Oden On Schedule For What?

Greg Oden said his rehab is right on schedule. Trail Blazers general manager Rich Cho said there’s no timetable for the center’s return.

Is it possible both are holding something back? Well, when it comes to the star-crossed and injury-wrought career of the former No. 1 pick, it’s probably smart to avoid details and proceed on the side of vagueness.

It’s been three years since Portland took Oden to lead off the 2007 Draft, but the Ohio State product has played in just the last two seasons. During that time he’s managed the equivalent of one full campaign (82 total games) as injuries, mostly to his knees, continue to sideline the 7-footer.

The latest was a fractured left patella suffered last December, which has Oden’s availability for the start of this season in serious question. At a charity bowling tournament Saturday in Vancouver, Oden told the Portland Oregonian he’s on schedule:

“The doctors tell me I’m on time. We’re going at a pace that they’ve got for me. Things are looking pretty good.”

It’s just that he didn’t reveal what exactly the schedule was. The Blazers open the season Oct. 26 against Phoenix.

The recently hired Cho was equally non-committal in an interview with the Oregonian last week:

“I don’t really want to put any time frame on it. I don’t want any expectations out there. And I don’t want to put any pressure on Greg. The last thing I want him to do is come back earlier (than he should) because people are expecting it.”

Cho did add that Oden’s rehab has included some light basketball activities and other cardio-related drills, and he’s lost some weight. The team, Cho continued, is pleased with Oden’s progress.

While it’s still much too early to give up on 22-year-old Oden, the clock has to ticking. Is he destined to be plagued by injuries? Folks in great town of Portland loathe mentioning one-time promising center Sam Bowie and Oden in the same breath, rightly pointing out that the injuries of Bowie have nothing to do with Oden’s maladies.

This is a crucial season for Oden, who’s going into the last year of his rookie contract. The team has rights to Oden going forward under the current CBA, but we don’t know what a new agreement will bring. Whether they admit it or not, this has to be an uncertain time for both sides regarding Oden’s career, especially with a possible lockout looming.

Oden’s first order of business has to be getting healthy and, by all accounts, he seems to be on his way. Just don’t ask how far along.


  1. Emperor James says:

    Poor Aimless Wanderers! With the fixation of the Portland Front Office on the futile search for the dominant big man, they have managed to pass on players that they could have had, such as Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, only to wind up with a fist full of flies. They even traded away Moses Malone! They could have had at least five or six O’Briens in the Trophy Case by now, but have always decided to ferret out the total busts, and choose them just because they like Centers. Big mistake, as is the Geriatric Sasquatch, Gred Oden.

    As far as all of the fear that Portland supposedly strikes in the hearts of the franchise in Los Angeles, well, yes they have often had moderate success during the regular season, however, since 1977, the Wanderers have met Los Angeles in the post-season 11 times. They have managed to eke out one measly first round win when the first round was still best-of-five. Somehow, I just don’t think this is enough to terrorize the Los Angeles Lakers!

  2. SoCal says:

    Who cares about the Blazers winning the regular season series. Magic Swept LA in 2008 – did that matter? Not a bit. Get to the finals and win a championship and then you can talk about how great your team is. And if your lucky to even do that – try to Repeat it like LA. All the smack talk you Blazer fans talk and blindly ignore how amazing it is for any NBA team to win Back 2 Back championships.

    Nobody has been able to do it since Shaq & Kobe until Lakers.

    Beat LA in 7 games & win a championship and then, we will listen to how great your team is. Until then, quietly watch the T.V.

  3. Im your no.1 fans here in the philippines,,Go Blazers!!!!

  4. Waylon says:

    There is one thing though that i’ve been reading from all these comments is that Miami can beat L.A. if Bynum is unhealty. Miami would be lucky to even get that far with all the holes in that team.Miami has no post defense at all(Don’t even mention Bosh because he is not a great defender and not even the bestshot blocker on his own team and Big Z is on his last legs i the league).The Heat will be lucky to get past the second round of the playoffs because they will either face the Magic or Celtics who bothare better than the Heat in the post.Plus everyone knows Lebron cant hang with either of those teams because he couldnt before and please dont blame his old team because they couldnt have been too bad if they had the best record in th league the past two seasons and even swept the season series against the Lakers last year.Now I’m no Laker fan but with or without Bynum they still are a better team than the Miami Heat

  5. I am a big Portland TrailBlazers fan and as one i can safely say things can only get better.! Despite the boat load of injuries…B-Roy, Oden, Pryzbilla, Batum…McMillan(LOL), they still have back-to-back 50 win seasons and post season appearances.! If they have a 100% healthy roster, there is no telling how much damage they can do…They’re young, they have a few savvy, solid veterans, and they have one of the future stars of the NBA(B-Roy).! Its not impossible for them to be a top 4 seed in the playoffs and one of the elites in the league.

  6. baller409 says:

    Haahaha i’m not a laker fan, but c’mon you Portland ans are stupid. They will not be able to beat the Lakers. & OKC is gonna be much better than last year, especially with MVP Kevin Durant #35

  7. Cameron says:

    How can anyone clown on greg oden yah he is hurt way to much but look at his numbers when he’s in 11PPG 8RPG and almost 2 blocks in like 18 mins some centers like al horford andrew bynum,etcc barley average the same in almost double the minutes if oden stays heathly the whole year mark my F ING words really mark them down he will Average 15PPG 11RPG 3BPG

  8. J Memo says:

    He was monster in college for Ohio State and once fully healed..

    He is gonna be one of top 3 centers in the league after Gasol, and Superman.

    I can see him being the next Patrick Ewing type of player.

  9. Retro_5 says:

    Are we really saying Greg Oden is a star? He couldn’t play a full college season, and it has continued in the nba. He wasn’t even the man on ohio state. Anybody who knows ball knows bigs are few and are taken because you can’t teach height. Blazers match up well to the lakers, but can never beat them in a series right now…Period!

  10. Rip Greenfire says:

    Blazers made the right decision. Oden was a great pick to increase the Blazer’s size. With Roy, Aldridge, and Oden the Blazers set themselves up as the strongest frontcourt in the league. Unfortunatly, it hasn’t worked out well yet. This is the risk you take when drafting players, you think Memphis and OK City would’ve turned down Evans if they knew how well he would play? To me, there is no such thing as a bad pick, just major busts.

  11. Andre says:

    Are LA fans really blind or it’s just my impression? Bynum healthy is the only way Lakers can beat a healthy Miami Heat. Without Bynum Lakers are going to struggle to avoid a sweep. You can hate the Heat and Lebron as much as you like, but that team is going to be a juggernaut. You need a lot of passion to not see that.

  12. love_nba says:

    i mean phil jackson is a great coach so lets not take anything away he got a plan zone defense isnt nothing he knows it well and one on one with bynum its not to many centers can guard him so thats why it would be great to watch and see what pat riley got up his sleeve i mean the nba is getting interesting

  13. love_nba says:

    your right ddddd greg oden would have been a great center maybe on dwight howard and andrew bynum level or better but i think his injury chrome came to early in his career if he had stayed in college a little longer he would have been better lets not take anything away thats why his return to the nba is taking longer because he wants to make a strong comeback and show the world what he is capable of doing he is a true center with brandon roy and lamarcus aldridge i think they can go further than what people think they can do i mean they went 3 years to the playoff without him and if he make his return to the nba stronge to show the world their really a threat i mean its a compation thing and if he work hard he could get his name back in the nba

  14. luvstheHeathaters says:

    If Oden can stay healthy he can have a nice comeback season. As for the Laker fans who say every team is crap except them… im just ready to watch Bynum become the New Varajao and see Artest get EXPOSED by Lebron like Damon Jones. cuz we all know Phil Jackson is just too “smart” to play zone. lol

  15. mike xin says:

    well one thing has been proven from these comments, people hate the Lakers not just because they’re a dominant team, it’s the lack of class and maturity of their fans, stop being so damn ignorant. The Lakers are the dominant team, and this is coming from a miami fan, and the Lakers deserved everything they achieved, but at least they did it with class and great team play along with strong performances from their stars, their fans however sound like a bunch of classless idiots who don’t seem to acknowledge this is still a league where other teams can win and have their own superstars. It’s good to cheer on your team, it’s ignorant to bash anyone who isn’t a Laker. Unless you play on that team, your really just talking outta your ass, stop acting like it’s YOUR TEAM, all this we kill everyone talk, no the Lakers killed the other teams, you sat dere bought a ticket and watched while eating popcorn. Oden’s story is sad, but he can be a potentially reliable role center if he can stay healthy, superstar I think not, but he is a good rebounder and solid defender when healthy. Stop the immature talk, honestly i respect the talent on the lakers, they’re a great team, it’s the idiotic ignorant fans that get on my nerves

  16. Ryan says:

    Portland made the right pick at the time when they picked Oden over Durant. They needed a center! They had their star in B-Roy and didn’t need Durant. Oden will become a beast. I believe in the Big Fella.

  17. bigmike902 says:

    oden reminds of olawakandi back in the mid-late 90s. lotta potential and was good collegent player. if i was cho i would be lookin to get rid of him as fast as possible. bad choice with oden over durant. just think how good portland would be write now with KD BROY Aldridge and their other great young supporting cast. they would be an easy 2 -4 lock in western conference.

    • Stan says:

      Give Oden one more season, I think he can stay healthy he just needs to watch himself. When he played last year in the 20 games, He was looking good, He just needs more experience.

    • LAKERS says:

      When Portland picked Oden, thats what they needed at the time to get them over the top. A solid center. Its just too bad he hasnt turned out to be solid. I think if they had of picked Durant, B Roy would of eventually been traded.

  18. Bunbury says:

    After the Pistons won the title in 2004, Joe Dumars was a Genius according to the media and when he talked with the same arrogance when interviewed. How bad are the Pistons nowadays Mr. Dumars? Did he selected Darco Milicic and had Carmelo Anthony, Bosh, and Wade to choose from. He did traded for Ben Wallace, Billups, and Hamilton, who turned out to be good trades. Then Wallace was the final piece they needed to become Champions Contenders from Pretenders. But Remember, Portland decided to trade Sheed cause they thought they had their new PF Superstar in Randolph. The Pistons were lucky to get Sheed but I dont think lucky deals happen every year to every team (e.g., the Garnett’s, the Gasol’s). Who knows, maybe TMAC will be their missing piece this year!!!

  19. Bunbury says:

    Oden’s health is not Portland’s only concern. Remember, they could’ve selected Durantula. Once healthy, Oden needs to start increasing his numbers. He needs to become at least a 20/10 player. The Blazers would love to feel more like the Rockets in 84 by drafting Olajuwon instead of Jordan than themselves by selecting Bowie….. Bynum, please dont get injured during or for the playoffs again. Three straight years! The Lakers will need Bynum at 100% if they are going to win their 3rd straight. They will not beat the Heat with Bynum averaging 6 points and 4 rebounds in the finals.

    • LAKERS says:

      LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats is funny!! The LAKERS could beat the heat without Bynum.

      • QuestionMark says:

        No Way in hell can they beat the Heat without Bynum, Bynum is the second guy besides Gasol who can play good post defense..and with Lebron, Wade, and Bosh.. there will be alot of alleyoops and fastbreak scoring, and without Bynum, Big Z will have alot of chances to score, Ratliff is good but to short to handle Big Z

      • BlazeCard10 says:

        good luck. odom isnt very good defensively… or offensively for that matter. and whos playing backup power forward or center with bynum out? matt barnes? oh. shannon brown. gotcha

  20. Alrob says:

    Greg Oden is a 7’0, 285 lbs. center who will be a good player someday. His knee will heal, and he will get better. Right now, he’s only 22 years old.

  21. Kayla says:

    Typical Laker fan, ignorant of anything going on outside their own franchise.

    • LAKERS says:

      Why should we care whats going on outside of the LAKERS. We are the CHAMPS, the road to the championship goes through us. Sounds like you cheer for a team that does not experience winning a whole lot!!!!!!

      • ddddd says:

        2 reasons as I see it. Kobe is getting older. and The injury bug can hit when you least expect it. Not discounting the Lakers now as I see it the championship is the Lakers to lose. However on the other hand Pau and co cant do it alone without their golden boy. I mean they are a good team without Kobe, but if Kobe goes down… man… I can name probably 6-10 teams that would dominate them without Kobe…. Blazers (if healthy) included.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Selfish much.. aint ya.. Remember this.. The Lakers road to a championship are much thinner next season, The Boston Celtics with Shaq, The Miami Heats Trio, The dominant Orlando Magic, The Newly built Chicago Bulls with Boozer, The rising Thunders with the rising star in Durant, The old, yet great team in the Dallas Mavericks, The Utah Jazz with Jefferson to replace Boozer, and The Denver Nuggets who have one last chance if Melo leaves.. and the teams that have a slight chance.. The Houston Rockets with Yao Ming back, The Portland TrailBlazers with Greg Oden if he stays healthy, The Phoenix Suns with another playmaker in Hedo Turkoglu, The Milwaukee Bucks with a soon to be star in Jennings and Bogut and a scorer in Maggette, while you Lakers fans were celebrating.. changes were happening that can beat the Lakers, and teams that have a chance to dominate the Lakers, The Magic, The Heat, The Bulls, and The Celtics

      • RipCitiBoi says:

        common the lakers can suck a fat nut, actually three from the trio down in miami! as much as i don’t want lebron to win i would rather have them win it all above the lakers. kobe is a jordan wannabe that should not reach the 6-championship plateau

      • Rip Greenfire says:

        Please, leave your team at the door. This isn’t about the Lakers, don’t try to make it about the Lakers.

  22. omeimaster0606 says:

    MJ did not get 75, neither did 99% of all the star players to have ever played this game, just saying….

    as for oden, i disagree that this is still a season in which he could prove much… with KD firmly and legitimately a top 5 player in the league now, he is doomed to be known as “the mistake portland made”. Seems to me like he’s at best a emeka okafor type… except one was drafted after dwight and the other ahead of KD…. = =

  23. TheJerr says:

    Rudy wants out and Oden is always out…. maybe see what the markets willing to give for these two in a trade? i dunno…

  24. Jmilli says:

    how about kwame brown?lets talk about kwame brown LOL

  25. rrrrrrr says:

    i argee with dddd because if he did’t get hurt he would have been Dunking On people

  26. JAZZone says:

    he is still younger than a few of this year’s rookies …he could still become a major force in the middle – even a ten time all star, who knows… As a Jazz fan I hope it doesn’t happen with the Blazers. It’s silly that anyone would be giving up on him, big men tend to have leg and feet and back problems. If he ends up hurt again this year, and my team has a chance to sign him this offseason as a free agent – I think he would still be a risk worth taking.

    …Then again, he never really even played at Ohio State …He could just be another 7 foot, No. 1 pick bust.

  27. Elxsound says:

    I really hope he can make a successful return and then remain healthy. Portland would have been a powerhouse team by now if weren’t for his injuries (and all the other injuries they’ve endured). With a healthy team, Portland is a nightmare for the Lakers, as were the Sonics when Nate McMillan coached them.

    • LAKERS says:

      Yea they are a nighmare team for us. But we still beat them. And we will continue to beat them. The Lakers are a better team then they were last year. So i see the Lakers running through Portland this year.

      • QuestionMark says:

        But Oden will make a huge difference if he can stay healthy.. He is and looks like he is better than Bynum.. and He looks like a good defensive player.. with Roy and Miller.. I think Oden will be a good offensive player and Im sure defensively he will make the paint tougher to Bynum, Gasol, Kobe, etc

      • BlazeCard10 says:

        hey who won the season series in the portland laker matchup??????????? thats right. portland. 2-1. cant wait to beat the lakers in the playoffs. portland is one of only a handful of teams who havnt had a shot against the lakers in the playoffs yet due to a bad loss to houston (still bitter about that) and a loss to phoenix because our 2 centers were out, roy was out, and we had to get rid of a backup point guard and power forward to get camby. so yeah. add roy oden prybilla and camby and well i really think portland has an advantage in the post

      • Kayla says:

        hmmm that’s funny because I remember Portland taking the series from the Lakers this year with one of those wins being at the Staples Center. You say the Lakers will be better this year but so will the Blazers. We have numerous players back from injury including Greg and I think we will be a lot more mentally prepared this year for obstacles that may come our way.

      • daez says:

        Oden could make a difference defensively when playing against the Lakers, but not much. Think about. The lakers have big bodies to throw at Oden, and Gasol is very skilled in the paint. Greg will be strong defensively, but he fouls waaay too much. Even if he stays healthy, he still needs more time

  28. jaz says:

    he did not posess that dominant quality in College. These guy’s come out of High School and don’t produce when they get to the NBA. I wish him the best, although i think he is a 10-12 ppg, 8-10rbg type of guy.

  29. Bob says:

    gregs careers not over hes only 21 and it sounds like hes finally ready to take things serious which seems like hes maturing mentally which is what he needs to do I still dont understand why espn thinks okc is gonna have a better record then portland and said portland will finish with less wins then last season even with a healthy team? doesn’t make no sense espn is retarded and portland will finish better than okc and everyone else in the western conference behind the lakers

  30. Cedric says:

    I agree with ddddd he would have been a good player but due to his injuries he can’t reach to his full potiential. Another good talent wasted hope things go well for him.

  31. lakerfan since 19 O' Long says:

    Who is Greg Oden? Why is he being highlighted in an article? Is Greg Oden a ranking player in the NBA? Is he capable of going for 81 or even 75 in a night? Who is Oden?

    • ddddd says:

      Oden was the player that was taken ahead of Kevin Durant in the 07 draft. He could have been better than Bynum and maybe even eventually better than D Howard but he got injured and hasn’t played enough due to that. Injuries ruined the guys career. Get with it! Just because your team is awesome doesnt mean there isnt other stories around the league

      • BLAZE ON says:

        Every Laker Fan in the country will know who Greg Oden is at the end of the 2010-11 POST-season! Kobe Who?? GO BLAZERS!!

      • LAKERS says:

        We know who he is now. A kid who gets hurt way too much and someone who hasnt produced anything since he has been in the league. Now come on with the Kobe who. The man who has won 5 rings, thats who idiot. How many championships do your blazers have. Yea, thats what i thought!

      • QuestionMark says:

        I dont think he would have been better than Dwight Howard.. maybe close but not better.. Howards is the top center in the NBA.. and Greg Oden would have been great if he didnt get injured

      • sam says:

        I agree, Oden cannot be better than Howard. Howard scores 20 a game in the low post, Oden didn’t even get that in college. He could however be the next Mutumbo/Camby. 12 poins, 13 boards and 2 and a half blocks would be good for him.