Fear The Deer (The Remix)


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Our infatuation with the Chicago Bulls this summer has angered some in the shadow of the Windy City, namely a few fans of their neighbors to the north and west in Milwaukee.

“The Bulls aren’t the only Central Division team on the rise,” one email reminded us late last week.

“We’ve got our own [potential] superstar point guard in Brandon Jennings, an All-Star caliber big man in Andrew Bogut and a proven coach in Scott Skiles,” another said, “plus we’ve got the reigning Executive of the Year in John Hammond, who has put together a solid supporting cast that is every bit as good as what the Bulls will trot out on the floor this season. Fear the Dear!”

These don’t register as simple complaints from biased observers. Bucks fans have a right to demand their team receive its due as one of the league’s up and coming outfits. They were better than the Bulls at the end of last season, playing without Bogut down the stretch and in the playoffs.

Why shouldn’t they be included in the conversation of the most promising young teams in the league?

No team in the Central Division, including the Bulls, has added more than the Bucks. They traded for assets — Corey Maggette, Chris Douglas-Roberts and the highly underrated Jon Brockman, an instant fan favorite in Fear The Deer Country. They signed free agents — John Salmons, Drew Gooden, Keyon Dooling — to fit specific needs. And they drafted plenty of talent, including Larry Sanders, Darrington Hobson, Jerome Jordan and Tiny Gallon (Sanders is the only draft pick guaranteed a roster spot).

Hammond loves his team, as he explained to the Journal Sentinel recently:

“It’s players that can help us win and players that we think are assets around the NBA,” he said. “That’s really what it comes down to when you put your roster together. If you look at guys on your roster and say that he’s not an asset around the NBA and he’s not an asset on your team, then you have yourself in a position where you need to make some moves.

“The thing I like about our roster is all 12 guys that we have are assets to us and assets around the NBA. I like that part about where we’re at.”

A healthy Bogut turns this team into a major problem inside. And having Salmons and Maggette on the wing alongside Jennings keeps things intact on the perimeter. Dependable role players like Carlos Delfino, Ersan Ilyasova and Luc Mbah a Moute, should not be overlooked either.

The one player the Bucks lost that worried us was HT fave Luke Ridnour, who has moved on to that point guard festival in Minnesota. But the signing of Dooling takes care of that.

Dooling is bigger and more physical than Ridnour, giving the Bucks a veteran option behind Jennings capable of handling the bigger guards teams used to defend the surprisingly durable Jennings (he started all 89 games for the Bucks last season) in an attempt to slow him down.

Bucks assistant GM Jeff Weltman summed it up best:

“In today’s NBA, with the way the rules are, it’s so important to have a guy who can guard the ball on top,” Weltman said. “And Keyon has always been a premier NBA defender. He’s got length and quickness and as he’s gotten older, he’s figured it out.

“The other nice thing about Keyon is he takes pride in it. He’s a good fit with (coach) Scott (Skiles); he fits into the team we want to be.”

Plenty of folks have fallen in love with the star power the Bulls will have on display this season. And we’re on board. We believe Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah and the crew will be a major factor in the Eastern Conference this season.

But the Bucks should be in the mix, too.

They’ve got all the ingredients to make some noise of their own this season.



  1. YoYo says:

    PG: Jennings: 13-16ppg, 6-8apg, 1.5-2.5spg
    SG: Salmons: 13-17ppg, 4-6apg, 4-6rpg
    SF: Delfino: 5-9ppg, 3-5rpg
    PF: Gooden: 10-12ppg, 8-10rpg
    C: Bogut: 18-22ppg, 11-14rpg, 2-3bpg

    Bench: Maggette, CDR, Sanders, Mbah a Moute, Illyasova, Dooling

    You’ve got 4 solid starters, 4 of 5 starters being lockdown defenders (excluding Gooden, who isn’t a poor defender). You have a phenomenal bench, including who may turn out to be the Sixth Man of the Year, Maggette. Bogut is going to have a break out season and may challenge Howard as the best center in the East (obviously playing a much different style of ball than Howard).

    Honestly I think that the depth and balance of the Bucks’ roster trumps Chicago’s star power. The Bucks are a lot like the Pistons in the early 2000s. Just not as thug life. And with an even better coach.

    And–say what you will–I think there are only a couple, maybe three, teams that can beat the Heat. The Celts, the Magic, and the Bucks. Not the Bulls.


    P.S. Every time I think about Chris Bosh playing defense I laugh out loud. There is only one winner on that team–Wade.

  2. BP says:

    I think both teams have improved over the offseason. But there are a few things I’ve read which must be addressed. Rose, Boozer and Noah will never be considered a big 3. Yes Rose and Boozer are all-stars but Noah will never be more than a role player. He can’t shoot or create his own shot. He only scores on fast breaks and put backs. Next, Rose is a better PG than Jennings ( and I’m a Bucks fan). Can Jennings become better than Rose, possibly, but he hasn’t yet. Finally, several people have stated either Bogut, Boozer or Deng are injury prone but only to prove their argument while the truth is all three a extremely prone to injuries and shouldn’t be expected to play all 82 games this season.
    As for who’s better, I think its to close to call until we see them both play 15-20 games. Then we’ll all know how well both really did this offseason.

  3. Shelby says:

    Bulls are better, simply from the stand point, player are willing to play there, Milwakee, hows spelled,lol, has no hockey team, look at their baseball, and football team, ohhh wait no football team,lol, where was I right markets are a big factor, Milly surpried did not land lebron, or another star, problem is unless they like beer,hunting and no exposure, they will not come to milwakkee, Once again a small market team even willing to spend cash, get players like cory spagetti, and josh brockman, great potential, and gets to the free throw line,lol, players like jennings, bogut, will fly the coup when they get the opportunity

  4. xjrock22x says:

    FEAR THE DEER. Thats all i got to say. yes the bulls made sum good moves. But so did the bucks. Just look at both teams. joakim noah is no where near better then bogut. the bulls signed alot of players who barely did nothing for there former teams. They put to much into boozer even though he dropped in stats last season. So next season i know the bucks will be central divison champs. Shoot i think the cavs are better then the bulls and they dont have lebron. FEAR THE DEER

  5. ninjakol says:

    The bulls have a solid and talented PG in d.rose, but so as the bucks in jennings, i think what d.rose can do, jennings can do too.. bulls have a solid starters in rose,(any),deng,boozer,noah… statistically those guys provide numbers in-game or fantasy wise, and have solid backups… bucks also have good starters, jennings,salmons,magette,gooden,bogut and solid back ups… actually both bench are deep in talents. individual talents wise, i think the bulls have an edge over the bucks but as for team plays, team rotation and defence, i’ll go with the bucks.

    yeah bulls have rose and boozer but they are not d.will and booz… rose is a slasher type score first PG and boozer is more of a pick n roll/low post type od player… they will not compliment each other i think. more likely their averages will be a little below compared to last season… while in milwaukee, jennings is like d.rose too, slasher type score 1st PG but what he have in milwaukee are all role-player type of players w/c lets jennings to do what he do best. i consider bogut one of the top 5 centers but doesn’t affect how jennings play and i also assume redd will not be back in bucks or if he plays he should accept he’s not the 1st option anymore.

    gooden will average a little below double double i think (7-10ppg and 7-10rpg), maggette will get his game and will likely posts 12-15 a game, salmons too will have 12-15 a game… milwaukee may not have a 20ppg player but summing there indivdual averages will show how deep the bucks will be next season..

    while in bulls, it’s either boozer average near the 20-10 and rose gets around 14-10 OR rose average 20-8 and boozer averages 16-8 thats how i think it will be, and for role players i don’t know anyone except loul deng can match gooden/maggete/salmons/bogut’s numbers


    (btw, im not a bucks or bulls fan just saying what i think) 😀

  6. Alex says:

    the bucks are a better team look at last year the bucks had a better record than the bulls we took a good team to seven games in the playoffs. the bucks also are one of the best defense in the league and they set a team record for least points allowed and andrew bogut was the second best shot blocker in the league. plus the bucks only got better during the offseason so i see the bucks will be the better team

  7. scotty says:

    Wow. Bulls fans are delirious!!!!!!!! Noah has to be the worst so-called center in the league. Bogut owns him and his family. Knowing Deng, his Sally ass will be hurt half the season. K. Thomas and Bogans, both Buscks, both gone…..THANK GOD. Bogans is horrible. You pass up McGrady for Bogans!!!!!!!!! Too Funny. Korver takes like 5 shots a game, when he’s not breaking mirrors. Your only bright spots are Gibson, Boozer, and Brewer, if they can get the ball from the constant 1-on-1 and keep Rose. Boozer is known for his non-existent defense. I just don’t see a team coming close to beating the Bucks.

  8. Ira says:

    I think the Bucks and Bulls both had great off-seasons and this should be a great rivalry for the next few years. The Bulls’ offseason might have been better, but I don’t think it’s enough to make up a five game difference.

    Last year, the Bucks won three out of their four games with the Bulls. The Bulls were at full strength each of those games. Andrew Bogut played only three of those games and he DESTROYED Noah in each one. The fourth game the Bucks put Kurt Thomas against Noah and the Bucks still won.

    Maybe the Bulls will pass the Bucks this year, but until we see both teams on the court, I don’t see how the Bulls can be given the nod here.

  9. Justin says:

    Noah is overrated, he is just a hustle player that everyone likes. Bogut is the second best center in the eastern conference.

  10. Chicago Fan #111111 says:

    Does anyone remember your first series 7 game against atlanta or everybody talk about our great series with Boston that everybody is still talking.Enough said.I watched the bucks and atlanta series and it bored me to death.Maybe that the reason why nobody beg for replay on the channel.The bucks the most boring team ever.

  11. Valente says:

    I like the adds of CDR, Maggette, and re-signing Salmons. But the Bulls are going be too much for the Bucks to handle. Oh, please tell me, why are all these “high” cheeseheads bragging about Carlos Delfino? Plus all these Bucks fans kept saying “oh we had a better record then the Bulls yada yada yada” Well remember this, WE WERE PREPARING FOR THE OFFSEASON. We didn’t have a Gordon, Salmons, and a Tyrus Thomas, Making the playoffs last year was a Bonus. But we have the men to take you down now. Put Boozer, Brewer, Korver, Watson, Asik, K Thomas, and Bogas with Rose, Noah, Deng, Gibson and James Johnson you have a very defensive minded/young/ hungry/playoff experienced team. Plus with Thibs, we are in great shape. Speaking of the Celtics, did you see us push them to the brink two years ago in a epic first round match? Where were your precious Bucks, at home?

    Bulls 58-24
    Bucks 51-31

    I do agree on this though, us (The Bulls), you Milwaukee drunks, and the Hawks have to take down the Heat, Celtics, and Magic.

  12. bullbucks says:

    the best team in the league is golden state!!!!!
    jeremy lin to cross errbody, stephen curry to shoot the lights out, charlie bell t k ANY 2 up!, monta ellis, cant nobody in da league hold him, and david le gettin 20 and 11 and danny G!!!!! bucks former best center!!!!! its ova fo da league, over for lakers, heat, bullsbucks, celtics magics spurs hawks suns jazz thunder hornets wizards nuggets! golden state 73-9. jeemy lin roy, stephen curry 3point champ and and scorin title, david lee reboundin title, monta ellis most improved, danny g season and finals MVP!!!!

  13. edward jackson says:

    it will be fun!

  14. edward says:

    the bucks and bulls will be good this year

  15. dorifto says:

    guys at the end of the day, THE LAKERS are still the team to beat, forget bout the deer, the bulls or other teams. It doesn’t matter the regular season hasn’t even started and THE LAKERS are still the CHAMPS. let’s wait and see who will challenge them.

  16. Dongz23 says:

    The BUCKS had a better year last season than the BULLS. They had a winning streak and was able to make the playoffs.The bulls went to the playoffs too. The playoffs made the difference. The bucks was facing a contender team (HAWKS) with almost the same caliber that the bulls are facing (CAVALIERS). Record wise, those two teams were able to win over 50 games that season. The bulls lost in game 6 while the BUCKS went to game 7. The bulls were playing the playoffs with a complete set of players, means nothing more can be added to their production. But the bucks were playing without a major piece in their team, means they still have something more to add to their production if BOGUT was there. Remember, bulls went to a losing streak without ROSE on their team but the BUCKS survived without BOGUT. I am a BULLS FAN and even if it is ironic, i loved how the BUCKS ended the season than the BULLS.

  17. 1stman says:

    come on do we really need to do this. rose/jennings= rose to big to strong jus as fast if not faster and way better shootin%. salmonds/brewer= draw js takes bad shoots and against a stopper like brewer, salmons wont score much. maggete/deng= deng, maggete isnt the same and old so when deng starts to slash maggete wont be able to keep up. bogut/noah= bogut but only if it stays a half court game if it turns to a track meet, noah is to fast for bogut. gooden/boozer= boozer all day to fast to versitile…

  18. bucks bucks bucks says:

    cant wait til bogut posterizes noah and he whines like a beesh after his face breaks in half

  19. Dasdream says:

    Well I guess many people in this discussion wont be getting a job working for the NBA anytime soon. I was born in Chicago and live in Milwaulee, so I am happy to finally see both teams trying to improve. Neither team is anything to worry about during the regular season, but in the Playoffs they leave it all out there on the court, which is why I respect both teams. They play hard.

  20. Nate the Great says:

    BTW I played NBA 2K10 w/ updated rosters and beat the Heat with the Bulls twice on Hall of Fame difficulty! Just a note, I beat the Bucks with them too.

    • Nate the Great says:

      OK, I lied. It was against my cousin lol! But we r both pretty legit 2K players on XBOX 360.

  21. Nate the Great says:

    Everybody seems 2 forget about that long losing period when virtually the whole team was missing! Milwaukee had a better record last year, but they weren’t better than the Bulls. Chicago is definitely much better now. Some could even say they have their own BIG 3. Just think about it, the combined talent of Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, & Joakim Noah is better than how PP, KG, and Ray Ray are now (even though folks forget about Rondo). With all the pieces they have, they could compete with anybody. As long as the Bulls have a better record than Milwaukee, they should win the division and be at least the 3rd seed in the EC automatically .

  22. fred says:

    brandon jennings and andrew bogut(healthy) will definitely get past the first round of the playoffs

  23. JVaz says:

    PSH, beside the 4 Bull you mention are good players, you mentioned last years supporting cast ,not this years.You mention Pargo-gone!, D.Brown-gone! A.Law-gone!,Murray-gone! Alexander -don’t know if will make the team.Chicago got a defensive mindset,to play shutdown ball.Check out the New roster.Do your homework due before doing a 40 page analysis. And to BUCKS, ARE U CRAZY! to suggest that Jennings is close to Rose category. I luv defensive teams as Scott Skiles preach ,thats why when I remember how the Bulls used to play “Let the Doberman Out” when in the 90”s and that will be the trademark with their coach with solid role players. Noah will be very fine this and coming years,as well as the Bucks.Please do not take it on the Bulls if your Bucks do not get the media coverage.Just play ball and prove wrong to the Sports media.Good luck!

  24. Eazy Baby says:

    You bucks fans cant be serious… Yall better then the BULLS?!?! Smh.. LIES

  25. Mike says:

    I’m a Bulls fan, and I truly do believe the Bulls are better then the Bucks, but not by much. Boozer is injury prone yes but if him and Noah run the front court they will dominate the paint. Bogut is an all-star and is ridiculously underrated but with the two of them under the hoop is job against the Bulls will be much harder. Rose IS better then Jennings, but Jennings will continue to grow as an athlete. I would never bet against the Bucks though, they’re too unpredictable with how well they’ll play. You also can’t predict how the Bulls will do either, so Chicago fans, stop overhyping, and underplaying the Bucks. We just need to wait until the season to watch these two amazing teams play against each other. Either way, I predict both teams to be sleepers in the East, with one eventually stealing a series in the playoffs.

    Plus I wouldn’t mind seeing the Bucks relevant again. It’s been to long since Kareem or Wilt made the team important.

    • JP says:

      Amen Mike, it should be a great rivalry for years to come. I especially like the youth the Bulls added. I am intrigued with Ronnie Brewer. It will be very interesting to see how this 25 year old develops. Last year the offensive load was on Rose and Deng. It’ll be interesting to see what Deng does with him not seeing as much attention defensively from other teams. If he can improve his 3 pt shooting this club could be very dangerous. After 2 years of Vinny, it’ll finally be nice to get a good coach in here who can teach the game.

  26. Bulls fan T says:


    joakim noah averaged a double double and was a top rebounder in only his 3rd season in the league not to mention his hustle defense. derrick rose was an all star in his 2nd year in the league and is only going to get better. carlos boozer is an all-star and good for 19-10 when he is healthy, and luol deng is a top 10 sf, injuries aside. That already is a VERY solid core. now for someone who has so many friends involved in basketball and who seems to know so much, i find it funny that you don’t even know the current roster of the team you are trying to write-off. 5 of the players you named (law, pargo, alexander, brown, murray) aren’t even bulls players anymore. I won’t hold it against you though, because it seems like quite a few people here are just as ignorant. As for the other players you mentioned (or forgot to mention), taj gibson is a great defender, solid post presence, and his rebounding helped contribute to the bulls being the #1 rebounding team in the league last year. Kyle Korver is one of the best spot up shooters in the league, and a great perimeter threat to have coming off the bench. Omer Asik is the top shot blocker and one of the top rebounder in the euroleague, not to mention being another solid defender. Ronnie Brewer is one of the top wing defenders in the league, and averages 10 points on top of that. Keith Bogans is another solid defender, who can hit the 3. C.J. Watson is a solid backup pg and when he’s on, can score with the best of them. And to top it all off, Kurt Thomas is a low post enforcer and a solid locker room presence, especially because he is the oldest player on the team. After him and Bogans, no other player is over 30. Put all together and you have a solid team that can adapt to most situations, and doesnt have very many weaknesses. Oh yeah, and the fact that Thibs will have the Bulls playing out of their minds defensively, which is kind of hard to imagine with so many solid defenders already. He might even be able to get Boozer to play defense!

    #1 rebounding team in the league and all we did was add another top nba rebounder and a top euroleague rebounder. To the other 29 teams i say, good luck on the boards! LETS GOOOOOOO BULLS!!!!

  27. Dominique says:

    Bulls have a decent team but the Bucks have a well balenced team thanks to john hammond…he brought in players that can get it done on and off the court…the bucks have no distraction kind of players…no superstar minded kind of players jus guys that can play basketball…the bulls did a horrible job cutting all those players to even think a guy like Lebron was coming….FROM jump start with Lebron it was either go back to cleveland or play along side is closes friends in wade and bosh!…imma break down the REAL starting line up brandon jennings v. rose first off people are compairisons does not make since, these guys play two different styles rose is more of a slasher…jennings is more of a flashy/shooter so to me its a toss up against the two…either way both can score good….john slamons v. who let me guess ronnie brewer i would go with salmons because brewer isnt a reliable scorer to be a starting guard…he’s not a shooter and he’s not a definate driver if u put the the right defense on him then he’s doing NOTHING!…imma put delfino in the starting line up only because maggette can lead our bench in scoring and between the two (delfino and maggette) maggette would call for the ball more and delfino is more of a smooth player so delfino v deng to me another toss up cause delfino can shoot the ball…he can drive VERY effecionate for his size and he plays defense deng on the other hand is very versatile but once again with a defensive minded delfino guarding him its gonig to be tough!….gooden v boozer im a bucks fan and honestly i would go with boozer cause he has a nose for scoring more then gooden but in this league if u got the hot hand and ur consistent then who knows but gooden is definately going to present problems for boozer…plus boozer cant take much contact…boozer is nothing but a compliment player he was to lebron when he was in cleveland…and to deron williams in utah and he’s going to be it again to rose…remember folks boozer is NO amare stoudemire or chris bosh and to andrew bogut v noah its just funny to compare…both can rebound the ball good but if u was to look at scoring bogut is going to kill noah…and besides the bucks have a deeper bench and a better ORGANIZATION!…and we dont need publicity to prove that

  28. Joel says:

    Take this Bucks team now, and then think of the talent they can add by shedding Redd’s massive contract (I believe he’s the 2nd highest paid player in the NBA) This team will be great in a couple years.

  29. lakerfan since 19 O' Long says:


    Why is it that so many people refer to Bosh as one of the big Three in Miami? I consider him to be a Half-Superstar and he has not shown that he has the talent ranking him along side Dwayne Wade or LeBron James. Chris Bosh is an All-star yes, but Superstar…no. The Bucks are starting to formulate “This Team” of theirs and are looking good and in my opinion could massacre the Raptors with or with Bosh. This is not so with Miami or Cleveland (though Cleveland just turned into the black $#!t @ the bottom of the Barrel)

  30. Nate the Great says:

    Bulls finish 54-28 as Bucks finish 43-39

  31. Andreas says:

    I’ve no dog in the Bucks-Bulls rivalry, I think both teams got improved and they both will be really entertaining to watch. I expect both to be in the 1-4 spots in the East, with a slight advantage for Bulls when it comes to team and a big advantage for Bucks when it comes to coach and organization.

    Other than that, both teams have 1 guy that can’t fail. If they do, I think the advantage is for Bulls hands down, no matter how the stars behave. However, their 1-4 spots will be in danger.

    For Bucks, it looks to me the real secret weapon they have is Dellfino, he really made a difference when Redd got out and the guy is the ultimate jack of all trades, not to mention one of the best defensive players of last year, even though nobody mentioned him because neither him nor the Bucks have too much hype from so called ‘experts’. Mbahmoute comes in a very close second spot behind the argie.

    And for Bulls, not exactly a secret, but Bulls will go as far as Noah goes. Rose and Boozer may make 100 points a game and it won’t be enough if Joakim gets injured or if he plays bad. In fact, if this happens, I seriously doubt Boozer and Rose will be able to produce as usual.

  32. josh brunner says:

    the bulls will win the divison this year over the bucks, pacers and cavs will both be the worst the bulls have a slight edge over the bucks cause of boozer noah and rose are better than jennings and drew gooden, bogut beats noah but bogut is injury prone, itll be a good division race but i see the bulls slightly being beter than the bucks

    bulls 54-28
    bucks 49-33

  33. bucks fan forlife says:

    Bulls fans are so dumb! look at the bucks young quick and agile! derrick rose or brandon jennings???? id pick jennings in a heart beat….as a point gaurd rose shoooooots way to much and big men you also go with the bucks….look at the stats it shows itself!!! and for the bench…..wow who do the bulls have??? we have 3 guys who started last year on our bench and those 3 helped us get to the playoffs…watch out the deer is commin

  34. Shelby says:

    Poop on the Deer….Reason why this team always does sub par, it is sub par…….Beating out orlando or miami,lol, ummmm no…mid market team, tries to gain servicable players year after year,, but just that servicable not special, another easy exit first round

  35. bucks says:

    ok…so these “bulls fans” constintly try to talk trash about the bucks and how we’re not going to do anything this year and they have a better deeper team…now i give yall credit for the boozer signing and korver is really wet ball but where are ur other signings and trades?…cause u didnt do any u got two good players…it will help u alot yes but for ur starting five…when ur bench goes in oh my god its down hill from there…where is ur brnch…flip murry?…james jhonson?…hakim warrick?…did they do anything for ur team last season…and u expect them to change and be top notch role players this season..no wont happen…and if u wanna talk about starting five lets match em up…jennings/rose…ill give it to rose but not by far only because he is bigger and stronger but jennings is close to him with 3 point range quickness…oh and he blocked rose a few times last season..thats funny…slamons and im guessing brewer…dont think i need to comment that..maggete and deng…tough one but ill give it to maggete because stronger and is a master in getting to the paint…boozer/gooden no need there..boozer gets it…now here is the thing that irritates me u say noah is soo good he is this and that…noah is trash..one of the worst centers in the leauge in my mind..unless he is playing against other bad centers…when bucks played bulls…every time bougut destroyed noah…offensivly and defensivly…remember the game against the bucks when bougut came back from injury and got 20+ and like 15 rebounds..yea im sure u do and yea close game still got a w..and noah has no post game and is just semi athletic…soo no matter who u guys got boozer korver whatever….when we go to bogut its over…automatic soo stop thinking u have the best team in the central or the east…we’re not the best either but we are definetly top 5 mayb 4 if hawks dont get it together…and with the injuries we have had to deal with way more than u…redd early on….bougut late in the season ohh and when we didnt have him we still took hawks to 7 games…u had everyone why couldnt u take cavs to 7..lebron?…trash..if u would just play a little better defense u could have and dont think ur good cause u beat out toronto for 8th seed…wow 8th seed…toronto was trash TRASH…soo u beat out a horrible team by like 2 games good job..soo all in all no matter what u bulls fans say we have a deeper team than u…we will have starters last season coming of the bench for us…and a 20 point scorer coming back in febuary(hopefully)….u dont ur bench will look exacly the same with exception to 1 or 2…plus pur coah is the ish and u have a scrub so stop thinking ur the best team ur not….u got rid of KIRK…good luck with pargo….FEAR THE MUTHA F*&%$# DEER!

  36. jared says:

    Milwaukee was a better team last season. They played some solid basketball and it sucked to see Bogut go down at the end because the bucks might of been more relevant in the playoffs. But the Bulls clearly have more upside than the bucks do for the next few seasons. Derrick Rose is far better than Brandon Jennings, I don’t think Jennings is even close. Bogut is good but the Bulls have Noah and Boozer so they have more depth down low. Combine that with guys on the wing like Deng, Korver, Brewer and you have a pretty legit team.

    • Rocket fan_believeit or not says:

      Have to disagree on the Post players with you, I would pick Bogut anytime against Boozer and Noah, neither of them are a real good defensive player, not even if you fusion them would make a decent defensive. Boozer is afraid of contact cuz when he hits or bumps against a strong post player most of the times the one that tends to injure is Carlitos, Noah has improved his game but as someone above said he hasn’t proven anything yet. He can be good but that is it.

      Regarding Bogut he is an inteligent Center that can score, shot block and he passes very well, (probably one of the most inteligent center-passers in the game even if stats do not show that) and now that Gooden has joined him they will be tougher to compete, Gooden is no superstar but he is a defensive anoying matchup for most of the PF’s in the league.

      The only thing Gooden needs to control is his sometimes irrational shooting selection but he will definetely help the bucks to get more solid on the defensive end.

      Deng is better than Salmons because Salmons is unpredictable most of the time but if he is mentally stable he can compete with Deng,

      Rose is better than Jennings right now but those 2 could be the next Jason Kidd and Steve Nash in terms of leadership in years to come.

  37. PSH says:

    I love hearing the constant propaganda regarding which team is better. I am a Basketball fan, which involves a handful of teams I respect and enjoy watching.

    Let’s start with the Bulls…Joakim Noah is an untested big man with a very limited skill set. His career will be riddled with brainless actions on the court and off-court problems. I would put a box of hair against him in a trivia contest. He has done nothing to deserve any respect (11 PPG and 11 RPG). Rose is amazing and there is nothing about his game that you can challenge (maybe leadership). Boozer is, and always will be, an injury waiting to happen (coming off a 72 game season, I would not be comfortable). When healthy, he’ll give you stats, but he isn’t a winner and nobody ever comments about how much they enjoy playing with him. I personally think Deng is a great all-around player and deserves more credit for what he brings to the table. Beyond those four…I would love to hear any reasonable comment to support quality (Kurt Thomas, Pargo, Joe Alexander, Taj Gibson, Devin Brown, Kyle Korver, James Johnson, Omer Asik, Acie Law, and Flip Murry). Seriously, the rest of the team is not really a team at all. On the other hand, you can’t blame the Bulls organization, as they were trying to dump the team to get any of the three top Free Agents. Based on the make-up of the team, they will surely be in the playoffs, but that doesn’t say much.

    On to the Bucks…There are many unknowns going into this season, that it is difficult to generate reasonable opinions. The main concern involves Jennings. Once again, he hasn’t really been tested, and he hasn’t proven himself enough to qualify as a legitimate guaranteed threat. He should be good and I think he will be, but you can’t base team success on a second year player (unless he is the Bron). He will likely take a hit in statistics because he has to focus on his facilitator role. Salmons is as unpredictable as they come, and knowing his history in Chicago, all Bucks fans should be worried about what he will do in the upcoming season. He obviously fit well with the make-up of the team last year, but we have to go through that again when they put a new group around him. There is no way he will put up similar numbers this year. Bogut is surely a star center in the NBA, and anybody who argues, doesn’t know basketball. He has improved every year and his impressive skill set makes him unique when compared to all big men in the NBA. If healthy for the entire season, he will carry the team on his back. Jennings, Salmons, and Bogut all played together successfully last season…so, surrounding them with role players like Gooden, Maggette, Bah Moute, Ilyasova, Delfino, Dooling, and the Brockness Monster, one should be very excited about the team as a whole. No need to go into detail on the quality of the coach or the GM.

    Sorry to depress the Bulls fans, but if I liked either team, it would surely be the Bucks. It doesn’t even make sense to get excited about a HUGE market team like the Bulls when they have such a pathetic roster from top-to-bottom. I have a fantasy league that involves friends from all over the country…every single one of them thinks the Bulls are the biggest joke in the NBA (Coaching, Management, Players, and uneducated fans). One of the league members is in Chicago, and is a Bulls fan…He feels the same way I do. I’m actually an Orlando Magic Fan.

    • Cody says:

      This guy knows what he is talking about. Every team has questions going into a season. Will this player improve? Will this player stay healthy? Can this team play together? Etc… It is impossible to tell what kind of a year a team will have so we will have to wait for the season to start to find out those questions. So to all those bulls fans who can guarantee they are better then the bucks you should keep your mouths shut

    • E Money says:

      One thing u lefted out about the Bucks is the signing of Magette who gets to the line as much as anyone in the leagues. And i think Jennings is bound to have another great season, he has been surrounded by even more players who can finnish. With Dooling the back up i think he will have more motivation than last becuz Skiles would start Dolling becuz of his size an defnse alone. An i agree with your opinion on Salmons. if he plays subpar all year him an Redd(if healthy) will both b gone by the deadline. I think that was part of Hammonds reasoning with the resigning of him and the addition of a few F when they are already deep at that position Illyasova, Bah a Moute, Gooden, an now Brockman, who will definately see minutes cuz his intensity level. Douglas Roberts is a nitemare matchup for anybody. 6 7 an can drive an shoot the 8-10 ft jumper. If MIL underacheives the first half they will retool, an trade sum of that newly aquired talent.

    • JP says:

      PSH, did you watch Noah play before his foot problems? His stats were well above the 11/11. His rebounds and scoring were definitely affected by that injury. I love his potential and his leadership. He does have an ugly jumpshot but I’ll give him props in that he’s making it work for him (but it sure doesn’t look pretty). That team rallies around him and you can tell he is as competitive as they get. Two years ago I was one of many Bulls fans that thought he was a bust. I’m glad our front office stuck with him, because he definitely is a difference maker. When he first came out he was too thin and was easily pushed around. He added some much needed muscle and it has really made a big difference. One other note, you failed to mention Ronnie Brewer who I think has some decent potential and Taj Gibson was one of the steals of the draft. Taj is a great defender and his offensive game got better and better as the year went on. If Boozer was to go down with an injury, I feel like we’d be alright with Taj. Just my opinion from a Bulls fan who watched alot of Bulls basketball last year.

  38. DaveShort says:

    milwaukee is cleary better than the bulls and i would bet some serious cash on that…by the way chicago thank u for scott skiles and john salmons that really helped.. 🙂 feer the deer!

    • lakerfan since 19 O' Long says:

      Between the Bulls & the Bucks i would have to choose the Bulls (Derrick R. Joakim N. Loul D. Kirk H. Carlos B.) wat a line up if i may say so myself

  39. Money82 says:

    Lakerfan since 19 0’Long i didn’t know u were a BUCKS FAN since u are reading and commenting on a article about the bucks cool

    • lakerfan since 19 O' Long says:

      Do not fool yourself i am no Buck’s Fan, but Brandon Jennings looks to be the next Allen Iverson without the attitude; and plz dont act like my name doesn’t suggest which team i favour-Los Angeles LAKERS!!!… 3peat coming in June ! Good Morning!! Hellooooo!

      • Rocket fan_believeit or not says:

        You might be right regarding Jennings Lakerfan, if he keeps developing his game he will surely be an all-star next season, don’t think your lakers will win the 3-peat but I have to admit they were very clever during offseason and that only made them become a stronger team.

        Looking forward to see them facing the rest of the elite of NBA teams, this year will be tougher than the previous one that is fo sho!

  40. marknesium says:

    “But the singing of Dooling takes care of that.” – i didnt know that he is a good singer! 😀
    @ unknown – you are wrong – even when bogut was injured at the end of the season milwaukee won against good teams like phoenix, boston, … and in the playoffs it was close against atlanta – in game 5 they could have won easily, but everyone had a bad day.
    so – you wrote milwaukee fans are stupid because they dont get the hype like chicago? why are they stupid if this team deserves it, too? chicago and milwaukee are both good teams – if you hate on one of those teams you are an ignorant fanboy or dont like basketball.
    i wish both teams a good season & playoffs.

  41. HOMOPHOBES says:

    lol bucks are more deep, and are a better defensive team then the bulls.

  42. lakerfan since 19 O' Long says:

    I didn’t Know Milwaukee had Fans either, they must have appeared along with the new Bunch of Miami Fans.
    Anyway…their is no immediate threat seen coming from the Bucks by most teams in the NBA, because they have more pressing issues such as The Two & a half head monster in Wade County, The Black Mumba & and the lakers, Boston and the not-so-big-three, and the regular playoff tems. There is no reason to “Fear the DEer” not this year,next year, or the year after that. Bucks Suck (Micheal Redd you must like lailure staying in that losing team/City)

  43. Deer says:

    As a fan of milwaukee, i like not getting our “dues.” its more fun when we actually go far this season after not getting any acknowledgments from anybody. so thank you for the rude comments people.

  44. Fear the Horns of the Bull says:

    Bucks will be in the mix alright but probably in the 6,7 and 8th spots. I am a Bulls fan but the Bucks have solid players that makes plays but never be in the mix like Magic, Celtics, Heat and the Bulls… Atlanta is a sure lock-in for number 5… The Bucks will be competing with Charlotte, New York (maybe), Indiana and Toronto…

    • Rocket fan_believeit or not says:

      Don’t think Indiana will be even fighting for 8th spot brother, they might get lucky and get one of the 5 first round draft picks for next season, altough I agree with you in the rest of the teams but…

      For the people that think the Knicks will get to the playoffs let me tell you (as you certainly mentioned it), Amare is great and Felton is good, but they don’t do miracles and let’s admit it, most of the Knicks crew suck! (I support your maybe only if they can make a deal and land another decent player before trade deadline)

    • E Money says:

      Of all the comments i had to fire back at this guy! Boston is just getting older an older, once again this year Boston will b 1 injury away from doing what they did last year to make that run. Resting half a season an showing up in the playoffs, but they will not b able to do that this year. Bogut when healthy, has not been stopped by anyone but maybe contained by Howard in Orlando. Look up Boguts stats. Noah cant contain him. Boozer is just a more atletic Drew Gooden, basically identical players. The bucks bench is easily one of the deepest in the league now after this summer. With a healthy Bogut Mil wins that ATL series in 6 maybe even 5. I dnt think CHA even contends, nor TOR or CLE. WSH an NY will both be better. The east is deep, with 4 r 5 top tier teams that includes both MIL an CHI. (BOS ORL MIA) You cant even put ATL in there becuz what have they done. Besides barely beat a unexperienced MIL team an underacheive in the playoffs an Joe Johnson has yet to proove he can do anything in the playoffs. Milwaukee wins that division by a game or two over CHI. Easily a 3 r 4 seed maybe even a two if BOS falls off.

      • JP says:

        Did you same Gooden was as good as Boozer? Do you watch basketball? We had Gooden and he was a decent player but he doesn’t come close to Boozer. The Bulls & Bucks should have a great rivalry for many years. It will fun to watch, but I’ll put my money on D Rose!


    Dumb Chicago fans, our team was hit with injury also. Michael Redd! Does that ring a bell??? Check the books and see that The Milwaukee Bucks have been to the playoffs more then The Bulls The last 10 seasons. You guys suck. I cant wait until we sweep you guys this season. Jerks!!


  46. Jesse Funk says:

    If Miami doesn’t pan out, which is possible I could see Milwaukee or Chicago possibly being Eastern Conference Champs. Of Course there is Orlando still but both Mil and Chi have legit shots at that title. However, no one in the East will win the championship. Kobe and the Lakers will win it again.

  47. abessssssss says:

    Milwaukee is a good team and they will only get better.

    • anthony says:

      They certainly will be good and have a good chance to win the division. They can finish anywhere from 2nd to 6th in the now-highly competitive eastern conference. Yes they are better than the knicks and bobcats which will most likely get the 7th and 8th seeds respectively. We have the executive of the year in Hammond and a great coach like Skiles leading the charge, which was giftwrapped for us by the Bulls. Thanks Jerry Krause. Just because the Bucks don’t get all the hype that the Bulls do, and the Bulls are expected to be very good this season, the Bucks will get all the press that they deserve when they win 50+ ballgames. Don’t worry Bucks fans. We got A LOT to look forward to for at least the next few years because we made long term moves to keep ourselves in contention.

  48. JAZZone says:

    I always like the underdogs, Milwaukee will be a fun team, I thought Larry Sanders was the steal of the draft – he should be good …I hope they knock off the Heat this year

    • Rocket fan_believeit or not says:

      I think that Sanders might have been the steal of the draft too, let’s just hope that the bucks give him enough playing time to prove it.

  49. matt6193 says:

    Hey Bulls fans, don’t be mad that we got Scoot Skiles and John Salmons for NOTHING!!! Because your front office is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!! Just ask LEBRON………………………….. OH wait, HE IS IN MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha!

  50. ? says:

    milwaukee has fans?

  51. unknown says:

    Stupid milwakee fans.They are whinning because that “team” is not getting all the hype.Psss inury???They still don’t remember who were the guys who beat 7 or 8 team with record over 500. in a row on the road.Derrick rose coming from injury scoring 15 ppg at the begging of the season and ending with 21ppg.Joakim noah the best center in the bulls team missing 15 game in a row that is what made the 10 losing streak.Deng was injured too and hinrich missed some games.All the other player were bench the only team worst in injury than the chicago bulls was the warriors.Let not forget the team bad rotation that vinny del negro put and they still beat the toronto to the playoff even after being the only team that lost the series against the new jersey Nets.Bulls is wild card agaisnt strong team ,not like the Bucks who believe they are good because they beat weak teams just like the cavaliers and the hawks.The cavalier believe they were good because they beat the lakers.Psss….the cavalier shot like 20 more free throws than the bulls.Nba is rigged.Maybe the bulls would have taken the cavs to 7 games.But well the cavs doesn’t exist anymore.Goob bye stupid milwakee and cleavland fans maybe Atlanta too.

    • ian segel says:

      bucks are better than the bulls period. all those arguments that ur making can so easily be countered. the cavs and hawks werent weak teams, the bulls couldnt beat them in the playoffs. so if u saying the cavs were weak last year, then the bulls must of been horrible.plus if u lose the series to the nets then u have u to be a bad team. stop whining about injuries because when bogut went down we still managed to stay in the 6th spot and take atlanta to 7 games. o and by the way u guys fired scott skiles, so that one was all ur fault there

    • PSSS....???? says:

      Looking at chicago’s record last year the longest win streak they had was 5 wins in a row. So I’m not sure you know who “the guys who beat 7 or 8 team with record over 500. in a row on the road” were either. The bucks had a strong year last year for the team they had. Thier downfall was shooting (2nd worst in the league) and they still finished 6th thanks to some tough D-Fence. They only get better this year with more weapons, and another strong pressence inside. They should be a strong team in the much improved east this year. Chicago has also improved on a solid team last year. I look forward to what should be a good matchup this season.

    • Eric says:

      Don’t forget, that terrible game against the Cavs that allowed the Bulls to even make the playoffs. Basically Lebron chose the Bulls to make playoffs over the Raptors, and even sort-of admitted that during an interview.

      The Bulls had a terrible wing-rotation which was ruining Salmons, gave Rose way too many isolations, and bad 3-point shooting. A sloppy team last year if you ask me. Adding Boozer does not turn Chicago into a contender, nor with Brewer or Korver. They’ll be a good team, but let’s take it easy with expectations. The Heat, Celtics, Magic, and Hawks, are still the teams to beat over da Bulls.

      Congratulations though, Bulls fans, you will enjoy a fun season. Also, take it easy on Noah, he has not magically become one of the top centers in the league. I mean he’s good… but c’mon. It’s silly to keep putting his name beside Rose and Boozer.

    • Nate the Great says:

      Everybody seems 2 forget about that long losing period when virtually the whole team was missing! Milwaukee had a better record last year, but they weren’t better than the Bulls. Chicago is definitely much better now. Some could even say they have their own BIG 3. Just think about it, the combined talent of Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, & Joakim Noah is better than how PP, KG, and Ray Ray are now (even though folks forget about Rondo). With all the pieces they have, they could compete with anybody. As long as the Bulls have a better record than Milwaukee, they should win the division and be at least the 3rd seed automatically in the EC.

    • Cody says:

      hey unknown who did the bucks beat on April 6 to clinch a spot in the playoffs? I will give you a hint, they beat this team without Andrew Bogut?

    • unknown says:

      Expect the bucks to have some losing streak as well because andrew may get injured again and even worst than the last time so expect this season to be one very frustating for the buck fans.My bad about those 7 or 8 games in the road in a row against 500. Only 6 games over 500. in the road in a row like Boston, Phoenix, Houston, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, New Orleans.The bulls sucked against team under 500. too bad we would make bucks look bad.And yes the chicago bulls was the worst 3 point shooter in the league and the third worst offensive team in the league.We are better defensive than the bucks, we just played bad defense in the losing streak leading to 115 points defensive.See how important is center.That why Noah was so important he missed all those game.New coach,let see what he can do.Noah>Bogut Rose > redd and jenning Chicago 57-25 Milwakee 48-34 Chicago 3th seed and Milwakee 6th seed Chicago will sweep the bucks.Trust me Noah defense on the floor is better than the effect that bogut have.

      • marknesium says:

        bogut is better in scoring and shot-blocking. jennings had a 55 point game last year, not bad for a rookie – isnt it?
        bucks were the better defensive team last year (2nd best in the league).
        in the offseason the bucks made many good additions to an already very good team. chicago doesnt have a roster that deep. what if boozer gets injured? chicago isnt prepared, but the bucks are.
        unknown you said bogut WILL be injured? thats bad for your karma, man!
        FEAR THE DEER!