Melo preparing for Denver split?


Has the first LeBron-sized domino fallen for 2011? Sure has if Carmelo Anthony really is planning on leaving Denver.

Hello, Big Apple.

Melo is no doubt the headliner a year from now should he hit the open market. The All-Star forward owns an early termination option, which will be exercised if Anthony decides to bypass the three extra years — and $65 million — the Nuggets are hoping to tag onto his current contract.

Many league observers, especially around Denver, figured Melo signing the max-level extension would be a matter of when, not if. Well, he hasn’t signed, giving Nuggets fans the same sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach felt last month in Cleveland.

ESPN’s Ric Bucher suggested the writing on the wall for Anthony’s Denver divorce can be traced to his wedding last month:

But both Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke and Anthony already are well aware that they don’t have a future together, sources say. That became clear to Kroenke at a reception after Anthony’s July 11 nuptials to La La Vasquez in Manhattan.

A series of toasts at the wedding reception, initiated by New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul, suggested Anthony leave Denver for the New York Knicks. Paul suggested it playfully, one source said, but subsequent guests — including Knicks power forward Amare Stoudemire and Anthony’s brother, Robert — made the point more forcefully.

Then Kroenke stood up to give a toast and the room was filled with an awkward silence, one wedding guest said. Kroenke tried to make light of the situation by suggesting Paul could come to Denver but that elicited no response.

How about a Mile High panic? By not signing an extension, Melo could be taking a huge risk with a lockout possibly on the horizon after this season. The Nuggets, according to Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla, are already taking steps not to get “LeBron’d.”

The Nuggets are now considering a strategy to part ways with their 26-year-old star forward, according to a league source.

After quietly gauging trade interest in Anthony for weeks, the team’s consternation has only risen as he has made no move to accept a $65 million offer for a three-year contract extension that was formally presented more than a month ago.

The Nuggets don’t want to get LeBron’d.

LeBron James toyed with anxious minds in Cleveland before ripping out the hearts of Cavaliers fans by announcing a departure from his home state on live television. As was first reported by The Denver Post in June, the Nuggets are prepared to trade Anthony rather than watch him opt out of his contract next summer.

Melo would headline the free agency crop of 2011. At least he’ll give the Nuggets one more year than LeBron gave the Cavaliers.


  1. rawraw says:

    1. KOBE
    2. LEBRON
    3. WADE
    4. CARMELO
    5. DURANT

  2. rawraw says:

    is yu crasy carmelo is one of the top five players in the nba …..

  3. tenki says:

    NBA’s top 5 player as of today:

    1.Kobe Bryant: Mamba has 5 championship already at age 31.
    2.Dwyane Wade: No one at 6’4 can play at his level, let alone bigger and smaller opponents
    3.Kevin Durant: OKC has its franchise player secured to play for them for at least 5 years after a flawless performance in the playoffs (at the age of 21, he is the youngest scoring champion).
    4.Dwight Howard: every NBA team’s dream big man, if not for his free throws.
    5.Lebron James: averaging near triple-doubles for at least 2 seasons, he’s threatening to be the 2nd player behind Oscar Robertson to do so.

    However, it doesn’t mean that Carmelo Anthony is far from being one of the best player in NBA, because he got skills. What he really needs in his team is a LEADER. Sure, he is gifted offensively, but when it comes to overall performance, D-Wade is ahead of him. Kobe needs not to prove anything. Just look at his rings. KD is young, intelligent, hardworking, and a LEADER. Lebron is a great role player like Carmelo, who can provide superstar stats every night.

    LBJ and Melo has something in common: they are great ROLE PLAYERS, but they need a LEADER to gain success in their teams. If only Denver has Fisher and KG, both leaders on their team, they have their own version of the big three, just a little short of Miami’s AND Boston’s.

  4. bodaciousb says:

    1st of all melo/amare/cp3 in ny could challenge lebron/bosh/wade in miami if it was a pure offensive battle. but everyones list seems to be only taking into consideration who can score the most in the league on who is top 5 or not and if thats the case your lists are completely worthless. lebron/bosh/wade would form a better defensive team in miami than would melo/amare/cp3 in ny. amare/melo havent been known for their defensive skills in the past while lebron/wade seem to have at least 3 or 4 huge game changing defensive plays or stops that help lead their team to victory.

    • LAkers 3peatttt says:

      Alaric C touched on this earlier, ill repeat his statement in regards to yours

      A Big Three of CP3, MELO, STAT would be better than Miami because they are all three different players playing their exact roles. CP3 running the point and controlling the temp, MELO your efficient scorer and playmaker down the stretch, and STAT your go-to guy in the post, who can give you 20pts 10rebs easily per game. Lebron and Wade play too much of the same type of basketball, both controlling the ball and making the decisions which I believe will bring a little problem in chemistry. And then you have Bosh, I love the guy dont get me wrong, but like others I agree his skill set this year will be tested, especially with him now being in the limelight. Bosh is an easy 20-10 guy too, but remember he did this in TORONTO, to be 7″ he is kinda soft, he doesn’t fight down low in the paint, but rather hit fadeway jumpers. I think a NYC Big Three would just have instant chemistry, but just raw talent wise the Heat have it

  5. digable says:

    Melo going to NY is good for a money aspect…but as for winning, its gonna be a huge rebuilding process…ya if melo and CP3 join amare…thats only 3 players…there is no one else in NY that can step up their game to make NY a playoff team this coming season…

    i honestly think Melo should stay for at least one more season, give the nuggets one more good push, and hopefully coach karl will be and healthy…him jumping to NY would be a money thing…if he wants to win he should stay in Denver…they played like trash in the playoffs is cuz coach karl knows hows to run the nuggets…coach dantley didnt…which is why the were knocked out of the first round…

  6. Rony Seikaly says:

    Here are the top five!

    Matt Geiger
    Mugsy Bogues
    Popeye Jones
    BJ Armstrong
    Gheorge Muresan


  7. Caper says:

    Rose is better than Durant? are you insane? What makes you think that? What has Rose ever shown to lead you to believe that? Just because he plays for your team doesn’t mean you have to talk nonsense. And what Luol Deng are you talking about? There must be another I’ve never heard of.

  8. Rocket Fan says:

    my bad I meant to say “playtime” , not “m lon t”

  9. DC says:

    Chicago has the best players to offer:

    Taj Gibson – projected 11 ppg 9rpg 1.6 bpg

    Luol Deng – projected 19 ppg 10 rpg 0.7 bpg

    James Johnson – how many 6-foot-8, 250-pound SFs are in the league besides Lebron James?

    PG: Rose (better than Durant)
    SG: Brewer (now that he’s out of Sloan’s system, Arkansas-time!)
    SF: Anthony (better than Granger; slightly lower than James)
    PF: Boozer (complements Noah)
    C: Noah (complements Boozer)

    2010-11 Champions. Period.

    • Anne says:

      Rose is better than Durant? Completely different players. Rose has no jumpshot (yet) and Durant has no offensive weaknesses. By all accounts, he’s one of the best shooter out there. Rose is explosive and has a great future but I don’t see how or why they would be compared.

  10. Rocket Fan says:

    M Lon T, I hope you’re right. I’d love to see him show up before the deadline though for some time to gel with the rest of the team. An immediate extension would be nice too. I think we are a home court playoff team now (52-54 wins), but he would make us a legitimate threat for a title (not saying it couldn’t happen now, but realistically it isn’t likely).

  11. M Lon T says:

    Let’s be perfectly honest:

    1. Kobe (I don’t like him either, but he is the best player currently in the game. Not as good as Jordan was however)
    2. Lebron
    3. D Wade & Durant (don’t overlook Durant)
    4. Melo, D Williams, (D Williams is better than CP3)
    5. CP3, Nash, D Howard, Dirk
    6. Boozer, Bosh,
    7. Stoudemire, Gasol
    8. Rondo, Peirce

    • LAkers 3peatttt says:

      Look man, why every time people mention kobe they gotta downplay him and say “but he wasnt as good as jordan” or “he still aint jordan”, stop comparing my man, he is great in his own right and if anybody is the NEXT jordan, KOBE BRYANT IS THAT!!! Just admire his greatness and stop making him look like the dust behind jordan, I swear that crap be blowing me for real. People will learn about Kobey, appreciate the man now, because eventually he will be gone and we wont be able to see the man play anymore.

      Lakers are 3peating by the way, after that LeRun Away James can win all the TAINTED championships he wants, I just want Kobey to get six and im good for life!

      • M Lon T says:

        LAkers 3peattt – I appreciate your comment and see your point. But note that I did say he is the greatest player in the game currently. Not only because he has 5 rings, but because he is just flat out better than everyone else. He’s able to take his teammates to the next level and will his team to championships. No one else in the league can do that. LeBron has not done that. With that said, I just don’t personally care for him, but will not look past his tallent. If Kobe can get a 6th ring amid this years “stacked” teams, then I see the argument that he is the historic greatest.

  12. playtime says:

    Houston Rockets will get Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets before the Trade Deadline next year.

    Shane Battier, Jared Jeffries, Chuck Hayes, Patrick Patterson, and Mike Harris for Carmelo Anthony.

  13. Anne says:

    Carmelo is definitely top 5. Dwight Howard is not top 5; not even top 10. Are you freaking kidding me? Do you guys watch basketball or just the highlights? He disappears on his own team and has NO legitimate post game at all. He’s a good defender that stays in foul trouble. Puleeze. Hedo T. was the reason they went to the finals, not Howard. LMAO.

    The top 5 in the league regardless of position are (in no particular order):


    And let’s put this to bed right now, Deron Williams is the best PG in the league. Followed by Rondo (at the present time). Ask Boston if they want to trade Rondo for Williams and they will say YES!!!! CP3 has done nothing in the last two years (but sit on the bench) and get pimpslapped by Denver in the playoffs. Deron Williams is a top 10 player.

  14. LAkers 3peatttt says:

    @mao yang, please shut the hell up! Jordan nor magic dont have to hate on no LeRun Away James, yes he does have the right to go to whatever team he wants but its the way he left Cleveland is why he is hated now. He showed no class, for a team that has stuck by him for 7 years, playing with their heads. Nobody cares if Miami wins any rings now, because with 3 all-star caliber players there really shouldn’t be a reason why you lose. His legacy is tainted now, i don’t care what nobody says, but 11″ championship is the Lakers, Kobey going have six, and then Miami can win for the next decade, to hell if I care after that point

  15. FRANK says:


  16. Mao Yang says:

    Any player can sign with any team they want, it’s their right. And he did it so all the proceeds would go to the charity of the Boys and Girls club; so all you racist White people you don’t know it but Black and Minorities and people OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES support LeBron James signing with any team he wanted to; so because it’s the RACIST WHITE genetic gene in your heart that is putting James down. You should stop being racist. Only asshole Jordan and Magic is hating kus they have stakes in the NBA right now;

    • TyKH says:

      What the hell are you implying? That every white person is against Lebron? That is being racist. I’m black, outside the US and found move of Lebron despicable, as stated in my previous post. And a lot of my friend here in the Netherlands black and white agree.

      Therefore please don’t post these racists posts and talk like you cover every black person outside the USA.

  17. TyKH says:

    Is it fair to say to compare Melo leave with that one of Lebron?

    The Cavaliers were (still maybe) a great team. Winning 60 games is a great achievement. Not only that, last year they also made it to the conference final. And let’s be fair, when you enter the conference final the road cannot predicted. Every team can win and it just as simple that Cleveland lost to Orlando and Celtics. Did the Lakers take out the Suns with ease? mmm, no! Kobe Bryant just made those impossible shots which can crush everybody heart (fans and players).

    Further more Lebron had the same rol in Cleveland as Bryant has within the Lakers. “I want that player, i don’t want him on the team, the coach is not good enough”. And it is the last one which wasn’t fancy of Lebron. First telling to fire the coach and then leave the team? No, you just don’t do that, and he did.

    And what do you expect? When Melo retires he looks back at his career can say I was one of the best but I don’t see a ring on my finger. Which team he should go, i really don’t know. He should at least pick a team which is able to reach the conference finals.

    The Netherlands

    Nuggets on the other hand it a different team. They cannot win the playoffs. They are in the same boat as I would say the Jazz and Mavericks. Good team but not champion material. Would be weird to leave the nuggets while you’re now in your prime, being able to have a big contribution to a championship? Chris Bosh did the same, nobody accused him of Lebronning Raptors, and rightly so. The Raptors are good enough to make to playoffs but then get taken out by the first team they meet.

  18. pepe says:

    top 5:
    1 kobe
    2 lebron, wade
    3 melo, durant, howard
    4 rondo
    5 gasol, nowitzki, boozer, paul, bosh, stoudemire

  19. pepe says:

    the best for Melo is Lakers, to help Kobe being the best ever!!!

  20. Ker says:

    What? Man you guys are ALL Wrong

    Top 5 should be

    1. Kwame Brown
    2. Renaldo Balkman
    3. Adam Morrison
    4. Jared Jeffries
    5. Brian Scalabrine

  21. Rocket Fan says:

    1. Kobe
    2. Wade
    3. Lebron
    4. Durant
    5. Dirk

    I love Paul and Melo, even though Paul is made of glass. Amare, however, is a no defence playing, no-rebounding, bum. I’d rather of kept David Lee if I wanted an underized center with no back to the basket game, and saved some money. He had better hope they can get Paul, because without a top notch pg à la Steve nash, amare is going to be exposed as nothing more than an unpolished athletic freak who is non-existent on both ends of the floor.

    Can someone tell me what makes Amare so great?

    I ,personally , think he is just the lucky goon who happened to get to play pick and roll with the best pg since Stockton.

    O ya… Howard doesn’t belong anywhere near a top 10 list until he can learn to not look like a complete clod on the offensive end of the court. The guy is an athlete, not a basketball player. How can you play at that level and you are not able to even learn a drop step?…there is my rant for the day.

  22. Brandon says:

    What is up with all the hate against Lebron? He played out his contract and chose to go to another team as a free agent. Why is this such a big deal? For all of you who are talking bad against him you need to just be honest. There is no player currently in the NBA that is like Lebron. There is no player who has the all around size, speed and skill combined that he has. He has a power forward’s strength, a point guard’s vision, and an ability to score from anywhere on the court. Yeah true enough, Kobe has more championships, but look at Kobe’s team. Do you think that if Kobe played with the Cavaliers team that Lebron did that he would have won a championship? HELL NO! Kobe is a great player, but he doesn’t do all the things that Lebron does on a nightly basis.

    Why is it that a team can trade a player and its considered a business move, but when a player decides to choose another team they are considered disloyal and unappreciative? Any one who truly understands the game of basketball has to admit that Lebron is a great player who made a legal business decision. And in no way does it diminish his talent, his character, or his legend.

  23. don p 64 mafia says:

    Sonny says:
    August 17, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    Jordan is probably the best shooting guard to ever play but i will not say the best basketball player ever! When your saying jordan is the best ever you are discrediting a lot of great players like Wilt Chamberlin, Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson and many more who took the game to another level in their error. Mike was a great scorer but check his other stats like assist per game, rebounds per game. When you check his other stats compared to Oscar and Wilt and Bill, his numbers do not show that he is the best player to ever play in the NBA. I will definately say he is the best to ever play Shooting Guard but not the best to ever play basketba

    Hey Sonny, no disrepect fam but you are wrong when you say jordan wasnt the best ever to play. Oscar was great and he did avg nearly a triple double a game as a 6’5 player but better than Jordan? History shows that during this era of these guys, the avg shooting guard was about 6’1 -6’3 with avg center being 6’8 -6’9. Not many 7′ centers existed during that time so it was easy for a player of Robertson’s era to avg a double double in scoring and rebounds. Y? Because the avg PF and SF was the same as Oscar Robertson. That means he didnt always play against people of his size or strength. Wilt Chamberlain was 7’1 260 lbs. No centers had ever been that big, agile, athletic, strong or jumped that high plus the avg centers were Bill Russell’s height 6’9. How hard was it to score on a slow foot white boy or smaller black dude? NO way in hell he would have scored that 100 points during the 80’s or 90’s against Pat Ewing, Olajuwon, Ralph Sampson, Kareem, Mark Eaton, Robert Parish, Brad Daugherty, Tree Rollins, Bill Cartwright, because they all had much of what he had. I respect Bill Russell quite a bit but he also played on a stacked team each year he won his 11 championships. Each team had an avg of 5-6 hall of famers. So he cant be the best.

    Lets look at Jordan. 10 scoring championships during an era dominated by big men true centers who werent jump shooters that clogged the lanes and where you could find a true shot blocker on every team that avg 2 blocks or better and intimidated the league until Jorgan came along, can you also say at his position he also had the highest rebounding totals and assist of any sg of his era? how about leading league in steals for his era? how about most blocks by a sg during his era? tell me what other shooting guard had more blocked shots during this era of the big man? OH yeah he was the premier defender of his era also. None of the others can say they controlled both ends of the court. By the way, the NBA WAS HUFF WHEN RUSSELL, ROBERTSON AND WILT, WHY? BECAUSE THE LEAGUE WAS STILL A GOOD OLE BOY LEAGUE FULL OF STIFF WHITE BOYS WHO COULDNT RUN OR JUMP. THE BEST PLAYERS AT THAT TIME WERE WHITE AND THEY WERE GREAT PLAYERS YET THEY COULDNT HANG WIT TODAYS PLAYERS. SOME OF OUR 6TH AND 7 AND 8TH would have been hall of famers during that era. so tell me who was better? Magic had 5 hall of famers on his team during his tenure, so did larry, so who was better?

  24. jakee says:

    Top 5..
    1. Kobe Bryant
    2.LeBron James
    3.Carmelo Anthony
    4.Kevin Durant
    5.Dwayne Wade
    thats the real top 5

  25. chad says:

    melo to the exchange for dj mbenga

  26. NJNETSFAN says:

    Carmelo’s probably going to NY but the knicks still have some building to do……..and I mean the other team in the running has to be the Nets (they HAD one of the deepest teams in the NBA before they traded CDR, Yi, and C. Lee) they got Devin Harris runnin’ point, T-Will (can play 3 positions and will be a triple double machine in the future), BROOK Lopez (you can figure it out), and Derrick Favors (Dwight jr.), plus decent role players (Outlaw, Morrow, Murphy, Petro? IDK) if Melo were to there he would already have great team builded around him. And you can’t forget that the Nets almost traded for chris paul last month and are still trying to.

    I know all of you Nets bullies are going to disagree but it’s pretty clear.

    we’re winning at least 30 this year 😛

  27. Yall are clowns says:

    Man all yall are pretty stupid for saying Ny cant get melo and that the nuggets should trade them to wherever they feel like to get the best deal out of it.

    First of all Melo WANTS to go to Ny. if thats where he wants to go, then they cant trade him anywhere else for the simple fact that he can just refuse and tell the other team he doesnt wanna play for them. No team is gonna trade for someone who doesnt want to be there. its pointless. It would only end in disaster.

    He wants Ny and thats what hell get if it were to happen no matter how it happens. point blank period.

  28. bloodyrage says:

    stats, mvp trophy, scoring champ, don’t mean a thing if you dont win a ring…

  29. beast@BBall says:

    the nuggets had a tough break in the playoffs and if they wouldve got a big name this offseason they wouldve been better than last year

  30. Rambo says:

    The Knicks have to make this trade happen! Melo in New York!!! They can give Denver 2011 and 2012 First Round Draft picks Eddie Curry, Danillo Gallinario, Kelenna Azubuike and Jerome Jordan For Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin that woulb be a Great Trade!!!!!!!

  31. J Memo says:

    My comment on the Top Ten Players in the NBA that would come in and change a franchise. In my opinoin that is what counts to be judged as of the Most Valued Players.

    1. Black Mamba
    2. King James
    3. Flash
    4. Melo
    5. Nash
    6. Durant
    7. Gasol
    8. Superman
    9. Paul (CP3)

  32. OK333 says:

    wat in da hell r ppl tlkin b0ut da HEAT’S big 3 n0t w0rkin 0ut?!!?!?!
    yea they each AVERAGED.. AVERAGEDDDDDDDDD!!! 25+ pts n s0 0n nd ppl sayin 0hhhh h0w iz dis guna w0rk 0ut blah blah blah blahhhhhhh…. ther iz sumtin kald ADAPTIN, lyk n0rmal human beings d0… dis als0 w0rks in da sp0rts w0rld 0r wateva ude lyk t0 kal it, i bet dem 3 nd wh0 eva else g0t 2gethr n tlked ALL ab0ut playin 2gethr n wat each g0tta d0 t0 make it w0rk… WADE, BRON, nd BOSH sh0w so0o much passi0n f0 da game.. i see it wen dey play, wen dey tlk b0ut basketbal, jus tht l00k dey each g0t… evry1 g0t brainsssssssss, dats wat c0ntr0ls da b0dy nd i kn0 dey aint stupidddd… so0o YES ITS GUNA WORK… stuf tht w0nt w0rk iz dwight h0ward, carlos boozer, mehmet okur, shaq, and big z IN A STARIN LINE-UP

  33. joel says:

    for me players in the nba just like any other pro games are all but commodities when they are of no use any longer, to the garbage bags and trash cans they go. At least grow old as millionaires.

  34. Rolray says:

    oh hha¬¬its great but where’s the lakers ?they r unbeaten!!!

  35. robert yang says:

    to me i think that melo, pual, and amare should go to new york knicks cause of the sacrafice that team had made to get the big stars around the league and i gotta admitt them three put together would be really good because you now got a point guard who is chris paul……now a forward who is now carmelo anthony who is gonna be an all star….and finally amare stoudemire who is a great center and big men who can damage down low and from there the new york knicks could rebuild for the future and earn their way into the playoffs because u know it would also change other players opinion when new players who are gonna be all stars get together to win a title as a team not as an MVP…its all they do is win…..the win for a title and their rings

  36. Stupid players says:

    what teh hell is wrong with these players. there are nothing and they should be grateful to these owners who drafted them and gave them money and life

  37. acidtears says:

    1. Kobe
    2. LBJ
    3. DWade
    4. Superman Howard
    5. Melo

    That’s D real deal…. hypocrites!!!

  38. Battumur says:

    This is great idea. I believe made that rumer

  39. Ralphie says:

    Chris Paul
    Dwayne Wade
    Lebron James
    Kevin Durant
    Kobe Bryant
    Top 5 ….easy

    • MK says:

      how do you figure that lebron is #5 on your list ? what is your criteria for picking it, do you only watch the playoffs or something? The real top 10 list goes as follows based upon the players all around ability at both ends of the floor.
      4-Kevin Durant
      5-Dwight Howard
      6-Carmelo Anthony
      7-Nash, Paul and williams..(true facilitators, pick your fav PG, could almost throw rondo in here)
      8-Nowitsky or Gasol
      9-Kevin Garnett or Chris Bosh
      10-Amare Stoudamire (if he can score without nash passing him the ball)

  40. J Memo says:

    @ TDOT FAN

    Hey buddy did you see the past hall of fame cermony with Pippen and Malone?

    MJ said the Bulls would not have been the same team they were without Pippen.

    No one can make anybody else’s career.

    Did Jordan grab Rodmans rebounds for him??? and made Pippen a complete all around player because he coached him… NO HE DID NOT.

    Come one now What are you talking about?

    Jordan had Pippen,Rodman,,Kukoc, Kerr and even Horance Grant at a time and other role players.(Ron Harper etc..)

    Magic had Abdul-Jabbur and Worthy for their own Big Three.. and Bryon Scott etc.

    Bird had Mchale and Parish for their own Big Three.. Danny ainge etc. and


    Enough of the Legends VS Miami,This is about Melo,

    I personally think it would be a good move for him to leave Denver for the same reason Lebron left, not because of the COACH but because the franchises both make poor decisions to surround their star players with good role players and.. an actual team that can do something come playoff time. Not a half and half team.

    Los Angeles as a franchise knows how to make smart decisions for their complete team.

    They know how to find the hole in their team and then fill in the weaknesses.. THE CORRECT WAY with the right pieces. For example replacing Farmer with Blake and then signing Barnes.

    That is way they are succesful with KOBE for making sleeper moves like that.

    Making A Good Team EVEN BETTER.

    Not like Clevland and Denver.

    Clevand was suppose to grab Amare during the trade deadline in Feb. but instead got Jamison who got burnt out in the wizards with no AGENT ZERO and made that earlier move for Shaq 3 years before retirement and was out most of the 2nd half of last season .

    Dumb moves like that, dont help a team .

    Denver Nuggets go and get Al Harrington sounds like they still making a half and half team, what can he do?

    He is another big name like Jamison from the early to mid 2000’s but has nothing to offer now but a little something… Billups is the only move that helped MELO look up… but no moves MADE IN THE PAINT and that is what you NEED TO DO to get past the Lakers.

    So yeah I understand if star players leave franchises if they have good reason’s too. JAMES, MELO, BOSH, CP3, ETC..

    No reason for Amare to leave to NY but he did. Dirk stayed because it was worth it with that team, Joe Johnson got good money and doesnt really have a bad team so it would have been kind of gamble with them. But the other guys had nothing to lose.


  41. russell Johnson says:

    TOP 5 PLAYERS in the NBA (no specific order)

    Kevin Durant
    LeBron James
    Dwyane Wade
    Deron Williams
    Kobe Bryant

    honorable mention: Dwight Howard- Needs to be more consistent but is easily in the top two for Center position.
    Chris Paul- only not top five because of his recent injury (name one time any of these top five have been injured for an extended period.)
    Carmelo Anthony- honestly he only makes his biggest splash at the start of the season.
    Kevin Garnett- is getting old, enough said.
    Dirk Nowitzki- have you forgotten the lone ranger?

  42. Al says:

    All of you laker haters just don’t know when to quit. How many championships do we have to win. Kobe is the best player I have ever seen. When you need a shot to win the game who do you want to shoot the ball. He has five rings for a reason man. All these trades we see, are other players trying to get what he has. Because it don’t mean a thing unless you got that ring!!!!!!!!

  43. tehshs says:

    yall kidding, melo is deff top 5 player if not top 3.

    whoever said paul melo and stat would be better then james, wade, bosh also fools.

    james is tied with kobe at number 1.
    wade is number 2.

    two of the top 4 players in one squad. paul and stat are likely to make the top 10 deff top 15. not top 5. melo stay in denver and get another piece!

    lakers top 3 isnt fisher either. gasol, kobe, artest!

  44. SHHHHHHHHH says:

    LA LAKERS 2010-2011 Champ!!!

  45. geoff petrie says:

    evans cousins casspi thats a big three watch out!!!

  46. whiteguy says:

    k durent

    and state would b 6 if the fuker would rebond the ball and play defense everynight.

  47. Boston Fans says:

    Do you think Boston still have only a Big Three??? Did you forget Rondo and 2 O’neals??? Maybe they are too old, maybe they are not included in the Top 10 Best Player today, but as you can see they are now all Role Players that will crash Miami’s Big Three and future New York’s Big Three for this next Two Season…

  48. bigmike902 says:

    Melo isnt going to resign with nuggets obviously. hes either going to be traded to knicks b4 x-mas because knicks now have the pieces now to pull a deal like that off. if not the knicks then denver will probably take as much time as need to find the most beneficial trade. if its not within the first 2 months look 4 a deadline day trade. as far as paul goes the only way paul is landing in the nyc is if the knicks deliver ALOT of talent in return in trade . NWO just sent there up an coming PG collison to INDY so they will need alot in return for the best PG in the league . of the two superstars look for melo to hit up nyc first, paul later. as far as best players in league go (overall skills)
    1-LBJ- ( overall best player in league skill wise)
    2-kobe- (getting older now , its still there obviously, championship years overall team was best in league ,LBJ now in same situation)
    4-CP3 – ( when injured the hornets are like PHO without nash…cant function)
    5-Durant- ( this guy doesnt get enough credit , he carries his team every game, without KD OKC would be a NJ like team)

  49. jonx says:

    this is the real list of players won in the top 10 best players in the nba
    1 kobe
    2 lebron
    3 wade
    4 paul
    5 melo
    6 garnett
    7 nowitski
    8 howard
    9 williams
    10 nash

    melo is one of the best

  50. L.Ckz says:

    Anyone who sayd Durant is better than Wade is retarded. Wade has been a scoring champion just like Durant, maybe not the youngest, but lets see when Wade won his, umm? After he came BACK from 2 years of injury! Plus Wade has a ring, and the Finals MVP to prove it. Trade Wade’s team last season with Durant’s (Obviously Wade has the better team this year) and that’s almost a championship for him! I’d take Westbrook over Chalmers any day and Jeff Green over Q.Rich. Is Durant even better than Nash? Haha, just kidding. But seriously, too much hating on Wade. Let Durant prove he can take his team to the top first. 6 games against the Lakers doesn’t prove anything. The Suns went to 6 games with the Lakers too. Maybe the Thunder did give L.A a harder series, but seriously, L.A was top seed going up against the 8th seed… Who would ever think the Lakers were actually giving it 100%? The Lakers didn’t even play D! Compare OKC’s series to the Boston one, yeah, now what. I went off topic, but Wade is better, you guys suck, Miami all the way, Wooh!

  51. jonz says:

    this is the gameplay of nba this couple of years, each team have a big three…for melo nice decision cannot go for the champion if you stick with the team cannot help you to do the task. . . lebron mix with the tandem of wade and bosh is because he wants to champion so go for the team melo that can get you in the finals not only to do in your own. . . as of now the miami will win the crown hahaha!!!go wade>my idol=p .

  52. Chi-Town says:

    Kizzy Kire,that top 6 could have went in almost any order.I only say Deron Williams has 2 be in there if CP3 is.He’s bigger,& in my opinion,a slightly better shooter.They are even on assists,although CP3 gets a lot of steals form gambling mostly.

  53. jgotti says:

    at monday night football :
    first of all cp3 did took his team to the playoff and won over 50 game get ur stats right ill give u a 7 for the list of top ten player you have .. stay with your monday night football homie

  54. jgotti says:

    look hear non of yall is right i ma show you the tru nba top 6 players….

    1. kobe bryant (championship sorry lebron)
    2. lebron james (will pass kobe once he get the ring).
    3. dywane wade ( one ring, but underside guard still the best player for me)
    4. carmelo anthony (one of the most powerful small forward enoff said).
    5. kevin durant ( young, talented and will take his team to the championship in 2 more yr and will take out the lakers)
    6.dwight howard ( superman, if he only had a 15foot jump shot will be unstopable pass kobe and lebron)

  55. BigJay says:

    I don’t like him, but Kobe is #1, D. Wade is definitely #2, Lebron and Melo are tied at #3, and #5 to me, is Durant. Dwight Howard does not have a 15 foot jump shot or an arsenal of low post moves. He really needs to do what Kobe did and hire Olajuwon.

  56. Mitchell says:

    I personally think that melo should stay with the Nuggets because thats is where he started is career and thats where he should end it, I don’t think that he want to be remember like Lebron James where he make a 1 hour special nationwide, just to rip of The Nuggets who gave him everything he asked for. We already know that the Knicks are hoping that he comes to Madison Square Gardento play for them but the should really stop doing that, instead of hoping for a free agent to come to you, why don’t you make some trades to get better yourself.

  57. Cedric says:

    Melo joining the knicks is great that means the east would be a pwer house, and only the eastern conference playoffs would be the money making in terms of views plus it wouldn’t make no sence to watch the allstars games cause all the power house players are on the east side, and we all ready know that the allstars games are getting more boring every year. So yea it would be good but the nba would lose money in the long term in terms of competition duration through the league so I believe Comissioner of the league needs to keep a balance of power on each side cause if you look at it now all the power right now is shifting to the east the players in the west are getting old

  58. GEDZ says:

    TOP 5 Players are:
    1. Lebron
    2. Kobe
    3. Wade

  59. Aceman from CHICAGO! says:

    you know what…move everybody down a notch and stick WADE at 3! HAHAHA I almost forgot about my boy! So that makes Melo 6!

  60. obie says:

    to be honest the top fve players changes so much now:

    (1) kobe is decreasing in skills (kobe’s getting old)
    (2 mello is up down up down (mellos inconsistent)
    (3) durant takes too many off balanced he should get like 33 34 point per instead of 30 (durant too young)
    (4) wade has to be 100 percent to perform well (wade has not shown full potential)
    (5) lebron needs to keep the ball out his hand if he’s not listed as point guard (weird style of play)

    there’s no top dominant player Lebron is MVP
    Durant has the scoring title
    carmello is the Lebron killer
    wade is the one man army
    Kobe is the Champion and finals MVP
    maybe John Wall will steal the crown or Rondo wit their team play

    one day we’ll all compare all these players to Jordan and Jordan got it still

  61. Aceman from CHICAGO! says:

    Man yall are crazy!!!! Best 5 players in the league

    5) Earl Boykins
    4) Lonnie Baxter
    3) Eddie House
    2) Marcus Banks
    1) Popeye Jones

    Don’t get ur facts mixed up! This line up will merk anybody yall put up! :o) You guys take this way to serious….fact is, outta all the “Best” players in the leage, KOBE has the most accomplishments. Nobody cares about what you “COULD” do…until you do something you can’t be considered the best nothing!

    5) Melo – What has he accomplished? Oh yea….nothin much compared to the top 4!
    4) Durant – Scoring title and he’s how old!?!?!? With what team?!?!?! Enough said. Out played Melo at Melo’s position.
    3) Dwight – Best Big Man in the league hands down!
    2) Lebron – Has more under his belt including all those guys, including an MVP award.
    1) Kobe – Been in the league longer than the rest, but has still dominated the game! He won’t be at the top for long…but for now he is KING. If you don’t think so then ask urself…who’s wearing the NBA crown right now?

    It’s been fun guys!

  62. ake says:


  63. hugginkiss23 says:

    ok look people called lebron the choosen one, compared him to micheal jordan. Are you guys stupid. Lebron should be no were in the top five players if he can’t win a championship on his own like the great ones kobe, jordan and so on.

    Now about melo if he want’s to win a championship some time soon he should ask for a trade to orlando. It will make a huge impact on the eastern power houses in south beach. It will be a massive match up between carter and wade, melo and james, and of course howard and bosh. But also don’t forget about nelson and lewis. Lewis will slap z like his mama would in an all around game. Nelson well his only compition in the east is my boy rondo.

    And yes i maybe from toronto and don’t care less aout bosh but i cant leave out the lakers challengers the celtics. Rondo will destroy any point the so call ****heat bring about. Then ray allen will man handle wade. Lebron and paul will be and eppice battle. The with the addition of the o’neal’s and plus shrek and donkey the celtics will be unstopable.

    By the way the top five players are as followed

    1. Kobe bryant – set many records and has the most tittles so far.

    2. Kevin durant – is on his part to breaking some of kobes scoring records in a flash.

    3. Rajon Rondo – a young point gaurd setting point gaurd records in a franchise that is one of the most dominate in the leuage and is making a name for him self.

    4. Paul Pierce – cause he played his hold carrer in boston and then waited until his team made a move and defeat the lakers in 08. And went back in 2010 and went in a game 7 with the defending champs lakers.

    5. Lebron James – cause he is just a ******* superstar that has set many records of his own but is no were close to the level that kobe and jordan played at.

  64. ivan says:


  65. obi2123 says:

    i say melo gets trade to the bull for deng so the nuggets get a small forward in return and a couple of draft picks
    go bulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. rory says:

    knicks fan = idiot talk like he knows everything. everyone have their own opinion so stop trying hard to be like a sport writer…

  67. USA says:

    i hope melo will join the lakers to get the 4th in a row 😀

  68. basketballfan says:

    fidde I guess you might be right. I wish there could be a 1 year extension so that he could have one last shot in denver, but still not be out of his prime when the contract is up. I just think he would like winning in denver more than in new york. Anyways it is 3 years so it is probably best for him to go to new york while he is in his prime and then he will have a good shot at the championship.

  69. justin says:

    1.Kobe Bryant
    2.Dwayne Wade
    3.Carmelo Anthony
    4.Dwight Howard
    5.LeBronze James

    • MK says:

      how do you put lebron at 5? hes clearly the best all around player in the league, quit hating for the playoffs.
      the top 5 is as follows.
      3-Dwayne Wade
      4-Kevin Durant
      5-Dwight Howard

  70. angel says:

    and remember something , is better if you lebron’s loosers think about the team around your big 3 because if melo join n.y. or chicago your dream of win a nba championship becomes a nightmare … bulls2011

  71. Nabeel says:

    Kobe Bryant

    LeBron James Dwayne Wade CARMELO ANTHONY

    Dwight Howard

  72. N.O says:

    some of y’all got it rite. but the rite order is
    #1 king james
    #2 kobe
    #3kevin durant
    #4 dwade
    #5 dwight howard
    #6 melo

  73. capatil01 says:

    melo is the second best player in the league bar none
    he’s the heart and soul of the nuggets and truthfully his better than lebrink come on let be truth if melo was the only star on the nuggets he would avge 40 points,10 or more assist and 10 or rebounds you cant punish him for not being a fake point guard like lebrink

  74. angel says:

    chris paul is better point guard than wade or lebron because paul play for win a game , he dont want to be the best , just win .. and if you put cp3 , with melo , amare and galinary in the same team you build the best team maibe ever in the nba history , exept bulls 72-10

  75. lEBRONS#1 says:

    jeff howd u put durant on top of lebron or kobe on top of lebron

  76. lEBRONS#1 says:

    Hey hey this is exact order
    1.LeBron James
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. Dwayne Wade
    4. Dwight Howard
    5. Carmelo Anthony
    6. Kevin Durant
    7. Chris Paul
    8. Amare Stoudamire
    9. Steve Nash
    10. Kevin Garnett

  77. thesmooth001 says:

    speg nhs crew,
    I like your top 10, but I would probably put Kevin Durant at #4, Dwight Howard at #5, Carmelo at #6.
    Tim Duncan is defintiely on the downside and he would probably be the first to tell you so and that he no longer considers himself in the top 10 tier of players. I would also substitute Deron Williams in at #7 and take Steve Nash out of the top 10 also, eventhough that is a hard move to make, Nash is still a bad boy when it comes to running a team on the floor.

    1. Kobe
    2. Lebron
    3. D. Wade
    4. Kevin Durant
    5. Dwight Howard
    6. Carmelo Anthony
    7. Deron Williams
    8. Chris Paul, (subject to move up if he is back to full health and they get him some adequate help in N.O.)
    9. Amare Stoudemire
    10. Chris Bosh

  78. Zzanzabar says:

    @ Kevin

    Who said anything about Melo joining the Knicks in my statement. I see Melo going to the Bulls! His talents combined with the Bulls would get him into the semi finals and finals almost yearly. Despite Utah losing Boozer and Korver they still will win a minimum of 48 games because of Jerry Sloan/s system and that barn they call a basketball arena. The Suns are the only team I see as possibly not making the 48 game cut. As for San Antonio getting older, the same could be said for the Lakers but I don’t see anyone overlooking their qualifications.

    There has been little shift in the overall picture in the East. You only traded Cleveland for Miami and still have only 4 teams that MIGHT win 50 games a year. It is not the top 4 playoff teams that make a Conference tough but the BOTTOM 4 teams. I believe that all EIGHT of the Western Conference playoff teams in the West won 50 games, what was that total in the east, 4 (and they played mostly against the weaker eastern teams).

  79. Dennis says:

    Cmon Knick Fans, haven’t yall had enough of this already? please. stop thinking that everybody wants to play there. didn’t LeBron and Bosh juke ya already? now you’re dreaming of Carmello and TP. yall have nothing to offer In a trade with Denver. and nobody Is In the market to help NY. so please. stop begging!

  80. thesmooth001 says:

    TDOTFAN, you seem to have a lot of hatred going on for the new Heat team and Lebron in particular.

    Lebron had the opportunity to go wherever he wanted to go, those are the rules and he played them to his maximum benefit. He did not have to stay in Cleveland for any reason if he did not want to.

    To be honest, I think Miami is the only team, (depending on how the young coach is able to handle all that talent), that might have an opportunity to be the Lakers.

    You have to give Lebron, D. Wade & Bosh credit because they all could have taken the money like Joe Johnson, but still would not have had a remote chance at beating the Lakers for the next 3-5 years. Magic, Bird & Jordan said they probably would not have made the move that these three did, thing is that they did not have to because their teams either already had the talent with multiple superstars or they brought them in to compliment them.

    Go Lakers!!!!

    Watch out for that whole team in Miami though ; )

  81. Jeff says:

    1 kobe
    2 durant
    3 james
    4a anthony
    5a paul.

    no clear top 5 guys. to many different styles of play. but kobe is still number one until hes dethroned

    • jmann513 says:

      how could you put durant over lebron the list should be
      1. Kobe
      3. Wade
      4. Melo
      5. Howard

  82. speg nhs crew says:

    Nba’s top 10

    • beast@BBall says:

      top ten r this

      1.Lebron James
      2.Dwanye Wade
      3.Kevin Durant
      4.Kobe Bryant
      5.Carmelo Anthony
      6.Dirk Nowitzki
      7.Dwight Howard
      8.Chris Paul
      9.Chris Bosh
      10.Derrick Rose

  83. aj says:

    melo/cp3/amare vs bron/wade/bosh wow that would be something to see hope it happens bulls are set just missing that sg postion we get that we are the champs.

  84. EROD says:

    TDOT…you are on one bro… If you think even for a second that Le-choke, Wade and Bosh is the equivilent to KOBE, MELO and HOWARD!!!!!! Keep playing 2k10 homie!!! If KOBE, MELO and HOWARD were on the same team you can pretty much give whatever team they were on the championship for however many years they were together. That is a complete team (inside & outside) unlike Miami!!!
    All that being said.. LAKERS THREEPEAT in 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. TOP 10 Players In The NBA IS AS FOLLOW’S SO PAY ATTETION “SCRUBS” AND “WANNABES”:>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    1.LeBron James
    2.Kobe Bryant
    3.Kevin Durant
    4.Dwight Howard
    5.Dwayne Wade
    6.Deron Williams
    7.Carmelo Anthony
    8.Chris Bosh
    10.Joe Johnson

    ***Chris Paul Is Not Mentioned Because He Has Never Taken His Team over 50 Wins……Hmmmm?{LMAO}

  86. Ben Wallace says:

    Melo is the BEST! He should join the Miami Heat .. so the next seven ships is their’s. Else, he muct join the Suns. Suns are No.2 in the West .. with Melo they become No.1 and then in the NBA Finals anything can happen. Good Huh????

  87. AveryDalNegro says:

    BIG 3 – Who could go past Duncan Ginobili and Parker….All ave 20+, obviously not as big as the Heat 3, but id mention them before OKC, LAL and DET

  88. true fan says:

    first of all melo is top five!!!!!!! second paul is the best point gurad!!! third of all there are many temas with three all stars an always have been form bird in boston to jordan in chicago to kobe in the lakers. without three allstars the team will never win. so tell your teams to stop hating and begin creating. FINAL WORD

  89. Jun says:

    No guys tp five players in the NBA are:

    Andrew B.

    : )

  90. ELL says:

    n if MELO goes to NY with CP3 there big three will be better then miamis just cus the fact that melo cp3 and amare blend together more then wade james and bosh … miams big 3 all three of them need the ball at all times with NYs potiental big 3 paul culd be to stoudemire what nash wass and stoudemire domimant post play will set up melo on the wing

  91. ELL says:

    Melo sshould go to the nets with Devin Harris Brooke Lopez and Melo plus any other free agent they sign cus of their new owner whos willing to waste the money they’ll be one of the best teams in the league

  92. bbbballll says:


    a top 10 without Dirk, that’s downright ridiculous

    • heroizm says:

      @ bbbballll – Point taken… =)

      For me, he’s right on the other side of 10, def’ly in my top 20 and I could easily see him, Duncan, KG, Lamar or maybe even Tyreke moving up my “ladder” based on how well they each play next season.

      I’m also eager to see how B Griff bounces back from injury so I think he’s one to watch too…

  93. Awe says:

    there are just so many changes going on in the nba! abd i think that melo should stay in denver

  94. Steve Mason says:

    QuestionMark is right those are the top 5 players in order

  95. KNICKS FAN says:

    Ok I like the idea of Melo to NY. At least it gives NY that Basketball Vibe and Playoff sensation again. But all the idiots on the top of the page, learn your skills in the NBA and not just ESPN hype.

    Top 5 Players in NBA (Pure Talent at this point, this list is not generated by titles, or Kobe would be first)

    1. Kevin Durant – Silky Smooth, Leader, Will win 7 titles
    2. Kobe Bryant – Closer, 1 ring more than Shaq
    3. LeBron James – Natural Athlete, maybe needs a better coach to get his pure talent out.
    4. Dwight Howard – Best Center in the NBA, he owns the paint, just needs to focus more on his game, not fouls
    5. Dwayne Wade/Carmelo Anthony – These guys are nasty, both have talent, street like game morphed onto the hard wood.

    Do I like the Melo to NY move. Of Course, an Upgrade is always welcome, especially since Kevin Durant signed that extension with OKC. Otherwise I would do everything possible to move Dwight Howard and Kevin Durant to the Knicks if I was James Dolan, and not worry so much about giving his lover/boyfriend Isiah Thomas a job.

  96. rory says:

    hey melo your always welcome to florida and im not talking about maimi we talking about bigger and better things and that is orlando and dwight howard. can you just imagine if you play for the magics we got the ship this year not maim!

    heres my top 5

    KOBE .1

  97. Eric says:

    I love Melo but i can’t agree that he is one of the top 5 players in the league. Top 10? For sure but top 5 not yet. Melo has one big problem, he is not an all around player. He is not a great defender and that is holding him to be one of the top 5 players. When people play fantasy basketball Melo is not rank in the top 20. For those who play fantasy people look for all around production and Melo is not one of them. I love the guy and I believe that he is great but he needs to prove himself to be mentioned as a top 5 player and we can’t be closed minded to believe that scoring and closing games are the only thing that makes people deserve to be the best.

    Top 5 players are:
    Lebron James
    Kobe Bryant
    Kevin Durant
    Dwayne Wade
    Chris Paul

    Next top 5:
    Dirk Nowitski
    Dwight Howard
    Deron Williams
    Steve Nash
    Carmelo Anthony

    And more deserving players are out there. Melo needs to prove himself that he deserves to be here.

  98. Cory says:

    Melo should sign that contract and wait for Chris Paul to become a free agent then Paul can sign with Denver. By then chauncey can become a backup for Paul.

    • THE BAHAMAS says:

      why do you all dis respect these persons and there talent…I thought the object of any game is to win not to finish second. Melo is a beast i respect his game alot even though some of the plays shows a little too much of him wantingto be dominant he can thats a kobe trait but i feel he does it better. You give him a number in comparison to who is the best player in this leaguue but honeslty has any and everyone given the opportunity kobe got . You all are blinded by hype kobe had shaq horry fisher (the men who covered up his flaws), the front office is smart they know what kobe lacks, a team of five with different roles who are very unselfish and drift away from the bright lights and camera. to be honest anyone afforded the opportunity or even half of the opportunity will prove they are a better basketball player than kobe (eg. when shaq got traded to miami when they considered him to be washing up which is true d wade one a ring with half the opportunity) then during that era when everyone but kobe was winning he was ready to torch the lakers ( are you laker fans hearing this) then i think he got advice from a higher power and told him to start playing selfish showing how great of a player (shot jacker and hog) he was he scored 81 yea but didnt make it pass the first round of the playoffs 8 or more games with 40 or more points but went up 3 games to 1 on phoenix and still lost ( hes not great people) pau had a 50 game win season with grizzlies but couldnt make it pass the first round but still made it to the playoffs in the west with the grizzlies kobe missed the playoffs 2 as a lakers (in the quote on quote building phase) lebron never with no team carmello never with no team dwade never once free of injury with a team that was always changing you people need to get up grab a ball and see the many different ways how that can get into the basket before you label people. one guy had durant as number one, he plays young not consistant and sometimes clutch but oh yea kobe started off like that and ended the same way. you gatta really understand the skill level that dwyane wade and lebron have as oppose to other basketball player carmello will always be melo CP3 i better than kobe to be honest it will forever be
      1. d wade, bron,
      2. cp3, melo
      i dont hate kobe he has will determination and heart but you know too much of anything isnt good for you

  99. heroizm says:

    Melo is a scoring machine and he’s stepping up his all around play more and more each season. Will be interesting to see how it plays out for him…

    Who’s in Your Top 10?

  100. BILLGATES says:

    Knicks for life…………….cp3 n melo with amare

  101. David says:

    the best 5 basketballers in the game today are

    1 Kobe Bryant
    2 Lebron James
    3 Kevin Durant
    4 Carmello Anthony
    5 Dwayne Wade

    now KG Dwight CP3 and them are really good, but non of the other guys any of you will mention can drastically change their franchise around completely on their own….
    Now Melo situation….HE SHOULDN’T LEAVE DENVER….the NBA is becoming lamer and lamer..ok i know it is very nice and exciting to see the best players play together, however i rather see that at the AllStar Game or at USA Dream Team….Nobody wants to earn a championship anymore…everybody wants to jump on another persons bandwagon and take the short cut which in my opinion is not how it should be done….Now the only exception to that is KG, Ray Allen and Pierce…they way they did it was different in the sense that they gave it their all to their respected teams before moving on..Doing this way i think doesn’t effect a players legacy….Now if Melo where to leave this year or next year i would honestly think less of him as a player, like i already do Lebron..

  102. Diamon says:

    melo to orlando

    nelson, carter to denver

  103. Pierce says:

    Top 5:
    1. Kobe
    2. Lebron
    3. Wade
    4. Durant
    5. Melo

    I would say the next 5 consist of people like Howard, Dirk, CP3, Deron Williams, and Roy. Last 5 are debatable though.

  104. Bryan says:

    If Carmelo goes to New York, I wonder how the fans will treat him. That famous fight may have been a long time ago, but some fans will remember.

  105. QuestionMark says:

    One thing… I still dont know why people are s*** talking Miami’s trio.. so if Melo and CP3 go to NY and people dont talk about them..dont see any reason to talk about the Trio.. its pretty similar.. CP3 best if not 2nd best PG, Melo 2nd best SF, Amare one of the most dominant PFs today.. its the same thing I understand Miamis trio has an MVP and a 2 major scorers but gotta say its the same.

  106. ryan24 says:

    its not necesarily about the caliber of the players together on a team. its how well they mesh together and how well their chemistry comes together on the court. bostons chemistry was amazing the past 2 years, they all complimented each others playing styles thats why it worked so good, with miami’s they are obviously great talents but doesnt mean they will blend well together

    • Dominique says:

      doesn’t mean they won’t bend well either. the mere fact that they have agreed to try says that the rest of the league should try too

  107. TJ says:

    Aaron.. got some bad news for ya son.. the miami big 3 is better than any 3 lakers you can put together BUT the lakers starting lineup is better than the heat starting lineup! and the lakers bench is WAAAY better than the heats bench.. PHIL JACKSON is 100x the coach Eric spoelstra is.. soo dont crown queen james or chris bosh’ garbage self too soon. u heat fans keep ur booties in ur seat til they actually do something… scrubs

  108. hehimself says:


  109. MR2007 says:

    A lot of good points were brought up about the Nuggets trading Melo, you’re right new york has no one to trade unless they take their draft pick, and i also agree with the knicks being a dead end and then by the knicks taking amare, they probably won’t have any cap space for melo, but i think melo should fill in with a legacy team, it’s too late to start another with the nuggets although he is the face not billups, i would say send him to the bulls but they wont have anyone for him unless they take Luol Deng and some one else, from houston ????, I say melo should do one more year with the nuggets and go to the celtics when pierce or allen leave, i think he would shine there and work well with rondo and big baby, the future, maybe even robinson

  110. sasha says:

    Lakers should trade artest for melo…done deal

  111. fidde says:

    Basketball fan dont you think it is better for Melo to change team now when he is in his prime. same thing whit lebron he did the right thing but i am not a lebron fan so i hope Melo uses his brain and pick orlando or kincks

  112. KbLiLbro says:

    Having the best players dont equal championships. ask the yankees. besides bosh is gonna get exposed the way gasol did now that he is in the spotlight. teams are gonna challenge his toughness. and lebron and wade are essentially the same player. chemistry is key. the lakers struggled most of the year bcuz of it. remember everybody thought they were gonna break records. and top ten is lebron, kobe, wade, melo, durant, paul, howard, Amare, Bosh, Dirk and thats debatable

  113. BXS23 says:

    As A Nuggets Fan I can agree with the comment made by Gus. I hope Melo dose stay because I believe there is just a few more moves to be made here in Denver, and Melo can get what he wants, which is a championship. That’s honestly the real reason he probally has not sign the contract that has been offerd to him. He is patiently waiting to see what Denver dose. Al Harrington was a good move but I think if we want to keep Melo we need to make more moves, and don’t be afriad to trade players like Nene, JR., Or K-Mart. We can keep Melo, we just need to take the moves that can be done to win that championship. That’s all that Melo wants. I know that everyone knows how dangerous Denver is, it’s just the fact that there is a piece to the puzzle missing, and once the puzzle is completed there is a great light shining in the Mile Hi City.

  114. KbLiLbro says:

    Melo, CP3, Amare in Dantoni’s system would be unguardable. they would gell instantly because they compliment eachother so well. much better then miamis big three compliment each other. throw in a marcus camby type center and a defensive wing who can shoot the 3 and u talking championships even over the heat and laker and im a huge laker fan. it wud b fun to watch those powerhouses go at it

  115. Aaron says:

    1ST OF ALL!!!! newyork doesnt have the money to sign MELO AND PAUl. that wudnt happen atleast for a nex five years. and no team will hav a better big three in miami. argubualy they hav 3 of the top 5 best players in the league. my top 5 best players are kobe, lebron, wade, durant, melo. there wont be a superteam like da heat for a while!!!!!! get dat thru yall headsz because miami iz gonna run ova da league an yall knickz an lakers fanz cud hate all yall want because newyork an california iz whack now!!!!!!

    • Alaric C says:

      Are you serious? Bosh is not a top 5 player in this league, I could name 4 power forwards who are better or at the same caliber. As far as the Knicks not having money for both Melo and Paul, your wrong! Obviously to get any of these players moves would have to be made…to get Melo they would probably give up 2 or 3 players. If he signs as a free agent then they don’t have to give up anything as they have a few players coming off the books next yr including Curry’s 11 million. Paul is a FA in 2012, but if they get him before then, again other players would be moved…You must be a Heat fan and want the buck to stop with your team…Sorry to tell ya but ur guys created a monster and others will be looking to do the same to be competitive. Now as for comparing the big 3’s if they happen:

      Stat vs. Bosh – Bosh’s game is limited and he disappears from time to time…Stat’s game has gotten better as he has developed a mid-range game and he is the 2nd best finisher in the league for a big man next to D. Howard. Bosh is slightly better defensively but can be pushed around…advantage Stat

      Lebron vs. Melo- This debate has been going since they were in the same draft class. Lebron is clearly the better athlete, but what what Melo lacks in athletic ability he makes up for with his heart. Lebron can easily be the best player in the game, but his lack of a killer instinct will keep him behind Kobe and maybe even his new teammate in DWade…advantage….Push

      CP3 vs. Flash – DWade could arguably be the 2nd best player in the game. He takes over games like Kobe, wants the ball in his hands in crucial situations, but needs to work on his jump shot, ball handling and on the ball D (takes too many gambles). CP3 is arguably the best point guard in the game, he is a great passer, good scorer and great floor general…when healthy he has lead the league in steals 2 or 3 times and rarely turns the ball over…advantage…Push

      If formed the 2nd Big 3 has the advantage as Stat is better than Bosh

      • Dominique says:

        stat has bosh i’ll give you that. melo does not push with lebron come dude lebron is the hands down a better player: i’m a kobe bryant fan and i’ll admit that, flash can shoot the ball and can handle the ball, he came into the league as a point gaurd and leads the heat in assist. wade is better than cp3. although cp3 is still the best point guard in the league, now does that explain how good wade is. out of melo, james, bosh, and wade, the greaest draft of all time only one of these guys has a championship ring. only one of these guys has a finals mvp. kobe might get his 6th ring but a year after that i hope some other team builds a another big 3 soon!

      • Alaric C says:

        Fam, I’m not saying that Melo is better than LBJ, all I’m saying is that LBJ lacks that killer instinct and honestly if it were my team and I had both of them on my team down the stretch it would be Melo with the ball and not LBJ. That’s why LBJ chose to play with the Wade, because Wade will take the pressure off of him to take that last shot and want to have the ball at the end of games…LBJ tends to be too passive at times that he shouldn’t. And don’t get it twisted I also believe that Flash is probably #2 player in the league behind Kobe, because of the fact that he has that killer instinct that LBJ lacks, but his all around game could use some work…I don’t know what games you’ve been watching but like MJ and Kobe before him early in their careers, flash still needs to develop an outside game. Yes, it has gotten a lot better, but i wouldn’t say he was a good shooter, his handle is suspect at times and although he plays great off the ball D, he gambles too much when playing straight up…and he should lead the Heat in assist as the ball is in his hands all the time as it should be..he was there Mr. Everything….CP3 on the other hand like I said in my previous post is arguably the best point in the league when healthy, he plays great D on and off the ball, he has a great assist to turnover ratio, can score when he wants or needs to and because of his floor generalship he makes it a PUSH with Flash when we talk about these 2 teams matching up….and again my comparison is based on these 2 teams playing each other head to head, not where they rank in the NBA…

  116. basketballfan says:

    I really hope Melo stays in Denver. I think he will be a lot happier winning a championship there than in new york. I think he should sign the three year extension and if nothing happens after that then is when he should start thinking about leaving.

  117. melo says:

    it quietly goes to Knicks !!!!!!!!

  118. dblock344 says:

    melo should go to the magic and get traded for rashard lewis and a rookie

  119. behave says:

    hope melo will go to other team..

    he is not progressing in denver..

    he needs to go to somewhere else..

    denver always fell short on the west.. and no big changes happened to their roster..

    they got good players.. but they need to trade someone.. nothing happens to them.. not even close to west finals..

  120. mini says:

    i agree.. jordan is the best so far…

    no one is nearer to what he accomplish… even kobe man..

    • Sonny says:

      Jordan is probably the best shooting guard to ever play but i will not say the best basketball player ever! When your saying jordan is the best ever you are discrediting a lot of great players like Wilt Chamberlin, Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson and many more who took the game to another level in their error. Mike was a great scorer but check his other stats like assist per game, rebounds per game. When you check his other stats compared to Oscar and Wilt and Bill, his numbers do not show that he is the best player to ever play in the NBA. I will definately say he is the best to ever play Shooting Guard but not the best to ever play basketball.

      • good game says:

        But his lock down defense ability made him dominant on both sides of court, that is why hes the best, not only cause his scorring ability, but because his defense and that winning mentality!

  121. game time says:

    poor beasley…..

  122. bee says:

    its not shifting in the east..

    the depending champions are in the west…

    back to back to back

  123. bee says:

    bulls get rudy fernandez so you can fill up your sg position..

  124. Jay says:

    Melo has a decent team in Denver. He just needs another consistent player and he will be good because the West isnt was it use to be. The power has shifted to the East. and in terms of top players.

    1. Kobe
    2. Wade
    3. Lebron
    4. Durant
    5. Roy/Melo/Gasol

  125. TDOT FAN says:

    To Hell with all these BIG 3′s, their all punks, Jordan, Rodman, Magic they all said it them selves, the Hallafamers are all disapointed with all this LeBron and Miami BIG three bullshyt, you guy keep saying theres so many other teams with BIG 3′s…in the past ex.

    Boston- Garnett, Peirce, Ray Allen- none of these 3 are in the top 10 scores of last yr…

    Jordan- Pippen and Rodman..- Pippen and Rodman are only famous because of MJ…so cut the Bullshyt!

    Detroit – Wallace’s, Billups and Rip- none of these 3 guys are in the TOP 10 scorers…

    OKC – Durant, Green and Westbrook- KD is the only one of these 3 with big #s…

    Kobe- Gasol, Fisher and Odom – who ever wront this one is just stupid, Odom sucks, Fisher avgs under 15 points per game, basically its Kobe and Gasol who are main players, but only Kobe is in the TOP 10..

    MIAMI = LEBitch , WADE, BOSH – ALL are in the TOP 10 scorers in the league, buddy – this is equivlent to KOBE, MELO and HOWARD on the same team just to show you the type of caliber and how stupid the MIAMI’s big 3 is..

    You guys keep on trying to justify it by saying Jordan had Pippen and Rodman, etc but dude its not the same Caliber of 3 players,

    at the end of the day Jordan is still the Best player so Far in the game, Kobe Bryant rite behind him going for his sixth ring as well and threepeat… Real player make big plays…and rise to the occasion, not make an allstar team and get the easy way out for a ring no disrespect to WADE and BOSH tho, they would have been a great team the 2 of them alone with support but when Queen James joined they went from 1 of my fav teams to Public Enemy #1.

    • Sonny says:

      you the one who sounds stupid with you comments! you must not be a true nba fan! havent you ever heard of the showtime lakers! magic, kareem and Worthy? And Jordan wouldnt have won all his championships without pippen and rodman cleaning up the boards. The big 3 in boston showed you how good they were when they won the championship in their year and turned around this past season and about won it again. So for you to say there is no such thing as a big 3 just sounds DUMB. Lebron completed his contract with cleveland and done his job great while in cleveland, it was his right to go and play for another team, quit hating on that man for wanting to play for a true contender, cleveland had all the chances in the world to surround him with real players and they didnt do it so i would have left to. And as for Jordan, Magic, Barkley and the rest of the legends saying he wrong for that lets see what they would have done if they didnt have their teams. Magic-kareem-worthy= 0 championships, jordan-pippen-rodman= no championships, pierce-KG-ray allen= no championships barkley – kevin johnson- dDan Majerle= no championships, or barkley-olajuwan-clyde drexler= no championships! Barkley shouldnt even try to comment after going to all these stacked teams to try to win a championship and coming up short! check the history junior, all the great teams and great players surrounding them

  126. The Green Nugget says:

    Aren’t Hamilton and Prince already dust? This makes an old team older and with very little future. Nuggets need to trade for the future.

  127. Sydale says:

    Denver should trade Melo to my Sixers… LOL

    We’ll give up Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner for him… That’s a starting SF, and a potential star SG for y’all…

    Of course, there will have to be some mixing and matching of other players to make the money work out, but it shouldn’t be that difficult…

  128. JAMES says:



    • Kundai says:

      holy crap i never thought of that man, that would be soooo doope. Melo, Rose and Boozer would be nice.
      I would like to see that but i think New York is a lcok becasue the fact that he was born there and his wife was raised there on top of that he did play colleg ball there. he is already lovered in new york.

  129. Justin says:

    Obviously, the Knicks will be probably the top choice for Melo, but if the Nuggets were to trade him rather than lose him next year, they would be smarter to go with a different team. Personally, I am a Pistons fan, and I think that would benefit the Nuggets most is trade Melo to Detroit and Detroit send Hamilton, Prince, and Maxiell to Denver. Basically, Denver will be the new Detroit. Not only will Billups will reunite with his old teamates, but Denver will go deeper in the playoffs for sure with that lineup. And, it benefits Detroit with Melo on the team.

    I think that scenario would be much smarter for the Nuggets so that they get quality players in return, and they don’t be left in the dust next year like Cleveland was this year.

    • jc says:

      pistons gave up the opportunity to pick melo on the 2003 draft… darko milicic, where are you? lol

  130. The Green Nugget says:

    Indiana would be sweet justice for him. Just give us a Danny Granger, Dante Jones and 1st round pick. Nuggets are still competitive under Billups rule and Indiana still sucks. Thats Justice

  131. mike says:

    here is a thought, carmello finish you his contract with the nuggets and join the chicago bulls, many people are not paying attention to that team but with the addition of anthony many of eyes will be open

  132. malki64 says:

    hes a dummy, the nba is full of crap, the denver needs him , well they might need him

  133. jc says:

    east: there are so many big 3..

    howard, carter & lewis

    kg, allen & pierce + rondo

    wade, lbj & bosh

    but in the west.. lakers has big 6 + medium 6.. :’)

  134. bruce says:

    dont want melo to stay in denver too long and play with no chance for a championship like ai did in philly it would be a waste of his career

  135. think says:

    Rather than NY, I hope Melo would join the Magic… that would be a better lure for CP3.

    Denver, rather than getting “Lebron’d” could trade Melo with Rashard and Carter (along other players of course). Then come 2011, Jameer to Paul…

    sounds so easy lol

    • GRANDAD SAYS NAY says:

      Ain’t happenin’. As much as I want the Magic to dominate, Carter has proven he’s done and Rashard’s contract scares the broken trundles out of any team, especially Denver. Jameer for CP3 wouldn’t be enough, Orlando would have to add Gortat and possibly JJ. I want to see NOLA succeed, but some shake ups have to go down this season to prevent 4 super teams from dominating the next 10 years. NBA is better than MLB and needs to stay that way.

  136. erap says:

    mc grady.. i dont know man..

    he is like penny hardway… t-mac is great when he is in orlado.. but when injury came..

    he missed so many games.. i dont think he will bring back his game.. even half of what he does in orlando…

  137. Sonny says:

    Mello can score the ball anytime he wants to, he will do great with the knicks but i really feel he needs to go to Chicago if he is ready to compete for a championship. Mello, Rose, Noah, Boozer, and Brewer is a better starting line up than what Miami can put on the floor.

  138. gori says:

    ow.. i almost forgot.. dwight howard.. one of the best right now… overall performance..

  139. al says:

    if at a certain point in their carrers the new marquee players want to regroup and form their own elite teams , so be it. I dont think this is especially good for the game but there are still going to be the portlands and the okcs of the world and there is always gonna be the lakers,
    This is not a one sided thing you will always have players coming up and franchises building good teams.

    And if after 5-7 years with their first team the all marquee ones go somewhere else to try to win something big. that not sound amoral to me they have given a good part of their carreers to their original team and make the choice to put them in a situation where they can win while still being quite young

    there is no pride today tahat’s just an exemple but do any of the chicago bulls from jordan’s era have signed with the pistons like ben gordon did? i tell ya it’s all money now. where is the love?

  140. gori says:

    melo is not on the top 5…

    bryant, james, wade, durant, rondo, nowitski, nash, etc,, etc…lol

  141. jack says:

    carmelo go to lakers…haha

  142. Mohamed says:

    I know this may seem off-topic, but why hasn’t anyone written an article about T-Mac going to Detroit? I’d love to see the McGrady of old, or at least a 15 ppg and like 7 rpg guy…

  143. lee says:

    money does not matter anymore for those superstar player..

    they need championships…

    west: lakers

    east: i dont know.. lol

    • Maxine says:

      Money does count. They are looking at a possible lockout for 2012. Ask Amare if Money counts. All players do not make what the few considered Stars make, and they know they do not have but 10-15 years to make it, and be expected to give even part of that to charity. All except Charles Barkely and Shawn Marion, they give their chairity to the Gambling Halls. I will have to say, I have ONLY EVER seen but one Basketball player with such a dirty mouth, make money off of getting by saying what ever he want to say on TNT. Vulgar talk makes money for the under educated Charles Barkley. I guess like the Howard Stern of radio, people do not mind his mouth. He was a fair player, and he could play rough and dirty. But to make money saying unheard of on TV such dirty trash talk?? What are we becoming, when we get a laugh from a player who make shis living off of using foul language? However, if not for his job, he would be about broke or sweeping up the Casino floors to cover his debts.

  144. mattl says:

    enabling people to share their thoughts on actions taking place in the NBA has truly succeeded in attracting what appears to be some of the most biased and stubborn individuals to walk the face of the earth. this is solely for the purpose of dramatizing the lives of these athletes in order to strengthen the appeal of particular organizations along with the NBA. i will suppose, in order to preserve my faith in the credentials of the association, that this is just another impact that jerry buss’ integration of entertainment in the association is having. definitely not going to read it anymore though. worse than youtube, seriously.

    • Maxine says:

      Matt, first you need to learn where you need a capital in a sentence. Learn the game a little better and know what you are talking about. This is not what team I support, but who has the best players.

  145. Latrisha Anderson says:

    I dont think Anthony should demand a trade…because Anthony just got in teh mind frame of winning. He just really showed last year what he could do. At first it was all fun and games getting into nba, and now it is he needs help. Look at the times when he wasnt really taking it serious

  146. ctw724 says:

    Melo should realize that his mentor, Michael Jordan, was born in NYC, but loved it in Chicago, on his way to multiple NBA championships. Actually, Melo and MJ have a lot more in common. Aside from being born in NYC, they both were raised on the Atlantic Coast, they both won NCAA championships as freshman, they both were the #3 pick in the NBA draft and they both can score 30 points on any given night. Will the similarities continue with Melo playing pro ball for the Chicago Bulls, just like MJ did? Only time will tell. I just know him and his family could be very happy and very successful, on and off the court, in Chicago(land). Ask Michael Jordan, if you don’t believe me.

  147. Zzanzabar says:

    No doubt about it Denver’s in a pickle. There are 3 things that the Nuggets need to overcome if they have any hope of keeping Carmello and I just don’t think they can:

    1) Getting quality players to come on board when Carmello has not resigned. Remember that is the same thing that happened to Lebron. No one was going to commit long term when they KNEW that he was not committed for the long haul because he did not sign an extension. He would not sign an extension because Cleveland could not get quality players. A vicious circle.

    2) Denver is in the ultra competitive Western Conference. Having to slog through the established Mavericks, Spurs, and Jazz only to face the upstarts of OKC, and Portland just so they can face the Lakers must be very frustrating. Denver is a team that is built for the season, not the playoffs. Carmello might be eying the Eastern Conference just so he can increase his odds at making it to the finals on a regular basis.

    3) The perception that Denver is not the city to make your home. While erroneous in fact (Denver has over 345 days of sunlight and is a really great place to live), many people still think that the inhabitants carry skis on their backs and portable snow shovels in their trunks and that it snows in July (well that part is actually true, but it always melts by noon). None the less convincing top level talent to live their is still a concern.

    The only way that Carmello is going to stay is if the Nuggets make a bold move NOW (i.e. the upcoming season) and sign/trade for a MAJOR talent like Chris Paul. Unfortunately they have almost no trading power. Who wants to trade for JR Smith?

    • Swabski says:

      Sign & Trade for Chris Paul? He don’t become a free agent until 2012, so I don’t know how that’d help them keep Carmelo, they can simply trade for him though.

      • Maxine says:

        I hope Chris Paul will read this. His time got away with his injuries, and to be honest, he was like “Howard”, they were good, but were better in their own heads. Paul will never be as good as Nash, Stockton, Billups and Kidd. He is too much of a show peice. He is trying to hang out with Carmello, hoping to go to the Knicks with Carmello. He could not even come close to the pick and pop of Amare and Nash or Malone and Stockton. He would like too. But poor guy just is not that great. He is better at trying to run the team his own way. His days is going down. He should try coaching. Better tell other how it should be done.
        Let us one more time discuss Dwight Howard. This is a great “KID”. He has too much on his shoulder to compare for his age. Bless his heart being considered for MVP may I ask for what? Block shots? Give me a break. Read what makes an MVP. Howard is not YET tough enough to take down very many Centers. He gets rebounds, but not Offensive, he is out of there, he put very few points up from put back on offensive. He will only make it look like he is guarding. He does not like rough play. He just throws the ball and prays for making a free throw. Never heard of but one MVP that could not make Free throws, and that was Shaq. Size is great, but it does not make up for being intelligent about the sport of Basketball. No team as won with Howard and Since Riley got rid of Shaq, he has hurt teams more than he has helped. He needs to hang it all up, his day is OVER.

        Paul is very NERVOUS, he knows he will only get on a great team by hanging onto a shirt tail. In another year or two he will be Bench material. I hate to say that, I like the little guy, but the injury cost him too much.
        Pau Gasol is good, but like Howard he does not like rough play and will easily become frustrated and miss layup and Free throws. Not as tough as his younger brother, Marc will be. Now Robin Lopez, when he matures, he will knock heads with any of them, including Howard. Howard will just back off or get into foul trouble. He is lot of action with little real play. If the Knicks are betting on a win next year, 1st they need a backup for Amare. I have watched him play from the first year out of High School. He is ver emotional. Either he is the STAR or he will not play and will pout. I have seen Nash wave off the press to go to Amare, just as he did for Marion, who also was a pouter.Amare and Marion each cost the Suns important games. How long do you think NY would put up with 3 rebounds in a playoff finals game from Amare? Nash has covered his a–. I hate to see it happen but after this next season, Suns will lose Nash and Denver will lose Carmello. Along with Amare, and the #8 from Italy, Carmello, Nash and maybe Artiza and even Steve Curry. Knicks has a future of the Ring. Kobe is aging and the Royal Court will not be as great without his scoring and running the team. Knicks, Okc, Bulls, Nets, will rise next. Out west???? Jazz could rise again, so could the Suns and yes the Lakers have bout two years of “GAS” left. Spurs have to rebuild and so does the Rockets against the aging Yao. Mavericks are a hit or a miss. To much substitution takes place. Kidd is growing a beard, Little Jet “his own give name”, will lose Gas. then Dirk, is only as good as he is, as long as it does not get rough. Net owner can out do Buss in money and will have a winner IF he has to pay whatever it takes for a player to come to his new stadium. Golly he would even cross over and go for a QB. Rondo has been great in 3 sports, but just chose basketball. He was a QB and also a baseball pitcher. Do not cut that guy out. Oh, how mike D. would love to have him on his roster. It will bet the Knicks against the Nets in the future. That Russian will try somehow to get his buddies from Utah and the Mavericks. He will also find more great international players from Russia. More Russia in the NBA. What next the Arabs?

      • Alaric C says:

        @ Maxine…Wow!!Are you serious? Your postings have to be some of the most ABSURD, mumbo jombo I have ever seen! Kobe better than MJ? What are you smoking and can I have some please. Michel Jordan was the best all around player in the game. He was 9 times named to the all defensive team, countless scoring titles, defensive player of the yr and I could go on, but doesn’t make sense. Kobe never had to play against; The Detroit Pistons( Bad Boys), Dominique Wilkins in his prime, Magic and his Lakers, Bird and his Celtics, Ewing and his Knicks, The Dream and his Rockets shall I go on… Kobe is a great player and I’ll never take that away from him, but better than MJ you gotta be high! Pippen, was also a great player and he complimented Jordan well. As far as CP3 is concerned, you say that he could never do what Nash did with Stat, what Stockton did with Malone(no one will ever match this duo) and then you say he will never be as good as Billups and Kidd, SMMFH!!! How short your memory must be, Billups was a journey man until he landed in Detroit and finally put his game together after stints with the Wolves, Celtics and Raptors. Steve Nash hit it big in D’antoni’s system( remember Nash w/ Dirk), Jason Kidd was a great pg who can’t shoot, but a great passer and floor general. CP3 is just as good and could be better than some of the guys I just mentioned and he never had the great finisher that the rest of these teams had. He had Tyson”Alley Oop” Chandler and made him look like an All-Star…you got to be kidding me your memory of Paul must be really short because wasn’t it 2 or 3 yrs ago that he led NO to the Western Conference Finals….LMAO!! You had a couple of good points throughout your few post, but some of your assertions were out of this world…lol…

    • Kevin says:

      Your argument regarding the “ultra competitive West” doesn’t carry much weight anymore The Jazz just lost Boozer AND Korver. The Spurs and yet another year older. Only Dallas and OKC are on the rise and Denver STILL owns OKC. The EAST is not where Melo wants to compete for a ring. You think Melo and Amare have the defense to keep up with Miami, Boston, Orlando, Atlanta, and Chicago??? Puh-leeeze.

      • Maxine says:

        NO, not Amare a lone, he just cannot be a Star without a great point guard. Now MIA has bought the “Golden Goose”, we will just have to wait to see who is the most humble of the big 3. James is great, but he cannot make the winning shot. Wade will back off for James, and Bosh is only as good as the other two will allow. It will be very interesting to see them play the Lakers. I do not LIKE KOBE, but the truth may hurt, but that “cat” is better than Jordan. Jordan got all the fame for lot of shots just handed to him by Pippen, who like Nash, was not looking for honors. Again, I will state, I would never root for the agorant Kobe, but that is the best NBA player to ever shoot a basketball. He can make the 3, the jumper. the lay up, free throws, a great ball stealer. MJ could not do all of that. Watch the eastern finals in 1991 against Cleveland. Pippen was the man of the hour. Lot of games Jordan just did not show up, but because of Pippen making Michael look so great, he became a King. Also at that time in History, he did not have to compete with a Kevin Durant and many more that can pop it. Bite my lip, I DO NOT LIKE HIM, BUT call a spade a spade. Never has there been anyone as great as that agorant Kobe Bryant. History will show he is the very best to play on the hardwood. As a person, he is one stuck up dude, and look at other things that he has been involved in. He thinks he is a King. Well on the Basketball court, got to give it to him, even though I DO NOT WANT TO, he is the best. Kobe sucks. I hate Kobe. Hear those chants in every game. But he has it all. The King belongs to Kobe not Michael Jordan, unless we are talking “fruit of the loom”. I wish time could be reverse. the two be the same age and at the same place in their very best games, and see who would come out #1, with no one hand feeding them the ball. Mike would have to give up his throne. I like Mike much better, That is not what this about; who likes who and what team, but one player against another. Michael knows in his heart that he has the “King”honor because of the unselfish Pippen. Kobe does it himself. Even Jackson, who has coached both great players would have to admit, that one on one it would have to be Mr. Bryant. I hate to say that.

      • Maxine says:

        Jazz is a very strict controled team. They just got a great 3 point shooter and one terrfic guard in Raja Bell. Ask Kobe about the Clothe line act, my favorite video. They got some great NBA picks and a cast off from Dallas, that is really not a cast off. Kover was a shooter only and spent lot of time on the Bench. So in fact, the Jazz only lost Boozer. Not seeing as much hard play this year out of Rose?? They no longer have Hamerick. Who will be their Star? Who will be the leader. Do not look for Boozer to step to the Free throw line and hit the basket each time. He is easy to get into foul trouble. I just do not see even one outstanding player for the Bulls. Oh’ MJ is gone.

  148. Rick says:


  149. Omar says:

    Melo is the second best scorer in the NBA after kobe and is definently top 5 overall..

    • Sonny says:

      I agree! he can score the ball anytime he wants to, he will do great with the knicks but i really feel he needs to go to Chicago if he is ready to compete for a championship. Mello, Rose, Noah, Boozer, and Brewer is a better starting line up than what Miami can put on the floor.

  150. ctww724 says:

    I vote Chicago, if he decides he wants out of Denver.

    The Bulls could give up Deng, Gibson, Johnson, cash and picks, which would keep Denver a playoff team, give them similar “on average” production that Melo brings to the court and ultimately the Nuggets would be saving money in the process.

    In terms of the Bulls, a starting lineup of Rose, Brewer, Melo, Boozer and Noah with Watson, Bogans, Korver, Thomas, Asik and a few others coming off the bench would allow the Bulls to compete for a top seed in the Eastern Conference and make them instant title contenders for the foreseeable future.

    • Swabski says:

      If I were the bulls I definitely wouldn’t put Taj Gibson in there, he’s the type of hustle & hardwork they need, he’ll be like there Dennis Rodman, also, what if Boozer don’t mix well with the Bulls team, i.e. Brand w/ 76ers.

  151. Kevin says:

    As a Denver fan and a person who has lived three blocks from Madison Square Garden, this comes as no suprise. Melo misses NY and loves playing for D’Antoni. The Nuggets still have a lot of pull in this situation with the lock out, a weaker Western Conf (OKC just leaped the Jazz), and a core group of players that can still give them 50+ wins come spring. They should wait it out until the lock out picture is clearer and Melo has the added pressure of playing on a playoff team already in the mix. Trust me, the offers for Melo in the spring will actually be better than now, but none of it will happen without a sign and trade.

    That said, the Nets have more chips for this deal than the Knicks. Package the Lopez twin and another strong player/pick and the rich Russian might have found his man. Melo/Lala would take Brooklyn, since winning must not be a factor. Going over to a beefed up East with Miami, Orlando, Boston, and Chicago is not the best way to a ring. Still, I love watching Melo play and he will be missed.

  152. jose says:

    how about this:
    Det=D.Gallinari,Randolph, 3picks(NY) let me know what do u think

  153. WadeCounty305 says:

    Better then Lebron*******
    Sorry didnt proof read guess i can be as dumb as you…..not lol

  154. WadeCounty305 says:

    To N,

    That has to be the most ignorant and dumb comment i ever heard of lmaooooo Our supporting cast is “scrap?” Lets see, we have Udonis (has a ring btw), House(oh wait he has a ring too lol), Miller ( greta spot up shooter), Big Z (a big body for rebounds), and oh crap guess?! We Have Wade (OMG he has a ring too and a finals mvp trophy and in my opinion is better then Wade), Lebron(isnt he considered the second best bball player in the WORLD? lol), and oh wait Bosh (another top ten player) Lmaoooo we have a great team!!!! Cry me a river cause you know if your team could have any of those players you would be as estatic as me lol Our team is the Sh** only the lakers are better. But dont go aroubnd talking non sense cause Paul nor Anthony nor Amare have done anything in the NBA lol not to mention none have even reached the finals lmfaoooooooo New york is washed up ever since Riley left! Next time you leave a comment dont be ignorant and dumb 😉

    • Swabski says:

      You got a very good valid point, but if Stoudemire, Melo, & CP3 teamed up, I think they’d give the Heat problems all day. Melo can score against LeBron at will, look back to February when they snapped the C’s 13 game winning streak on a Carmelo game winner & LeBron failed once again in the clutch. CP3 & Amar’e would recreate CP3 & Chandler/Stoudemire & Nash, but better. Paul would run circles around them, freeing up Melo & Amar’e, plus Amar’e would take it to Bosh, Bosh is on the softer side, like Gasol back in 08′. Plus what has LeBron & Bosh really done? Well, Bosh, I mean, LeBron ain’t really done much compared to Wade. I’d also say LeBron is 4th best player behind Wade, Kobe & Durant.

    • LAKERS says:

      Once again, yes your team is s*@t! Udonis is not much of a contributor at this point in his career. And Z, are you serious? Dwight Howard will man handle him in the paint, i think we have seen that already. Besides the 3 miami does not have a supporting cast. What are they going to do, play Lequeen, wade and bosh for 40 minutes every night to win. Like to see how that is going to work out.

      • WadeCounty305 says:

        Your a funny dude lol i love how cocky lakers fan and rightly so dont get me wrong. Udonis has been consistent his career. He is a role player all we need him for is to play his role. Lasr season he averaged 10 points while grabbing 8.1 rebounds and shooting 499. from the field great role player stats if you ask me. Especially for someone who came off the bench, and thats all the Heat need from him. Big Z is crap but if you want to talk like you know what your talking about for Howard to be a force on the court he needs to stay out foul trouble. Watch the games against the heat and you will see Howard could not contribute much since he was sitting out all game with foultrouble and that was with Wade attacking himon his own. Now we got two of the best slashers to rim in the NBa, and you better believe we are gonna attack Howards body and get him into foul trouble. Our supporting cast is spot up shooters which is what we need in Miller and House when once again ill bring up the same point i said b4, WHEN YOU HAVE TWO OF THE BEST SLASHERS TO THE RIM IN THE NBA. Drive and kick buddy Lakers run many plays like this so you should know how important spot up shooting is. ANd to Swabski… one will run circles around Wade and Lebron because both are great defenders and just as quick or maybe quicker then Paul and Anthony. Remember Wade is great at stealing the ball and blocks and Lebron well we all seen the blocks he does cuz they replay it every night on ESPN top 10. I want the NY Heat Rivalry back but as a fan of the Heat and the Game of basketball im tired of people being ignorant. Miami is a great team but they have to show up. This season coming up im excited for but next season is when everyone should be scared because by then they will have chemistry and everyone will be firing from all angles so watch out.

  155. mac says:

    trade nelson and carter

  156. mac says:

    melo and cp3 are fit to magic

  157. Diamon says:

    Melo is a good player but Denver didn’t do anything to make their team a championship caliber team. It is very obvious that they lack size and bench help. They didn’t bother making their team solid.

    I would suggest Melo will go to another team.

    Best teams to go are:

    1. Houston – supporting cast is solid, he can earn a championship here.
    2. New York – Amare and Melo will be a good team
    3. Orlando – He can take the number 3 spot. Howard + Melo = Championship
    4. Bulls – will be a champion again
    5. Clippers – solid line up if Melo is added.
    6. Cavs – he will make cleveland a champion

    • Latrisha Anderson says:

      I would say that he might want to play in Houston…since every thinks he is a superstar…than yao would be great for him to play with. On the flip side I would say Chicago would be a better fit than anything. Maybe he wants to do like Heat…go where other superstars are

    • lalala says:

      melo in orlando or the clippers is a perfect fit
      cavs dont deserve him
      NOBODY should go to the knicks

    • jmann513 says:

      wait a sec if lebron couldnt make cleaveland a champion how would carmelo do it because carmelo is not a better player then lebron

  158. dwain says:

    THE HOUSTON ROCKETS…………………………..

  159. kobron says:

    Bulls or Knicks should be on Carmelo or even the lakers. I heard knicks might try to get Parker instead of CP3 which would be very bad move. Knicks should of also kept T-Mac since he can play PG, SG & SF, he would of been a great back up for anyone trying to get a championship.

  160. likeb says:

    Personally i hate the idea of melo & cp3 joining the knicks… what i’d love to see is either melo going to NO or cp3 going to denver.

    • GRANDAD SAYS YAY says:

      Bring that on in NOLA. That would be awesome, though it won’t happen thanks to the weaker market down there. I wish it were true. They might be both brilliant and head to Houston. That would be amazing

      • Neck broken.. says:

        wow,, I could really see the nuggets trading carmello to the hornets. nthony for David west, Emeka O kafor and a 1st round pick. Hey not the best of trades but at least the nuggets don’t leave empty handed..

  161. carmelo wants to be traded but where?? the knicks dont have anyone to give up. but the worst losers are the hornets i want to see what they are going to do when CP3 leaves. they are going to kick themselves for trading collison

    • jason says:

      i agree with the t mac part but it would be a b ad move 2 get parker he can score he set up shots very well like nash did with amare nd he can score

  162. Wall2Wiz says:

    People keep talking about New York when its not going to happen….think about it….the Nuggets don’t want Carmelo to leave through free agency like Lebron so they plan to trade him.

    What possibly can Knicks offer the Nuggets for Carmelo???

    • GRANDAD SAYS YAY says:

      Exactly. They won’t be duped. He’ll be traded to the Bucks or Raptors, somewhere he won’t want to be in exchange for some goods. BACON!

  163. Jowell Chua says:

    melo is a kobe in disguise, ballhog extreme lmao!!

    • TDOT FAN says:

      – Melo Ballhog I agree,l Kobe in disguise?? oh please, btw Kobe is one of the most unselfish players in the league

      • jmann513 says:

        wow kobe unselfish how many times did he shoot in game seven of the finals even when his jumper was off and lets not forget that 80 point game face it kobe is selfish

      • tombrom says:

        jhahahahahhaha what the hell kobe is the biggest ballhog in the league

      • Dominique says:

        when you’re the franchise player of a nba team you’re paid to shoot the ball, being the franchise of a team says that you can win or lose with me shooting. with that said kobe is not a ball hog he does what he’s paid to do.

        melo, cp3 and amare would make a hell of a squad, they would compete with miami, not to say that they would be better, because no matter how much everyone hates the dynasty that miami had built they are still just that. if olympic teams can win, dream teams can become hall of famers, and we all tune in for the nba all star game, then why wouldn’t miami be a legendary team, a hated them but yet soon to be a work of art. we can dislike lebron for marketing himself the way he did, but the league uses these players as a business and all they did was flip it around and make it a business of their own. james won’t be able to follow in the likes of jordan or kobe but if miami succeeds, which i can’t see why they wouldn’t in a year or so, he would have begun a new legacy, one that says i understand the concept of basketball and i’m not a afraid to WIN and be hated, then to lose and be PRAISED.

        as for new york i hope something does happen for them cause a miami new york rivalry would be timeless.

        melo choose wisely, and remember its okay to be selfish, because hate you or love you its still an obession

  164. melo says:

    I hope to go to Knicks,I hope to go to Knicks

  165. Sonny says:

    Melo, CP3 and Stoudamire would give any team in the league problems,including miami! If the knicks can keep a good supporting cast around them they will be a powerhouse in the East. Everyone has to stop looking at the nba as an individual game and realize its played with a team, you have to have at least 9 other players that can come in and help win games.

  166. glnn22 says:

    I would enjoy him stayin in Denver but Chicago would be amazing. Him to the Knicks is garbage if he goes to the Knicks i would be very disipointed. I hope he picks wisely.

  167. Knickcksksksks says:

    Yay Melo! Now we just need Paul and then we can take over the world >:)

  168. JoeyBiggs says:

    Good riddance Melo. You have givien everything you’ve had on the court to the Nuggets. You have helped the team tremendously. That being said, if you don’t want to stay in Denver, we don’t want you. Stan the man should trade you to the Cavs for one of their sure to be lotto picks. That way we can build arround Chauncey for the next couple of seasons.

    • Swabski says:

      Haha, build around Chauncey? I love Chauncey since h,is Detroit days, but to build around him this point in his career would be pointless, by time you could build a contender with him, he’d be in the waning part of his career.

  169. KING says:

    melo would be a good fit as a BULL

    • jason says:

      i am a die hard knicks fan he would make a good fit wit bulls i admitt but melo said in a inerview that ever since he was drafted he wanted 2 be knick plus his carrer would jump shot cause of the media attention in nynd would get 2 be in comercails like amare did nd his wife lives in ny

  170. Deonte says:

    WOW ! How about the top 12 players in the NBA play on team & see how that work out like USA Basketball does! & i dont lets just say all the play on the Miami Heat! lol

  171. mike says:

    @ angel

    ur retarded the heats big 3 will own melo amare and cp3 any day! heck even the old big 3 in boston would still be better!

    • drew says:

      i disagree with you all the way mike! i mean,im not gonna say who will be better between miami and the knicks cause only time will tell….but when u break down the star power on each team,then u have to see that knicks will have a better chance….wade by himself won a ring and thats cool,but he also missed da playoff b4 as well and when he won his ring,he had shaq who had a 19 point season that year,chris bosh missed the playoffs plenty of times and only made it there about 2 times,and lebron had did alot i must say but remember,when he first enter the league,he did not go to the playoffs that year… on to the knicks,a’mare always had a cast around him i must say,but he was the leading scorer every year they went to the playoffs and when he was with the suns,they damn near went to the playoffs every year,cp3 really not much i can say about him only for the fact that he knows how to lead his team to victory without even scoring and he will be like a steve nash with the knicks making it easier for a’mare to continue to be the star that he is,which brings me to my favorite player melo.although he has never went very far in the playoffs accept for last year western conference appearence,but at least out of the heat big 3,celtics big 3, or if im not mistaking.everyone else in the league right now but melo has mad the playoffs his whole entire career (7 years) as the leading scorer every single time and lets not forget his rookie season when he got cheated out of the rookie of the year award when they gave it to lebron who didnt deserve it because he didnt even make the playoffs but melo did averging 21 points a game with the second scorer (ANDRE MILLER WAS ONLY AVERGING 13.9 POINTS A GAME) proves that melo,cp3,and a’mare will do just a little bit better than the heat

      • daez says:

        If you break down the star power between those two “big three” formations, if you actually THINK about it, you would see the NY three would have nothing on the miami three. STAT always needed Steve Nash. Paul is great, no contest. Melo also very good shooter. But lets see with miami… back-to-back MVP in LeBron, considered the best athlete in the world… I believe that, he’s a beast, you can’t take that away from him. A finals MVP in Wade, top 5 in the NBA for sure, I’d say third after LeBron and Kobe. Bosh is weak, but is good in the post and uses his quickness well. Can also rebound, he’s a sure double-double PF. Miami > NY

  172. michael says:

    carmelo es el best ok. melo en denver

  173. Glenn says:

    this is fun! eastern conference will be superstar overloaded if this will happen… i hope not to balance the competition… but if it does, melo will be forever regretting it… because… as long as kobe and the lakers are intact, the heat and the knicks eat their dust… celtics can but ages won’t allow them to…

    • GRANDAD SAYS NAY says:

      The Lakers aren’t going to be KOBE forever. I see him lasting maybe 2 more years, 3 with Lockout. He’s starting to fall apart. You watch. Once that happens, it will be interesting who is summonded through fancy dollars to take his place. CP3?

  174. Aaron says:

    why the crap would anyone want to go to the disgraced basketball operation that is the NY Knicks?!?! you actually have a future, melo….don’t go to washup city!!! There’s a reason they haven’t won a trophy in over 40 years…

    Go to a team that you would put over the top with your abilities. Houston, Chicago and Orlando all come to mind. They could all use someone with your exact skillset…..OH, and they have a future in the league.

    • N says:

      probably the smartest comment written around here, I mean great players around the league go to teams with zero potential and a lot of money with the mindset that they’ll get at least one or two superstar buddies and win titles together, I mean, come on, people, seriously? If Melo goes to any of these 3 teams u listed, it’s a perfect fit, they’re the title favorites and not the Heat, who will have zero chemistry and their supporting cast is literally scrap. All James, Wade and Bosh have to put up 25+ numbers in scoring in order for the Heat to be winning, and that won’t be easy, I tell ya

      • No says:

        Their supporting cast is just as good as the majority of teams in the NBA, what are you talking about? Every analyst thinks they won’t have a problem with chemistry because Wade and James are both unselfish players. Miller, Wade, James, Bosh and big Z will easily beat almost every line-up in the NBA. Not sure what you are expecting to happen but the Heat will be dominant.

  175. eboy siguenza says:

    melo would fit to chicago..

  176. Jayjay Helterbrand says:

    I know Melo will join Ginebra in the Philippine Basketball Association. GO GINEBRA! GINEBRA! GINEBRA! :))

  177. TDOT FAN says:

    Melo is a GREAT player, he has been with Denver for a while now and still has no rings, or even made it to the Finals, I think its about time Carmelo joins a few other great players, to move further into his career. However on the other hand Denver Nuggets is a great team espeacially with Billups playing so well….some times i think they ONLY lose because Carmelo Anthony plays very selfish Basketball….ive seen games where he has scored 30-40 points but is still in a Minus. to many turnovers, and missed shots….i guess only time will tell..I always enjoy watching Melo play espeacially when he plays against LA, hes always smiling until Kobe steals the win in the Last quarter and wipes his smile off… 😉

    All in all tho he should defanently move on hes a great player and dont want to see him in the same catagory as Queen James, ( a guy everyone things is great but he has zero rings and had to form an Allstar Team in hopes of a ring…booo) i used to like james until he pulled those no PRIDE forget about home soil movements….I am from Toronto, Queen James reminds me of another Vince Carter!!!)

    • R4 says:

      Here Here!!! I second your opinion. But I also thing that games is going to take a wrong turn if people start forming all stars teams. What will happen to the other 20 non elite teams for the next few years. Should they just sit it out and wait for everyone contract too expire. And if that’s the case, then just start the playoff and cancel the regualr season. I’m from T dot, and I think if the NBA takes this wrong turn they will be losing fans just like baseball is whenever the yankees are in the finals…

      • TDOT FAN says:

        I completely agrree with you, that is why I think they need to put some sort of new rules or cap without going into the luxury tax in place…..

      • rocketfan_believeit or not says:

        Don’t think that is necesarily true, look at the Yankees in MLB, the Mavericks, the Patriots in Football, many years ago the Kings with Gretzky, Robitaille and Rob Blake in hockey, or the now hilarious LA Galaxy in soccer trying to pair up Donovan with Beckham couple of years ago when the divo only played like 60 minutes total.

        Even when these examples are so different in terms of salary, they were teams with different endings (did not always win championships) built around superstars and marketing has always been great not only for them, but for the teams that hosted them when they playerd as visitors.

        If I support the cavs for example (thankfully I don’t) I will surely pay whatever it costs to see Bron and Wade play, not only because they are good players, but because of the fact that I will pray to God that my humble decent even embarrasing team will beat them up so then I can say HAHA, there goes all your future rings Lebron!!!, and even if my team ends up with a 20-62 record, I will always remember the Heat and his big 3 visit my arena.

        There will no be that much of a difference between the teams, they probably are better salesmen than current players but championships will still be split between 3 or 4 teams for the next 10 years. How many different teams have won since 1990, Bulls, Rockets, Bulls, Spurs, Detroit, Lakers, Heat, Spurs, Boston, Lakers….7 teams in 20 years basically having the same nucleous of players. Just analyze this

        Bulls – Jordan, Pippen (Rodman and Harper in 3 of the rings and the rest of the team changed constantly)

        Rockets – Olajuwon, Horry and Cassell (Drexler joined them for one of the 2 and the rest of the team changed)

        Spurs – Robinson, Duncan and most recently Manu and Parker (Different cast at almost ever championship)

        Detroit – Wallace’s, Billups and Rip (different guys off the bench)

        Heat – Wade, Shaq and Haslem (Payton finally won, and who else played for them?? Ohh yeah!! Posey, I can’t remember the rest)

        Lakers – Kobe and Shaq and recently Kobe, Gasol, Fisher and Odom (who cares about the rest)

        Boston – The first big 3

        What do you think it would be different if you have as shown next in the future:

        Knicks (if ever) – A-Stat, Melo and CP3

        Heat – Wade, Bosh and Lebron

        Portland – Roy, Oden (if healthy) and some other interesting player

        OKC – Durant, Green and Westbrook

        Indiana -Granger, Collison and Some other dude that can play

        I am not talking about winning in the next 2 or 3 seasons but those will be solid bases for these teams if they are ever going to win something am I wrong, don’t yawn about thinking Stern needs to do anything because as in baseball Yanks, Red Sox, and Cardinals have dominated the league for the last 10 years , what makes you think that there will never be in Basketball a cinderella team like the devil rays competing to win it all?

    • J. Mitten says:

      I kinda missed this Kobe wiping Melo’s smile this season as Denver had no problems outpowering Lakers, with and without Anthony. 😉

  178. tomtom says:

    Whats the big deal over these contracts? In New York, if you are a star youll be getting a lot of commercials and media attention, you wont have to worry about money (as long as youre still a good player) i.e look at the foot locker commercial starring Amare and Rondo and others, do you think Amare would have gotten that contract if he stayed with the Suns? No, its because hes a superstar and he’s in NY that he got that cool commercial. So money shouldn’t be an issue if Anthony does bolt for NY.

  179. Mike says:

    It all started with the Boston three party and the Lakers trade for Gasol. Then Lebit*h and his homies form their own version of the dream team in Miami. Now Carmello is apparently going to follow suit and find his own “sure thing” …at some point, probably in the not too distant future, we’ll have retraction in the NBA. Teams will go under due to a lack of interest from the fans in watching the their teams be beaten up by the “chosen teams”. Right now the players are within their right to do this, but if Stern and his lot have any insight, they’ll figure out this is going to end badly, and change it.

    • knicksfan2011 says:

      Whats Stern gonna say? Your not allowed to go to that team because this other team needs you more finacially? It all comes down to the actual teams doing things to keep thier star players.

      • No says:

        They are trying to lower the player and team cap and if they do that, unless players take a HUGE paycut, three all-stars like the Heat will not be able to be on the same team.

    • Anne says:

      I agree. This isn’t good for basketball.

      Interestingly, ‘Melo’s “decision” to go to NY won’t be because the Knicks franchise is so great. In fact, the Knick front office is one of the worst in the league. But because of the other opportunities available in a market like New York, players are automatically drawn there. So markets like CLE and DEN and OKC and any other podunk place won’t be able to compete. It’s pretty sad. LA, NY and MIA basically can get players to come play there for free.

      I think the league will do something to prevent players from sign-and-trades for max deals. I think that’s good for the NBA and parity in the league. I love to see teams rise from the cellar through the draft and brilliant front office maneuvering. That’s how CLE and DEN made it to elite NBA status. Oh well…

      What happened to the days when the best players wanted to beat the best? Now they all want to create stacked teams and win championships with diminished value.

  180. Mark says:

    Hes leaving….

  181. Perro says:

    Well it would have been awesome IF Melo joined the Cavs and went all the way,,,,hahaha he would Slap Lbj so hard in the face for that ^^,,,and those 2 have been at it ever since the draft.
    Of course now that will probably never happen,but still u can always dream;).
    And Paul joining in aswell,,,now THAT would have been very satisfying for us Cavfanatics ><.
    But IF Melo desides 2 leave i think there´s possibly 2 teams in front,,,Nets and Knicks.

  182. jonk says:

    he wants to be traded to knicks, but knicks have nothing to offer…a third team is needed…it’s going to be huge if melo leaves, then only cp3 is left to leave…..hornets will regret trading collison

  183. Gus says:

    Melo is a great player, but the Nuggets organization is bigger than he is. Certainly his decision is not going to cause as much impact as Lebron’s did because he is not even considered thesole face of the franchise. For one Denver’s people have a better appreciation for Mr. Big Shot (Billups) who is the hometown hero, altough we all know he is at the end of his career. Anthony is a great, great player and he will certainly be missed in Denver if he opts out of his contract; however he is a professional and should look into his best interest. I’m sure we are all going to appreciate what he has done for Denver, even if he is playing in another team.
    I hope Melo stay put in Denver, but just in case if he doesn’t…well we are not Cleveland, we dind’t build the team around him, we have other talented players on the roster, and we should get back on top in a season or so (afterall most western teams – other than OKC,Portland, Golden State – are getting extremelly old anyways)

    • jim says:

      @Gus; You are so dumb. If Melo isn’t the face of the franchise then you tell me who is. Without Melo the Denver Nuggets are nothing. I would love to see Melo with the New York Knicks along with CP3 and Amar’e. I think Melo, CP3 and Amar’e together would workout better than the Miami Heat’s big three because the Knicks would have a playmaker (CP3), a scorer that can take over the game (Melo), and a big man who can rebound and block shots (Amar’e); Instead of the Heat who have two scorers and a big man. Talent wise the Miami Heat would be better but if tMelo, CP3 and Amar’e team up all i can say is watchout.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Dude.. Wade and Lebron are good playmakers, I admit Chris Paul is a better playmakers and set Amare and Melo up perfectly but remember this Amare needs a setup..he isnt a good player without a good PG like Nash.. Wade, Lebron, and Bosh can all create their own shots, Chris Paul and Melo are the only ones that can create their own shots. .Amare needs it setup

      • Andrew says:

        I am not sure how you can even think about comparing this ‘imaginary’ big 3 in NY to Miami’s trio.

        Lebron and Wade are both amazing scores AND distributors, whilst both being very strong defenders. Bosh, whilst not a known defender, is still quite capable.

        Melo is a scorer … period. He defends in patches, but is not a consistently strong defender and he doesn’t distribute and control the game in the way wade and lebron can.

        Amare is a terrible defender, with a similiar basketball IQ to Melo – really low.

        CP3 on the other hand is the complete package, yet I wouldn’t say he is lightyears away from Billups, who had a superb season.

        I can see Miami’s big3 working really well together, not necessarily having a designated ‘distributor’ and a ‘scorer’ but being able to destroy opposition defence in different ways.

      • Casey says:

        please refrain from using “whilst” in back to back sentences… don’t get “defencive”, we appreciate an Englishman who loves and follows the sport of Basketball, but it just sounds bad to use that kind of queen’s English when talking about an American pasttime… unless of course you are commenting on LaQueen James. In that case, whilst away and have some tea and a biscuit with your ESPN fact checker.

      • daez says:

        LOL wow… Okay two things… One – Melo and CP3 are not going to NY. CP3 is pretty much stuck with NO, who are currently TRYING to improve his supporting cast, they traded Collison! And Denver don’t want Anthony leaving through free agency. If they were to let him go, it would be through a trade. NY have nothing to offer. And two – Are you kidding me?! Melo STAT and CP3 better than LeBron Wade and Bosh. Wake up, come back to reality. You’re saying just because Paul is a great point guard, Anthony a good shooter at SF, and STAT a good post player, they would be BETTER than the miami three? Haha man…

      • Alaric C says:

        @ Daez…I’ve seen a couple of your post and you trying to call ppl stupid, but you need to support your claims with some substance. You say that if the Knicks had a big 3 of Melo, Stat and CP3 they wouldn’t be as good if not better than Miami’s big 3. Well let’s look at some facts:

        1. Lebron is not the best player in the game because he lacks a killer instinct. His joining the Miami big 3 is not because he wanted to win (Cavs led the NBA in wins the past 2 season), he made that move because he wanted to have someone else with him to close out games( DWade my #2 player in the league). Melo Lacks the overall athleticism of Lebron and his defense is spotty, but he will never shy away at the end of the game and when it is on the line won’t give it up to lesser players who he complains about to get the job done. Melo is just as much a beast as Lebron, just different styles of games.
        2. The most important position on a Basketball team is….PG…I give you CP3..Arguably the best point guard in the game, he scores, he dishes, he plays D. One of the best assist to turnover ratio’s in the league since John Stockton, lead the NBA in steals 2 out of the last 4 yrs (when healthy), is a great floor general with excellent ball handling skills. Dwade, even though I think he is the 2nd best player in the league needs to work on his handle, turns the ball over a ton, on the ball D needs work and his jump shot is spotty…now I’m not saying that CP3 is a better individual player than DWade cause he’s not, but we’re talking about a team and their systems.
        3. Stat is better than Bosh with or without Nash and honestly speaking CP3 is just as good and could be better…remember Nash had Dirk and he wasn’t beasting then. Nash took off with Stat in Diantoni’s system. Bosh is a 7 footer who likes to fade away and many times plays small with all the dippsy do sh%t around the basket…He’s 7′ he should be playing through and over ppl ie. Stat at 6’9″. Oh yeah did you watch the Laker vs. Suns series this past yr..Stat kept them in that series all by himself while Nash was MIA…Channing Frye was their #2 guy in that series.
        4. As a team and in a D’antoni’s system all 3 of these players will be even better, therefore games between Miami’s Big 3 and the Knicks Big 3 will be great games ie..Lakers vs. Celtics, Bulls vs. Pistons, ’90’s Knicks vs. Heat vs Pacers.

        @ Andrew- Wade and Lebron are great scorers yes…Lebron is a great defender and playmaker, yes……DWade on the ball defense needs work( he gambles too much) off the ball he is great(instincts)…ball handling needs work and his jumper is coming along…Melo doesn’t always put max effort on the defensive end, but if you watched the ’08 Olympics we all know he can play D…and to say his basketball IQ is low….you must be smoking some good
        @ QuestinMark- Check last yrs playoff series vs. the Lakers and then think about your post…Also are you saying CP3 is not as good or better than Nash? Check Nash pre-D’antoni ala Dallas ala Dirk as his wingman. Oh yeah, Bosh is soft with a nice outside game, but when it comes to going inside he likes to up and under at 7 feet and fade away unless
        the person on him is smaller

      • Gus says:

        @JIM – Chauncey has much more indentification with the city and the team than Melo….if you are not from Denver you will not understand, but ask anybody from here and I assure you that Billups gets 7 out of 10 votes. I know Melo (on his prime) is more on the spotlight than Mr. Bigshot (end of his career) but this is what outsiders see on their TV and it doesn’t represent the reality of Denver.

        Someone please help me out:
        I don’t care who are top 5 players, my point is:
        Denver is not going to let Melo go for free, that is why they are correctly forcing the issue now…
        If he doesn’t sign the extension he will be traded, and there maybe enough teams willing to give us 2 or 3 good pieces for Melo, but certainly NY is not one of these teams!!! The have no good players whatsoever, their roster sucks, meaning they WILL NEVER GET MELO FROM DENVER, unless a 3 or 4 teams deal happens…
        Probably he is going to leave Denver, but not to NY and the Nuggets are doing an amazing job by offering him the max deal (which he deserves) but if he doesn’t sign now it is time to let him go…

      • Martin says:

        That is unless CP3 or Amar’e or both blowout their knees again. When a player shows a tendency to have tendon problems they often are reaccurring or appear elsewhere in their bodies; like their other knee? Just saying I think Melo tying his future to two guys that have already had season ending knee surgeries is extremely risky… Nene and Kenyon Martin… sound familiar Melo?

    • Chris says:

      I agree. Nuggets are a larger franchise and are in a WAY bigger market. Also, Nuggets have a solid team even without Melo. They beat the NBA champs the Lakers in Los Angeles without Melo.

    • Alaric C says:

      @ Gus and everyone else who keeps saying the Knicks do not have players on their roster that they can give up for Anthony….My Question to you is well if not the Knicks then who?

      1) Chicago- who are they going to give up..Luol Deng. Taj Gibson, James Johnson. Deng is a bum and ppl need to stop thinking that this guy is going to do in the NBA what he did at Duke. Gibson is a good player with 1 yr under his belt and Johnson has yet to play a game in the league.

      2) Orlando- Vince Cater (I love him, but he is done), Lewis is a streaky shooter with a big contract (not likely), Jameer Nelson- Nelson is a good up and coming PG with a lot of injury history, not to mention that will leave that team with no playmaker….Gortat- Career back up and don’t think he would be a center piece to any trade.

      3) Nets- Derrick Favors ( could be the next Dwight Howard) and who else..they like the Knicks can’t throw any of their new pieces at the Nuggets until December.

      4) Knicks- Danillo Gallinari (One of the best pure shooters in the game, great 3pt FG% and some upside), Wilson Chandler ( a versatile player at 6’7″ can play 2,3 or 4, decent shot, ok defense, but sometimes out of control), Eddy Curry (11.3 million to come off the books in 2011, playing for a contract and very much injury prone), Tony Douglass (?)

      Now u play GM for a min and tell me which of these options u would take as you know u are going to be rebuilding your team.

      ** Both the Knicks and Nets can put together better packages at or by the trade deadline**

      • Martin says:

        Nuggets trade Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin, Arron Afflallo and Renaldo Balkman to the New Jersey Nets for Brook Lopez, Devin Harris, Derrick Favors and (2) 1st round picks

      • Alaric C says:

        @ Martin- that would be a terrible trade and never happen…Why would the Nets give up their core to get Melo and a few washed up or never will be players? They might give up 1 or 2 of them! You actually had me going to…I checked ESPN and everything and was thinking that the Nets have lost their minds and that Denver got a Steal and a half…lol

  184. angel says:

    i love the idea of new york for melo .. what you say melo , paul and amare waoo this is much better than the heat big 3

    • gustavo says:


      • michele84 says:

        I think your keyboard is broken, Capslock and punctuation doasnt work!

        oh… wait..

      • biigggggggdaaaaaawwwwwwwwwggggggg says:

        man u crazy !! Carmelo is definately top five… He is the 3rd of 4th best player in the league right now

      • Tevo712 says:

        Melo is the fourth best player in the league…

      • ... says:

        in nba the top 5 players are kobe – sg lebron – sf howard – c kg-pf(until a desent one comes up) and cp3 – pg and miami only has 1 of them not 2 and maybe it’s hard to admit but melo is of the strongest offensice player their is

      • doug says:

        melo has always been top 5, what game is you watchin?

      • Croix Minor says:

        I really disagree because the top 5 players in the NBA are
        1. Kobe Bryant
        2. Dwayne Wade
        3. Carmelo Anthony
        4. Lebron James
        5. Dwight Howard

      • luis says:

        wat are u saying carmelo is top five in the nba not better than lebron kobe dwade or kevin durant but i belive after them carmelo is the number five player in the nba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • QuestionMark says:

        Melo is in Top 5..
        5. Dwight Howard
        3. Dwyane Wade
        2. Lebron James
        1. Kobe Bryant
        Is there a Melo in there.. oh wait #4.. so obviously he is one the leauges best players and his stats show that too

      • Jay says:

        Melo is top 5 in the leauge. He is a way better shooter than Lebron.
        Top 5 players in my opinon are

      • Kizzy KIre says:

        Wait what is wrong with all of y’all????????? As follows, best players in the nba in order!

        1.LeBron James
        2.Kobe Bryant
        3.Dwayne Wade
        4. Kevin Durant
        5.Dwight Howard
        6. Carmelo Anthony
        7. Chirs Paul
        8. Amar’e Stoudemire

        BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take it to the bank……… and im sure alot of people are going to disagree with lj being #1 but just because you disagree dosn’t mean it isnt true!

      • Rolray says:

        no no no!!the top 5 __
        1 kobe
        2 james
        3 wade
        4 howard
        5 rondo
        after all,its meaningless!
        where there’s Lakers ,where no super player!

    • No says:

      Those 3 are not better than the Heat 3. Each of the Heat players are better than those three. Paul also won’t be able to join the Knicks for a couple years if he does. Don’t kid yourself

      • Ryan says:

        that 3 wont be better than the other 3 talent wise, but i feel they would do better than the heat if it happend. because now you got a guy that sets up players more than scoring. you got a scorer that can take over a game for you and then a 2nd option player in the post thats fairly hard to guard that will get you a 20-10 like he should. instead of 3 scorers. i see this 3 combo idea working out quite well.

      • jun m. says:

        i definitely agree with you ryan.

      • TDOT FAN says:

        To Hell with all these BIG 3’s, their all punks, Jordan, Rodman, Magic they all said it them selves, the Hallafamers are all disapointed with all this LeBron and Miami BIG three bullshyt, you guy keep saying theres so many other teams with BIG 3’s…in the past ex.

        Boston- Garnett, Peirce, Ray Allen- none of these 3 are in the top 10 scores of last yr…

        Jordan- Pippen and Rodman..- Pippen and Rodman are only famous because of MJ…so cut the Bullshyt!

        Detroit – Wallace’s, Billups and Rip- none of these 3 guys are in the TOP 10 scorers…

        OKC – Durant, Green and Westbrook- KD is the only one of these 3 with big #s…

        Kobe- Gasol, Fisher and Odom – who ever wront this one is just stupid, Odom sucks, Fisher avgs under 15 points per game, basically its Kobe and Gasol who are main players, but only Kobe is in the TOP 10..

        MIAMI = LEBitch , WADE, BOSH – ALL are in the TOP 10 scorers in the league, buddy – this is equivlent to KOBE, MELO and HOWARD on the same team just to show you the type of caliber and how stupid the MIAMI’s big 3 is..

        You guys keep on trying to justify it by saying Jordan had Pippen and Rodman, etc but dude its not the same Caliber of 3 players,

        at the end of the day Jordan is still the Best player so Far in the game, Kobe Bryant rite behind him going for his sixth ring as well and threepeat… Real player make big plays…and rise to the occasion, not make an allstar team and get the easy way out for a ring no disrespect to WADE and BOSH tho, they would have been a great team the 2 of them alone with support but when Queen James joined they went from 1 of my fav teams to Public Enemy #1.

      • Jake says:

        Pierce, Allen, KG – both times they were together in the playoffs the got to the finals, won once.

        Kobe, Gasol, Fisher – been togther three times in the playoffs, two time champions, and three appearences in the finals.

        Wallace, Billups, Hamilton – they also won a championship together

        Jordan, Pippen, Rodman – 3 championships together ….enough said!

        Durant, Westbrook, Green – That’s not even a big three. hahaaaaaaa.

        Wade, LeBron, Bosh – They’re no getting past Bostn or the Lakers.

      • John says:

        wade and bosh wud hav made a far better combo, without james in the mix.

    • Kundai says:

      Lebron, Kobe, wade, melo, then Durant, paul , deron williams tide after that

      • LAKERS says:

        You are such an idiot kundai. How could you put a big ass girl with no rings in front of a man with 5 going for 6. You are obviously a Lequeen fan!

      • Colt says:

        i say rings dont mean anything. It takes a TEAM to get a ring. Just cuz Kobe “the queer” has 5 rings dont mean he’s better. Thats like saying DJ Mbenga is better cuz he has more rings than Lebron. I understand tha all of Phil Jackson’s wins come in 3-peats, well i’m pretty sure the fakers are gonna let him down. Not his fault either tha kobe is overrated and the bench is the worst in the NBA. :/

      • jim says:

        Michael Jordan has six rings, so your telling me that those six rings that Jordan won with the Bulls mean nothing…If rings don’t make the player then you tell me what does? At the end of the day it comes down to a championship. LeBron fans are just mad and hating on Kobe because he is on his way to #6, while Queen James is still searching for his first. LeBron has to jump on D-Wade’s wagon to try and win his first ring, and now that LeBron left Cavaliers, he will never be on Jordan or Kobe’s level. MJ and Kobe never jump on anyone’s wagon to try and win a ring; they won all thier championship on their own truff.

    • chopsuey says:

      that”s going to be a war at the east,.,. new york with melo,paul,amare,.,. miami with wade,bosh,lebron,.,. it will be an epic battle between those teams,.,. like lakers and celtics,.., sweet,.,. can’t wait to see that happen,.,.

      • daez says:

        Paul isn’t going to NY. Wake up. Chances of Carmelo in NY… small chance. Denver don’t want him to leave through free agency. IF they let him go, it will be through a trade. Last time I checked, the Knicks have NOTHING to offer Denver for Anthony. Reality

    • Martin says:

      Except the fact that he’d be putting his future tied to 2 guys who’ve both had season ending knee surgeries already… pretty risky.