Leaders Of The Revival


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Surely, folks in Sacramento weren’t happy to learn that Tyreke Evans was one of the first four players trimmed from the USA Basketball roster for this summer’s world championships (O.J. Mayo, JaVale McGee and Gerald Wallace were the others).

Evans, the NBA’s reigning T-Mobile Rookie of the Year, couldn’t have been pleased either.

But there’s a silver lining in this for the hometown Kings. Because now Evans can get in the gym and develop some chemistry with the guy that must be his new best friend, DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins (he’s the big fella in the video above).

And if the Kings are intent on escaping lottery country and returning to relevancy in a packed Western Conference, they’ll have to do it on the backs on their new inside-out combo of Evans and Cousins.

If Cousins has anywhere near the season and impact that Evans had in his first year in a Kings uniform, the franchise revival being planned in Sacramento could come much sooner than expected.

Our skepticism about this team here at the hideout was fueled by the still to be determined ability of all the new pieces to fit together (Kevin Martin‘s been on the HT fantasy team since his rookie year, so we’re still not over the Kings dumping him last season). There is also clearly a lack of backcourt depth to suit our liking (and we’re guessing this means we’re kicked out of the Beno Udrih fan club).

But the rest of the supporting cast seems to be in place. We love what Omri Casspi brings to the party. He’s a ferocious competitor with the versatility and skills to work in a variety of capacities, depending on what coach Paul Whestphal decides works best. Guys like Carl Landry, Sam Dalembert, Jason Thompson and Donte Green give Westphal a multitude of frontcourt options to play with this season.

That also means “Boogie” won’t have to deliver huge numbers right away. If he just comes along at a solid rate and does his best to avoid the some of the pitfalls that can derail a rookie season, these Kings could be on the way to making some noise after the All-Star break.

The playoffs might be too ambitious … but what’s wrong with a little ambition this time of year?



  1. Kayla says:

    Not a half bad article but you and your proofreaders need to do a better job. It’s Donte GREENE not Green.

  2. REKE says:

    KingOfSac says:
    July 29, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    Kings are on the rise baby! We got this starting line-up

    SG Tyreke Evans
    SF Donte Greene/Omri Casspi
    PF Carl Landry
    C Dalembert/Cousins

  3. Michael McBride says:

    kings made a mistake and miami made even a bigger mistake by letting the clippers get rasual butler. He’s been knocking down threes consistently, I’m clueless how he hasn’t found a home, especially they way he tore it up in New Orleans. I’d honestly have to say he shooting over miller and james jones. Poor tyreke has nobody to kick it out to after he breaks ankles. LOL casspi and greene, beno is the only one i’d kick it out to. Even kapono would be a good fit for sac or miami.
    All i know is cousins and dalembert better not clog the lane because there needs to be room to reke havok.

    ohh ya… and for reals GusNZ?!?! your credibility on all posts on this site past present and future have been wiped away after that.

  4. Flash says:

    Cousins-Evans are the new Shaq-Kobe. Lets start the rookies this year and next year with experience we’ll take over the 8th spot. The Kings aren’t ready to do damage this year, they will prob finish around 10th in the west. If the Kings really wanted to help themselves out they would trade Beno. He is worthless at point with Evans there. We should have traded him for that kid from Maryland, Greveus Vasques. (I think thats how you spell it)

    • KCA says:

      deer poop is what i have to say when you say cousins is like shaq and tyreke is like kobe.

      • Rick James says:

        now while i may admit (even though i am a kings fan) that tyreke and cousins are not the new shaq and kobe. I will say that tyrekes rookie season went way better than kobe’s first two seassons in the nba. Just look up the stats if you want to.

  5. Zzanzabar says:

    @GusNz Sorry to bust your bubble but the West has been the dominate Conference for some while. What makes a Conference dominate is not the top 8 but the BOTTOM 8. Even though every team in the West had 50 wins just to make it to the playoffs, the bottom teams can make 50 wins and NOT make it (just ask Phoenix). For years teams in the East have made the playoffs with 50% win loss ratios, some even making the playoffs with LOSING records! This year is no different.

    The power in the top 8 of the East has merely shifted from Cleveland to Miami, there have been no real changes to the bottom 8 (C’mon you don’t really believe that Stoudemire is going to make NY a playoff team do you?). It will still take 50 wins for teams in the west to make the playoffs while eastern teams like Charlotte and Chicago can get in with 50/50 records (although I think that Chicago is really going to step it up.

    Take a good look at the bottom of the barrel in the EAST and tell me who is going to make that Conference tough? NJ?, Detroit?, Indiana? Toronto? Philly? NY? Come on hear of any major things happening with these teams? Even with these teams tanking last year and the top 8 Eastern teams having a majority of their game within their Conference, only 4 out of 8 playoff teams had 50 wins or over. I do not see much of a change this year.

  6. KingOfSac says:

    Kings are on the rise baby! We got this starting line-up

    PG Beno Udrih
    SG Tyreke Evans
    SF Donte Greene/Omri Casspi
    PF Carl Landry
    C Dalembert/Cousins

    That sounds pretty great to me! I am a DEVOUT Kings fan, and the way the organization has put together a squad like this, it makes me so proud to be a fan of the Kings. Sure, we had some rough years, but we all fall sometimes!

    • KCA says:

      dang right your a kings fan. just cuz sac town got some mediocre role players to put around their two “stars” their rookie big man and sophmore phenom. who had to do all of that so new jersey wasnt the only one having to struggle not to go 12-70.

  7. Coach Nick says:

    Certainly Coach Pete Carril thinks he’ll be one of the best. Check out our interview, plus exclusive playing footage of Cousins:

    • kingfan21 says:

      Just a thought, the thunder are a pretty good team last I checked! Does anyone know what there record was 2 years ago? Since everyone has the internet, you all could look it up pretty easily… Let me save you a minute though! In the 08-09 season, OKC’s record was 23-59. And last year? 50-32! And what do these 2 teams have in common? Young teams with a lot of talent and a former rookie of the year! Playoffs is not out of the question! We will see what happens tho!

  8. yobab says:


    do u really watch NBA ‘bro’? how can u say the east are better than west? top 8 teams in west last season won 50 or more games., how bout east? only half of the playoff teams won 50 games or more., and CHICAGO? can easily make the top 2 in west? ur kidding ryt? this is not jordan’s era anymore ‘bro’ 41-41 slate last season? and let me tell you bout something ‘bro’ since the start of 2000 season, only 3 teams in the east won the nba champs title., so saying that, “east have been better for a while now? i don’t think so,

  9. Kizzy KIre says:

    This is all very true! Out of all the teams in the NBA, The Kings, The Clippers, and The Bobcats are moving in the correct direction towards dominance in their conference. The kings have a type of style that they are developing that is becoming all too familiar. Tyreke Evans brings a guard that will bring tremendous talent (reminds me of the skill that Mike Bibby brought as a guard to the Kings). DeMarcus Cousins would play to role of a passing big man who has a great touch around the basket (Chris Webber, maybe even better). And then we have Omri Casspi who is going to have to step up and become a great guy to go to in the final minuets of a game or who can help maintain the tempo ( Peja Stoiakovic). All of a sudden you would have a very great team. Not to go over looked but the kings did add Sam Dalembert to their roster (great addition) with the current players?? Watch out for the SAC KINGS

  10. Amish says:

    They are going to win 35-40 games and be in the playoffs in 2012. here’s my take at Pardon My Bias http://pardonmybias.com/the-long-road-back-to-relevance-sacramento-kings/

  11. JD says:

    Man I’m not that worried about the kings talent as much as – am worried about the coaching. Westphal used to be a good coach, but I question his ability to develop supper young talents like Cousins and Evans and develop cohesion on the team. Maloofs should know that to win in this league you need a top notch coach and westphal’s time has passed. And you gotta play defense to win in the NBA and westphal doesn’t focus much on D. Havin the wrong coach is very frustrating for young talents so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  12. jwhite says:

    i agree with asa. the kings will be entertaining and get u pumped but they are not ready for the playoffs yet. not enough pieces to yet make a run for the playoffs

  13. priv8 says:

    The kings won’t be better than the clippers! But my main question is how is the east better than the west? Over the past 12 years they have a total of 3 championship. The lakers have 5 this decade alone…they should be good because they (the east) get all the lottery picks. The west had 8 teams this past season win 50 games.. So before any of you speak with an east bias, do some research first.

  14. Asa says:

    They still aren’t ready for the playoffs. Who was the 8th seed last year? OKC THUNDER! Sacremento is nowhere near the THUNDER…they have great potential..but aren’t quite ready yet.

    • colow says:

      if they (kings) manage 45+ wins, itd be a great match-up with OKC. im hoping to see that come the playoffs.

    • KCA says:

      I really agree with ya. anyone who says the kings will make the playoffs are being a bit to bold. the thunder just made the playoffs last season and they will be better this season. lakers mavs thunder spurs utah portland are all pretty solid to make the playoffs. denver phoenix houston will all fight for the last two spots unless something happens for each team.
      Denver needs a full healthy season from all their bigs and coach Karl.
      Houston needs Yao to get at least 20 10 70. (points rebounds games played) along with K mart brooks and scola playing well.
      Phoenix needs Lopez to be huge and nash to avoid his eyes from being targets.

  15. Eric Kinney says:

    2011 Sac Town King +45 wins. Lets GO

  16. Yup says:

    ya the Kings are gonna be good pretty soon, Tyreke reminds me of brandon roy or one of those ball dominant shooting guards! Will Cousins play any power forward? cause you guys have alot of centers

    • Kris says:

      they have 2 centers, Dalembert and Cousins, Hassan will, if, he plays this season be at the 4 most likely for short minutes. Depending on Demarcus conditioning and cross matching with the kings other big out there he may play some 5, but not against a stretch 4 as he isnt comfortable defending out on the perimeter.

  17. Khoa says:

    I love the Kings. I love Tyreke. I love Cousins and last but not least I love Steve Jobs!!!

    • Mike says:

      As I witnessed the horror of Robert Horry’s (late shot) it seems like it was just yesterday that bibby was throwing alley hoops to C-Webb and Divac was setting up stoakavich for a three in his native slavic tounge. Oh how I reminess upon those long lost days. However it does seem a fresh brew of talent has been given a chance to reclaim a once powerful throne in the NBA. I feel like Casspi can be the hebrew-hammer’s reincarnation of Peja stoakavich, tyreke an exceptional point for years to come, and cousins well any comparison to C-Webb would be ill conceived and naive to suggest at this point in time. All they need is another man by the name of Vlade and they will be well on their way.

  18. JTreke says:


  19. vytautas says:

    go sacramento.
    2011MVP – Kevin Durant
    2012MVP – Kevin Durant
    2013MVP – Tyreke Evans .
    you’ll see

  20. onyxsaige says:

    I would love to see the kings prosper and sneak up on some of the better teams in the west and it is really nice that tyreke won R O Y but when you are the number one scoring option on a team you better get at least 20-5-5. If tyreke was on a better team he would not had so many chances to score by taking over on the offensive end. all that aside demarcus is a great pick-up (err i mean diesel truck) if he is able to get R O Y honors I will be convinced that the kings have a bright future ahead of them and it is not that far off. Not because of the bragging rights it would bring but it would send a much needed surge through the pulse of sacramento fans, owner and players. all that aside as realistic die hard lifetime fan of the kings I am excited about the future because you never really appreciate victory until you experience defeat

  21. Richard says:

    I really think these guys can sneak into the playoffs with the guys they have. Evans could possibly be an all-star next year, and with Casspi and Cousins and Dalembert, they could be the 7 or 8 seed. I really would love to see another chapter of the Lakers-Kings rivalry come playoff time 🙂

    • Western Conference fan says:

      hahaha kings make it to the 7th or 8th seed?? that’s funny.
      thunder(8) spurs(7) and blazers(6) all had 50 wins and they were the lowest seeds.
      you believe they’ll get that many wins out of them?? i seriously doubt it personally.
      I say they’ll get some 12+ wins then what they got last year.
      i’m not a Big Cali fan because im from the Suns hometown but i root for the Kings alot more than Lakers, Clippers or Warriors.

      • Monty says:

        Are you stupid? Of course the Kings wont make the playoffs… But the Spurs might not either. Tim Duncan showed signs of getting old and wearing off the last couple years. I think that both the suns and Spurs are out of the playoffs and the Grizz and the Rockets are in.

  22. Watts says:

    Very nice article. I am Sacramento born and raised but I am a huge Kobe Bryant fan so I will say my team is the Lakers but I can’t help but to support the home team do to my roots. I just can’t wait until the kings are back to the late 90s early 2000s form. N DMC cud be the best thing since C-DUBB. I see the kings contending for a spot this year but for sure making the playoffs next year. Keep it up Maloofs… A solid combo guard that complements Tyreke will need to be the next pick up then its trouble once again for the league. The capital city will be back in full effect!!!!

  23. Maimiman says:

    man tyreke got skills forr sure. i mean. 20-5-5 as a rookie, man. thats beast. thats with those all time NBA HOF players,, i really hope Cousins can contribute and i hope tyreke helps guide him through his rookie season and keep his nose clean. if they can both grow and play together,, man, its gonna be Kings in about 6 years. i got a feeling these two well be around for at least that long,, and the Kings org. will bring in some type of big name to play on the wing,, bang. 3 great players (if Cousins can develope) and you got the New Kings here. — And im not even a kings fan lol

  24. Jake says:

    I think Tyreke got injured so thats why he didn’t make the cut but I gotta agree with you Sekou things are looking up for the Kings

  25. Zzanzabar says:

    I truly believe that Sacramento is going to be a ‘sleeper’ team in the West this year (along with the Clippers). If Cousins develops any chemistry with Evans then other teams had better look out. Personally I think that this hype about the East overtaking the West in talent is overblown. As far as I can see the Western Conference is still going to be the hardest one to make it to the playoffs from.

    • GusNZ says:

      Bro are you serious? The west better than the east? Hate to burst your bubble but the East have been better for awhile now. Its not the 00’s anymore. The East have the likes of Boston, Chicago, Orlando, (easily make top 2) even New York and ATL would make the top 4 in the West and thats not mentioning Miami. Gone are the days of the West being the stronger conference sorry man.

      • SammyP says:

        Hahaha — “even New York …. would make the top 4 in the West.” Yeah, ok dude.

      • T-Wah says:

        Actually, I’d like to burst your bubble, GusNZ. The Bulls made it to the playoffs with a .500 win percentage. They lost half of their games!!! On the flipside, OKC posted a .610 win percentage to make the playoffs. The Boson Celtics would have barely made the playoffs in the West, not to mention the Bucks, Heat, Bobcats and Bulls. Nice try, though.

      • D West says:

        There is no way you believe what you just typed. NO way in hell you believe the NY and ATL would be top 4 in the west. Come on now, be smarter than that.

      • Phillip says:

        Come on man the east has gotten a little better but the west is still the best confrence. Just look at the records of the teams that were in the playoffs last season. If the bottom 3 or 4 eastern playoff teams were in the west they would not have even made the playoffs. I’ll give you Boston (probably one more good year left), Orlando, Chicago, Miami (still not a lock, just ask Rondo), thats about it. I mean there are other good teams but do you really think that any of the teams that I didnt mention would beat our 7 seed OKC in a playoff? I dont think so. The power still lies in the West my man.

      • Jake says:

        GusNZ if you ever go to court and plead insanity just show them that post it’s all the evidence you’ll need.

      • BBM says:

        New York, ATL, Chicago top 4 in the West? I assume those teams are better than the Mavs, Spurs, Nuggets, or even the Jazz, and Suns – which just lost their stars to CHI and NYK – or even OKC. Before this offseason, NYK was a joke and CHI is worse than OKC. The East just became relevant post 00’s era with Detriot (1 champonship) and the Celtics (in 07-08)…and now 2010. Apparantly u are smoking some good stuff and I want some.

      • Ry says:

        @GusNZ, im sorry but when the western conference 8th seed team has an equal record to the 4th seed eastern conf team that means the west is BETTER. Sorry to burst your bubble man, but the west is so much better than the east still.

      • DBrooks says:


      • kingof2k says:

        GunsZ whatever planet ur from………u need to go back there n take a deep breath bcuz the air here on planet earth doesnt go well with your brain……no more oxygen for u lol

      • BrandonID says:

        most of these opinions are backed by the fact that these power houses in the east keep beating up on the lower talented teams….do you really think the east is a tougher conference now that four team gutted themselves just to try to acquire sellout Lebron. Plus the Miami Thrice being made makes the talent even more concentrated and even less competitive in the east. Listen to some basketball analysts…they pretty much say the same damn thing. Knowledge is power son…not randomly running your mouth!

      • basketball :D VC,LBJ,WILT says:

        i think that gunsz is wrong here because NY and ATL top 4 no but this season east will be better i think