (if he does), and when other guys manage to draw doubles and find him near the rim. Kleiza might give you 12 or so points, 5 rebs, a couple assists, and solid defense on the not so quick SFs in the league and not so tall PFs in the league, but that’s not much. Bargnani needs to average 8 or 9 rebounds like dirk does, and a good block and a half, but won’t. Sonny Weems is kind of a do-it-all guy with athleticism, but he won’t score a whole lot. I’d put him in a category with guys like Tony Allen who can jump, pass a little, and play d pretty well EVENTUALLY.

      This isn’t ignorance or hate. This roster just isn’t much. It’s really no better than the team Minnesota fielded last season. I think they’ll win a little more than that team did, though because of unselfishness and toughness they’ll likely show. I think the main issue here is that so many people know every player on their favorite team, and only the the top 3 to 5 guys on most other teams. Look at the rosters and research the players and coaches and you’ll likely agree that the Raptors will be enjoying a top ten pick next summer.

  19. misterblogger says:

    The thing is Calderon and Jack is used to starting. They were both in the starting line up when they were still not on the same team. They are not that good but they are starting quality PG’s nontheless. Thats why to give up what you were used to(be on the starting line up) for another player which they think has equal or not far talent as what they have is kinda degrading. We all know that Calderon and Jack skillswise and talentwise is not far from each other. In my opinion the best thing for Colangelo to do is choose one of them and trade the other one for a decent center which they tried doing for “Chandler” but failed. If they could pull out a trade for a good center before the season starts the raptors will be a team to watch in the east…

  20. l'mar says:

    Some of the people that have commented need to take a urine test cause they must be high. I am a Raps fan too, but you gotta be kidding me! Raps are not even close to being a playoff team. There roster has some young talent (i.e. sonny weems and derozan) but it’s also full of scrubs that should be playing in the D-league. It was BC’s goal to model the Raps after the Suns and it backfired. Anyone who is a true Raps fan knows that the main issue with the team besides lack of talent is toughness. The latter has been an issue for years now and no one in the management wants to address it. BC is a decent GM but he has made some serious mistakes (i.e. continuing to think Bargniani is a star). Raps went through a similar drought several years ago before they drafted VC. At that time Grunwald put together the best team in raps history which included guys like Willis, Oakley, Mark Jackson, Childs, and Curry. Hopefully BC can get his head out of the clouds and make some moves because he’s losing a lot of fans.

  21. Raptorsfan says:

    Why does the poll have an option “they play Basketball in Canada?” Basketball was invented in Canada! But agian Canada is about Hockey more but still cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal etc. Have great basketball fans! As for the Raptors. They are in a mess! They dont have much star power on paper. They look worse defensivley and dont have a chance to contend for the playoffs unless they make one or two more major deals. If the Diaw-Chandler trade went through, like Jack said we would have been better and a playoff team. Raptors fans thank Colangelo for being dumb this offseason!

  22. Kingheadfake says:

    I disagree that the 2 point guard situation is the problem. Look at lakers this year they essentially will have 3 point guards (ball handlers) on the floor at the same time in kobe, lamar and fisher/blake/brown. Calderon is for sure the problem and he needs to go. The raptors have great young players and will not be the worst team in the east this season. They may fight for a playoff spot they may not. If Derozan is the real deal and can step up big than the raps are already heading in the right direction. I see an OKC type jump in statistics from this season coming to the 2011 season if the core of jack/andrea/demar and ed davis can gell. START ED DAVIS ALONGSIDE ANDREA its a rebuilding year anyway right??

  23. Bob says:

    The raptors are not going to be a playoff team are you kidding me?! Theyre best player is leandro barbosa and even when he was a starter at pheonix he was averaging 15 or less a game! Andrea Bargnani is not that good. Not. At. All. He is not a franchise player is inconsistent. Demar Derozan can put in the 15 point game about one game in the season and then provide high flying dunks for another ten but hes not going to be a solid starter. The point guard situation needs to be figured out. Calderon is too old and injury-prone to be a starter. Their bench is not solid. This team will be last or close to last.

    p.s. believe it or not, I am a Toronto fan 🙂 Go weems!

    • Bob says:

      oh and Jay Triano is a terrible coach.

      • rapsfan says:

        are you joking?

        bargnani averaged 17 ppg last season while sharing the low post with bosh. He was playing the wrong position so his consistency wasn’t great. if the raps built the team around him im sure he could develop to be as good as nowitzki. calderon, jack, derozan, kleiza and barbosa are all be starting material. tho i do agree with you bout the triano disaster they should get sam mitchell back

    • RJ says:

      Agreed. Except Calderon’s all of what, 29, 30? But he’s just another white boy who lacks lateral quickness on defense. That’s why he seems old. And the injuries.

  24. Tobi says:

    Man, Americans, no grammar, no spelling in herrrrre. What’s up with you guys? Got no education whatsoever, but internet connection. Some rocket scientist worked that out for you (ya’ll)?

    • RJ says:

      Yeah, some punctuation would be terrific. Apparently my countrymen are so lazy, they can’t even type in punctuation or hit the SHIFT key every once in a while.

      • Zzanzabar says:

        You know what? It is just possible that some of these posters are doing so from their PHONES. Guys if it is too hard to read then just skip the article rather than make some self-serving, generalizing post about grammar, don’t you think?

  25. haroon says:

    First of all i am very glad that CB4 left and joined KING JAMES in miami that being said what did these 2 guy’s prove past yrs that they were in the league?? nothing realley to be honest, yes they’re talented players maybe show time players but thats all..to me they both are a very good 2nd option on a team..yes JAMES is very talented but come on now last year cleveland added Jameson, Shaq, Parker, they had a very good team by that i mean JAMES had a good core around him so what happened?? anyways to CB4 to me he was like a very good forward not a FRANCHISE player i wanted Mr. Colangelo to trade him loong time ago..anyway glad its over and realley excited about this season for the raps win or loose cant wait to watch them play!!!

  26. bigmike902 says:

    for the most part the two PG thing is just the media pushing it for more than it is. jose and jj are both unselfish players and as of right now they just want to do whats best for the team to win. im from canada and love the raptors but i dont think their gonna make the post season again this year. hopin they do but…. they make 7 or 8 spot their gonna be playin either miami or orlando. sad but im pushing for lottery pick for next year. i dont know what colangelo was thinking by not trading Bosh at or before deadline last year . i know they were in playoff hunt but to be completly honest if they would have made playoffs you know they werent making it past first round. look for raptors to keep adding more ex-suns players in near future. Never happen but would love to see nash play in TO.

  27. Banks says:

    The Answer: SONNY WEEMS…..the Guy has LOADS of TALENT…..He needs a CHANCE to DEVELOP as a STARTER….He is already a Highlight REEL player..

  28. jeff says:

    “Goto guy” there are 3 teams in the league with higher income tax rates, and Toronto is the 4th biggest market in the nba. The only thing keeping most players from playing in Toronto is ignorance. Oh and the raptors aren’t going anywhere, we have very loyal and passionate fans.

  29. BoB says:

    LINAS KLIZA is killing FIBA right now

    Raptors summer league team went 5-0 and won by wide margins

    Bargnani played amazing for Italy

    Raptors are headed in the right direction

  30. Goto Guy says:

    It’s hard to go to Toronto if you’re a player because the taxes are more than any other City with an NBA team. Which means less money for the player after all the expenses. Of they a player asks for more money so he can compensate for his expenses as a result it shrinks the cap available and limits the teams capability to acquire talent hence a weak team. Best thing for the Raptors is to move shop.

    So far if you want to win or start building a winner Toronto isn’t a place to start.

    • albertan4 says:

      Goto guy. Are you an accountant? I don’t think so. These players actually end up making about the same amount wherever they go. They don’t even make their money from playing basketball. It’s from getting endorsements. Please do not comment if you have no expertise on the subject.

    • Bob says:

      Toronto Fans are as good of fans as you’ll ever see. Every game, the seats are all sold out. We just need a bit more time and wait till we get a good core and make the playoffs with a young team in about 3-6 years. If anything Minnesoa needs to move. Their fanbase is terrible and a lot of seats are empty.

  31. jeff says:

    With Bosh out of the picture, Bargnani will be able to show he is a much better offensive threat in the league than Bosh ever was and ever will be. Unfortunately for the Raptors, despite minor improvements to the team, there has been a substantial power shift from the West to the East and if they want to make the playoffs their young guys will really have to step it up. Go Raps! mia out in game 6 of sec round.

  32. Antoine says:

    I’m a raptors fan and i think they will be really bad this year. they have a really good young core but it’s not enough to win games. i would like to see Bargnani putting some high numbers (20-25 pts , 10 rebonds somthings like that) because we all know he can do it. also nice to have a tough guy like Kleiza who is playing extremelly well in the world championship right not. This year will be fun to watch but do not ask for too many wins

  33. George says:

    get serious raptors only had a shot if the trade went down with chandler and diaw 2 great defenders who can bang now we got a bunch of roll players filling in the starting lineup its like okc team2 years ago but we dont have a durant so we ganna be a 25 win team this year and hopefully get the first round pick and rebuild from their

  34. chris says:

    the raptors will play euro basketball, and will play what Jay Triano learned from this past world games, then you guys will see that they will be well coached, go to the playoff and beat evrybody, rmember the leker game last year? that was not a fluke that was a real team effort.

  35. dave says:

    What do you mean “A Fresh Start”?

    Its not a fresh start when the team has a history of being soft; poorly coached; not being held accountable; and losing their best players via trades.

  36. misterblogger says:

    In my opinion raptors has a playoff team/roster this coming season except maybe for the C spot, If they can get a decent center who rebounds and blocks shots and can be a presence down low defensively which will put bargnani to his natural pf spot they will be on the 6th-8th spot on the east. I hope jay triano learned something from being an assistant coach on the USA team as he sucked so bad last season with his coaching and for a team that is young and is still building up with new players the coach is the most vital part of the teams success. Best of luck to the raptors for this upcoming season…

    • Bob says:

      I agree with everything (especially the jay triano part) except for them maybe getting 6th – 8th spot. Not a chance. That spot will be taken by the knicks, the bucks, the wizards, Atlanta, or New Jersey (long-shot but maybe).

      • Steve-O says:

        Amares gonna do just what david lee did last year 20-10…knicks didnt improve that much they aint making the playoffs…nets c’mon now..and the wizards yea rght…Linas Kleiza is better than Turkoglu..Bargnani will put in 20…barbosa derozan and weems can put in 13 a peice atleast and my man Amir Johnson is a beast and hell prove hes worth the contract the Raps gave him…he averaged 16ppg in the last 6 games bosh missed

      • Bob says:

        Steve 0 – Lets consider this.

        Knicks – Raymond Felton, Amare Stoudemire, Danillo Gallinari, and perhaps Melo if trade comes through. Charlotte made the playoffs with Felton, Gerald Wallace (Amare is better than him), and Stephen Jackson (Gallinari is worse, but still pretty good.)

        Nets – Devin Harris had a breakout season in his first with the nets. What says that wont happen again? Brook Lopez is good enough to be an All-star and is a great young guy. Maybe Melo if trade goes through. And Derrick Favors and Terrence Williams are going to be good helpers as well. Many other additions (Farmar, Morrow). Again. LONGSHOT.

        Wizards – Blatche was proving to be an All-star after the trade deadline. John Wall. Much explanation needed there? Nick Young and Javale Mcgee are good supporters. Kirk Hinrich is solid. And Gilbert Arenas, though inconsistent sometimes, still has All-Star caliber in him.

        Enough Said? Raptors will still be an allright team, just not near dominant.

  37. RaptorFanRob says:

    I honestly don’t understand why everyone (players, fans, broadcasters, etc) feel that the two PG situations is such a problem. I can’t see how having a starting calibre point guard on the floor for 48 minutes, always with fresh legs, is a bad thing. The only thing that gets in the way is ego. If the two guys can accept their interchangeability, it can work. Calderon has the right attitude towards this coming from Europe where ego’s aren’t such a big problem as they are in the NBA, I just hope JJ can adopt the same attitude. It doesn’t matter who starts; mix it up and keep your opponents guessing. If one guy’s hot, the other guy has to be prepared for fewer minutes and not get bent out of shape. As long as the team’s success is #1 and not personal agendas, everything should be ok. Maybe I’m living in a dream-world. Oh well. Go Raps.

    • Joedabro says:


      I think a lot of people has gotten it confused including you. Having two starting calibre point guards on one team is not a problem but that is not the problem. If you actually pay attention to every game of the season, you can see that Jose has been dragging down the team and changing the momentum whenever the Raptors were trying to get back in the game. He might look good on paper but it is always the decisions he make and the decisive 1 or 2 turnovers he made that determined our matches last season. I was glad that B.C. realized the problem. In conclusion, it is Jose Calderon that the organization is trying to get rid of, not the double point guard situation.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Agreed, I hoped the trade with Charlotte would have worked, but it didnt, so I am hoping Raptors can trade Jose for either a backup C or a backup PG, we need a good backup C because I doubt Anderson will be able to get rebounds or be a presence and Alabi is still a rookie, and for PG I dont think Banks will be a great backup, he can shoot consistently but isnt a great playmaker which can hurt us, Jose is a good playmaker and has great chemistry with Amir, and has good offense but is dragging us down and cant play D, JJ is a great playmaker, a good shooter and can play D and is actually helping us alot and also he will be a great captain for us. Our other problem is the coach we have right now, I think it will be better if we hire Mike Brown, defenive minded coach, offense isnt a problem for us, defense is..30th last season, isnt good at all for an offensive team that ranked around 13, so I think hiring Brown will help us defenively.

      • RaptorFanRob says:

        I think it’s a little narrow-minded to lay so much of the blame for last season on Jose (there were lots of other weaknesses). You are right that when he’s not completely healthy his performance suffers, and he is constantly exposed on defense. But he is a good decision maker, and I think he actually leads the break better than Jack. He makes more solid decisions and doesn’t try to be too fancy (again, a European thing). Jack is turnover prone on the break. In an offense that is going to focus on speed, you need solid decision making, and Jose fits the bill. Jack brings a different skill set to the table. He’s fearless and durable and takes the ball agrressively to the hole, which you don’t get with Jose. So, each brings something a little different to the team. If Jose is healthy, I don’t think he drags down the team. He has good chemistry with the young guys, especially Amir, and throws a killer lob-pass which we all hope to see lots of this year! If a quality backup C can be gotten, then I think we still have to deal him, but I don’t think it’s a “must get rid of him” situation.

  38. Greg says:


  39. Greg says:

    Love the Raptors, will they make the playoffs though? My guess is that they will be the number 8 seed fighting with the Cavaliers. I love you LBJ.

    • Greg says:

      The competition in the NBA is extremely difficult, however should each player be givin the opprotunity to ask for trades? I know they will be allowed but personally think the players should be greatful for the team they play for. I think most people judge those who demand trades, theyshould not do this. Players should be givin the chance to be heard and can ask for trades if it is upplikable for them. In conclusion I think that the MLB is a great sport for fans and media.

    • John says:

      I dont think they can make the playoffs hahahah no offense tho…
      they need a good franchise player and bargnani is not a good option. we can say if barbosa is healthy or if derozan will grow then they have a good franchise player

    • RJ says:

      Neither the Raptors nor Cavs are playoff teams. And if either of them manage to sneak in the playoffs, they still will likely do it with less than 41 wins. Also, look at the Raptors roster. Really look at it. They’re not gonna feast on the Nets (look at who they’ve added; those two teams are about even now, and with the likely consistent triple-double threat of Terrence Williams in his second year now, the Nets are actually a bit better), nor the Pacers, and certainly not the Knicks. You people need to stop talking about what you don’t know. Just cuz you don’t know 5 or 6 players on some roster, doesn’t mean they’re not good. Being realistic, the Raptors will be lucky to be anything other than 5th in the Atlantic. (not that New York, Philadelphia, or New Jersey will be very far ahead of them.) And don’t forget who the guys are coaching the Knicks, Nets, and 76ers. Good luck Raps. Who, exactly, are your starting forwards btw? Ed Davis and DeMar DeRozan? Sorry.

  40. zzanzabar says:

    Toronto is one of the ‘lost cities’ of the NBA, you know, like Minnesota an Memphis; you sorta remember that they have a team but keep getting their names confused. Toronto is a great city and the last non USA city with a NBA franchise. They have really passionate fans and understand the game very well, its just that their teams seem to always miss the cutoff point between good and great. I think what is needed is an attitude where ‘making the playoffs’ is definitely NOT enough. Like Jerry Buss said when an executive asked him if he would get a bonus for the Lakers making the playoffs, and he replied that if they DIDN”T make the playoff then he had better look for another job!

    I like what JJ said about ‘just play, man’ and not worry about whose ‘team it is’. It is that attitude that can propel a so-called mediocre team into a fierce competitive one that NO one would like to face on the court. Yeah, you might beat them but you would KNOW you were in a fight. I hate to say it but Toronto is going to have to start the season with the idea that they will be the ‘best of the worst’. That is to say they will feast on the Nets, Knicks, Cavaliers and Pacers of the NBA, while giving the elite teams a real run for their money.

    • Tom says:

      I believe you are correct on everything except for the Raptors beating the Knicks part haha (just joking). But really I hate that attitude of the Knicks fans. We’ve been horrible for so long that everybody is happy with just making the playoffs and everybody is blowing up Amare who we ridiculously overpaid for)…we’re an 8th MAYBE 7th seed IN THE EAST. we’re not a great team we’re just barely a good team. I’m not happy with just going to the playoffs. Not winning a championship is not winning a championship no matter how you look at it. Win by an inch win by a mile winning’s, winning and losing is losing. I’m getting sick of this attitude that it’s alright to come in second. So I feel you on that “making the playoffs” attitude is not enough.

    • QuestionMark says:

      I am a Raptors Fan and I live in Tdot, and I agree with Raptors being a lost team, but we are one of the elite teams among the lost teams lol, not to be cocky or anything but its pretty obvious we can beat Minnesota, NJ, Pacers, Cavaliers, and NY, no offense to Tom lol but even we dont have much of a chance at the playoffs, but who knows, someone may show up and be our star or duo and surprise us which I am hoping is Weems and Derozan, but thats not likely at all, maybe in a few years when those two actually become more experienced and can create their own shots and shoot 3s, they will be a force to be reckoned with. Even though Bosh left, I am still following the Raptors and am happy with Bosh’s decision, I support it and am not like the Cav fans who will boo our former star, and knowing the Cav fans they may actually throw things at Lebron lol