Hang Time Podcast (Episode 21)


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You ever wonder how many Euros it takes to buy a box of Fruit Loops in Greece?

Are you curious about Allen Iverson‘s next move or the Miami Heat’s chances of chasing records this season with their “Super Trio” (or whatever we’ve decided to call LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh these days)?

We’ve got the answer for you, along with a whole lot more, on Episode 21 of the Hang Time Podcast.

Listen Here:

Few men on the planet share the perspective on the game of basketball that our first guest, Hall of Fame coach John Thompson, can and did with us.

Thompson played on a Celtics “Super Team” of yesteryear. He competed for and won a championship as a coach at Georgetown. He’s served as a tutor and mentor to some of the game’s all-time great talents. And now he’s an acclaimed broadcaster  in his post playing and coaching career, including his fine work for TNT (check the sample above) and the radio show in Washington that he has turned into a must-listen for sports fans from all walks of life.

Former Hawks and Olympiacos star Josh Childress makes his debut on the HTP this week, navigating freeway traffic (hands free, of course) to share some of his thoughts with us about his journey from California schoolboy star to NBA trailblazer and now back to the league (he was also kind enough to share his cereal adventures from abroad).

For those of you blinded by all the free agent news from elsewhere this summer, Childress will return to the league with the Phoenix Suns (and the two old guys, Steve Nash and Grant Hill, in the video above talking) this season after the Hawks traded his NBA rights to the Suns.

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  1. Ti Brown says:

    [28:03]”I rode to the Hall Of Fame on a Winnebago the year Dominique Wilkins went in…”

    OMG!!! That is the most hilarious thing I’ve heard since “The Hangover”; it sounds like the Deleted Scenes from “The Hangover”:
    – “26 people in the thing. Camera crews….”
    – “I slept on the floor. It was like 3AM and I think we’re riding through Delaware on our way to Springfield, and I wake up and there’s a baby diaper lying on my chest. ‘Cause Dominique … There were babies on there.”
    – “A cameraman’s shoes were laying next to my head. I was like ‘What the?!'”
    – (“Was that a prank?”) NAH,it was just late-night action, baby!”
    – “I woke up and actually sat… Dominique was driving!”
    – “I got up and Dominique was driving us through D.C.”

    OMG!!! I listen to this at work and snot came out of my nose; tears streamed down my face! I had to leave my desk! The story sounds so completely ridiculous, yet clearly true and told seemingly so stoic and straight-faced, that makes it the funniest I’ve heard in a while. If the story included moments of Zach Galifianakis, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Completely hilarious!

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  3. Joe says:

    Hopefully Iverson will accept the 6th man role. He’s still better than half the league and John Thompson is right—some nights he’ll be ordinary but other nights you’ll think its 2001 again.