A Good Home For T-Mac?


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Tracy McGrady seems to be running out of options.

He’s been on a bit of a workout tour this summer and has yet to find a home.

The news that his representatives are meeting with the Detroit Pistons today, courtesy of our main man David Aldridge of TNT, might not register with most, since the Pistons have fallen on hard times and McGrady’s way past his prime.

But as far as shelter for wayward talents goes, McGrady couldn’t land in a better place.

Tough times or not, no one does cast-offs and reclamation projects better than the Pistons.

Chauncey Billups was an afterthought in July 2002 when the Pistons signed him as a free agent and helped him turn his career around. You’d never heard of Ben Wallace before he showed up in Detroit. And Rasheed Wallace was toxic before the Pistons acquired him in a trade that turned out to be the linchpin of their drive to the 2004 NBA title.

Even Kwame Brown (another member of the Summer 2010 free agent class still looking for a home) looked good (in spurts) wearing red, white and blue … fine, that was a stretch, but you get the point.

If T-Mac has anything left, it’ll come out of him in Detroit.

General Manager Joe Dumars has the ultimate eye for the right fit (that Darko Milicic thing notwithstanding). And if he takes a chance on McGrady, that’s more than enough validation for us.

(So long as McGrady is careful about what he says when the cameras start rolling. Because things didn’t go so well when it happened after his workout in Chicago, below).



  1. Shelby says:

    I HATE BIG MACS AND T-MAC———–Yes T-mac WAS a decent play, top 3 player in the league,lol , never….The interview shows why no one really wanted to give him a chance, do you think that interview helped the bulls make their decsion with t-mac, he thinks he is such a great player forever, when he really is not anymore, teams dont need a bad shot selection taker, and many teams did not want him even at the vet min, wow, valuable…..Detroit wil take him ,lol, because they are already scouting for the draft lottery next year, so why not put him on a bad team for sure, he is not good, fits in well,and maybe a few extra fans like yourself will come to the area and watch him hobble around the court…..vet min.,lol is he really that old,right richard jefferson is 10 times more valuable, and he really sucks bad….And if you want to feel something more painful than hammering a nail through your balls, just watch T-MAC in a Knicks uniform, lol, omg, they are going to use those videos in interigation settings, to get people to talk, or watch T-MAC in the big apple..Mike did not even want to play him anymore, but the season was over anyways, so why not

  2. dwayne says:

    I personally think that the best place for t-mac to prove that he’s still the man is in Chicago. There he has great teammates like derrick rose, Noah and boozer. He might reached the playoffs as well. He won’t be recognize if he will be on a losing team like the pistons…

  3. tenki says:

    most explosive? heck, even Aaron Brooks have more “fireworks” in his game compared to T-Mac. the point is, T-Mac is way past his prime, in terms of his physical capabilities as a player. if you are a fan of his, you can’t help but worry whenever he falls on the floor taking a charge, or limp after a crucial rebound, or wince in pain after taking the ball to the hoop. i was a big fan of his, and sorry to say that what he can do now for a team is to SPOT UP AND SHOOT.

    now, thinking of a team that will have such firepower to make T-Mac do that kind of role, he doesn’t have much of a choice because despite of his injuries, he still is one heck of a talent. i regret that L.A. (whether it be Lakers or Clippers) won’t have him in their roster. Miami can’t have him, because of his ego, and Orlando would bring only memories, not championships. so it leaves him Boston, Chicago, Utah, OKC, and Denver to choose his options for next season. think about it, T-Mac: no ego, will win.

  4. Yo on foreal if the mack didnt start getting injured, he would be in the top 3 players in the league. The boy mac no joke, nobody in the league play slow motion like they are walking on the court and still blow by cats and live them stunned. Them cats at chicago no they got no chance of winning at all, mac telling the truth, without him and boozer they aint gona cut it. Lets not forget Mcgrady was making the playoffs back when he was in orlando, with cats who werent your average starter, cats like Derrel Armstrong at the point, t-mac at the two, gericheck at the small forward, pat garrity at the forward and andrew declerc at the center. Cats who are not even in the league now and he was killing. Whoever gets t-mac is one lucky team, cause the mac baby is back.

  5. Wall2Arenas says:

    if you kno your fact you will see wen tmac was healthy 00-01 thru the 07-08 season he average 20 plus points never on a star proven team ( lebron had a betterteam than he ever had in cleveland) he was neva able to get a ring put him on a team such as a denver with melo and billiups with smith off the bench they could be amazing or even take a 6th man spot on a young talented team like the thunder would great offense wen durant isnt on the court detroit would not be a good fit they wont win 50 games dont kill your self if you still wanna be the man go to cleveland they need a miracle and him avg 25 plus points is a miracle

  6. Chong Han says:

    T-Mac should go to Denver.

    Let’s see under billups as PG, T-mac can easily replace J.R Smith as SG. Comparing scoring abilities and experiences on the court, smith is not as good as tmac. with Carmelo playing as SF and Nene having the boards, it will be a good combination.

    Or let’s say T-mac should go to bulls still. No matter what Keith Bogans do, T-mac is still a better player than him. He does not have the clutch and scoring capabilities as T-mac. Imagine this lineup, derrick rose pg, mcgrady SG, luol deng sf, boozer as pf, and joakim noah. it might not be as good as heat, or lakers, but it will be comparable to magic and celtics.

  7. eric24_tmac says:

    Tracy McGrady is still the most explosive NBA Superstar for me. He has the mighty heart of a champion. Maturity surely creates a better man. I know you can still be the best you can be T-mac! I believe in you, this young lad from Manila still believes in you! Go T-mac you can do it! “T-mac to the rack” God bless you have a good health and keep safe

  8. mbe28 says:

    he is to good to go to the pistons.

  9. Jake says:

    That 35 seconds has got to be the most ridiculous 35 seconds in basketball history. Devin Brown’s face is classic. I have to appreciate that even if it was against my Spurs.

  10. Eric Kinney says:

    He still got a lot in him. Idk if this is the best fir. But good support from organization he will make players,team, and organization better

  11. Ken_Toronto says:

    I think the NBA will start to lose all the best players one day. Not to say the NBA is not good but only good to players when they are healthy. When T Mac was healthy and playing his heart out. Houston and alot of teams wanted him bad and would pay the world for him. When he is imjured he got the boot. See, thats the same reason why Lebron and Bosh joined D Wade because they want to win before this day come. The NBA like most business only needs a player when times are good. When you get injured or sick they turnthere back. That’s a player chasing a ring joining forces early in there career is better. T Mac only 30-31 yrs old yet we make it seems like the man is old. The guy have a lot left just need time like any player to recover and get time to start playing his game. I’m a Lakers and Kobe fan but over the years this guy give us a good battle. We need him and Iverson to get a chance to be appreciated one more time. AND YES HIM COMING OFF LAKERS BENCH WOULD BE SURE CHAMPIONSHIP…… WE NEED HIM IN PLAYOFF IN SHAPE.

  12. neoexel says:

    nah… i think t-mac is not a good fit in detroit coz they alredy have rip ben and tayshaun …………….


    If T-Mac agrees to receive a smaller role in the team.. and not a superstar..

    I will be fine.. but to tell the truth he will want to be a superstar..

    I seen the nightmare trade of AI and Billups..

    I dont want to see a greedy player try to change the good team mentality

  14. Jesus says:

    T-Mac debe quedarse en NY con Stoudemire

  15. CMELO15 says:


  16. Ahhhh says:

    go to Cleveland.

  17. Stop Hating on T Mac says:

    Okayyy…..first off…I dissagree with this article because the Detroit Pistons are “career killers” as much if not more than they are
    “career revivers”. Allen Iverson died in Detroit. Richard Hamilton they ran him into the ground. Rasheed Wallace was basically ran out Detroit. They picked Darko over Carmelo. Teyshaun Prince…when he was able to be effective, could have and would have been a key part in a trade that would have brought in more talent. Ben Gordon is still trying to figure out how he can turn back time and return to Chicago. Joe Dumars went from hall of fame player to possibly the decades worst President/Gm.
    Bottom line is this. Michael Jordan after years and years out of the nba, returned and had two solid seasons with the Wizards at age 40! The reason for this, is because when you have a certain amount of Basketball intelligence (IQ) you are able to play, and contribute. You add this to a player with physical capabilities, and the sweet stroke T-Mac has, you can easily have a player that averages close to 20 or more. Now 20 or more is very good in the nba, but what makes a player Great…and seperates him from the rest….its Work ethic! This is why T-Mac to Detroit is not only stupid, but it could spell the end for T-Mac. He will put up numbers on a bad team….lose, then he will be too good for the vets minimum, so the next time he plays for a winning organization
    he will be around 35. What Mcgrady needs is a oppurtunity to play with players that have extremely great work ethic, so that can push him to become better. Injuries limit your Physical capabilities some, but only brain damage can destroy your basketball iq! so saying a player like Mcgrady cant contribute is like saying Pippen didnt do sh*t in Chicago. Please keep in mind…T Mac not injured has a larger Repotoir of skills then Lebron, D Wade. And some of the Bigger names in Basketball. Lebron has a body structure that automatically puts him up there, but in terms of the “whole” package…..T Mac healthy is one of the most complete players this game has ever seen….Send him to the Spurs, or Suns. Nash or Duncan will not allow him to take days off.

  18. Gerald says:

    thats good 4 the pistons they better make it to the playoffs and beat the suck miami heat

  19. Bunbury says:

    This is the problem with TMAC, he will not be happy with a limited role. He said it himself, his goal this year is to return to his old form or close to it. Which is good. What team wouldn’t like to get a TMAC close to his old form for the veteran minimun? The problem is what if he can’t get to his old form. The teams that have seen him workout are more realistic about the situation than he is. What if he starts getting 15 minutes per game. Instead of proving everyone else wrong and earn your minutes, he will start crying about it, demanding more playing time, stating that he is better than the one before him (Deng) or he will act injured or request to be traded. Pretty much what happened with Iverson last year, the same thing will happen this year with TMAC. They just will not accept limited roles.

  20. T-MAC FAN says:

    I think T-Mac still can cotribute 12-16 points i just think his injury messed him up. But i thnik he won’t be a top notch player but he’ll still be a good player When the season starts. With Mcgrady and other young players getting better i see the pistons possibly going to the playoffs yet again.

  21. Dongz23 says:

    Life is a game of chances. Once who had your chance now, maybe sooner you will not. Game is not only about physical capabilities but CHARACTER. The people will love the player(injured or not) when he is playing FOR THE TEAM and with CHARACTER. Remember, Allen Iverson went to Memphis and said he wants to be a leader of this youngster team. But what did he do? After being played as a sixth man in a game, he decided to retire. Is that leadership? do you think AI or TMAC possesses CHARACTER? maybe not because if they do, they wont experience the game of chances in life.

  22. DNugget15 says:

    Great Talent Just Doesn’t Disappear Overnight… T-Mac Was A Great Talent. I KNOW McGrady Has Awesome Moments All Inside That NBA Vault Somewhere. This Guy Came Out Of High School (a year after KB24), And Became A 7-Time All Star, Leading The League In Scoring Twice. I Am Sure He Still Has Game, And At This Point In His Career (explosive or not) He Can STILL Contribute. I’m Sure All This Talk About Him Being Done Has Possibly Made Him A More Mature Person AND Player. It’s Not Like T-Mac Is Old… [Kobe, Ray Allen, J. O’Neal, S. O’NEAL, G. Hill, J.Stackhouse, Nash, Peja, Fisher, Big Ben, Timmy-D, Billups, Anthony Parker, Stephen Jackson, Vinsanity, Dirk, Paul Pierce, Juwan Howard, Brad Miller, Rashard Lewis, Baron Davis, Manu, A.I., J. Kidd, Lamar Odam, Rip Hamilton, Andre Miller, Shawn Marion, K.G., Corey Maggette, and Jason Terry etc…] Are ALL Around or Older Than T-Mac’s Age And Still Tickin’ Along. Even Though He’s Supposedly Still FRAGILE Or WOBBLY, He Should Still Be Able To Fill SOME Role…SOMEwhere.

  23. Double Jay says:

    I love T-Mac. But with those injuries there is no way he lasts the entire season playing major mins. He should just come off of the bench for a team that needs help scoring(Celtics) get his ring and ride off into the sunset. If it is still all about the money then go to Detroit. I don’t understand why he thinks he needs to prove himself again. Everyone knows that when he was healthy he was UNSTOPPABLE…..

  24. t.dotsfiiiiiiiinest says:

    T-MAC return to Toronto. You made your name right after you left in Orlando, and u were underestimated the time you were here. Toronto has a better line up then Detroit these days, and u can shine just as bright with the proper back. I would love to see you in the bulls jersey because you are worthy of greatness, but if all else fails come to the city where u started, come home.

  25. bob says:

    T mac is a sad case He needs to go to Cleveland or Phila. and at least and come of the bench. If he was in Phila he could play shooting guard with Iverson and let Williams and Turner start. Get rid of Willie Green.

  26. Stop Hating on T Mac SHELBY says:

    @SHELBY- Your ranting about T-Mac is non-sense. He simply stated the bulls are a 500 team without him and Booz! Thats high praise for a team that features only Derrick Rose as a legitimate 20 plus scorer! and you talk about willingness to accept bench roles? McGrady has exceeded expectations in my point of view! for starters….everybody hates the way he left Toronto…but he did not want to be a sidekick to Vince, because he felt he was capable of being a superstar in the league, and Toronto just did not see it. So they trade him, and instantly the guy becomes a top 3 player not on his team, but in the league. Unfortunately Orlando at that point was primed not to win championships, but just merely to sell tickets… He took Orlando to the playoffs a few times with a lineup of Jauque Vaughn at pg, him at 2, and Andrew Declerc at centre….thats right, I dont even know the other spots. He took Detroit to seven games. Yes he has never got past the first round, but there has only been 1 year…(in Houston) where he had enough to actually make that happen. He has since been injured, and now watching guys like Lebron, Wade, Kobe, etc…guys who he has torn a new butthole run the league, he just wants to get back his place as top 5, but in this case, the heart is willing but the body is not able. He should sign in Portland, Spurs, Lakers, or….The Thunder…. Or the Suns. He needs to be in a environment where he has help, and Veteran leadership….He stated 4 years ago when asked who he would love to play with….he said Kobe Jellybean Bryant. Under Bryant, T-Mac would blossom, and learn what it takes, the he can go back to being the man…

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  28. big mac says:


  29. detroit is a perfect fit for him pistons won’t be no. 8 at least they will be better but since they lost chauncey there is no way for an nba championship but pistons will get better

  30. Shelby says:

    OMG T-mac and the bulls video interview ,lol….Who scores 8 points per game, and claims, to be a difference maker on the team….Might be able to if his game matches his mouth,lol….But when you basically called the rest of team crap, without yourself, think they going to offer you a contract,lol,lol lmao, i just lol, can’t stop,loooool….ok got that out….What happened to t-mac…???injury and everything, he is struggling to even get on a team at the vet min. , ouch, vet min. ,lol,should be still pulling down 10 mill still, if richard Jefferson can do 10 mill,lol, why not Big Mac, Why, because of interviews like that, lol, houston had problems with him,lol, if Big Mac could just say , Yes , I will come off the bench till i get my A-game on, or i would like to join this team, and help it out anyway possible, it would be a huge oppurtunity, then he might be making 10 mill still a year, but he ,lol, does an interview like this,lol, are you kidding me, interview is a must watch,lol….

  31. Robbie says:

    Come on T-Mac come to the motor city some of us still think you have a flame thats still lit in side you.

  32. Mikefsfa says:

    i still bilieve T-mac can play well,but not as well as he used to cause his got lot of time 2 rest……and da rest is up 2 him if he keeps on practising

  33. kobron says:

    T-Mac should go to the lakers because I want T-Mac to win a ring. T-Mac plays like a champion so he needs to have a ring and winning it with kobe would be great. T-Mac can play PG,SG & SF which means he will be a perfect fit for the lakers and will get plenty of time to play. Lakers need a another guy besides Kobe & Pau Gasol who can provide offense and T-Mac would be the perfect guy for the lakers to get. Besides pulling out 1.3 million of nowhere should be easy for the lakers. If shaq can come off the bench then why not T-Mac.

    T-MAC come to Lakers!

  34. t-mac fan says:

    I’m so sad about what happened to my favorite player, the scoring champ needs a home, and we need to understand that if you fall, you need to stand up to prove that you still have the a-game.. Just give him a chance, I admire this big fella a lot, all he need is just playing time and support from the team that he will be joining too. This player is a tremendous athlete. He will become a hall of famer someday. He’s been a leader in Orlando, and houston and made some miracles converting a losing team to a winning team. If I can still remember, It was Dec.24, 2004 when he snatch the win out of SPURS’s reach.. You have to value his talent because he worked hard for it..

  35. Bman says:

    someone needs to sign tmac, hes one of the greatest offensive threats in the game, What people dont understand is this last season was his recovery from 2 injuries. one the back i believe in 07 and then with the knee surgery in 08. He needed some recovery time and he got it. I think he’ll put up good number not like he used to in the orlando days but still a pretty solid 20ppg, hes been my fav player since my raptors drafted him and hopefully he’ll find a home this season.

    • Rocket fan_believeit or not says:

      The problem about T-Mac is not his lack of talent or scoring ability ( I bet he still has a lot to give) the problem with this guy has always been his attitude, In Toronto he never accepted the suporter role for VC, In Orlando showed the best he could do but left trough the backdoor cuz he was not comfortable with the team he had surrounding him, In Houston was probably one of the only 2 true all-star players my team has had since THE DREAM and Clyde retired (Sorry Steve Francis you did your best) but it is amazing to see a bunch of average barely known players (My rockets entire underrated crew) playing better and even winning more games by themselves than having T-Mac playing, it was something similar to what the Lakers went trough (and still go through sometimes) in previous years with Kobe before he learned how to pass the ball once in a while, you could see the tension of the team trying to play for T-Mac and not for the team.

      It was sad to see how when someone like Battier (great def. player) or Brooks (who became leading scorer for the Rockets) shot at the basket T-Mac would disaprove the shot and even confront them for not passing him the ball. He was definetely worth to watch but sad to watch at the same time.

      If he ends up with the Pistons, he should be aware that Gordon, Hamilton, stuckey, and even Prince will be having more shots than he will.

      • DNugget15 says:


  36. Edgar says:

    in the video Mac didnt even say anything bad at all WOW people annoy me how they disrespect him i hate that this guy has done so much for houston and they trash him orlando and they trash him no one is doing that to rip and his been injured so let him do his thing fo real i dont see vince in orlando doing what t mac did and thats his cousin playing there fo real his only 31 Kobe is older than him come on if he wasnt injured he would have been in the same ranking with kobe and paul pierce today and thats the truth lets see what he has left to bring to the game

    • Lew says:

      I dont know, I would love to give T-mac the benefit of the doubt, but although he is a GOOD player, I am just not sure that if he did not get injured that he would be as good as Kobe or Paul Pierce. The main thing that sticks out in my head about T-Mac is in the playoffs maybe 03 or something, when he was in Orlando. He and the Magics were up 3-0 on someone (I cant remember who) but the Magic ended up losing that series. There is no way Kobe nor Paul would allow their teams to lose 4 in a row, in the playoffs. All I am saying is that T-Mac has to prove that he is more than just a highlight player and that he can actually put a team on his back and lead the to victory or more specifically, to a championship.

      • Joey says:

        T Mac was naturally better than Kobe at one point. Kobe’s work ethic and career durability will make his legacy superior. However TMac had the overall bigger impact on a game for a VERY BRIEF Stint somewhere in 02-04 time frame. It was literally a few months.

      • cygoh says:

        This is what I remember, T-Mac and the Magics were up 3-1 against the Pistons, the team he is joining now.
        No team in nba history ever win a playoff series after down 0-3.
        Kobe and the Lakers did lose 3 in a row in the playoffs after 3-1 lead against the Suns in playoffs 06.

  37. kenn says:

    detroit? if they’re gonna aquire him, better trade prince. they got Daye, he’s going to be like prince i a couple of years. i think t-mac could still average a solid 15ppg next season and if he ain’t, better call it quits or swallow up pride and play at europe or even asia.

    • raven says:

      Oh come on!!! Be real mate T-Mac is awesome his just in a slump, thanks to injury. Give him a shot to prove himself.
      Im a Pistons fan and Id take T-mac anyday add him to Rip, Gordon, Prince and wallace? thats not a bad line up.

  38. Nba nut says:


  39. Mintz says:

    that video 13 ptS in 35 SecS iS amazing….

    unfortunately T Mac doeSn’t have it in him anymore after the injury