Friday Scrimmage Impressions

Posted by John Schuhmann

Granger was impressive, even against better defense than that of Chris Collins. (Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images)

LAS VEGAS — Today was the final day of practice here in Vegas. Again, the media was allowed in for the final portion, and we saw the tail end of one 10-minute scrimmage (won by the Senior Team, 29-12) and all of another (won by the Senior Team, 24-20).

Before we get to impressions from the action we saw, here are a few lineups from the first two scrimmages, as tweeted by Sixers PR rep Mike Preston, who was in the gym…

1. Rajon Rondo, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, Lamar Odom

2. Russell Westbrook, O.J. Mayo, Durant, Rudy Gay, Brook Lopez

3. Chauncey Billups, Curry, Durant, Iguodala, Tyson Chandler

Those last two lineups had a small forward playing the four, but did have a traditional center on the floor.

Here are the lineups we saw when we were allowed in…

4. Rondo, Eric Gordon, Danny Granger, Gerald Wallace, Jeff Green

5. Billups, Gordon, Granger, Wallace, Green

6. Derrick Rose, Gordon, Wallace, Green, JaVale McGee

7. Rose, Gordon, Wallace, Green, Lopez

8. Westbrook, Mayo, Granger, Gay, Lopez

9. Westbrook, Mayo, Granger, Gay, Kevin Love

10. Westbrook, Mayo, Gay, Wallace, Love

11. Rose, Westbrook, Gay, Wallace, Love

12. Rose, Mayo, Wallace, Green, Love

Apologies if the lineups don’t interest you, but I find them pretty fascinating.

Lineup No. 11 was the only one we saw with two point guards on the floor together, but it only was only out there for about a minute of playing time before Mayo came back in for Westbrook.

Granger was the leading scorer in the action we saw, scoring 11 points, with nine of them coming on catch-and-shoot threes (I think he was 3-for-5 from beyon the arc in the action we saw). Mayo had five, Rose had four, Gay had three, Rondo had three, and Gordon and Love had two apiece.

It seems that this team might just live and die with the three. They attempted 13 of them in the 12 minutes of action we saw today. The last two were by bigs Love and Wallace.

Granger obviously recovered well from the shin injury that caused him to sit out yesterday’s scrimmages, and Jerry Colangelo was quick to praise him afterward.

Since I mentioned that Rondo missed two open threes yesterday, I should mention that the first shot we saw today was a (successful) catch-and-shoot three by Rondo.

Love had talked about them switching screens earlier in the week, and I noticed that Wallace switched a screen on Rondo at one point. Lopez also had a couple of very aggressive traps on high screens. On the first, he recovered and challenged a shot at the foul line, but on the second he picked up a foul out top.

Pressure defense also got them one steal in the backcourt, resulting in a Mayo layup. Gay had a pair of deflections on one possession as well.

Tyreke Evans sat out practice once again (he didn’t even have his practice gear on) with his bad ankle, and it’s probably safe to assume that he won’t play tomorrow night.

Here are the rosters for Saturday’s USA Basketball Showcase, which will be televised on ESPN2 at 10 p.m. ET…

Blue: Chauncey Billups, Tyreke Evans, Rudy Gay, Jeff Green, Brook Lopez, Kevin Love, O.J. Mayo, JaVale McGee, Rajon Rondo and Russell Westbrook

White: Tyson Chandler, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Eric Gordon, Danny Granger, Andre Iguodala, Lamar Odom, Derrick Rose and Gerald Wallace.

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  2. Peter Yanidis says:

    This USA team is in major trouble. This is worse than the 2002 team. Don’t they understand that the rest of the world has caught up to their level and in some cases even surpassed the NBA players.

    • cmac1 the truth says:

      that’s the world hasn’t caught up yet. the top 50 best ballers in the world are nba players.

      The reason team usa isn’t always so succesfull is because of the different rules. the nba is more one on one so PERSONNEL is so important while the interational game is very much more TEAM game. NBA type rules. the nets could proably beat spain and greece.

  3. arvic darryl says:

    starting five………….. durant, odom, iguodala, curry, rondo

  4. Kortarius says:

    So no one from the redeem team will be playing in this years games?

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  6. James says:

    Why do they have Curry playing the 2? He played almost exclusively 1 with the Warriors last year and proved to be a fantastic point. You lose a lot of his value at the 2. Sure – he can shoot there, but he can be a dangerous shooting point as well and is an amazing ballhandler, passer and playmaker. Plus, he’s not big enough to guard most 2s. He has a chance to be one of the top 5 1s in the league this year, but he’d only be an average 2. I know he played 2 in college, but did Coach K not watch any tape of his rookie NBA season?

    • Don says:

      Because he’s not a better PG than Rose,Rondo, and Westbrook, but he’s a better shoote than all 3 of them, and the most capable of knocking down spot up jumpers and running off screens.. He’s fine at the two..

  7. fred says:

    good job throwin in the full lineups….wat is the deal why will they let yall into only the final portion…why not let you see the rest of the scrimmages..just seems weird/