Curry Doesn’t Practice Thursday

Stephen Curry was held out of the U.S. National Team’s practice in Madrid on Thursday, still nursing a sprained left ankle.

Curry originally sprained his ankle at the end of Wednesday’s practice. He is said to be progressing, is still listed as day-to-day, and is expected to be back “shortly,” according to USA Basketball officials.

“He didn’t have swelling so that’s one of the reasons it’s real good,” head coach Mike Krzyzewski said after practice. “He might practice tomorrow, it’s a day-to- day thing, but it’s much less serious than we thought when the injury occurred, which is good news.”

Without Curry, the U.S. Team scrimmaged for the entirety of Thursday’s session. They will go through a non-contact practice on Friday before taking on Lithuania on Saturday (3 p.m. ET, ESPN) and Spain on Sunday (3 p.m. ET, NBA TV) at La Caja Magica arena.

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  3. Dongz23 says:

    Curry is a shooter and will always be a shooter injured or not.He needs to be there.

  4. stephen curry is a animal and i hope he gets well soon for the championship

  5. WINGOLD says:

    I am not saying that with Curry we will win the gold for sure, but without him USA definitely CANNOT win the gold. There might be other good shooters on the roster, but nobody has his quick release and range, he’s a much bigger threat against zone defenses.

  6. TEAMUSA2010 says:

    @budlightkid i totally agree w/your statement about US not having a post player to double in the paint but spacing the floor will give US a chance to get a few points in the paint if we’re knocking down some perimeter shots. yes i know it’s far from our primary option but we need different looks offensively other than perimter play & turn defense into offense strategies. that well ran dry in 02 04 & 06 the best thing to do on any level of basketball offensively is to space the floor. we definitely have a team that can play 1/2 court style & I REALLY LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING USA PLAY MORE TECHNICALLY SOUND NOT JUST SCORING OFF OF TO’s. some teams we’re gonna see are actually efficient in taking care of the ball. W/that said. WE (USA) already have 3 pg’s on the TEAM that I THINK WE ALL UNANIMOUSLY FEEL ARE LOCKS (RONDO ROSE BILLUPS) WESTBROOK (as good as defender as he is) is another pg and w/o a jumpshot or setup capabilies. sorry. we already have 3 quality defenders in the backcourt w/the aforementioned. OUR BOYS COULD ALL SHOOT BUT I THINK CURRY IS THE CLOSEST THING TO A SHARPSHOOTER WE HAVE. i know imma hear it from u guys. GO USA. LET”S SHOCK THE WORLD

  7. Silent Assassin says:

    If you say so? Stretching the floor is an important part of any Basketball team, if you donot stretch the floor you cannot be successful. How will scoreres get into the lanes? How will the drivers attack the hoop. In order for driving, there needs to be distance and time. A shoot increase the distance and time for others to attack the basket because of his defender not being able to help. No Shooters, no distance, no time…result…. clogged lanes. For the team to be successful, they will have to play a high tempo game….rebound and run. But once in the halfcourt set…………there will be problems…..actually potential loses. Steph Curry is needed if able to play. A shooter injured or not demands maximum respect from his defender.

  8. Doug says:

    I Curry is a great talent but if he´s hurt it´s time to let him go and move on. Westbrook and Gordon have to step up and play ball. Use their heads and bring home the Gold. Without interior play it will be difficult. Chandler will get into foul trouble then what do we have. Coach K is gonna have to play a perfect game.

  9. budlightkid says:

    curry still isn’t needed on this roster b/c stretching the floor isn’t a necessity with this roster b/c they really dont have anybody that demands a double in the paint. curry is one of my favorite players with a pure shooting talent which would help almost any club, but coach k cant wait for this injury to heal. cut him, let him heal and bring him back next time around

  10. Silent Assassin says:

    Stephen Curry is the best shooter on the roster. There is always a spot for a shooter on any roster, be it NBA, Europe, College or high school. Shooters spread the floor so drivers can get into the lanes and big men have time to be dominant down low. Shooters make the game easier, and build more contnuity in the offense becasue of their ability to knock down shots. Shooters are not replaceable with drivers or guys who are able to get into the lane. Drivers clog up the lanes, and if you have watched previous games we can see that opponents always play USA for the drive and not the shot. A combination of Chauncey Billups and Stephen Curry at the 1 and 2 will pose much headaches for any opponent. There are many scorers on this roster but few pure shooters. Stephen Curry needs to stay.

  11. ZenDoc says:

    I think that Coach K needs to go with Westbrook and Gordon as the #4 & #5 guards and not risk further injury to Curry. Curry’s the only player on the team with only one year of NBA experience also, so, even though I’m a fan of his, I would favor cutting him now. Westbrook is the best on-ball defender and extremely quick and is underrated as a shooter. Gordon is nearly as good a shooter as Curry and arguably, a better defender. They both drive to the hole very well. One thing that no one has talked about is how important it is to Kevin Durant to have Russell Westbrook on this team. Russell is a big part of K.D.’s support system and he will help keep Kevin on track and grounded. If all else is about equal, but one of the guards is going to be a lot more important to your star player, then you absolutely have to keep that guard on the team. Durant would survive without Westbrook, of course, but I would bet that he’ll be better with R.W. on the team.

    • inde Afro says:

      you’re right about R.W.’s chemistry with Durant. ANd I think This is a good think for both parties(team and Curry), Because the situation already presented itself. Curry has a lot of future in front of him, It wont hurt If he’ll play for team USA in the future. He doesn’t have to force it. And for me, this team is better than Lebron’s team Chemistry wise. I have high hopes for this team, and I believe they will win the championship.