League Looking Into Isiah-Knicks Team Consultant Deal


Posted by Art Garcia

Something just doesn’t smell right about the latest news involving Isiah Thomas. It’s rather fishy, if you ask me.

The Knicks rehired Thomas today as a consultant after firing him as coach and team president two years ago. That’s weird in and of itself, given the disaster that was Zeke’s reign in New York, which culminated in a sexual harassment suit that cost MSG more than $11 million.

The really odd twist is that Thomas is staying on as coach at Florida International. Thomas said he’ll be an evaluator of talent and recruiter for the Knicks. Well, that’s already part of his job with the Golden Panthers, who were 7-25 in Thomas’ first season. Performing those duties for an NBA team as well possibly sets up some serious conflicts of interest.

The league office is definitely interested in this unique arrangement having an NBA employee directly coaching NCAA athletes.

“We are reviewing the agreement, in consultation with the Knicks, for compliance with league rules,” league spokesman Tim Frank said via email.

NBA teams hiring college coaches could open doors the league and the NCAA don’t want open. Let’s say the Lakers wanted to bring on Mike Krzyzewski as a consultant. What would that mean for the Lakers’ knowledge of current Duke players? Would it help “recruit” former players in free agency?

Something tells us this Isiah-Knicks deal doesn’t hold. Stay tuned.



  1. casey says:

    i am a knicks fan and i don’t understand this.
    but there is one positive thing about it:
    if they hire isiah thomas, than there is a good chance i might get hired too.
    i will apply right away!!!

    go knicks!!!

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  3. GoKnicks says:

    Well, I understand why many Knick fans don’t want Isiah, and I’m also not such a big fan of him either. As bad of a president as he was, Isiah did draft David Lee and Wilson Chandler, and look at where they are now. Honestly, because we have Wilson CHandler, we have a very small shot at getting Chris Paul. I don’t think i need to talk about David Lee. We all know how great he is, and he made heavy contributions to the KNicks, and he’s definitely one of my favorite players. Isiah did also draft Damon Stoudemaire (who had a very solid career), Tracy McGrady (a tremendous talent despite not being a great leader) and Marcus Camby (one of the game’s best defensive presences). He also did acquire Nate Robinson, who definitely turned out to be a sparkplug off the bench.

    As a president, GM, and coach, Isiah is absolutely horrendous. However, he definitely knows how to scout, and probably one of the better scouts out there. I think that the Knicks made a pretty good move, and I hope Isiah will do well. Let’s go Knicks!

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  5. TrueChosenOne says:

    Hasn’t he ruined enough basketball for everyone? Why is this happening? How much did he pay the NCAA and NBA executives? I am actually glad James didn’t sign with the Knicks, else he would have been screwwwed.

  6. […] First of all, settle down. Thomas had already been working behind the scenes with the Knicks  for a while, so it’s pretty silly to get huffy all of a sudden just because there was an announcement. It appears that Isiah will have zero decision-making responsibilities and that his primary roles are as a scout and an ambassador of the team. He did play a role in the courting of Stoudemire, and seems to have some clout in the basketball community that you and I can’t fully understand. (The part about Thomas retaining his position at FIU is wacky, though, and we’ll be hearing more about that.) […]

  7. Di Werpel says:

    I can’t believe that is happening. It’s a nightmare.

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  11. Didn’t make much sense to me either, Art. Have the people on Twitter think Thomas must have pictures of Dolan with a farm animal.

    Once of my contributing authors wrote this about Isiah….


  12. ALH says:

    I think your article makes a good point, but as a Knicks fan I’m more concerned with WHY the Knicks want him in the organization at all. He is a cancer, and they can’t seem to let him go. Does he have some blackmail on them or something? And anyone who wants to talk about his ‘talent evaluating skills’ can’t mention Tracy McGrady (who has won what exactly?) and not players like Jerome James who was an absolute turd and Isiah threw tons of money at. His record overall in that arena – mixed at BEST.

    Something is indeed fishy here.