Summer Solutions

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The NBA’s twisted Indian Summer just keeps on rolling along.

It stops for no man, no event or any other force of nature (the FIBA World Championships in Turkey is by far the best diversion from the craziness we’ve had since summer league, but even those games don’t overshadow the league’s drama parade that began with the start of the free agent frenzy) foolish enough to get in the way of the storm that is and has been the Summer of 2010.

You can hide out for two weeks, shunning all things basketball during that time (as I did the past two weeks), and when you return there is still the rumble of players wanting to be traded (Carmelo Anthony and Jamal Crawford) swirling in the air.

Anthony’s situation has been well documented by my main man Art Garcia, so there’s no need for me to dive in there. But Crawford’s situation appears to be a bit murkier than many expected — keep reading, we have solutions for all involved on the way (below).

The winner of the Sixth-Man Award for his performance last season with the Hawks, Crawford is entering the final year of his contract and his camp has indicated he wants either an extension from the Hawks or to be traded if they are not interested in continuing the working relationship.

Sounds like a reasonable request in a summer when other players and teams (Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Pierce and Richard Jefferson) worked things out to the benefit of both sides, particularly with the great unknown that is the next Collective Bargaining Agreement, which is not expected to be as favorable to the players.

But the difference is there was free agency involved in all three of those other cases. Crawford did not have the option of opting out of the final year of his deal to negotiate a new one, so his demand takes on a different tone. And even with all that he did for the Hawks last season — he was the team’s second leading scorer to four-time All-Star Joe Johnson in the regular season (18.0) and in the playoffs (16.3) –it was still his first with the club.



Muddying matters even more for the Hawks is the status of All-Star center Al Horford, who is eligible for an extension of his rookie deal (and according to HT sources will receive a near-max extension offer before the Oct. 31 deadline).

If the Hawks are forced to choose between Crawford and Horford, Crawford might as well pack his bags and be prepared to move on for the fourth time in four years (and there is no indication that the Hawks intend to hand out lucrative extensions to both players, especially after they spent $124 million to keep Johnson this summer).

No one can dispute the impact he had on the Hawks and the fact that with him they remain a dangerous team in a stacked Eastern Conference playoff chase. But making extension/trade demands surely won’t endear him to the fans or to an organization that is extremely sensitive about its already fragile public image. It’d also be a terrible welcome-to-the-job gift for Hawks coach Larry Drew, whose relationship with Crawford was rock solid last season.

But the first sign that his idea of his value and the Hawks’ perception of his value didn’t jive is when second-year point guard Jeff Teague became the first option to replace Mike Bibby as the starting point guard instead of Crawford.

If Crawford backs down from his stance and shows up to training camp with the Hawks, he’s tossed whatever leverage he might have had in the trash can and basically accepted the fact that he’s the most expendable person in the organization. Truth be told, the Hawks already have his replacement under contract. Rookie guard Jordan Crawford would just have to be rushed into duty a little sooner than perhaps expected.

Either way, this is drama the Hawks don’t need with the start of training camp on the horizon. And even with a scheduled meeting between Jamal Crawford’s camp and the Hawks on tap, there are only two options to consider: they either give him an extension or explore their trade opportunities.



HT’s solution for all involved:

These players want out and we’re here to give it to them. And this is where ‘Melo and the Nuggets come into the equation.

The Nuggets can send Anthony and J.R. Smith to the Hawks for Josh Smith and Crawford (the money works, but you can check it yourself on ESPN’s Trade Machine).

Both teams maintain their current status as playoff squads, making this one of those rare “everybody wins” trades. The Nuggets will have to forge ahead building around Chauncey Billups now, who even at this late stage of his career is still one of the league’s best. The Hawks would have three All-Stars in Anthony, Johnson and Horford, their own version of the “Big Three” that has become so popular the past few years.

The Nuggets grant ‘Melo’s wishes (I’ve seen the New York rumors, but the Hawks are better right now) and send J.R. Smith to a new destination while the Hawks grant Crawford’s wish and give up on the-cusp-of-his-prime Josh Smith (a deal I’d be willing to do to get Anthony, who is a better player than anyone on the Hawks’ roster right now and in the past decade).

Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri and Hawks GM Rick Sund are welcome to steal whatever they need here that helps put this thing into motion before we get to training camp, because we’d like to focus our energies on several other things, particularly in Miami, Los Angeles and Boston.



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  2. […] to Sekou Smith of, “…sources have said that Horford will receive a near-max extension offer before the […]

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  4. weeee says:

    i would like to see melo in green against lebron a pierce jamaine oneal for melo trade would be fine for me

  5. TRUTH says:

    Ok how about melo and balkman for jamel and marvin (THINKIN THEY CAN THROW MO EVAN IN THERE)…hawks sign iverson and ethan thomas
    MIKE—- JEFF. T


    1 more thing…..Gms for the top contenders will look dumb for not getting Tracy Mcgrady at 1.5 million!! are you serious? you will give Joe Johnson 128million? but you wont give Tracy Mcgrady 1.5 million? Lets be real…Joe Johnson will never be half the player Tracy was (or might still be) and he has never even recieved that much. Starting lineup….Hortford J Smith Mcgrady Johnson Bibby
    off the bench zaza, Marvin Williams, Jamal Crawford, Ac Law, Evans, etc…. but instead of taking a pocket change Gamble on a man who did average 32 in a season but got injured, you spend max money on a player who evaporates come post season?? Sorry Carmelo…..but Tracy scored 50 on you….Him not going to a contender at 1.5 million will be the biggest story this season….and rightfully so.


    My theory is this. Carmelo Anthony has more to gain by getting a trade now to a team that he is eventually going to sign a long-term deal with…..however, can put himself in a win-win situation by staying until the contract is up. Not to mention, Denver has more to gain now by keeping him reguardless. The idea of making one last push in the West before you destruct your team completely will make the fans in Denver that much more loyal! I hated the Lebron Bosh Wade thing at first, but after examining the way the league has gone for the past decade, you have actually had gm’s playing for draft picks. Lets be real here…the whole nba has been a gm’s league for so long, and the things that went on in the nba last year was dispicable!! I am sorry, but New Jersey Nets?? nearly setting a career high in losses? Than they should be a top city choice for a star player? In what day and age do you get rewarded for being a historic loser? I put my bottom dollar on this, that if New Jersey had played the season as hard as they pushed for these superstars, maybe it could have been different. Then we have the New York Knicks!! Good grief. Kobe 61, then Lebron 50 10 and 9, then Wade, then Durant, then Carmelo……everybody torches them, you have Mike D’Antoni (who in my oppinion is a grade 10 Basketball coach not suited for the NBA) still on the sideline running God knows what for God knows who….and they become an attractive city for a superstar to go?? cause its New York? The same team that tarnished Isiah Thomas (A superstar legend) reputation, forced him to quit, then hired him agian…but ooppss…while he was a college coach??? (somebody forgot to tell them nba guidelines) Luckily Isiah quit again before further damage was done (which just meant another loss for the Knicks….like they care) and thats a main attraction? If I were Carmelo, you want to win, stay where you are…if the contract expires and the team is not a winner, bounce. Its about time all gm’s start taking “Heat” for not upgrading their teams now, instead of waiting for draft picks and blah blah blah. Anyways, having said all that, I got 1000 dollars on the Lakers this year. You have a Owner that wants to win, and that winning attitude becomes contagious.

    • Zzanzabar says:

      LOL! Hey I didn’t know I had a twin. Hey you better stop making more sense than me, I’m gonna get a complex! And I agree, Carmelo will stay until the trade is up.

      First he can keep good will by saying that HE nor anyone in his camp ever ASKED for a trade (like is already being said).
      Secondly, he can hope that Denver gets the hint and really go after someone that will give the Nuggets the extra push to really challenge the Lakers (a 7 game series, at least). With the Lakers getting older it could make Denver to new ‘force’ in the shrinking West (still dominant, but shrinking).

  8. […] emanating from Sekou Smith’s Hang Time blog is that Atlanta is pushing to offer what Sekou calls a "near-max" offer before the […]

  9. Tino says:

    I believe that Carmelo Anthony to New York and Chris Paul to follow in next summer’s off-season would be great for the Knicks… however, not so great for Denver or New Orleans who’d probably get bench players and draft picks with a sign and trade as opposed to, should they consider this Hawks idea, then they may be able to almost get an “eye-for-an-eye.” They could trade JR and Melo to the Nuggets for J Smoove (or Smooth) and Crawford, BUT if I am the Hawks GM I may question this for the simple fact that though these are both talented players physically, their mental approach (attitude) to the game may be detrimental to the Hawks organization (no offense). I’d say trade Marvin Williams & Jamal Crawford for Melo and Afflalo and somehow try and get Chris Anderson in the deal as I feel Al Horford would be better at the 4…. or maybe even throw the Pistons into the deal and we can make it a “blockbuster night!”…. “Billups-Hamilton” reunion in Denver?

    The Nuggets would receive Rip, Tayshaun, Villanueva, Pachulia & Crawford and likely draft picks from both teams…. This would rekindle an ’04 Championship Pistons Team chemistry that would be adding a little more firepower from the bench. Hamilton’s career could be saved, revived, restored, renewed, etc as he would be reunited with his long time friend and running mate, Chauncey Billups. Prince would be back to a lesser role as opposed to the role he’s been given since Billups departed from Detroit. Villanueva brings firepower off the bench (if he plays to his potential… no offense), Pachulia brings somewhat of a toughness off the bench to add to that of Martin and Nene, & Crawford definitely brings energy and firepower off the bench to add to what would seem to be more than enough with Harrington, Afflalo and Ty Lawson.

    Possible Starters: Billups, Hamilton, Prince, Martin, Nene… Bench: Lawson, Crawford (Jamal), Afflalo, Harrington, Villanueva, Pachulia, Williams (Shelden)… Reserves (IR): Carter, Balkman, Allen(should he return)

    The Pistons would receive JR Smith & Marvin Williams…. This brings youth, athleticism, talent and a little toughness to the Pistons. This move would definitely sell tickets for the Pistons as it would add to the new beginning they are in the midst of as they finally have a “superstar” caliber player in McGrady if he can be anything near what he once was before the injuries began to plague his career. Smith brings energy and firepower to a somewhat conservative and systematic team that should have converted from that style of play when Coach Brown left. He also has the potential to be their 1st option. Williams is a solid player who is more than able to add to the scoring load and who could prove to be a pretty solid defender as a replacement for Prince.

    Possible Starters: Stuckey, McGrady, Williams (Marvin), Monroe, Wallace… Bench: Bynum, Gordon, Smith (JR), Jerebko, Maxiell, Daye, Summers… Reserves (IR): White, Wilcox, Atkins(should he return)

    And finally the Hawks… they would receive Anthony and Chris Andersen…. Melo brings… too much to type! Andersen gives them a better defensive presence on the inside. Jordan Crawford would definitely have to fill a huge role off the bench – in particularly scoring (which is what he does best right?) – and Moe Evans and Josh Powell would have bigger roles than they’re accustomed to. This would also allow the Hawks to play Al Horford at power forward (his true position in my opinion) and would allow them to play a “big” lineup that could possibly compete with the favored Eastern Conference representative and possible champion, Miami Heat! This lineup puts Johnson at the point, Melo at the 2, Josh Smith at the 3, Horford at the 4 and Andersen would be the man in the middle at the 5. Can you imagine their shot blocking ability with with Smith, Horford & Andersen on the floor ??? Then if they could manage to sign a perimeter defender to come off the bench similar to Tony Allen or Pietrus that would be the icing on the cake!

    Possible Starters: Bibby, Johnson, Anthony, Smith (Josh), Horford…. Bench: Teague, Crawford (Jordan), Evans, Powell, Andersen, Collins, Sy (if signed) and that free agent perimeter defender!

    I apologize if this post was excessive and I thank you for taking your time to read it!
    ~ Tino ~

  10. Mike Madness says:

    Send Melo and Smith to the CHICAGO BULLS for Deng and Kyle Korver and Brewer…

    • tingyman says:

      that trade might work…. in three months time!! you cannot trade a player that you signed as a free agent until 3 months have passed, and by then melo might have gone to another team

    • Chris says:

      Deng isn’t a franchise player. Why would Denver take on his heavy contract for the next four years? They’d be better off trading for cap space.

  11. LIONHEART says:

    Not really a great idea, melo is just a great player anddenver will not bite on trading him for a ballhug crawford who thinks to shoot first. and it will also leave denver with a small backcourt combination, so i dont think it would favor denver,and i dont think that atl would ever give up smith!!! he can get thecrowd going wild Maybe it wouldbe better if denver trades melo for a danny granger or rudy gay?

    • tingyman says:


      if carmelo anthony truly wants to leave, denver will not be getting the advantage in whatever trade that might go through. if they dont trade melo when he doesnt want to stay in denver, he will walk out at the end of his contract and sign to another team without denver getting anything for him

  12. James says:

    i highly doubt the sixers would trade iggy, he is their best player right now, although i would like brand to be traded so the sixers could get rid of that ridiculous contract they signed him to, the hawks-nuggets trade would leave a whole at the 3 spot for denver, Anthony is the only legit SF on the roster except for balkman (i think we can all agree he is definatley not starter worthy) Sure they could go small but that would only hurt them against the lakers, i could see this totally working for the hawks but would leave denver short, thats my opinion

    • Chris says:

      I’d doubt it too. But the 76ers have been forced to go into rebuilding mode and the two biggest impediments are iggy and brands contracts. Being that Evan turner has the same skill set and style as AI, and they play the same position, it wouldn’t be foolish to use AI to dump brand and leave the team with total flexibility

  13. Saw Kapaw says:

    Hey what about Nuggets and Hornets?

    Nuggets want to get rid of:
    JR smith
    K Martin
    Melo (expect he wants out)

    Hornets can put together
    D West

    Hornets really want to get rid of Okafor and Peja instead of D West, but there’s no way Nuggets will take a deal with Okafor over D West. We all know how colse CP3 is to Melo with a toast at the wedding and all. That’ll make both teams happy and still got the all star level players in return.

    Nuggets still have Billup, Nene, Harrington, D West, Ariza and so on.
    Hornets will have their 2 happy mega stars in Anthoney and Cp3 along with Okafor, K Martin and Smith.

    • tingyman says:

      the hornets cannot trade ariza for 2 months because they got ariza from the rockets while they were over the cap. even then. the trade will still not work because both teams are over the cap, and the hornets cannot absorb both melo’s and martin’s salary

  14. Sam says:

    I love the idea of Melo, Johnson, and Horford, but with J. Smith gone, who takes over the PF position? Marvin Williams is just 6’9, and in the long run he can’t guard the east bigs like Bosh, Garnett, Boozer, and a few other guys. Their gonna need to find someone who can’t take over that position, and just have Evans and Williams back up Melo…that is if the trade goes through.

  15. This Is What ATL NEED says:

    I agree- Melo Johnson, and Hortford would give Miami and the rest of the east a run for the money. Unfortunately the Spirit will ultimately disappoint us ATL fans and sign some foreigner you never heard of.

  16. EDWIN says:

    If he’s traded that team only gets him for one year then he’s gone headed to New York

  17. EDWIN says:

    First off I am a new york fan been one for years i live in the big apple now for the man who said its the saddest franchise its not its actually one of the most successful franchises ever in the NBA its just after the 90’s they lost there way now they added Amare with Azubuike a great shooter Raymond Felton who will actually play in a offense he was designed for not Larry browns slow paced point guard only passes offenses come on Larry brown destroyed Marbury A.I never listened to him after awhile so Felton will have a great year in the offense then they got Turiaf a energetic guy one of the most efficient big men in the game look that up the man has the least amount of wasted possessions in the game efficient then Anthony Randolph athleticism behind Amare will be amazing then Gallinari and Chandler so yeah the squad they have now is better then you said why would he go there well his wife is complaining cause she cant get her career started in Denver that’s why for the most part he is doing this and New York is where he wants to be and finally PSP guy said Crawford could go to the Lakers and some guy said cant happen well when L.A got Gasol you tell me who of great significance did they give up.

  18. Trevon W says:

    for carmello and jr smith

  19. Trevon W says:

    for starters camello isnt going to the lakers ,coming from florida i beleive orlando has the best to offer we offer a younger point guard in nelson and a veteran like carter and maybe q rich that be a great trade for the nuggets.

  20. mohamed says:

    i think this would be a great trade carmelo is the best player right now and joing the hawks he can make a big three with johnson and hartford and they would than be better than the miami heat.

    • gary says:

      its a bad trade carmelo is better then two of them combine

    • nottelin says:

      how is that better than the heat bron is better than melo wade is better than johnson and bosh is better than horford
      i dont like wen people are saying oh lets make this big three itll be better than miamis
      truth is miami has 3 young talented MVPS in their prime and i dont see how you can get anything better than that except for maybe jordan, pippen, and rodman and magic, kareem, and worthy

      • tingyman says:

        the reason why this might be better is because the hawks are already a established team that doesnt have to prove to anyone that it can play at the highest level. . the miami heat havent proven anything yet. i hate how ppl eat up all the hype about the miami 3. they first have to prove their worth in the playoffs before you can say that they are the best

  21. Martin says:

    On the trade possibility of the NUGGETS Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith to the HAWKS for Josh Smith and Jamal Crawford… It’s close to a good deal but the NUGGETS are netting a loss of about 10 points a game with this trade and a player in Carmelo who can litterally take a game over when needed. If the HAWKS were to add 2-3 1st Round Draft picks to even things out? I could see this going down equitably.

    • tingyman says:

      well, according to espn trade machine, the hawks will actually be the ones at a loss here lol. and i can see why. josh smith is to the hawks as what pau gasol is to the lakers. the second man next to johnson, jamal crawford is the 6th man of the year. yes carmelo anthony is a star, but the tension between johnson and anthony might erupt on who is the franchise player, and although j.r. smith is good, he ddoesnt make up for the loss of jamal. however i see this trade as beneficial for both teams

  22. Moxe says:

    The problem with trading for a star is sometimes you give up so much,you’re in the same boat that you were in before they arrived. That’s why the Miami thing is crazy in the fact they give up anything to get Lebron.

  23. joejoe says:
    i really like this trade!
    BENFITS BOTH TEAMS! denver get a PF that work in the system, and a SG thats a really good Defender(against kobe-roy-durant).

    then i would like to deal for a TRUE BIG MAN!

  24. ZULU says:

    Welcome back! The goings on in the NBA reminds me of why I don’t watch Soap Operas. Maybe the Hawks should break new ground and go after some “stimulus” money. Pay everybody what they are (or think they are) worth and play some of that ‘pretend’ to catchem’ ball. After blowing Shaq! Aahhh!

  25. tenki says:

    Jamal Crawford should go to Chicago. Trade Pargo and 2 other first round picks. D-Rose + Jamal = contendership in the East against Boston, Miami, Orlando. Any suggestions?

  26. Kai Dezzy says:

    Melo should just come to the Rockets or the wizards.
    If he come to the rockets he’ll make it far in the playoff’s and also have a great team to do it with.
    If he goes to the Wizards he has a great pg to play ago with, an all star shooting guard.
    All we need is someone at the SF.

  27. nah mean says:

    melo get ur money> ur never going to win in Denver. Jamal go 2 the celtics baby u will get a ring by coming off the bench. they gave joe johnson all that money they still cant come out of the east. Celtics baby

  28. Chris says:

    i’m sure the bulls have an *interest* in Carmelo. But right now, they couldn’t possibly make the trade work. The only contracts close to Carmelo’s in size are Boozer (who can’t be traded until December) and Luol Deng (not a franchise caliber player, so Denver has no incentive to take on his heavy 4 year contract.)

    Unless of course they traded Derrick Rose. That’d be a pretty good incentive. Also, a good incentive for a Windy City riot.

  29. Greg says:

    Could be a good deal for the Nuggets, even though they still lose talent sending JR and Melo away.
    I really like Josh Smith and Crawford, they’re two very good players. But Josh in there would just overcrowd the PF position (who thought about that eh :p) with Andersen, Williams, Martin, Nene, JSmith, Harrington for only 2 position on the field. Plus the Nuggets would really be in need of a scorer SF, cause they have none there?

  30. david says:

    Not a bad trade for denver, but I highly doubt that melo will want to go to the Hawks. Yes they would be better but they would not be a championship contender. They would still lack size. Melo wants to go where he can win, and I dont think that him with the hawks can make that happen. Do the Bulls have any interest in Melo?? He melo wen to the Bulls the east would be pretty crazy. What abou the west, do any teams in the west have any interest in melo.

    • Gus says:

      Being from denver I don’t think any western conf team wants Melo. He is a good player, don’t take me wrong, but he has a proven record of not being a leader. We had to wait for 6 years until Billups was traded to Denver to really have a nice run, meaning we waited that long to find someone that could be a leader since Melo is not. Why do you think he was the reason of jokes on team USA (beijing) for being the only one on that squad that had never passed the first round of the playoffs (in 2008) while his piers all have succeed?
      Melo is a great player, but he is not a leader whatsoever and i’m not even sure if he will succeed if the east unless if he end up in Chicago (if D rose grows to be a real leader), Boston (impossible I know, but at least he would not be needed as a leader), or Orlando.

  31. Laker Since 19 O'Long says:


  32. Chris says:

    Simply because I don’t want the heat to win the finals.

    Vince Carter will be a better piece with billups and melo than he was in Orlando. And cp3 gets his wish.

    One can dream…

  33. Courtney Wharton says:

    Well I honestly Hope melo comes to Houston, where I’m from, but I doubt they make that trade. I think Denver would want more, not to Josh Smith and crawford aren’t enough but after Melo talked to the owner last week, it was quoted that the Nuggets want, if possible, draft picks and players for just melo himself and I surely doubt the hawks wanta give up draft picks and key player like Smith and Crawford, even if Crawford wants out! **** Side Note**** To all Knicks fan and Nets fans(includes me) If he goes to New York he will never win title! SORRY LOL. Him going there would be like him going to the Kings or 76ers!

  34. east is beast says:

    @the guy who said getting to the east playoffs is easier must be smokin something. Boston,Orlando,Miami,Chicago,and Milwaukee are all stacked youll be lucky if you get pass the first round.In the west all you have to do is beat the Lakers ( which is impossible for 3 years now) and youre all set to the Finals.
    About the trade,the philly and portland trade makes sense.

    • Laker Since 19 O'Long says:

      Dont make it sound so easy. Beating the lakers now adays is more than a chore, …its a mission

    • Zzanzabar says:

      (Sigh), O.K. Lets try this one more time. Having a four GREAT teams doe NOT mean that the Conference is the strongest. Getting INTO the playoffs will be far easier in the East than the West (as always). I figure that to be in the playoffs in the West will again take at LEAST 49 wins for every team to make it. In the East it will be the same as before with the last team making it with close to a .500 record which means 41 or 42 wins just might do it. The ‘bottom feeders’ in the east (the last 4 teams) would have not even gotten a sniff of the playoffs in the West and little has changed in the East to make a difference this year.

      Look what happened in the East. Essentially Miami traded playoff spots with Cleveland (you don’t REALLY think that Cleveland is now 50 win material do you?), Chicago got Booser but guess what they were in without him so no change there. You think now that NY has Stoudemire they now will win 20-25 MORE games (dream on)? So basically the top four teams will garner all fo the wins while the bottom 4 slip in (again).

      Look at the West. Yeah San Antonio got older but I’m not counting them or their coach out by a LONG shot. You still have Dallas, and Utah still going strong (NEVER count out Utah in that building). Both OKC and Portland look to be powerhouses and Houston has Yao back. Denver (with Carmelo and their coach back) will be a playoff team for sure, oh wait I’m leaving out someone…OH YEAH! The world Champion LAKERS. Is it any wonder that Carmelo isn’t thinking that the EAST is the place to be to be ASSURED of a playoff spot?

      • Gus says:

        Great explanation…for ome reason the east coast dudes think their conference is stronger, but realistic even their top 4 teams would have gotten less W if playing in the west coast simply because as you stated here we have a far greater number of “really good team” while there you only have 4.

  35. mathew says:

    p.s. ur title should have a question mark. whoever in the front office isnt welcoming proper punctuation is silly. plus it can only equal a win win by law an by entice so i have no clue y its encouraged

  36. ATLANTA says:

    Who would play PF for Hawks? Marvin Melo Horford? Hawks should send Marvin, Crawford, Bibby instead of smoove!!!!

  37. mathew says:

    this is stupid once again by a man just doing his day job an getting a check at the end of it so i wont be too harsh on him BUT carmelo has stated who he wants to play 4 and who he will sign an extension with & the hawks r NOT on that list so its not gonna happen SIMPLE

  38. Bryan says:

    Wow! Sekou’s right! This is really dramatic! At first, when I saw that Jamal Crawford wanted to be traded, I thought, “why would he want to ruin the chemistry of what think is one of the best up and coming teams in the NBA, after the Thunder?” (Hey, don’t forget that they both had 50+ wins this year.) But then when I heard that they when I heard that he was “The most expendable person in the organization,” I started to see why he would want to be traded: If the Hawks view as the most expendable in the organization, or even close to it, then the have a serious problem with judging players. Jamal Crawford was just the 2009-2010 sixth man of the year, but he also has the NBA career record for four point plays, and he is also just the fourth player in NBA history to score 50 or more points for three different team. How does that make him the most expendable player?

    • Chris says:

      Those are some pretty obscure stats there dude.

      Better to rely on the fact that Crawford was consistent in the playoffs as opposed to ATLs $124mil man

  39. JR says:

    Even better idea. Trade Josh Smith and Marvin Williams for Melo and a Center. I would bet big money Crawford would all of a sudden have a change of heart.

    As for Joe Johnson, he can shut his mouth and be the most expensve second option in the league. He’s had his time to shine and he somehow swindled more money than any of the real superstars in the league. If melo comes over, Johnson can just shut up and play and actually make a shot when it counts in the playoffs.

    He may have a max contract, but he isn’t a max player. With the pressure off of him to make things happen, maybe us here in Atlanta can get some sort of return out of his contratct.


    • J Arnold says:

      now you know that trade would be a dream but realistically, it aint gonna happen, nobody wants Marvin, he will end up in Toronto someday with the rest of the underacheiving NBA draftees, Joe Johnson would not be happy, he had that setting for the suns and he wanted to be a number 1, he is concerned with states and not winning i promise you that, why else would someone tune down there game so much in the playoffs

  40. Bernie says:

    Melo is a nightmare for the nuggets right now. To be honest the only problem with the nuggets right now is their bunk 16.5 million PF. I love Kenyon with his thunder dunks and all but he has had surgery on both knees and with age is falling apart. Denver was aggressively looking for a big man in the chaos of 2010 but I’m not even sure if Martins insurable. Harrington helps but until the nugs can get relief of their 16.5m PF or a big man it won’t be a good environment Melo to stay in the mile high club.

    Plus it seems like he wants to go back home and I bet his bff cp3 joins him, ha. Anyways good to see you back Sekou. Lets Go team USA. I’m about to watch the tip off vs Brazil, check the time

  41. Brendan says:

    I think it would be better for ATL to trade Crawford for Pryzbilla and Rudy Fernandez because it would satisfy both teams.

    Atl gets a defensive center to throw at D12, Shaq and Bogut and they also get Rudy Fernandez which is a cheap substitute for crawford who can be a ball handler.
    Por gets a top sixth man for coming off the bench and Crawford should gel with Brandon Roy as an off the ball shooter, they also are both from Seattle.

    • J Arnold says:

      I think this might acutally be a brilliant idea, the first i can agree with, alot these blogger are putting out information thats studpid, and irrelevant.

    • Chris says:

      Except it leaves Portland to rely on Greg Oden. Not an ideal situation

      • Justin says:

        Portland also has Marcus Camby under contract. Trading Pryzbilla would free up minutes for the other frontcourt players and I would like to see Oden develop some more.

  42. DAVETTE45 says:


    • RB Da Kidd (BOS) says:

      LA is not even in the conversation for getting Melo so that’s not going to happen, and Barbosa is on the Raptors not the Suns

  43. mubwar says:

    they can’t get rid of crowford…its like getting rid of ginobli…atlanta needs some sort of a star on their bench that can produce in no time if they’re planning to go deep in the playoffs…

  44. bibz says:

    2 options:

    1. Seek trades with either with the timberwolves or the pacers. Lets see if he still wants to be traded
    2. Trade him for a draft pick or someone up and coming, and sign iverson. Allen should be cheap, bring tickets in and might have the same impact.

    • tony says:

      “”2. Trade him for a draft pick or someone up and coming, and sign iverson. Allen should be cheap, bring tickets in and might have the same impact.””
      duh.. he makes a pant load of money.. and the salaries have to match.. you cant just trade someone making 8 million a year for an up and cummer who only makes 1.2 million a year.. otherwise you would have teams trying to dump their big money non producing players to get cap space..

  45. Rip Greenfire says:

    This is indeed one of the few trades that can make both teams happy. What I’m surprised about is the sudden news about Crawford wanting to be traded. It seemed liked yesterday he was so excited to be on a playoff conteneding team. I am having a bit of trouble with the Josh Smith part. If Josh Smith is traded, then Denver will have an overflow of power forwards and centers, but a desperate need for shooting guards. That’s the onlly reason why this trade might not work.

  46. Kmoney says:

    I agree with Mike shut up and play melo!

  47. Laker Since 19 O'Long says:

    Mr. Smith welcome back to the blog. I like the proposal that you have drafted and i think it sounds reputable

  48. Hecgarjr says:

    Melo will be a knick wether via trade or free agency. Chris Paul will follow. A lot of people hate the knicks, and I understand why, but come on its time for the mecca of basketball to regain their position as basketball city and reign over everyone else. Sorry miami but you have maybe 2-3 yrs to win. After that teams will try to get 4 superstars to even compete.

    • Frank the Tank says:

      I cant see that ever happening, Miami barely had enough cap room/money and they virtually had no roster when they signed them, and now you think that a team will get 4 super stars…no way thats asking for way to much and will cause problems on the team over stats and who has the ball.

  49. J Arnold says:

    First of all, as a huge hawks fan and an atlanta resident, im not really sure how i feel about this situation, Carmello would come in and demand the ball,(Joe Johnson would not make sense making 124 million being the second shooter), Joe would slack on his Defense because of his huge ego and it would be very disruptive. Getting rid of J Smoove is a hit or miss, while his defense and dunks make him one of the most exciting players in the leauge, his inability to ever knock down a jumper make him expendable, but since he is only 24 he has alot of athleticism and excitement left in the tank, and the hawks cannot afford to lose that defense with an undersized Al Horford at center. Jr Smith is a liability with an i dont care attitude, while his offense can be so explosive and smooth at times, his demeanor and cold shooting more often than not, isnt something the hawks need right now. Jamal Crawford is exciting, underrated, and can make things happen, he is a superstar in a bench players body, at 29 he still has a good 6 years left in him and i would hate to see him leave Atlanta, but when the contract is up at the end of the season, he is gone like a theif in the night, so if you have to cut ties, why not now?

    Carmello would be great if we could trade him for Joe Johnson,(who has grown past favor with us diehard hawks fans), and if we get rid of Jamal Crawford and J Smoove we are gonna have to get some kind of center out of the situation. The hawks will never win with a 6’8 center, no matter how good he is, he would be one of the best 4 men in the leauge if he took on that situation, only solution, three team deal or nene and carmello for joe johnson and jamal crawford, hell they can have marvin williams also.

  50. FRench Fries says:

    what s up with Jamal Crawford???
    For most of his career in the NBA he has been seen as some kind of a selfish player, thinking most about his stats than team success. He s been through some baad teams.
    And now, after what I would describe as his rehab year, in a top eastern team, accepting a bench role but with a lots of shots to take and and most of the time the last ones, he is already asking for big bucks or getting transferred.
    Man…. that just seems too early, and this whole summer is turning into a shame for basketall…

  51. jake says:

    i think that trade sounds very realistic. both teams get that big sixth man guy that have worked so well for them. The nuggets get a very solid support player for Billups, and the Hawks become more of a competetor in the east! But Joe Johnson wouldn’t be the number one option in the offence, as Melo would be, that’s the only place i can see it going wrong. Good suggestion Sekou

  52. Chris says:

    I don’t think Denver should give up on Anthony yet. I think they should try and add another all-star piece.

    Trade: Jr Smith and Kenyon Martin to 76rs for Iguodala and Brand (brand would have to be packaged in to give 76rs incentive)

    gives 76rs two expiring contracts and relief from two heavy contracts.
    gives denver a 1-2-3 of Billups, AI, Melo

    Trade: Billups, KMart and Ty Lawson to NO for Chris Paul and Okafor

    Because melo wants to play with Paul anyway

    • KCA says:

      i like what your thinking for both trades but they seem to be a bit more for denver which i would love but im not sure that would happen. the first one sounds good if philly will take it but that would leave them with evan turner as a manditory 20+ ppg scorer which might not happen depending on if hes gonna have the ball in his hands enuf coming up the court like wade or james. but on denvers side it would be extremely nice because they get a 4 who is a solid half court player and with one of the best half court points in billups itd be pretty awesome and also with iggy giving you another defender and 16ish ppg and better fg percentages because he doesnt need to take all the shots anymore. then the NO trade. im not so sure about that one because they just traded for a great running mate for cp3 in ariza and picking up billups a half court player for a few more years and then having lawson being your starting pg. ehh maybe but unlikely but with cp3 gaurding the perimiter and okafor and nene in the paint good luck opposing offense

      • Chris says:

        Thing is, 76ers are in the opposite conference. They don’t care if Denver makes out like a bandit because it wouldn’t matter until Philly met Denver in the Finals (hah!).

        All 76ers would care about is dumping Brand and Iggys contracts. With Evan Turner possessing the same skill set and style as Iggy, (on top of being stacked at the 2/3 spots) it would be more conducive to the rebuilding process to ditch his contract. Iggy would make a great win-now piece, but with a floundering 76ers squad, he’ll just be in the way of turners development.

    • KOBE suuuuuuuuuuxxxxxxx says:

      the first one is a great idea. I think Brand can do better than kmart if he’s in a new setting and Iggy is ten times better than J.R. Smith. Like you said it would give the 76ers cap relief in the future and it would improve the Nuggets big time. Especially with KMart out the whole season. The Nuggets can focus on winning now and convincing Melo to shut up and take what he’s got and Philly can focus on the future, it would mean more minutes for guys like Evan Turner and Maurice Spriettes which can only do good for the future. They already know that Turner and Holliday are the backcourt of the future so why not start now? Nuggets would be even a bigger threat to take out the Lakers than they were before. The only thing I see that seperates the Nuggets from the elite is that their superstar isn’t a true leader. Yes, Melo can score but he can’t lead his team past the first round, and until he proves he can be a leader Chauncey is the unquestionable leader of that team. In a perfect world Melo would grow up and show that leadership that’s been missing but I quess you either have it or you dont. And Melo doesnt.

    • R4 says:

      I don’t think it about the if he’s team can win. I think he is from a big market city; New York and Melo misses that lifestyle. Only a few cities in America can offer such. New York, Miami, L.A, and Chicago are the only big cities that Melo would every consider. I think Altanta and Denver are just not on his map. And the same goes to Chris Paul. Everyone needs to remember these guys are young individual that want to have fun now not tommorrow.

  53. MIke says:

    It’s a good idea, not da best…why da hell would da nuggets give up 2 players, if Melo is da best player that da hawks had in da past decade? I’d rather ride his ass out fo 1 more season, and if da nuggets do good in da playoffs, then most likely he’ll shut da hell up next season…sorta like what happened a couple of yrs ago when Kobe was cryin about leavin L.A…and who cares what list that Melo has, he has no say…dude is still under contract…and the only reason why he wnts to b traded before the season starts is cause he’s a greedy pig and he wnts to get that $65million extenstion from his new team…Nuggets was a good team last yr, and this yr their gonna b even better with Al Harrington added to the roster..KMart mayb out fo the season, but Al Harrington rite now is a better player then KMart….if Melo was smart he’d shut da hell up and fullfill his contract obligation, like Lebron did….

  54. PSPMNO23 says:


    • J Arnold says:

      who would the trade be for? Thats the serious question, Lakers have nobody who is worth value that they are willing to give up, so this deal would never happen, even though J Crawford and Kobe would be a tremendous backcourt.

      • LIONHEART says:

        I dont think that will ever happen;but assuming it would it wont matter and i think that la will not be champs again,i think the team to beat is stikll boston,lakers was just lucky last time around!!! PEACE

    • lennard says:

      this trade is possible according to the espn trade machine if the lakers would recieve carmelo anthony, the hawks would recieve lamar odom and the nuggets would recieve jamal crawford and ron artest.
      good trade???

    • lennard says:

      lakers would recieve carmelo anthony, the hawks would recieve lamar odom and the nuggets would recieve jamal crawford and ron artest…this trade is possible according to the espn trade machine……..
      good trade???

  55. why do you blog these things you guys seriously dislike new york that where im from and i think showing hard working and dedication pays off eventually so i wont call it starting over fresh start new beggings and history to be made espically if he comes to the knicks amare took the money but most of all the challenge theres no easy way out in the nba its all about progression tuff, skills,and strong chemistry will always win games so stop discluding the knicks…………….STEFFON.WILSON OVER N OUT

    • Matt says:

      Are you serious? A)Learn how to form actual sentences. B) Knicks don’t have ANY assets that are appealing to the Nuggets, besides maybe Gallinari & the expiring contract of Curry.

      • BlazeCard10 says:

        didnt the knicks have an all-star power forward last year? so they got another one who needs to be spoonfed by a very skilled point guard… how are they a playoff team now? what other moves did they make? who can they succesfully matchup with? wheres the defense? wheres the attraction to one of the saddest franchises in the nba? really. get over yourself

      • what forming a sentences has 2 do with what im saying about the knicks

  56. Zzanzabar says:

    Yes this sounds good but didn’t I read somewhere that Carmelo had given Denver a ‘short list’ of teams to be traded to? Do you think that Atlanta was one of those teams? I think that Atlanta as a destination comes into play of Melo was tired of the ‘small market’ atomoshphere of Denver, but I’ve never heard him say that. There might be a three way trade in the works with Atlanta, Denver, and say Orlando (just hypothetically) were all 3 get what they need.

    In all other respects an Atlanta trade does make more sense. Carmelo goes to a continder (and keeps them so) rather than going to NY or NJ and having to start all over again (C’mon you don’t really think that Carmelo could make a 30 game difference for NJ or NY do you), he will be in the East where getting to the playoffs will be that much easier, and (if rumors are true) he will be closer to his family homebase.

    But I believe that Denver will fool everyone and do a ‘Boozer’ and keep him for one last playoff (and box office) fling. Who knows maybe they can add Crawford this year and trade JR (if rumors about him and Melo not getting along are true).

    • Zzanzabar says:

      Oh bye the way, welcome back Sekou you were missed.

      • knicksfan says:

        if melo came to the big apple it wouldnt be starting over. with amare felton and the other aquisitions the knicks are probably already a 7th or 8th seed in the east. now if you add melo they are real contenders in the eastern conference,

    • Zzanzabar says:


      No, not starting over in the real sense but for Melo it would be like it was 2 seasons ago in Denver. Denver is a ‘real contender’ now. That is not what he is after, he wants a few years where he would have a ‘real shot’ at winning it all. Why go to a team that by adding him they become a ‘real contender’ when if he goes to Chicago, Orlando and maybe Atlanta they become a real THREAT?