Melo & Superman teaming up

Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard are joining forces.

No, it’s not in Denver or Orlando. New York fans can dream, but it’s not happening in Madison Square Garden … at least not yet. And don’t even think it’s South Beach.

Melo and Superman are taking their talents to China. Their cinematic talents, that is, in what’s being billed as the first NBA-themed motion picture produced outside of North America.

The two basketball stars are hoping to create some magic on the silver screen in Amazing. In this case, Amazing happens in Beijing, Shanghai and New York — the three locations for the movie, which began filming last week.

The flick’s squad is fleshed out by top actors from Asia and award-winning Chinese director Hu Xuehua. The cast includes Huang Xiaoming, one of the top actors in China; Kim A Joong, a well-known South Korean actress and model; and Eric Mabius, an American of Ugly Betty fame.

But what’s piqued Hang Time’s interest is the casting of Anthony and Howard, whose jerseys are among the most popular in China. We’ll see where their popularity lies after their acting chops are dissected. If these budding thespians think the sports media is tough, wait until film critics get a hold of them.

It’s probably a safe bet Melo and Dwight are going to be playing a lot of ball in this contribution to Western-Eastern relations. No word on the film’s budget, but let’s hope they set aside serious cash for special effects. It’ll take quite a bit of CGI trickery to make it look like Howard can shoot free throws.

Filming continues through November with the release slated for next summer. For those in the mood for an NBA-themed movie now, here’s a list: Semi-Pro, Just Wright, He Got Game, Eddie, Space Jam and Forget Paris. If it’s just basketball you want, try Hoosiers, Glory Road, White Men Can’t Jump and Blue Chips.

As for the NBA and China, the Houston Rockets and New Jersey Nets return for the fifth set of preseason games there in October as part of NBA China Games 2010.


  1. Sean says:

    the revolution has already begun.

  2. siri says:

    I believe Melo and Superman should team up. I believe Melo is the man for Orlando. He is so smooth. But at times he miss clutch shots. I remember the all star game and other games he played, missed clutch shots. . But he is a pure shooter, scorer. Can put up 30 points, easily. . He can put up more points than Vince and R. Lewis combined. Remember the 2010 Eastern Conference, the points Vince and R. Lewis put up playing, Boston. He reminds me of Dwight Howard, he smiles, don’t back down. Stick to the game plan and attacks the rim. He is good. Orlando needs some fresh new experienced talent to deal better in the Eastern Conference and finals. It appears D.H. and company can run over every NBA team, but can’t run over the Lakers or Boston easily. Now Miami wants to get in that mix. And Miami, manning up in conversation and jestures as if they have all ready won 2011 finals. Durant is no joke. Melo can be an compliment to Orlando. And, Orlando could be a compliment to Melo. I believe with that winning combination they could win championships.

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  4. vaid gerbiqi says:

    Man i never knew Melo would Leave the Nuggets but i guess he is since
    he ain’t signing the Extension

  5. QuestionMark says:

    For people seeing Melo and CP3 in Orlando.. I see Melo in Orlando not CP3.. Jameer Nelson is already a great PG and has a great chemistry with Dwight Howard.. Why give that up? The trade im hoping for is Melo and JR Smith for Vince Carter and Pietrus for those two.. JR Smith is a killer 3 point shooter which will give the Magic more of what they already own at in the league and Smith can dunk it when he wants to as well.. and Melo is much better than Carter is now.. and Melo is more consistent than him.

  6. jack says:

    yeah i would love to see those three combos howard, melo and cp3 team up it will be more versatil than the miami big three because there willbe no egos reason being is cause if you look atmelo’s game he does not take away from the point guard as lebron does. he allows the point guard to do his thing i am not a james hater i like him he is very good but not teamed up with other superstars because him and wade both want to take the last shot

  7. nottellin says:

    CP3 and melo shud team up in orlando
    orl has jameer nelson and vince carter/Rashard lewis to get either one
    jameer and someone else and draft picks for CP3 and vince/rashard and someone else and draft picks for melo
    then ud have a REAL powerhouse in Florida

  8. KM says:

    You do realize Semi-Pro is ABA themed, not NBA themed. Yeah, I’m that guy.

  9. rory says:

    something smells fishy here could melo be interested coming here to orlando? hey melo and howard keep on talking about the future..i can sense it now..

  10. HK says:

    the state of florida would be a powerhouse if melo and cp3 went down there already having bosh and lebron

    • Zzanzabar says:

      It is possible that Melo could end up in Florida, but since CP3 has 2 years on his contract the only way for him to end up in Orlando is by trade and the Magic have little to trade the Hornets to make it worth while. Besides it is more likely that Melo would end up with the Hornets, but they also have little to trade Denver for a powerhouse like Melo. Only teams like the Lakers and OKC have enough player capital to swing a meaningful trade for either the Nuggets or the Hornets.

  11. JJ says:

    Cheap shot talking about Dwight’s free throw shooting. SMH

  12. mac says:

    that’s good,melo and howard…to take nba titles i think we need cp3..

  13. Zzanzabar says:

    That headline may not be far off as you think. At last count Orlando has a few chips to spend in the ‘Melo Sweepstakes’. Denver is determined not to be ‘Lebroned’ and is looking to trade their main attraction for a solid brace of players (of which Orlando has plenty), if he doesn’t sign an extension (which he would be a fool to do at this point). I think that Denver will search around for an important addition to the roster in order to keep Carmelo and at least wait until near the trade deadline before pulling the trigger.

    The problem is that there seems to be no one big enough to truly compliment Melo’s game to get them past the Lakers. So Carmelo to Orlando might not be that much of a stretch. If that really happens then the other Eastern teams are in trouble. Of course both Buss and Marc Cuban have the deep pockets enough (and trading talent available) to maybe swing the deal, but Orlando would be the better fit. As for New York, all they have is money and one proven scorer, but Carmelo had that with Iverson and it availed him naught.