The Big Leprechaun?


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If the rumblings are true and the Boston Celtics are indeed close to signing Shaquille O’Neal, good for all involved.

(The Big Leprechaun thing is still tough to picture in our heads, but we’re working on that part.)

We will also figure out a way to get excited about yet another conglomeration of superstars (past and present) sharing the same locker room. We’ve been saying it for days, weeks even. Shaq can still be a factor on a nightly basis in the NBA.

The Celtics, wise and shrewd in so much of what they’ve done the past three years, are posed to reap the rewards of what O’Neal has left. Adding him to their already jumbo-sized mix in the frontcourt is a treat for Celtics fans and those of us that get to observe and report on this league for a living.

Having Doc Rivers to manage it all, egos and whatever else comes with this sort of star-studded group, is a treat for the franchise.

And you better believe the Eastern Conference arms race will take another twist if this deal is finalized.


  1. Mackikoy says:

    With the addition of Shaq, the boston Celtics definitely has upgraded its size. But not the quality of the roster. Shaq is old, KG is brittle, and Pierce and Allen are just using what’s left in the tank. Only Rondo can get them to the promised land now. Now this is a mighty team had it been formed 9 years ago. Look at this:

    Ray Allen – got to eastern conference finals in 2001
    Paul Pierce – an elite player
    Kevin Garnett – he plays small forward back then in Minnesota with Joe Smith as PF and Dean Garret as C
    Jermaine O’Nleal – a force in the paint
    Shaq – just plain dominant

    But they are all has-beens and yes they are veterans, but being a veteran doesn’t guarantee anything. So I think that the deepest they’ll go into the playoffs is in the semi-finals and they will get eliminated by Orlando or the Heat. Sorry Boston Fans.

  2. Mr. Curry says:

    Wat,.. Shaq to Boston.. now they could blowout Miami and lakers even more mabye by 50. All you ppl that think Miami is gonna win it .. they have no chance… its all about celtics and lakers. and KG still has it in him, he could still average 20 and 12 if his knee heals up.. which will happen this season. The rookies of Boston will be explosive.. plus Jermaine oneal… wow they will win atleast 2 championships in a row

  3. drinmeister says:

    lakers vs miami at finals this coming season. . . i predict that celtics will finish at 8th seed of the playoffs then miami will finish on the top spot. . .

    • Prince Tae says:

      My dude are you stupid? the celtics are finishing in the top 4 seeds of the eastern conference. So wtf are you talking about? Do you even watch nba tv or visit i mean they are one of the favorites to win it all. Just watch and see so maybe you can learn something

  4. English Ball Player says:

    Like many coaches have said through the years you can’t teach/coach size, its natural and shaq has lots of it!
    Boston has a very strong front line, imagine * perkins has fouled out oh well in comes shaq, i know if i was on the opposition i would want a restbite of all the size and against boston that just isn’t going to happen there gonna be big all the time 😦

  5. Dongz23 says:

    “Small minds make small markets”, you stated that for not spending much to have a conference contender team. How about THE THUNDER? they are indeed a contender team with a lesser money involved. Its about correct management and effective decision making skills.

  6. james bonn alferez says:

    i don’t think shaq’s eperience will help celtics to regain title.

  7. celtics vs lakers says:

    the heat cant guard the center and even if they somehow find a way to guard a true center, no one on than that team can guard rondo. people always hate on boston cuz their old …but experience can be just as important as talent come playoff time.

    • Pete says:

      I’d say that they will likely put D Wage on Rondo…probably one of the few guys in the NBA who is skilled and athletic enough to defend him effectively.

      They have other guys who can worry about Ray Allen, and Lebron will do a good job on Pierce as he always has.

      Question is Bosh vs Garnett…A healthy KG (such as the one that dominated Jamion last year) can dedend Bosh as well as anybody in the NBA. On the other hand Bosh isn’t known as a great defensive player (or a great inside player), and I don’t know how well he will handle KG if Garntt comes back strong and healthy.

      Orlando are a fail IMO…Dwight Howard will foul out faster then you can say “oh damn!” if he has to defed Shaq, and without Howard Boston’s front like will absolutely punish the Magc. I feel the magic wont go as far as they did last year, and the Cavs’ are obviously out of the discussion entirely.

  8. Patrick Jan(Philippines) says:

    We’ll see..Coach Doc Rivers will have the final say.
    But as you can see in the absence of Perkins the frontline of Celtics become much stronger with the acquisition of the 2 O’neal.I’am definitely believe that Celtics will again go to FINALS this season.

    Thanks by the way..

  9. Patrick Jan(Philippines) says:

    If shaq will End-up to Boston it will be another Championship ring.The height, the power of their frontline will be the strongest line-up in the NBA.Don’t forget to include Ray Allen (the sharp shooter), Rajon Rondo(the flash) and ofcourse the captain itself Paul Pierce.What do you call the line-up of Celtics now?The “BIG FIVE” or it’s better to say the “BIG TEAM”.I love the POWER of their frontline.Also dont forget the “Mastermind” of Keeping the Team Spirit Coach Doc Rivers.
    Look at the strengt of the BIG FIVE now!
    Shaq O’neal(C)

    Amazing Line-up

    I can’t wait to see the BOSTON CELTICS giving the Miami Heat a Lesson that Experience prevail VS Talent. No offense to the Miami Heat Team.I like their coach(the first Filipino to coach in the NBA).

    NBA Rules…

    • Ballin says:

      Hahahaha other than Rondo…this line up would be considered “amazing”, as you put it, about 7 years ago. But right now? Not gonna cut it. And if you read above, Shaq won’t be starting…or playing much.

      • Pete says:

        Interesting thought…given that this exact same lineup last year (only without Shaq) dominated every team in the East, went to the Finals, and thentook the Lakers to 7 games.

        Hell, many people still believe that there is a good chance Boston would have wn the title if they didn’t lose Perk for the last game.

        Scary thing is that Boston only really had one major weakness last year, and that was rebounding. Perkins is a strong rebounder, but Rasheed isn’t and they wer one of the teams bottom rebounding teams. Adding Shaq and Jermaine Oneal (who averaged ~15rpg between them last year) will immediately solve that problem, as well as giving them a more intimidating inside scoring force.

        No doubt that Shaq isn’t who he used to be, but he can still dominate a game with his size. How many times last year (especialy in the playoffs) did he give Boston and other teams headaches with his size? The amount of space he takes up inside, combined with his ability to get opposing players into foul trouble, are huge assets that can’t be measured using basic statistics. Put him on the court for 15-20 mins and he can change a game.

        The only concern I have is findingplaying time for both Oneals AND Perkins once Perk comes back. Neither of those guys is really , and even if they were you’d still need to juggle them wth KG and Big Baby. Good thing is it means Perk doesn’t need to rush – he can take his time and recover safely and slowly so that he is hopefully i good shape come playoff time.

        Whe you think about Boston, don’t think about the injured and hurt Celtics of the regular season – think of the healthy Celtics of the Playoffs…the team that almost won it all.

        As for age they still have Rondo, Nate Robinson and Big Baby – three guys who are seriously capable of taking over a game any time if they get hot. They are going to have a VERY deep team.

  10. Zzanzabar says:

    I don’t think they will retire Shaq’s jersey in L.A. anyway, not if the Buss’ have anything to say about it.

  11. jdq says:

    K-Perk is still questionable if he would be mobile for the entire 10-11 season but with the two O’neals on their roster plus KG then Boston doesn’t have to worry a thing… I feel sorry for the big man though… I wish he should retire… It’s not his time anymore…

  12. ZULU says:

    This news is terrible. I guess I was hoping against all hope that the Hawks would land The Diesel. The teams that go after titles ‘think & act’ outside the proverbial box. Small minds make small markets. The Lakers, Celtics, Magic, Heat, Suns, Jazz, Spurs, Bulls, Pistons and One or two others are always going to be in the ‘hunt’ for conference or world championships because they will pay the price to get in the annual chase. Some markets just have that narrow mind mentality. Shaq would or could have made huge contributions to the Hawks and the ATL. region.

  13. ythead1 says:

    If Shaq goes to Boston i want to start the petition to not Retire Shaq Jersey as a Lakers cause if he gonna play for the veterans minimium then why not come back to LA for the same amount plus win a ring and squash this beef he has wih Kobe .

  14. max dela cruz says:

    even if celtics add up shaq, i don’t think they can match up with the heat.
    unless the celtics add up kobe and carmelo or cp3, i’d still be going for the heat. i mean cummon! youth with speed and agility (not mentioning the skills) against oldies with 40% of their talents left?
    my words aren’t enough though.. come game time, it’ll all be decided on the result and not on our yanks here. BOTTOM LINE

    • i agree. wauw the likes of a shaq, garnett, big baby and perkins. doesn’t sound that intimidating to me. think about two of the three best players in the league plus a top-ten guy ( bosh) on the same team. furthermore speed is as valuable as experience and the aforementioned celtics players don’t really posses that. shaq will be the big turtle not making it past halfcourt when rondo ignites the break. please retire already shaq, your’e old.

      • TJ says:

        that lineup isnt that intimidating hmm? neither is joel anthony starting at the center, or ilgauskus for that matter, rondo is a machine that takes on any teams at any time and can score on any of your “BIG 3”

  15. Victor Manoel says:

    Shaq, please, go to Denver!!!!!

  16. Zzanzabar says:

    @Deshawn Burton

    So I guess that Chris Paul wasn’t crying at all huh? No, he too classy. Give it a break already. Kobe wants to win and is willing to let those around him know that NOTHING is more important. What was the result of Kobe’s ‘crying’ humm? Pau Gasol, three CONSECUTIVE trips to the NBA finals and 2 rings. Hey maybe other players should start ‘crying’ more to their teams. Carmello never said a word and where is he now? He is all but packing his bags because Denver’s solution is to fire their executives instead of bringing in the talent he needs.Chris Paul ‘cried’ he wanted to be traded and what happened, the Hornets are scrambling to try and broker a deal to improve the team.

    Oh by the way those ‘hall of fame’ players Payton and Malone? They were old used up players trying to ride Kobe and Shaq’s coat tails to get a ring which they could NOT get on their own. Didn’t they retire right afterward?

    • V says:

      Are you seriously insulting two of the greatest basketball players of all time- Malone and Payton? Really?
      You should be ashamed of yourself if you truly consider yourself a fan of the NBA. Get a grip.

  17. sting says:

    THE BIG in Desperation!..Shaq in Celtics green? about a gracious exit.How can you go from being one of the Laker greats to ending your career in beantown playing for the “enemy”.If this deal does push through, I wonder if both the Lakers and the Celtics will be retiring Shaq’s jersey number. That could be a first.

  18. abdul bari says:

    talent vs EXPEREINCE ….what will prevail.. ( the heat ) have the edge in talent,,because of its three stars,,but if the boston wil acquire shaq,,that could match the talent of miami,, combine with the experience of the boston(most of thier stars are veterans) ……but time will come and we will see the clash of these teams,,for the future eastern finals…

    • I’m not really sure if years played in the league counts against any team as long as the players stay healthy, If you look at the Bulls last two or three championships, I believe most of their players were over 30 years old and Reggie Miller 6’7 and 185 maybe 20 years in the league without a major injury.

  19. Lorenz Gil Valiente says:

    are those BIG MENS gonna play the same at the same time?
    can they match LBJ , D-WADE and C-BOSH 20+ points?

    they are big but they are not DOMINANT LOL..


  20. Mark says:

    i have a question for Dashawne Burton;

    Which West are you talking about? Delonte?

    • Delonte, He should great coming off the bench for the team who drafted him and didn’t want to trade him in the first place.

      • Mark says:

        oh okay i agree with you completely but the only problem is he has some legal issues right?

      • Mark says:


  21. Fisken says:

    Get ur ass to Beantown is you want another championship. This will be his best oppurtinity to win another ring, think about it, Shaq, Jermaine O’neal, KG, Perk, Baby Davis and if Sheed comes back? That’s scary, And Boston wouldn’t have to worry about a hight problem that they had against the Lakers in game 7. Crazy thought.

  22. Pete says:

    I’d love to see Shaq end up in Boston, it would be amazing to see him in the playoffs vs. his old teams Miami and Orlando, and maybe in the finals vs the Lakers. It would be even more sweet if Shaqwon a title vs the Lakers playing for Boston.

  23. kCruz says:

    If they land Shaq then they’re my favourite team to win it next year (After LA, the defending champs). Sorry Miami but you’ll have no big guys to bang with in the paint of Boston.

    PS. Ironically I hated the Boston Celtics last year =P

    • I really don’t like the Lakers that much, I believe if they start losing again Kobe will start crying and asked to be traded again, this is why I don’t consider him a great player or great leader, he was just fortunate to be a part of a great organization, also Garnett and Pierce, not Ray Allen didn’t start complaining until maybe seven years down the line, Kobe started complaining after they lost the championship with three future Hall of famers. (Payton,Malone,andSHAQ)

    • alex1980 says:

      how very true! if the heat r gonna win anything the need a genuine centre who isnt over 30! yao ming would b ideal but too much of a gamble, hes walking on manmade feet LOL

  24. I believe if the Celtics can get Shaq and West, they will have another chance at winning another championship because they will receive a little more respect in the playoffs than the Miami Heat.

    • I also forgot to add that the Celtics big men will punish the Heat bigs, Perkins,Jermaine Oneal,Big Baby,Garnett,and now SHAQ! I really don’t believe Juwan,Haslem,Big Z,and Bosh will be big and strong enough to counter the height and weight difference, maybe Boston in 7 games.

    • R4 says:

      what is the NBA now a place where everyone is heartless? Stop this players going from city to city and have some balls. Shaq should retire because his opinion about his game and his game itself are both on too different podium. I wish the new CBA came into effect today because what is going on is nonscene basketball. Shaq best times were as a Lakers and now you going to join their rival. Shaq is the best bench player I seen in the last 3 years simply because If he leaves the bench you will lose but if you stay there you have a chance to win 60 like the Cavs or If you don’t sign him back you got the western finals like the Suns. So I guess Boston next year in NBA finals, nothing but good things can happen if he stays on the bench.

      • The Basketball GURU says:

        You actually started off as someone who was going to state facts and figures to support your claim. What I got from your rant is you don’t care for Shaq….we all got it. But the old statement is you can’t coach size, and next to Yao ming there is no bigger in the NBA. Fact of the matter is in a very reduced role in both Phoenix and Clevland Shaq looked average at times, but when he asserted himself he put up numbers (please see playoff stats this past year). Also to your point of Phoenix making it to the conference finals who did they lose to? Yes the Lake Show but more importantly they lost because they were out bigged. Three 7 footers or damn near 7 footers out rebounded them to death…which is also why the Celtics lost in the final game of the year…NO BIGS. Be a student of the game and learn when there is size typically there is strength…he might not be the force he once was, BUT think of it like this…Shaq, Jermaine, KG, Big Baby, Perkins…..they can hit you in so many ways teams aren’t going to know what to do. Perkins can play the 4, while Shaq the 5, or Both Oneal and KG…or hell Oneal, Oneal and Kg on the floor at the same time….the possiblities are endless. Can’t wait for the season to start.

      • Your Mom says:

        You aren’t very intelligent when it comes to sports, aren’t you?

    • Alexzo says:

      Its a done deal! On have the biggest, meanest, nastiest & scariest frontline…Hellooo Lakers!

    • Alexzo says:

      Its a done deal! On have the biggest, meanest, nastiest & scariest frontline…Hellooo Lakers!