Trading Melo is Next Step

The Nuggets are going to lose Carmelo Anthony. Reading the tea leaves, not to mention all those Internet reports, it’s obvious Melo’s days in Denver are numbered.

At issue now is how to proceed. Barring a sudden change of heart from Melo, Denver trading its franchise cornerstone is the best and only course, especially when the alternative is letting Melo walk for nothing next summer.

Denver is looking to avoid the same fate as Cleveland. The Cavaliers had their hearts ripped out and championship hopes gutted by the whims of free agency. Not getting LeBron’d has put the Nuggets’ reconfigured front office on the offensive.

Internally, trading Anthony had been discussed earlier this summer when it became obvious that Melo wasn’t in any hurry to sign that $65 million extension. Owner-to-be Josh Kroenke tried to personally appeal to Anthony, but Melo wants out.

Plain and simple.

So now it’s up to Kroenke and new general manager Masai Ujiri to find the best deal. The makeup of that deal depends on what the Nuggets want back.

Do the Nuggets need to get an elite talent to build around? Is a package of young players, Draft picks and salary cap relief the way to go? Does Denver want to dump some of its other expiring contracts, like those of Kenyon Martin and J.R. Smith?

Melo is owed $17 million this season, so this is going to be a massive transaction regardless of what other pieces are included. Just about any trading partner is going to want assurances that Anthony is going to sign an extension before agreeing to a trade.

That’s where Melo’s new CAA management team of William Wesley and Leon Rose comes into play. They’re the power brokers behind the scenes, “negotiating” with potential suitors to put the parameters of a trade in place. Worldwide Wes is probably going to have more to do with a deal being struck than the GMs involved.

A report from Yahoo! Sports listed the Nets, Clippers, Warriors, Rockets and Bobcats as possible destinations for Anthony. The Knicks have long been rumored as a Melo landing spot. The Magic could use another superstar alongside Dwight Howard. The Mavericks have the assets in place to make a pitch, plus title-hungry owner Mark Cuban.

Anthony is a top-10 player in the league. In the right situation and with the right frame of mind, he could be the final championship piece. Contenders outside of Los Angeles and Miami know as much.

When to do the deal? Well, moving Melo before the season has its advantages. If the Nuggets are going to rebuild, they might as well start as soon as possible. But waiting until the February trade deadline could sweeten the pot for Denver and amp up the bidding, especially among teams looking to close the gap on the Lakers and Heat.

The ball has been in Melo’s hands since this contract standoff began. Now the question is: Can the Nuggets steal it back?


  1. Jake Turnwall says:

    I believe that melo needs to get out of denver sorry melo i love u man but we need a change in denver lets try to get dinillio gallinari or some1 with huge potential and as manny draft pix that we can get i believe in youngsters

  2. magic1386 says:

    Melo on the move? Come to Orlando Melo and get your first championship with us.

  3. Dejan says:

    Knicks should land Melo if they want to be a tittle contenders!!!

  4. b says:

    The nuggets want young talent in return and need someone to fill in the gap at SF that Melo will leave. That being said a trade with Indiana is the best. They can trade for Danny granger(sf), Hibbert(c), brandon rush and rookie paul george. It’ll give them a true center in hibbert, someone to start at small forward in granger, plus to kids with alot of potential.

  5. bReal says:

    houston will be a top 5 team in the league this year WITHOUT melo. are you forgetting they added kevin martin to the mix? throw yao in on top of that(yes hes healthy)…. add melo and they are competing with the heat. one thing most ppl dont realize is that in the mcgrady deal to the knicks they got 2 first round picks from the knicks. they have patterson who was a steal at 14th overall this summer, jordan hill and chase budinger. the nuggets wont find anything better as far as their future is concerned.just dont trade him to LA…. i freakin hate LA…

  6. James says:

    I agree with Gari Macaya, Anthony should stay in Denver. If they are healthy and can trade for a good post presense and maybe a little deeper bench, they are capable of upsetting the lakers. In reality, Denver is not far off of being a championship team. They have some problems, like most other teams, but they play well together and with one or two more pieces that fit their style of play they could eventually win it all.

  7. Miami Heat says:

    Not really because they don’t have the right supporting cast for Melo!

  8. heat says:

    the heat are gonna blow the lakers away kobe and gasol are too old king, dwade and bosh are gonna do it no matter what but i would love to melo in orlando helping out dwight

  9. Nuggets Fan says:

    Im a die hard nuggets fan but the thing is all the signs are pointing to melo leaving. His wife lala dosent want to stay, he wants an nba championship and his team does has talent but not a championship caliber team. As much as it would kill me to see him leave i think that his best bet would be to go play in chicago with D. Rose those too might not bring the lakers talent to the table but can definitly have a good chance at the title and a stronger foundation than the heat have.

  10. sj says:

    ok all u laker fans melo to la will never happen kobe is the star and if u put melo in the lakers the same thing will happen to melo like they did to shaq.the best offer has to be orlando carter n lewis cause the nets ,Clippers, Warriors, Rockets and Bobcats got no stars, knicks just got amarie magic has a chance for a title here

  11. Ross says:

    i think the Magic have the most to offer the Nuggets. Plus the they are one of the teams Melo wants to go to. He doesnt want to go to Golden State so you can eliminate them. The bulls and the knicks dont have the players to give like the magic do. In theory the magic could trade VC straight up for Melo (becuase the contracts match). But obvioulsy the nuggets would want more than just VC. I dont see the magic trading Lewis because he has 4 years left on his contract and he makes more money then melo and VC (he is due to make about 20 mil this upcoming season). So if the magic offered Lewis and VC the nuggets would have to through in K-mart’s expiring contract and J.R.’s as well. The better trade would be for the magic to trade Gortat, VC, and Peitrus, for Melo, and J.R. This will allow the nuggets not to take on to many big contracts and get one of the top 10 centers in the league. The magic would probably want K-marts contract too, But i think if the magic did pull off this trade and end up with a lineup of Howard, Lewis, Melo, J.R., Nelson. SMH!!!!!


    i agree with james and if the nuggets dump him somewhere else hell be a knick next yr and abouy amare DONT UNDER ESTIMATE A PLAYER LIKE HIM WITH HI LEVEL OF INTENSITY. he will be a COMPLETE BEAST this season

  13. Adam-jazz says:

    Carmelo Anthony to the Jazz for AK47 or Melsap.

  14. Fred says:

    Personally I would like to see Carmelo either stay in denver (doesnt he look great in Denver jersey?)…or shift to the Eastern conference, that would balance out the East and the West, or perhaps tip the power to the East a little bit. CANT WAIT…

  15. smileyoo7 says:

    he should come to the spurs

  16. Sydale says:

    I don’t know why people are saying LA… The Lakers have the players they want in the roles they need to play and are back to back champs because of that… Plus, with Kobe and Gasol getting most of the shots, how would a big time scorer like Melo fit in? The answer: He won’t…

    As for Chicago… I can see that working. Luol Deng and some other pieces for Melo…

    What I want to happen is for the Sixers to put a bid in. We have a plethora of young talent at the SF/SG postion. I’d offer the Nuggets Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner, and throw in Willie Green, all for Melo…. That way we could have Holiday, Iguodala, and Melo as our backcourt…

  17. ROB SOPRANO says:

    LETS GO NETS!! That would be great if we can steal him

  18. nick8589 says:

    i love to see melo playing with boozer and rose in chicago.

  19. Boomer says:

    Think people are forgetting how good denver can be when healthy, should have beat lakers 2yrs ago in confrence finals and smashed lakers during the regular season last yr, nuggets have tough players who can shake up lakers players who are constanly being accussed of being soft and sook alot (kobe), melo should play this yr out and see how they go, when free agency comes up let k-mart go and try to sign another bigman, if dont get anything go to knicks with cp3

  20. Robert says:

    I bet whatever team wants Melo will have to take JR Smith and his bad reputation just so the Nuggets can get rid of him. Whatever Melo goes to will definitely get better as long as JR stays out of trouble.

  21. Brian says:

    First of all if Denver wants to trade Melo they need to do it at the deadline to get the best of desperate teams. Second of all they need to make some trades and keep Melo before the deadline. That way they get a chance at the playoffs and if theyre a good team Melo might reconsider staying. I just wish Melo would be like Jordan and make a dynasty with the team that drafted him. Stop letting LaLa get in the way. She doesnt know basketball just because shes your wife. Do the right thing and stay like DWade. Be a Legend not just a Hall of Famer.

  22. Eli Baby says:

    I would love to see Carmelo go to the Lakers, him Kobe and Gasol will go ham!!!!!!! Get rid of Odom cause he feel off lol Artest, and Artest wouldnt mind leaving no way cause he got him a ring so he straight, and they might have to get rid of someone else probably Bynum, he’s good but he’s just so fragile always getting hurt but everybody needs a good center so another person who can leave could be like sasha and one of the rookies and they would kill seriously but we will wait and see but i just would love to see that. If Lakers could get melo, the Lakers vs Miami would be like an All-Star game lol well anyway lets GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Ranier says:

    if melo wants to go elsewhere, where there is enough media exposure…maybe L.A. could give that. i mean the clippers coz they’re weak at the 3 spot(no offense to gomes) but personally, he should go play for MJ in charlotte. that would mean giving up crash(which would be likely) and fillers like mohammed or diaw to denver.

  24. Draikan says:

    Adding Melo to the Magic would be great. But Carter and Lewis is not that good a trade for him.
    The only player close to worth it is Nelson and Howard. But they’re not gunna trade their Franchise player(Howard) for another one. And nuggets can’t use a nother allstar point guard, unless they ship chauncey somewhere else first.

    Rockets have the people to trade for him, but i don’t think Melo will join Yao until he has proven he is healthy.

    I’m sure he is not going to the Heat, but there is not that many teams that can trade away players for him without ruining their team and their chemistry.

    As i said Melo on the magic would be great, but i can’t see it happening. Same with the other playoff contenders.

    People talk about him going to the nets with a package deal with Devin Harris and such. Once again though, why would Denver need another good PG.

    The only team i can think of really that has the players to trade with out affecting them very much is the Warriors,
    Trade Ellis(great scorer) and maybe Epke Udoh (Injured for 6 months though) for Melo and someothers and then the roster would be.
    PG – Curry
    Sg – J.R. (maybe)
    SF – Melo
    PF – Lee
    C – Beidrins.
    To me that looks like a really great roster. They still may struggle in and for the playoffs in the tough east but give them a couple years to work everything out and i beleive that will be a great team especially with Don Nelson at Coach.

  25. ATL2010-2011 says:

    pg teague/bibby
    sg johnson/jordan crawford
    sf anthony/williams
    pf horford/martin/powell
    c dampier/zaza/collins

    hawks a threat in the east then

  26. ATL2010-2011 says:

    Carmelo and kenyon martin for josh smith and jamal crawford
    GO Hawks!!

  27. James from Da Bronx says:

    Hey folks….listen up….NYKnicks DO NOT NEED MELLO………….you will see…..Mello is going to wait until the trade deadline to see where he is going…..It will be him begging o come to NYC……And all u haters who downplaye Amare…….I can’t wait for all the eggs that will be in everybody’s face….yeah….after this year….everybody will want to play in NY

    • Tyler says:

      Dude the Knicks suck and have sucked since 1972 they haven’t won a championship since then so they’ve been re-buliding since then and they are gonna be begging him

  28. jason says:

    im a den,chi fan so would love for him to go to chi for two,three maybe four decent guys or something like a three team deal.ny wouldnt be bad either for three players i also think getting a draft pick or two is great idea dont let this be like cavs. i dont like cavs but they really are hurting now.also like the idea of getting rid of kmart and smith both i like but are getting paid too much right now plus kmart is always hurt seems like.

  29. Jacob says:

    Melo isn’t leaving to The Lakers, they are happy with being a defending champion and they would be happy to have Melo on the team but Melo would probebly be bench’d and get less money, Joining the clippers is more likely, and NYC is highly likely, A’mere would have a superstar to work with, and it would attact CP3 to join. Btw, im a celtics fan.

  30. rory says:

    melo if your smart you would considering playing for ORLANDO the 2 duo melo/howard will run the southeast and yes that means over the superteam!

  31. NinjaX says:

    What about Washington? Arenas, Howard, and Blatche for Melo and Nene. In terms of talent this would seem like a doable trade for both sides. Denver’s rebounding and defense would be improved with Josh Howard and Blatche, and they’re all 3 capable scorers. Washington is on the east coast and would probably net him weekly visits with Obama, and with John Wall in the backcourt would make them exciting to watch. NY doesn’t have the pieces to trade, Chicago won’t trade the pieces, New Jersey wouldn’t have teammates up to Melo’s par. People were talking so much about Melo with Derrick Rose, Melo and Wall would be nice also.

    • diehardCHICAGOfan says:

      i dont know what nene’s contract is like but ‘agent zero’s” contract is so big the trade probably wouldnt match up money wise. im not sure if im right or not but gilbert and howard make a ton of money combined. i dont know if the money would add up right.
      and denver is looking to get younger prospects so they can rebuild and i can see blatche cause i like the way he plays and shows good upside but i dont see denver building around gilbert arenas.
      melo and john wall would be a nice combo though.

      the bulls can dump the pieces and they should. deng/johnson/gibson/charlotte’s 1st rd pick ..

  32. Craig says:

    Never going to happen but….

    Heat trade James and filler for Melo, Lawson and the birdman.

    Heat gets help for the bench, gives them much more depth and a greater chance at the title.

    Denver gets James tied in for 6 years (no way they beating that I may even ask for billups to be thrown in)

    Failing that, if the bulls can get him for Deng, Gibson and some picks that is a quality team.

    Rose, Korver, Melo, Boozer and Noah going to take some serious beating.

  33. E_Kay says:

    I think Melo should make a deal and come to detroit alongside with tracy Mc grady which tracy is going to surprise nt only Detroit Fans bt the NBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Point says:

    Well I really hope he stays in the West wherever he goes. Otherwise the East would become way bettter.

  35. alibata says:

    i think the Dallas has good shot with this trade, Mavs gets Melo in exchange for butler and stevenson (+ another player if
    necessary) Melo might just be the missing piece the mavs are looking for, you have a future Hall of fame PG to run the show, a star player in dirk, Haywood and chandler a pretty good center rotation.. i think? a lock on defender in marion, Jet terry roddyB and DoJo coming off the bench. Mr. Cuban please pull the trigger on this trade

  36. Julz says:

    Chicago always going to have people change their mind about them because of the ultimate Jordan shadow, everything you do on that team will be compared to what he did, and Nets? hellllllllllll I think Knicks has the best chance.

  37. Kevin says:

    I think if melo should be traded..he should go to the lakers..he just need to sacrifice scoring..infact in years time he can go and take over the laker team…and ladies and gentlemen if that happen we will have a historic battle in the NBA finals..a new rivalry will be born.. LA and MIAMI rivalry..ain’t bad at all..

  38. boy_upa2 says:

    carmelo can u play in the PBA, go to san miguel beermens

  39. BaileyOcean says:

    I’m kind of late on this conversation, but it would have been in Melo’s best interest to become a free agent and have a stronger sense of control over where he wants to go. Demanding a trade puts Denver in a driver’s seat that could lead Melo to a team with absolutely no chance of contention. T-Wolves for instance pick up a lot peices over the summer through trades and the draft, plus they will most likley end up with another lottery pick after this year. Whatever happens Melo should want to stay in the West since the East has picked up a lot of weight for contention.

    • diehardCHICAGOfan says:

      melo has a no trade clause so denver can try to trade him but melo can always reject the trade if he doesnt want to play for that team.

  40. kevin garnett21 says:

    i hope melo goes to boston for ray allen, baby davis, and to draft picks. i doubt it will happen

  41. 60er01 says:

    everyone who says melo2LAL dont no nothin about bball……i am a huge lakerfan myself, but i mean cmon melo doesnt want to be a sidekick, and who da hell does LA want to leave? artest+bynum? they’d give up 2 starters for only one, plus artest seems to have found his rythm with the triangle…..bynum is a future top3 center in the league….odom+artest, u would lose 2 small forwards, so the only thing that the lakers could offer is odom/artest+walton/cash+character/ebanks+picks, and i dont think that the nuggets would aggree to that offer….

    i personally expect melo to go to the hornets for west/okafor+talent/picks….

  42. Jordan says:

    Melo will go to the (soon to be) Brooklyn Nets. Remember he was born in Brooklyn and all the Nets need is a SF to finish the lineup. Lopez – Murphy – Melo – Terrence Williams – Harris starters, with Favors of the bench.

  43. Michaelangeo says:

    I have read alotof these comments, and have been intrigued by a handful of them. However the most interesting aspect I want to see is whether Melo is going to go to the bulls and complete the trifecta of stars (carlos boozer, derrick rose). If he does join this young team (in the bulls) not only will this be the most greatest off-seson arguably to take plave in NBA hitory, but itwill leave many spectators completely bewildered as to which team is better Heats or Bulls, and quite frankly i like the sound of it, with such a dominant PF in Boozer, most teams will die for a player such as Boozer with his physique and strength not onlyonly down the block but also in the pick ‘n’ roll situation. Then you have Derrick Rose who has a handful of talent, and let’s not forget what he did on his playoff debut. They also have an up and coming center in Noah. The thought of him joining bulls in mouth watering. Now there is a list of other teams which may fit his criteria mor such as Orlando, but i think right now only Orlando and Chicago come into contention if he is indeed looking to get the bling at the end of the season.

  44. Alex says:

    Okay look……… for the last few years Atlanta has been trying to get passed the top tier teams. Boston, Clevland and Orlando……… and now the M.I.A. They wont get any better behind those teams, and they have a new coach?!?!?!?! They have no shot at reaching the finals even tho thats my team for life and they have a verry talented team!!!!!!!!! I dont see why Mello wouldnt mind playing with Joe and Hordford two all stars!!!! along side the sixth man big 6, and the high flyer Josh Smith. With him that wouldnt do anything but make the hawks bench that much stronger and the starting line up sick enough to compete in the finals!!!!!! But start Jamal trade Bibby ( love him but some one would have to go of value) that leaves denver with too many little men……. so send jr smith to boston for davis he would love to start and boston just picked up o’ neal wow!!!!!!! im not sure if the cap space will let it but then send martin to the bucks for salmons and maybe a draft pick……… or atlantas draft pick…… So if they want to build for the future they can……. With Billups, Davis, Ne’ne, and Bibby. The Denver Nuggets have alot to look foward too. Melo would have a great shot at the tittle!!! And Boston will have a slightly better bench….. only cus there a beast already!!!!! Think about that………………………………………………… oh yea and……. GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!

  45. Gari Macaya says:

    A lot of good suggestions on trade offers to potential teams for Carmelo. Yes I agree, all is good especially to above .500 winning teams with the likes of chicago, dallas, orlando, houston and even LA to be fair. Im not a fan of any of those teams especially LA to admit but the idea is good if Melo would come along. Any of those teams would be a contender by adding Melo.

    But, with all of these great trade ideas that i may also tend to like as a Carmelo fan, in my opinion, strongly i believe it would be better for Carmelo if he’ll sign up the extension and stay in Denver. Yes I believe that’s the best for him and for the future franchise of Denver. Why? I believe that with a little & few more time, he can still win it in Denver. They’re already there, like almost, last 2008 Western Conference Finals against the Lakers. They’re almost there and that’s the time where Chauncey came along and helped reformed the team to be a contender. They just lack experience that time in the Finals and losed to LA. Last season, they can still make it but unfortunately, health problems enables the team to go for a championship run. Cancer for George Karl and a lot of injuries for KMart and the Birdman resulted the team to have a lesser standing record in the West that caused them to be beaten in the 1st round by Utah. But Denver has it, Chauncey is there to guide the team and Melo, Al Harrington now comes aboard to help in the frontcourt, George Karl is getting better and back again, KMart and the Birdman is slowly recovering back to form…with a few more time Denver will make it. The Lakers doesn’t have any closest threat team to them except from Denver, Denver is the only team that can match-up close and beat the Lakers in the West if they’re all in good shape. LA Lakers finds Denver as a threat to them as verbalized admittedly by Phil Jackson.

    If Melo stays in Denver and win a ring there, he’ll surpass Lebron and Wade by proving to be the best in their generation. He’ll earn the respect of greatness by winning it his way and fighting for his real team just like Jordan. He’ll prove Lebron wrong for leaving Cleveland to Miami and end up saying to Lebron: “Who’s the real king of basketball now???”

    I say stay in Denver Melo, I believe as a fan you can make it there, Don’t be like Lebron giving-up because the Melo man is far way greater than the “wanna-win-easy-so-so-king” Lebron. I hope you got my point fellas. Peace!

  46. tae says:

    Trade Melo for Darko Milicic that will be a good trade. LOL or trade him for Kwame Brown.

  47. diehardCHICAGOfan says:

    melo to the magic would definitely scare me even more. even though i maybe crazy by saying the bulls can beat the big 3 down in miami, watching the bulls play howard/melo/nelson and the rest orlando would be stressful (with the thinking that carter/lewis are part of the trade.) knowing that matching up will be harder.

    melo to the bobcats sounds very reasonable. jordan i think will do anything to put this trade through. probably trading either steph jackson or g.wallace and picks.

    to the bulls ???! serious?! even though i am a bulls fan all the way i think thats a better destination than the nets and the knicks. only because melo would still have to wait a year to see if CP3 would really come to NY to form their own big 3. and that definitely wouldnt work if the hornets were to just trade CP3 if they had any doubt he would leave.

    the bulls would have to give up even more picks and mostlikely gibson and/or brewer with the thinking they would want brewer more than kyle korver. if the bulls would even flirt with the idea that the trade would be accepted by the nuggets you can definitely believe the las vegas casinos odds on the bulls would change even more than they are now.

    the NBA is going to be more anticipated than hype and for everyone who is like me and plays video games knows that 2k11 will have continuous roster updates. i cant wait for fantasy basketball either!

    • diehardCHICAGOfan says:

      Sorry i forgot deng. the bulls would have to trade picks deng gibson and brewer/korver.

  48. nba mad man says:

    melo should go to the thunder i mean think about it KD van play 4th man and mel.o at 3d spot you trade him for green ,kristicand most likely eric maynor or trade him to the jazz 4 u to get an decent one in okur millsap andbrewer imagin melo williams and jefferson it would be like the wonder days when it was the malone and stokton era so trade him to the jazz although im not that big of a jazz fan i am a huge fan 4 da celtics but in anyway do i not want peirce or garnett in the bench i mean think about it so go ahead and trade him to the thunder or the jazz

  49. tst says:

    It really doesnt matter if melo go or stay one man dont make a team ok so what if melo go it a five on five not a four on five one man dont make a team

  50. 3Peat,17,6 says:

    what i don’t understand is y everybody is just assuming miami is going to be in the conference finals. last time i checked the celtics were still the best team in the east smashing on miami cleveland and orlando last yr. i think everybody is underestimating the bulls. they stole boozer, brewer and 3 point specialist korver and have deng and the core of noah and rose. idk what is gonna happen with carmelo but i don’t think he wants 2 go 2 the clips, warriors, nets or bobcats they all suck…and the knicks well if CP3 melo and amare thing were 2 play out they would be good but 4 now they suck. they got a strong dunker who got passes from nash most of his career. so i think the only other place 2 go(if he wants 2 win) is orlando. i’ve read the comments saying that was a possibility so if that were really to happen then miami would have 2 worry about chi-town, boston and orlando. one thing is 4 sure i would not trade gasol 4 anybody i mean there is nobody i would take in the league over gasol. lakers gonna 3 peat next yr beatin the celtics and tyin wit them in the process 17 banners givin kobe his 6th ring and havin a 2-1 edge on the celtics in this renewed rivalry.

  51. ClipShow says:

    First off, I’m second only to Clipper Darrell as the most devoted Clippers fan. Where did Lakers’ fans come up with the idea Carmelo was going to the Lakers? All I hear is Kobe’s shadow this, Kobe’s shadow that. Why is it okay for Melo to play with the Lakers trying to get a ring, when LA’s been hating on the 3 amigos in Miami? The fact is the Lakers have the highest payroll in the league paying millions in luxury taxes. The Clippers are one Melo away from being this year’s Oklahoma City. LA has terrific talent that fills the role of a supporting cast. Adding Carmelo’s 20+ ppg gives the Clippers a legitimate scoring threat and complements both Griffin and Gordon.

  52. carmelo james says:

    I have seen carmelo played at PEPSI ARENA, we loved and cheer for that SUCKER, LOSER AND now he is going to bail. WOOW

  53. carmelo james says:

    carmelo is a baby. who cares. oh right the NBA

  54. John says:

    Carmelo Anthony can only end up in one of three places. Each team hasnt made the playoffs in years. Clippers, Knicks, or the Nets. Clippers will not get em because what player wants to be on a second place team in LA. Nets wont get em because of no star studded cast. Knicks are the likeliest of destinations because they have the young peices and the money to aqure em. Plus, who dont wanna play for their hometown team anyway? The worst that can happen is no championship for 7 years like LeBron.

  55. vic says:

    hi guys!

    i think melo should go with the rockets.. it would just be a waste of his talent if he goes to NJ or NY( both are definitely bad teams). Houston has a stronger line up than the bulls actually have ( considering the rockets are included in the TOP5 future power rankings and the bulls aren’t. ) even if yao goes down with another injury, they already have assurance in brad miller and they have better backourt firepower in brooks and martin ( who both averaged 20 ppg last season without yao.) throw in a beast like luis scola and a defensive wingman and forward in lee and battier. plus add in the emerging chase budinger and then you’ll have a true western conference title contender. the nuggets can’t do it this season because chauncey is quite old the thunder are still a young team..

    C Yao
    PF Scola
    SF Anthony
    SG Martin
    PG Brooks

    see? melo is the missing piece.. go Rockets !

  56. laker says:

    wow i cant believe u guys are actually saying lakers should trade gasol and artest or odom and bynum for anthony to come to los angeles ..
    we have the best team and line-up in the league along with miami .. never try to fix anything unless its broken there is no way on earth the lakers would want anthony unless the nuggets only call sasha and mbenga for thier allstar 😛

  57. PanamaRay says:

    Some very interesting comments, here is something to mull over; If you look at the last twenty-five or so years of top ten players, and second tier talent being traded what franchise has consistently pulled the trigger in signing those players with success; (Answer to come).. The Nuggets know regardless of who they trade with, they are in the rebuilding mode. Carmelo isn’t leaving Denver because they can’t win, they are a lock for 50 wins or more as long as he is there with just a little help. So Melo and his agents aren’t interested in playing for a team that say will compete for a CHAMPIONSHIP in three or so years. The teams of Nets, Knicks, Clippers, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, Toronto, and New Orleans couldn’t survive the trade hit and still be able to (the operative words are) COMPETE NOW!!!!! Melo may be friends with some of these players, and have interest in playing with them, but he wants a CHAMPIONSHIP OPPORTUNITY.. Let’s remember he is turining down 65 MILLION$$$.. Orlando looks great on paper only time will shake that situation out.. Boston and Miami aren’t even in the discussion… The LAKERS well, do the names of Chamberlain, Kareem Jabbar, Bob McAdoo, Shaq, Kobe, Gasol, with lesser names of Byron Scott, Robert Horry, Rick Fox, Ron Harper, (Malone, Peyton, at the end of their careers) ring a bell. Some history for you young folks, Chamberlain, Jabbar, and Shaq were in the prime of their careers when the Lakers grab them… The Lakers were rated by the BUSINESS EXPERTS as the number ONE franchise in the NBA. They are second only to Boston for Championships. People if you believe the Lakers’ brass aren’t meeting to figure a way to get into the MELO sweepstakes, you had better RECOGNIZE…The Miami Heat have the Lakers attention.. The Lakers know this year is crucial to maintaining their edge. The Lakers also know they can only ride Kobe for so long..Until they need ANOTHER STAR to work into the system. Quiet as it has been kept, my sources tell me Kobe has already signed off on it… Chemistry aside, they trust Phil Jackson’s ability to intergrate a player. If he could contain Rodman, Artest, and others, Carmelo is a poster boy… former owner Jack Kent Cooke and Dr. Buss’s history is they will spend money to win; BECAUSE they are making MONEY and winning what,, EVERYONE TOGETHER—- CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! Amen! Expect this trade to happen… Odom or Artest, Character, and Ewbanks, future draft picks and cash…

  58. JKey says:

    I like the suggestion those put up about Melo to Magic. Carter is nearly on his way out and Lewis is overpriced and had a very forgettable season. But then again, other teams have cash to throw around to help. The Knicks could certainly have some extra talent to boost their stocks.

  59. Arben says:

    Carmelo Anthony! Listen to me. Come to Chicago! 🙂 Rose Brewer Melo Boozer and Noah. Is way better than. Miami’s Chalmers Wade James Bosh and whatever Center that’s starts. Trade Deng. Johnson (maybe Taj but I want him to stay. Cause he brings that play defense hustle bring a hard helmet and a lunchbox kind of guy. and working with Boozer on post skills Noah and Taj can benefit from that.) and the 1st Round Pick from Charlotte.

    • diehardCHICAGOfan says:

      i agree on traded deng and johnson for melo. and even though i wouldnt want to see gibson leave either i think they would have to include him in the package knowing that denver gets k.mart off their books next year i can see them working gibson into that spot and denver probably wouldnt be satisfied with deng/johnson and charlotte’s 1st rd pick.

      • LIL MANIAK!!!!!CHICAGO BULLS says:


  60. iBREAKANKLES says:

    Chris Paul needs a superstar like Melo. Why not rock them Orleans uniforms bro

  61. coy says:

    i think Melo has lost his touch but certainly will be a good piece in Dallas!! Go Dallas!

    • PEOPLEWAKEUP!!! says:

      he might fit in dallas but he isnt going there because they dont have alot resources besides the draft picks and if they dont win that would leave a sour taste in mark cubans mouth and carmelo would leave as a FREE AGENT in the end of the year and go to the east coast.

  62. PEOPLEWAKEUP!!! says:

    1)why do alot of people dream that carmelo anthony is going to L.A lakers when they only are 1 million above the cap. 2) melo is most likely to go to the eastern confrence. 3) the only teams in the east who can afford him is new york,nets, cleveland,and toronto. 4) he aint going to no western team because denver wont trade him in the western cofrence or in their divison because they dont want to regret it and it coming back to be a slap in the face, 5) the nuggets wouldnt want another super team in the west like the lakers so they will send him to the east. 6) AND HE ISNT GOING TO CHICAGO BECAUSE THEY ARENT GOING TO BREAK UP THEIR CORE OR BENCH FOR HIM OR THEIR FUTURE.

    • BaileyOcean says:

      They would trade him to a Western team but it would be a team that obviously wayout of any contention for any kind run whether it be playoffs or championship. Teams like the Timberwolves, Clippers, Kings, and Warriors would be some examples. I agree Denver would definately not trade him to another team with an established dominance in their same conference.

    • memphis42069 says:

      He is going to the east and any team but miami has a chance in getting him Denver is going to rebuild when they trade him i could see him playing with a any team this year but i think there is a plan in NY for cp3, melo, stoudamire, parker to come together in the next few years, Denver going to get exspiring contracts and draft picks for melo.

  63. poo says:

    why the hell are ppl saying lakers????why would the champs break their chemistry and they just signed a small forward??and miami? they couldnt even afford to make o’neal stay LOL

  64. ziggy says:

    i agree that the raps need a star but wat would r starters be if we traded weems bargnani and calderon we would have melo derozen jamiir and who else to fill the power forward well actually that is a sub par starters but i dont think big ed is ready to play also we now have no bench i say we turn into a younger version of the pistons and have consistent talent throughout but no real star and see where that takes us

  65. thebadworm says:

    melo and CP3 should go th NYN. . .i think this will work and they will win the championship

  66. An Aussie Baller says:

    What can the Knicks offer Denver? People saying Orlando have lost the plot, Rasheed Lewis is on like 18mill, and Carter like 20mill…….melo 17mill. HELLO PROBLEM!

  67. JohnnyBtrain says:

    G’Day,Whats Going On Peoples.
    First timer coming from the land down under.Looking at all the trade and team scenarios for Carmello Anthony and I hardly see a mention of New Orleans,Why?
    If MR Anthony has desires to leave (for any reasons) than there is nothing Denver can do,except plan for a future with out there current super star(an opurtunity that they have that Cleveland did not).The way they do this is develop and recruit young talent for the future.No team is going to be able to offer equal talent for Mr Anthony,but they can provide young talent plus expiring contracts,but expiring contracts that can help the team in the short term or even re-sign if they turn out to be good fits,this leaves Managers and Coaches options.
    From some of the scenarios suggested,other teams will have to give up much needed talent to aquire Mr Anthony(than who has Mr Anthony left to play with).To me New Orleans have the right pieces.

    This is my suggested trade:

    C.Anthony(2yr)17.1M,K.Martin(1yr)16.5M for D.West(2yr)8.2M,T.Ariza(3y)6.3M,P.Stojakovic(1yr)14.2M,D.Songaila(1yr)4.8M. Possible lineups:

    Denver New Orleans
    C :N.Hilario(2yr)/C.Anderson(4yr)/S.Williams(1yr) C :E.Okafor(4yr)/A.Gray1yr)
    PF:D.West(2yr)/A.Harrington(5yr)/D.Songaila(1yr) PF:K.Martin(1yr)/C.Brackins(2yr)
    SF:T.Ariza(3yr)/P.Stojakovic(1yr)/R.Baulkman(3yr) SF:C.Anthony(2yr)/Q.Pondexter(2yr)
    SG:A.Afflalo(1yr)/J.R.Smith(1yr) SG:M.Bellinelli(1yr)/M.Thornton(1yr)
    PG:C.Billups(2yr)/T.Lawson(1yr)/A.Carter(1yr) PG:C.Paul(2yr)/P.Mills(?)/M.Shakur(0yr)

    Denver get a good replacement who can score and will combine well with C.Billups in D.West for the older and more exspensive K.Martin+D.Songaila’s strong Defence.West/Songaila for same price of K.Martin(Songaila has expiring contract)very good backup PF in A.Harrington, so PF depth looks great for future.T.Ariza is a very good defender + has a championship ring,add what he would of learnt from playing with the likes of K.Bryant and co which could help younger players such as A.Afflalo,T.Lawson etc.Also P.Stojakovic is a very handy player who would help fill the void left by C.Anthony in the short term(obviously not as great as C.Anthony).Along with West they could put up good numbers and Stojakovic has an expiring contract also.Denver now have very good talent for future plus good experienced players and plenty of expiring contracts,who knows with out C.Anthony/K.Martin,J.R. Smith might take it upon himself to step up on a regular basis and lead by example,along with the natural born leader in Billups.
    New Orleans gets that super star in C.Anthony that can help C.Paul,plus they get a very dangerous and capable player in K.Martin who might be re-energized by a change of team and a great point of the future.Then you got a talented player in M.Bellinelli who just needs a place to settle and New Orleans might be it with it’s culture.I believe the energy and chemistry will click for both teams with these moves.And whats wrong with New Orleans,that is were the real musicians are,I don’t know who C.Martins wife is and what kind of music she is into,but there ain’t nothin wrong with Jazz and Blues Baby!!

    What do you believe?

  68. Binh says:

    the guy was born in Brooklyn so it would be nice if he ends up with the Nets or at least the Knicks. I ♥ NY

  69. Miami Heat says:

    I think Melo wants out because he wants to go to Miami with lebron. They are very close friends and than CP3 can also go there! Than Miami will have an all – star line up and a new championship dynasty will start up! Pat and lebron have the skills to convince both of the super free agents to join up with them. With Melo and Bosh in the Post, Wade and lebron on the wings and CP3 on the point, this squad is very hard to stop! This scenario is probably the best for Melo and CP3 because they need a RING RIGHT NOW! Going to NY with Stoudemire wo n’t be to strong because even with Stoudemire and CP3 and Melo, they don’t have a strong supporting cast like what the Three Kings have in Miami!

    • tingyman says:

      lol this post is rather ignorant. first off, melo cant go to miami due to them being over the cap and the inability of them being able to trade recently signed players. second of all, even if he could go to miami, you do realize that him and lebron both play the same position? what makes you think that melo will be willing to give up the position he naturally plays to lebron. you need to perk up on nba knowledge my friend

      • Miami Heat says:

        They do play the same position on paper (small forward) but lebron can play the four including guard and melo cant play guard. That is why he can either play in the post or on the wings with lebron and let JOEL replace him in the post. By the way, Melo can play post and i bet you never heard the saying that “for a team to win a championship, all the players must make sacrifices.” Giving up the position is also a sacrifice, if Melo gives up the ball( which he does often in denver) than giving up his position to play in the post or wings will be easier. Don’t tell other people that their comment is ignorant because i memorize NBA History and Stats and i know more information than you Tingyman the BIG NOOB! I posted the previous comment i had a reason to say so, but your comment is the ignrant one because you didn’t go deeper with your reasoning and you only talked about the positions!

    • Davis says:

      this post receives the award for stupidest thing ever written. congrats.

  70. sev says:

    I agree with you guys. Tough to get equal value. I think you still have to consider riding melo’s contract till the end and making a run at the title. With harrington, the nuggets should have have the best team in franchise history. If you trade, new york can’t be a favorite unless more than 2 teams are involved because they don’t have much to offer. NBA players are like your girlfriend, they may say they want to break up, but they can change their mind when things start going well. stay with him, you might keep him. If not get value. trade K-mart and melo to clipps for Jordan, Warren, Aminu. to knicks for chandler and randolph + draft pick. to nets for Favors, williams and pick. to rockets would be best as they have an abundance of talent but brooks is off limits, as is curry for warriors, and the big 2 for the bobcats.

  71. Jules says:


    • tingyman says:

      we already can match the big 3 with our superstar talent, however, melo coming will be nice lol

  72. Kenny says:

    i know this is a long shot but maybe OKC should try to get Carmelo they could use him maybe trade for jeff green and other prospects with pretty good potential then just either put kevin or melo at the 4

  73. BlackMamba says:

    wth… melo is never going to join da lakers. my boy kobe needs the ball

  74. Andrew Newman says:

    I think mello should go to chicago, if he gose to the bulls i promise they will be in the finals for the first time in 12 years

    • tingyman says:

      not so fast boy. the celtics still have quite a bit of power in their defense of the eastern conference champions, they will beat the heat, but the celtics will give them a tough time. this is coming from a laker fan

  75. jdq says:

    i would love to see him in a lakers jersey… i hope i can see him in a lakers jersey…

  76. Michael says:

    Melo + JR to the Pistons for Greg Monroe, Rip Hamilton, Ben Gordon, Tayshawn Prince and Jonas Jerebko.

  77. Glenn says:

    Trade Melo to Tayshaun, Rip and Big Ben. badboys reunite.

  78. lakerfanatic says:

    I think melo needs to go to New York. He wants to win a ring badly!!!!! Personaly, I don’t think that he’s gonna win it in Denver. New York is building their roster for a future championship. Wherever he chooses or gets traded will win a very talented player, who will give more than 100% to win. Sucks for Denver that they can’t work things out. They are gonna lose a lot of revenue when Melo leaves.

  79. Mo says:

    New Jersey doesn’t have anything Denver wants outside of Brook Lopez and crazy as it sounds, New Jersey wouldn’t trade him. They probably will have the highest draft picks of any team on the short list though. If the Clippers could get him without giving up Gordon it would be a steal. Maybe a package of Rasual Butler, Chris Kaman or Deandre Jordan and Craig Smith and picks. The clips don’t want J.R. Smith, but would take a chance on K Mart. As far as Orlando, I don’t see why denver would want Carter. They’ve already done the “star at the end of his career” experiment with Iverson. Denver has hard nosed players and neither carter nor lewis fit the mold. I think Charlotte actually as a good chance with the Dampier contract and Denver’s need for a big. Also if you could get Jackson or Wallace it would be amazing, but they’ll probably have to settle for Diaw . I don’t see them getting Thomas because of his contract.

  80. mr3staks says:

    He should come to the knicks they should trade Chandler,Gallo,and Douglas and Curry’s expiring contract to pick up Melo and Smith from Denver. starting line up would pg Felton,sg Smith,sf Melo,pf Stoudemire,c Randolph.Knicks have an excellent chance to compete with anyone in the league with this lineup and maybe CP3 will make the transition to get to NY

  81. John says:

    Melo and Billups to Miami for Lebronze. DONE.

  82. Denzell says:

    Melo, you can always be a New Orleans Hornet with your buddy CP3… 😉

  83. Joe Yetti says:

    Fellow fans ! Do not underestimate Yao Ming!! His foot is healed and with controlled minutes playing time he will be a major NBA factor this season. I notice how many of you know so very little about the Rockets and the many quality players on their Roster. With or without Melo Anthony the rockets will make noise in the playoffs this season. Yetti San Antonio

  84. This is so obvious….
    carmelo will land in
    big4.. lol..
    lakers for life..

  85. tayriley says:

    am i the only one that thinks melo is being over-hyped since he wants to get a good deal?? he’s a really good player and a fave of mine, but in playoff situations, and down the stretch, he’s hardly a solid go-to guy that makes the difference between being a championship team and not. in fact, i’d easily take robert horry over melo in the last quarter of any series.
    it seems to me that talented younger players that have more guts and guile are the ones to surround a superstar with. i don’t think dwight needs help. i think he needs to develop his all-around game and stop counting on his athleticism to make baskets. look at the 94 rockets championship team, for example. a strong center can lead an non-all-star team if he is skilled enough.
    that said, i think the teams that are truly gunning for melo are the ones that want more exposure in the nba and more respect from tv networks to air their games nationally. i dont see him leading any less-than-stellar team through winning playoff series. he fit well in denver because of billups’ seniority and leadership. i think wherever he goes, he’ll need that again to grow and be his best.

  86. Jose says:

    Im from Los Angeles and I think Carmelo needs to go to LA LAKERS and trade Odom, Bynum, and two other players and even give money. Odom is only good when he wants too be good. Bynum is a bust. He will get injured. I promised. His career will be short like Yao Ming. Bynum is only good against cheap teams but not against top teams. The West needs to be balanced with the East. Stay in LAL and go to the Finals every year. If he goes to the East the he may just go through the playoffs. Win rings with the LAKERS and be the replacement of Kobe when he retires. Now the LAKERS will be good against Miami. Lakers will win the championship again this year. Threepeat. Holla if you hear me. Now take that tp the bank baby.

    • bob says:

      jose do you realize what your saying? if you think odom and bynum are crap then why would denver take those guys off la hands for melo??!!!

  87. johnny says:

    i think melo should go to the clippers they have a good team he could build around

  88. Eric Castellon says:

    I’m A Carmello fan and would hate to see him leave that denver blue uniform
    But if and most likely when he leaves he will have a good future

    The Most Likely Teams Carmello Will Switch to Are The 3 Below

    Prediction-Conference Contenders
    The Bulls would be the Perfect replacement with pieces that could play around far better than Nuggets
    Point gaurd – Old Chauncey Billups < All Star Derrick Rose
    Shooting gaurd – Aaron Affalo/J.R. Smith < or = Ronnie Brewer/Kyle Korver
    Small Forward – Caremello Anthony = Caremello Anthony
    Power Forward – Kenyon Martin < Carlos Boozer
    Center – Nene < Joakin Noah

    The Knicks
    Prediction – First Round Exit
    This seems to be Carmello's Top Choice Becasue its by his hometown Brooklyn and because its where his wife LaLa lives. This would be a alright team but would take two or more years to become Title Contenders
    Stoudemire and Carmello Arn't enough and looks like Chris Paul Wants to stay in New Orleans as of know

    And Finally The Magic
    Prediction- Title Contenders
    It doesn't seem likely But No one thought the trio in miami would happen
    But It Did
    They all three Ended there contracts at the same time and always communicated
    Carmello is Going to do alot of communicating with Dwight Howard Because of the film they are Making together
    and i bet playing on the same team to contend with the Heat Will Be a Often Discussion Between the Two
    Don't Be suprised if this Happens and Besides Orlando isn't that far from his HomeTown

    Other Teams come to mind as well but arn't likey
    Lakers?- YEAH RIGHT
    Nets – UH -UH He wants to leave for a better team not a worser one
    Clippers- That Would be a good team, but its kobe's city and the managment Sucks When it comes to them (Also, They Are a Curse)
    Rockets- You Can't Rely on Yao to be healthy a full year and without Yao Thats a 1st round Exit.
    Warriors – Thats A Future Team And Carmello Is The Present ( Too much young players, and besides The already brought in David lee and David Lee Wants to Be the Main Guy
    Bobcats- Stephen Jackson Already has the small Forward Role (And C'mon Who Wants Kwame Brown As there Center or Backup Center?)

  89. dav0824 says:


  90. Josemi says:

    He should go to Dallas…that would be pretty interesting!

  91. inquirerrrrrrrrrrr says:

    meLo going to dallas or new jersey is a good possibility.
    these teams have pieces to trade for his services and also has the cap space to sign him in a max year/cash contract.
    houston is also a possiblity but the trading pieces is’nt as acceptable in my opinion.

  92. leo says:

    I think Melo should go to Dallas and exchange for Caron Butler and Shawn Marion . that would be a good trade . so Melo would have a chance to play with Dirk and Jason Kidd . and Caron Butler and Shawn Marion would have a great year playing in Denver with Nene JR Smith and Chauncy

  93. jared says:

    probably a long shot, but Mr. Cuban, its time you fill your promise and get the mavs to the championship. marion, and maybe butler and barea with draft picks and cash for melo and kenyon martin/j.r smith. all of a sudden you got a starting 5 of Kidd, Terry or Beaubois, Melo, Dirk, and Haywood. Add key players off the bench with Chandler, Stevenson, and the rookie Jones.

  94. kevin garnett21 says:

    there is way to much East movement talk. If melo goes to orlando, who knows who will the ring

  95. Merciful1 says:

    Melo to the lakers that will certainly put fear into Miami, going to the pitiful Knicks would be disasterous on his part, Knicks fans are dreamers who wants every superstar to go to their city, what a joke!!!

  96. marcus says:

    melo to either ny or the chi…

    • Clippers_FTW says:

      Lakers cant have Carmelo just like NY cant have carmelo…. Its not Carmelo’s choice where he goes my friends…. Its up to the suiters to offer the Nuggets what the Nuggets want… the top 2 teams are New Jersey and Los Angeles (Clippers)… Nuggets said they want young talent and Draft pics… Here’s what the Clippers Can offer… Chris Kamen(to fulfill most of that 17 million dollar void) Al Farouq Aminu (young rookie with talent) and a 1st round draft pick… Clippers have 2 I belive. 1 inclueds minnisota’s 1st round pick and I dont see minni going anywhere this year. I’m sure Carmelo wouldnt mind sighing an extention with the clippers either (Because remember no one wants a 1 year rental) thats the only part that Carmelo has any choice in… If he doesnt sign an extention no one will want him. I dont know what New Jersey can offer because I am not a New Jersey fan… so… what can New Jersey offer that is better than what the Clippers can offer… and what would make Carmelo Anthony want to sign an extention with them… Clippers #1 Baron Davis, #2 Eric Gordon #3 Carmelo Anthony #4 Blake Griffin… #5.. I guess we can start DeAndre Jordan?? Unless its a package deal and Nuggets give us Birdman.

      • Andre says:

        You better ask what would make Carmelo wants to sign an extension with Clippers. Up to now, no one knows who’s Griffin. If can be as dominant as people think, great, but there’s a lot of doubts. Will he be better then, let’s say, Scola?. And Denver will need to accept anything reasonable. It’s not necessary to ship Kaman to get a player Denver needs to trade ASAP.

  97. Goto Guy says:

    The Lakers, for starters the Lakers can make a package that will be suitable to the nuggets. In addition that he could be on a title contender and wouldn’t have to worry about reminding management to build a contender, since this are the Lakers. They’ve been used to winning almost every season. Kobe knows that he’s on the last stretch of his career and sooner or later he’ll have to hang em up. Melo would be a good heir to the throne and with Pau in the line-up they still will compete regardless.

    CP3 and Melo should better talk forming a super team in LA, rather that in NYC.

    Melo come to LA and convince your good buddy CP3 to follow suit, you can win now and for the future and then trump that three amigos of Miami.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Dude…Why in hell would CP3 and Melo go when both are superstars and I highly doubt Kobe wants them in here.. its Kobes house and Kobe doesnt need 2 other superstars.

  98. Greg says:

    He’ll probably leave, but for a team which can give something in exchange. And that is not NY (and not LA, haha why would he go to the Ego-team when he wants to be under the spots himself ?).
    I’d be very sad if he didn’t take the contract extension, and if he doesn’t, then it would be a relief to see him in a nice team like Dallas or Orlando.

  99. Marcus says:

    This is an easy desision, The Clippers have plenty of young talent to suit Carmelo. Obvious choice.

  100. TheBigGuy says:

    “Nets, Clippers, Warriors, Rockets and Bobcats as possible destinations for Anthony”
    Out of these the only one I see Melo signing in with is Nets Or Knicks and not via trading. And the only reason would be money, not winning.

    If he wants to get out because he wants to take his talents to a winning team the most obvious choice would be orlando, but they will have to give up either vinsanity or rashad( plus a few others)….I don’t think that denver will want less but at the same time none of them compare to Melo. Vince is at his last seasons and rashad is way to inconsistent but out of all teams mentioned this is the one that has “more talent”.

    What would really help denver is get rid of either JR or Martin ( better yet both) and rebuild for the future. Chauncy has little time left in contract and without him, there are going to .. well you know…. So the best for them, trade melo and dump those two salaries and re-group.

    At the end, it is inevitable that Melo is out.. the question is for how much?

  101. Ian R says:

    Man, as if this story gets the top headline on All of this hype about players leaving, the whole LeBron saga–it’s fueled by articles like this one! What if the Nuggets go off this year for 55 or 60 wins and make a playoff push? How can Sekou Smith know for sure that Carmelo’s departure is inevitable? HE DOESN’T, nobody really does. I’m not a Nuggets fan, so I am seeing this unfold with a very unbiased view…I just think the National Basketball Association should not be letting (let alone promoting!) their online columnists feed false hype to a point where it gets to be such a big deal that it actually influences a players decision. It’s not good when it’s all about the contracts and the money and the exposure–not good for the game and it’s a bad lesson for the kids.

    • mr3staks says:

      i dont think these players are all about the money they want to win most of them got more money than they can spend so winning is what it is about and it should be.

  102. Hec says:

    And i like that trade Jim W

  103. Hec says:

    Melo needs to be loyal.What ever happened to layalty in the NBA?Like Kobe.U stick around,you work hard and like Magic there is a championship.Hard work pays off,not being loyal leads to failure,for more watch LeBron.

    • QuestionMark says:

      you forget Kobe wanted to leave L.A until the Team got better.. and thats what Cleveland didnt do and lost Lebron.. and if Nuggets dont do it.. bye bye Melo

    • Denzell says:

      I totally agree with you, I respect and admire players like that. Paul Pierce, Kobe, DWade, etc…

  104. mike says:

    melo is going to ny because cp3 and admare make that deal with him you all see

  105. QuestionMark says:

    I think Orlando will be good for Melo, Vince Carter is getting old and not the same Vintage VC as before.. so i think trading VC for Melo will help the Magic to a championship, Melo is can shoot 3s, drive, dunk, and pretty much everything better than what VC can do now..and Dwight Howard cant do it alone.. and Rashard Lewis cant play good defense to hold a PF like KG, Bosh, or Gasol, so another offensive and defensive power will help alot, and Melo will be an even match with Lebron in Miami and Kobe in L.A, when and if they meet in the Playoffs, but other then Orlando, a good fit will be in NY, but thats if Chris Paul goes there, Melo and Stoudemire wont make it alone in the Playoffs without a good PG, and Stoudemire is the type that needs a good setup in the paint, Going to Chicago will also be great, Boozer, Rose, Noah and Melo, thats a championship team, other than Orlando and Miami in the East, The Clippers is also good, with Baron Davis, Melo, and Blake Griffin they will be a good team, but not enough for a championship. For a championship, Melo needs to go to Orlando, or Bulls.
    And for people talking about Melo in L.A Lakers, wont work, Melo is a superstar, and Kobe is a superstar, and Kobe is good enough with Gasol, Artest, and Fisher to win a championship, and also there is the trade, for Melo, Lakers will have to trade, Odom, or Gasol, and plus I doubt Artest will want to be a bench player, I dont see him as one, I still think Orlando than any other team.

    • QuestionMark says:

      And also if Orlando can snatch JR Smith as well.. the Magic will get another 3 point killer as well as a player that can drive it, so I suggest trading Carter and Pietrus or Carter and Richardson for Melo and Smith.

  106. austin says:

    why does everyone think miami is the best? sure d-wade bosh and bron are great but outside of them there is absolutly nothing. 3 people cant beat a great TEAM like the lakers or celtics and prolly even the magic. but now to the actual topic. i am a die hard nuggets fan and i hate that this is going on.i know he already has his mind made up and he needs to tell the nuggs what he wants. now if he were to leave the nuggets, do you think he would want to go to teams that havnt made the playoffs the past couple years? NO! he wants to go to a contender. it would be interesting to see him in a lakers or celtics jearsy for sure, but the realistics of those teams trading for him are slim to none. i think he would be an excelent fit in orlando with superman jr. and they could challenge bostons championship tested team for best in the east and could very well beat them to face the lakers in the finals, but i dont see a trade that the nuggets would want that wouldnt tear the magic apart. houston might be another possibility apparently but that team is slowly going down-hill. yao gets injured every season and they dont have anyone to replace him (even tho i dont think he’s very good to begin with, just a big body) and they would also have to give up some major pieces for melo. now having said all this, i think the best option for melo is staying in denver. they are a team that if everyone stayed healthy (including george karl) they could challenge the lakers for best in the west. they are an older team and havnt done much to make the team better or younger, but they are a good team non the less.

    • L.Ckz says:

      People like you piss me off. LeBron and Wade by themselves (pretty much) got they’re teams to the Playoffs. And now that they’re together plus Bosh, they still can’t win?! Okay, maybe they won’t set records, but Wade and LeBron both put up better numbers than Bryant. I understand Kobe has more rings, but that’s due to his team! Wade and Bosh plus a couple key players would be enough to challenge for the title. Before you speak, look at the names you’re talking about! King James-The two time REIGNING MVP. And I call him the King because Garnett got to keep “The Big Ticket.” And D-Wade, a former scoring champion, Finals MVP, and the best player in the 2008 Olympics. By the way if you didn’t know he came off the bench and averaged the most points. Please dude, if Wade and James keep their stat of 40MPG during the Playoffs, Miami won’t even break a sweat.

  107. Ray says:

    Brewer/ Fernandez( i hope)

    Now who could top that?
    Aging Kobe? Ilgauskas? Miami’s too short!

  108. Ray says:

    Imagine Melo in a Bulls uniform… they would KILL!!!
    … that would mean no rings for LeBron.

  109. nick says:

    Trade him to the nets. Get their first round pick this year and next year plus cash. package the first round along with martin and/or jr fire off a trade for the like’s of someone like david lee.

    • tingyman says:

      good idea if they want to become relevant in about 3 more years, who knows? i personally want him in chicago so that wade and lequit will have to play their hardest and set the path for my los angeles lakers to win

  110. KAE says:

    it would be every warrior fans dream if Melo landed in the Bay. then again what much can the warriors offer?

    anyways i do think NY is a pretty suitable fit for him, seeing how he went to syracuse, married, and has a wife from that region. Honestly i must say denver was pretty dissapointing to watch this year during the playoffs. You would think they would reach at least the finals in the west and at least push LA in 7 games or something…

    • Martin says:

      They could offer Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins and Stephon Curry for Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith and Kenyon Martin

  111. melo to magic says:

    melo, smith, and lawson for Carter and Nelson. Howard and Melo making movie together. might as well play together.

  112. Taygan says:

    Melo for Lebron and bosh

    • Martin says:

      LeBron for Carmelo… that would be the NBA Owners taking control of the game back… It’s hilarious but I like it!

    • L.Ckz says:

      Your kidding right? Switch the T and G in your Name. This will never happen. Miami hater.

  113. angel says:

    I think the best choice would be going to dallas that would be a power house, its the missing piece dallas needs to win a championship!!!!!

  114. Whozdat says:

    I think Chicago should be interested with the guys we’ve signed and the place are at right now Melo would be a great fit. He can play off D. Rose or create his own. Boozer in the post with Noah. Chicago could look more like championship contenders instead of they can probably make the playoffs. Deng is decent and we have a mediocre bench. Lets ship them guys out and maybe even a draft pick if needed. Melo is young, D. Rose is young so its time to put ourselves in position to win it, or atleast contend.

    • tingyman says:

      agreed, and it will be a team that has proven itself that if can play at the elite level in which we call the playoffs. it will be a great addition. GOOD post!

  115. ryan says:

    go to miami

    • tingyman says:

      lol its impossble for him to go to miami, they are out of cap room and you cant trade players that you just signed

  116. brett says:

    Joe D a mastermind? He signed Charlie V and Ben Gordon to huge contracts.. and drafted the biggest bust of all time. Plus Detroit is not an attractive destination for a big name free agent. Why do you think nobody wanted to go to Cleveland? Struggling city with very little going for them.

    Melo is trying to gain more fame, he needs to go to a big city. I just hope they trade him early and not wait until February..My brain can’t handle another eternal circle of rumours.

  117. CP3 says:

    If Carmelo is traded I hope he will land in Chicago , imagine with Derrick Rose

  118. Davis says:

    melo to the bobcats!!!!!

  119. brett says:

    Why would any of you guys think that OKC is actually a good spot for Melo. He plays the same position as Kevin Durant and they have a very similar skillset besides Melo having more post moves. Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever

  120. jbonesz says:

    Celtics win it all

  121. VoiceOfCleveland216 says:

    Melo could easily come to cleveland who is already a championship contender minus the superstar, we definently have the money and it will be an easier transition as he would still be the man….

  122. Jim W says:

    I’m thinking Joe DUmars will finally get a monster deal done for the Pistons to obtain ‘melo since he didn’t get him years ago, and took Darko instead. Don’t get me wrong, Joe D is a mastermind. Perhaps he’ll alleviate the log jam the pistons have at small forward and 2 guard, and trade T Prince and Rip Hamilton for ‘Melo. Whatcha Think??

  123. tupac says:

    Carmelo is better off staying with the nuggets than going to the knicks or nets. Orlando, Chicago, OKC, clippers, and lakers should be on this list. If any of these teams can get him, they will be good enough to beat miami. This is the order of the teams if they acquire melo.

    1. L.A lakers- with kobe, melo, and gasol- it would be hard to beat them. Can beat Miami
    2. Orlando- Dwight and melo would be a lethal combo, but not as big as L.A. Can challenge Miami but Miami has adv
    3. OKC- Melo, kevin durant- would be great but not good enough to beat Miami. They can go to the nba finals
    4. Chicago- Drose, Melo, boozer would become number 2 in the east and lose to miami
    5. Clippers- Melo and blake would be nice but not as good as L.A

    New York would be a disaster, and new jersey would be even more.

    • Nuggets Fan says:

      miami is not that good alot of teams seem good on paper but on the actual court is different i bet that aany of those teams he went to would be able to beat miami. LA is who u need to be comparing them too unless u forget that they have won titles back to back


      kevin durant is a small forward and melo a small forward one is coming off the bench

  124. Banks says:

    Guys guys guys….for all of u who are saying “join this team cuz they have so and so”….wouldn’t u think those “so and so’s” will be involved in the trade? You think Denver are going to make the Grizzle’s Gasol to Lakers for nothing mistake? No sir. Only teams that have the fire power that will trade Carmelo to a GOOD team is Dallas, Suns, Orlando, and Boston….but neither of those teams are goin to be willing to break up chemestry (other than Dallas) to get Anthony, and or give him an extension….there for Carmello is going to have to settle for a below average team, that with him will be slightly above average depending on who is traded WITH carmello or if a three team trade can happen

    • Martin says:

      The NETS, LAKERS and the BULLS have the talent to trade as well. But you hit the nail on the head… You don’t get Melo for free.

  125. Jordan says:

    I personally see melo with the Nets along with him and other good guys in the league that just want to win…Jay-Z can make that all happen! if not he will be in NY with the Knicks…!

    • Martin says:

      Yeah, maybe the new owner will move them to Brooklyn and call them the Mellow’s in his honor? lol

  126. john says:

    He needs to go to chicago, that would be Amazing!

    boozer, rose, noah, melo? unstoppable

    • Martin says:

      Last time I checked the BULLS would have to trade someone and oh, yeah… there is a salary cap issue?

  127. KAZ says:

    Man as a hardcore Laker fan of course I wont Melo in the LAL.But as a basketball fan I don’t want only 10 games to be important in this season,BOS vs. LAL,LAL vs MIA, LAL vs Magic, Magic vs MIA,Chicago vs MIA and vice versa .Melo should stay in the west Hornets,Dallas and Rockets is a good place for him.But hey I would love to see Melo being the Lakers franchise player after Kobe’s era is over…He is a great player and in my top 5.
    Why is Lebron is so low because well the guy can’t shoot WIDE OPEN SHOTS nor FREETHROWS lol…And he is the king of the travel …

    • Martin says:

      Not bad… but where do you see Nowitzki, Nash, Pierce, Garnett, Howard and Duncan?

    • QuestionMark says:

      Lebron is 2nd or 3rd dude, Lebron can shoot but not that great, but he is a great shot blocker, passer, and rebounder for a SF, and he can drive it in the paint when he wants and he is a good defense player too, i dont know why people just look at shooting other things matter and Lebron can do all those, and also its not like Wade is a great shooter, Both Wade and Lebron can knock down shots when it gets tough, well most of the time.

  128. BW says:

    I hope the Nets get melo.

  129. dyrese says:

    i hope melo comes to either the knicks or the nets(2012 brooklyn) either will do as long as he’s in new york melo the big apple is waiting 4 you 2 come home

    • Martin says:

      I’m a Nuggets Fan and would hate to see Melo go but if he does I agree the NETS make more sense for everyone concerned than the KNICKS… Who would the NETS give up though? Would they take on K-Mart and or J.R. Smith in a package deal?

  130. Sajeth says:

    i stronlgy believe that melo may go to new york knicks with amare and possibly cp3. enough money to go there and would be another great trio. but we will have to see how they play, just like the 3 in miami

    • Martin says:

      Bad knees Amar’e, Bad knees CP3… Sound familar Carmelo? K-Mart and Nene. Don’t do it!

      • QuestionMark says:

        CP3, and Stoudemire are better players than Nene and K Mart, so if they all get hurt than CP3, and Stoudemire will still be able to play much better than Nene and K Mart.

  131. Nick says:

    I personally thick Knicks are the best option for Melo…. im sure they will be great teammates with Amare, and the possibility to add Chris Paul soon make it sounds even better… and last but not least – there’s nothing better for a player to play for a team he really likes to play for, and not just considering the the fattest envelope…

  132. Robbie J says:

    This will just make it easier for the Lakers. If they trade melo the nuggets will probably try for a 5-6 seed.
    There’s noway there gonna get = value for a top 10 player in the L.

  133. Chris says:

    IF Melo goes to the Lakers…………….IT’S OVER!!!!!
    How fun of an NBA Finals would that be to see Kobe Melo and Gasol vs DWade LeBron and Bosh. Lakers in 7! If not LA then I’d like to see him on Orlando or Chicago. Any other team would be a waste of his time (and talent).

    • Jay says:

      Thank you for having a brain. Melo is not a turn a team around type of player. He’s not passionate enough. Wade won a ring already and Lebron has two MVP’s and took his team to the finals, Melo hasnt done either. If Melo goes to a team who’s already in playoff contention (ie: Orlando, Chicago or even OKC) he will be making a real power move but anywhere else is a waste. I threw Oklahoma in there because the power has shifted. The west is no longer the dominate conference so it would be easier for him (and any other star trying to win) to make it to the finals if he stayed in the west. Once Phil retires that will be it for LA, I dont care if Kobe is there or not but in the East Miami, Chicago, Boston and Orlando have the top 4 spots under complete control.

  134. patrick says:

    I think melo should try to end up in orlando. he could be a good piece for a title run for years to com if they keep thier pointguard and D Howard orlando really could build around them and be a thorn in my heats side for years to come i dont want it for that reason alone but it would make sense.

  135. damon says:

    All you western conference fans only want melo to go to the magic becuz you are terrified of Boston killing the Fakers this year.(which they will do). Carmelo should go to either New Jersey or New York, it seems like a good fit and both teams have people to trade for him. Faker fans need to chill and understand that their window is closing. The eastern conference is way more competitive and has way more talent. If the Fakers were in the East they would finish 3rd at best. Boston Celtics, ur new 2011 NBA champions!!!!!

    • QuestionMark says:

      If Melo goes to Orlando than your Boston Celtics are done, Melo, Dwight, Nelson, Lewis, and the amazing 3 point shooting against, Rondo, The Old 3… well Old 4 now with Shaq..I gotta go with Orlando..and you also forgot Miami.. in which there is NO Chance.. NO chance at all for the Celtics to beat Miami, so either way, In the Finals it will be Miami vs L.A or Orlando vs L.A.

      • L.Ckz says:

        Stick it to ’em! Orlando and Miami would be the best contenders for the title. They would sweep L.A. And don’t say Artest and Barnes would stop LeBron and Wade. Please, Wade and LeBron each average 40 minutes in the Playoffs. Miami won’t even break a sweat.

  136. Southside508 says:

    he should go to boston cuz then he will deff get a ring. Miami and LA are overrated lakers barely beat boston last year and miami ya lebron and wade are good but bosh aint nothin he didnt get famous until he became a free agent seriously people think about it.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Dude.. Bosh was famous last season for the Raps, averaging career highs and playing the best ball of your career.. ya you will get noticed and fast

  137. The Oracle says:

    teach him a lesson. send him to Toronto and have him play for the raptors for a season….that’ll teach him

  138. The Oracle says:

    if nobody wants him, I’ll have him. pass him here

  139. Tye says:

    Any of those teams mentioned outside of NY and Orland is worthless he might as well stay in Denver if thats the case Nets bobcats seriously lets not be foolish those teams wont win ever

  140. Paula says:

    Melo should go to Houston, but he’s going to end up going to New York. I think he’s thinking about his wife also, she from NY and it would benefit her career being in New York.

  141. Martin says:

    Neither the Denver Nuggets or Carmelo Anthony are to blame for the fact that both Kenyon Martin and Nene have not been able to stay healthy (knees) and on the basketball floor.
    The Nuggets have tried to put greatness around Melo but due to unforseen injuries… nobodies fault… they’ve come up short.
    As a HUGE Carmelo Anthony fan; The one thing I would hope, is that Melo, if he does want to team up with Amar’e and CP3 in New York? Is that both of them also have history of missing whole seasons due to knee injuries and those type of injuries tend to be re-accuring in any given players body. All you have to do is look at the history of NBA players to verify this fact.

    I wish Carmelo well regardless of his decision but I believe it’s in his and his BRANDs best interest to leave Denver amicably, with loyalty and class. Not the DECISION 2011… What a BRAND killer that was for LeBron.
    The whole country is calling him a traitor… Everyone except Miami fans that is.
    Selfishness SUCKS… Don’t be selfish Melo… Do the Right Thing!

  142. rmc_no1 says:

    just one thing to comment on about this article. you keep mentioning title contenders outside los angeles and miami, but you seem to forgot last years playoff finalists and most successful franchise, the celtics.

    melo should go MAGIC

  143. Robbe says:

    Well, I thought Melo was another player that you couldn’t see in another jersey… along with Lebron. But apperently, some players are no longer able to be loyal to one team, one franchise. I know the League is getting tougher every season, every day, but you have to take the challenge. The Nuggets are a great team: Billups is still one of the better point-guards in the NBA (he still deserves the name “Mr. Big Shot”), although he’s getting older. Kenyon can still be a beast down low, if he stay healthy. The same thing goes for J.R., he’s today’s example of a “Microwave”. Nene is getting better every single year, remember that he too had some serious injuries in his career. To me, he’s the x-factor on the team. And let’s not forget that they have a great coach (Coach Karl, nothing but respect for you!).
    I know that the Nuggets are an outsider in the Playoffs as long as Kobe doesn’t brake his back or something like that (even than I think that Kobe still would tell Phil that he’s ready to play :D), but you never know. I hope that Melo stays, just like Dirk did: to show the fans of the game of basketball that there still players in the League who play for a franchise.
    But off course, this is my opinion, it’s up to Melo. But remember: the fans in Denver saw you become the player that you are now… show them some respect, don’t walk away from them like some other players… You’re way too young to do this, Melo. Think about it.

  144. If he goes 2 the Mavericks or Rockets either team is going to have a pretty good squad

  145. Precious says:

    Man this sucks!! Two months ago we got season tix for Denver nuggets season. . . Oh well I am a Celtic fan but I dont want to see a broke down team playing every home game. Excited to see all the NBA teams in action this year (Minus Cleveland,Clippers ect LMAO!). But its about what makes Melo happy, How long has he been playing for Denver 6 to 7 years and they cant make it past second round. . . .Denver has to do some major reconstruction. . Get some young blood on the team, they got a lot of work to do. .

    • Jumpman123 says:

      they made it past the second round dude.. the made it to the western conference but lost to the lakers

  146. mateo says:

    Bring him to detroit baby

  147. boobsie says:

    melo should go to the Phoenix SUNS.. DUH they will be unstoppable, obviusly with NASH and MELO and THE turkish boy. DUH..they can trade barbosa and that new whit dude. they be unstopable9 DUHHHHH

  148. Damacio says:

    The Bulls are the sleeper team in the East, they are loaded from top to bottom. They still have good young talent to move and draft picks, If the can pull this Melo deal off watch out NBA!! D Rose, Brewer, Melo, Boozer, Noah and their bench!!

  149. kendal says:

    melo is a beast! i would like to see him go to the knicks , bulls , magic , or rockets he is a top 5 player

    3. wade
    6.d howard
    8. durant
    9. d.rose
    thats my opinion

    i dont think he would go to the nets or the clippers seriouly who would

    • Jumpman123 says:

      wheres steve nash, and tim duncan????????

    • Jumpman123 says:

      wheres steve nash, and tim duncan???????? and wheres Dirk ur missing a few players haha
      steve and duncan should take Rose’s and rondo’s spots

    • magic melo says:

      jajajajaj kobe #1 u almost got that list right lebron # 1 kobe 2


      1. kobe
      2. lebron

      • DAYVONTHEBEST says:

        1. KOBE
        3. WADE
        4. MELO
        5. HOWARD

    • Bob says:

      1. Lebron
      2. Durant
      3. Kobe
      4. Wade
      5. Howard
      6. Melo
      7. D. Williams
      8. Stoudemire
      9. Nowitzki
      10. Bosh

      And I want to say that CP3 deserves some recognition but i just couldnt fit him in.

  150. Fatman says:

    Melo should come to Houston we have all the pieces but him to win a ring. We also have players that denver may b interested in as in Patterson/Hill/Buddinger/Battier/Jeffries that’s just a few but I honestly believe that Melo would love it out here in Houston he has Yao/Miller amazing PG’s Brooks/Lowry/Taylor/Smith/Harris, SG’s Martin/Lee SF’s Buddinger/Battier/Jeffries, PF’s Scola/Hill/Patterson/Johnson/Hayes who also plays the 5 at times when needed. So to sum it Melo PLZ COME TO HOUSTON : )

  151. basketball fan says:

    I agree. I think New York is the destination especially because of family. I’m a lakers fan but it will be good to start seeing East coast teams more competitive over all instead of just 3 or 4 of them. That should make 6 really stong teams

    New York

  152. mclaker28 says:

    wow su much laker luv in here pretty simple if melo is trying to win the only team that can make sure he has more rings than lebron or d wade by the time he retires is the los angeles lakers soon to be 3 time champions again, all melo will have to do is sit back and relax for about two to three years till kobe hands over the torch and he will have learn what a true leader is by that time he would have won between two or three rings and it will be his and pau’s team the lakers can offe their 2 rookies next year’s pick and a sasha or matt barnes in rt or both that simple if they want more trow in luke walton also but his best chance is to join the best team right now for the next three seasons and that is the los angeles lakers 2010 and 2011 nba champions.

  153. Tom says:

    I think since his heart appears to be in NY he should go there if NY can make it work. I think it could actually be a really good fit for the Knicks. LA Lakers….not gonna happen. Chicago Bulls…..seriously doubt that too. Also any non-contender teams like Clippers, Nets, etc. not a chance either. Orlando could work as well I think. But personally I bet he goes to NY if they can swing it.

  154. basketball fan says:

    Send him to L.A. Lakers and get rid of Sasha, Luke and 2 future draft picks. Bring Artest off the bench behind Carmelo as the small forward.

    O.K. I’m dreaming.

  155. Faisal says:

    I would hate to see melo leave the nuggets.. I say try to trade a couple of players like kenyon, J R, and chauncy for chris paul (if thats possible) and then melo would seriously consider signing the extention.. The nuggets need a little push to win.. They need a big man, i havn’t been following up much but last i checked eric dampier was a free agent.. i say pick him up and then you have yourself a team that will destroy.

  156. FEARdaDEER says:

    I can see Melo landing in either New York or Orlando. By going to Orlando he is paired with Amare and awaits either help from CP3 or Tony Parker at the point. Orlando is already playoff contenders and along side of Dwight Howard and there outside gunners the floor is wide open for Melo to drive the ball. Not to mention he will be right next door to his buddies in Miami. Also Melo wife (La La) has a career of her own. I mean if your not going to Cali then Florida and New York are where you would want to be. So his decision ultimately would be to the benefit of him and his family. Those the only two places in my opinion which would be adventageous for not only him but his family as well.

  157. declaytor says:

    The Bulls are not going to trade Rose for Melo. Now, on the other hand, they would definitely trade Deng for Melo or even newly acquired Carlos Boozer. Rose-Melo-and what’s his face* that’s a pretty good threesome in Chicago. *Joakim Noah – I could not think of his name! lol

  158. T says:

    Donald Sterling is a terrible owner and LAC has an awful history, so I don’t know how seriously Anthony is considering them, but they could put together a very good package.

    LAC has quality young players and they also own the rights to Minnesota’s 2012 first round pick, which is unprotected.

  159. MR2007 says:

    Somone here said that if Melo goes to a team in the East that he would have a small chance of getting a championship ring . . . HA!! That’s a trip! He has a better chance with going with someone in the east than the west. The west have a lot of young potentials but not enough for a run to the finals, he’d have to bring someone else with him. But with the East, i’ll use chicago, the stage is already set. You have the beef in the hole with Boozer and Noah, the go to guy if you need a quick score Rose, along with the support of Brewer. And then some brought up Orlando, with a number of trades that can work also, what they need is a true leader and melo can be that on the court leader that’ll push until the end. He tried numerous times with the nuggets, just to no avail.

  160. Carl says:

    I hope Carmelo Anthony doesn’t land in Orlando. I love the team as it is and I think/hope they have a pretty good chance of making it to the finals regardless of Miami’s Big Three wich I doubt will have a chance against top teams that have built chemestry for years (like Orlando). In my opinion Carmelo should stay in the west, lets say maybe Dallas. There you have pretty good solid Talent like Dirk, Kid, Tyson,Terry, Barea, ect. Dallas could really use him but the fact that is a trade isn’t that easy.

  161. Vijay says:

    I see we have some Laker fans in the house. I’m not going to be totally for my LA squad and just say Melo should “take his talents to the City of Angels” however based on Melo’s words, I do believe that either LA, Clips or Lakers or New York is where he will more than likely end up. Laker fans if he somehow ends up in LA, it would be a miracle first of all, and it has nothing to do with what happened in Miami, the Heat as they are now, first of all have to get out of the East, then fall the mighty Lakers. If Melo somehow ends up in Laker land it would take a monumental effort not only to land him but to also keep the team somewhat in tact. In addition lets not forget salary cap, the Lakers are well over the salary cap already adding Melo won’t help that. Let’s also not think that this will be a Memphis part two. I personally won’t mind seeing him in LA but I also wish to see if my squad and Phil in his last stand at the O.K. corale can topple such a force. What a retirement resume Phil will have. Anyways guys, what happened in Miami was planned let’s not be fooled but it will take some time for those guys to conquer the Hill. I do feel for Cleveland, someone breaking up with you on national tv would be heart wrenching and Lebron don’t give me that crap about raising money, he could’ve cut a check for the boys and girls club and saved all this mess. It was very bad PR. Be a man and admit it. I also tell folks, it was your right to walk but as the old people always say it more about how you say what you say as opposed to what you say. The process was messed up.

    • Zzanzabar says:

      Yes the ‘decision’ was the worst PR debacle in sports but raising 3 million in ONE hour for the Boys and Girls club is not crap. It was the only good thing to come out of that. As for cutting a check, who says he didn’t MATCH the offer out of his pocket. No matter what, at least somewhere an extra staffer or two was hired or a center stayed open longer.

  162. Brett says:


    Melo is from Baltimore… New York is not his hometown.

  163. Felix says:

    i think it would be great for the league in general if melo headed to orlando or chicago. for so long now the east has always seemed inferior to the west, but if he moved over that would be great. i dont think he would be a good fit in LA, with the clippers, or the lakers. Kobe loves his job too much (shooting) and honestly, who supports the clippers?
    Melo i dont think will want to go to charlotte or any small market team. Going from the nuggets, to say the warriours, is a serious downgrade. He wants, im assuming, to go to a team with potential. Or the money and market to have potential, if not the roster yet. I believe he will either end up in chicago, new york or orlando. All three offer what he wants, and as previously mentioned, his wife’s demands can’t be ignored. If he went to orlando, Florida would be a powerhouse of basketball, and i think the magic could really challenge the heat, however, i dont think melo and dwight would get along. What i really want, is a new bad boys, except in new york, and fronted by melo 🙂

  164. Neri says:

    the bulls should get anthony in trade for deng and he will join rose and boozer

  165. Allan says:

    melo should join the bulls in a trade for deng and rose and boozer

    • Davis says:

      thats dumb. why would he go to a team that is trading away their 3 best players

    • Bob says:

      hahahaha. man you just made my day. rose will be just as good as melo in two or three years and they wouldnt just trade carlos boozer after they signed him as a free agent. And unless they get rid of chauncey, rose doesnt fit. lol

  166. markaw30 says:

    Ok, This is what needs to happen…

    Denver needs to trade Melo to Dallas!
    Dallas is the team that has all the pieces that dont fit together. They can trade some of those “extra pieces” ( Butler, Chandler, Merion, Stevenson, Thomas, or one of the amazing young point guards Barea or, Beubois) in a package deal. . These are players that have potential to help build a team, and that is what Denver wants to do. Or they could use their value in future trades.
    Meanwhile Melo would team up wiith Dirk, Kidd, and Haywood. With Haywood coming into his first full year in Dallas, this is a front line that the Lakers would have to respect! And imagine the ability to spread the court with both Melo and Dirk playing along side one of the best point guards ever in Jason Kidd. Its a title waiting to happen.
    And it the Mavs could manage to keep Merion, even the Miami Heat would have problems matching up with them.
    Merion and Terry would cover Wade
    Melo on Lebron
    Bosh must guard either Dirk or Haywood. Result= Dirk takes advantage, or he is guarded by a weaker player….and he will take advantage.. Dallas with have an answer to Miami’s one weakness.
    It will still be Dirk’s team, no wrinkles there.
    And if the Mavs reach their potential of getting to the finals, Melo just might stay!

    Im not a Nuggets or Mavs fan….Im just sayin!
    This has got to go down.

    Hit me back ….

  167. frippdesign says:

    First off let me say I take an article coming from or ESPN much more seriously than Yahoo! but lets look at the possible destinations listed: Nets, Clippers, Warriors, Rockets, Bobcats, Knicks, Magic and Mavs.

    The Nets have a ton of money to spend, since they couldnt land any big free agents, but they definitely lack the competitive team Melo would be looking for, and, lets face it- who wants to play in Newark for the next two years?

    The Clippers have some young talent they could use to deal and Melo’s wife would love to be in LA considering her career interests. Would the Nuggets take a chance with Blake Griffin or on an older and troublesome Baron Davis? that wouldnt make sense if they wanted to keep Billups. I dont think they pieces quite fit here.

    The Warriors and Rockets have some great pieces to- Curry and Ellis could be interesting- but again the conflict in the backcourt and creating an equal trade would be difficult. Yao isnt worth much until he proves himself healthy again.

    The Magic and Mavs both have some players that could provide equal value but at what cost. You would lose your superstars and break up a good thing just to start that back over.

    The Bobcats might not have the trade assets but I could definitely see MJ shelling out some of his own cash on this one. After all, Melo is a Team Jordan member.

    Which brings me to the Knicks… I am from the NYC area and would love to see Melo here with Amare’ and as a pipe dream CP3 as well, but I dont think they have the assets either.

    This is tough one, lets ask DA if he has any exclusive details, any ideas?

  168. jaz says:

    Franchise players win championships you build around them, superstars win regular season games and go to all-star games. You can’t look at Melo,Bosh or LJ as Franchise guy’s because they did not elevate their teams to Elite status. So he can go anywhere and it won’t change the fact that he is not Franchise Material.

    • Gus says:

      Oh finally someone that thinks like I do. I’ve wrote that 5 times before…those guys are not franchise players. Thanks dude !!

      • Kevin says:

        Maybe Bosh isn’t a franchise player, but Lebron and Melo are definitely franchise players. Sure, they haven’t won a championship, but they have never had a championship worthy team.

        Kobe is a franchise player, and even he couldn’t win about 4 or 5 seasons ago. The Lakers were barely a .500 team. He is a franchise player and wins championships because of his team. He has Gasol, Bynum, and Odom, three of the best big guys in the league. He’s got Derek Fisher, Ron Artest, and a whole bunch of energetic bench players. Kobe wins because his franchise is dedicated to winning and surrounding him with the best team he can have.

        You can’t criticize Lebron or Melo for not winning. Look at who they had on their teams. Lebrons best big man was Zydrunas Ilgauskas (Shaq’s great but past his prime). Antwuan Jamison wasn’t a good fit. Mo Williams is pretty good, and Delonte West is pretty good, but nothing like Derek Fisher. Melo has Billups, a great point guard. Nene is very good, and JR can be very good at times. Kenyon Martin is always hurt. You can’t call them out on not winning.

  169. Chad says:

    The Nets aren’t realistic because they don’t have the contracts available to make salaries match, although a pachage around Terrance Williams and Derrick Favors would be nice. Charlotte is an interesting idea. Sending Melo and JR Smith for Diaw, Gerald Wallace, Augustine, and Henderson with a follow up deal of Billups for Dampier (contract can’t be combined) might get some interest. There’s no way Charlotte turns that down with Anthony and a solid Larry Brown PG in Chauncey. This deal(s) would get Denver under the tax if they waive Dampier and a lineup of Lawson, Afflalo, Wallace, Diaw, Nene with a bench of Augustine, Henderson, Harrington, and Birdman has potential. That still gives you Martin’s huge expiring contract (along with maybe Diaw’s) to pick up needs later in the season. Not a team I would have picked, but it is interesting.

  170. CJ says:

    Thank you NBA staff!

  171. Mika says:

    It would be intresting to see Melo @ the Jazz, but what pieces would Denver want back? and could the keep Deron and add Melo. It would be a Crazy addition and add more spark in the West since this eastern migration this summer.

  172. Tyler says:

    Melo is a baby, you don’t wanna be here in Denver good you couldn’t win a playoff series without Chauncey and you didn’t win a championship because you are a baby get the hell out and don;t come back.

  173. Vlad says:

    melo is a top 10 player? sure when he plays in denver. he’s top 5 if he comes to NY. Fact is that when he’s happy he wins and when he’s in new york hes happy.
    melo is a native new yorker and he knows what its been like around here. the knicks got the best fans in basketball and he knows that he could completely change the atmosphere here just by getting us in the playoffs no to mention winning a series or 4.

    meloman u alredy know lights camera action when u walk thru that door.

    difference between lebron and melo is melo would be coming to his hometown. melo would mean much more to new york than lebron did to miami. you think they had a welcoming party down there in miami, well, they aint seen nothin.

  174. Eric says:

    I hope that Orlando can do anything to complete a deal for Melo. And also it would be nice to add K-Mart to the deal. It would be awesome to add real help to Howard. I expect a lot of talk between both of them now that Howard and Melo are working together on a movie. May the basketball gods and Otis bring Melo to Magic Kingdom!!

  175. anthony says:

    It is really kinda funny that there seems to be a growing list of potential landing spots for “Melo. It is really simple: He WILL end up in New York because his new wife wants to stay home or close to home. She is from the Bronx and does not want to leave. And y’all know how effective pillow talk is, lolz.
    Supreme Team II is inevitable in the Big Apple. And as Boston’s time winds down, the Knicks will be Miami’s #1 challenger, continuing the LeBron – Carmelo rivalry.

    • Gus says:

      lol dude no sense…no professional players makes his decision based solely on his wife. As much as the media may talk, I’m sure he doesn’t want to end ringless in NY. NY is not a good team, and it wont be even if melo goes there….they are far, i mean really far behind the heat, magic, celtics, bulls…..not even to mention the western conference. NY is not gonna happen

  176. L.Ckz says:

    I say trade him to Orlando! Anthony and J.R’s expiring contracts for Carter and Lewis’ expiring contract! Denver will just have to fight it out with those guys, besides they won’t get a better offer from any other team! I can’t see New York or even Chicago making a better bet than what Orlando can offer. Denver has up and rising stars behind Ty Lawson and Aaron Affalo. Neither roster from Denver or Orlando will be hurt much, I mean, Denver has been wanting to get rid of J.R for a while now. All Chicago can offer is Deng and Gibson. I don’t even know what New York can toss up. Besides, I want to see Florida in the Conference Finals!:D Anybody agree?

    • Ernie says:

      l. Ckz I like your comment. I strongly agree with you.

      • liban says:

        ı agree wıth you man. As an orlando fan ı personly feel we have the best chance of gettıng hım and can have the best chance to beat mıamı along wıth LA. thınk bout ıt sound scary nelson melo and dwıght and maybe cp3 next yr lol ıt does seem far fetched but anythınk can happen rıght?

  177. carlos alberto "the fast" says:

    i think melo shold stay in denver and bring some backup………………………..but if he get trades or signed via free agent next year it will be interestingg to se him playing in new york or in the nets……………………………..this is another topic i wil confirmem that in 2012-2013 minesota and portlan will be huge conteder for the west………………………….lets go heat beat everybody………………….heat nba champ

  178. tev says:

    Zzanzabar i agree with you man. In my eyes Carmelo is the 4th best player in the league. Theres no way that Denver is going to be able to get equal vlue for him through a trade. They should accept there loss, trade Carmelo and rebuild around that stud point guard by the name of Ty Lawson who would probably start if he was on a lol of other teams in the league. I think Carmelo would b a phenomenal fit in Orlando. Orlando is a great team, however they really lack that pure scorer who can take over at the end of the game. With the addition of Melo they would finally have that. Im liking the sound of the entire Eastern Conference finals being played in Florida hahah.

    • Zzanzabar says:

      Carmelo in Orlando would be scary (for everyone in the East), there as well as Chicago would create a fierce rivalry. If Orlando was able to keep just a fraction of it’s current team then they would be formidable indeed. But what could they offer Denver? A worn out, washed up Carter? An erratic Lewis? Maybe they would make a further trade to dump J.R. (but would they want a CP3 wannabe?). It is hard to say.

      The Clippers do have a few trading items but, C’mon…its the Clippers! I’m sure that Melo wants to go to an established team with a real shot at going far into the playoffs, after all he has taken Denver into the Western Finals and that is no joke. But wouldn’t it be hilarious if he went to CLEVELAND?! I know, he would have to be nuts, but it woiuld make a GREAT story, admit it!

    • Jumpman123 says:

      dude you gotta understand it from there position. Denver will not trade Carmelo for just anybody. they obviously want sombody in return. And LA, and Orlando dont have anything to offer. Melo for Vince and Lewis?? Plz…. I agree no matter where they trade him, they wont get equal value. But i still think they want atleast a Good player in exchange… they only teams that can offer young talent and good players. are NY, the Clips, or even Golden State mostly because they can offer a proven scorer in Monta Ellis.

      • Bob says:

        i agree, jumpman. It would almost be better to let anthony go into free agency and have him sign with someone else than trade for lewis and carter, who are a waste of salary.

  179. kobron says:

    Lakers need someone else to carry the offense besides kobe & Pau Gasol. Having Carmelo come to the lakers would make the lakers very good since the lakers would would be good at defense and offense.

  180. Imal Thanthrige says:

    Well…..I like to see Melo in Magic…..If he went there there will be big and close matches in the Eastern…..but I wold like to see Melo remaining in Nuggets cuz….there are the people who gave Melo a chance to shine….He have good team..look at LeBrone….he give up Cavaliers because he was not sure he can make a championship run….He tries a couple and give and join D-wade….and make sure he can get ‘Ring’ together with him. What see in that drama is LeBrone is not ‘great player’ he is just ‘good player’…See jordan, Kobe those didn’t give up there tryn….they fight..and they win…..If I was Melo I will stay with Nuggets…!! And in view of Magic fan….’Melo come and join with Dwight and Vince….!!’

  181. Mohammad says:

    Honestly, I think his best bet would be to go to Houston. The Rockets are getting Yao back and recently attained Courtney Lee. Plus with Kevin Martin and Aaron Brooks in the back court along side with Melo , the Rockets would give any team a good fight.

    • RJ says:

      why go to Houston….Yao won’t play 50 games…..

      • uoykcuf says:

        even without yao, that’s a better team than NY

      • Could work out really well says:

        Houston is loaded with talent. They just need one more piece to get them over the edge. Trevor Ariza needs another star to be truly effective and Aaron Brooks will benefit from a little more spacing that Melo can provide. Plus they got Yao back and some good young talent in players like Chase Budinger (He got Bounce!!). I’m not really aware of how much cap room they have, but they would be a great fit for melo IF he buys into Adelman’s defense system AND houston can offer enough to make this trade possible

    • Jason says:

      I live in Houston and I’m a huge Rockets fan but I don’t want Melo. The trade I see to get him would be giving up Budinger, Hill, and either Martin or Brooks. And the combination of those players is better than one player. Plus we’d probably get trash J.R. Smith and Kenyon Martin thrown in with Melo. We would be the most thug team in the league and won’t be any better than the Nuggets have been. Houston has enough talent to win now AND in the future. We have good young players, we just got Lee, and Budinger is a super-star in the making people just don’t give him credit and Hill needs work but has skill and we have veterans Scola, Yao, Miller and Martin (and battier pfft). We have a good starting line-up and a surprsingly good bench. Just keep this roster as it is and we’ll definitely be a top 4 team in the West.

      • Jason says:

        ….but I do think Melo in Houston will happen. Daryl Morey is ridiculous and never happy with what he has, he loves changing the roster as much as possible and you we can’t win like that.

      • Bob says:

        i agree. Budinger i think will become a strong starter and when artin plays good he’ll put up 30 point games. I think with scola, aaron brooks (who i think will be an allstar someday) and a healthy yao, the rockets are already good enough to be top 3 in nba. Oh and lee. Lee will be a strong sixth man.

  182. john says:

    Houston has a home for you Carmelo. We are making room for you.

  183. Jai says:

    Dang man carmelo shouldn’t trade team because they doing so much better now. If i was him i should really re consider my options. He should just sign a contract with boston if he wanted to trade because he could get a better chance at the nba trophy with that team.

  184. RJ says:

    Understand that Denver, similar to LeBron with Cleveland, was not Carmelo’s choice. On draft night bad teams get potential stars that want to win championships. If the organization cannot surround that star with enough talent to win a title, it then comes down to whether that specific location is desireable. LA is Hollywood and Miami is South Beach, NY is the Big Apple. Denver, like Cleveland should have known back in 03 that unless they won a title their city would not be desirable enough to keep a Superstar. They had 7 years.

    That being said…..

    1. Melo and LaLa want to be in an entertainment capital so NY or LA

    2. Kill the Clipper talk….why would he want to be on the second best team in the city?

    3. The Lakers need a star to carry Kobe’s torch when he retires in the next 5 years and have enough to make a trade worth while to denver

    3b. But why would they break up a championship team?

    4. Denver will not get a replacement for Melo via trade from ANYONE and so why not just trade him to NY for some young talent they are rebuilding right?

    Denver is just not where a 26 yearold inner city kid from Baltimore married to LaLa Vasquez wants to be….is that so hard to understand?????

  185. Carlos Ortega says:

    i feel like he should go to the Lakers, we’ve signed a few good players, players that the nuggets could use better than the lakers to build a franchise around because techniqally the Lakers already have their franchise built around kobe bryant and when he retires you need someone to fall back on and that is not going to be shannon brown… The lakers can get rid of a lot of players that won’t affect their bench, for example the 2 new rookies, perfect for denver to start building their franchise around, not to mention we can afford to get rid of artest, odom, vujacic, walton, powel, etc. even shannon brown if needed, the lakers are getting old with each season, we need to be able to contend with much younger teams like the thunders etc. the addition of carmelo anothony is a stretch and a big dream but look at the heat and the new “big” 3 no one thought it was possible but now look they did it so why isn’t it possible to dream big with carmelo in a laker jersey side by side with kobe gasol fisher and bynum? now when kobe retires he would have taught melo everything he needs to take over the team and become the fanchise and continue the laker/kobe legacy,,, these others teams won’t be able to use carmelo to his full potential and lakers can… he will end up waisting his time in new york, the nets, and even dalas, but on LA he automatically becomes a shoe in for that title… LA is where to go MELo!!

    • Alex says:

      hey man,,,, sorry but that is patently absurd. you break championship chemistry and no ring..not til you rebuild the chemistry which can take more than year or never happen. why would you even think this is a good idea? Carmelo is really not what were looking for. Carmelo…. go to NY or NJN. stay the heck away from the lakers….or better yet. join the clippers, that way we can actually use the Clips for real practice.

    • sean says:

      I’m a HUGE LA fan, but one thing you have to remember is we can’t get rid of odom or artest both crucial, maybe odom, but if it wasn’t for Artest there would be no back to back champs, one thing people don’t realize is Miami doesn’t have the greatest bench and I think it’s obvious after the last BostonV.Lakers series the bench can make all the difference, Carlos Arroyo there best player off the bench? Not gonna fly, Miami will need to get past Boston to win my respect. Now we could trade odom, but we still would have to get rid of too much, we’re not at freedom to get rid of Bynum we should’ve got rid of that burden when we had the chance with Bosh, I love Bynum, but we’ll see how healthy he stays… But LA would have to get rid of too much, I could maybe see a sign-n-trade deal, maybe, maybe.

    • jonny says:

      dude r u kidding me, lakers probably can’t even afford melo, bryant and gasol take up almost half the cap space.

  186. Andy says:

    It’s sad that people have to be reminded not to fight on the internet.
    Anyway, I live i Denver and am a huge Nuggs fan, but I think we need to dump the players with poor attitudes. We have Chauncy setting a good example, let Smith, Martin Melo go to LA where their prima donna attitudes won’t be that out of place!

  187. Colin Kehler says:

    Raptors should jump on this. Trade C Bargnani, PG, Calderon and SG Weems for SF Anthony, PG Lawson. Toronto would get their much needed main playmaker/scorer in Melo and a young point guard for the future in Ty Lawson. Denver would get the young flourishing Bargnani who averaged 17ppg last season to ease the loss of Melo’s production and a very good backup point guard to Billups in Calderon. Denver would also get Weems back, fixing their mistake of trading him last season where he broke out in Toronto with his athletism and defence. I say it’s a win-win for both sides.

    • uoykcuf says:

      It could work but i doubt melo wants to play in T.O. Pretty much a downgraded in every aspects.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Dude wont work.. Bargnani the #1 player on the Raps now to put up 20+ points, and Weems is rising to put up around 10+ points and same with Derozan.. wont work no way.

    • Bob says:

      Id say that this would not be a win for denver. Frankly, Bargnani is not that good of a player. Good, but not half as
      good as melo. And melo probably wouldnt want to play in Toronto, i feel like he wants a big market city like N.Y. or L.A. And calderon reached his prime a year ago and would be less than half the quality of Ty Lawson, which id doubt Denver wants to trade right now, because hes their main prospect. Although Sonny Weems would be a plus for denver and a good addition, the rest of the package isnt strong enough.

      • Jim says:

        I agree with you on 2 fronts, a) Bargnani is not a good enough player for Denver (not yet), and b) Melo would never want to play in T.O. Having said that, Toronto IS a big market city (Greater Toronto Area population- 5.5 million, 5th biggest in North America) The NBA needs to do a better job of marketing Canada’s only franchise, and dispeling some of the myths that playing there is sooo much different than any American city. I do get that because they’ve stunk for so long that marketing them is a nightmare. Back to Melo, I say he ends up in NY or CHI….sorry for the pro-Toronto rant…

  188. think says:

    I’d say trade Melo to Magic for Carter and Lewis (of course with other players to make this work).

    Dwight and Melo can seem to make a great team, a defensive beast and an offensive force… might also lure CP3 so theyd be the next powerhouse in the East to challenge the Heat fot the years to come.

    Carter and Lewis can still be a good fit for Denver as theyd still have the talent, along with Chauncey’s leadership to still make them contenders in the west. Denver would be in an off-time to rebuild right now, the influx of new great talents arent that much recently (maybe rose, durant, evans, etc… but these players are already locked) except for some who still may have potential (high picks rubio, beasley, thabeet, oden?), so they really dont have an anchor to build up on to. But they still do have lots of talent… much like the detroit champs that beat the lakers… loads of talent, but no real superstar. I’d say they exhaust jr and kenyon’s contract, fully utilize nene and andersen and build a scrappy-physical-athletic team… since denver is chauncey’s hometown, i think he’d be up to the loyal-hero role in denver.

    good for both teams

  189. Tom says:

    The Knicks should really go after him. I don’t know if they can afford him and how the money situation would work out. But if they can they better try cause honestly, I don’t want to make it to the playoffs. I want to win every championship every year (By I, I mean the Knicks obviously) I realize we won’t win every year. But what we have now is a 1st round play off team. not even a deep playoff team and everybody seems fine with that because we have been so bad these last 7-8 years. We need Melo and CP3 here to win a championship in the years to come. Especially in a year or two when the heat hit their prime as a team with chemistry. I don’t know why everybody just seems content with Amare. especially when he’s got a bum knee and messed up eye and now no Steve Nash. Amare’s a beast but I don’t think he can be the leader of a team in the way everybody expects him to.

    If we get Anthony and maybe J.R. then next year we can get CP3 seeing, as they both really want to play for NY, then next year trade Felton for another really good player (depending on what we need PF, C, ect.) and keep Douglas to learn under CP3’s wing…the Knicks could possibly be a beast team if they played their cards right.

    • Tom says:

      …Think about it, Paul, J.R., Melo, Amare, and then you trade Felton for a solid center (preferably with a strong defensive presence) with Tony Douglas as our back up 1 guard, then either chandler or Gallo coming of the bench as well, and then sign 2 more solid players like maybe a Matt Barnes type of player who’s tough and can play defense. We’d not only be a deep team scoring wise we’d be able to play defense. and then with D’antoni’s up tempo style of play. We’d be a serious contender for a lot of years.

      • Bob says:

        agreed. If that managed to work out, they would definitely be a contender with miami if not better.

  190. Juan Miguel says:

    I suggest Carmelo Anthony goes to Sacramento and start building a fresh young talented team around him. If melo goes to an east team for sure his chances of getting a championship ring will be small. no doubt about that,

  191. Mushroom says:

    Nets, Clippers, Warriors, Rockets and Bobcats ?

    What can they offer? Hmmmm…. cant he use the famous phrase of all time “I’m bring my talent to…… ” Oh i get it, … ESPN havnt talk to him yet …. “The Decision” Part ?

    • John says:

      Warriors can offer Ellis/Biedrins/Udoh + Expirings

      • Jumpman123 says:

        yea i see him going to Golden state because They can offer Monta Ellis( a proven scorer)

      • jonny says:

        @ jumpman123 dude that’s like saying “i can see kobe going to sacramento b/c they can offer dalembert” seriously?????????

      • Bob says:

        I dont think theres any chance that the warriors would trade ellis for anthony. Though it would benfit both teams, i think golden states future is in monta ellis, stephen curry and david lee who together i think can earn them in a year or two a high spot in the western conference.

      • It's possible.. says:

        Monta is a pretty good player, but fairly overrated. Besides, the true future lies with Steph Curry and at times, Curry and Ellis don’t get along. But I’m not exactly sure why the Nuggets would want Ellis.. it just doesnt seem like the right fit for me

  192. junior says:

    mleo shouldnt leave and if they have to pick to take some one out between kmart or smith it should be k mart cause j.r could points up he needs to step up n put his head in the game if he did him n melo with be a game team with chauncey billups and also ther fast break would be hard to gaurd when yt lawson get in

  193. b-balla69 says:

    don’t be suprised to see the magic pull the trigger, a possible carter/lewis/petrius for mello/ j.r smith/ balkman/ martin is not out of the question the magic would probaly have to throw in some draft picks, but all the money matches

    • Wolfman92 says:

      I agree totally. This is an excellent point. That group would really bring the amount of veteran savvy and the infusion of youth that the Nuggets are so desperately looking for. Nice observation!!!

  194. DIET says:

    I would like to see MELO on lakers uniform with Kb24 shall be fun VS. Miami.. … .. ! !!!!

  195. Zzanzabar says:

    The key is what Denver wants to get in return. This could be a Shaq moment where the team is forced to trade a franchise player for much lesser talent, but I do not think so. Melo has ben the franchise of the Nuggets since he was signed and it will be tough to get equal value. Teams in the West want to close the gap with the Lakers but few have the resources (or in soime cases the desire) to offer BOTH quality players AND big bucks. The Lakers and OKC of course have the money and talent to trade, but I doubt that Denver would be so foolish to salt their own well (they WILL have to play them again), nor do I think they would be forgiven if Melo ended up in Laker land, YEOW that would tear it.

    If this trade is in fact imminent as reports seem to indicate, there are GM’s all over the NBA on the line now. If Melo ends up in the East, say to Chicago, then this will be one of the most anticipated NBA seasons ever.

    • Justincredible says:

      I completely agree with you. I have a sneaking suspicion this WILL in fact be somewhat like the Shaq deal. Trade a cornerstone for less talent. In the long run I think the Nuggets will benefit. They are a well established franchise with a reputation of winning. The Nuggets should be in a pretty good position to seek other young stars on the horizon. They could probably get 2 or 3 solid young players for what Melo was due. I know the Nuggets hate to see him actually wanting to leave, but at least they aren’t going to be left high and dry like Cleveland. I just feel sorry for them. Personally, I am a Houston Rockets fan and would love to see Melo in a Rockets uniform along side Yao next season, but the drawbacks are exactly as you stated. If the Nuggets still want to compete at all, they will need and probably expect some incredible talent to be shipped in their direction. As you said, Melo is without a doubt a top 10 player in the league. I’m just afraid that we would have to give up too much for one guy. The trade rumors are frightening to say the least. I’ve heard rumors about Kevin Martin and Aaron Brooks being part of the deal. Personally, I’d rather keep those two who both averaged 20+ ppg last season without Yao and see what they can do on the court with Yao. If there is a way to add Carmelo to our roster by giving up some of our incredible bench talent, 2 draft picks, and money to get him, then I am all for it. Anything to stop the Lakers and the Heat. As far as seeing Carmelo play with Boozer and of course Rose in Chicago, now that will make the East something special to watch. I’m all for that as well! I’ll be rooting for a miracle to land Melo in Houston to have a starting lineup of Yao, Scola, Anthony, Martin, and Brooks, but I definitely don’t want to see Martin or Brooks as a part of this deal. If that’s the case I hope he goes to Chicago. That would be a team to watch for years to come. Both franchises can offer him the playoffs and a run at a title.

      • Steve D. says:

        Welll……. ya know!!!! So I says…..

      • Big James says:

        IMHO melo lands either NY or Chicago. Orlando doesn’t have anything to trade and both Knicks (after Tony Parker or CP3 acquirement, Chandler’s move to SG) and the bulls are almost complete championship contenders with good players to trade for Anthony (miami has no bench and won’t win the championship). Walker + Felton + Mason trade in NY or Brewer + Taj Gibson trade in Chicago.

    • jaz says:

      i think melo to the nets for D favors, D.Harris and 2 draft picks. Regardless $ is an issue so the team that gets melo has to have enough cap space. Plus K.Martin contract coming off the books next year is a plus for the Nuggetts. So they have the assest that other teams want. Make Melo wait until the Trade deadline.

    • Erez says:

      Lakers??? where the hell are they going to get the money when kobe and pau hold most of the salary cap. Never going to happen

      • Zzanzabar says:

        I agree the Lakers are a long shot (a very long shot), but consider:

        1) They have an owner and GM who know what they are doing.
        2) Melo would not be adverse to joining the Lakers
        3) There are a number of senerios where Denver could get top players (Odom, Bynum, and 2 GREAT rookie prospects)
        4) First round draft picks for the next 3 years (the Lakers don’t use them anyway)
        5) Buss, while his pockets are not endless) is determined to keep the Laker legacy and dynasty intact

        All that being said, Carmelo has some thoughts of his own and I’m sure he is tired of slogging through the Western Confrence just to hit Dallas, San Antonio, and finally the Lakers for his ring. Funny thing though, if he goes to Chicago (I’m sorry but both the Nets and New York would be a mistake in the East as it is), he will find himself in a simular situation having to face Miami, Orlando, and Boston. But still a team with a .500 record STILL has a chance to make the playoffs in the East so why not give it a shot.

      • jonny says:

        i think he should help out howard and rashard would be decent for the nuggets.

    • QuestionMark says:

      The only way i see it is.. Orlando trading Carter and maybe someone else for Melo.. or L.A trading Gasol or Odom and Bynum for Melo, and Dallas trading Marion for Melo, but for other teams… we will see what happens

      • DRE4LA says:

        never trade gasol! i say odom and or artest and those prospects and picks but never gasol! doesnt matter Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jumpman123 says:

        LOL!! why in the hell would denver trade there FRANCHISE player vince carter… or even odom and bynum…
        he will get traded but he probably wont go to the Bulls or the Mavs, Or even orlando. the teams i see him going to are probably new york(because they actually have some vaulble player) or Golden state warriors.. because they can offer Monta ellis

      • Jumpman123 says:

        oops i meant why would they trade there franchise player FOR vince carter.. or even odom and bynum

    • DaKing says:

      “If Melo ends up in the East, say to Chicago, then this will be one of the most anticipated NBA seasons ever.”

      I think this would be even BIGER then the Miami trade, Wow can u Imagine that. that would be something Special amd shaking just thinking about it Melo & Rose does sound even nice together woooow i pray to god that happens

      • DRE4LA says:

        I agree if melo were 2 go2 Da bulls the bulls would be better than miami in the east if they dnt get rid of there pieces there deeper. rose, noah, boozer, n melo

  196. staff says:

    A quick note on commenting:

    We’ve had some tremendous conversations in the comments area over the last few days but we’ve had a few comments that we’ve had to delete. To make things simple, here’s what NOT to do:

    1) Don’t insult another commenter or poster. Disagreement is fine and encouraged. But telling another commenter “you suck and are an idiot” is not.

    2) Language. This should be self-evident. Curse words etc. are not permitted, and don’t bother trying to sneak them in by disguising certain letters with $%@ symbols.


    Thanks everyone.

    • Jordan says:

      Thank You for stating that…we all come here to give our comments and reflect on others…Not to be abused!

    • clutch says:

      kidd beaubois
      melo terry
      marion djones
      dirk ajinca
      hayw ood chandler

      Best team in the league.

    • showtime says:

      1st of all denver why would yu gve my homey mello 65 mill smh thats where yu messing up at. melo gvez his all on the court. and 65 mill is all yu gve him smh ! Denver was yu even at his gamez? especially wen he went at it with lebron. i think if yu send lebron of the cout like my homey melo did thats automatic raise lol….

      • Think about it says:

        well they obviously cant offer too much money in case they get stuck in a hole with limited cash. If he gets injured or suspended or anything, their money is being wasted on nothing. No doubt he is a fantastic player, but they gotta have a good supporting cast too. Plus a 65 mil extention is a lot… Thats like over 20 mil per year. Thats the same as a max contract.