Still The King Of Akron?


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — LeBron James is 2-for-2 this summer in public relations disasters.

The ill-conceived and horribly executed “The Decision” was first, enraging an entire fan base and region of Ohio while also uniting fans of 29 other NBA teams against the Miami Heat and their new trio of superstars.

Now comes a letter from James, serenading his hometown of Akron, Ohio — while curiously ignoring the word Cleveland — for helping raise him and supporting him the last 25 years:

“To My Family, Friends and Fans in Akron:

“For all my life, I have lived in Akron — and for that, I am truly a lucky man.

“It was here where I first learned how to play basketball, and where I met the people who would become my lifelong friends and mentors. Their guidance, encouragement and support will always be with me.

“Akron is my home, and the central focus of my life. It’s where I started, and it’s where I will always come back to. You can be sure that I will continue to do everything I can for this city, which is so important to my family and me. Thank you for your love and support. You mean everything to me.”

Of course, this letter (which ran in the Beacon-Journal in Akron) comes days  two days after fellow Heat (and former Cavaliers star) Zydrunas Ilgauskas took out an ad in the Plain Dealer thanking Cavaliers fans for their support over the years.

Naturally, there are fans buzzing about a starting a campaign to retire Big Z’s number in Cleveland.

But for James, well … at least they still love him in Akron.



  1. Dongz23 says:

    The situation of Lebron James before signing in Miami was this.
    Lebron James – FREE AGENT
    That’s it.
    Try to think about this, when he signed in Miami, he will play with HELP of course but taking LESSER MONEY. If we say he went to New York or New Jersey to play without HELP but taking MORE MONEY .The decision Lebron made shows how he lets go of his EGO to plays along with other stars and ignored the enticing MILLIONS on the other side.He never entertain money to blocks his ambition to have ring. Now, Which is important to you, MONEY or EGO? If James went to New York or New Jersey is your reaction would still be the same?

  2. Ocean says:

    Doesn’t matter how many rings he gets…Kobe should NEVER be compared to MJ. Ever. He will never be close to equating the greatmess of Air Jordan. Anyone who thinks otherwise should be embarrassed.

  3. V says:

    Okay I’m sorry, but I have sat by and watched fans completely trashed Lebron, but enough is enough.
    He is a great player, you can’t deny it. You can call him a diva all you want, but keep in mind all the profits from The Decision went to CHARITY. I can’t emphasis it enough. Sorry that the guy wanted to donate some cash to a good cause. And don’t even get me started about those of you insulting him for wanting a championship. Is that not what every player works for; a championship? You really can’t blame the guy for choosing his best option of getting one.

    Although I can understand the Cavaliers viewpoint on this…it was a slap in the face of sorts, but it really wasn’t as bad as you all make it out to be. One of the league’s best doing some good for people who need it. Yes, it may have been overhyped and overdramatic, but he got no benefit out of doing it.

    Also, if all you Kobe lovers can overlook the guy being accused of raping a young girl, I’m sure you will be able to overlook an hour long news cast where the proceeds went to charity. Come on now.

  4. Lebron James says:

    Hi everyone. Let’s put things into perspective, for the past two (2) seasond the Cavs finishes the league with the best overall record. This means that they were the best team in the regular season and that winning was not an issue. The real problem is i do not have the killer instinct to go all the way like other great players possess -Kobe, MJ etc. I am to be blame for this lack of performance when it truly matters -play off time. I need much help and i went to seek it elsewhere. D. Wade knows how to win a championship so i team up with him so please pray for me all my fan. I hope we can get pass a team with the greatest player of all time -L.A Lakers.

  5. Dongz23 says:

    The situation of Lebron James before signing in Miami was this.
    Lebron James – FREE AGENT
    That’s it.
    Try to think about this, when he signed in Miami, he will play with HELP of course but taking LESSER MONEY. If we say he went to New York or New Jersey to play without HELP and taking MORE MONEY is also possible..The decision Lebron made shows how he lets go of his EGO to plays along with other stars and ignored the enticing MILLIONS on the other side.He never entertain money to blocks his ambition to have ring. Now, Which is important to you, MONEY or EGO? If James went to New York or New Jersey is your reaction would be the same?

  6. John M says:

    06 Miami heat had a Squad, a whole bunch of Role Players that LBJ never had that is why they never got to win it against the Spurs and Miami beat up that 06 confused Dallas team..

    Miami is Wades team for now cause he been there the longest but LBJ is playing his own Strings in Miami because he aint giving up his career to Big up Wade. Come on Now and LBJ cant be considered a Pippen. Thats funny. and whoever thinks that does not have their eyes opened. They all gonna do their own part. Rodman did his thing down low, pippen did thing, MJ did his thing above all.

  7. John M says:

    So many Comparisons! This is Hot Topic.. I LOVE IT!!! Forgive me if I get a bit off topic here from the beggining.

    Here is something I think about before calling this Miami Team “A SUPER TEAM.”

    Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Horace Grant, Steve Kerr (Bulls 90 Roster)


    Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Crish Bosh, Big Z, Carlos Arroyo. (Heat 2010-2011 Roster)

    Who would win that series in Seven?

    LBJ can maybe slow down MJ a lil bit but were talking about JORDAN.

    Wade is not known for his defensive game and would NOT be ABLE to stop Pippen in his prime.

    Rodman played in a rough NBA era, He probably would be having Bosh aggrivated on the boards that would take away from his offensive game.

    BULLS in Five or Six

    So this team would go down in History, No doubt. but under the Bulls from the 90′s.

    Back to the Topic at hand.

    Lebron’s letter seems Real and Honest. No one just says that to say it to look good in the public eye.

    But When your considered a King of Town you really don’t leave your kingdom. Even tho he was elected democratically(by the people) and really not given no choice if he wanted to be named.. King (HE WAS JUST DUBBED KING). It aint easy to digest such a big title in a town.. But you just dont up and leave like that. I guess he was just so mad with the Cavs Organzations beneath it all, to do that way.

    00′s Cavs VS 90′s BULLS.. No Comparison, I would be pissed too.

    Here something to think about?

    Dont forget Jordan left the Bulls on a Pulic TV ANNOUCEMENT, to play elsewhere in a diffrent sport, Leaving a franchise who loved him and was the KING in. He left the Bulls looking for answers. At the time no one knew if he was coming back. He wasnt critized the way LBJ has been… WHY?

    In my opinon this is the diffrence.. There was nothing wrong in leaving to Miami as Jordan leaving to play something else.. but in the way he did it wasnt something to clap for, I admit.. a bit selfish, Him just saying he I” was thinking about me”.. after all the love you have for your hometown, you would give them a shoutout and at least give reports or leads to teammates, the town and the organzation of what your intentions are if you see that your not happy with the organzations choices, the way I belive Jordan would have done it did before his big annoucement at the time.

    Here’s the aftermath,

    LBJ would eventually become THE MAN IN MIAMI and people will erase the ignorant thought of Wades Team and any of these ignorant comments that are trying to taint his career of being a coward and leaving a city hopeless. Chicago got over Mike eventually and didnt take it offensive when he signed up for the Wizards and Clevland will not be thinking about LeBron in the future.. If they wanna move foward as the Bulls did… and look at the team the Bulls have now.

    If you ask me, they teamed up down there in Miami for the Families, the weather, NO STATE TAX is nice too and didnt even care what the name of the team is or who’s team it would be.

    The air would eventually clear up for everyone.

    You can judge his decisions but cant change LBJ’s game. Alot of People don’t Like KOBE, but respect his game.

  8. Give it up fo MIAMI says:

    Im happy for dwade cuz his team can finally be a contender in the season and playoffs. The heat have been knocked out of the first round for a couple years and i though dwade was gonna give up but his stayed pacient and now hes got chris bosh and lebron james. I understand clevland is pissed at lebron for leaving but lebron culdnt win a title with mo williams, it takes more than that. If lebron felt like he needed to leave then so be it alot of other superstars left their first team. Look at shaq when he left orlando when he became the most dominant center as a rookie. Look at kevin garnett when he left minnesota and was the most dominat power forward in the nba. I think u got my point. Sometimes even the best players need help, they always cant do it by themselves. Lebron could average 50 points a game if he wanted to but he cant win a title scoring just scoring 50 a game, he needs other players to make that amazing play that feeds on other players and you have a whole bunch of different options. So im happy for lebron going to miami, clevland just has to accept that it didnt work out. Maybe if chris bosh went to clevland, who knows. The fact is lebron is in miami with dwade and chris bosh. Were gonna see if it works out if not it was worth a shot. Good luck miami.

  9. John M says:

    So many Comparisons! This is Hot Topic.. I LOVE IT!!! Forgive me if I get a bit off topic here from the beggining.

    Here is something I think about before calling this Miami Team “A SUPER TEAM.”

    Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Horace Grant, Steve Kerr (Bulls 90 Roster)


    Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Crish Bosh, Big Z, Carlos Arroyo. (Heat 2010-2011 Roster)

    Who would win that series in Seven?

    LBJ can maybe slow down MJ a lil bit but were talking about JORDAN.

    Wade is not known for his defensive game and would NOT be ABLE to stop Pippen in his prime.

    Rodman played in a rough NBA era, He probably would be having Bosh aggrivated on the boards that would take away from his offensive game.

    BULLS in Five or Six

    So this team would go down in History, No doubt. but under the Bulls from the 90’s.

    Back to the Topic at hand.

    Lebron’s letter seems Real and Honest. No one just says that to say it to look good in the public eye.

    But When your considered a King of Town you really don’t leave your kingdom. Even tho he was elected democratically(by the people) and really not given no choice if he wanted to be named.. King (HE WAS JUST DUBBED KING). It aint easy to digest such a big title in a town.. But you just dont up and leave like that. I guess he was just so mad with the Cavs Organzations beneath it all, to do that way.

    00’s Cavs VS 90’s BULLS.. No Comparison, I would be pissed too.

    Here something to think about?

    Dont forget Jordan left the Bulls on a Pulic TV ANNOUCEMENT, to play elsewhere in a diffrent sport, Leaving a franchise who loved him and was the KING in. He left the Bulls looking for answers. At the time no one knew if he was coming back. He wasnt critized the way LBJ has been… WHY?

    In my opinon this is the diffrence.. There was nothing wrong in leaving to Miami as Jordan leaving to play something else.. but in the way he did it wasnt something to clap for, I admit.. a bit selfish, Him just saying he I” was thinking about me”.. after all the love you have for your hometown, you would give them a shoutout and at least give reports or leads to teammates, the town and the organzation of what your intentions are if you see that your not happy with the organzations choices, the way I belive Jordan would have done it did before his big annoucement at the time.

    Here’s the aftermath,

    LBJ would eventually become THE MAN IN MIAMI and people will erase the ignorant thought of Wades Team and any of these ignorant comments that are trying to taint his career of being a coward and leaving a city hopeless. Chicago got over Mike eventually and didnt take it offensive when he signed up for the Wizards and Clevland will not be thinking about LeBron the future if the wanna move foward as the Bulls did… and look at the team the Bulls have now.

    If you ask me, they teamed up down there in Miami for the Families, the weather, NO STATE TAX is nice too and didnt even care what the name of the team is or who’s team it would be.

    The air would eventually clear up for everyone.

    You can judge hsi decisions but cant change LBJ’s game. Alot of People don’t Like KOBE, but respect his game.

  10. ldhl89 says:

    This is the cycle (more or less)
    “The bad teams draft players: Some make bad choices others make good choices
    “Depending on the player and the team: the player may end up as star or a good role player
    “A good prospect may be injured and lose the high expectations
    “Depending on the team and the coach and player. The team can become a candidate for playoffs
    “Good players on bad teams require the maximum contract (Here come good or bad contracts) and those players make financial problems to those teams
    “The players are traded to other teams for financial reasons or because they do not fit the current roster or did not pay what they should (injury or attitude of the player to the team)
    “The bad teams look to return to draft or sign a player (good or bad) for despair (Here come the bad contracts)
    -The teams with money take the good players (Lakers, Celtics)

    and more or less this is the cycle

  11. brybry says:

    LBJ will be booed just like VC in toronto.. lol

  12. jiao says:

    lebron sucks….

  13. Pyschic King says:

    Lebron should come back to Cleveland to retire one day.

  14. 25 says:

    I believe Smith’s articles should be considered stalking. Folks it’s over. So let me get this straight….Lebron should thank the city that burned his jersey, called him names and basically threatened him if he comes back to Cleveland. I believed Lebron thanked Cleveland enough by not responding to their ignorance. Lebron took the high road and didn’t respond to their banter and now folks are saying he should at least thank Cleveland. This is getting ridiculous

  15. Adam says:

    It’s a business. Cleveland has no right to whine about their ‘loss’– He was under a contract, and he fulfilled that contract– It’s over in Cleveland; get over it– There have been very few all-pro players that have spent their whole career with one team. Why is this so shocking?

  16. sh says:

    lebron is an amazing player but his a coward for running away without atleast giving them a ring
    i hate the lakers i always have so f u laker fans

  17. tom says:

    He left so he could get a freaking ring, if he stays in the cavs
    he is never going to get a ring, he did what was best for him so cavs fans, get over it!

  18. NayNay says:

    GO MIAMI HEAT!!!!!GO LBRON…Do not be hating because Pat pulled the impossible….All of you haters are upset because your team could not do this…GO HEAT…GO LBRON..GO WADE..GO BOSH,,,,,

  19. patrick brown says:

    It’s soo easy for the media to influence people.When did all this crap about who led their teams by themselves or who had help and who didn’t.Who cares!!Championships are won by a team.Kobe scored 81 points in a game but,if the team didn’t score the other 41 points they would have lost by 23points.Every championship team learn and grow together which is why a team like the Bulls of the 90’s won so many rings because they understood that if they could beat the Pistons nobady could beat them cause the Pistons were their only obstacle.If MJ had left like Lebron did he would have never learned the mental toughness he needed to suceed.All this talk about Kobe had Shaq and Gasol is ridiculous.What did any of them do without the other.Kobe avg 28ppg in that 3peat with Shaq and who got the ball with the game on the line.They were a one-two punch,period.Kobe was the youngest player to be named to an All Defense team and the youngest to start an All Star game and he came off the bench then.Shaq needed another dynamic player in Wade to win another ring.That’s what a team isGasol’s game got better playing with Kobe just like how Lebron and Wade’s defense got better after playing with Kobe on the 2008 us team.TEAM being the operative word.I agree Lebron had every right to leave but, he should have let Cleveland down easily.The problem i have with him leaving is that he has “Chosen One” tattoed on his back,is known as the “King’ and punked out when the going got rough instead of learning from it.He was too busy taking pictures and fake bowling and all those silly games he played with his teammates to led them.He wanted to be one of the guys instead of the leader and the fact is the Cavs just ran into 2 hot teams 2 years in a row.Their haven’t been a player in 27years (Moses Malone) that left a team that was doing as good as the Cavs did from 2007 til now and have their star player leave.Usually you leave when the team is doing bad.So is Lebron gonna leave again if Miami doesn’t win in the next 3 years like he left the Cavs and like he left in game 5.Only time will tell.Kobe wanted out but,the team brought help and he stayed and the rest is history.The reason why LA is so mentally tough is cause of how they lost to Boston.They learned from that experience and used it to win back to back titles.That is why in my opinion,Lebron should have stayed.You don’t need a team of superstars to win it all unless you’re thw Us team.What a team needs is their leader to make them better and not punk out when the going gets tough.Wade’s got game and mad heart.He will need it cause Lebron has none.

  20. Amare's a traitor says:


  21. Amare's a traitor says:

    Lakers are still winning the championship no matter who else miami gets.

  22. Mcnutty says:

    Sorry LBJ, still think that Kobe is WAY better.
    LBJ is like a dump truck with turbo boosters and springs attached.
    If only he wasn’t an A**hole as a person, i would be more of a fan.
    I would rather watch Kobe anyday.
    LAKERS all the way!!! Best 8 man rotation in the NBA+Barnes, Blake, and Ratliff.

    P.S. The only way that LBJ will ever get close to multiple rings in the coming years is when he shake’s Kobe’s hand.

  23. jamesr roi cagang says:

    im happy for lebrons decision, those people who hatin him, wht dont you support him, his a good player, and he loves his family, he just want a championship ring, , lets support LBJ ,GODBLESS LBJ and the team, go for the ring ^^

  24. zainah says:

    LBJ is fake man, so does his family.!!!

  25. mikey johnson says:

    you know everyone makes me so mad about this lebron you did the right thing dont worry about the selfish fans in ohio your better off where you are im a lebron fan not a basketball fan not a cavs or heat fan i hated basketball before i seen lebron playing at akron your the man and keep up the good work i have your cleveland jersey and id never let it get destroyed now go win those 10 championships i have your back

  26. jay P says:

    I think people forget that the CAVS tanked it for several years (some say on purpose) in hopes to get Lebron … sounds a little like karma to me. Would it be an issue if Lebron was drafted by another team other than his home state?. If Detroit had drafted him would there be any converstation over hime leaving? I don’t think so. People are acting like they have ownership of him. I don’t like him going to Miami either. To me the last few season have been great, especially the playoffs because there is so much talent and is well distributed. But he wants South Beach, then so be it.

  27. Lakers three-peat! :D says:

    Lebron is the better player statistically, but i would rather watch kobe anyday

  28. ProdigyPaulk says:

    Why do people care so much??? He has nothing to do with out lives, it’s just a game. People get traded all the time. At the end of the day I still have a life to live.

  29. dude says:

    can’t blame all the players for their dcisions. management are to be blamed to for their lack of competence in managing their basketball operation… meaning, their indicisiveness to back-up their main man with som1 who can complement the talent.. other players are to be blamed too.. their lack of attitude to step up their level of playing when playoffs come.. none of LBJ teammates stepped-up.. LBJ cant rely on them.. even the coach didn’t step-up his game plan..

  30. RUseem says:

    And ppl keep saying LeBron quit……??…….please tell me how u have a triple double in a eliminating game and be accused for quitting???I want to see who ever thanks he quit make it to the NBA and do it all by themselves and show us what you mean by winning the title with Mo WIlliams who never showed up but 1 half in the playoffs or Jamison wiho was getting demolished by KG or a Coach that doesnt play Big Z til the 3rd game of the series and doesnt play hickson the minutes he needs to be affective…please make it to the NBA right now and show us how it is done, because it is obviously that easy…you must be a kobe fan, mind u kobe has all the help in the world including the REFS….think about it

  31. FlipMoss says:

    I keep seeing people compare a couple idiots who burned jerseys to all Cavs fans which isn’t fair. You have to seperate the 2. Also, on ESPN, they announced the people said they burned the jerseys only because the camera crew was there so it was all a ploy(media attention). Anyways its ridiculous to think that a 60+ win team doesn’t have the talent to win a championship, obviously they were doing something right. I’m a Clevelander and I was never really a fan of LeBron in the Mike Brown era as a player.This may sound strange but I believe he hurt the team more than he helped our team(not financially but on the floor) and I for one was happy to see him leave via The Decision. I say he hurt the team because his style of play took away from others what they are comfortable doing. A perfect example is Mo Williams. Before Mo came to the Cavs he was a scorer who could distribute just as well. He could beat you off the dribble, spot up for three, kill you with the mid-range, and find the open man. The last two years, Mo’s game has gone from him being a scorer to him becoming a spot up shooter which he obviouly isn’t comfortable with because he was hesitant shooting the ball like that in a lot of games. If you are not an avid follower of the Cavs or a genuine Cavs fan you wouldn’t understand fully because the difference in perspectives. LeBron’s game, and I don’t think he wanted it to be this way truthfully, is to dominate the ball and be scorer, distributor, and the creator of all the offense while on the floor and this is a testiment of MIke Brown’s inability to run an offense traditionally. People may talk about the Cavs going back into the “pre-Lebron” era but I believe a lot of you and media are underestimating the talent we have on this team. I’m not saying we are championship caliber, but we are far better than what you give us credit for. If our team, under Byron Scott, can play while being comfortable in their game, we can turn a lot of heads.
    As far as this letter goes……I don’t care, he’s from Akron he is not a Clevelander. Besides playing for the Cavs he hasn’t done a lot in the Cleveland community so why should I care that he shunned us. His actions really show his character.

  32. RUseem says:

    He didnt thank cleveland he thanked Akron…and if you didnt want to hear his decision on the hour special im pretty sure you have more channels too watch so get over it, change the channel retards….The man did what was best for him and his family. You had to know if he was having a hour special it wasnt going to be so he can tell everyone he was staying in clev. that would have been stupid and a waste of time, then i would have been mad. I wanted him to come to the knicks but he did wat was best for his chance to have a real team for once in his NBA career.

  33. Tim123 says:

    Really guys seriously get over it he made the best choice if he cared about anything other then winning a championship he wouldn’t of gone to miami but he does and thats why this is the best choice for him…leave him be n for cleveland he left get over it he never betrayed you he said from the begining that he was gonna do whats best FOR bron not whats best for a city that has nothing else

  34. AndrewA says:

    If any Clevelander is surprised by this… you are an idiot! Anytime Lebron referred to why he wants to be in Ohio is because of Akron. If it was the Akron Cavaliers, he would still be here. He never did and never will care about the city of Cleveland. Lebron, Wade, and Bosh knew they were going to do this Monopoly back in the Olympics. The NBA just turns a blind eye to Miami having a part in the recruiting process.

    We put these jokers on a pedestal, worship them, and pay them millions while people in America go hungry, homeless, and jobless. Then get upset when someone like Lebron lets down a city that loved, and supported him… A city that thought the feelings were mutual. Does anyone who makes comments about Lebron really think he gives a s*** about hurting anyone, letting anyone done, disappointing anyone, setting back a whole team & city?….NO!!!!

    I think the NBA has become a sport full of heartless, disloyal, money hungry players. It’s no longer about a legacy, it’s about what team can afford the best players and create monopoly’s. I’m sick of all the richest teams always being the best and the same old teams winning the championship.

  35. Greg C says:

    Hi there

    I have to say that Lebron has been disappointing. He makes comments that Akron is his central focus /. However the first chance he gets he bolts. To me just be open and honest and call it as it is

    The thing we all have to remember as well. Do we really thing he wrote the note? I will bet you anything that there were many many drafts and it was done by a PR person and Lebron just signed it

  36. heatfan says:


  37. Ramzee says:

    LeBron should retire

  38. johnny says:

    Leave lebron james alone alredy. he made the best desion of his career. dont judge him now for that..hes not going to saty in cleavland forever. he wants to win. leave the poor guy alone. u should thank him for giving your city a show for 7 years. but he was alone and couldent win. thats it. time to move on from there

  39. AkronCAVSFan says:

    First of all, for those people who cannot formulate a complete sentence or properly speak the English language, please refrain from sharing your thoughts. I was born and raised in Akron, Ohio and I know why the majority of people here are actually pissed at him. It is not because he went to Miami. Quite frankly who wouldn’t chase their dreams? Most people in Akron are mad because of how he left. “The Decision” showed that he has no respect for his hometown fans and certainly has no class. Lebron gave our city a bad name because that’s not how we are raised here. Furthermore, Lebron James is a quitter and we don’t teach that here either. So Miami fans, don’t be quick to get your championship hats made, because you never know if Lebron will quit on you like he did against Boston.

    There are two things “King James” should remember First, no matter how many championships he wins now, he will always have one less then Dwayne Wade, making him the second best player in his draft class. Secondly, even though he has won individual awards, if he does not win an NBA championship he will be nothing more than a high school champion.

    In addition, for those ignorant people who hate on individuals from Ohio, you really need to study more before opening your mouths. I will give you the fact that we have not won very many championships over the last 20 years, but we do have a rich history of champions. Take a good look at the roster’s of championship teams in the NCAA, the NBA, and even the NFL, you will find that a great number of these athletes are from Ohio.

    So people, please stop believing everything you read on the internet, hear on the radio, or watch on T.V. College educated people know that these types of sources are not credible. Again, please do your homework before you opening your mouth and making ignorant comments.

  40. miami says:

    miami lebron is jordan wade is pippen and bosh is t-mac

  41. Ramzee says:

    LBJ my! He had role players! Whut ’bout Parker n Williams good 3pt shooters 2 space the floor 4 him (by the way Miami doesn’t have those, Miller ain’t enuff n neither James or Wade can shoot 3s, good luck!), Antawn Jamison, Shaq, Varejao. AND DAT AIN’T ENUFF 4 HIM? He needs better helpers. Dat assumes he’s nowhere even close 2 Bird & Co, not even on the same planet!! He shouldn’t b mentioned in the same breath. LBJ chose the easy way. He could’ve gone 2 NY if he wasn’t such a sissy. Like…let’s see who’s better, Wade – Bosh or LBJ – Amare or even Rose – Noah but no he didn’t have the b.alls 2 do so. Pretty Poor!!

  42. miami says:

    dont talk nonesense lebron is a great lebron just went to miami to join dwayne wade chris bosh because cleveland didnt give him any help any help to win a championship besides lebron is gonna three peat with miami just like kobe wish he did with la

  43. Luis says:

    That is BS because Lebron could have taken the paycut in cleveland so they could have signed Amar’e or Bosh but instead of helping cleveland out by taking a paycut there he helps Miami take a paycut a fitting under there salary cap and it wasn’t even about basketball because he didn’t even have any comments about Erik Spoelstra coaching style and Spoelstra and how he would love to play for him didn’t even meet with him before the signing, he was talking about Coach Thibbs coaching style in Chicago. All he wants to do is party that’s why the first things that came out of his mouth was I am taking my talents to south beach.

  44. heatfan says:

    I dont think its a good move for miami to get all three in the team coz it would take a toll on the rest of the roster talking bout the money.. miami shudve sticked wd wade bosh.. get a quality center that would provide beef down the block. an efficient pg and consistent shooters.. kudos still on PAT.. still a lightyear better than the roster for the past 4 seasons. Wade did it with him at the center of talented roleplayers before. WADE IS THE KEY STILL FOR MIAMI

  45. lockess says:

    @people who say its not only LEbron’s life but also the city, the fans of NBa and the ticket buyers,
    have a partial idea for argument, however these ideas do not truly decide to control or run Lebron’s life.
    Ultimately, Lebron is living his life, yes although his life decision has affected people in various ways, he cannot control it. ANd he should not have to control it. He should be able to live his life as he wishes without following another’s standards.
    Who are we as people to tell him what to do and what not to do?
    Yes i also agree that the media is blaming LBJ for the chaos in the NBA, however this is not legitimate reason to hate him.
    Everyday the media brainwashes people, with war propaganda, discrimiation and now its hate towards one player.
    Let the media do what it wishes, but we as people should stay above the influence and think and decide for ourselves.
    Lebron has decided to move on and try to win a championship outside of Cleveland… and so what if he does… it is not our decision to control Lebron’s life.
    We as spectators must watch.

    ON a side note, it is interesting to now try to compare Lebron to another great player like Kobe Bryant or Jordan.
    Based on his deicion to team up with Dwayne Wade, who is arguably one of the top3 players currently in the NBA, degrades any chance of making Lebron even being mentioned near those guys of such high calibur.
    Although Jordan and Kobe have had help to win their championships, it was not however with such drama and measly antics.
    Lebron went to another team to attempt to win while Jordan and Kobe stayed on one team and built them.
    Lebron however went into the house of Wade and is now trying to win.

    So all in all we can see that Lebron has hurt his Legacy, and maybe he has accepted the fact that he cannot be compared to Bryant or Jordan. Maybe he wants to be known as being part of the best three-man trio ever?
    Who knows… in the end we as fans of basketball can only watch. After all, isnt that what we should do?

  46. hasan says:

    only kobeeeeeeeeeee is the real kinggggggggggggggg

  47. Mike says:

    I think lebron know he did wrong… But its to late to go back…..But the lakers will always be on top hahahahaha

  48. Ge the heck over it kids. says:

    Get over it. He left Cleveland, and I’m glad that he did after all the slack he got for it. You scrubs were absolutely nothing, and you honestly have the audacity to do what you did to him? HONESTLY? I mean lets just sit back for a second and think about how he basically put you trashes on the map SINGLE-HANDEDLY and what does he get? A tarnished name and his jersey burned. I’ve never seen such ungratefulness in my life. NEVER.

    I say it once and I’ll say it again, so read carefully. CLEVELAND SCRUBS. LEBRON. DOES. NOT. OWE. YOU. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. So stop acting like he does. He left you guys because you sucked. Bottom line. He wanted to win a championship, so his decision was completely understandable.

    Deal with it.

  49. Yampi says:

    I was a fan of Lebron james, he was in the path to be one of the greatest of basketball, but his recent actions, when he has become a selfish and proud person, will help the people to remember lebron as a coward who betrayed his home and his fans, and his team, he will never be in the path of a michel jordan and a kobe bryant that stayed with his teams in the good times and bad times… wrong move lebron, wrong decicion!!

  50. LakersWillWin says:

    Its so funny during the year the Lakers suck have the worst bench aren’t going to even beat the Thunder. At the end of the year Lakers are too good its not fair LeBron would beat Kobe if his team wasn’t stacked. People are pathetic I love it.

  51. Yoyo says:

    Miami is going to have no chemistry.

  52. bob says:

    leave Lebron James alone he is an athlete he plays basketball and wants to win who cares if he left the
    cavs they are losers they were not doing anything before Lebron so stop sweating him if lebron was a bum aint nobody would want him but because he a superstar u mad cause he’s throwing his weight around in a system that only cares about one thing the numbers nobody dont care about lebron they only care about the numbers he puts up on the basketball court. big up to lebron for working for everything he has and stop harrasing him he is 25 years old people make mistakes. We see them among us everyday everywhere you might have been your parents mistake so just leave the man alone and lets talk about bigger issues like how to prevent war, natural disasters , oh and how to help our fellow man become a better person no we worry about Lebron and how he leaves a team for another. Freaking Morons

  53. Nathan says:

    Lebron did not have to stay at Cleveland forever. He wants a ring, so he goes somewhere where he could get one.
    Granted he would have gotten a ring in Cleveland eventually. But he needed someone very reliable. During the playoffs.
    Usually it was just Lebron or just Big-Z playing well. Then once Mo Williams came around they started looking dynasty good. But upsets in the playoffs happened each year and stopped them short. So Lebrons frustration was building up the entire time. So he wants to go get a fresh start.

  54. FLiP says:

    Lakers can still beat the Heat. The Heat have 3 superstars and 2 are injury prone. they’re bench is decent now but they cant win a lot of games like that. they will do good during the season but people are expecting too much from the Heat. they could win 2-3 rings IF they stay healthy. the The Heat are focusing on getting superstars while they should do what the lakers are doing, little by little making the team better. adding role players like barnes and blake can help a team a lot.

  55. lebron is a cowars. if i waz him i would of stayed but no he left. i would try to be a real hall of famer and try to recruit people and this year is going to be the celtics turn to win

  56. Peter says:

    The WAY in which LBJ left the Cavs revealed the true King of Akron- a 25 year immature boy who has surrounded himself with his high school buddies as PR/Marketing advisors. No one on LBJ’s “team” has any qualifications to do their job other than being his friend.

    The NBA is a business and if LBJ is to become a succesful businessman, he will need to grow up quickly and take responsibility for his actions. Over the last 7 years, the Cavs consulted him on all personnel decisions including the firing of Mike Brown. LBJ did not hold up his end of the bargain by actively recruitng players to join him in Cleveland. It is not factual to say that the Cavs failed to provided LBJ with the necessary parts to win a ring. It is correct to point out that LBJ, while a great basketball player, does not have the internal character and drive to be the leader on a championship team in the NBA.

    If the Cavs are to be faulted for anything over the last 7 years it is for giving into all of LBJ’s demands which included jobs for friends, courtside seats, full access for friends and family, travel on the team plane, etc. Instead of providing a structured enviroment with discipline and expectations, the Cavs actions only served to create the super-sized ego that is now apparent to the world.

    It should be very interesting to see how LBJ responds now that all of his actions will be under a much larger media magnifying glass in MIami. If he doesn’t grow up quickly or if he quits like he did in game 5 in Boston, it could be like the brutual car crash on the side of the highway- you are disgusted, but you can’t look away.

  57. Lakers Fan from France says:

    Lebron had Z, Mo Williams, D West, Varejao, Shaq, Jamison (deepest team in the NBA)… with him in Cleveland & best record in the regular season. Everyone put Cleveland as the favorite for the title and you saw the result : Lebron and his Cavaliers did not even made it to the finals.

    This offseason, he could have asked his front office to sign one or two good players to strenghten his team (as Kobe did a few years ago), they would have paid for them to keep him. He took less money to join Wade’s team. How can you compare this guy to Kobe ?

  58. LAKERS79 says:

    Lebron will forever kick himself for not winning one in Cleveland, instead he will be a lap dog for D Wade .

  59. Andrew says:

    Lebron will always be the so called ‘king’ that couldn’t win a ring without the help of another mega star! KOBE bryant done it with superstars, but he is the only mega star in LA today! lebron doesn’t feel bad bout it. Just my Opinion!!!!

  60. Marck says:

    Omg leave the man alone he did wha was best fo him he spent almost all his career on a team and cannot win a single ring so you want the lakers to keep winning or what!!!!

  61. R2J says:

    Oh LeBron will be remembered alright, as the baller who doesn’t show sportsmanship or respect to the fans. Here a guy who chose to handle free agency like a WWF spinoff. I’m not mad at him leaving the Cavs. Hell I live in Chicago. I didn’t like the manner in which he left Cleveland that’s all. What you put out into the universe, you will get back.

  62. j says:

    the letter to akron was appropriate leaving cleveland out is a toss up. i have mixed feelings about it; on one hand forget cleveland (from dayton) we have no pro team so you may say im jealous. but ion other hand i dont feel he should of stooped to the cavs execs level. he stood strong until now but he is only a man and i know as a man your emotions can take control of you sometimes (THE MAIN REASON I THINK THE DECISION WAS NOT IN CLEVELAND). speaking of that special, before that evening EVERYONE AND THEIR GRANDMOTHER has been talking about this years free agents, top pick LBJ and if he was to pull a wade/ bosh/ durant THE MEDIA WOULD HAVE HOUNDED HIM FOR THE REST OF THE SUMMER WITH QUESTIONS. he killed a nest of birds(MORE LIKE VORTURES) with one pebble. DOES ANYONE THINK/ BLAME MEDIA FOR ANY OF THESE TYPE OF DECISIONS. CLASSIC EXAMPLE.. DO ANYONE THINK THE MEDIA HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH LBJ NOT GOING TO OSTATE??? remember the Hummer situation and suspension from sr. high season which was overuled but if the media would have stayed out of his face and detailed life since he was 14/15. THE MAN WOULD NOT THINK HE WAS A “KING” but back to my point if LBJ would have went to college HE WOULD HAVE NEVERED BEEN A CAV!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. TrueChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

    Lets get 2 things straight…LeBron didn’t put cleveland on the map (Craig Ehlo did by trying to block MJ and falling to the ground!) and Cleveland didn’t make LeBron…but D-WADE will make LeBron a Champion…it doesn’t matter how many rings they get in Miami…D-WADE will always have one more than LeBron.

    What I would love to see is LeBron out for some reason in the post season…and Miami still take it with Bosh and D-Wade…That would be AMAZING!!!! Toronto will miss you CB4.

  64. jose says:

    i hope you lose your fingers in an accident. i hope delonte forgives you.

  65. LBJ IS THE KING says:

    all you lebron haters are complete losers

  66. Tecia says:

    I do not feel sorry for Cleveland! They are just as much to blame as they are trying to say Lebron is. He was a “free agent!” He does not owe them anything. He gave them 7 yrs…and to me that is loyal! He didnt opt out early from their sorry a**** , and he should have a long time ago considering how they have been since he left. They never gave a damn about the human being Lebron James only about what “Lebron James” name could do for their city! Burning jerseys, writing stupid a** letters, and treating people like dogs because they have on a jersey! That is sickening and they will never prosper because of it! The media made Lebron a spectacle….so he capitalized on it for a charity he wanted to contribute to. If you wanna damn show…you gotta pay for it! He plays b-ball and is damn good at it! Cleveland sucks…and those of you in Akron who support Lebron…BIG UPS to you!! I am a Lebron James & Dwayne Wade fan for life!!! I don’t care where they go…as long as I can see them play ball! I am a MJ fan but he needs to shut up on this one! He was a great player, but he damn sure didnt do it alone! I commend Lebron for writing the letter to “Akron.” He didn’t have to but he did. Who cares what the hell the naysayers think…their a**** not out on anybody’s court…….PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!


  67. jared says:

    Cleveland is just mad because the only good thing about their city just left. Go back to watching all your teams lose for another long period of time. Cheers.

  68. good game says:

    We’ll have to see whos team Miami will be, if LeBron again have as good regular season as he had last 2 years, no doubt its his team, no matter he just got there!

    When Tim Duncan came to NBA, Spurs were Robinson’s team, but just after 1st season it was clear its now Duncan’s team. Point is its always team of the best player on court, so we will see what will happen!

  69. A roid says:

    The part of the movie where lebron was playn’ with his kids really made me have a change of heart about his ego

  70. good game says:

    James probably did this wrong way by that 1 hour show, but Im sure even if he did this in normal way there would still be as many critics as there are today. I support LeBron’s decision to go from Cleveland. Does any1 think Cleveland would be able to win title next year if James stayed? I really dont think they would, they didnt had enough cap space for some good players and obviously this team isnt good enough. Who knows maybe in next 5-6 years they would win 1 title but thats all.

    LeBron’s roll models, like for every1 else, are big champs like Jordan, Magic, Bird, Jabbar, Russell so he wants to be like them or better than them, which is perfectly normal, cause whats point in playing game if you dont have desire to became the best?!

    Every team that produced big champion had at least 2 more Hall of Fame members:
    Jordan, Pippen, Rodman (every1 will agree with me that Rodman MUST be accepted in Hall of Fame)
    Magic, Jabbar, Worthy
    Bird, Parish, McHale
    Russel had half team of Hall of Famers

    In near past lets remember Shaq. He was drafted to Orlando, he spent there his first 4 years, he even played in The Finals but he then decided to leav and went to Lakers, I dont remember people criticized him this much when he left to LA, and resoult was 3 titles in 3 years, that team also had at least 2 future Hall of Famers and probably both of them are top 10 players of all time (Shaq and Kobe).

    So what is the problem here, I really dont understand all this legends who criticize James for him move, all of them had stacked teams and its so obvious that beside James that Cleveland team cant produce any other Hall of Fame player and thats MUST to win champs multiple times!

    Good luck for LeBron and I hope we will watch some good baskeball in next years!!!

  71. Verk says:

    Why is everyone hating on the heat anyway? Is Wade, LBJ, and Bosh any better than Jordan, Pippen and Rodman? or Magic, Baylor and Kareem? Bird, Mchale, Johnson? Not really…. The ’71 knicks had 5 hall of famers, FIVE! The Celtics of the 60’s had hall of famers coming out of holes they didn’t know they had. It’s not like this kind of thing hasn’t happened before….

  72. Wow... says:

    Some of you people realize amaze me with saying… that the Cavaliers made lebron. As far as i see it.. he made the cavaliers.. since he got drafted to that team.. then the cavaliers became exciting. But before that.. the cavaliers weren’t even mentioned.. Anyway onto the topic.. Lebron did whats best for his family and himself so.. whos to judge that.. ? just because he was the franchise player of a team everyone just puts him down now , because he wanted to chase a champion. Plus.. all these hall of famers that say hes ruining his legacy by going to miami.. well what legacy is he going to have if he only wins one champion or never wins a champion in cleveland then.. hes just going to be written off like charles barley lol…

  73. Verk says:

    honestly cleveland fans need to shut up, the guy gave 7 years, honored his contract and is the best player you guys have ever had. At least he didn’t demand a trade or anything, He stuck it out to the end. If his number isn’t retired i’ll be shocked, I’m a Raptors fan and when bosh left I was excited for the future, he’d be stupid if he didn’t team up with the other two in miami.

  74. basketballfan says:

    Look at reality: Cleveland fans I feel sorry for you but you need to face it, YOU LOST LEBRON AND YOU ARE NO LONGER GOOD ENOUGH TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP (not that you did before, but now there is no hope).
    Heat fans: You should be excited and you are probably going to be very good next year. It might not be next year but you will probably win a championship soon.
    Basketball fans: Well personally I just like watching and playing the game of basketball and all of this has too much speculation.

  75. T_DOT9 says:

    I think Lebron was juss tryin to put it out there that his kingdom is Akron, not Cleveland. Maybe that’s the reason why he left Cleveland with no regrets…

  76. Nathaniel says:

    I dont understand what the big deal is with this whole “Lebron” thing. I think it was classy of him to write the letter, (though not entirely original), he didnt have to. It showed a lot of class; hes giving his home town a “big up”. So what he left out cleveland; take the electron microscope off of the man. He made a decision that’s gonna bring him several championship rings in all likely hood. But then again, he is lebron james; darned if he does, darned if he dont. Just leave it alone; i guarantee you, outside of cleveland, no-one will be complaining when they see the heat playing next season; once the they see all the dunks, threes and fast breaks they will be getting. Time will tell………

  77. RaptorsFan says:

    I agree that LeBron had the right to go to whichever team that he wanted to go to, in his quest for a ring, but I think most people are forgetting that his exit from the Cavaliers organization was one of the worst of all time. Announcing over a primetime special, that you were going to leave your hometown team, was a bad decision. He basically played games with the Cleveland fans, and made this seem like a business decision, instead of a decision from the heart. But I’m sure if he was more honest with Cleveland fans and organization, his exit would not have left such a bitter feeling with the Cleveland fans. But again, I do not criticize him for leaving for Miami, because he had the right to do so, I’m simply disappointed in his exit from the only franchise that he ever played for.

  78. LBJ is still the KING says:

    LOOK out LAKERS! you will get beat hard by MIAMI! LBJ will still be the MVP 2011!

  79. jason says:

    BTW, Pippen was the second best player in the NBA for most of his career and all of the Bulls/ championships. So Jordan did not do it alone.

  80. broke son says:

    Did u just call karem abdul jabar a role player……idiot
    bird had more then just role players in kevin mchale and robert parish
    MJ had Pippen the greatest wing man of all time, and dennis rodman. rodman lead the league in rebounds 8 straight years more then just role players.


    Lebron will not win in Miami because outside of him Dwade and Bosh they dont have too many other options, unless Obama legalizes human cloning and lets Lebron be the first test subject

  82. Eman says:


  83. L.T. says:

    Lebron aired “The Decision” to help raise money for the boys and girls club … a CHARITY. If you don’t know the fact don’t say sh*t . LeBron makes decisions in life, so do we. Ours might not be talked about throughout the country but they still happen .. Dwayne Wade was the first guy I looked up to, the reason I started watching basketball , LeBron is amazing, nobody can say he can’t play the game because we’ve all watched him play and he’s not someone you leave alone , so stop dissing him saying kobe is better blah blah blah .. that has nothing to do with this video . I didn’t see Kobe in the video ..

  84. pippip says:

    Lebron is the most skilled player right now. Kobe has the highest basketball IQ. When it comes to skill it is almost like comparing Jordan to Wilkins. To anyone that is mad or thinks Lebron isn’t going to get a ring i challenge you to quit talking crap and tryout. If not sit there watch like the rest of the world. We all know cleveland hates lebron but I bet that stadium fills up when Miami comes into town because those fans would go there to boo him. Like going to watch an ex-girlfriend go on another date.


  85. Tanasha says:

    what really fustrates me is ppl who dnt have their FACTS right luk who wade had on his team and look who the lebron had on his team really? n if dwade is all that y did his team get knocked out n da 1st round huh bulls#1 yeah it can still b dwades team but he will NOT get all the credit wen the heat win thier championship

  86. ZULU says:

    Come on give the young fellow some slack. His mentor is Warren Buffet not some pr firm from Cleveland. So he gives a ‘shout-out’ to Akron. It is his home town. If you don’t square with how he did it, Use either one or both of the following weapons: ignor James, or hit change on the remote.The Lakers await thee…….

  87. Mark says:

    if i was lebron i wouldnt have done da decision unless i was stayin. but i dont blame him for leavin even though id rather him stay and get on jordan’s level leadin a team which he wont get now. but for all da kobe lovers, i dont care what u say lakers are stacked. gasol da best pf in da game & bynum, artest, odom, etc. keep it real. bird & magic had multiple players off da 50 greatest in history on they team. & jordan had 1 in pippen. so all of a sudden its wrong when lebron does it. guess it show how good lebron is. they prolly woulda been mad if jordan did it too. cle cant get mad at him for leavin tho cause they was nothin before he came. they should be thankin him fo real. what was la after shaq left & before gasol came? 1 round and out. kobe was ready to leave la. but that was ok huh? difference is he got help. lebron didnt

    • Alex says:

      i love kobe and i know my team is stacked….so what? we built our team over the last 4 seasons, and even further if you go back to us getting odom from miami. we develop our bench talent on top of that. thats why vujacik had the heart to hit those 2 free throws to help seal our championship. no casual fan should speak on another fans team without understanding the history of that team or the game itself for that matter. jordans team was stacked as well. every champions team was stacked…but if you really the man or the “king” for that matter you have the cajones to get people to join you, not the other way around. and then if you make the bad decision to leave, you dont did it the way he did it..with all the little kids having their hearts broken hearing him spit nonsense on his hugely arrogant special. did kg do that? did allen? oh thats right they gave the majority of their pro careers for their original teams. this guy is 25 , give me a break. no on can be an apologist for this joker and be serious

    • Brisvegas says:

      Over and over again I’ve heard people say that until LBJ wins a title, he’ll never be remembered as one of the greats. I think he stuck around as long as he could in Cleveland and last season was their best shot at winning and the support just wasn’t there. I like Mo and Antawn and most of the Cleveland roster, but when Lebron wasn’t playin his best, they just didn’t pick up the slack. NO player currently playing in the NBA has as much impact on a game as LeBron. In my mind he is one the greatest players the game has seen, and Cleveland should be greatful for the 7 years he was loyal and tryed to grind out a Championship. If he didn’t switch and never won a title, then what would people have to say about him. I’m all for loyalty, I think Durant’s decision was fantastic, there is room for growth in OKC, but sooner or later you have to get real, and a title just wasn’t in Cleveland. I agree with others comments also, what about Stoudemire and Bosh and others. They cop no criticism at all, and why? Good luck in Miami I say, it makes for an exciting season ahead.

  88. Tanasha says:

    i dnt think lbj’s decision special was over the top he answered all the questions openly and honestly and presented himself in a professional manner besides the cleveland cavs did absolutely NOTHING to keep yeah they got a new coach but it wasnt all mike brown’s (although he didnt make the right adjustments) but it was really the players’ fault who didnt step up but waited for lebron to do everything now he has the help he deserves and yes he is still the king of AKRON

  89. pippip says:

    When Kevin left Minnesota to Boston the T-wolves fans, such as myself were happy for him because of what he has done for the city and our team at that time. When he won in Boston a lot of us were happy for him. He was only in Minnesota for roughly a decade. Lebron spent his entire life in Ohio. Here is a kid that bent over backwards for the city and definitely gave cleveland something to cheer about. He felt he ran his course there and wanted to move on. Now cleveland fans want to take that away from him because he is in Miami now. If fair is fair they should give the money he made for them back to him. it was an ugly break up that the world was going to see. Anyone want to blame the coach or his co players for not stepping up. No. Anyone want to movew on and start thinking of the next step for the cav’s, No! I feel bad for the rest of the players who practiced everyday and did go out there with that Cav jersey on just to hear their fans still chant for a player who isn’t there anymore. Be thankful for what you did get out of him. He earned respect for playing the game. He earned his MVP’s, all-star nods and every other award he won. He owes himself to get that ring for himself not for a city. I say any fan that has something bad to say about Lebron Leaving, suit up and get your ass out there and you deal with the double and triple teams. You sacrifice scoring titles and part of your ability to play at your potential for that team. His downfall is his mouth not his ego. I’ll say thank you Lebron for what you have done for the game. Steve nash has back to back mvp’s and hasn’t reached the finals. Cleveland put him on the pedestal now they are mad that he left. Z left for the same reason but no one got mad. Now through all the Bron bashing it will be funny to see the New Jersey Nets bash the Cav’s. They should be crying over their football team and baseball team, not one basketball player who probably fed that town the past 7 years!

  90. john says:

    everyone thinks that the Heat will beat LA b/c they have three stars but the truth is the bigger the star the bigger the ego so next year i predict LA vs. Boston and LA wins it again. Boston will take care of Heat you’ll see. I predicted LA vs. Boston this year and was right. GO LA Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Sutton says:

    James is his own man. . . so he needed to make a decision that would make him happy. . Not the NBA. . Not Cleveland.
    No matter what sports fans or other sports figures might say he did what he did for him so take it easy on him. I myself would of liked to see him go to New York or Chicago but he picked the Heat which in turn may or may not give him the top prize in the NBA. . Championships.

  92. Miguel says:

    He said it himself: what if in 5 years in Cleveland im 30 with no rings and bad knees…..?
    I dont think cleveland would have won this year or 2012. no cap space…. so he had to take the shot.

  93. Bulls#1 says:

    Ok Ok 1st thing I would like to say I do not care that lbj decided to play 2nd fiddle in the D WADE show. He is a grown man who is able to make his own “decision.” But I will say if a person have any respect to the team they play(ed) they give their team a heads up ( I want be back next season, start getting prepared to be without me) something, or any other teams you know you not going to play for. Now that what a real Man will do, and we see just how immature and young minded lbj is for how he made his “decision.”

    Let me state I am not (I repeat) am NOT a kobe fan but lbj is out the conversation of kb vs lbj. Lets take a look at this: Yes Kobe had 2 or 3 badd years in LA (as a team not making the playoffs than only getting 8th place) and was tired of caring the work load by himself and ask out.LA got Gasol (an unproven big man who became better in LA not before he got there) got fisher back and some young players grew up fast. Now lbj when he 1st came in yes his team was badd not making the playoffs the 1st few yrs and what not but than he start to grow with his team. Cavs made playoffs, started improving 07 made it to the finals (i still say fluke but they made it) and for the past 2 season had the best team with the best record in the LEAGUE. So i wish people stop saying “Kobe demanded out nobody said nothing” the thing is with Kobe he never quited, never gave up no matter how bad the game or team was looking. lbj gave up in the playoffs vs Boston and to say he didnt need to re-watch the 2nd half of game 5.

    Also to say that Magic, Bird, Jordan all stayed because they had help is freaking nuts. These guys never said a lets play together so we can win, NO!!! Magic and Bird both got drafted into good situation, they can not help that fact and people choice to come play with them and a lot of them guys (not all) Magic and Bird made them better after they came to the team. Don’t get me started on Jordan. He stayed with the bulls when the team was at its lowest. His Chicago team of the 1st 3 peat was built threw the draft (Pippen, Grant, BJ, etc) and I love Pippen game, he is one of the greats and congrats on the HOF but JORDAN had to wait til Pippen was ready, he had to wait til Horace and the rest of the guys was ready. He didn’t bail cause of a few bad run ins with bad boys of Detroit. So with that if the Greatest of all time, the MOST competitive person on the hardwood could keep pushing til he beat the best(Magic, Drexlar, Barkely, Kemp, Payton, Stockton, Malone) That’s not even the Greats he beat gettng to the finals. Jordan never join up with these Guys he wanted to beat them and let them HE was the reason they cant win.

    Yes lbj can play 2nd fiddle in the D WADE show but he is not great (good but not great), he is not king, he is not THE MAN, he needs never to be put in a conversation with any GREATS. You all have a nice day……GO BULLS

    • Alex says:

      your recap of kobe is incorrect by the way. kobe stayed with us and gasol landed in our lap over halfway through the season. its not like kobe knew that we would get him. kobe had already won championships with us and put up with alot in LA before this. never compare Le brag to kobe EVER.

      • Tone says:

        Actually didn’t Kobe want out unless they got someone. The only reason he didn’t leave was because of his contract and he was catching flak about going public. The fact of the matter is Kobe was not winning anything without Gasol. You are correct his recap is not completely accurate, Gasol was a proven big man before L.A. He just couldn’t carry Memphis by himself, Kobe couldn’t carry the Lakers by himself. The two have joined and made an awesome team with the help of a good bench.

  94. Rock on Lebron says:

    ok guys look, this is a Jordan Higgin from good old canada, infact minnedosa mb, look lebron is my hero, he inspired me to play basketball, and as a matter a fact, thanks 2 him im trying out for my university bball team next fall, and then if my dreams suceed, hopefully drafted to the nba, so yeah cleveland suck it up, he made a manly choice and i respect and honour him for it, so lebron i wish u all the best cant wait to order ur new jersey, and watch some heat games, also rock on bosh and wade, u guys rock.

  95. stacy says:


  96. Oh says:

    Look, the truth of the matter is LeBron was at Cleveland for 7 seasons, and yes then he left. But it is the Cavaliers Franchise’s fault that he left. They gave him no back up men firstly, they had 7 seasons to produce one solid consistant player to help LeBron, and they didnt do that, now thats reason enough for him to want to leave. Secondly they made no attempt to retain him once he became a free agent, they just presumed that as he was born in Ohio e would stay. Yes the way LeBron left the Cavaliers was poor, but their attept to retain him was even poorer. So yes LeBron has some blame, only for the way he left, the real blame should be directed at the Cavaliers franchise, who basically gave LeBron no incentive to stay.

  97. Cavs dont deserve him. and they will never win anything and they could not honestly expect to stay when the EAST clearly got better..

  98. Jordan Higgin says:

    ok guys look, this is a guy from good old canada, infact minnedosa mb, look lebron is my hero, he inspired me to play basketball, and as a matter a fact, thanks 2 him im trying out for my universiy bball team next fall, and then if my dreams suceed, hopefully drafted to the nba, so yeah cleveland suck it up, he make a manly choice and i respect and honour him for it, so lebron i wish u all the best cant wait to order ur new jersey, and watch some heat, also rock on bosh and wade, u guys rock.

  99. i hate how dumb people are when it comes to all this.. forget cleveland they are terrible in every sport. they didnt deserve lebron anyways. the bottom line is that why would you stay in a team that will never make it to the finals. they are always favorites but never make it to the finals. In an easten conferance that CLEARLY got better their is no way that Lebron can carry those losers back to the playoffs

  100. Stoke says:

    I just want to say for those people who say Clevland ruined Lebron’s name. How so? I can’t believe you guys would even say something like this. I still don’t understand; how so? Tell me, pleaeeessee. Cleveland made Lebron who he is. They marketed him as the “King,” “Saviour,” and the next Micheal Jordan. He had nothing but respect in Cleveland. Everytime you turned on a television, there was Lebron James in a Cavs uniform. The whole world loved Lebron as a Cavalier. Now he is a member of the Heat and he is hated. If anything, Miami is ruining his name, not Cleveland. He hasn’t even played a single game for Miami and his name is tarnished. Im not even a Cavs fan nor was I a Lebron fan when he first came into the league b/c of the way people were calling him the next Micheal. I started gaining respect for him over the years but lost it all during “The Decesion.” Let me tell you something about sports fans. Most fans are not fans of the players, they are fans of the city. So I understand Clevelands hate towards Lebron.

    And how can Miami fans be pleased with this. Would you guys not want to your city to win the hard way by developing their players rather than taking the short cut and signing every developed star. Heck why don’t they also go for Kobe and Carmello? Lets not stop there, lets also get Nash, Dirk, and Paul and then rename the team to the Eastern Conference All Stars. Im a hockey fan and if my team ever did that, I would not be pleased. It means more when the players are developed or if they win with a mediocre team (2003-2004 Detroit Pistons).

    And don’t give me this “Cleveland never gave Lebron a chance to win the championship.” There were 29 other teams who did not win a championship. It’s hard to win a title. Lebron would of eventually won one with the Cavs. His is only 25. He has another 10 years left in him. He would of been bound to win a title in 1 or 2 of those 10 years; heck maybe even more. They were the best team the past 2 seasons and theye didnt have a chance of winning the championship? They Cavs possibly needed 1 more little piece to get to the Finals. That piece would of or should of included defence. Look at past champions. All were defence orientated (Lakers, Celtics, Pistons, Spurs, etc)

    On a final note, I will leave you guys with one question (especially for those Miami fans). When Wade sufferes a career threatning injury and Bosh’s game goes downhill, where does Lebron go from there? Will there be a ” Decesion Part 2″ Where is the loyalty nowadays?

    • Tone says:

      I ask you after 7 years of putting an understated city on the map, where is the loyalty?

      I think that is a very good question.

      • Stoke says:

        This is why fans get pissed at athletes. Athletes jump from team to team every 2-4 years playing for a different city once their contract expires. A city where they have most likely not have been to in their lives or have been a minimal amount of times; a city where they are not even from. I played basketball for my college where I was born and raised. I was representing my college and not only wanted to win it for myself but I also wanted to win it for my college. We never did win but never once did I say to myself I am going to join another college or a winning college to win the title because if I did it wouldn’t mean as much. Although I would have won it for myself, I would have not won it for the college or the city where I am originally from. True loyalty= life long. Players should sign life long contracts but that will never happen.

  101. Luis says:

    He has Chosen1 and Loyalty tattoos on but doesn’t believe in any of it yeah your team loses in the playoffs but you comeback stronger, Michael Jordan Lost to the Pistons 3 years in a Row before sweeping them and running off the first three peat, John Elway lost in the SuperBowl 4 times before winning back to back superbowls and retiring. Great Athletes over come challenges not run away from them. You didnt see Dirk turn his back on Dallas even though he couldn’t win a ring with them for 10 years and join the lakers or Celtics.

    • Tone says:

      Dumb comment!

      LeBron for 7 years straight has had no supporting cast except maybe Ilgauskas, and he is no Pippen, and loses all seven years. Please let me know how many more years he should wait to become another Charles Barkley, Chris Webber, John Stockton, Karl Malone?

      You people are rediculous, tell me this would Jordan have stayed in Chicago getting beat 7 years straight because the owners decided not to get real talent to help him, what about Kobe, wasn’t he ready to leave L.A. unless they got some real talent to help him and this was 1 or 2 years after Shaq. So please stop being bitter little girls and support the team you have now.


      • Jumpman123 says:

        but kobe and michael didnt leave there team…
        although kobe was rdy to leave, he didnt…

  102. I think says:

    I think some people love cleveland becuz they love Lebron.. but some people love cleveland becuz they are a cav fans.. cav fans are mad at lebron becuz he left.. cavs aint goin anywhere with him.. while people who likes lebron still loves him even though he went to the heat.. i think its a good decision too… but still… this is nba.. where everything happens.. dont be so sure who will win chapionship next year becuz season havent started yet… GO THUNDERS!! GO DURANT NEXT MVP!!

  103. Sentinel10 says:

    Funny how Cleveland fans think they made LeBron. That’s like saying Chicago “made” Jordan. No, Jordan made his own success, Kobe made his own success. LeBron is out to make his own. He doesn’t owe Cleveland anything- and I don’t blame him for leaving especially with the attitude of the fans that they somehow gave him success by buying tickets for Cleveland games.

    Now that he’s with Miami, LeBron will be judged more critically if his team doesn’t win a championship- but if he does- I don’t mind watching it happen- it’ll be entertaining to see how the Lakers and Boston go up against Miami now. If his team doesn’t win- rest assured LeBron’s lime light will fade- the biggest stars in the NBA have all been winners.

  104. Corey says:

    if anything i’m happy he went to play with wade and bosh. now when he still lacks a championship in 5 years i can slap all the people who even put him in the same conversation with mj and kobe or the people who call him “King James”. i think he was overrated his entire career and he will never be the “greatest” or a “king”. and btw i agree with cleveland on “the decision”. he didnt need to take an hour of espn to say he was joining wade and bosh. he didnt even have the decency to tell the organization. they had to find out on t.v. just like everyone else. and then he makes up some bs to the city of Akron and not even the state of ohio. not only did he walk out on cleveland he slapped cleveland in the face on the way out. he will never get my respect now and frankly i dont even think he deserves the title of a legend or hall of famer.

    • Tone says:


      But you will not get past my Boston Celtics, good luck in Miami though.

  105. Leave It Be! says:

    Well, to DISTURBED………….at least Favre finally made the decision to retire…we think. He noified the Vikings today.
    As for our situation……………everyone, everywhere, PLEASE let it be. Lebron is GONE………..the CAVS are not. I’m a PROUD Akron girl, my kids played with him and for a short time, I even hung out with his momma (no comment – notice I said a SHORT time). Let’s remember that Northeast Ohio STILL has a team; who WILL BE a contender in the NBA. I love Byron Scott, his attitude and his committment to the TEAM. I work at the Q, got to know Dan little bit, and he’s a wonderful guy and committed to this team and the city (Cleveland, Akron and all CAVS fans everywhere). So, let’s get past this and show our support to the CAVS players that are left. I hope season ticket holders, as well as single-ticket purchasers, will continue to sell out “The Q” and let’s have some fun this upcoming season.

    GO CAVS!

  106. CavsStinky says:

    What kind of loser gets so upset over a sports star leaving “their” team? He was a free agent so he went elsewhere because the Cavs are garbage. Deal with it you whiny little babies. The King owes you nothing.

  107. VI says:

    HOLD UP! PLEASE!! Sekou, learn how to write! You should write an apology letter to all readers for your editing mistakes, and don’t leave me out! And for the subject, Lebron gave Cleveland seven years of entertainment they couldn’t find ANYWHERE else. No offense to Cleveland, of course, but come on! After seven years, the guy leaves and you burn his jerseys, doing so because you say he has no class? Sure, burning jerseys is a great way to show your own. Those Cleveland fans have no class.

  108. Miguel says:

    I can understand Lebron. He left cause he had no suporting cast. Think MJ would have stayed if he had lost the finals 91 against the lakers and wouldnt have reached the finals in 92 and 93? Think he would have stayed if his robin was bj armstrong (read mo williams)? WRONG!
    He stayed cause he saw the chance to win. So did Magic and Bird. And luckily for them they were right. But they couldnt win a ring by themselves and neither can lebron. So he went to Miami. Granted, maybe he should have picked CHicago, but if he wants to play with his buddies, fine by me….
    I understand that people are pissed HOW he left. I get that. I didnt think he would announce on tv that he would leave. But he did. Maybe he wanted to show that his name can fill a 60 minute show. He wanted to show he is a business in itself. Well never know. I think that by now he knows it wasnt the best idea.

    And another question: what should he have done with the letter? If he says thank you to cleveland, we criticize him because “then he shouldnt have left…” if he says nothing “look how ungrateful he is”. he couldnt do it right….
    And he always said he was from akron. He got both mvps there (if I remember correctly). so he DIDNT LEAVE HIS HOMETOWN!!!
    And by the way. He owes Cleveland nothing. They had a contract. He fulfilled the contract. They paid for his services. Thats it! You cant say that Cleveland owes him, because they paid him. At the end of the day it is business, its sad, but it is definitely business.

    PS: Please excuse my errors. It has been a loooooong time since my last text in english….

  109. Steve says:

    Look, with Lebron’s decision, there are too many things you have to take into consideration before you can appraise his decision.
    1. Put yourself in his shoes. Would you have been selfless enough to stay in Cleveland despite the low possibility of winning a championship? Moreover, would you resist the chance to play with your friends in Miami? Would you be greedy enough to leave Cleveland even though your departure will cause a mini-recession?
    2. The media hyped the crap out of his choice. A 1 hour special? Why the hell is that so bad? There were BOUND to be tons of questions that needed to be answered, and a 1 hour special certainly answered most of the questions. People would’ve been disappointed if the decision was only a tweet or a short statement.
    3. What’s wrong with joining Wade and Bosh in Miami? He’s not going to be the go-to guy anymore? Why do people even care about that? He wants a championship, so he’s (probably) not going to whine about being one of the main guys.
    4. Don’t listen to the retired players. Barkley was hating on Lebron when he himself ditched several teams and STILL couldn’t get a championship. MJ was threatening to leave Chicago if he didn’t get help. Magic was already pampered when he joined the Lakers.
    5. Like there was any way this would’ve ended well. Even if he had done everything you wanted, there would have been many people pissed off anyways.

    All in all, I think Lebron’s decision was probably not the best he could’ve done (Chicago could’ve been a better fit for him), but it’s his decision. Calm down, think before you talk crap, and chill.

  110. Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat Fan says:

    Dwyane Wade should have been MVP for 2009 because of his stats!

  111. Malachi says:

    Cleveland is trash. They say they made LeBron, WRONGG He made that team the whole city was only known cuz of him. He could of got drafted to the heat or the nuggets and he would of still been amazing. LeBron has the right to go wherever he wants, its just crazy how Charles B is getting on him he played for 3 different teams and still didn’t win. LeBron will always be in the top 5 players if you think about it no matter what he does. Give this man respect he is just to nice.

  112. astrosexy says:

    CLEVELAND sounds like “leave land”

  113. Disturbed says:

    the only problem I have with the decision is the fact he took an hour to say where he was going. it’s almost like Brett Favre and whether to retire or not.

  114. Regg-O says:

    I just have to say, I’m ABSOLUTELY feeling most of the last few comments. LeBron doesn’t owe Cleveland anything, we all saw how quickly they turned around on him. The people from Akron support Bron no matter what jersey he wears, and I support THAT. Damn, all he did was make a business move, and it seems pretty apparent that Cleveland’s FANS are the ones with loyalty issues, not LeBron…. But he should never pull a stunt like “The Decision” ever again

  115. Dasdream says:

    I think fans are upset because they feel James gave up on the team to quickly. Kevin Garnet stayed with Minnesota for years most of his career. When he left for Boston noone really got upset because they had a tremendous amount of respect for him, because he stuck around for so many years. James is probably the biggest star to leave his team in less than 10 years.

  116. Jas says:

    Hahaha.. LBJ is overhyped he act like his not arrogant but deep down inside he is and he wont care about “cleveland” all he cares about is himself..

    • QuestionMark says:

      actually he cared about where he wanted to win a championship.. and obviously Cleveland wasnt the place so he went to Miami and Dan Gilbert saying all that crap about Lebron and people in Cleveland hating on Lebron.. i understand why Lebron left them out in his letter… and im sure he would have cared for them if they werent selfish fans who just want some enterainment not caring about where their star goes and does…and if he cared about himself only then why did he write this letter

  117. Ice Pogi says:

    haven’t you read what earl monroe says on LBJ? that explains everything! Miami’s Trio learned about the deeper history of NBA. Monroe also believes James, Wade and Bosh are different because they have a sense of history about the game.

    “I see those guys and a few others like Kobe and Shaq who understand the whole picture,” he said. “With all of the young kids — 18 and 19-year-olds — that have come into the league, I think the game has lost something. Most of these guys think the game started with Jordan or maybe as far back as Magic and Bird.

    “I think guys like LeBron and Wade understand there was a lot that happened in the ’50s, ’60’s and ’70s. They know there were some really great teams then. They know those teams had more than one great player. Maybe they’re trying to get back to that. Maybe they’re just trying to see how good they can be.

    “I know I’ll be watching them. I want to see what they can do. I never get tired of seeing great basketball.” Earl Monroe

  118. Sticky Keith says:

    I think Lebronald wants to secure his ties with Akron first and foremost. As for Cleveland, seven years and no ring…..I could imagine a player might lose some faith in their teams managment. Has anyone mentioned that LBJ virtually removed himself from the MVP race? I think an article about Poppa Bron’s adjustment to Miami would be much more interesting than the gossip and drama that Cleveland is perpetuating.

  119. T says:

    It is really unfortunate that people in the spotlight get criticized as much as they do. I’m not sure whether Lebron made the right decision in what team to go to or even if he made the right decision in how to announce it to the world. But that is just how it is. I guarantee you that everyone that has posted on this blog has done worse and cut deeper including myself. Come on the guy is 25 years old and yeah that doesn’t make him a teenager anymore but it certainly doesn’t make him the wisest guy out there. So he might have screwed up in how he announced his decision but I can’t imagine the kind of pressure he has been under for the last couple years about this same decision. Ask yourself this if you were under similar pressure would you have trusted yourself to make the best choice. If you were constantly being hounded day in and day out you might have done something just as dumb.

    Lebron I apologize for the unfair situation you have been put in. Even though in some ways that is your lot in life and the price you pay for being what you are I still am sorry that people put you up to such a sharp magnifying glass. Good luck and I look forward to watching some more basketball this next season.

    P.S. this doesn’t mean I won’t smile when you get dunked on at your old home court 😉

  120. Zaj says:

    There’s a regular season team and there’s a post-season team. Teams like the Celtics & Lakers always go so far, because his team knows what it takes to win the championship. Cleveland did sooo great in the regular season’ but what happen to the post-season? How can expect Lebron to continue to stay there if his team gameplay don’t change in the playoffs? Although I feel he should went to a team that could still have the leadership revolve around him, he had the right to leave. People keep saying Jordan stay with the bulls, When Jordan 7 year came in the NBA, he had a team that could do good in the regular season and post-season. James don’t have that. Hands-down a team that can only perform in the regular season won’t win a championship… hands down. The only one that had a playoff mindset in the playoffs was Lebron and Lebron alone. Ain’t nobody could tell me that his teammates had the same mindset.

  121. Brandon says:

    cleaveland is taking this way to serious i dont blame him for not thanking cleaveland they wanted to kiss up to hinm when he was with them now they want to hate him when the team is nothing and no help was there to help. i like the way he went to miami. just think what would you do if you where in his shoes, stay with a team that is less likely to win a ring. orrrr go to a team that has a greater chance to win and i mean a GREATER chance to win.

  122. TrueChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

    I really feel that true champions don’t leave the City that drafted them. Yes, there are examples of Championship TEAMS that are assembled, but true champions fight to bring the talent to them. Jordan – waited for Pippen/Rodman and co, Magic was drafted by an already talented Laker team and waited for Worthy/Scott, etc., Celtics and Bird the same, Bad Boys, Hakeem and Co, Spurs…the thing that is really pathetic about LeBron is everyone thought he was the Champion that would attract talent to Cleveland.

    Unfortunately, for LeBron’s Legacy, as Shaq said….this is D-Wade’s team – the true Champion on the Championship team that will be the Heat. I never thought LBJ would need to play supporting cast…but i guess neither did he…I think that is what upset’s Cavs fans…they have had decent teams in the past…but he was supposed to be the home grown kid who brought them the talent to win. Too Bad for Cleveland, too bad for LeBron, and too bad for Basketball….

  123. WESTCOASTLEW23 says:

    Look first of LeBron should’ve been left the sinking ship that is Cleveland i never understood why he got so much hype anyway all this fuss over another ring less individual i said it when he first cam in the league he wasn’t getting a ring and 7years later im looking like a prophet. James is a great team player but that’s it a great team player. What everybody should be talking about is stopping the lake show because one more ring KOBE taking MJ spot and i don’t wanna hear no excuses about it. I personally think Durant or MELO get a ring first, but if MIAMI does happen to pull of a miracle of winning a title it will be because of the 4th Quarter killer known as D-Wade who really only needed BOSH, LeBron was a gift!!

  124. california_girlz says:

    It really doesnt matter how much lebron write that he still loves Cleveland. HE LEFT THEM. sure he’ll always love his hometown but thats not whats bothering them. whats bothering them if the fact that lebron left for another team to win championships for them.

  125. Infi says:

    LeBron has a family ?…or who are these childs and woman in this first video ?…I don’t care if he has or not a family but I don’t know that so I am surprised…and about his decision to go to the South Beach to join the Heat…I think that it’s his life…his career…so some people can be happy (Heat fans)…some people can be angry (Cavs fans) or some people can put on the appearance of unbiased…so I know that for Cavs fan it was hard time and still is, but time heals everything and they will respect him (maybe)…and I think that hoist his dress to the rafter would be good choice

    P.S.: I am from Europe so don’t blame me for it and sorry for my imperfect english

  126. Celtics#18 says:

    I heard that on opening day Miami is playing Boston. Let just see how the new Big 3 match up to champ big 3. Toronoto was 0-4 aganist Boston last year, Miami is 0-3, while Cleveland is 2-2. All together 2-9. Miami got nothing on Boston.

  127. 8milestyle says:

    Lebron could have easily been the King of Minnesota, 7 years ago in the NBA Cleveland was yet a little speck in the big picture… Other teams such as the Timberwolves, Clippers, Hornets, would have been grateful for Lebron to give them 7 years of playing, so suck it up Cleveland

  128. roy7700 says:

    america forgives a winner, if you don’t believe me ask kobe. can you say colorado…….? oh you forgot?????
    people need to hop off lbj and enjoy the game for what it is. so many people are overlooking the fact that he put himself in a position to do what hasn’t been done since the big O, average a triple double, then its all gravy.

    • impartial third party says:

      Kobe didn’t abandon his team and slap them in the face afterward nor did he rape that woman as some ignorant people who dont the facts will have you believe. Kobe slept with a woman, something Magic Johnson did several millions times which is why he contracted the HIV virus. The difference is Kobe was a married man. Granted he did commit adultery which is no light matter but he apologized, bought his wife a huge rock and did nothing else to damage his image. All he did from that moment on was strive to become a better player, better teammate and keep his nose clean which is exactly what he did so the comparison is beyong idiotic.

    • Alex says:

      whats there to forgive..? kobe didnt rape anyone. ignorant fools like you try and make rediculous points based on that.

  129. Nuggets123 says:

    I am a nuggets fan however I still feel sorry for cavs fans. It would really suck to have the face of your franchise leave like that. I am a little worried melo is going to do the same to us. I don’t mean leave in that fashion I just mean I am afraid he will leave. Anyways I have to admit I am exited to see the heat play even though I don’t support LBJ’s decision.

  130. whoknows says:


    I actually can understand where you are coming from when you talk about the way that Lebron left. I used to like and respect Lebron until that horrible playoff performance against the Celtics but that’s beside the point. He did leave the Cavs (in my opinion) very disrespectfully. Him having a one hour special beating around the bush about how badly he loves Cleveland and keeping all the other teams in the dark about his decision made a lot of people look foolish and dumb for trying to support him. so believe me when I say that I can understand why Cleveland fans aren’t respecting him.


    In another sense, many fans or past-fans are hating Lebron for the wrong reasons. They’re not hating him because he made a fool of them worldwide on a television broadcast, they’re not hating him because he tried to make up to his hometown (the only people that will ever truly care and respect him). No, they hate him because of the simple decision of leaving. No I’m not saying that all the people of Cleveland relate to this comment, but many of them do. I find that the choice Lebron made is something that was grown up of him and smart in his own eyes. He obviously saw the limit of his potential and chooses to think that he needs a stronger team and foundation in order to bring home something that many of us believed he lost sight of (winning an NBA championship). Whether Cleveland fans believed he could bring it home by himself of not is beside the point. He believed he needed more help, and as fans… “TRUE FANS” you should look forward to this season and support the team that you have and cheer for them even louder than you did while Lebron was there. Give them the hope that they may have lost losing a superstar.


    my thoughts on it….

    • Ryan says:

      I have to say though… I’ve been through Akron since “the decision”. The people there absolutely hate him. Cleveland and Akron are very closely linked, and when LeBron trashed Cleveland, he trashed Akron too. The letter was nothing but an attempt at a good PR move turned horribly wrong.

  131. BigZ says:

    Lebron letter is nothing compare to Zydrunas Ilgauskas!!!! He shout just shut up! I pity the fool that thinks that a simple sympathy is going to change anybody minds of how big a ego lebron has. Lebron thinks he all that saying that Akron is his city. At lease Big Z have the deceny to ask for forgiveness, but no Lebron makes it sounds like Cleveland is nothing without him. “(Akron) you mean everything to me”. Why you leave then. Don’t you mean a ring means everything to you and Akron is just a hotel where you spend seven years and just leave. What do you mean you’re coming back. Six years later, you all wash up, who in Cleveland want Benedict Bron back.

    • hill324 says:

      Akron birth him…not clvd…clvd just drafted the next superstar to make a name for themselves, why would or should he care about them….guess economic value in clvd going down now

  132. jaime says:

    They need to leave Lebron be already. Who cares if he left cleveland out? All the mutants that make up the Cleveland population need to move on with their sorry lives and get over it. LeBron is never going back to that god forsaken place.

    • Ryan says:

      Hahahaha. Haha. You are an idiot. At least the people of Cleveland have some culture and work ethic. They know Cleveland isn’t the greatest city in the world, but at least they’re real people. Funny how so many very important and famous people love Ohio. Unfortunately many other famous people are sucked into the idea that they need glitz and glam to be relevant. That’s exactly who LeBron James is, and he’s going to join a city with a lot of people in the same mindset. Cleveland will always be more relevant than LeBron.

  133. bighole24 says:

    i wouldnt think cleveland either. ten minutes after his announcement, the owner comes out and trashes him, as if he was never pampered by the same people who trashed him. the fans in cleveland been pissin on the m ans name for weeks, as if they werent the ones who were standin outside his interviews, holding signs beggin for him to stay. Akron is his home, and will always be his home. There the ones who deserve it. Cleveland showed him how they really felt and still are. But now they gonna claim they heartbroken because lebron didnt pull an illgauskus and than cleveland and the organization

  134. gravediggerTokyo says:

    i don’t like LJ that much but i can’t understand this aggro over him.what he suposed to do ?waiting for Mo to get better?or Diesel to get younger?seven years are fair share i is cool from Magic to dis him.he had Scott,Cooper,Jabbar,Worthy…Air MJ had Armstrong,Grant,Pippen,Livingston,Kukoc …
    Cavs had only one true spectacular player before LJ -Lary Nance.that’s realy poor for the franchise that seasons in Cavs?he paid his dues i think

  135. R4 says:

    Don’t get it twisted nba fans. There are more hater of Lebron than lover. He can win all he wants but he will never be a Top 5 player in his career. He will never be better than MJ, Bird, Magic, Kobe, or even Tim Duncan who consistently produces for one team and one team only. Too be in the Top 5 players of all time you need to win with only 1 team and 1 team only. I think that this year is going to be record setting when Heats come into any town but I think after 1 year everything will die down and maybe 3 teams will have to be relocated because fans in those cities will lose interest in a losing team. If you can’t compete then just move the team. That will be the slogan for the new nba if things don’t change in the new CBA…

  136. Lo says:

    I’m am from cleveland and was a Cav’s fan until they threw the season just to draft lbj. Then i stopped being a fan, because I knew that the team was heading for self destruction. For anyone to say he shouldn’t thank the people of cleveland you should think again. Last time I checked those fans paid his nba salary and his endorsment salary as well. The people that were fans and supporters of him and the cav’s. The way he left was like nothing seen before the quitting during the celtic series, hour long t.v, telling people not to come to cleveland and notifing the organization at the last minute that he wasn’t returing. I always told people that he didn’t care about cleveland, even braylon edwards said the same thing. When he did anything it was for the city of Akron. Not that there was anything wrong with that, but he gave little if anything important to cleveland. It’s funny how most comments that are in support of what he did says either, he is not a slave or he can do what he wants. True but there is a such thing as a right and wrong way…

    • hill324 says:

      LBJ wouldve had fans no matter where he went…be real. Clvd should take him for bringing you guys in with the rest of the world….lol

  137. Lebanon James says:

    if we kan forgive kobe for raping ppl we can forgive lebron, still 25 mind you, some1 who has never been in outside drama like other stars, for the way he went about doing it

    • Candid says:

      @ Lebanon James:
      As far as our judicial system goes, we are all innocent until proven guilty and Kobe was never found guilty of rape. If you are from Lebanon this might be hard for you to understand but we don’t castrate, amuptate limbs, dismember body parts or stone people to death over here just because they’ve been accused of something. Sharia law is not in effect over here.

  138. Bill says:

    I am a big fan of Lebron James. I live in Ohio, and a fan of the cavaliers. I don’t understand why everyone in Ohio is mad at him after all he has done with Cleveland. The Cavaliers are where they are right now because of him. Don’t be mad at him just because he changed teams. You would do the same thing to succeed in your career. It’s his decision and I respect that. My point is, don’t hate him because he went to another team. I was a fan of him in Cleveland and I will keep being his fan wherever he goes. Lebron is a good player and he has my support.

  139. LeDiva says:

    Its not that lebron left cleveland, its the way he did it. yeah sure its his career but going on national tv? that kind of stuff just hurts fans and is nothing like what the old stars would have done. he has no class and has removed himself from any debate over lebron vs kobe or lebron vs mj now. he was all about stats before and now hes on someone elses team. hes a drama queen, and sure he might win some championships, but ill still never have any respect for him

    • hill324 says:

      He was all about stats…do you even watch basketball or you just a kobe fan and listening to other Faker fans…A National TV show that raised a heck of a lot of money for the Boys and Girls club….He donated every dollar for the TV show to them…Now run tell that

  140. lakersdominate says:

    I totally agree now the lakers have a legit backup center and can leave gasol playing the PF spot they have a better back up point guard( Anyone whos even seen a clipper game can tell you) and the just put the cherry on the cake with the addition of Mat Barnes.

    • heatfan says:

      and why is a laker roster comment even relevant to LBJ talks? Laker fans really need to put their team into the discussion huh? I dont think its a good move for miami to get all three in the team coz it would take a toll on the rest of the roster talking bout the money.. miami shudve sticked wd wade bosh.. get a quality center that would provide beef down the block. an efficient pg and consistent shooters.. kudos still on PAT.. still a lightyear better than the roster for the past 4 seasons. Wade did it with him at the center of talented roleplayers before. WADE IS THE KEY STILL FOR MIAMI

  141. STYLE2 says:


    • impartial third party says:

      none of your comment makes any sense at all. i know in fairytale land dan gilbert can do his job for a penny while lebron plays for a billion dollars a game and everythings okay then… but in reality things work a little different. you must be a 90s baby…

  142. NATIBOY says:


    • Lo says:

      His agent had nothing to do with this. Only his high school buddy maverick carter, wade, pat riley and bosh.. His agent was only present during contract deals…

      • impartial third party says:

        @ LO you cant reason with these people that support Lebrons “decision” to *itch slap* as someone else perfectly said his team in the face and then continue kicking them while they’re down. They will never get it. Ive tried many times with facts but they will continue using terms like “Cleveland doesnt own lebron” and “lebron doesnt owe cleveland anything” when we never mentioned anything about things like that because they have nothing else to back-up their statements… you just gotta feel sorry for ignorant people like that.

  143. Rey at&t says:

    i dont understand why everyone care about what lebron has done. its his decision to do what he wants to do… the same love and support he recieved in cleveland is the same he will get at any team he will go. he is an amazing player period. just because he didnt stay in cleveland doesnt meant he is a bad person. he HELPED that community out regaurdless, so maybe the owenrs and fans should stop crying over him and actually start pursuing another SUPERSTAR that can bring the economic back to its homE.

  144. zach says:

    the way cleveland fans have reacted to him leaving is a bit too much. i understand cleveland’s sports oganizations are plagued and that lebron was there only logical hope but seriously? dan gilbert had a seizure over it. this shows that the people of cleveland really never loved lebron. i understand that the way he left was not the best, but if it is just the way he left, then there is no reason to burn his jersey in the street and throw rocks at his mural. their immediate actions prove that he was a way out of sports hell, not a franchise player that they would praise no matter what. i mean dan gilbert and fans reacted immediately, not even letting it sink in. dont try and tell me that lebron is a horrible man for leaving, his help was only getting worse in cleveland. he learned from the mistakes that malone and barkley made, arguably a little early but wise in my opinion.

    • impartial third party says:

      “the way cleveland fans have reacted to him leaving is a bit too much. i understand cleveland’s sports oganizations are plagued and that lebron was there only logical hope but seriously? dan gilbert had a seizure over it. this shows that the people of cleveland really never loved lebron.”

      not trying to sound harsh man but umma put it bluntly… i guess that when your girl that you’ve been married to for 8 years and whose never shown to be unfaithful decides to leave you for another man you’ll throw her a congratulations goodbye party… i mean really… how are they supposed to act? Im not even in Cleveland and i was disgusted by the way he handled everything including tanking in the playoffs. I was a serious Lebron fan from the beginning even thou i was a knicks fan but all my respect for him come this seasons playoffs… people keep on talking about ohh Cleveland doesnt own him and Lebron doesnt owe the city anything… YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT AND NOONE IS DISAGREEING WITH YOU THERE! it is the way he handled everything. Im just getting tired of explaining that to blind Lebron fans. Im sure there probably all Miami fans disguising as something else so there blind to all his mistakes these past few months.

  145. lightning_revnant says:

    LOL @ Lakers fans trying to make the Lakers relevant in every article, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with the Lakers. It’s really becoming sad and pathetic. But I don’t blame them, because they know that their “winning ways” is coming to an end.

  146. Stoke says:

    I just want to say for those people who say Clevland ruined Lebron’s name. How so? I can’t believe you guys would even say something like this. I still don’t understand; how so? Tell me, pleaeeessee. Cleveland made Lebron who he is. They marketed him as the “King,” “Saviour,” and the next Micheal Jordan. He had nothing but respect in Cleveland. Everytime you turned on a television, there was Lebron James in a Cavs uniform. The whole world loved Lebron as a Cavalier. Now he is a member of the Heat and he is hated. If anything, Miami is ruining his name, not Cleveland. He hasn’t even played a single game for Miami and his name is tarnished. Im not even a Cavs fan nor was I a Lebron fan when he first came into the league b/c of the way people were calling him the next Micheal. I started gaining respect for him over the years but lost it all during “The Decesion.” Let me tell you something about sports fans. Most fans are not fans of the players, they are fans of the city. So I understand Clevelands hate towards Lebron.

    And how can Miami fans be pleased with this. Would you guys not want to your city to win the hard way by developing their players rather than taking the short cut and signing every developed star. Heck why don’t they also go for Kobe and Carmello? Lets not stop there, lets also get Nash, Dirk, and Paul and then rename the team to the Eastern Conference All Stars. Im a hockey fan and if my team ever did that, I would not be pleased. It means more when the players are developed or if they win with a mediocre team (2003-2004 Detroit Pistons).

    And don’t give me this “Cleveland never gave Lebron a chance to win the championship.” There were 29 other teams who did not win a championship. It’s hard to win a title. Lebron would of eventually won one with the Cavs. His is only 25. He has another 10 years left in him. He would of been bound to win a title in 1 or 2 of those 10 years; heck maybe even more. They were the best team the past 2 seasons and theye didnt have a chance of winning the championship? They Cavs possibly needed 1 more little piece to get to the Finals. That piece would of or should of included defence. Look at past champions. All were defence orientated (Lakers, Celtics, Pistons, Spurs, etc)

    On a final note, I will leave you guys with one question (especially for those Miami fans). When Wade sufferes a career threatning injury and Bosh’s game goes downhill, where does Lebron go from there? Will there be a ” Decesion Part 2″ Where the **** is loyalty nowadays?

  147. ermaaL says:

    MVP MVP again for the next season.

  148. lightning_revnant says:

    Obviously Lebron doesn’t want anything to do with Cleveland, and I don’t blame him. Cleveland fans and the whole Cavaliers organization deserved what they got. When everybody was pitching their case to Lebron during the free agency period, the Cavs’ presentations were lackluster to say the least. The Cavs organization and their fans were so sure that Lebron’s going to stay, they didn’t even have a Plan B in place. And when Lebron left, the shock was so great because they didn’t even consider the fact that he might go play elsewhere. Before Bosh announced he was going to MIA, Lebron tried to recruit him to play in Cleveland, something that the Cavs organization should be doing, but no one wants to play in Cleveland, now we know why. And if you thought no one wants to play there before, it’s nothing compared to the situation now that Cavs fans has shown their true colors. No wonder Cleveland hasn’t won anything. In case someone’s wondering if I’m a Lebron fan, No, I’m from Boston. And the way Cavs fans and the organization is acting, makes me thankful that I’m not from Cleveland. It’s embarrassing. Good luck getting players to come and play for your city.

  149. Alvan says:

    people arent hating on lebron just because he left…its how hes been handling this whole summer which just adds fuel to the fire

    • Tone says:

      SURRREEE that’s it. So everyone Cleveland doesn’t like him because he made “The Decision” on ESPN. But a few months after Kobe cheats on his wife and gets caught he is the most liked NBA player, shows where people’s morals really are. I do think it was a little much to create the Decision, but disliking him and burning Jersey’s because of it shows how ignorant those people are. Showing your kids, hey if you don’t like someone call them out their name and write a letter totally disrespecting them and then go burn something that reminds you of them. That is the best lesson you can teach your kids.

      • Candid says:

        Get it right man. It did not take Kobe a few months to fix his image, it took him years. Personally, I still think that’s partly why he did not win an MVP award sooner. Kobe was dropped by sponsors, the NBA turned it’s back on Kobe. He apologized and even cried with his wife on TV, he changed his number from 8 to 24, he remade or re-invented himself and in doing so, redefined his legacy. I think it takes a very good PR Team to be able to emerge from the ashes of such career damaging situations. LBJ should borrow a page from Kobe, fire his PR officer, hire a new one and re-define his legacy. Just so you know, it took Kobe years to come back from that ordeal and those years were tough, trying times.

      • Candid says:

        I’m sure the people burning jerseys were kids.

      • hill324 says:

        the people burning jersey were grown men…o so if LBJ cry on camera it will make everything ok…..lets be really the Decision was a smart making decision…..ESPN obviously thought so and I am sure the kids that benefit from the money that was donated due to the show thought so too. He used his fame for a great cause “The Boys and Girls Club” loved that check that ESPN cut to them for LBJ doing “The decision”…did I mention he took home no money……

  150. E.J. says:

    I feel like LeBron wrote that letter to Akron because even that he left Cleveland he showed that they’re still loyal to him just like he’s with them, so look at Dan Gilbert’s letter and you’ll see why he sent it to Akron. LeBron is the best that’s a real athlete attitude.

  151. impartial third party says:

    Its just funny to me how people continue to say he couldn’t win in Cleveland when they were considered the favorites to win it all coming into this postseason. This was the same team that decided to rest Lebron and tank the last 4 games of the season and still won over 60 games… GIVE ME A BREAK DISILLUSIONED PEOPLE. Lebron could have eased past the eastern conference to the finals and if he played better basketball and didn’t try to control everything in the 4th quarter as he did nearly every game in the playoffs since he doesnt know how to lead or trust his teammates, they may have beaten the Lakers. Point is, Lebron is not a great. He hasn’t won **** so please you cant use KING or GREAT when discussing him. I’ll give you this from 03-07 when Lebron took his team to the finals single-handedly we were seeing him develop into a potential “GREAT”. But something after that year changed and he was never the same basketball player. CLEVELAND not AKRON did absolutely everything they could to accomodate him. They looked into Stoudemire but he decided to stay. They picked up Jamison, and Mo who nobody was talking about before as being chokes and they brought an experienced center who people forget did his thing this year in the second half of the season before he got injured. So to all those Lebron lovers please wake up and realize that he is a colossal bum who has supreme talent, but whose lazyness and ego will never let him develop into the GREAT he could have been. It doesnt matter how many championships he wins he will always be looked at as a traitor who gave up on a team who had the talent to win a championship…

    One more thing… even if he wanted to switch teams because he was chasing that six championship mark that Jordan set which is understandable since he would not have been able to attain that in Cleveland, he could have done things in a more professional way. Anyone who thinks that this letter written to Akron two days after Big Z’s letter to Cleveland wasn’t meant to be a slap in the face to Cleveland because of how they took his news should lay off the herbs. Drugs are no good for you. Here we see a man who saw a city that loved him dearly and treated him like a king and in one “decision” that all changed and i think that that bothered Lebron so much that now hes going to use every opportunity he can to mock the city that built his legacy. His universe-sized ego is too big to accept the rejection.

    • Ryan says:

      You nailed it. The dude’s a scumbag. I think it is absolutely hilarious how so many people are using this as an excuse to knock Cleveland. Anybody who thinks Cleveland doesn’t have every right to react the way they have is a fool. Nobody other than Clevelanders themselves know everything they’ve been through with Lebron over the years. To say that he wasn’t going to have a chance to win in Cleveland is laughable. He had more than a few chances, and he blew it. A team just doesn’t destroy the competition all season long multiple times and somehow fall short in the playoffs every time.

      • HATEDON says:

        Man get a clue. The Cavs didn’t have the coaching staff to win anything over the past 7 years. That is why the Cavs always had the best regular season and not the best post season. I can tell you don’t know basketball that well. Oh BTW the front court other than Bron was very weak on offense. The back court was good offensively but horrible on defense. PLEASE STOP SAYING THEY COULD HAVE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP! I think if bron would have stayed with coach Scott they might have gotten closer but I don’t think they would have won.

      • Rocket fan_believeit or not says:

        Just consider this, probably Lebron is not a great yet because he has not win anything signifficant, does that mean Barkley is not a great? He switched teams looking for a ring and did not get one, Drexler is not a great because he joined the dream to win his own ring? You are just being angry frustrated people that do not appreciate the game for what it is… a Game, I love this sport and always will, I am a Rocket fan and I am not saying that Horry should have been hung because he went to the SPURS and Lakers to win more rings right?

        What would CLEVELAND be without the 25 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists James put on the board avery game? Yeah you are right they would have been a bunch of mid talented players elminated in the first round of the playoffs, and just for you to know MO was known from 2 years before he went to Cleveland, he was part of a surprising MKE team no one believed in. Guess why did Gilbert brought him to Cleveland?????

        One last thing, Candid I get you are an angry elementary school spelling teacher, ok not everyone can or wants to write correctly but who cares, this blog is for true basketball lovers that no matter what enjoy sitting on a sofa holding chips and soda or beer and yell at the men we always dreamed to be. Enjoy basketball, even if the Lakers win again (I am an anti laker) just for the pleasure of doing it.

  152. wesley says:

    okay first of all get overr it lebron james did so much for that city donated money like crazy and you people are still mad at him doing whats best for him and his family and all you people that burn his jerseys shame on you, you dont own lebron you cant make him stay its what lebron wants to do. so and he wanted a shot at getting a ring and all yall gave him was shaq a 38 year old wall thats all he is thats not helping when an all star center doesnt get double degit rebounds the point is lebron can do what he wants to do

  153. F-Cleavland says:

    Look the bottom line is WHO GIVES A CRAP ABOUT CLEAVLAND?! If they boo him LeBron will just destroy the team, he has Bosh and Wade he doesn’t need Cleavland – He gave his best for 7 years and they didn’t win a Championship so obviousbly he was going to leave, Raptors fans are the loudest fans in the Nba if they aren’t going to boo Bosh why should Cleavland fans, who are the ugliest and quietest be stupid enough to boo the best player in the NBA he’s just going to quiet them down each play.

    • SHUT UP!! says:

      WOOOOOW.. Thats NOT how to spell Cleveland. Maybe ill consider your thoughts when you spell them right. Have a good day

    • Candid says:

      CLEVELAND not CLEAVLAND. It is quite shocking that you mispselled the city 4 times.

  154. Mitchell says:

    Why is he writing a letter to his hometown, while NO body in Cleveland, doesn’t want anything to do with him.

  155. jonathan says:

    listen lebron james is a great player but he chose the wrong team it would of been understanding if he went to a team with 1 or 2 solid players and then show that he could get a championship ring with that but instead he went to a allstar i mean if u look at each player they have 8 or 9 great players but then again this is business and he should of went to knicks good money and could of been wit amaire

    • GREG says:

      honestly, him going to a team with two other all-star player will not mean anything in the future if he wins championships. Remember, Jordan had the BEST 3-point shooter in the league in Stever Kerr, he had the best rebounder in the Leage in Dennis Rodman, And he had the best 2nd go-to guy in the league in Scottie Pippen. And they had a GREAT bench. The whole team was built around Michael Jordan, and you never hear that argument, The Bulls still had a playoff team without Jordan, just no a championship team..Cleveland DOES NOT have a Championship team without LeBron. Reality.

    • Candid says:

      @ Jonathan:

      It is not “could of” or “would of” or “should of”. You made the mistake about 3 or 4 times and I thought I should let you know. What you mean to say is “could have” or “would have” or “should have”. Your problem most likely comes from your speech. When you talk, you say could’ve or would’ve or should’ve and because of this, when you write it down, you type could of, would of and should of which are all wrong my friend. Could and have when said together become could’ve not could of. Learn to speak better and hopefully, you will write better. My suggestion is when you speak, separate the 2 words so that you always remember what the words are. So when you are talking, instead of saying would’ve or should’ve or could’ve, say should have, would have or could have. There is no “of” there buddy. Don’t mistake (‘ve) for (of). I really hope you don’t write like this on your school papers.

  156. Levy says:


    The same way he left Cleveland, He will leave Miame Heat five years from now, because he will stay with zero championships.
    He will never bo the king again. Its a shame that people will forget what he did a few months from now.

  157. Whatev' says:

    Personally, I’m sorry Miami didn’t get Amare and pull a trade for Chris Paul. It doesn’t matter. Lakers have the deepest team in the league, and added to its defense in the off season. So let lebron write his little letters, have his victory celebrations before the season even begins. Laughable. Lakers will 3peat. Guaranteed.

  158. Larry says:

    I would have to agree with Lebron not thanking the fans of Clevland. they are going to boo him once he goes back and play there. He didn’t really do anything wrong. If we should be blaming anyone it was the media making such a big deal over his decsion.

    • Candid says:

      He called the media in. He came up with the idea that became known as “The Decision”. They say if you dine with the devil, you should use a long spoon. I don’t even think you should dine with the devil but Lebron not only dined with the devil (in this case, the devil is the media) but they spoonfed each other. The media is every star’s wetdream and nightmare. They can build you up to the skies overnight and they can tear you down even quicker.

  159. BBamp says:

    @ Tbron: People don’t understand why people hate lebron so much. Generally these people tend to be middle class kids living decent lives with good clothes schools to attend.

    I am not saying my situation is as bad as some of the folks in cleveland but lebron gave this city something it did not have for decades.. and that is hope. As corny as that sounds it’s true. I’ve worked very hard since I came to this city and after some of the things I’ve been through (like walking 8 miles a day for weeks because I couldn’t afford public transport and eating nothing but blighted potatoes because cheeseburgers were too expensive) I’ve come to realize how hard some of the people in this city have it.

    Lebron couldn’t stay in cleveland forever. it’s so true. But did you see how he left? This will sound a little brash but I really do mean it in the best way: Until you grow up a little and really learn what it means to appreciate what you have and really learn what it means to work hard to put bread on the table you will not understand why cleveland did not appreciate the way lebron left. I probably don’t make any sense now but I hope for your sake you will make sense of this and again I mean this in the best way possible.

    Not all people are dumb lebron haters. I read an article written by a Cleveland woman with cancer who wrote off lebron while keeping her dignity.

    Everyone loved the way Z left. He was at the end of his career, and he wrote an honest letter to cleveland fans for their support which was not necessary at all but he did it anyways and cleveland respects him very much for that. Lebron left with a 1 hour bitch slap and wrote an afterthought letter to not even the city that bowed to him for years but only to his home town alone. If anyone understands what class is, they know Z has a lot of it. Lebron? not so much.

    • Jake says:

      People would be mad a Z too if he was as good as Lebron…Not saying I support how Lebron left but it’s the truth.

    • HATEDON says:

      I grew up very hard. Some would consider at the bottom of the barrel. I came up off of hard work not by any NBA player. i was taught you never rely on another man to put food on your table. You get your butt up and go to work. If you can’t understand that then…… We as a society put too much stock into entertainment. Do we relaize there is still a war going on in the middle east? Oh yeah! We have millions of homeless people in the streets of America. Our economy is unstable. Gas is still high as the heavens. I love LBJ and Basketball, but if I am worried about a player leaving one team to play for another or if it effects how I live my life…….Just take me out!

  160. thenoise says:

    i know lolzer for the past 7 years the fans of Cleveland have been destroying lebron “the king’s” james name. Sigh i dont understand why people dont get it… its not what he did that has all of the NBA trying to piss in his cornflakes, its how he did it. And whats so bad about fans wanting to keep a super star in they’re city? Jordan did it, so did magic,bird,duncan among others. So please stop trying to defend “the king” and try understand where the WHOLE world other than heat fans and the few REAL lebron fans out there are coming from. I’ll admit it im a lebron fan can deny his skill but the guy is a bum for he did like i said he had/has every right to go to another team but c’mon man the world does not revolve around you and be the bigger person as well cleveland made you who you are acknowledging this could of been the first step to redemption for him.

    just sayin…..

    • LEBRON IS A GREAT says:


      • SHUT UP!! says:


      • Candid says:

        Lebron is not a bum but he is a bonehead for thinking it was a good idea to leave the way he did. He can leave but he showed no class at all the way he chose to do so. Just so you know, Lebron will never be a true great playing with 2 other superstars.
        One last thing, Cleveland did a lot to make LBJ as great as he is. They embraced, they publicized him, they never faulted him even when he played like he had given up. In any other city, LBJ would have been ripped apart for his playoff performance (fake elbow injury and low level of play) but in Cleveland, the fans still loved him, forgave him and even begged for him to stay.
        Just because people love you unconditionally does not give you the right to treat them the way LBJ did. Just because fans beg for you to stay does not mean you can go on air and rub their face in the dirt with you arrogance and egotistical disregard for them. Being a great player goes beyond having skills. You need to have class, charisma, dignity, a desire to take the challenge, a competitive fire and most of all, a healthy respect for your fans. Because without the fans, you would just be any other ordinary man. So in essence, Cleveland made Lebron because the fans their showed him unconditional love and support while he was there.

      • Candid says:

        And by the way, I’m not even from Cleveland. I’m from Chicago, live in D.C. and I am a Lakers fan.

    • arjay says:

      for sure your from cleveland.. and cleveland people sucks for what they done to LBJ, why can’t you understand LBJ’s decision? Jordan did not leave the city because he has pipen and rodman and did win a title, magic has abdul-jabbar and james wothy, bird has the late great dennis johnson, kevin mchale ang robert parish, kobe for now has a great players surrounding him and last duncan has parker, ginobli, robinson and bowen.. LBJ cannot do it by himself!!! so he made a great decision by picking the miami heat and teaming up with the present great players wade and bosh and good bench players not like in cleveland..

      • SHUT UP!! says:

        FOR THE LAST TIME FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE NOT FROM EARTH!!…. It wasnt that he left …ITS THE WAY HE DID IT! If your not from cleveland, sorry you wont understand that. Its funny how most of you dogged LBJ for years while people like me continued to ward you Cav/Cle haters off and now all of a sudden your hangin on him. That simply makes u fake.

      • HATEDON says:

        Everyone talks about the way he did it…..I have a question…Did you watch? If so you should have no complaitns about the way he did it, because had he said he was returning to Cleveland, we would not be having this conversation. Plus all the proceeds went to charity. Shame on him for making all that money for charity.

        BTW how much money have you given to charity? Why are we crying over spill milk.

      • LAKERS says:

        Jordan, KOBE, MAGIC, Bird. All these guys had ROLE PLAYERS, NOT SUPERSTARS!! You morons need to understand that. Jordan, Kobe, Magic, and Bird were are great enough to carry their ROLE PLAYERS to a championship. Lebron could not do that with any of the teams he had in cleveland because he sucks! People need to stop saying the team didnt put enough talent around him, thats a bunch of BS! The team tried several times over the years to bring in a number of different players to help his sorry a*s win a title. But hes not Kobe Jordan Magic or Bird. In other words he aint no true great. If he was, he would have won at least one title by now. But he hasnt so he runs to miami to team up with another SUPERSTAR to chase his first ring. But he will have to wait until KOBE retires, LOL!!!!!!!

    • j says:

      CLEVELAND DID NOT DO NOTHING FOR LBJ BESIDES PICK HIM #1. IF CLEVELAND WANTED TO KEEP HIM THEY SHOULD OF START DOING SOMETHING WITH THEIR DRAFT PICKS. ask yourself who have they got from draft since 2003? CLEVELAND OWNERS WANTED TO LINE THEIR POCKETS WITH THE REVENUE LBJ WAS BRINGING IN. if they were to sign another superstar that would have been MONEY THEY COULD BE BUYING HELICOPTERS/JETS WITH!!!! O! DAN wants to oust LBJ for giving up what about mike brown WHEN DID HE EVER COACH DURING PLAYOFFS. example Y AND THE HELL WOULD YOU START JAMISON OVER JJ!!! jj is a young star that plays absolutely well with james, unlike jamison who had no CLUE.another example Y DO YOU PUT A 6’8” FORWARD ON A 6’1” POINT GUARD, for the last twp post season this has happen in the cleveland camp.FOR EVERY EXAMPLE YOU HAVE LISTED BIRD, JORDAN, DUNCAN, KOBE, MAGIC LOOK AT THEIR ROSTERS THEY HAD 3+ HALL OF FAMERS AND THEIR CITIES ARE VERY ATTRACTIVE i am from Ohio, the weather sucks and if i had the option I WOULD GO CHILL ON THE BEACH ALSO. I APPLAUD THE MAN HE GREW A PAIR AND MADE A MANS DECISION AND FINALLY GOT THE HELL OUT OF DA OH!!!

      • Rocket fan_believeit or not says:

        Ok, I am not from Cleveland either but I know this, if you all Cleveland people or fans that feel that James betrayed you think James was childish or selfish or whatever you want to call him let me tell you this, people who burned LBJ jerseys in a public place, owners who cry in front of an entire country through a letter not only showing frustration but also disrispecting not only to Lebron but his family too by insulting the values they teach him during his whole life, OHHH YOU ARE SOOOOO MATURE people, aren’t the James Akron Natives too? What would you do if you have a son extremely talented for soccer for example, we know the best leagues are in Europe, would you not let your son go to these leagues because he will be then betraying your country? Would anyone on your town be burning t-shirts with his name on them? This has became a Circus since Lebron decided to go, you are probably right and the way he left was not the best one, specially as one guy said here in another blog in the ridiculous prime time show his agency decided to do.

        The letter he wrote might be also a little childish if he (I doubt it) in fact wanted to leave Cleveland out of the picture on purpose, but it is sincere regarding the family and friends that have been always with him even when he was not the superstar he is right now, THOSE PEOPLE ARE THE ONES THAT MADE HIM, not the CAVS, not Gilbert for sure, you were lucky of getting the draft pick you got, THAT IS IT!

        But for the rest of the LBJ playing time in Cleveland, you don’t have the right of questioning if he put his heart out on the court every night because if it wasn’t for him you all “self called” true fans of the CAVS would still be dreaming with the only decent times of your team with Larry Nance and Brad Daugherty, what else have your team accomplished? Who else have been MVP in the last 15 years on your city? Same thing is happening to the Indians, they were good around the 90’s and since then they have not been a good team, and now you’re paying them with an almost empty stadium every night? C’mon are you true Cleveland lovers? Isn’t that convenience?

  161. LEBRON IS A GREAT says:


    • SHUT UP!! says:


      • GREG says:

        DUMBEST STATEMENT anymone can make. He can not go from being the NBA 2x MVP to a Scottie Pippen. Only individuals that know nothing about organized basketball would make a statement as dumb as that.

      • pippip says:

        have you even watched basketball- pippip is the name I used- scottie pippen is a retired basketball player- two different players with two different style of games. yes I have played through the ranks. up to one year in the league for the Bulls as a matter of fact!

      • pippip says:

        Dumbest statement is mis quoting someone. Where did you read that he was going from a 2x MVP to a pippen? Wade is not Jordan, just a scorer like T-mac was.

      • heatfan says:

        wade is not just a scorer.. he is a stat sheet stuffer.. splits the defense of any team.. can run the offense.. good court vision. plays good one on one D, one of the best shot guard shot blockers. Any knucklehead with a stroke can score.. scoring off double triple teams makes him so better than tmac was. He won the finals on his 3rd year.. shudve gotten into the finals in his soph year if it were not for his arm injury in the conf finals against detroit. DWADE HAS AN IMMORTAL HEART. most tenacious in the NBA.

      • Sticky Keith says:

        Wouldn’t Wade be the Heat’s Pippen? LeBronco is the two time reigning MVP. Has D Wade even been in the MVP running the past few years…?

      • Bulls#1 says:

        WOW for real you to never post anything up again. It’s D WADE’S team. WADE is the one with the RING and FINALS MVP. WADE is the one who never chokes or folds or GIVE UP under pressure. He brought his team back from 0-2 in the FINALS. WADE went to the finals once lbj went to the finals once WADE WON lbj got swept. Really who team do you think it is. lbj is playing 2nd fiddle in the D WADE SHOW

      • Mark says:

        its wade team cause he was there 1st. if bosh and wade went to cle it be lebrons team

      • j says:


      • ALL FACTS HERE says:

        maybe you were watching a different game cause i swear i havent seen an game in which it’s 1 on 5.. lets put lebron 1 on 5 for 48 minutes, whole court against any team.. lets see how much he scores..=) dont ride on his you know what so much.. basketball is always 5 on 5..

      • pippip says:

        who said anything about pippen>

      • Ramzee says:

        uuuhhh, OWNED! dat was good! i will remember this one

    • Rey at&t says:


      • Candid says:

        It’s not the fact that LBJ that makes him look bad. He can leave if he wants to but it is THE WAY he left that made him look really bad. An hour long TV show for what reason exactly? Does your boss advertise to the whole company before he fires you? Did he have to make a show of it knowing that there is a huge fan base in cleveland that actively campaigned for him to stay. Is that the gratitude they get for their loyal support of LBJ? Once again, LBJ can go anywhere he wants but he could have been more graceful with his exit. I’m not from Cleveland or Ohio and I don’t care about the Cavs team but I can understand why the fans there were or are offended by his exodus. I watched The Decision until he said where he was going and till today, I still haven’t found what or who could have convinced him it was a good idea to come on air and announce his divorce from the Cavs after all the support. I am convinced now that LBJ is not only arrogant and self-centered but, he is a bit of an idiot for thinking that was the best way to handle it. However, it is his career and he can do as he pleases but he should not forget there are consequences for our actions. My advice to LBJ – fire your agent and PR officer ASAP. If Kobe can bounce back from rape allegations, LBJ can certainly bounce back from this with the right PR team behind him.

      • hill324 says:

        that hour long tv show was about doing some good with what was already a major event…No one talks about the fact that he donated all the money to the boys and girls club. Young men and women have gotten their college fees paid witht he money from this TV special…So if everyone is going to make a big deal out of where he is going to go and Espn go show it why not take advantage and give back to people who need it…….but everyone that talked about that hour show I bet you watched it…lol…LBJ doesnt need to bounce back from anything, he still cold CLV will just fall off map and be forgotten like they were b4 he showed up 7yrs old…..

    • LAKERS says:

      Lebron sucks because he chose to team up with another superstar to win his first ring. It would be slightly different if he already had at least one ring, and then ran to miami to team up with another superstar. But he has never and never will be good enough to carry a team to a championship. KOBE has done it, JORDAN did it, BIRD did it, MAGIC did it. These are the TRUE great players that people want to try to compare Lebron to. There is no way in hell he can ever be compared to any of these TRUE great players. TRUE great players are the man on there team and they are GREAT enough to carry their team to win a championship. Lebron was not capable of doing this. There for he is NOT a TRUE great.

      • Mark says:

        kobe & bird had stacked teams themselves. b4 mia, la was the stacked team. kobe couldnt even get out da 1st round after shaq left and before gasol-da best power forward in da league. what bout dat? cle aint get lebron da help kobe got. remember, kobe was ready to leave la a few yrs ago because when u keep gettin eliminated u get tired of it. da only one who carried a team to a championship was jordan. dats why he in a class of his own. people mad cause lebron aint do dat cause he da only one good enough to maybe do dat, but he lost patience. i wish he stayed and tried to do dat cause he woulda eventualy, but aint mad at him for leavin.

      • Thug says:

        Man all those guys u just mentioned didnt do it by them selves. They had other players with them. The all got way more help from their team mates than lebron ever did from cleveland. They knew this was coming and yet they still didnt try to do anything like get him better help. Out of all the years that he was there he had MAYBE had two players who could give him a little help. Mo Williams and Shaq and even then that is a big maybe. Dont get mad becuase a guy is trying to better himself at a new location or sayin he is fake and crap like that. Stop worrying bout him and worry bout yals own team. Because trust me yal really need the HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Adam says:

        I think you need to re look at what your saying!! I am not a LBJ fan but all the players you are talking about had great teams. They were not alone like LBJ has been. Kobe and Shaq in his prime. Mj and pippen. Need I go on. So before you run your mouth try to understand the game and what is really happened.

      • JROD says:

        Cmon guys. really? have u ever watched this guy play? Some of you are saying, oh hes not a great player? ahem, but pardon me, hes just done the one thing every great player tries to do. put themselves in the best position possible to win. Look at the Bulls from the 90’s. They had possibly the 1st and 2nd best players in the league for those championships. they had rodman, kerr, kukoc, longley, grant, etc. Those were some of the best players in the league for theyre roles. u can say that team wasnt STACKED… cuz it was. Look at Kobe and shaq. Took each other too win a ring. neither could have done it without the other. The cletics and lakers and pistons of the 80’s were stacked as hell. cmon man. you can say that hes not a great player cuz he couldnt win one alone. Cuz no other great player has either. Think stuff before u critcize the guy. Cuz while ur talking ish, hes gonna be collecting rings.

      • Kobe is a Dumbass! says:

        That Kobe What?!!! Kobe didn’t carry anything!…his first 3 championships he was just a role player for Shaq; Shaq carried that team!…and his last 2, he couldn’t even pass the first round without Pau Gasol; When Pau got there, they started to win. So Pau became Shaq for this new Laker team; So don’t tell me that he did it alone because the Lakers are the New York Yankees of the NBA, They are loaded with talent and stars for that matter: Odom, Artest, Pau, Bynum, Fisher and now Matt Barnes and Steve Blake. That team alone without Kobe can win 50 games easily.

      • Hawks says:

        kid you obviously dont know anything about bball since 3 years ago mayb not even that much… like said you must not know much about pau gasol or ron artest hmm somebody fells dumb now don’t they…..didn’t lebron take the cavs 2 da finals in 07 with like the worst team possible…uhuh thought so

      • keison says:

        if u say all these people did it like kobe, he had shaq and other great players the bulls were stacked along with the lakers with magic so what the hell are u talkin about

      • ladi dadi says:

        Every person you just named as someone who won without another superstar, actually had another superstar every time they won. Jordan had Pippen, Kobe had Shaq and Gasol, Bird had McHale, Magic had Worthy and Kareem and an entire roster of beasts!. And LeBron had some very descent talent around him too. It’s not that LeBron isn’t as good as these players, he’s just not there yet. He was hyped up way too high before he even made it into the league. Everybody jumped on the LeBron train and look what happened. Nada damn thang! None of you imagined it would be 7 years later and he still wouldn’t have a ring. that’s what you get for crowning a “King” when the real “King” is still playing in L.A.

    • Cory says:

      As far as Lebron coming to the Knicks I highly disagree with that being good for his career. I doubt Miami any better but oh well his decision is made. Honestly the best team for Lebron may have been the Bulls considering the facts of the developing Noah and the extremely talented Rose. Unfortunately the idea of playing in Jordan’s shadow for what may be the peak of his career would have shot his image as a player. In comparison to Lakers however Miami still has a few weaknesses condiering the match up issues of Gasol – Bosh as the Lakers seem to like doing. This new Trio of players will be interesting and entertaining to watch, but the majority of the effort will need to come from the “role players” especially since three guys wont win a championship also I dare anyone to say that Boston did it because had it not been for the unexpected evolution of Rajon Rondo into a high-caliber point guard the Celtics may still be in search of a ring like the depressing loss to the Lakers last Finals.

    • Christoph says:

      I agree with Candid, it wasn’t the best choice to have that spotlight show as noone else did. Yes, people shouldn’t take it too personal, even though I can understand those Cavs fans being disappointed. But even taking this as a business, it wasn’t nice. It’s always best to be transparent – like Wade: He said, give me another good guy or I will leave. So, they exactly knew where they were with him. Cavs didn’t know. Of course they should prepare for it, but that’s the other bad about it. A lot of players (who the teams were chasing) decided within the first week. When James announced, whom should the Cavs talk to, if the others already decided. (Surely, its not easy to lure someone prominent player to Cleveland without James there, but they at least would have had the chance to talk to players. When James announced, several were off market… that I think is what gives his way he handled it that bitter taste. Though, he said he just decided on that morning, but man he had plenty of time. Did that one week make the difference? I think for the Cavs this week could have been very valuable to look for some other players…

    • LAKER MAN says:


    • Jay says:

      LeBron is a indecisive prick, that’s what he is. He chooses Miami AFTER Bosh chooses Miami. And now he writes a letter AFTER Big Z and Amar’e sends them out? Can this man do anything on his own? A king, yeah right.

  162. Owen says:

    That’s what LBJ had to do. Write to the people about what he true felt amid the ruckus done by some estranged individuals about his departure from Cleveland. Nothing more. It’s his career. Whatever people say, they have to control over it. its his.

    • SHUT UP!! says:

      WE Cleveland are NOT THE ONES SAYING THIS!!!! Its the MEDIA! Direct your comments toward them and not us. We cant control what they wrie noboby here ven really talks about LBJ anymore. Whats done is done.

      • SHUT UP!! says:

        Let me fix the typos for u critics

        WE Cleveland are NOT THE ONES SAYING THIS!!!! Its the MEDIA! Direct your comments toward them and not us. We cant control what they write noboby here even really talks about LBJ anymore. Whats done is done.

  163. Boon says:

    Who care about Cleveland anyway? those ungrateful pansies deserves no thanks from him after all they have done.

  164. MIKE says:

    At this present moment supporters of the Cleveland Cavaliers will not pity LBJ based on his decision that was made a few weeks ago. I applaud LBJ for his efforts and sincerity towards moving forward along with his best wishes for the city of Akron and its people. Time heals everything and no matter what LBJ does to pacify the situation it will not be the same for now. LBJ, just give them time and they will finally appreciate and respect your decision. Best of luck on your new endeavors (Miami Heat). My last words GO LAKERS…………

    • arjay says:

      BEAT L.A.!!!!!! miami is my team since wade came to town.. so again……. BEAT L.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Candid says:

        Dream on buddy. Your newly assembled Super Queens will be methodically dismantled by the Lakers.

      • Bryan says:

        Same here: Lets go Miami Thrice!

      • j says:


      • Jay says:

        Too bad Miami isn’t going anywhere near the NBA Finals next season.

      • LAKERS FAN FOR LIFE says:

        Cmon get serious Miami have put together a team of champions..The lakers are still the champion team – BACK TO BACK!!

      • ladi dadi says:

        Kobe is scared??? Of what? LeBron hasn’t proven anything. he hasn’t done anything but choke and give up on his teammates. Kobe is the man in the league right now. get used to it!

  165. Lolzor says:

    Why would he thank Cleaveland after all that they’ve done to destroy his name?

    • GREG says:

      I agree 100%

    • Ston says:

      Lebron destroyed his own name and is still doing so so i dont know what your talking about

      • Mark says:

        why because he chose to leave? its his life. he can do what he want. why was it wrong for him and not bosh, amare, and everyone else. i mean come on now.

      • Jesse says:

        Its NOT just HIS life, you freak….the NBA, Cleveland, Miami, “LBJ”, or anything else NBA related would exsist in our world if it were not for the NBA, the fans, the players, the owners, and everyone else that makes this BUSINESS tick.

        So when ppl say, “get over it…its his life” thats not entirely true. Lebrons choice obviously has affected and impacted (negatively and positive alike) more than just “his life”. He was a champion of Cleveland and all of Ohio. They have a RIGHT to be upset at him just as equally as he had his right to excersise his options.

        People dont like it. The League (for the most part, it seems) doesnt like it.

        Ill tell you WHY this is BAD for the NBA. There are comparisons to the 80s Lakers and Celtics, and Jordan’s Bulls….about how those rosters were stacked full of talent. But so was every other team…if u look at it or read up on it. There was an article that said expansion has set this up and is directly responsible for the dilution of talent in the league. And they were right.

        People are angry over this, bc its a DILIBERATE move to throw the balance of TALENT out of whack. Most teams in the League today, have ONE superstar. MAYBE a close 2nd that could be debatable. Then you have the benches that have talent, but not superstar quality.

        Miami, goes and puts 3 superstars in their prime no less, on one team. IF this team is to win the next 5 years in a row. There goes the competion. There goes the suspense. There goes the FUN in watching the NBA.

        I wont tune in. Ill catch the highlights on ESPN. =)

        My 2cents.

      • David says:

        you need to realize, free agency is part of the NBA for a reason. If this was somehting that isn’t meant to be acceptable, it wouldnt be part of the game, right ?

        He left because CLE didn’t satisify his needs, sucks to be you doesen’t it ? Part of the city that can’t satisfy someone’s needs.

      • celticsss says:

        mate, you say that its ruining the nba by making one team too good
        you say everyone will lose interest and suspense if they win the next five
        one of the most revered and loved groups of players of all time are the Bill Russell led celtics, were talking 11 championships. did that “ruin the nba”?
        no, people still remember them as greats and love them for it

      • ladi dadi says:

        LMAO @ jesse… LeBron has never been a champion at anything stupid. he wears one ring, and it’s his wedding ring… Just tell me when he won a championship in anything???

      • Jay says:

        As a toronto fan up in Canada, we are also affected and upset by the loss of our franchise player, however most people up here aren’t exactly burning jerseys of Chris Bosh and writing hate letters to him. Obviously James has built a much bigger reputation than Chris Bosh, but it seems the cleveland fans are making this much more bitter than it needs to be. He has played nearly a decade in Cleveland as did Bosh has in Toronto. These players have played their hearts out in their respective cities and have given a lifetime of memories. James brought a low rated team to consecutive playoff runs and a finals appearance. Bosh has lifted Toronto up and is responsible for one of the greatest season turnarounds in NBA history. With all the things these players have given their cities it is necessary for people to realize these players want to do something for themselves and play with eachother as friends and teammates. No matter how upset the cleveland fans are, there is NOTHING you can do to change it. I know as a fact some people are so stubborn that they will not accept this fact and still cry themselves to sleep. But the best thing all fans can do is not abandon their teams, and to keep watching NBA because teams evolve with or without Bosh,Wade, or Lebron, organisations move on, and so do the fans. To the Cleveland Fans : If you keep a grudge like that no good will come of it, and it certainly wont attract any players to your city if they know you’ll treat them like that if they decide to do go in a different direction. That curse won’t die until you can move on. “Love begets Love, hate begets hate” – Arnel Pineda

      • Jay says:

        i agree with Mark. Dont be mad for people choosing their own path in life, because if they really want to do something they will do it. You being a baby about it will not bring him back

  166. Tbron says:

    I dont understand why people hate on lebron so much now?
    they cant expect him to say in Cleveland forever. & The fans need to understand that.
    Get Over it. Its done. And truly… there is nothing we can do about it.

    • justme says:

      ummmm maybe because HE said he wanted to stay in cleveland to build a championship team?

      that’s my guess.

      i’m not a fan of either the cavs or lebron but i can understand why they’re mad. being that he said what he did.

  167. Alexzo says:

    In all honesty,i felt no impact upon reading lebrons letter. I guess it’s because it’s been done before (amar’e’s beat him to the punch with his letter to phoenix) James may need to be more original & creative for him to be accepted back in cleveland & the rest of the basketball world (that is if he wants to or if he cares) How about becoming the prodigal son & going back to the cavs? …just a thought… Any takers?

    • botyok says:

      LBJ is never gonna come back to Cleveland… He’s hungry for a championship and he is more likely to get it with the reconstructed Miami team… Hes got everythin now except a ring… Yes we applaud a player for his individual performance but without a ring, you ain’t gonna be remembered much… Pistol Pete?, Bernard King?, Elgin Baylor?, Karl Malone, John Stockton?, Charles Barkley?… sure we all know him now but does your sons and daughters know them??? We’re talking about some of the NBA’s all time top 50 here but none of them is gonna be remembered 10-20 years from now… I even asked a little kid playing basketball at a community basket ball court about who Bill Russel is, and he answered me with numbers… He said 10, 10 championships.. Of course he was wrong coz Bill got 11 but to think a 7 or 8 year old kid knowing who bill russel is??.. Magnificient

      • basketball :D VC,LBJ,WILT says:

        yes your correct but i’m 16 and i know who all those great players are and so does my 12 yr old brother

      • LAKERS says:

        Lebron will only be remembered as a chump!

      • ladi dadi says:

        bill russell won 13 rings. 11 as a player, and 2 after. I don’t care wht anybody says, LeBron may be the most physically gifted athlete in basketball, but he’s not even the 3rd best player in the league. All you suckers who passed Kobe’s torch to LeBooHoo are fools. He’s been overrated since he was still in high school!

      • Al says:

        John Stockton is the all time leader in Steals and Assists. You think he wont be remembered? your a clown.
        Pistol pete was playing before most people reading this blog were born and i bet most know who he is.

      • DC says:

        All those players you mentioned are remembered fondly, without rings. What’s more important is the heat will always be wade’s team, and he chose to be #2. So even if the heat win the next 5 championships in a row, being second chair won’t get him as much icon status or shoe money as being a number 1 without as many rings.

    • Keith Wray says:

      he dont need to b accepted..regardless of wat the wanna fell…he is a greta bball player and none of them decide how much money he gets paid…leave the man alone…so he can go on wit his life…the way they treatin him durin this time is showin everyone how much they really loved him…cuz they turnin their backs wen he made the best decision for his career

    • J says:

      stop hatin he wants championship n srry ass cleveland isnt going 2 give it 2 him i dont blam him for leaving or writing cleveland in his letter because nobody likes cleveland they havent won a championship in over million years so why stay n possibly not win anything if u have a chance 2 win multiple championship lebron smart u shuldnt be mad at him u should be mad at the owner for not gettin him help 2 win a championship so stop hatin on lebron be happy for the man

    • jmiller says:

      basketball is his job he can work anywhere he want he dont owe them nothing

    • cavs should retire LBJ`s number. he has done everything to make the city proud of. The only thing is his exit but we should take into consideration that he wants the ring. to all cavalier fans we must understand him. He has been working for us for quite some time.. He needs help to get the ring.. Who knos? its not the end of the world. Believe me.. The KING will be back to Cleveland thats one thing for sure!