Melo first up for Nugs new GM

Nuggets new general manager Masai Ujiri hasn’t given up on Carmelo Anthony just yet. That’s probably smart since he’s just been on the job about a day.

Ujiri took the gig knowing whatever happens with Melo would go down on his watch. Might the first defining moment of Ujiri’s regime be losing Denver’s franchise player? Talk about the hot seat.

So it’s no secret what’s Job No. 1 for Ujiri in his first chat with the media Friday:

“The Denver Nuggets want to keep Melo, and that’s our priority. Carmelo is the Denver Nuggets, he’s the city of Denver. He’s done so well on this team. So we’re going to deal with the issue full force.”

Ujiri, the NBA’s first African-born general manager, expects to meet with Anthony soon. The two have a solid relationship dating back to Ujiri’s first stint with the team from 2003-07.

Ujiri also knows what it’s like to lose a franchise player with little in return. He was the Toronto Raptors’ assistant GM the last two years, witnessing firsthand this summer’s defection of Chris Bosh to Miami.

The Nuggets don’t want to repeat that mistake with Melo. And while trading a Top 10 player like Melo is never easy, Ujiri may be backed into a corner if Anthony continues to pass on the $65 million extension sitting before him.

So in the meantime Ujiri hopes for the best, as he told Aaron Lopez of

“I know Melo. I’m not going to try to use anything on him. I’m just going to go there and be myself. I know Melo knows I’m a loyal person. Melo is a loyal guy. Different things have occurred within the last couple years and he’s feeling a certain way. Sometimes it takes time to think about it some more and breathe. Melo’s a positive guy.”


  1. kgm2010 says:

    I see the Lakers comment raised the eyebrows of a couple of readers. No other team has the assets to aqcuire a talent like Anthony other than these 3 teams:

    Los Angeles Lakers

    Boston Celtics

    Chicago Bulls

    The Knicks would be Anthony’s worse decision ever! First when was the last time “The Mecca” won a championship? In the 70’s…… over the last decade how many times have the Knicks made the playoffs? One or less, meaning none. The Knicks have buried their teams with useless talent and bad coaches. Their GM has to be one of the worse in sports. He has had NUMEROUS draft picks and got nothing out of any of them. Gallinari is showing some promise but he will go if Anthony goes to the Knicks. Anthony will be involved in a sign and trade because Denver is not stupid by any means. If they watched “The Decision” then they should know that waiting is the worse option these days caused the loyality is lost. If I were Denver and wanted to STAY a playoff team, the 3 choices above are your best options to get useful talent and possibly late draft picks which will help a bottom-tier playoff team in the West, Lets face it, the West is getting older and weaker. I’m sure it will be an easier path to get to the Finals staying in the West. Facing Orlando, Miami and Boston in 2 out of 3 rounds wont be easy either or possibly facing them in all 3. This will be the offseason you get to see just how much intelligence Anthony has and where he decides he wants to go. I hope the Nuggets wont allow him to dig his own grave and trade him to a team that has a shot…..peace KGM

  2. marcus says:

    kobe passing jordan? are u serious? if i do recall kobe had shaq for 3 of those rings… jordan had pippen, but pippen is no shaq… period!

  3. Allen says:

    Melo is coming to my warriors!!!
    denver is interested in monta ellis which hurts me as a gs fan to lose monta but trading

    dan gadzuriC
    couple 1st and 2nd round draft picks

    for carmelo

    its a win win for both teams and personally i think gs would benefit both melo and the nuggets
    we get melo (enough said)
    and they get a young explosive 25 point per game scorer and a couple draft picks throughout the years
    so yah

    PG: Curry
    SG: Reggie Williams
    SF: Melo
    PF: Lee
    C: Andres Biedrins
    that is a definite power house time to watch out for in the playoffs
    maybe a sleeper hit but still a team no to take lightly

    MELO THE BAY WAIT FOR YOU!@!@!!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. terrence says:

    melo isnt getting the respect he deserves from the fans and nba, i think that is the real reason he’s not sure if hes gona sign that extension, hes been a top 3 top 4 player for a few years now n im not sayn that bcuz hes my favorite player im jus sayn it because its commom sense, i think if he doesnt go 2 new york he’s probably gona stay in denver, new york is the only place were he can keep doing what hes been doin 4 the past 7 8 years and actually get the respect that dwade, lebron, kobe gets,and now kevin durant is some how getn more respect than him and he had 1 good season mainly bcuz he shot freethrows half of time, and he wasnt even a factor in the playoffs, somthing melo was getn hammered 4 his whole carrer about not getn past the 1st round but at least he was doin work, melo doesnt get the respect he deserves and he never will as long as he stays in denver, the knicks is the only team that can put him in the best position

  5. kupchinzoo says:


  6. POPOy says:

    orlando magic is better if melo is there

  7. smokaseezy says:

    how about melo going to the lakers for sacha, luke and odom

  8. pongiks says:

    melo should go to cavs

  9. pongiks says:

    melo should be traded to cleveland for carlos arroyo ,joel anthony.draft pick and cash… cavs 2011-2020 nba champion.

  10. basketballfan says:

    Probably Melo is leaving but ya never know. Assuming melo leaves it is really up to him. I have no idea if he will go here or not but I think it would make one heck of a team if Chicago got him without trading rose/noah/boozer.

  11. Simon Fahlander says:

    Can someone tell me all the teams where melo wants to go or where he might be traded. Also, is there any chance he goes to the warriors without giving up curry or Lee

  12. looool says:

    im tired of everyone talking about making these “Big 3’s”. If the league is filled with certain teams that have all these good players, then whats the point of watching the NBA anymore? There will only be like 15-20 games tops a season that would be worth watching..

  13. stape says:

    forget all the other teams the Thunder will be the team to beat out west within two years and lets be honest James will be the only heat player in unform every game bosh will sit out 5 games just for ahang nail and wade goes too hard to stay healthy. so melo and paul or parker either one with knicks makes them better than the heat followed by a aging boston, young bulls and sloopy magic and hawks. as for players changing teams it shows their human nature how many of us regualr people move cities, states and sometimes countries just for work.

  14. prodigy4 says:

    miami big 3 has no match to the
    LAKERS BIG 3 of kobe melo gasol!!

  15. prodigy4 says:

    he should go to the LAKERS,,
    trade vujacic, walton and artest to denver for MELO

    that is the best line up!!!

  16. FreeAgentTracker says:

    Everyone listen up! Melo would have the best chance in Houston! I think he should wait until his contract is up to make the move there so the Rockets don’t have to give up Kevin Martin. Just think about it……2011 Houston Rockets starting lineup……. PG: Aaron Brooks SG: Kevin Martin SF: Carmelo Anthony PF: Luis Scola C: Yao Ming! The Rockets would have the best team chemistry in the league. In order for Melo to have a legitimate chance at a title, Houston is the place for him.

  17. prodigy4 says:


  18. waseem says:

    ok! well just saying melo should stay in denver! billups has that leadership and we have a good solid team!we need to get some free agents to make our team a great team! we need a bigcenter to match up wit those big teams! billups is too strong for the point position so he should stay and so shoud jr smith! we got al harrington who is a good pickup! we are slowly progressing and soon denver will get a ring becaus e there is just too much talent on denver

  19. Bunbury says:

    Melo should wait until his contract is over and then he can sign with whoever he wants. That’s why they sign contracts. it’s simple, if you really dont care about the money and care just about being happy with your team, sign a one year contract every year. if you’re not happy, you leave. oh, wait. what if i get seriously injured? uhmm. if I sign a five year contract, i will get my money even if I’m on wheel chairs. yeah, I think the five year contract is better for me. well, Melo you signed your contract. Deal with it like a man and a professional individual.

  20. hiphopanonymous says:

    Trade Melo to the Clippers..Denver will get gordan and Kamman..Yeah!!

  21. PayRod says:

    From the sounds of things at Melo’s wedding this past summer to LaLa from 106 and Park the talk is both Melo and CP3 ending up with a New York Address along with Stat to form another power trio. Both are currently unhappy with their current teams direction moving forward and want either BIG changes or want to be moved

  22. rod blagojevich says:

    no trailblazers will not get rid of Roy for garbage dumbest idea ever

  23. rod blagojevich says:

    melo should go to the bulls in a trade involving loul deng james johnson taj gibson 1st round pick

  24. I WANT TO BE GM says:

    I have the ultimate trade so the new nugget GM saves his face cuz MELO is going to leave anyway!!!!
    DENVER SEND: Melo,Birdman to NYK, JR smith and a bunch picks to portland
    PORTLAND SEND: Roy,fernandez,pryzbilla to NUGETS, e.williams to NYK
    NYK SEND: A.Randolph, Gillinari,e.curry and a bunch of picks to portland

    portland get up and coming talent plus a whole lot o picks and cap relief
    denver get a star(not as good as melo) in roy
    nyk get what they want MELO!!!

    I think all parties will agree cuz of bebefit to all. Plus teams get rid of sme unstaisfied players

    • Nick says:

      What are you smoking? Portland would never give up Roy for a couple of “ok” players! Maybe Oden, Fernandez and another good player but deff not Roy. Knicks want Melo but they’re only going to be able to get him when his contract expires cus the only on person the Nuggets want from the Knicks is Amare and the Knicks arent going to give him up. The Knicks are going to make a firepower team like the Heat did, but the Knicks will have Paul, Melo and Amare. Magic arent getting Melo cus the only main player they are willing to give up Carter and a couple of scrubs and the Nuggets only would want young talent for Melo not old used up players in their twilght.

    • think says:

      To whatever lack of luck protland has the past years where injuries have been plaguing them every year, what your suggesting of breaking up this team is downright silly. portland has been in the playoffs since roy came and been exceeding expectations despite the curse with injuries. one season of full health would show portlands capability… much like the hornets before, dealing with injuries to peja and chandler makes them an OK team, but when the year all were healthy, they we’re 2nd (or 3rd in the West). unfortunately, that was only one year as injury woes continued after…

      portland just have to get healthy, nothing more…

  25. tina says:

    go to new york with cp3 or stay in denver with billups only two teams you will get success with

  26. tenki says:

    melo go to charlotte, learn from His Airness, and be a leader.

  27. ebe says:

    Melo SERIOUSLY go to NYK pair up with CP3 and Amar’e. This is because once Melo goes to New York, Hornets will have to give up Paul. Knicks still got cap space that will grab both star players.

  28. Miami Heat says:

    Melo is leaving Denver!

  29. John says:

    MELO should come to the Warriors. Monta for melo.

  30. RUMORSBABY says:

    Guyzz just is the bottomline carmelo is not happy playing basketball with team a have a purposed trade if yur listening this is the trade Predrag Stojakovic, Emeka Okafor,Trevor Ariza,Aaron Gray in exchange for Carmelo Anthony,Kenyon Martin,JR Smith and two second round picks(protected picks)

  31. Sandile says:

    The only solution to the problem is for Melo to come to New York. Amare,melo, CP3 that has a good ring to it bet.

  32. andrew says:

    Wherever you go, please let it be somewhere in the East so the Lakers have an easier road to the Finals:]

  33. REC says:

    Send him to the Mavericks for the young french point guard and some picks, clear some space and sign some young guns next season

  34. felix cepeda says:

    who ever wrote that comment stating that carmelo should be sent to orlando is pretty dumb excuse my language but hes from new york which means he should play for the knicks makes sense and its reasonable think twice about what you write next time…

  35. yghseirwn says:

    melo join the L.A if you want ring so bad since you and kobe are like brothers

  36. FLoyd says:

    If you dont stay with the nuggets which is the only other option i would like you to consider,not being forceful but for lack of better words,okay okay,if you dont stay I think that you should look into joining the Lakers because its a very realistic move.Everyone else has broken the barriers down as far as pinning stars together such as miami and of course the boston thing.Wow.This dosent mean you all would win every game or even a championship but I like the idea of you being on L.A and meshing.The NBA needs this right about now.Not only the NBA but alot of areas in life.It also would continue to open up doors for teams to raise up more than 1 good player on the teams. Thank You.

  37. FLoyd says:

    If you dont stay with the nuggets which is the only other option i would like you to consider,not being forceful but for lack of better words,okay okay,if you dont stay I think that you should look into joining the Lakers because its a very realistic move.Everyone else has broken the barriers down as far as pinning stars together such as miami and of course the boston thing.Wow.This dosent mean you all would win every game or even a championship but I like the idea of you being on L.A and meshing.The NBA needs this right about now.Not only the NBA but alot of areas in life.It also would continue to open up doors for teams to raise up more than 1 good player on the teams.

  38. meloedout says:

    everyone just suck it up he is going to knicks next season! why wouldnt he go back home ? and lets face it im a denver fan but the rest of te players are oxygen theifs and they arnt going anywhere in a hurry!

  39. FLoyd says:

    If you dont stay with the nuggets which is the only other option i would like you to do,not being forceful but for lack of better words,okay okay,if you dont stay I think that you should look into joining the Lakers because its a very realistic move.Everyone else has broken the barriers down as far as pinning stars together such as miami and of course the boston thing.Wow.This dosent mean you all would win every game or even a championship but I like the idea of you being on L.A.It also would continue to open up doors for teams to raise up more than 1 good player on the teams.

  40. CP3 says:

    Man I hope Melo will go to Chicago , Imagine with Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer !

  41. Red says:

    What if he goes to the Lakers for Odom/Artest, Sasha/either or with the two draft picks, & Walton in a trade? Is that even possible?

  42. N.O says:

    melo,amare, and chris paul should make their own suprme team n the big apple

  43. SPURS_210 says:

    I think the SPURS should trade Richard Jefferson and Antonio McDyess for Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon martin.

  44. Angel says:

    I think carmelo iz goin with the KNICKS cuz they got amare to bak him up

  45. lenno says:

    he will go to new york

  46. gary says:

    they should trade him to the lakers for ron artest and matt barnes

  47. Miami Heat ALL DAY! says:

    Melo, u are a great player, u had alot of good years down in Denver and gave hope to them in the playoffs over the years. U did alot for that team so i just hope none of these punk fans try and burn your jersey when u leave like how they did lebron. Players are trying to go to teams where they think they will be confortable and in the best position to win. Im down with wherever youwant to go except for the lakers, i hate the lakers but if you choose them its still all good. Miami Heat All Day! and no! i am not a heat bandwago fan, been one since 04 when wade broke out, but we welcome the bandwagon fans though, its all good, Miami to the world!!!!

  48. Manuel says:

    I really hope that Orlando makes a move on this one because we would love to have melo in our team. anywhere he goes i hope the best for melo tho. he is a great player. and it would be great to see him team up with howard. go magic!

  49. kupchinzoo says:

    Anthony for Gerald Wallace! it will be More Hardcore Nuggets!

  50. Melo15 says:

    Melo knows if he goes to any other team than houston they will suck because no team has better chemistry than the rockets or even a stronger core and plus houston can offer more to denver so all u no name teams that are not possible destination need to stop trying cause face it hes heading to H-town and i speak for the city of houston when i say we welcome him with open arms !!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. monica says:

    i think carmelo needs to either sign the extention, or just wait until the season is done, and then decide where he wants to play next. at least lebron waited to after the season before he created all that drama. the lakers r going to win to it again regardless

  52. Eddie Ross says:

    Can someone please tell me what are the teams that Denver wanna make trade with?
    Because I heard that the Kings the Wolves the Nets and the Knicks are the teams that Denver agree to do trade with,
    What is the team that you think that Melo will choose and why?
    Who are the players that the Nuggets will get in this trade?
    Thank you have a great day.
    Eddie Ross

  53. LaLakers247 says:

    I absolutely LOVE how all players and teams are scrambling around, scratching heads and basically doing anything (shaq to boston) to try and get in the way of the semi doing 200 mph through a residential that IS the lakers right now. Everyone, player and team personnel, knows that kobe is slowly on the verge of eclipsing Jordan and then possibly surpassing him in rings and possibly points. Nobody wants his and the league is desperate to stop him. MUAHAHAHAHA



  54. angel says:

    The best place for Melo to go is to the Chicago Bulls. Think about it, a team that already has a still growing superstar in D Rose, you got the future best center in J K Noha, and u have a allstar in Carlos Boozer. PG: Rose SG: Brewer SF:Anthony PF: Boozer C: Noha. and dont forget a deep bench and thats the best team in the league.

  55. Jose says:

    Melo should be a Washington Wizard. Play with John Wall and Javale McGee. That’s better than playing with crap in New York!

  56. Thomas says:

    If Melo leaves Denver, then they are in some serious trouble, especially if they trade J.R Smith as well. Essentially, they are Denver’s 2 best player’s & if Smith looses some of the crazy, then he has real potential to be one of the higher scorers in the league.

    Melo is one of the top scorers & Denver are all about offence, If they are serious about trading him, then they are going to seriously consider the package of which the other team puts together. The players they get in return need to be suited & booted to score the basketball & need to be able to deal with the altitude of which Denver play at. I think that Denver trading to Orlando would be erratic & would only hold them back tremendously, while boosting Orlando to one of the top 3 teams in the league. I mean, the most probable is :

    Melo & Smith : Carter, Peitrus & Nelson or 2 draft pricks instead of Nelson. Right away, you look at Carter & think, okay, he has the potential to score big, however he’s not getting any younger & is not going to be able to ‘carry’ the team as Melo does tend to do, however Billups has also stepped up & done a amazing job of being the solid back up that Melo has always really needed. You then look & think that there is no height coming into Denver, therefore Denver are basically being walked all over.

    There is a possibility that Melo could go to the Mavericks or possibly New York, however I could only see that happening if Melo is then a free agent, as I feel that neither of them have anything to offer Denver.

    If he goes to somewhere like Chicago then there is a possibility that a trade could be worked out that benefits both teams, however I feel that Denver would have to acquire Luol Deng & I dont feel that he plays enough to be able to be a consistent. I mean he is a good scorer & he can shoot the ball reasonably well, I just feel that he is 2 injury prone & Denver definitely cant be dealing with any other players like that.

    There is always the possibility of Melo staying, however if he does then there needs to be dramatic changes. They need a solid big man. Al harrington is not a big man, he is a big scorer. He’s not going to match the needs of Denver, them being, knuckling down defensively & being able to match up with the likes of Anderw Bynum,& Pau Gasol. They need to bring a big man in who matches Denver’s needs. Who the big man is, I dont know, however I do know that if they don’t find him soon, then there going to be a superstar down & the future could possibly be looking rather bleak for the mile high city.

  57. mr.franing says:

    just will never be a champion….

  58. onek says:

    melo should go to the WARRIORS!! with curry, Lee, and biedrins.. besides,S. Jackson is aging!! LOL!!

  59. Gianni says:

    The Bulls and Chicago would be the best choice for Melo.

  60. kgm2010 says:

    people dont see it coming but kobe will get the full help he still quietly yaps about in post gane interviews. the lakers will acquire anthony, smith and martin from the nuggets for artest, odom, brown, blake and draft picks. with billups in his twilight and getting injured, lawson will need a backup like blake. smith will provide the long range shooting off the bench and of course melo will replace artest in the lineup. brown provide unlimited athleticism and extreme potential. martin and odom will just swap spots on the teams and provide the same amount of energy. the loser out of the deal is ron artest lol. to go from a championship to a team bound of rebuilding is sad but its the business. the lakers want this championship reign to last at all cost. this will assure that miami still has no chance to eliminate the purple and gold dynasty.

  61. The_Ski says:

    The best fit for Melo would be going and playing for Sacramento. We have lots of cap space so we could take on some expiring contracts while providing Melo with a place that has a lot of potential to be great. We have the reigning rookie of the year in tyreke running point and number 5 overall pick in Demarcus Cousins to control the paint down low (who has a legit chance to lead the league in assists a few years down the road). People also forget about how good Omri Casspi was in his rookie season, at one point rated as the number 1 overall rookie on With him at the 2 Melo at the three and newly acquired Sam Dalembert the Kings would be a force and within the next two seasons be able to contend for a title.

    The Kings as well have the ability to give up some talent that would only lose depth for the team with players such as, Landry, Greene, and Thompson. All young players that would make a difference on a rebuilding team.

    It may be just wishful thinking, but it works on paper and I think it would really work if Melo wanted to play here. When C-webb came here we had less talent than we do now, so that may at least catch Carmelo’s attention.

  62. lorenz anthony says:

    carmelo anthony pls. sta on denver

  63. b-boy says:

    damn, they should build up a super team like the heat, denver should get cp3 and d-howard, that would be a classic match in the making!!!! just a thought pipz…

  64. haaron says:

    the best thing for melo is to go to NY w/ Chris Paul and Amare, in my opinion instant ring, they have better talent distribution than miami because amare can do more damage than bosh as well melo is an even match for lebron if not better. cp3 wit that team is unstoppable. nuff said.

  65. Cliff says:

    Also, can I point out that the Nuggets would be crazy to not take this trade from the Bobcats…

    Dampier ($13m) + Wallace ($9.8m) + Mohammed ($6.9m) + 1 first round draft pick
    Anthony ($17.1m) + Afflalo ($2m)

    The Nuggets get the high flying Wallace plus $20m in expiring contracts and also a first round draft pick all for Anthony and Afflalo. I threw on Afflalo because this deal was too lopsided with just Anthony there, but just saying that blows my mind. If the bobcats can get Anthony, GET HIM. They’d lack depth on the interior, no doubt, but the pros WAY outweigh the cons there, worst case scenario they secure another center from a different trade.

  66. Cliff says:

    Can’t the sacramento kings just trade…

    Dalembert ($12.2m) + Landry ($3m) + 2 first round picks (lottery baby!)
    Anthony ($17.1m)

    It’s $15m in expiring contracts plus a lottery pick. The Kings then have Cousins, Evans, and Anthony in their starting lineup. That’s a beast team with lots of room to expand. Not to mention they should have cash money to go shopping in free agency to pad together a real contender next year.

  67. Cliff says:

    Hey, i thought about this a lot. As a big (albeit distant, im in NYC) Jazz fan, i hate talking trade because i almost invariably like the team we have and don’t want to change it.

    I had a couple assumptions:
    1) Denver WANTS to trade Carmelo now rather than lose him next summer for nothing. Thus they know they cant and wont get equal value. Instead…
    2) Denver wants to rebuild, not a lengthy rebuild because they have great players like Billups and Nene who they won’t just give up on and condemn to playoff-less seasons, but a year of rebuild would be in order. My beloved Jazz come in because…
    3) The Jazz want Anthony. They might know something i don’t but talent wise he’s top-5 in the league and it’s hard to say no to that if the price is right…
    4) The Jazz will not trade Williams, Jefferson, Hayward, Okur, Millsap, or Bell in a potential bid for Anthony. And lastly…
    5) Neither team wants to bust their luxury tax wide open with lopsided salary swaps.

    Again, i hate trading my beloved Jazz players but this is what I see…

    Anthony ($17.1m)
    Kirilenko ($17.8m) + Miles ($3.7m) + Price ($1.4m) + 2 first-round draft picks

    The Nuggets would be hard pressed to say no to $23 million in expiring contracts (those 3 have only this upcoming season left) and 2 first rounders (albeit non-lottery). Spending money for the upcoming free agency would be quite nice in rebuilding efforts and the draft picks sweeten the deal and (who knows!) might end up being gold mines.

    The Jazz would be hardpressed to say no to Carmelo Anthony for 3-4 years (all trades with Anthony are for him with extension, not one year) to complement Jefferson and Williams.

    Why wouldn’t this happen (other than it prolly not being suggested)? The only reason I can see is that it does not clear them of the big KMart and JR contracts, but honestly those are expiring contracts! They might as well go all in on next summer, keeping Billups/Nene/Lawson/Anderson/Harrington and essentially building around them next free agency. Not to mention they might still keep Kmart or JR if those guys will resign with them. I don’t know that relationship well but Kmart ain’t a spring chicken and nuggets would be contenders again with a successful offseason.

  68. Ian says:

    Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Amare Stoudemaire WOW

  69. Ian says:

    What would be best for carmelo anthony is out for the Knicks to Stoudemire for the chance that another Big Three emerges that is greater and so put it more exciting because now for the Heat this year there are many possibilities for the champions

  70. chuck says:

    are you kidding me did this lame say 7 years for 50 mill someone slapped you with the stupid stick if melo signs with anyone for 5 years he will get at least 90 million

  71. kms says:

    listen up mr walsh make melo come to the knicks. im sayin make it happen period u wont get dis kinda chance in years to come. so now u got dat chance go get em!!

  72. kms says:

    listen up mr walsh make melo come to the knicks. im sayin make it happen period u wont get dis kinda chance in years to come. so now u got dat chance go get em!!

  73. iwillfilm says:

    Am I to understand that Melo can’t go to New york because they have nothing to give in return? Wasn’t he going to go the knicks? I know Paul won’t go for at least 2 years.

  74. bert says:

    He might joining CP3 in NOH, good tandem

  75. C BERRY says:


  76. joshieee says:

    come to boston babeeyyy; there’s a ring there waiting for you

  77. denver15 says:

    melo needs to stay & add a dominant big man down low…but if melo doesnt get a dominat big man he’s out of denver sad to say

  78. ADAM18 says:

    I could see him going to Washington for Arenas and Josh Howard. John Wall and Melo would make a dynamic duo, and Washingtons future would look very promising, I don’t know about going against a Boston or a Miami, but I could see them competing with Chicago. Denver would lack the true superstar that Carmelo is, but would have 3 potential all stars and at least on paper would look like a pretty good team.

  79. bluebag14 says:

    TO QuestionMark: are you SERIOUSLY INSANE ??!! Carter and Pietrus for CARMELO ?? and did i hear also with J.R. SMITH ?? for Carmelo alone , Carter and Pietrus are waaay too CHEAP for MELO , pls BOY , analyze something .. okae ?? damn , PEOPLE get dumber and dumber EVERY YEAR ..

  80. ian_LAKERS says:

    MELO go to LAKERS you and kobe and pau will be a great team up…
    RING TIME to you MELO.

  81. You all are idiots. Carmelo will come to Orlando and play with Dwight Howard while Curly Neal spins the ball on his finger and Mr T pity’s the fool and hulkamania breaks out in the new Amway centre. By the way I am an Amway representative? Want Vitamins or Soap???? … I can recruit you and you can recruit three of your friends and work for me and we can go to games together and hang out with Curly Neal and he will teach us to spin the ball on our finger…Did I mention I have ADD?

  82. DIET says:

    Melo go to La Lakers kobes retiring soon.. … ..

  83. melo.. u will go on the team u will like to win a crown.. i think a major team.. u giving a crown is a team like a bulls.. u and rose, and boozer and noah.. are rily rily matching to a team like heat ang l.a

  84. Rick says:

    when Melo came into the league i thought he was the best out of the big three(wade,james). Now 7 years into it i put him at # 3 in that group the reasons follow – he can score the ball no doubt, but his shot selection is really bad, yea he makes 40 something % but thats because his talent. Melo plays hard on D 10 sec. into the shot clock and he can’t help but reach on all turn around jumpers. I could be wrong but if wade or james was in Denver the last 7 years CHAMPIONSHIP! I still think Melo could be the best but to me its just effort.

  85. knicks all day!!! says:

    carmelo is coming to New York
    amare and carmelo =knicks – 2011 nba champions

  86. Arshad Nayani says:

    Come to Houston man!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. joe says:

    he will sign the contract again in DENVER!!! all teams u suggest are WEAK!!! lol

  88. J.J. says:

    im sorry but it could not. not unless deng has a monster first half and we can get him traded before the deadline, then again if he has a monster first half, why would we want to trade him.

  89. Michael Bethely says:

    I know its not likely but don’t sleep on the Utah Jazz seriously thats 1 team that have a owner that is wiling to dip into their pockets.I know that they are in the same division but right now everything ya’ll are saying is pure speclation and wishes.I do believe that the front runners to get him in a trade is like this and U can bet your heart on this 1 Knicks 2 Bulls 3 Nets 4 Dallas 5 Orlando PERIOD The Clippers have the pieces 2 offer him but we all know better thats not going to happen if U don’t agree with my comment fell free 2 comment on it I don’t mind being wring but Im not wrong 2 many times and Melo will get a Max deal something in the range of what Amare got this past summer.

  90. damnheat says:


  91. yeah.. the decision. PART DEUX..

  92. woohoo.. the decision.. part deux.. -michael tolliver

  93. Gene Handsome says:

    Melo should be together with JR Smith wherever he go because they are very powerful teammates when teamed up. And NY Knicks is the ideal team for them joining amare and some speculations that Knicks also want Paul. They would be a very powerful team I tell you guys. You see JR shooting threes and melo shot jumpshots and together with cp3 they could drive or pass to amare down low. Yow think melo. THINK !

  94. damnheat says:

    i really believe that denver has enough pieces to trade for the pippen to anthonys jordan (not saying anthony is on jordans level by any means). i say billups should be the only untouchable piece. my opinion would to be trade smith, martin or nene( they wont be lucky enough to get rid of martin AND smith) and a future first round pick. grab a player like brooke lopez. not that they could get the brooke lopez. if they keep one of the low post guys they have now (nene,martin) and get a legitimate center who can score and give you atleast 17 and 9 a night. i would be a fan of getting zach randolph and hasheem thabeet for k. martin smith and a draft pick. only if it were possible though.

  95. Kaka says:

    As long as Chuancey Billups is on the Nuggets roster, Denver will always be a playoff team.If Melo also signs with the nuggets, they are a championship contender.

  96. ‘Melo should also televise his “decision” so that his jersey will also get burned.. =)

  97. ‘Melo should also televise his decision.. so that his jersey will get burned also if he leaves.. =)

  98. Drew says:

    With all the comments that I’ve seen… some are legit and some are just foolishness… If I’m a GM in Denver, I won’t let him walk away with out nothing in return… The Cavs did sign and trade Lebron for 4 future draft picks… I would probably trade him now to a team with a player that has like 2 years on the contract and a young player that came off from the draft last year… Here’s some good scenarios: Chicago Bulls, trade Deng, Gibson and a pick or James Johnson or Korver… Clippers, Gordon, Griffin and Butler… NY Knicks, no one to trade or wait again like this summer… Hornets, with all the high contracts there’s a lot of players but are they rebuilding type or quality players??? Dallas Mavericks, they might lose a key contributor like Terry or Butler and a lot of future draft picks but will gain Melo still a young player with brighter future…

  99. T-mix 023 says:

    Why would carmelo go to new york with amare first of all amare is not an ideal power forward or center all he does is dunks an occasionally hits 15 foot jumpshots he cant rebound nor defend as far as that team goes where is the back ups

  100. Jim W says:

    The Pistons will try to make a bid for ‘Melo, offering Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince. This will alleviate the log jam at the SG and SF positions. It will also give Joe D the chance to right the wrong he comitted when he drafted darko.. Dont get me wroiong he is a mastermind GM though.

  101. Agent says:

    Denver isn’t going to be able to trade Melo, unless Melo wants to go to that team. Meaning Orlando and New York. Thats because no team is going to want to part ways with their younger talent for Melo when there is no guaruntee that he will stay beyond this year; and Melo won’t sign an extension unless its to a team he wants (Orlando or New York, maybe Bulls). I think Orlando has the best shot because they have talent, picks, and expiring contracts and have shown the will to spend money. Next, the Bulls could pull osmething off with Deng, but I don’t see how they keep Rose and Noah and get Melo, Denver will want something else too.

    Personally, I don’t Melo will leave this year, probably next year via FA

  102. TheRainMan says:

    Everyone who posted above just needs to take a step back and calm down! I think the obvious thing that is going to happen is similar to what happened with the Utah Jazz and Carlos Boozer. The Nuggets will keep Carmelo for the remainder of his contract and he will put them into the playoffs (where they will get beat by Utah again) and then Melo will walk away and sign with New York. How is this not obvious? NY needs a good forward and point guard to become an elite team. These spots will be filled when Amar’e, Melo, and Chris Paul start talking to each other and Paul and Melo sign with New York to create an epic trio that would shatter Miami’s hopes of a title; because, Amar’e, Melo, and Chris actually play specific positions. All three of them don’t run around like point guards and steal the ball from their teammates to score. They play like a TEAM!!! That’s something that LeBron, Dwayne, and Bosh will never achieve, GUARANTEED! So summarizing: Carmelo Anthony will play out his contract in Denver and then join Chris Paul and Amar’e in the Big Apple to chase after the most sought after achievement in the NBA; a Championship Ring…

  103. Jordan23 says:

    I hope Melo will come to Houston… Houston will become real contender’s when Melo decides to go there

  104. Masta says:



  105. Awe says:

    i really think melo should stay in denver but if not he should go to the magic for vince carter or rashard lewis

  106. kobron says:

    Carmelo come to the Lakers, instant multiple championships are waiting for you. Once kobe retires you could become the face of the lakers!
    Imagine the powerful trio of Kobe, Pau & Carmelo.

  107. James Hoang says:

    Melo can go to LA. Trade Ron Artest and Shannon Brown for Melo :), this should be sweet!

  108. MVPHairinc says:

    How would we (Da Bulls) get Melo w/o Denver taking Deng back? We would have 2 convince them 2 take Deng,& build around him! It could happen.

    • damnheat says:

      no it couldnt. unless majai ujiri became nuggets gm just to screw them

    • jude says:

      Build around Deng??? you’re kidding right?? Mabye they should get rid of their retirement home talent and build around Melo. Dont get me wrong, K-Mart, Birdman, and Chauncy were all great player, 3 years ago!!!! Get some young TALENT in denver with Melo, then he wont leave. They shouldnt be worried about what they can get for Melo in a trade. They should be worried about what they’ll be able to surround Melo with by making trades.

  109. MagicBaby says:

    Wishful thinking people but nobody is going 2 trade 4 Carmelo unless he signs a long term contract with them,keep dreaming,he is going 2 go where he wants!!!

  110. kyler says:

    I think he should stay with the team, when are the big man on campus u dnt leave 2 be come the ”new guy”. i am a heat fan an i did not agree wit the lebron drama even thou it will improve my branging rights 4 awhile but i was always tought 2 ride and die 4 my team,but at the same time if they cant get melo a big man that can produce than maybe he should leave

  111. SAMMMY says:

    melo go 2 da knicks u hav a better chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO 2 DA KNICKS AMARE N CHRIS PAUL WILL JOIN U

  112. IDOL says:

    Melo, You come to Houston with Yao Ming and Lakers are in trouble!

    Houston can afford a few assets and still have enough good players to eb an elite team.

    We can trade Kev Mart, J.Hill, Jeffries, Taylor, 2 draft Picks from a lottery team (NYK)

    Only bad thing is we have to get crazy J.R. Smith as well.. BUT as long as Melo sign an extension with us then it is all good in the neighborhood!

  113. HR#1 says:

    Jeffries $6,883,400 plus Battier $7,354,500 plus Hill $2,669,520 = 16,907,420. throw in six million trade exception plus NY draft pick and do a Sign And Trade. All done. Everyone happy!

  114. will says:

    miami heat suck..ny knicks will beat the heats like in 1999 playoffs…

    • kyler says:

      that was a long time ago, hell that was probably the last time the knicks were in the playoffs get ur head rite child. 73-9

      • LaLakers247 says:


        NEVER THAT

      • LakerDodger420 says:

        73-9, try starting with 1-0, then try for the other 72 wins. You must be drinking the same Kool-Aide that bald VanGundy was drinking when he said that Miami will beat Chicago’s single season win record (72-10), never lose back to back games and top the Laker’s consecutive win streak (33). All before they even play a single game, or even practice. Why don’t we just give them the Larry O’Brien Trophy right now? To quote Chris Bosh “We look good on paper, they (Lakers) look good on the Larry O’Brien Trophy”. I’m almost positive that was a Dan Patrick interview, but possibly Rome or Stephen A. Smith.

  115. max says:

    CP3 & melo will go to ny knicks to join with amare..knicks big 3..lets go knicks

  116. Greg says:

    Is there going to be a potential-Melo-move news every single day on this website ? That’s getting annoying. Leave him alone, let he decide, that’s up to him only.

  117. JDD#4 says:

    MELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO shlda went to chicago !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rose , For da offense he can drive an dish out to Korver for da 3 or lob up to noah or pick and roll wit boozer an melo can jus do his on thang!! an taj gibson of da bench beastn , then Deng gone score an play D than brewer can get u 6 points or better , da rest can fill in im jus sayin melo a best u gotta giv him his props he shlda beeeeeen da #1 pick in o3 da man single handed led syracuse 30 – 5 to a ncaa title (BEASTLY) so yea lebron cnt do dat an melo clda went out of oak hill ti da nba if he wnted to so yeaaa

    • Big C says:

      If Lebron would have joined a collage team he most likely would have had a NCAA title just look what he did in High School.

    • jude says:

      Melo had no chance of going number 1 in 03 because Lebron was and is a national phenom, and Melo was great, dont get me wrong, but Lebron was amazing in high school. And whose to say that he couldnt have lead a team to the NCAA championship?? He never played in the NCAA so we will NEVER know.

      I dont want anybody to take this the wrong way, because Carmelo Anthony is my favorite player in the league, but theres was no way that he was going to go before Lebron in the Draft for 3 reasons.
      1. Lebron is younger.
      2. Lebron is more athletic.
      3. Lebron is the most hyped player in a VERY long time.

      So, in closing, Carmelo Anthonly should have went 2nd int the 03 draft to the Pistons. Imagine how good that team woulda been. They won it all in 04 anyways. Imagine how many they would have won with Melo.

      *** Darco Milicic should have went undrafted, but for some strange reason, he went 2nd in front of Melo?? WTF??

    • jake says:

      how would the keep there whole roster, and get melo. they would have to give up deng. but that would be good,
      chicago give up deng, gibson, 1st round pick and in return get melo, and kenyon martin.

  118. JDD#4 says:

    MELO is my fav player he a beast man idc he da best inda nba he btter then lebron he can shoot better an a better scorer lets goooo MELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO idc wat team he on LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  119. miami-fan says:

    MELO stay in denver!!! finish your remaining contract or your jersey will be burned…Wait for CP3 & join ’em @ the Big Apple!!!

  120. the beast says:

    go to the knicks with amare and request for paul to come so the knicks would have a big 3 and the heat and the knicks could have the fantastic rivalry that they used to have

    • jude says:

      This wont happen. If it did, the Western Conference would be practically non-existant after the Lakers have their little run. Plus, the Knicks dont have anybody but Amare that can make a difference and the chances of CP and Melo going there are slim to none.

      • jude says:

        Correction, the Western Conference would be Kevin Durant and the Thunder, Mabye the Spurs fopr the next couple years, but they are old, so are the mavs, and the Blazers, etc. Melo should go to the Mavs or the Suns

  121. mavsforeva96 says:

    come to the mavs!! unlikely but gosh it’d be a dream come true! Just imagine tyson chandler, dirk, Melo, roddy (or terry), J Kidd…. old team yess but cuban will always provide atleast a decent team for him for years to come.

  122. vicious bucking horse says:

    trade k-mart and melo to the hornets for west, peja, pondexter and brackins.. they will have two prospects with pondexter and brackins and they will have flexibility next summer when peja and west comes of the books, plus, this lineup would allow them to compete for the 7th or 8th spot while still going up in the draft.. this sounds a long shot but hey, it’s free to dream so make it as high as possible.. hahahahahahaha..

  123. Alex says:

    Come to New York City.
    Mecca of Basketball
    Prove that we are here to contend
    Declare .
    Carmelo is from New York
    And can absolutely take over along with Amar’e
    This is the Big stage
    And since the Media dosen’t get that
    We have to prove the WORLD wrong .
    Come on Melo’
    There’s nothing like winning in New York City
    Ask our previous Champions … ( Giants ( NFL) , Yankees (MLB) )

    • jude says:

      i think this is funny. everybody keeps saying, “what help are the big 3 gunna have in miami? theres nobody on the bench to back them up.” Well, the situation in NY is far worse, they have absolutely NOBODY that can make a difference except for Amare. And he wont make a difference there by himself.

      There may be nothing like winning in New York City,

      But it would be a big jump for melo if he went from a decent team (Nuggets-good but injury prone) to a team that is absolutely horrible with the exception of ONE player, who also happens to be injury prone. Amare will get hurt trying to put that team on his back, and if Melo goes there, It will be his first NBA season in which he doesnt make the playoffs.

      Stay in Denver, or go to Dallas. Those are the only sensible options as of right now.

    • nuggets says:

      no man new york suck at basketball if he gos there man is probly not going to win any champion and kinks are not giants or yankees, dont expect melo at new york

  124. Celtics2011 says:

    I see him joining Amare in New York

  125. Rick says:

    Give me Gordon, Griffin, and butler from the clippers and they can have Melo, Smith, and Martin ANY Day

    • kyler says:

      now that would make since other than some of the stuff ive read so far

      • tingyman says:

        no… that doesnt make sense. what makes you think that the clippers will give up their potentially franchise player blake griffin, soon to constantly all star eric gordon, and butler for melo who might as well walk out on the clippers, 6th man jr smith, and injured martin?

  126. Miami Baby says:

    are you kidding me!!! bosh a dominant presense down low??

    • F-bomb you says:

      yeah that was news to me as well. I believe someone is off the hype and not off the knowing.

  127. Jose says:

    Denver should just tell Melo that they are not trading him and that next year he can just walk without a sign and trade. We will see if Melo is willing to walk away from potentially, in my estimate, $50 million over the next 7 years. Good luck Melo!

    • Zzanzabar says:

      ‘Willing to walk away’? Your are kidding right? You should ask Lebron, Wade and Bosh that quesiton down in Miami. Each one took less money to be able to make an impact, Carmelo is no different, especially if he ends up in Orlando (although Orlando is NOT in any stretch of the imagination like Miami as far as city life goes). People tend to forget that Florida has no state income tax and for the rich it can add up to MILLIONS saved a year.

      It’s just that he doesn’t want to spend his formative years being ‘loyal’ and watch his chance of a ring fade like Kevin Garnet did. He was the epitome of loyalty and all it got him was a pat on the back from Minnesota (after they made many MILLONS of dollars of of him) and then put out to pasture with Boston to win maybe one ring or two (when he should have had at least 4 or 5 in his career). The same will be true for Dirk in Dallas, sure everyone will trumpet his spending his career there but as for him reaching the ultimate goal in the sport (a championship) he will just have to give up that idea.

      No, the ball is in Denver’s court, just as it was in the Hornets when CP3 started making ‘trade me’ grumblings like Kobe before him. Time for Denver to get up off of the bucks, take the talent they have and make a serious move to support Carmelo or let him go.

      • looool says:

        Idk why people always have to bring up that “Lebron, Bosh and Wade took less $$ to play together…”… Seriously.. If people actually took the time to think about it, YES, they took less money per year to play on the team. BUT, they will most definitely get most of that $$$ back from endorsements and all that other bs. Not even an hour after Lebron anounced that he going to Miami, already had on their main page where you can buy a Lebron Heat jersey… He will get that money back..

        Now as for Melo, he should not leave. When Kobe was having a bad time with the Lakers, and some years not even making it to the playoffs, did he leave? No. People like Lebron want theirs now. Kobe waited, Lakers finally got someone like Gasol and others, and they won. Im sure if Melo was to stay and keep doing what he is doing, the Denver staff would most likely do the same..

      • Zzanzabar says:

        Actually looool, I was responding to the earlier comment about Melo ‘giving up’ 50 million over 7 years by agreeing with you (sort of). The point is that I believe that money is NOT the issue here but the idea of competing with a real chance to be in the finals. Year after year Carmelo has competed only to run up against an extremely hard Western Conference phalanx only to be thwarted by the Lakers in the end. A senerio which he obviously believes he will face again and one that he must believe will end up the same way yet again (otherwise why leave if he believed he had a better than 50-50 chance to win the Finals, right?)

        Melo is saying trade me to this short list of teams, or significantly improve this team NOW. This is the challenge this new GM faces and it will be his first really big test. Ujiri can either trade an unhappy Melo for a future crop of talented YOUNG players (ala OKC), bring in a francise player like a Gasol (ha! it would be a miracle), or refuse to bend to the pressure and wait till the end of the season and most likely lose Melo to any team that Carmelo chooses.

      • R3NST3R says:

        Melo will leave the Nuggets for sure..
        there is not much the team can do, they got nothing to offer him but money..
        You guys have to understand.. Kobe stayed cause LA is a big market for him..
        and LA is one of the most wanted team that NBA players wants to play in..
        Denver is cold and is a boring city.. Small Market = Less endorsments..
        If he goes to NY for less money, the money that he lost from will be easily made up from endorsements..
        Didn’t you guys read the article on BOSH? he is making SO MUCH money from endorsement cause of Lebron and Wade..
        He got his first GOT MILK ad hahahahaaa..

      • looool says:

        All im saying is everyone cant expect to “get theirs now”. Ive been an NBA fan for a looooong time. No one wants to see all these teams with 3-4 superstars on it trying to get a ring. That makes the NBA one-sided and boring. I remember alot of games last season, where the gane was good because each teams superstar were going at it. Heat vs Cavs.. Bron and Wade went at it. Cavs vs Nuggets when Melo hit the game winning shot over Bron in 2nd overtime. When you put all these superstars on one team, where is all the fun? Im not even thinking about ordering NBA league pass this year now.

      • jude says:

        Melo should go to Dallas. Team up with Dirk and Kidd and get your 1st ring already!!!!

      • less money? says:

        less money? are you serious?….. over 100 million over 6 years, playing basketball, living in miami, winning possible championships. lebron probably got the money back that he gave up in ‘the decision’ that was blown way out of proportion! if i earnt over 100 million over 6 years i would be more than happy. if they aare dissapointed with amount then they are very ungreatful.

    • mhyke says:

      no! the nuggets will never let melo just ” walk away” they will atleast trade him for draft picks, just like what the cavs did

  128. D-FANN says:

    Request for a trade…just like Lebrone James, Carmelo isn’t getting anywhere. Unless the Nuggets get someone dominant in the down low, like heats having Bosh and Lakers having Gasol, Carmelo isn’t going to get any help.

    • tingyman says:

      since when did bosh become dominant down low? obviously you havent seen much of bosh because bosh is a shooter, he cant post up on anyone. this is ignorance lol

      • jonny says:

        I agree with u tingyman duncan can probably still teach bosh how to play down low.. but i have to disagree with you on the shooting part. bosh has to work on shooting.

      • hmmmm... says:

        actually, Bosh is just like Gasol in a whole lot of ways. Both of them are capable shooters but they both also have a strong defensive POST presence.

      • think says:


        bosh is the anchor of the worst defensive team last year… that would probably be an indication of how “capable” defensively he is…

    • jude says:

      right?? Bosh is the skinniest “big man” ever, lol. And, when did Lebron “request a trade”? he was a FREE AGENT and he signed with a different team. He didnt trade. And it’s not like the Nuggets dont have any dominant big men, they just get hurt every 2 weeks. What Melo needs is the respect that he deserves. He is probably the second or third best player in the league but he never gets that credit. he single-handedly turned the Nuggets into an annual playoff contender from his rookie year on. It took lebron 3 seasons in the NBA to make it to the playoffs. Just trade K-Mart, Ty Lawson and Balkman to New Orleans for Chris Paul, lol, that’ll never happen…

      • mhyke says:

        no! lebron signed with the cavs and the cavs traded him! i think you should be sure of things you say,. it was a SIGN – AND – TRADE

    • J17 says:

      The last time Bosh was a beast inside.Yao Ming was on the Celtics.So i don’t think that ever happened.Plus Bosh is not that much of a beast inside,he’s just better than struggling with Varejeo or some sorry big man.

    • Da K1d Man says:

      I FEEL YA. Melo needs help,but its not like he doesn’t have it bt he needs more.If the Nuggs cant get a big man then Melo should go to new york with amare.

  129. chicagobullzfan says:


  130. Zzanzabar says:

    What would be best? Well, for Melo to remain with Denver AND for Denver to move heaven and earth to get a REAL quality player to join him. Carmelo has this one year to decide if he doesn’t ‘demand’ a trade before the beginning of the season. The city of Denver does not have the same ‘dead space’ to live and play as other small markets and should not be a deterrent in recruiting major talent.

    I hope that Denver does not rush to movement simply because they don’t want to be ‘Lebroned’, and they have a year to work that out.

  131. QuestionMark says:

    Melo just go to the Orlando Magic, it will benefit you and the Magic, trade Vince Carter and Pietrus for Melo and JR Smith, Smith has a killer 3 and Melo is better than Carter, so Orlando will be more of a match for Miami and L.A if they do get them, and their hopes for a championship will be more likely even with Miami and L.A. Melo will be an even match for Lebron and Kobe, will be tougher for them to score, and Melo has the strength and size over Kobe which will hurt the Lakers, Carter is the same height as Kobe and Kobe is just better than Carter in every way possible, so just go to the Magic and form a Killer Duo with Superman.

    • Luke says:

      why would denver get carter and peitrus? they want to start over and build a younger aquad, not an older and a worse squad. If he does get traded, it wont be to Orlando.

      • Patrick says:

        orlando would package expiring contracts (carter, pietrus) with a young player like ryan anderson, and draft picks. the nuggets would more than likely try to move kenyon martin with anthony if they felt they were going to have to rebuild. smith would probably be moved separately, because few teams would be able to offer enough to convince the nuggets to part with that much firepower at once. dont be surpised if a team like milwaukee came out with interest in smith, maybe redd and a 2nd rounder?

      • jude says:

        agreed. Nobody wants to play for Stan Van Gundy anyways. Dwight Howard is a foul machine and he’s overrated. For his size, speed and stature, he should be the most dominant player in the league but he hasn’t been able to take that next step. As for Melo, he should stay in Denver with Billups. They should trade some of their older players and try to get some big men in there who dont get hurt every 2 months.

      • jude says:

        i was agreeing with you Luke, not patrick.

    • josh says:

      dude…im not a nuggets fan..but Vince Carter and Pietrus for Melo and JR Smith???are you from another planet…no way nuggets accept this….if im the manger of nugget,i want a star player,some young talents,and draft picks..come on,you want get melo(one of the best in league)in your team????pay the price…

    • Josh says:

      Lol and Kobe does not cover mello he is a two and mellow is a three. Artest would cover him.

      • mhyke says:

        ofcourse kobe will cover melo, because of his competitiveness, he wants to shut – down the opponents best player.