USA Ready For Worlds After Rout

USA Basketball finished its tuneups for the FIBA World Championship with today’s 87-59 socking of Greece in Athens. Unlike the close call with Spain, the Americans were never threatened in their last game before heading for Turkey.

But what exactly can Team USA take from its effort against a Greek squad playing it close to the vest and without any current NBA players? Greece, one of the favorites going into the Worlds, was determined to show little against a potential medal foe. The Greeks rested several top players, including “Baby Shaq,” Sofoklis Schortsanitis.

Still, some notables for USA Basketball:

  • The starting lineup had Derrick Rose and Chauncey Billups in the backcourt, with Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala and Lamar Odom up front.
  • Durant continues to prove that no one, here or abroad, can stop the 21-year-old stud. He shook off a slow start and scored at will.
  • The U.S. team’s halfcourt defense was impressive. Maybe that had a lot to do with Greece’s vanilla gameplan, but the United States’ last exhibition opponent struggled to get easy looks throughout the game.
  • Rose ran the team seamlessly during his efficient stint. The point guard made his first five shots, scored 13 and was named Player of the Game.
  • Eric Gordon came off the bench to score 18, showing the ability to knock down jumpers and the strength to get to the rim.
  • Danny Granger saw action after not playing in the one-point win over Spain. All 12 players ended up getting into the blowout.

The broadcast also had its interesting moments. ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla suggested, not so subtly, that the American team was better off without Celtics guard Rajon Rondo. USA Basketball announced Tuesday that Rondo was withdrawing to attend to personal business.

Fraschilla mentioned that Rondo’s stubbornness wouldn’t mesh well with team chemistry and Mike Krzyzewski. Fraschilla went on to say Rondo’s departure was “addition by subtraction” and would benefit the team’s other guards.

The Worlds begin Saturday with Team USA opening against Croatia. The tournament runs through Sept. 12.


  1. Dongz23 says:

    Your just pretty obvious to be a Bulls fan and NOT AN NBA FAN. Do not just watch your team but watch the NBA as a whole for you to appreciate great players in the league. . you SUCKS

  2. Lily says:

    Fraschilla’s comments during the broadcast of the USA Vs. Greece exhibition amount to asinine supposition. Sure, Rondo entered the NBA with a reputation of being “stubborn” and “uncoachable.” Sure, this reputation followed him throughout his rookie year, when he butted heads with Doc Rivers. But, he has obviously grown a lot since then. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have won a championship with the Celtics in 2008 and made it down to the wire against the Lakers in the Finals in 2010. Fraschilla, lazy and lacking journalistic integrity, spun an old story into something “new,” just so he’d have something to talk about, never mind the fact that he he had no evidence whatsoever to support his claims. Unless he can speak to the point, with supporting evidence, that there was some discord with Rondo during the time he was on the USA National Team, then he should keep his mouth shut! Plus, in an interview after that game, Coach K denied that any friction existed between the team and Rondo; and he referred to the Celtic PG as a “classy person” who is still under consideration for the 2012 London Olympic team.

    No one is arguing with the fact that Rondo’s play had been on the decline during the exhibition games. I just find it suspect that the media, particularly Fraschilla, would conveniently forget that Rondo suffered a death in the family earlier in the month. Maybe his poor play and withdrawal from the team had something to do with that. But, for a bottom-feeder like Fraschilla, I guess that’s not as sexy as stirring up “controversy” based on old news and his own extremely cynical and small-minded views.

  3. USA Hoops says:

    Anybody who knows anything about basketball knows that for a point guard to be great, he has to be able to shoot the ball when left open, or at the very least be a good free throw shooter. This is why Rondo got exposed in the Finals. The Lakers started playing off of him and daring him to shoot it……and he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. When he got to the FT line he couldn’t convert there either. Rondo is a very good player….because of his speed, craftiness, passing ability, and long arms/big hands, but he’ll never be a great unless he dramatically improves his shooting. When you’ve got guys like Ray Allen and Paul Pierce to space the floor, it makes it a lot easier for a guy like Rondo to penetrate and get layups from time to time. Rose on the other hand is already a very solid mid-range shooter, shoots around 80% from the FT line, and is working hard and improving from 3-point range. Not to mention he is faster and more explosive than Rondo. Let’s see how many more assists Rose averages now that he has a legit post player in Boozer. One of these days, when Rose has a complete team around him, there will be no comparison between him and Rondo. Rose will be the complete package and be unstoppable.

    • Get off Rose jock says:

      Faster than Rondo? Yea if he has a jetpack and a 10 yard headstart. Rose is quick and explosive. But when you say faster than rondo, i am sorry but you are mistaking… I agree and so would he, that he obviously needs a shot improvement. But seriously, in order to be a good pg you have to shoot? No. MAGIC did pretty well for himself… Rondo is better AT THE POINT than Rose. Rose is more dynamic and a better scorer, which isn’t the point guards first job. If you rank pgs, just like every single ranking not coming from inside the city of chicago, it would go something like this… Paul, Williams, Nash, Rondo. Those are the top tier pgs in the league. Rose is MAYBE the best in the next tier.

  4. jordan23 says:

    for those who gave bad comments its easy to see things than analysing the case..if you can ply basketball u can tell they are both great n can run a team so lets give them a break n support them instead..GO USA…

  5. Newy says:

    Carlos…Spain will be lucky if they beat the U.S. You think that Spain has a better bench than the U.S? Our 12th man is just as good as Spain’s best player…and when the U.S. only beat them by 1 in the exhibition game the only reason Spain came close is because of the refs…a couple of those traveling violations were travels but a couple weren’t, and Spain got touch fouls called for them all game. All 4 of Chandler’s fouls were not fouls and since he was in foul trouble basically him nor Love played that game. How is the U.S. supposed to adapt to the FIBA refs if they just make bad calls? U.S. is the best team, however it is single elimination so anything could happen.

  6. El says:

    Honestly, this game meant NOTHING with capital letters.. i personally really like this US team because theyre young, talented, and will enjoy playing together,. but since i happen to be from europe, ive watched the greek team play in the last 6 years, and they really are capable of winning the US in the elimination round. their only problem all these years seems to be spain and the unexplained stress and mismatch they face everytime they play with them. other than that, i wonna assure you all that serbia (unlike what u all have expressed) will NOT do well in this tournament and you can take this as a fact..simply, the only teams that could take away the gold from the US are spain and greece and no other.. brazil without nene cannot go deep, argentina is great but with a tired prigioni and scola do not give me the impression they can go past the semifinal. if there is a team that could surprise and play real well in this tourney i’d say australia and maybe turkey-with some magnanimous help from the refs.. for those who read this, keep this comment in mind cuz u will see it will prove right (no arrogance involved).

  7. Dave says:

    Hi, just 2 VERY IMPORTANT questions to think about it….

    1. USA doesn’t win a World Championship from 1994.

    2. The game against Spain last day. USA 85 – Spain 86. Only 1 point.
    First half USA won by 12 point, second half SPAIN WON BY 11 POINTS.
    It’s the only USA game that It has happened.

    And It happened cause Spain played its worst first half time in 10 years. If they had played simply normal, not necessary well, They had won by 5 or 10 points.

    Think about it….

  8. Ande says:

    The match in the prep time has only a little to say. Without their best players, Greece is a toothless tiger. Team USA can beat them anyway, but with a lot more heart, aggressivness and Def.. Greece has normally the best Def. in international competitions. Don`t be surprise, if they beat the US-Team.
    Also the close win vs. Spain means nothing. Team USA has to play a lot better, because the Spanish team will be better in the tournament. They are a, like we say in German, “Turniermannschaft”, a team, that needs the pressure of a tournament in the playoffs like they has shown in the European Championchops last year. So don`t fly too high in your expactations. It will be hard work, not easygoing to win the trophee.

  9. will li says:

    Team usa defend pick-N-roll a lot better in this game, if they keep that defence efficiency ,they will be able to neutralize navaro’s strong play and put away spain easily. cann’t wait to see their next duel.

  10. AKM says:

    how in the world would spain be able to beat usa when their best player is marc gasol. wtf!!! i bet even an NBA team like the ATlanta Hawks could beat them. Rubio is probably the only favorable matchup against the hawks.

  11. jared says:

    Listen were not getting ahead of ourselelves people but the usa just beat 3 of the top 6 ranked teams in the world in exhibition and we did it in pretty good fashion. What’s wrong about getting amped up for your country before the tournament? Yall keep sayin this and that about the us not bein good for fiba but I’m pretty sure were getting used to it because we beat every team so far

  12. Dongz23 says:

    The difference between Rose and Rondo is that Rose is a scoring point guard while Rondo is a scoring leader. Rose proves himself a good point guard by shooting more and attacking the basket all the time while Rondo is making plays for his team mates for them to score the basket easily. A point guard is not necessarily the best basketball player in a team but supposedly the best distributor. A point guard should be a playmaker for the team and not for himself. . I think Rondo is still better than Rose for this reason.

    • Miami Heat says:

      Rondo sometimes gets too fancy and therefore he averages 2 trunovers in the last 3 exhibition game for the US!

    • Dongs23 SUCKS says:

      you’re wrong.. D.Rose is better than Rondo for a number of reasons.. among them,rose carried the bulls tothe playoffs without all stars in his line up. Rondo has 3 all stars. rose is not a ball hog. He avgs more than 6 dimes a game. Rose broke jabbar’s playoff record for points scored by a rookie in a playoff game. I think the Curry is even more better than rondo

    • denzsusuki says:

      but rondo doesnt fit in team USA,, also in FIBA system,, in this tournament team need a shooter not just a playmaker,,he’s a playmaker in boston but different here in FIBA,, coz if your are not a threat in perimiter the guards of other team will leave him to take a jumpshot because they have a better chance offensive rebound because team USA has lack of size…

  13. Josh says:

    I am very impressed with eric gordon.Hes a great shooter and underated defender


    well im a say this THEY ARE BOTH GREAT point gurads DERRICK ROSE IS faster to the cup , and more explosive , but the in control slow then fast steps of RONDO also get the job done , RONDO made the finals 2twice SO IF THAT DOESNT SHOW OR EXPLAIN ANYTHING THEN YOUR JUST BULL’s fans , ROSE is an allstar in his own right , and boy can he dunk when he wants , but if you have to pick a player to run the team who better then RONDO , who plays with some of the best players to play the game everyday when he suits up for the CELTICS, so if he can control those egos and be made the floor leader then he is for sure worthy enough to RUN the USA team and those stars.

    • dan says:

      woah woah woah WHAT?!?!?! RONDO controls their egos???? no no no DOC controls their egos rondos ego was the biggest problem in the locker room not 2 long ago if u dnt remember and ya rondos been in the finals twice CUZ HE HAS THE BIG 3…rose….has noah? ya thats wat i thought i agree with what u saying with rondo being the better at running a team and controlling the ball but i jus HAD to comment with that controlling their egos part rondos ego bigger than them three kobes AND perkins put together lol brush up on rondo before u comment about him being so happy go lucky in the locker room ill bet doc will laugh in ur face


        as for controlling egos i probably shpould of put on the floor , i am aware of the early and still consistant hard headedness of RONDO , but on the court he coud easily just let them run the floor all the time and just be the peg at the top of the key they use to run the plays , but he does show tht he can make them listen on the court , so that is running the team and some egos, Not saying he doesnt have one , but he can control the others on the floor with him , he’s not a push over point guard like some others are.

  15. GEORGE says:


    • bainbridejim says:

      Hey George I know you’re a Greek homer and all but were you watching a different game? Your team had only 2 offensive rebounds in the game and the USA Team had 15. I know you were without most of your big men but to looks like your team might worry about that. BTW it is more difficult to get those type of rebound when everything is going in the basket. I think their real problem was turnovers that is becuase they are not used to each other yeat.

  16. romi says:

    @ celtics…..i’m not really a big fan of rondo but he’s one of the best point guard in NBA and hate playing against..coz he’s so good at what he does…

    SO YEAH.. EVERYBODY SHOULD STOP bothering him..just participating in the program is an honor! GO USA!

  17. wizfan says:

    The U.S has a great team, sure, but they should be wary of the whole “we already won it” attitude, for a variety of reasons.
    First of all, there are plenty of teams with bigs athletic enough to keep up with the Americans, such as France, Ivory Coast and Angola (although the last two probably won’t be a threat).
    Second of all, international basketball is much more physical than NBA ball. You can’t just get an “and 1” by having someone tap your elbow while you shoot, like in the NBA. On top of that, a lot of “smart fouls” in the NBA, such as to stop a fast break, are considered flagrant by international refs.
    But, even taking all of this into consideration, only a handful of teams could stop the U.S, such as Spain or Argentina.
    P.S: The Americans really caught a break with Nenê’s injury. The Brazilian trio of Nenê, Splitter, and Varejão would have no problem keeping up with pretty much anyone, and would beat up pretty much any front-court in the tournament.

    • No says:

      These are all young players who haven’t really experienced international play. I highly doubt they are going in with the attitude that it’s in the bag. It isn’t a group of james/wade/melo who would think like that.

  18. good game says:

    I hope Serbian and Greek players wont get suspensions for they stupid fight.

  19. name? says:

    you shouldn’t forget about greece they were missing around 3-4 or their main players in this exhibition, and I did not watch the first half but what I did like what I saw from love in the second. He was doing what he always does grabbing and snatching rebounds on both the offensive and defensive side which is something that team USA will desperately need when going up again bigger front courts such as Spain and Brazil. I would also like to say to good game that this team is far from unbeatable(unless the other teams are foolish enough to run with us).

  20. Dusan says:

    exhibition games are one thing, and world tournament is another… nobody is playing 100% because they don’t want to get hurt or something… be careful, maybe the team USA isn’t that strong as you think they are… p.s. rondo is good in NBA, but FIBA rules are different, thats why he made so many turnovers and thats why whole team made almost more turnovers than assists, last time i was reading the article after a game against spain they had 62 turnovers and 69 assists… rondo made 3.0 TO per game… he was the worst point guard there… :/

  21. baller409 says:

    D- Rose is better than Rondo in “my opinion” he’s gonna be unstoppable in the near future.

  22. Tom says:

    Word chill bhemis. Durrant has the possiblity as being known as the greatest player ever..he’s 21…21 years old, and scored 30ppg last season in the NBA and was runner up MVP. He’s 6’11, is a really good shooter, and can move around and handle the ball like some of the point guards in the NBA and is the leader of his team which took the Lakers (those guys that won the championship) to 7 games. Hh yeah did I mention HE’S ONLY 21!!! Besides Lebron’s “the best player in the world” and it’s been 7 years with wait what no ring?…stop hating on Durrant and the guy that wrote this. And to everyone out there that is hating on Rondo, Rondo’s a Beast, or did you not see the playoff’s last year? I’d say his defense, passing abililty, rebounding abililty for a point guard, his heart, and his experience in big games and with doc rivers and then 3 hall of famers more then makes up for his lack of a jump shot. Honestly I’d choose him over Russell Westbrook anyday.

  23. Buck R. says:

    Oh Bhemis, let’s not be hyper-literal; Durant is extremely hard to defend; John’s point should be taken, dude.

    I’m not going to read anything YOU write again either, unless I’m want to giggle about what your name almost rhymes with.

  24. Basketball fan says:

    I think the U.S looks great. and bhemis is such a dork, no one said the thunder, they said DURANT who couldn’t be stopped leading the league in scoring and with the 25 point streak, he is amazing and will be the best in the league in the future. I like derrick rose, and like to see the team is winning! go usa!

  25. Glen says:

    Personally I think that if team USA doesn’t win the whole thing it will be a huge surprise, i’ll be amazed to see any other team keep up with their pace apart from Spain, there 3 biggest opponents will be Spain, Brazil and Serbia. This is because most European teams have big bulky players who are slow, so USA should out-run almost every team in Turkey!

  26. Chad says:

    Rondo had a death in the family. Before that hapenned he was the starting PG. When mentioning the players on the chopping block for the last cut his name was never mentioned even during the game against Spain where he did not play. Rose is a great player….but Rondo is the man. Didnt you watch the playoffs?? Or did you stop watching when your team was out first round?? Hahaha.

    • James says:

      hahahaaaa… exactly. Rose is good, but Rondo is the man. Besides… with a team with so many superstars who can all score… would u rather have a point gaurd who can score as well.. or one who loves to pass… plays excellent defense… and is already used to playing with other allstars? Its a shame that he had to leave.

  27. hi says:

    Despite Rondo’s lack of ability to shoot a jumpshot, he’s still a great point guard. I think with court vision Rondo is a much better PG then rose. But scoring obviously goes to Derrick. Both specialize in their own categories. And Fraschilla’s comments sounded pretty attacking to me..

    • USA all the way says:

      Scoring isn’t even a fair comparison between Rondo and Rose. C’mon now. Rose is the man on his team. Rondo has future hall of famers leading the way. He is the guy they rely on to get them the ball, play solid defense, and pass in tight coverage. He dominates in the role he has, and he is NOT the stud on the team. Yet. He may never be a Derrick Rose, but Rondo is going to be a stat leader throughout what is sure to be a solid and very prestigious career. I am honored to know that as long as we keep him around, he will be a very respected captain and stat leader on the court for years to come.

  28. vasilis says:

    I was at the stadium today and saw the game Greece-USA. OK, first of all the Greek team played without their basic centers (Bourousis & Sofo-injured), not that we had a chance to win. Even Tsatsaris who is a SF-PF scored several times in the US basket. This is the point that the american team must be carefull, they don’t have a classic big man. Unfortunatelly P.Gasol will be upsent, Yao also, Sofo we don’t know, so we will not see any good “fights” among the centers in this tournament. US probably will win the gold, but their young players will have to swet alot on the court. European players have gained alot of experience from the NBA and they know how to face the US team. I believe that in this tournament we won’t see any great heart-attack games because of the lack of stars. As for D.Rose and K.Durant, they gained the respect from the greek players, but they wont let them pass so easylly next time. Finally, i expected much more from Love. He thought that the game was for fun. He played without power (tsagano re), he was so relaxed like holydays in the greek irelands…maybe in the tournament he will wake up.

  29. bhemis slayer says:

    hahah bhemis ur such an idiot. i dont see anyone stoping lebron or carmelo so why arent the cavs or the nuggets champions?

  30. celtics says:

    Yes Rajon Rondo, has his personal business to attend and he has contributed to his part. we shouldnt blame him or comment about he being the point guard. He is one of the best point guard , everything happen for a reason and we should all appreciate what the USA team has done so far, including all the cut off guys from the start of the summer practice camp. Go USA, we love you. and we believe you will win it.

  31. fidoe says:

    2 bhemis parks…. durant is the scoring champ… he does score at will… he will have a ring by the end of his career… jordan in the 80’s was unstopable and didnt have a ring till the 90’s… the writter is commenting on his individual performance and although rings is what makes legends it shouldnt take away from durants game… oh yea hes 21 cant wait to see him in his prime

  32. loose_g says:

    Mr. Parks….durant can’t b stopped….he led the league in points dis year enuff said

  33. dj rogers says:

    usa gunna kill. nuff said

  34. dj rogers says:

    ayyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, miami suck. orlando got the magic

    • WadeCounty305 says:

      when was the last time the Magic won a Championship? Oh thats right never lmfaoooo Carter is washed up. Howard is a cry baby and expects a foul call everytime he is in the post, and you really didnt improve your team this off season lol Oh yea BTW Miami has has a trophy sitting in the locker room Howard wish he could breath on lmfaoooo you even got our coach we got rid of to win a championship! lmfaooooo stick to being happy about Disney guys cuz thats the only real Magic you guys have in such a boring city lmaoooo

  35. good game says:

    This US team is beatable, probably they are the best team on this tournament but honestly I think some1 will surprise them, Spain isnt the only team that can beat US!

    • Jake says:

      But the U.S. can beat anybody.

    • Marty says:

      I agree. On their day, a strong International team with experience on their side, can defeat this young US squad.
      Take Australia for example. They have 2 current NBA players in David Andersen and lightning-quick guard Patrick Mills. Even with the absence of Andrew Bogut, there are still quality players on their roster that play in powerful leagues throughout Europe. They have a solid combination of size (four players 6’10” or bigger), quickness, strength, youth and experience. Additionally, ten of the twelve players can legitimately hit 3-point shots and more importantly have the green-light to do so.
      Australia went 9-1 in their lead up games to the World’s and are building a nice chemistry. I’m not saying that team USA
      should be looking over their shoulder for anyone, but if they lapse in a big game, even for a 4 or 5 minute stretch, a team like Australia could put them away.
      Team USA’s lack of size will hurt them. It might not be the case for 90% of the championship, but at some point, their lack of size will be a factor.
      Go the Boomers!

      • USA all the way says:

        So your only argument that a team can beat the USA is that they played well so far? Didn’t the USA play well? I suppose that argument only works when the other party is a wall…

  36. jared says:

    chill bhemis the guy scored 30 a game this year he has a point, also spain we just beat you guys and you lost calderon so we’ll see what happens

  37. CHICityTERPNCanada says:

    THis is for Boston and Rajon Rondo fans who believe he is a better point guard than Derric” the Great” Rose: “Rose ran the team seamlessly during his efficient stint. The point guard made his first five shots, scored 13 and was named Player of the Game.” The broadcast also had its interesting moments. ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla suggested, not so subtly, that the American team was better off without Celtics guard Rajon Rondo. USA Basketball announced Tuesday that Rondo was withdrawing to attend to personal business.

    Fraschilla mentioned that Rondo’s stubbornness wouldn’t mesh well with team chemistry and Mike Krzyzewski. Fraschilla went on to say Rondo’s departure was “addition by subtraction” and would benefit the team’s other guards.

    • sssrt4 says:

      Derrick Rose owns rondo…come on now its not even fair…why even try to argue that? put rose on the celtics last season and they would be champs…put rondo on bulls and they would not make playoffs…simple as that…remedial coments like that make me laugh at you boston….

    • Crazy talk says:

      Yea Curry played great… hes awesome and deserves to be there… And yes Rondo is better AT THE POINT than Rose. Rose is more dynamic and a better scorer, which isn’t the point guards job. If you rank pgs, just like every single ranking not coming from inside the city of chicago, it would go something like this… Paul, Williams, Nash, Rondo. Those are the top tier pgs in the league. Rose is MAYBE the best in the next tier.

  38. Tim L says:

    Eric Gordon blew it up! This is a fun team to watch, but I hope the lack of big`s dosen`t hurt us against Spain.

  39. clayj says:

    first hhaha

  40. Bhemis Parks says:

    It’s idiotic comments like this, “Durant continues to prove that no one, here or abroad, can stop the 21-year-old stud. He shook off a slow start and scored at will,” that take away all that is good in sports.

    If no one could stop him, the Thunder would be NBA Champions.

    How you became a writer is beyond me. Never the less, this is my first and last time reading anything you’ve ever written.

    • Dorian says:

      No one in the international tournament, not the NBA smart guy

      • Jake says:

        No one in the NBA can stop him either. Both of you’re are stupid. The reason the Thunder didn’t win the NBA Championship is because it takes a full team to do that and offense is only half of the game.

    • Team USA says:

      You’re not ever thinking, the topic is about FIBA not NBA. Please read carefully.

    • Team USA says:

      You’re not even thinking, the topic is about FIBA not NBA. Please read carefully

    • John says:

      What a close-minded comment. Basketball is a team sport, nitwit. Durant is the best scorer in the NBA, and NOBODY can stop him.

      Clearly one of those simpleton Kobe-lovers who assume he is God and everyone else is wholly inferior.

    • USA all the way says:

      So to you, in order for a player to be unstoppable they must be the only player on the court? Guess what? Teams win championships, NOT individuals. Even Kobe couldn’t win one until he had a quality supporting staff. That is why Carmello hasn’t won one, that is why Derrick Rose hasn’t won one, that is why Dwight Howard hasn’t won one. That is why LeBron and Bosh went to Miami. Wake up, get your head out of your a $ $ and think before you post.

  41. jay says:

    rondo doesnt have shooting thats why he realizes he ll be the last cut..his withdrawal is like saying to ur boss u quit before getting fired…poor rondo

  42. Carlos says:

    Spain will repeat a gold medal, unless USA team learn how to play FIBA rules or the referees let them play with NBA rules. Rubio, Navarro, Rudy, Reyes, Vázquez, Gasol, Mumbrú, Llull, Claver… There are too much for the young Americans. Spain has the better bench in the competition. Even without Pau and Calderón.
    Be careful about Serbia, too, wich is a great (but still young) team.

    • Team USA says:

      Spain are losers and definitely no match for Team USA! Wohooo!

      • luis says:

        Yes Spain are loosers thats why current Champions of the World of both Soccer and Baketball.
        Also Tennis No1 in the world Nadal, Tour of France current champion Contador, GP Moto current

        However this time Gasol not playing, Calderon injured USA basketball great favourites.

      • Morgan says:

        Spain have a lot of players on their team who are proven winners in International Competition. You can’t say the same for the current US Squad. At the moment, this US roster has something to prove – and Spain are definitely not “losers”.

      • Jay Hash says:

        It’s always nice to see such an intelligent, well thought out, logical and concise argument.

      • WadeCounty305 says:

        Spain is a great teamn man you cant talk crap about them. Ricky Rubio is the player to watch out for in my opinion. Obviously i love team USA but we arent playing with our gold winning team. Spain s lineup is a proven team we are the team that needs to show up and prove something. Out team is very young. I live in the U.S. but my granfather is from spain and i watch international bball and Spain is no joke. The barcelona team can play in the NBA and match up with the best.

    • bainbridejim says:

      Carlos it sounds like you already making excuses for your team and already blaming the refs….Where have we heard that before?? As deep as your bench is, Spain probably has two or three players that could play on this USA team (not including your two players that are injured and did not make the team). OH yea we left 10 to 12 of our best players at home.

    • John says:

      Lol. The Spain bench doesn’t even come close to the U.S. bench. U.S.A’s talent level FAR exceeds Spains. The only advantage Spain has is that it understands FIBA rule, it’s been playing together for a long time, and it’s got home-court advantage since everybody hates the U.S.