And Then There Were 15

Posted by John Schuhmann

Lopez survived the cut, but has his work cut out for him to make the final roster. (Andrew D. Bernstein/NBA/Getty Images)

USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo and head coach Mike Krzyzewski announced the 15 names that have been invited to participate in the next phase of training camp, which begins Aug. 10 in New York.

Four names have been eliminated from the 19 that finished camp in Las Vegas last week. They are Tyreke Evans, O.J. Mayo, JaVale McGee and Gerald Wallace.

Evans was the only real obvious cut, having missed the last two days of practice and Saturday’s USA Basketball Showcase with an ankle injury. He was also the least experienced of five point guards in camp.

The other three cuts were much tougher to call. And clearly, they were tough to make for the USA Basketball staff. Colangelo said after Saturday’s game that the decisions would be made by Monday, but he took two extra days to decide who would be the four.

Mayo comes as a bit of a surprise. Both he (7-for-12, 3-for-6 from 3-point range) and Eric Gordon (5-for-10, 4-for-7) shot well in Saturday’s Showcase, but Mayo seemed a bit more active defensively and both Colangelo and Krzyzewski were non-committal about Gordon in their post-game comments. Yet it’s Gordon who made the cut.

McGee was a long shot to make the team from the start. With the Knicks pulling Amar’e Stoudemire off the team and Robin Lopez deciding not to participate, McGee was a last-minute addition at the start of camp. He had moments of brilliance last week, but is probably too inexperienced and inconsistent to be relied upon on the international stage at this point in his career.

Given just 12:27 of playing time (second fewest among the 18 players), Wallace didn’t get much of an opportunity to show what he could do on Saturday. But apparently, the staff had already seen enough. He seemed to be in direct competition with Jeff Green and Kevin Love in the group of big forwards who will be spending some time playing the five.

So here is the remaining 15-man roster, which will need to be cut down to 12 by Aug. 26.

Guards: Chauncey Billups, Stephen Curry, Eric Gordon, Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook

Wings: Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay, Danny Granger, Andre Iguodala

Big forwards: Jeff Green, Kevin Love, Lamar Odom

Centers: Tyson Chandler, Brook Lopez

At this point, the only player above clearly on the bubble to make the final roster is Lopez, who showed up for camp out of shape, having dealt with a bout of mono earlier in the summer. Impressed with Lopez’s desire to keep playing, Colangelo was willing to give the Nets’ center another shot. But Lopez will really have to turn things around in New York to make the team.

“He knows he has an awful lot to show in New York to be under consideration,” Colangelo said.

Colangelo added that the staff was unaware of Lopez’s illness before camp started, but Lopez had talked about it with reporters at Avery Johnson’s introductory press conference on June 15.

Beginning Aug. 10, the U.S. will hold seven days of training in New York. It includes an exhibition against France on Sunday, Aug. 15 (1 p.m. ET, ESPN2). On Aug. 16, the team will depart for Madrid, where they will train for a few days and play exhibition games against Lithuania (Aug. 21, 3 p.m. ET, NBA TV) and Spain (Aug. 22, 3 p.m. ET, NBA TV). After that, they’ll travel to Athens for their final exhibition against Greece (Aug. 25, 12 p.m. ET, ESPN).

The World Championship begins on Aug. 28 in Turkey. The U.S. will play five preliminary games over six days in Istanbul, and would probably need to only win two of them to advance to the 16-team, single-elimination tournament (also held in Istanbul). The gold medal game takes place Sept. 12.

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  1. G Lu says:

    1. I dont understand y no one mentions odom as a good PF… I already no Durant locked up the small slot, but really, the man can play well. You guys will probably call me another Laker frontrunner, but when he had his runs, he had a good 15ppg and 9rpg, but whe he didn’t, barely 8 points out of him. lets hope he gets some of his runs.
    2. USA will make it far, but not that far, Argentina, Spain will be the biggest problem. This team only has some real Allstars, Rondo ( yes Rondo is a liable allstar and has good court vision) Durant, (dont even question it) and Danny Granger (just maybe, i mean he did make it to the 09 or was it 10 allstar game but has injuried).
    3. Stop asking for kobe, lebron, wade, howard, bosh, or any of those guys, they are practicing for next season since they are championship teams, so stop asking and whining for them. also, hey do it to give the other teams a chance to win =)

  2. onek says:

    PG- D-WILL

  3. jmann513 says:

    Listen up everybody USA will win the gold because they have to much pride to let some shooting europeans beat the all the guys you are boosting up on the spain team guess what none of them were big parts of there NBA
    teams aside from paul gasol. USA will win the gold. Beside Durant is the one of the premier players in the NBA. USA will win the gold

  4. jmann513 says:

    Listen up everybody USA will win the gold because they have to much pride to let some shooting europeans beat the all the guys you are boosting up on the spain team guess what none of them were big parts of there teams aside from paul gasol. USA will win the gold. Beside Durant is the one of the premier players in the NBA. USA will win the gold

  5. bubu says:

    why are people keep looking for kobe, bron, wade etc! don’t you guys read articles??
    and even tyreke ever steph? just because he’s rookie of the year? steph curry is better with shooting, or court vision, speed!

    okafor won ROY over dwight but that doesn’t make him better than DH

    • KCA says:

      WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who told you okafor won rookie of the year over Dwight? you should do some reading yourself

  6. Alex Pulley says:

    WHERE ARE KOBE, LEBRON, D Howard, and D Wade

  7. Paul says:

    starter should be
    rajon rondo
    chancey billups
    kevin durant
    jeff green
    brook lopez

    and for back ups
    derrick rose
    russell westbrook
    rudy gay
    kevin love
    tyson chandler

    if i had to cut three players first of all i would cut garbage lamar odom, and i would cut eric gordon even though he is pretty good and cut either stephon curry us too many guards even though i love stephon curry’s game with the threes, or mayb danny granger, idk mayb too much guards but im liking the starting 5

    • KCA says:

      basketball is the game with the round orange thing that bounces up and down learn something about it before you type.
      Jeff green and Lopez will probably not make the team… It kinda makes it hard for them to start

  8. eunice says:

    another confident move for team usa making some big names out….it was like the previous world basketball that they not use kobe or shaq…..i know durant can score 30+ or more a game but even lebron james the number 1 player in our generation with the help of wade, anthony, howard, they only finish 3rd place…dont underestimate other countrys like greece, lithuania,….and the one thing im thinking of how can this players play to the physical game of other country’s also the team’s that most player comes to eurobasket…hell the game there no blood no foul,…good luck team USA…even if im a pilipino

  9. jared says:

    Wallace simply isn’t a shooter. I think that’s why he got cut. Anyone else not like Tyson Chandler’s game? I’m really not a fan at all and think he’s pretty lousy I wish we had better bigs playing in this for us. Hilarious how Chris Paul made him look 10 times better than he really is. Anyways go USA.

  10. mark says:

    I’m sorry everyone but Spain is gonna win the championship. The US roster is quite disappointing.
    In Beijing they were lucky but this time there’s no big stars like Kobe, Lebron…

    It makes me laugh when I see in the news of Childress’ new team as such as one of the big moves of the summer… I have seen some of his games in Europe and he haven’t the best season of his career this year (being polite).

    • KCA says:

      Wow if having Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and anyone else im forgetting is luck? id hate to see a team with skill.

  11. onek says:

    WTF!! What about JOakim Noah? instead of tyson chandler. joakim has the heart, the will and the double-double!!

  12. maurice says:

    O.J for Russel…

  13. jdstrange says:

    Look ppl…not many of the world’s top players are playing including the aforementioned stars of the NBA. This year’s world championship will be one of the most exciting because of the fresh blood on the court. We know what Wade, Kobe, LBJ et al can do. But don’t you think it’s a bit more exciting to see D. Rose and Durant and all the newbies against the rest of the world? This will be a testament to the deepness of the talent pool of the NBA and this is also the grooming of the guys who will eventually take over for Kobe and the boys. Just kick back and enjoy it……also the championship against Spain started out like a USA romp but due to the Spainiards tenacity and the US going ice cold allowed the Spainiards to get back in the game. The team chemistry of the Spain team should not be overlooked. Also the USA newbies have to adjust to FIBA rules and play more of a rough and tumble game, plenty of fouling and tipping of the bball above the rim. If the USA can quickly adapt to that style and play more of playground type of game, they should bring home the gold. Yeah, the Mayo and Wallace decisions are very perplexing.

  14. Jr. says:

    ^ agreed. Curry(Rooke) Gordon, Green OUT!!

    line up



  15. Nikleman says:

    I think that they need to keep Brook Lopez on the team because they have only one true center in Tyson Chandler (who I don’t think It’s good enough to make the international Usa basketball team) in case to have power under the basket.. And Lamar Odom & Kevin Love will be better option over Jeff Green.. And from the pg’s, I think that Eric Gordon and Stephen Cury must go out! Because players like Chauncey, Rondo and Rose (and Westbrook also) must have a spot on the team. So I think the ideal starting five for this Usa team will be: PG: Chauncey Billups, SG: Derrick Rose, SF: Kevin Durant, PF: Lamar Odom, C: Brook Lopez ..and the first changes should be: Rondo, Iguodala and Love.. 😉 AND ANOTHER BIG THING!!! I DON’T THINK THAT THEY ARE GOING TO WIN THE GOLD MEDAL AT ALL!!!

    • Jordan24 says:

      Curry and Gordon both shouldn’t go out. First off, Gordon isn’t even supposed to be a pg on this team, he’s a 2 guard. Guys like Rondo, Rose, and Westbrook are fine, but u gotta realize none of them can shoot the three well at all, unlike Eric and Stephen. That would make Chauncey the only guard with a consistent shot outside of Durant. I guess u don’t think shooting is that big of a deal, u just seem to like playmakers. AND ANOTHER BIG THING!! I THINK THAT THEY WILL WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!

  16. ELI says:


  17. ELI says:


  18. ELI says:


  19. catt says:

    Without Kobe harder, but still possible… go for GOLD!!!

  20. d_artenian says:

    I really don’t understand why Mayo isn’t on the team?

  21. emil says:

    ey guys remember most of the international nba superstars like gasol etc won’t play either, which makes the spanish team way weaker.

  22. social_justice says:

    This is a really interesting team, a good international team really doesn’t need much of a dominant big man, the 5 position is really a mobile big who can rebound and alter shots and occasionally step out to 20 feet and knock down a jump shot. It isn’t very fun anymore if Howard is to play since no other team in international play can defend(limit) him rather than Spain and Brazil plus having Melo bully every other forward of other country was really fun, either on the block or out in the perimeter or even the break.

    This team can win it all, talent alone will take care of that but theres still the occasional bad day which can ruin them in a one round elimination tournament. All in all this is a very interesting team, hope Chandler could grab alot of boards and learn to have a quick outlet pass, so as to maximize their wing and guard dominance. It will be fun to see Love, Odom, Durant ,Igudala and Rose to play at the same time. This team will be so fast its going to be fun.

  23. think says:

    Since there’s a lack of true centers in team USA, i guess they’ll be focusing on speed. Getting fastbreaks is still the best offensive weapon any team can have, whatever competition or rules there may be. Half-court games really makes it tough for team USA against the towering European players (where almost everyone can shoot).

    Shooting isn’t really their winning formula (remember the team with Pierce and Finley, where these two are just jacking up threes… that got them 6th place). Even the Redeem Team isnt made of shooters. Of course Kobe, Wade, Paul and Deron can shoot 3’s, but we can’t really consider them as designated shooters… even micheal redd wasn’t used much during the tournament. Getting transition points is USA’s cup of tea, being the most athletically gifted team in the world, their strength relies on hustle, defense and fast break.

    That’s why I guess they really load up on guards, so they can play small and still be dangerous. Thats why they’ve loaded up on players who can play multi-positions, because they want to make sure all positions are to be covered and they can still defend and run during rotations, and keeping the player’s legs fresh while their at it. The main focus is to cause turnovers/rebound and run.

    Final 12:

    GUARDS: Rondo (he’s ability to cause turnovers is key), Chauncey (can play both 1 and 2, and can provide the steady hand for the team), Rose (athleticism can be used for defense and fastbreaks), Curry (can play 1-2 and can shoot 3’s),

    FORWARDS: Durant (can play 2-3-4, has loads of talent), Iguodala (his athleticism and D are most useful, can also play 2-3-4), Granger (if he improves more on D, he’d be more vital beside his shooting), Gay (athletic and long, could help the team a lot if he focuses on defense),

    BIGS (Center and Big Forwards): Chandler (He’s ability to alter shots and rebounding skills is needed by the team), Odom (can play 3-4-5, good rebounder, great ball-handling for a big man), Love and Lopez (scoring option at the post, needs to rebound well and needs to build stamina and speed for running)

    Cut: Westbrook, Gordon, Green

  24. Shemy says:

    huhuhuhuhuhu i doubt of this line up i tink experience is the best… so without lebron, kobe. i think its difficult to win

  25. NTK says:

    I can’t believe the staffs haven’t learned anything from 2004. Recall what Iverson and Mabury did. Guard with poor persentage jumper is a huge minus to the team, and even Tim Duncan in his hayday wasn’t able to help the team out. Now we got way worse bigs with a bunch of dual pgs. And Iverson and Mabury in NBA at that time? They were way better than Rose or Westbrook, and you know what happened in 2004. I would be surprised if this team gets a bronze.

  26. aj lee says:

    wallace should have made the cut, odom is not committed enough to this team, gay, iguodala, durant, wallace would be solid wings.. tsk,tsk,tsk..

  27. Tracen says:

    Okay quick question…why is nobody talking about Danny Granger??? he is a great fluid scorer with post moves and distance shooting. I understand he isnt the best defensive player but he gets the job done. Personal opinion for smalls: Kevin Durant, Danny Granger

  28. Dongz23 says:

    Erik do know what your saying there? The reason why the USA had this selection with the fresher ones because Kobe, LBJ and the rest of the 2008 Olympic Squad are not joining anymore. Read first before giving your comment pls. .

  29. moemoney says:

    man even though they dont have the 2008 players they still have chemistry and USA will win it all

  30. jeff says:

    mayo should be in this team

  31. Arnold says:

    Team USA is something a medium size, no big PF and Tyson chandler size not enough to control shaded area. This is the weak of Team USA….add more effective PF and Center to help the low post area. Team USA might not get any place in World Championship.

  32. Jordan24 says:

    A lot of ya’ll complaining about Eric Gordon still being on the roster need to be quiet. He gives them a huge 3-point shooting threat that is supplied by no one else on the roster except for maybe Curry. He also has the ability to drive to the hoop and draw a foul quite well. Gordons’ on the ball defense is pretty darn good as well. The USA team doesn’t need just another scorer type like O.J. Mayo, they need specialists in certain areas and Gordon can provide that with his 3-point shot for example. Eric has always been the most underrated player in that class since they all got drafted. Maybe it because he’s not really flamboyant or flashy, and his demeaner never really changes; so it’s about time he’s starting to get more recognition.

  33. how about sending the whole roster of Celtics to repesent the usa squad? they might bring the bacon home with their agressive depense and deadly shooting. And offcourse, transition offense of rondo,

  34. playing international league w/ out kobe ,lebron , wade and howard is terrible. Im really quite sckeptic if this will beat great teams like greece, puerto rico and spain. And i wont be surprised either if they will not bag any achievement even the third place. They may have billups, whose experienced and leadership can kick those europeans ass out and whose shooting is deadly esp. in the three point range, and chadler whose size and strength can dominate the painted area but they lack guys whose wiseness is greatly needed in this team. I acknowledged the performance of rondo last usa basket challenge but his lack of shooting is a factor that he should be cut from the roster. they should have bring jammer nelson, brandon jennings rashard lewis who can outscore those teams in a long range shooting.

  35. christian says:

    y the hell didnt gerald wallace make the team

  36. robert says:

    ok!!!!!!!!this team will be crushed by spain team.understand???????sooo please find another players..ok>>>>>>

  37. Zzanzabar says:

    Opps sorry, that should read “I heard that the international court dimensions were going to change AGAIN, is that true’ or was it a wild rumor?

  38. Ryan says:

    Zones will not bother NBA players unless they fall in love with the 3 point shot. NBA players can slice up and penetrate through a zone so easily. Rondo needs to start on this team (defense, rebounding, assists, leadership, winning, penetrating) along with Rose, Durant, Chandler, and Odom.

  39. Zzanzabar says:


    Read the post again, I never said (or meant to say) that the international games should be ‘cut out’ or that the USA team be made up solely of bench players and rookies. I did say (twice) that I had mixed feelings about international play (mainly because of the possibility of injuries) and I understood the reason why some players joined in and others did not.

    As for the ‘team’ aspect of international play I honestly don’t believe the international game can stand up to the USA teams (I’m talking ESTABLISHED franchises, not the cobbled together stars that currently make up the USA squads). Do you seriously believe that in a 3 game format say, that a team (or series of teams) can consistently beat the Lakers or the Celtics (or even the Thunder)?

    A question: I heard somewhere that the international basketball court dimensions was going to change, is this true?

  40. ash says:

    i think US team will not make to the championship 😀

  41. John says:

    Man, Robin Lopez is the only player on the bubble? That would drop the squad down to three big men, and we’d be in trouble if there was an injury. We don’t need freaking five small forwards and four point guards. The players on the chopping block should absolutely, obviously be one point guard and two small forwards. That would leave three of each, and even with an injury, we’d have two left, which is plenty. Then we could keep Robin on the bench and just have him on standby in case something extreme happens.

    Gotta cut Gay and Iguodala because they’re weak from 3-point range, and either Derrick Rose or Russell Westbrook. It’s a shame that we don’t have one more Kidd / Billups / Paul / D-Will type to run the point, but oh well.

    • KCA says:

      You must be a figure skating fan cuz you aint too bright about basketball. Robin Lopez is probably in Phoenix with the suns or at his summer home. BROOK Lopez on the other hand is actually competing for USA. and hes getting over some mono and isnt playing the best. and your worried about gay not being able to shoot threes hes a careeer 34 percent three point shooter and has made some clutch threes to send games in to over time or win them. and he also brings weakside shotblocking to help out Tyson Chandler and Kevin Love when in the low post

  42. Lebrick has a man crush on Wade says:

    For CHEMISTRY purposes i think they will keep Westbrook & Green to keep Durant happy.
    Final cut will be among Curry, Gay, Rondo and Gordon. IMHO

  43. paul in chicago says:

    how dare you say D1 isnt a star when its all said and done he will be better than durant

  44. jking-celtics says:

    this team is average at best… besides durant and rondo there is no real star power… spain should beat them even without gasol…remember ricky rubio, rudy fernandez, jose calderon, marc gasol are also part of that team and are all nba caliber players without pointing out that they have played together for years to be an elite team you have to play like one and this guys all know the role they must play. brasil has thiago splitter, anderson varejao, leandro barbosa, nene and can also shock team usa. Dont count out out team PUERTO RICO either this team has three nba players in their roster in J.J. BAREA, CARLOS ARROYO, and BALKMAN… two big men who were drafted in PETER RAMOS at 7″3 and RICKY SANCHEZ at 7″0… LARRY AYUSO hits 8 3-pointers in any game he plays in and NCAA stars like A.D. VASALLO and FILIBERTO RIVERA plus this is a team that has played together for the last 5 years plus go back to ATHENS 2004 PUERTO RICO BEAT USA by 21 points in their worst lost in international play and that team had lebron james, dwayne wade, carmelo anthony, iverson and amare stoudemire to name a few look for it in youtube… TEAM USA has a world of problems ahead of them.

  45. Bourne says:

    Yeap I agree on “WEL” that OJ MAYO should be on the TEAM rather than Jeff Green…

  46. Snype says:

    in my opinion they should cut westbrook and rondo on the guard spot leaving billups curry, gordon and rose all of them are good offense and defense but rondo cant shoot three same as with westbrook. curry can play shooting guard and same as with gordon.
    On the wings it should stay as it is with: durant, iguadala granger and gay. all are good shooters and can defend plus they are long.
    On the big forwards they should cut odom coz he is very inconsistent and slacks all the time plus you cant cut love because he can also play the center postion and with jeff green very good defensively and rebounds qyt well rather than odom.
    On the center it should stay as it is coz there are no longer 7footers that is on the team. plus chandler is a good shot blocker and lopez will fill up the paint and is a good rebounder. final line should be:
    guards: billups curry gordon and rose
    wings: durant iguadala granger and gay
    forwards green and love
    center: chandler and lopez

  47. junior says:

    Brasil carai vc ser ouro nessa porra,vai com todos os craques esse ano de mundial se legue doido em nenê,ele vai dar uma cravada na cara desses nortes americanos hehehe

  48. erik says:

    usa will have a tough time playing tough countries like spain and argentina…. they should have recall lebron, carmelo dwayne and kobe back ro play….

    • onin says:

      its great to see those so called “greats” to play but they have prioritized their pro carrers instadof representing US

  49. Wel says:

    Well, As i see OJ Mayo should be on the team as you can see last saturday’s game both guys contribute alot rather than Jeff Green and Andre Iguodala.

    I believe this should be the starting Lineups:

    PG: Rondo
    SG: Rose
    SF: Durant
    PF: Lamar Odom
    C : Tyson Chandler

    Im not confident in putting up rose as a pointguard, he is much more fit in a scoring role.

  50. USA to win but not 100% says:

    international play is quite different in NBA play.. though NBA said to best of the world .. but there are best team among the international squad.. if Pau Gasol will play for Spain they are team to beat.

    But i believe in USA.. KEVIN Durant MVP (bring the Gold)

  51. captainobvious says:

    Haha Everyone’s saying the US will have it tough because Spain are retaining the same squad as before, but isn’t Pau Gasol not playing in the worlds this year? Plus they are right in that no matter how good your players are [and the USA has some pretty good players despite the loss of most of the Redeem team] it all comes down to the chemistry and the pure desire. More often than not, it’s usually the team that wants to win more that ends up winning because they just try harder. [I have more resspect for u if u didn’t read this cause i just did and it’s sounds so boring and preachy O_O]

    • Bagel says:

      I fully agree with this statement and many of the previous ones above. The World Champs, after the group stage, are all elimination games. You never know whats gona happen in these sorts of games.

      And for case in point of chemistry and desire. New Zealand placing 4th in the 2004 World Champs, with one NBA player who struggled to get on the court for his NBA team

  52. HC says:

    I really like the guards on the team… Rose, Curry and Westbrook… this will help their game a lot… I see this team maybe as a C+ or B- USA team but with cohesion and chemistry USA can win this thing… their group will be though (Brazil with their A team, Croatia comes in to the tourney playing pretty good and Slovenia an european-powerhouse in the making)…

    The teams to watch out are

    Spain (always dangerous, missing just Pau Gasol)
    France (if they play as a team, they are capable of winning it all)
    Argentina (will be missing Manu, but they can win it all w/o him)
    Puerto Rico (will be with its complet roster and they are always good)
    Greece (wnat to prove they belong amogst the best)
    Turkey (host country, basketball-crazy fans)
    Lithuania (alwatys play great bball)

    Those teams are the ones that can make a deep run and maybe shock USA…

    • marian says:

      Dear HC, you have forgotten Slovenia. Even without Udrih, Vujacic, Nesterovic, Lorbek etc. this team can make a big surprise (Dragic & his jounger brother, Nachbar, Brezec, Lakovic, Slokar, Becirovic, the other Udrih can play GOOD bball!) USA and Slovenia are in the same group on Turkish WC.

  53. tchuck says:

    why did they have to redo the whole team usa? Why dont we send the Heat instead?

  54. Why would they cut Wallace? Too much point guards for this squad.

  55. jeffrey says:

    The Final Team:
    Guards: Rose, Curry, Billups, Westbrook
    Forwards: Durant, Gay, Iguodala, Green, Odom, Love
    Centers: Chandler, Lopez

    Starting Line-up

    Rondo: He’s a great leader but his lack of jumpshot does not translate well to international play where they play a true zone
    Gordon: He gets cut because curry can handle the ball better
    Granger: He’s a carbon copy of Rudy Gay

    This team might struggle if they are not shooting well since there is no low post presence so they will rely a lot on transition and drive and kick

  56. Jordan says:

    Hey T-DOT9, why would you say that? Eric gordon has just as good a jump shot as OJ mayo, just as good driving abilities and ball handling, but has 20 pounds on him and is a better defender?

  57. Jay Dixon says:

    O.J. Mayo shouldn’t have came across the minds of the staff of one of the least likely to be cut, point blank period. Furthermore, Jeff Green, Eric Gordon, & Rajon Rondo should be the final three to be cut. That’s in my opinion, I know a lot of you are high on Rondo, but he’s just not that guy when you are considering a consistent point guard.

  58. Paul says:

    First and foremost, because none of the former 2008 Olympians are not playing for FIBA this year they should not be allowed to play for the 2012 Olympic team simply because this young team will build a chemistry of their own.

    Secondly, cutting OJ Mayo was a mistake since he has probably the most ideal size for a shooting guard, whereas all the other guards who made the 15 man invite are essentially point guard sizes. Yes, three point shooting is great and a must in FIBA, but you can’t forget about a driving game. Mayo can do both, hes surprisingly versatile.

    Thirdly, Lamar Odom does not deserve a spot on this roster. Did you guys watch closely the Blue vs. White game? I saw no heart or desire to be there just like Gerald Wallace (but he was cut). While talented no doubt, it has to be combined with hardwork, something that’s kept these guys from being superstars. I also feel as though McGee was so much more productive than Lopez (I suppose Lopez could have had an off game.) Tyson will work for center because of his shot altering ability, and with such high caliber guards a post game won’t be that necessary with those alleyoop-lobs that were so successful teamed up with Chris Paul.

    Finally, I think the most distinct difference between this team and the former olympic “redeem” team is the 3point shooting versus their fast break game, even though they definitely have a fast break game with with Durant, Gay, and Rose. I know a lot of you guys write Rajon Rondo off, but we don’t need the point to score by shooting with surrounding shooters (look back at Jason Kidd not scoring like at all in 2008). Rondo can run a halfcourt offense and we know he can force turnovers, something that the past teams have not only thrived on, but depended on to win. Not to mention he is a very good rebounder.

    Heres my 12man cut:

    Guards: Chauncey Billups(veteran/big shots), Eric Gordon (unlimited range), Rajon Rondo(defense), Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook
    Wings: Rudy Gay (hustle/defense), Danny Granger, Andre Iguodala
    Big forwards: Kevin Love, Kevin Durant (can do it all and makes it look so effortless)
    Centers: Tyson Chandler (shot blocking/altering), Brook Lopez (post offense?)

    No Green, Odom, and Curry. I moved Durant to big forwards.

  59. Kel says:

    I think on the bubble will be Curry, Gordon, Lopez, and Gay. Gay was terrible in the exhibition game. He scored, but he also turned the ball over what seemed like 20 times. Rondo is the only true leader of the PGs besides Billups. Westbrook should make it. Rose probably will, too. But I’m not a big fan (I actually took my SATs!) ;). Chandler is better and more experienced than Lopez. I’d rather Odom didn’t make the cut, though. He should have that veteran wiseness and cool, but he doesn’t. I swear, he’s in LaLa Land for much of the time. That attitude shouldn’t get him the honor to play for your country. Stark contrast from Durant, who is more mature than Odom. Funny, huh?

  60. DontaviousCortez says:

    Man, I am glad they kept Granger.

    He can play the guard and foward. He’s got a hella jumper. Pretty good defensive. In my eyes, one of the best on the squad

    Go USA!

  61. onek says:

    They have to keep stephen curry to be the 3 pointer point guard… besides, rondo rose and westbrook are point guards that could really make penetrations… tyreke evans is also more on the driving to the basket like these other point guards

  62. Dongz23 says:

    zzanzabar. . Your fool when you say International games should be cut out or maybe played by the rookies or the bench players for them to improve. . The thing is that USA been claiming about having the best players in the world so its a must for the US to join. This will also help the US to realize that basketball is not solely depends on the player but on the team. US might have the best player in the world but the best teams are overseas. The real game is not just the same with IVERSON. Considered as one of the greats in the league but in a selfish way. A guy who won twice as the scoring leader and MVP award that shoots almost 80% of the shooting attempts of the Sixers. That’s why i hate to see him play. Hes a basketball star but not a good basketball player. .

  63. Adrian Soon says:

    Happy to see some of my favourite player made the team. Are they going to carry on with 15?

    How come they got so many guards?

    Congrats to Kevin Durant, making an impact.

    Congrats to Andre Iguodala, he is helpful in both offensive and defensive.

    Congrats to Lamar Odom, his versatility will prove a present for the US.

    Congrats to Derrick Rose & Russell Westbrook, the young and atlethic Point Guards that I love to watch them play.

    Good luck every1… for making the final 12.

    – US fan

  64. Farhad says:

    The US team barely beat Spain in the olympics with Lebron, Kobe, Wade, Howard, Paul, Carmello, and the rest of that amazing team. And now you’re telling me the US team is taking on the world with the likes of Kevin Love, Tyson Chandler, Eric Gordon, Jeff Green, and Lamar Odom? As much as I’ll be rooting for team USA I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t take gold..

    • Nom Nom says:

      “Barely”? It wasn’t “barely”. If you actually watched it, Spain never had a chance.

      Besides, they don’t even have Pau this time around – who was basically their entire team.

      • JEC says:

        Check your history!!! Spain won the world championship with out Gasol!! You think this roster that the US has right now will easily beat Spain.C’mon..

  65. T says:

    I bet you feel stupid for saying that Eric Gordon was going to get cut this whole time, huh? You said Gordon didn’t have a good week, which was wrong. I also like how you tried to justify your thinking by restating that both Colangelo and Krzyzewski were non-committal about Gordon in their post-game comments. That’s obviously something you clearly misinterpreted.

    You were also wrong about Gerald Wallace when it was clear he wasn’t going to make it. He was HORRIBLE in the scrimmage.

    Please retire from blogging and get somebody in there that knows basketball. I’m calling for a permanent substitution.

    • johnschuhmann says:

      Nope. I don’t feel stupid. It was just a guess. I was wrong. And I wasn’t the only one in the room who interpreted the same exact thing. Krzyzewski was asked about Gordon after the game and answered by talking about how Rose set him up. To me (and at least one other writer there), that was a clue that Gordon wasn’t in his plans. Of course, he wasn’t asked about Mayo.

      I definitely thought Wallace was a candidate to get cut. I wrote that it was probably between him, Green and Granger, but I thought it was too tough to call. And there was a thought in the back of my head that if Wallace was a candidate to get cut, they would have given him more than 12 1/2 minutes of playing time on Saturday to earn a spot on the 15-man roster for New York.

      • Nick says:

        Well said John!

      • T says:

        You also said that Gordon didn’t have a good camp, which just wasn’t accurate. Gordon’s defense had been praised all week. During the scrimmage, it was mentioned that Colangelo made it a point to bring Gordon’s name up and say that he had a good camp.

        Rose (the point guard), set Gordon (the shooting guard) up for shots, which he made 4/7 from deep. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to go? Isn’t that what Team USA needs… Efficient players who can catch and shoot, make shots and don’t always have to rely on creating their own offense off of the dribble? Why Coach K saying Rose set Gordon up well would be taken as a negative is beyond me.

        I guess it didn’t cross your mind that Wallace only played 12 1/2 minutes because he was horrible during the scrimmage. You were right about them having seen enough alright.

        Looking forward to seeing what happens in New York!

  66. andy says:

    If each player on the usa roster plays like they do for the NBA regular season and/or post-season, USA should walk through this tournament. I would like to see some more nba players sign up for team GB though, it’s going to be pretty hard to rely on Luol Deng to score 90 ppg in the olympics.

    • Nick says:

      yeh i agree totally, this US team is still an excellent one

      Why wont Ben Gordon play for us?!

  67. Winning time says:

    You need a center go get Joakim noah a winner. Al from atlanta winner. point guard jameer nelson, foward rashad lewis winners on winning team. step curry did not make the playoff, rondo cant shoot lakers left him wide open. change the thinking on the selections. winners are better then losers. Get players on winning team where is derek fisher a winner.

    • Nick says:

      Shocking comments from someone who obviously knows nothing about basketball.

      Noah is now a French citizen so would play for them if anything and has next to no offensive game.

      Al Horford? LOL. He was born in the Dominican Republic…

      Nelson and Lewis wouldnt get any playing time on this team, them being winners has something to do with their teammates.

      NO, Steph Curry didn’t miss the playoffs, the GS Warriors missed them. It’s not his fault his team couldn’t get there in a tough West Conference

      Rondo is a top 5 PG in the league as was proven through the whole of last year although i agree he can’t shoot consistently

      Derek Fisher??? Are you kidding me? He’s slow, can’t defend, his shooting is often poor even when left open. Do you not think his 5 rings has something to do with Mr Bryant, Mr O Neal and Mr Gasol??

  68. nico says:

    I am not going to watch one single game.. I would rather be outside enjoying my last days of summer than watching THESE players play. Besides durantula, whats the point. Now that Wallace is gone.. seriously? They Cut an All-Star? WTF? Also, to the writer, did you see Tyreke play this year? He can carry Any team, and he more than proved that his rookie year. Age has nothing to do with anything. He is obviously a more mature player than many 7, 8 year vets in the NBA. This roster is getting less and less interesting by the cut.

    • KCA says:

      Tyreke had an ankle injury and yes he can do a pretty good job of carrying a team… This is not a team for one person to carry. They have a couple of really good pieces in durant and rose. love is undersized but a mad rebounder. and gerald wallace wasnt the best wing on the team other then on defense where he gambles a bit too much. btw i am a wallace fan.

  69. Jonah Skinner says:

    well i personally think that Rajon Rondo should be the captain of team USA, seeing that he made it to the Finals this year, and im aware that so did Lamar Odom, but if Celtics had won the championship, Rondo could have easily made the MVP other than Pierce, also, Rondo had the most assists on his team this year, which could very well help the USA team against strong defencive, and offensive teams and players.

  70. Dre says:

    Why isn’t Wade in the roster? He’s a starplayer but plays very down to earth. wth is the coach doing?

    • Jacob says:

      wow, what planet are you on?? Wade did not want to play. Just like lebron, kobe, howard, melo and the rest of the great players, HE decided not to play…

    • onin says:

      i think he gearing up for the next season of the NBA, like what his teamates lebron and cb chose to do so.

    • wes says:

      bcasue this isnt the olympic roster this is just the fifa rosterthe olympic roster is the same minus kidd and redd there gunna keep 2 of thesse guys 2 play thnk it should be rondo and durant

  71. Texifornia says:

    How did stephan curry make it over tyreke evans? Tyreke is way better

    • Adrian Soon says:

      Simply bcoz the US team need a sharp shooter… Is hard for Tyreke bcoz he has to compete with Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, Danny Granger, Rudy Gay and even O.J. Mayo on the swingman spot. Unluckily, they cut Tyreke Evans & O.J. Mayo… Too bad…

      • Texifornia says:

        Yea i know he has an inconsistent jumper but he is a much more physical player and that’s what they need because all the other international teams are as soft as pillows

    • KCA says:

      tyreke had an ankle injury and is not as experienced as the other guards and has no one area of expertise. like shooting for curry and billups. passing for rondo and slashing for rose.

  72. zzanzabar says:


    I did not mean to imply that there was any ‘blame’ per se. As I said I was really of two minds on the subject. Of course a win is a win, but look at it this way:

    If for some reason (legitimate or not) the major countries who participated in the World Cup found that they could only send their ‘C’ teams to play (say a flu epidemic or something) and the U.S. won that year. Then for the next year all you heard from the U.S> was how ‘powerful’ they had become and how the U.S. had ‘closed the gap’ in soccer. Wouldn’t you be just a little bit ‘peeved’ at such an attitude? It is no one’s ‘fault’ that many star players sit out many of the international events, it is just the way it is.

    I applaud those on both sides who go, but I also understand (and I admit am a little bit selfish in not wanting my favorites to get hurt) why many do not. But I will only be impacted if the best actually beats the best that is just the way many people are patriotism notwithstanding.

  73. JEC says:

    This line-up is pretty small compare to the last team that played in Beijing. I dont think they will win the championship in turkey.

    • onin says:

      I agree with you JEc, a smaller and less talented team wouldnt take them too far in the event

  74. drnba says:

    USA will get bronze.. this team will not beat argentina or spain unless the play perfect games or these two play awful games.. This usa team will have toughs games also with teams like lithuania, greece, brasil, puerto rico.

  75. joe says:

    niki is on the money

  76. arvic says:

    final cut lopez, gordon, wesbrook……………….

    final line up

    guards: billups, rondo, rose, curry, iguodala, granger
    forwards: green, gay, durant, odom
    centers:love, chandler
    one probacle starting line up: rose, curry, odom, durant, chandler
    ……………………………………….rondo, billups, gay, durant, chandler

  77. now i want to know, who is the last three, Rondo best not be there……………..

    • Corey Rocha says:

      In the cuts or on the team… cause if you think he shouldnt be on the team you’re and idiot. He clearly has the best court vision on the entire squad and whenever you have to create a team with players who dont play together on the same team you have to have a guy who will make everyone gel. He also plays the best perimiter defense on the team which coach K will love because he will be a pest and create easy fast break opportunites for the team that has all young guys who can run the floor even the bigs. Rondo will make Chandler look like a star just like Chris Paul did for him because they the best passers in the league. Rondo’s shooting wont matter much the 3 point line is 3 feet in, theres plenty of other shooters on the team and he will be facilitating the offense much rather than scoring anyways. Dont be suprised if you see a lineup of Rondo at the 1, Billups at the 2 with Durant any of the 4s its hard to tell and Chandler out as the starting squad. Chandler only because Lopez’ health.

  78. Balmarti says:

    They made the right decision by keeping Gordon over Mayo, Gordon is by far a better player than Mayo, he has better defense, ball-handling, and range.

  79. Stephen says:

    Pau Gasol is not playing so Spain will not challenge USA at all

    • lakers says:

      not be a challenge at all? do you remember the fiba championship in 2006 where the usa took the bronze?
      pau gasol didnt play in the championship and they still crushed the greeks

      • Lebrick has a man crush on Wade says:

        Yeah they will kick americans butt just like they won the World Cup. Is Ricky Rubio playing?

  80. jared says:

    I love this team, with the exception of Durant there aren’t any true stars on this team but many really good solid players. With the exception of Rondo all the guards can shoot which is key. I love the wings there all long and have good shooting ability. Forwards I think are good enough I really like Kevin Love and Jeff Green; however, I’m not huge on Odom because he simply just doesn’t show up all the time and I’m questioning his passion for this team. I hope he proves me wrong. The bigs just need to rebound and defend which Chandler and Lopez can both do. If Lopez gets healthy I think he might prove that he’s the better player. Overall I think the US has more than enough talent to bring this home. Only reason we lose is because these other teams play together all year and we don’t have the chemistry. And oh yeah, we don’t have lebron, kobe, wade, bosh, and howard. This is our sport baby bring home the W USA. By the way who cares about Javale Mcgee he’s terrible.

    • Bagel says:

      Trying to claim USA loses only because the other teams play together is a rediculous claim. Many international teams are at a greater disadvantage then team USA as their players are playing in different leagues all over the world.

  81. Millz says:

    Keep Stephen Curry but cut Tyreke Evans .. can’t believe it

  82. Mr.T says:

    Billups needs to be cut. He is a shoot first old timer who has trouble finding people in the post, something he clearly showed during the blue vs white game. Cut him, keep 1 extra big instead of cutting one of the other stellar guards we have on the 15 man roster.

  83. jamie says:

    USA takes gold! put a dub up?

  84. niki says:


  85. Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat Fan says:

    USA will win the Gold Medal for us and make us Americans proud!

  86. niki says:

    I agree in some respect with part of your commentary and not with most of it. Because the countries that could beat the US Team in the Fiba World cup are not responsible if our best US players are not participating in the tournament. Instead of saying they are bragging for beating not a true US team but rookies and developing bench US players why don’t you blame our players for not having a great sense of patriotism. They put their personal interest before their country. Even to this point you still cannot blame them for not playing because they have to look out for themselves. If being injured playing for the country and cannot play for their teams next season to get paid who would pay their bills and provide for their families.
    No matter how you look at things, there will always be someone to blame but you should not diminish their win either because the US roster is bench players. This is not their problem but OURS. They have the rights to bragging beating the US team because they are not responsible for the group of players that make our roster. A BEAT REMAINS A BEAT

  87. Julius Amante says:

    Kevin Durant and Chauncy Billups must be the captain of this USA Team.

    Chauncy have the ability to lead the team and make plays. Clutch, veteren and his experience can bring the Gold to USA. Plus, he won a championship earning himself as the Finals MVP.

    Kevin Durant is like the gas and engine of this team, being the power scorer. He have the ability to make shots by himself. He already proved that last season. This experience will bring him to the other level.

    Spain will be the toughest team to beat in this World Championsips. They have a good chemistry like they showed us last 2008 Beijing Olympics, where they end up losing to USA very close. The good thing is they have Tyson Chandler, very powerfull defender that can block shots, and can keep the Gasol brothers out of the paint.

    Overall, not much big guys. Well, that won’t make a difference if these guys will play with good chemistry, work as a team, and confidence on themselves, and determination. Good luck Team USA!

  88. Coje un poco destow ! says:

    Like Baseball D republic was the best on the paper, n lost n the 1st round they wasnt the best team period, in basketball the team that win GOLD is the best simply like that bro !

  89. Julius Amante says:

    Oh ok… Kevin Durant and Chauncy Billups must be the captain of this USA Team.

  90. Goas says:

    WTF? what the hell is coach K doing? Cutting another big man like McGee isn’t a smart thing to do. And I really don’t understand why Mayo isn’t on the team? What will be the starting five? 1. Billups 2. Gordon 3. Durant 4. Odom 5. Chandler? I think any random NBA team would do better. They already have a shortage of bigman but they loose McGee?! very strange!

  91. Joseph says:

    Gerald Wallace really should be in this team.

  92. T-DOT9 says:

    Mayo should of made the cut over eric gordon, a mistake I believe team USA will regret.

  93. zzanzabar says:

    I hate to admit it but I’m of two minds when it comes to international play. I of course have pride when my country wins any basketball tournament, but am strangely ambivalent if they don’t. I KNOW we have the best players in the world and therefore do not feel the pressure to prove it. On the other hand when I hear that a major player for my favorite team sits out one of these, I give a sigh of relief because I don’t want him injured for the regular season.

    Occasionally I feel the urge to shut up the internationals when they start ragging the U.S. because they won some tournament or other (such as the Olympics) and start to think they could EVER match us just because many of the best players stayed home. Playing a U.S. team that is without LeBron, Kobe, Howard or any of the rest and then beating them is not necessarily something to brag about.

    Personally I think a great idea that many of the top rookies, and/or developing bench players are used in these games because they really need the experience.

    • Giorgio says:

      I have to remind you guys, that the spaniards were really, really close to beat USA team at Beijing, I don´t know what would have happened if the referees had applied strictly FIBA´s rules…

      • Jeff says:

        You just wait for Iguodala to get his chance to shine.

      • Sleepy Freud says:


        Are you biased? Sounds like you may be a Euro. Hey Spain lost and it wasn’t even as close as the final score. Accept the lose like a man not like the french would or in this case Spain would. Lose with some dignity and class and take your whipping like a man.

    • Magic'sBigFatGrinn says:

      Wow, what a lame comment… If a team with LeBron, Wade, Howard, Paul, Anthony, Bosh, and Joe Johnson is in your eyes either unlucky or lacks talent, if they get beat, than you’re a moron. I’m pretty sure you don’t play ball yourself, if you would you’d have a lot more respect for how opponent teams are improving…
      No one’s doubting that the US has the deepest pool of great players, and the toughest league but you “KNOW” you have the best players in the world and do not feel the pressure to prove it…”?! First, YOU don’t HAVE anything, and you don’t need to PROVE anything, because the US team is representing your country, and surprise: they’re not doing it THANKS to you, they are doing it FOR you. Second, Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Pau Gasol don’t need to prove anything to a couch commentator like you. You don’t think they could “EVER” match you? They needn’t match you but your team, cause you know… you’re not playing… Ever is a long time in such a popular sport, so just wait and see.
      Finally, don’t DISRESPECT those NBA players that did or do represent your country and that are good, if not hall of fame caliber players. They’re always starters and high profiled players in the league and it is a feat beating them in international play. If many of the best players at the time did or do not want to play then US baskteball has a culture problem. That’s not any other international team’s fault, who, by the way, often can think of nothing greater than to play for their country at the WC or the Olympics. And did I already mention the team with LBJ, Wade, Howard, Paul, Bosh, etc… Moron…

      P.s.: For those of you who need to make Euro vs. US thing out of it. I’m European but love US basketball. I just kinda react to moronic comments…

    • R4 says:

      what an easy way to run from losing. But anyways no one cares if american, spain, or even canada for that matter wins. Simply put basketball is a big sport in america but people do not follow it the way people follow the World Cup. So I think this tournament should be cancel along with Hockey and Baseball because the same teams win and its not even competitive like the World cup. What they should do is have a Tournament with NBA teams that face best in the world. Allow the Team with the two best record in the season to play against every other team in tthe world and that would be a tournament rather than stacking teams up.