What’s Happened To Rudy?


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The rumbling has been going on for months.

Portland swingman Rudy Fernandez is on the trading block, that’s no secret. And if you go by first impressions alone, there is a lot to like.

A slender swingman with deep range and a wicked first step, Fernandez is the sort of fearless, moderately priced and athletic role player good teams love to have. Fernandez flashed the same swashbuckling style he displayed for the Spanish national team in his rookie season with the Trail Blazers two years ago.

But last season things took a twisted turn for the worse. His statistical dip was slight across the board. A microdisectomy, a surgery to relieve pressure from a nerve root in his back that caused pain in his right leg, performed in December no doubt played a part in his struggles.

He missed 19 games after the procedure and never seemed to regain his stride (or perhaps the confidence of Blazers coach Nate McMillan).

Still, in a free-agent summer when no player and nothing is sacred and seemingly anyone can be had for the right price, how is it that a player like Fernandez is still in limbo? (The Prime Minister first raised the question after the weekend, sparking a larger conversation here at the hideout.)

Chicago was rumored to be chasing him in a trade, their quest to add as many different options at shooting guard as possible knowing no end. But they’ve since signed veteran swingman Keith Bogans, a better defender with a much sturdier body but with not nearly as much bounce as Fernandez.

The Bulls could still land Fernandez, though he’d be walking into the same sort of crowded situation at his position that he did in Portland a couple of years ago.

What’s hard to fathom is a player losing as much shine as Fernandez has in such a short time. His work during international competition certainly made an impression here at the hideout. Then he stormed the league in his first year, draining more 3-pointers than any other rookie in league history, a feat that’s even more outlandish when you realize he started just four games that season.

We suspect he’ll turn some heads at the world championships in Turkey later this month. Will a solid, or even spectacular, showing there be enough to raise his stock with NBA teams?

Maybe … maybe not.

We checked with two Western Conference scouts and one Eastern Conference executive about Fernandez and got lukewarm responses about him, which we must admit was a bit surprising.

While they acknowledge the talent and explosive scoring ability, all three voiced concerns about the fit in Portland and potentially anywhere that Fernandez doesn’t warm to immediately.

“Something was missing from his game last season. He just didn’t play with any fire the times I watched him,” the Eastern Conference executive said. “For a guy whose games is all about energy and passion, that was an alarming sign for me. But he’s still young, just 25, and learning his way around this league. So I wouldn’t close the book on him yet.”

We’re willing to give Fernandez the benefit of the doubt.

The transition from international star to NBA role player is a tough one. And not everyone manages it as well as guys like Manu Ginobili (who was obviously more than just a “role player” when he came to the San Antonio Spurs) and Luis Scola have.

We’re expecting big things from Fernandez this season, be it in Portland or somewhere else.



  1. Scott says:

    You guys all realize he doesn’t actually have a choice where he goes, right? You can beg him to come to your team all you want, it’s whoever offers the best deal to the Blazers that will get him. It sounds like the offers are pretty poor now, but they’ll improve over time, and I bet the Blazers will wait until they do. In the end, I bet he’ll be packaged with one or both of the Blazers big expiring contracts (Joel Przybilla and Andre Miller) and maybe even another young player like Bayless or draft pick to get a very good player in return.

  2. New 90's Bulls says:

    Lets face it everyone wants him to go to their team but he is a starter playing backup and is great off the bench but he has to make a choice to go where he can win and play backup or start and lose with a sucky team now any player in the NBA wants to win ex. LeBron but at what cost will you give up for LeBron he gave up Millions but a player like him would give up playing time. But we must all see he wants a perfect mix where he gets payed generously and gets playing time and the rumor with the bulls is because you can see that they will win games and with his help many more then the would with Bogans backing up and they still have plenty of money to offer up and backing up ronnie brewer should give him good playing time and if ronnie were to go down again he would be playing. But the bulls aren’t the only go teams but some people reading want him to back up kobe at LA well guys. I hope for the best and praying he makes the right decision

  3. Chicago Guy says:

    I wish Portland would accept the Bulls offer of the Bobcats draft pick they obtained for Tyrus Thomas, but I dont blame them if they dont cause Rudy is a really solid role player. I think he’s just upset, because Portland already has an all star at his position, so he doesnt receive enough playing time in his opinion. Here in Chicago, he could take Brewer’s starting spot or at least he would have a chance. In Portland that’s not happening.

  4. Blazerfever says:

    If the Blazers don’t keep RF for the start of the season, they should move him to the Eastern Conference. None of this Suns, Spurs talk. I think they’ll hold on to him till December or January and package him for another player. Maybe Paul?

  5. Vic Nardozza says:

    If all it would take for the Bulls is Taj Gibson to get Fernandez, then the Bulls should do it. The upside of a player like Fernandez is much better than an decent, but average power forward in Gibson

  6. Bobcat says:

    He should go to the Knicks or the Bobcats, but probably the Knicks.

  7. Shelby says:

    Go back to Europe, be sweet if a bunch of players did , have a sub league of decent player to watch there to

    • LaFostia says:

      Sub league, yes, that is why the NBA don’t let their visiting teams play the top teams in Europe, while they are in Europe promoting the NBA.

  8. Gilian says:

    I must agree with Luke, Fernandez should really go to Boston. He would fit perfectly into the system. And that would give him a pretty good chance of wining a Championship.

  9. españa says:

    I guess Rudy needs is a Spaniard teammate so they can fully utilize each others potential. Team up with either P.Gasol or R. Rubio is the best fit so they can talk their game play without other players having the knowledge what they will be doing next. But much better if the 3 can play in one NBA team. Best team would be Lakers…getting rid of the aged Fisher and get Rubio then get rid of the unreliable bench players (whoever it is from their bench) and get Fernandez. Another 3-peat for Mr. 3-peat (Phil) would be easier task this season.

  10. Lorna Tolentino says:

    Although my Rudy “Daboy” Fernandez has already gone to heaven ..I hope this Rudy goes to BOSTON!

  11. Jerry says:

    Rudy is a whiner and doesn’t know what teamwork is !!! He tries to be flashy – but that just backfires – he was a complete NO SHOW in the playoffs and an embarrasment to the team.

    • blazersfan24 says:

      jerry! your so smart man! thats what i said earlier and everyone disagrees… thanks for your post, its nice to see someone with some smarts on here

  12. unknowledgeable again says:

    thank you DERRON who said it much better. sorry I didn’t notice beforehand.

  13. unknowledgeable says:

    SA has some good shooters already and no future. Boston’s going to need three digits on their jeresys, the Lakers are just fartting champagne into the dark at yet another already developed player.

    here’s my scoop. Rudy is an accessory; he’s a sixth man– nothing more– and a damn good one. however; he has a lot of spanish support and sometimes stands for something greater than he’s worth. that explains the vauge “passion” milieu. Sac might work, i like it, but like someone earlier said, you can’t build a franchise on the guy or anyone else in Sac. If he’d learn to role play he’d be an excellent fit for the bulls who lost Heinrick (spelling it right?) because he plays similar. Korver shoots but Rudy can slash. also for Chicago, a fresh start at the best eastern conf. team wouldn’t hurt. they could give him minutes, but i hope the guy has an attitude check and stays in Portland because we like him, he runs a lot, we’re a good team, and he’s a competitor… unlike lebron.

    and while I’m on opinions: Pau Gasol was the finals MVP this year.

  14. darell sapin says:

    I see the problem the scouts are seeing, but i think it would be nullified by the potential of a 25 year old that can do much as a young kobe or wade can…..

  15. Poe Boy says:

    You guys make it sound like Rudy is a free agent & gets to pick the team himself! Rudy is under contract this year with a team option next year. He does not get to pick his next team….the Blazers will do whats right by them.

    By the way, the Bulls offering James Johnson plus the 1st round pick they obtained from Charlotte is actually a sound offer for Rudy who’s stats dropped off his sophomore season in the league.

  16. anen says:


  17. d'artenian says:

    fit well in DALLAS

  18. PDXMap says:

    We still love Rudy in Portland. Don’t speak for all of us, blazersfan24. Especially do not speak for me because you cannot type or spell very well. I have met Rudy and other Blazers in the Lexus Club Level of the Rose Garden and never got the impression that Rudy (or the others) are egotistical. I personally hope Rudy stays right here in Rip City!

    • blazersfan24 says:

      you are an idiot… we have mathews now, so rudy is sooo gone… plus he wants out. bye bye rudy, and god ridance. your probably one of the many fools who baught a rudy jeresy… i feel bad for you, what a waste of money! ha! get real you no rudys gon so except it and get over it

  19. Daboy says:

    Walang tatalo kay baby Ama! Go Daboy!

  20. RB says:


  21. KARRY says:


  22. blazersfan24 says:

    heres the thing… i said when sergio was traded it would hurt rudy, and it did. no more alley oops from sergio plus we have andre miller, i knew this would happen. it doesnt matter where rudy goes, hes very cocky and ego tistical. ive personally met the guy and he thinks hes gods gift to this world. id trade him for a tank of gas… rudy needs to be the man whereverhe goes, and thats just not the case… no team is going to build a franchise aroud this guy, so look for him to fall off the nba map really quick… we loved rudy here in portland, and cared when ariza took you out… now, we could care less… beilvee it or not, portland is a team on the rise and we re better off without you rudy. if you would calm down and accept your role you would do sooooo much better. where ever you go good luck, your gonna need it

  23. Karatekid says:

    The heat team is the best road for a championship, but i think its impossible for the heat to get him because they pretty much finish filling up their roster, we will be a good ft at orlando,chicago definitely not in boston its a old team out there as well as the lakers.

  24. DERRON says:

    Mann the best fit for rudy fernandez is chicago bulls come off the bench and be the 6th man would be real but most likely I think portland keep him

  25. Voice of Reason says:

    The Blazers don’t need to deal him anywhere. Portland’s new front office doesn’t seem very credible if it’s going to trade such a good player away. Plus I’m not too fond of the Wes Matthews signing either. I mean sure the kid is a good player, but he’s not worth what they’re paying him. That money should be used to extend Rudy in the near future. And possibly the reason why Rudy isn’t playing like himself is because his Spanish teammate (Sergio Rodriguez) isn’t on the team anymore! And those two had the best of chemistry any two players in the league could have. Maybe Portland should try snatching Ricky Rubio’s rights from the T’Wolves by trading some of their assets (there’s Bayless, maybe Oden?). Then maybe they could have a re-energized Rudy, and a pretty damn good backcourt for the future.

    • LaFostia says:

      Pse. while McMillan is in Portland do NOT contract any Spaniards, it’d be useless.

      So no Claver, no Ricky, not any Spaniard

      And I wish the Blazers make a lot of money trading Rudy and getting rid of him for good

      With his mentality, McMillan won’t ever understand the way Spaniards/Europeans play the ball, and how they can better help their TEAMS, which is the most important for those players.

      Please watch sunday match: US team vs Spain, and you shall see the difference, no matter the result.

  26. BlazeUpDemNuggets says:

    August 10, 2010 at 2:57 pm
    if this guy spent half as much time working hard as he did pouting and complaining he would have not fallen out of favor here in portland.
    Mikel Brown
    August 10, 2010 at 3:37 pm
    Rudy is garbage unless you are talking about being in the 3-point shootout. He is a gutless defender and selfish on offense; he plays like a brooding child; which is why no one has signed him despite the physical attributes he once displayed. I can’t believe some of the garbage you write; status quo, thoughtless opinions on a pretty consistent basis. I do understand why you would get a job doing that though. You should do some homework with Jalen Rose!

    So true. And Rudy is completely suspect on defense, which is McMillan’s forte. He’s an average player that hopefully we can get at least something for. I think he should go back to Europe and try a stint in the Baltic league if any of those teams had enough money to buy out the rest of his contract. That’ll give him something to pout about.

  27. Alberto says:

    What’s happened to Ruy? Nate Mcmillan, that’s what. Mcmillan spoiled Rodriguez’s NBA Carrer, And he´s about to ruin Fernandez’s one. I just hope Spain destroy the USA in the World Championship this summer with Rudy in an stellar role and Mcmillan in the US bench. If he can’t use this great player, he’d let him go. Let Doc Rivers coach the guy and he’ll become the 6th man of the year.

  28. Rudy ++ says:

    i played agains him (and i was defendin him) in highschool and he scored 58 points in a 82 point game… doesnt seem a lot for a highschool game, but im quite pro in spain and still the best guy that i’ve played against!
    i have to say that im totally neutral, bur honestly….
    join chicago… they will be in the top 4 of the eastern conference and u’ll have more years of good basketball there than in boston!

  29. Jar Jar Banks says:

    Go to Sacramento,You’ll do great there with Demarcus and Tyreke. Surely you will start. Back court 3’s all day long and lots of opportunity Inside.

  30. El Guapo says:

    they get closer and closer to not winning but guess what? THEY ARE STILL WINNING! So you need to get out of here with that non-sense. And miami the team to beat? C’mon now, the lakers are the champions and are the team to beat until they are de-throned. Respect the champs

  31. Bulls fan says:

    the only real places for him are boston (crowded and probably wont get him), new york (signed roger mason, wont be space). and chicago, where he could be the 6th man off the bench for us along with korver

  32. F-Cleavland says:

    Fernandez sucks I don’t want him to come to Toronto

  33. Kyle says:


  34. bulls fan says:


  35. CELTICS FAN says:

    go to Celtics

  36. Mrygs24 says:

    Rudy needa either go 2 Orlando or Utah……… He’s a great fit 4 orlando becuz of dere style of play. he’ll get plenty of minutes and alot of shots and opprotunities. every 1 on orlando get a chance 2 score all u have 2 do is hit open shots & b aggressive.. & utah wld b a great fit cuz dey need a shooter & who better 2 set u up 4 good shots than da best PG.. he wld b a great pic up 4 dem but orlando has more 2 offer in return

  37. Manoy says:

    Sa Alaska ka na lang pamalit kay Dela Cruz

  38. Mikel Brown says:

    Rudy is garbage unless you are talking about being in the 3-point shootout. He is a gutless defender and selfish on offense; he plays like a brooding child; which is why no one has signed him despite the physical attributes he once displayed. I can’t believe some of the garbage you write; status quo, thoughtless opinions on a pretty consistent basis. I do understand why you would get a job doing that though. You should do some homework with Jalen Rose!

    • blazersfan24 says:

      you are the smartest person on this page dude… checkout what i wrote about him i think you out of all people would agree

  39. bigmike902 says:

    I think ur gonna see rudy end up on the knicks, kings or rockets. He still gotta lot of potential lrft in him and can really see him being a strong 6th man off the bench for the knicks or kings. He would b a perfect fit for the Mike D’Antoni system. i think the hiring of Port’s new GM will b the down fall of that team over the next 2 seasons. Good luck Rudy. Big fan Sekou

  40. Bucks Fan says:

    He will fit well with the bucks because the bucks need a shooting that can shoot but also that has a lot of durability. I know they have Michael Redd and John Salmons, but who knows if Michael Redd will get injured for the whole season…… again!

  41. SACTOWNSHAWN says:

    Rudy would fit well in Sacramento , Goldenstate , New York , memphis , clippers . Atlanta.

    • Rocket fan_believeit or not says:

      Dude, all of those are good options, but the Warriors?? Are you serious? We are suggesting teams for him to be an important player that can improve not get worst, Warriors is the only team in the league that each year makes moves not to improve but to lower their level even more. Even the clips and the Kings made better moves than them. (Villanueva to Detroit, they got rid of Arenas and Richardson years ago, Stephen Jackson now a leader in Charlotte, they are not very clever) Now they have D-Lee but Monta Ellis and the rest of the team will not get near playoff again this year. So sad

  42. kidow says:

    o please the KINGS naaaaaaa i think the best team for him its chicago, spurs its a very old team but they know how to play this game y coach its one of the best, but he sould wait to next season to decide for a new team next seson free agents sound good so RUDY stay one more year in portland and wait for the end of season…

  43. miami4life says:

    go to miami!!!

  44. BU-TANG says:

    First of all, greeting from Spain and thanks Sekou for this Rudy’s post.
    Seeing the situation from Spain and the Rudy’s comments these years at Portland, we think that he is not happy there, but not for the city, or the teammates, only one reason: Nate McMillan.
    It’s impossible that Rudy shine on if his coach prefers defensive players.. Batum is a good player, but if you want to win in the NBA you need to score too much points. NBA is more offensively that european leagues, that’s a fact. At Europe, the teams score an average of 70/80 points/match (and usually only 60p) but in the NBA you need usuallly more than 90/100 points/match.
    Rudy can score up 20p in 30 minutes and that’s why the reason that we trust him. McMillan doesn’t want him and Rudy is angry and not concentrated on matches. On a lot of matches he only played 10minutes and he needs to feel important and have more minutes to play at his best level.
    For me, now the best opportunity for Rudy to play is Chicago but Celtics would be for him and incredible step on his career. Sorry for my english and once again…THANKS SEKOU!!

    Pd: Rudy will shine on in this World Championship.. he is playing brilliant on the friendly matches during last days. Spanish matches before World Cup:
    Now: Spain- Slovenia.
    Aug 15, 16 & 17 – International Friendly Tournament at Logroño (Spain) – Teams: Argentina, Brazil, Spain.
    Aug 22: at Madrid (Spain) . Spain – EEUU.

  45. Arvydas says:

    if this guy spent half as much time working hard as he did pouting and complaining he would have not fallen out of favor here in portland.

    • Mikel Brown says:

      Right on the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • LaFostia says:

        He went to Portland loosing money from his previous contract, Just for the promises they made to him.

        The best thing you can say of Nate McMillan is that he lied to him prior to signing the contract with the Blazers, and now he is stucked with it.

        Ask yourself a question. If someone doesn’t fulfill a promise, Is he cheating?? If so, McMillan is a cheater.

  46. Ben G says:

    i really hope, the heat could trade for him, he’ll be a great outside shooter and great team asset.

  47. Dale says:

    he would actually make a really good match in Sacramento, we are a young rebuilding team with a perfect spot for him.
    people may not like the Kings, but nobody can seriously doubt they are on the rise right now.

    • good game says:

      I loooooooooooooooooved The Kings in early 2000, well I’m from Serbia so you understand my extra motive beside their flamboyant style during those years!

  48. blazer 4 life says:

    4 portland to give up rudy they would ask for too much in return. it wouldnt happen. besides y is everybody giving up on him. so what if he has one bad year, he has potential. also they wouldnt give them up because they r still contenders the were still 6 in west with injuries to everybody on team

  49. come on says:

    sac town!!! goooo!!

  50. D-KOT says:

    rudy fits in chicago for 2-guard replacing defensive guards bogans and brewer!rudy has its offense when needed..

  51. Tom says:

    Go to Utah play with the Jazz you will get playing time there no that Kyle Korver is gone you may have to sign for less but the Jazz environment is GREAT!!!!!!!!!! The fans are great the loudest arena in the NBA. It would be great you would be loved!

  52. Raul says:

    DALLAS is perfect team for Rudy Fernandez.. perfect for jason kidd’s back door plays.. Rudy also knows how to move with out the ball so his movement will be a hassle to oppnents defense leaving dirk a lot of space in the perimeter..

    • d'artenian says:

      you’re right man. go to dallas rudy fernandez.. Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion, Dirk Nowitzki, Rudy Fernandez, Jason Kidd.. (starting 5)

  53. Orion says:

    Go to new york! We’d love to see you coached by Mike D’Antoni and at all costs avoid Orlando because you will just rot there without a Chip.

  54. Bulls fan says:

    He fits with the bulls. come to the bulls!!! u could be the backup for brewer, while korver backs deng. and bogans could be the 3rd option at both shooting guard and small forward. rudy, watson and korver could be draining 3’s!!!

  55. david says:

    He should sign with the Hawks.

  56. Lynn says:

    Go 2 the Lakers!!!
    Ur other teammate Steve Blake is on there!!!

  57. lebron jr says:

    He should go to houston to fill in t-macs placee

  58. Ronnie says:

    I replace Vujacic for Rudy Fernandez his a good shooting guard when kobe needs whom em pass when he can’t able to make it and pass the ball to Rudy when is open, a man like him that he can score at that time as needed…

    • LaFostia says:

      Can you imagine Gasol in the post passing to Rudy for a three?? They don’t know each other that much.

  59. Daniel says:

    No RUDY stay in portland!!!!!!!!! please we need you. You should know that we have the best fans here in Portland no other arena compares to ours!!!!

    • LaFostia says:

      Any team but the Blazers would be good for Rudy. At least while McMillan remains as their coach.

      I could see a trade with LA For “The Machine” Vujacic, that way he won’t end with the Celtics and really improve their roster.

  60. alex says:

    i think he’ll be a good fit with sa

  61. Daver says:

    Don’t you know that he wants to come back to Spain? to FC Barcelona where he is desired??

    • Rudy is the MAN says:

      he doesnt necisarilly want to go back to spain. if u read his true interview when he was asked if he wanted to leave the nba he said no, he wants to stay but he would be open to going back to europe.

  62. pshhhh says:

    i really can’t believe portland can’t find munites for this guy. probably because batum and bayless really stepped up

  63. robby1212 says:

    Rudy would shine as a raptor, id take him over Bellinelli any day!

  64. LI says:

    why donn’t you go to Rockets ? that would be fantastic.

  65. nomer collong says:

    go home

  66. Javi says:

    Tio si puedes vete a Boston, creo que por juego encajarías de la leche y estos, aunque como dice alguno por ahi que está “crowded” son de edad avanzada y tu seguro que los pasas sin problemas. Además siguen esperando a su estrella blanca tras Larry Bird jejeje.
    Animo campeon y España a por el Mundial, a por ellos!!

  67. rudy! says:

    While staying in Portland, as going to Boston, Chicago, San Antonio, Phoenix, Denver or giving any case; a humble spanish fan dares to say that rudy (despite his youth) leave Europe with a cache isn´t so inferior to other players like Scola and Ginobili, or that the same splitter, which soon will enjoy

    • rudy! says:

      While staying in Portland, as going to Boston, Chicago, San Antonio, Phoenix, Denver or giving any case; a humble spanish fan dares to say that rudy (despite his youth) leave Europe with a cache isn´t so inferior to other players like Scola and Ginobili, or that the same splitter, which soon will enjoy,

      The only thing he needs in any of these teams is playing time, coach’s confidence and oder some freedom to develop your game, don´t use just one of his many weapons: his shot 3

      And when you see him as a player, not as a role You will be able to judge him with objectivity

      Thanks and sorry for my spanish-english

  68. ru-dy.ru-dy says:

    chicago just offered james johnson for him. What a joke is that for a player that could easily be your new ben gordon?

    i’m from badalona (where he played when overseas) and i’ve been watching him since he was 17. Trust me, this guy is unbelievable!

    • chito says:

      i think they offered james johnson and a 1st round pick

      • ru-dy.ru-dy says:

        Anyway, that`s a poor offer.

        Portland wanted taj gibson, who’s quite a good player and who won’t be seeing as much playing time next year with boozer, kurt thomas an even omer asik at his side.

    • bulls fan says:


      • Rocket fan_believeit or not says:

        definetely poor, If Portland get’s Gibson for example they can rely on him in case Oden can not play again (sorry for him, the guy is or was a vey talented player) and will then have a chance to become the star he can be

  69. QuestionMark says:

    Rudy Fernandez will fit really well in Toronto..since the Raps are an athletic team..and have players from Europe..but we already have Derozan, Belinelli and Barbosa in the 2 spot and Weems, Wright and Kleiza at the 3..dont see how Rudy would get mins..so I suggest going to Chicago.. you would have a chance to be sixth man coming off the bench Ronnie Brewer if he starts. and with Rose and PG you will get a lot of plays…either that or go to Phoenix. Nash can send you flyin with the allley oops

  70. zNaHk17 says:

    ..send rudy to spurs.. cOach greg will give him a nice playing time as what he wish for.. if he send 2 spurs, it is a big chance 4 them to gO to the finals again.. with a healthy manu ginobili, tony parker and tim duncan.. adding anOther international player what makes spurs go 2 there 5th nba champion..

    • Rocket fan_believeit or not says:

      I don’t really think coach will put him to play that much, if Manu stays in shape and plays 75+ games Rudy would not be playing that much. But if this happened it will give the spurs the punch they need coming off the bench along with Georgie Hill

  71. Balance says:

    Boston is crowded.
    Spurs is ok. And old.
    Phoenix, fill for Leandro Barbossa? Uhm, they’ve just signed 2 swingmen. Childress and Turkoglu.
    Lakers is crowded too.
    Chicago is nice. Rose fan here.
    So Stay.

  72. mic says:

    go to Houston or Phoenix, your game suits their style. No. 1 fan Rudy

  73. Behemot says:

    Blazers won’t let him go to SA, Lakers, Chicago or Boston if they don’t offer some at least decent role player additionally to a draft pick. Draft pick from Minnesota, Cleveland or Toronto is sth I would welcome 🙂

  74. Bartholomew Surles says:

    He would fit the best in Boston!! Rudy and Ray can’t be cold at the same time and it will give Boston a good 1 2 punch at the Shooting guard and give the Celtics a little more athleticism at the 2 spot and he will get valuable playing time!!

  75. Bob Harris says:

    Boston Please.

  76. Blazer Fan says:

    Keep him in portland!! I<3 Rudy and Portland!!!!

  77. Balance says:


  78. lakerfan since 19 O' Long says:

    Rudy would be a good fit in Chicago along side Derrick Rose as a 2-guard, but rose must learn to facilitate the offense for the bulls and tune his skills to lead the team (which he has the ability); but a popular statement from Napoleon Bonaparte’ “ability is nothing without opportunity” Give Rudy the opportunity Chicago-you need to enhance your back court for the playoffs

    • lakerfan since 19 O' Long says:

      The Lakers have no further need for guards, but if that were not the case Rudy Fernandez would have been a good source for offense for the lakers during the 2nd-Q when they struggle a bit

  79. DIET says:

    We would have to have rudy in La Lakers deep bench impact! !!!

  80. Nandan Raghavan says:

    Go to Phoenix, because even though you will probably go off the bench, you’ll get quality minutes filling in for Leandro Barbosa. Also, Nash can set you up really well. Go to LOS SUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Neck broken.. says:

      Leandro Barbosa ain’t a sun anymore, he’s a raptor.

      • Lenny says:

        He said filling in for Barbosa… as in taking Barbosa’s role… But we don’t need another shooter on our team. We already got Josh Childress to fill in for Barbosa. We have our 5 starters, and we have about 4 players on the bench taht will rotate between the 4-5 spot to relieve Stat missing and to give Hill a chance to rest.

  81. Louie says:

    We would love to have Rudy Fernandez in San Antonio. He would be a great compliment to Ginobili and we Spur fans would love to give him more playing time. We are well aware of what he is capable of.

  82. Go to Boston !!!!!!!!!!!!!! u will get better playing time and u will have an important role in the boston bench. ronod can give u easy layups and shots! with the defense that boston has u can get a wide open lay at least 3 times a game. it will be the best chance for u to win the champion chip!!!!!!!!!!!1 the most important thing boston fans never give up!!!!!!!!!!!!! rudy please come to boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    • LAKERS says:

      Stop begging and learn how to spell you moron. Championship, not champion chip! What the hell!! And boston aint winning nothing. Old a*s team. Rudy has a better chance of winning a championship with the pacers. LOL!!!! Boston sucks. And remember championship, not champion chip!!

      • X Mile says:

        You are an idiot u make urself look stupid in front of thousands of ppl. Every year, the lakers get closer and closer to NOT WINNING a title. Every year, Kobe Bryant gets one year OLDER. Last season was the first time in like 6 years that Kobe wasnt in the top 3 for MVP. Boston is getting old too. Pierce isnt as athletic as he was in 08, Ray Allen isnt the same shooter he was, and KG isnt the “Defensive Superstar” he was with the wolves. They are all getting old. Rajon Rondo is the backbone of the Celtics rite now. if Rudy wants to win a championship, he needs to go to ” 1) MIAMI ” because they ARE right now the TEAM TO BEAT. 2) He shud go to Orlando where the aging Vince Carter will be getting less and less minutes, and he plays like Carter (Shoots 3’s and has good hops). 3) He shud go to Atlanta where the stars are still young and Athletic. I would also say Bulls 3rd if they can trade boozer to the kicks for Stoudamire then they SURELY would be contendors. But the Lakers are old now and they are getting old. They wont win this year, and Phil Jackon will retire 12 months from now.

      • The Real Roscoe says:

        An old a*s team that beat out Dwayne Wade, The number 1 overall team Cleaveland with Mr. MVP Lebron, Orlando, and came within 6 minutes of winning a title? (Or more accurately, came within one Kendrick Perkins of a title)

        Yeah, I don’t like the Lakers, but I can’t deny they’re a ridiculously solid team. You seem to hate Boston…just because. I would rather listen to someone with an honest opinion but can’t spell championship than some fanboy who doesn’t know crap about basketball. Get off the internet, you’ll do the rest of the world good.

        Boston Celtics
        2011 Nba Champion chip winners.

      • Salamangkero says:

        X-Mile, let’s see if your Miami Heat gets even past Boston before they meet with the Lakers. hehehe

    • Rudy is the MAN says:

      now that boston has signed von wafer i doubt they’ll make a play for rudy, the minutes will be limited.

      • Rocket fan_believeit or not says:

        i BELIEVE RUDY would have been better sign than Wafer, he was constant in Houston in his last year but does not have the ecsplozivenessssssss (oh sorry Laker did I misspelled exposivenes?) Fernandez has, I don’t know if Boston or Miami or Orlando (the only 3 that have a legit shot at the title in the east) will get to the finals, but I have to admit that Lakers are the team to beat in the West and even when I do not think they are getting Phil’s 12th ring they certainly will get to the Finals.

        You can’t discard Phoenix, Ancient retirment home (sorry, Spurs), or forever titleless Nowitzki and the Mavs, also Portland, Houston (hopefully although I admit they will not make it to the finals) the Thunder youngsters and Jazz will be remaining playoffs teams, all of these teams got a little better during offseason.

        Phoenix (Even when AStoud was great they have now more options to score only lacking a true center cuz Lopez will not get there yet)
        Spurs (despite their age they keep the solid nucleous and with Splitter competing for the rookie of the year award will be interesting to watch)
        Mavs (sort of trying to be the NBA Yankees, each year Cuban does lots of exotic moves to improve the team and he does not focus on giving Dirk the teammates he really needs to be a contender, ok, you hadButler and Nowitzki, now Chandler and never underestimate Kidd, hopefully they make a good season cuz they are not getting any younger and this might be their last chance to do something really important)
        Utah also got better, Jefferson is wayyyyyyyyy better than Boozer cuz Al can defend, and he will become more in the likes of Malone Stockton if he can pair up with D-Will, althoug they lost Brewer and Korver if Raja Bell stays healthy they’re not going to suffer in defensive intensity.

        And of course the not anymore surprising Thunder, these young players will be fun to watch, interesting game, lack of selfishness from their leader (unlike Bryant, or A.I or the newly signed Piston T-MAC) Kevin Durant, only lacking a real center also because Krstic is not that good either but not bad at all.

        I deviate myself fromt he original subject (sorry for that) but Fernandez could make some noise in serveral good teams that will be needing a starting SG in a couple of years (Boston when Ray goes, Sacramento with Evans in the PG and Cousins in the SF/PF could use him too, Pistons if tey trade RIP, Bucks if Spaghetti does not play well and Redd get’s waived or traded, Utah if Bell can not play that much, etc.)

        Lakers, better not be that confident about winning again, you definetely have a real good chance but not as clear as it was 2 years ago, don’t be that self centered and forget about the Hollywood glimpse diva role and enjoy the game for what it is. Kobe could not be on a better team, true warrior? Sure, but also a whining doll that keeps showing the rest of the league that he does not appreciate the cast he plays with.

        Last year’s MVP should have been Pau, not Kobe marketing definetely has lot to do regarding who gets the awards or who doesn’t right?