The Saturday Night Showcase

Posted by John Schuhmann

LAS VEGAS — The first phase of Team USA training concludes Saturday night with the USA Basketball Showcase, which will be televised on ESPN2 at 10 p.m. ET.

Team USA managing director Jerry Colangelo wants to cut the roster down to 14 or 15 players for the next phase of training, which begins Aug. 9 in New York. But the only thing we know at this point is that Tyreke Evans won’t be a part of that group. Evans has missed the last two days of camp with an ankle injury and is not expected to play Saturday night.

So there’s a lot on the line in this game, which will be played with international rules (10-minute quarters, shorter 3-point line, zone defense allowed). Only a few roster spots are locked up and it’s still very unclear who, other than Evans, will not be making it to New York.

“[We’re] still talking about 14, 15 going to New York, but the names could change a little bit, based on [Friday] and based on what we see [Saturday] night,” Colangelo said after practice Friday. “We’re giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. And if there’s any close call, we may even take an extra guy.”

So this will not be played like an All-Star game. Guys are competing for roster spots and defense is very much a priority in the minds of head coach Mike Krzyzewski and his staff. The FIBA World Championship is still five weeks away, but this game is a critical step on the way there for Team USA.

Here are the rosters…

Chauncey Billups Tyson Chandler
Rudy Gay Stephen Curry
Jeff Green Kevin Durant
Brook Lopez Eric Gordon
Kevin Love Danny Granger
O.J. Mayo Andre Iguodala
JaVale McGee Lamar Odom
Rajon Rondo Derrick Rose
Russell Westbrook Gerald Wallace

With three point guards on the Blue squad, we can guess that Chauncey Billups will be used mostly as a two. And unless Derrick Rose is going to play 40 minutes, we’ll be seeing Stephen Curry playing some point for the White.

Here are what look to be the key matchups of guys who are likely directly competing for a roster spot:

Rudy Gay vs. Andre Iguodala

Jeff Green vs. Gerald Wallace

O.J. Mayo vs. Stephen Curry and Eric Gordon

Brook Lopez and JaVale McGee vs. Tyson Chandler

In case you missed it, here was Friday’s story on the three true centers. It’s very possible that all three will make it to the New York phase of training, but that only one will earn a spot on the final roster.

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  1. Michael Ward says:

    Greece beat Team USA in 06? Man that is some b*ll! Greece even has a pro league?? Ha ha ha. Man Team USA will crush all teams in this world tournament. Even with our worst players wed win. Have you guys ever watched Euro basketball? It’s real pathetic. Maybe Australia, maybe Argentina, maybe Spain cuz some of there players learned ball in the USA.

  2. tracshortie says:

    I got a question hang time where in New York with training be held? Thanks.

  3. Chad says:

    The way I see it is this: Yeah sure, there are better names that could be on this roster. BUT, imagine how much more gratifying a USA victory will be with lesser names. We can say that we did damage internationally even without our superstars, that’s how good America is. I’ve seen all these players play and they are all very good. Best part about it is that the egos are limited and I think there will be more room for team play. GO USA!!

  4. anen says:

    NO Pau Gasol! even with this roster USA will win this Gold.
    And I saw Spain’s team picture and roster today Basically their Guards are the same what’s different is they have new Big Men with the exeption of Marc every C and PF is new to the NT. I never heard or recognised any of them except just only Vasquez (the one that spurn the nba) I heard he is good but by no means pau gasol good

  5. Chris A. L. Xonhpei says:

    I don’t see why you guys are complaining. The guys being worked out for this team are all great players. Kevin Durant is the NBA’s top scorer. Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo are both All-Star point guards, with Rondo being an incredible pure point guard with awesome defensive skills. Danny Granger is a great wing player, carrying the Pacers single-handedly, but we don’t get to see too many of their games televised. Stephen Curry, already, is probably the best pure shooter in the NBA, after maybe Ray Allen, although one is on the rise, and the other is on the decline. Westbrook, Iguodala, Rudy Gay, and Gerald Wallace all bring ridiculous athleticism, and the ability to both play and defend multiple positions. All four of those guys can dish some dimes, as well. They’re all like Scottie Pippen-lites. I think that the power forward spot is weak, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Brook Lopez at the 4, and Tyson Chandler at the 5. You’ve got young guy with excellent fundamentals, rebounding and free throw shooting in Lopez (not to mention he was the only reason anyone watched the Nets last year), and then you’ve got a long, athletic defensive center in Tyson Chandler. As a Bulls fan, I still miss that guy, although Joakim Noah reminds me of him. You pick twelve of the most talented guys from that list, and they’d smash any NBA team right now, including the Miami Heat.

  6. Udon'tNeedsuperStars says:

    All you guys who say this team is going to fail without the superstars, you guys are the reasons why there should be a blog license, so they can revoke it from you until you actually know what you’re talking about
    These guys are still more than enough to handle any team the rest of the world can offer.

  7. kiro says:

    oh c’mon guys.remember that other teams in the world championships are lead by nba players too.and these team is composed of some great talent. the startes would definitely be: BILLUPS,ROSE.DURANT.ODOM.AND LOPEZ.

  8. gabriel says:

    rondo, brook, gay, durant, chandler and odom are probably the best on the rosters.

  9. Gary says:

    Durant is a great shooter too. But to be honest most of these guys are brick layers when it comes to the jumper. Even Billups really has a low career field goal percentage. Hopefully their defensive ability will prevail and it will be layup city. But that’s hard to predict. Just saying we lost in the past when the team had no shooters and just scorers who can get hot when they shoot multiple shots. When you try to divide the shots evenly and the layups are not happening. Then you need pure shooters. So again expect Curry to be a key player if the easy baskets aren’t coming. That’s why Redd made the last Olympic team just in case the easy stuff didn’t come from Bryant, James, Wade and others.

  10. Edwa says:

    My roster would be like this:
    PG – Chauncey, Rose, Westbrook
    SG – Mayo, Gordon
    SF – Durant, Andre, Granger
    PF – Wallace, Odom
    C – Lopez, Chandler/McGee. Actually i would like to see McGee playing for USA. His last 20+ games in nba and in LV was amazing

  11. Gary says:

    Not a lot of pure shooters in the running to make this team besides Curry. Although they do have some all out defensive types. So for this style of ball my feeling is that Curry might end up being the key player unless we’re just to good on defense.

  12. LUIS AND1 says:



  13. joe says:

    when is the next season?

  14. joe says:

    when is the next season’s?

  15. joe says:

    when is the next season’s

  16. elyong says:

    I think they are gonna be ok. It is just the center that needs filling, if stoudemire was there then they are a complete already

  17. kensshin0789 says:

    Wow, Rose is playing spectacular.He is fast and he can put a lot of pressure.Too bad that his teammate haven’t finish any play tonight.To many 3 point attempt and turnovers.

  18. Clark canon says:

    This is a good team but sad to say this kind of players might not be enough. Lets say that yeah this team is hungry to win it all but hey the USA has been owning the world basketball ever since so the other competing countries must be twice or even trice as hungry as the USA. Remember the 2006 FIBA? when greece defeated USA? That shows the even with the best players in the planet teaming up together, there is still a possibility to lose. There’s alot of good and young talented players that needs to be in that team+”THEY NEED A REAL SUPERSTAR”(you guys know wat i mean). So disappointed ryt now..

  19. DeMarcus T says:

    For those who think that this team is going to be one of the worst USA team you are wrong. For one good reason… the guys out there are are all there to be better and are WILLING to improve. The player like Kobe, LBJ, CB4 and especially Armare The traitor Stoudermire are lazy player that sit on their tallent. I have more respect for guys like Steve Nash who is training 8-12h per day to get better insted of doing commercial like the “star”. The only thing they care abou is money and the be famous… CB4, CP3, Kobe, LBJ, Dwight all these players just care about winnig the big title and money… They doesn’t like playing with their heart and for the love of the game because if they would they would be there to win another World championship insted of playing golf and sitting on their 100 millions bank account… They are for the most of them selfish player like Lebron James who let down Clevland because he is not able to win an NBA championship alone.

  20. RJ_ says:

    we could have done better than this,
    guards: Kobe, chris paul, rajon rondo, d wade, chauncey billups, danny granger
    forwards: LeBron, carmelo, Garnett, Bosh, Rudy Gay,
    Centers: Howard, Boozer, and Ama’re

  21. BigRich says:

    Wow! Not sure what this team is going to look like. On paper they do not really strike fear into anyones heart I am sure. Coach K will get the most out of them and for most of these guys this is a really great opportunity. I do not hold out any hope that more than 3-4 of these guys will be on the Sr. team when the Olympics comes around, but at least they will be in the pool of players to pick from. Good luck fellas, you are gonna need it.

  22. someone says:

    yea u all have valid points about the lack of complete utter Monster mode talent, But USA could choose even less superstars and win Really
    Do u not realize the talent that IS on this team

    Just think about how dominant a starting line this is

    The all around PG Derrick Rose, The lights out shooter and good defender Kevin Durant at SG, then the alll around beast SF Gerald Wallace, and throw in Lamar odom or Kevin Love at PF and Robin Lopez or alley oop sensation Tyson Chandler at C

    This is Still a great team no matter what and the reserves has two great shooters with billups and Oj Mayo and several scrappy tough players

  23. glide says:

    On paper this team is better than most countries. It is about playing as a team, not about who has the biggest superstar! Play ball well and you will win!

  24. RELL says:


  25. Nashty13 says:

    guys, what do you think? Spain, Greece, Argentina etc are the best teams, and from Spain Gasol is not playing, the Greek team doesn’t have any NBA players, and Argentina is getting old. U.S.A. is my 1st pick for the 2010 World Champions.

  26. faceart says:

    True, this isn’t a team of the top 5 superstars in the NBA, but it is still full of All-Stars and soon-to-be All-Stars. As someone else said, Durant will be the best player at the tournament, and we’ll easily have the most athletic and explosive team, able to defend other teams into nightmare match-ups. We WILL be the favorites. That doesn’t mean we’ll walk away with the gold, though, but we’ll be favored.

  27. nk 21 says:

    these arent the best players. but the fact is that they r in the nba and they are good and some allstars. in the tournament are teams with one player in the nba. the only team that is actually good is spain. and they have pau gasol ricky rubio and fernandez all the others suck. rose rondo and billups granger wallace oj green gay curry durant and andre odom westbrook are all better than rubio and fernandez. (maybe some not better than rubio currently) the only problem is gasol.
    us is gonna school the tournament

  28. social_justice says:

    This team needs a player who can play an international 4 and 5. If Chandler is healthy then he could be a fix for the five and as well as a Kevin Love because of his high bball IQ and is as well as a capable rebounder. Lopez can be the lone traditional center and could be beneficial in SOME games because the international game dosen’t feature much back to the basket nor burly centers anymore. Then with Odom and Granger at the Four and Durant seeing time as well there.Good mix of a team but could definately use a Dwight Howard at the 5 so the defensive end could be controlled.

  29. #9 says:

    Mann this is the future list of powerhouse superstar,almost all these players r upcoming all stars (Rondo,Westbrook,Rose,etc.) this season and some r already consider all stars (KD,Billups,etc.). So don’t act like these dudes are scrubs. The only problem i see is the C/PF, Good talent but a little suspect on the world stage. Anyways save your judgment on our US team skills until after today scrimmage. hahaha good matchups ahead looking forward RONDOOOO VS. D-Rose and others.

  30. John says:

    This could be by far the most talented USA team but, not the best.Kevin Durant leading the way is a good start. Paint players are key, they should have at least tried to talk Amare to do it. USA is still the best team in the world championship because no big name people are playing. Dirk, Pau, and some others are not playing so USA is gonna go hard. USA has the best backourt out of all teams so they can just overpower people like that.

  31. DR BEAT DJ says:

    Beware of Puerto Rico they have 3 nba players and have two more puertorrican grandsons (Michael Beasley and Udonis Haslem) are ready to play too, the others are Carlos Arroyo (Miami Heat), JJ Barea (Dallas Mavericks) and Renaldo Blackman (Denver Nuggets),,, be carefull !!!

  32. jose lopez says:

    TYREKE is the best point guard on the roster
    so they just lost theyre second best player

  33. timu says:

    you guys dont know anything youre talking about. billsup durant rose rondo. comon if they can practice together for a while. and have the other players do reasonably well. thats all they need. who da F is gonna guard durant rose and rondo? plzzzzzzzzz. and billups could shoot lights out.

  34. bruin4life12 says:

    I am a bruin for life but Kevin Love better not make this team.

  35. G says:

    This team isent that bad of course there is no Melo Dwade Kobe leboron cp3 But comon rose billups westbrook durant curry rondo n alot of other peple on this team are great and they will make some noise i think they are gana win they have some great gaurds n points run the game. they have rondo who is a GREAT passer n he is pretty fast as heck curry is a GREAT shooter westbrook is a good passer a good shooter n he gots alot of speed Billups just all around great point so i tink usa has a very good chance in winning

  36. nestor Lungay says:

    I was really dissapointed when David Lee was out due to injury, other than Lee, there’s nobody a treat at the low post,,,, unless the coaching staff will recall Zach Randolf, Zach is a very good low post player.

    My starter would be:

    PG- Billups
    SG- Igoudala
    SF – Wallace
    PF – Odom
    C – Lopez



  37. alyssa says:

    hope rondo will make idd

  38. tr3vmain3 says:

    both of these teams have mainly our young superstars and no supremely dominant big man. to me 6 out of ten of these players can barely stay healthy in the season what are they gonna do playing other countries with way better defense and then what their injuired then they cant play next season. HOPEFULLY OUR TRUE SUPERSTARS WILL BE BRAVE AND JOIN IF NOT OH WELL JUST ENJOY THE SEASON

  39. Special K says:

    I would feel a lot better about this team if Tyreke and Amare were gonna be out there. Still if we had to play Spain or Argentina tonight w/this group I’m not sure how we would do. Without Kobe, CP3 ect. obviously there’s a drop-off in talent, but like the previous fans have said, this is all we have to work with. We still have some talented guys and if need be, L.O. can even bring the ball up the court in certain situations like he did w/L.A. The Lopez bro that plays for the Suns has improved light years ahead from last season, so he could actually get in there and fill some space, grab some rebounds and block a shot or two. Too bad he has a bad wheel though. It’s all gonna boil down to how well/quickly these players can jell together in a short amount of time, stay healthy and we gotta DEFEND !!!

  40. devilla says:

    I’m french and I tell you that your team will be world champion because tony parker is absent with us,nowitzki,kirilenko,pau gasol are absent too.everyteam has all their players so,USA stil has the best team.

  41. Axer says:

    Here are the rosters and who Is participating in the July 19-24 USA National Team Training Camp in Las Vegas

  42. Alex says:

    i think this team can win even though there not packed with superstars. they just need a mind sett about blocking out and rebounding the ball if the team dose that they will win. Because they will no problem racking up points with curry, durant, rose, rondo, westbrook, granger….

  43. Joe says:

    idk what you guys are talking about brooke lopez is a great center if you guys have ever watched him you can see that and if you guys are saying the USA team cant make noise just watch and learn last year we dominated by more than 20 points a game so who’s sating we cant win? support your team i guarantee that we will win and watch kevin durant and d-rose explode it should definately be fun to watch

  44. Harrison says:

    I agree that USA is capable of a lot more but there are some pretty talented players on this team. Personally I’m happy with all the guards and small forwards but my concern is the post players. I know Odom, Love , and Lopez are very good players but none of then has the kind of powerful presence that Howard and Bosh brings onto the court. Overall I’m satisfied with the team this year and I hope they finish with gold.

  45. BW says:

    Brook lopez is very good if you ever watched him. He can definitely hold his own. He should make the team as the true center.

  46. TheBulge says:

    I agree that our bigs leave a little to be desired, but let’s not act like these guys don’t have a chance to win. Kevin Durant will be the best player in the tournament, and there won’t be any PG’s better than Rose, Rondo, or probably even Westbroook. This team has tons of talent.

    • DarryLL says:

      Yeah man.Mattl is right man!!! All the superstars……want enjoy their vacation and take it easy before the season starts…even Amare who was going to be in that team…the Knicks pulled him…out ($100 million reasons and Injury reasons…) Man dont sleep on these guys…they mad hungry..

  47. Juice W. says:

    This team is horrible no Kobe, Lebron, D-Wade, CB4, worst Usa team ever

  48. Matt Bailey says:

    The “best” players don’t want to play for the team. It’s as simple as that. So no, I don’t think we can do any better than this.

    That said, I think this team is better than you give them credit for. Are they the favorites? Probably not, but they can certainly “make some noise.”

  49. Chris says:

    I definetly agree with Chervin. We only have about 4 stars on this team, everybody else is are good players. I dont think we can dominate in this tournament with some of these players (Rudy Gay? are you serious?) The lopez brothers arent that great and neither is Tyson Chandler. I see the point guards and shooting guards carrying this team, but i dont think thats good enough, we need big guys in the paint.

  50. This will be a good match up. However, I do not think this team can make any noise in the World championship.
    We are talking here a team with NBA basketball players but not the BEST NBA BASKETBALL PLAYERS.
    With all respect, we can do a lot better than this….

    • Nom Nom says:

      Let me guess, Lebron, Wade and Kobe, right? Give me a break. Yeah, these aren’t necessarily our best guys, but it just goes to show how monopolized USA basketball is – you can take players outside of our top 10 and make a team and we’ll still dominate. Also, other teams aren’t putting their best foot forward this year either.

      • flip says:

        yeah thats soo true, thats the reason why Hellas won last time on the wc, with Lebron, Wade and Melo. Yo , nd dont forget when Puerto Rico beat USA on Athens (same guys plus Iverson and Duncan). You guys think its going to be easy thats the reason why you loose on the big competitions, PLEASE LESS EGO

      • Alfred says:

        I predict this USA basketball can win 4th place