We’re Not Done Yet?


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — And you thought the wild and crazy free agent summer of 2010 was over.

Not if this report from Chad Ford of ESPN.com — a four-team, five-player deal that will see Trevor Ariza (New Orleans) and Darren Collison (Indiana) in new uniforms —  is true. (And yes, that means Collison will have to take his singing talents elsewhere.)

Ford breaks down the details:

In the trade, the Houston Rockets sent Ariza to the Hornets, who in turn will send Collison and James Posey to the Pacers.

The Pacers sent Troy Murphy to the New Jersey Nets. And the Nets sent Courtney Lee to the Rockets.

According to the sources, the Rockets, Hornets, Pacers and Nets have agreed to the details of the trade and made it official with the league on Wednesday.

The Hornets didn’t stop there. NBA front office sources told ESPN.com’s Marc Stein that in a separate deal, the team agreed to send swingman Julian Wright to Toronto for Raptors guard Marco Belinelli. That deal, like the four-team trade, was also expected to be completed Wednesday.

And you thought the craziness was over.



  1. NYBig3 says:

    Good pick up for the Hornets, they wouldn’t be able to use the full potential of Collison anyway as long as CP3 is there, so why not get a player of a better fit right? It’s a win win situation to all of em. I just hope New Orleans moves doesn’t end here, they gotta get more help, their bench still sucks…

  2. Derek says:

    This is exactly what the hornets needed..youth and defense. Getting bellinelli was great also to replace peja, which the could end up trading to get a back up PG for CP3. Thorton also can play point well. The hornets have a very good team now. DEFENSIVE. they do not need a diff center, MEK was learning a new system and faried ok but next year the focus will be defense which is his strong suit and be very good for the team. Get a back PG, the rookies do well and theyl have good depth. PLAYOFF TEAM GAUREENTEED!!!!!

  3. Shocking and out of nowhere trade!!! I like Ariza going to the Hornets and Im not sure what Larry Bird has planned in Indiana but it could be something good! Look for Hornets to get passed the 1st round of Playoffs this upcoming season.


    • Bball Fan says:

      Yeah, didn’t see this one coming. Who knows what Larry’s brewing, but Collison’s a nice start. I’m not sure the Hornets get past the first round this season, not with Los Angeles, San Antonio, Dallas, Denver, Portland, and Oklahoma City still ahead of them. I think they’ll be this seasons version of the ’09-’10 Rockets- scrappy and undersized, but a challenge nonetheless.

  4. Dongz23 says:

    Good news for COLLISON. He deserves to start the point of a team.

  5. dewbe says:

    this is a good trade for new orleans as they are getting a young athletic scorer who will be a good fit it helping spread the floor and giving west and paul more options, similarly if the other trade goes through with bellinelli this would also give orleans another 3 point shooter to space the floor..

    After making a good trade like this where there are many winners eg collision will start for indie, new orleans get a scorer to help out paul etc i cant figure out y they made such a bad one to get okefor?

  6. Rip Greenfire says:

    Ariza, if you ask me, is a great pickup. He, West, and of course CP3 gives the Hornets some serious scoring threats. There still is the whole lack of a great center thing, but that problem is almost unfixable. However, the Hornet’s bench took a major blow, and if CP3 gets hurt, the Hornet’s season is over.

    Not exactly sure what the Rockets were thinking, last time I checked they didn’t have a great backup behind Ariza, but who knows?

    • tox on top says:

      you must not have check very well. rockets have a young wing guy the name of chase budinger. he averaged almost 10ppg with limited minutes as a rookie year last year. I hate to see ariza go but now budinger will have a few more minutes to a game to blossom and now we will have better competition coming out of nola…GO RED NATION…GO ROCKETS!!!

  7. Bball Fan says:

    This is good for Darren Collison. Now, he can start at point guard and for a team that could use him. I’m excited to see how Ariza and Paul play together; I think Ariza’s athleticism and Paul’s passing will complement each other nicely. I’d like to see New Orleans start Thorton at the two. He has lots of potential and with more playing time he could develop into a solid, reliable contributor to his team.

  8. Zzanzabar says:

    LOL! See Chris cry, cry Chris cry. See Hornets bow, bow Hornets bow. Before anyone thinks that I don’t love CP3 I want to say that I think that he is a superior talent and an all around good guy. BUT, isn’t it strange (well not so strange after all) that after he floats the idea that he wanted to be traded to greener (i.e. playoff serious teams) pastures, you suddenly find the Hornets scrambling to upgrade the team. Unfortunately there aren’t any Pau Gasol type players available (yet) to push the Hornets over the edge. Ummm, didn’t Kobe do the same thing awhile back with a similar response from his team? And wasn’t he vilified for being a ‘selfish and egotistical player’ as one sports writer put it?

    It seems that for many organizations winning the Finals is NOT the most important thing for their team. There are many owners (Gilbert) out there that are quite satisfied with teams and players who keep raking in the money for them with or without titles (Cleveland) as long as the fans will pay to watch said team. Only when a player decides that he has had enough and either bolts or threatens to leave do these short sighted owners decide to react.

    • LLMN says:

      All reports say that he never said that he wanted to be traded. He said that he wants the team to start building a championship contender or he is OUT!