Fernandez Not One in Control


Rudy! Rudy!

Hang Time prediction: If Rudy Fernandez ever wants to get carried off the court in Portland a la that pint-sized footballer from Notre Dame, he’d better start making nice. It would certainly help his bank account.

The league took a $25,000 withdrawal from Fernandez on Thursday because the Spanish baller publicly asked for the Trail Blazers to trade him or cut him loose. That’s a no-no in today’s NBA. Nate Robinson and Stephen Jackson were docked last season for similar comments.

The hard-line stance by the league office may appear extreme in pro sports today, considering that athletes have routinely used the media to voice their frustrations. Fernandez didn’t invent the “play-me-or-trade-me” stance.

But he’s also under contract. If he wants to sit out two of the prime years of his career — two years he’ll never get back — and return to Europe to play … well, more power to him. Trying to hold the Blazers hostage, though, isn’t going to fly and the league office acted accordingly.

Even though he’s been on the job only a month, Portland general manager Rich Cho isn’t about to get bullied into a making a deal that’s not in the franchise’s best interest. Offers for Fernandez have been made, but Cho hasn’t felt compelled to make a move yet. The Blazers have the hammer here. Not Fernandez.

Fernandez isn’t the first player to be stuck behind better players. The 25-year-old swingman can rectify the situation by simply playing better and staying healthy. Take a cue from the movie Rudy and stick with it.

And while he probably would benefit from a new start in New York or Chicago or Boston, how bad was it really in Portland last season? Fernandez still played an average of 23.2 minutes, down 2.4 minutes from the year before when he took Portland and the NBA by storm as a guitar-strumming, slam-dunking rookie.

Asking to be traded despite being a key part of the rotation can’t go over too well in the locker room, either.

At least Fernandez and Portland coach Nate McMillan are back on speaking terms, according to Jason Quick of The Oregonian. The two caught up in Madrid, site of Sunday’s exhibition between the USA and Spain. Fernandez is a star on the Spanish team and McMillan is an assistant for the Americans.

McMillan said it was a “good” conversation, while Fernandez categorized it as “cordial.” It just doesn’t seem as if any breakthroughs were made regarding Rudy for next season. McMillan told The Oregonian:

“I don’t know if he is going to report. My focus is on the team, and right now, he is still a Blazer. So until something happens, my focus will be that he will be there, so I’m preparing training camp as if he will be there.”

Will he be, or will he get his wish to play in Europe? We’ll find out soon enough.



  1. simmantics says:

    Love the comparison to Rudy the film. Rudy the baller needs some humility.

  2. tenki says:

    With regards to Ronaldo’s comment, I would like to make a correction: is was invented by a Canadian, Dr. James Naismith. Please check the history of the game.

    As for Rudy, Fernandez, it’s plain and simple: Good game=good playing time. This isn’t FIBA, this is the NBA. Don’t get me wrong, FIBA isn’t easy. It’s just that you have to step up the ante for you to play better in the NBA. Good luck to you.

  3. justin says:

    i think he should go to phoenix

    i think it will be a good fit for him

  4. BlazerHeatHornet-Fan says:

    Well, rudy is great. But he’s selfish for this little stunt. I mean even if it’s a coach and player thing. You want to leave the nba altogether dude? I think it’s because brandon roy is the star, rudy was a star in his country and he’s WAYS from being a “all-star” calliber player in the nba. He should focus on getting his first sixth man of the year before complaining about roles and playing time. You haven’t proven yourself in the league. All we see now is a unloyal player who will want to run back home to his fans once he goes through a horrible shooting stretch.

    Things is tougher in the nba then in the spain league. He’s running away from the challenge and thats sad. You have an opportunity to be one of the greatest players from Spain and you’re going to run back home dude? This will put a dent on your legacy forever if you leave, because any real basketball fan will know it was a huge b!tCh move. It was a “awww b roy is way better i might as well go back to my country and start move”.

    We already lost webster, now you bitching fernandy (nickname i call him)?! Do you realize how vital it was last year from you and webster to come off the bench and be a scoring threat?

    Now we have rookie guards and a GREAT small forward this is likely to start or take your sixth man role rudy. Nobody is doing anything, you’re not putting any worth ethic in getting better because in your head you probably think “my game is good enough”.

    Either way, if you don’t come back to the blazers it’s only one word to describe you….LOSER!

  5. ronell226 says:

    rudy should stay…but the blazers should give him more playng time..

  6. DavE says:

    Who says he wants to be a starter or to outshine B-Roy? the only problem he has is that he feels absent when attacking, he is more than a 3 point shooter, and he is not a selfish player just the opposite he plays like a teammate and that’s why he wants to leave. In the Spanish National team he never complaints about playing 5 or 20 minutes he wants the team to win but the time he plays he can play total basketball and not leashed by the coach.
    The problem in Portland is the coach and I am not saying this because I am Spanish but Nate doesnt let the young players to develop their game. Check Channing Frye for example look at the role he has in Suns and the freedom in the court. I’d like to see great coaches with the roster in Portland. I feel sorry for Portland fans but you deserve a better coach

  7. Jokin says:

    Hello to everyone:
    I think that the problem with Rudy (and he has put this into words) is the lack of evolution in the importance of is role between his first an second year in the NBA. He feels limited to being a mere 3-point shooter, when he had already shown tha he is capable of doing many more things. My thoughts :
    1.- Rudy took Europe by storm 3 seasons ago, dominating like no-one else had done since the Ginobili days, has high bsketball IQ, shoots, defends, and is very physical to b european
    2.- I think it is to no avail to start a competition between USA and the rest of the world basketball-wise: The NBA is the best league in the world, and the americans ae steady favorites in every competition they face. Given that, Rudy is a current and reigning European and World champion, and a Silver medalist an Best Starting Five member in the Olympics (a game that many – including me- beleve Spain should have won had it been refereed withFIBA rules).That, not t say that there are differences between USA and FIBA games (different prohibition of conditioning helpers,systems oriented to slashers wthout developing real systems, coaches like Larry Brown praised as teachers when they wonder about the existence of systems involving five players, and so on). I love NBA, but I wonder if many fans know that there is basketball besides NBA. In that world, Rudy really is a somebody and should be a very valuble asset to any franchise interested
    3.- His agent, not Rudy, has been the one to ask for the trade.
    4.- There is no question that B. Roy is a better NBA player than Rudy but their combo has already worked in the past
    Finally I think that Rudy has decided to leave the NBA, which saddens me,because one of the best players in the world is not going to be in the best league. Greetings,and excuse my bad english

  8. JerZee BayBee says:

    How stupid is that rudy gets fine but as a recall it chirs paul asked for the samething and didn’t get any money withdrawn from his account i see the nba has favorite huh?

  9. rudy! says:

    The problem is not only the minutes, is the coach´s confidence.

    First nate declined to sergio play his style of play and wants to do the same with rudy

    There deem it a great coach, but even here it is considered “anti-Spanish”; here is common to say as a joke that when there aren´t a guilty of some fact “the culprit is McMillan”

  10. valentina says:

    seriously if the blazers want rudy to stay, then Nate has to start taking some risks and start adding more players into his rotation. he needs to give different players a chance to play. if rudy and bayless got more time, do you know how good they would be? think about it

  11. Jorge says:

    Ok, Co, here is the list: Tim Duncan, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, Marc Gasol, Andrew Bogut, Dirk Nowitzky, Nicolas Batum, Al Horford, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Jonas Jerebko, Nene Hilario, Anderson Varejao, Mehmet Okur, Andrei Kirilenko, Serge Ibaka, etc. Not bad for such a league.

  12. rocketfan_believe it or not says:

    I defended Rudy when the first article came up saying he wanted more minutes, I even put him in Boston or Sacramento as my fave´s for him to go to, however I am starting to think that the attitude is the thing that´s not helping this guy out.

    I know how frustrating can be not being considerated to be a consistent part of the rotation, however there are a lot better ways to let the team know that you are not comfortable and you want to take a different direction, that way if you do not cry like a baby the management can consider some good trade offers and decide what´s best for the team (in any case when a player wants to go out except Kobe wanting to get out of the lakers a few years ago) the best thing to do for the teams sake is to let the player go away, because if you keep him under his will it will only be a mass of frustration and childish attitudes that instead of helping the team will ruin the work that the rest of the team put into practice.

    If Rudy wants to cry his way out doing it by all the non recommended ways, take scalabrine and Dermarr Johnson anytime over him, at least that way you will carry on with a bad desicion only for a year and those two louzy players can give their best shot trying to maintain their works, they probably even play better together than Rudy.

  13. Steve Ruegge says:

    McMillon is consistently rated as one of the top coaches in the NBA by his peers. His teams control the tempo of the game, don’t make silly mistakes and they consistently win. Players new to the team have roles. By succeeding in their roles they earn greater responsibility. Rudy is a gifted player but he didn’t really play exceptionally well last year. Great players prove it on the floor and find ways to succeed. Come on Rudy, stop talking and start playin big time ball.

  14. Jorge says:

    Rudy did not play better this last season because he missed Sergio Rodriguez, who is his friend and passed him the ball all the time in the second unit two years ago. Without Sergio, Rudy does not get any touch of the ball when Roy is on the court, and with the second unit either. Nate Macmillan puts him on a corner to make space for Brandon Roy’s penetrations. He wants him there so he is a threat with the 3-point shot. Rudy needs a point guard who passes him the ball in the second unit. Andre Miller, Steve Blake (until he left) and Bayless ignore him and do not pass him the ball even in the second unit. I understand that Roy is a more complete physical player but with Macmillan even Bayless makes more shots than Rudy. He should decide whether he wants Rudy in the team to play after Roy in the second unit or let him go because not to focus on Rudy in the second unit is both ridiculous and a waste of talent.

  15. Martin says:

    Perhaps Rudy Fernandez could be traded to the Denver Nuggets for J.R. Smith… both are talented younger players with a ton of upside. Fernandez could move right in to the starting SG role for the Nuggets and J.R. is used to being a bench player.

  16. big bily boy says:

    trade him to the cavs let him have a team with young upcoming stars like him self ie jj hickson, could portland possibly think they could benefit from aquiring mo williams as andre miller isnt getting any younger, thanks big billy boy. ps rudy heaps of playing time in cleveland!!!!!!

  17. santiago says:

    This is for the people who says that rudy is a 3 point shooter: That’s totally wrong, Why do you think that? Cause you never have seen rudy doing consistently something different, making plays himself, penetrating…etc. I’m from spain, i’ve seen rudy playing here 3 years and his play is not even close to what is asked to do in the nba. One of the best’s coaches (if not the best) of the nba, is mr. phil jackson. Why? mainly because allows his players to play his game, not like mcmillan, I think that the ‘general’ is the problem in portland, and that’s only my opinion…

  18. TMaq says:

    I think it’s got nothing to do with B. Roy, with no starting, or playing time. The reason he’s unhappy is because the only thing McMillan lets him do is wait in the corner to shoot a 3. That is his only role in the Blazers when he can do much more than that.

    • suburu says:

      Totally agree. He is not better than Roy, he is not Manu Ginobilli, but he is much more than just a 3 pointer. He wants to come back Europe to live better and play basketball again, that`s all. The NBA is killing his career. One more year playing permanently outside the three line and he will forget how to play basketball at all.
      It’s really a pity that the Blazers have not taken any profit from one of the younger and most talented roster in the NBA last two years. Blame the injuries and McMillan too.

  19. tunneltrip says:

    basketball was invented in america by a Canadian, go look it up.

    • LAKERS says:

      Basketball was not invernted in america. Especially by a Canadian! Not that i have anything against Canadians. But your information is completely false!

  20. bigmike902 says:

    cho’s gotta get rid of this guy as soon as he can. portlands got a good team and getting rid of a disgruntled player and getting a good player with a good attitude b4 the start of the season for rudy will be better for the team. it will benifit the team b4 season starts for players to gel together and identify roles. knicks or kings would be a good fit for rudy, and fit his style of play. plus both of those teams have the pieces to make a good trade for portland. put away pride and make the trade you gotta make cho to move this guy!!!!

  21. Rudy come to Boston if you want a ring. Rondo will set you and many more teammates up with assist so you can prove you are a very important piece. (REPEAT COME TO BOSTON)

  22. Co says:

    Hmmm someone should make a list of non US born starters. Just to put his words in his mouth.

    • Ande says:

      Rudy had Sergio in his first NBA-season. They had a good chemistry on and off the court. Sergio is back in Spain. And Rudy probably lacks comradery in Portland, a good team spirit. I don`t know if i`m right, but for me, there seems to be more competetion between the team-players by the blazers than to the opponent teams. Rudy had played in the ACB and Euroleague with more freedom and he has a point guard in Ricky Rubio, who makes the game fast. Fast and free, this he might need to be effective in Portland and the trust from his coach and teammates.

      Maybe the blazers should have traded him to the Wolves instead of Martell, then he will be reunited with Ricky 2011.

  23. Basketball iQ says:

    Of course Rudy is a Good player … and I agree that Nate’s offensive structure “limits” him but he still does his thing. NO, he will never OUT shine Brandon; even in another city, he wont (ijs). I do agree he just needs an opportunity, more PT to shine-PERIOD-ya know? New York or Boston would be perfect as Boston doesnt have offensive guard “punch” coming off the bench at the 2spot and New York just needs punch period to add to that roster.

  24. Tim L says:

    I think he is probally upset that they just signed wesely matthews. With Martell webster gone, Rudy can get more time. If he gets traded, The Indiana Pacers would be a great place for him to make a name for himself. He fits their offense. Mcmillian is a big Defensive coach and rudy is not the best Defensive player

  25. tupac says:

    Rudy Fernandez is a talented player no doubt about that. he can go in any NBA team right now and average 15 ppg easyly give him some game time and the most important thing give him trust. Mcmillan should have realised the guy that he is the team. i mean a coach should make realise everyplayer that he is the team.
    If a player dont have that trust no more from coach’s side it will take his will of gettin better and take himself to the gym.
    If a player has the trust of the coach man he will go to the gym and get better.

    Rudy is coming from oversease with second year in the league … and in 1st year he played preety good cus he had the coach’s trust but Mcmillan should have been more smart in 2nd year man he should have made the guy realise that he got the trust.

    Rudy shd leave the blazers basing on simple fact of coach’s lack of trust man. no more debates thats reason enough

  26. Moi Go says:

    @airsickpilot My bad. I forgot all about the Turkoglu acquisition. Well, who ever the suns can trade for Rudy. He will definitely look good running with Nash, and will be a perfect back-up for Richardson.

    @konwnaim I said it mate, Brandon Roy is an NBA all-star caliber player. However, Brandon also had his share of bad nights during 08-09 season and when Brandon is cold, Rudy proved himself as a very effective energy guy off the bench who’s capable of putting a team on his shoulder given the right opportunity and momentum. His playmaking, scoring, and defensive abilities are no equal to Brandon’s, but Rudy is a real talent believe me. He was part of the Spain Team that fearlessly challenged Team USA in Beijing. Portland should give him his 25mins playing time if they want some post season action come 2011.

  27. Ronaldo says:

    no offense to juan vicente and martin but a coach cant sacrifice his “system” or his style just because of one player. Also, it would be better for Rudy to be traded if he wants to start because B-Roy is way way better than him and deserved to be the starting off guard. There is no racism going on here. Im a Filipino and Im looking at the situation objectively. To the spaniards please accept the fact that americans are far better than you. They invented the game.

  28. boom says:

    if he stays in portland, it would be like working in a convenience store. A DEAD-END job. Roy is the star, and obviously, rudy CAN shine. His best location would be NY and play run n gun with d’antoni. or suns. any team that runs.

  29. Portlandfan says:

    the only reason rudy isnt starting is because hes playing behind a ten times better Brandon Roy u idiot

  30. Mac says:

    Rudy’s frustrated because he’s not a superstar in the NBA like Roy. The one dunk he did on Dwight Howard in the olympics might have gotten to this head. And honestly, that dunk was over-hyped. Nate Robinson jumping over Howard in the dunk contest was better.

    Speaking of the dunk contest, Rudy took waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy toooooo loooooong when it was his turn when he was a participant in the dunk contest.

    I agree with knownaim. Rudy should just shrug off last season’s disappointing play and get ready for the upcoming season. He’s a good player, but not as good as Roy. Maybe one day he will be, but he’s gotta prove himself to the coach and the team.

    This shows that just because some players who play so well in international competition, doesn’t mean they’d become instant superstars in the NBA. The NBA is a totally different game. You’re always playing and you always need to travel. Rudy does not have that consistency yet.

    If you ask me, international players like Rudy get over-hyped by the media. I’d like to see them prove themselves first like Nowitski or Parker. Even Jian Lian is struggling in the NBA and Yao Ming supposedly said he’s better than him.

    What do you think about that?

  31. Long says:

    Blazers should bring Sergio Rodriguez back for 2nd unit, with Rudy, they re a couple. need it.

  32. Long says:

    I love Rudy, I is a talent player, and one of entertainment player in portland, I love to see he is a six-man in Portland, Mc Milan should let him play just like Ginobili in San Antonio
    Go blazer with Rudy

    • Jake says:

      He should go to San Antonio, but I don’t think that’s possible. I watched Rudy play against the U.S. in Beijing and he made some plays that blew my mind. He’s a good player in a bad situation.

  33. Aaron says:

    Well, being a Chicago fan I say trade him now to Chicago. Hahaha. We would love him in a Bull uniform. He is a young great player. Portland is loaded and should keep him, but we are talking about unlucky(self made) Portland. They always find a way to mess it up.

    • wes says:

      i don’t see how portland is unlucky, chicago was only good with michael jordan, blazer’s had a better season than the bulls even with the second most injuries in the nba, and we still won the bulls, i remeber last season when blazer’s won by 40 points almost, and portland isn’t going to give rudy away just because he wants to get away.

  34. Juan says:

    He isn´t only a tree-points shooter, but at Porland, Rudy can not changes this role. Probably in NY or an other middle franchise (East Conference better) he could show all their offensive weapons. Really he´s a good player, i know it. Sorry but i´m from spain and my english is very poor. Thks Google Traslator 🙂

  35. dan says:

    Rudy should stop acting this way. its hurting portlands chances of getting a relatively good plpayer and his chance to become a good nba player. Rudy has to accept the fact hes playing behind brandon roy. one of the best shooting guards in the league

  36. Martin says:

    Nate Mcmillan does not allow an offense in which a player like Rudy Fernandez can shine. This is the same case for Andre Miller and Jared Bayles.

    Coach needs to cut loose and let his players play. If they make a mistake don’t yank them let them play through it.

  37. Delasota says:

    Please, please, Rudy, don’t leave Portland. U’re a key player, although you usually start from the bench!

  38. Moi Go says:

    I’ve seen 20+ games from 08-09 season where Rudy actually played better than Brandon. Look at the guy, he’s pure talent. He can make plays, shoot the ball (very well), got good vertical game (unlike most european players), and a nice person off-court. I believe he can be Portlands’ Manu Ginobili.

    But then again, they got Brandon Roy. A proven all-star caliber player. I would love to see Rudy play for Magics or Suns, where 3’s are at will. Trade Mickael Pietrus or Leandro Barbosa, maybe?

    • airsickpilot says:

      Except Barbosa isn’t with the Suns anymore. He’s been traded to the Raptors in the Turkoglu deal.

    • knownaim says:

      you know nothing! He’s NEVER out played Brandon Roy, and never will! The fans here in Portland have embraced Rudy-chanting his name when he gets in. He has a bad season and wants to be traded-the only one he should blame is HIMSELF. Get into the gym and get better and stay healthy, he OWES it to the fans in Portland who have always supported him!

      • john says:

        lol, “He’s NEVER out played Brandon Roy, and never will”, u must be a familiar or a friend of Roy. Even thinking that Roy is better, u should admit that Rudy has been much more efficient for the team on the court several times during last season (a bad season for him)

    • Yeah, Barbosa went to the raptors a while ago

    • baller409 says:

      I say trade him to the magic for mickael pietrius.. sounds like a good trade to me

      • Nba follower says:

        they would never trade pietrus, hes one of their best perimeter defenders and is often the one covering lebron, wade, kobe, durant etc. He may not be as good on offense as Rudy is but he can knock down the threes.

  39. vicente says:

    25k for some words is too much! i hope golden state, utah or chicago get him and i hope he scores 40 points in front of mcmillan please dont look at me like that face. he was the only man who played good in portlands last game. Go rudy! go nba! and sorry for my english. Peace

    • knownaim says:

      you’re a dum-dum……he had a lackluster year and has not even came close to playing up to his talents. GO BLAZERS!

    • BlazeCard10 says:

      Frankly I’ve seen him for 2 years now as a huge Blazer fan and all he can do is shoot threes (which is fine) and play no defense. He is nowhere near as skilled as Brandon Roy and therefore will never start. Wesley Matthews will all but kill his playing time and I’m just waiting for him to leave now. Viva la vida senor Rudy.

      • Jota5 says:

        Hola, soy un aficionado de España. No hablo bien el ingles, pero si lo entiendo bastante. Para los que no han visto jugar a Rudy antes de llegar a la NBA, es facil catalogarlo como un tirador. Es cierto, que destaca en esta faceta, si mas no sus porcentajes (%) le avalan. El se siente frustrado por el rol de quedarse en una esquina y esperar a que le pasen el balon para lanzar un triple. El es capaz de hacer mucho mas que esto, como pudisteis ver en la final de los juegos olimpicos. Yo sigo su trayectoria desde su anterior equipo, el Joventut de Badalona, y su estilo de juego podria asemejarse al de Manu Ginobili, sin llegar a el nivel de este. Podria ser un jugador de 15-19ppg pero aportando en mas facetas del juego como las asistencias o los robos de balon.

        Siento no escribirlo en vuestro idioma y que minimamente me entendais.

        Un saludo desde España y…Lakers GOOOO 🙂

  40. GO says:

    The Blazers should actively seek to trade him now and be a little less selfish. Better for Rudy and the franchise.

  41. HowardJ says:

    I’ve watched Rudy play for two years now, and the reason that he is disgruntled and wants to leave isn’t because he isn’t getting enough time (while that may add to it), it’s because when he comes in, he doesn’t make a difference. Part of that, and a large part, is that his confidence was dashed by a bad streak of shooting. The other part is that McMillan uses him as a shooter on the wing, and not a primary target. I would love to see Rudy come back and given a chance to play in the second unit with a style he likes. It would give the blazers a completely different attack once the starters came off the floor.