Buss Not Worried About Heat


As far as Jerry Buss is concerned: Game on!

The Los Angeles Lakers’ legendary owner isn’t too worried about those who took their talents to South Beach or anywhere else this summer.

The acquisitions of Steve Blake, Matt Barnes and Theo Ratliff were made to bolster to two-time defending champs, Buss said. It wasn’t a response to LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh joining forces with the Heat.

“Our intentions were to sign those players prior to Miami coalescing all of the talent that was left over,” Buss said with a laugh. “I don’t think we reacted to them. Once the season is over, we look backwards on the season and say, ‘Were there any weaknesses? Could we do something to improve this team?’

“And we did that quite independently of Miami or Orlando or Chicago, all of who are going to be very good. I think Denver will be excellent this year. Utah is always good, always tough for us. So I think we just prepared ourselves for the general war, not specifically for anyone.”

When you’ve got Kobe Bryant leading the troops — no offense Phil — you’re going to feel good about your chances in battle and for a threepeat. Oh yeah, the Lakers still have Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest and Andrew Bynum.

So how good can this version of the Lakers be?

“When I look at this team, every single individual on that team seems to me capable of playing a very important role next year and as of now, I feel there’s a good chance this could be the best team we’ve ever had,” Buss said.

Buss admitted to watching the “The Decision” and thought LeBron let a few people down. The recent Hall of Fame inductee can’t help but be juiced by theΒ haul former employee Pat Riley pulled off in Miami.

“Suddenly there’s this juggernaut out there that we have a chance to play against and that excites me, that really excites me because, quite honestly, I think we can beat ’em and I’m looking forward to playing them,” Buss said. “So some of it was kind of an excitement, saying, ‘Oh boy, here’s a team that everybody put together. This is our next big opponent.'”

But don’t reserve L.A. and Miami hotel rooms in June just yet. Buss expects Boston and Orlando to have plenty to say in the Eastern Conference.

“I don’t think it’s automatic that Miami will be our biggest opponent come the end,” he said, “but on the other hand, I must admit they have the world’s attention and that means we’re going to be on center stage when we get a chance to play ’em.”



  1. bicho says:

    i agree with you all the way..

  2. Toto says:

    you all cannot stop talking about Lakers, Boston, Miami, Orlando, I beleive you forget another TEAM that might bring a lot of surprises this year. CHICAGO BULLS! Be ready………………..
    this year so many teams are improving to title contenders. It is goind to be a true challenge. No one can really predict the outcome of this year. Let the teams play balls and we will see.

  3. Wildo says:

    i can’t believe all guys love talking trash about miami.. wade has carried this team on his own with all his injuries and still managed to take the team to the playoff no one ever thought the heat was gonna make it the far but wade came back and he did. and now that he finally got help because the old heat sucks (lebron and bosh) you guys still saying they won’t make it.. you guys are either idiots or on crack

  4. Yoyo says:

    Utah’s always tough for the Lakers?

    Did Jerry watch the playoffs? LOL!

  5. Mavs Fan says:

    I think Lakers will win the west atleast for the next two seasons. They have really inproved there bench players. There is no other real contender in the west as for now. Mavs and Spurs have too many miles on them, Rockets are improving but are not up to the championship level.
    As for the East, don’t count bulls out. Orlando is overrated and should go out of the playoffs in the 2nd round no matter who they meet. Heat has to prove themselves before they challange the lakers. For Celtics, its there last chance.
    I think. its going to be lakers who will do the 3 peat next season unless Kobe is unfit. I am bored of Celtics & lakers wiining all for the last 3 seasons and would love to have a new wiinner.

  6. KETAROCCDALOC#24 says:

    theres only one kobe and u see dat year after year even in our losing years n da post shaq era he did som things dat are undescribable but we all beared witness so eventually they will if they havent already behead the quote on quote “KING JAMES” kobe has three more for sure dominant years then you have the kobe dats only gonna give u 15 to 20 a nite and we gonna be lookin like dats bad numbers but for ne1 else it would b brilliant play we were luccy to have him n BOSS ANGELES SO SNU EVA TAKES HIS PLACE GOT GREAT SHOES TO FILL. can u imagine kobe cummin off the bench i think he will retire b4 that occurs

  7. Tommy says:

    yeah miami has a problem at the 5 position. big z and joel anthony… they need an upgrade

  8. lakersdominate says:

    Hello the heat when they won the title had
    Shaq and Alonzo at center
    Gary payton and Jason williams at pg

    and Im not goin to say any more. They had depth at the 1 and 5. the 2 most important possitions.
    Now their best pg is an old carlos arroyo (i still think hes a reall good player tho) and big z( slowest center ever to play) aditionally they have no defensive presence other than the 2 and the three. Chris bosh is flimsy and easy to push around if there isnt a defensive presence in the inside. Udonis is way undersized and doesnt show any more promise i the future.

    Now they may pssibly have the most dominant offensive trio at the 2 3 and 4 but none of them can defend dwight at the c or Rondo at the pg

  9. ldhl89 says:

    I dont think that Steve Blake, Matt Barnes and Theo Ratliff is an improve

    Matt Barnes is not a Top defender, yes he is good because he is an energetic player, and he grab a lot of attention for the altercation with kobe but thats all
    Theo Ratliff, its not going to have playtime. The frontcourt of the lakers is easy Gasol-40 Min, bynum 30-35 min, odom, 30-35min
    Steve Blake: “Im steve blake, break my ankle please”

    This are not bad players, but i dont think is improving

    • lakersdominate says:

      your kidding me matt barnes adds a differnt dimention as a defender. Matt can easily guard the 3 possition moving lamar to concentrate on 4 a little more. Steve blake is a great ballhandler and although he lacks a little defence Im sure derrick will help him with that. Lastly Ratliff is a great defender(one of the best in my opinion) and can help limit andrews time on the court. These new addition although they will affect the starters minutes will have an impact on their rest and defence usually controls tempo. the lakers added more depth and a greater defensive bench. this is huge improvement

  10. Dongz23 says:

    Defense would win the game as they say.
    These players are all good in defense and would be very exciting to watch cause they are in the exact opponent match ups, except maybe for barnes and haslem who plays 3 and 4/5 positions

    LEBRON (3)-ARTEST(3)



  11. Cedric says:

    I think Buss is a goood owner with all the things he have done but what I do believe is that kobe gets to much of the buzz of being a great player. Am not saying Kobe isn’t a great player but he still is not to be compared to Jordan because on his own when it was just Kobe he never accomplished nothing compare to what lebron, and Jordan did on there own, yea he scored 40 points almost every night but most of the nights it was in a losing effort. I don’t care what nobody’s says about Lebron, these fellas are scared what’s about to happen to them. last season Cavs beat Lakers the 2 time they meet till Lakers fans started throwing stuff on the court. Now Lebron has 2 powerful force he can now go too. I cant wait till all of the haters start being fakers and jumping on his train, cause in reality any real basketball fan know Kobe wasn’t nothing without Odom, Gasol, Artest, and Fisher, yal is seem to forget.

    • tom says:

      Oh so You said Kobe got too much Buzz but not Lebron? Come on now he the one that choice #23 to fallow Jordan, when he come out of the draft every one said he the chosen one. So you Said Jordan have no help at all during his 6 ring?

      oh so now you talk about regular season guest what the cav have the best record in the regular season but what happen in the playoff oh that right choke. Oh dont forget about when LBJ win he dance and shuve it in the losing team face, guest wat when he lose just walk away not even congratz.

      Are you Kidding me Kobe is nothing w/o Gasol, Odom, Fish, Bynum? come on now let me remind you some thing 81point vs raptors, or 62point in 3 quarter vs Dallas remember that ? when he score alot you call him ball hog when he have bad game you call him suck.

      you Hater need to shut up and just watch the game cuz you know it true.

  12. billy says:

    this supporting cast for wade is far better than the 2006 one he won a title with………… actually take lebron out of htis team and replace him with lamar odom and thats equal to the 2006 team wade carried to a title….. bosh of now is better than shaq in 06 finals, wade is better now than he was then (if thats possible), miller= antoine walker, haslem= haslem, etc

    add lebron to it and it just aint fair.

  13. Dongz23 says:

    Heat will never win over the Celtics in the Playoffs. .The Celtics are old but the defense is very tough. James cried on the defense of the celtics and wade too. .

  14. 3peat is coming ma man.. the heat can win a championship.. but not at this lifetime my friend..

  15. I Agree.. haha.. with whom?

  16. Ivo says:

    Gonna go with the old & wily Mr. Buss on this one: why’s there so many putting their life savings on the Heat topping the East. H3ll no! They may have 3 of top 10 players as starters but they sure aren’t deep. Who carries them when one or more of those guys is injured? Does the “M3” do 40+ minutes each per game over the whole season? Man a person gotta be trippin’ to think they can do it alone when they shallow off the bench. It’s gonna be Celtics vs Lakers again .. yeah that’s right … you can take that to the bank South Beach suckers!

  17. Macrouge1003 says:

    CB is equally better than gasol., Pau on his prime didint make the memphis on the #2 seed but CB make the toronto on the #2 spot on the 2005 playoff. CB’s Stats will speak for itself ^_^

    • tom says:

      Lol you talking about #2 seed in the east oh that right the east last decade 2-8seed is just barly above .500 team other hand the west is stack with good team. and Stats just wait untill he play and you see his point drop.

  18. Tmac4eva says:

    Guys, just compare what Lebron had in the CAVS and what he has in the MIAMI now. Heat has a big chance to steal a title from LA πŸ˜‰

  19. vOnz says:

    West : 1 Lakers. 2. OKC. 3rd. Spurs or blazers.

    OKC have the biggestchance in knocking off the lakers in the west. I love kobe. He is the best, but DURANT at the age of 21 can only get better. He will be the best player in the NBA.

    NUGGETS? caremo is gonna to NYC. they’re finished.

    East : 1. Celtics 2. Miami 3. Bulls.

    Thats my 2c. I predict LA or OKC will win the nba.

  20. ryan ricafort says:

    i would love to see miami and L.A. in the finals! for those who does not want to see l.a. in the finals, goodluck!

  21. heat843u5q74 says:

    why is evryone saying the heat have a bad supporting cast?! Joel anthony is a great defender ( although his offense is crap)
    we also have a bunch of 3 point shooters who will always be open cause of the BIG 3!! OUR OFFENSE WILL BE AMAZING. AND erik spoelstra is pretty much focuses on defense, so we’ll atleast be in the upper half of the league there.

  22. J-Short says:

    Dr. Buss is a class act period. And last time i checked the title still has to come thru Laker land.

  23. Dan says:

    Lakers are the team to beat because they are the champs. I see the Lakers and Oklahoma and Denver in the West with the Lakers the clear favorite. In the east I see Miami and Boston and Orlando. Miami if healthy will be too much for either Boston or Orlando to handle. Yes Orlando has Dwight but Orlando would not be able to guard all three miami stars and the way lebron and wade get foul calls dwight will be out of the game quickly if he plays aggressive. Boston has the best chance of competing with Miami but we all saw how streaky Ray allen was and then just plain awful in the finals. Pierce was shut down by lebron in an unbelievable way like 9 points a game average. Pierce was awful. Rondo was left uncovered and he was the real hero. Garnet had trouble dunking the basketball. hopefully he will be more healthy. So the way things are going i would say Miami and Lakers in the finals if all are healthy. I give the lakers the best chance to win the championship this coming year. I love the matchups in a laker miami series. Kobe and Wade, Bosh and Gasol. Lebron is a hybrid that causes a mismatch for the lakers. Lebron abused Artest and Odom just is too slow for lebron. But I believe the lakers would have the edge because of their team chemistry. Miami will make it very competitive and have a chance to win but after this year if the miami heat are still together i see them winning a few championships in the next 5 years.

  24. Lepper says:

    Miami looks good on paper, but they haven’t proven anything yet. Until then, Boston/Lakers are the favorites for the finals. Who knows though, anything can happen. Injuries affect any team. This is where a ‘TEAM’ comes through. This is the test for every team IMO.

    One of the most important aspects of basketball is to get home court advantage in the playoffs. This is the Lakers goal in every season. This involves being a good road team as well. If you can’t win on the road, there is no way you’ll win a title.

    So far, Boston and Lakers are the favorites. They are both truly great teams.

  25. LIbro Ni James says:

    With due respect to Lakers and Boston Fans.


    • alexzo says:

      Hindi siguro kapatid (I dont think so bro)Unless someone else takes their place, The champs will always be the team to beat.

  26. J Memo says:

    Buss shouldnt be worried because he has a good team to back it up but should be aware of THE OLYMPIC TRIO.

    1.) Point Guards

    Fisher/ Blake VS Arroyo/House/Chalmers

    I give that to Match-up on Paper and Stats to LA.

    2.) Shooting Guards

    Kobe/Shannon Brown VS Wade/ Mike Miller

    I Give that to Miami. My reason is because Kobe is Kobe of course he’s the best player mentioned but doesnt have the greatest defense to guard Wade all game and then sit down and have brown on miller… and Wade with miller as back up… is a better matchup in that position.

    3.) Small Fowards

    Ron Artest/ Matt Barnes/ Odom/ VS LeBron/ James Jones

    I give that LA and Miami, . LA has better rotation at that position then the Heat. LeBron is monster of course and would be hard to stop but the rotation may be a problem when LeBron sits out for a breather.
    This postion all depends on how the Coahces play it.

    4.) Power Fowards

    Odom/ Gasol/ VS Bosh/Haslem/Howard

    I give this to Miami, Pau is the man but with a rotation of those three in Miami could make it challenging for LA when Pau sits out and one of those Three are in.

    5.) Centers

    Bynum /Pau /Ratliff VS Big Z /Magliore/ Joel Anthony and the rookie.

    No doubt who that goes to.. Miami.. LOL……. Just playing of course LA.

    So the results

    LA is strong in 2.5 postions and Miami also.

    I just think LA is deeper team but I dont deny Miami at all

  27. james says:

    lets condsider the heats bench big Z is just slow and fat, all mike miller is their best player besides the big 3 and all he can do is shoot and the lakers proved they can handle a shooter(ray allen) udonis haslem is decent but nothing like a lamar odom so pretty much the heat just suck

  28. ed says:

    i dont understand how people can say that the miami heat team is not gonna be that great, when we made it to the playoff as a 5th seed with just dwade. Now we got lebron and bosh plus some good role players that can shoot like mike miller. i can guarantee lakers fan that they r in for a shock when they see their 3peat talk put to rest in the nba finals by miami

    • tom says:

      did your LBJ regular season win him any thing in the Playoff? com on man 2 year in the row #1 of regular season when come playoff time wat happen choke and blame the elbow. go look at all the post above no one said they arent a good team. on paper they might be the best team but you arnt the best untill you beat the best when it come to 7game series.
      And dont Sleep on Boston, Orlando, Chicago, or even the Hawk,

  29. jeff says:

    i kinda feel bad for the lakers this year because of no competition in the west except for just a few teams like the Oklahoma thunder gives them fits with star Kevin durant. and the young talented Portland trailblazers with Brandon Roy. and maybe even Denver nuggets with Carmelo Anthony.

    but the west use to be jam packed for years with great teams and the west was so much funner to watch

    teams like spurs sonics rockets jazz suns kings blazers nuggets mavs

    but all good talent left the west to play in the east

    and the Miami heat are in good shape don’t get me wrong i just don’t know if that team could play together with to much talent on the same court

    plus the east is now jam packed with good teams like Celtics magic bulls Atlanta

    so the lakers have a better chance of making the finals than the heat do even thou they got 3 of the NBA elite players on one team

    but like i said the lakers still have good opponents in the west to compete with like the blazers thunder and nuggets but not like the heat do in the magic Celtics and even a good team like the bulls

    so lakers vs heat would be fun to watch and what everybody’s expecting and a great possibility i just don’t know if that’s gonna happened this year

    so don’t be surprised if the heat might not be in the finals even thou they should be

    and don’t be surprised if the lakers go against one of there three teams in the west listed above go to game 7 and possibly knock out the lakers

    now is that gonna happend personally i don’t thinks so but there’s a possibility

    nba is gonna have a great year



    • Rubio says:

      its because the players out west is afraid to face kobe in the playoffs..coz they know they dont have a chance..(see Amar’e Stoudemire, Shaq, etc.)

    • Alexzo says:

      @jeff- know y every1’s heading east buddy? Coz they have a better shot at makin’ it to the finals. Y’all know that the lakers have owned the west & will continue to own it the next couple of years. A laker dynasty is in place.

  30. Juan says:

    Lebron with Wade with Bosh are redundancies………they are better but only by a little bit…….they won’t win the east…..none of these three are even terrific 3 point shooters…….so if teams will zone……they wont win……this will be like portland with pippen et al., the lakers with malone et al……Spolstra will be fired next year…..or will be demoted…..or will not even coach…..Riley probably will……

  31. lcm says:

    I see prodominately laker fans responding. This shows everyone how much they are worried about Miami! I have read a couple of ridiculous comments about Ron Artest and Lamar Odom limiting Lebron James. Do they not remember that Lebron and company beat the Lakers twice last season, and that Lebron averaged 30 points a game against LA. He dropped 36 points on them in Staples center. I know Lebron is public enemy number 1 for the way he handled things, but to suggest that anyone on the Lakers roster can guard him is ridiculous when you consider the tract record. As a matter of fact the Lakers are 2 and 8 against Lebron James.

    • Ivo says:

      Oh, dam .. you right seer sucker .. Lebron sure got the regular season all wrapped up .. oooh, yeah! I guess poor ole L.A gonna have to settle for B-2-B NBA Championships … Shiieeeet! What the hell u smokin’ boy .. you and yo Monday night quarterbacks gotta get offa that mean sh1t u smokin’ .. i mean gard@am whats the matter wit’ u? Anyway M3 ain’t gonna win shiiieeet when they get a whippin’ by “best TEAM” out East .. that be right, mofo, CELTICS. How u goona score in traffic KG .. O’Neals .. Big Baby .. and that’s after since you can’t “even” get past Rajon, Ray & The Truth. I gonna say it again .. QUIT SMOKIN” DAT Sh!!t!!

    • Bardot says:

      its because the blog posted is about the “lakers’ owner”…

  32. childswear says:

    i dont like the hang time blog where any random person could easily leave abusive comments and hide behind their computer. but any ways i think the lakers need to slightly tweek their roster alittle more to beat the heat.

  33. lakers001 says:

    you guys are just hating don’t hate just cause we have gone to the finals for the 3rd straight year in a row black mamba going for the 6 ring like it was his first πŸ™‚ oh who that who that ? is kobeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)!

  34. kobron says:

    Getting Carmelo to come to the lakers wound in fact create a dynasty.

  35. Eric says:

    There is no way that Carmelo wouuld go to LA, trust me on that one. He wants to beat them real bad, especially wearing the color blue. I know he would rather beat Kobe than join him and Melo’s record against any team Lebron is on is that of pure domination…check the head to head win column.

  36. lakers1554 says:

    the only thing i got to say is that the LAKERS N MIAMI are not gonna play in the finals is gonna be LAKERS AND BOSTON again

  37. jared says:

    What teams are gona step up in the west guys? The east is getting pretty awsome and competitive with miami, orlando, boston, chicago, and atlanta. I mean only three of those teams can win the conference but I mean who even has a shot of taking down the lakers in the west? The west is going way downhill. Feedback?…

    • Zzanzabar says:

      I’m sorry but I see little or no change in the make up of the Eastern Confrence, while he West is still going strong. Miami just switched places with Clevelad (you don’t REALLY believe Gilbert as to them winning before Miami do you) so that means that you have basically 4 of the 8 Eastern playoff teams with 50+ wins and the rest with 45-48 wins. In the West all 8 playoff teams had 50 wins and that was with a majortiy of their games against stronger western teams. What you think that Stodermire is going to make a 30 or 35 game difference for the Knicks??
      As for Booser he is going to make an already good Bulls team better but they are in the mix anyway.

      The Western Conference has a still strong Spurs team (yeah they are getting old but they can still bring it), the Mavericks, Houston with Yao, Denver, and Utah (as long as they have Williams, coach Slone and that barn of an Arena). OKC and Portland are finally on track (now if only Sacramento and the Clippers can cash in on their rookies) oh, I did forget someone, now who was that?? Oh yeah the WORLD CHAMPIONS! Remember is is the bottom half of a confrence that makes it strong, not the top 4 teams! The East has a long way to go before they can bring up Detroit, NJ, NY, Philly, aah the list goes on!

  38. TrueChosenOne says:

    The Heat’s a stacked team, no doubt. Even though I’m not a big fan of LeBron or Bosh, I can’t deny their atheltic abilities and their basketball skills. Miami surpassed all expectations with their role players for their big three, all of whom were franchise players. Kobe, albeit still a great player, is getting old. This was evident in his performance in the finals against Boston. Had it not been for Perkin’s injury, the ref’s tamperin, and Artest’s lucky three, Boston would have undoubtably won. Coming from a Boston fan, I see Heat and Boston in the eastern finals, with Lakers and Mavericks (or Rockets if Yao stays healthy) in the western finals. My predictions, Heat in 6, Lakers in 7 against Mavericks, or Rockets in 7 if Yao remains healthy. Finals, Heat in 6 against any team.

    • tom says:

      And you call ur self Boston fan Come on man you look like a Bandwaggon lol
      With the Toughest of Boston im sure they can win or atleast push them to game 7
      And for the west im sure that OKC/Blazer will have a chance if they stay healthy with Denver if they keep Melo and Mav i think the west is not that bad after al those big name move to the east

  39. jomica says:

    @ Eric: I cAn’t blame you for still believing that Jordan could have won 1 or 2 rings without Pippen. The matter of fact is, no one knows what could have happend if that scenario had occured. For me as a basketball fan, it’s all about chemistry and the people that comprise the team. Jordan was blessed to have such good and understanding supporting cast thus giving him the chance to excell as “The Man”. That same thing happend to Kobe. We can’t simply deny that fact. The lakers management did their part. As to Kobe demanding to be traded, it was great. U know why? It made the management do some adjustment and look what happend now. 2 out 3 finals and 2 rings. Lebron didn’t demanded to be traded, he choose to transfer and that’s his choice. So give credit to every Lakers. They did their best and they deserve those rings…

  40. DaHeatisON says:

    Some one actually said that Wade, LeBron and Bosh couldn’t win in the FIBA basketball tournament. Do you actually think that Kobe or Garnett would have won if they was the LEADER of a group of guys whose average age was 21 against players like Manu Ginobili and Vlade Divac?

    • alexzo says:

      Hell Yeah! Kobe & KG are old scool…THey’re a different dying breed. most players now play for either the money or the fans. Kobe & KG are the love them or hate !em type of players!

    • tom says:

      Yes i do think so that wat Leadership and hard work com in. KG is a great leader when ever you make a mistake he will tell you so remember he make Big Baby David Cry? or Kobe He a hard work who stay after practice or come in early to work out. and yet remember the 08 Olympic?

    • KobeMVP24 says:

      ABSOLUTELY! No explanation required

  41. Don Adams says:

    Why is everyone sleeping on Chicago?? I would put Rose, Noah, Deng, Boozer, Brewer, Korver, Gibson, CJ Watson, Kurt Thomas and James Johnson up against ANY rotation in the NBA. Don’t sleep on the Bulls!!

    • Zzanzabar says:

      You are right. Chicago should be mentioned in any talk abuot winning the East, its just I don’t see them winning 4 our of 7 from Miami. Atlanta definately, Boston and Orlando maybe, but against Miami I don’t think so (of course this is all conjecture because Miami has YET to win one game with its new line-up)

    • tingyman says:

      agreed, watch out miami!

  42. KING KOBE says:

    juwan howard the john salley of the nba now just riding the bench to get a ring

  43. AROW314 says:

    i don’t agree with the comment above only on him saying boston can play the same thing for seven games…they didn’t against LA this year…well you know what i take that back perkins did get hurt..ok you right about everything else….gasol is the best PF in the game today…better then KG, BOSH, and any other player…because when you think about it…BOSH game is closest to KG’s and KG was a lot better than BOSH in his prime years….to be honest i really think KG left his prime years maybe a couple years ago….he was in it for a very long time….BUT all in all the big difference in these two teams (LA and MIAMI) is experience….LA has so much more experience than Miami….and that alone is a game changer…the only clutch person on miami right now is WADE but with kobe guarding him its extremely hard to see him hitting game winning shots in front of him is really hard to believe….i saw paul pierce (a extremely clutch player) give the ball up in the final seconds of game 7 in the finals to rondo to shoot a three (we all know that rondo can’t shoot threes) thats why i believe if the lakers and miami meet up in the finals the lakers will win….these two team are gonna go through a lot this season….but they both with win 60+ games….i think getting carmelo will be awesome…BUT the lakers will be so different with him and i think they would have to figure out a way to incorporate him and still be THAT CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM…..i do know that kobe and carmelo was the closest friends in the olympics…im sure that they could co-exist…but they would deffinate have to change that team around probably have to get rid of lamar odom and bynum for him

  44. Pain says:

    Everyone keeps mentioning Lamar Odem, Ron Artest, Andrew Bynum, and Fisher. You forget that the heat dont only have Lebron, Wade, and Bosh under contracts they also have Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem, Big Z, Eddie House. I’m sorry I just cant see anyone beating Miami in a seven game series. Miami is to loaded offensively and Miami has always played a really good team deffence and now Miami adds two dinamic deffenders. I still respect the lakers and what they’ve done but I dont see anyone beating Miami in a seven game series.

    • jomica says:

      @ Pain: I beg to disagree with you my friend. I do believe that the Lakers team can beat them when that time comes… Let’s just see if that time comes. I bet it will be a good series. Nobody knows who’ll win the series but for sure it will be one heck of a ballgame or series.

    • LAKERS says:

      Watch the playoffs and you believe after its over. LOL!!!!!! Lakers have a waaaaaaaaaay better team than miami does defensively! And we all know defense win championships. Miami will not be able to score easily against the lakers great defenders. KOBE, BARNES, ARTEST, BYNUM in the middle. Come on, are you serious. Lequeen and wade arent super heros! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • alexzo says:

      MATT, THeo & Steve are coming off the bench & are gonna kick their behinds! They aint bad defenders as well. LA has a more well rounded team now… SCARRY THOUGHT!!!

    • tingyman says:

      did this idi ot just say that the miami added TWO dynamic defenders? lol, hahaha, TWO? do you think that bosh even knows what defense means??? lololol that guy cant even guard a 350 pound hobo and ur saying that his defense is dynamic? its worse than amare stoudamires!!! lol
      it seams as if your forgetting that the lakers have kobe bryant, the best player in the world, pau gasol, a very talented power forward [better than bosh] andrew bynum, who despite his injury proneness can be a huge presense in the middle, lamar odom, who currently is playing for team usa, yet he is only a 6th man in the lakers roster, ron artest, 2004 defensive player of the year, and derek fisher, very smart veteran who can be very clutch when he has to. i can easily see the lakers beating the heat in a 7 game series

    • tom says:

      im sorry did they play a single game yet? oh that right the season dont even started yet
      Boston Might be OLD but im sure with their Big 3 and Rondo with Perkin they wont give up with out a fight
      you also forgot about Magic or even Bull
      so keep ur hope up cuz the east is tough this year

    • Bardot says:

      @pain: the lakers have the deepest bench in the NBA today…with odom, barnes, blake, ratliff and brown coming off the bench..i think nobody can match that..odom, barnes, blake and ratliff are starters for other teams before..and big z?he will retire coz he cant stop the pick and roll of the lakers..LOL

  45. ipm says:

    No matter who will be the next champion this was VERY classy of Dr. Jerry Bush. I wish other owners and/or GMs could demonstrate this level of diplomacy and perception.

  46. c4g3 says:

    miami is gonna get75 wins

    • jomica says:

      I beg to disagree with you pal… 75 wins? Are you kidding me.. Maybe they have a chance to break the 72-10 record of the bulls, but to win 75 games is insane…. You have to see that they gonna play each team in the east either 3 or 4 times, plus playing the west 2 times. So u mean to say, they gonna beat all those good teams and lose only 7 games?

    • alexzo says:


  47. benedict yabut says:

    well people could judged the miami heat as long as they can but come playing time those 3 kings will give the nba the biggest impact they havent tasted since michael jordan came back from retirement and joined dennis rodman and scottie pippen back to 3 peat.Dont say they dont have supporting role players,they got mike miller who lead the washington wizards points per game in the absence of arinas,you got udanis haslem consistent on medium perimeter and execellent rebounder,you got the big Z man 7feet and 3 inch with a wing span of 8 footer,juwan howard who gave blazer last year a good game ,then you got maglore which also a treat this 3 role players are former all star caliber players before wade and lebron arrived,so dont say they have nothing cause all i could picture is all pass uptempo game with alley ops.wade alone almost defeated the lakers single handedly in last regular season if not for kobe lucky fade away 3 points ,of course they lead by one lucky break.now imagine lebron and wade attacked on both wings then bosh and the big Z in the middle plus you got mike miller to give you an offensive 3 on the upper rainbow,wow cant wait.see yah all and dont say I didnt warn you all.

    • jomica says:

      yuo have to bet on that my friend. It would take sacrifice and chemistry for that team to beat the Lakers. Sure, they now have what we call a Potent Three man combo, but that doesn’t mean they are already guaranteed championship. Let’s just wait and see who’s team is gonna make it to the finals

    • LAKERS says:

      LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its just soooooo funny how you heat fans keep talking about your supporting role and Big Z!! First you dont have a supporting role! I wouldnt be suprised if miami had to turn to the crowd sometime during the season and ask someone their to come and help. And as far as Big Z goes. I guess you miami fans believe all of a sudden now he can guard Dwight Howard! Yeeeeeea right. He was man handled win cleveland played orlando. And the same thing will continue to happen. He is nothing but lequeens lil b*@#H!! Keep talking about the Big 3, thats all miami has. Exciting to watch, but come on, no championship coming for miami this year or in 2012!

      • Butchoy says:

        Big Z???hahaha…he said he is loyal to Cleveland that is why he bought out of Washington and look now…where’s his loyalty?he is not loyal to Cleveland he is loyal to serve as LBJ’s b****! and mr. yabut, please do check your spelling.. πŸ˜€ peace!

    • alexzo says:

      LA’s got the heat in check!Dr Buss said it well, Steve, Matt & Theo has made them actually better than what they were…Champions. The Lakers aint worried about the Heat…I believe their radars are up against the Celts who clearly has an axe to grind against them. The Celts arent bad themselves. Most experts would agree they’ve actually gotten better as well. Lakers/Celts in June!!!

    • julami says:

      agreed. first undefeated NBA regular season – 2010-2011 Miami Heat. 2010-2011 NBA Champions-Boston Celtics πŸ™‚

    • tingyman says:

      lol no one is saying that the miami heat dont have skill, all im saying is that they arent much compared to the lakers, or even the celtics[ yeah i said it]. and LOL, bosh manning the middle? i would love to see bosh vs gasol, shaq, and howard. watch and see bosh fade away into obscurity

      • Butchoy says:

        to mr tingyman..and be injured over and over again banging bodies with those people..heck bosh cant even stop kendrik perkins…LOL

  48. Raptors fan says:

    Hi there i just read the above, and you have to remeber something. Yes alas iam a disgruntaled raptors fan. But maybe Bosh leaving could be good for all of us. We didnt exaclt get an exciting team but in time. As for the Gasol and Bosh discussion. Gasol is clearly better, playoff experience and he has a ring. Gasol could get blocked 20 times a night against Bosh but until he has one of his own he cant say anything. Gasol play has been elevated in recent years. I mean Chris has gotten better too and is a better shooter but. I dont really know, its going to be exciting but, i hope the three whine bags fight over the rock. You have to understand that we made Chris a GOD in Toronto. How do you think the crummy prick got into the all star games in the first place? I mean i voted. DARE TO DREAM that Bargani ( cant spell) finds a Dirk like level this year. AND WE WIN SOME GODDAMN GAMES. As for the Lakers… congrats, i dont really like them but i do respect them. They win a ton and there is no reason that they cant repeat. They will crush Miami. Chris Bosh is a flopper…. i watched him play for 7 years. He was holding our team back. LETS GET A CANADIAN AT THE HELM. STEVE nash is good to go in free agency next year. He has never come to play for Canada. Whats his problem? Is he too good for us ?

    Thank you for listening to my ramblings… signed me.

    • julami says:

      You wouldnt say any of this if Bosh hadnt left. The Raptors would have been NOTHING without him. The Raptors are once again NOTHING, so mabye if you want your team to win, petition to the NBA to have the Raptors relocated to the D-League. LOL thats the only chance that they’d have at a winning record.

    • tingyman says:

      agreed but do you really want to overpay for a 37 year old [at that time]?
      but yeah i agree, toronto now has the ability to rebuild and try to make a very legit team

      • raptorss says:

        raptors are re building, next season they need derozan and weems to step up, i dont think ed davis is gonna make a instant inpact on the raptors thoo,
        + their team is vvery young still, but i think they should trade bargs and calderon for a bettter pg, becaause amir johnson is developing his game at center and if ed davis plays good then this would be a HUGE improvement for raps

    • daez says:

      Fair enough, but you can’t say that just because Gasol got some rings playing with… uhmm… oh yeah… KOBE BRYANT, that he’s automatically better than Bosh. I agree that Gasol is better than Bosh, but not because Pau has rings. Gasol couldn’t even win a playoff game before he joined the Lakers, so your point is flawed. Gasol is better purely because of his skill.

  49. MRBASKETBALL says:

    I would like to see who will be the man on the heat team. Who will take the robbin role and who will be batman. I dont even think the coach has the guts to call that last second play.

    • tingyman says:

      the man would be dwade of course. it was his team since 2003 and i doubt that lebron will steal the lead role. at least lebron can become like scottie pippen. haha, just that not while kobe is still around

  50. Big O says:

    I still do not understand why someone would make such comment… that Gasol is getting as good as Bosh? what are you smoking… Gasol is better than Bosh… talk about soft and afraid of the big moment. thats Bosh for you. But Gasol is totally different from 2008 finals…. I mean this was a guy who never won a playoff game before coming to the lakers, ofcourse he might choke in the finals. but when i saw him go head to head against dwight howard (game 4, 2009 nba finals). I knew Kobe had just created a monster not just a monster but a very skilled Monster.. :). i believe the only way there will be a lakers-miami finals is if Miami does not have to go through Boston. because boston, call them old and tired but when it comes to playing the same thing for seven games, they will always show up… so miami fans pray that Orlando takes out boston before the eastern finals.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Lol your saying like Orlando cant beat Miami.. Orland has a better chance.. Miami can take advantage of Bostons veteran players.. and with Shaq their fastbreak defense will be slow so Wade, Lebron, Bosh, Miller, Chalmers, Arroyo can just run past them..and with Orlando.. Dwight Howard will completely shut down Bosh, Anthony, Juwan Howard and Haslem.. and will limit Wade and Lebron in the paint.. Boston can do that.. but Dwight Howard is athletic enough to block fastbreak shots.. so Orlando has a better chance of winning than Boston does

      • julami says:

        Dwight Howard doesnt do anything but dunk, rebound, block shots, foul and miss free throws. The fact of the matter is that the Magic do not have a good enough TEAM to beat the lakers and they proved that in 09 (What a joke of a series). They couldnt beat Boston until Garnett was injured, and they DAMN sure wont be able to beat Miami. Boston is the only team in the east that can take Miami. And either way, no matter who wins, Miami or Boston WILL beat the Lakers in the Finals if they even make it there. Kobe shot terribly in the playoffs this season and i think that he’s on the downslope of his career. My call: Boston next year. Miami the 4 following years. The NBA is BACK IN THE EAST!!!!

      • tingyman says:

        sadly i would have to disagree there. if you actually watch the playoffs you would notice that the “fastbreak” is practically NONEXISTENT” the game in the playoffs settles down to how well you play the half court offense and that is why you usually see teams like the lakers which use the triangle offense succeed in the playoffs.

    • LAKERS says:

      Agree!! As a hardcore LAKER fan and a celtic hater. I believe 100% Miami cannot beat BOSTON!! Frontcourt depth is way too much for miami to handle. Miami doesnt even have a solid center.

    • alexzo says:

      Dang! Hell yeah Big O! ‘m feelin’ u bro!

    • daez says:

      Yes, Gasol is a lot better han Bosh. Gasol can play the 4 and 5 positions. He’s a better rebound, better inside post player, has good range, and is a lot stronger than Bosh. Bosh can shot well and is very explosive, but he’s not better than Pau. No contest

    • heart says:

      you answer your own question incorrect…

  51. Greg says:

    Lol Lakers having more talented players than Miami ? Who are you kidding.
    Lakers won’t even go to the finals πŸ˜€

    • jomica says:

      Really/ How sure are you? You can’t simply eliminate the Lakers out of the picture. It’s the heat who should be weary right now. They have all the people’s expectation. So james better make what he promised during His presentation. That they will make it exciting and worth watching.

    • alexzo says:

      You must be dreaming greg. Dont put your hopes up! I’d be surprised if Miami gets thru Boston. The Veteran Celts will bully these kids in the PO’s.

      • daez says:

        Celtics have lots of big bodies to throw at Miami, so you’re right… Miami will have trouble taking Boston in the post. But if you take another look at the C’s roster, aside from Rondo, not much speed. All their bigs are old and slow, as opposed to the heat’s quickness and speed. When Miami plays Boston, they will be looking to crash the boards, then hit the break hard for an easy finish against a slower and much older Celtic squad. As well as pros, there are flaws to having bigs… Think about that

      • alexzo says:

        @daez- Play-off’s are where the big boy’s come to play. It’s all about defense & the half court set. That is why the triangle offense of La & the half court set of Boston excels. Except for Dwade, both James & Bosh are relativly new to Miami’s system. I see the heat running & gunning..but their defense is questionable. Thus leading to the fact that their Play-off run might end abruptly eventhough they might have the first seed in the regular season. You can ask James about it…He’s been in that situation the past 2 years in Cleveland. I still believe Boston has what it takes to beat the heat. Their veteran savy & the mere presence of their line-up is enough to shake the young athletic legs of the 3 stooges. The Big 3 of Boston, Perk, Shaq & JO will BULLY this Miami team & drop them each time they try to fly. Defense wins championships. Think about that!

    • tingyman says:

      ignorance and total disrespect for the DEFENDING CHAMPIONS. obviously you dont know much about basketball. the miami heat if anything will not be making the finals, they have the magic and the celtics to worry about, not to mention if some eastern team surprises us this year or one of the miami thrice breaks their leg or something.

  52. Khalid says:

    I think Lakers are the best team in 2012 because they have talented players better than Miami Heat.

    Thank you.

    • LAKERS says:

      AGREE 100% From top to bottom the LAKERS are much better team than the heat. From the coach, too the starting line up, to the bench. The LAKERS have a much better team.

      • daez says:

        2011-2012… Yes Lakers are probably the best team going into next season. Miami second, mainly because the all-star talent they now have. Their backup players are good, but not great. Obviously they have no bigs, which much like this years US squad will mean running teams off the court and getting fast break points. I won’t be suprised if after next season, Miami leads the league in fast break points… But back to the point, I agree, LA number 1 next season.

  53. rymund says:

    last time i remember, lebron wade and bosh leading a team was in the fiba worlds championship, and finished a disappointing third place… dont put your hopes high on them yet, they might abandon you in the end before they accomplish anything… lol

    • QuestionMark says:

      and last time remember Wade and Lebron dominated the 2010 Allstar game together.. their passing, shots, Alleyoops etc

      • Whostheidiotaboveme says:

        If your actually trying to talk any sense you would know the all-star game has little to NO defense at all. Lets be serious buddy.

      • LAKERS says:

        What you lebron ball sack gabblers need to understand is on the 2010 all star team they other good roll players, not a bunch of scrubs like miami has. And i am so tired of people saying Kobe couldnt do it without shaq, kobe couldnt do it without gasol. Well how many different team mates did cleveland put around lequeen and he couldnt get it done with none of the 1 million players cleveland brought in to help him. Lequeen is trash, so is wade and bosh. Very much overrated players!

      • alexzo says:

        All star game is purely entertainment…Only token defense is given so any1 can excel. Not much value is given an all star mvp as much as a season or finals mvp. Dwade & LBJ dominating the all-star is nothing compared to the competitive nature of the fiba worlld champs.

      • julami says:

        not to mention they won gold together in 08.

      • tingyman says:

        and last time remember how the other star players werent really competing, therefore making your arguement completely weak. dwight howard shot a 3 pointer for crying out loud. question your point isnt valid

      • tom says:

        have you watch all star game last phew year? do they even play def all star game is like a joke now

      • garry says:

        An all star game played with no defense.

      • YC02 says:

        Ummm All-Star game = no defence until about the last quarter. Hence why someone like Jamal Magloire (no offence to him) has scored in the high teens in the game before.

      • ron says:


        all star is for show, no competition.

      • tom says:

        not to mention they won gold together in 08.

        and tell me wat happen to the 04 olympic and 06 fiba o wait that right they got their @ss kick

        and in 08 Olympic the credit not only for Bosh Wade and James
        i believe it should be on the Coaching Staff and the leader or Kidd and Kobe

      • DBowe says:

        Listen, I know a lot of people are upset about Lebron coming to Miami, or you’re a Laker fan and just don’t like him, but seriously I think any true “Basketball” fan will agree that “LAKER” is an absolute idiot for saying that D Wade and Lebron are overrated and trash.

    • daez says:

      If you think a little harder, you would remember that they lead the US team back in 2006 when they were younger… What, you’re expecting 3 YOUNG, RAW but talented guys to lead a team to a WORLD title? Wake up

  54. Meech says:

    @ Zzanzabar

    I noticed that too that I cant reply and its totally frustrating. I thought it was my internet connection since none of my devices will let me reply to a comment.

    • Zzanzabar says:

      I just switched from Firefox to Explorer as a browser and it seems to let me post a reply ‘occasionally’. Don’t know how long this will last though.

      • daez says:

        You can reply to comments and the FIRST reply of that comment. Any further replies from that same one comment can not be replied to

    • unknown says:

      If you want to reply a post very high with firefox you most wirte first what you wanna say, press reply and then the key tab to select submit comment.This is is for firefox user, because for some reason you can’t press submit button with the mouse if you try to click it.

  55. Jerry says:

    After hearing the news about Wade, James and Bosh teaming up in Miami, my first thought was that the NBA next season would be at first, might be exciting because of these three superstars playing together but then it might get boring after Miami winning all their games, just a like watching a film which you know what the ending is gonna be. But then, I looked at Laker’s roster next season and thought that the Miami Heat is not that “unbeatable” at all. Wade+James+Bosh = Bryant+Odom+Gasol+Bynum+Artest+Fisher! Its gonna be a great match up between Kobe and DWade and I think Gasol is now close, or maybe the same caliber as Bosh. And Odom and Artest, well,I think that they are very capable of limiting if not stopping Lebron. And then there’s Fisher and Bynum, whose gonna be their match ups? Aside from what Buss’ said that there are a lot of teams which has plenty to say this season. I think the next season is still gonna be exciting to watch!

    • Zzanzabar says:

      (Here’s hoping that this REPLY post actually works this time)

      I agree, except for Gasol being equal to Bosh. Gasol is far and away superior. I also think that Boston and especially Orlando will have something to prove to Miami. This is the first year that I’m anticipating the start of the basketball season OVER the start of the football. I’m signing up for the NBA online right at the start of the season (something I’ve never done before).

      • Brandon says:

        No, Gasol is not “far” superior to Bosh. He’s a slightly better passer, and a slightly better interior defender. Thats about it. Its going to be interesting to see if the “slightly better passer” even holds up now that Bosh has Wade and James to dump it off to.

        Bosh is a (far) more versatile and explosive offensive player, and he runs the floor far better. Considering Miami is going to be an up-tempo team, he’s about the perfect fit at the PF position… not many other PFs could keep up with the pace, Gasol certainly couldn’t.

      • Eric says:

        I agree with Zzanzabar although I am not a fan of Gasol. The Lakers didn’t start winning championships again without Shaq until Gasol came on board. Kobe can’t win without a solid all star next to him. If not for Gasol, Carmelo Anthony would probably have a few championship rings right now along with his new wedding ring and NCAA championship. Thats no knock on Kobe (although I think he is an evil spirited and bitter shame of a man.) Jordan probably wouldn’t have won 6 rings without Pippen either. Jordan probably would have still won a few championships but not 6. Kobe’s frustration before Gasol was traded for (in a steal of a deal) almost led him out of LA, similar to Lebron’s plight. Remember the trade requests?

        Bosh has won nothing in the NBA yet and didn’t even make the playoffs last year on a very talented team with a few all star caliber players. I think he’s a very talented player, but not a champion yet. Gasol has 2 NBA rings. I wouldn’t go as far as to say Gasol is superior either though, perhaps just slightly better and more experienced.

        I can’t wait til the season starts either, but most importantly can’t wait to see if the Nuggets pull the trigger on the Melo trade and what could ultimately decide who wins in the East. If he and Paul go to NY or NJ, look out everyone else…Melo and the sun rise in the East. No one in the East can guard Paul or Melo effectively from what I’ve seen. Heat, Magic, Boston…no one.

      • QuestionMark says:

        I woudnt say Gasol is far superior.. they both have different skills and can play well.. such as Bosh can shoot jumpshots, and can score, Gasol is better i agree but isnt way better, Gasol has less range in his jumpshots and usually scores under the basket and is a better passer, plays better defense and can rebound like Bosh.. But Bosh can expose Gasol pretty easily… Gasol isnt a great perimeter defender.. and since Bosh is a good jumpshooter.. Bosh comes out to the perimeter, fakes a shot and drives by Gasol.. so they each have their flaws but are great players

      • alexzo says:

        Gasol over Bosh anyday! Pau is a proven winner both internationaly (spain) as well as NBA. He has a FAR better & higher basketball IQ than CB & an excellent complement to the mamba. CB has yet to prove anything thus far. His stint in Toronto is a bust. Much like Pau, He couldn’t excel as the number 1 option. Now in Miami, we will see how he fits in the puzzle & if he can excel like Pau.

      • alexzo says:

        I love CB but the fact is he is OVER RATED! I dont even see him fitting the same billing with Dwade & LBJ.

      • tom says:

        yes Bosh might have more range then Gasol but if im Defence Bosh i let him shot the 3 allday.
        you Miami fan please stop giving Bosh all the hype can we just wait and see how he perform with Dwade and James.

    • LAKERS says:

      Gasol is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Bosh. Dont forget about the LAKER bench that got better too. Something miami does not have, a solid bench!! Guess they are looking to play the 3 40 minutes a night! LOL cant wait to see how that turns out!

    • Butchoy says:

      What??Do you even watch the games?Pau is waaaay better Bosh..Pau can shoot those hooks with either hand..Bosh?uhmmm…i dunno…regarding quickness maybe its Bosh but when its about finesse, Basketball IQ and post up play..i think Bosh is being left out there..im just saying..Bosh could be better this season playing with Wade and the King without a crown but i think that Pau is the best PF in the league right now…

  56. jared says:

    Man I want to see Miami-LA finals so bad…

    • Kundai says:

      Everyone does i think that would be soooo epic

    • albertan4 says:

      both teams are overrated. Who actually wants to see the lakers in the finals every year? Who wants to see only 8 different teams win the title over the next 30 years? The NBA isn’t competitive like it should be and it’s because people like Mr. Buss are approximately 40 million dollars over the salary cap. Who cares if he has to pay a luxury tax. to a billionaire, it’s nothing. He’s ruining the league

      • bigbethia says:

        You must not be a laker fan. If you are tired of it, then move on. Obviously those movie stars who watch the games are not tired of seeing the lakers win. And for the price they pay on the courtside, for them I think it is worth it.

      • laker fan says:

        Every laker fan wants to see them win every year. Buss is not ruining the league. He is a Hall of Famer and deserves respect. You don’t have to like him but respect him. And payroll doesnt translate to winning. Spending money doesn’t cause championships. Championships cause spending money. I guarantee that if Minnesota (small market team) wins a couple of championships then their payroll will sky rocket.

      • QuestionMark says:

        lol your pretty much saying Players should be forced to a team to make the NBA fun..NBA is already entertaining to watch and Players should get the choice to go to a team.. L.A has a good team.. dont blame them for what they are good at and do best.. their arent many teams that can kick them out of the playoffs.. or in this case the Finals.. Orlando, Boston, Miami, Denver, Mavericks and maybe the Bulls have a chance.. Miami has the best chance.. and if you dont like watching them play in the Finals each year then go do something else

      • DREDOG says:

        whats wrong with watching a dynasty. Thats why Dr. buss is in the hall of fame because he makes those descions. hes a long time fan of the game he knows what hes doing. dont blame him blame the other teams 4 having crummy ownership. certain teams dominate evry sports. and its because Great ownership

      • audie says:

        how the hell iss dr buss ruining the leagye. hes doing what all the other all-time owneres would do. they want to win. he wants to his team to be better every year. 7you just hating cuz all the other teams are not stepping up pthe plate.

      • humm says:

        the bottom line is, dr buss knows how to run a nba franchise, efficiently. its the fault of other owners that others clubs havent succeeded like the lakers. does anyone complain when the celtics are as successfuyl as the lakers?

    • alexzo says:

      LA/Heat can wait til 2012….I’d still go for a Lakers/Celtics rubber match this season.It’s more relevant…It’s now or never!There’s soo much at stake! (current series tied at 1 a piece, lakers trying to tie the C’s for most number of championships, Boston trying to keep distance trying to prevent LA from doing just that, Last hurrah probably for the LA/ Celts rivalry since the C’s are running on their last legs, Pride! LA goin for a 2nd 3peat…Phil goin for his 4th & 12th or should I say 13th moving him ahead of either Red & Bill…both of whom are Boston Icons. Kobe going for his 6th tying him with MJ, The Shaq factor or in this case…”the Irony of Shaq”…. & soo much more!) plus the rivalry is unparalleled. Man..it’s to die for!

  57. Zzanzabar says:

    LOL! Bigmike

    No, not exactly but my schedule often leaves me time to keep up with my favorite sites. This is one of my favorite websites because it is both informative and entertaining. The only problem I have is that for some strange reason I cannot ‘Reply’ to a comment. I can only make ‘original posts’. It is really weird.

    • Jake says:

      That sucks cause I can reply whenever I want ha! This blog is pretty legit though. I love how they just keep coming up with more stuff.

  58. the bahamas says:

    they are just trying to place contention in this league. Dr. Buss shaq won more rings leading the laker’s franchise than kobe not to say they did it themselves but shaq should be an honorable mention. As for not fearing Miami (rare and raw talents) i know i still have respect for boston and orlando but you don’t have to play them your team does. Your team got these shut down defenders for mediocre talent not super star talent if they couldn’t stop kobe from shot jacking and going to the line what do you think about two more well rounded talents persons (dwyane and lebron) i guess i am playing into this scheme but hey its fun it keeps me grounded but an owner says things that they dont even believe to be honest look at Dan Gilbert

  59. Zzanzabar says:

    Anyone that knows anything about basketball must realize that Buss has got to be one of the best owners in all of sports. Here is a man that bought a team not simply as an investment or ego trip but simply because as a fan he hated Boston winning championships (and beating the Lakers to do it). Every year he lays out cash just to make sure that his franchise will be competitive and because of this the Lakers as a team rarely have long stretches of ineptitude.

    Buss also has a since of the future and will plan ahead for the next franchise player to join his team even if it cost him millions. I wouldn’t be surprise if a player of the caliber of Carmello Anthony ends up in L.A. for the next installment of the ‘Laker dynasty’. Don’t get me wrong he still makes a profit but he doesn’t try to squeeze every nickle out of a franchise and realizes that in the long run he will come out WAY ahead.

    The difference between Buss and other owners (Gilbert for instance) is that he really knows what his fan base demands (Rings, NOT just playoff appearances) and will do everything in his power to deliver.

    • Manny says:

      Totally agree!

    • bigmike902 says:

      do u just sit around waiting to leave a comment on here ?

    • alexzo says:

      Well said Zan. I hope Lala insists Melo to go to Lala land. It would be great to see him take over as Kobe Bryant slowly passes him the torch. He will be the next franchise player of the lakers. Go for it Dr Buss.

    • Micah says:

      lakers couldnt afford melo, they’re so far over the salary cap they’d need to lose 2/3 players just to afford him. Unless Kobe takes a huge pay cut…

      • daez says:

        hes saying when Kobe retires, Melo could take over. One of the main reasons the Lakers are so far over the cap is because of Kobe’s huge contract. He’s one of, if not the best NBA player. Huge payday. Once he’s gone, so is his salary. Hence an opening in their cap space for another potential Laker “leader”. I don’t know about Melo, but once Kobe’s gone, there could be a great player taking his place.

      • humm says:

        im sure kobe would do whatever neccessary to keep the lakers on top, even on his way out.