Curry Sprains Ankle in Practice

Stephen Curry received a scare on Wednesday at the end of the U.S. National Team’s first full practice in Madrid. With about one minute left in the team’s scrimmage, Curry sprained his left ankle.

The team is calling it a mild sprain and listing Curry as day-to-day. “He’ll be fine,” head coach Mike Krzyzewski said afterward.

It is believed that Curry is one of three guards (along with Eric Gordon and Russell Westbrook) on the bubble with the team needing to make one more cut before the World Championship begins on Aug. 28.

Krzyzewski said that he doesn’t have a set starting lineup, but that the starters for Saturday’s exhibition vs. Lithuania would be the same as he had this past weekend against China and France: Rajon Rondo, Chauncey Billups, Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant and Tyson Chandler. More interesting to see will be the lineup and rotation that Krzyzewski uses against Spain on Sunday. Against a bigger, tougher frontline, he may need to use Lamar Odom and/or Kevin Love at the four, rather than just backing up Chandler at the five.


Brazil also suffered a scare Tuesday night when Anderson Varejao injured his ankle in a loss to Spain. Here’s the report from FIBA:

Spain extended their unbeaten run in the build-up to the FIBA World Championship but Brazil suffered a double blow as Anderson Varejao sprained his ankle in an 84-68 loss in Logrono.

Brazil now face an anxious wait for news on their star center.

“He sprained his right ankle after an opponent fell on him,” said team doctor Carlos Andreoli.

“An x-ray showed no break. We have given him medication and a protective boot, and there will be an MRI on Wednesday to determine the extent of the injury.”

But on Wednesday, the AP’s Tom Withers tweeted the following: “Cavs’ Anderson Varejao not seriously hurt. Brazilian team says MRI on ankle negative and he’s expected to play vs. France tomorrow.”

Good news for Brazil, who will be the toughest opponent in Group B for the U.S. Team.

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  1. CeltsAllDay says:

    It’s a tough choice but I say keep Curry and cut Gordon. Like most of you said, their skills are so similar but if you have to give one of them the edge, I gotta say Curry…

  2. Dongz23 says:

    Curry should be there in the team. . . .

  3. it doesnt matter says:

    Curry, Westbrook, and Gordon are all fine players and will be for many years to come. This heated debate on who should be cut, it has significance to the player who will receive the honor of representing their country in the international stage. However, to put some perspective to the situation, we are talking bout the 12th man. They will see limited playing time at best. Curry might be the best shooter out of the 3, but Durant, Granger, Chauncey will be shooting the three ball anyways. They’re all good passers but Rondo will be passing it, same goes with defending. I love debating about these subjects as much as the next guy but theres no need to act like this will be the difference between silver and gold.

    With that said this is defiantly and interesting cut, and my money is on Westbrook getting cut. He might be the best defender but also the worst shooter by a good amount. When you sub in for Rondo it will be for some offense not so much as a lockdown guy…because well Rondo is the lockdown guy. Of course there are issues with foul trouble and/or injuries but it is not like Gordon or Curry would be a liability on D either.

  4. jared says:

    yeah i agree with you teamusa westbrook makes the most sense to cut, it’s just tough letting him go because of the crazy energy he brings with his defense and his speed to the hoop. But it should be for the best if we get rid of him because we need the other two guys for their shooting and they play less recklessly.

  5. bballers$life says:

    dude.. i ll summarise these three players
    curry- good (crazy) shooter, good court vision (passing) good handles and is good at racking up steal (1.9 in rookie year!!)
    Eric gordon- above average defender, good shooter from anywhere and thats about it, but i guess he is a highflying player too
    Westbrook- this guy is a bad jumpshooter but improving, good one on one defender, and his long armspan of 6′ 10″ poses a nightmre, and attacks the rim extremely well with his speed
    So, Gordon is really a less productive version of curry and slower, and we need westbrooks defense and penetrration so gordon is to be cut

  6. TeamUSA says:

    @Tony Monteiro
    Yes i AGREE WESTBROOK is an OK (get it) defender. but i like Gordon cos he’s a shooter & a scorer (more of a 2 guard), CURRY is a 3pt shooter & good distributor. yes westbrook is athletic & a good defender but when opponents slow us down we need guys that could play 1/2 court offense & spread the floor. we have many pg’s now & everyone is leaning toward WESTBROOK. i mean he’s really good but not for our current needs. we already have backcourt defenders w/Billups Rose Rondo even AI could play 2 spot. if we don’t have shooters to spread the floor that’s gonna KILL our entire 1/2 court offense cos we don’t have a consistent low post threat to begin with. knocking down our perimeter shots will provide US more scoring ops for our 4 & 5 spots thus leading to a more balanced 1/2 court offense.

    • bball fan says:

      ok… well when ricky rubio and jaun carlos navarro start to use their skill,intelligence, and desire to break down team usa who will be called upon to guard them . rondo is too small and often gambles too much for a phenomal player like rubio. derrick is also too small but i like him as a defender but never has been a lock down guy. chauncey will probably try to guard navarro whos bigger and if we put iguodala on him hes too quick . both guys are 6’4 and im pretty sure russell wont mind guarding them as he was pac-10 d-player as a sophmore and also he will be penetrating zones like he did at ucla and hitting wide open teammates or with the short 3-point line hit one himself. ALSO RUSSELL IS AN INTELLEGENT PLAYER WHO PLAYS WITH HIS HEART OUT ALL THE TIME THATS WHAT GOT HIM THIS FAR .

  7. jared says:

    Yeah I’m undecided on which guard I’d rather see cut. I really like Currys ability to knock down 3’s. He’s been money behind the ark. Gordon has also been draining threes, the upside to him is he’s bigger and would be nice to have against the tougher teams defensively. Westbrook has been kind of inconsistent on offense but he’s so good on defense. I guess I don’t really care too much because I like all three guys, if Currys ankle isn’t good though he might have to be the one to go.

    • daez says:

      Good point. Gordon is bigger and stronger than Curry which would work in favour of the US team when facing some bigger teams. Though, Curry is a lot faster and a much better passer. Having a quick guard that can not only spot up from down town, but that can get down the court on the break is essential for the US squad being so small this year. I say keep Curry

  8. Nom Nom says:

    Well that’s the Warriors curse for you. USAB has injured both Warriors being represented.

  9. Hank says:

    I think Curry and Westbrook should stay because they are more aggressively and better defender than Eric Gordon. Curry can stink those 3’s anything.

  10. bball fan says:

    russell westbrook is the best defender probably on the roster . he was pac-10 defensive player of the year while guarding the likes of oj mayo , jerryd bayless, darren collison in practice and many more elite players. he was also called upon to guard kobe in the final minutes of the playoffs. he is faster , quicker , and more athletic than eric gordan and with a 6’10 wingspan hes a nightmare for opposing players.

  11. Jeff says:

    Re: Drew. Do you watch basketball? Gordon is a better defender than Westbrook. He did a good job defending Kobe, Wade and Roy this season.

  12. Tony Monteiro says:

    Well seems best to let Curry go anyway, on terms of heart and playing Gordon especially and Westbrook showed how much they wanna be there, letting Curry go would be wise, sure he Is the best passer of the bunch but that’s the only upside. Eric Gordon and Westbrooks D, will be a great asset since Defense is our number one problem come this tourney

    • daez says:

      I disagree. Yes, defense is key for this US squad… But with the guards, they already have some good defenders in Rondo, Westbrook and co. Keeping Curry would give the US team a player who is quick, can get down the court on the break, provide shooters with good open looks, as well as knocking down the 3. Curry > Gordon

  13. TeamUSA says:

    the NBA has Seth and millions of NBA fans so selfish. what happened to representing your country. if you were really a fan of CURRY and your country you would want him to make the team. why? see zzanzibar’s response. right not CURRY stands a better chance at winning a prestigious/major int’l basketball event than he does even making the playoff w/the warriors. SETH WAKE UP!!! THE WARRIORS ARE GOING NOWHERE!!! duh. gave away your best players. RANDOLPH, AZIBUIKE, TOLLIVER, MORROW, MAQUETTE. JACKSON, BARNES. imo CURRY isn’t the one on the bubble. the last spot is between WESTBROOK/GORDON. GET WELL SOON CURRY. we need you for this weekend.

  14. Rafael Brasil says:

    Seth, actually not: he should get a little rest, suit up, defend his country’s colours (unlike the “Supremely-Hype-Team divas” and co.) and get ready to kick some young-US-squad ends in the company of Leandrinho, Nenê, Splitter, Alex Garcia and Marcelinho. They’ll destroy the US in the paint!

    • daez says:

      LOL don’t make me laugh. Sure Brazil has a better inside prescence than the US team… that’s it. US will crash the boards and run the brazilians off the court. No contest

  15. L.Ckz says:

    This kid is the future of the NBA. He can spot up jump shots, pass, run the floor, and can play either guard position. Maybe the second best guard defender on this team, check the video, 1.9 steals per game in his rookie season! Keep Curry, let Gordon go home to build chemistry with the future PF Blake Griffin.

  16. josed says:

    Steph should stay on the team he is much better than eric gordan

    • Boom says:

      stephen curry isn’t that much better than eric gorodn, eric gordon is so much more valuable. stephen curry has no deffense and gets pushed around by other guards, while eric gordon has good defense. eric gordon is also not limited on the offensive end he is a better driver and gets to the line more with a good jump shot.

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  18. Drew says:

    Curry needs to be on the team. I say cut Eric Gordon we need Westbrook for his defense and Curry can heat up and be the shooter Michael Redd was in the Olympics. Curry is also the best passer of the bunch.

    • Kizzy KIre says:

      i agree! curry is a way better player the Eric Gordon….yes he isnt the best gaurd the team has but he is not the worst and not worth cutting!

      • Juice says:

        I’m pretty sure Rondo passes WAY better than Steph, I’m not knocking his game but he’s definitely not the best passer on the team.

    • Juice says:

      I’m pretty sure Rondo passes WAY better than Steph, I’m not knocking his game but hes definitely not the best passer.

  19. Zzanzabar says:

    If it isn’t too bad I think Curry should remain (that is if he makes the cut) because this WBF will only serve to improve his game.

  20. Seth says:

    Figures, it’s Warrior luck. He didn’t play well int he first two games anyway. He should just rest and get ready for the season.