Tuesday Scrimmage Impressions

NEW YORK — USA Basketball began the second phase of training today in Manhattan. The roster has been cut from 19 to 15 and with the World Championship just 18 days away, it’s time to increase the intensity.

Once again, the media was let in the watch the last part of practice, and we saw four six-minute scrimmages against the Select Team.

In total, the Senior Team outscored the Select team, 55-44, but the Select Team did win the first six-minutes we saw, 14-13 on a Kemba Walker (UConn) pull-up jumper with seven seconds left. On the other end, Kevin Durant missed a three at the buzzer that would have won it for the Senior Team.

Here were the scores of the four scrimmages (Senior-Select): 13-14, 13-9, 13-8, 16-13

As I did in Las Vegas, I’ll start with the lineups that we saw…

1. Derrick Rose, Chauncey Billups, Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant, Lamar Odom

2. Rose, Stephen Curry, Iguodala, Durant, Kevin Love

3. Rose, Curry, Billups, Durant, Love

4. Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook, Rudy Gay, Jeff Green, Tyson Chandler

5. Rondo, Eric Gordon, Gay, Danny Granger, JaVale McGee

6. Westbrook, Gordon, Gay, Granger, McGee

7. Rose, Billups, Iguodala, Durant, Odom

8. Rose, Curry, Iguodala, Durant, Love

9. Rondo, Westbrook, Gay, Green, Chandler

10. Westbrook, Gordon, Gay, Granger, McGee

11. Westbrook, Gordon, Gay, Green, McGee

So in the action we saw, Durant played exclusively at the four, and a lot with Iguodala (an offense/defense combo at the forward position). Also, neither Love or Odom was on the floor with either of the true centers (Chandler and McGee).

Lineup No. 3 was the most interesting, of course.


Danny Granger injured his right ring finger on the rim in the final scrimmage. He immediately walked off the floor. At this point, it doesn’t seem to be as bad as David Lee‘s injury (maybe just a jam), but we’ll find out more by tomorrow.


The players who stood out were Durant (of course), Rose (who had a couple of brilliant drives in the first scrimmage), and Iguodala (strong defense and a couple of sick dunks).

Here’s the scoring that we saw: Iguodala, Gay and Rose had eight points each. Durant and Westbrook had seven each. McGee had six, Gordon had three, Green had two and Love had one. There’s five points missing because I missed the first basket of the first scrimmage and I missed a three in the last one.


The Senior Team played zone exclusively for the final two six-minute scrimmages and it produced mixed results. Their length and athleticism got them some deflections and steals in the passing lanes, but as it always is with playing zone, rebounding was an issue. One possession early in the first zone scrimmage, when the Select Team got two offensive boards, stood out.


Rondo had three careless turnovers, two of them ridiculous attempts at one-handed, long-distance, lefty scoop passes (one which sailed out of bounds, another which hit high off the backboard). The only time I’ve seen one of those pulled off was by Jason Kidd, on an alley-oop to Kenyon Martin in the 2004 All-Star Game.

This is not an All-Star Game. I think Rondo is one of those players on the bubble with this team, and his play in the scrimmages we saw could not have helped his chances.

He may not be the better point guard in the NBA at this point, but Westbrook will make the team over Rondo if they choose to cut one of the four point guards. We saw Westbrook hit a couple of jumpers (including a corner three) today.


Durant pulled off two straight lobs in the third scrimmage, one to Rose (which Rose laid in) and the second to Iguodala, which was the highlight of the day. Iguodala caught the lob with his hand under the ball and somehow dunked it with his hand on top of the ball. Put that guy back in the dunk contest, please.


The second scrimmage did go down to the final minute, with Gordon hitting a three to put the Senior Team ahead, Westbrook getting a contested shot in the lane to put them up four, and then (after the Select Team made it 11-9) Gay sealing it with a tip dunk off a Westbrook miss.


Overall, it looked like chemistry was a little better than it was two weeks ago. Pick-and-roll execution was sharper, with McGee the beneficiary of a couple of nice looks from his teammates.

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John Schuhmann is a staff writer for NBA.com. Follow him on twitter.


  1. Moebaby says:

    Well when I look at the lineups I notice Rose and Durant are ALWAYS on the court together to build continuity between the two. These two are OBVIOUSLY the keys and leaders of the team. But you Boston homers are killing me with this Rondo is better than Rose B.S. Put Rose on the Boston Celtics last year and I guarentee Boston would’ve won the championship.

  2. MSL says:

    Hey John. I respect the fact you answered this post.

    I’ll give you credit for that.

    I still think you’re writing appears mis-balanced about Rondo.

    Remember these are scrimmages; not games. Their not always judged the same (there many factors that have to be processed sometimes, than the obvious).

    You also failed to mention in your article that Rondo’s uncle passed and he left tonight to go see him immediately after practice (since you published something negative about his play). Other publications did.

    In regards to Rondo and International play; I don’t think any of the point guards except curry are suited for the international game (but if that was the case, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd and Mo Cheeks couldn’t play internationally either; cause none of them could shoot) any way. Rose (for example) is not a good shooter, Plays questionable defense and is not a natural or exceptional point guard/passer.

    But I think Rondo brings more intangibles than that; and your selling him short. He’s clearly the best passer, team general and leader of the point guards on the team. You mentioned his turnovers; but I remember in the Las Vegas scrimmage, he could of had 7-10 more assist from easy baskets and layups that his big men and guards (Brook Lopez, Kevin Love, Jeff Green, Gordon etc.) had. missed Those weren’t bad passes; those players just weren’t ready for a player like Rondo’s passes (or just plain blew the lay ups or easy shot). They will be ready for some of his passes after several practices. Lol.

    I think your perception of Rondo for the international game is clouding your writing, despite the fact that team USA is simultaneously promoting Rondo as you write this (and other writers from other reputable publications are saying he’s a virtual lock to make the team). Interesting. Do you really trust Rose, Westbrook or Curry to run the half court set during a hostile crowd in Instanbul (after watching Rondo dominate NBA teams in hostile environments during the playoffs this year0?

    PS: Rondo excelled very well in the 21 and under wold championships and led them in assist, steal (a record for Fiba 21 and under competition that still stands) and was third in scoring.

    I think he’ll do the same on this team.

    You’ll see!

    Thanks John.

    • johnschuhmann says:

      MSL, I wrote this post immediately after Tuesday’s practice, so I had no idea about his uncle at the time. We didn’t learn that he had left NY until Wednesday morning. And it’s possible that the news affected his play.

      I still think Rose is better suited for international play, because he’s bigger and stronger. Remember that hand-checking is allowed on the perimeter, so it helps to have bigger point guards who can absorb contact. Rose is also a better penetrator, and his ability to get to the rim has stood out every day with this team. He’s clearly been the best guard in camp.

      Again, I have nothing against Rondo whatsoever. I had a great seat courtside for all of those ridiculous playoff performances.

      And it’s likely that he makes the team. The most likely cuts are Gordon, Green/Granger, and McGee. But they very well may need to keep McGee as an emergency back-up to Chandler. And if they choose to go that route, they may have to look at one of the point guards for that third cut. Or maybe they cut both Green and Granger. We’ll see.


    • LOL says:

      because tomorrow’s USA Basketball Festival is sponsored by Nike, and Derrick Rose represents Adidas!!!! That’s why they chose to put rondo’s over-rated butt on the promotional stuff.

  3. MSL says:

    Hey # 9. I had the same experience you did. I saw that figure before; and I said “wait a minute”, is that Rondo? Lol.

    IT’s funny on another website they have some real heated debates on Rondo vs Rose and when after team usa left from Vegas, one member from NY quieted the anti “Rondo is not making the team nonsense”, when he showed a e-mail, that had Rondo’s name after Durant that they sent him a promo about tickets of the event in NY.

    Yeah, for some reason John Shchulman Hope I’m spelling his name right), really seems to hate Rondo. He never fails to mention something negative in his articles about Rondo, while the same time Durant is saying “He’s the one player I want to play with here” and Billups said after the first 2 days “Rondo was the most impressive player I’ve seen after the first few days here”, while Rose himself, Coach K and Coangelo all said Fantastic things about him (despite the fact that his coach is worried about his minutes after playing 100 reg/playoff games this season).

    Go Figure! Lol.

  4. MSL says:

    PS those who love Rose. But Rondo’s better.

    Rondo Better Passer, Better Leader, Longer, Much better Defense, more crafty with the ball & intangibles/feel for the game & he’s a big game player. (everything I’ve mentioned have been demonstrated in Games).

    Rose; Better strong finisher at the basket (though rondo has very crafty shots). Rose is maybe a better mid-range shooter. They both shoot the same percentage from three (24%).

    They both have similar speed (though Rondo is quicker off the dribble/ laterally and get to the basket at any time). Don’t believe that. Go back and look at that scrimmage from weeks ago. Rondo drove against Rose at will & Rose never beat Rondo off the dribble or scored on him once the entire scrimmage. And I can say that; cause it wasn’t a real game; just a scrimmage. Lol.

    Rose is good. But he’s not new. There been a plethora of of shoot first off guards in point guard bodies over the years in the NBA and they usually don’t work out well (i.e Chris Jackson, Gilbert Arenas, Steve Francis, Allen Iverson, etc.). It’s hard to win when you’re leading scorer is 6’4″ and under (unless he also average double digit assist and is a team leader); other wise Rose is just Stephen Marbury 2.)? . We’ll see this year with Rose. Maybe!

    With out Rondo; the Celtics would of never even made it to the playoffs this year. He’s their most important player.

  5. #9 says:

    @ MSL i thought i was seeing things on da 1st Fiba proma ( i was like ooo dats RONDO,or is it?) but on da 2nd 1 it was no doubt dat dude was Rondo doing his wrap around pass. Anyways i agree about Schulman having something against Rondo,i dont c why?

  6. MSL says:

    I mean to say “no one else in the pic/likeness besides Rondo above (of course they can have pics of Durant as well).

    Rondo’s making this team, that’s very clear. He wasn’t a favorite from the start, because Team USA questioned his commitment, but they really wanted him. Once they got passed that and Rondo came to the scrimmages; everyone really like him and respect his playoff experience, great play and triple doubles.

    Rondo certainly didn’t play bad in that scrimmage. Go watch the tape. His teammates missed about 10 easy layups and jump-shots from Rondo passes. Also; Derrick Rose never scored on Rondo the entire game (check the tape). But Rondo Drove by Rose (almost at will), particularly in the 4th quarter. Rose plays no defense and had none for Rondo’s penetration.

    I don’t say this to slight Rose or compare him to Rondo. I’m just pointing this out. But Coach K want’s Rondo (even though his coach Doc Rivers would like his time limited) to play on this team in the worst way.

    You’ll see (or look at Team USA’s promos if you don’t believe me).

  7. MSL says:

    This Guy Schulman is consistently been a Rondo Hater. I don’t know why. But he purposely in every article I’ve seen so far, goes out of his way to make bad remarks about Rondo, Predict he won’t make the cut and make claims how he was outplayed and how it’s going to risk him making the team. He does this, when it’s already clear that the Players and the coaching staff love him and they would go to Turkey with out him.

    The team USA already has a promo with big Rondo’s picture/likeness (and no one else), while sending out promotional e-mails with Rondo’s name mentioned second after Durant’s. Does that sound like a guy that’s not going to make the team?

    Schulman has got to be kidding us!

    • johnschuhmann says:

      Got nothing against Rondo. Covering the Celtics for three rounds, I wrote about his brilliance in the playoffs more than once. But I call them like I see them. He committed three careless turnovers on Tuesday, and two of them were awful. I also feel like he’s not as well suited for international competition as he is for the NBA game. And anyone who has been in the gym will tell you that Westbrook has been great.

      It’s that simple. If anyone else had committed those turnovers, I would have written the same thing.

      I really don’t know if they’ll cut a point guard. Only time will tell.

  8. #9 says:

    @fool4u31 u really r a fool, i hope u get money 4 spell checking me,lame (im an internet gangsta poser because i use da for “the” haha)

    @Malcolm D dats da points i was thinking and said i like how u pointed da facts 2 these haters and non bball I.Q ppl

    I forgot who said dat Rondo had a bad scrimmage game, but He had at least 4 highlight plays dat went unnoticed because of da commentators were focused on another subject and was da only player who made an effort and succeeded in passing in da lane 2 da bigs 4 easy buckets(one which Green missed a wide open lay up set up by Rondo) anyways da only guards dat had a better game than him were Rose and Gordon.

    Someone said dat westbrook had a better passing game than Rondo haha, Westbrook still has trouble sometimes passing it 2 da right person in a fast break situation ( I saw dis example in da playoffs). Rondo make risky passes and create turnovers by doing ‘those’ passes it but hes da only 1 dat can come close 2 making those work and he does some 2 most of da time depending on da game.

  9. LOL says:

    I can’t wait til’ rondo gets cut so you rondo-lovers will finally realize that he is nothing but an average player at most. The nba fixes games and hypes him up so much because they need somebody to challenge Derrick Rose in the league. They know rondo is not good enough so they have to hype him up enough to the point where you guys actually believe that he is on Derrick Roses’ level

  10. juan says:

    where are you people getting this talk that rondo is better than rose? look at the lineups, rose is in 5 different ones and rondo in three with the guys who definitely arent starting. if he was so much better he would be with the guys who are starting to get more continuity. yeah he plays better defense than rose but hes not as talented. in boston he can gamble due to the people behind him. in the allstar game he didnt to anything and even in the scrimmage on tv he looked ok, face it, hes coming off the bench to be a spark, he may not even be the first point guard off the bench if he even makes the team.

  11. Sam says:

    Don’t get me wrong I really like Rajon Rondo,
    But I think that he is capitalising on his Celtic team mates.
    Of course Rondo is the one that needs to be slowed down he is the one that takes the ball up the court (although note how this is usually Pierce when it really counts).
    Also teams rarely play up on him, they provide him with 6-10 feet of a gap, this may stop his penetration, but it allows him to see the lanes for easier assists.

    Rondo is not the best defensive player on this team.
    Iguodala is, he can guard 1-3 and play very impressive help defense on a 4. Westbrook would be the best Point Guard defender.
    Rondo to often goes for the risky steals, which if he doesn’t get leaves the other 4 guys on the court to defend 5.
    He also plays full court defense and can be screened off, leaving a miss match at the other end for enough time for a play to emerge. Finally at times he is more interested in getting the rebound than continuing his defensive duties.

    I don’t believe he is the best passer on the team either, I would put this with Westbrook.
    Rondo to often over passes or lobs the ball in traffic, given most of the time this is more the error of his team mates than his, but to run the team and not know their limits, isn’t running a team very well.

    Every one knows his shooting abilities are poor, I would hate to see him at the line, at a crucial time in a crucial game, with between 50-60% free throw percentage he is a liability.

    He might break the top 5, put he is definitely in the second tier.
    1st tier – Nash, Williams, Paul,
    2nd tier – Rondo, Rose, Westbrook, Kidd
    3rd tier – Jennings, T Parker, A Miller, Billups, A Brooks
    (in no specific order)

  12. beantownski says:

    i think rondo makes it over westbrook and gordon because he’s a proven winner. he’s played in big games, and played well in them. you can’t discount experience. not only that, the international game suits his play. that’s why he played really well in the under 21 usa team back in 2005 (when he wasn’t half the player he is now). in international ball you’re allowed to play much more physical on the ball defense, and rondo will be a nightmare on whomever is bringing the ball up. coach k has already made comments about how he loves those qualities about rondo (his experience and being a proven winner). i wouldn’t go as far to say that he’s a lock for the team, but i would be surprised if he didn’t make it.

  13. Sarah says:

    It may not be an excuse, but I have to wonder if Rondo having a bad scrimmage has anything to do with his mind being with his family, and their recent loss.

    He’s an extremely competitive and hardworking guy, I can’t see him playing carelessly. I’m sure he’ll turn it up on Thursday when he returns.

    Just my opinion, of course.

  14. Malcolm D says:

    Comon people let’s not forget Rondo is the best Defender on the team. He can pass the ball and take it in and score when he wants too. That is why I think he is the 2nd best player on the team next to durant. Yes he’s got to prove his shotting. He has more triple dubels than any of the pg’s on the team. Just because he had 3 turnovers doesn’t make him cut out of the team. Let’s not forget what he did to cavs on game 2 (the triple duble) , Let’s not forget what he did to the magic pg williams which should’ve been play of the year/playoffs. He doesn’t get as much point as Rose or westbrook cause he doesn’t take as much shots as them.
    1.best pg defender on the team
    2.more experience than all the pg’s except Chancy.
    3.best passer on the team.
    4. most entertaining to watch.
    5.can step up his game when it matters the most.
    I think he should start even if he doesn’t he should be a solid bench to sub in for rose.

  15. ZenDoc says:

    This article doesn’t state it, but it was on the USABasketball.com site that the roster was divided into 2 teams at the beginning of the day yesterday – the White and the Blue teams. The White team had Derrick Rose, Chauncey Billups, Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant, Lamar Odom, and Kevin Love. The Blue team consisted of Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook, Eric Gordon, Danny Granger, Rudy Gay, Jeff Green, Tyson Chandler, and JaVale McGee. This is the reason that you don’t see certain combinations together, but that probably will change today. Coach K had stated that there were 5 players vying for the last 2 spots on the team, which means that they’ve already decided on their top 10 players. They just aren’t telling us, but I think that Coach K’s teams are actually very telling.

    If you look at the White team, I think that ALL those guys are already in the chosen 10 – they’ve on the final roster, barring injuries. You have 2 point guards in Rose and Billups (& Billups can play the 2), a shooting guard in Curry, 2 wings or forwards in Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant (with Durant being used as a 3-4) and 2 posts in Lamar Odom and Kevin Love, both of whom will be used as 4-5’s. Those guys are all locks to make the team, and the starting 5 will most likely come from these 5. One reason for that is that Kevin Love has been so impressive that Coach K doesn’t feel that he needs to start a true 5 IMO.

    What the coaching staff is really looking at to make their roster decisions is how well the Blue team plays together and who fits in and who doesn’t, and just see who really stands out. If you assume that there are 10 spots already decided, that means that 3 of the Blue team have already locked up their spots. I think that we can safely assume that Tyson Chandler is one of them because they will need a true center at some point, and I think that Rudy Gay has played his way onto the team, but I’m not sure who they consider the 10th roster player right now. I would think that they are definitely keeping another point guard, but that could be either Rondo or Westbrook, and you could make the case for another shooter in the top 10, which would be either Eric Gordon or Danny Granger. I believe that they will keep 2 of the 3 guards on the Blue team (Westbrook, Rondo, & Gordon) and 2 of the 3 forwards (Gay, Granger, & Green – the 3 G’s!) along with 1 of the 2 true Centers (Chandler & McGee). It could go down a little differently, but I really think that those are the decisions that they are looking at making – the toughest cut will be one of the 3 guards. Neither Rondo nor Gordon are a lock to make the team because of how well Russell Westbrook has been playing. Jeff Green and JaVale McGee are longshots to make the team at this point IMO, but they may stay with the team awhile longer (past New York anyway). What do you think?


  16. Malcolm D says:

    Comon people let’s not forget Rondo is the best Defender on the team. He can pass the ball and take it in and score when he wants too. That is why I think he is the 2nd best player on the team next to durant. Yes he’s got to prove his shotting. He has more triple dubels than any of the pg’s on the team. Just because he had 3 turnovers doesn’t make him cut out of the team. Let’s not forget what he did to cavs on game 2 (the triple duble) , Let’s not forget what he did to the magic pg williams which should’ve been play of the year/playoffs. He doesn’t get as much point as Rose or westbrook cause he doesn’t take as much shots as them.
    1.best pg defender on the team
    2.more experience than all the pg’s except Chancy.
    3.best passer on the team.
    4. most entertaining to watch.
    5.can step up his game when it matters the most.
    I think he should start even if he doesn’t he should be a solid bench.

    • LOL says:

      Diving on the floor for a loose ball is not talent. Heck, my dog can even do that!! The towel-boy on bench can even do that!!! I want to see raw, natural talent like Derrick Rose.

      • Malcolm D says:

        Rondo does have talent. If your dog can do that it means he’s better than you atleast he thinks a little.
        Your just a hater and dat is what you guys do. Making the defensive team is a talent did rose make it nope.
        Lets look at the stats if you understand.
        Rondo averaged more assist,steals,blocks and rebounds on 2010 playoffs.
        Rondo shot better 3 pt % and 2pt %than rose on playoffs ( I am not saying he is better 3pt shooter just trying to show you the stats)
        The only thing he got beat is by free throws which he’s go to prove and ptz per game which is cause rose takes so many shots.
        If Rondo took as much shots as rose he would’ve avarged more points cause he has a better fg on playoffs than rose.
        And don’t forget the experience.

    • LOL says:

      The halftime shows are more entertaining than rondo!!

      • Crazy talk says:

        Seriously… did Rondo have his way with your wife/girlfriend? Why such a hater? Why do you think Rondo is over-hyped even tho a year ago he wasnt hyped at all? you dont think a player that drops triple dubs like rain is good. i get it! youre a comedian!!!

  17. DBO says:

    I don’t think Billups belongs on this team. He doesn’t fit into the uptempo style this USA team is going for. He provides leadership? give me a break. These guys don’t need a baby sitter.Jeff green shouldn’t be there either.

  18. LOL says:

    @Crazy talk
    Yea, he was sure exciting to watch in the blue vs. white scrimmage…LOL… you have no basketball sense whatsoever!

    • Crazy talk says:

      You have obviously never played sports competitively. Everyone has bad games. EVERYONE. People that say he played like garbage during that game are right. He did. But for you to reference one game? Come on… just another hater. These guys play 82 games a year + playoffs. Team USA’s best player played like trash during the Lakers series for the most part… Does that mean he is a bad player? Every player in every sport has bad games… And LOL, do you seriously think RONDO doesnt deserve to be on this roster since you know sooo much about basketball but have never played?

      • LOL says:

        You don’t know me to say I never played sports competitvely. Basketball has been apart of my life since I was little, so don’t say something you don’t know anything about. Rondo is over-hyped, get over it!!

      • LOL says:

        and he even played garbage yesterday!! Ask the writer of this article who was there in person!!

      • Crazy talk says:

        a part of your life? which means you havent played more than street ball. You know what they say, you cant coach if you cant play. How would you play with a death in the family?

        How can he be over-hyped when even Magic says hes top 5 pgs in the league easily?

      • Crazy talk says:

        and 3 of ther 5 best arent even playing for USA… Your ignorance shows when you say dumb stuff like “hes over hyped”

  19. LOL says:

    Yea, he was sure exciting to watch in the blue vs. white scrimmage…. you have no basketball sense whatsoever.

  20. Ray says:

    Rondo looks great in boston because he is surrounded by all stars. If we look at Westbrooks regular season numbers they are pretty close to Rondo’s except he is a better scorer and shooter. Something like 16 7 and 5? and he is probably more mature than Rondo. Maturity is why Rondo won’t make the squad, throwing crazy passes and failing in a try out for the USA? It’s almost like he wants to be sent home.

    • Crazy talk says:

      RONDO isnt surrrounded by all-stars in Boston. He is the only real all star on the team. He is bostons best player and is the only reason the celtics are so successful. When you hear ANY nba player talking about the celtics, you dont hear them talk about stopping KG or Ray, or rarely even Paul, they always talk about stopping RONDO. Westbrook is great, but lets be serious? Cutting Rondo would be a mistake. In my opinion, Rondo is the second best all around player on the team. Not to mention he is probably the most exciting to watch. Everyone that disses Rondo only says he cant shoot. But he doesnt have to. He can get to the rim better than anyone else in the league. He can still put up big number if he needs to.

      • richard says:

        Dude, Rondo is GARAGE!!!

      • Crazy talk says:

        Garage? right… smart kid you must be.

      • ED! says:

        Listen bucko, you don’t know what you are talking about! You are really sounding like a Boston fan that is why you are being ignorant to the truth. RONDO is surrounded by ALL STARS. An ALL STAR is not only a scorer but a great defender. Rondo has excellent ALL STAR defenders and CLUTCH situation scoring VETERAN ALL STARS IN HIS TEAM! Do you think Rondo can D up on Rose 1-on1? How about Westbrook? How about even Chris Paul, Deron Williams? Come on dude. Rondo is good but not great. The help that he get’s is more than enough. Picture any of the PGs mentioned above in Boston with the squad they have. You can’t just be a FAN but be a REALIST!!!

  21. Matt says:

    Gordon won’t be cut, he is the best 3pt shooter on the team.

  22. Neal says:

    Rondo in 3 lineups
    Rose in 4 lineups
    Westbrook in 5 lineups

    Rose never paired with Westbrook, but Rondo paired with him twice, both times with Westbrook as the 2. Rondo and Rose never played the 2. Rose paired with Curry 3 times. Of the 3 times that Westbrook was the 1, he was paired with Gordon.

    If these lineups are any hint, it seems the idea is to use the Rose/Curry pairing first, then substitute a Westbrook/Gordon pairing. Westbrook at the 2 may be a hedge in the case that Gordon is cut.

  23. […] John Schuhmann on yesterday’s Team USA scrimmage: “Durant pulled off two straight lobs in the third scrimmage, one to Rose (which Rose laid in) and the second to Iguodala, which was the highlight of the day. Iguodala caught the lob with his hand under the ball and somehow dunked it with his hand on top of the ball. Put that guy back in the dunk contest, please.” […]

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  25. chris says:

    Damn Rondo had great assists and great drives to the basket.
    Don’t be careless and vote Westbrook over Rondo! He is the best point guard on this roster!

    • fool4u31 says:

      besides for Rose and Billups….and Curry and Westbrook….and maybe Iggy and Durant. Hell, throw Granger in there too

  26. will says:

    No, i really don’t think he will.

  27. #9 says:

    dis dude really think rondo will NOT make it, i guess RONDO will have to prove another doubter wrong like hes been doing his whole career(he doesnt need to score to control a game,he does the intangibles and is da best passer an defender on dis team)

    • fool4u31 says:

      really? dis and dat and da. You make yourself sound like an idiot. Why don’t you just type words the way they are spelled and stop trying to act gangster on the internet.

  28. richard says:

    Lineups 1,2, and 3 should be locks.

  29. e.d says:

    Rondo probably just had a bad game. He’ll make the squad.

  30. J says:

    Judging by the fact that lineup # 2 is the same as Lineup # 8 I would guess this is the one to go for. I think this is the most interesting, explosive, and exciting five in camp. I think Curry should get the starting spot over Billups, and keep Rose with him. I am so excited to see Stephen Curry improve, the kid is going to be amazing.