Melo Situation at Boiling Point?

Has the situation for Carmelo Anthony in Denver deteriorated beyond repair? Well, if we’re to believe Adrian Wojnarowski over at Yahoo! Sports, it sure has.

And at least this contributor at Hang Time isn’t about to disregard Woj on this one.

The Nuggets have apparently given up on Melo signing that $65 million extension and are prepared to move their franchise player. William Wesley, aka Worldwide Wes of LeBron James fame, is one of Anthony’s advisors and he’s applying muscle in the inevitable Denver divorce.

From the Wojnarowski article:

Denver was furnished with a short list of teams and told to get to work. Yes, this is how William Wesley and Leon Rose of CAA work now, thick with threats and ultimatums and a swagger suggesting that the sport belongs to them. After Anthony told owner-in-waiting Josh Kroenke that he still wanted out of Denver during a Sunday meeting, the Nuggets appear done trying to sell their All-Star forward on a contract extension.

If the Nuggets were to part with Melo, J.R. Smith and Kenyon Martin would be soon to follow. At least that’s the thinking in the rebuilding project coming to the Mile High City.

Anthony wants to leave Denver and get his three-year, $65 million contract extension now. This partnership is rounding third and rapidly reaching disrepair. Denver is willing to trade Anthony, J.R. Smith and Kenyon Martin, and start over again, sources said.

This isn’t the first time we’ve explored the Melo situation this summer. It’s been brewing for a while now and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. At least until he signs that contract or says definitively that he wants out of Denver.

Remember, these are the same Nuggets that were in the Western Conference finals in 2009. The Clippers and Nets are seen as probable destinations for Melo. How much closer are they to a title? Well, you have to wonder what Melo’s motivation is in all of this.


  1. laker4life says:

    the nba needs a franchise tag like the nfl

  2. bernie says:

    the complete ignorance of the truth by most of you people is embarrassing. lebron, dwade, and bosh have been dominating games there whole careers. if anyone thinks that these three wont completely dominate almost every game they play together is insane, they wont break records this year because of laziness. over the next few years, history will be written.

  3. 34-4evr says:

    Fair enough about the paragraphs, only had a second to write and grammer was not my chief concern.
    The Rockets have almost every kind of integral asset imaginable to make a marque trade happen. The specificties involved depend wholly on what it is the Nuggets want to do in their immediate/long term future and what the Rockets are willing to give up (for example Mr. Morey will probabbly not sign off on a Yao, Scola, Brooks, Martin for Melo, J.R, Anderson thing, assuming the number even work, which I’m almost positive they dont- but you get the point.) Right now, Denver needs to decide on a few very important, career defining (hint, hint Mr. Ujiri) issues laying before them.
    First, they need an identity. What are the post-Carmelo era Nuggets about? Youth and Development, or remaining relevant in a ruthless conferance? Assuming they wish to remain relevant and the Rockets are willing to gut its roster to attain him (which i severly doubt) how much better could Denver do than being able to choose from a combination of the following.
    Kevin Martin ( immensily efficient scorer, to say the least), Scola( crafty low post scoring machine), Battier (expiring 6mill, ellite perimeter/team defensive skills, textbook “glue guy”), Brooks (an emerging all-star player still under his rookie contract, only reason i mention him last on starter list is due to the fact that Denver is pretty set at P.G though assets are always invauluable,) Budinger,Hill, Patterson ( all promising young talents, Bud especially so; Hill is large and athletic though raw; Patterson is an unproven rook but already seems to carry himself like a consumate professional), cash considersations and the usual incentives and help-me-outs that teams have granted themselves incase they find themselves in these perdicaments? (Note how instead of no paragraphs, this time I have clocked the world’s largest run-on sentance outside of a fifth grade classroom)
    If rebuilding is the route, as I suspect it will be, then a number of the aforementioned players would be incredibly valuable. Namely, any of the players still under their rookie contract. The Rockets have proven themselves to be a top-5 talent evaluation and development organization (citing the selections of Brooks, Landry, Budinger, Taylor…..don’t laugh, for real, Taylor. He’s going to be just fine in this league, just watch) instilling within our rookies a staunch attention to hard work and passion, as well as professionalism. This means almost every one of the players under their rookie deals would make good young pieces to add to a rebuilding team. If expiring contracts is their thing, we have almost 13mill in salaries that will be off the books next summer, and you could do worse for space-fillers than Jefferies or Battier.
    Not to mention a littany of picks which will remain highly relevant as i anticipate another horendous season from the Knicks (traded out a proven 20ppg player in a garbage system for an exparemental, injury prone, Nash-improved 22ppg guy? who has furthermore proven to have a contentious relationship with the grand architect of that garbage system? That is your salvation? But I Digress….) All of theese assets, combined with the fact that the Rockets currently have one of the more inventive, efficient, and effective GMs in profesional sport, should make seeing why the Rockets have, at the very least, esp given interest on the players part, as good of a shot at anybody at landing him.
    I would also like to put this out there. Whatever his wife decides to do with her professional career will have little to do with what Anthony does with his. When you are in a relationship with someone in the entertainment industry, the primary source of stress (provided everything else is chillin) is the lack of time entertainers have to spend with loved ones and family. ‘Melo has to travel half the year and train the other half, she’s going to be on and off locations, shooting 12hrs a day in whatever location they have her in. The point of playing in the same city she works in is moot as they will almost never get to see each other anyway, and given their level of disposable income, a 3hr plane flight away is not as bad as you might think. Having said that I know nothing of his personal life, do not claim to know anything, and would like to keep it that way, outside of any news reagrarding his immenent arrival to my team.
    It all makes sense to me but as a fan my job is to believe, made tremendously easy due to our front office and on-court talent. The Rockets have spent the same time the Kncks, Clippers, and Nets spent dumping slalries for free agency; on acquiring assets for a trade like this. As that has been our stated purpose behind our salary level, it is very difficult to understand why everyone wonders what the Rockets have to give back in a trade like that.
    OKC will not offer Durant, Bulls are holding onto Rose, Hornets keeping Paul, Bryant retiring in purple and gold, Blazers love Roy and vice-versa, and Miami has the new superfriend thing going on. How are Kevin Martin, Luis Scola or Aaron Brooks inferior talents to anyone left after that, based on position and need? Granted a few better SG may be avaiable, depending on your definition of better (Iggy more explosive, less eficient) and a few better PG’s (though with his speed and 3 point accuracy, if Brooks improves his passing, court vision and decision making, that list will dwindle.) No one elite, no cornerstone talent will be in the deal back and the Rockets posses strong, borderline all-star talent for relatively cheap (Martin’s 10mill to Iggy’s 16,) which is all that’s left for them to choose from. Given the fact that this is World-wide Wes we’re talking about here, the Nuggets will be thrilled if he doesnt try to trade him away for a hankerchief, but that is another story.
    Though this is assuming they even want what most of us would conider to be a sensible replacment in talent from an on-court perspective, or at least, an immediate replacement. They may choose youth and growth, a few lottery trips, and attempt to build a longer, more stable base on which to set a superstar (no one who talks trash about teammates and then beats on folk in the teams training facility for instance,) or perhaps draft one….again, and try harder next time at….at watever it was they didnt try hard enough at before, who knows?
    Given their depth, both in on and off-court assets, terrific fan base, winning culture, and track record for innvovative/shocking trades, it is beyond astounding that the Rockets are not even being mentioned by most (other than, ofcourse, the guy who started this whole mess to begin with, ‘Melo….depending on how much you trust Woj.) Depending on wether you like to be cold or hot, there are certainly worse weather cities out their to go drive to practice in, i wonder how much he’ll love not driving on ice anymore…ever. Take into consideration that more people will be watching his every game (all 82 + playoffs) than watch the superbowl, globaly anyway. But what does ‘Melo care about China? He only won a gold medal there, is making films there, and seems to be visiting every other off-season week for some dumplings and kung-pao. If you don’t think that everyone who can speak english to an even marginal degree is telling him to play with Yao, your crazier than is newyork-blog-of-mind guy.

  4. BIG D says:

    H-TOWN BOUND……..Hellooooo Melooooooo………

  5. L.Ckz says:

    Go to Orlando ‘Melo! Carter and Lewis for Anthony and J.R! Now who doesn’t wanna see that?! Orlando and Miami fight it out for the Finals cut, while L.A gets washed up by Denver, Portland, and OKC!:D I’m not a Laker hater by the way. But putting that aside before all these people get defensive with me, um, that Orlando and Denver trade should and will help both teams. Gives Carter a little more room to score without Howard there and ‘Melo won’t be getting a championship the easy way people! He would have Howard and Nelson help him face LeBron, Wade, and Bosh. OoOo! Florida in the Conference Finals! Anybody agree?

  6. Vlad says:

    HAHA this is panning out as good as advertised.

    1. Melo’s marriage is just forshadowing what he wanted to do in the first place and thats to go to new york.
    2. if we couldnt get lebron than we could wait another year for melo we been waiting for 3 years anyways.
    3. Melo isnt like lebron. he isnt gonna keep a hit list. he knows when he comes to new york hes gonna get mucho lovin’
    4. sure new york doesnt have trade pieces for melo but we got money and what did clevland and toronto get for their guys? money!!

    new york is here for ya melo and you already know how big the welcoming party is gonna be.
    denver better play their cards right. its either they get some wall street money or nothing.

  7. noy-pi says:

    i think melo should do soul searching…LOL…i think his confused of the situation happening right now in the nba..specially that many teams are olaready buffing up, like miami,boston,orlando,etc..i think he should make the right choice, that would make him HAPPY, whatever you feel man, your fans will still be supporting you, even without a ring or with a ring, you”ll still be one of the best players in the nba.. but maybe teaming up with kobe in the future would be a great idea,specially that kobe and melo are close friends..LOL…

  8. MM says:

    Go to the Bulls you will have many bright years ahead with D Rose and Noah. Be the MAN to bring back the glory years that MJ and Pippen started. Kobe have done it in LA, KJ have done it in Boston…. How about Melo doing it in Chicago?

  9. DIET says:

    I would like to see melo on lakers uniform with kb24 shall be fun vs miami hahahahhahaha

  10. Social_Justice says:

    Why would he stay with Denver? Offensively, only Kobe is more complete than Melo. It would be unjust to compare him to LBJ since both play different styles. Melo to the Clips make sense, if he goes there there would be a right mix for a team, they have a go to scorer in Melo, a real and solid center in Kaman, a PF who could possibly be a co-superstar or second fiddle to Melo in Griffin. A decent PG who could at any time be a game changer on either end, If he gets his game on and starts to play to his capabilities the clips are scary. Then there’s gordon, solid shooter, followed by hustle players off the bench. their good. Just a few more pieces and they could be up there with the Thunder.

    A right mix for a team, and one that could build towards the future while not being tied up with messy contracts of players on their downside.

    NYK is sort of a longshot if winning is his priority, not unless he and CP3 got a plan already. For now I hope he gets traded to either the Clips or to Houston.

    CP3 go to the Lakers. He’ll be the future face of the franchise and he won’t need to worry about management building him a contender. Imagine all his options on that team.

  11. illone says:

    I dont understand what people are talking about. How is this “Melo only being after money.” The $65 million extension is/was guranteed to be there for Melo IF he choose to stay in Denver!

    If it were only about the money, he could have signed the contract on July 8th/9th; become $65 million richer; and be done with it.

    He didn’t do that. He has decided he doesn’t like Denver for whatever reason, and wants to go to a new city. He has communicated this much to his team; and apparently gave them a number of teams/cities he wants to go to. In fact, in this process he has given Denver some power. It has given them the opportunity to get something of value for his departure instead of just opting out next year and Denver getting nothing.

    By providing a list of cities that we wants to go to, signing a 3 year contract, Denver gains a bargaining chip in the process.

    As for reasons why he wants out of Denver. This has nothing to do with money as I’ve shown above. This has more to do with your boy Melo being accomadating to (*whipped by*) his new wife Lala. She wants to be in the entertainment business (she is an ex MTV VJ/host) and thus wants to be in a big city; NY or LA.

  12. MAGIC 1386 says:

    melo should go to orlando. him and dwight equals championships for years to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. tommytlm says:

    Some of you guys are making strange comments. Who are you to say that they dont have heart because they want out of their current situation? If you dont like your company what do you do? Change your situation!! Kareem left the bucks and they won a ring, Moses Malone left his team to win a ring with the 76’s and he was the current MVP. Its funny how Sir Charles called Lebron a Punk, but he wanted out of Philly because they coudnt compete, and they left Phoenix for the Rockets to team up with Hakeen and Clyde Drexler. Lebron did everything right in cleveland, never got in trouble off the court, never spoke bad about management of the coaching staff in the media, never demanded a trade. Its funny how people talk bad about the players, but the owners are the real crooks to me. Some players are lucky like Magic, Bird, Jordan.etc… to have management draft hall of fame players and to play in a desirable city for free agents. Who wants to live in cleveland , denver, toronto and your a young rich athlete. I wouldnt and thats just being real.

  14. ryan says:

    I hope the CBA and other meetings seriously adresses and looks at how “superteams” are constructed and how it’s damaging the game. I also hope try to impliment something to try to stop guys like Word Wide Wes from influencing players and GMs.

  15. MeloRose says:

    Chauncey Billups, Kenyon Martin, Chris Andersen, Al Harrington and Nene are all either old or injury prone Afflalo is 1 dimensional and JR is too streaky Lawson doesnt plat much behind Billups so the only way they even make it back to the WCF is if they have an healthy and consistent season. If he goes to the Clippers they can have a very young core he’d probally be dealt with JR to LAC for Kaman, Aminu and 2 1st rounders but imagine, Carmelo, Blake, JR, EG, Deandre, Bledsoe they would need a perimeter defender and an offensive big inside maybe grab Horford in 2011 FA trade away Baron Davis for a solid young back up and the Clippers and Thunder would be up there with the Lakers as long as they stay healthy I think Carmelo can turn the Clippers into a relevant team and win at least a WCF for them

  16. Em says:

    Melo should go to heat! Build a dynasty in the east together with LeBron, D-Wade, and Bosh! It would be a Looooong Championship reign ahead of them. ^^

  17. Friend of Barok says:

    melo wants a fresh start…

    he spent his previous good years as the main man of denver nuggets but without a ring…

    now that he is married, he will go back to his roots and return as a new york knicks…and no money can buy him to stay in denver…

    ( every one has a price but not every one is for sale…got that lebron james aka lebron shames aka lefraud james? )

    go melo, go!!!

  18. markaw30 says:

    Melo needs to go to Denver! Im not Mavericks fan, but Denver seems the perfect place for this inevitable trade. Denver is the team that has all the pieces that dont fit together. They actually have enough “spare parts” that would help the nuggets begin rebuilding, after shipping Melo. Then the Mavs with Kidd, Dirk, Melo, and Haywood would be a force in the west again.

  19. Colin says:

    Raptors should jump on this. Trade C Bargnani, PG, Calderon and SG Weems for SF Anthony, PG Lawson. Toronto would get their much needed main playmaker/scorer in Melo and a young point guard for the future in Ty Lawson. Denver would get the young flourishing Bargnani who averaged 17ppg last season to ease the loss of Melo’s production and a very good backup point guard to Billups in Calderon. Denver would also get Weems back, fixing their mistake of trading him last season where he broke out in Toronto with his athletism and defence. I say it’s a win-win for both sides.

  20. arcywafu says:

    I want to see melo in BIG APPLE. together with CP3 and STAT. there should be another big 3 to face miami.

    • rocketfan_believeit or not says:

      Would be a good team indeed, the only difference is that NY bench would be terrible compared to Miami’s bench.

  21. Em says:

    Melo should go also to the heat and join his buddies!

  22. Dvoice says:

    Melo, do not sign a long term contract with anyone. Kobe’s minutes will eventually reduced as he gets older and you might want to be the next Hollywood star.

  23. Devon says:

    Melo can do what he wants. Only a handful of players have that control ( kobe, melo , dirk, lebrick, KD , brandon roy, dwight) Every other player in the league is expendable. Teams could lose something and get a replacement easily. There are no replacements for the kobes and melos of the nba. so the owners have to give them what they want. BUT ANY SUPERSTAR WOULD KILL TO HAVE MELOS SUPPORTING CAST. If lebron was on denver they would win a championship.

  24. CW says:

    Let’s get one thing straight about LBJ. When he moved teams LBJ was completely within the rules that the NBA and the players association set a number of years ago. LBJ is coming up to his prime. I can easily see him becoming a Karl Malone or a Charles Barkley with him giving his all to a franchise which has tied themselves down with big contracts (Antwan Jamison) and players who do not perform during playoff time (Mo Williams etc).
    LBJ made the right move in his eyes but unfortunately has a bunch of high school mates advising him on how to handle crucial situations in his career. We all know how that went.
    Melo is a different story. Melo and his manager/ agent are throwing a tantrum and are backing Denver into a corner for a “TRADE” not a free agency move like Lebron. Lebron did not put Cleveland in that situation. He did the noble thing of seeing out his contract & then he can go where ever he wants to go because he is a free agent.
    I think Melo’s move should be more frowned upon than Lebron’s. LBJ did it within the rules …… is Melo by dealing in ultimatums and giving his current team a short list of potential suitors?
    Anyway ……. Melo to the Clippers would be interesting. I think Blake Griffin will be a star!

  25. Michael Gallegos says:

    With the new CBA (collective bargaining agreement) around the corner, only possible thing is Melo might be trying to cash in before the days of these rediculous contracts are over as thats what appears is going to happen under this new CBA. It is apparently clear he is not so concerned about a title right now, otherwise he would of signed the extention and again, he just got married, maybe his wife wants to be in a bigger city, ie NY or LA, with LA being the least possibility unless its the Clippers and they are in the rebuilding stage as well

  26. thomas says:

    if melo doesnt care about the money and just about championships he will be glad to take a paycut to any of the big teams, just how much of a paycut and will it be worth it down the road? i just want melo to be a larry bird of the nuggets or karl malone. i would love to see his number hang from the pepsi center next to alex english

  27. 34-4evr says:

    The one hangtime contributor NOT disregarding Woj? Well maybe the one not disregarding his reports entirely. I wonder, if anyone mentions Houston favorably that isnt Fran Blinbury is there a fine involved? Even as a Rockets fan I am willin to admit that Carmelo’s reported interest in our team is in all likelihood a smokescreen of sorts (though the only way it makes sense to me is if it was leaked by Denver’s front office in order to ensure they recieve a sensible deal as Carmelo’s money isnt changing wherever he goes, though Anthony has not come forwar and refuted the claim) No one mentions that the Rockets were in the playoff picture as late as Feburary, in the west, while employing the smallest lineup in NBA HISTORY. That came a season after we were the only team to take the eventual champs to 7 games without the services of roughly 45mill in talent (Yao, Mcgrady) for most of the series.

    How ready is Houston to win? Very. So much so in fact that our front office does not care being labeled delusional, our entire organization has had one stated goal, which they’ve proven they can acheieve, and that is to win it all. Why would any player want to move to a team where the supporting cast has had to learn to carry themselves through a season, its superstar is finally returning from injury (granted no one knows to what level of effectiveness), and which has some of the most well-informed, passionate fans in professional sport (dont belive me? check Jermain Taylors first interview as a Rocket, the day after being drafted late in the second round he is mobbed in the airport in houston by fans who already knew exactly who he was, a fringe contributor at best was given the royal welcome.

    I understand the weather and over-all relevance of Houston in American culture is a MAJOR detterent though i would like to throw this one last thing out there. We may live in an era where information may be sent vast disnatnces in the blink of an eye, thereby obscuring much of what we may call a franshise market size. Such is not the case in Chine, as of yet, the largest market in the world is suffering under the yolk of communism (declining communism granted) which goes hand-in-hand with filtered/restricted information and a comlete absence of a free press. While a truly horrible situation to be in, and while my heart certainly goes out to them with prayers of a happier life for all, etc….may as well take full advantage of a sitiuation which allots our players vast marketing potential (see- Chuck Hayes’ shoe deal/ buddinger jeersey sales) You realy think Mcgrady almost crashed the All-star game this year with votes from American fans??? Almost every one of our players has seen their basketball salary become supplemental to advertising revenue withtin months of joining our roster.

    Mcgrady still has one of the highest selling jerseys in the world, imagine what Melo’s bank account would go through were he to gain the same level of adoration. His film endevor is clearly an attempt at tapping into that market, his olympic journey must have clued him in on the vast potential there, and i assume he has realized that the surest way into over a billion customers hearts overnight would be to team up with Yao. Not only are we the one team left who needs one more piece to contend for a ring, so its not as if he’d be joined an already recognized roster and would recieve all the ego-boosting credit for its success anyone could want and to top it all of, if he wanted to make his 65mill contract a minor addition to his bank account, there is only one place to go…..and yet so many “unbiased and professional” media outets seem to refuse to mention houston as an option for anything. Whats the deal? were you all Knicks fans in the mid 90s or what??

    • Zzanzabar says:


      Er, not to be too critical but a paragraph here and there would help. I THINK you made some interesting points, but I’m not sure. It was a difficult read to slog through.

      Houston would be a good place to land but what do they have to give Denver? In a trade situation for such a valuable commodity as Melo (this is a business) what trade could Houston make to improve the Nuggets?

  28. nick8589 says:

    there’s no place like denver for melo. he can’t win championship with other cities.

  29. P-Mac says:

    knicka aren’t favoured right now, cos Denver won’t trade him there.. nothing to get in return…

    and for all you haters who think he should stay put, he has to go to work everyday.. like me, like you [if you aint on welfare] and not all jobs are created equal.. you telling me one office job is identical to the rest? or BK & diary queen are the same? get over it, the power is with the players these days, but we’re the media hungry fans who made it that way!

    Big Ups ‘Melo.. you do you!


  30. Tom says:

    seems that after the new BIG3 was form,the young superstars started to join in one team,be the legend together.Not build a legend like MJ.NBA is changing now.No more superstar now,only superteam.

  31. Beansbig says:

    All of you that are talking about Melo leaving for the money, he will make more in denver. He is going to take a pay cut just like Lebron did by leaving his team for another. The power is shifting back east and superstars need to team up to compete unless they want to be a mediocre team who lay in the shadows of the Heat, Lakers, and Celtics. Melo is handling himself responsibly and admirably unlike Lebron, at least we know where he stands and he does not wait until the last minute and say he leaving and the nuggets get nothing.

  32. George says:

    Yao and the Rockets welcome you melo!

  33. bizzle says:

    Melo come to L.A Cuz. kobe will take care of you and make sure u get a ring this season.if u want more money and a ring to go with it L.A is your only option.

  34. robertm_32 says:


    • RJ says:

      So it’s selfish to work in the city of your choice? Why is it selfish for a grown man to work in the city of his choice? If you had the opportunity to further your career in another city and possibly be more successful would it be selfish for you to transfer to another city?

  35. Victor orodi says:

    You can critize melo all u want its still his decision,i highly doubt its about the money he is still thinking of the options and whats good for him and his family FIRST,i believe Melo wants to win the championship the same way players like Lebron and Wade want so please stop making stupid comments about him as if know him only he knows himself,i’m supporting him no matter what,my homie thats what we do loyal fans hope i get to play agaisnt you at the pros oneday go one on one with my role model.

  36. Henry says:

    the upcoming season of NBA will be more exciting than i expected…!!! lets get it on…!!!

  37. Zzanzabar says:

    Wow such vehemence. Carmelo Anthony is one of the top 3 young players in this league and is DEFINITELY a franchise player. Where he goes playoff appearances will follow and most teams know this. This will be very, VERY interesting. There are so many possibilities that it makes your head swim.
    Remember this is essentially a TRADE situation, not a free agent picking where he wants to go. Denver is NOT going to trade Carmelo for peanuts.

    The Clippers- who do they have to trade in return? Would they even consider trading Blake and another for Anthony? Because that is about all they really have.

    New York- Everyone is talking this but NY has NOTHING to give to make up for Melo, and if they did then it would be a sad sad team that would be left.

    The only teams that REALLY have a shot are those with BIG pockets and a wealth of both young and old talent. Chicago, L.A., New Orleans etc.

    This has the smell of a multi-team, blockbuster trade situation with Melo ending up with CP3 (the Hornets are DESPERATE to show CP3 that they mean to upgrade the team and keep him), or if Kupchak can pull another magic bunny out of his hat, Carmelo could end up a Laker (they do have a wealth of talent and money to trade including TWO promising rookies at low salaries).

    Personally Carmelo would be smart to stay in Denver this final year and give them one last chance to get a major deal done. It is funny that the best team with valuable players to trade is the Nuggets. They could keep Carmelo and trade the house for CP3 and make everyone in Denver happy. Cannot wait to see this one unfold.

  38. BABS says:

    Melo to Phoenix lol, i know whishful thinking

  39. BABS says:

    Melo to Phoenix lol, i know whishful thinking

  40. Gus says:

    By the way…go to NY where you can be the “home boy”…
    guess you learned the hard way that people value more true leaders than just “scorers”…the past 2 seasons the media was all about how Billups brought leadership and commitment to the team and built a real contender, which placed you as a secondary star in denver.

  41. Gus says:

    Please Please if melo goes out and take JR and KMartin with him…please leave TODAY – the exit door is courtesy of the house!!! I’m a die hard Nuggets fan and I’m tired of people like Nene, KMart, and JR making tons of money and not playing up to expectations.
    1. I said it before and will say it again – As much as i like to see Melo play, he is NOT the Nuggets franchise player – Billups is!!!
    2. Great players can still be loved at his old team – Billups/Detroit, AI/76ers, KG/Timberwolves, JKidd/Nets just to name a few – if Melo is to leave he will be just like another LeBron
    3. Its hard to say this, but: I’m jealous of Mavs Fans. At least even if they do not have very big expectations on winning a title in the next 2 or 3 years, their FRANCHISE player, Dirk Nowitisck, just renewed his contract even if that meant an NBA career ringless.
    4. Melo is not acting like a good profesisonal – put your cards on the table and tell what you want. if you are as good/valuable as Kobe bryant for instance your organization will recognize it and they will deliver what you are requesting; however if you are not that important to your team they will not be so helpful (I’m afraid melo has figured out that he is good, but not to the point to demand things like Kobe)
    5. As a Nuggets fan: we need commitment on that team, and I doubt Melo will compete hard on the floor (next season) if he knows that he will spend his future somewhere else…he got all money denver could possibly pay him, so either you accept or tell why you are not signing the deal…trying to avoid/dealy is not helping his image at all.

    • No says:

      Kobe cried for a trade a few years ago and they didn’t grant him one either so they obviously didn’t give him exactly what he wanted. They have the appeal of Los Angeles and it is easier to get players than Denver.

    • RJ says:


      1. Chauncy Billups is not the franchise player in Denver….are you serious?

      2. Melo and LeBron are the best players to ever play for Denver and Clevland….how could a city hate a guy that was by far the best player they ever saw and produced at the level that these guys produced! If you are a Nuggets fan and you hate Melo because he no longer wants to work in Denver then consider if you and your family had the desire to relocate for YOUR personal reasons, who would judge you for that?

      3. Dirk is from Germany and history tells us that a european player has NEVER LED a team to a title…..EVER and so while you can’t question Dirk’s talent and ability, you can question his desire to win titles just based on his track record. winning a championship is not important enough to him to chase, and that’s why Dallas re signed him. Guys from the inner cities of the USA grow up wanting to win NBA Championships and so why be surprised when they bolt to join other guys with the same goal?

      4. The crazy thing is that Melo did exactly whatyou said…..”put your cards on the table and tell what you want”…..He WANTS OUT OF DENVER…..why is it un professional to want to work in another city? Kobe wanted to remain a Laker, Melo does not want to remain a Nugget….and how dare you compare the Nuggets front office or franchise for that matter to LA…..LA has the best front office in the history of basketball… Kobe in a trade for Vlade Divac and Gasol in a trade for Kwame Brown… Ron Artest for Ariza and drafted Bynum…..have signed free agents like Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabar and Shaq….That is 3 of the top 5 best Centers in HISTORY…..?????

      5. What is he avoiding? He does not want to be in Denver and it’s obvious and I know that hurst to accept if you are a Denver fan, but that is the reality

  42. sherwin says:

    I have a good opinion to you melo, and it is a good fit for you to get a championship ring…….. CHICAGO!

  43. LANDIM8 says:

    I dont understand why r people talkin about Melo Leavin for more money… 65M$ for 3Years isnt the best he can get??
    Lebrom Wanted batman and Flash .. Now melo Want some super friends to so they can all have a nasty but fair fight on pools full os dollar bills… thats called Polo… The nba should allow just 4 or 5 teams to play next season.. with these super teams that they all wanna make i dont know wat the point of assist to a Pacers vs Sixers for instance

  44. nottellin says:
    i wud hav added a couple of draft picks from orl to denver/new orleans but u cant do that on it

  45. Justin says:

    I’m a huge Melo fan and do believe that Denver team will eventually have a shot at a title. But then again I am Knicks fan, and would rather see him come to NY during this rebuilding process and eventually win a title with the Knicks.

  46. Exl says:

    Jr smith and k-mart should stay in denver.. if they would be traded.. what would the denver nuggets would be?… well,,if the trede happens..they need to develop the nugget’s big man..nene,chris andersen, and shelden willams… I just hope that the trade of smith and martin will not happen..

  47. odo says:

    so pathetic of those guys who dont understand why lebron left the cavs, everything in nba is business, so if lebron wants to be out with cavs its ok, coz it is his ryt. why do players who are not great in his game anymore and was traded to some other teams do you hear a boz no coz it is the right of the owner to trade that person if he cud not produce anymore in his team. so let us respect lebron decision. okey

  48. Perro says:

    Wow,yet another rumor about a starplayer.
    I for one am sick of all the hype theese so called players gets,they´re NOT franchise players in my mind if they dicide to bail out for a team that has had worse record than the current one,and the player probably wont be able to get the salary that his team can offer him either so why leave?.
    Unless it´s a trainer problem that the player has some issues with or the chemistry in the team is bad,or the team has to trade him for economical reasons.
    Then again the Denver gm has´nt really been overactive in surrounding “Melo”with talent so that could also be a good reason.
    But seriously?Nets?,,Clippers? common 1 thing is for sure though and that is he will never go to Heat since he and Lbj have some issues dating back to the draftdays.
    But if he wanna go to a team that has a shott with his pressence then go to a solid young team or just for the heck of it go to the Cav´s,imagine if he went there and they slap the Heat,,omg the irony.
    Anyway There are´nt many teams that can afford him,possibly Knicks since i think they might have something going there.

    • emman says:

      melo mst go to pheonix with nash and turkoglu

    • RJ says:

      Understand that these players are people just like us. If you wanted to move to another city, you could move without anyone judging you. The bottom line is that Melo and his wife don’t want to live in Denver. Think about it, when a player gets drafted they have no control over where they go. At what point does a grown man get to choose what city he lives in? The city of Denver does not own Carmelo Anthony nor do the Denver Nuggets. The players not only generate the money, but they sacrifice their bodies for 82+ games a season, they should have the freedom to play in whatever city they choose whithout being judged or ridiculed. The reason why David Stern lets this go on is because they play for the NBA, he could care less what city they are in, if they were boting for Euroleague then there would be a major concern, but they are gonna be on TV every night regardless of the city. let’s not judge these guys for excercising their freedom to work in whatever city they choose.

  49. Greg says:

    Losing Melo and JR, worst thing ever 😦

    They better have to come up with a strong duo to replace them. I’ve read it could be Igi (would be awesome) even though dunno what Melo will find more in Philadelphia than in here :/
    Durant would be awesome 😀

  50. Limubai Hideki says:

    You have a typo error – I think you meant “Contract” not contact.

    “At least until he signs that contact or says definitively that he wants out of Denver.”

  51. ronald says:

    If Melo is depart Dever let him join Derrick Rose, Boozer… etc…. it would be a fresh season with a great team.

  52. rhob rafer says:

    melo will go to the new york knics, together with CP3 ang amare.

  53. Beachy says:

    melo please either stay in denver or go to New York, If the knicks got paul and melo, along with amare that is better than the South Beach 3 parrty

  54. Dan says:

    He wants to play for New York with his buddy Amare. Disregard for the moment the fact that the Knicks have nothing to trade for him, because it’s been clear that’s his feeling ever since that infamous CP3 speech. Whether the dream can logistically become a reality is another matter, but ‘Melo wants Superfriends: The Sequel.

  55. Raymond says:

    It would be nice to see Melo leave his situation and Join CP3 and Amare down in NY. That would be fantastic and they would mesh together.

    “A Man shall not live on bread and water alone but on every word that Procedeeth out of the Mouth of God” Deuteronomy 8:3

  56. marknesium says:

    melo with the clippers – man, that would be a great team!
    starting 5: baron davis, eric gordon, carmelo anthony, blake griffin, chris kaman – wow that would be exciting!

    • Melofan says:

      You are under the assumption that all 5 of those players would stay, now if they were trading Melo, I am positive that at least 2 of those players would be coming to Denver, I would hope that our new GM isn’t dumb enough to trade for nothing – oh wait, thinking back to Camby.

  57. ram P says:

    Wasting time on Melo. Please do other reports.

  58. demented says:

    wow… whats happening to the league??? this is still a lebron james effect…

  59. sting says:

    yup, this truly is a new age in the NBA. Players now control the game, not the team owners. Over the years we’ve given them so much power and have made them so influential that today their salaries are worth close to nothing compared to what they make in endorsements. Now they are able to turn their backs on maximum contracts and join whatever teams they desire because they make a ton of cash in endorsements alone. They no longer look at playing for teams as employment but as their own personal business ventures. They look at it as which team is gonna sell their brands (names) better by making it easier for them to win a championship. And it all started when we put Lebron high up on that pedestal even before he played a single game in the NBA.

    • sssrt4 says:

      We did not put lebron on a pedestal…the media did…as they do with everything they see making them money…so we as fans have no say anymore…not that we ever did but at least we weren’t played like fools before…nowadays its all about making profit and the media controls everythng…and most of the fans with “herd-like” mentality will follow the media’s decisions and agree with them if it is repeated on tv often enough…here’s a perfect example…the infamous kobe vs lebron for #1 spot argument the year before last and last year…clearly lebron is not the best player in the world but since he’s already so high on that pedestal that they put him on, the media can now ride that cash cow for years and put him up against kobe just to make more money off of fans and other venues…if you ever go to espn or nba polls online you can see that most of them reflect exactly what i just stated above…all the polls have a ~70% agreement rate with the media…so 70% of fans base their decisions on just what they hear on tv without actually making their own’s easier to do so nowadays as everything is being spoon fed in this country so why not sports???

  60. doctor 'k' says:

    if melo move he should go to NY not nj or LA (iam from miami) not a knicks fan

  61. Cameron says:

    Clippers? Nets? Why no mention of Houston or New York (as much as it pains me to say it). Both of those teams are better positioned then the two mentioned.

    • good game says:

      Who will NY trade for Melo, Amare? Melo isnt free agent, so just money cant get him, trade must be done.

  62. VYtauc says:

    i would lowe to see carmelo wearing knicks t-shirt!!!!

  63. joachim says:

    Melo,Melo you’re just like the other 3 spoild rich kids,go and i hope you win nothing.
    just like lebron a king without a ring.
    where’s the hart for you’re team.
    a basketball fan

    • QuestionMark says:

      again people blaming the players, THINK!, its the GM and the team that arent giving the players a good supporting cast, yes Billups is good, yes JR Smith is good, yes Mo Williams is good, yes Jamison is good, but Mo Williams and Jamison cant show up in the playoffs, and the Cavs never got any other good players, and for Denver, Billups and Smith are good but those are the 2 besides Melo who are, and those 3 cant win a championship. and for what Dan Gilbert said.. Im happy Lebron left, and his heart for the team left after Gilbert said those things, I doubt Nuggets GM will do that, but Melo is still going

  64. Manu says:

    I cannot believe these NBA Superstars.
    Some of them, like Melo and Stoudemire before him, are/were on a team that reached their conference finals, that are able to give them decent (that’s an understatement compared to my pay) contract extensions, and it’s still not enough. I can’t help but recallin’ that old ABBA song: “Money, money, money, must be funny…”
    What is the difference when you’re already payed heavily, between 56 million dollars on a contender and 70 million dollars on a losing team, you’re not gonna have to eat less, now, do you? Where’s the pride, man?

    • RJ says:

      To much control? The players make the league! These owners and GM’s don’t do the heavy lifting, they dont have to play 82 games and sacrifice their bodies. The players should have control because the generate the money. Kids don’t grow up wanting to own teams or have a front office position, they want to be LeBron James and Carmello Anthony and Kobe and DWade. Why shouldn’t the players have control over their own destiny? Why can’t a grown man choose what city he wants to work in? The city of Cleveland did not own LBJ, nor did the Cavs. Carmello does not want to live in Denver, CO. Why is that such a bad thing? It’s not fair to tell a grown man that signs a 3 year contract that he has to commit to staying in that place his entire career. If I want to live in New York and there is a position within my company in New York, I am well within my rights to persue that opportunity. The players play for the NBA and as long as they are in the NBA David Stern could care less where they are playing. I could see if they were leaving the league to play Euroleague basketball but they are still on TV every night regardless of what team they are on. Don’t hate these guys for exercising the same freedom that each of us enjoy everyday. None of us are locked into a specific city, nor should the players in the NBA!

  65. logicjohnson says:

    Another nail in the NBA as we know it.

    Who’d have thought it would be a bunch of high school cronies with some influence.

  66. Edgar says:

    Why is NY not a possible destination?

    • good game says:

      I guess because Melo isnt free agent, so teams must do trade to get him, and NY curently dosent really have anything valuable to offer for Melo. If he stays 1 more year in Denver he would become free agent next year and then NY could easily become his next home.

  67. LakersWillWin says:

    Damn lets hope Denver’s owner has some tricks up his sleeves…. Would be a shame to see all those players go but hey all in the name of the game righ boys?

  68. joshua of philippines says:

    that’s the way lebron create in the NBA. seems that all is hahaha
    what you think lebron/

  69. Frenchconnection says:

    Looks like Melo is more interested in earning loads of money instead of winning championships.I can’t remember why he was the guy I liked the most in the NBA.Please go to NY and wait for CP3 to have a chance to compete with Miami and LA

  70. tom says:

    Melo if you chose to leave Denver please dont pick “The Decision” like wat LBJ did Because Everyone know that was a bad idea to shuve it in the Cav fan and he reputation and fan slowly stop fallowing him.
    K back to the topic Melo if you leave Magic, Rocket, even Knick( If CP3 going too) they all good team.

  71. boom says:

    wha? clippers or nets?

  72. Francesco Longo says:

    If you’re not going to compete for a title, I suppose you might as well get that pay day. It IS a business, after all, and we’re talking amounts of money that won’t change Melo’s life, but he can use that money to change other people’s lives.

    Most basketballers come from poor families, this is one of the few ways that the lower classes get large capital infusions. I’d rather complain about other businesses practices, quite frankly, more than Melo making a career decision that, if we applied it to our own life, we would probably make ourselves.

    Just a thought.

  73. matt says:

    I’d like to see him in Indiana, however i’m realistic enough as a Pacers fan to know that he wont come here. But with the Clippers he could get them playoff bound with out a doubt, maybe even a top 4 seed if Griffin stays healthy and Baron Davis is ‘back’ and concentrating on playing well. I’d love to see this happen and give the Lakers a tough time

  74. rhett says:

    Melo to Dallas!

  75. Kenneth says:

    whats up with all the superstars like lebron bosh now melo nobody want to stay put and try to win a ring the hard way??? Im starting to like people like Kevin Durant and Brandon Roy more, they are the real future of the NBA

    • tev says:

      Brandon Roy is the man. But he is never going to win a champoinship if he stays in Portland seriously. Other teams are jus getting way too stacked. And the reason why Kevin Durant hasnt left Okc is because he loves the city and the team. The team is a perfect fit for him. If they get a legitimate big man then they will b a scary team in the future. Brandon Roy should actually go join Durant in Okc. now that would be a scary team for years to come.

      • L.Ckz says:

        Roy will never leave Portland. Portland has a legitimate chance of beating both L.A and OKC. Matter of fact, Portland is much better than OKC! If Durant is as good as analyzers say, why did they place 8th seed? Roy, Pryzbilla, Oden, and Batum were all injured for Portland this year and they placed 6th. In my opinion, Blazers are now the best team to beat L.A. It was Denver, but now that ‘Melo is leaving, well you know.

    • QuestionMark says:

      They havent been through a free agency yet.. wait till they do then we will see, I dont think Durant will leave OKC he fits perfectly there and may have a chance at a championship with a few more pieces, they have a decent PG which most teams need, they have an amazing SF and they just a need a good PF or C and good shooters surrounding them. Brandon Roy on the other hand, I think he can win a championship in Portland but the GM has to do a few trades and get good players, if Greg Oden is healthy and can show his true potential and become a beast in the paint on both ends of the court then all Portland needs to do is get a few good shooters and bench players, Andre Miller is already a good PG, Roy is the star, Oden needs to play well, now Portland needs shooters like the Orlando Magic have, I think if Portland can get Jamal Crawford then they will have their 6th man, if not starting SG.

  76. melo says:


  77. Colt says:

    Dear ‘Melo,
    You are one of my favorite players ever, i’m a Clippers fan, but i dont miss a Nuggets game either haha. If u really feel u gotta leave Denver plz come to LAC, and bring JR Smith, Birdman, and Billups, and Ty Lawson w/ ya. I’d really appreciate it. You’d fit in perfect w/ Eric Gordon and Baron Davis and Blake Griffin. Give it some thought, and i’ll still be a Melo fan even if u leave denver for somewhere else. Just dont do something stupid haha.

  78. SEan says:

    carmelo dont leave !!!!!

  79. Mommy Rosal says:

    Wow! it should me ‘Melo to the Lakers instead of the Clippers pls…. =)

  80. lance nicolai says:

    whatever happened to superstars staying with their team and winning championships? Now stars have to be so money hungry they have have to have an outrageous contract and also win. Many too many players today are so spoiled. they always seem to want to take an exit than stay and win. These players are cowards, especially lebron. im really sad that our NBA players today think this is an acceptable behavior.

    • R4 says:

      Our you sad that this behaviour is accepted or that David Stern allows such foolishness to exist. The NBA is taking a downward turn for the worst. Players are in too much controll for my liking. I just wish that the new CBA resolve these problems and many more. I’m tried of seeing the same team in the finals and tried of watching the same teams on prime time. Be like the NFL or Soccer, play everytime games on prime time that’s how you save teams from moving to other cities, good example Seattle, Charlotte, and Vancouver…

      • RJ says:

        To much control? The players make the league! These owners and GM’s don’t do the heavy lifting, they dont have to play 82 games and sacrifice their bodies. The players should have control because the generate the money. Kids don’t grow up wanting to own teams or have a front office position, they want to be LeBron James and Carmello Anthony and Kobe and DWade. Why shouldn’t the players have control over their own destiny? Why can’t a grown man choose what city he wants to work in? The city of Cleveland did not own LBJ, nor did the Cavs. Carmello does not want to live in Denver, CO. Why is that such a bad thing? It’s not fair to tell a grown man that signs a 3 year contract that he has to commit to staying in that place his entire career. If I want to live in New York and there is a position within my company in New York, I am well within my rights to persue that opportunity. The players play for the NBA and as long as they are in the NBA David Stern could care less where they are playing. I could see if they were leaving the league to play Euroleague basketball but they are still on TV every night regardless of what team they are on. Don’t hate these guys for exercising the same freedom that each of us enjoy everyday. None of us are locked into a specific city, nor should the players in the NBA!

      • Mark says:

        its called free agency. players want to explore different options. if u aint like where u were wouldnt u move? change is good sometimes. it will make the leage more interesting too. everybody gone be excited to see the new teams get to work.

      • Deon says:

        Perfect sense RJ. I personally would have like Lebron to stay in Cleveland initially, but after hearing what the owner said about him I am very happy that he left, even if he left to go overseas. Just get away from people who don’t think much about you. I understand the disappointment but be professional, think about the future of the team. Which superstar would want to play for Cleveland with Gilbert at the helm? Not many I would say.
        I now understand why money is such a driving force in sports. Teams can discard a player with little backlash but if a player exercise his right to move on, it’s like treason. Very sad of the double standard.

      • Melofan says:

        Mark, It’s called free agency – when the player is a free agent….. Melo is not a free agent, he has 2 years left on his contract and can opt out NEXT year, so if he wants out now – he is backing out on a contract he signed. I can definately understand if he wants out – the Nuggets have needed a true center for years and have not provided one. I am a HUGE Melo fan and will continue to be a fan no matter where he plays, all I ask is do it with dignity and as a grown man – be up front with not only the owners but the fans. Yes, the fans are what allow him to earn that amount of money – I don’t hate that he makes millions – more power to him, but honestly if he doesn’t have the fan base, people don’t go to the games and don’t buy his product. So, in that sense he owes that little amount and it’s not too much to ask – I’m not saying he HAS to stay, just be up front. Do what is best for you and your family. I wish you would stay, but you gotta be happy. Let’s just cross our fingers the trade doesn’t hurt the Nuggets too bad.

      • Pain says:

        I like how everyone talks about parity and that they want to see different teams in the championships and playoffs. They want it to be like it was back in the day yea back in the day when it was only Boston and L.A. hogging all the titles. Wow quit whining basketball isn’t the NFL or the MLB you’re not going to have the parity in this sport that you have in the others. The MLB is more similar to the NBA than it is the NFL anyways if it wasn’t for the wildcard being invented baseball would be in the same boat as basketball. There all different games people quit crying.

      • think says:

        RJ, I do like youre point. As MJ have said, it is the players that win championships, because at the end of the day, its the players that play.

        However, considering the marketablity of the players in the NBA, the exploitations can now come from someone else aside from the team owners. Millions do come to these players, and millions they can splurge in a blink of an eye. We’ve heard a lot of news this year alone how multi-millionaire ex-NBA players dig themselves into deep sh*ts. Team owners wouldnt care during these times, and so are these players’ handlers. Though it seem right now that the players control their destiny, but in reality, they still aren’t. WWWes and other advisers are the ones profiting off these talents. They know money and they know how to play money. If people are still thinking that what LBJ did is about player vs. owner… I hope they’d have a clear perpective that its player vs. player’s manager… its money versus money… not supposed to be played in a basketball court.

        For sure, Lebron moving to Miami is about winning and money at the same time… but could you honestly tell its really Lebron who thought about it? Same thing now goes with Melo.

      • Pain says:

        Melofan at least he’s asking for a trade now while you can still get compensated for him what you want him to play this year and opt out at the end of the year leaving you with nothing. Come on dude think about it and Melo put those fans in there seats not vice versa. I know you want Melo to stay in Denver I do to I actually like that Denver team but man you have to want to get something for him and not see him walk. Lebron almost walked out of Cleveland without them getting anything in return not that its going to help them and Shaq when he left Orlando even Amare come on dude think about it.

      • Melofan says:

        Pain, I understand that and was not wanting him to wait another year if he truly wants out – just pointing out that he is still under contract, and I also understand the he will not get as good a deal if he waits another year – with the new CBA that may be put in place, so FOR BOTH it would benefit him to be traded now instead of waiting, I was saying to Mark that he is not a free agent, so he can’t us the “its called free agency” arguement. I have known he wants to play in NY for a long time from the stories out here and what has been said, so if he is going to leave – and it seems he is, we may as well benefit from it also. And as for Melo putting us in the seats – yes that is true, but that is also how HE gets paid – its not just a one way road here – they benefit from it also, its not just the owners making out with lots of money – so are the players. And I was not bashing him for making a lot of money – I was just saying for him not to do the Lebron thing and be up front – not too much to ask for.

    • Tom says:

      The Cavs didn’t make any serious changes until Lebron “might” leave, until the very last second, to fire Mike Brown who is a horrible coach and has been for a very long time. Lebron made him. But also to fire almost the entire front office. They surrounded Lebron with garbage players that were honestly cocky about how good they thought they were. Lebron made all of them 10 times better and I think that 10 times better for most of them is pretty accurate. Lebron stayed there for 7 years and 6 out of those seven, great teams proved just how much of the Cavs winning was because of Lebron when the Team fell apart around him. Look how amazing he did against the magic, and they still lost. Honestly what more as a team do you need to do to win?…Lebron can’t score every point or grab every rebound and he can’t assist it to himself, or guard everybody on the floor at once. Lebron is actually whats right with the sport, Lebron left to win not for money he actually took a pay cut to win. I’d do the same thing in his shoes not stick it out and try to win for, not with, an organization that really, has done nothing for him and he has done everything for it. The Cavs organization did that to themselves.

      • tev says:

        stars who stick with there team do not always benefit in the end, look at carl malone, john stockton, patrick ewing those are 3 stars who stuck with there teams and didnt get enough help from their GM”s. You can even use David Robinson because he didnt get his right till the year that he retired. Lebron and Melo jus dont want that to happen to then because im not a laker fan but i give them their credit and the lakers are not going anywhere for a couple more yrs. You can even add Dwight Howard to that list of superstars who will not get a ring beacause I do not think he is going to get a ring if he stays in Orlando. The only thing that was wrong with Lebron choice is that he shoulf have done the whole stupid media thing, other than that he made the right decision. And dont sleep on the Clippers this yr, they are going to be an ok team, adding Melo would probably boost them into the playoffs and remember they are very young aswell. So who knows what they could do a couple yrs from now.

      • Cobra says:

        I couldn’t have put it better myself!

        Bring on 10-15 Assists for LeBron at the Heat

      • good game says:

        I so agree with you!

      • No says:


        I agree that the hour long “Decision” was a little overboard and he should have told the Cavs that he wasn’t returning but he also generated A LOT of money for the Boys and Girls club so I think it is awesome he did that for them. Hard to get upset with him when it went towards a good cause.

      • tev says:

        Your right, i went to the boys & girls club my entire childhood in my neighborhood, im 18 and i still go 2 play ball for a little every once in a while just because i know its a good place to be. I should have worded that differently, he should have told the Cavs that he wasnt coming back 1st. But that still doesnt give Dan Gilbert to say the things that he saud about Lebron.

      • Larry O'Connor says:

        Great comment! Finally a voice of reason. I am an Ohio resident and a LeBron James fan for a long time. I agree 100%. Cleveland did not desrve LeBron James. they proved it by their response to him leaving. They brought in a tired Shaq and then Antawn Jamison at the end of the season. Not enough time for Jamison to gell with the team. He brought tens of millions of dollars maybe even more to the city and businesses and are they grateful? NO! they burn his jesey and put up signs saying they hate LeBron. Pathetic! Low class! You go for it LeBron and make Ohio proud!

      • HeartOfCleveland216 says:

        On the Lebron comments i seldom understand what games most people watched one of the top 4 teams 5 years straight 2nd round or better in the playoffs 5 years straight nba finals in 2007 one of the top 3 defensive teams for the last coupla years two straight 60 win seasons Lebron definently didnt all of that on his own maybe 3 game winning shots in 7 years while there were numerous game winners by his teammates i mean come on yall give Lebron too much credit there were still 11 other players on the team….

    • rocketfan_believeit or not says:

      Man just let me remind you that many years ago Wilt Chamberlain decided to leave his team and join the Lakers, Drexler left the Blazers to join the Rockets and win something, Rodman left for so many reasons and landed in the Bulls to win a championship after winning with Pistons fey years before, Payton joined the Lakers along with the mail man malone to try to win something but they did not until Payton went to Miami and won there.

      This did not start with the recent superstars, this has happened since basketball became a profesional sport, the only difference is that nowaday fans get so much involved or make their teams to become a big part of their life that they think the players own them something. Everytime the players step on the court they go to work as all of us do, Wouldn’t you leave your work for a place that you would like more? If the salary is better wouldn’t you leave? If the chances of achieving your goals are better, would you stay stuck where you are?

      This superstars are even “sacrificing” couple of millions (not 5-10 thousand like we might do) to go to a team that would offer them the chance to become legends. Think about it, many people have criticized Lebron for leaving Miami because they think he will not get the same credit for winning a ring lig he would have get if he stayed in Cleveland, well, Cleveland cast never did anything to help Lebron to get that ring, almost everyone says Lebron quit in the playoffs but have you ever think that he carried the team on his back every night averaging almost a triple double every single game, when did Hickson, Jamison, Big Z, etc. carried this team on their shoulders? Pierce and James had an epic battle in the playoffs, but who stopped Garnett, or Allen, or Rondo…. oh I know… NO ONE. Cavs were just beat up by a well fitted team who let their egos go down the drain to WIN!

      Even when I am an anti Laker fan, I truly believe that Lakers did not win only because they have Kobe there, they won because when Kobe got tired of carrying the team after 90 games and started to just scr… it up on game 7, it was Fisher, Artest and Gasol who lifted the team and made them become back to back champions.

      Quit messing around with “FREE AGENTS” (that is what they are, aren’t they?) decisions and start criticizing Why Melo hasn’t been the type of leader Wade, Lebron in Clev, Garnett in Boston, Kobe in LA, Duncan in SA have been. There is no doubt he has lots of talent, but it is unbelievable that the man carrying Nuggets is Billups, not Melo.

  81. James Kevin says:

    melo suckssss

  82. Brian says:

    I really would like to know what is Melo’s motivation. Lebron’s motivation is championships and thats what most players strive for but with Melo, he is closer to a championship in Denver than any probable place he could land. Melo needs to just put his cards on the table and just say he is looking for more money and see what happens from there.

    • Robert says:

      Melo owes nobody anything he has quietly sat by and said nothing as Denver brought in, ball hog, Allen Iverson and then he said nothing when they brought in, Mr. Big Shot, Chauncey Billups. He is one of if not the best player in the league. He has both the size and speed of Lebron while being a much better shooter. THE NUGGETS are the one to blame in this, they gave their best player an ultimatum to sign a contract or be traded, maybe they should give him a Lebron style contract and SHUT UP.

      • Martin says:

        Neither the Denver Nuggets or Carmelo Anthony are to blame for the fact that both Kenyon Martin and Nene have not been able to stay healthy (knees) and on the basketball floor.
        The Nuggets have tried to put greatness around Melo but due to unforseen injuries… nobodies fault… they’ve come up short.
        As a HUGE Carmelo Anthony fan; The one thing I would hope, is that Melo, if he does want to team up with Amar’e and CP3 in New York? Is that both of them also have history of missing whole seasons due to knee injuries and those type of injuries tend to be re-accuring in any given players body. All you have to do is look at the history of NBA players to verify this fact.

        I wish Carmelo well regardless of his decision but I believe it’s in his and his BRANDs best interest to leave Denver amicably, with loyalty and class. Not the DECISION 2011… What a BRAND killer that was for LeBron.
        The whole country is calling him a traitor… Everyone except Miami fans that is.
        Selfishness SUCKS… Don’t be selfish Melo… Do the Right Thing!