Wednesday Scrimmage Impressions

Posted by John Schuhmann

NEW YORK — It was Day 2 of USA Basketball training camp in New York, and once again the media caught some scrimmage action against the Select Team.

The Senior Team was down two players, with Danny Granger out with an injured ring finger and Rajon Rondo back in Kentucky mourning the death of his uncle.

Granger’s X-rays were negative, but he’ll undergo an MRI tonight to help determine the extent of the injury. Rondo is expected back tonight and will be on the court tomorrow when the team tips off the World Basketball Festival at Radio City Music Hall.


Yesterday, they played shortened, six-minute scrimmages. Today, it was back to 10-minute periods, and we saw 1 1/2 of them.

The Senior Team won the first 10-minute period 30-21 and the second one 26-14. Once again, we’ll start with the lineups we saw…

1. Chauncey Billups, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay, Lamar Odom

2. Billups, Westbrook, Gay, Kevin Love, Odom

3. Derrick Rose, Stephen Curry, Gay, Love, Chandler

4. Rose, Curry, Andre Iguodala, Love, Chandler

5. Westbrook, Eric Gordon, Gay, Durant, JaVale McGee

6. Westbrook, Gordon, Gay, Durant, Jeff Green

7. Rose, Gordon, Iguodala, Durant, Chandler

8. Rose, Curry, Iguodala, Gay, Chandler

It was a different mix than what we saw yesterday. Today, we saw Love at the four instead of the five and we saw Iguodala and Gay on the floor together (rather than one or the other with Durant).


Here’s the Senior Team scoring breakdown for the 39 points they scored while the media was in the gym: Gay had nine points. Westbrook had seven. Durant and Rose had four each. Curry, Gordon and Love had three each. Chandler, Green and Iguodala had two each.


The one negative was an 8-0 run by the Select Team in the first scrimmage we saw. Iguodala, Love and Curry all missed threes on one end, while Florida State’s Chris Singleton nailed a pair on the other. I’ve talked about how this team will be shooting a lot of threes, and in a close game against a tough international team, one or two cold streaks like that could really hurt them.


The biggest positive was a stretch of four straight turnovers that they forced in the final period. They were a product of some full-court pressure (looked like a 2-2-1 – John Wooden would be proud) and traps at the midcourt line. That was part of an 11-2 run for the Senior Team.


The highlight of the day was the final bucket. Curry picked up a loose ball in the backcourt and tossed a beautiful lead pass over the heads of two Select Teamers to Iguodala, who caught it in stride and laid it in for his two points.

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  1. […] As the Senior Team’s best player, Durant has been the one on the floor the most, teaming with either Gay or Iguodala. But the other two got to run together at the end of Wednesday’s scrimmage. […]

  2. kobron says:

    Westbrook, Green, Billups should be cut from the team.

  3. TC. says:

    I will say this about this 2010 Team. They are extremely sexy!
    Yeah, they have talent and all of that. But they also have the looks. lol

  4. ZenDoc says:

    Do you think they’ll keep 5 or 6 Guards on the team? You can make the case for 6 Guards since they will be running like crazy and substituting freely and often. And you have to take into consideration that one of them could get injured overseas and you don’t want to be short of point guards because they are the biggest key to the team’s success.

    If I was coaching, I would keep all four of the very talented point guards: Rose, Billups, Westbrook, & Rondo, and also Steph Curry, who CAN also run the point. That fact, however, may end up being the reason that Coach K ends up cutting one of the four point guards. You can also make a good case for keeping Eric Gordon, who’s in the same class with Steph Curry as far as being an excellent shooter, and also plays very tough defense. Of course, so do Westbrook and Rondo. And I don’t think that Rose or Billups hurt you there, either. Westbrook & Rondo are really quick and great at getting to the rim as is Rose. So, would you keep all 6 of them on the team of 12?

    John Schuhmann has already written about the forward rotation primarily consisting of Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala (the likely starters) and Rudy Gay. You could add Kevin Love there, athough he may play most of his minutes at the 5.
    Then there are the other post players who will split time at the 5: Tyson Chandler and Lamar Odom (sorry, Lamar, but if you want some PT on this team, most of it will come at the 5 – all the other forwards are a step or two faster than you).
    IF they kept all 6 guards, added to these 6 wings and post players – that’s your whole team. That means that the players who are most likely to be cut are Jeff Green (too bad, really – it would have been great to see Westbrook, Durant & Green on the floor together for the USA and it would give the team that advantage of having 3 players on the court who know each other very well), JaVale McGee (he was a very long shot to make the cut), and Danny Granger (as much for his own good as anything – I think with his finger dislocation that he’s done). Without the scoring of Danny Granger, it’s even more important to keep both Curry and Gordon.

    John, and everyone else here, is that how you think it will go down, or do you think that Coach K will only keep 5 guards, and possibly only 3 point guards on the roster? IF Granger is out (and he may NOT be) and JaVale McGee has virtually no chance of making the team, then the only player who could replace one of my final 12 on the roster is Jeff Green. Even though that has a certain appeal to make Team USA a version of the OKC Thunder with a better supporting cast, I have my doubts that this will happen. This would only be one of the combos that we could throw at the other countries, of course, but a very interesting one. Team those three with Kevin Love and Steph Curry and you don’t give up too much rebounding, you have good shooters, and some good defenders out there, and it’s a team that could run and run and wear other teams out hopefully. Then you could swap out Derrick Rose or Rajon Rondo, Eric Gordon or Chauncey Billups, Andre Iguodala, Rudy Gay, and Tyson Chandler or Lamar Odom (but one of those guys wouldn’t be there if Jeff Green was). I like how the team is shaping up.

  5. B0$T0N C3LT!C$ says:


    • LOL says:

      Why are you posting that here man? You must have different intentions behind that. Go to his twitter or sumthin’ and post your condolences. No disrespect in any way, but, this site is about basketball.

  6. Oz Fan says:

    Best play of the day – Curry with the assist… damn straight… get em boy!

  7. classic says:

    01:30 is simply God-like

  8. LOL says:

    I’m only tuning in tomorrow to see Derrick Rose. But I fear since the event is sponsored by Nike… he won’t be shown much : (

    • Moebaby says:

      They play on the 12th?? what time and channel?

      • LOL says:

        6:00 p.m. ET today on NBATV & ESPN2 – man, you didn’t know?!? And they are also playing an exhibition game against France on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET on ESPN2 at Madison Square Garden!! And that is not a Nike sponsored event so we’ll definitely see much more of D.Rose. I’m excited!!!

      • jed says:


  9. Hoops Fan says:

    Durant, Westbrook, and Green together on this team could be the second coming of Lebron, Wade, and Bosh. OKC’s very fortunate to have them and kudos to Durant on his extension.