Another Legend Slams James


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Even when he isn’t “the story” LeBron James finds his way into the headlines these days.

Thursday’s World Basketball Festival showcase put on by USA Basketball at Radio City Music Hall somehow devolved into yet another situation by the end of the night, and he didn’t even say a word this time.

This after a day of hearing about TNT’s own Charles Barkley calling the move to unite on the same team by James and his new Miami Heat teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh a “punk move.”

And with Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen heading into the Hall of Fame this weekend, there have been comparisons to the games of both Pippen and James, versatile, do-it-all types that were and are capable of jaw-dropping feats on the court that few others have been or are capable of duplicating.

And now that James is teamed up with Wade, it’s like the New Millennium version of Michael Jordan and Pippen all over again …

Well, not exactly, per some other members of those storied Bulls teams.

Pippen’s one-time Bulls teammate, Dennis Rodman, doesn’t want to hear any of that, as he explained to Adam Fluck of

“People talk about LeBron,” said Rodman. “You’ve got to understand, LeBron has no business even being in the same conversation with Scottie. Scottie was the epitome of the (do it all elite player). What do you want me to say? Scottie was great.”

Just as so many of his other teammates have regularly done, Rodman was only following suit for the player who garnered so much respect throughout his 17 season career and will enter basketball’s Hall of Fame Friday in Springfield, Mass.

“Scottie was supportive. Michael was like his big brother and I came in as the black sheep of the family,” Rodman said of his Chicago arrival in 1995. “I did my wild thing, but it was cool and we kept it together. Scottie was right in the middle of that team and he supported us all.”

Guess that means we can add Rodman to that list James is putting together of all of his “haters.”

He’s going to need a few extra pages to finish that list, by the way. Because the legends of the game seem to be tripping over each other to get on it.



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  2. KB24 says:

    gabriel u’re smoking with Haslem….lebron won’t win more championships than Kobe let alone Bill Russell. lebron will have great stats from his yrs in cleveland, but he won’t be considered a great player bc he chose to be a female dog and run for help. miami will win 65 games and be out in the 2nd round of the playoffs….as long as 24 is in the league, everyone will have to go through la now stfu!!

  3. ancil says:

    hmmm i would have like to see what would have been the buzz if carmello or cp3 joined the heat……

  4. tenki says:

    This is a comment about Lakers4life’s comment here. Why won’t you count D-wade’s championship just because Shaq was tere in Miami? I understand that you are a great fan of LA, but it’s absurd for you to tell something that demotes D-Wade’s status as a legit NBA superstar. The way you told it, it’s either you are a big Shaq fan or you’re not watching the NBA itself. D-Wade is the 2006 NBA finals MVP. Shaq was out there, riding Wade’s back. I know Shaq was still in his prime when he was in Miami, but don’t forget that when Shaq was there in his first season in Miami, he didn’t lead them to the Finals. D-Wade is capable of bringing success to his team because he led a bad Miami team in his rookie season into the second round of the playoffs. Was Kobe capable of doing that in his rookie season? No, because he was giddy while riding alongside Shaq, Rick Fox, Horry, Van Exel. But through the years, with his will to improve more on his game, striving to be the best, he became the best player in the NBA (as of the present, but not comparable to MJ or Oscar Robertson). Don’t you think Wade doesn’t have that hunger, the same desire to be the best? Remember, when Kobe won his fifth title with LA, he was given the best players to support and compliment his game. It would’ve been unfair to give D-Wade credit to lead his team to win in 2006 against Dallas. That’s what Wade has right now, with LBJ and CB. Don’t be offended, though, because I’m kinda torn apart when it comes to who’s gonna win the title this year. LA revamped its already-beefed-up roster, adding Barnes and Blake and 2 other draft picks. Miami has big guns now. Kobe versus Wade: this is the greatest matchup since Magic-Bird, Chamberlain-Russel, Jordan versus the NBA…don’t you think so?

  5. D-WADES TEAM??? says:

    No Offense, but do you guys think after just seven years of being “the undisputed king” of Cleveland, Lebron James is ready to take a backseat to anybody??? Put Lebron on Lakers, and he will attempt to be the number 1option over Kobe anyday!! You forget, the ONLY…and I repeat ONLY reason the “SUPER FREINDS” teamed up, was to try and dethrone “KOBE”! For a few years
    people has said either Wade and Lebron is better than or in the same ranking as Kobe Bryant…The results consistently have ended in Kobes favour, with him going to the finals 3 years in a row, winning twice.Lebron this year had so much expectations this year as a heavy favourite to win the championship, that a “ring for the king” slogan started in Cleveland. But this year, Lebron had master-minded a perfect escape rout. If he won the title, he would have left reguardless in my mind because after the Miami series…Dwyane Wade said something in intresting and I quote “I can guarantee this is the last time I exit the first round for a long time”. How do you guarantee that unless you know there is major reconstruction about to take place in the organization? Anyway, despite that, Lebron is from Ohio, so leaving would have been easier to do had he brought them a championship this year. While Boston had Cleveland on the brink of elimination, James felt the easiest way to show why hes leaving was to put his team on blast by literally not doing what a true leader is supposed to do, and thats lead his troops! He tried to show the world that..”these guys are the reason I cant win”! It in turn backfired because a team does not get the “heavy-favourite” title based on a single man! His team was good enough to win it all, but not to be a dynasty…and that is what promted James,Wade, and Bosh to sign in Miami. James and Wade are both going after Kobes and Micheal Jordan crown as greatest ever, and Bosh just wants to be in the same mention as Duncan and Garnett and even Gasol! the problem is they all needed that sidekick to do so! Everybody says “Wades team”, but I say by midseason we start to realise…Lebron didnt come to play “The Scottie Role” like everybody suggests, he came to play the “Kobe” role…and thats give me the ball and get out of my way! The question is…how will D-Wade react to losing that “main-guy” role????

  6. toolman says:

    give the dude a break, i dont hear anyone talking about how jerry west gave la pao for 2 8th rd picks, if that didnt happen kobe would still b crying about a trade. Kobe is the best closer and player in the leauge b/c of things that he does and his will to win. But lets get one thing straight Shaq has 3 rings and Kobe has 2. Shaq was the batman for 3 of his rings and Kobe was the bat for only 2 of his 5. Shaq is actually the best player in this era. Lebron and wade make a great team, their games compliment each other but i think Chris Bosh is gonna make the difference between making it to the finals and beating the champs. Just remember the heat has the 2nd best closer on their team. Barkley and Pippen should b the last set of guys to critisize any1 he couldnt get it done in phili nor in phoenix. Scottie had to practicly do commercials to get MJ back b/c he cudnt get it done.

  7. MIAMI 631 says:

    LEBRON 4 SURE is better than scottie Pippen ever was not taking anything from Scottie but Lebron is better than he was. I wouldn’t put any player before Jordan but Lebron can be put into conversation with Kobe. The only thing Kobe has accomplish that Lebron haven’t is nba titles. Lebron in a lot of ways is better than kobe and kobe in some ways is better than Lebron. All I wonder is why are the legends hating on Lebron so much? Maybe they got big money bet on LA winning it all next year. Don’t worry be happy guys and lets wait and see what the future holds.

  8. bballdan012 says:

    shaq had kobe

  9. tenki says:

    The hype about Lebron going to Miami is very insignificant. Guys, whoever you are, if you think Lebron is going to Miami to lead them to become NBA champs, you are all wrong. D-Wade is their leader. LBJ and Bosh will follow their lead, because they are both great role players. Why? D-Wade led Miami to a championship with two great role players, one named Shaq and the other one named Mourning. They broke down the opposing interior defense and gave Wade the opportunity to score at will. This season, Lebron will not have the burden to carry his team just to win, because he just have to do his role to win. You can check his stats to make sure how good a role player he is. And we’re not even talking about CB. He’s a great role player as well. Check this out: they provide superstar stats before coming to Miami, and their will to win shall fuel their desire to play a lot better that expected. Come to think of it, who wants to play for a losing team? Look at the Lakers, where Kobe is surrounded by great role players like Gasol, Bynum, Odom, Fisher, and Artest. When they reached the Finals against Boston, they carried each other. Why? Because it feels great to play in a winning team with a great leader like Kobe. Now, what is the point of comparing LBJ to KB24? NOTHING! Wade deserves to be on the top of the food chain, just like D12, KB24, KD35, because they lead their team. THEY ARE THE REAL SUPERSTARS. THEY ARE NOT ROLE PLAYERS, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST.

  10. LakeShow says:

    what are you talkin bout how detroit won without superstars? LOL. so 4 players of their starting five were chosen to be on the all-star team during that time! Anyway, talking bout Lebron, let’s see how what your fans will say during this season when your stats will take a hit, keep talking like Lebron has the stats to prove it crap.. He had those stats coz he did everything in cleveland, passing, rebounding, scoring, which clearly showed you all what kind of a player he is but nowhere close to being a great leader on a team.

  11. E-Knok says:


  12. irukandji says:

    Oh, since Gabriel C cae here and tried making a statement that one day Lebron will have the most ring, and acted like an idiot along the way. I will also stand here and make my own statement. All this talk will one day look so stupid because the one player who truly will be the best ever is not even in the conversation. MARK my words. Kevin Durant will be the best ever. He is already a leader and he almost took the champs out this year. And he lets his game do the talking. He reminded me of Grant Hill and Duncan. And these are the real players who get overlooked because they are so quiet. Yah so there you go. Lebron will just pass his fad days, and Durant will be the best. But NO ONE. Will ever be better than JORDAN. It is not just about skills, it is about the charisma, the aura. I was travelkling on a job to a small remote village in Indonesia, and there was no TV in this little village in the forest, but there was this kid who was wearing a Bulls cap and saying to me his name was JORDAN. Jordan is not only the best basketball player ever, he is the best athlete. Do you guys remember he was named the best athlete of the century.And Mohammed Ali came in second. And Gabriel C. Do you still think Lebron, as good as he is, will ever reach that status? There are somethings that only happens once in your lifetime. I am fortunate enough to witness a few in mine. Jordan’s 6 championships, Roger Federer’s 15 Grand Slam and counting, Michael Phelp’s 8 gold medal.

  13. irukandji says:

    Guys, All this talk is nothing. WHy get ahead of ourselves. 3 superstar equals championship? Let’s see. Remember how Detroit won their championship with no superstars? In all great teams, there is a very clear trend. There is only one leader. And this leader doe not have to be the most popular guy. Jordan was known to be harsh on his teammates, Kobe too. But it never was a question they are the only leader, the rest are supporting casts. And these supporting casts will at any day relinquish their role to let the leader take over. Cleveland does that with Lberon he just did not deliver. plain and simple. Look at the meltdown against Magic alast year, and against Boston this year. Great leaders step up, not hide, or gets frustrated and do things to jeopardise the team. They take shots and if it doesn’t fall and they lose, so be it. THey take the blame. So unless ego can be in check in Miami, it might not work out great after all.

  14. Guillermo says:

    great season coming up!! can´t wait to see how the super gay friends will play together.
    West Conference Finals: Lakers vs Thunders
    East Conference Finals: Heat vs Magic

  15. Airness says:


    I’m sure you fit to one of your THEORIES.
    You’re going too emotional.
    You’re getting so sensitive.
    You’re unreasonable fan.
    You’re insecured presumed fanatic.
    You’re in denial.
    You’re disillusioned.
    Be fan not a theorist.

    FYI: I’m a Jordanist…….. I don’t care about LBJ.
    You can call me Kobe hater because, “you are who you said we are”.

  16. Treds says:

    All people do on either side of the conversation is bitch. A true fan of basketball would appreciate all great players abilities instead of being clouded by ridiculously obvious bias. I never understood why people feel the need to compare LeBron to Jordan or Kobe. The guy has said on multiple occasions that he is not Jordan, and that Jordan is the greatest player of all time.

    There wouldn’t be an argument if people could just remove their idols genitals from their mouths for one minute and just appreciate the game. Sure LeBron left cleveland in a bad way and acted like a self absorbed twat on national tv but that has nothing to do with basketball, and many people are acting like it does.

    People are acting like they are offended by LeBrons moral code, yet a few months down the track now and no one cares about the fact tiger woods cheated on his wife with 9+ other women. I would consider that a bigger moral issue than a guy with an ego..but apparently not.

    Stick to the basketball people, enjoy Kobe while he is the champ and the great player that he is, but don’t dismiss young and talented players (people only 25 years of age) because you yourselves feel like you need to make comparisons to greats that the players themselves don’t want made.

  17. Punanahk says:

    Everyone who is comparing today’s stars to the legends, you have to know that NBA removed handchecking in the early 00’s . So it’s easier to score and harder to defend. Larry Brown and Phil Jackson have said that, under today’s rules MJ would average 50 ppg. Just think about it.

  18. demarcus says:

    I could understand if lebron and Kobe both came into the league in ’96…But Kobe has been in the league for 14 years crying out loud.He’s had three championships on Lebron before he even played his first nba game lol..winning rings take time for some superstars.there are not many that can come into the league and win them really quickly.If their name isn’t magic johnson or larry bird then it took them time.some later than others.

  19. KAMANDAG says:

    hey guys… for me the comment of michael jordan was right… he said that he won’t call Larry bird and Magic to be with him.. instead, he wants to challenge them… i don’t hate lebron, in fact I’m a fan of lebron. but i want him to win championships as being “the man”. because miami heat is “Wade’s team” so basically even though he plays great, he will not be the man in miami… just a share of thought…

  20. Franco S says:

    You all are saying it LeBron it’s a good single player but you have to remember that basketball isn’t a single sport you idiots, it’s a team sport so if you are saying that lakers win with or without kobe it’s ok he is the best player for me but also is a team player that’s a FACT and LeBron as you say is NOT so he can go and play 1 on 1 and maybe we all will think he is the best player

  21. Dave says:

    Wow… I am a die hard Lakers fan since 1968, and Kobe is my favorite player. And I have never been a fan of LeBron. Still, I cannot believe the things that all these homers and haters are saying about this guy. He is a fabulous player that with a little more luck and some more clutch play from people like Mo-I can’t make a shot when it counts Williams would at least have been in the finals for three years in a row. And that is all you can really ask of the best players, a chance to win it all. I don’t know how many titles I have seen won because a team had a little bit of luck. And that includes all those Celtics teams, I know because many of those titles were at the expense of the Lakers. As for who is the best ever, well that would be MJ. Yes LBJ has other worldly skills and athleticism, but MJ combined great defense along with the most efficient offense of anybody I have ever seen. Do you realize that until his ill-advised comeback, he never shot less than 48% from the field, and that was his rookie year? As for Kobe, it’s amazing to me how so many people can forget that except for the finals, Kobe was every bit as dominant as Shaq in almost all the Lakers playoff series. Go back and check out what he routinely did to the Spurs before they started getting defensive specialists to guard him with the help of sometimes two other players. And stop hating on LBJ.

  22. Getz says:

    When a superstar player is not having a great scoring game, he does something else. Kobe grabbed a lot of crucial rebounds in Game 7, I remember Iverson dishing 16 assists in a playoff game, and MJ defends like hell on earth when he’s not shooting well.

    I’m pretty sure LeBron is capable of pulling off these kinds of performances. But if he’s not scoring well, his teammates has to. Ron Artest did it for Kobe’s Lakers in Game 7, Aaron Mckie and others for A.I.’s Sixers in ’01, and the rest of the Bulls for MJ. Lebron didn’t have really great teammates in Cleaveland. Now that he is in Miami with Wade and Bosh, he’ll have a better chance for that ring. But it’s not gonna be a walk in the park I’m sure…

    Oh, and about the new comparison between Pippen and LeBron? Hmm.. If he assumes the same role that Pippen had in the Bulls team with MJ, I think it’s a legit comparison. Pippen is a standard for a great all-around player who is not the main guy in a team.

  23. bulb says:

    let’s all wait, watch and see…..we all love the nba…the thunders are my team…from humble beginnings to awesome feats…maybe not so soon but it will come..go thunders! everybody needs somebody or someone…kobe needs pau, artest, bynum i don’t know about lamar, so lebron need someone and it happens to be wade and bosh. so be grateful that in our lifetime we can watch them play the game we love…remember the dream team? ahh what a sight…no matter how many championships kobe and lebron will get…well i use the word “get” because artest might win it for kobe or wade might win it for james hahaha…JORDAN will always be remembered the greatest player to dominate the most hardest, most competitive games in seasons and in playoffs and win championships the world has ever known…let us dare kobe and lebron…TOP THAT!

  24. Lamar says:

    Lebron the best athlete Kobe the best player to his shot to his footwork. He had a bad game 7 but won the championship
    Lebron had one good game in the series with the celtics
    Kobe is the best but don’t regret Lebrons decision because he wants to win
    Everyone hating on Lebron but he just wanna win and even tho the legends were great they had a great supporting cast


    Most of the supporting cast are in the hall of fame except 3 people so people shouldn’t criticize Lebron he just want that ring but Kobe still the better competitor he always hungry

  25. NBA LEGENDS says:

    To the Lebron Fans, Basketball is about “TeamWork”. thats why a Basketball Team need 5 players on the floor and Head Coach and assistance and Bench Players to form a “Team”. in Short they need each other no matter what there position on the team stated. So Lebron always saying that he doesn’t have a Strong supporting Cast, that’s why he didnt succeed in the last 2 playoffs.. Look Again Lebron!!! Do you trust , Respect and support your teammates as well? I dont think so, Because its about “Passion” to Play the Game and To “Respect” your Teammates. Eventhough you have a all star team in Miami, doesn’t mean they will be Championship rings for you, because of your “Attitude”, you dont care how people feel when they get hurt, people will remember you always as what you show to others before. so Dont compare Lebron with the LEgends, Because Legends makes mistakes also but they Accept there Mistakes and Move On and Respect everyone and be Humble until the end.

  26. LakeShow says:

    Lebron proved that he cant take a last shot? yea, like game 2 against the magic where he launched a 3 pointer! yea that was great (SARCASM), you could tell from his reaction that he didnt know it was going in.. Kobe is more of a crybaby coz he voiced out when he wanted to be traded because the lakers weren’t making moves to get him a superstar alongside him??(SARCASM).. That just shows how determined he is to win.. Lebron should have asked for help, it is because of the EGO coz like u said he is so used to winning that he doesnt know what it feels to lose. No wonder he wouldnt congratulate the magic after ECF.. one word.. EGO.. Continues to shoot the ball? so Kobe doesnt? Kobe does try to shoot the ball even in offnights if he feels like his teammates have lost their confidence.. Its not even about the rings.. answer me this.. IN HIS 7 YEARS IN CLEVELAND, who has Lebron lead to become a better player? big Z? Varejao? pleeeezzzzz… uhmm booby gibson? wait.. jj hickson??

    • 50grand says:

      Lebron should have asked for help?? Seriously?? lol..He did ask for help…Many times,,,They brung in Shaq, they brung in Jamison…They didn’t bring in a Pau type of guy,,,Shaq is good but he is old…And you say Bron didnt prove he can take the last shot based on 1 shot? Come’on…1 shot, how many times has he made the last shot to win a game? Several times..Now you are talking crazy…If you dont like Bron thats cool, If you a Kobe fan thats cool, but speak the truth, dont talk crazy, talk the truth..I know die hare Kobe fans that will be the first to say he is a cry baby, but that dont make him less of a great bb player…And you say Bron has an Ego…prob every great player in the league has one..But he dont show it in interviews or when he speaks publicly..Further, I never said Kobe dont continue to shoot the ball when he has a bad shooting game…Reading is the key, please read my post again…When Kobe has a bad night shooting, you know it wont last long…He can go 1-12 through the third and the 4th quarter he drops 30 points..Your name you chose as your post proves that you cant be objective, that you are biased, and as a die hard laker fan as you prob are, maybe you should, but please dont talk out of emotion or bc the Lakers are your team…And as far as who Bron made better on the Cavs, he made alot of them better..I want some of what you are smoking…And by you saying he didnt make anyone better proves my point, BRON HAD NO REAL HELP WHEN HE WAS WITH THE CAVS….Thats why he left…Its obvious that you dont know what you are talking about,,,Do your research first slim…And you say “its not even about the rings” you answer me this, what is the ultimate goal for playing in the NBA,,,,To win rings…I am not taking away anything the Lakers have done or will continue to do…This is about why Bron left Cleveland..To win rings bc its obvious that the Cleveland Org wasnt doing enough in Bron’s opinion to win a Ship…And I will say it again, I dont agree with him going to the Heat, he deserves to be the Star on his own team, but I think he made a good decision by leaving Cleveland..I think 7 years is more than enough time to give an organization time to bring in help…Phil is the main reason why alot of the Laker players got better anyway with that Triangle offense..Just look at all the average players he coached who was put in the position to make big plays like Kerr, like S. Brown,..That Cleveland coach couldnt do that…Next time you post something look at everything objective, not from a Laker fan point of view…I read alot of posts on here and I respect everyone’s opinion, some of the Laker fans were able to give opinions based on facts and what really happened in games not bc they are Laker fans but bc they understand the game. And stop using my (sarcasm)…lol…And as far as you being a Laker fan, lol…I cant stand them MF…lol…but they get the job done,,,,,And I respect that about them..

  27. 21 says:

    you guys should stop whining and yapping about LeBron’s departure to for his super friends the guy is sick with his former team’s lack of competitiveness in the playoff let’s just all be witnesses weather his so called super friends win at least a championship heck i still think kobe can make a run for a three pit! haha

  28. ckaar says:

    i agree with flash. when lebron plays bad everyone plays bad because they keep on depending on lebron. kobe 6/24 in game 7 but still they won. because his teammates stepped up

  29. butch says:

    having a good stats doesn’t mean your a great player.. there are a lot of things you should also consider.. one of that is LEADERSHIP. va good leader never leaves his men in the battlefield knowing they’ll be hurt or something.. Lebron has the best stats in the last 2 or 3 years but he doesn’t have leadership.. we cannnot also say that he doesn’t have good back-ups… he has MO, BIG Z, SHAQ, VAREJAO, JAMISON.. those are good players that is enough to win a ring if they have a good leader.. so if the MIAMI HEAT wins a championship or creates their own dynasty, that doesn’t mean that lebron led them the way.. i think it will be d-wade who’ll bring them that precious trophy. one more thing… no offense to the JAMES FANATICS, but “HIS AIRNESS” is the best player in the history of basketball.

  30. Jas says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH DENNIS RODMAN.. LeBron has no business even being in the same conversation with Scottie. LBJ is by far the most over-rated “legend gg to be”

  31. Cortez says:

    Yall are trippin. Lebron is a good player but better then the legends, now thats funny. When Lebron was in Cleveland for those seven years no one helped him reach where they were headed. This year he carried the team like all ways and came up short. I waqtched every game and I felt like he should leave and go else where. In my eye sight he is one of the best players in the league right now. This man is hungry and no one wanted to win like he did in Cleveland so he did what was best for him to do and that was leave. To me he is better then Kobe. he might not have the jump shot that all ways fall but he’s better in all other ways. He get rebounds, assists, steals and points. If I was in the league I would want to play with a guy like that. he is an unselfish player and he play hard every night. Kobe got an other championship because of his teammates. They stepped up when he couldn’t sink a shot. They helped him win not Kobe alone. Lebron didn’t have that support like Kobe. Everybody looked and see what Lebron was going to do. He gave up and got tired of carrying that team every year. I don’t blamehim one bit. If that was me I would have been quit carrying that team.

    Look at the Bulls in the 90’s. They where a supportive team. When Michael got sick or was having a bad game Scottie stepped in and said “I got this just sit back and enjoy the ride.” Thats how Chicago got their championships. That was an unselfish team and I will always be a fan of the Chicago Bulls. Thats my home and I love them Bulls.

  32. Kobra says:

    any way, off the subject of kobe and lebron. Two questions. 1. would jordan have more titles if he hadn’t left to play baseball? 2. Will Rodman get into the hall of fame?

  33. LakeShow says:

    Lebron only made himself better and boosted his ego, not the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers.. It’s not that he didnt have help in Cleveland, it prolly just wasnt enough for him to carry. Now that he is in Miami, he doesn’t have to be pressured that much because there are teammates he will trust.

  34. SwaggerKing says:

    Miami is WADES team get in to ur head ppl…Wade has the heart to carry a really (i mean really weak team) only consistent there was Haslem even Jermane was inconsistent…beasley cnt do sh*t! ull see what happens if u put Wade on a great team and supporting cast just like the Miami right now…its a good supporting cast right now…with 2 of the most unselfish players in the leauge teamin up,,,they will make that decent Crue into a threat..specially with shooters like Eddie House and Miller…with Big Z on the post. dnt need to see a regular season to prove they can get it done…They make there teams better
    i feel sad Lebron left Cavs, no more great games of him and Wade nymore…but its okay…the reason Cavs or Bron didnt win or make it to the finals wasnt his supporting cast…it was a great supporting cast…it was that F*KIN COACH…whos his name Mike Brown.???…now if it was Byron Scott last year damn it would be a freakin RING now.!
    i respect Kobe and dnt hate but u fans just ride his D*ck too much…get to ur head tht Kobe is AGING now he’s a volume shooter and havent u seen the stats Lebron’s FG% 3pt or inside is greater than Kobes…Lebron is not such a clutch which makes Kobe good..kobes shot goes in when its needed…Wade underrated he is much better and more clutch than Bron! give him credit!!!…i think with a good team he’ll be as great as Kobe! he is almost the tota package physically and mentally!…just wait when he gets a freakin consistent Jumpshot!!!, he’ll be the greatest in the leauge or even of all time

  35. mr.T says:

    until lebron wins a ring or two or three or six, the legends can say whatever they want about his place in basketball.
    i’m not hating on him because he does have great skills, but he hsan’t accomplished anything yet. he also needs to watch karl malone and david robinson’s HOF speeches (and many others btw) and take notes on being humble.

  36. Andre says:


    You’re right. But Lebron is great. This year, probably when Lebron achieved 15K points as the youngest one, there was some statements from legends saying Lebron was really one of the best ever. I remember Pippen, for example, but there was a lot of them, meaning Lebron would retire as one of the best in history.

    And some people insist now that he’s not that good as a player. He’s the best player now. You can argue about Kobe and Durant, but they are on the same level, at most. No one changes as a player that quickly. Everyone can argue about him as person, but he’s a great player, no matter what.

    Jordan is another story. I refuse to even compare him with Kobe. Jordan was WAY better in everything. Clutch play, 3pt on playoffs, defense, rebounding, passing, driving. Kobe is prob a little better with his mid-range jumper, and way better at crying.

  37. MOE P says:

    MICHAEL JORDAN..clearly the best player to ever bounce a basketball..anyone in this blog who says anything different shouldnt be commenting point blank!..When Bill Russel says on national television that your the best player to ever play the game..then your the best. (so says the man with 11 rings)….Michael Jordan was able to win 3 rings in a row…take a year off..then come back and do it again…no one else i basketball history was more capable of achieving what he did. Kobe the next best thing to Jordan..these two guys play (played) the game at a different level than everyone else. They want to beat the best, not join them..and that statement is in response to everyone who thinks lebron james is legendary…he hasnt even scratched the surface 6 years in the league..give me a break…

  38. Robi says:

    honestly, i think kobe is better than lebron both as a player and for the league. With the move of lebron and Chris to the Miami Heat, its hard to watch but it happened, but I think the bigger issue is the way the nba is headed. When you watch the games today there’s no passion, its honestly all about the money or a quick build up of a team to make one run for the finals. Championship teams in the past are seen as great because they were able to maintain the team and win several championships in a decade, besides the lakers i dont see any other team like that, but the thunder are heading in that direction. I dont think the legends should be criticizing the players but the league for letting salaries rise to unbelievable amounts making the game insignificant and making it look like players arent even figihting for the wins

  39. Andre says:


    It doens’t matter who arrived first on the team. It’s all about luck, randomness. Kobe is lucky to start in LA, it’s not his merit. Some players were unfortunate to play in bad teams, even being superstars.

    And Shaq was the main man. Please, we don’t need to discuss that. Shaq was something about 30-15 with 2.5 bpg, on 55%fg. And he won Finals MVP in all ocasions.

    No one can win alone. Not even Jordan, Shaq, Chamberlain, Bird. All of them needed help. Malone coulnd’t win even with a lot of help. But we can’t be dumb enough to deny Shaq was by far the main player in that team.

    And I don’t know why people still defend Kobe on caracther. He’s a whinning beatch. He was forcing a trade before Pau arrived. Lebron just did the same. The only difference is Lebron realized at the right time no help would come.

  40. eric says:

    First off lets end the convo with this MJ is the greatest will always be the greatest kobe will be 1a when he 3 peats next year against the heat tell lebron to never miss the playoffs hit game winners on a consistent basis start a nba all star game with out starting for your own team and the he can be in a class with kobe. Secondly For all you that think lebron is any where close to scottie go check scottie’s numbers and then remember he played with the real king. And lastly lebron does not have a house The weak ass Q is trash MJ built the united center Dwade lit the fire in the heats arena Kobe stapled the Staple center together with 5 rings. So tell lebrons mvp puppet to have the house clean and stop lettin melo bust his ass and maybe he can enter the Convo

  41. BAYAG says:


  42. Kobra says:

    I’ve done it. I’ve figured it out. I’ve found a way that lebron can finally when a championship. Join the lakers. THREE PEAT!!

  43. Spindle says:

    Basketball is a “TEAM” game guys… even if your Lebron or Kobe, the important essence of Basketball is teammate, it isn’t about “one-man-game”. Kobe and the Lakers gets their B2B title is not because of one in particular players… they’ll all contribute (Artest had a great game 7, Pau do it all in the rebounding, Fisher had a winning games.) In Heats status, Lebron loves Cleveland, he and the team already gave Cleveland their respective honors and titles (although short for the NBA title) Cleveland was relive, honestly since 1990 i never heard that there a team called Cleveland Cavaliers in NBA, until Lebron and the other teammates came and introduce the team. I’m not a Lebron fans, but I understand him for making that decision, for me Lebron finds he’s “teammate in a friend” and that’s Dwane and Chris.

  44. bryant says:

    lebron is a scrub he is no wer near some of the legends that have played the game everyone always hypeing lebron up when carmelo anthony is better he can do almost everything lebron can expect dunk it while geting fouled but he is a far more better shooter then him and he can absorb the contact and stil finish lebron swears he the next jordan n now dat he went to miami he aint gona be mentioned even comparin them. lebron cuoldnt even beat an old ass spurs team in the finals they got swept and dis year he had a decnt squad that could have taken them but hes a bum dats itt

  45. bryant says:

    lebron is a scrub he is no wer near some of the legends that have played the game everyone always hypeing lebron up when carmelo anthony is better he can do almost everything lebron can expect dunk it while geting fouled but he is a far more better shooter then him and he can absorb the contact and stil finish lebron swears he the next jordan n now dat he went to miami he aint gona be mentioned even comparin them. lebron cuoldnt even beat an old ass spurs team in the finals they got swept and dis year he had a decnt squad that could have taken them but hes a bum

  46. tt says:

    What I do not understand is that, anytime there is a news item about LBJ, LBJ supporters are alway quick to jump on to Kobe, trashing him and comparing his stats with LBJ’s. Meanwhile, Kobe has never said anything about LBJ’s move to Miami neither has he ever said anything negative about LBJ. If LBJ is that much better than Kobe, why do you use Kobe as a benchmark for LBJ? why not MJ why not Bill Rusell? I am sick of these stupid comparisons.

  47. thejuncast says:

    OK, let’s make this straight, Lebronians out there. Granting without admitting that Lebron is indeed the best player in NBA out there, Make him first win a multiple title as he promises to deliver before you make any outrageous claims that he is the best out there. I’m not defending any marquee players in the NBA, but c’mon try to think of it. Lebron got to win titles not just title first before we can even think of him in the company of Kobe or the legends like magic, bird and jordan.

  48. CZR says:

    It’s great to be a heat fan. Keep hating we love it !
    To say that Lebron won’t be winning any championships is just crazy barring an injury.
    Are you forgetting his surrounding cast? c’mon wake the f**k up !!
    Must really suck to be a fan of one of the teams he dissed while you were all pulling on his jock to land him.
    It won’t come easy with other teams improving and the Lakers being the Lakers but you have to see the whole picture….it’s not just Lebron on the Heat roster.

  49. LeBrong says:

    LeBron is not a legend… PERIOD! he is yet to prove that he can win up to the end.

  50. mike says:

    i still think Wade is the best on the Heat

  51. LeBron Bitchhh says:

    haha! LeBron and his fans are gay!

  52. Kobra says:

    You know, Phil Jackson had a lot to do with the last five lakers championships too (soon to be six)

  53. teamUSA10 says:


  54. ventequatro says:

    Lebron Sucks..he’s a looser..

  55. BoomBox says:

    Guys… Seriously… The whole point of going to the NBA is to win a title and other than than that you’re wasting your time… LeBron made a controversial move and it hurt his image terribly… Seeing as he is moving to D.Wade’s team he is gonna have to be the one to sacrifice but regardless of all comments LeBron isn’t and will never be better than Kobe… However the primary basis of his move in to win championships and thats gonna happen sooner or later… Like Charles Barkley said, it would have been more significant in Cleveland but people should leave the man alone… How long does we have to argue about this beacause its already set and done NOTHING IS GONNA CHANGE NOW… He is a choke artist and he is NOT better than the Legends but his move was smart beacause he wants to WIN TITLES…

  56. Kobra says:


  57. REAM says:

    I dont understand how people can say that Lebron didn’t have a great team…the Cavs just didnt have a great LEADER. You cant have the best record in basketball and say the TEAM sucks, its the leadership that doesnt get you over the hump in the playoffs. Yes, i believe Lebron is the best athletically, the dude is huge, strong, fast and can jump out the gym, which is why he is avg. near triple double numbers, he did everything, he brings the ball down, so yes he should have that many assists, he’s huge and fast, so all he does is dip his shoulder and get to the rim (how many guys will step in front of him and take a charge?) and he gets rebounds all cuz of his athleticism. He has no fundamental footwork and his jumpshot is just decent, and not even there at the end of games. In 3 years, when he’s no longer in his young-age prime, how is he gonna score? Kobe can shoot, drive, and post up, the only person near kobe is Carmelo, he has an array of offense that Lebron can’t even match. Hate all you want, but when kobe had no support on his team, he was doin what Lebron did, shoot a bunch of shots, but unlike Lebron, Kobe was averaging 35-40 points a game for a good stretch. Lebron is a sell-out. thats that.

  58. muning says:

    basketball is a team game, lebron needs support to win a championship. 1 man cant win it alone. that is why he went to miami to have a strong team. it’s as simple as that!

  59. David says:

    According to Mr. Gabriel C. Lebron James is going to have the most championship rings under his belt by the time he retires. In order to do that he has to win 12 of them, and lets say he wins the next 12, he would be 39 by that time. I’m just gonna go ahead and say that is unlikely, nay, its impossible. Because anyone who knows anything about basketball will tell you that the next 7 championships belong to me. Thats right, you heard it here first, your boy D Mill is gonna win the next 7 nba finals, by himself…

  60. Lakers_Dynasty says:

    ok first off, i agree with rodman. PLEASE quit comparing lebron to the legends. hes not even close!!!! next quit comparing him to Kobe, hes still not close. sure kobe didnt score well in game 7 of the finals, but he did other things to make up for his lack of scoring efficiency. he dint quit on his team and they can see that. thats not what we saw in lebron, he gave up on his team, his city, his state, and his fans. anyone who plays team sports knows that when your best player gives up on you and doesnt try his best till the end it is extremely discouraging. and quit with the “oh, lebron doesnt have a good team to back him up” cuz thats BS. he doesnt have a good team and they have had the best record in the nba during the regular season 2 yrs in a row? c’mon!!!! those who want it, find a way, those who dont, make excuses and i can tell you that lebron doesnt really want it.

    bottom line
    legends > lebron
    kobe> lebron
    lebron is a great player but what else can he do besides make trick shots during warm up and run into people?

  61. patricio otot says:

    lebron is the best player
    lakers is the best team
    thats all.

  62. jeffting02 says:

    @Jay Hash….. 12 championships!? nnnnnnnaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!! Pippen played for only 17 seasons, thats the most ever played.. if lebrons gonna be having 12 rings!? perhaps he’ll still be playing his 18th season then.. impossible.. with his style of play.. he’ll be eaten up by injuries starting 2 or 3yrs from now.. it aint gonna happen…. kobe is in his 14th season this 2010-2011.. he mellowed his play and started playing smart ball instead of the high flying extravagant… he’ll still have 5-6 yrs of good basketball and he’ll be breaking more records in the future.. if lebron would learn how to do that then he might have a slight chance.. just slight… maybe a slimmer than a needle chance!! lol 🙂

  63. Jun says:

    If lebron is so good, why couldn’t he win in cleaveland. WHy does he need dwayne and chris to try and win a championship. SO who is the side kick in this miami team now? Is is le bron or wade? Either way there can only be one main man in that team, the other becomes his biatchhhhhhh.

  64. Zade says:

    I cant believe Rodman is even talking about Lebron! James isnt just better than pippen, hes also better than Jordan! I honestly think that Jordan, Pippen and Rodman are just talking about Lebron because there selfish and dont want anybody to say that they are better than the legendary bulls!

  65. inamo says:

    I dont think that lebron can make most of rings… yes his the best but smart player can beat your best player… =)

  66. BestEVER says:

    LeBron Isn’t Better Than any legends , only because he is in his 8th year in the league ….but All Greatest palyers have a supporting cast : Jordan have pippen rdman…. kobe now have gasol ,fisher bynum artest , magic have worthy scott karrem. lebron still 25 years old he has 10 years of carrer in front of him and if starts to wins titles he will be one of the greatest.. if not the Best Ever

  67. hunt says:

    kobe is first and second so that makes lebron last pfft i dont even like the lakers or kobe im a bulls fan but kobe is the best and it will be that way till he says so

  68. LebronFAKE says:


  69. corey says:

    theres just no way in hell lebron will win more than 11 championships, he wont even end his career with more than michael. sorry gabriel but your to far up lebrons a$$ just like mostly everyone since hes joined the league im so happy that people are finnaly seeing him for who he really is. only took him to turn his back on his hometown to do it but now ya see. hes a egotistical coward who believes he is godlike and a king really he is an overpayed jock. MICHAEL JORDAN IS A TRUE CHAMPION… Lebron should never be in the same sentence as jordan or pippen or bird, magic, kareem, mchale, malone even SHAQ HAHAHA

  70. jonas says:

    basketball is a team play! no one plays 1 on 5

    in cleveland lebron holds the ball almost all the time! that makes him versatile and makes him do whatever he wants to do so many of the people recognizes him as the best in world of basketball! but do you think he can still do and outshine bosh and wade in a lot of statiscal category? well lets see..

    lakers do not carry kobe! neither lebron carry cleveland!

    both of them plays a team play!

    kobe had a bad game in game 7 of the finals but he nailed the free throws and points when it matters the most and still they manage to win, lebron had a horrible shooting game too in boston(even with that almost quadr..double) and still they loose…

  71. jeffting02 says:

    @50grand: steve kerr is a role player.. not the main man..
    there’s a big differrence between kobe and kerr’s achievements..
    kobe can carry a team while kerr only do the supporting role….
    lebron can never match kobe’s performance, yah, lebron can break records.. but without a championship..
    too much of good players in a team is not healthy.. they’ll be playiong without any chemistry..
    it would be lucky for them to have a 60-22 record.. and if they make it to the playoffs.. it’ll be a first or second round elimination..
    kobe knows how to get his support and he did it again this summer with blake, barns and theo…
    it’ll be a three peat.. no doubt..
    if there’s any team that can beat LA.. it’ll probably be the Celts or the Thunder..
    coz the celts big 5 and thunder’s durant will give lots-o-team some headache..

    • 50grand says:

      I was just making a point about the rings. Someone said Kobe had 5 rings which made him better that Bron..And I dont agree with the fact that rings define a person’s greatness..

  72. Sean says:

    LeBron’s a good player no doubt. But he’s not the best in the league atm. Kobe is. Kobe does have flaws as just about any player does, but he’s more disciplined, mature, is a better leader, and has accomplished more than Lebron. All Lebron did that makes him stand out is his god-given athletic ability and throwing white powder before every game.

    Everyone’s entitled to their personal opinions, so I can understand why some people would say LeBron’s decision to move was a bad idea. My personal opinion is let him do what he feels is best and we can all go on our way. Sadly, many people are stuck up so they get their feelings hurt at something not directly targeted towards them, this case being Cavs fans at LeBron for leaving Cleveland. That’s just me; as a Magic fan if Dwight became a FA and left Orlando I’m not gonna sit there in a sports bar in tears. Other than that, the way LeBron’s move was executed is up for debate.

    Now, LeBron is a great player indeed. But he’s by far not the best. He still has work to do on himself. A lot of it. He shows a huge ego to the world and he’s not there on the leadership yet. That’s probably the part where I’ll get jumped on. So here’s my take on this. If LeBron was a great leader, the Cavs would have gone to the finals and possibly win either last year or this year. When it comes to complete success, athletic ability counts for little compared to leadership. Leadership is a very powerful weapon, and few people know how to master it. It’s why Phil Jackson is heavily successful, and why teams like the Magic and Cavaliers fell short the past two seasons; they lacked incredibly strong leadership.

    I may not like LeBron (mostly because he’s part of the Heat), but I respect his efforts and play. He’s got the athletic ability. His leadership ability is definitely there. If he does his part in working on himself for the Heat and for the future, he can and will achieve anything and will go down as one of the best players ever.

  73. dwade003 says:

    @LING, it sounds as if you continue kissing kobe’s ass. hahahahaha!

  74. jeffting02 says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! nyc one LUI0351……….

    • berkamore says:

      I read a lot of interesting things here but let’s be realistic for ONE minute.

      Kobe is a great player but he almost ALWAYS played on a good team and played for Phil Jackson, maybe the best coach for most of his career.

      When did ‘Bron have a hall of fame coach? and how many of LeBron Cleveland teamates were all stars, let alone hall of famers?

      Whatever you may think of LBJ’s decision, don’t compare his circumstances with Kobe’s. It’s not even close.

      P.S: And BTW, I was watching Karl Malone today at the HOF and thinking: Gasol is lucky, the Mailman would have KILLED him on the court.

  75. Abram says:

    I think you guys sayin lebron has the “best stats so he’s better than they were” are all forgetting that back then there were fewer teams in the nba, so every team had a good solid three stars almost, every game was more competitive, and you were allowed to hand check, can you imagine how much crazier Jordan would have been if they couldnt hand check him? Of course lebron is gonna beast on the stat sheet he is freakin huge and u arent ever allowed to touch him when guarding him? please the game has been watered down i miss the days of shawn kemp taunting after dunking on someone and there was NO technical foul. All the legends had swagger when they played, they ALL wanted to be the best. Michael Jordan entered the freakin 3-point competition just to say he did it. Lebron all promises everyone he’s gonna enter into the dunk contest last year and he pusses out. Kobe is a part of the few remaining nba players who crave to be the best in every way of the game. Im not a laker fan but i give respect where respect is due.

  76. fefe says:

    these legends slamming lebron or talking ill about lebron it only mean one thing LEBRON JAMES IS GREAT OR NEAR THEIR LEGENDARY STATUS EVEN WITHOUT A RING LIKE FAT ASS CHARLES.

    • Wu Tang says:

      fefe Look at Micheal and Kobe. Micheal stayed put and made pippen great. Kobe stayed put and made Pua great. Both have multiple rings. Lebron stayed put for 8 years and made no one great with no rings so he had to run to a team that already had a lot of talent. To be a real legend you cant just be a one on one player you have to make the players around you good.

    • Kobra says:

      charles barkley wil beat you witha taco if you don’t stop talking smack

  77. 50grand says:

    Lebron supporting cast was streaky..Mo did not show up over half of the time. When Lebron went out the game they did not have any scorer to step up…I think lebron should have went elsewhere b/c he has the potential to be the main star on a team, and I think he did the right thing when he left Cleveland b/c they weren’t tryna get him a certified scorer to help him out…As far as him being better than Kobe, I would have to agree with that. Kobe has some years under his belt but Lebron is way ahead of Kobe if you look at Kobe’ s stats from his rookie year to whatever year Lebron is at. Not to mention Kobe always had a strong supporting cast. Kobe didnt even start when he first came in the league but Lebron did so the rookie year would go to Lebron. Further, someone mentioned that Kobe choked before and he didnt catch as much hell that Lebron did..I think Lebron was like F it and didnt want to play. I remember when the Pistons beat the Lakers for the championship, it was Kobe who choked and couldnt pull his weight,,,,check the stats..Lebron wants to win, and since Cleveland wasnt tryna proove they wanted to win, he went elsewhere, and I dont blame him. Lebron been winning championships since AAU…When a winner gets put in a situation where they are not winning the whole thing, they put themselves in a position to do so, and thats what Lebron did…If the Lakers didnt get Pal, I’m sure Kobe would have been out the door. I dont like Kobe but he a beast..But the Legends need to chill..By the way Coach Z, Kobe is more of a cry baby than Lebron. And I didnt see Lebron get frustrated when he missed shots..He did what he was suposed to do, continue to shoot the ball…Its funny how people thought Lebron was the ish when he was in Cleveland winning MVP’s and having the best record but as soon as he try to better his game and win a championship people wanna ish on him..I guess he should have stayed in Cleveland and not win a championship…(sarcasm)….If I had 1 person to make the last shot, you cant go wrong with either, Kobe proved he can make it and so did Lebron…Yeah Kobe got 5 rings, and so does Steve Kerr, does that make Steve Kerr better than Lebon, I dont think so…

  78. edwin says:

    everyone is talking how great lebron is or how grat kobe is or even mj. but we forgot phil jackson. given a chance lebron being handle by a coach with phils caliber. he doent need wade to get a ring…that miami lineup doesnt guarantee anything if coach eric cannot blend them well.

  79. LAKESHOW24 says:

    I’m sorry im pissed i have more to say! another thing everyone loves to say kobe couldnt do it without shaq… how bout shaq couldnt do it without kobe, you young punks forget that shaq didnt start on the lakers he was with the magic who had penny hardaway…. how come they couldnt win and they were in the east and thebulls were no longer a threat so why couldnt shaq win there? Kobe needed shaq just like shaq needed kobe. and to all of you who say those first 3 rings dont count for kobe cuz it was shaq team then wades doesnt count either cuz he didnt win till shaq got there but nobody wants to say that. you all are kobe haters yeah he has pau gasol so what he made him better thats what kobe does, who does lebron make better how has he been proven as a leader huh? now he shows his true colors again by taking on his sidekick roll to wade! so yeah just like rodman said dont put lebron up there with true legends becasue that is what this article was about before you idiots got me angry and through the great KB24 in the convo for no reason!

  80. Get Real... says:

    All you people should spend less time on discussion boards and more time learning the English language. I wonder if Jordan, Magic, or Bird spend so much time talking about other people’s accomplishments…and for the record for all of you Kobe-lovers…this is the same guy who couldn’t stand to be on a team with Shaq, and then whined for a trade because he didnt’ have the supporting cast. If you criticize Lebron, which you are definitely justified in doing for his “DECISION”, then let’s not be blind to Kobe’s b**ch fits about being traded because he lacked the supporting cast. And comparing Lebron’s supporting cast in Cleveland to Kobe’s in LA, you should have your head examined. Artest/Gasol/Bynum/Odom vs. MoWil/Jamison/Verajao/Shaq at 38, are you f***ing kidding me? And by the way, Game 7, Kobe didn’t only get help from his teammates…24 free throw attempts for the Lakers to like 6 for the Celtics? And half of those were over the back calls on the Celtics…the Lakers went over the back the whole series. Please, this game doesn’t feel right anymore….Corporations turn everything into the WWF…we are ALL…WITNESSES…to what? A guy putting a round ball into a basket? Yeah, that’s what we witness with Lebron.

  81. Guillermo says:

    Pau Gasol is the most unselfish player of the nba… and also one of the best. Sure Kobe has help… who doesn´t?
    Guys… stop hating Lebron… the guy is gonna commit suicide
    Am not sure the Heat are still Wade´s team… nobody is talking about Wade anymore… maybe there is a reason.
    Kobe the best and most spectacular player in the nba.
    Where amazing happens




    • David says:

      Maybe people wouldn’t be so upset about it if Lebron acted like a man about the situation. He paraded himself around for 3 months and played with the hearts of Cavs fans. And then when he had his “decision special” he didn’t even have the balls to apologize to them. An apology should have been the first words out of his mouth. Oh and neither Bosh, Wade, or Lebron are gonna win the mvp next year. Do you know why? Want me to spell it out for you? Because they lower eachother’s value by being on the same team. Lets look at 2008, Garnett, Allen and Pierce were alllll on the same team. Garnett was garnering a lot of interest in the MVP conversation, until he got injured. Do you know what happened when he missed those 11 games? The Celtics didn’t miss a beat, they kept on winning. All of a sudden he seemed less valuable to his team. Its the same thing that will happen with the heat, if/when one of the big 3 goes down, the other 2 will pick up the slack. So no MVP for Wade, James, or Bosh. In all honesty I’m probably going to win the next 2 or 3 mvps…

  83. J-Hov says:

    Don’t compare Lebron to any of these great players!!!! He is not even in their league. And sorry to say, Kobe is still the best player in the N.B.A. His jumpshot is insane, and he can still drive the lane and get layups at will. Lebron is gonna win 2 championships and it’s all over. All the hype on the new Heat team is ridiculous. Not even a game played yet and there favorites to win it all. I’ve said all I need to say.. CASE CLOSED!!

  84. LAKESHOW24 says:

    All of you Lebron Fans are just plain IDIOTS!!! this is how i know Kobe is 10x better than Lebron. Nowhere in This article did Dennis Rodman say anything about Kobe and you idiots still are comparing him to lebron. Y? why are you even bringing his name up? Its because Kobe is on your mind all the time even when nobody talks about him. There should be no way you can compare a 32 year old 14 year vet to a puppy who is in his physical prime but yet you still do…. Y? Kobe is old by NBA standards but yet he still doesnt lose….Y? THE MAIN THING THAT SEPERATES KOBE FROM LEBRON IS TECHNIQUE!!!! kobe will always be better because of his technical skill, Lebron is hard to stop simply because he is bigger and stronger than everyone and has physical attributes out of this world not because his skill. There are many people in the leauge who jump higher and run faster and a stronger than kobe but they cant stop him….. Y? So to end my rambling i will say that dennis is right lebron is weak and if he does win it wont be because he is so great it will be because he could not handle the load!

  85. cid says:

    i just hate kobe and the lakers! they’l lose this time! kobe u suck big time!

  86. Nutso says:

    Stacked teams, its the direction the nba is goin…nuttin u can say or do about it……

  87. LAKERS4LIFE says:

    Kobe and the LAKERS were starting to do good before Pau Gasol came to the LAKERS in the 2007-08 season and were holding the the #1 seed in the West for a few days. Then came Trevor Ariza’s and Andrew Bynums’ injuries. That is when the LAKERS decided to trade for Gasol to remain in playoff contention and hope that they can continue the the success that they were having with Bynum. It just happened to work out even better since they got Pau and everybody now thinks the LAKERS weren’t any good prior to Pau. Kobe was already having an MVP season prior to Pau.
    Kobe has 5 rings regardless of who he got them with. He helped Shaq win 3 cuz Kobe wasn’t on the bench throughout those years, he was in the game contributing. Look at Kobe’s stats during the LAKERS’ 3-Peat. Wade’s first ring doesn’t count cuz he hasn’t won a championship without Shaq. Cuz if it wasnt for Shaq, miami would have never won that championship.
    My point is that if you played a part in winning the championship then you earned the right to claim those rings as well regardless of who the star player was. Shaq and Kobe have said that they wouldn’t have their rings if it wasn’t for each other as well as Robert Horry, Rick Fox, Derek Fisher and everyone else that played a big role on their teams.

  88. Vince says:

    Who says LeBron James is the best? Did people on this blog ever understand what’s happening? LeBron and Chris Bosh are such a loser and coward. Why? They stayed with the team and wasn’t able to carry it for many years. They clamored about support. When they got it and still lose out, they bailed out when they still can. Why? To hide their faces. Kobe has more class than LeBron or Chris Bosh. Shaq left but Kobe stayed. He said he need support but LeBron James has better support than Kobe. The question is not “who is the best player in the NBA” but rather who can lead a team. LeBron James is hands down the best player – I will not argue that. But he can’t win without a true leader. Dwayne Wade is a leader. He will carry this 2 to championship and not the other way around. I like D-Wade because he is a great player and a leader. Look who convinced the 2 to join Miami? If Miami wins, it’s because of D-Wade and not LeBron.

  89. tmerc says:

    lebron haters are a lot of laker fans who are feeling the threat to hard right now. You cannot try and state facts that arent there. Lebron was drafted as a freak man child to an absolutly terrible team… Kobe was more of a finalizing piece when he was drafted… These are human beings, the mindsets these 2 players had when coming in were completlety different …. Sure kobe had to climb mountains to win championships but lebrons got to make his mountain from scratch. Lebron simply was’nt given enough pieces in cleveland starting with his coach. Phil Jackson is one of the greatest coaches in history of sports, Looking back on all the great championship winners, they all had someone right beside them who was also, a great championship winner. Kobe is the hardest worker in the NBA but no one has more talent than lebron james. Everyone has to pay thier dues, cleveland was lebrons, Kobe might have raped someone……Magic won a championship his first year….moral of the story go to college….

  90. ventequatro says:

    hey gabriel..take a look at the reality that Lebron is only a supporting cast of one’s superstars team…he’s not better, he’s not the great or even he’s not a KING,, the real king is kobe.. why because he believes in his teammates, not like Lebron he has everything in cavaliers but still he didn’t win any Finals games,,and by the way he’s now in his 7 season, MJ got his Rings about the era of Bird and Magic, kobe Got he’s ring in just 4 years after he enter the NBA, leberon will get he’s 7 rings when his hair is white already..hahahahah LOL.. admnit it that Kobe is way better than Lebron, because he believes in his team mates, he trusted his teammates, and motivate them when thier down,,so shut off big mouth gabriel ..accept the reality that your lebron is a losserrrrrr… weeeewwww.. by the way on two the same season Lebron wins the Reg. MVP while Kobe wins the ring and Finals MVP… GO lakers beat that Three king, because your the real and ONLY king shall lived in die as the greatest next to MJ.. GODBLESS HEAT Blackmamba never quits,

  91. nor527 says:

    lebron is a good player and better than most good player we know of but he will not be the best until he can prove himself.. yes, lebron is a physical beast… but the game of basketball is more than just athleticism… its a 5 v 5 game … the lakers won games without kobe is because kobe motivates them and the team battle for each other… yes the lakers carry kobe but kobe does carry the lakers too on numerous occasions…

  92. keliary says:

    yo everyone get off lebron all dem legend talk like dey dnt need help let me remind yah! jordan dnt want a champion in his first 7year pipen and rodman had to come and help him dey talk like dey did it by themself and charles barkley should shut up he emberasing his self and it not like lebron dnt want to stay and cleveland it was no one wanted to come he tried to get bosh but bosh said know realy who want to come to cleveland and lebron had talent but it was no one step up unlike kobe he have gasol and other he went 6 for 24 and dey win were was mo, verajoa, jamison were wad dem guy all dem legend bashing him i said lebron outplay pipen career in his firt 7 year whether u like to admit it or not look at the statictic wen its all over lebron will be one of the greates maybe the best. and all dem legend shut up cause its not ya dat going to be on the flow wen the season start wade couny for life its over for the nba and let me say kobe though he could win a champion by himself bt wen reality kick in he as for a trade people dont remember dat everyone needed help to win and will continue needing help.

  93. Don775x says:

    Yeah Kobe had a bad game 7 of the NBA finals, but has LeBrick even made it to the finals.

  94. AL says:

    LeBron and all of those who thought that the cavaliers were weak should be ashamed of yourselves BIGTIME. Calling the team weak damn. When Shaq left the lakers Kobe went for the stats. A lot even called em a ballhog but it gave him the scoring title. And dont forget his 81 pts damn! It took him a while to trust his teammates and what, gave him another 2 rings. James doesnt trust his teammates. His mister 48 mins per game. His mister 4th qtr. Highest PPG and APG on the team? Imagine that. Its like more than 60% of the time he’s the one holding the ball. That’s a ballhog! Kobe doesnt need to score 20 or 30 or more. He has his teammates that he trusts and he doesnt want to get injured because of showing off like James usually do cause he’s going not just 1..not 2..3..4..5…6..7..more! Hahaha! DREAM ON JAMES!

  95. Hero says:

    ijs moment here,but why is the talk always kobe lebron?last time i checkd lebron went to Miami,which for a month was calld Wade County.If you ask me D-Wade is better than Lebron and has carried his team to victory much better than this King.Wade averaged bout 40ppg th last 4 games of th 06 total he averaged 36ppg.Not only does Wade hav more rings than Lebron(Lol) but cud anyone imagine Lebron carryin last seasons Heat Lineup to 47 wins?…………………exactly

  96. Cedric says:

    lebron is better

  97. Listen says:

    Listen guys,

    LB got 2 MVPs and great ppg because no one else can score. Let see if he can get the same ppg like he did in Cleveland.

  98. L.A.FAN says:

    If it’s true that the Cavs didn’t have a good team supporting Lebron, then how exactly did they manage to win more regular season games than every other team the last 2 seasons? And then fail in the playoffs? Either A) Lebron carried them all 82 games then just “ran out of gas” in the playoffs (kobe didn’t run out of gas), or B) He did have a strong supporting cast but wasn’t a good enough leader to get them to the finals (Kobe was and did), or C)Just ran up against teams that rose to the occassion during the playoffs (Lakers rose above the rest), or D)Cavs just didn’t play as well during the playoffs as they did all season long (Lakers did). No matter how you slice it, Lebron DID HAVE A GOOD TEAM (you can’t have the best record in the NBA for two seasons based on just one players performance….he only scored 30 per game….someone scored the other 70), but he just wasn’t able to lead his team to victory when it mattered most. Kobe may not be the best player in the NBA (I personally think heis), but he finds ways to win – either by carrying his team, or trusting his team, or ensuring that all of the players on his team are able to carry the load on any given night, or maybe just getting his team used to success and “teaching” them that failure is not an option….it’s about being a leader. And let’s face it – that’s what matters. Without the Lakers and Kobe,Pau’s just another VERY good player, and Odom’s just another guy who hadn’t realized his full potential.

    • FLASH says:

      @L.A.FAN Youre right LeBron James did have help in the regular season! But what happened in the playoffs?? Ok let’s gets to the facts: when they lost to the Magic in the 09 playoffs he almost averaged 40 ppg 8 apg and 9 rpg in those 6 games game series… thats a leader last time i checked! Plus he had that gw 3 that pretty much saved the sweep… when they lost to Boston in the 2010 playoffs against the Magic he averaged 29 ppg 7 rpg and 8 apg hmm thats a leader. Where the heck was his supporting cast??? And when he played horrible in Game 5 no one would cut him some slack b/c they lost… but when Kobe played worse then LeBron James percentage wise they end up winning.. hmmm what does that tell you? It tells you that Kobe gets carried nd is LBJ plays bad thge WHOLE TEAM plays bad… o ya and all those people who say LeBron is selfish need to get their heads checked because 8 apg for a SF is like beyond great. Yeah note that Ron Artest was the hero for the Lakers in Game 7 not Kobe! Also note that Kobe shoots 25 shots a game… and also notes he has the worst shooting percentage to ever be a Finals mvp.

  99. muning says:

    hey guys its all about winning championships… lebron must win a championship first PERIOD!!!

  100. AL says:

    Are you saying all players in Cavs are dope? That LeBron didnt have a anyone to help him get to where he wanted? What about Shaq and Jamison? Arent they elite? Dont forget Mo, big Z and Delonte. LeBron’s “all for the stats”, you know what i mean? He needs to get to somewhat “quota stats” win or lose. But in the end, decision making is not his thing. Kobe did choke in game 7 but he thought of something he that can help the team. 15 boards? with some dishes. At least he didnt quit. Haha. LeBron, The King of just for the stats and numbers sounds better dontcha think?

    • Kobra says:

      I wouldnt call anyone on that list elite note even shaq. shaq wouldnt win three titles without kobe. I’m saying it and none of them win titles without jackson

  101. jeffrey the chosen one. says:

    ok, i cnt help not say a piece of my mind. and im going to try my best to be unbiased. first of all.. let me say this.. in the history of any “team” sports.. and i repeat.. “team” sports.. that’s it’s called team sports because it’s more than just one.. nobody.. i mean nobody can ever win a championship without a “great team.” unless your playing bowling, tennis, or golf etc.. of which games only has 1 player involve. basketball.. is a team sport and there’s no doubt to all of ya’ll of who have basketball IQ not just a fan.. but have basketball IQ of who amongst all of you understand the game.. even the greats figure it out.. that game is won by team effort. watch the tapes the dvd’s .. i remember michael jordan even after a great performance of a game winning shot or a game winning steal or block.. he always says.. “it’s not individual.. it’s a team effort.” and he michael jordan said also.. “the players were playing with… me scottie dennis the triangle threat he says that the players they have in the roster have been in teams that never won.. so they wanted more than they did that’s what built to their championship run and championship ring wins.” so with that said.. get in your mind that michael jordan took 7 seasons to win.. he was beat up with guys that eventually ended up joining him on the same team in chicago.. shud i name some? ron harper “former cavaliers” dennis rodman “former spurs and pistons” jon salley.. where was he from? deotroit pistons.. need i go more? they all knew that somehow they’re going to have to join and make a choice in a team that has the desire to want to win. now to compare that with lebron james. Just to let you all know i use to be a jordan fan, not a bulls fan but a jordan fan.. then allen iverson .. then lebron james. never a a kobe fan.. but respect and love his game. and i agree with most of everyone here that says the closest to jordan’s game is d wade and kobe.. kobe with the fade away jump shot.. d wade with the killer instinct to take over games. so with that said.. i dont know much about nba history… cuz didnt start to pay attention till the 90’s but after that.. i never seen nebody really paid much much much attention with the cavs until lebron james came in there.. honestly i feel that the owner of the cavs including the cavs fans shud honor lebron and put his jersey up. i know its sad that he left.. and i feel the only huge fault that he did was not tell them and prepare them ahead of time.. but if i was in lebron’s position.. i’d be to skeptic of saying nething.. cuz i know for sure.. theyre gon try to change my mind and persuade me and things like that.. and i guess bron didnt want to go through that.. i thnk lebron should have just made a decision straight up without no one hour special and such.. cuz i thought that was childish.. but goin back.. with the cavs team.. 7 seasons.. no ring.. build build build.. getting moe, d west, jamison, shaq, moon, parker, varejao, i mean the whole cavs squad was great.. but honestly .. if lebron wasnt on the court.. the cavs fall down.. and its the same message lebron was sending to the cavs organization.. he didnt play bad because he sucks.. he played bad to send a message.. wether it was on the playoff’s or regular season.. he was sending a direct message. c’mon guys.. carry me and help me lift this team like the lakers squad do with kobe bryant.. honestly.. lebron made the whole cavaliers franchise better and the nation of cleveland.. if it werent for lebron.. they would have never made money.. and people would have not filled up the arena night in and night out…. all the moves that danny ferry and the dan gilbert made shud have made early in the season.. not towards the end of it going to playoff’s. needed more time to get the chemistry more. and lastly.. i blame everything for mike brown… he’s a dumb stupid coach and who dont know who to depend on and put on the court. clearly .. jj hickson was better than shaq.. he shud have sticked with bron, moe, varejao, jj hickson and parker or something.. or jamison.. even jamison himself was a let down. 5 points on the last game? u kidding me? and u suppose to be a all star.. ya’ll remember when lebron showcased his game ability at the boston garden right? where he single handedly owned the celtics with shooting.. passing .. blocking.. stealing.. i mean.. its his quadruple doubles that made his team better.. and ya’ll dont really pay attention much if u dnt believe on bron doing that. to sum it all up.. just leave bron, wade, bosh alone.. and let them do their thing.. at the end of the day.. decisons were made and it was for them to make.. and for their life to live.. NBA is a business.. not a real league.. but because of us fans and the enjoyment and excitement of watching.. it makes everything legit.. but preferably.. i rather watch college ball.. it’s where real games are won because there’s no pressure of money.. jst respect of the team, the game, the opposing team and the coach and lastly the fans..

  102. Carlo says:


  103. pinoynoy says:

    how old is lebron now? 25? how old is MJ when he was joined by rodman? 32-33? how old is KG when he joined boston? how old is BARKLEY when he joined houston? MALONE joined the lakers when he was at the twilight of his career so did PAYTON. THEY STICK WITH THEIR TEAMS WHEN THEY WERE STILL AT THE PRIME OF THEIR CAREERS!


  104. vman says:

    man,i’m reading some of these posts and there is alot of hate going on.First off, Lebron didn’t pick Cleveland,Cleveland picked him. Before he got there they were a mediocre team that had never been too an NBA FINALS, after he gets there, attendance is up, sales are up and there playing for a championship,and they would have been there this past year had his TEAMATES showed up too play. The only reason the cavs owner is so upset is because he knows his meal ticket just walked out the door. Good for Lebron for wanting too win, People on here talking about how KG and Ray Allen earned a right too sign with Boston and win a ring and Lebron hasn’t? What is he supposed to do play there until his carrer is almost over and then move on? Yeah that makes alot of sense :-/ or better yet maybe he should have stayed there until he couldn’t play anymore then have the team release him or trade him too some place where he couldn’t win ie: Patrick Ewing.

  105. Frank7ballaholic says:

    Listen, there is a difference between being a fan of basketball and knowing basketball. I Believe that Lebron is overall the best player in the league, now…But Kobe is the MVP of the league because of what he does with the team. You cannot say that Lebron did not have a supporting cast if they won 66 games. If you notice however, all the legends had one thing in common, and that is being a finisher, ending games, Kobe had about 6 or 7 game winning shots this season. All Hall of Fame players had clutch moments that happened more than once. Yes, Lebron has potential to be one of the best ever, but he is not. Yes, he almost averaged a triple-double, but Oscar Robertson has already done that, and won championships. you cannot take the skills that Lebron has, but you cannot put him even in the same sentence as Scottie Pippen. Yes, Lebron will win championships, but does the fact that going on a new Dream Team tarnishes his legacy? Of course, because he couldn’t beat the competition and needs superstars to help him out. Lebron should know that he ain’t a finisher. Dwayne Wade can close out games. Kobe closes out games, And to get at Kobe…People always forget that Kobe was not the best player when he won his first 3 championships, It was Shaq who did who was the most dominant force ever in the NBA, who changed the game of basketball. So none of yall cannot put Kobe in the same sentence as Michael Jordan either. Look everyone has their biased opinion or their statistical ideas, but we should all agree that Michael Jordan was the best player to ever played the game, Scottie Pippen was the best 2 man ever. Kobe is the best of his time, Shaq is the most dominant Center and arguably the best center ever (i personally don’t think so) and Lebron will never be as good as Michael Jordan or even Kobe if he doesn’t learn how to create his own shot. Brute strength won’t help in the long run, skills, fundamentals, thats what makes Kobe the best of the league.

  106. fred says:

    lots of famous people are slamming lebron, how is this worth talking about?

  107. BBall Freak says:

    Come on guys. You all have got to stop talking about LeBron. Sure, I admit I am a fan of LeBron even up until now. I know for myself he is a really strong physical presence in the court but when it comes to bringing down the hammer in all his’ runs on the playoffs, he just wasn’t the guy made to create a lot of clutch shots to win the game unlike Kobe Bryant (whom I am also quite a fan of). And no one can judge players like LeBron as they still have a long way to go for them so that they can actually can be compared upon past and current players. Let’s just see how the cards are played this upcoming season.

    But let’s be more serious about the fact that there aren’t just two teams coming up this next season (namely Miami and Lakers). There are a lot of contending teams in both sides (well more for the Eastern Conference I’ll say) like the Chicago Bulls after acquiring Boozer, whose a guy they badly needed to fight through the Playoffs’ first round. Another team would be the young but explosive OKC as they have the dynamic Kevin Durant, Westbrooke, Green and their (very well balanced) team who actually tested the Lakers in the first round putting them in the brink of having Game 7. Another would be the Orlando Magic, which we all know has Howard, Lewis, Carter, Nelson (too many too mention) and the Utah Jazz to are possible contenders after they have acquired Jefferson and they still have Williams and company (although they lost Boozer and Korver, which could be bad for their scoring percentages) but hey, they are contenders after all, possible ones though.

    All I’m saying is that stop creating these nasty comments about these players because before you could say one thing about them that is negative, you better look at yourself in front of the mirror and see if you are actually even as good as them before creating such delusional and unprejudiced comments. I’m just saying, not hating.


    By the way, I am now rooting for the Bulls seeing Rose, Boozer, Noah, Korver, and the rest of the crew as a potential and stronger team compared from their previous years but I wish that the East would take the NBA Finals trophy this time. (Kind of getting tired of seeing the Lakers always in the Finals)

  108. Jake Ross says:

    no body said boo when the big three formed in boston and i bet you they wished they had of done it when they were 25…

    shaq (one of the best of all time) left orlando to be with kobe ( one of the best players ever)

    the thing that erks me the most is that all of the hate is placed lebron! if what he is doing is a crime then they have a roster full of criminals.. but f that i see no problem, who doesnt want to see 82 games of USA basketball.

    you should be applauding the fact that these mega stars are able to put there egos aside.

    if you are a fan of the game of basketball you should excited. i know i am

  109. Dmack21 says:

    Look here all u Lebron fans. Lebron is the player he is today because of the legends he has watched including Kobe Bryant. The reason why Lebron has stepped his game up to the next level is because of Kobe. When Kobe taught him work ethic in the Olympics is when he raised his hustle up n shot blocking to make him a better player. All his impact plays on defense is off the ball when he is roaming which is definetly exciting but lets not forget he still does not play great individual defense or have a mid range game and if he can’t get to the rim then his game is exposed. Lebrons team this year was pretty awesome. They had the best record in the nba. Antwon Jamison D west D Gibson Shaq A Varejao JJ and not to mention Mo Williams. Come on when are u guys going to open your eyes. The difference between Kobe and Lebron is Kobe knows how to win. Kobe had one bad game in the finals offensively but still played great defense and grabbed 15 rebounds. Every game in the finals was won when tha team had the most rebounds. Lebron the self proclaimed “king” did not even raise his team to one victory last time he was in the finals. Kobe and Phil push their teammates to be great all the way down to final minutes before the game. When it was game time all Lebron could focus on was what kind of dance moves he was going to perform and endorsement deals he was going to get. All while his coach Mike was playing Nba2k10 wit tha cavs online because he is Lebron’s biggest fan. Lebron will definitely get two or three rings now that he is in Miami on D-wades team but he will never get a ring in Cleveland, Gabe. With the other rising stars on good teams such as Oklahoma Portland and Orlando three is the maximum he will get period. He will never go back to Cleveland and win anything. Duh stoopid! Thats why he left in the first place.

  110. chris says:

    kobe is a jordan wanna be!!!! lebron and wade will dominate this league in the next couple years.. they will at least be in the conference finals then we will see. they will go 62-20 due that it takes about 15 games to gel then forget about it! watch after the ’10 finals when they asked kobe about facing lebron and wade together next year! no lie he said “i dont wanna even think about it, you cant guard both of them!!!” kobe said this!!! got love for the lakers but if the heat and lake show make it to the finals kobes legacy will depend on this. whether you love or hate lebron you gotta give it up for making the nba prime time tellevesion and talk since the jordan era. u gotta love it

  111. Joey says:

    LeBron James has a bigger overall impact on the NBA game. Kobe is the most polished SCORER to touch a ball however LeBron is a better BASKETBALL PLAYER. Cleveland wouldn’t be nearly as good if Kobe and LeBron were to switch teams in the last 7 years. I don’t even consider Kobe a leader. Kobe is known to deter teammates’ confidence as LeBron is getting people like Varejo rich and responsible for revitalizing Ilgauskus’s career. If Kobe and LeBron came into the league within 2-3 years of each other, we all would be saying LeBron is better. People need to stop using rings as the reason to say someone is better especially when Kobe is wearing 3 rings that didn’t fit Shaq’s hand………. At times, “rings” becomes a cheap shot when debating in sports topics. A true sports insider knows that free agency and league parity is a major player in “franchise” development or lack there of……… Again, Kobe is probably the best scorer to touch a ball but that is it. I’d like to see Kobe average 8rbs and 8 assist and shoot over 45% for a 5 game stretch in a small market such as Cleveland. Lebron has nearly accomplished this feat for 574 games……..Again, Kobe is probably the best scorer to touch a ball but that is it. To add salt, I THINK DWADE IS A MORE COMPLETE ALL AROUND PLAYER THAN KOBE. Not always about rings.

    With all this hype and hatred on LeBron. The LeBron vs Kobe comparison will make it easier for Durant to sneak the spotlight.

  112. Paul says:

    No way is Lebronz better than Kobe.
    Stats dont + Championships. Kobe is great student of the game even at the top he is willing to learn and study. No one works as hard as him. He makes his team mates better too. trying to teach them & im sure he will make a great coach one day.
    Kobe = Great, works hard has a burning hunger to win ala Jordan..
    Lebronz = punk kid, expects to be given things, uncoachable ?? maybe ? What a waste of talent.. If Lebron had the same drive and willingness to learn the game like Jordan or Kobe, he could have been one the best ever along with all the other greats,., UNTIL HE has a Championship ring dont even mention him with the likes of Pippen, Jordan, Duncan, Shaq or KOBE..

  113. Mocktezuma says:

    this is very fun!!!! two months ago everybody were kobe haters…..and now lebron haters are everywhere….as they say in France: les mouches ont changé d’ane…. personally i’m a lakers addict and It is very fun to read you guys….thx a lot!!!!

  114. ken says:

    1. who’s a better player, lebron or kobe?

    this is a hard one to answer. there are a few points here, and both players excel in different areas. lebron has been a been shooter, with a better field goal percentage in the past 2 years. and he seems to be getting better still. kobe is arguably a better closer than lebron, but you can also say that this is because the lakers have more depth and are able to get to that position in the first place, vs cav’s who just dont have that much depth. and this includes the lakers coach who is an ace in the hole, that many dont include in the discussion. kobe is definitely underrated over the past 2 years, based the scoring potential of the man. just because he doesn’t score an average of 29-30 points p/game, doesn’t mean he can’t do that. i personally believe he has more scoring potential than lebron, that is drop more points p/game than lebron, if he wanted to. but he now choses to let his team lift and push, pushing themselves to their limits, and if that’s not enough, he adds the rest that is needed to win the game. so its a hard one. whether who’s got more rings in general has got nothing to do with when it comes to who’s a better player, leaving a legacy etc. i dont see how thats got anything to do with who’s a better player etc etc or the greatest. MJ shouldn’t be considered to be the best just because he won the most rings (not saying his not one of the greatest, which he is). kobe has more championship experience, and i think performs a bit better than lebron, based on past performance. not because of results/wins, but i think he has performed a bit better in comparison. cause its not about regular season performance, or number of wins, its about being able to get to post season, and how a player/team performs in post season.

    2. whether lebron should stay in cleveland or gone to miami?

    i dont see what the fuss is about. the man’s got to go where he has to go. that’s a individual choice, and as far as i’m concerned none of anyone else’s business, including the greatest. no one can tell another person what they should/shouldn’t do. i dont think there’s any right/wrong. if i was lebron, i’d go somewhere else. i’d go to a place where i’d have a better chance of winning a championship. the oldies obviously have a different take/perspective. but i think lebron made the right move. a players go to do what they feel is right for themselves.

  115. JesseO3 says:

    God….Dustin, and the other LeBron lovers. You guys crack me up…talking about Kobe and the Lakers, the supporting cast and the coach. YES – this is true….the Lakers have the coach, and the bench and the supporting cast to WIN RINGS. Sure, LePunk may be the most athletic…but him going to the Heat w Wade and Bosh….where is the supporting cast? Where is the COACH?! So far, the Heat, still have SUCK players. You all say its 5 on 5. Not 5 on 1. Heat is NOT going to win 3 on 5. Esp when those 3 sit down, it might as well be 0 on 5 LOL. Whats that newbie filipino hollywood wanna be, coach?

    Bottom Line: Yall are soooooooo right, Kobe DOESNT do it alone…..he has a TEAM. That is why Miami will fail….

  116. GMedina says:

    all i can say is Lebron better win a ring this time or else him being a choker will be out of the question. They’re a super team now, if they dont win a ring they would definitely look stupid. Time to prove how great they really are.

  117. shehzad says:

    lebron sucks and is a girl

  118. nonie says:

    anybody sayin lebron is the best are not right.i mean,first of all obviosuly got the clutch factor,but its not just that.just look at lebron leaving cleveland?why did he do that?cause in contrast to kobe he is not able to win a championship as his teams only star.another thing…claiming that lebron is the better overall player is actually just wrong,kobe is definitely at the same offensive level,actually got even more skills and hes the better defender as well.
    and the quote that the lakers can carry kobe but the cavaliers couldnt do the same with lebron,this situation doesnt influence the fact of them surpassin the other one in the quality of their game.
    i guess lebron is gonna win the championship this year,but including him the heat have the best three players of the nba on their personal position.does kobe have that?no,he got good teammates but chris bosh and dwyane wade are just another level.
    by the way,just let me take a look at the “clutch”-factor:doesnt this actually contribute to somebody being a good or better player?i think it does,and the thing is that kobe is not takin all those shots but actually hits them and ins even doing similar stuff at the other end of the court.finally,i dont think there can be a discussion about whos the better player.PROPS TO KOBE

  119. Pete says:

    Who cares about rings? I love NBA and I like to see players giving something to the game. Pat Ewing has ZERO rings, but he will always be remembered as a great in the game. Allen Iverson has zero RINGS, but his heart with the 76ers when he led them to the finals will never be forgotten. For those of who talk about Rodman because of his off court background, I’m the first one to agree…off court he is scum, he’s the kind of guy that I would be afraid to see on the street…on the court, one of the best I’ve seen play the game, outstanding defender, the best rebounder ever (18+ rebounds per game…try to average that in one season!), and despite his lack of “brain matter” (Sorry Dennis!) he was a competitive player.

    What LeBron did was pure COWARDNESS! He ran away from the challenge! What he did was a friggin business decision! If he really wanted that bad to assemble a team to win easily why didn’t he accept even less money in order to enable the entry of another high rated player? Like re-signing J O’Neal instead of hiring Magloire?

    There’s one thing that you should never do in sports…you should never disrespect the fans! And the fans forgive when players go after another challenge after giving all they’ve got for their previous team. KG did everything he had to the Wolves, AI gave every bit of blood and strenght he had before leaving the sixers, Pat Ewing the same thing, Malone, Stockton, Drexler, can you say the same of LBJ? Of course you can’t…if a 25 year old did everything he could for his previous team it’s bad! It’s a sign of premature aging…or…a sign of pure COWARDNESS! But, I don’t fully blame him, that’s how the majority of young men live these days…they run from challenges and responsabilities…

  120. Meech says:

    This is to all Kobe and Laker haters out there

    As another NBA season is now behind us and Kobe Bryant has picked up his fifth title, his place in history is up for debate. Bryant who was once the clear cut poster boy for the post Jordan era of the NBA, is now the most polarizing figure in all of sports. Millions of people love the Lakers star, and millions of people hate him, but every basketball fan has an opinion on Kobe and are pretty passionate about it. It has gotten to the point where when someone asks whether or not you are a Kobe fan, it almost defines you as a person. It’s like asking if you are a Democrat or a Republican. While trying to debate Bryant’s place among NBA greats, I was amazed by how many Bryant haters there were. The number of haters was so great that I didn’t even find it fair to throw them all into one group. So just to be fair, I broke the Kobe Bryant haters up into groups so they are easier to identify.

    When you ask most Kobe Haters (we will call them KH for short) to talk about Kobe, the first thing you will hear is, “he’s not Michael Jordan.” What exactly does that mean? Jordan is regarded as the greatest basketball player who ever lived – is not being better than him a bad thing? I wonder if I brought a 7’6” man into these peoples living room if the first words out there mouth be, “he isn’t the tallest man to ever live.” I’m guessing they would be thinking more along the lines of, I don’t know if he is the tallest person to ever live but he damn sure is tall, and if he isn’t the tallest person ever, he sure is close. Saying Bryant is no MJ really isn’t saying anything, its just ignoring who he is because of who he is not.

    Then there is the group of haters who always seem to think Kobe is the second best player in the league no matter what. Let this group tell it, Bryant has been the second best player in the NBA for over a decade, but the number 1 player changes every other year. Somehow the number 1 player always seems to fall down the list but Kobe just never moves up. There was the he’s not better than Iverson debate that lasted for a couple of years, then there was the he’s not better than Tracy McGrady campaign which was followed by he’s not better than Steve Nash era — hell even Chris Paul got his name mentioned for a year as the one guy in the NBA who is better than Kobe.This is the fan who has become a diehard Cavs fan out of nowhere. He is the same guy who years ago said that if Vince Carter or Tracy McGrady ever played with the best center in the NBA they would win a title too. His favorite line use to be “Kobe will never win without Shaq”, but he never seems to remember saying any of that. He often has a lot to say in the regular season, but not so much in the playoffs.

    Which then brings us to the group that we will just call “Mr. Unrealistic-Casual fan.” That’s the guy who watches about 10-15 basketball games a year, normally at a bar where he isn’t even paying attention and by the time the game is over, he is too drunk to even tell you what happened in the game. He is the guy who yells out “all I know is when Shaq left, Kobe couldn’t even get out of the first round.” It’s hard to really argue with him because he is right, that is all he knows. He never mentions that Kobe lost in the first round to a Suns team that had All Star Shawn Marion as the third option, while the Lakers third leading scorer was Brian Cook.

    The next type of KH, is “Mr. I-know-basketball-more-than-you.” He normally is the guy who played basketball in High School and may have even walked on at a D2 school. He now coaches kids basketball so he thinks he has this ability to understand the game that no one else does, and can see things that you cant see and no one else can explain. He is the guy who says Kobe just doesn’t make others better, he says things like, you have to take Steve Nash over Kobe or no one wants to play with Kobe because he’s too selfish. When you ask him to explain why Nash has played on some of the most talented teams in the NBA over the last decade and hasn’t won anything, he really can’t answer you. He says Kobe doesn’t make anyone better but can’t explain why three years ago no one wanted Pau Gasol but now everyone seems to think he is the best thing since sliced bread. Three years ago, no GM in their right mind would have traded Amare Stoudemire and Shawn Marion, for Gasol and Odom, but for some reason this guy insists that Nash gets more out of his teammates then Kobe. This guy normally has a long list of players he would rather start a team with (Nash, Paul, LeBron, Dirk etc.) all of whom have never won anything even in college, but he can’t explain why because you just wouldn’t understand. When you ask him to name Bryant’s weakness, he gets frustrated trying to tell you, so he just tells you that you don’t understand the game like he does. Sounds pretty stupid, but who are you to argue? He does coach 6th graders. The more you listen to him, you can tell his hate for Kobe is deeply rooted. He secretly blames star players like Kobe for the reason his hoop dreams never panned out. If the star player on his college team had just passed more, coach could have seen all his talent. He will never tell anyone out loud, but in his heart he thinks he could have been better than Kobe if he was allowed to shoot more.

    The hardest guy to argue with is the history guy. He typically watches a lot of basketball and knows his stuff. He doesn’t like Kobe, but respects his game and as painful as it is to say, he will even admit that Kobe is the best player in the NBA today. He considers Kobe the best player of his generation, but will quickly tell you he is not one of the best ever. He will say Kobe is somewhere between 15th to 20th best player of all time. The problem with history guy is he can never name 15 players better than Kobe. He often starts reeling off names fast like Jordan, Magic, Bird, and Wilt. After spiting out four names really fast with ease, he throws out two more names, then just starts saying ridiculous things like Dr. J and Walt Frazier. In a last second effort to reach 10 players, he says George Mikan, even though not only has he never seen Mikan play, his father hasn’t either. He can never tell you who the remaining 7 to 8 players are who are better then Kobe but swears they exist he just can never think of them right now. While naming the greatest players of all time, he often changes the criteria for being great. He says Bill Russell has to be top 5 because its all about rings, then goes on to name a handful of players who he thinks are better then Kobe who combined have less rings than him. He always wants to point out that Kobe played with Shaq, but never wants to mention that Jordan, Bird, and Magic never won a title without another Hall of Fame player on their team. History guy knows his basketball, the only thing he doesn’t know is why Kobe isn’t one of the top players of all time.

    The most interesting of all the KH is hypocrite guy. He says one thing, but his hate for Kobe says another. He says he hates Kobe because he wants to be like Mike, but doesn’t even notice he is wearing a number 23 Cavs jersey. He says he can’t stand Kobe because he’s so arrogant, but his favorite player is a 25 year old who calls himself King and speaks in third person — all while inviting us to “witness his greatness.” He is always complaining that today’s players only care about money and don’t care about getting better, but for some reason hates the player who works hardest in the NBA. He is often screaming that Kobe can’t win a title on his own in one breath, and in the second breath screaming LeBron needs help. He says things like today’s players have no respect for the players of the past, then turns around and says Kobe steals players moves from the past. He hates Kobe so much that he doesn’t even realize that stuff he says makes no sense. He calls every Kobe fan he knows every time Kobe has a bad game to say “I told you so” but he is the hardest guy to find every time Kobe has great game or hit’s a game winning shot. He always says he can’t stand Kobe because he wants to be like Jordan, even though every Saturday he himself hit’s the park in his Jordan shoes, Jordan socks, Jordan shorts and Jordan shirt and never forgets his Jordan bag full of Gatorade. Hypocrite guy doesn’t even realize everyone wants to be like Jordan including himself, the only difference is Kobe is the only one willing to put in the same work Mike did.

    Last but not least is “Ms. I-can’t-stand-him.” This is the female who obviously used to date Bryant, if you didn’t know any better. She often says I can’t stand him with so much passion that you can tell it goes deeper than basketball. She has a long list of reasons she hates him, and not one of them has anything to do with basketball. She doesn’t even have a favorite basketball team, she just roots for whatever team is playing the Lakers. If you watched her throughout the playoffs you would think she was a Suns, Thunder, and Celtics fan her whole life. There really is no need to argue with her because all she ever says is “ I can’t stand him” and all you can really do is wonder, does she know him?
    Does every super star in sports have his/her group of haters? Yes, but hating Kobe has gone to a different level, it has taken on an art form. While millions of Americans will admit to being a Kobe hater, there are several hundred thousands of fans out there who don’t even know they are Kobe haters. The saying goes, “it’s lonely at the top,” or as Jay-Z once said, “you don’t even know me and you mad. How it feel to be a hater, now I know exactly how it feels to be a Laker.”

  121. Fernando says:

    Those legends talk like their words are the right ones.
    You can add how many players you want to lebron’s list of haters, at the end of the day he will end up in the Hall of Fame, with or without championships.
    an by the way roddman is not a good example to listen to.

  122. grayback says:

    hmmm… just want to add. althoug im a fan of both kobe and lbj because they are good players, lets go to this situation

    the time when cleveland starts to flop on 2009-2010 playoffs, lbj had an injury on his arm (cant remember if its the left or right one), and so the cleveland lost the playoffs.

    now, on the case of kobe, long before the playoffs, he had injuries on his finger (which makes shooting really awful for players) and on his knee (i think his first injury since he played). but he played through it, worked for it, and earned his title (championship ring, finals mvp)


    it is a false statement that the cavs bench last season is not good. it is how their leader backs off when the crunchtime comes.

    THE SPIRIT TO ENDURE PAIN, THE ESSENCE OF BEING A LEADER AND A ROLE MODEL FOR HIS TEAM, is what lbj lacked, which kobe had (actually, he developed, since we knew him as a ball-grabber, also known as kobe-to-kobe play during the pistons-lakers finals). that makes him a better player than lbj. because its not only about stats, its how you play the game and impact your teammates and other players to play their best.

  123. LUI0351 says:


  124. zim says:

    you are bunch of morons guys! how about we wait till the season ends? instead of arguing

  125. thenoise says:

    What i want to know is what team was the team with the best record for the past 2 years???? yet the lebron lovers keep saying that kobe had a better supporting cast….I mean when i look at lebrons team with the cavs lots might agree with me that is was not that bad, i mean mo williams although not consistent got his share of points and then the cavs traded for jamison, all in all the cavs bent over backwards for james and how did he thank them but giving them a great big F YOU on a hr long special. let me tell you guys, you picked the wrong guy to become your idol. And for the ones that keep saying that the legends are jealous, and lebron is better blah blah blah you guys are still 10-20 years too early to even assume he is going to even be in the same category as them, hey hey hey dont get ,e wrong mayb he will be dubbed the GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME in a few years/// right now he is just a kid that can put up numbers but is not able to deliver when his TEAM needs him. Cuz its a team sport not a lebron sport..

    Just sayin…

  126. gavmiester says:

    A few problems with the Lebron comparisons of best player in the league. THe comparison was made early in this thread with Nique. A pretty good comparison, as is Dr J for mine. Both physical freaks of their era. THe doctor only got his title when he got serious help with a certain mvp joining the team. I see this as a very similar situation for lebron. Physically, he is a beast, but mentally, he can be brittle. His left handed foul shot at the death against the bulls still leaves me shaking my head. And no matter how you look at it, mentally, he threw in the towel with his coach and his team mates against boston.
    THe big issue with the comparisons is that lebron is only just at the midpoint of his career, where as Kobe is in the final straight, and obviously almost all of the legends named are done and dusted. To base the arguement on stats is totally flawed. Lebrons stats will slide in the last 2-4 years of his career. Thats not an indictment of his game, but merely a reality.
    The only guy who comes to mind who defied this trend to some point is MJ, but even he did that on a weak team, and after a long lay off where he spent the time to try and get his body right, and that still betrayed him.

    For me, the best comparison of todays talent and how they stack up, is when they all play on the same team for team USA. Maybe some of you didnt watch much of the Olympics, but Kobe won that gold medal game. Wade was brilliant, and I loved that he volunteered to start on the bench. Mello was exceptional for pretty much the entire bracket of games, and lebron was a physical freak. But Lebron was arguably the 3rd best player, but for mine the 4th best on that team. And when all is said and done, and the gold medal had to be won, it was Kobe who stood up and made plays, not lebron, mello, wade or howard.
    Kobe is hands down the best current player of this generation. This may completely change three seasons from now.
    To put this entire arguement into perspective, remember that Karl Malone won an MVP in a year Jordans Bulls wont the title. Try telling me the Mailman was a better player than MJ.
    Im as unbiassed with this as it gets, as I hate all three of these guys being a Bulls supporter.

  127. manny pacman says:

    Jordan is the best player of all time..

  128. the big boss dogg says:

    I just wanted to add, i think jason kidd is better than steve nash, lol so many LeBron haters on here, all he is trying to do is WIN. but yeah jason kidd greatest of all time.

  129. LeQueen says:

    Hey Dustin .. How many rings does Lebron have? What? Can you say it louder? Yep .. NONE! Coz only the real kings have rings! Now get off his nuts.

  130. omar says:


  131. LUI0351 says:


  132. vman says:

    danny, i agree with you 100%. none of these legends won on thier own, they were all part of a great team and if i were a teamate of some of these former superstar player’s i would be a little offended when i hear that they won on thier own, and to make things worst Charles Barkley has the nerve too put his two cents in.Don’t get me wrong i like charles, he’s very entertaining but he is also a hypocrite.he never seems too remember all the silly things he done when he was a young man.

  133. LUI0351 says:

    What does Lebro James and I have in common? WE BOTH HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT OF RINGS. I GUESS I COULD SAY I’M AS GOOD AS LEBRON!!

  134. COACH Z says:

    Sorry but ain’t no question. Everything about LeBron vs. Kobe is absurd. Who is better ? Naaaaa. Which is the right point ? Why should LeBron be better than Kobe. They are both excellent players but I refuse, as someone did, to take stats to express a judge. One has won (F I V E times) while LeBron seems a silly cryin’ baby moving to Miami to play with big bros’ in order to win a championship.
    LeBron please stop the white cloud before the game… you’re ridiculous… STILL YOU DID NOT ANYTHING, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ?
    Kobe knows perfectly how to let the game coming to him while LeBron seemed frustrated so many times if he missed a shot or if he didn’t get the ball back.
    Forbidden claiming for Cavs being a team without good players… PLEASE… shame on you if you try.
    Basketball is not only an high fly dunk, I start thinking Pistol Pete, he was by far so much more impressive than LeBron, more skilled, more talented… no questions about it.
    Anyway LeBron is a great player that should find a good menthor to make the most important step and maybe Pat Riley will be.

  135. lil c says:

    micheal jordan and allen iverson two of the greatest players ever

  136. omar says:


  137. omar says:

    lebron and the cavs had the best record the past 2or3 yrs and ppl say” oh lebron didnt have a team”?? yea right he had a team didnt have a LEADER!!!

  138. NBAman says:

    I’m not lebron hater…. I’m amaze of what his capable of doing in the basketball court and his achievements at the age of 25….but if he stay in CAVS…he will get his ring no doubt….it’s just.. he choose to have it in easy way…. that’s why he collaborate with bosh and wade…. michael jordan won his 1st ring in 1991…. he won a hard way…. lebron talking a lot of things…. he promise that miami heat will won… not 1…not 2…not 3….4….5…..6…..7…… are you f******** kidding me…?????? win at least ONE……. please before you the 2….3…4…5….6….7…??????

  139. Al says:

    Why do people say that Lebron had a bad supporting cast? He had a great team with Mo, Vara, Jamison, Shaq…. I mean they had the best regular season record for 2 or 3 seasons or whatever it was! So that means that his team was good. It comes down to the fact that he couldnt get it done in the playoffs. lebron chokes.

  140. marshall says:

    let lebron play with an allstar casted team maybe he can win now!!!
    everybody said that cleveland had a good team and now they say he didint win because he played with a bunch of nobodys….. i wish people would get tjeir story straight… if they hadt a good team they wouldnt have had the best record in the league!!!!! so there is no excuse for not winning the championship exept that the lakers are better plain and simple .. in fact the lakers will take it this year again and im not even a laker fan.

  141. Tameisha says:

    People just keep talking about him. Just wait til he wins with DWade and Bosh. LeBron is a beast winning with or without Wade and Bosh.

  142. chris says:

    you guys are amazing….d-wade is the closet thing to jordan we have ever seen from the gate…if you guys dont remember kobe had to re do his game to become jordan. wade has had the passion the drive the heart and the skill. lebron was smart for coming…he knows that him and wade will light up the nba. forget if lebron does not deliver…wade is a monster….kobe never took over a finals the way wade did…wow u guys are crazy

  143. Jazz Fan says:

    Just a few comments on some rather ridiculous posts I just read.

    Gabriel C.

    Wow, you really managed to pack a whole bunch of dumb in a really small paragraph. Kobe is overall a better player, as an entire package, than Lebron currently. Kobe did indeed have Shaq and Pau. It’s Lebron that didn’t. On top of that base of stupidity comes the summit; do you really believe that Lebron will catch Bill Russel with rings? He’s not going to win 12 in a row and he’s not going to be playing when he’s 37. It’s simple math. And we all will “REMEMBER YOU SAID THAT” when that never happens.


    Kobe is able to have a bad game and the Lakers still win because he makes his teammates better throughout the year and on a nightly basis. Great players don’t have to score to positively influence games. Was it his best night? No. Was it horrible? Yes. Jordan and Kobe lost all the time when they were younger when they had bad games and didn’t trust their teammates. That changed when they grew up because they influenced the game in other areas. Those players on those teams did nothing after they left Chicago and LA. Toni Kukoc. Jud Bucheler. Tyron Lou. Guys like that. (This list could have been 12 deep).

    When Lebron had an off night, the Cavs always lost. It’s similar. He’s not there yet.

    And PS. You’re not the only one talking about Kobe’s performance. It was a huge topic after game 7. Read. Listen. Watch. It was all over the place.


    Statistics don’t equal W’s. Even if he is statistically the best player, doesn’t that support the idea that the Cavs should have won? Lebron’s statistics aren’t in question either. You’re fighting water with fire. It’s his heart that everybody questions because of his playoff performance. No one really knows if he stopped trying, but if you watched the game, it really, really, really appeared that way.

    If statistics mattered, the Cavs record indicates that they should have statistically beaten a team who statistically wasn’t really as good as them. You’re argument is very, very flawed.

    And finally, The Worm could have guarded Lebron better than anyone the NBA currently has to offer. He was one of the greatest defenders and rebounders the game has ever seen. He guarded Jordan in the NBA Finals and Shaq in the playoffs. Think about that.

  144. Dennis says:

    What’s the point of being the best player in the league if you can’t even win a championship??? It’s better to be an average player and win a championship than to be the best player in the league and not won a championship. NBA is all about winning a championship.

  145. Anthony says:

    First Kobe never won without Shaq now the haters are saying he never won it without Pau? What a bunch of bull. Pau is not half Shaq was in his prime. People should be saying Pau never won without Kobe. He was a softy before he played with Kobe, everyone knows this. Playing with Kobe made him much tougher.

    • kt says:

      u know anthony time for a little history before pau came to LA dey wasnt even a playof team and kobe wanted out of there if dey dnt get some one to help him so im prety shure he wouldnt won without gasol its fact

  146. Jamie S* says:

    I have nothing against Lebron, in fact I like the kid o.k. But greatness is and will forever be measured by longevity, its a difference between playing great, and being great. Lebron is playing great, Kobe Bryant is great o.k. He’s in a class all by himself work ethic, skill level, ridiculas, has his own zip code. THE ony player in this league that was matched up against M.J. when he was (19) yrs old. (5) years from now, thats the amount of time it will take for Lebron’s legs to have the same miles on them as Kobe, ya still with me! Love the kid, but how about compare him to D-Wade, Melo, etc…. Compare them to each other, and kinda leave #24 out of it for now. Its simply not time yet to compare any of them to him, and he is THE only player that compare’s to M.J. it goes back to that longevity thing and trust me he’s done enough, but you’re never fully appreciated till after you’re gone, then you become a little immortal. But you have to be careful when comparing, and wait until its time, I think thats what get underneath the skin of some lengends, because they have a great understanding of it all..

  147. xavier says:

    Don’t understand why people wanna debate James or Kobe is better? They are both very good players individually. During our times, there are no debates that Jordan is the best! But that is only after he win his first NBA ring. Before tat, many would say Bird or Magic is better! To me, phil jackson is the key to lakers success. Even with great players around, a very good coach is impt as well.

  148. NBAman says:

    what supporting cast lebron need????? look at their ROSTER you idiot lebron fans… mo williams, lebron james, antwan jamison, shaq, anderson varejao, delonte west, jamario moon, big Z, jj hickson, anthony parker……???????? what supporting cast lebron need??? i give the credit to the coach of L.A LAKERS….. cavs don’t have a coach like phil….that’s the difference… but if the cavs coach is doc rivers…..maybe lebron has his ring…..

  149. Clovis says:

    Lebron is a COWARD.. why??
    Rivals are meant to play or defeat each other…

    Not Teaming up to them…

    Thats why There is RIVALRY…

  150. KingNothing says:

    Lebron James should never, ever, be compared to those great players that stuck it out with their teams and made them into championship squads. Magic, Micheal, Bird, Kobe, Tim, The Admiral, and all those other great players that stayed true to their teams and did not abandon them but made them into contenders and helped carry those teams to a championship. None of the truly great players had to go run and seek help from somebody else to get a championship.
    Funny thing is, Dwyane Wade will be on that list of players who didnt sell out his team but stayed true at Lebrons expense.
    Lebron James the “king”? Yeah right.

    • ng says:

      but kid look who dem guy play with othe hall of famer beside shaq name me another hall of famer lebron play with please name me one.

  151. james says:

    guess who will be in the 2011 finals:


    kobe?pierce?howard?wade?james? are all going to be eliminated with these two team. legendary teams!!

  152. heskey bar says:

    Leberon JAmes ahs no balls in his pants..He cannnot be compared to Scottie ,Jordan Or Kobe..

  153. Wu Tang says:

    I do agree the lebron has the better stats but thats only because his team sucks and realy if you were a manager who would you have on your team kobe or lebron. I would take kobe even though i dont like either but kobe makes his teammates better, lebron doesnt. But I dont think either will win the 2011 champion ship. Boston is the team to beat this year after ading shaq it compleats their team. But I think this is Bostons last run at a title. In the next few years the teams to beat will be the thunder and the kings.

  154. mike says:

    Lebron bosh and wade cant possibly all play to there potential as they did om there old teams

  155. True DAT says:

    With everyone’s comment about Lebron, let’s keep it real. Lebron is a man that had to do what he had to do to try and win a championship. He may not win a championship this year or the next two years but, he will win a championship eventually. Whether it’s with Miami or with another team, he is bound to win a championship because of his determination and love of the game. And he will be considered one of the best basketball players that ever played the game.

    I’m a Laker fan and I will always be a Laker fan. GO LAKERS! THREE PEAT, THREE PEAT, THREE PEAT!!!

  156. Carlos says:

    I believe all we are trying to say is if you considered the best you don’t leave your team you bring good players to your team so you can win championships.Jordan demanded that they need to bring players to his team.Lebron could have better players too,just like Wade ask for it.Kobe did the same,this is a team sport you are not going to win by yourself.

    • ng says:

      carlos u are one smart man but in lebron case cleveland was teh proble just like noah said who want to come to cleveland and he tried to get bosh

  157. smoove says:

    People need to leave lebron alone. He’s the best. Charles Barkley mad cuz he dont have no rings. he tried to join houston rockets with cylde dexter and hakeem and he failed and rodman is a bum. he not a legend. He was a role player.

  158. tony says:

    you can win with key players, they dont all have to be hall of famers!!

  159. Ojeda says:

    Lebron is a better ATHLETE YES ! But Basketball is a team game. Lebron is a better athlete OF COURSE he’s younger you dummies. But thats not the point. As far as being a winner and a great player. KOBE is farpast Lebron. Don’t disrespect the game , by not knowing the game you lame dummies !

  160. Ojeda says:

    Gariel , Go to a pawn shop and by a gun , then go to Walmart and buy some bullets. Then go home and shoot yourself.

  161. angel says:

    lakers v.s. bulls 2011

  162. Ojeda says:

    Gabriel C. .. Go to a pawn shop , buy a gun , then go to Walmart and buy some bullets. Then go home and shoot yourself

  163. angel says:

    lebron is not better player than kobe or jordan .. and you know what , he and he’s boyfriends never can beat the chicago bulls record , because they are a loosers ,, big crying baby’s looserss … … chicago bulls 2011

  164. perro says:

    Hehehe kinda funny too read all comments and some of them are actually accurate,and some of them also suggests that Durantula is better than Lbj,,,,and I must say right on!.Imagine if KD put on around 10 kilos of muscles,,,WOW!!.
    And a big ” tsssss” to all the Heat fans suddenly gone cocky and boastin and braggin,L O L were have u guys been the last 5 years? and besides,,,the season hasnt even started yet.
    Im not even gonna go there concerning who´s best and what not,cuz as someone posted,,,the NBA has so much talent that to even make it to the leagues is extraordinairy.
    But what bugs me is that so many”kids” say that oooooooh LeBron is the greatest!!!” ROFL!!!!,again im not an Lbj h8er but seriously,im not sure he´ll even get into the Hall of fame,concidering so many other great players hasnt,and its NOT about rings its about heart,commitment,passion,and LOYALTY!.
    I dont blame him for leaving Cleveland,but its just the WAY he did it,thats just unforgivable,,,,just look at him now from have been americas sweetheart to 1 of the most h8ed players in the league and NOT just by Cavfanatics.
    Anyway,,,,Lbj will NEVER!!!and I mean NEVER!! even be close to Jordan,,,same goes for Bird,,Magic,,,Stockton,,Wilt the stilt,,,Bill Russel,,,Kareem,,,,wow the list goes on and on,,,honestly not totally impossible that he might join the top 50-TOPS!,,,,,peace bball fanatics

  165. CHRIS says:

    gabriel C is reTARD!

  166. Kel C. says:

    I dont care how you try to put it.. Lebron is “diminishing his brand” by goin to Miami! He will not have any where near the same legacy he would hav had if he would hav one a championship in Cleveland. And Lebron is a pretty good player, but I HIGHLY doubt he will end up having the most rings in the NBA. And I highly doubt that he will ever play in Cleveland again. Those two things will NEVER happen. And Kobe ia a better overall player. Im a Hawks fan and I rly dont lik Kobe or Lebron. But the rings speak for themselves.

  167. Sham says:

    To be completely honest I don’t care who the better player is Kobe, Lebron, or Jordan. What I’m impressed with more than anything else is that three young guys (Wade, Bosh & Lebron) got together and made a business arrangement, that so far they have been able to see through. Now that doesn’t mean they are going to win the championship, but let’s be honest they have some damn good odds. What everyone needs to realize is that the NBA is a business and if one of those guys got hurt and couldn’t produce, there would be trade talks and diminishing salaries and no one would care about them. I respect the veterans taking shots because that’s not the way they did it or would have and for the integrity of the game and competition, I see why some of them feel jaded, but three 3 friends on one team making over 100 million each, ,not to mention what they are going to make in endorsements, and the possibilty of winnig a chamoionships, sounds like a dream job to me. Which one of you would try that?

  168. angel says:

    lebron suks and he and he’s boyfriends too

  169. D. says:

    “I don’t know what all the grief was about,” Pippen said. “No fans, no organization, no one can decide what a free agent can do or should do or where he’s going to go, and there’s no reason for anyone to hold a grudge against LeBron for making that decision.”

    Oscar Robertson also defended James, saying the free agents were just taking advantage of the “Oscar Robertson Rule.” Robertson, as president of the NBA Players Association, filed a class-action lawsuit against the league and its teams that the league settled in 1976, removing a team’s option to keep a player for life and opening the door for unrestricted free agency.

  170. x men says:

    lebron is not the man in miami , its d wade team… lebron will be only a side kick…..its pity to see lebron being a side kick of wade….wade will be a king and lebron will be a queen in miami heat….this year miami can not win a championship because lakers is still the team to beat, with kobe,pau, bynum,fisher and phil jackson…lakers are hard to defeat especially now they add more supporting cast like matt barnes , steve blakes and theo raftliff… confident that lakers will gonna win their 3rd championship in a row this year…..defense wins championships…take note of that guys…

    • GianCarlo says:

      Defense do win championships but we need not take that advice from you coz that’s not something new unless you’ve just started playing your first NBA gaming console. And i can’t believe that people in this generation still result to sexist remarks just to prove a point. It’s either you’re misguided, miseducated, or just backward. Take note of this kid, a team sport requires role-playing and if you don’t understand what that means then cheat your way to success. Create a player and set all attributes to 99 percent and be the king that you wanna be .

  171. Christian says:

    i also apologize for all the spelling errors, i was in a rush

  172. Danny says:

    When Boston eliminates miami in the playoffs whats going to be lebrons excuse now? he cant blame his team thiss time

    LAKERS 2011 CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. Christian says:

    sorry, Bird only won two titles**

  174. Nicolas says:

    Man all i read about is kobe trash, then lebron trash, then kobe praise, then lebron praise.

    Look i am from uruguay and i do not have a particular team in the nba i just love watching it. I have been watchin for some time now and i think actually lebron does have some tipe of issue of closing games, specially under pressure. Lets clarify i am a rugby player i cant even dream to do the things lebron does but still you can see the guy missing when it matters most. He cant be depended on on the clutch of games and i think he doesnt have the kind of interior fire you need to win no matter what, injury bad teammates, etc. He has to mature or otherwise all that incredible talent will be wasted on a guy with everything in hand to be a winner.

    Now lets take kobe. He has won 5 rings right? and yes, he has had and has very good teammeates, but he DOES have that crazy fire thats makes him want to win no matter what i mean he always plays half injured, even at a bad game he still wants to be on the floor (that may be a mistake), and yes he did have a not so good game 7 but come on be realistic he was half injured plus AGE men. But he plays by mental strenght and has always tried to diminish his defects like when people said he was soft and that he became tougher by choice, by doing a change in his mind, a counscious effort. Thats hard to do men. And finally a personal oppinion Kobe is not AS talented as LBJ or MJ (though hes a monster dont get me wrong) he hast have as much ability, skill, body, etc but he has worked on himself to death to get better, by being consistent, and being perseverant. And THAT has much much more merits. He has that sacred fire. Also other players have it im not saying hes the only one.

    well thats my point of view i think its measured and more down to earth than the unrealistic talk and expectations about players and teams

  175. Dre says:

    @anybody saying bron is better then Number 24… Please.. for the sake of baksetball… Stop it.. Is LBJ better then kobe n some parts ? sure… he’s at this point in his career vs kobe at this point, he,(lebron) is. 1. more athletic..2 stronger.3. faster.. Lebron is easily the best… Athlete.. in the nba.. He probably has the most god given talent.. But, only real basketball heads know that there is a diffrence between talent and skill.. Lebron is not in the top.. at best… he is kno better then the top 5 skilled players in the league.. Speed and power is not a skill.. jumping ability is not a skill.. It doesn’t take skill to back up to half court(in the half court set) , get a full head of steam and then go n and run over somebody…ANd, i actually like the kid.. this isn’t lbj bashing, its just tellin it like it is.. Ppl here are talkin about ..stat this and stat that.. and lbj did this and kob doesn’t do this.. Fact is… yea, the cavs had the best record the last 2 seasons.. the regualr season.. were they ever the best team in the league.? Of course not.. yea, bron lead his team n points asst, and stls and all this and that.. almost a triple double.. and kobe doesn’t.. but, be honest and ask yourselves.. which one of those players HAD to do that for their team to be successful? If u think kobe couldn’t avg 35 or get 8 asst per game, ur kidding urself.. but, he has a supporting cast, and he don’t hve to.. he can pick his spots.. Kobe had a “horrible” game 7.. did he? yea, he shot the ball poorly.. but.. what player in the history of the league has never done so..? what u great players do when they have an off nite is what? do other things.. get players involved… play d.. rebound.. get to the free throw line.. which, he did all of the above… annnnd. @who ever the kid was sayin that lebron is better then all of the legends, and no matter what will and is the greatest ever… To u… all i can say is.. LOL!!!! POOR U…!!

    • demarcus says:

      ok but when Lebron goes out in game 6 and shoots bad but has a triple double in the midst of it people call him a quitter?..But when kobe shoots bad excuses are made for him?that’s a bunch of bs

  176. Sigh. says:

    Come on guys, let’s all be mature here. It’s a fact that everyone is entitled to their opinion so why do we have to fight over theses kinds of debates. If Lebron didn’t broadcast “The Decision”, this wouldn’t be so heated up.Lebron’s an amazing player and we’ve seen it, and for him to join the Miami Heat is basically “seizing the opportunity.” The only crime he committed was his “loyalty” to Cleveland but for what? He’s given them 7 years and that’s a lot of years. Here’s an example, if you were committed to working at the career you’ve had but you know you’ll never get a promotion, will you continue? Or will you go out there and find a better opportunity? That’s what Lebron is doing.

    P.S. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a Laker fan and a Kobe fan. The reason I think Kobe is still better than Lebron is his:
    1, Determination
    2. Making his teammates around him better(Lebron is better in this category though. :P)
    4. Maturity

    If Lebron gets all those in the next 4-5 years, we’re looking at a new era in the future.

  177. Christian says:

    You guys who think Kobe is a better all-around player than Lebron are just nuts. You don’t know a thing about hoops. You think the best scorer is automatically the best player. You think the most CLUTCH player is the better player too. you are wrong!! If you look at all the possible skills a player can have in the game of basketball, Lebron has every single one of those skills and uses them to maximum effectiveness night in and night out. Can he hit threes? yes. Can he block shots consistently on any player(including Dwight Howard)? yes. Dunking? hell yes Stealing? yes. Speed? hell yes. Passing, dribbling, post moves, yes yes and yes. The same can’t be said about Kobe. Thats why he needs a better supporting cast around him….because hes just a pure scorer. Thats great and all, but know one should be saying hes a better all around player than lebron. it makes me sick just hearing that. I always say this, if you put lebron on the lakers(with Gasol, Odom, Bynum, Fisher, Artest with Phil Jackson coaching), and kobe on the cavs, Lebron would be winning titles left and right. Meanwhile, Kobe would be scoring 30 a game since he takes 30 shots a game or even more and the team would be going nowhere. One last point…Lebron in his prime does not even compare to the like of Kobe in his prime in terms of who the best player is. Done

    As for the Miami Heat, I agree with all of you who say they are going to be a successful sports dynasty for the ages. They pulled this off fair and square, and those of you who don’t like the new kids on the block can shove it. Sorry the NBA has players who would rather win than have stats and money. Thats what this is all about. Just cause the legends are ridiculing the new big three because they never had a chance to play with that kind of talent….oh wait, they did! Magic James Worthy, one of the best small forward in the league at the time, along with Byron Scott and the highest scoring player of all time in Kareem. Bird had the front court magic of Parish and Mchale, and he only won three titles with them! Barkley doesn’t know what he is saying because he is jealous. He never had this talent around him and therefore never won a ring, with any of the teams he was on, thats not to say he was a bad player though.

    And besides all that, I dont understand the criticism about the Heat, becuase this was what the entire basketball world was expecting with all the hype of the free agent class of 2010! There were articles on about it! Writers stated it would be a dissapointment if there were no super-tema formed at all! This is another sign of hypocracy and jelousy, besides the fact people just want someone or some team to yell at to make their leaves more interesting. the funny thing is that people are going to watch this tema play night in and night out no matter how much they say they hate them. They did it fair in square. They want to win, and they proved it after saying it, unlike most athletes who say they would rather win over get paid big but then ask for a max contract or something close to it. They love basketball, they want rings, they deserve it. So let them play. Enough of this stuff.

    God Bless.

  178. pasigiri says:

    Oh my goodness this is funny. Kobe AND Lebron are both phenomenal players. BOTH give coaching staffs nightmares on how to contain them (hmmm … imagine what it was like for the coaches going against the Redeem Team), IF possible. Lebron getting to the paint is the equivalent of Kobe getting the hot hand. It all spells “LONG NIGHT” for the opposing team. Now I will say this. Kobe DOES have something that Lebron has only shown flashes of (Cavs vs. Pistons overtime playoff game a few years back), and that’s a killer instinct. Jordan had it. Magic had it. Bird had it. Barkley had it. All these legends had this switch that flips in dire situations. Kobe has shown it countless times, his 81 point outburst being among the largest assassination attempts EVER in the NBA.

    The point is this: Kobe absolutely REFUSES TO LOOSE. Lebron GOT TIRED OF LOOSING.

    Lebron is awesome, but I think he could have done better than going to South Beach (TBH I think there were some “other” issues in Cleveland). Oh well, Kobe has another challenge to confront … and confront he will.

  179. Drake says:

    not taking anything away from michael at all, he is the best player basketball has ever seen, but he had scottie for all 6 titles. Just because Lebron has Dwyane and Bosh doesnt take anything away from his game, he is still a great player, but until he wins 6 or more championships he is not better than michael or kobe.

  180. basketballfan23 says:

    Are you serious: Look first and formost the legends are legends not because they are the best to ever play but becasue they changed and carved basketball into what it is today; Kobe will go down as one of the best to ever do it a LEGEND but so will Lebron and it dont matter how many rings he’ll have at the end of his career. so many “GREATS” have never won a ring yet still considered “legends” here are some: Ewing, Miller, Malone, Stockton, Barkley etc. just a few…the future of basketball is with Lebron Wade Howard Melo, Rose Rondo just to list a few that are changing the game. I believe Lebron is the best player in the NBA today and some day of all time SKILLs alone considered. I also believe hes going to win mulitple championchips with MIA. and he doesnt need 11 like Russell jordan only has 6 and is The greatest of all TIME. too make a long stroy short RINGS dont make you legends but it does distinguish you from everone else and puts you in the category of greatest of all TIME.

    ps. Also remember Kobe first 3 rings came as a SIDEKICK to Shaq we all know what happened when SHAQ left he won another one in MIAMI with WADE and Kobe went on a drought. Not until lakers stacked up with talent again and GASOL came around is where he won his last 2.

  181. kris says:

    what in the world does Lebron leaving have to do with him being better than MJ or Kobe. LeBrons stats are insane just because he has no ring does not mean he is a no good NBA player. He will make the hall of fame duh. all great players go to the hall of fame will his stats be better than kobes come the end of his career. most likely. will he have more rings. i doubt. Lebron is a freak of nature physically. fast, strong, powerful. if all the greats were just coming out of high school/college who do you think would be the first pick. Personally I havent seen anybody aww an audiance like LeBron. none of those greats possesed all the traits lebron has only some. though he can tweak his game just a little more (which is kind of scary) its crazy how you can be so good but still have room for improvement. kobe is past his peak he is an old dog. but hey when it comes to sports everybody is a critic. GO CAVS!!!


    You Lebron supporters are idiots…wait no, F#$%&n Idiots. Seriously, you guys have the most dumb logic ever. You guys are saying that Kobe, Magic, and Bird had good supporting casts. But look at the Heat, that is not a supporting cast, those are three Stars (Two Super Stars and an All Star!!!). Michael had Pippen, Kobe had Shaq/Gasol, etc. etc. Those guys were role players!!!! Wade is dominant players who carried his team and so did Lebron before they came together. Imagine if Jordan teamed up with Bird and Magic!!! Did Pau Gasol dominate by himself when he was with Memphis? No he was just good at what he did, which was scoring at the low post and getting boards CUZ THATS WHAT CENTERS DO!! He didn’t freakin single handedly score like 50 points on another team. Maybe the Lakers should get Carmello or Chris Paul so Heat Fans/Lebron Fans can understand why people are criticizing him. Wade and Bosh would have been fine, but Lebron going to the Heat like a lil bitch suckin on wades monkey D*** is just plain ridiculous. Where is the competitiveness? (Lemme get this correct, I know Lebron is a great player, but he needs to grow a pair and find his own team and not join another Alpha Male]

  183. Smoove says:


  184. Read-anti-web-war-blackmamba-LBJ says:

    dudes, settle down, dont get hyped up about a silly web debate, both these guys are awesome and talented, but we should never compare James with Kobe. Why? 3 reasons.
    1. Position. James-SF, Kobe-SG. there.
    2. Age. i dunno how old they are, sorry, 🙂
    3. Years Pro/Experience. “Dont be hatin’ on the new kid just because he can beat the Pro.”
    PEACE. v 😀

  185. joao silva says:

    It’s sad to read things like that. You are always talking about Lebron in a bad way, because the most of you are envious of his talent and doesn’t want to accept his the best one. Let him play in the way he likes and where he wants.
    Let be honest Kobe can be the closer but Lebron is the best player one.

  186. AL says:

    Why is everybody talkin bout Lebron beng the best. Come on Lebron the best ever maybe eventually but hype is just hype until its proven. dont get me wrong the boy is bad but d-wade got more titles then Lebron n wade is clutch so how do we evn place lebron over his teammate right now. Kobe is da best he got 5 rings n seven finals apperances, come on seven final apperances, lebron has been to the finals once and he got swept, couldnt even get one game in. n who is this guy saying Lebron is going to get the most titles of any player ever he can’t match 11 by bill russell. he already been in the league for seven years with nothing to show for it. The only reason the cavs have the best record in the league is because they play PLAYOFF BASKETBALL all year around and then they wonder why the whole team is burned out come playoff time. Kobe is a killer and he isnt done yet just like jordan he gets better with age. Look for Kobe to get seven titles I guarantee it. Just like you use to do with kobe, you cant say your the best without the hardware so when lebron gets at least three then lets talk but until then hype is just hype.

  187. D-WHIT says:

    Scottie Pippen didn’t earn a title, Michael Jordan earned the title he was just along for the ride. without jordan they would have never won. period. and the only reason the cavs went to the playoffs was because of lebron, he didnt choke his team choked. he stil averaged his points assist and rebound as usual.

  188. tony says:

    when magic came to the league magic was not a hall of famer, worthy,scott,cooper, bird, you name it, they learned and grew within the team and became a team. its like putting toghether Rose from chicago and Beasly put them together and called them hall of famers right now and say they r going to win many championships.every high caliber player demands more of their teamates,look back at Magic, Bird,and Jordan how they would scream at their tamates demanding more of them.when kobe came to the Lakers he was not a mega star,he was a 17 year old who wanted to to like M.J. nobody can sit and tell me that kobe at 17 was going to win this many championships.but now you people r going to say, well shaq won championships cause he had a mega star playing next of him. but i can tell you that he wasnt before the lakers. he grew with the lakers and his demand of being better than any other player he became better.Imagine in the 80s grabing 3 proven players 7 years into their careers not out of college in their rookie year 7 nba years, say Bird,Magic,Mj, what would you say now? what that they would win more than 11 many would they had won if you would have put them together their rookie provably none! why! couse they were not proven nba players. But Lebron,Wade,Bosh r proven players im not a Wade or Lebron hater Im a NBA FAN look at nba history you will see the truth .

  189. forwardplay says:

    end of the day boils down to who you would rather have taking the game winner? in say game 7 of the finals, with 4 seconds on the clock

  190. joshua says:

    there are alot od you speaking about how great Lebron is, and he is a good player in his own right. But to say hes the best player in the league?????? wowow! and that he is better than scottie pippen. Kobe bryant hands down by far is the best player in the league! and hes got 5 rings to prove it. He doesnt fold under pressure like Lebron does. Dwayne Wade is the best player on th Heat and 2nd best in the league. So lets not be beligeret in our comments. Lebron is the Chosen One but has yet to be the Proven One!!! Lebron will not go down as one of the great players in the league bc of this move…. He was scared of being the center of attention ad knew he coulnt do it by himself! thats why he didnt go to chicago! that would have been the best fit for him!!! Hes cocky fr no reason…. having a 1 hr long segment on where hes going playing with all his fans and the nba the way he did……. he deserves this treatment somewhat! Kobe > Lebron, Scottie Pippen > Lebron, Dwayne Wade > Lebron, DJ Mbenga > Lebron.

  191. HoWARD says:

    Doesn’t anyone see a problem with someone calling himself The King? I doubt he is even aware to the historical King James and the cavaliers……

    BOTTOM LINE. KOBE 5. Lamebron 0

  192. demarcus says:

    Didnt magic johnson have 5 rings before michael jordan won his 1st?and he ended up with 6 right?enough said


      Soo your saying kobe is gonna get 5 rings, then lebron will get 6 ? LOL!

      • demarcus says:

        my point and what im saying is just because he has more rings than lebron right now doesnt mean that at the end of lebron james’s career he still will have more.lebron is 25 years old.Jordan didnt win his 1st ring until he was 28.that’s a 3 year head start.and say lebron wins 2 in the next three years and then he has a shot at it winning more rings than the both of those let the future play out before you go to running your mouth about championships.because Robert horry has more rings than Jordan and kobe.does that make him the best player of all time?


    YOO, Whoever is defending Lebron i understand where your comming from hes led his team to the best record, back to back mvp blah blah. However the situation in the league so much different now then 20 years ago. Many legends are hating on lebron because they know that there is not enought talent in the NBA for 3 great players to go on one team right now. They know that it is probably much easier for a really stacked team to win a championship, then it was in pass years. Althought many teams in the 80s had multiple stars, they also had lots of competition. Are you telling me that its okay for Lebron to go to a team with Wade and Bosh, when the gloden state warriors best player is probably steph curry. Lebron should of stayed in Cleveland, he was doing great Cleveland, they were probably still the favorites for a championship. NOW their are probably 5 good teams in the league Lakers, Miami, Boston (for now), Orlando, Denver, maybe a coupe really good teams like Dallas and Chicago will do good, but for the next couple years its gonna be Lakers and Heat. With the amount of MVP stars in the league right now, you can’t have 3 mvp candiates on 1 team its not fair, and I AGREE WITH CHARLES, the whole celebration thingy was a “punk move”. p.s ( David Kahn you better get Love more playing time!)

  194. Nate says:

    the Kobe Lebron fight is never going to end!! in 20 yrs all it comes down to is who had the most rings. NOT STATS!! Oh yeah. how many rings did jordan win without his team of allstars? none!! so lay off Kobe about he couldnt do it with out shaq or pau! duh, one man can not win it alone.lebron already proved that and kobe knows that. thats why Jordan never commented on the lebron move. Miami is going somewhere but doubt to the top. my opinion is that is way to much talent and not enough room on that court for them. someone is going to lose out bad in the deal. ill give them 1 championship in the next 6 yrs.

  195. Riley Freeman says:

    Lebron is sooo weak. You know whats funny? this dude talking about “sacrifices” the whole time he made his “decision” but these fools are getting paid millions to shoot hoops..wheres the sacrifice in that??? You know whats a real sacrifice??? Barkley and others who could have went with MJ but never did and tried to do it on their own. Thats why hes weak.

    MJ is the best not because he won 6 rings but because he won 6 and was mvp each time. Right now kobe is the best player in the game period.

    And finally WHEN IS THE LAST TIME IN HISTORY THAT 2 OUT OF THE TOP 3 PLAYERS WERE ON THE SAME TEAM?! I dont even now why these “legends” are comparing to this miami team. Lets be serious whether you think Kobe or Lebron is better one thing almost everyone can agree on is Kobe, Lebron, and Wade make up the top 3 players in the nba and for 2 of the 3 to be on the same team has never happened. So thats what these legends are pissed about (as am i) not that lebron is being compared to other teams. Pippen and all other players like him are supporting cast. Lebron, Wade, MJ, Kobe etc are star players aka 1 star and a supporting cast. Never before has there been 2 star players on one team…


  196. J_Boogie says:

    @ Flash kobe did not choke in game seven his shot was off so as a great player should do he found other ways to get involved in the game by getting to the line. Look at the free throws and also by getting his teammates involved which is what won the game. Kobe being on the floor is a threat to a team because even when he is off he can still contribute to a game. Lebron is an awesome player but by going to the heat when he does when there will always be that monkey on his back. He will have to win with a team without two other superstars. Once he does that then he will get that respect. Until then he is part of a good team which are still missing key parts. It will not be easy for them to win that championship. The Cavs had a good team they were just missing a few pieces if he would have stayed they would have gotten it. Now he may get it but at what cost.

  197. Mike says:

    I don’t like LeBron. But I respect his status as the fine basketball specimen he is. This guy is just built to do and handle almost anything and anybody in the league. With that being said I’m writing this to reply about the first post that calls Lebron better than Kobe. NO! He is not. Kobe one on one with LeBron yes LeBron will win. Anywhere else and it’s Kobe’s territory. Don’t be impressed with LeBrons showtime style because it is flashy and brings in a crowd, just not championships. Kobe, however, understands the game and will win using other players and having his other players work off of him also. That leadership role is Kobe’s best attribute and something Lebron NEVER HAD in my eyes. Him joining up with the Heat can be a start of his championship trophy collection but DWade is the leader in Miami and any championships Lebron wins with the Heat will be mostly DW’s part and not so much Lebron.

  198. RoMo says:

    its funny how ALL these Lebron stories end up involving Kobe in some way ….geez , at the end of the day , we’re the champs & Lebron is always gonna be lookin up to him until he gets the rings …

    Lakers 3 – peat !!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. PJ says:

    Shut up bench boys!!!! dwade is the best! wade will carry lebron to the promise land and wade will destroy kobe, durant, etc.. and please leave LBJ alone! specially you people from cleveland! losers! lebron didnt choke any games! the GM and the PRESIDENT of cleveland just dont know anything about basketball! literally! well, im talking about hiring coahes, right players/role to hire,team chemistry, he only knows stupidity! how can you trust mike brown who doesnt know player movement on the court?? y did mike brown kept shaq on the bench during playoffs? thats the time they will need shaq’s championship experience! and why did u get mo williams if u already have delonte west and boobie on the team? he’s just wasting money! that why LEBRON LEFT CLEVELAND LOSERS!!!!

  200. Travis says:

    Hello, my name is Travis, and I’m a highschooler in a small town in California.

    I have as many championships as LeBron James.
    I’ve won just as many Finals games as LeBron James.
    I have as many rings as LeBron James.

    So, in terms of stats that matter, I’m just as good as LeBron James.

    Thank You.

  201. Lebron James says:

    First of all, Statistically i am the best player, no doubt, but my homeboy kobe is the better overall player. Leadership, Skill, Clutch, and most importantly has a hotter wife. really now, stats dont win you championships, the ability to excel on the aspects that dont get recorded does. Everyone is right from the very beginning, i am an overrated player, i am not the chosen1, its because of my ego and arrogance that brings the results of high expectations and a higher level of standards. I cannot do it alone, i cannot win games. winning all 70 games in the regular season means nothing if you cant get anywhere in the playoffs. yes i rested my last 3 games, heck i could have rested alot more, but like i said, regular season games mean NOTHING if you cant win in the playoffs, and that is why, kobe, paul pierce, are way better players then i am. The supporting cast on my team was the best, i just cannot deliver.

    yours truly, trash ball player alive.

    lebron james.

  202. Vlad says:

    WOW the heat summer of 2010 is the hate summer of 2010. I live in nyc and im a knick fan all day so i know its been a tradition here to just take what you got and hope for the best but thats what cavs fans should do or they should just name them the cleavland complainers if anyone should be complaining its NY but we arent cuz we got dat der class.

    Anyways with the super three in MIA they are all going to get theirs and they will make the other two players on the floor a whole lot better so im not worried about that. What i am looking forward to is pat riley uniting the team and watching their defensive game. Lebron and Wade are both better defenders than ron artest (maybe not as tough) they are that good. But they shouldnt have blown all that money on mike miller because they could have gotten a nasty big man that changes the game on defense and gets on the boards a la kendrick perkins because chris bosh aint no KG defense/mentality wise.

    I think that all the hatin is going to stop 10-15 games into the season when and if they start showing how they clamp down on defense and even break some records in that category. That my friends is a thing of beauty to watch like when they hold L.A. to 70 points i can see it now…..(kobe gets the ball inside to gasol. gasol jump hook BLOCKED BY BOSH! Wade gets it, pushes it up 2 dribbles lobs for James OHH MAMA! 1 handed throw down by james! and the crowd goes wild) or maybe something like…(odom tries to inbound. pass to kobe stolen by james. quick pass to wade. OHH!! what a tough layup by wade and he gets a chance at a three point play. kobe frustrated he has to sit down with two fouls) end of first quarter score: MIA 24 LA 9

    Cant wait for the new season GO KNICKS!!!

  203. playtime says:

    Please stop comparing Lebron and Kobe, since its Dwyane Wade (1 ring with Shaq) and Kobe Bryant (3 rings with Shaq, 2 rings with Gasol) are the ones to be compared to each other not Lebron.

    Dwyane Wade had issues with his wife and children.
    Kobe had an issue during the rape case way back 2003.

    Both can lead the team, Lebron knows how good a team leader Dwyane Wade is, that made him join up with Wade. Bosh is the same as Lebron, doesn’t know how to lead a team, he prefers to be a Odom type of player.

    Lebron doesn’t want to be at the top, He would just turn into a Scottie Pippen type of player, but not the same attitude as Scottie Pippen, although Lebron would help out his teammates anyway he could. Fame, score average, and media is not his objective. He wants to win championship, regret will soon to haunt him if he stays in Cleveland, since he no longer likes the way the management deal with things. He doesn’t mind if everyone gang up and criticized him.

    I still remember the 2007 NBA Finals where the San Antonio Spurs swept the Cleveland Cavaliers. Nobody in that team other than Snow, Ilgauskus, Varejao, and Lebron are competing in a high level, which resulted to a sweep. Kobe envied Lebron from having a partner in Daniel Gibson who become the best player on game 5 vs Detroit Pistons. Lebron trash the Detroit Pistons during the 4th quarter all by himself on game 6.

    2008 Eastern Conference Match in game 7, everyone played intesively, Pierce and Lebron both scoring 40+, but Boston Celtics have more resolved than the Cleveland Cavaliers that’s why they won that series. If only the rest of Lebron’s team have much intensity as him to win that game, they would have won.

    2009 Eastern Conference Match, The Magic three pointers thrash the Cleveland Cavaliers for good. The trade during february deadline didn’t really matter here (No The Mo Williams of the regular season lurking around to help Lebron)

    2010 Celtics thrash the Cavaliers again, this time there is a controversy Dan Gilbert mentioned that Lebron James quitted on purpose during game 4, 5, and 6 which is ridiculous. Although game 5 sounds like Lebron James becomes a mortal during that game, as if he’s not Lebron James, well I can agree with Dan Gilbert there. But nobody’s perfect and no one can retain their greatness for long if their mind is somewhere else. His mind is already out of the playoffs and envy teams like Lakers for having the rightmind set of players like Gasol and Fisher.

    PEOPLE can criticized LEBRON as much as they want just to please themselves, as for LEBRON, he would do everything he can this coming season. I have no high expectations with the Miami Heat same as the Boston Celtics when they formed that Big Three. My interest lies on the Chicago Jazz led by Derrick Rose and Houston Kings led by Aaron Brooks, although I expect Courtney Lee to take over soon (Great expectations for his caliber of play which he didn’t achieved due to others (Jameer Nelson of Magic) and (Devin Harris of New Jersey Nets)

  204. TR says:

    Alright ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!

    I’m getting really sick over the talk lebron is better than kobe or kobe is better than lebron, because it’s just useless and leads nowhere. We are talking about two extremely talented bball players and heck I can’t also decide if vanilla or chocolate ice cream tastes better. Both had astonishing playoff performances – just look at the stats (for lebron:, for kobe:

    However, as others have so rightly stated – basketball is a team sport – and yes championships are won during the playoffs. While the Cavs have definetely been the best team during the season, they did not play as well in the playoffs. I strongly recommend to you to compare the team stats of the regular season with the stats in the playoffs:

    Cavs: regular season:

    Lakers: regular season:

    During the regular season the Cavs won their games by an average of 102.1 to 95.6, having 4 more rebounds and 2 more assists than their opponents. In the playoffs their average in points was 100.2 to 98.9, losing the rebounds duel by 0.7 and the assists by 0.1.
    The Lakers on the other hand almost held their season average stats during the playoffs. During the season they won their games 101.7 to 97, having 2.1 more rebounds. In the playoffs their average was 101.1 to 97.3 having 2.9 more rebounds.

    What we see is that the Lakers were better adjusted to their opponents during the playoffs. Great team effort and definetely excellent coaching. That is why I think they are also the team to beat. They have extremely talented players on every position and I think they became better this summer. Plus they already are a well-rehearsed team.
    Miami definetely has a talented team with 3 NBA superstars. However, I’m wondering if they don’t have too many generals and not enough soldiers on their team. Wade, Bosh and James were the unchallenged go-to-guys on their teams last season. We will see how this will play out during the season and especially during the playoffs.

  205. CHRIS says:


  206. Mojo says:

    Rodman would eat LeBron alive!

  207. carlos K says:

    kobe is the best player in the worls and in history

  208. Not a Lebron Fan says:

    I am not a LeBron fan. I was a Kobe fan, but I am a Jordan fan. I think statistically, Lebron is the better player, Kobe maybe a better clutch player than Lebron. (I remember the SA vs CLE game 3 and game 4, when Lebron lost the ball without anyone guarding him) . But let’s be honest that Kobe has a better team behind him. Lakers also have one of the best coach in the history of the NBA. An all time great coach can make good developments for a player. Jordan hands down is the best, but he learned something from Phil, and that’s what is happening to Kobe right now,he is still learning through Phil’s guidance. Lakers might still win the title this year, but without Phil next year, i don’t know. lebron is better than Pippen statistically, but being a leader, I still don’t see him as a good leader. Lebron didnt quit after game 3 of the semifinals last season, I am not sure if he is injured, but he cannot really penetrate the Celtic’s defense, and no one helped him. The series a year ago against Orlando, he didn’t quit, they just couldn’t defend Orlando’s offensive onslaught. They had plenty of mismatches that year. I just want to ask you guys, the team that Kobe had after the Kobe- Shaq era, the team that lost to the suns in the playoffs in two straight seasons, that is just as good as the Cleveland team that reached the finals against the Spurs right? Lebron is good stat wise, Kobe is better clutch wise, wait for KD guys, he might end the debate on who is the best player of their generation.

  209. Melvin says:

    Bunch of ignorants. Why do you need to take the last shot if youre team wins by 10 points every time? Lebron didnt have no need to hit the last shot. Kobe and every superstar have had bad games in playoffs. They talk about Lebron quitting? Really? Triple double with 19 rebounds? Please… He is by far better than Pippen was and probably even better than Jordan imo, but has not had the supporting cast. I can assure you one thing. Lebron will get his trophy this year.

  210. Sobz says:

    I just can’t believe these low-life ‘legends’ are all talking about something, that they are wrong about. Back in the day, everyone played the sport cuz they loved it. Mind you, for them, loving it meant winning championships on teams that had full supported casts. The talk is always, Jordan-Pippen-Rodman.. Byron-Magic-Kareem.. etc.. WHO CARES.. the point is that each team had the greatest players in the league. In today’s day in age, you can pick 1 or maybe 2 all-stars per team, (note to self: check all-star teams.. so you can figure out which teams actually have all stars and which dont)..

    The fact of the matter is this. these so called legends, are progressing the fact that they are caling the lebron/wade/bosh move punk.. and saying you cant compare them to the past greats? When did Jordan win his first title? When did Kobe win his.. DID Barkley win one? Check the teams they played on, and figure out the information. Ill give you some more examples, when did Pierce win a title.. how bout Shaq? Did Malone/Stockton win one? How bout Rodman? All these players are coming out and saying it’s punk, but none of them produced championship teams on their own. So, Lebron followed suit to Jordan/Kobe etc, and is on a team with better players. Jordan/Kobe didnt trade to get them, they received them, so hypothetically, they were placed with members who can win championships, and they did. As soon as Shaq left, was it not Kobe who said, I need out, or do something? And then Bynum/Fisher/Gasol are on the team the next year..
    People, everyone who says Kobe is better, dream on. You dont judge a players performance on team-accolades. Kobe didnt win 5 championships alone.. he did it with great teams.. how many scoring titles does he have? dunk competition.. rookie of the year? scoring championships? he plays at the position where more assists can be guaranteed, and still gets out-done by Lebron. Lebron beat Kobe in all stats, except for Free throw, steals and turnovers.. … what? That means Lebron was BETTER than Kobe at SCORING, REBOUNDING, ASSISTING, BLOCKING, FIELD GOAL %, 3 POINT %.. and WINS.. so on a category that has 10 stats to determine whos the best.. Kobe has 3/10.. Lebron 7/10.. hes not only better, he’s twice as good.
    Don’t spend time commenting on something you clearly have no idea about, the discussion is why legends talk about Lebron so much, fearing that he will overcome their 1-2-3-4 championships they’ve won, if ANY. He wants a championship, so be-it.. let him try to win won, as cheap and as gay as he can. If he still can’t do it, then who cares, he’s still gonna be in the NBA he’s still going to be known as a better individual player than Kobe.. he will still be in the talks as one of the best, if not the best, player ever in the game. So stop the whining, watch his games, learn from him, and keep making him the center of attention.

    And one last thing, for haters out there.. ‘whos gonna take the last shot.. whos gonna take the last shot’ shut the hell up, the Heat won’t need to win games in the last 10 seconds like the Lakers do.. end of story.

  211. Skip says:

    Let’s clear this up Lebron had a team or else they wouldn’t have had the best record in the league 2 years in a row. Also, this was the same team minus jamison that took the 08 celtics to game seven in the 08 playoffs. Lebron isn’t as good as everyone is hyping him up to be. Look at the tapes whe they lost not once did anyone point out his lack of defense, not being involved in setting picks, dribbling for 20secs, standing around on offense and not knowning what to do when he doesn’t have the ball. Yeah Mo may have had a couple of bad playoff games, but to say he is the reaon for Lebron not having any rings is a lame excuse. For the guy who yelled out stats in today’s game most of the stats are a bunch of junk and are easy to get when thats what you play for. Thats all LBJ plays for notice if he has 2 assist or 2 rebounds away from a triple double thats all he is focusing on not winning. Truth is yes he can be unstoppable if he develops a much better jumper, learns an offense and plays better man to man D. He is not the best player in the game and isn’t in the top 100 players of all time.

  212. David says:

    People saying Lebron was statistically the best, um you’re forgetting Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant is by far better than Lebron, and Kevin’s younger. Can’t wait for Kevin to find a decent team, he will win more than Lebron. Kobe>Kevin>Lebron

  213. Steve-O says:

    My point no one can win it on their own. I was hoping Jamison would help but he was painful to watch in a cavs uni. Jordan couldnt even win til Pippen and most importantly Phil Jackson came along. Imagine Lebron as a PG. hed be like Magic with Worthy and Kareem.

  214. elchamo says:

    i dont know why people called him the king when we all know that he haven’t do anything kobe is the best player right now is second after michael jordan, and lebron is no body. dont get me wrong james is a good player but he is a regular player he havent done anything. Sorry Mr. KING JAMES but YOU ARE NO THE BEST PLAYER, KOBE IS THE BEST # 1. You better believe it

  215. Dean says:

    …by the way, I don’t even think Queen James is in the TOP 3 players in the league today

    1) KOBE
    2) D-Wade
    3) Kevin Durant

    Just so you don’t think I’m a true hater…yes…Queenie is number 4 (but who cares about number 4) =D
    And I am hoping that Carmelo knocks him down to 5 =D
    Dwight could knock him down to 6 (but I doubt it).

    …and I am REALLY looking forward to those Celtics-Heat match-ups…not to mention what KOBE’s boys will do to him.

  216. Steve-O says:

    Lebron is the type of athlete to possibly have 15 years left in his career. Wade will be 30 in the 11-12 season next year. So it may be Wade’s team now. Couple years from now the King will Reign. I dont think they’ll win the title this year. its hard putting a tem together like that but the face that half the players wore a Heat uniform last year might help with chemistry. But dont count out Bosh. He’s Hungry and is the most efficient big man in the league. The Raptors wouldve made the playoffs last year had he played in any of the last 10 or so games

  217. chemari says:

    All of you guys who are saying Lebron is the best clearly don’t know anything about basketball. Kobe did choke in game seven but with out him they wouldn’t of been there thing before you write. secondly, leBron brought his team to the finals before got slapped up my the san antonio spurs 4-0 then after that each yr the cavs kept getting better but their playoff runs were getting shorter the cavs are what the phoenix suns used to be. Lastly kevin durant is a better player then lebron it’s kobe then durant lebron is arguably third.

  218. justin kyle adams (7274550575) says:

    dustin your an idiot you really think lebron iss the greatest of all time you think he better than michael jordan and scottie pippen your outta your god forsaken mind you need help if you think that

  219. brad says:

    rich………. they asked him amare or jamison and he said jamison. don’t be a moron

  220. kb24 says:

    to start with the best player to ever play and no one is gona take that from him is the real king michael jordan he did it all multiple championships mvp’s, final mvp’s, all star mvp’s u name it he did it… oh by the way best clutch player ever a real team player…. kobe is my favorite player and i know jordan is alwayz gona top kobe and kobe is always gona top james… kobe better clutch player when do u hear the legends talkin bad about kobe???????????? cuz they like him he dosent show off like james he doesent think his the king … kobe has one more than shaq…. and when kobe was 25 he had a nba championship….. black mamba kb 24…

  221. Math Man says:

    I’ve been an avid basketball fan for over 50 yrs. Love the game and admire the new players athleticism and talents.
    Some observations:
    1) the Lakers Celtics rivalries were the best with no one running to the other side.
    2) Michael was the most talented player ever and never ran to another team.
    3) Great players only shift teams near the end of their careers where they play limited minutes.
    4) Kobe may be hated by many but he is and always will be a Laker.
    5) Bill Russell has more class in his pinky than Lebron will ever have as a person.
    6) Lebron just blew his career by joining Wade’s team. It’s a shame because if he didn’t bag it against the Celts they could have won it it all
    7) Lebron just killed basketball in many cties because of their stacked team.
    8) Jerry West gave Pau to the Lakers for nothing in exchange. Where was David Stern then???
    9) The only loser inj the Lebron move is not the Heat, it’s Lebron…

  222. brad says:

    lebron is not in the same category as bird, pippen, jordan, magic, and kobe people. face it. these guys got it. they didn’t play for stardom or anything. they didn’t sit out on their fans the last few games. they had the heart and passion strictly for the game. lebron doesn’t show that.

  223. Dean says:

    Nobody is (or has been) better than KOBE for the past 6 years or so! These blind followers of Queen James need to open their f***ing eyes and realize that he has to ride D-Wade’s coat tails to get anywhere…and even that won’t help…not in the next coupla years anyway. KOBE is a better shooter…a better playmaker…a better (all around) defender…Oh yeah! And he’s got rings…5 of them. Queenie’s got squat! He is not even close to KOBE…he’s not even close to Pippen…HE”S GOT NO HEART! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…he’ll divide Miami…D-Wade will get tired of his act…and Chris Bosh doesn’t really matter anyway! KOBE is one of the top 5 of all time…right up there with Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain…for your edification and to satisfy your curiosity the next five would be…Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, Scottie Pippen and John Havlicek…all in no particular order. Queen James can’t even make the top 10…and if I added one of these guys to the Lakers…it would be D-Wade…simply because he has heart!

  224. Jarvis says:

    all these legends thats hating on Lebron played with “NBA top 50 players” ala Jordan, Bird, Magic, and now Dennis Rodman…also when they won their championships they were on teams that had multiple all-stars on that team the same year they won the championship…remember that Jordan couldn’t beat Detroit until who got to Chicago (Pippen)…now for Barkley, that’s why he don’t have any championships, he didn’t have that kind of talent around until he went to Houston and tried to team up with all them other guys…look at Ewing, he came close quite a few times, but could never beat the Bulls b/c he never had all-star caliber talent or any “NBA 50 GREATEST” on his team…even Kobe won with Shaq (50 greatest and an all-star), Gasol (he was on the all-star team with Kobe during both championships)…Tim Duncan had David Robinson, then Ginobili and Tony Parker…so my thing is with all these arguments about joining forces with Wade to contend for a championship is B.S…so basically if Lebron would have stayed in Cleveland and won a championship he would have done something that Jordan, Magic, Bird, Isaih, Kobe, Shaq and whoever else that one a championship didn’t do and that’s win one as the only all-star player on the team…do your research people.

  225. fact says:

    the real fact is kobe bryant is the best there is for this generation because he knows how to win championship, period.
    leading your team to a championship is what nba is all about, what greatness is all about,

    the 2010 celtic team is a very strong team against the laker team, but they had to double kobe bryant even on the outside, even if he was shooting 6/24, they had to focus on him defensively, because kobe never quits, and his stats showed it, 23 points, 15 rebounds, and a defense that sucked rondo out of the game..

    he knows when to pass up to a guy named artest, he knows how to fire up a gasol and odom, and remember gasol hasnt won a single playoff game his entire career not until kobe had him! kobe made gasol a champion, he makes his teamate great, he even went to the finals against the celtics with radmanovic and walton his starter, even vujacic had his time, hell even mbenga, thats how a great player can win rings,..

    dont reason that he had pau gasol, because pau gasols accomplishments before he became a laker is nothin to read about.

  226. Tank59 says:

    Whats wrong with you guys? Why cant u accept that both Kobe and Lebron are amazing players. Both in totally different stages of their respective careers. Only when a player retires, and only then, you can compare him to the legends. You guys act like you can see the future. How do you know Lebron will get no championships in his career? How do you know He will get the most championships ever?? No one knows man. If you can predict the future then why you wasting your time here, you shud be betting on horses!! There was a point in time when Iverson was the best guard in the league and Mcgrady was as good as Kobe. Did anyone know that Kobe would have 5 championships today and AI and Tmac on the other hand are simply looking for any team to sign them. When KG and Allen teamed up with Pierce to join the Celtics, i’m sure most ppl were laughing that Rondo would be the starting pg for that team. But look at Rondo now, whould have thought he would be this good and capable of running the celtics? I dont think so. Bottom line, cheer for the teams/players you like but stop hating on the rest of the NBA. We are talking about the NBA here, the best of the best bball players in the world. If you ask me, anyone listed on an NBA team roster has got to be a sick baller!

  227. Steve-O says:

    Kobe is 32 next week. Old man. Lebron will have 5 titles by that age. Kobe’s never won a title on his own. I remember a few years ago the Lakers were having a hard time making the playoffs with Kobe. Not winnin the conference til Pau came along. Lebron lead the league in wins with Mo Williams as his #2. Mo Williams? Let me say that again Mo Williams. Cant even remember Kobe making the Finals without Pau or Shaq.

  228. Rossy Ross says:

    this season sure should be good, i just want to see/laugh at the “new” heat fans, But of course they will not admit being apart of the band wagon!! Heat last season were close to last in attendance last season, this season will be top 3 lol. How many Buzzer beaters in the regular season, this season did Kobe make, he does in fact carry his team. With addition of lebron and bosh, boston still (my opinion) number one in the east!!! looking forward to a great season. Btw there is honestly nothing wrong with lebron wanting to win, if anyone else was in his shoes im pretty sure u would have done the same no matter how much loyalty u have,,,

  229. MLO says:

    Seriously Lebron deserves a diss from the Legends… People were comparing James to Michael Jordan when he came in… Yea Jordan had Pippen and Rodman but you could thank the GM for that. Pippen and Rodman were good supporting roles to the GREAT Michael Jordan. Like Shaq and Pau w/Kobe. In due time had James stayed with Cleveland would probably be considered one of the greatest. Now that he’s with BOSH AND WADE you won’t see the greatness he could have achieved he would have to share that accomplishment with them. If he won 1 in Cleveland the people on that team would be supporting roles.. you can’t say that about BOSH AND WADE when they are superstars in their own right. Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, John Stockton never won rings but they were great players in their own right. SO KOBE IS ALL AROUND THE BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE RIGHT NOW AND THE BEST COMPLETE PLAYER. Depending on how Miami’s record might go this 2010-11 season, they could go as the Best Trio in the League next to the Celtics Big Three or maybe the new BIG 4/5 (THE O’NEALS)…. but It’s true what the analyst say 3 championship rings that MIA makes = to 1 championship ring Lebron could have made in Cleveland.

  230. Red One says:

    oh but i think the teammates james had on cleveland are just a bunch of freeloaders. they seem to depend only on james. the AI’s on NBA 2k10 are way better teammates than them.. haha

  231. bb says:

    FYI for all the Laker Morons. Kobe did not win 5 championships, the Lakers as a team won 5 championships. You think if he was put up against a team of 5 players Kobe would win S*#!
    Now individually speaking, beacuse that is how you define a great player (not a great team), Lebron James is a superior athlete and will end up being way better than Kobe.
    Do not confuse a great player’s accomplishments with Rings (rings are earned by a team; with the support of other members of your team). A great player earns individual accolades.and back to back MVP’s at such a young age means look out Kobe. Its just a matter of time before Lebron surpasses KOBE’s achievements (Not the LAKER’S achievements)

  232. SupersFans says:

    U guys dont think that Miami Heat now is not like 1996 Chicago Bulls?
    The PGs, they arent like a all stars but they play welll
    The SGs, michael jordan position, is by wade and is better a like because wade is the jordan branchs icon
    The SF, Scottie pippen(mr all around greatness). lebron james can do all around skills too and is the same position
    The PF, dennis rodman. Chris bosh isnt strong rebounder nor hustle like rodman but at they play the same position
    the Center, both teams have a one that al least can fill the position.

  233. jokriss says:

    NOBOSY LOVES LEBRON NOW EXCEPT FOR MIAMI.Well said lebron to legends? hos NOTHING if he think’s he can surpass the legends by joining forces wth the enemy no no no think again, y’all saying Jordan got Pippen and Bird got Mchale thats what you called ‘PIECES’, Lebron is ot only a piece to win a championship even bosh is not, they already establish to stardome and can get a team to win more or better. Pippen is not known until he blooms in nba, did we ever think he is this good? Did Pip join Chicago? no right, he is traded and started with the bulls? your Lebron already shines and now searching for a ring right? Did pippen ever join Jordan to join forces and win 6 rings, hell no! he is already in the Bulls and playing since 87! Come to think of it Lebron saying he knows the game and Jordan got Pip to win 6 champs? they work together drafted on same team and got the ring not your lebron that is seeking one..

  234. JaKobe824 says:

    @Flash why do you just point out game 7 when Kobe had a bad shooting night, why not mention the night Kobe went OFF in the third, scored at will, and the rest of the Lakers weren’t performing?? You win as 5 and you lose as 5, and at the end of the day no one makes sure that their team has more points on the board than the other team better than Kobe, he plays the way that’s needed to win, one game he may drop 81 and not do crap on the boards or assist, the next maybe 12 and get 14 assist, he dictates how he plays based on the way the rest of the Lakers are doing. and @jake why are you saying whose defensive on the Cavs last time i check Anderson Varejoa was all NBA Defense 1st or 2nd team i don’t remember but is Gasol Bynum or Odom NBA defense material? i think not, whether you want to admit it or not the cavs have some guys that can hoop with or without LeBron, what was they’re record without LeBron at the end of the season compared to the Lakers without Kobe??? plain and simple Kobe Bryant is the most complete basketball player in the game today, Kobe works harder than any other player i’ve seen, has an assassains mentality, a will to win that is only comparable to that of Jordan, plays All NBA Defense 1st team year in and year out. is the best closer basketball has seen other than maybe Jordan, and has the most complete and impressive offensive game the NBA has ever seen INCLUDING Jordan’s Kobe can shoot from the perimeter, has one of the best handles in the league, has the best midrange game ever, and i would say has a better post game than 9/10 big men the NBA has ever seen. LeBron is by far the most explosive & athletic player in the NBA but beats you strictly on an improving jumpshot or his first step and his explosiveness around the rim. His best dribble move, “the crab dribble” or whatever it is, which is considered traveling anytime any1 else tries it and half the time when he does it. He doesn’t have a crossover, i bet Chris Bosh has a better cross than LeBron, I’m not trying to diss LeBron because on paper if you throw out rings he may be the best player to ever play the game, but last time i checked numbers don’t get you rings…

  235. Jaime says:

    LeBron has done nothing wrong. He simply went to play with a better teammate in Dwane Wade. The Heat are still going to depend on LeBron for their success. Dwane has already proven that he can’t do it alone. Another thing, Lebron isn’t jealous of anyone. Whether he wins a champoinship or not, he still goes down as one of the top ten best players ever. So far in his carreer, yeah, he can’t win the big games, but give him some time. Kobe is till the best player in the world until someone dethrowns him. We are a year away from that possibility. Until then, Kobe is still number one. LeBron, still has much to prove when it comes to winning the big games.

  236. DSUS says:

    I am new here and not getting the story completely. Does all this mean that Dwayne Wade is the Michael Jordan of Miami who gets LeBron as Scottie Pippen and Chris Bosh as his Rodman. 😉

  237. 1st of all who the hell is Rodman to talk about anyone the guy that never showed up to practice. Did so much drugs alcohol and partying that he ran his what could be a great career and name down the drain. You were kicked out of the nba cuz no team wanted to put up with your bull sh@@ anymore. So smash that and Charles you are my favorit player to ever play the game but you did the same thing to my suns when you went to houston. So every1 can hate but I dont good for you James clevlend wasnt doin sh@@ for you and a player as good as you does not deserve not to have a title.

  238. DSUS says:

    I am new here and not getting the story completely. Does all this mean that Dwayne Wade is the Michael Jordan of Miami who gets LeBron as Chris Bosh his Scottie Pippen. 😉

  239. John says:

    Obviously a lot of people here started watching the NBA on ABC or ESPN, lol
    Obviously there not a lot of people who watched during the NBA on NBC, lmao
    I understand that maybe some legends are actually going overboard with the LeBron thing but I totally understand it and if yall haters wanna think why they hate him so much. It´s because of the MEDIA, obviously the MEDIA has really and i mean really overhyped the “KING”, I mean it just shows with all of this comments from the LeBron fans, they too has obviously jumped in to the conclusion the LeBron is the best EVER in history . I mean thats how the media is showin it right.

  240. KingKilla says:

    If LeBrons the greatest and best player “by far”(watta joke!!!) then MJs the worst player to EVER pick up a basketball!

  241. MONCHY says:


  242. Frankie says:

    only the BEST win a championship!!! If you forget just look at Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan…..**ck Lebron!!!

  243. perro says:

    Ermmm,i I see a lot of guys chanting 4 Lbj but,,,who won the scoringtitle?the YOUNGEST EVER!(Durant),,who won best defensive player???(Howard) common guys just because he joined ur team(Heat)doesnt mean he´s the greatest ever,,,not even when he played in Cleveland,,,,There can only b1 Shaq,,,1 Kobe,,,1Jordan etc,,but there will be many Lbj´s,,trust me,,he´s great sure but to compare him against legends is blasphemy.
    It´s a teamsport ffs and if Lbj didnt have his supportingteam what would he be?just you´r typical ego with need of ballhandling.
    So please drop the greatest ever bs and be realistic,,,IF he was that great he´d given Cleveland atleast 5 championships,,,,
    Again dont get me wrong Lbj is a great baller but there will always be a better one,,,and im not sure that in time he even will get into the hall of fame.

  244. shaar says:

    Here goes rodman again. The attention seeker! I just think now that he gets some attention again, he has to do something.
    He should have put a staple through his lips, so he couldnt open his big mouth regards the king! lol
    Pippen has nothing on what lebron is or will be! Lebron has allready been two times MVP. And he is destined to greatness. Maybe if we talked comparing jordan to lebron there wouldnt be any argument regards who is the better. But not from rodman. Defense is all you had. You were never as good as lebron, MVP! Nor was pippen. They were great but leave lebron out of your equation cause you dont equate to him.
    There are many legends in the NBA that Lebron hasnt surpassed, yet. But Pippen and Rodman are not one of them!!

  245. Bulldog says:

    Let’s admit it. Lebron is a good player but Kobe is the best player.

    Wade is the better player because of this desire to win.

    Lebron – good
    Wade – better
    Kobe – best

  246. Ari Gold says:

    I don’t get why people give Lebron so much credit. Yes, he is a physical specimen to the likes we have never seen before. But so what?? Lebron has accomplished nothing. Two MVP’s? That’s good, Steve Nash did that. Scoring titles? Plenty of people have done that. He made it to the finals with a weak team? Allen Iverson did that with a much worse team. To be honest, Lebron should be compared more to an Iverson than any of the greats. Versus the average player, Lebron has a pretty good resume, but against the greats or even the best players who are still in the game (i.e Duncan, and Kobe), Lebron cannot and should not be compared. He is hoping to have the resumes that those guys have. The problem is that people see his stats, and yes he is exciting to watch too, but they are ranking him as if he is an all time great based solely on what they think he WILL or COULD accomplish, when in the real world, how great you truly are is determined by what you DID do. His move to go to Miami is already a clear indicator that he isnt the same caliber competitor of players like Kobe or many of the greats. Those guys needed to assert themselves as being the best by beating the best. Not trying to figure out the easiest way to some rings. And lastly, people should stop the stupid comments like Kobe had Pau and Shaq and yadda yadda yadda. NO PLAYER EVER…has won a ring without having a team and some good players beside them….Nobody. Lebron never had a good team??? HE HAD THE BEST TEAM IN BASKETBALL THIS PAST YEAR!! The cavs had over 60 wins and had the best record in the league. That same team, led by Lebron James flopped in the playoffs. That is reflective of their leader. Lebron has not done a fraction of what is truly required to be great. People need to stop ranking him based on their hopes and start seeing things in the real world.

  247. E.J. says:

    Stop all this talking, LeBron is one of the best player ever, He’ll get his shine and compare him qith other players makes no sense to me he is LeBron James, and that’s the way this is going to be

  248. Number 3 says:

    I can see why everyone is talking about LBJ. He’s the so called “King” but who everyone should be talking about is my boy D WADE!!!! You seen that he has already one a championship by himself… and I kno there’s some of you out there that said he had Shaq but that’s straight BS. Shaq was old all he did was clog up the lane. But my boy D Wade put that team on his back and got his Ring!!! And now that he has the “King” as one of his supporting cast its OVER!!!! D Wade is the pound for pound best player in the game hands down!!!!…

  249. Anton says:

    It’s all about championship rings. No rings, no matter. Lebron will be the King without a crown until he wins a ring and he knows it.

  250. bpup says:

    Did someone say prince lebron would win the most titles ever!!!!! NICE CLUE “NBA” pseudo-fan…. Obviously you do not know this, but He will have to win 12 nba titles… Does that sound reasonable??? Maybe to my dog–as he has as much clue about the NBA as whomever suggests that lbj will win 12 rings… He will have to win 12 straight to have them by the time he turns 40!! not only that, but his MVP’s are also over…..

  251. Tim L. says:

    This is where the history begins, b-ball fans. Listen and listen well. This comment is for all of those who keep saying Lebron has the best stats and is the best ever… Statistically Oscar Robertson was the best ever… in ’61 -’62 he averaged 30.8 ppg, 12.5 reb, and 11.4 assist per game.. at 6’5″ and 220 lbs. A triple double avg for a season.. As for saying MJ had Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc.. well all of them (except Rodman) came into the league directly to the bulls. For the past Laker great teams (Kareem, Scott, Magic, Worthy, Cooper), they all were also drafted in together after Kareem came to the lakers in the late 70’s. Boston big 3 came together at the end of their careers (all three were over 30 years old) and earned the right to play for a championship before they retire. Did anyone complain that Mitch Richmond finally got a championship with the lakers before he retired? And the fact that Clyde Drexler finally got a championship in Houston? That is all different than 3 of the biggest names in today’s game while they are still in their prime getting together to try and win a championship. All three of them are first time eligible for max contracts, fellow fans. That means they have at least 5 – 7 more seasons before they would even be considered “old” players. Come on people, do your homework before you try to talk about the greatest ever and all that mess.

  252. Gabisanidiot says:

    @ Moron Gabfag

    LeBron would need at least 12 championships to have the most “of any player in the nba ever”

    Bill Russell has 11. LeBron is going to be 26. So you’re pretty much saying that LeBron is going to win a ring every single year for 12 years straight?


  253. chris says:

    remember i said this gabriel….. he doesnt win anything! REMEMBER THAT

  254. texan says:

    Its alot of lebron hataz on here, 1st off get off of kobe’s d… its impossible 2 argue wit a kobe fan or laker fan cuz most of em are eitha bandwagon or jus plain idiots who kno nothin about basketball..i even read a couple tymes on here ppl sayin lebron never made tha finals???? slap ya self 4 knowin nothin about basketball and trying 2 argue..and plz stop comparing kobe 2 jordan..the difference between kobe and jordan is that 4 all of jordans 6 rings, he wus the number 1 guy.. kobe wuz only tha numba 1 guy for 2 of his because any real basketball fan knows that shaq wuz tha man in many finals mvp’s did kobe win when shaq wuz there???? o ok…and gabe sounds like he got sense cuz lebron has neva had a la shaq or pau..kobe has not won unless he’s had a superstar player on his team..last tyme i checked..when shaq got traded and went 2 miami 2 win a ring, kobe couldnt get out tha 1st round of tha playoffs 2 yearz str8 against a suns team who couldnt play d if there life depended on it..the he demanded a trede..lebron neva demanded a trade like kobe did, he waited til his contract wuz up and made a business move that anybody else would of made so shut dat up..lebron james iz a 2 tyme mvp, a recent 2 tyme mvp, he’s no robin 2 anybody because any real basketball fan knows who’s the best player on the heat iz right now and its not d wade its lebron james..and anybody who says tha heat wont win even 1 ring iz a class a idiot and jus mad because lebron didnt go to there team..grow up ppl and leave tha man alone..and dennis rodman has the nerve 2 call out somebody?? really??he’s not worth anybodys tyme..and barkley shouldnt say anthang about a punk move because if thats the case, did he not go 2 houston with hakeem and drexler?? i think so so these legends shouldnt say anythang about lebron 2 b honest..

  255. David says:

    i feel bad that even legends are starting to talk bad about lebron.. my favorite player is kobe but me and everybody else knows lebron is amazing.. him and kobe are the best right now and both will go down as one of the greatest players ever.. its true lebron doesn’t have as much help as kobe does so its wasn’t a bad idea to go to miami.. it was just a simple choice to join up with his friends who are also really good and want to win a championship..

  256. chris says:

    Lebron James sucks! end of discussion. in my opinion wade, durant, and carmelo anthny are better than him!!!! why? cuz they are clutch. true winners. lebron got skills and talent more than anyone, but u know what he doesnt have? the KILLER ATTITUDE. kobe has it. he wants rings so badly and hes a leader. wade proved himself by winning a champion. melo proved himself by almost beating the lakers in 09. and durant has the killer attitude and dont tell me he doesnt. did u see him in the playoffs vs lakers? he really wanted it badly.

    Finally the thing that makers LEQUEEN really bad.
    he cant have all the pressure on him. he just cant. he also cant carry a team by himself. he proved it also 7 years. and one game 5 vs celtics cant prove anything so stop talking about it. its just one game…. he knew it was his last game and he tried. why the heck would he give up a whole season? think mcfly, think. it was all the other games. laughing and enjoying himslef too much. he aint serious. hes just a kid who thinks hes some kobe bryant or michael jordan, or knows he isnt so joins players better than him.


  257. James? Koby? JORDAN THE BEST OF ALL TIME.

  258. texan says:

    Its alot of lebron hataz on here, 1st off get off of kobe’s d… its impossible 2 argue wit a kobe fan or laker fan cuz most of em are eitha bandwagon or jus plain idiots who kno nothin about basket..i even read a couple tymes on here ppl sayin lebron never made tha finals???? slap ya self 4 knowin nothin about basketball and trying 2 argue..and plz stop comparing kobe 2 jordan..the difference between kobe and jordan is that 4 all of jordans 6 rings, he wus the number 1 guy.. kobe wuz only tha numba 1 guy for 2 of his because any real basketball fan knows that shaq wuz tha man in many finals mvp’s did kobe win when shaq wuz there???? o ok…and gabe sounds like he got sense cuz lebron has neva had a la shaq or pau..kobe has not won unless he’s had a superstar player on his team..last tyme i checked..when shaq got traded and went 2 miami 2 win a ring, kobe couldnt get out tha 1st round of tha playoffs 2 yearz str8 against a suns team who couldnt play d if there life depended on it..the he demanded a trede..lebron neva demanded a trade like kobe did, he waited til his contract wuz up and made a business move that anybody else would of made so shut dat up..lebron james iz a 2 tyme mvp, a recent 2 tyme mvp, he’s no robin 2 anybody because any real basketball fan knows who’s the best player on the heat iz right now and its not d wade its lebron james..and anybody who says tha heat wont win even 1 ring iz a class a idiot and jus mad because lebron didnt go to there team..grow up ppl and leave tha man alone..and dennis rodman has the nerve 2 call out somebody?? really??he’s not worth anybodys tyme..and barkley shouldnt say anthang about a punk move because if thats the case, did he not go 2 houston with hakeem and drexler?? i think so so these legends shouldnt say anythang about lebron 2 b honest..

  259. Grace and Power says:

    If LeBron James deserves to be in the same conversation as anyone, it’s Glen “Big Baby” (self proclaimed uno uno) Davis.
    Both want to choose a nickname that sounds good to them.
    Most kings wear rings on their fingers. LeBron James does not fit that category.

  260. Watch the Mamba says:

    Lakers have the two best players in the league right now in Pau & Kobe. Show me another team or player that can do what LA does. Yea leBrick has talent but so does thesecurity guard at my office. Give a talented athlete an opportunity and see what develops.
    He will never win a ring! he will never be respected as long as he shows his immature self on the court, and he will never be “the greatest” you will always say “the potential he had…”
    Look at his eyes when in a game, they are all over the place. Champions have focus and control of emotion. He should soak in ice baths to turn his veins cold!

    LeBrick is just another clown with a slutty mother.

  261. Grace and Power says:

    For those of you saying that the legends are just jealous and need to stop “hating” on LeBron, think again.
    Rodman’s boy Scottie Pippen helped him win three consecutive NBA titles. Rodman saw this man dunking over people left and right. He witnessed Scottie knocking down three pointers in crunch time. And now Rodman is supposed to sit back and have people tell him LeBron James, who has not won a single ring or even proven to be a dedicated leader, is as good as Pippen. Sorry that’s not how it works.
    Rodman and the other legends are not “hating” on LeBron James. They are educating.

  262. bigboy11 says:

    I agree with you RICH NICE

  263. John says:

    Ok, first of all, the argument is not that James ISNT a great player because he is. But a true great player is the “go to guy” on his squad, the one that the franchise builds around, the one that goes to work every night all night with the weight of their team on their backs, LeBron was that for the Cavaliers, but not with the Heat. Comparing Kobe to Lebron is ridiculous and solves nothing because Kobe has 5 rings and Lebron still has 0, The best player in basketball is the best player who can win you the game when you need it, and thats a FACT. You could post triple doubles all day but if you cant close out a game, your just as good as the next star. So for you Lebron lovers and kobe haters who think saying “LeBron is the best” will automatically win him championships…you’re wrong. The Greats like Michael, Larry, Magic, West, were all built around and got the job done. The reason the Cavs failed is because they were too dependent on LeBron to do everything for them.. So when he has an off night, the whole squad goes into disarray where as teams like Lakers, and Celtics and Magics have the players to pick up and carry their superstars when they fall. The game is basketball, not tennis. LeBron will go down as a “GREAT BASKETBALL PLAYER”..but not one of “the greats”. He may win championships, he may not, nothing is written in stone in this league. But one thing is for certain, LeBron will never be looked at in the same light again.

  264. Brianboone99 says:

    Jimbo you said Kobe wasn’t a leader and didn’t do anything without Pau or Shaq. His team was leading the West before getting Pau prior to Bynum getting hurt. Also getting that collection of scrubs that he formerly played with back then into the playoffs in a much stronger western conference is impressive. Him ball hogging was the best chance of winning on that team. Did you notice how when he got better teammates he shot less? Thats not a coincidence. Smush Parker, Devan George, and Kwame were some of the best guys on those teams your talking about. Getting that group into the playoffs is nothing short of amazing.

  265. bigboy11 says:

    Can any one tell me whats wrong about lebron wade and bosh on one team, i think this will be better for the future of basketball ,all these other teams gonna have to put good players on the floor to compete with these super teams etc.. Lakers, Miami , Boston, Orlando it forces other teams to step up their game

  266. Lebron cant be a champ says:

    LBJ – NO championships.. with a lot of ALLSTARS around him.. MVP = loser

    KB24 5 Champs in he’s belt.. with SOME allstar but with superb teamwork.. has been the MVP, 5 championships.. teamwork. =champs!!

    Why do we play NBA basketball? to be champs.. =)

  267. Rich Nice says:

    It’s funny that all of the legends with a ring had at least one hall of famer of future hall of famer on their team. Rodman had a Hall of fame coach and two hall of famers on EVERY championship team he was on. Barkley, Ewing, and Wilkins didn’t get a ring because they didn’t play with any in their prime (If they would have been on the same team they could have at least one) The NBA also has more teams because of expansion, so you see a lot of teams that don’t even have one all star quality player. I’m I die hard knicks fan, but I can’t get mad a Lebron for doing what is best for him. When he wanted specific players, the Cavs did not get them. He wanted Kidd a few years ago and he went to Dallas. He wanted Amare and they got Jamison. Malone and Stockton are the only Hall of fame tandem that I can think of that didn’t win it all, but they were outnumbered four hall of famers (including coach) to three. I’d like to hear what they think of it.

    • Nick M says:

      Kobe is in his 30s and still is way better than Lebron. Lebron has no shot at all. He dunks and drives that’s it. He isn’t a team player. Kobe can do it all and still can. He even learned post moves from a Houston LEGEND!!

      KOBE > Lebron

      end of story.

    • Too Smooth says:

      I’m not so sure people are mad at Lebron for doing what’s right for him as much as they are for how he decided to announce his departure from Cleveland. This idiot held a one hour special designed to humiliate the Cavaliers organization and the entire city of Cleveland. You can’t fault people for being angry with Lebron. As far as his decision goes, he really can’t be upset at the Legends for saying what they are saying. Lebron tries to put out this image that he is the “ultimate competitor”. Well if that was true, why are you going to team up with a man that will go down as the 3rd best shooting guard in NBA history and possibly the best power forward in the game right now? That’s not what a competitor does. A competitor doesn’t quit on his team, he fights till the end. And your reasoning for Barkley and Ewing not getting a ring is a little off. The reason why they didn’t get a ring is the same reason Stockton and Malone didn’t, a man named Michael Jordan, THE ULTIMATE COMPETITOR. Something Lebron James will never be.

  268. Jesse says:

    Why are people still mad about the decision. Here’s the story for you clueless people. “The Decision” was scheduled way before even Lebron have made his decision and it’s not because he wants to. His people decided that it’s best for promoting his image, which backfired. Even if Lebron doesn’t want to break the heart of Cleveland he can’t do anything about it, because it was scheduled. The reason why you people are mad about the decision is because he didn’t choose Cleveland. Same goes to the haters in Cleveland. They just hated Lebron because he “breaks up with them in front of the whole nation.” Stop blaming Lebron for everything.
    As for a player, keep your opinions to yourself. A lot of legends didn’t win rings also. Lebron didn’t win any ring but he was named as one of the greats. That’s a feat itself.

  269. billy says:

    people will always hate on kobe, and talk lebron up.
    but at the end of the day when lebron is worried about
    what his numbers look like on the stat sheet, kobe is concerned
    with making sure the total number of points his team scores
    is higher than the number of points the other team scores
    by that final buzzer.

  270. lakerfan since 19 O' Long says:


  271. Cap says:

    To be honest Lebron could have gave cavs one or two more years because their were alot of talented free agents this year. the years that lebron was playing for the cavs the free agents was ok for the bench maybe a couple for starters but this year there were alot of big names that could have wen to the cavs if he stayed. But to me, he did disrepected the cavs management. he could have gave them a heads up a least.

  272. Trey Orman says:

    Lebron is NOT the greatest player in the league. Both Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade are better players, because both have put their teams on their backs and won a championship. Lebron had 2 or 3 all stars on the Cavs to work with, and he simply didn’t get it done. 3 or 4 years down the road, if he continues to work on his jump shot, he will be on the same level, if not higher, than kobe, but right now kobe has the best game of any player in the league. And you can run and tell that, HOMEBOY.

  273. king c says:

    kobe is the best player ever thats all i have to say. Lebron needs a lil too much help so dose D wade, too win championships 5rings and counting

  274. jake says:

    people are forgetting about the most important part of this…dwyane wade no lebron isnt the clutch performer of kobe but thats what wade is for. lebron is the best ALL AROUND player kobe best closer. lebron will have to sacrifice the most for this team to win he needs to check his ego and let wade take over games if they are close. lebron is nothing like jordan he is more like magic johnson he is a great passer and playmaker but jokes to much and doesnt have that killer instinct. and people who think lebron had a better supporting cast than kobe knows nothing about basketball. their numbers looked good but they are not winners lebrons created everything for them. mbenga was their backup center really? tell me how many minutes he played when bynum went out of game gasol was center and odom at pf…gasol is the most skilled bigman in the game. artest is one of the best defenders ever. fisher is one the most clutch players and greatest leaders. bynum top 3 defensive centers and has good post game…their whole team plays defense 3 7 footers. tell me who on the cavs team was a good defender. their front line was old their backcourt was just shooters

  275. DommyB91 says:

    It’s not Lebron going to Miami I have a problem with, it’s how he went about doing it. Did Lebron really have to go on national t.v to say he was going to Miami, which only took him 10 seconds after 55 minutes of build up? Bosh didnt, Wade didnt, Bozzer didnt. He could have done it in a simple press conference. It was a slap in the face to the Cavs, Knicks, Bulls and every other team he talked with. He put himself above the game of basketball, and he also made himself look egotistical, narcissistic and self centred.

  276. john griley says:

    plain and simple. How many championships did Kobe when without Shaq, Pau? How did Kobe play in game 7? LeBron proved himself right away as a rookie. How did Kobe play his 1st years in NBA? Give LeBron a supportin cast and let him be able to choke alot and his team might help him when a few championships. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!

  277. Godfather says:

    Is funny how some people can’t see the whole picture. Statistically LBJ is the best player in the game, however these legends now labeled “haters” were saying LBJ was the best player in the league during the whole season, in the Playoffs however I didn’t see any one of them say: “LBJ is the best player of the game”…all of them said: “Kobe STILL the best player in the game.” Is a virtual tie, but NOT EVERYTHING IS FREAKING STATS! Thats why nobody says Oscar Robertson is the best player in history (AND HE IS THE BEST PLAYER OVERALL STATISTICALLY IN HISTORY) bacuse HE IS NOT the best player in history. The same way you can’t say Kobe because he is more clutch because you can conclude then that Robert Horry is way better than LBJ or even a Scottie Pippen,Karl Malone,etc. and that would be really absurd and ridiculous. Is a mix of both. Kobe has INCREDIBLE numbers for being a SG, LBJ who is maybe the MOST GIFTED PLAYER in the history of the game makes the game a joke athletically speaking, he can make a triple double in his bad games…thats how good he is. But in the leadership department, he is way behind a Kpbe,Bird,Magic,West,Russell not even mention MJ please! Thats why that small group is mentioned like the top of the elite by the sole reason of the combination of stats (per position= Kobe is not supposed to grab more rebounds than Gasol please…) and TRUE LEADERSHIP skills,not by being a PROMINENT OVERALL STATS LEADER.

    LBJ carry a team STATISTICALLY and becasue LITERALLY HE OWNS the ball for the darn 48 minutes of the game in CLE! Thats why! That doesn’t mean MENTALLY he was a true leader. Thats the same reason Robertson is NOT MENTIONED in that elite group. Kobe MAKES bad shots, but GAME 7 of the 2010 FINALS could have been the GREATEST DEFENSIVE GAME in the history of the league by two teams. Literally there was no easy shot for any of the both sides. It was a pure defensive jewel by both teams. Reasons for both teams shooting horrible such a low scoring game. Kobe shoot 24-6 but at the game crucial moments didnt hesitate and even knew he wasn’t going to beat BOS off the dribble and pass the ball to Artest, plain and simple as that. NO T.O. and sank FT at crunch time. NOT EVERYTHING IS STATS. What Lebron did when the game was 78-74 BOS in the lead, CLE making a 6-0 run? LBJ dribbled the ball at his foot and hesitated ALL game long (games 5 and 6)…thats what he did. Amen to mention the fumbles he made all game long. BOS had a terrific defense, but fumbles and dribbling on the foot with bad passes CONSTANTLY during the game is not always defense, could be NERVES or plain and simple you choke. That doesn’t mean he is not a great player. He can win now 10 titles if he want, all of them will be like Bonds or A-Rod homers,De la Hoya world championships,etc…all with *. Winning 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 in CLE,CHI or NYK would have meant way more in respect that 8 or 10 with MIA. That a fact. At the end, he preferred to be Robin, not Batman. He abdicated to the challenge of a true King, so at the end showed his suppose crown was made of Gold Fill lol! Not real GOLD! Plain and simple as that.

  278. LookingIn says:

    First of all, i don’t know why anyone listens to ANYTHING Charles Barkley has to say. he was a great player when he played, but HE NEVER GOT A RING!! He went to Houston to join Akeem Alajuon, and convinced Scottie Pippen to join them the following year(or was it the next year)! Barkley was so badly outta shape and played like crap, that Scottie Pippen PUBLICLY dissed him and left that team after one year! ANYBODT REMEMBER THIS? They were trying to form a dynasty just like Miami is trying to do now! The only difference is that Wade, Bosh and Lebron are still pretty young and have a much better chance of becoming a dynasty! The old timers teamed up with one another to try to win Championships, but basketball wasn’t nearly as popular back then as it is now!!!! Salaries…….endorsements!! I’m not even a Lebron James fan and it’s easy to see that all these old timers are just jealous because of what Miami is potentially about to achieve!

  279. Miguel P. says:

    I’ll keep this simple. People should just respect LeBron’s decision and move on. I can understand the criticism after the decision, but people are still making a huge deal out of it today. The fan of Cleveland should grow up and respect him as a person rather than acting all immature. And I completely disagree on Gabriel C., sorry but LeBron is not better than Kobe. As much as I hate Kobe, Kobe is a better player OVERALL. Kobe can actually lead his team, and I didn’t see LeBron do it in the playoffs. And I honestly don’t think LeBron will be leaving Miami at all. People can call him a coward all they want, because he literally sent everyone the message that he wants to WIN.

  280. Carlos says:

    All I have to say is that I am a Lebron fan but I believe he made a mistake by leaving Cleveland the way he did.If you are considered the best player in the league other players should come and join you and not you go join them.He will never get 11 championship like Bill Russell it’s just no possible to be done again because you have a lot more teams that are better than those from the past.Lebron is a great player but is not Michael Jordan.I believe he can play all five positions in basketball just like Magic did.He is probably more complete than Jordan but he is not a great finisher like Jordan was.

  281. jaime says:

    honeslty lebron james sucks, i dont know why poeple say that hes the best, when he is not, i dont see no championships on him

  282. jon19 says:


    I know you all wanted lebron to have champ ring,but did you ever think that if your in the game evething M.J. its not easy to win championship.we all see that LEBRON trying all he have but still not enough..if you can win 1 against 5 then its your tern to say that kind of bad word to the king….think it not once but for ever dude………

  283. matt says:

    lebron is the best in the nba, no doutb about it, he can play point guard or power forward he was never goin to win in cleveland they didnt bring him any players that could play, unless you want to count jamison who is an average player,if he stayed in cleveland he would end up like charles barkley which nobody wants to see, and lebron is better than kobe sure kobe has five rings that doesnt make him better, bill russel has eleven rings does that make him better than michael jordan? lebron will probaby end his career being better than most legends maybe even the best ever, and he was a free agent he wasnt entitled to stay in cleveland, if that is the case why isnt bosh getting any trash from anybody?

  284. Ryan says:

    aight! let’s say measurement of greatness is championships! given.. Maybe the reason why Lebron team up with other great players is because they want to make a statement! championships! Like in their statement, they could get multiple rings. Lets wait and see so those guys keep saying that Kobe has 5 rings, wait and see how many rings can Lebron get with MIAMI! Hall of famer or not teammates. EOS.

  285. whitetornado says:

    Reading all these comments about LeBron being the best..OMG that really just is so unbelievable..Like Ron here above says..’how old are you guys?’ Sure, LeBron is supremely talented, can do a lot of things..but when the it’s all said and done, LeBron has never stood out or won a ring..LBJ has an unbelievable statline, every game, but where does he get the assists ? In the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter..When crunchtime arrives, it has to be all about LeBron..You have seen him make his “Decision’..It’s all about LeBron. No supporting cast ? In my opinion, Cleveland has done a lot, if not everything to try and make his supporting cast better. Got Mo’, got Jamison, got the other guys, even Shaq, which obviously didn’t work. And why ? Because in the 4th quarter, LeBron has got to have the ball. Has got to drive it to the rim. And when he doesn’t get the call, he wines. Game against Detroit, couple of years back ? Amazing, absolutely, and it made sense his teammates were just standing and watching. That’s what it always has been like all these years, or didn’t you guys pay any attention at all ? Kobe shot 6/24 in Game 7, so ? Then all of a sudden it’s about the Lakers carrying him ? How many times did the Lakers depend on Kobe ? That’s what supporting cast is all about, Pau having good games, or Odom, of Artest (like in Game 7). MJ shot 15 of 45 of Game 6 in ’98, that’s 33%, but still got his 45 points and was the hero because of his steal on Karl Malone and the final shot he took. Kobe had a bad shooting night, but still all the other things. LBJ has never played defense like Kobe. LBJ plays teamball, but only in 3 quarters. He never takes on the other team’s best player (exceptions excluded). Why even compare ? But are great, but you could never say LeBron is the better all-around player. That’s just ridiculous, cause you have to play defense as well, not only have chase down blocks. The degree of difficulty in shots made is so widely different between these two.
    After all this, trying to compare LBJ and KB to each other, that’s one thing, but comparing LBJ to the Legends, saying they are just jealous ?? Jealous ???? Magic, Bird, Michael, they all won rings, they all had their ups and downs, and never had to join other star players, let alone each other. Jealous of LBJ, Wade and CB playing together ?? Remember the DreamTeam ?? A season long of playing alongside each other would not even have compared to that. You cannot say LeBron never had his Pippen, or his Kareem, of his McHale, because it’s not all about one of two guys. Kobe surely had Shaq with LA in the early 00’s, but wasn’t it Brian Shaw who bailed them out in ’00 ? And Horry in ’02 ? Of course, they made that team a lot, a lot better, but you have to have the role-guys, and even they had their share of bad games, like Mo, or Jamison, or whoever. LeBron already had Boozer, one of the star free agents of this past July, and didn’t win with him. I do not say LeBron could never win with his new team. Yes, they will win most of their games, but when playoff-time comes, only THEN will we see what this team is made of. What the ego’s are made of. But I do think LeBron has burned his own legacy, just with the way HOW he did things this summer and in the past.
    Referring to the first comment in this article, by Gabriel C: we will all remember what you said :
    “He is going to win the most championships by any player ever in the nba. I believe that, o and after he is done winning championships in here in miami, he is going back to cleveland and win a couple over there. REMEMBER I SAID THAT.” LeBron now is 25 years old. Winning more Championships then any other player would take him at least 12 years. Just to beat Bill Russell. But you probably don’t know who Bill Russell is. Suppuso he wins 12 Championships, he would have to win it every year, because if not, he will reach 40 and will be too old. And he WOULD HAVE TO leave Miami, as D-Wade already has one..
    Best or not (which I think he is not), LeBron has not done anything yet. Only show off his talents, and shown the world what a selfish guy he is.

  286. DROB says:

    First of all “FLASH”, yes Kobe had a bad shooting game but, he still helped that team win that Game. When do you ever see Kobe have 16 to 17 rebounds in a game. Point noted. Kobe helped in another way just as the rest of the team did. Kobe don’t get those RB. the LAKERS lose. Artest don’t shoot the way he did. The LAKERS lose. PAU don’t dominate the way he did the LAKERS lose. That team don’t play the way they did, the LAKERS lose. Perfect team effort. It don’t get no better than that. I am not mad at Lebron for wanting to win a championship. Everybody want more stars around them. But, when you are the man, you tell that Cleveland franchise to bring those players in, you don’t run to them. What if Jordan said: I would like to bring my talent to Los Angeles and play with Magic. You are an complete idiot, if you don’t think something is wrong with that. Lebron needs to tell the truth, he just didn’t want to be in that boring city anymore, he wanted to be where the action is and will be all the time. MIAMI. Great Weather.

  287. Red One says:

    i think LBJ sometimes play just to stack up his stats. he can never be compared to Kobe because Kobe is a pure shooter, clutch player and plays to win the game.

  288. heat all the way says:

    wow im shocked about the idiots that actually leave comments. . .. . . .wow

  289. Strick says:

    You guys gotta chill off LeBron. Any choice but Cleveland or New York was a good decision in my opinion. And for the people who think just because players around the “star player” arent as popular doesnt mean the star player did it all by himself. Kobe had one of the most memorable season in sports the year he scored 81. he gave his all every night and all the lakers got out of it was was a #8 seed and a quick departure from the first round from a no defense suns squad. the year the lakers played the celtics for the championship in ’08 the lakers were mentioned as a team who could SUPRISE people by finishing top 5 in the west. when Pau came in during the season then people saw them as a legit finals contender. so yes you need help. Kobe played with Shaq he now plays with Pau. Jordan wouldnt have any rings with out a player as good as scottie. Duncan won with Robinson, ginobli, and parker. Hakeem had drexler. Its crazy how people expected Lebron to have a ring by now. itstill baffles me that they even had those records for the past 2 seasons. I mean just imagined if they won it all in one of those past two years. who would be labled as Lebron’s right hand man. Nobody if you think mo or varejo they would go down as the worst 2nd man player to win a championship in the history of the league. and people please dont say jamison cause he looked outta place since day 1. and im sure lebron wanted to stay but nobody wanted to come to cleveland i mean bosh played in a different country and told lebron no way. there was no hope for lebron in cleveland to win cleveland arent good at drafting name a notable player that the cavs have drafted not named lebron and when you do think how many years ago was it. the cavs didnt even have any players to trade for a significant 2 man for lebron. And to end this long comment, please eveyone ignore charles barkley hes a degenarate gambler of course he would have stayed in cleveland he would have went with the money

  290. Sincere1 says:

    People, look at your sources… Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller. What do they have in common, no rings. They were the first two to bash LeBron’s decision to leave. Then there are those who say he owed Cleveland for all that they did for him when they drafted him. REALLY? “All that they did for him?” Come on guys, don’t act like Cleveland had the last pic in the second round of the draft and, if they didn’t pick him he would’ve gone undrafted. THEY WON THE LOTTERY. LeBron was the prize. If they didn’t pick him, Detroit (next in line) would have. The team was worth just over $200 million when he joined and just under $500 milliion this past season. Come on Cleveland, the guy was a one-man stimulus package for the entire city. He sold out the stadium, the hotels, the sports bars, etc, in that city. Before he came, that team was in the NBA’s witness protection program – no one knew they existed.

    And some of the great ones did leave their teams… Kareem won MVPs and a championship with the Bucks before taking his talents to LA, Wilt Chamberlain won his first in Philly, Moses Malone was the reigning MVP when he left his team for another, Shaq left Orlando and LA after a finals loss and then left Miami when they went down and CHARLES BARKLEY left Philly for the SAME EXACT reason that LeBron left Cleveland; he wanted more help and the great ones didn’t want to go to Philly at the time. Last but not least, KOBE BEAN BRYANT asked for a trade to Chicago and threatened to sign with the Clippers when LA was losing. The level of talent that saw Kobe and the Lakers in the lottery a few years back, LeBron took to the NBA finals…

  291. MarQ says:

    They are both good players of our time Kobe And LeBron but skills aside, i thought what separated this 2 is Kobe’s Patience and Determination to win the Championship..even lebron had bad games himself but scoring doesnt do it all..u need to be on the center of the team and unite them to the best of their abilities no matter how worst your team may be….Just like the Lakers were couple of years back and Kobe never gave up on his team till they got what they truly deserve…Unlike Lebron did it the other way around…

  292. johnny says:

    you guys think you know more the MJ?

  293. da won says:

    man labron bailed ou real talk i dont blame him for going to play with wade i mea lets be real labon kobe and wadw are the top 3 in the league but wade is a closer and plays with heart like when mia won the title wade went into jordan mode when his team was playing extra sad so he carried that team laron never had a a great teams but they were far from sad also he had good enough teams to win ebd of story and if labron is the best in the league how come he going to be the second option in mia behind wade watch and o be the closer for the most part so i wont blame labron he know know he not a closer like wade and kobe can’t beat them join em

  294. irukandji says:

    Yo Chris the word is Wud have. But wud is nothing. I wud have won the lottery. I wud have shagged Lebron’s mom. I wud have been a betetr person if I did not fall on my head as a baby. Damn. Live in reality man. If Artest did not make that last second shot in game 5 Celtics WUD have won it. WUD? DUH! No wuds man. Face it foo!

  295. mrspydaman says:

    Stats are numbers used to make fantasy leagues.
    MVP is a popularity contest. And finals MVP’s do not always go to the best player they just go.
    Rings are a combination of owner dedication and front office work.
    But there are inspired by players and coaches will to make it happen.
    These are the legends of Basketball,
    LeBron Walked away from his opportunity to Prove He is one of these legends
    and jumped on a band wagon, Nobody is calling KG great for doing this just smart.

  296. mr basketball says:

    First off the ‘Legends’ really have AMNESIA.. They forget that a few months ago, The comparisons were Lebron and Kobe. Yeah Magic you teaming with Larry EQUALS Lebron Teaming with Kobe (not DWade or Bosh).

    Secondly, All you who say Kobe is a better all around player than Lebron hasn’t watched any basketball over the last 7 years.
    How many shots has Kobe ‘blocked’ on average the last 7 years? How many Steals has Kobe averaged over the last 7 years? Let’s talk about Lebron’s many ‘chase down’ blocks.. That’s DEFENSE. Assists, Kobe ‘should be’ averaging way more assists with his team than Lebron. But yet Lebron averages DOUBLE the amount of assists than Kobe with WORSE shooters/supporting cast. Granted Lebrons advantage in the REBOUND department over Kobe is also because LA’s supporting cast shoots better and their Bigs rebound better than the Cavs, but there are other teams worse than the Cavs who’s ‘leader’ doesn’t rebound like Lebron.. So anyone who actually watches basketball MUST conclude that Lebron is the better ‘basketball player’..

    NO DISRESPECT to Kobe (who is phenomenal and going to be first ballot HOF no doubt).. Kobe is a better ‘clutch’ performer and obviously a better ‘shooter’.. But those aren’t things that make him a better ‘basketball’ player than Lebron, he is NOT..

    Thirdly, Just because Lebron makes the better ‘basketball play’ LIKE passing to an open man, doesn’t at all mean he doesn’t have the MJ instincts. It took MJ YEARS to ‘trust’ his teammates (Pippen, Paxson, etc.) to take the shots which ultimately led to championships. Lebron averaged 7 assists a game with that CRAPPY team, which means he’s already trusting his teammates, which means ‘with the right teammates’ he’s already ‘championship ready mentally..

    Don’t get me wrong, I do not believe ‘the Decision’ was the best decision as it DID disrespect the Cavs organisation,..

    But if we’re talking strictly Basketball, Lebron IS a better basketball player than Kobe. Lebron joining the Heat in itself is a good decision (again the ESPN special was not), Lebron has the opportunity to put up Big O numbers (average a Triple Double which incidentally SHOULD cement his 3rd straight MVP if he achieves that milestone) and finally I agree with Van Gundy in that from a basketball perspective the Heat have the potential to break records..

  297. zack says:

    i just don’t get why people have to get so worked up over lebron wanting to leave cleveland, even the whole thing about how “truly great players have others come to them.” i just don’t think it’s fair to ignore the fact that we are also talking about choosing to live in cleveland or in miami. and with more money than you’ll need no matter where you choose. knowing you only get to live once, why pass on a chance to live a dream life? we can compare his actions to those of his predecessors all until the end of time, or we can accept that he is his own person and doesn’t deserve to be criticized on the basis of how the choices he makes differ from those of others. i mean, come one, is there no empathy among NBA fans? imagine yourselves in his position. even imagine yourself in your own life. you do what you want, to accomplish the things you want to accomplish, for the reasons you have for doing so. who’s to judge? let him do his thing. enjoy the show.

  298. PHOENIX says:

    This is for the Lebron haters. Their was never a NBA championship team who had only 1 great player think other wise name the team, year, and player. Lebron is a great all around play he just had to leave to find players with enough drive to win as he did. Also, comin from miami heat fan since the 1997-98 season yall focus is off Wade is and will continue to be our closer. Nomatter the names that has been around him whenever its time to step up he does. Another task i ask all the nay sayers around who’s the only play to win a finals mvp while being the so called side kick of Shaq. Wade has proved time and time again the horrible 15 win season he could take us to the playoff by himself. So, i see Wade being the scoring champion this year with lebron averging a career high in asissts. Labron and Wade also have improved on there three point shooting every year so plz dont hate just enjoy the show………….


  299. Jef says:

    All that Kobe had Shaq and Gasol talk is just smack. If you believe that Lebron will be great because he MAY win championships with the heat in the future, YOU CANNOT USE THAT ARGUMENT. What makes any of you think that if Lebron wins __ amount of championships that this same idiotic argument wont be used back against him. But instead of Kobe who only had one of the two at a given time, Lebron would have had the help of 2 arguably top 10 players (wade is, bosh is negoitable). It’s funny how silly pro-lebron people are when they try to use that against kobe but they dont realize that the person they have been trying to uplift is in the same situation. And to address kobe’s subpar performance in GAME 7, many have to be reminded of Michael Jordan’s own misfortunes in closeout games that led to his 6 chanmpionships. Not to take anything away from MJ, but this just goes to show that even the greats have had struggles which should not in anyway take away from their overrall legacy. I believe that instead of diminishing kobe’s greatness his struggles in Game 7 goes to show the true character and work ethic that kobe embodies. During that game, he grabbed 15 boards and still proved clutch in the final minutes of the game. Nailing a jumper, hitting key free throws as well as finding the open Artest for the 3 that sealed the deal. Lastly, Lebron is arguably the best player in the league now, Kobe, on the other hand, is arguably the best player to suit up and who not only just played but breathed basketball. Please any one with a basketball knowledge has to acknowledge his greatness, if not that just consolidates how little you really know about all things that are basketball.

    • Hunter says:

      All I know is LeBron had help through the years and everyone down plays that. I would rather have a 25 year old Kobe than a 25 year old Lebron ANY DAY

  300. blue says:

    yo idiots who like Lebron Kobe won back 2 back titles with DJ Benga as his back up center. LBJ had 2 statrting centers on his team and 4 people who scored 50 in a game his team was fine it was coaching. LBJ is over rated he joined D wades team what a coward

  301. chris says:

    everybody keeps sayin kobe’s team is better!! WTF Throughout the whole season everybody was pickin tha CAVS 2 win tha championship not even mentioning the Lakers… thing is if tha cavs actually raned an offense & had sum coaching they wud have won… The lakers run a triangle offense meanin everybody gets a touch or gets a chance 2 be aggressive 2 score.. thats not tha same with tha cavs, they jus threw tha ball 2 lebron & said go win games smh.. thats not coachin!! I gaurantee you if PHIL JACKSON was tha coach of the CAVALIERS they would have went to the finals & possibly won it all.. this bull sh*t excuse about him not havin a team is ridiculous, lets jus say they’re a regular season team not a playoff team, there coaches jus dnt knw how 2 adjust frm regular season 2 playoffs point blank

  302. ddddd says:

    I only read a little of the Lebron-Kobe arguments and a little of the other stuff. Here is the thing. It is impossible to measure what Lebron, Kobe, or even MJ would have been without their supporting casts. The best way we have to measure it is by championships and variety of the quality of wins. Rodman was just calling it like he saw it. Rodman knew his place on the team as the badboy rebounder. You think Kerr, Kukoc, Longley and co. didnt have a part in Jordan Pippen and Rodmans championships? Geez! MJ and Kobe essentially did it with two different types of teams each… Even if Kobe had good Shaq… Is that Kobe’s fault he was teamed with the good Shaq? The great ones win and make their teammates better… Ala Jordan and Kobe to a lesser degree. You do not make your teammates better by constantly going one on five with teammates standing around with their thumbs up their butts like Lebron did in Cleveland. If one of MJ’s or Kobe’s teammates stood around with their thumbs up their butts those two would have totally been all up in their face to the point where they would fear for their lives if they ever did it again! That and the fact that he punked out to Miami are the reasons why Lebron should never and will never be as great as those two. Lebron has the skills, but not the guts. Dwade will be the guts of Miami and has been since day 1.

  303. COYCOY says:

    In my opinion, Dwight Howard is more skilled than Lebron James. The only advantage of Lebron to Dwight is speed and maybe stamina. And I think Orlando will become Eastern champions this upcoming season.

    • GianCarlo says:

      hey, COYCOY, I beg to disagree with your post. You have to qualify what you meant by “D.Howard ismore skilled than Lebron.” ‘As far as i’m concerned, Howard is deficient in all aspects of his offensive game except for his ability to dunk over opponents at the post owing to his sheer animal strength. Other than that, he needs to develop smooth post moves ala Mchale-Olajuwon-Shaq and a valid threat from mid-range ala Mailman (not to mention consistency at the line). Hence, he’s defending him has been very predictable. Look at how the C’s frustrated him in last post season’s ECF. Athleticism’s definitely not going to be the issue here but his skills are still far from scarying defenders. Lebron has all the skills and a constant triple-double machine. They’re both kids, and should earn rings as they grow mature in the league.

  304. DeMar says:

    It makes me laugh when this haters hate on kobe, sayin shhhh like he shoots too much, he has the best team, he choked in game 7…. At the end of the day Kobe still has 5 rings, scored over 28pts a game in the playoffs, the laker leading scorer, and money. sayin he sucks is just stupid. and for those people that say that he cant win a ring without a team, BESIDES TIM DUNCAN, KOBE BRYANT IS THE ONLY PLAYER THAT HAS WON A RING WITHOUT ANOTHER HALL OF FAMER IN HIS TEAM. believe it or not kobe and the triangle offence make the players better.

  305. Casey says:

    HAHA…Lebron better than these LEGENDS?!! Anyone who was a great player in the 80’s was way better than Lebron will ever be. Back then BBall was a game for MEN. You will never see ayone play D like they did in the 80’s…right now, any touch is a foul and you see players going to the line 15,20 times a game. That’s embarrassing! Like i’ve said…this should a game for MEN! And MEN play hard and physical. Right now, no one plays like that! I even wonder if someone right here saw MJ and Pippen play D. I never saw Lebron defend hard…

    So before someone comes here and diss the LEGENDS do as do and go study the game. Watch BBall games since the 50’s…now information is everywhere and you don’t need to join the press bandwagon that try to sell us that what LBJ did wasn’t “wrong”. How about “values” and “respect” and “competitiveness”?

    Even if LBJ wins a title everyone will say….”this guy was good…not like Jordan, Pippen, Bird, Kareem, Wilt, Magic, Erving,..(then after hundreds of names)…but he was quite good though”.

    Titles don’t build legends, what we do in the game is what defines the player…and right now LBJ is the worst thing that someone can be in…someone who preferes the easy way out instead of fighting hard to achieve the goal.

  306. j.rashad says:

    yo Gabriel c kobe did have shaq and gasol lolol get your post together…….if you are the best winner in the nba your the best player….who cares about flashy passes and high dunks….kobe is a more complete assassin………no weaknesses to his game……maybee you need to watch the Clevland Boston series again…..Kobe is a killer with 5 rings …..lebron is a showman with none period…

    • Jimbo999 says:

      hahaha really now. So you’re saying that Kobe is the only player in a team with that statement? It takes 5 other teammates to win championship so stop saying Kobe is the better player because he has more championship rings. If that’s the case, why don’t we say Fisher is one of the best players in the world.

      You’re just saying that now since the Lakers won a championship recently but I dare you say that 3 to 5 years ago when Pau wasn’t in the Lakers. If you say Kobe is that great and he can win championships, explain to me why they didn’t after Shaq and before Pau.

      Don’t get me wrong, Kobe is great. It’s just that you’re argument is flawed if we’re going to say Kobe is greater because of rings, which in fact he won because of Shaq and now with Pau. The fact is, they should have lost to Boston if not because of ARTEST (not Kobe) in a crucial game.

  307. Lakers2011CHAMPS says:

    All these Lechoke lovers (Gabriel) are giving me a headache. He keeps showing everyone how stupid he is and lacks knowledge of the NBA. U say kobe couldnt have won without pau or shaq. OK, if lebron wins, u can say the same, he cant win without wade and bosh. When they won, all props went to lechoke, when they lose, oh his team sucked. Uh, who had the best reg. season record in the nba for the past 2 seasons? gabriel stfu and hop back on the bandwagon ur smoking some bad stuff dude.

  308. Flawed says:

    One key area that distinguishes Kobe from Lebron. Kobe played despite all of the injuries, broken index finger, back spasm, sprained ankle, sprained knee, and still won NBA championship and Finals MVP. And, yes, he didn’t make them as excuses to his poor performance in the Finals.

    Could Lebron do it? Hell NO!

  309. nomer says:

    LBJ – “GOOD” basketball player = 1 olympic gold medal…mvp
    D-Wade – BETTER = 1 gold + NBA ring, mvp
    but the best basket ball player must have it all (FIBA champ, olympic and NBA ring+ MVP) you must have it all to be called the BEST

  310. Rasheed Syed says:

    I am tired of hearing Lakers vs Heat… Kobe vs Lebron

    Kobe & the Lakers have done it & Lebron & Co. still have to prove it. Time will tell!

    I guess NBA fans forget about Past History: G.Payton, C. Malone….greatest players played once for Lakers. Initially, they were unbeatable and we all know what happened in the end…

    There are other teams in NBA and worthy of winning a championship…

    Remember NBA is a Team game 5 on 5 and not on 1 on 5.

    Only threat from East coast for now is Celtics (They play like Team and that’s why its hard to beat them); Miami still have to prove its worthiness.

    Anything can happen in NBA – that’s whats makes it amazing.

    Amazing happens @ NBA!
    Laker Fan,

  311. C'mon says:

    man, what’s up with so many people still looking down on Lebron? yes, he could have handled the way he presented his decision better, but is that REALLY important? I mean, honestly, I don’t see the problem with having a ego, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the team performances. and lebron’s ego had nothing to do with the cavs crashing in the playoffs, you all say lebron quit, you forget, that there are 4 other players that quit with him. yet no one seems to have a problem with them. besides, these guys get payed to play BASKETBALL, and to WIN, and not much else. what’s wrong with lebron doing what he’s been paid to do? and at the moment, lebron is merely a great player, he will not go down as a legend yet. kobe will. and honestly, the legends saying things about lebron? I’m pretty sure that they would’ve jumped at the opportunity that was presented to james, especially if they’d been playing on a team like cleveland that wouldn’t have had much chance even with lebron to win.

  312. TSS says:

    Look, Lebron is obviously good, I mean he is really good. But to be great, you have to have trophies.Lebron has his MVP’s, so I can consider that to be his trophies. But to be the best, you need NBA Championships. Bottom line, end of story. Lebron doesn’t have any of those. Bryant reigns supreme in this league until anyone can either come close to his number of titles or Bryant retires. As for Lebron’s decision to go to the Heat, I believe it was a respectable decision. It was obviously the place that gave Lebron the best chance to win. But the way he did it was horrendous. He should have made a decision, made it early, and given the Cavs a chance to do something with this offseason. And he should have simply signed his contract and let it be, just like all the other big name free agents on the market. Don’t make an hour special on ESPN with 45 minutes of useless air time. That shows arrogance, a trait no one likes to see in a superstar. So no, James is not the best player in the league. I’m not saying he can’t become that type of player, but he is not there yet.

  313. Liam M says:

    Gabriel C. You just said lebron is not as clutch as kobe. Isn’t that the mark of a great player hitting the big shots? You look at all the great players throughout history they hit big “clutch” shots i can really only remember lebron hitting one maybe 2 game winners. And I’m not sure any of those were in the playoffs where guys like jordan, pippen, kobe, magic, bird, west etc all excelled. lebron is 25ish yeah he may have won mvp but how many rings has he got? How many does kobe have? and how many did kobe have at 25? Lebron may have great stats but he’s not a team man lebron only cares about lebron ant=d that decision 2010 debacle only proved that further. Kobe vs Lebron i think we all kno who’s king

  314. irukandji says:

    Another thing people always mislook is mental. Lebron is easy to spot just because he is a crazy specimen. He has to play well. It is almost a given. But what separates the great from the good is the mental part of the game. The way Jordan will WILL his team to win. THe same for Kobe. Larry Bird had no athletic abilities, but his mental was just crazy. Stockton, Nash, the list goes on. At the end of it, these legends will never walk away after losing a game without shaking the other team’s hand. These legends will never get dunked on by a fresh college guy and decides to suddenly confiscate the video cam. Mark my word. Miami will win championships but it is because of Dwayne Wade. The way he played when he won that championship. That is what I call Mental.

  315. Tyler says:

    Aye Gabriel you have a point about the legends hating but Lebron more clutch than KB24 I think not! I am from L.A I’m not a Laker fan but even you have to admit that Kobe is as clutch as they come. He had 6 game winners last season Lebron had none. I’m sorry but the facts are there bruh Kobe just changes the game more than Lebron.

  316. vOnz says:

    u guys are stupid. Even LBJ said himself KOBE is the BEST player in the NBA RYT now. Go youtube it. seriously..

  317. Aaron says:

    Aight look lebron iz prolly da best player in league. buh dat duznt mean dat he can carry a team by himself, he tried for years in cleveland and he cudnt pull it off. lebron iz smart yo, he duznt care bout bein da only star on da team and being da greatest off all time. he knowz dat if he wins multiple championships all the glory will cum ta him. all these “legends” and otha people hatin on lebron cuz dey know hez gonna win championships and there city wont. the heat might not win it this year but there goin deep an fer da next cuple years der garunteed ta win for a while. and all the heat haters remember we got WADE AND BOSH wit a great bench, da heat are going to be the greatest team eva!!!!

  318. inquirerrrrrrrrrrr says:

    scared of miami??
    let the ball do the talking..
    leBron has erased most of the NBA records at his age..
    he’s a scary dude this season with better and ABLE TEAM MATES..
    if he had monster numbers in cleveland with a mediocre lineUp choking if he plays bad,expect him to average triple doubles or double-doubles in points and assists.
    his scoring would go down but the assists??damn..the only way to go is up..
    haters should face the fact and hope they will blow it..

  319. ELL says:

    kobe only hsa better shot then lebron ; lebron is a better all around player ; take out kobe bryant from the lakers and put in Lebron and that would be a championship every year put Kobe on the cavs and no way dey take the championship

  320. ridiculous says:

    Please, stop saying that if a player has won more championships than Lebron, he is better than Lebron. This is plain wrong. Is anyone calling Luke Walton a better player than Lebron, simply because he has won 2 championships? No. So if your entire argument is centred around the fact that Lebron has not won a championship, just please be quiet and keep your opinion locked up inside that small brain of yours.

  321. les vegas says:

    hey Gabriel C, are you from a family of retards? you sound like the dumbest person who has ever tried to write a sentence. your retarded ass sounds like a 5 year old who can’t pass preschool. oh and by the way lebron will never come close to the greatness that kobe bryant has achieved throughout his illustrious career. lebron is a hack from a new generation who are slowly dumbing down the world and making the entire planet stupider at an alarming rate. how many times can a person say “um” in an interview, sounds like lebron and gabriel c have something in common. who knows maybe lebron will hire gabriel c to help run his business, just adding another idiot to the mix.

  322. morons says:

    I don’t understand how you guys can compare the other great duos/triple threats of the past to these punks. 1-2 players of each group were either drafted or traded into the teams which made them great. Not one of them decided to team up with another great player or duo because they couldn’t do it themselves with a team built around them. Why? Because they all wanted to compete and beat the best. All three of these punks are still young, but didn’t want to put in the time in the league to be considered the greatest/one of the greats. They just wanted to be put on the fast track to the winners circle.

    You can’t be the “king” of anything if you haven’t proven yourself, won it as the main man, or put enough blood, sweat and tears in. You definitely can’t be the “king” or a legend if the refs literally turn their heads and ignore blatant violations of fundamental basketball. Granted, all stars get special treatment, but ignoring obvious and easy calls to allow a highlight reel only taints your career in the eyes of true fans and legends of the sport. Players, fans, coaches, broadcasters alike comment that james gets away with a lot with his traveling/crab dribble/half step whatever he wants to call it.
    Guys like Malone, Stockton, Barkley, Ewing, etc. never gave up and tried to sign with Jordan’s bulls. They all continued to play to try and beat him. That’s why players like them will always be above divas like james, no matter what kind of numbers, mvps, scoring titles, highlight reels he puts up.

  323. irukandji says:

    Dam Gariel C. You areeee stupid aren’t you. Ask any god damn players anytime. Start by asking Steve Nash. Ask him if he would trade his 2 MVPs for one championship ring. The answer is a resou nding YES! he will. ANytime. Which shows, nothing will ever come close to a championship. So until Lebron wins one, he has not accomplished anything close to Kobe, let alone the CHicago dynasty.

  324. Jaycam05 says:

    Lebron is talented with no heart. Lebron isn’t even on Scottie level yet until he wins multiple titles. I lost all respect for Lebron as a player for what Sir Charles calls his “punk moves”. You are the most gifted player in the league and u run away from Cleveland to go and play with 2 other stars? F$#k Lebron and the Miami Trio.

  325. patrick says:

    i really dont agree on how charles barkely came out saying words like punk move.Lebron manhood is not of ? only how he made his choice is what most people (claim) to be why thier upset. The truth is they are hater. Why didnt charles stay on the 76ers team.He was the man there, why he left he could have lead that team to the same place he took the suns and (we know how far they went) the cavs changed GM,and coaching and the owner wasnt proven on knowing a blue print for a title. That not james fault that he used his head and said i want better. Now charles just wanted more company on that greatest player not to win it all list and with lebron on it charles knows maybe people would take less hits at his career also.Barkely is not from clev. really why is he so disppointed,cause he rather watch someone run thier body down and not give himself the chance to hold up the ring CHECK URSELF CHARLES YOU R WRONG ON DIS ONE

  326. Mayne says:

    Now Lebron is GOOD, but he is not great. To be Great you got to have rings. With that being said I understand why he wants to be in MIAMI. He as well knows he is not great until he wins a championship or two. So why cant we get over the fact that he still have to prove himself. Just like any one else. Look at Penny Hardaway, Larry Johnson Dirk Norwitki they are all Stat Kings, but it mean nothing with out a ring….

  327. Bungs says:

    ^^….what are sayin ?? Lebron spent 7 seasons with the cavs…..Kobe in his 4th season got SHAQ !! (ONE OF THE GREATEST CENTER’S OF ALL TIMES. PERIOD) ….. Lebron, who did he get ??? MO Williams ??? …..u gotta understand, Kobe has had a good supporting cast for most of his career, and you gotta understand tht Kobe has never won a ring without SHAQ or PAU, and FYI, Kobe wasnt the MVP the first 3 rings he won, which means tht he wasnt the best player in the team…..Kobe is Cluth now…but he wasnt always Cluth !! …remember those AIR BALLS ???? ….anyone remember THREE AIRBALLS @ CLUTCH MOMENT VS THE JAZZ ?? …….Lebron is def a better player who makes his teammates better, but Kobe is def more clutch than Lebron ……and in time Lebron’s gon b clutch too !! …. and he def will be a legend when its all said and done….no doubt. This past playoffs Delonte was screwin his mum, so u already know wht tht means … lolll

  328. LA dudes says:

    LOL! theres no doubt lebron has game but will that game last for many seasons in the NBA for him to win more championships that kobe let alone jordan or even bill russel come get real guys, lebron is by far the most athletic player for his size in the league right now lets not take that away from him but athletic ability disappears with age just like any athletically gifted players before him whose careers ended or started to end in their late 20’s or early 30’s unlike the likes of kobe and jordan whose proven time and time again their style of game will be much more effective in winning multiple titles their long jumpers those fade away shot that both kobe and jordan do to its perfection is just something lebron james just doesnt HAVE and will never HAVE and kobe is doing this at his 30’s where he doesnt have to be as big as lebron to do it or as athletic that is why kobe will still win games for the Lakers and another ring or 2.. but im not a lebron hater i just think him winning more titles that any player is just IMPOSSIBLE.. i hope he wins at least 1 for his sake cause it will be a shame with all the debates at the hype people have surrounded him with and him being the so called king..

  329. nameko komina says:

    how stupid… in any topic about basketball, it all ends up to comparing kobe and lebron… stick with the topic guys, please???

  330. sid says:

    yo you all talk some funny stuff man! The kid from St. Vincent-St. Mary HS is a good stud! One does not win MVPs and make over 30p average being a punk!
    But being the Greatest of all time? No way yet for sure! Remember Wilt the Stilt? If its all about stats, LBJ and everybody else is sooooo faaaar behind!
    Than if not about stats, what is to be measured? – Rings? Yo who will get Bill Russell, MJ or Kobe? – LBJ – hehe again no way yet!
    Why its his Greatness? – cause its about changing the game! ! ! Its about make the difference! Being different than all the other great guys! Being a little better in all ways!
    If LJB wants that – its a loooong and hard way to go and being greedy for championship and taking easy way to get them, is definetly no part of becoming his Greatness.
    Thats why people talk about Bird, Magic, Jordan, Kobe and Kareem as the elite of the greatest game on earth.
    LBJ will win his championships but with that decision he will never be the Greatest of all time !

  331. mateo says:

    tingyman,, doomang.. applause!! 😉 lets see hu wil win this 2011 nba finals! dont talk too much! remember, celts can beat the heat in playoff.. but in western conf?? i dont think der is a team hu can beat LA.. and as individual player? maybe LBJ is one of the good player now in the league???? but please dont compare him wit kobe!!because kobe is kobe..maybe he’s aging, but he can still play a monster game for his team.. remember the 5rings he had..and its not kobe’s fault if he has shaq or pau?? and a powerhouse supporting cast?? and remember this idiot, LA still have “coach phil”. about the legends?? please.. do respect them!

  332. Dennis says:

    Lebron is the best athlete in the league. Kobe is the best player, he helps his team reach their potential so they can all work well together to win championships, this cannot be doubted or argued against because its truth. lebron gave up against the celtics 5 minutes to go down 12 points and he gives up, that shows no leadership and selfishness, he doesnt deserve all his hype. His ego is out of control and i think the greats have it right when they talk about him. All lebrons hype over shadowed the cavs making it harder for his team mates to get better and be able to help more, he is a huge attention seeker and he will be a toxic aqcuisition for the miami heat. If he even wins a title it wont be more than one title that he wins.

  333. Seriously says:

    I don’t hate LeBron, but I understand why many people fault him on his choice. Firstly, Kobe was a nobody when he was paired with Shaq, and was meant to compliment Shaq’s dominace with an adequate outside game. Same goes for Pau, who, before coming to the Lakers, was at best a star (who was having a terrrible year). Of course now people talk as if Pau was the savior of the Lakers, who actually had the best record in the west before Bynum went down and Pau came. These players built great chemistry (something that the 04-07 Lakers, with Smush aka Guong Dong Tigers, Chirs Mihm, Luke Walton, KWAME BROWN, could never achieve). What LeBron did was different- Basically, what his actions infer is him saying “Oh, I think I’ll join up with another TOP 3 player in the league and an established big man. It’s because I want to win. And oh ya, I’m taking a salary cut IN A PLACE WITHOUT TAX DEDUCTIONS.” This is without precedent (and for those who think Pip was a top 3 player….just wow). It’s never been done before, so people are naturally averse to it. I personally don’t like it, and don’t belive that winning in that kind of situation brings any glory,,,,but that’s just me. Still, I’d prefer LeBron to win at least once, and do not end up like Tracy McGrady (argue all you want, but they do share similarities such as athletisism and court vision. Haters are gonna hate (so ignore them), and worshipers are gonna worship. Remmeber that as fans we shouldn’t give a flying **** about the players feelings or desires or such, so we shouldn’t let our preferences affect our opinions.

  334. LLMN says:

    None of this will matter in three years time when Kevin Durant is the best player in the league and schooling both Kobe and Lebron.

  335. The Don says:

    This is so stupid, people getting upset at Lebron for joining DWayde and calling it a punk move. Unless we have all forgotten, Karl Malone had a partner on his team that got into the HOF (Stockton). Now Jordan has a team mate to go into the HOF (Pippen). Larry Bird has Dennis Johnson going into the HOF. Magic had Kareem going into HOF. Kobe and Pau will eventually be in there. All this talk about Lebron should do it by himself is a bunch of foolishness. The guys who tried to do it by themselves, (meaning did not have another HOF player as their team mate) never won a championship. Can you think of one? Because I can’t. No one, and I mean not one of the Legends you can think of has won a championship BY THEMSELVES. eg. Barkley, Ewing, etc. David Robinson didn’t win one until Duncan (who will eventually enter the HOF) came along. Dr. J didnt win one until Moses Malone came to the Sixers. They all had another great/HOF player next to them. So now Lebron has DWayde and they will both make the HOF someday. Everyone just needs to shut up and watch basketball and root for their team.

  336. james says:

    hi. you all can sh*t up now. james, is a great player. but i don’t think he’s the best. if he is, he should have a championship ring. but he ain’t wearin’ one. so shove that thought in your a**. Kobe, a great player too. but proved to everyone that he’s the best. not statistically, but a team player. to win a championship, they need to be a team. lebron had a lot of help. shaq, ben wallace, etc. still no C ring. now say what you want to say. lebron still ain’t the greatest player, coz he can’t play in a team. basketball is playing a team. not the lebron show. not the kobe show. the whole team. here’s the thing: what happens when the scores are tied 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter? it’s always the kobe show and kobe had a lot of experience winning with the ball in his hands. Lebron? naaah! still not mature enough. i agree they should leave lebron alone. he just want to get a championship ring. like everyone else. people or retired nba players are just insecure, coz they have the chance to win a trophy. but i dis agree in lebron being the best. PROVE IT! TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE. kobe did.

  337. shankason says:

    Here’s food for thought personally LeBron is not as good as people say check this he only his God given skills got him looking good (speed, jumping, hight) his game what he bring to the table is average

  338. Rafael says:

    Stop hating on Lebron James because he average 27,8,8 his first 7 years in the league. Who’s ever done that? Exactly.

  339. takeiteasy says:

    Hey everybody, I do not understand why everyone is so disgruntled over the Lebron decision. He was a free agent. WHO CARES WHAT HE DECIDED. THIS IS PART OF THE GAME. With all do respect to Rodman, he needs to focus on dealing with his drug addictions and not not younger kids like Lebron. Barkely needs to deal with his gampling issues and seek serious psychological help for never winning a championship. I JUST PITY THAT MAN. If these “Legends” were real men they would take their comments to Lebron one on one. I have no doubt in my mind that they are all coming out of the wood works now out of jealousy. It’s really going to be comedy if Miami meets the Fakers I mean Lakers in the finals and sweeps them. If this Miami team stays healthy, they will win multiple championships. I mean that is why NBA teams compete right? Or is it to please the “Legends”.

  340. Eric says:

    True enough all the hate isn’t warranted….look at the following players and teammates they have had

    Charles Barkley forced way out of Philly—need i say asked to be traded by the team that drafted him…while in his prime…
    Played with Moses malone – if not mistaken, Dr. J, and maybe even maurice cheeks..after those players retired off to phoenix to play with gun slinger Marjerle, Kevin Johnson…and a few others….then came his Big 3 opportunity with Houston —-may i add played with Olajuwon after just winning titles and The Great Pippen signed on board….

    bannded from convo

    Rodman played with numerous hall of famers – Joe Dumars, Isaih Thomas, Bill Laimbeer , great shooter in microwave Vinnie Johnson, —–after leaving pistons –played with Spurs and David Robinson, chasing rings, Played vital part of Bulls 2nd 3 -peat…Toni Kukoc, Michael Jordan, Pippen, sharp shooters Kerr and paxson, craig hodges…all of which were tops at 3 point shooting ..


    The Great Magic Johnson

    Stated had he not be drafted by the lakers and instead of the Bulls he would have went back to school…banned banned banned…Lakers had Karrem, Scott, James worthy, michael Cooped, Divac as Backup..and others….

    come on the list goes on and on…So maybe you can say Jordan was maybe the only one that suffered like that when coming in the league as all the other teams had great teams before there stars shined….

    Most couldn’t leave they teams because they signed extensions for bum deals…which meant the teams were in control and had they not done that they wouldn’t be so bitter..they just mad because a man say a great opportunity and took it…i know it had to hurt Jordan and Pippen when Shaq came in in 1992 and was making more money then them both….and hadn’t done anything …we just experiencing this bitterness as the previous generation of stars couldn’t have planned it any better…

    Plus what about Kobe Threatening to leave a few years ago because of the lack of talent he felt he had surrounded him…if he would have left the Lakers he wouldn’t have been viewed this terribly…But at least Lebron didn’t try to force a trade and honered his contract and not pull a Charles Barkley, Shaq move…

  341. Dardy Fella says:

    The only thing I believe Lebron is guilty of is taking himself out of the debate of “Best Player Ever”. I mean hypothetically, if the Lakers win it this year, then Kobe has a legitimate arguement at least. What Leb did is similar to the Celts Big 3, sacrificing their own legacy in the hunt for a championship. Which is not morally a bad thing, but it does weaken the league somewhat. I am a big fan of evenly distributed competition, I guess watching the league in the 90’s had something to do with it. I mean personally I’d prefer to see Leb compete against guys like Wade and Bosh, but one cannot say that if they personally were in the same position, they would not choose the Miami option..Just ask one of the ‘Legends’ who didn’t win a ring how it feels..

  342. Gabriel C. says:


    • ronnoco yrral says:

      Lebron couldn’t recruit players to join him…Kobe recruits players who show they want to win…Lebron couldn’t even persuade CB to join him in Cleveland.

      Kobe fights for his team and with them, he’ll call them out and they respond…Did Lebron do that in Cleveland? NO that’s why they got swept by the old Spurs and booted out of the playoffs by the Magic of 2009 and Boston of 2010.

  343. Tooch says:

    I love all these Lebron D Suckers. The Heat’s supporting cast consists of let’s see:

    Mike Miller: takes one jump shot then breaks his leg
    Big Z: stands up from his chair, breaks his leg
    Mario Chalmers: sounds like a video game cereal
    Haslem: broke ass predator looking marg
    Juwan Howard: isn’t he living on social security checks?
    Joel Anthony: enjoy the foul trouble Heat fans
    Heat fans: some of the biggest fair weather fans in all of sports. Football runs that town and their fans are all of bandwagon losers.

    I’m from Chicago with the past 12 years of terrible teams and we lead the league in attendance, have high basketball IQ’s for fans and oh yeah we have a team that can compete and prolly beat you Heat suckas. Did Lebron cover D Rose last year? NO Will any of your perimeter guards cover him this year? NO Is your team well rounded? hard working? non injury prone? NO!!! Enjoy your broken down 1960s Volkswagon van of a team and Van Gundy go eat your own a$$ you bald no talent a$$ clown!!!

  344. TEX says:

    Hey flash in your words how can lebron be better then kobe if he chokes every year in the playoffs u idiot kobe is the basketball monster you can only compare him with one player only and thats Jordan and by the way the best player in the ligue after KB24 is kevin durant not lebron he cant beat the celtics or win a championship how can be better then kobe if he got 5 goin for 6 but get this straight its D-Wade’s team not lebrons

  345. Da Truth says:

    The best player in the NBA is Lebronator.
    2 times MVP in a Row
    MVP in all star game
    Rookie Of the Year
    Best ratio of Assist in his position
    In this year he had the best average in the 4rt quarter (Kobe MR. Closer?????)
    Kevin Durant won the scoring tittle because Lebronator don’t play the last 3 or 4 games of the season.
    He even have better percent of shooting, much better than Kobe THE PEDOFILE Bryant.
    And believe me, he going to make a lot of triple double with the Miami Heats thats gonna be ridiculous.
    Just do your homework and search. Kobe have more rings because of the team but just see the team that Lebronator takes to the finals and compare.

    • ronnoco yrral says:

      Best average doesn’t tell the whole story though, you should still be able to pull you team to win a playoff SERIES.

  346. la purple says:

    kobe did not choke in game 7. He struggle in the begining and closed the game out in the end. Thats not choking. La is going to win it next year. everyone else is just on drugs thinking the heat are going to be the team to beat. Their not going to be able to beat boston who i can stand. Besides lebron’s jumpshot still isnt there. He still has them young leg under him but when those nba miles start to add up on him lets see how good of a player he really is.

  347. Garyj says:

    Lebron is not better than kobe>> compare him to kobe is like comparing kobe to MJ>>> just an absolute dumb thing to do…

  348. SOSRaptors says:

    Tsk Tsk

    This debate will go on forever, but to say LBJ is better then MJ, Kobe, Barkley, etc is ridiculous. Like many have said on this post – LBJ has done nothing except being really talented, fun to watch, oh and disappoint.

    Yes LBJ dominates but he does not close out games which in any sport is a must. (i.e. 09’10 playoffs – LBJ saying how serious he is about winning, how focused he is- then the series start and what does he do? bite his nails)

    IMO I feel sorry for any basketball fan who started watching the NBA after the 03’04 draft class, because they never got to watch true competitors of the 80’s and 90’s. Men who we’re being paid half as much but we’re competing twice as much.

    MJ, Kobe, Pippen, Barkley, Robinson, Hardaway, Bird, Thomas etc these we’re players that lasted so long in the L because they had complete games.

    LBJ has two dominate offensive moves Drive to the basket or shoot when open (no mid range) once his athleticism leaves his body – then what? this is the reason why the greats made sure they could score from anywhere on the floor because they knew their limitations our bodies can only take so much until it hits a wall, and I think LBJ is starting to feel nervous that the older he gets the smaller his window is to win a championship- that’s why he joined forces with his “friends”

    “Better to lose with Dignity, then to win after giving in.”

    Westbrook to Durant FTW!!!!!

  349. Amunone says:

    the ignorance of some people is absurd? where do you guys get your information from? dou just look at the stats on a video game? lebron isnt a leader. the point is the NBA is a to challenge yourself. this guy has taken the easy route since he was a kid. a picture perfect life. the guys couldnt even start his own legacy let alone choose his own number.

  350. the legends that you’re talkin bout ain’t half the athlete that lebron is, i guess u guys dwell too much on the past coz ur a bunch of old fags that are having difficulty moving on in life! barkley, ewing, malone, stockton coz they don’t have the balls to make top decisions coz they’re too selfish & self centered to share the limelight with anyone! the so called greats who won the ring got back ups! lebron only has 14 mindless zombies as teamates! ol of ya people who see him as a choker should try to get to the nba draft & play for an NBA franchise, lead his team deep into the playoffs & actually win a championship! if dat happens i would really believe lebron is a choker & u haters are a better player/individual!

  351. suj says:

    Also, Jordan could have won a championship without Scottie Pippen.
    He took the Bad Boys Pistons to 7 games pretty much all by himself, before Scottie was great in the ECF. If they had won that series, Jordan would have won his first championship. The years before that he also met the Pistons a couple times who they lost against in 6, before the Pistons went on to win the championship.

    You guys should see the way Jordan answered after his losses, he was very professional and very unlike Lebron James. Jordan waits for his chance at competition, and played his best against the best teams. I mean you can see his game face, and how he did not want to lose any cost.

    Lebron does not have that mental edge. Lebron does not have the post up skills, the dribbling skills, the art, the craft, the drive, the shot, or style that Jordan had. Lebron is athletically gifted, but his game is nowhere near Jordan.

    They shouldn’t be compared, and until Lebron wins a ring, he hasn’t done anything for the game.

    I mean just imagine if Jordan has Lebron’s body. He would be playing from a different planet.

    • GianCarlo says:

      Interesting post Suj! 🙂

      Comparing MJ and LBJ, is like history repeating itself (especially if young stars refuse to learn from the lessons of the legends). MJ took the Bad Boys in 7 games and so did LBJ in 2006 ( with a new look Bad Boys defense) pretty much by himself too. Remember that game when LBJ scored the final 20+ points of the Cavs to beat the Pistons? Well, this performance aint enough to win the series right? Morever, MJ got passed the Pistons in the same fashion as LBJ ..through team work! So I guess ” MJ the ROY, MVP, DPOY, etc.” wouln’t be “MJ the champ” without PIP and the gang…and that’s why PIP earns his place in the hall.

      You also talked about mental edge. Well, MJ didn’t have that too we he was facing that Piston roadblock two decades ago. He thought that he can simply outrun, outjump, and outscore the opponent by himself, until the Bad Boys man handled them with the so-called Jordan rules. I don’t blame MJ for believing in his ability ’cause his scoring feats are really astounding and dominating, but it was only then when he started to share the ball did he begin the road on being a champ.

      As for LBJ, he already has a complete game back in high school. Passing has never been an issue for him obviously. But after making a lot of team adjustments since 2007, the cavs seems incapable of surrounding James with great players and I mean great players ’cause talented players abound the league. I think he decided to move on and not pass on the opportunity to play with the next great players in Bosh and DWade.

      As for mental edge again, Jordan developed it through time and with this came along his game. Maturity and age transformed “Air Jordan” to become “His Airness, ” and there’s a mile of difference between these two periods. AIr Jordan beats you with tremendous defense, a steal and a fastbreak dunk or an unbelievable aerial display of athleticism. “His Airness,” with all his sense of royalty, can beat you simply with a mental game and an unguardable fade-away jumper. He need not try so hard to beat opponents anymore. So give LBJ the kid time to realize his full potential. Let’s see if LBJ will have the heart and brains to compliment his skills.

      And BTw, Michael need not to have LBJs body to play for a different planet, he’s beaten some aliens in 1996. LOL 🙂

  352. Ryan says:

    BTW, when I say breaking the record, Kobe used to hold the youngest player to reach 15K points, and now LEBRON has it! he even achieved the title younger than KOBE had! LOL!

  353. zay says:

    Lebron says he just wants to win a championship before he has bad knees and is in his late thirties with potentially nothing. If all he wants is a ring than going to Miami is his best choice, no doubt about it. However, I do believe Lebron wants to have his cake and eat it to. I believe this young man still wants badly to be as great as Kobe and legends Magic, Bird and MJ at the end of his career. Unfortunately, this is the part that is going to make any cake he eats taste like it was made with artificial sweetner. This is where his decision to go to Miami to win (if he wins) totally will ruin his chances for those regards to garnish his titles. If any real knowledgeable basketball fan will know that when you win championships as the leader of your team and not a role player it carries more weight. Yes, Magic had Kareem and Worthy but everyone knew that team was Magic’s. Bird had Mchale and Parish but there was no mistaking whose team that was. There is no way Lebron can move to Miami and claim the Heat to be his nor should sports analyst or blinded Lebron fans try and say it his team now. Wade has proven that the Heat is his team by leading the Heat to their first title and putting on a performance that even Kobe has yet to do in the Finals by averaging close to 40 points a game for the series. How soon everyone forgets. Yes, he had Shaq and Mourning but Mourning was a role player coming off the bench at that stage and even Shaq said he was only there to help because he was at the stage of being productive, no longer dominate. Lastly, on the debate on who is the greatest player in the NBA today, no one. Not Kobe, Lebron, Wade etc. The league is just at a point of having a lot of outstanding players that are all so comparable in their talents/skills that none of the fans or analyst can agree. If any of these players were truly the greatest in the league today there would not be such varied opinions. For example, when MJ was playing, you did not see debates like this when he won his first title. The analyst called him the greatest, even his peers like Magic, Bird, Isaiah and Barkley etc as well. When your greatest peers all say the same thing about your game, that’s truth. When it comes done to it, the fan’s opinions do not count because we have not and never will get to play against our basketball heroes.

  354. Jack Barclay says:

    Muahhahahahahahah! Awesome. If the “legends” keep piling on the hate Lebron could play the angriest, meanest season of basketball he’s ever played. I swear to god that’s what made Jordan so good. He hated everyone and everyone hated him and he did not give a crap. He was their to embarass you every single night. That’s what Lebron needs. Hate.

    BRING the HATE! Lebron needs YOUR HATE! Fuel his fire!

  355. shankason says:

    James is just not a leader plain and simple like wise Bosh, now Wade show leadership by gethering the rest. I played baskball all my life and those cosdered to the best I wanted to beat them and would pick up some lil kids to play before I join so call best.
    I could understand them doing this late in their career but not this early.
    They’re not going to win no time soon anyway, The guys in Green ready, they may gel by the end of the season that will be one year gone, next year Orlando will be better so is the rest of the east
    Then there’s the Purple and Gold in the west waiting

  356. BALLERS says:

    Gabriel C, I agreed what you have said to these guys but not winning a title is still nothing man 😀 Lakers for life 🙂

  357. saint says:

    F**k S**t… no matter what you say, LEBRON now is just a sidekick of DWANE WADE. In other words, his in Dwane shadow and that shows that even you’re saying that Lebron is the best or What? he”s just looking for someone else to give a ring for him…hahahah.. and that is tha TRUTH…LEBRON is Robin and WADE is the BATMAN… will Lebron take that for years to come that he is just a sidekick…HAHAHAHA

  358. Steven says:

    I dont understand why people compare lebon james to any of the greats….Honestly kobe is way far out of lebrons leauge….And you cant say lebron didnt have a chance his young team got beat by the old celtics. So lebron got mad and left….. If he dosnt win a championship this year his crown should be revoked and at least giving to somebody with promise… Kevin Durant


    I must say, though I can not stand him, his elbow fouls to create room that do not get called, (like Jordan’s Pushoffs), Kobe Bryant is way better then LeBron. He, like Jordan, knows how to command a team. When the team is hot, he feeds, when not, he takes over. For LeBron, at times he seems unstoppable, at other times confused.

    To be completely honest, if you want to say who is the Best player it is Kobe, and I can’t stand Kobe.

    I personally think Talent wise, and future NBA hall of famer, most titles won will be Kevin Durant. The next MJ.

    LeBron is 3rd. LeBron does not have heart. Kobe has talent and a little heart, his arrogance stops him though; KD has pure talent and heart, humble is what will get him 7 titles under his belt for sure. LeBron is a coward, needs Wade and Bosh to secure 3 titles at most. Better thank D3 and B1.

    Though I am a Knicks fan, I would have loved to see LeBron in Clevland or LA Clippers. Not as a Knick. I know true players, and as a Knick Fan I want Kevin Durant, and if ever possible, Dwight Howard.

  360. GianCarlo says:

    Playing to win championships with his closest friends seem lame. But come to think of it, maybe that’s the only reason he has in mind…as simple as that.

    Perhaps, followers of the sport have been overanalyzing this issue and I don’t blame them ’cause it came to us as a shock. I wonder how they would have reacted when Moses Malone, Houston’s reigning MVP at the time, was shipped to Philly. I know it’s an entirely diffrerent story but I deem it equally shocking. Did anybody react negatively when KG and Ray Allen joined the C’s? Was it because they’re past their prime, but was that even an excuse? KG and Ray-Ray wanted to win a ring so they chose to be teammates…as simple as that.

    Lest we forget, Lebron is a sportsman, they have certain values that we take out of the equation ’cause we’re too busy predicting their behavior depending on player salary, the market they’re in, and other sports business aspects. I guess we should be taking into consideration personal relationships too. I bet Lebron felt a certain high when he was running fastbreaks with DWade and Bosh in Beijing two years ago. They also gained a sense of collective achievement there, and I bet he’s glad to share it with these guys whose camaraderie can be traced back from their AAU days and nba draft day 2003.

    MJ’s rise to greatness inadvertently showed us that in order to be great, a great player had to be nourished and complimented by another great. He might have been dying to play at a championship-type of level so he took pay cuts and risked not being the go-to-guy in DWade country. And that my friends is something he had never experienced before. Is this bad? I don’t know but I will not blame Lebron for his preference.

    Just let Lebron prove that he knows what he’s doing. History will judge him if he made the right choice and how it will impact the league in the years to come. By the way, we never criticized Jordan for appearing feeble-minded when he came out of retirement twice. Interestingly, he said that he’s returning to the hardwood for the “love of the game” twice as well. We all took that statement as something profound only because he’s Michael Jordan. But then again, as a true sportsman that he is, maybe that catch phrase is as straight-forward as it can be. As simple as that. So what’s the big deal about it?

  361. kreece says:

    Look the Heat are doing what the Bulls did in the 90’s and what the celtics did the years they were good. The Heat may or may not have three future Hall of Famers, but the Bulls had Three (all in top 50 players) and the Celtics had to have over three, oh lets not forget about the Lakers in the 80’s and early 90’s. My point is that all the greats had greats around them so y do we care now. We probably don’t care anymore now then they did during the other years just now a days everything is media related. Technology is far greater now then ever so the media can make a small deal out of this and it turns into a big one due to the technology of today. By the way Scottie and Michael may have been the two best players in the league and they were on the same team. Rodman was by far the best rebounder/ defender in the league. You can not say the same about the Heat. They may eventually have the best player in the league but until Kobe gets dethroned he is the best.

  362. Truthhurts says:


    Lebron is not the best player ever, as a matter of fact he’s not even in the top 5. Why? First of all I’m a die hard kobe fan and Micheal Jordan was and is the best player ever. 2nd best player ever Kobe Bryant. And from 3 through 5 here are some players for you to pick from since you seem to be a little bit uneducated, but make sure you dont put the quitter in the top five or else it shows your education level and we dont want people to know that. Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Kareem,Wilt the stilt, and Majic, end of conversation.

  363. Jason says:

    Lebron can not be considered great till he carries a team to a championship.. he had big expectations from all the legends and disappointed everyone by leaving his team and jointing two all stars to try and win… jordan the great did not leave, kobe BRYANT did not leavee, tim duncan did not leave, bill rusell did not leave, magic jhonson did not leave larry bird did not leave. etc.. the great ones don’t leave thats why lebron james is garbage.. what he does is not spectacular because kobe has been there and done that along with jordan.. if u don’t wanna believe that your ignorant.. and did you forget about young vince carter he way more athletic than lebron.. Lebron is all hype sorry people

  364. suj says:

    It’s funny how people fail to recognize one thing. I can’t believe all these Lebron homers are supporting him over the legends. If you have any respect for the game and aren’t a 12 year old Lebron fan, then you would know what these legends have done and accomplished with their teams, and what the legends have done for the game.

    First of all, you don’t see anyone hating on Dwyane Wade for being on the same team with Lebron James and Chris Bosh? Did anyone try to understand why? Because he did it the the right way, he stayed on his team and let players come to him. If Lebron stayed on his team and let Dwyane come to him, everyone would be hating on Wade for being all the reasons everyone is hating on Lebron.

    Stop giving excuses to Lebron. His team win 60 + games back to back. Jordan with 60+ wins never failed to lose a championship. Lebron had a good team, a great team.

    The all time greats stayed one team, and let their teams build around them, either through the draft or by trading. To them, winning was everything but not at the cost of competition. Imagine if Bird, Larry, and Jordan played on one team. 3 of the 5 starters from the 1992 dream team, much like the 3 of the players from the redeem team joining together in miami. They would destroy the league, and all competition in there way. I mean it would be unfair.

    Their biggest drive wasn’t winning, their biggest drive was competition. A drive Lebron James proved that he doesn’t have. They didn’t become greats by saying I am good, let me leave my team to some place else and win championships by destroying the league. They became greats by saying I am good, but not good enough because I didn’t win a championship. I will improve on every aspect of my game, help my teammates get better, and let’s play the game it was meant to play to win a championship.

    Everyone acts as if Scottie Pippen made Jordan as good as he was. If you think for a second, Jordan came before Scottie. He made a name for himself way before Scottie became the player that got inducted to the hall of fame. If it weren’t for Jordan being the mentor, the teacher, and a leader to make way for Scottie to develop his game into all time great, Scottie wouldn’t have been inducted to the hall of fame. He came off the bench for a couple years, and if I remember correctly, he started his first game against the all famous shot on Ehlo by Jordan.

    Jordan made Scottie good, before Scottie could ever support Jordan to win a championship.

    I love how everyone here says if they had the chance to team up with other players in the prime they would have jumped for that chance. The fact of the matter is, they didn’t jump to any team until their prime was over. They were competitors first, and you can see this by how they extended their contracts. So you are basically calling everyone liars, legends, who have all said the same thing.

    I’ll tell you one thing, what you guys say, it is nothing but a grain of salt because you weren’t a legend, hell most of you probably didn’t even play college ball. You guys don’t understand the game of basketball, probably because you are too young to. I will take word of legends over anything you guys say any day.

    I am a huge Miami Heat fan, but hate the decision Lebron made. Competition has been killed. I know when I play ball, that I always seperate myself from another great player on the playground, in fact I give myself a disadvantage everytime by picking the less talented players, only for competition, to get better, and to prove that I can win at any cost. That is the heart of a basketball player. Competition.

    Learn the game before you speak. Thank you.

  365. zach says:

    the fact is…..lebron’s decision was not a bad one. anyone who thinks that lebron “quit” is out of their mind. a blind man could’ve looked at the cavs after this last season and said that the team is not good enough to win in the finals (excluding lebron). the only criticism the man deserves is the WAY he left cleveland, not why he did it. he learned from barkley and malone’s mistakes. loyalty is great, and that is why he gave 7 years of his career to cleveland. staying longer would have resulted in great seasons and no reward but statistics. the kobe vs lebron debate is absoultely ridiculous as well. two different poistions and approachs to scoring all together. kobe vs dwayne or durant vs lebron is a different story. in some aspects lebron takes kobe, and in some aspects kobe takes lebron. comparing who is better is like running in a circle.

  366. Kendall W. says:

    Lebron will never win as many titles as Kobe if the Heat win so be it even tho i really believe the Lakers are taking it again. But they have the most versatile offense in the league (on paper) and if they dont win a title THIS SEASON that entire trade was a bust. Lebron went to DWYANE WADE’S team! Dwade already brought Miami their title and he will be a legend in South beach for forever but like all of the greats they did it with THEIR team. Kobe eventually made the Lakers his team and he won titles. And for the people that said Kobe choked in game 7 take a look at Mj in game 6 vs Utah he shot below 50% and his team still won. He also only had 1 rebound and kobe had wat 14 or 15 n game 7? You wont always have good games. But Lebron choked for an entire series vs. the celtics and the magic in 09. Come on ppl get it together. Jordan is number one with kobe behind him and Lebron cant even be number 3 because he has no championships and no credibility to any championship that he MIGHT win on Miami! He is a great REGULAR SEASON PLAYER but i would rather have 2 Finals MVP’s that 2 regular season MVP’s. How can u blame it on his team? They had the best record in the League 2 seasons straight but when Lebron begn to falter in the playoffs so did they.

  367. Freddy says:

    I’m not a Kobe or a LeBron fan. What I think is that Kobe is the better player, not only in the clutch time. LeBron is physically better, but I don’t see him capable of doing the things Kobe’s able to do. Kobe is a complete scoring machine, who scored and will score also when his body will not respond as it does right now. LeBron is faster than him and maybe stronger than anybody, but these are things you lose with age. In 5-6 years he’ll not be as dominant as he’s right now. Maybe this is the reason he decided to merge forces with other great players: to preserve his career (he’ll not carry his team on his shoulders anymore) and to win as fast as he can. He’s not a better shooter than Kobe, and he has not all the tools Kobe has to score. Kobe will be capable to lead a team, even when he’ll be 35-36. I don’t see LeBron capable to do that: when his body will begin to lose something, also the player will not be as great as he’s right now. Jordan at 40 was still capable to do 20 ppg. I don’t see LeBron able to do that…

  368. Ryan says:

    I am sick and tired of those people hating KING JAMES. Statistically he is the best player in the league 2-time MVP, averaging almost triple-double. Come on he may not have proven his self but in due time he will give the guy a break! I respect KOBE and his fans but remember this HE IS BREAKING KOBE’s record HAHAHA!!!

  369. king1314 says:

    you all are idiots lebron is a beast and unstoppable he loves the fans in cleveland and he respects them it is his home and many players thourghout history have left teams who cares if its a superstar or a bench player they left their team its thir choice nobody else can decide what they do with their own lives deal with it you fools. and lebron i a leader how can u say he isnt foolish again. finally he didnt choke triple double n last game but thats choking? your idiots give him respect and n the finals he played the spurs they greatest defense in the 2000’s fact! and kobe has always had another all star on his team he couldnt do it alone FACT

  370. RON says:

    At the end of the day the best player in the league is kobe at least he stay there when times was bad for the lakers. he stayed he never gave up like lebron did so i can see why the old stars are ripping lebron, i think lebron should have stayed with the cavs he was just one more player away its not like the team was bad boston was just a better team,but i like lebron i think he is a special player but he is no kobe.

  371. Gabe says:

    I can’t believe all these people saying Lebron is the best player ever. How old are you guys? Do you have any sense of history? Lebron hasn’t proven a damn thing except that he’s extremely talented and one of the best players in the league. That’s all. There are a lot more things that make up being the greatest and Lebron is far from being just that. And from the look of things, by joining two other all stars so early in his career, he has excluded himself from that conversation entirely. He will never be the G.O.A.T.

  372. donah says:

    How can any on you even bring up Kobe when this article had nothing to do with Kobe?…Its Lebron vs everyone who thinks he a sissy…and he is a sissy…..talking about how Lebron did by himself…1 on 5…you guys are idiots….don’t even bothering writing if your gonna act like you know what your saying….Lebron is not the best player…and neither is Kobe…but at least Kobe dosnt act like its all about him…Lebron does…Lebron will never will a ring because he doesn’t have the potential to lead the Cavs…when the Cavs had a pretty good team..then he won’t be able to lead Miami either….and the Cavs didn’t get the best record because of Lebron only…he did it with the help of his team mates…remember no i in team…so stop trying to it all about him….i wouldnt be surprised if Cavs did better that than the Heat…enough said!!!!

  373. Nolan says:

    Everyone is talking about how poorly Kobe shot the ball. Yes, he had a bad shooting game but he also helped his team by getting 15 rebounds and going 11 for 15 from the foul line….so he didnt choke. Everyone seems to have also forgetten about alot of the other tough shots he made in other games to ensure his team even makes it that far. Bad finger and all. So stop hating. ps i dont have a problem with Lebron leaving cleveland but its how he left.

    • Rasheed Syed says:

      I like your opinion becuase you explicated it with clarity.
      After reading lot of articles I too started to believe the Kobe might
      have choked. But YOU are absolutely correct; he never quit.
      Thanks for the true facts.

  374. First off Gabriel Lebron did play with Shaq in case you didnt, second of all there is no way that Lebron can be better than Kobe when he has no rings. I think Lebron is good, don’t get me wrong, but being the best is judged by winning in the playoffs, and coming through for your team in the clutch and lebron has proven he can’t do either.

    Where Charles Barkley is coming from is that Lebron has people like you saying he’s the best right? How can he really be considered the best when he is going to Wade’s team to win a title? He has to do what Michael did and lead his own team to a title, which can’t be done now cause he already left. As far as Jordan having a chance to team with guys?….lol…..hahahah!!
    Why would Jordan have to team with those guys like Ewing, Barkley, Malone and Stockton when he beat every one of them? Jordan proved he could beat anybody, and thats what Lebron should have done, lead his Cavs to a championship instead of calling up Wade and Bosh and saying”Help Me, i need you guys.” That right there stopped him from being the best.

    And I also agree that Kobe is the best of this generation, but lets be honest, better than Jordan? C’mon now, lets come back to earth, everyone knows that Kobe is a Jordan clone, a very good clone though. You can’t be better than someone youre copying, and even if he did have his own style, i think the only major player michael played with was Pippen, while Kobe had Shaq, Pau Gasol, Artest, Odom, Glen Rice. Jordan is the G.O.A.T …PERIOD!!!!! Thats not even a debate, but Kobe is the best of this era.

    As far as Lebron getting more rings than the greats? Well when is he going to get started, he has zero right now, just saying.

  375. good game says:

    Lol still same topic, just leave dude alone, whole summer same thing, he left to Miami to D-Wade he will never be legend.
    Who cares, he will be Hall of Famer if he continue to play like last few years and if he dosent he will not enter HoF.

    Just let the dude alone lets watch basketball and see what will happen, if some1 writes history in front of our eyes than lets watch, and if nothing impressive happens, so what!

    Enjoy basketball, not other people’s opinions!

  376. David says:

    Lebron is not worthy of being put in the same class as the legends. A great player makes everyone around him better. It doesn’t matter if he’s on the court or on the bench. Jordan, Bird, Magic they did it. Kobe is starting to do it. He did what he felt he had to do 2 win a title. And thats because as a leader he sucks big time……..

  377. j dunce says:

    lebron will never be as good as kobe..get over it.. i have been a miami heat fan my whole life and to be honest seeing lebron come to the heat kind of makes me sick. i dont want some stupid attention hog on the same team that alonzo mourning built. wade and bosh could have won championships without him!

  378. JoRdAn says:

    next season it will be all miami heat no more fakers!

  379. nobody knows says:

    lebron is better physically…kobe is better mentally….wayyyy better

  380. Ken_Toronto says:

    It’s not fair to compare Lebron James to Kobe! They are two different players. When Shaq was dominant yes Kobe and Shaq won 3 championships. NO not all because of Shaq. If Kobe wasn’t on that team then Shaq wouldn’t won them 3 rings for LA. Shaq used to get allot of easy shots at the rim because of KOBE. Yes Shaq went to Miami and won another ring but same D-Wade was drawing the same pressure off Shaq like what Kobe used to do. When Shaq left LA he went to 3 different Teams in 4 seasons and no other player was able to use him like Kobe. Shaq didn’t have to run full court and work for all his shots in LA. That’s why Shaq game wasn’t the same after. Kobe Bryant is the only player since Michael Jordan to play the game the right way. Since this guy came in the league he work his way up to the top. He didn’t come in the NBA as a starter or a number 1-5 top pick. Who would think a guy who didn’t get pick in the top 10 would get this far? I have watched this guy come off the bench, to become a starter, to become a superstar, Champion and now the number one player with injuries and all. I like Lebron and D Wade game but Kobe work his way to the top. This message is for all the rookies/new players in the NBA, CBA or Euro league, it’s doesn’t matter how you come in the league just work hard at your game.

    • kurt b. says:

      Shaquille O’neal was Unequivocally the leader/best player on his Laker squads from 1996 thru 2004. I don’t know how long you been following the game, homey, but there was NO force in the league that could fade The Diesel in his prime. O’neal was Brought in as a savior for a franchise that had become mediocre over the years since the retirement of The O.G. Great MAGIC JOHNSON. O’neal was the one hammered by media critics when his Laker squads failed to win in his first 3 seasons. He was the focal point of the squad without question…. “Shaq can win scoring titles and dominate in various statistical categories, BUT he can’t win the big prize, He has no rings” they would say. They were saying that before he even came to the Lakers as well. The pressure for him to win it all continued to mount. In 99-2000, Bulls Dynasty former coach PJ came in, O’neal’s game went up yet another notch, playing out of his mind. he was almost the 1st player in history to receive a unanimous vote for NBA mvp. (1 dude voted for Iverson). Oppossing teams gameplanned on how to deal with The Diesel, He was who they were mostly concerned with. It was His game that opened things up for everybodyelse, The Triangle offense is Tailor made for a devastaing Big man, and in that system combined with his Physical talent/gifts, he flourished, going on to lead his Laker squads to 4 finals appearances in 5 seasons, collecting3 Titles and 3 Finals MVP trophies. That’s cool that you like Bryant, But Bryant was the #2 man on those squads without question, Integral part of those teams? yes, But don’t come with no revisionist history where Bryant was the leader of those squads, because he wasn’t. The 09 and 2010 championships are the ones he (Bryant) lead, having his own #2 man in Gasol… But So dominating was Shaquille O’neal’s game in his prime, the league Changed The Rules after Philadelphia got taken out in ’01. All these years, the league played a head-up man to man defense, you could not double team anyone unless they had the rock. Now all of a sudden after O’neal leads his squad to back to back titles, Illegal defense is removed from the game and you are now allowed to throw multiple defenders on a man who donesn’t even have the ball, you could now double down on the block if you wanted too. O’neals prowess in those days was off the charts… Later on, in the summer of ’04 when Shaquille went to Miami, Wade wasn’t even a household name yet. O’neal finished 2nd only to Steve Nash in the MVP voting in that inaugural season.

  381. JUMPMAN23 says:

    TWO LETTERS………………………………………..M J

  382. Kevin Ray says:

    Amazing how Lebron lovers declare him to the the best in the NBA and he has done nothing. There is more to being the best than stats. He is the best at choking when the game is on the line. I watched him in the playoffs, when the game is on the line and the pressure is on, he does not know what to do and looks confused. This is where Kobe excels past Lebron. Kobe has the killer instinct, desire and refuse to lose mentality that Lebron is lacking. Kobe has a better basketball IQ than Lebron too. Kobe would never go join the competition to win a championship. No his competitive spirit wants to destroy the competition. You can be sure his competitive juices are flowing right now wanting and knowing he can beat the heat and the newly formed superfriends. King James?!?!? King of what?!?!?! He has done nothing. King Kobe!!!!! You can keep handing Lebron Season MVP’s that he does not deserve but Kobe will keep walking off the court after post-season with that Championship trophy!!!

  383. Stopit! says:

    Seriously, though the legends may be unhappy over Lebron’s decision (honestly i can’t think of any good reason they should be), they have to be careful of what they say as it shapes public opinion about Lebron decision to move to Miami. In all honesty, sounds to me like they’re just afraid of this Miami Heat stealing their thunder. Whatever it is, we should wait till the end of this experiment before giving it a verdict, its something unprecedented, and if they succeed it would without a doubt be a legend in the future. And pls just stop with Wade>Lebron, Lebron>Kobe and whatever nonsense thanks!

  384. fdgdgs says:

    You guys are both idiots. Lebron the greatest ever? Thats a joke. Better then Jordan? Hell no. And what does have to show that he’s the best ever? 2 MVp’s? Please, Get over the fact that Lebron will never be as good as you guys think he is. And he’s gonna win the most rings of all time? He’s played 7 years and hasnt won any. Now your saying he can win 12? Lebrons a fag, just accept it

  385. aldrino says:

    hey all of you who are fan of lebron my question is….

    does lebron won a championship?!!!

    why?! because he dont deserve it. because he is very boastful about what he does on the court…
    i dont like kobe but if you compare kobe to lebron il vote for kobe because he is a good man and do win championships

    look at lebron he give up cleveland because of he didnt get a “ring” in there.. he throw away the team that truly loves him. and only cares for himself..

    LEGENDS have the rights to say anything about lebron because he doesnt prove anything yet…

    and never will…

  386. Micheal says:

    You are saying lebron should go by himself to get championship then what kobe did. without paul and ron artest you feel kobe might have won a championship by himself in game6@okc and game5 vs suns in the playoffs. Paul is far better player than bosh is and dwade is better player than ron artest.So now all the supporting cast is of same caliber for both teams. so This season is the real battle in my feeling who is the best player. in my feeling until last year only boston and LA are teams which have 3 big names in the starting lineup so result are 3 championships between the 2 teams in the last 3 years. if you are saying its a not good move why cant people tell boston didit and why cant people say when ron artest join forces with kobe to make laker even more stronger.This is all said only because of lebron hater who feel that the miami heat is going to win as many championship in the next 6 yrs until lebronn contract completes

  387. JSmooth says:

    so derek fisher has rings but he is not better than lebron same with rodman himself he has rings with michael but he is no where near an impact or a better player than lebron james -_- and kobe has 5 yeah sure but 3 because of shaq it was jordan with pippen and shaq with kobe just because kobe got 2 without shaq doesn’t mean anything because gasol is the new and improved shaq of the 21st century. oh and lets throw another 7 foot guy in there bynum. inconsistent but a presence and when he plays good he is good. have u ever noticed when gasol doesn’t produce lakers lose. without gasol in general lakers are over. that was shown all in the suns series. and sure lebron had shaq but shaq at his worst old crusty over weight no hustle and can’t move so lets make a switch shall we? crusty shaq instead of gasol thats a losing lakers season for you

  388. Tom says:

    That guy Michael Jordan i think it is? i think he knows a little something about basketball i think?

  389. Zerminator says:

    First and foremost, Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman CANNOT be compared to Wade, James, and Bosh!

    LeBron was Ohio’s native superstar. They respected and even loved LeBron. What does he give them in turn? you know the answer. Same goes with Bosh who may not be a Toronto native, but a very well respected player up in there! and what does he also give back in return?

    Jordan, on the other hand, was a Free Agent a couple of times. Did he team up with those power teams in his time?
    NO. He wanted to win a championship of his own! HIS OWN CHAMPIONSHIP. Like Chris Paul and Stephen Curry, Jordan made his teammates better!!!

    What I don’t get is why does everybody NOT see the Cavaliers of 09-10 as a STRONG team?!
    Varejao + Mo Will + Shaq + LeBron + Bench Role Players such as JJ HIckson.

    Doesn’t that mean that LeBron didn’t do as much as Chris Paul or Jordan did? TO MAKE THEIR TEAMMATES AND THE PEOPLE AROUND THEM BETTER!

    NEVER EVER compare LeBron-Wade-Bosh with Jordan-Pippen-Rodman! Heck, even to Bird-Parish-McHale and Magic-Worthy-Jabbar!!! The Heat trio don’t even deserve to compared to the all time greats! They can be considered at least as the ALL TIME SHORTCUTS!!!

  390. mike v says:

    Lebron is better than Scottie Pippen. When the Bulls were Pippen’s team while Jordan was retired, he couldn’t carry them to the finals. James has at least done that. The fact the that he won at 60+ games in two consecutive seasons with a mediocre team is a testament to Lebron’s ability as a great player.

    Kobe was very fortunate to have played on those Laker teams early in his career. Suppose Shaq hadn’t been there, I doubt Kobe would’ve won three championships by his seventh year. Had Shaq gone to Cleveland in his prime, the Cavs probably would’ve won a championship.

    Put yourselves in Lebron’s shoes: seven years with mediocre teams and no title.

    You guys would do the same…

    Even Barkley, because he’s shown discontent for not having won a title.

  391. BahogTaesiGabrielC says:

    @ Gabriel C. STFU! u NOOB! U dont even know basketball basics, i kicked ur a** in 1on 1, and now u comment on being Lebron the best? LBJ is a coward, he made the move to miami as a scapegoat to cover his cowardness and the Non-ability to carry a team. Playing along with D-wade and Bosh is an act of cowardness. You call him King? what a pity, he should have gave Cleveland 1-2 more seasons.

  392. KIKOMAN says:

    Because of Lebron… The Miami Heat has now become the Miami Hate!!!!! bwaaaahahaha!

  393. Dardy Fella says:

    The only thing i dont how Charles bagged out Leb for joining a stacked team in the hunt for a ring..Doesn’t anyone remember that he joined Houston in ’96…with Clyde and Hakeem ??? Sounds like he’s a tad bit jealous…

    • Razdizzlefoshiizzle says:

      Yea, right…..How old was Barkley than? It’s different to chase a ring near the end of your career if you haven’t won one….i.e., Gary Payton or Karl Malone. It’s another thing to chase rings when you are supposively the best player in the NBA before your prime.

  394. LARRY OCONNOR says:

    “Eric A” you are either seriously misinformed or intentionally moronic.
    Shaq and Antawn Jamison were at the end of their careers in cleveland (jamison has some left in the tank)
    with Jamison coming in at the last minute and not enough time to gell with the team

    Magic had Kareem and Worthy both Hall of famers (just like Mo williams and Jamison right?) he had a hall of famer coach Pat Riley (just like Mike Brown right?)

    Bird had McHale and Parish both hall of famers (just like Jamario Moon right?)

    look at the players surrounding Magic and Bird and see how many all star selections and hall of famers. look at their coaches.

    both Magic and Bird were with the two biggest basketball cities with storied histories ever (just like Cleveland right?)

    Jordan did not join magic in Los Angeles or Bird in Boston (the two best teams of the 80’s) but neither did LeBron join Kobe in Los Angeles nor Pierce in Boston the last three champions.

    He went to Miami. What was miamis record last year? Even though Wade won a ring he did not carry the load of leadership and pressure that year. the leadership was Riley and Shaq who both had many years of winning experience. wade was underated and came up big with the MVP, but that is a whole different ball game than LEADING a team to the ring!

  395. Red says:

    For all of you legend haters……..Listen these legends and contracts that ended to , but NONE of them chose to “team” up to create a dynasty……………..Rather they chose to PUSH for GREATNESS……………LBJ is a great player on the court to some extent but he is not a FIERCE COMPETITOR and that is what seperates the LEGENDS from the great and the very goods……………..While it all looks good on paper I am not convienced that these guys can put their ego’s aside for the greater good……………….They lack an impact inside player (Bosh Is not a banger), and a bench every chanpionship temas must have a low post threat and a very good bench to win a title. It bares watching but these guys will be fortunate to win two titles together.

  396. Byran Miller says:

    Ya guys act like winning is based on one player the best player Lebron has ever played with is Mo Williams. Kobe had this year alon Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, and Ron Artest… The years Kobe won three championships he had Shaq qho was arguably the best player from 1999 to 2003 and was one the best players except for Michael Jordan froom 1993 to 2203.. Ya guys are idiot Lebron is an all star and an MVP. He has proved something. Scottie Pipper in 1995 refused to come in the game like a baby because he didnt get the last second shot against the Knicks in the playoffs. Yet everyone calls him a winner. If lebron pulled that you guys would call him a baby the rest of his life. Problem been for Lebron has been no true superstar with him. Jordan had Pipper. Magic hasd Kareem- James Worthy. Larry Bird has Kevin Mchale and Robert Parrish. Kobe has Shaq..Now Kobe has Pau Gasol. And, he is coached eleven time champion coach Phil Jackson. I can’t wait to Lebron shuts everyone up winning championships. And, sometimes thats overrated. Kobe is my favorite player but I hope Lebron starts pilling in championships. All Lebron needed was one true superstar and now he has three… i cant wait lol.

    • ogara dan says:

      you’re right.give me five

    • LBJ who?? says:

      hope he wont fake another injury when they are down 2-0 to boston in the eastern finals

    • Razdizzlefoshiizzle says:

      Actually, LeBron has one other true superstar (in D-Wade) and calling Bosh a superstar is pushing it. He was just a player who put up big numbers on a bad team. As far as you can’t wait, keep waiting, because as long as the Lakers remain in tact, nobody in the NBA is touching them.

      • ronnoco yrral says:

        Shouldn’t that be “D-Wade has another superstar in Lebron?” It’s still D-Wade’s team, he’s the one with the ring in that team right now.

      • Razdizzlefoshiizzle says:

        Yep, your right. It should the other way around.

  397. ogara dan says:

    n besides,i know u don’t wanna admit it, lebron has played better than most of those past legends,,,dudes barking at him are those cleveland fans followin in persuit after cavs owner on james..the guy is still young n comin up 4 what he wants,even kobe changed from charlotte to la,not for pride but 4 what he wanted 2 get…n its not fair to compare james with kobe coz both of em haaaaave spent different durations in the nba,just hang on 4 james to also reach the same number of years playin in the nba then u may compare,all i know is that they are both great players,,n ur know lebron if u are hearing me out there,hang on,just lace ya sneaks n show them what you’ve got n wwhat u are,believe me,u are great,that’s why you earned the nick name n title KING JAMES…

  398. LBJ who?? says:

    hope the 3 queens dont suffer injuries during the playoffs, thatll be a MAJOR excuse not winning a championship… kobe played through injuries, queen james played through an imaginary injury so as to have an excuse if they lose… great ploy to save his image, now he has wade to cover his arrogant choker ass

  399. Ben says:

    Sekou, that’s a bit of a stretch. I love Pipen & Rodman, but ‘AS IF’ that was a slamming of Lebron! He was just giving due respect to Scottie, who should be getting ALL the respect this week.

    Lebron’s turn will surely come one day… maybe fans and writers alike should get off the Lebron bashing bandwagon and let it ride!

  400. Disturbed says:

    I say any great player in any sport would rather take on a challenge instead of bail and quit on their team because they aren’t good enough for you expectations. if lebron was really great he would have been a better teacher to guys not his caliber. instead of complaining an whining.only two types of people dress up every day to get attention from complaining ,whining and drama and they are lebron and 16 year old girls

  401. Sloelover7 says:

    Ok..lets make 1 thing clear…1st of all LB is a great basketball player…second..he hasn’t won nothing that really matters in pro sports..thats a ring..until he gets a ring..he is just like Charles Barkley and Karl Malone and John Stockton great players who don’t have a ring for their great efforts…also people need to nix the ” King James” thingy…a king rules LB…just a great player @ this point in time …” SHOW ME THA RING” until then..4 me LB just a great player…

  402. That guy says:

    Laker fans = dbags.
    Those legends had other hall of famers/superstars on their teams. Who wouldn’t want to be on a team with your good friends who happen to superstars. Its not like Cleveland was able to bring in a good supporting cast so he left (dont even bring up shaq). Lebron is also better than Kobe, if its only about rings then Bill Russell is the best player of all time and no one will come remotely close to challenging him for that title.

  403. KIKOMAN says:

    DJ Mbenga, Sasha Vujacic, Josh Powell has 2 championship rings each… Lebron ZERO!!!!! bwaaahahahahaha!!!!

  404. x says:

    if anyone on this forum believes that scottie pippen is better than lebron james lol you guys have lost your mind dennis rodman is an idiot, point blank period… lebron has done things in the league no1 can compare to you ppl honestly sound retarded if you think kobe is better thats fine you have reason to do i believe kobe is a better basketball player than lebron james hell no but they aint far off which ever one u decide thats fair but dont say lebron sucks or he isnt already a top 10 player of all time… i dont care about no championship if you could name 10 players ever that are better than lebron james actually you would just be lying to yourselves scottie pippen lol like rodman is really retarded… pippen was very good but not even close to the same breath as lebron.. lebrons styll 2 years away from his prime and already has two mvps wtf is wrong with you people

  405. Jon says:

    This is the same guy who got drunk and dressed himself in a wedding gown. I don’ think we have to take what he says too seriously.

    LeBron is obviously one of the best players to play the game. People hated on MJ soo much in his career, but once he retired all of sudden everyone loved him. Career stats alone, Lebron is head and shoulders better than Pippen, therefore if Lebron leads his team to even one championship, he’s better than Pippen. Pippen never led his team to a championship, he was simply another piece of the puzzle.

  406. LBJ who?? says:

    i never liked the queen, he was stern’s boy up to now, though i think they can really win it all this year. but if they dont, theyll self destruct in the next 3 years… and about bosh, all that statement about wanting to be the main man instead of a backup, he ate it all, he became batgirl.. hehehehe

  407. JohnFil says:

    Too many talking here, These people who are here who keeps comparing KOBE BRYANT to Lebron is a big IDIOT and a RETARD. Haven’t you know about what KB24 has accomplished throughout his Career? You must have been field with a lot “WITNESSES” as you have said. KOBE will always be better than LBJ, ALL DAY SON!

    • THE BAHAMAS says:


  408. coachbullins says:

    cmon people all this back and forth about kobe,and lebron does not matter.for me its all about BOSTON!!!the only real fact is perception is reality.besides the lockout is coming so we all will be sitting in silence while none of these guys are on the court.belive it or not we live in a world where everyone can be right when it comes to opinion, like I said perception is reality.this is not homeroom in high school!I think we will see the same two teams in the finals again.we will all just have to wait and see what happens.instead of being jerks to one another do some research and put facts on here.

  409. STL says:

    Everyone says lebron didnt have a team…..then if he didnt how come they could have the most wins in the the regular season but when the playoffs came they choked. They were the BEST team all season and then CHOKED so dont give me this “he didnt have a team” cause lebron proved they had a team all season and then CHOKED like he does every year.

  410. Andy says:

    You all act like this move was no big deal for Lebron. It most certainly hurt his branding and his legacy (if for no other reason than the legends think it will). Its fine to join another superstar when there is a clear #1 option and everyone knows that (the reason Shaq and Kobe didn’t work out, and the reason Shaq and D-wade worked so well at the time). The problem here is Lebron isn’t even the Heat’s clutch go to guy. Who do you think is going to take the last shot in a tight game in the playoffs… it def should be D-wade. Before Lebron’s big shot against the Magic in the playoffs at the buzzer, people didn’t think he was a very good long range shooter or very clutch.

    Disagree all you want Lebron Loyalists, but I think D-Wade will rise to the occasion (like he did on the Olympic team) and make Lebron look like robin rather than batman.

    • Andy says:

      “It most certainly hurt his branding and his legacy (if for no other reason than the legends think it will).”

      Rereading this didn’t make sense so I will clairify. The legends opinions matter. What do I know about basketball? So when Charles Barkley and Dennis Rodman say his legacy is hurt by this, I (and the rest of the public) am inclined to believe them.

  411. ogara d says:

    one thing 4 sure is that almost all of u have never played serious competitive game on any court,ya just yapin like fools,,c’mon leaave king james alone,one thing 4 sure there has been n is no one playin like him frankly…so keep mum n though u yup, lebron will still and always be the undisputed king james,,,,

  412. Dr Hoops says:

    Well, let us give Lebron the chance to prove himself. With his greatness, All his detractors will shut up after. Compare to kobe, on his first 5 years playing in NBA, he is not the GREAT. He is just a shadow unlike Lebron. HE is the king. It is just a bold move for Lebron because he just want to have the RING that he ever wanted. It is what other wish also have. Charles barkley, malone, stackton, payton are great player in their time but did not have the RING. But he can not be compared to MJ. He needs to do a lot of thing to have that level of respect

  413. paul says:

    lets just wait and see what will happen this upcoming season. Hats off to you guys but Lebron is a great player incomparable no one i mean no one in this planet could stop him from attacking the basket shooting hoops dishing passes and bringing the heat to the promise land and bring home the trophy… please stop comparing these superstars they have their own type of game RESPECT our NBA greats.. MJ is MJ he is the greatest.. kobe is at his best form this past couple of years, lebron is continuously maturing and learning…

  414. chris says:

    Yall say Kobe is so clutch go back and check the videotape he missed all those game winning shots it was his teammates who hit them. Matter of fact if it wasnt for ron artest they wouldnt have won the championship

    • Razdizzlefoshiizzle says:

      Chris, come on man! You can’t base a few instances over a whole career. Kobe has earned that label over the period of his career. The guy isn’t going to perform miracles 100% of the time. No one can, and nobdoy will.

  415. LBJ who?? says:

    LBJ is like dominique, all highlight reel, after his career is over, people will remember him more about his highlights rather than his championships. he will win some for sure, but he will be remembered as a crap player who chokes during crunch time and deliberately plays to lose when he knows they are bound to lose a series, we was never a fighter who gives it his all when needed…. well if he doesnt win 6 rings in miami, wont matter to a lot of fans, they ought to win with those 3 wimps and whoever they get to play with them…

    • Razdizzlefoshiizzle says:

      Sort of disagree with you. In regards to winning because of having Wade and Bosh on his team, I have only one thing to say about that.

      There is only 48 minutes on a game clock and one basketball!

  416. forwardplay says:

    kobe is better, lebron has nothing on any of the legends. remember this people HE HAS NO TITLES, how many does kobe have? 5, yes 5. last time i looked 5 was better than 0

  417. jack o'hara says:

    Lebron is not that good , he’s just a very dificult matchup, he’s just too strong and fast for most defenders, but he has not mutch ressources besides that … Just look at his highlights … 90% are running power dunks on the break or over teams completely mismatched.

    He’s an average to not so good shooter (half court jumpers on warm up doesnt count), average ball handler, poor offensive player on the half court set (look at his playoff performances on important games), average rebounder as well. One thing that he does better i think is passing of the double team or on the fast break – 90% of his assists are like that. Lebron is like a 14 old kid playing against 9 year old ones … he’s not that good, he’s just bigger and faster. In the long run, he can’t make the difference, everybody already knows his game and there’s nothing that he can do that can surprise his oponents anymore … Of course, he might be a HOF some day,but hey , even Pat Ewing is there …

  418. imad says:

    yooooooooooo i didnt know pippen culd dunk like that! dude got more hops than jordan!

  419. Honestly.... says:

    Somebody’s pretty worked up.
    The truth is that the world is in a sad a selfish state when someone is “labeled” the best in the game without ever having proved a thing. It’s even sadder when there is no distinction between the best competitor and the best athlete. Some carpenters have better tools then others (stronger hammer, sharper saws etc.) but that doesn’t make them better. The better carpenter is the one that can use his tools to create the best outcome. Some of the tools may be borrowed from others but he still has to bring them together into his plan to reach an agreed goal. Being a champion requires the ability to bring your team up, achieving at a level that they may not have known they could reach with the skills that they have. A good leader does this by setting an example of playing passed others and his expectations of himself.

    The most disappointing thing about basketball today is that selfishness, laziness, complacency, mediocracy, entitlement and greed have become the qualities of too many “heroes” for young people. The bar hasn’t been dropped, some just decided that its easier to walk under it than to work at going over it. They justify this by noting that in the end they’re still on the other side.

  420. PUMA says:

    Kobe is the Best! Lebron is nothing until he proves it. And he has now the opportunity to do that with ugly Bosh and wade.

  421. Byran Miller says:

    I think Lebron James is a great player. Ive seen Kobe choke under pressure and ive seen Lebron choke. I think thier both great basketball players like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. But,, for me I think its unfair to compare Lebron James to Michael Jordan b/c his career isnt over yet. We need to appreciated a great basketball player when we were are watching him. I think Michael Jordan is the greatest player to who ever lived. But, I think Lebron is a better passer than Jordan and a better rebounder. If you go by the numbers but Jordan was a far better defender and scorer. Difference between Jordan and Lebron Michael couldnt be stopped. I seen in 2005 the spurs shut out Lebron and 2007 and 2009 the celtics shut out lebron. Noone ever had a answer for Jordan. But, one thing I will say I I’m impressed how Lebron decided to share the spotlight with three other superstars. But, I didnt like how he did to the Cavaliers by broadcasting all over the world. But, when it comes down to it its just a business and hes a great basketball player. And, I think hes (Lebron) far better than Scottie Pippen. Don’t believe me? Scottie Pippen never won a chamipionship without Jordan and he had his chances. Lebron was a better passer and rebounder than Scottie and a far better scorer. But, Scottie was a better defender I think but not by too much.Just my opinions..

  422. KIKOMAN says:


    • LARRY OCONNOR says:

      i guess robert horry is better than jordan or kobe because he has more rings. dufas! maybe steve kerr is a s good a s shaq because he has as many rings? make fair comparisons

      Kobe has Phil Jackson and LeBron had Mike Brown

      Kobe had shaq and phil to lead him to his first three
      if Lebron had that going for him who knows

      has anyone ever won a ring in cleveland? I wonder why?
      has anyone ever won a ring on the Lakers? count them… I’ll bet you can’t FAIR COMPARISON!!!!

  423. Charles says:

    Why do people constantly have this conversation over and over again?

    What does it matter if LeBron is better than Kobe, or vice versa?

    LeBron made the decision to leave Cleveland to join Miami. He exercised his rights as a free agent. Who cares who he teamed up with? If I was a basketball superstar and 2 of my close friends (who also happen to be superstars) wanted to team up with me in sunny South Florida, I would totally say yes, and I’m sure you would too.

    Who are these legends to say that what LeBron did was wrong? Just because he does something different than how they would’ve doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

  424. Jowell Chua says:

    kobe is just a ball hog who knows just to score 80pts. lmao! = ball hog! the greatest there is, there was, there will ever be ball hog!

    • ronnoco yrral says:

      Ball hog? didn’t he earn an assist when Artest made that 3-ball in game 7, didn’t he do the same in game 4 of the 2009 finals, getting the inbounds pass, forward to Ariza, who passed it to Fisher for the tying 3…then did it again in overtime, passing to Fisher for the 3pt shot? Ball hog? He knows what to do with the ball…You must be a sour graping fan of Boston, right?

  425. Paolo C. says:

    i understand where all these legends are coming from with their lukewarm treatment of the Lebron-Wade-Bosh move. Magic, Jordan, Bird…they have all the right to speak their minds about it; i am quite sure they’ve earned that right. i couldn’t agree more with them. some writers go on saying these legends seem to have forgotten that they too had a power house support act (MJ had Pippen, Harper, Rodman, Kukoc, etc.; Bird had arguably the best first five and frontline in league history, Magic had the entire showtime Lakers backing him up). TRUE. However, what the other writers missed either deliberately or unconsciously was the fact that these power house support acts were not acquired in the same manner Wade acquired his. Gabriel C says that if Barkley had the chance to play along side MJ, he would have done so 100%. well, it didn’t happen, did it? so, u can never be 100% sure. Lbron never had a Pau or a Shaq? i’m pretty sure he had a Shaq just not quite the Shaq he was. he did however have Mo Williams, Jamario Moon, Daniel Gibson, and lately Jamison to back him up. i don’t doubt LBJ’s talent, he is very talented. he does lack the killer instinct though. one can score 30 points in 3 quarters or less but that won’t be the measure of his greatness. what will define greatness though is putting in the shot (whether a free throw or a a bucket) when the game is on the line and the entire team and it’s fate rest squarely on one’s shoulders. going back to the issue of support acts, MJ, Bird, Magic, even Kobe acquired their support acts either through trades or draft picks. there was no conscious effort (or the stain of one) to scheme up contracts to end simultaneously and then unite under one team. i guess, this is where LBJ’s move acquired much of its criticism–that, plus the fact that he had to do so in a 1 hour special. like i said, the guy (LBJ) has enormous talent. he just must have been desperate for a ring. i mean, he is not getting any younger. seven seasons played, 1 trip to the finals (swept by the Spurs), 2 regular season MVP’s yet couldn’t get past the second round of the post -season. it sure must have been tough on him; King with no ring. meanwhile, Kobe who according to Gabriel C “is not better than lebron” just had one more than Shaq and one less than Jordan.

  426. slippers says:

    this doesn’t change the truth!

    lebron JAMES leaved and JOINED “SOMEONEs” TEAM!


    so his just a ROBIN!

  427. Razdizzlefoshiizzle says:

    “Kobe is not better than lebron, Kobe may be more clutch but not the better overall player”.

    In regards to talent wise, sure LeBron is the best player in the game today, but when your speaking of best “overall” player, sorry….Kobe still owns that title.

    “Kobe has never had a Pau or a Shaq on his team”.

    Ooops, sorry, guess you’re talking about another Kobe!

    “He is going to win the most championships by any player ever in the nba. I believe that, o and after he is done winning championships in here in miami, he is going back to cleveland and win a couple over there. REMEMBER I SAID THAT”

    Well, it’s ok to dream.But win more championships than any other player is making a bold statement. I mean, Bill Russell won 11 championships….Sam Jones had 10. Then you got Tom Heinsohn, KC Jones, Satch Sanders, and John Havlicek who each had 8 championships with the Boston Celtics. How about Robert Horry, that’s a name you should be familiar with. He won seven championships. Sorry, but don’t see LeBron topping that list. If lucky, LeBron will top out at three, and again, that is if he’s lucky. My prediction is that this team will self-destruct if they don’t win a title within the next two years. I predict they won’t. The Lakers in the west are too strong because they have a complete team which insist of two superstars, top quality roll players, and now, a bench that is loaded. Then in the Eastern conference, you have Boston who is still the best defensive team in the NBA, Chicago, Orlando, and Atlanta whom will give Miami problems as well.

    Also, LeBron isn’t going back to Cleveland…Never! That’s like Shaq going back to L.A. That will never happen. Both players are not welcomed back to those respective cities.

  428. LARRY OCONNOR says:

    didn;t we fans get disgusted when a player would demand such a high paycheck the team could not hire any good complementry players? what about when a player had such a huge ego they could not play well with others and ran off their “Pippen”? Im thinking of Iverson in Philly or Garnett in Minnesota. It’s awesome to see LeBron and Wade and Bosh all sacrificing their paychecks and their egos to try and win it together. Eventually garnett learned that being the highest paid in the league is not as satisfying as a ring and iverson cant get on a team now though he has shown a willingness to share the limelight with carmello. I’ll bet he wished he hadn’t blown that gig.

  429. John says:

    Look, Lebron James is obviously a good player, but i think it would’ve been better if he either stayed in Clevland, went to NYC to pair up with Amare, or got to Chicago. I mean, Chicago has the most depth in the Eastern Conference. Miami just has big men! I think it would’ve been better and more competitive if Lebron dodn’t go to Miami. Miami would’ve been best with D-Wade and Bosh. AND i say this as a Toronto fan

  430. niz says:

    Scottie deserves way more respect than lebron. I think he must be the most underrated player ever.
    without pippen, the bulls wouldn’t have won 6 titles. James isn’t even worth mentioning in the same sentence with hall of famer scottie pippen.

  431. bull hungry says:

    Sekou Smith is the hater. He knows nothing better to do than make molehills seem like they are mountains. He really is adding his own thoughts and opinions and getting deep into peoples heads so as to manipulate them telepathically into saying what the superstars have not said.

  432. Oscar says:

    More rings than anyone in the history of the NBA? I don’t know what your smoking Gabriel C but I want some to, cause you have to be high off your behind to say that. Barkley would have never joined the bulls cause he wanted to be the best by beating the best, not giving up and joining them. James gave up cause he know he cant do it by himself. The difference between Kobe and James is that Kobe NEVER gives up in a game. James gives up and disappears in a lot of games especially in the last series vs Boston. I still believe the Celtics will show the Heat, that you need all 5 players to win and not just 3. What makes you think he is going to go back to the Cavs and win more when he has not been able to do it for 7 years already? He is a big boy, it’s only a matter of time till he gets some sort of knee injury that will take a step or two away from him and then he is done. He is not a consistent shooter, all he does is drive. So once he can’t do that, it’s the end of him. James is a joke for going to Miami.

  433. The Teacher says:

    Make comparisons after James retires then you’ll see the difference. LeBron is in his prime years while Kobe is heading towards post-prime, but still everybody forgets that they aren’t at the SAME age, so why compare? Could LeBron overshadow a in-his-prime Kobe Bryant? I Think not. And basketball is not a one man game that’s why Kobe is winning ’cause he got the best complimentary players not ‘superstars” around him, and for James we’ll see if he could lead Miami to a championship, given that he has a superstar in Wade and a star in Bosh.

    Just wait for about 10 years before comparing basketball icons for what they have accomplished.

    Pippen vs. James
    The topic is about versatility (Its not an accomplishment debate)

    James has the advantage in terms of size and length, he also has the edge in athleticism. But what Pippen has is will to dive for loose balls, being able to do the dirty work, snatching rebounds against taller players and outsmarting every match up.

    What I like to point out is that superstars which played during the 80’s and 90’s are highly respected.
    Why? they played on an era where there are lots of superstars all over the league and to battle against them for a decade seems exhausting. Unlike now superstars is like a rare breed, sure there are players who makes outstanding stats sheets but their level of play cannot be classified as real NBA superstars but only as stars.

    • Gabriel C. says:

      Kobe doesnt have super stars? soo Pau Gasol wasnt rookie of the year?
      He isnt the michael jordan of spain?

  434. ralph says:

    lebron is the best player and he will be the best player ever or the legends they are just jealous of they now that is going to be to difficult to beat miami heat.

  435. Kobe24 says:

    Wat is up with u people
    y hate lebron
    who cares if he goes to miami, its his choice he wants to win a ring
    dnt hate

  436. KING KOBE says:


  437. LARRY OCONNOR says:

    I will give Pippen his props but “PREACH” you are an idiot if you believe your own “bull” about Pippen compared to Lebron. without Jordan Pippen couldn’t even Get to the finals. If LeBron had the team and coach Pippen had (when Jordan was out) the Rockets would never have two championships

    • Papaburgandy says:

      Ha ha ha Jordan didn’t make the finals without Pippen either!!! There is no way that Ho grant, Scott Williams, Toni Kukuc, Bill Wennington, Pete Myers and the rest would have won a championship with Lebron instead of Pippen. That’s ridiculous!!! Lebron has had more talented teammates, but the difference between Pip and the Bulls and Lebron and the Cavs is that Pip DEVELOPED into a All Star. He never entered the league with hype, or talk about him winning a championship.With Lebron, since he’s been in the league everyone has asked who is going to BE his sidekick. Without Jordan in the league and The dream in his prime……it would’ve been hard for anyone to stop them. Pippen went to the playoffs every year went to the playoffs, no matter who was on the team. His last year in the league the bulls didn’t but that was due to injuries and immaturity. Lebron didn’t make the playoffs the 1st 2 years in the league!

  438. Nate says:

    Lebron james abandoned his hometown to go win on someone elses team… Dwayne already won in miami without bosh or lebron…. It pretty much destroyed lebrons legacy and now everything he has done in that 7 years is gone… the cleveland fans will never accept him … and once their contracts are up miami will forget him because thats wades team. When lebron is older and in rodmans shoes hes going to have fewer fans then other people at his level… This is why superstars that are basically 12 year old multi millionaires shouldn’t make such big decisions. They don’t think that far ahead. Lebron just thought…. “well this would be an easy way to win”… Unfortunately its also an easy way to destroy respect that people had for you. I hope you win your championships yyou want so bad… because even if you win 2 or 3… who is going to care? The heat fans will forget it next year. Where if he would have won even 1 championship in cleveland… those fans would have loved lebron for life… He shot himself in the foot. Kobe didn’t leave his team. Now its an easy … EASY argument to make that kobe is a much much better player/competitor than lebron.

  439. Mark harris says:

    Let me ask this kid something, you are a kid, because of how you talk. That tells me how much you know about basketball.
    Why is Lebron a king?, a king of what?, when he hasn’t even win a dunk contest. He has the same boring dunk all the
    time, no good looking moves, not even like Kobe. That’s what hype and a huge promotion does building a player like a
    superstar when they haven’t even deserve it yet. Miami didn’t needed him, he needed Miami, otherwise he will never win a
    championship. I’m sure if you hear the worst tune on the radio over and over again you end up singing the song while loving it all the time and getting the cd too.

    • Gabriel C. says:

      Alright mark, im guessing you were talking about me cuz everybody has been bashing me on here but yeah im a kid. sure.
      read my comment, i never called him a king,.
      i actually dont listen to the radio.

  440. lc says:

    This dude Gabriel is smoking heavy dope ok Lebron is good blah blah blah but he’s not better than kobe i mean when kobe was young like lebron he was dunking on people and all that good stuff, but look at Kobe hes in his 30’s and you can double team triple team him or whatever and his still gonna sink that jumper i mean come on man Kobe’s got rings and Lebron for the past 3 years has choked in the playoffs “cough” “cough” i mean against Orlando last year then this year against the celtics come on man get your stuff right.

    • Gabriel C. says:

      Kobe is a beast, Lebron is better. im sorry. im telling you he had to choke in the playoffs. its part of a conspiracy. ILLUMINATI HO

  441. Neck broken.. says:

    gabriel c. you are stupid ass hell! Lebrick james ain’t better than kobe you stupid dummy. so shut up. Kevin Durant and the thunder are gonna kill the heat, the lakers, the celtics, and every nba team this next year. THUNDER 2011 CHAMP$!!!

    • Gabriel C. says:

      OKC doesnt have a better bench than the lakers or the HEAT. you need a bench to win a championship.

  442. LARRY OCONNOR says:

    all emotion aside the facts are that neither Kobe or Jordan or Rodman have done as well as Lebron has, given a fair comparison!
    Barlkey joined Pippen and Hakeem in Houston. how is that any different than James Joining Bosh and Wade in Miami? ANSWER: It’s early enough to win a championship or more.

    Jordan, Kobe,and Rodman all won championships with Hall of Famer sidekicks and coaches the same can be said of Magic and Bird. I’ll bet Ewing and Barkley wish they had a ring. What would the team of Stockton and Malone be wearing on their fingers if they had a third great player?

    • ronnoco yrral says:

      Barkley and Pippen, heck even the Dream were at the end of their careers, all they’re saying is they would not have done it at the prime of their careers. That’s is the contention of everyone disagreeing with the LBJ move. What fair comparison are you asking for? Malone and Payton made the LBJ move and failed when they joined the Lakers. Payton got his ring when he joined Miami in 2006, because he couldn’t do it being the main man in Seattle.

  443. JoJo says:

    People have forgotten Lebron James’ stunning career that quickly. He’s a two-time MVP by the age of 25. Last year he averaged 30 pts, 9 asts, and 8 reb and was first-team all-defense. I’m sorry, Pippen was maybe the greatest defender in league history, but he’s not in that class. You don’t get to compare him to players like Jordan, James, Bryant, and Magic. Not if you’re being realistic. He might do a fine job of guarding Lebron, but he’s nowhere near the player LBJ is. Jordan, Magic, and Bird all played on teams full of All-Stars. You already know about Magic and Bird, but a lot of people forget that when Jordan retired, not only was Pippen an All-Star and won the games MVP, but so were Horace Grant, and B.J. Armstrong. That means for his first three peat jordan had a team with 4 all-stars on it all in their primes. Be for real people. And for his second 3 peat, that team only had 3 of the top 5 defensive players of all time on it. Rodman 8-time all-defense, Jordan 9-time all-defense, Pippen 10-time all defense. Bottom line, players don’t build teams. Front offices do. 8 franchises have won an NBA title in the last 30 years. Only 8. Lebron just went with a front office he could trust.

    • ojoj says:

      Sure MJ had other all stars on his team but it was still HIS team. Whose team is the Miami Heat of 2010-11? Dream on if you say it’s LBJ’s.

  444. Paulaburto says:

    Hey People! Whatever the situation is, it’s over now with whether lebron was wrong to go to Miami or not. Enough already. Let’s all wait for the games to start and see who makes the play offs! I’m a wizard fan and they may not make the finals, but they are gonna kick some butt this year. You can take that to the bank and put some in my account while you are there. (ha ha ha) Also, some team please hurry up and put Allen Iverson on board. Give him one more chance to do his thing. I think that he will be different this year. (smile) Signed PaulaB

  445. Marbie says:

    Gabriel C.. you are wrong , Lebron is better than kobe? how can? kobe is 5 time NBA Champion, 2 time MVP of the finals, 2 time regular season scoring leader: 2006, 2007 12 time allstar and 12 consecutive appearances at the NBA All-Star game from 98-2010 3 time NBA All-Star MVP, 11 time all NBA selection (11 consecutive): 9 time All Defence selection (5 consecutive)( youngest player on all defence 99/00):1997 NBA Slam Dunk Champion January 7th, 2003. Most 3 pointers in a single game (12) tied with Donyell Marshall

    January 7th, 2003. Most consecutive 3 pointers in a single game (9) tied with Latrell Sprewell and Ben Gordan.

    Career 40 point regular season games: 101 (3rd all time) – scored 40 (27times) in 05-06. (9) were consecutive.

    Career 50 point games: 24 (3rd all time) – scored 50 (10 times) in 06-07, (4) of them consecutive.

    Career 60 point games: 5 (3rd All time tied with Elgin Baylor)

    December 20, 2005 Kobe outscores the entire Dallas Mavericks team 62-61 at the end of the third quarter. This is the first and only time a player has outscored a team after 3 quarters.

    January 22, 2006 in a 122-104 win over the Toronto Raptors Kobe scores 81 Points a Laker record and 2nd to only Wilt Chamberlains 100 points.

    Only player to score 50+ points in 4 consecutive games other then Chamberlain who scored 50+ in 7 consecutive games.

    Only player to score 20 000 points before turning 30 other then Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan.

    Recorded 10 50 point games in a season (06/07) joining only Chamberlain who did it twice (61/62) (62/63) … and now u say something about lebron???? even NBA championship he cannot do it…… boooo to you Gabriel C..

    • Gabriel C. says:

      Out of everyone getting on me you have given me facts, How long has kobe been in the league?
      give lerbon time…

      • gabrielsuckslebronsass says:

        How can he do it? Specially now that he will have to share the ball with wade and bosh.. AND HE WILL NEVER EVER BE AS GOOD AS KOBE. AND THERE IS NO CHANCE IN HELL THAT HE WILL BE BETTER THAN KOBE

      • d'artenian says:

        14 years

      • d'artenian says:

        14 years, 5 championships.

        lebron- 7 years, no championship ring.

        can he get 5 rings in additional 7 years to compare to kobe’s 14 seasons??

  446. Pdot says:

    Kobe is my top player. I like lebron Too. but as far as lebron being a better player i dont think so. he just newer. everybody likes something new. Kobe is the better shooter and he is a winner. he knows how to close out games no matter what happen in the first 3 quarters. He can be 5/33 but he still gonna win that game for u. At the end of the day thats all that counts. 5 rings might be bout to get 6. Lebron made it to the finals and got beat down by Tim Duncan. Lebron need a team like miami. Thats the only way he will win a ring. This is where being a all-around player can hurt u. This if why Lebron is not a killer like Kobe. But he will fit in good in miami. he dont have to worry bout finishing the game. Thats D.Wade Job now.

  447. lakers fan!! says:

    LAKERS!!!!!!!!!! kobes the best gabriel is band waganeer

  448. Tom says:

    If LeBron is sooooooo great then why does he feel the need to team up with other greats. He claims he’s the Chosen One. If that’s true he would want to prove he is the greatest by being the lone mega-super star like Jordan, Magic, Bird, Kobe, etc. You didn’t see them bail for other teams or call other players to form a super team. They were fierce competitors. LeBron may win a couple championships this way he chose to take but they will never be the same as if he won it in Cleveland or if he went to NY or Chicago and won it there. He chose to take the easy way out proving he is not the greatest and never will be. He will only be a very talented player not really competing at the true level he should be competing at. That’s really sad.

    • Lebron fan says:

      Tom, you are an idiot all the greats had great players aroun them, magic had kareem, jordan had pippen and rodman and kobe had every D*** player on the lakers that are exceptionally good in different areas of the game, lebron has tried his best to give everything to Cleveland, and there team sucked and lebron was the only good player there, Lebron wants to win so he joined with Wade, ok now all you Laker fans need to shut the he** up

      • naf norbel says:

        You’re not getting the point Lebron fan, Lebron was the #1 player on his team all he had to do was recruit his #2 and #3 but he couldn’t. Didn’t they get to the finals? How’d they get swept? Didn’t they have the best record in the NBA the last 2 years? They just couldn’t do it in the playoffs, right? Antwan Jamison is good player, they had Shaq in the playoffs, Mo Williams is a good player, Varejao is a good player, West was doing okay, Parker is a good player, come on now. Stop making excuses. Of course Lebron wants to win who doesn’t? By signing with Miami he’s just saying he can’t do it as the #1 guy in the team. That’s all folks!

  449. CELTICLADY says:

    Then Dennis Rodman has nothing better to do . Hes a drunk in a wedding gown. lol

  450. PREACH!!!! says:

    scottie pippen is BETTER than james what he has done in his career i dont see james surpassing at all and now with being in miami it totally shakes up his credentials for being (THE BEST) but even before that while he was still with the cavs i still thought that pippen was a better player all around then james!!!! so you cant put him next to a legend like pippen let alone jordan!!!!! and im sorry wade your no MJ and lbj your no PIPPEN!!!!!!!

  451. Jorge says:

    All these old farts sound bitter. Sorry Rodman, Lebron supassed Pippen a long time ago. Barkley, go shove another donut down your throat, you are the last person in the world who should give advice!!

    • Egroj says:

      Lebron surpassed Pippen a long time ago….Lebron 0 rings vs. Pippen 6 rings
      How did you come to that conclusion?

      • JSmooth says:

        so derek fisher has rings but he is not better than lebron same with rodman himself he has rings with michael but he is no where near an impact or a better player than lebron james -_- and kobe has 5 yeah sure but 3 because of shaq it was jordan with pippen and shaq with kobe just because kobe got 2 without shaq doesn’t mean anything because gasol is the new and improved shaq of the 21st century. oh and lets throw another 7 foot guy in there bynum. inconsistent but a presence and when he plays good he is good. have u ever noticed when gasol doesn’t produce lakers lose. without gasol in general lakers are over. that was shown all in the suns series. and sure lebron had shaq but shaq at his worst old crusty over weight no hustle and can’t move so lets make a switch shall we? crusty shaq instead of gasol thats a losing lakers season for you

    • Papaburgandy says:

      Pippen was a complete TEAM player. He could only score 6 points but still have a good game. I’m not saying Lebron isn’t a team player, just the fact he has to score for people to notice him and say he had a good game. Pippen had Jordan to take the hype and pressure off, Pip himself said that he never tried to be a “superstar”. He was one of the greatest of all time simply because he would do anything and everything for his team. He didn’t care about stats. Lebron has pressure on him every game. I hate the way the media say he has a bad game when he scores 24 points!!! Never mind the shooting, some players don’t score 24 in 10 games! You cannot compare Pip and Lebron, they are totally different players.

      • Egroj says:

        Fisher is definitely better that Lebron because he respons when his team needs him…Game 3 2010 NBA finals Fisher showed he’s better that Lebron…Game 7 2010 NBA finals Fisher showed he’s better that Lebron.

        Pippen is better that Lebron by simply lining out his accomplishments…what does Lebron have to show so Jorge can say he’s surpassed Pippen a long time ago? What?

    • Josh says:

      Common people Lebron is better then Pippen we all know that. 6 rings or not if you could start a team in their Prime who would you pick first Pippen or James.

      • Papaburgandy says:

        It depends what kind of team you had in mind, you’d choose Lebron if you had no salary cap for any othre players, but putting Pippen with a player like …….say Monta Ellis or even Corey brewer, you’d see their games (Points, fg % etc) all rise, because the pressure would be off them. Pippen made the game easier for Jordan, because if they tried to focus on his Airness, Pip would burn them, if they pay attention to Pip then Jordan will hang 50 on them. You can’t compare both Pip and Lebron. Since before Lebron came in the league, everything he did was watched and hype was created, Pippen only was subjected to that when Jordan retired the first time, and excelled. YOU CANNNOT COMPARE THEM. Pip was a reluctant superstar, Lebron is and always was looked at as a superstar.

  452. Mika says:

    Theres no point reponding to somebody that thinks Lebron is going to get more rings than Bill Russel. You obviously are a Lebron nut, be rational. Most of what you wrote is what you wished it was.
    I agree to only let Lebron do the talking , but I wonder what new excuses are in your mind in a couple of years
    Heres the only other response you’ll get, me shaking my head.

    • Gabriel C. says:

      Arlight mika, lebron is 25, bill russel won ten championships, lets say lebron wins 4 while he’s with the heat (not unreasonable to believe) he will be 31 almost 32 when his contract is up, how old was MJ when he got his last championship…..? im not saying he is Mj, But the guy is a baller and when he was recieving his mvp trophy last year nobody was hatin on the man. SHAKING MY HEAD

      • c. leirbag says:

        lets say lebron wins 4 while he’s with the heat (not unreasonable to believe) — not unreasonable but winning 1 in cleveland would have been a whole lot meaningful than winning 4 as the Robin in Miami.

        HERE IT IS… the reason Lebron left Cleveland is because he can’t stand Kobe flashing his right hand to the crowd at Staples Center saying he (Kobe) has 5 rings while he (Lebron) is still looking for his 1st.

        Didn’t he lead the Cavs to the finals? If he’s the best player on the planet why did they get swept by the old Spurs.

      • Celtic Girl says:

        dude you really need to get your facts straight…bill russell has eleven championships.

      • Josh says:

        He has 11 CHAPIONSHIPS IN 13 Years aslo you dumb retard i am a Laker fan and i know that shut up!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if he get 11 witch will not happen it would not have been done in 13 years and not with one team and not 8 straight stupid

  453. CELTICLADY says:

    Dennis Rodman cant say anything about Lebron. If it wasnt for Mike he wouldnt have stayed with the Bulls . Charles Barkley can say these things now because hes not playing, but if he had a chance to be a Bull he would have taken the chance. Instead he lowered himself to a kid and spiting in her face. They are jealous because Lebron had the BALLs .

  454. LARRY OCONNOR says:

    What did Jordan do before Pippen and Phil Jackson?
    What did Kobe do before Shaq and Phil Jackson?
    LeBron had Mike Brown and Mo! C’mon lets make the comparisons fair!
    Lets see what LeBron will do with Wade and Riley.
    I remeber Kobe was backing up Edie Jones at one time.
    Who was that guy LeBron backed up?? OH ..Nobody!
    LeBron was the man from the day he left high school.
    What was Jordan doing when he left high school?
    He wasn’t even the best player on his college team.
    Dennis was 3rd on the bulls and not even 3rd on the pistons. maybe he should shut up!

    • Ronnoco yrral says:

      What did Jordan do before Pippen and Phil Jackson? — Duh! Lead his team.
      What did Kobe do before Shaq and Phil Jackson — Kobe was drafted the same time Shaq moved to LA — Kobe worked on his game year in year out.
      Lebron had Mike Brown and Mo! – Duh! Didn’t they win the 60+ games each yr more than any team the last 2 years? They even added Shaq.
      I remember Kobe was backing up Eddie Jones at one time. — Now look what Kobe work ethic has accomplished, now what about Eddie Jones?
      Who was the guy Lebron backed up?? OH..Nobody! — Duh! He’s the Batman in Cleveland. Now he’s the Robin in Miami
      Lebron was the man from the day he left high school. — Cuz his mama needed to pay for the Hummer she gave him for his birthday present.
      What was Jordan doing when he left high school? — Duh! Getting an education!
      He wasn’t even the best player on his college team. — Well compare them now!

      • Josh says:

        He had James worthy his freshmen and the next two years collage Player of the year right out of High school he was not bad oh ya he hit that game winning shot his freshmen year to win a Championship in Collage well right out of high school i would say he was not bad smart guy. Back then they when to school not straight to NBA.

    • LAKERS says:

      None of what you said matters. None of what you said means anything. None of what you said has a point.

      • ???? says:

        how bout every one jus wait an c wat happens an y r yall makin a big deal out of dis yall not getn payd 4 dis anyway

    • Josh says:

      Kobe and Shaq came the same year Kobe was 17 bro not 25.

  455. Eric A. says:

    LeBron is Not a better player than Kobe. Lebron only had Antwon Jamison, Mo Williams, and on of the deepest teams in the league, you dont have back to back 60 plus win seasons and say you dont have a good team. I hate that all you “Witnesses” say that when the Cavs would win it was all LeBron but when they lose it’s his supporting cast. They’re not the one’s that told him to fake that elbow injury, i saw that game and nothing happened to him, it was another excuse for him not to win a championship, he knew he wasn’t good enough to win so he faked it thinking people were gonna excuse him for it. And D-Wade is still the leader of the team! It’s always gonna be Wade’s team! You guys only hype him up because you see his plays on Sportscenter and think he’s good! Kobe isn’t only more clutch than him but his jumpshot is way better, and his defense is better than LeBron. LeBron is never gonna be a Batman otherwise he woulda gone to Chicago and been the man there but he knows he needs someone to hit big shots for him so he went to super whack Miami so Wade can Bail him out! The Legends got it right, Charles Barkley went to teams to win a ring when he was old, he ALWAYS tried to win it as the star player. LeBron is going to finish with 2 rings at most so don’t go putting him in the all time list! Why the hell would he go back to Cleveland?

    • Gabriel C. says:

      Alright erica, Mo williams, and antwan jamison, are NO Derick Fisher and Pau Gasol. Lakers clearly had the better team. Give Lebron, PAU & D-FISH AND he would be collecting his ring on opening night. The cavs werent a bad team. i didnt even talk about the cavs in my original comment. im not saying he faked that injury but i know that all this drama had to happen for him to fullfill his illuminatti destiny. (sort of a joke…) Dwayne wade will be the LEADER but Lebron is going to have the ball in his hands more then D-WADE, thats why im saying its his team, he will control the offense.

      “Kobe isn’t only more clutch than him but his jumpshot is way better, and his defense is better than LeBron.”
      – ERICA
      I woould like to point out one thing…..
      Who made the nba all defensive FISRT TEAM and who was on the nba all defensive 2nd team? lmao
      The legends didnt get anything right. I just think he is being overly criticized.
      IM not a kobe hater.
      I like kobe i just think lebron is better Right now.
      Charles barkel would have joined Mj on any team. YOU KNOW THAT.
      2 rings? Lol on each finger….
      He is guna go back to cleveland cuz he has to. its part of the illuminati, everybody is guna love him ten years from now. Its just how it goes.

      • Lakers ALL DAY says:

        Sorry bud, buy Kobe made 1st Team All-Defense as well, and you sound plain stupid if you think Lebron is more clutch. Do you even know what Kobe did last season??? He had 8 game winners. EIGHT GAME WINNERS. Kobe may be the best clutch player ever — if not, second to MJ. You are a moron if you think he will go back to Cleveland. It’s not happening. His legacy if forever tarnished, and there is nothing that fans — such as yourself — who are in denial can do.

        And to everybody who is talking about Kobe’s game 7 performance and how he would not have won without his team and blah blah blah, your stupidity is actually lowering my IQ just from reading your poorly-written and idiotic posts. Did you not see what he did the Phoenix Suns???? And you are saying his game has gone down-hill???? He had the best statistical series against them of his career!! But he’s getting old, right?? HA HA! You all are mad that KOBE HAS 5 RINGS, BUT NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! LET THIS SINK IN: KOBE BRYANT HAS 5 CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS. LEBRON HAS A LONG WAY TO GO TO CATCH THAT. I bet the Heat won’t even make it to the Finals this year! Everybody is sleeping on the Lakers with all this BS that is surrounding the Heat, but just watch! If Bynum can stay healthy for the majority of this season, it is over!!! Their only weakness from the past two seasons — the bench — has been eliminated, making them more unstoppable. And it’s Phil’s last season?? You know they are taking notes of everyone disrespecting them and not giving their accomplishment from last season enough credit because of the BS that has been going on in Miami, so watch, this season is going to be GREAT for Kobe and the Lakers! LIKE IT OR HATE IT. Kobe will earn his second MVP, unless Durant wins it over him, which he probably won’t. ALL YOU SAYING KOBE IS DONE, GET YOUR A$$ OFF THIS PAGE AND DO SOME STUDYING BEFORE YOU COME BACK! LAST SEASON’S PLAYOFF RUN WAS ONE OF HIS BEST, WHICH IS CRAZY BECAUSE HE WAS INJURED THROUGHOUT THE SEASON AND PLAYOFFS!!


      • matt says:

        lebron is way better than anybody in the league even kobe sure lebron had alot of turnovers in the playoffs he also had two triple doubles, and hes won two mvps and jamison sucked since the first day he got to cleveland he had two points his first night, and mo williams is not a good point guard he can shoot threes but cant do much of anything else he’s decent at best, and mike brown obviously had no idea what he was doing by starting anthony parker who is below average, and their bench sucks except jj hickson hes the only player for cleveland that i would want on my team right now, jamison is getting old and shaq was way past his prime, give lebron kobes teoam and their winning at least 65 games every year and btw lebron does play better defense he has way better on ball defense and the defensive teams arent really a factor on whos the better defender if that was the case ron artest would be on their every year and he wasnt on their this year, your crazy if you thinkg kobe is a better defender that ron artest, lebron going to miami was the smartest thing he’s ever done i think they’ll win atleast 7 or 8 and when wade and bosh retire lebron will still be in the league dominating when he’s 36 or 37 years old not saying he’ll be the best but he’ll still be elite and btw the lakers have a much better team if you look at their lineup their better at every position except small forward, their the only team in the league that odom cant start for and pau has shown he’s one of the best power forwards in the leage he wouldve dominated jamison in the finals idk why dan gilbert even brought jamison in, they were doing much much better without him, he just didnt fit their style of play

      • Josh says:

        They are no Derick Fisher or Gasol because they did not win or they would be concidered better look fish was nothing till the last three finals series and Gasol nobody talk or was saying man i hope my team trades for Gasol till after the Lakers got him that’s why they got him so cheap his value was not that good till he became a Lakers smart guys remember that????????????????????????

    • imad says:

      THANK YOU! finally sum one has good sense of basketball

      • Celtic Girl says:

        correction…kobe made the all defensive first team too this year idiot. check your facts again.

      • Hunter says:

        The bottom line is Miami has to worry about Boston, Oralndo, Chicago and maybe Atlanta before even thinking about a Championship. Then more than likely have to deal with the Lakers. With Chris Bosh being an intricle part, It’s not looking to good for the Heat

  456. kobron says:

    LeBron walked out on his team, so he is simply getting what he deserves, great nba players don’t change teams in their prime and leBron is taking the easy way of winning a championships.

    • Gabriel C. says:

      “great nba players don’t change teams in their prime”
      – KObron

      really? since when? isnt that exactly what Shaq did went he went to the lakers?

      • Josh says:

        Yes that is what Shaq did in his prime for sure but he still was by himself right the lakers were young and up coming the drafted Kobe days after getting shaq at 17 and they were winning Championships three years Later him and your so called Robin when he was 20 nice i wish i could have been a Robin at twenty to one of the greatest players of all time. I would take that so would you and any twenty year old nobody is mad he left they are saying because he is such a stud why would he leave to be a role player not the man guy Shaq did not do that he was the man guy coming to the Lakers not like Lebron.

  457. Michael P. says:

    Gabriel C, you are an idiot. If you HONESTLY, HONESTLY believe that LeBron is a better player than Kobe, then you have no business even being an NBA fan. LeBron has not reached the caliber of Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant has accomplished way more than LeBron ever has and ever will. The ONLY thing that LeBron will have over Kobe, probably, are the two league MVP awards. But hell, Kobe might win more league MVP awards. Until LeBron is a five-time champion like Kobe and becomes a team player like Kobe, AND accomplish what Kobe has accomplished, he can NEVER be compared to Kobe or any other legends or be called the best player in the league. And lololololol, Michael Jordan has every right to say whatever he wants to say about LeBron. He’s the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball. Same goes for the other legends. They have accomplished way more than LeBron probably ever will.

    • Gabriel C. says:

      “Until LeBron is a five-time champion like Kobe and BECOMES A TEAM PLAYER LIKE Kobe, AND accomplish what Kobe has accomplished, he can NEVER be compared to Kobe or any other legends or be called the best player in the league.”
      – Michaek P.

      SHAKing my head, I have ONE thing to say about that: who averaged more assists -_- Idiot.
      Il give you a pass on what you said about mj, he is the greatest but you know im right, if lebron were on the bobcats he wouldnt say anything. if lebron was on YOUR favorite team, you wouldnt say anything at all. AT ALL.

      • Papaburgandy says:

        I don’t understand why everyone compares stats……. Lebron averaged more assists than Kobe, doesn’t mean a thing. Stephon Marbury during his first 8 years in the league averaged over 8 assists a game, but you won’t hear people calling him unselfish (and i actually like Marbury, but realise that his attitude sucks). At the end of the day Kobe is the best teammate to his teammates on the Lakers, and Lebron was at the Cavs. Kobe has the edge in “best player in the league” because of his killer instinct and knowledge of the game. Everyone needs to remember that Lebron is only just entering his “prime” when knowledge and skills come together so it’s not fair to compare them.

      • goodbasketballfan says:

        Well, you have to look at the team offenses for that one. The Lakers triangle offense focuses on teh second pass, the off-ball screens and cuts, the off-ball hustle and movement to create openings for teammates. Kobe doesn’t average high assists but you must admit that he demands a lot of attention which opens up his teammates. If the NBA counted assists teh same way the NHL does I’m sure Kobe would be up there with Lebron. The Lakers will run a 2-man game in a much smaller proportion where Kobe can pick up assists from a picknroll with Gasol. But if you look at Mike Brown’s offense the past few years, its been put Lebron at point forward, give him the ball wait for the double team to come, if it doesn’t come beat your man to the hoop, or if it does come one of two options, beat the double team or kick out to the open man and hope he makes a basket, thats why he racks up those assists and triple doubles.

      • LAKERS says:

        What the hell do assists have to do with anything dumb a*s! So now lequeen is in the league to be a assist champion, lollllllllllllll. You are a damn idiot. Dont you know that by now from half the people on this website calling you a idiot!

      • Ryan says:

        @Gabriel C Honestly, do you not know how stupid you sound right now? You think Lebron is better than Kobe, because he averages more assists? Sigh. Smh. Kobe doesnt average more assists because he plays in the triangle offense. Kobe is better than lebron offensively, and defensively. Get it in your head, alright? Oh, and please dont question other people’s intelligence, because clearly, your the only moron on this page.

      • gabrielsuckslebronsass says:

        The reason why LeBron has more assists than kobe is because he always has the ball.

      • JJ says:

        @Gabriel C. Lebron has more assists because he dominates the ball. Kobe lets the offense come to him. he doesnt have to have the ball in his hand 90% of the time to be effective. Your the idiot.

      • Josh says:

        And if Kobe was on your you would not say anything either i think we can all agree with those statement’s.

    • lones420 says:

      im tired of all this compareing kobe and lebron lebron and kobe, dam ppl kobe been playin 13 years.and all these legends need 2 remember that they all had great teams and other stars wen they won.i mean b 4 real it took jordan 7 years until he got number 33,bird had parrish mchale,magic had kareem worthy cooper scott,barkley had kevin johnson dan marljie, he also had hakeem clyde and pippen and he never won anything so barkley needs 2 just shut da hell up.but i guess ur right he should hav stayed in clevland so he could’ve ended up like barkley,ewing,stocton,malone,iverson no rings at all

  458. Red says:

    LeBron is WEAK! He may be a great player but in terms of character and heart he is as weak as they come. He can never be compared to the legends of the game who won it all, he had to jump on another superstar’s bandwagon, MJ did go play with Larry and his team, Magic did not go join someother superstar’s teams, etc. And while I am not a cleveland fan the way the dude left way straight up cowardish. Agian he may be great on the court but off court they guy is a PUNK!

    • Red says:

      MJ did NOT join another superstar’s team………………………correction!

      • Stack says:

        Well Kareem, Dennis Johnson, Dennis Rodman, Bill Walton, Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, and Ron Artest all should be considered PUNKS too.

      • Josh says:

        Stack don’t be stupid he was saying he was a punk for the way he left not for leaving and Kareem was a Laker before Magic and he was traded not by choice smart guy. And Bill left because his feet were all messed up he could not carry a team anymore Dennis Johnson won a championship with the Sonics before he left Rodman won two with the Detroit they where dismantling Thomas retired ans Joe was on his last leg rebuild time when Rodman left And well Vince Carter ask Raptor fans how they feel about him. And T-mac who did he leave. Artest became a Lakers because when he was getting ready to sign with the Rockets he found out Ming would be out all year so he left they had offered him a contract the same one they gave Ariza he was about to sign when Ming came out hurt. Thanks for playing Stack.

  459. brian says:

    gabriel you said it your self that kobe is more clutch am i right? i cant stand kobe but the facts are there and your right he is a better closer so when it matters kobe gets it done lmao common think before you type and yes he did ruin his legacy by leaving clevland to join the heat if he was the man he would stay and be the king in his town not the princess to d wade and you do have to ask your self how much respect do james colouges have for him as he could recruit to the cavs?

    • Gabriel C. says:

      Arlight let me teach you something BRUH, being clutch does not make you a better player, EXAMPLE ONE: Derick Fisher: I would say one of the most clutch point guards in the league. MAYBE THE most clutch, does the mean he is better than Chris paul or Deron Williams or even Derrick Rose? Example number 2: Robert Horry: This man was definatly Clutch: Would you pick him over carmelo on your team? NOPE.
      He didnt ruin his legacy because He didnt join the heat to help dwayne wade get a championship. he went so that they help him. nobody is even talkinig about d-wade getting another one. its all about lebron. nobody wanted to go to cleveland cuz they didnt want to be under his shadow,
      lebron has the luxury of being 6’8 AND HIS SHADOW is alot bigger than d-wades 6’4 haha

      • LAKERS says:

        Wow dude, you are sounding dumber and dumber!!

      • Hunter says:

        LeBron is great. He just has to wait his turn. He’ll get his championship but I think he would have with Cleveland also

      • Josh says:

        I love it all of the three players you just named are or were Lakers love it maybe it is the LAKER jersey making them clutch. AKA Mister Clutch Jerry West.

      • Josh says:

        They did not go to Cleavland because it is a small place not alot to do for an NBA player not because they were afraid to live under Lebrons shadow come on.

  460. Ssssssst says:


    Our great Lebron-lover.

    Psst a little fact
    Last year SHAQ was lebron’s teammate.

    • Gabriel C. says:

      Im not a lebron lover, my favorite player is Dirk actually. but i cant even believe your guna use that.
      shaq was his teamate last year, was he the same shaq kobe has? look up his stats in the finals when the lakers won the first of the 3-peat, kobe was robin.

      • LAKERS says:

        Again, Gabriel you are a idiot, a complete moron! Its sad people like you can post comments on this website.

      • Hunter says:

        And the Best Robin EVER. They don’t win those rings without Kobe. Trust me

      • Josh says:

        Kobe was Robin we all know he was 20 years old stupid get over it how many 20 year old’s are superman of their team and win a CHAMPIONSHIP. So who cares he was robin at 20 nice how many other people are Robin at twenty

    • Hunter says:

      And Antwann Jamison All Star Mo Williams (almost All star) and so on and so on. Eric Snow back in the day. Ben Wallace (All Star) and on and on. He had great teammates

      • Josh says:

        Yes finally Hunter without that Robin they don’t win all three and as a matter of fact when Batman was fouled out in one game against the Sixers and watching the game Kobe AKA your Robin brought them from behind to win. So maybe we can call Kobe super and Shaq the man either way the Lakers won three titles with them. THE LAKERS THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

  461. Kobe says:

    hahaha look at the stupid people in especially kobe haters while kobe had three rings they said shaq made that happen and when shaq went to miami kobe had two more rings now who made that happen now they say Pau but every team must have a center u punks u dont know what basketball is watch nba experts what are they saying if kobe gets one more ring he is gonna be the best of all time even then mj thats what nba experts are sayin and me too and the whole world cuz its a custom of people when somebody retires they talk a lot of good words about him kobe is only 31 imagina that lol 5 rings bye bye mj bye bye lebron stupid cow-boy with no style with nothing kobe has everything shooting dribbling rebound defense assist everything byeeeeeee LOL haters

    • whocaresaboutkobeandjames says:

      kobe will choke this season and there’s no way in hell he’s going to be the greatest of all time! remember the last nba finals they almost got choked againts the celtics! if perkins didn’t got injured your kobe won’t win! and look he’s only 32 and his game is already fading away think about that you moron! remember his field goal at game 7 6 out of 24 lol what a weak performance! if not because of gasol and the stupid coaching of doc rivers that series would’ve ended in game 5!

      • Gabriel C. says:

        I dISSAGREE WITH YOU “whocaresaboutkobeandjames”
        Even if perkins was healthy the Lakers still would have won.
        DId you forget about andrew bynum?
        the celtics (WHO I HATE) and the lakers both played without their tru centers. siince perkins wasnt playing the lakers gave andrew limited minutes so it was pretty much an even playing field.

      • ojoj says:

        whocaresaboutkobeandjames, you’re saying he choked… playing still with his bad index finger, shots not falling, okay do other stuff like rebound, drive get fouled and make free throws, defend and more rebounds, that’s what a great player does…not giving up…whereas Lebron gave up on his team, he gave up on Mo, Varejao, Jamison, Parker, Hickson…what a cowardly legacy he would be leaving.

      • Quenten76 says:

        Sorry Gabe but your wrong here. Look at the rebounding differential. if boston has perkins to grab some boards in gm 7 it would have been a different outcome. And Bynum wasn’t playing big minutes the entire series, LA wasn’t trying to do them any favors by sitting him. For the record, I can’t stand either one of those teams.

      • LAKERS says:

        You had a lot of would haves in that statement. Ok, Kobe had one bad game during the playoffs, so what. He still came out with a championship. If perkins hadnt got hurt the LAKERS still would have stomped the celtics a*s!

      • Hunter says:

        If is a big word. If I was 6′ 11″ I might have millions. The bottom line is Kobe is loyal and LeBron isn’t. Kobe cried to be traded to get the Lakers to react. They Did. LeBron wants multiple championships and thought this was the way to do it. We’ll see. Chris Bosh doesn’t exactly bring dominace to the table. The Heat are one Big 3 spained ankle for mediocrity

      • batez says:

        Yeah Kobe had a bad shooting night in game 7…But he grabbed 15 board and still scored 23 points while carrying us the whole series!! Seems to me youre the type of guy that will find a flaw in anything you dislike no matter how great it may be. Im assuming we all forgot about MJ 6-25 night he had against the Cavs when he was younger….Or Kevin Durants 5-24 night against the Lakers earlier in the playoffs. If you did your reseach you would see that Lebron consistently had horrible shooting nights against the Celtics this year too!! Dont be a hater and try to take away from someones accomplishments, and lets not give credit to those who have accomplished nothing.

      • Josh says:

        Hey WHOCARESABOUTKOBEANDJAMER you are a moron Kobe did not choke sisteen rebounds eight assist is not choking and ya he had a bad shooting night but basketball is not just about scoring moron stop hating and be smart about what you say. And bro sorry for you about Perkins how could have he made them win rasheed is better his shooting gave them that lead and made Kobe shoot bad with his length and he slowed Gasol down common Perkins would not have done that. And second off Kobe also had a sore knee oh ya and Bynam hurt again right perkins was the reson the Celtics lost or maybe because Bynam and Kobe where hurt is why it was not a blow out smart guy. RASHEED IS BETTER THEN PERKINS NOW AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN PERKINS BEING HURT HALPED THEM. RASHEED SCORED AND SIS ALL OF WHAT PERKINS DOES AND COVERD GASOL.

    • whocaresaboutkobeandjames says:

      sorry but kobe copied everything from michael jordan he’s the one who has no style and that’s the reason why he can’t get away from the shadows of mj! kobe is just a copycat of jordan and everyone knows that!

      • Bahamas says:

        hey moron kobe dnt copy jordan. if there was any coping kobe told you who he based his game after. in an interview he admitted that he got his moves from watching tapes of jerry west, elgin baylor, oscar robertson, pistle pete, james worthy, but no mj. yea he idolized mj but never copied his moves. and incase you guys forgot kobe had to earn his way into a starting role. lebron was a media baby from high school who was spoon fed everything. the cavs never got better because lebron never wanted talent on the team that might have out-shined him. thats why he made let boozer go in his prime.

      • Razdizzlefoshiizzle says:

        Nope, I didn’t know that…and I don’t believe that. He may have similar style of play, but doens’t make him a copy cat. Would be a different story if Kobe’s accomplishments were no better than a player by the name of Harold Miner. In case you don’t know who Harold Miner is, he’s a guy who played in the NBA from 1992 to 1996 for both the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers. His style of play emulated Michael Jordans, but the pressure of being called “baby Jordan” got to him and affected his career. Unlike Harold Miner, Kobe has proven over and over again on why he is truly labeled the best player in the NBA today.

        I always felt the worst thing to happen to Harold was the “Baby Jordan” tag.

        — George Raveling, Miner’s head coach at USC

      • LAKERS says:

        Hey whocaresaboutkobeandjames, KOBE is also going to copy how many rings jordan has too, LOL or probably pass it, LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! You haters are something else!

      • Josh says:

        Nobody cares if he is better then M.J. Jordan does not play anymore people Laker fans just want him to help his team not leave and go help another team but his team the Lakers win CHAMPIONSHIPS that he has First you hated him because he could not win without Shaq and he did now you hate him because he has Gasol. What do you want him to play one on twelve well he might be able to against some teams. Just say it you hate him Laker fans do not care if he was on the team you liked you would love him like Laker fans do as good as Jordan or not he helps the Lakers kick your teams but year in and year out that’s all the Lakers and their fans want.Kobe is not the best Laker of all time but Magic is or maybe West or Baylor or Wilt or the captain Kareem ya that’s right the Lakers have so many great players it is hard to even live up to that and Kobe has done that. When he goes he will be one of the greatest. He has given Laker fans just what they like more rings to help the Lakers and their fans to talk more crap to you cry babies

    • lones420 says:

      first of all if u knw ur sports like u claim u should knw dat shaq won a 4th ring b4 kobe.2nd of all wen kobe the so called best didnt hav any good players he cried and pleaded 2 b traded,then wat happened oh let me see he got 1 of the best big men in the world and lamar odom a multi talented player.not 2 mention thy hav andrew bynum and ron artest,who saved them against pheonix,and gasol saved them against okc.kobe has never done it by himself.lebron didnt complain he just waited until his contract was up and did wat anybody else would’ve done and thats align himself with pure talent.all these old heads r hating cause they didnt hav say so over certain things but the game is a lot different nowadays.and the talent level is much higher.oh and he’s only 25. kobe has been in the league since 97 and he sat the bench,the king made an immediate impact and changed the outlook in the eastern conference.and he is without a dout the most complete player in the world.

      • Gabriel C. says:

        Well said homie

      • Hunter says:

        First of all anyone who is physically as gifted as LeBron would have had an instant impact as soon as they came into the leauge. Kobe weighed about 175 pounds LOL. Do you forget when Kobe rattled off 50 point games at will. Because he had to. Pau is good but he isn’t great. Thats why KG abused him 2 years ago. Kobe got in Pau’s rear and made him better. The majority of the Lakers would not be any good if Kobe didn’t draw so much attention. They are both great but don’t give me that nonsence that LeBron did not have help. Kobe may have cried to be traded but he stayed loyal and won championships (plural) most of the Lakers would suck if they didn’t play for the Lakers

      • Josh says:

        Hey lones420 he had Lamar when he askes to be traded stupid if you knew your sports like you think you know then you would have known that……. And as far as Gasol being one of the best big men in the world i did not hear that one time till he played with that’s right Kobe and the Lakers now he is that good because that is right he playes with the Best TEAM and one of the best PLAYERS of all time. all you can hate all day Lakers are TWO TIME CHAMPIONS IS YOUR TEAM IF YOUR NOT A LAKER FAN THEN NO!!!! TILL THEN KOBE AND THE LAKERS ARE THE CHAMPIONS KEEP CRYING AND WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR IS OVER PRAY THEY DON”T WIN AGAIN OR ALL THIS TALK WILL BE OVER……………………………………

  462. josh says:

    ok this is a business. LeBron made a business choice. You goal is to win championships. The cavs have 7yrs to bring players in. They failed to do that. LeBron did everything in his power to win. Why wouldn’t you leave if you have the chance to win a championship? He wants to win and i don’t know why you wouldn’t want to win. Who cares if him a dwade are on the same team. LeBron just wants a ring and everyone needs to stop hating on him.

    • Doomang says:

      LeBron pretty much played Cavs GM for the past 3 or 4 years so any failure to create a championship team is largely his fault. He’s the reason they brought in Mo Williams, Shaq, and Jamison. Apparently LBJ didn’t realize that Shaq is washed up and the other two had little to no playoff experience as 2nd or 3rd options. Then the first chance he gets, he books it for greener pastures, leaving Cleveland a complete mess, no cap room and just a bunch of middle to late first round draft picks for the next few years.

      • Quenten76 says:

        If lebron was hit by a bus and could no longer walk in his 3 rd year in cleveland do you think the Owner of the Cavs would of continued to pay him for the duration of his contract? NO! That guy did all that his contract asked him to do. he fulfilled it. he didn’t demand a trade (like others do). He made a business deal for himself and he was entitled to it. There is no loyalty in that business. Leaving them with nothing? That’s the GM and owners fault! Not Lebrons.

    • Josh says:

      I agree he is winning at all cost that’s what it is about but if it does not work man will he look DUMB.

  463. Mikhail Popovich says:


    LAKER-fan!!! VC15-fan!!!

  464. Nonoe says:

    Gabrial you are retarded

  465. pshhhh says:

    go tell em gabriel c! lol

  466. Gabriel C. says:

    Im getting tired of all these people talking crap about lebron. He is the best player in the league. kobe is not better than lebron, Kobe may be more clutch but not the better overall player. Lebron has never had a Pau or a Shaq on his team. Lebron is not “diminishing his brand” by joining miami. he is the best. Leave him alone. damn. All the legends can say what they want, in the end it doesnt change the PLAYER that Lebron is. He is going to win the most championships by any player ever in the nba. I believe that, o and after he is done winning championships down here in miami, he is going back to cleveland and win a couple over there. REMEMBER I SAID THAT.
    I am not saying the heat win it all THIS year But they will win atleast 4 championships while lebron is under his 6-year contract.

    • Fabio says:

      I’d say that being a Heat fan pretty much sums up how unbiased you can be about this…

      • Gabriel C. says:

        Dude if he went to your favorite team, you would be backing him up as well
        stop hatin

      • Queiros says:

        if he went to my favourite team it wouldn’t matter because he already screwed everything up with the way he did his “decision”. Anyways, I’m not hatin’ on nobody, I’m just curious to see how those 3 will mesh

    • Rayball says:

      Gabriel I do agree with what some of what you said. Do you really think Lebron is better than Kobe. The best player in the game is the one who has the ball in the las two minutes(kenny smith). Therefore, Kobe is the best. But its debatable on anyday. Lebron is great. I think the real tragedy is all of the legends being but holes and not helping James rather than only bashing him. I teach highschoolers and I am of the thinking with this generation everthing is about winning with any cost. Where as the old timers claim there is a better way. I remember people were not fond of Magic, Bird and Jordan until it made the league more popular.

      • Gabriel C. says:

        I see the what your saying about being clutch but i still cant say that LBJ ISNT CLUTCH, that game winning shot against the magic in the playoffs was pretty clutch if you ask me. he always has the ball at the end of the game,

      • Dustin says:

        kobe has the ball in his hands every minute of the game. He is sort of selfish that doesnt really mean anything when your talkin about kbe.

      • Razdizzlefoshiizzle says:

        Okay, so LeBron hit one clutch shot…So now he’s considered a clutch player. Maybe LeBron has hit a couple clutch shots in his career. Still, doesn’t label him “Clutch”. The label “Clutch” isn’t just thrown around the NBA…it’s earned throughout a career. LeBron hasn’t earned that achievement yet, and now that he’s playing sidekick to D-Wade, he never EVER will. Like it or not, D-Wade is the main man on this Miami team. It will always be Wade’s team, regardless what you think, what I think or what anyone thinks. As long as Wade is in a Miami Heat uniform, Wade will remain the man on the Miami Heat.

      • matt says:

        can you really listen and believe anything kenny smith says he’s just like charles barkley washed up x nba players with too much time on their hands and barley was a star kenny smith was not a great player kenny smith wasnt half the player lebron is and if you listen to some of the ridiculous things he says he knows nothing about basketball much like barkley………JVG is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Josh says:

        Bird and Magic made the league money the Min they came in. The N.B.A was filing for bankruptcy.

    • imad says:

      HELLL NO wow thats the biggest BS ive ever heard!! First of all kobe is hands down better than lebron..and wat are u talking about that lebron never had a shaq?!?!?!!? ur dumb kobe=5rings lebron=0 lakerz going for the 3 peat!

      • Gabriel C. says:

        Lebron has never had the shaq that kobe has, are you dumb? kobe has 3 rings as robin and 2 as Batman. get it right hommie

    • d'artenian says:

      never had SHAQ?? goddamnit.

    • thejuncast says:

      Hahahahaha!!!. Hahahahahaha!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! I cannot help but laugh. Six year contract, 4 titles.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  467. Gabriel C. says:

    oh one more thing, if charles barkley had the opportunity to join the chicago bulls when he was in his prime i am 100% POSITIVE That he would have done it. And all this talk about michael never joining Magic or Bird, It B,S, I heard someone on espn say that Michael jordan would have never joined the bad boy pistons and that he spent time putting work in so that he could beat them, okay? but didnt rodman join him? Lebron is not Michael, Kobe Isnt Mj, Lebron is Lebron, MJ isnt magic, Magic isnt Kareem. STop comparring people. Lebron is the best player and everyone Talking crazy about LBJ23 wouldnt be saying A DAMN THING IF He were on their team. If lbj would have joined the lakers, Magic would be backing him up. If lerbon would have gone to the bobcats and D-wade was on the roster, as well as chris bosh (HYPOTHETICAL) MJ would be backing him up too. im just tires of all this talk about lebron being a robin. He is BATMAN. I was born in miami, I was raised in south Florida. I am HUGE heat fan. the heaT WERE D-wades team…. Its lebrons now.

    • Jordan says:

      Well said Charles and all these other Legends would’ve jumped at the chance they’re just all jealous that they couldn’t do it back then because they all hated each other so much that they didn’t want to make the best Dynasty of all time and win EVERY year, these guys just need to step off the court and go play some golf because no one is going to remember them after 6 years of the real DREAM TRIO

      • Papaburgandy says:

        I just want to say that Rodman joined the bulls when he was 33 or older, he wasn’t in his prime but was still dominating the boards.So it’s totally irrelevent that he joined with Scottie and Michael. The Legends back in the 80’s and 90’s all wanted to prove something, while they were in their primes. I personally think it’s great that Lebron has teamed up with Wade, and don’t think it’s diluting his legacy. The league is so different now to what it was when Chuck and Jordan played. The Legends just don’t want to see anyone get a “free” ride to championships, since they had to work for there’s. Barkley is just bitter because lebron won’t retire as a great player with no ring like chuck did.

        It’s still Wade’s team though, he is the one that got miami the ring (obviously with help from Posey, shaq etc) Lebron is gracious enough to not let ego get in the way, if anything i can only see a problem with Bosh having an ego during the season. If Wade was the size of Lebron, everyone would call hime the best. Lebron in my opinion is the best ball player in the league PHYSICALLY, but mentally combined with skills, knowledge and athletics it’s Kobe, and will be until Lebron gets the chip. Then people can call Lebron the best in the league.

    • Dorian says:

      What makes u think they didn’t have a chance to? You guys are making things up. Jordan had the chance to leave before his team won a championship, but he se-signed to the bulls. There was never an ATTEMPT to do any of that, any realistic look back @ the league at the time and you could see that. The legends aren’t all lying, what LeBron did was a move that a support player makes, but never one that a true number one great needs to make. Period. LBJ just doesn’t possess the same heart that MJ and guys like that did

    • Doomang says:

      Rodman was TRADED to the bulls.

      • Dustin says:

        But jordan could have said no i dont want to have a good teamate, but no he wanted a better chance o win. People who think the heat arent going to win even one ring are crazy. it s kind of funny looking at all these people who talk about lebron like he sucks or that he hasnt done anything. Lebron has more mvps than kobe which is an individual thing not a team thing like a championship is. Lebron is Lebron and noone can be compared to him.

      • Gabriel C. says:

        Good point but if mj was soo competetive and hated his rivals THAT Much, donnt you think he had enough influence on that front office to say “nah, we dont want him”?
        im not questioning the great one im just saying,
        leave the man alone.

    • tingyman says:

      recognize that your “batman” has never won a ring yet? watch and see as the heat dominate the reg season, then fall over backwards in the playoffs

      • Gabriel C. says:

        who says they are guna dominate the regular season? i wouldnt be suprised if we loose more regular season games then people think. the regular season is alll about developing chemisrty for the heat so there will be alot of speed bumbs down the rooad.

    • Choke says:

      you dont get it… the point is, players should come to Lebron not the other way around. D-wade having convinced “the King” to join him makes him look more deserving of the “King” title. This is also the reason why the legends are bashing lechoke. MJ would never leave chicago. he would rather have other players leave their teams to come to him.

      • Gabriel C. says:

        D- wade didnt convine Lebron, PAT RILEY DID.

      • Quenten76 says:

        MJ never had the opportunity to leave the bulls when they were good. In fact neither did Bird or Magic. Their teams put together good enough talent around them to compete. Think about it. You see what happened to Kobe when he didn’t have anyone around to compete with? “Yeah man, I want to be traded out of LA.” Does that make Kobe less of “the Man” to you? Call it both ways dud.

    • jun m. says:

      gabriel c., remember this. d-wade will carry the heat and not lbj. lebron joined d-wade bec. he could not carry his own team like what happened in cleveland. so, in short, lbj is the robin…and bosh is the joker. got me? remember that…put it in your mind. oh, by the way, do you have mind? sorry, brain?

      • Gabriel C. says:

        d-wade is injury prone.
        lbj cant carry a team? really?
        66 wins. thats all him
        2007 nba finals: look at the starting line up he had for those finals. he did do it on his own.

    • LAKERS says:

      Dude Gabriel you must be like 9 years old. Because you have no idea what the hell you are talking about!

    • Josh says:

      Gabriel C. you must be stupid to think the heat is lebron’s team it ain’t he joined wade and bosh. Lebron had to make more news and make a 1 hour special on espn which was dumb even if they win 4 to 5 time while he is on the heat he still will be behide wade and tied with bosh and also bosh will be able to have more rings then lebron when it said and done bosh will be the side kick to great players but never the man

    • matt says:

      i couldnt agree more about barkley, but im gonna have to say its boshes wades and lebrons team i dont think you give one more credit than the other bc lebron and wade are proven superstars and bosh is an all star i think the team will be controlled mainly by them during games and practices

    • Emaze3 says:

      HEEEEEELLLLLL NOOOOO!!!!!! its Still Dwades team Get it Straight!!!!

    • Josh says:

      Gabriel i just read that crack head comment i hope for you that Lebron does not push Wade out like that because it will make them all fight your third player that no one talks about ya Bosh he is going to get pissed not being a star maybe not the first month but soon enough he will go from All-star to no star and it will be bye bye for all the heat. He and all of you are cought up in all the hype right now but the Lakers started out the season hurt gasol missing the first 11 games and ended up all busted up and still won they are getting more helthy and added a much needed bench when they get up they will be able to rest players and keep leads starters not having to come back in to start the fourth and may sit out alot of them remember the year befor last when they did not get hurt so much and Kobe and Gasol and Fish sat the fourth Q. That is going to happen again rested for playoffs the heat will be all tired with that garbage bench of old players. Oh and Ya if the Cavs were so bad how come in the year before last Lebron lead the leauge in in not having to play at all in the fourth Q.

  468. Gabriel C. says:

    Im getting tired of all these people talking crap about lebron. He is the best player in the league. kobe is not better than lebron, Kobe may be more clutch but not the better overall player. Lebron has never had a Pau or a Shaq on his team. Lebron is not “diminishing his brand” he is the best. Leave him alone. damn. All the legends can say what they want, in the end it doesnt change the PLAYER that Lebron is. He is going to win the most championships by any player ever in the nba. I believe that, o and after he is done winning championships in here in miami, he is going back to cleveland and win a couple over there. REMEMBER I SAID THAT.

    • Gerald S says:


      • Gerald S says:


      • jun m. says:

        amen, gerald s.

      • matt says:

        nobody wants to go to cleveland though… thats why bosh didnt go to cleveland he wouldve much rather played with lebron bu he went to south beach bc it has better ownership and a better coach and a plan. their lucky lebron went to miami with them. and nobody wants to go to cleveland bc of dan gilbert not being a man and letting lebron run his time if dan gilbert was a good owner and a man he wouldve brought in players who HE thought it would help not lebron, and cleveland isnt a real party town like miami which will attract better players in the future unlike cleveland, the cavs are gonna be one of the worst teams this year it will be between them toronto and minnesota for the worst teams actually the twolves might not be half bad but i dont see the cavs winning more than twenty games

      • Boss says:

        imm well that day will come in about 2 years dummy!!

  469. Gabriel C. says:

    Im getting tired of all these people talking crap about lebron. He is the best player in the league. Kobe is not better than lebron, Kobe may be more clutch but not the better overall player. Kobe has never had a Pau or a Shaq on his team. Lebron is not “diminishing his brand” he is the best. Leave him alone. damn. All the legends can say what they want, in the end it doesnt change the PLAYER that Lebron is. He is going to win the most championships by any player ever in the nba. I believe that, o and after he is done winning championships in here in miami, he is going back to cleveland and win a couple over there. REMEMBER I SAID THAT.

    • steve says:

      you are an idiot! lebron has proven time and time again he isnt the closer that any of the legende have been . he choked horribly in the playoffs this year and cant wait to see him do it again. DONT diss the legends ! At least they EARNED the title! idiot!

      • FLASH says:

        @Steve remember when Kobe Bryant choked in Game 7? No one is going to talk about but i am! He went 6-24 thats horrible! They won because Lakers carried Kobe! When LeBron played bad in Game 5 (against Boston) Cavs crash and burn! Why? Because everything revolves around LeBron and if he plays bad the WHOLE TEAM plays bad. When Kobe plays bad Lakers carry him. The point I’m trying to make is LeBron use to carry the Cavs but Lakers carry Kobe…. don’t get me wrong Kobe is one of the best players in the league today if not the bestbut still….

      • Dustin says:

        I agree with Gabriel Lebron is by far the best player. The funny thing is Lebron is better than all these so called “legends” talking crap! They are obviously jealous that thy either weren’t as good or didnt have the chance to play with the other top players. Even if Lebron never won a championship He WILL ALWAYS BE THE NUMBER 1 PLAYER EVER!!!!!

      • Gabriel C. says:

        Charles barkely eraned a title? really?

      • stan says:

        this dustin guy saying that lebron is better than all the legends is an IMBECILE !!!! OMG LMFAO… r u serious ??? lol thats a sacrilege.. i guess may b ur too young nd u dont knoe the history well nuff.. sad still

      • Danny says:

        LeBron is STATISTICALLY the best player in the league for the past two years. It’s OBVIOUS. Near Triple Double AVERAGE numbers. The fact that he hasn’t won a ring is due to a crappy supporting cast that got used to LeBron closing games out. For the Haters that say that LeBron is not a good closer… WHO HAD THE BEST RECORD IN THE NBA THIS YEAR?? The Cavs… WHO CLOSED OUT ALL THEIR GAMES?? LeBron.. Their record was so good that LeBron got to rest the last 3 games or so of the regular season. What happened when he rested?? The Cavs lost. Why?? If his supporting cast was so strong, they could have pulled out a victory or two.

        Kobe was out and the Lakers did fine without him. That is a FACT. A checked and measured fact.

        Basketball is supposed to be 5 on 5, not 1 on 5, with fractions chiming in every once in a while. LeBron needs to play with other great players.

        Magic had Worthy, Kareem, Byron Scott, etc. Bird had McHale, Parrish, etc. Jordan had Pippen, Rodman, Grant, etc.

        You guys (and apparently the legends themselves) have a problem with this move on LeBrons’ part. I think the reality is they are trying to downplay his worth and decisiosn to try to invalidate what Miami is about to become (potentially):

        The greatest sports dynasty in the history of American sports. Again, there is no GUARANTEE this will happen, but if it does, it could cast a shadow on all these former champions. Let the guy play. Let him do what he does and see where the chips fall. And stop hating.

      • James Wu says:

        why did u think lebron stopped playing his game after game 3 vs boston when he dropped what again 21 points in one quarter. he caught delonte west screwing his mom in her bed. Wouldnt u be for the least concerned for the next few days ( being game4-5

      • Ling says:

        Lebron’s going to win more title than anyone to ever play the game, really? Does that include 11 by Bill Russell? Does it sound plausible, at all, for Lebron to win more than 11 titles?

        I don’t care how “great” Lebron is, he’s not better than Kobe. Lebron is dominant driving inside and scoring inside, but his jumpshots, his fundementals, his clutch game, none of it is close to Kobe’s level. Kobe is the better all around scorer, the more complete player. And that’s that. And Lebron has won nothing, if he’s the king, he’s the king of nothing. He, and his fans, might want to reserve the big talk until Lebron wins that championship. People are so optimistic about the Super Team, but how many times have Lebron fans been sure that the Cavs were gonna win a championship? The last 2, 3 seasons? Has Lebron delivered? No.
        Just like you won’t dare compare Kobe or anyone else to Jordan, stop comparing Lebron to Kobe, who is absolutely the greatest player in this generation.
        Lebron will not retire having accomplished more things than Kobe.

      • weeeee says:

        i just want to comment.

        @Danny. it only proves that basketball is a team game. also, how can you have a great record with just 1 player? his back-up players wasn’t so bad. it’s not like LeBron plays 50 mins out of 48. the guy need to rest and the others make their scoring habits. LeBron is just good for the regular season and not clutch plays during playoffs, that’s why he’s called LeQueen. :))))

      • LAKERS says:

        Dustin sounds like hes sucking lebrons c@*k!! Lebron better than the legends that are talking crap about him? I dont think so buddy! You lebron fans need to get real with some of your statements!

      • LAKERS says:

        Hey danny too bad stats dont mean s*@t! Championships do, and KOBE has five on a team he has carried. How many championships does lebron have on a team he has carried, 0!

      • dan says:

        woah this dustin dude a moron lebrons better than micheal????!!!! micheal 6 rings on HIS team didnt have to flee like a coward to WADES team to get his first niether did kobe who won 2 on HIS team and 3 on shaqs n please kobe aint choke when a guy grabs 16 boards that aint choking the team won bcuz of offensive rebounds which kobe was obviously a HUGE part of n every1 struggles once in a while jus ask jordans 11 of 26 game in the finals. lebron had a chance to be a legend and compared to all timers but he threw that away along with his image when he made the decision lebron is jealous of the LEGENDS not the other way around bcuz they didnt need 2 team up with rival players to win a ring like lebron needed to do lebron isnt half of magic bird jordan pippen malone abdul-jabar or any1 else let alone kobe. lebron no longer has a legacy to play for all he did was beef up wades who if they win will win it on HIS team

      • king c says:

        lebron is a cry baby he needs too grow up and stop talking all that smack about wining championships for the years to come he should have done that in hes home town, he s another reggie miller with no ring

      • Ryan says:

        @FLASH You know, MJ shot a good 6-18 in Game 6 of the 1996 finals. So by your logic, when MJ plays bad, does the Bulls carry him too? Just saying.

      • Gmoney says:

        look you cant compare lebron to the legends yet because hes not even halfway through his career! who knows if he will or won’t be as good as them. you can’t make up your mind right now. lebron definitely has the potential to become a legend but it depends on what he DOES from here on out, not what others say about him. Sometimes he slips up in the clutch, like this year’s playoffs, but sometimes he can put on a show to end a game, like the conference finals 3 years ago against the pistons where lebron scored 28 straight points in the 4th quarter and overtime to carry the cavaliers to victory and eventually an eastern conference championship. In the regular season, he can lead his team to great success but in the playoffs it just hasn’t been that way. sometimes it seems like his supporting cast isn’t good enough, sometimes he messes up. His only major mistake was the manner in which he announced his decision, not to where he went. He established himself as a top player in cleveland, but he had an obvious desire for a more ideal situation, which no one can blame him for. theres no reason that all these people, including the legends, should immediately start hating lebron for this. he just wants a championship, like every other player. but on the other hand, some of these lebron fans are going to far in their praise and expectations of him

      • rocky says:

        you are stupid Gabriel C lebron proved hes weak that team is wades team not lebron or bosh’s it will always be wades team lebron lost the respect of a lot of people with his pu**y move this summer.

      • Hawks says:


      • Ramon says:

        Hey Steve… He won’t choke this year because he’ll be passing it to D. Wade to close the game for him. Gabriel, you and Dustin are Idiots. LePunk best ever, better than MJ, better than Magic (who made everyone on his team better), better than Chamberlin? Get off them drugs son, they’re bad for your brain….. You guys are dissing the Legends that has made these players today and Kobe understands that. Kobe (the best player hands down) even said in a documentary I watched a while back, he immulates his game with the likes of Jordan, Jerry West, and other Legends and where has that got him. 5 championships. And the Lakers carried Kobe in game 7 are you joking. If it weren’t for all those rebounds Kobe got, they would have lost for sure. Remember MJ’s 11 for 26 night in the finals, of course not, you only remember Jordan because of his 6 titles. Legends are remembered by how many championships they have won, not by their statistics. Statistics are for Hall of Fame voters to vote those in who didn’t win a championship into the Hall of Fame. Kobe’s supporting cast came to his team, he didn’t go anywhere else to have them. LePunk should’ve done the same. I guess he’s following in guys like Shaq and Garnett, in that they have to leave their drafted teams to go to another team to get his championship. Formula might work out, but Miami is D Wades team, not LePunks. LePunk will get his rings but not while Kobe is still playing….. Hey LeBron, Have you seen Kobe’s 5 CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS?? Oh I forgot, Kobe doesn’t get his 5TH CHAMPIONSHIP RING until Oct 26… Have yous seen Kobe’s 4CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS??? LOL!!!!

      • mike says:

        word man i agree with steve

      • theone9 says:

        the cavs didnt loose because they are a bad team…Lebron choked because he was not passing the ball… He wanted all the possesion of the ball and was not sharing it… I’m a bulls fan, but you have to recognize the best player in the whole world… That my friends is Kobe Bryant…It doesnt matter that he had a bad game 7… He did not shoot good but he shared the ball with the other Lakers…

      • Boss says:

        Kobes team carried him dummy! kobes soon to be 32 and lebron 25 i think lebron has enough time to win more then a few rings and with the supporting cast he finally has the lakers dont stand a chance!!!take that in idiot!

      • juan garcia says:

        shut up u dont even know what ur saying

      • Deon says:

        Your extremely right and I’m glad we have people who realize these things in the world today, understand this folks…put LeBron on the Lakers in Kobes place then come and talk to me. Best saying is “You don’t need a clutch player if your team is up by 10” lol remember that, all that clutch talk is non-sense…but if you want to say LeBron is not good at it then just stop because he obviously is by what he did to detroit, who was the best defensive team that year. He had a 48 point game all jumpshots lol. The crazy thing is dude…look at LeBrons team when he went to the finals against the spurs the year they got swept…there second leading scorer was Ilgauskas @ 14….So please

    • tutu says:

      Sorry gabrial He ( LeBrun) is not going to win anything as long as Kobe is Playing and Phil coacing L.A. Lakers are TRUE CHAMPS Go CHAMPS 2011

      • Dustin says:

        The Lakers arent going to win another championship for at least 7 years til the heat split up.

      • Gabriel C. says:

        If you read my comment i said i dont know if the heat will do it this year. meaning the lakers will probably get the 3-peat but once phil leaves, i think its a wrap

      • jun m. says:

        tutu, i agree with you, 100%…bow.

      • Carver says:

        FLASH you are obviously not a smart basketball fan. Shooting wise Kobe had a bad game yes as does every other player in the league at times. Lets look at the other parts of the game, Kobe was amazing on DEFENCE as well, not to mention the 15 boards that he oulled down. Jump to what seems to be the only thing you watch the scoring. Kobe was not shooting the ball well so what did he do got to the free throw line for 11 points on 11 for 15 shooting. So before you start ripping a player maybe you should take a second double your knowledge of basketball in that time and learn something!

      • Dustin says:

        Whose better than lebron? give me one example of a legend besides mj that has better stats? not championships. Were talkin individual. This is to Stan

      • MRBASKETBALL says:


      • Ling says:

        Dustin, Dustin, Dustin, you need to look past just statistics alone to judge a player. Not doing that meaning you don’t truly understand the game, there are so many intangibles that stats do not show. And say Magic for example, his role was not to grab rebounds, it was Kareem’s job, his job was to run the ShowTime team and he was pretty good at that considering he has won 5 championships. The ultimate goal in basketball is to win the game and ulimately win a championship, so how can you not judge a player based on accomplishments.
        At the end of the day, after you win a championship, would you look at the player and say, hey, you scored 25 points, so you’re not better than the guy that scored 35 points and lost. Would you say that?

        But since you value stats only, what about Chamberlain? His career averages are 30.1 ppg and 22.9 rpg, keep in mind there were seasons where he averaged more than 50 ppg. If you only judge players based on stats, then I would say Chamberlain is much better than Lebron. Wouldn’t you say?

      • Amazed says:

        Wow! All of the Lebron haters just can’t help themselves.


        You are the worst of the worst. Why don’t you save your breath about being a smart basketball fan for when you learn to spell the word defense. YOU PURPOSEFULLY, IN ALL CAPS COULDN’T CORRECTLY SPELL DEFENSE AND YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO QUESTION ANOTHER PERSON’S INTELLIGENCE.

        How doess it feel to be on blast for being a total moron.

        Kobe had an awful game 7.

      • Dustin says:

        Hey dan i think you forgot about rodman and pippen who was recently added to the hall of fame. O f course mj didnt leave why would he? if lebron had been drafted with wade and then later bosh got traded to his team i dont think lebron would want to leave either. Nice try tho.

      • Doug says:

        Bro, both Defence and Defense are right
        Defence is used in UK

      • Ryan says:

        @Dustin By your comment, you clearly know nothing about basketball. Your miami “Trio” sounds great on paper, but please, back to reality here. First of all, you need role players. After looking at the heats roster, i saw only 1 role player. Also, you need a good bench. After comparing the lakers and heats benches, i saw that, by far, the lakers have a far more superior bench, than the heats. Seems to me your just another Miami Heat bandwagon fan.

      • Ryan says:

        @Ling Oh god, thank you. It amazes me though how many lebron fanboys come up to me and spit out poorly researched stats, and then tell me lebron is “the best”. Lebron, i admit, he is a monster, but what lebron fanboys fail to understand is that stats arent everything when comparing players. You also need to compare their skillset/work ethic/fundamentals. Kobe has more fundamentals than lebron, has a better skillset, and has the BEST work ethic in the nba. Ling, is 100% correct. Its not kobes job to grab 20 rebounds, dish out 20 assists, and get 10 steals. Kobes job is to score, and make plays for his team. Lebron may have the stats, but Kobe has the hard work and dedication, which is why kobe is ONE of the best players to ever play this game.

      • Ramon says:

        I agree LeBron won’t win anything until Kobe leaves the game. Maybe MVP of the league, but that’s a reach now that he has D Wade to Close for him. Plus do you think putting the roster they have this year will go far in the playoffs? I don’t think so. Heard Rick Fox on the Radio (710 ESPN-LA) say that Rick, Kobe, and D Fish went through 3 straight years of Loosing in the playoffs before winning the 3 straight they won with Shaq. Plus they lost 2 yrs in a row with Shaq in the playoffs before they won their 3-peat. So this Heat team will take a 2-3 years before they win a championship. It will probably be against a 38 yr old Kobe lead Laker team and if they lock out next year, it maybe longer.

      • inde Afro says:

        @gabriel C
        Lebron is not the best player in the league. But he’s the best when it comes to ball hogging and taking other peoples rebounds and assists. He will win two championships in Miami and then he’ll retire. Then he’ll become the biggest loser in nba History.

        (I remember how he dance againts the bulls, but they couldn’t even force a game seven againts the celts, what a loser)

      • Krespino says:

        Danny, I’ll make it easy for you to understand : If LeBron had the best statistics in the last two years, what did he win in that same period? NOTHING… You see, he made those stats at the expense of his teammates,because he is a selfish player… He makes everybody around him perform bad and look bad. He uses most of the balls and that is how he made those stats. They are worthless as long as the team attains no serious success. Exactly the same situation with Chris Bosh : Bosh also has the best stats but his team always lost. In all 7 years. So many players came, they all have been made unhappy and gone, and it was alwasys the same old story : the supporting cast was not good enough… Whereas the reality was that you could never really create teamwork with such a selfish player who cares about nothing but polishing his personal stats. LeBron till now is a failure, againts all that talent and the expectations from him. He can be compared with Pippen only when he has won as many rings as Pippen has won. Taking it as granted that LeBron will win many rings in the years to come is just fairy tale, they are yet to come up with a chemistry. It would not be easy to overcome teams like the Lakers, Orlando, Celtics. Miami can’t win in the first two years, the image of Lebron would dramatically change. There are other teams coming up like Chicago.



    • Juan says:

      well i dont really understand how you can say lebron is just as good of a player as Kobe. Kobe Bryant is a leader. He is capable of being ‘the guy’ on a team who can motivate his team to actually win championships. Please dont compare 5 time champion Kobe Bryant to a man like Lebron James whose never even won a game in the NBA finals. (oh and lebrons “descision” showed a lack of sportsmanship in the way he decided to leave..and a lack of competitveness in the team he choose to go to) And as for the player Lebron is…. well he’s a choke artist. Always was, Always will be.

      • Dustin says:

        Kobe had a way etter team than the cavs all around. Like someone else said, kobe has better players surrounding him, kobe has played bad in many game but they still win..hmmm thats weird maybe its cause they would still be a title conder without kobe. The cavs without lebron are picked to be within the last ten teams this year. Its a team sport not a one man show. Now lebron found himself some teamates. And lebron didnt choose to go anywhere he got drafted by the cavs, who would want to stay on a team that would never win a championship? He cant do it alone folks. Kobe has oe of the best players by his side in pau gasol along with some of the best role players like, artest, odom, and fisher. who did lebron have? shaq? whose almost 40. He had a pretty good point gaurd and he had jamison halfway through the season. Dont get me wrong I think the cavs had some good players but if you think about it they werent as good as the lakers or celtics or magic or phoenix all aorund.

      • Quenten76 says:

        Juan you make some interesting points but I have to ask you how many titles Kobe won without Shaq or Gasol?? Answer is 0. How many did Jordan win without Pippen? Again 0! You need help to win titles in this league and I’m not talking about a washed up Shaq (last year) and a some timey point like Mo Williams. Choke artest? Come on dude. If you don’t like the guy then just say it but calling him a choke artest isn’t really fair when Mr. Bryant didn’t show for the biggest of all games last year. Are you going to call Kobe a choke artest? I doubt that.
        As for his decision show, everyone can’t stand the fact that he announced his decision on air which is cool. My question is Did you watch?? My guess is yes whether or not you want to admit it most people watched or asked about it. The fact is that this guy IS the NBA and people are infatuated with everything he does. Were people this coocoo when Kobe demanded a trade out of LA a few years back? Nope. People forget about that huh? He was quitting on his team in the worst of ways!! Winning cures all right?

      • weeeee says:

        oh come on Danny. if Kobe has the better team, why did they have the worse record than the Cavs? just answer that. it’s not like Lebron or Wilt or something. Lebron is just a loser who got the easy way out

      • LAKERS says:

        Ok Dustin you are a moron if you think the heat have any chance of beating the LAKERS this year! Not going to happen buddy, not as long as Kobe and Phil are on the same team. Again you heat and lequeen fans need to get real with your statements. The LAKERS have a waaaaaaaaay better team from top to bottm than the heat. From the coach to the startin line up, the full starting line up, not just three guys. And not to mention the LAKERS bench. Who does the heat have coming off their bench besides eddie house and a washed up james jones, people from the crowd? Heat suck, regardless of the three, and the wont beat the LAKERS. Keep dreaming about that.

      • Jimbo999 says:

        Juan…Kobe…a leader?!? better look at the years without Shaq and Pau and better listen and read carefully the commentaries of great analysts. Lakers didn’t shine until Pau came in and the problem was, Kobe was hogging the ball too much before that and where was the Lakers during those times. I dare you take away Pau at this stage, let’s see if Lakers will still win a championship. BUT..I will admit Kobe is one of the best basketball player ever and maybe if he’s at his prime, he could match Lebron’s feat but dude, let’s not be blind to this “leadership” thing.

        And funny how people gauges “great players” by championship rings. If we’re into that, then why don’t we say Fisher is one the best basketball player ever or Robert Horry for that matter. A great player always comes down to stats no matter what you say…not by how many rings. Sure, Kobe has the higher FG% than LBJ but LBJ does it all. And if we’re talking about who wins championships, better check again why Kobe has 3 rings…it’s not because of Kobe but because of Shaq. Sure, we can say he now has 2 more rings but as I said earlier, take away Pau, let’s see how good your lakers are.

      • Dustin says:

        Lebron is the most talented player sure he might not be clutch or the best 3 pt shooter. Better passer than kobe better driving to the hoop than kobe, better defense than kobe, more mvps than kobe. Ever since kobe has came into this league he has had a good team and therefore has been able to build up his rep. I f kobe played for the wolves or nets im pretty sure he wouldnt win a championship either. Fac it Kobe has always had a bettter supporting cast. Now when lebron does win a championship or the next 7, people will make some more excuses. Kobe fans will always back him up while lebron fans back him up. I dont get how people can even say oh lebron is going to win just because he had wade and bosh then people say they wont win cause they dont have noone else. hmmm… which one is it laker fans? anymore excuses i can hear?

      • ladi dadi says:

        first of all, how many of you considered Pau Gasol one of the best if not the best big man before he teamed up with Kobe? Kobe has transitioned his game from trying to do it all like LeBron, to trusting his teammates and being a facilitator to their game. LeBron is the most physically gifted basketball player on the planet. Kobe is the smartest basketball player on the planet. brains obviously bring home the rings. so I’d have to say Kobe is the best basketball player on the planet. if Kobe was media friendly and all smiles all the time, you would love him! if he carried himself a lil more like Jordan, you’d adore him. well that’s not him. he’s Kobe Bryant, and he’s the most competitive athlete in the world. He hates losing more than anything. PERIOD! and he shows it. keep talking all the yapp yapp you want about his horrible games. every player that has ever played has had horrible games. the real thing we need to look at is that rings are what matter. and LeBron knows that. nobody wants to be the best player in NBA history that never won. I respect his decision to go to miami. but I agree with Barkley that it was a “PUNK MOVE” in how he did it. what he did was more rediculous than what Favre does. Favre only keeps one team in limbo while LeBron kept about half a dozen.

      • ladi dadi says:

        @ Dustin

        What are you talking about winning the next 7 championships? Are you kidding really? They haven’t even won a single regular season game yet. You can’t annoint someone the champ before they even play a single game. You’re a daft Miami c$$k rider. While you’re tuggin on LeBron’s jock strap, us real BASKETBALL FANS are watchin the league. We know what’s really going on. That’s why I’m not even gonna give MIAMI the 3rd best team in the league. they haven’t given me any reason to give them credit yet. Lakers, Celtics, Orlando, Miami (on paper). those egos still have to share the court and we have to see how the newbie coach is going to handle the pressure.

      • Ramon says:

        I agree Juan… I mean how many buzzer beaters did Lebron have last year, and how many did Kobe Have? Nuff said…. Plus Kobe’s surrounding cast came to the Lakers, Kobe didn’t leave the Lakers to get a surrounding cast. Pat Riley knows what’s up since he’s come from Laker Championship Pedigree. He brought the surrounding cast around D Wade. Lebron is just another piece of the puzzle for Miami. He’s like Artest going to the Lakers, and Bosh is like the Gasol going to the Lakers. Lebron now can pass the ball off in those final minutes like he’s used to. Hope he likes his Role in Miami. And no wonder he took a pay-cut because he knows he’s NO Kobe Bryant who can be “the guy” at any moment, He had Dwayne Wade to that for him and he can just point the finger at Dwayne for missing the shot and procrastinate that he would have made it. What a Joke… Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant is the best in this generation, Hands down!!! Laker 3-peat in 2011 you Haters and it will be against Boston, NOT Miami.

    • David` says:

      So Lebron is gonna have the most rings of any basketball player huh? He better get on it cause he is gonna have to win the next 12 to beat out Bill Russell, oh and he will be 39 when he wins his 12th. Good luck with that

      • Gabriel C. says:

        25 plus 12 equals 19? really?

      • David says:

        19? where are you getting 19? He is 26 right now, the season doesn’t end when he turns 27. IF Miami wins next year, he will be 27. 27 + 12 = 39. Math isn’t exactly your thing is it? I’d just stick with your terrible predictions. Good luck next season

      • JJ says:

        @Dustin… you really are a fool if you think the lakers would be a contender without kobe(not putting down the rest of LAs roster). They would still be a playoff team but not a contender. No team in NBA history could lose their best player (and the best player in the world) and still win championships. Just look at kobes accomplishments before you rag on him again.

      • Kobra says:

        maybe typing isnt his thing THREE-PEAT!!!

    • marcus says:

      gabriel c. tell that again when lebron win a ring. Most championship by any player, are you crazy man. dont count the egss yet.

    • Doomang says:

      Do you even check what you write before you hit submit?
      “Kobe has never had a Pau or a Shaq on his team.”
      Doesn’t really lend much credibility to your argument when you can’t differentiate between the two players.
      And no, LeBron is NOT a better basketball player than Kobe. Better specimen, better athlete, sure, but not a better basketball player. If that were the case, he wouldn’t start throwing up 30-35 foot jumpshots with his team down by 10 with 5 minutes left in the game. Everyone knows he can’t be stopped when he takes the ball to the basket, either scoring, getting to the line, or dishing to open teammates; so why does he insist on trying to win games a la Kobe, forcing up long jumpers in traffic? Is he soft? There’s no reason a 6-8 260 lb man should be playing soft. Or maybe he’s afraid to go to the line because he thinks he’ll miss. But then, how can he be a self-proclaimed “King” when he can’t even be the “Man”. Your whole rant comes off as a bunch of subjective fanboy nonsense. True, LeBron may not have had the supporting cast that Kobe has had, but that is largely his own fault as he has significant influence on personnel decisions in Cleveland over the past 3 or 4 years, then when those decisions don’t work out, he blames ownership for not giving him tools to work with.

      • Quenten76 says:

        Maybe he’s shooting those shots bc he’s tired from rebounding, assisting, and blocking shots?? He did everything for that team dude. Check the stats, Kobe doesn’t have to do that for LA b/c he has a better cast. Soft? Let’s not go there dude b/c we both know that this guy is a beast. He is a complete player. He isn’t the scorer that Kobe is but he is a more complete all around player. Period.

      • Wu Tang says:

        Wich player makes his team better and wich just has his team rely all on him. You got to admit with out kobe Pua Gasol would not be the player he is today. Who has lebron made that good I hope you dont say big Z

      • David says:

        I think Lebron is soft…He was on my fantasy 2 (maybe 3?) years ago and he sat out for 2 weeks because he sprained his pinky on his left hand… That doesn’t even keep me from playing

      • David says:

        Fantasy team*** haha lebron has never been a part of any of my fantasies

      • Kobra says:

        its because he can’t stop thinking about kobe. he goes to sleep and has nightmares of kobe hitting a game winning shot in lebrons eye in a game that means absolutely nothing because lebron will never go to anothe final again. that’s right REMEMER i SAID IT FIRST. THREE-PEAT!!

    • tingyman says:

      “kobe has never had a pau or shaq on his team” wtf? you first of all start off your arguement by showing us you lack knowledge that these two players did play with kobe. second of all, wade already has a championship under his belt, since wade is on the same team as lebron, dont you think that if the heat win this year, wade will have 2 championships and lebron 1? technically as lond as lebron is on the heat or until wade retires, lebron will never be the one to hold the most championships. not to mention that the lakers are the champions to beat, in which i believe the lakers will eat alive in the PLAYOFFS, who really cares about the reg season. what i also dont get about you is why you like to disrespect the legends. i should think that one of the all time greats like dennis rodman would know more than a 47 year old beer guzzler that cant even get off his couch without his daughter/ exwife help. and about you saying that lebron will go back to cleveland and win championships? um you think that we will win then if he couldnt win last year? try to catch up on your nba knowledge before you post

      • Gabriel C. says:

        It was a Typo, I meant to write lebron never had those players, Yes he had shaq but a crappy shap, not the shaq kobe had. Im not disrespecting the legends. i j ust think that they need to chill out. leave the guy alone. let the man play basketball. you leave in cleveland? man i am soo sorry. i mean that.

    • Marcus D. says:

      Gabriel C. you are a fool and this all i have to say kobe champianships- 5 LeBron- 0 and thats just it and i bet you lebron is not going to win a champianship in his whole carrer.

    • Serge says:

      Dude, you have idea about basketball……lebron is just another player who is “physically gifted”. He has NOT ACCOMPLIAHED ANYTHING in the past few years in the leage and I doubt that he’ll EVER WIN A CHAMPIONAHIP, no matter who you team him up with.

      • Gabriel C. says:

        “He has NOT ACCOMPLIAHED ANYTHING in the past few years in the leage”
        – Serge

        2 TIME MVP.

        Thats nothing?

      • jun m. says:

        serge, you’re great. i love that. lbj will never never win a championship.

      • jerome says:

        2 time MVP
        rookie of the year..
        that’s nothing dude..
        it’s all about championship..
        it’s about the ring…
        you’re saying that lebron is a mvp..well said but the thing here is a CHAMPIONSHIP RING!!!!!

      • LAKERS says:

        Hey yea Gabriel MVP, Eastern Conference Championship, and especially rookie of the year. Those accompishments are nothing. Real players in the NBA come in the win NBA Championships. Not titles that are all about yourself.

      • WOW says:

        Gabriel C
        2 Time MVP = popularity contest from mostly the same sports writers that cant get off his jock all season long
        Rookie of the Year = C Anthony should have taken that one hands down – Denver had more wins AND made the playoffs in a FAR TOUGHER conference – Denver 43-39 and the Cavs – 35-47. Melo had better individual stats – the only thing Lebron crushed Melo on was APG 5.9 to 2.8.
        2007 East Conf Champs = as you are so quick to point out about the Cavs – it is a Team… so THEY were East Conf Champs – NOT Lebron

        May not be “nothing” but is it less than you make it out to be

      • Ryan says:

        @Gabriel C Oh, you mean those media bias MVP’s lebron got? Right. As far as i know, Kevin Durant should have gotten MVP for 2010. Rookie of the year? Melo should of gotten that, but yet again more hype had won lebron rookie of the year. ECF Champions? Lebron didnt do it himself, so you cant give all the credit to him.

      • ladi dadi says:

        Carmelo was the real rookie of the year that year! LeBron got it out of pure hype! Bet that! Read the stats! Melo had him in every single category accept assist! Including team wins! Oh yeah, and the Nuggets went to the second round of the playoffs that year also. Cavs watched the playoffs on TV!!!!! That is a tainted ROY trophy!

      • Ramon says:

        Everytime LeBron has won the League MVP, Kobe has won the Finals MVP… It’s all about the Cookie Son, Not the Stats. Like a said before, Lebron is one of the pieces DEWAYNE WADE needs to win another Championship. Lebron is going for the ride like Artest did last year for the Lakers… C’mon now, you have Pat Riley over there, where did he win his Championships? That’s right with the Lakers.

    • dude says:

      If anyone should decide who is better its MJ and who did he chose oh yeah in one word he settled the debat “Kobe”
      lebron is a marketing thing.he is good just not kobe good.

    • Ron says:

      Gabriel you need to quit being so caught up in Lebron James. People put Lebron on a stand like he is some god. When adversity came towards Lebron he cowardly backed out and gave up, not only on his teamates but his fans. The fans are the ones who spent their hard working money to come and support James and make it possible for him to get his millions. He cold heartedly ripped out the hearts of cavs fans. He only now apoligized cause he realized what he had done, but thats is something that should of been done at his “Big Descision”. So we true Cavs fan are going to continue to rip on Lebrick James just like the greats of the NBA are doing now. #6 lol sounds just like a sidekicks number

      • David says:

        Ooooo lets not rip on the number 6, my boy Dr. J wore that number as well as the greatest winner of all time Mr. Bill Russel

    • Daniel says:

      If Lebron didn’t have any supporting cast or whatnot, how come they have had the best record in the regular season 60 plus wins back to back? Playoffs and regular season are the same thing, it’s the same basketball. Shouldn’t give Lebron an excuse to not finish.

      • LAKERS says:

        Yea i agree with that! People like to just continue to make excuses for this dude. But they know he really sucks. But i dont agree that playoffs and regular season are the same. Intincity picks up in the playoffs dude. The players play a lot hareder in the playoffs.

      • Knobody says:

        Thats not true. When the playoffs come around real players turn up there game. So when Lebron was out the last 3 games and the Cavs lost. They were playing at a playoff level? His cast was medicore, and the only reason why the won so many games was because of Lebron. And u know it, take Lebron off the Cavs and what do u have the Sixers.

    • jun m. says:

      yeah, i will…that you are a false prophet.

    • Chris H says:

      Don’t get it confused. LeBron is the best athlete in the NBA, not the best player. LeBron’s size combined with his athleticism is just freakishly amazing, but coming into the NBA as a kid combined with being that big and relying on his athleticism the way he does, his spectacular play isn’t going to last well into this decade. He won’t be able to hold up physically continuing to play the way he does. Kobe isn’t quite as athletic, but still pulls off Jordan-esque moves under the rim and has an incredible jumper. LeBron lives and dies on diving through the passing lane for his steals. Kobe is a much better defender. Oh, and I forgot about Kobe’s rings.

      As for joining forces with Bosh and Wade, LeBron did this to himself. He was supposed to stay home and lure these guys to Cleveland. Instead, Wade was the mastermind and brought James and Bosh to his team. I’m not saying Wade is in the clear and shouldn’t be criticized. But at least Wade is all about staying true to his team. and bringing another championship to his Heat.

    • rion says:

      do you REALLY think hes gonna with more than 14 championships?

      no. he wont. and he wont get more then 3 either.

      look up the facts and history before you make wild claims like that.

      and remember i said THAT!

    • Rob J says:

      Lebron Basically is just A rebirth of Dominqe Wilkens. He just swallowed his pride and admitted he’s only good for highlights and being athletic. so he teamed up with a real Great player in D-Wade. Theres nothing wrong with admiting that you need help. I think its actually kind of noble for a King to admit he’s second fiddle and tuck his tail and go play with a real great player. I admire him for that.

    • Rob J says:

      Lebron Basically is just A rebirth of Dominqe Wilkens. He just swallowed his pride and admitted he’s only good for highlights and being athletic. so he teamed up with a real Great player in D-Wade. Theres nothing wrong with admiting that you need help. I think its actually kind of noble for a King to admit he’s second fiddle and tuck his tail and go play with a real great player. I admire him for that. it was the right thing to do

    • jay says:

      I totally disagree with gabriel!!! why??? well, its true that lebron is the best overall player now in days! but we aint talking smack about whos better lebron or kobe!.. We disagree that lebron being the best player, ” The choosen One” “the King” dissed the Cavs organization on national TV to join forces with Bosh and Wade at age 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      aaaaaaaaaaaaaa man! that SUCKS the BIG ONE!!!! Lebron is on his prime and as a true leader and competitor, he must take the challenge to stay in Cleveland!!! if you think about it, the Cavs had the best record in the league back to back years!. Analyst reported that the Cavs had the deepest team in the league once they added Jamison into the line up, so the problem aint with the team!! just a change of Coach!!!!! thats all… The Cavs were a great contender with James so i dont get why lebron left the cavs having a great team!.. So the so called “The Choosen One” decides to join forces with Bosh and Miamis Franchise plyer D-Wade!… OOOuch!!! lebron is now shadowed by 2 more Superstars and once his career ends, that is going to affect his legacy!. So thats our disappointmen!!! Lebron cant men up and take responsibility of a franchise that gave him everything!!! Shame.

    • GJ says:

      Dear gabriel,

      James is an oke player like wade and bosh but not a superstar like jordan, or magic or bryant etc etc…..

      What does he have to backup up for his skills, nothing not even a final, so keep dreaming..

      • Dustin says:

        lebron beat kobe in in ppg, apg, and rpg, last year and the year before how is kobe better?

      • Papaburgundy says:

        People can say that Kobe is a better player, because stats don’t add up to a whole player. Ricky davies got a triple double by throwing the ball off his own backboard, and averaged loads of points, same with Spreewell, hell Tony Delk once scored over 50 in a game, that doesn’t make him a better player than players that have never scored 50. People are intitled to their opinions, and mentally Kobe in a lot of peoples minds is better than Lebron.

      • Papaburgundy says:

        Oh and GJ, Lebron did get to the finals…. (didn’t do great, but still got there). He’s more than an okay player, it’s all about when players played. Wilt Chamberlain was brilliant, but he was one of the only 7 footers in the league at the time, imagine if he played against Shaq, the Dream or Ewing night in night out, there’d be no way he’d average 50. Lebron plays against weaker defense players than some players in the 80’s and 90’s but he’s still better than okay

      • Sigh. says:

        @Dustin Sigh, another poorly knowledged NBA fan spiting out statistics. Kobe is better for many reasons. Kobe is a better then lebron offensively and defensively, and is a better all-around player. Please, dont bring up the statistics, because last time i checked, before kobe had Gasol and Ariza, he avergaed over 35.5 ppg along with 5 apg and 5 rpg. Kobe has a better skillset, along with more fundamentals than lebron, and a work ethic that CANNOT be compared. His ability to find the open man, and yet, make his teammates better, along with his hard work and dedication, is what makes him ONE of the best to ever play the game. Every player in the NBA has a role, or a job. Its not Kobe’s job to grab 15 rebounds, dish out 12 assists, and get 10 steals. And to be honest, he could get 10+ rebounds and 10+ assists if he wanted to. But will that help his team? Probably not. Kobe wasnt born with Lebron’s unreal athleticism, or MJ’s leaping ability. He was a normal person, like others, who was devoted to the game of basketball. But with hard work and dedication, he won 5 NBA championships, League MVP, and 2 Finals MVPS. What lebron fanboys fail to understand is that statistics arent everything, but its dedication and leading your team to victory is what matters the most.

    • LLMN says:

      So you think that he is going to win 12 championships… well I for one, think not. There is no way that anybody in the forseeable future will breaks Russell’s record 11 championships, it just ain’t happening.

    • jerome says:

      if lebron is better than kobe..why does lebron haven’t a finals appearance?!!! cmon..!!basketball ball is a 5 on 5 ..not 1 on 5…hahahaha.. lebron will be better than kobe if he has a championship ring more than kobe have..

      • Gabriel C says:

        Lerbron went to the finals in 07′

      • LAinSA says:

        actually, the Cavs made it to the finals in 2007 where they got SWEPT by the Spurs. Not much to brag about I guess… lol

      • Dustin says:

        LBJ also beat kobe in 3pt % and fg % last starting to wonder where people are getting their information. Check it out for yourself on stats i think you’ll all like what you see, unless your kobe fans.

      • Dustin says:

        lebron does have a finals appearance lol in 2007

      • Papaburgundy says:

        Dustin, stats aren’t everything. Try watching games instead of just all the time. It’s not about Championships to make a player better than other players. Karl Malone never won a championship, yet no one says he’s not one of the best Power Forwards of all time. Everyone needs to calm down

    • weeeee says:

      you are so stupid! please learn the history first before commenting. LeBron is just a slashing player which whom other players are afraid to go against. watch plays and you’ll see that if LeBrpn is driving, most of the time players either just let him by or intentionally foul him. few players are willing to go against to LeBron if he is driving wildly. so please, watch the kobe’s moves first then compare to Lebron 🙂

    • Time Is Money says:

      LePunk could not do it in cleveland he could not hande the pressure on being the man, so he says he wants to focus on getting trip w’s which he might be able to do riding wade’s coat tail he’s finish as an elite play to many all stars the points don’t add up, but I am glad the three got together to bring back the THREE STOOGES I love the guy the were clown Wade is Moe, LePunk is Curly and Bosh the Bimbo is Larry, Mike Miller Shemp This is going to be a great season of laughs can wait. Comedy andTragedy : ) : (

      • jd says:

        I am a true la laker fan and just because the big three of lebron bosh and wade dont make them the team to beat ass-holes. you are not real fans of your teams . You are fakers Just because a star team form . dont make them good it takes a team to win. and you dont go switch teams and dont know history about them.thats just spitting and the face of game If your team falls you still carry them. you dont switch teams and say you a fan Thats just a joke to me and the nba. And people stop hated on lebron decicision. Because shaq did the same thing when he left the magic and went to the lakers. So people stop saying that about lebron. hes made the decision trying to win a title. And stop you fake ass lebron fans compare him to kobe. Black mamba and lakers bitch ass haters out there.

    • Brandon M says:

      Gabriel and Dustin have said alot. The worst thing in there was LeBron is the best player ever. No one can say he is the best ever. He has only been to one championship, didnt win, and you say he is better than Magic, Jordan, Bird, Kobe, Shaq, Kareem, and the list goes on. Basketball is a team sport and LeBron has not taken his team to Championship. Even if The Heat were to win, Wade is the leader of the team. The Heat is Wades team…. Thats only if they win a few championships because if they dont, LeBron isnt even in the coversation with Kobe, Jordan, and Magic…..

    • LAKERS says:

      And who are you? No damn body! You now have legends in the game that have said Lebron aint s*@t! How in the world you can say lebron is better than Kobe, i have no idea. You must be living on another planet. Lebron will never be better than Kobe, no matter how many rings he MIGHT win. Keep in mind now that he has had to run to another superstars team, those rings will be meaningless! Lebron sucks, and KOBE is the man of this era, face it!

    • Mike says:

      If Lebron were the best player in the league. He would have a couple of rings by now. He has incredible talent for a person his size, but he lacks the mental toughness and desire to be great when all eyes are on him. When the game is on the line, you can look in Kobe’s eyes and see that he wont accept anything but greatness from himself. Jordan had that same look. Lebron doesn’t have the killer look. If he can’t rise to the occasion, he won’t become what he is capable of.

      • Smytho says:

        Spot on mate. All this talk about the legends beating on LeBron is more about his complete lack of class, not his ability as a player. If he really was a great, he would have got his Cavs playing for him in crunch time, just like Kobe and MJ and even Tim Duncan do – leaders who combine great skill with unparallelled desire. LeBron doesn’t have it in him. He may get his rings now, he might not, but I’ll be pinning them on Wade because he is a true leader (who I’ve now devalued a little in my mind for accepting LeBron onto his team).

        So ability aside, it’s clear for all to see that LeBron’s classlessness is what will ultimately differentiate him from the real legends of the game. Refusing to shake a Magic hand after the series loss so he could sulk like a baby? Check. Dancing disrespectfully just off court as his team beat on someone? Check. Egotistical 3rd person TV special and rejection of the fans who adored his skills on the court? Check. The nail in the coffin for me is the admission that he wants to be the first billionaire basketball player. Sounds like he is in love with the dollar and the fame rather than the hardwood and that’s always going to be the difference (leaving a few million on the table in his contract is not an argument against this, he’ll make that back 100 times over in his Heat publicity stunts) between him and the mentioned greats.

        All I hope is when his ego brings down this Heat team, Wade and Bosh are untarnished, because they at least seem like decent people as well as superior athletes. No one should root for the punk regardless of his skills.

    • Godfather says:

      Is funny how people can’t see the whole picture. Statistically LBJ is the best player in the game, however these legends now labeled “haters” were saying LBJ was the best player in the league during the whole season, in the Playoffs however I didn’t see any one of them say: “LBJ is the best player of the game”…all of them said: “Kobe STILL the best player in the game.” Is a virtual tie, but NOT EVERYTHING IS FREAKING STATS! Thats why nobody says Oscar Robertson is the best player in history ( AND HE IS THE BEST PLAYER OVERALL STATISTICALLY IN HISTORY) bacuse HE IS NOT the best player in history. The same way you can’t say Kobe because is more clutch becaus eyou can conclude them that Robert Horry is way better than LBJ or even a Scottie Pippen and that would be really absurd and ridiculous. Is a mix of both. Kobe has INCREDIBLE numbers for being a SG, LBJ who is maybe the MOST GIFTED PLAYER in the history of the game makes the game a joke athleitically speaking, he can make a triple double in his bad games…thats how good he is. But in the leadership department, he is way behind a Kpbe,Bird,Magic,West,Russell not even mention MJ please! Thats why that small group is mentioned like the top of the elite by the sole reason of the combination of stats (per position ) and TRUE LEADERSHIP skills,not by being a PROMINENT OVERALL STATS LEADER. LBJ carry a team STATISTICALLY and becasue LITERALLY HE OWNS the ball for the darn 48 minutes of the game in CLE! Thats why! That doesn’t mean MENTALLY he was a true leader. Thats the same reason Robertson is NOT MENTIONED in that elite group. Kobe MAKES bad shots, but GAME 7 of the 2010 FINALS could have been the GREATEST DEFENSIVE GAME in the history of the league by two teams. Literally there was no easy shot for any of the both sides. It was a pure defensive jewel by both teams. Reasons for both teams shooting horrible such a low scoring game. Kobe shoot 24-6 but at the game crucial moments didnt hesitate and even knew he wasn’t going to beat BOS off the dribble and pass the ball to Artest, plain and simple as that. NO TO and sank FT at crunch time. NOT EVERYTHING IS STATS. What Lebron did when the game was 78-74 BOS in the lead, CLE making a 6-0 run? LBJ dribbled the ball at his feet…thats what he did. Amen to mention the fumbles he made all game long. BOS had a terrific defense, but fumbles and dribbling on the foot with bad passes CONSTANTLY during the game is not always defense, could be NERVES or plain and simple you choke. That doesn’t mean he is not a great player. He can win now 10 titles if he want, all of them will be like Bonds or A-Rod homers,De la Hoya world championships,etc…all with *. Winning 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 in CLE,CHI or NYK would have meant way more in respect that 8 or 10 with MIA. That a fact. At the end, he preferred to be Robin, not Batman. He abdicated to the challenge of a true King. Plain and simple as that.

    • 3787B says:

      @Danny SO your saying Lebron won all of the cavs game by himself, That’s a ridiculous statement. How could one guy win that many game TWO YEARS IN A ROW by himself? Come on now. It takes a “supporting cast” to win basketball games. Any person that knows the game, or that hasplayed the game basketball knows that. One guy can’t win it on his own. It takes the whole team working together, on the defensive end as well as the offensive side of the game to win games. I’m sorry to tell u but one guy can’t do that by himself. I agree with you Lebron is a great player. But he can’t do all himself, and if they had the best record in the NBA 2 years in a row, obviously he had a pretty good team. That doesn’t happen by mistake.
      The Lakers without KObe. I agree they did well while he was hurt. But don’t forget he wasn’t on the DL that long. SO they didn’t have to play that long without him, Kobe is the type of player that makes everyone around him better. His supporting cast is good without him. But with Kobe in the game it makes them GREAT!! The injuries he endured this year was crazy. I could only imagine how much better he would have been healthy. I read a comment about him earlier that said he choked in game 7. He had a bad shooting night, but how many steals and rebounds did he have. A guard grabbing 16 boards is admirable. He wanted the championship so bad, that he made it happen in one way. That’s what defines a great player. He get’s it done one way or another.

    • Boston Truth says:

      GABRIEL C.
      please explain to everyone how exactly lebron james is going to win more than 11 titles like Mr. Bill Russell.
      i guess hell just start winning the championship every year starting this year ? you really sound like you know your basketabll. Please continue to spread your NBA knowledge…

      • Gabriel C says:


      • Josh says:

        Also Bill Russell also won eight in a row at one point he did not lead his team in points and he was the best player on that team/ And stats can be over and under rated. Kobe had 81 points to the Raptors and they lost so was 82 a good stat you probably said yes to yourself but your wrong the loss made it a bad stat winning is all that matters period………

    • Bob says:

      Loser So your saying being great is levaving your team

    • REAL NBA FAN says:

      dude your crazy, dont even say lebron in the same sentence as kobe. if you kobe would of been put in the same situation that lebron was he would of picked chicago or new york if he wasnt staying in clevland. kobe is the best and wants to be the greates thats why he wouldint put his balls between his legs and go crawl to dwades team. and you said kobe is better in clutch moments…. well i dont know how much you know about the nba but that all that matters is clutch. playoffs the finals those are clutch moments, and lebron is scared of that moment. kobe wants it and thrives in it. 100 % KOBE IS THE BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER IN THE WORL. and after what lebron did hes now 4th in my mind, behind kevin durant and dwade,. REAL TALK

    • Ian says:

      Lebron was the best in the league but he was never a winner, and I hope he will never win a championship with Miami. All the legends are right!!!!!!!!!!! Lebron is a no body, he a punk for running away from his hometown. I hope he rips his ACL

    • Maurice says:

      Old bright Gabriel. I guess what you really meant to say is LeBron didn’t have a Pau and Shaq but in actuality Shaq played in Cleveland the last time I checked. And another thing…He will never have more rings than Bill Russel for one nor will he have more than Dwayne Wade. As you know Dwayne has one up on him now so every ring they win together he will still remain one behind.

      • Gabriel C says:


      • Josh says:

        Gabriel lets be honest you guys keep saying Kobe was his Robin he also was only 17-23 when he played with Shaq lebron is older when Kobe was lebrons age he was scoring 81 in a game trying to win where is Lebron at with that cant score like Kobe.

    • legend says:

      Now wtf? how can anybody think Lebron is better than everybody? If you have to carry a team your going to have the best stats right? So his stats really mean nothing. Now that he will be on a team that has 2 other guys who are usually in the spotlight, dont think this will work out as planned. I mean look when the Lakers had kobe, payton, malone, shaq. Still didnt get a win cause (the fake sexual assualt charge) they were all play makers. It’s tough to have a team full of superstars and still win championships. LeBron will never achieve anything close, hes just a HUGE hype. Being in Miami it wont work well, I guarantee it.

      • batez says:

        Couldnt have said it better myself!! lol

      • Josh says:

        I don’t think it will work either you have two players that do the same thing that are stars one is not a shooter like ray allen both slash and drive they will get in one anothers way and Bosh will never get the ball enough in the post no low post game he will get mad.

    • Manny says:

      Anybody who even has the slightest thought the lebron james is the greatest in nba history is obviously an idiot, and never had a chance to watch Michael Jordan or Larry Bird play. Statistically, he is great. He always had been. But if you want to be considered the best, you have to challenge the best. If he can win 6 finals mvp, multiple MVP awards, and all star mvps, then he can take that title. Until then, all of you pre pubescent morons who dont know the first thing about basketball, leave your comments on something you know more about. By the way kid, Bill Russell ended his NBA career with 11 rings. Lebron will not win anywhere near that, and if you think any different, you must be one of those kids with his jeans on WAAAAAAY too tight, and have the blood circulating to your brain cut off.

    • MIke says:

      Your stupid….he is not gonna win da most championships eva, cause that honor goes to Bill Russell, who has 11 championships, 2 as player/coach….even if lebron plays for da rest of his life, he won duplicate that…also, he aint betta then Kobe, cause Kobe has more rings and thats all that matters in da NBA….Thier was freaks of natures in the past and all of them r forgotten because they neva won championships….

    • Jay Hash says:

      Oh, i’ll remember you said that. Remember, better to keep you mouth shut and let people think you’re an idiot than to open it and prove them right. LeBron winning more championships than any player ever in the NBA? Sure, he’s going to rack up 12, to beat Bill Russels 11 championships. Yeah, that’s realistic.

      LeBron will NEVER return to Cleveland, he has already proven he doesn’t have what it takes to win as the solo, driving force for a team. All you have to do is look at the last two years and his final games in the playoffs. HE QUIT on his team each of those years. He gave up. Folded like a cheap lawn chair. LeBron is a phenomenal talent, incredibly skilled, paired with a childs mind a quitters heart.

    • Julius C. says:

      Espn, Sports Center, the common nba fan calls Lebron, King James. But in order to be the King, that requires GOLD. Lebron has no championships, no gold, no rings. He shouldnt be known as King James at all, just Lebron James. And if Lebron is King, wouldnt he have been able to win championships in his homestate/ home Castle while at the same recruit players such as Dwade, Bosh, Boozzer, Amare, to play with him in Cleveland instead of abondoning his castle to join an evil empire lead by Flash in south Beach. LEBRON JAMES IS NO KING.!

    • Dean says:

      I agree…Gabriel C is an idiot! Nobody is (or has been) better than KOBE for the past 6 years or so! These blind followers of Queen James need to open their f***ing eyes and realize that he has to ride D-Wade’s coat tails to get anywhere…and even that won’t help…not in the next coupla years anyway. KOBE is a better shooter…a better playmaker…a better (all around) defender…Oh yeah! And he’s got rings…5 of them. Queenie’s got squat! He is not even close to KOBE…he’s not even close to Pippen…HE”S GOT NO HEART! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…he’ll divide Miami…D-Wade will get tired of his act…and Chris Bosh doesn’t really matter anyway!

    • Ryan says:

      lebron better than kobe? really? MJ said it himself kobe is better! every player and coach say kobe is better. lebron’s skill isnt even matched to kobe. give lebron kobe’s frame and the guy wouldnt average 25+. every player/coach/legend knows who is the best in the league by a landslide. barkley and c-webb don have room to talk they dont play against him for 48 minutes. everyone knows if you shut down the paint from lebron he is worthless. athleticism fades, and so will lebron when he ages. people mistake talent with highlights. lebron is good but no where with kobe. lebron shouldnt even be mentioned in the same breath as kobe. time and time again admit kobe is the best “skilled” player to play the game. stats dont prove whos better. basically just shows what they do on the court. kobe can get triple doubles anyday. in game 7 in the finals when he was shooting terrible. he said he wanted to effect the game by rebounding so thats what his goal was and got 14 boards. kobe other times wanted to set up teammates he’s gone for 11 assists. kobe wanted to take over a game he’s gotten 81. kobe can do whatever he wanted to on the court, just maturity seperated by someone who only cares about stats obviously.

    • lightitup says:

      there is no way he will win the most by a player, because wade will always have one more then him.

    • Chris says:

      I Don’t see why LeBron is seen as one of the “GREATEST” to ever play the game…well not yet anyway. To me he has to prove himself that he is the best by winning a title. I know that is why he teamed up with wade but to me it just seemed as if he did that because he was really desperate to win one. I mean i know that is what other players would do to try to win but his team was still developing in cleveland and Lebron as a the LEADER of that team had to learn to shape it into a team he can work with instead he seemed to take the easy way out the just quit on them. That is what i think seperates him from all the other ledgends even though times got tough they stuck with their team and got to where they are as being LEDGENDS!!!


    • Julius C. says:

      Kobe or Lebron? IS NOT A DIFFICULT QUESTION. KOBE HANDS DOWN, IT SHOULD BE A FACT, No one should question that at this point in both of their careers Lebron is stronger, biggger, more Athletic , Healthier, and beastlier attacking the basket. However there is no question Kobe remains the most fundamentally skilled basketball in the game, mentally the strongest, and the smartest player in the game cause of his experience, he is also the best closer we have seen since probly Jordan.

    • Bentley says:

      Don’t be sayin that kobe is not the best player in the nba today because he is. Dont get me worng lebron is sick but kobe has alot more things to his arsinal than lebron pluse bron is still young, i think the legends have a good point with what they are sayin they didnt team up when they were in their early 20’s they did it later on in their carrer look at LA, BOS n CHI they all had the greatest players in the 80’s-90’s lebron will win championships but no one knows how many ppl can say what they want n bron bron can say they will win more than 4 or 5 or 6 but they have to put in the work to win that much rings. kobe bryant did it and will continue to do it till he decides to retire. kobe is the MJ of this decade and in this decade he is and always will be THE BEST REMEMBER THAT!!!!

    • batez says:

      I have never read a comment so idiotic in my life!! If you cant respect the opinions of guys who played this game as their career for 15 plus years mines probably wont matter either BUT I agree with them. Lebron puts up the best numbers in the league, but he isnt the best player simply because his games has many more weaknesses than a guy like Kobe Bryant. Bryant doesnt have any weaknesses in his game, but Lebron does. Who would you give the ball to when the game is on the line?? Kobe or Lebron??? Ohnestly…..??? The people are blasting this guy simply because he planned this move for weeks and just ended up taking the easy way out. I dont think this is criticism of James by other legends…They are simply telling their opinions on what they thought was a COWARDLY move to put it simply.

    • alexzo says:

      you think? no one cares what you say gabby c…. give some respect to the legends… we owe them the game…lebron wouldnt be who he is if not for his seniors…

    • jerk says:

      let’s face it so far kobe still the best he had 5 championship title, lebron none we know he was the regular season mvp but there are still missing the ring mvp award is not enough, don’t say that he is the best than kobe their very good player but in different ways, let lebron prove himself that he is the best.

    • Kel C. says:

      I dont care how you try to put it.. Lebron is “diminishing his brand” by goin to Miami! He will not have any where near the same legacy he would hav had if he would hav one a championship in Cleveland. And Lebron is a pretty good player, but I HIGHLY doubt he will end up having the most rings in the history of the NBA. And I highly doubt that he will ever play in Cleveland again. Those two things will NEVER happen. And Kobe ia a better overall player. Im a Hawks fan and I rly dont lik Kobe or Lebron. But the rings speak for themselves.

    • scottie says:

      kobe has had a paul and shaq on his team. have a look at what your writing. you dont have a clue. who has the championships. who has the finals mvps, who has the looks, who has the jordan fade away, who joins the usa team and gets the gold medal back.Listen to the greats they know what they are talking about. lebron will only end up the third greatest player of all time. jordan kobe lebron. Jordan said kobes better the lebron.

    • Terry says:

      @Gabriel C.

      Lebron is the best player in the nba – correct statistically.
      In pressured games he doesn’t come through. Ergo he cannot be the best in the NBA.
      Kobe is the best player and the best ‘carry’ in the NBA. Kobe comes up and every tough situations to bail out his team
      How many rings does Kobe have? Too many to count. How many rings does Lebron have? Zero.
      If Lebron does win championships, it is only because he has 2 other huge super stars on his team. Dwade, Cbosh.
      Nobody can guard that combination

      • LOL says:

        LOL kobe rings too many to count? its just 5 haha

      • Josh says:

        Lakers can gaurd that Artest barnes oh and ya one of the best Defensive players in the NBa kobe. And Gasol is better then Bosh. Thats not even counting Lamar or Bynam.

    • alvin says:

      oh come on gabriel how come that 2 time mvp come to miami just to have a chance to have a ring what a shame is he afraid to retire without a ring bwhahaha

    • J Memo says:

      These are NOT TRUE LEGENDS recently taking shots. (Charles and Rodman) They are TRUE INFAMOUS PLAYERS.



      LeBron has to win THIS to become THAT talk.. and he needs to win at LEAST THIS and THAT to BE BETTER than BLAH BLAH.




      Charles never won anything, He’s confused with himself. From watching the ‘INSDE THE NBA’ show he was the same guy who was on LeBron’s band wagon, LEBRON THIS AND LEBRON THAT, CAVS THIS AND CAVS THAT more than anyone else last season on TNT AND ESPN… To start talking the way he did. If it wasnt for him being on TNT, his image would have “GONE FISHIN’ along time ago.

      Everyone knows Rodman always been crazy and half of the time doesnt even remember what he says due to his drinking problem.

      LeBron just brush it off.

      Oh Yeah for Gabriel C. I think LeBron and Kobe are hand in hand in the best players in the league.

      Lebron has things over Kobe and vis-Versa.

      For the Record, LeBron and Pippen can not be put in the same sentence because LeBron will never be Pippen and Pippen Will never be what LeBron is going to become… but Both do share one thing, that they both played on a TEAM with 3 ALL STARS that MADE THEIR CAREERS TOEGTHER AND SHINED INDIVIDUALLY.

      • Josh says:

        Oh ya Bosh is a scorer not a rebounder or a defensive threat Rodman was a perfect fit Bosh is just going to get lost he will want to leave look at the video of when they got announced Lebron and Dwade out in front and bosh way in back already starting he will not like that all sounds good for now.

      • Josh says:

        Lebron gets everyone on his back he also calles himself the king.

    • Ryan says:

      okay so russell wins 11 rings, chamberlain averages 55pts a game one season and 30 rebs, bird and magic split essentially every ring in the 80’s, jordan wins 6 rings while takin retiring in his prime(without which he could of had 8), and was statistically the best player in the league all 6 of those years. And then Lebron is statistically the best for 2 years only, only makes it to the champship once to lose, and while he may be the only player on his team back in cleveland that means that should bump his stats up since he doesnt have to share the spotlight, and gabriel and all of these other idiots are saying he is thee greatest player ever…. wow.. And for the comparison to kobe, lebron is faster, stronger, taller and all around more athletic, but TALENTWISE, kobe is all around bettter, he plays post fundamentally better, he shoots better, handles the ball better, and plays better man defense(that doesnt mean he swats shots like james, but he is a better fundamental defender). Kobe is still close to 30 a game in his 30’s, jordan still was in that range in his 30’s, and magic and bird were still producing in their 30’s, when james loses his crazy hops and ability to out run and out muscle other players, his TALENT will not allow him to be the best, or even close. End of discussion

    • BHOK says:

      hey Gabriel, this is the only comment i gotta say to your effin player a.k.a JAMES! …if James would proved to himself that he is the greatest player in the league, he would’ve been stayed in Cleveland….he’s comparing himself to Jordan “the Greatest” ….if James will considered himself to be like MJ, he wouldn’t just leave Cleveland and go to Miami and joined forces with D-Wade and CB4….like Jordan, he stayed in Chicago and wait until the time comes when he grabbed 6 NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS…James is a LOSER!!!!…i mean that 🙂 ..i’ve got a statement to you and to Lebron …”if you can’t beat them, join them” ..such a loser……i’m in favor with those guys whose against with the decision of LBJ —> LeBron BIG JACKASS!…

    • KB=5RINGS says:

      HAHAHAH are you KIDDING me…..lebron win the most championships out of any playin in the NBA ever?? He is going to win 11 rings?? NO WAY….he wont even be close to KOBES 5….players are defined by championships….and lebron did have a shaq….and a jamison…AND a mo williams….AND big Z… are ridicilous…and he will never be back in cleveland are you serious? REMEMBER I SAID THAT… old are you anyway?

    • DB says:

      Kobe is the best player in the NBA right now he is just a more complete player his clutch and his rings are there to prove it. Until LeBron gets 6 rings he can’t be consdered but so “great” Lebron is a great player and has the potential be the greatest but his move to Miami diminishes everything. If the Miami Heat go on to win championships D-Wade will still have one up on Lebron. D-Wade already got his ring being the main man on his team so I am sure he has the respect of all the legends. Remember Lebron is moving to Wades team to win. This year Miami wins 60+ games durrng regular season but no championship. The Heat will get one or two eventually but the 4 5 6 7 is not gonna happen. I am sure Lebron is not allowed back to Cleveland EVER.

    • Wu Tang says:

      Remember when iversen went to denver he wasnt able to play withy melo. The same is going to happen with lebron. Lebron can beat anyone in the nba 1 on 1 and thats what he did in clevland. I think with wade and bosh it will really disrupt his game. I think it was a bad move on his part to go to miami and i dont think the lakers or especially boston after ading shaq will have to wory. Go Kings and Rockets!!!!

    • Josh says:

      Hey this is to flash first off Kobe did not choke if you want to say he had a bad shooting night then ok thats cool bout he had sixteen rebounds and played great defense on Rando witch he makes the Celtics go in the second half of the game. And as far ass all the rest of that crap about Lebron being a better overall player you guys are wrong Kobe is always on the all N.B.A defensive team Not Lebron and he closes games out better and makes shots the shots when the Lakers are not playing good. He Has a better jump shot and most of all a bigger competitor Lebron is only better at passing and dunking nothing more he is great i am not against him going to miami i understand it is about winning in the long run and you do what you have to. But Kobe is the leader of the Lakers Gasol is better because of him. He was an all star one time without Kobe and already two with him and is now widley conciderd one of the best players in the world because of Kobe helped him learn to be a better competitor Lebron has not helped his guys do that. Until then Kobe is the better player thats a fact Jordan mad Pippen better Shaq made Kobe better Kobe makes Gasol better. Lebron does and has not made anyone better. Gasol was just good before he was with Kobe if he was a Laker without Kobe he would still just be goo but now he is great. You and everyone else never talked about Gasol as being great before Kobe now you bash Kobe for having him and don’t relize that he makes him better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WADE'S TEAM says:


      Did ya forget he was a free agent this summer close to signing with the Bulls..

      He Just joined the heat again, who even knows if the reason why he joined the Heat again was because He sat down with james and Bosh and then they decided on doing this at the begginging of the summer or soemtime close to the signing date.

      Everyone knew his best choice was the Bulls.. if the Olympic Three maybe didnt agree in playing in Miami…

      Do you think D-Wade really said I am going to re-sign with Miami over Chicago’s Sqaud … without hearing word from LBJ and Bosh ? Never mind not knowing if Quentin Richardson and Haslem were gonna stay.

      Like he was going to have nice career in Miami with Beasley, Come on.

      Enough of D-Wades Team, Please.. The Heat is Pat Riley’s team, he’s the man behind everything.

      LeBron, Wade, & Bosh all play for the same time like…. MJ,Pippen,Rodman… Magic,Abdul-Jabbur,Worthy…..Bird,Parish,McHale……Kobe,Fisher,Shaq…….Duncan,Parker,Ginobli…….Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars ,Bill Lambier…..Pierce, Allen ,Garnett and the list goes on…

      Every team has a Leader and this Team has One leader, PAT RILEY.

      • Josh says:

        He was never going to sign with the bulls that was just him trying to get the media off the sent so lebron could do that famous announcement they all three new last year thats why no one would sign a deal just so they could all find out what team they should sign with but they could not talk till trade deadline.

    • Nehemiah B says:

      lebron sucks never in a million years will he be better than kobe bryant. He is a season player, great players are made in the playoffs, ala,micheal jordan,kobe bryant,and magic johnson.Lebron is only 25 just entering into his prime he is just thirsty for a ring point blank.You cant even compare kobe and lebron anymore because when shaq left kobe he stayed with the lakers, lebron played the cavs because he found out delonte was hitting his mom from the sick of hearing that the lebron is the best who cares about what he does in the season he disappears in the playoffs, he is a sore loser just plain old garbage. So at the season i bet kobe will have the last laugh

    • LOL says:

      LOL you think you can beat 11 rings by bill russel? 11 championships in 13 years of career? hahaha

    • Melvin says:

      okay look lebron is great but not great as kobe , yeah sure kobe wouldnt of won without pau or shaq but we all know it takes a team to win a championship not a star player , Lebron will win multiple championships but thats only if wade bosh and himself figure out eachother yeah sure they playe in the olympics together but thats only 8 games nba is 82 games common see the difference of games. And obviously he’ll not go to cleveland common thats total bs honestly why leave miami ? thats a joke seriously. Look we’ll see how this season will go but i say lakers vs. heat in the finals and 4-3 lakers in the end cus lakers already has the chemistry and none really new except some key players like blake and barnes . But we;ll see once the playoffs is on its way.

    • Kobra says:

      what do you mean kobe has never had a pau or a shaq? he’s had a shaq and he’s got a pau. You just can’t stop thinking about the THREE-PEAT!!!

    • thejuncast says:

      My answer to your claim is simple. Pray that Lebron wins titles and you don’t have to make outrageous claims of who is the best anymore. You should know that the best proof of being the best is to win NBA titles. To me, Lebron is not the best until he wins multiples now that he is playing with the Miami Heat along wit wade and bosh. Good luck! and pray hard.

    • juan garcia says:

      i agreed with u im tired of these bunch of people talking mess about lebron, lebron did what was best for him , and going to miami is not going to change the player that he is, so stop talking crap about him and leave him alone

    • thejuncast says:

      The story is all about Rodman talking Lebron. Why drag kobe in conversation. You only prove the contrary of your claim.

    • Rusty says:

      I believe that its pointless to base the greatness of a player simply on his stats or even the number of championships he has won. There is more to the game then than number of rings, MVP awards, PPG, APG, RPG, etc. You need to really watch and understand the game and know what’s really going on to figure out who really is the better player. Now, I think (and I’m pretty certain) that the better player is Kobe Bryant. Lebron is an amazing player and his stats are off the charts, but he is selfish, easily gives up and his latest decision has been more than enough for me to lose my faith in his sportsmanship. The way he handled his 4-2 loss to the Magic in the past was just a hint of what kind of a player he really is.

      Lebron is now 25 (26?) and the Cavs had been putting up a GOOD SUPPORTING CAST around him. I don’t want to hear anything about how Kobe is the only one getting the good players. Mo Williams is a good player. Antawn Jamison is a good player. Varajao, West, Big Z, Shaq, Hickson and Moon are all good players. Their stats on paper aren’t amazing, but they know how to support a great player and this kind of line up and 60+ win seasons should have been more than enough for Lebron to go out and get his ring. And why in the world would a 25-26 year old superstar who has all the attention in the world, leave behind a team that has been built around him when he has so much more that he can accomplish on his own with the loving warmth and care of the Cavaliers franchise? For his own sake,

      I sincerely hope that James wins more than 5 rings. I’ve come to learn that people’s expectations of him are extremely high at this point and if he still can’t delivier (which for some reason I think he won’t) then I think its official who the truly greater player is. By the way, I am again, truly sorry for the heartbreak that Cleveland has been forced to go through…I hope that the remaining players do their best and that their fans continue to support them. I honestly believe that even without Lebron, the Cavs will put up good fights this coming season, especially under a great coach!

    • Laker Mike says:

      @Gabriel C.
      Did you just say quote, LeQuit James “He is going to win the most championships by any player ever in the nba”. Lets see Adam Morrison has two, Steve Kerr 4, Kobe & Fisher each have 5, MJ & Scottie have 6, Robert Horry has 7,………..oh, some guy named Bill Russell has 11!!! LeJoke is OVER HYPED, Get out of the playoffs and into the finals first, then try to win a ring!!

      Remember, every team that has won a championship has done it without LeBron!! ROTFLMBO

    • Mark55265 says:

      Then continue to dream but beware, you will be awaken by disgust that Lebron will just win his first when Kobe hang up his Jersey!!!