The Big Finish?


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Has it come to this for Shaquille O’Neal?

Is there no one out there interested in signing (the aged) former superstar and one-time most dominant (you can fill in whatever moniker he liked to use) of all time?

We have to admit to being a bit stunned that Shaq is now the most high-profile name left on the free agent market, no offense to Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson but Shaq’s still got you in at least that one category.

We honestly thought someone would have signed Shaq by now. When you consider all of the (younger) bigs that have been signed to deals, watching Shaq hang on the vine like this has been a bit of a head-scratcher.

Sure, he’s not the behemoth he once was. The man is 18 years deep into his Hall of Fame career and still more than capable of playing 20-plus minutes a night and contributing 12-14 points a night and 6-8 rebounds a night, as he did for Cleveland last season. You can’t build around him anymore and you can’t rely on him to carry you in the postseason anymore. We all realize that much.

But he’s not even worth a look as a contributor?

It just doesn’t make sense.

If these rumblings are true, that Shaq wants a salary higher than the $5.8 million mid-level exception and a guarantee that he’ll be a starter, it’s understandable why so many teams have passed.

And maybe we’re being a bit too nostalgic where Shaq is concerned. It’s just that we know a good showman is hard to find. And one that can entertain as well as clear some space in the lane and impose his will on both ends of the floor, even in limited minutes, is extremely difficult to find.

Yet, day by day, Shaq is being squeezed out of the market by other, and apparently more attractive options. The Miami Heat opted for a mix of younger (Joel Anthony), old (Jamaal Magloire) and older (Juwan Howard). The Boston Celtics went with the other [Jermaine] O’Neal.

The Hawks, the one team desperate for some immediate big man assistance, are reportedly bringing back Jason “Diesel” Collins intead of ponying up the cash for the former “Big Diesel.”

Again, it’s strange to see Shaq tossed into the hopper with players like McGrady and Iverson — veterans desperately seeking work — when such a premium is being placed on big men.

And in a summer of seemingly incomprehensible fiscal irresponsibility, we’re struggling to comprehend the idea that no one is willing to commit a little extra cash to Shaq!



  1. What Retto???? says:

    retto listen, the mia 3 aren’t sellouts, they’re stars looking for rings—no, a dynasty. And if they are sellouts what would you call the new york three of chris paul, amare, and carmello if it happens??? u seemed okay with that squad. Biased much???

  2. charles says:

    Shaq has a habit of burning bridges. With the Lakers and Miami Heat.

  3. NBA Analyst says:

    From an NBA Analyst view……………

    If I’m not mistaken, Pau Gasol played a key role in the Lakers championship runs. Without that skilled big man, the Lakers don’t win those titles. Sorry, but please don’t say Kobe did it alone. Gasol averaged 23 ppg and 10 rpg in the finals. Kobe is hands down a great player, but needed the assistance of Gasol and the rest of the crew. It’s very interesting to see all of you debate. It’s easy to depict who are really just arguing as fans of your own team, and who’s actually sport finatics and keep up with the NBA. If you don’t know who Joel Anthony is, you’re probably not a true NBA fan. You just have a team you root for.
    As for who are frontrunners next year, you gotta go with the Lakers because they are the defending champs, their team chemistry is already set, and you have good skill players surrounded by one of the greatest players in the world, Kobe Btyant. He’s going to demand the best out of everyone on that Lakers roster. The east challenger I do believe will be the Miami Heat. They are more than capable of winning the NBA championship. They have the best first 3 options on offense than any other team in the league! So it’s going to be damn near impossible to double team them with 2 of the top 3 players in the league on both wings at the same time. Even Chris Bosh is capable of being the number 1 option on more than 75 % of the teams in the league and he’s number 3!!! These 3 guys will make the game easier for Ilgauskus, Chalmers, Mike Miller, Haslem and etc. So don’t be shocked if you see their player effieciency rise. But…………….the Lakers hold the advantage still because of chemistry. People can say it won’t work or it will work, but we won’t know until November / December. That’s when everyone will know if they can challenge the Lakers for the tile. But they DEFINITELY have the pieces to.
    As for Shaquille O’neal, he’s very capable of helping a team. He can still give you 12-13 points a night and around 8 rebounds. But what teams fear is the uncertainty of whether or not he will take a contributor role if he’s not playing with a superstar. It’s easy to ride along and be a role player alongside players like D-Wade, LeBron, and Kobe. But if he’s not on a team with someone who’s considered one of the best in the world…….he still believes he’s option number 1 or 2 and teams fear that because at this stage in his career, Shaq has to know his role. He would be a good fit in Atlanta (not saying that will get them over the hump), San Antonio, Boston, Utah, or even Portland, all teams that like to setup in the half-court set and execute (notice I didn’t mention any running teams, Golden State, Phoenix, NY, OKC).
    But thanks for your time and its been a pleasure!!!

  4. Sam Matong says:


    • Sam Matong says:

      I don’t care how old ShaQ is? He need to come home and retire at LA LAKERS, So we can have his Jersey hanging at Staple Center.

  5. porcosuscio says:

    I think everyone who here writing things have to understand, I believe Shaq has 2 more years left in him, clearly he ain’t the player he was but for a team like atlanta that also has young talent to match up against Miami. I know Joel Anthony cannot contain Shaq in the middle thats for sure, the big Z is to slow to play Shaq in the post with his famous spin move. I think with Shaq in the line up Atlanta Hawks have a big chance to play against the best the East has to offer.

  6. how can you say lebron has an ego. he didnt crown himself the king. it was the media. he didnt ask for that title. kobe is a titty baby. everyone talking about players winning a ring on their own. nobody does it alone. all championship teams have more than one superstar on their team. lebron couldnt win cause he never had a sidekick. kobe didnt win it alone. do u remember him asking for a trade. he didn win until he got a sidekick in gasol so stop talking like he does it alone. he and jordan are just alike they both are ball hogs. jordan would never have played with magic or other big names cause he is a selfish player he doesnt want to share the spotlight with anyone else. lebron playing with bosh n wade shows the type of person he is he is a team player he would play with guys who would have the spotlight on them its not all about him he doesnt care about that. numbers wise he is going to top jordan n kobe. kobe n jordan had better teams than lebron. rings equal better teams. regular season mvp means better individual player. so lebron was better than kobe the past two years. but kobe had better teammates.

  7. Chiller187 says:

    Shaq needs the Lakers. His whole legacy is diminished because there isn’t any team he’s played for where he was both: 1) Successful and 2) Still liked by the team. His championships are with the Lakers and Heat, yet he burned both of those bridges. He’s still liked in Cleveland, but they really don’t have any use for him since they’re not contenders. If he goes to another team, like the Atlanta Hawks, it does nothing for his legacy.
    The Heat has 4 Centers under contract right now with Big Z, Joel Anthony, Dexter Pittman, and Jaamal Magloire…so there isn’t any room for Shaq there.

    The Lakers on the other hand, need a back-up Center since Mbenga is a free agent and not likely to return to LA because he wants more playing time. Shaq could come there and play 15 minutes a night backing up Bynum on nights when they need him. The Lakers right now likely do not want anything to do with Shaq. If he was smart, he would go to Kobe and Dr. Buss and the rest of the Lakers, apologize, and try to get on that team. If he can play a minor role in helping them get another championship in 2011, he would have a chance to have his jersey retired.

    Can anyone think of a player who took 3 different teams to the NBA Finals as a Superstar, Won at least 4 NBA championships, Won Championships with 2 different teams, was the NBA Finals MVP 3 times, yet doesn’t have their Jersey retired by any NBA team? Without the Lakers, that will likely become Shaq’s fate.

  8. derek says:

    Chris Bosh is a good player but he can not match up with Pau Gasol in the paint. Worse case….its a wash between the 2 in points and rebounds. There’s no need to double any one player on the Heat if you play a zone. Force them to shoot from the outside and take your chances….Bottom line NBA Fans, the title is in Los Angeles and the Black Mamba will not back down…..Lakers in 6 for the 2011 3-Peat….The day that LeBron said that he’s going to Miami, Kobe was working out in the gym with the theme music to Rocky playing….The next day…the same thing and he had LeBron, D-Wade and Bosh’s posters all over the gym walls. This is the challange that he’s been waiting for and who’s gonna bet against him???

  9. derek says:

    The best way to play Miami this year is to play the 3-2 zone to try to slow them down and play a half- court game. Depending on the match-up, there’s no need to play this team one-on-one….although Phil Jackson loves a challenge! The only thing that we need to remember is that you must beat the Lakers to take the crown. The road to the championship goes through Staples Center!! P.S…..with a healthy Black Mamba and Pau Gasol, is there anyone on Miami that can guard these two one-on-one?? That’s why the Lakers should sign Shaq because Bynum will be hurt again this year and this will keep Pau at the power forward spot. Talk to me NBA fans……..

  10. Thomas says:

    Shaq can come to denver and that’ll complete our big man need. if denver cannot win it with him we cannot win it. period.

  11. derek says:

    Im a L.A. guy and to be real with all of you, I would love to see Shaq in a Lakers uniform for his last NBA tour before he stops playing. I’m kinda hoping that all people involved (Shaq, Kobe and Dr. Buss) can somehow work this out and come together for the common goal. There’s no way that Shaq would start on this team but he can come in a give you good minutes off the bench. He would also have to take a pay cut as well. I say let’s forgive one another and win the damn thing again. QUIET MIAMI!
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  12. merdielicious says:

    Isn’t it funny?the topic is about shaq and all these so called “Miami fans” are boasting that their team is going to win a lot of championships and dominate the league. Heck, go create your own chat room so you can exchange fantasies. Last time I checked, before the south beach big 3 came together, there were no fans of this team,well if there is any, it’s only bcoz of wade, and when they were losing (that’s why they drafted beasley) they weren’t making any noise. so stop calling yourselves “heat fans for life” coz I’m sure when this 3some failed to give you what you all been drooling for, you’re going to be ashamed of yourself for trying to call yourselves “fans for life”.

    As for THE TOPIC, I think Shaq should retire. He has to accept the fact that he is not the man (or monster) he used to be. He doesn’t have to prove anything, he won titles that other hall of famers failed to get (malone lol), he dominated the league as the all-time most dominant center (arguably not the best),won multiple finals mvp,led the league in scoring, and the money. Bottom line? END OF THE ROAD FOR SHAQ

  13. we were discussing shaq’s ability to play weren’t we? why talk about all those other cats and their egos. ( by the way, KOBE has the biggest ego of them all. he never met a shot he didn’t like, nor loved. just watch the finals )
    now back to Shaq. come on. dude is too old to be effective. i remenber his prime, and his uncanny, yes UNCANNY, speed compared to his size. he now only has his weight and strength, and most important his legs lack the explosivness of his younger days. he should retire now and wait for the Hall Of Fame. peace out

  14. dfella504 says:

    first off have some respect!!!!!!!every team he’s been on made to the post season!!!!!assholes !!you ppl out there have a serious problem if he’s not still a force to be rekon with why do teams still double an hack a shaq????bitches an you can take that to da bank

  15. Jay says:

    If there isnt anything i’ve learned in life is personality counts (sometimes more than ability). How many Shaq’s, T.O.’s, Iverson’s have we seen in sports? Phenominal athletes with the phenominal ability but with the personality of a hyena sit in free agent limbo. I’m just thinking what second unit would be able to contain Iverson and Shaq? Two former all-stars, MVP’s etc. etc. and if they are the second unit then how great does the team they could be on first unit be? How much more dominant would a lakers, celtics, heat, or orlando team be if these two guys were subs? And with the Celtics already signing Jermaine O’Neal there’s almost no way Shaq can go there. It’s astonishing because 3 of those 4 teams Shaq has already been on. Any other team than those 4 would be a waste of team for any veteran looking to walk off into the sunset.

  16. Andy says:

    Once Miami gets a few more good bench players they will be a championship team. While they are very good right now, on paper at least, they just don’t have the bench that they need to win in the playoffs. In the next year or two, they could have this puzzle finished though.

    About Shaq, he is just getting too old. All the mentioned teams are trying to build for a future, and Shaq won’t be around for much longer. I think that’s why he hasn’t been picked up yet. He is asking too much for his age. If he would just take the trade exception, he would be on a team by now. Like people have said, he already has plenty of money. He needs to think about where his jersey is going to hang. LA. If he can get back there for one year, maybe they can complete the 3 peat and he can leave the NBA in a high point. Being a Blazer fan, I do not want the Lakers to win another one but Shaq has put in a lot of work and brought fans to the NBA. While I don’t like the guy or his game, he has done a lot for this league and as a basketball fan you have to appreciate that.

  17. I trained Wade says:

    Im a big miami heat fan since 2004 and now they got wade bosh james doesnt mean their gonna be the best team they might not even be the champions 3 players dont make a team they need more ! good thing they got mike miller and james jones they should even get AI then put arroyo as backup . Shaq to the team ? noooo way ! hes good but bad at the same time and plus big Z will regret signing with the heat big time since hes prob pissed at shaq from when they were on the cavs and he was backup for him

  18. armando says:

    i m really surpirsed at this point that shaq has not talked trash about his last team hi played with,in this case the cavaliers,every time he is out of a team he star taking trash about them,like he did with lakers and miami, he s crazy to go back to one of these two teams,but his big mouth now is paying back…

  19. Chris K says:

    Did anyone see his play in the post season, especially against Boston? He looked lost, 2 or 3 steps behind the speed of the game. He is finished as a player.

  20. haringbutoy says:

    become a laker again.
    yes its true that shaq leaved the lakers and talked so much against the lakers
    but its already done, past is past look for the future
    the KObe Shaq tandem is the best tandem EVER better than magic and Karim , Jordan & Pippen or even Wade & Lebron.
    because Shaq is arguable the best and the most dominant center and kobe is arguable the best player ever
    return & play w/ kobe again
    the world want to see it
    lots of people want to see kobe past the ball to shaq again

  21. ICEMAN says:


  22. mamba24 says:

    Enough this sh!t! let’s just wait for the tip off and see who’s going to win in the Finals…


  23. Dvoice says:

    Go to Houston Shaq. You would make a great backup for Yao Ming.

  24. Al says:

    It would be nice if Shaq came back to LA as it would be nice to have some back up for Bynum with His injury problems. As far as beating Miami…If LA is healthy and Miami is healthy , LA will win in 6 or 7 as they are too good and have the experience playing together AND winning it all together. The big question in Miami has got to be the chemistry…how is LBJ going to play with D wade, Bosh is no problem as he has always been a second tier star anyway. LA has youth, experience, the right role players AND the best coach in the history of the game (Although I will admit Riley is probably in the top 5).

  25. Gerry Agapito says:

    Perhaps LA can take Shaq again???? Why not???

  26. Shack says:

    yo yo yo its ya boy SHACK 0NEEL im gunna play with steve nash and were both going to tha wild catz the nEw teemz in denva

  27. notyourtimeyet says:

    toronto,denver, golden state,philadelpia,new york,indiana,detroit,charlotte,washington,utah,portland,oklahoma city,minnesota,sacramento,dallas,houston why not behind yao, even new orleans.They could all use a back up center.

  28. Mark S says:

    I think all three should go to Cleveland and kick butt ! Shaq, Iverson and McGrady… I think that would be the best save Dan Gilbert could do.

  29. flanbafan says:

    Ok. The Lakers cant sign Shaq unless he is willing to play for the vet min. Same for Miami… and Dallas. I doubt he will go to the Bulls. He might as well go home to the Rockets or Nets. He wont win a ring there but at least he can play.

  30. shawn says:

    maybe the raptors should sign him they need help

  31. JayDaddy says:

    Shaq + Hawks best possible match for both at this point. Hawks w/o shaq had might as well throw their playoff hopes out the window again. With shaq, as stated above for good reason (shaq/horford/smith) unreal defense in the paint. All 3 of those have been or are currently blocking leaders in the NBA. all 3 grouped together would spell certain outside shooting and very few 2nd chance pnts for opponents. Shaq could be their modern day moses malone for those few avid hawks fans like myself. Shaq could start w/ horford at PF and smith at SF filling the absence of williams. Then when shaq comes out, the 2nd team rotation w/ crawford and smith/horford/pachulia could run the opposing bench into the ground.

    As alot have already, I must chime in on this Miami issue as well though it has very little if anything to do w/ this thread. Miami is unproven. Odds are on their side…but, teams have put together mini dream teams in yrs past and have not achieved championship status in the NBA as seems to be the big fear here. Atlanta w/ shaq could give miami and orlando ALOT of problems w/ another guy the size of Howard. Orlando to me is the only undeniable juggernaut of the East. Boston props and respect.. but, Jermain O’neal…. not gonna make much impact. When it comes to shaq, the questioning factor to me is health. But he has shown consistently reliable in lower mins. Pit the hopefully “Hawks 2.0” against Miami. Bosh to me is like alot of players… exaggerated stat line. You play for an organization w/ little direction “aka. clippers, minnesota, toronto…ect.” then you get all the stats you want. “Danny Manning Syndrome” as in the notorious trade of Nique for Manning in mid season when hawks were top in the east. Bosh = Manning. Bet he doesn’t avg but around half the pnts he did in toronto. He will fall into a 3rd obscurity role. Leaves Wade and James. They really have nothing besides those 3… yeah, ok… Mike Miller, spotty career of injury. Either James or Wade go down w/ injury, this team becomes nothing but slightly above avg team at best. They have next to nothing except 3 players. And that means ALOT of mins for those 3 which increases injuries and fatigue by playoffs. Someone up top was talking it up after another questioned who Joel Anthony was… who the hell is Joel Anthony??!! He couldn’t shut down his own house lamp w/ “the clapper” let alone lock down any of atlanta’s players. I do know NBA and prob been following it for more yrs than you’ve been alive jr. Joes Anthony, if he even gets into an NBA game” is capable of 1 block a game, a few pnts maybe, 6 fouls most likely, and warming benches definitely!

    In summation… Shaq gives Atlanta the missing component they’ve lacked the past few seasons, a bonafied low post legend requiring serious attention. Miami, unproven, don’t count your warm climate sellouts before they hatch!

  32. gsw says:

    Teams aren’t making a push for Shaq because he’s old, he wouldn’t take a veterans minimum, he wouldn’t take a bench role and because clearly there are to many team who prefer to run fast pace, look at the Suns, change there offense so Shaq could keep up….. didn’t make the playoffs. Shaq has the same mentality as Allen Iverson (Im Allen Iverson…who cares if im 31 years old, and haven’t had a real season in 2 years I can start over OJ Mayo and Lou Williams)…. No, no you cannot.

    It’s the same for Shaq, he is not a starter anymore.. a 15-20minute sixth man role is what he should be getting. All in all Shaq would not fit in Atlanta being a starting center, Al Horford doesn’t have a consistent jumper to step back and use all the time.

  33. zach says:

    shaq can go to china & play

  34. mike says:

    shaq wouldent even wanna go back to la…they let kobe run him outta the city …he had good reason to be upset…shaq was the main reason they won the first 3 rings

  35. mike says:

    the only people that dont realize how obnoxious and stupid laker fans are is….well….laker fans

  36. mike says:

    lakers fans seem to be the most upset about lebron going to miami…they now know they have no shot at another ring for atleast the next 6 years lol

  37. mike says:

    to the guy getting mad at the other guy that said kobes ego is bigger than lebrons and dwades combined…when kobe won his 5th ring he was asked what does this ring mean to u …and he siad ” i have one more than shaq” what does that tell u ??? he did the same thing as the guy u just bashed…and if someone is talking about shaq and then bring up the lakers …of course kobe bryants name will be put in the mix…u must be on kobes n u ts thats why u got mad … u do know kobe is married right??? just checking

  38. ldhl89 says:

    Shaq is old and slow and cant defend the pick & roll everybody knows that
    But he is really big guy, he cant defend other big guys

    Shaq is the only player i can remember that dunk on D. Howard

  39. oio says:

    Shaq’s a bit off from his head…he’s not in his prime anymore..I guess he should be leaning for more role-playing attitude not the “I want to be an starter” kind of drubbing or what….It makes me think that Shaq’s still in wonderland thinking he is still the superstar he once was 4 years ago when he won a ring with the Heat….If this continues…He’ll end up just the same free-agent he was at the start of summer….still Team-lesss!!!!!!!!!!!!….

  40. shawn says:

    Lebron hasn’t been accusesd of rape, dui, carrying a gun, beating on his wife, etc….i cant believe everybody is hating on the man like this, yes he made a bad decision to have a hour long special and not telling clevelands front office what his decision was, i get that but this thing about him being robin to wade doesnt make any sense because this past season the debate was, who was better kobe or lebron, kobe or lebron that was the debate so how in the hell is lebron all the sudden robin to d wade…..people are to serious over sports, lebron left cleveland, he didnt leave some troops in the military fighting for their lives….people need to chill, lebron is not selfish he wants to win a championship by just being a great teammate, not trying to be teammate with a supporting cast, like mj always use to say….a team wins championships not one player duh!

  41. brandon says:

    celtics could definetly use shaq but there is no way in hell he would get a starting position there. and as far as egos go shaq doesnt have half of lebrons or kobes. but kobe shouldnt even be in the league right now he should be in jail where rapists belong!!!

    • notyourtimeyet says:

      Miami,….New York,…… rivalry,…………..
      When I never noticed.
      Actually the big diesel in my mind would work out in Denver.They desperately need a legit 7′ big man.
      Miami besides Wade still doesn’t have the experience to win the finals.
      maybe a few years if the other teams don’t get strong.

      • notyourtimeyet says:

        hey miles
        we hold a ring fine with fish there.Don’t you put fish down,He’s part of the reason we have a ring.The team has grown together and have gotten to the goal together.Not like lebron and the cavs all season long they were the best team in everybody’s mind they were the crowned champs without rings till they got to the play offs.Once they lost they started saying that lebron didn’t have a team then how the heck did they win 60+ games during the season.
        Just didn’t want to admit that lebron wasn’t like Mike and Kobe.

    • Kenji says:

      Well Bro I dont know if Kobe rap any one or not and i hope you never get accused because i guess you will be guilty too… and as for Lebron he has a big ego because why the Decision that was marketing even if it was bad it was just marketing he did not sit there and act like God…and I leave here in Akron Im 34 he was given the name King James by our local news paper before He was dub the chosen one by the cover of a magazine because he ruled the court…his play is the most unselfish player we have seen in our day…who else can score 30 every night but would rather score 20 and have 15assist

  42. RonMass says:

    Shaq and AI to Oralndo (2nd unit)

  43. lakers2588 says:

    so funny how about 3 weeks ago there were like a total of 9 Heat fans and now all of a sudden there’s tons. Classic bandwagon fags oops I mean fans lol

    • Kenji says:

      Yea you funny with the fag talk but I fell you im a Miami fan now cause I live in Akron and wherever Lebron plays ima root for him…and before you say anything no he is not a good friend of mine but yes i do know him enough that when we see each other we speak

  44. olibob says:

    hey! you all Stop talking about Shaq is coming back to LA we don’t need him, we can make it happen without him, yes he did talk too much in 2004-2005 season, what! he forgot about it. what Shaq need to do is to humble himself and Ask for second chance than we gonna see if we really need him otherwise go look for your next team some where else due. WE STILL LOVE YOU SHAQ IN LA no question about it u need to humbel your self Jackson left too but he’s back, Fisher left too now he’s back too. yeah u can come back but u really need to check if you really need Lakers jersey bcs we really don’t need you right now.

  45. God says:

    Two Facts:

    1. There is zero chance that Shaq will be back in LA (unless he joins the Clips). Forget the drama with Kobe, who by the way will not allow Shaq’s return, and recall the kind of disparaging comments Shaq made about Jerry Buss. Buss writes the checks, and he will not agree to write any more for a guy the Lakers have long moved past and who they don’t need to continue to win.

    2. Atlanta is simply the dumbest organization in the league if they don’t sign Shaq. I’m no huge O’Neal fan, but if you put him alongside Horford & Smith, then add in (the highly overpaid) Joe Johnson, that Atlanta team is going to be a VERY difficult out in the playoffs. If they don’t sign Shaq, it is easy to see the Hawks bowing out in the first round, and certainly no later than the 2nd.

  46. Kenji says:

    I readx the first few comments and somehow they all became about Kobe and Lebron… Shaq I believe will have his jerseyy hung in the staple center one day because every Laker fan and Kobe fan which i am neither knows that those three they won together would not have been won with out the dominate force that Shaq was then…not taking anything from Kobe he was a great player then too but we saw what happened when he was left alone…Kobe is great and much more team oriented now but he still wouldnt have his last two rings if he didnt have Gasol… Im a Akron native and as for Lebron he does have a big ego we all do here in lil Akron its the lilman complex he’s not a lil man but comes from a lil city and I love it cause I have a big ego too the world just doesnt get to see it…lol that said Im a Heat bandwangon rider cause where the King of the Akron courts plays I will be supporting and them dudes got a squad around it/ believe it or not . Wade Bosh James come one man I know yall love the Lakers but you gotta be made that them dudes alone are better than every other team then you and Mike Miller a shooter who can create his own and catch and shoot….James Jones a 35-40% 3point threat and then they are 7players deep in the 4 & 5 with a mix of youth and experienc Im just saying they will have to fail before you could just say they will…

  47. etunez says:

    i know a lot of people are talking about how the heat are going to win championships but i don’t think its going to happen this year for the reasons being that one you have three superstar caliber players who demand the ball a lot don’t get me wrong they are really talented basketball players who are at their prime and because they are at their prime that will cause them in the long run its called having an ego everyone has it. they have an alright cast besides Wade, Lebron, and Bosh but the supporting cast will not play decent minutes because these three will have most of the playing time. i think that their age is going to be a big factor on whether or not they make it far in the playoffs because they are not at that age where their wisdom kicks in and of course i will explain. at a young age superstar caliber players want to be the go to guy they want to be the reason their team won a championship look at the Celtics for example if KG, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce would have gotten together when they were 25 plus points a game type of players they never would have won a championship together because they are going to want to get their typical stats so what ended up happening was that they got together at a time where they weren’t at their prime to coexist with other players and win a championship as a team. look at the teams who have won championships in the past decade they all had two superstars and a very good cast as starters and coming off the bench. i wrote too much but had to let people know whats going on but point being having too much talent on a team can break the team.

    on the Shaq matter which this was suppose to be about in my own opinion i believe that he should try and work a deal with the Lakers because he knows the Triangle Offense as good as anyone in that team. If he wants to start let him start but don’t give him too many minutes that so then Bynum could still do his thing and have a less chance of hurting his knee while his knee recovers.

  48. nk 21 says:

    miami will be champions for the next few years… they have the best power forward in the nba…
    they have the second best shooting guard in the nba… and they have the best small forward who is also the best player in the nba… they have the second tallest center in the nba… and they have one of the best shooters in the nba… imagine the lakers or any other team beating them four times….
    they r unstuppable… im not saying that because i like miami…
    also i think lebron is not enough of a man to bring the championship home… he needs a leader who is a winner like dwayne… and he needs a great player like bosh… lebron is the best player in the nba but hes not a great leader like kobe…

    • Kenji says:

      Wat makes Kobe such a great leader when he was playing with scrubs they didnt even make the playoffs and never looked dominate Lebron make the Cavs look like they were gonna win it all for the last two years

  49. Cam Dawg says:

    Miami=Fail, That is all. And to all those kobe haters, lets have a ring count…kobe bryant five, lebron wade and bosh one hahahahahahaha

  50. jorell says:


  51. Asad Syed says:

    Shaq stinks and old I think that fat guy should retire from the NBA and go and crying to his mom that he didnt sighn with any team.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Asad Syede says:

    Shaq stinks and old so he should retire and go home crying to his mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Rod says:

    So many people hating on Shaq! I think he still got enough in the tank to help a squad out. The best fit is Atlanta or New Jersey.

  54. Champkobe says:

    Im a major Laker fan as well, but I’ll be realistic. Lebron does not deserve even close to the attention and fame he has been getting, but Wade and Bosh have proven themselves worthy. Kobe is an all time great, but not the best. However, at the moment, there is few to no players in the NBA better than he is. (Can someone please take a look at Durant, and say that Durant is up there too? The Big 3 thing is way too overrated. I will believe what they can do when I see them win the games.

  55. 123 says:

    why not just get one team and sign all of shaq o’neal t-mac and iverson. i think that’s gonna be interesting. the oldies all star. and i kind of believe they will make a good team and be some kind of threat. haha

  56. lakers all day says:

    Shaq should take a pay cut and come off the bench if he still wants to play and win championships, come to the lakers, shaq and kobe proved they can win rings without each other so he wants is a spot where he can hang his jersey number, wade has a ring because of shaq so lets see can he get another one with out him, the season hasnt even started and everyone has the miami heat to go all the way, the lakers will be there for sure in the finals but if miami dont make it wow who is going to be the blame for that loss…

  57. Lauren says:

    About 12 or so years ago, Shaq said he wanted to retire a Spur. Anyone see that happening?

  58. Rocco says:

    NJ and NYK should be moving on Shaq. They need back-up centers

  59. 0_0 says:

    Wouldn’t it be a shocker if both Miami and LA didn’t make it to the 2011 Finals? … especially after everyone is expexting it to be Heat/Lakers? What it would be is a nice big bucket of ice-water and a hard smack to the face. The 2010/2011 season is gonna end in frustration and tears for many… can’t wait.

  60. ArmGar27 says:

    That no team is interested in Shaq should not come to a surprise fans of the Magic, Lakers, Heat and Cavaliers.
    His problem is that when things don’t go well he simply quits. His has a reputation as a diva. Good luck to any team
    crazy enough to sign him.

  61. Tanasha says:

    i dont think lebron’s decision was over the top he handled himself in a professional manner and he answered all the questions openly as far as the cavs they didnt do anything to keep him but hire a so/so coach my guess is if lebron wud of stayed the cavs wud of probably had another 50+ or 60+ season and wen it came to the the playoffs no one wud of stepped up but lebron. in my opinion any team he chose he wud of been damned if he did stay and damned if he didn’t now he finally has the help he needs and deserves

  62. J-Short says:

    I think a lot of teams would want to sign Shaq but he wants two things 15mil over two years and he wants to start. I know, I know he is Shaq and is a huge part of NBA history but with 18 years in the game and wear and tear, I think if he was willing to take the veteran minimum and come off of the bench he would get more looks as to signing up with a team. But only time will tell. I do think before the season starts he will end up with someone.

    Lakers Fan since 87′

  63. pica kidd says:

    shag will sign with miami becouse hes is friend with pat railly so beat that chunsp

  64. BANDWAGON FANS says:

    THIs is 2 funny one team gets three superstars and now u got people from i dont know iowa and rhode island saying they have been heat fans forever give me a break.

  65. pica kidd says:

    you cracy lebron and d wade and bosh will have shaq in miami to face kobe and win the tittle again for miami ill garanty

  66. clint says:

    era body needs to hop of heats bang wagon..ive been a heat fan since glen robinson and wade when he came outta college

  67. monica says:

    people still hate kobe so much, that even when the topic has absolutely nothing to do with him, he still get insulted. the lakers r going to win it again, so shaq might as well come back, if getting another ring is why he’s still playing. shaq and kobe please get over it!

  68. Ro says:

    I think (and only if they have cap space) Shaq should go back to orlando and finish off his career there. What does he have to lose honestly?

  69. heat is on says:

    4 alll u lebron haters n heat hater i cant wait 4 the season too start i wana c yaa open yaa mouthss there n kobyy please tell koby goo thank his 2 big ass centers his best defensive player n his lucky shoter point gaurd 4 his last to rings

  70. Beber says:

    I’m not sure Shaq would appreciate playing 20 minutes a game as a back-up for a playoff contender (Hawks or Bucks). I really xould love seeing him playing for a team such as the Bobcats where he could be really useful in paint and still be able scoring 16 pts and grabbing at least 8 boards a game … but I’m not sure he would like to play for a team having any chance to get the title.
    Currently, the only title contenders are the Lakers, the Heat and the Celtics. I don’t see another team. With 2 “ball-eaters” such as Lebron and Wade, I don’t see Shaq signing with the Heat (and big “Z” should be happy). Shaq to the Lakers ? It would be really great and it could allow Phil Jackson to share the playing time between Shaq and Bynum … but it also would mena less playing time for Odom (Gasol should play more often PF) who deserves a starter spot in almost every team in the league (except with Stoudemire in NY lol). Can you then once imagine the duels between the Heat and the Lakers ? Or Lakers-Celtics ?? Let’s talk about the CELTICS : the team is still getting older but they have a lot of (playoff) experience ; they have a future Hall of famer (Garnett), All stars (Pierce and Allen), former All Stars (Wallace if he resigns and O’Neal … Jermaine). What about the injury of Perkins ? Without Perkins the Celtics need a real Center that Jermaine won’t fill perfectly (he’s a PF, right ?). Add Shaq and you have a tremendous team in the front court. The Celtics should have to find a good back-up for Rondo (Nate Robinson is more a 2 than a true PG who finds his teammates).
    Now the real question is : Have those teams interest in Shaq ? Do they have enough money to bring him in their team or Shaq would accept to play for less money with the goal to win another (the last ?) championship ?
    SHAQ, please sign with the Celtics : follow the paths of legends (Bill Russell), think about the opportunity to build a all-star team which already knows how to win a champion ring, think about the challenge (beat the Heat in the East and stop the Lakers !). Shaq to the Celtics ?? I would watch every game of the season and every duels between Heat-Lakers and Celtics). I’m sure everyone would love to see games with those teams !

    • Kenji says:

      Just curious bro why do you think Lebron and Wade are ball eaters…. Ive seen Lebron play up close and personal for 10yrs now (i live here in Akron) and dude would rather pass than shoot or dribble. He started that dribbling all day while playing in Cleveland because thats what they wanted from him…but if you watch any tape you will see that he makes 5 to 6 if not more passes a game that are blown…my prediction is that Lebron will average double in assits this year with so many scorers around him….As for D Wade I havnt seen him play as long to know his true game but in Miami he use to have to try to do it all…Hell KG use to and so did Ray and Paul but when they came together they realized how much easier it is to have help…

  71. Vincent says:

    Kobe swallow your pride and let Shaq come back to LA, here’s the reason why Shaq would have to swallow his ego because you just won two rings without him additionally PJ is still on the bench and would hate to be the one who the media blame for the Lakers not winning the championship again. Yet most glaring reason Kobe should let this happen is because of the respect factor, other teams big and stars don’t try to intimate so hard when the big fella is on your team other teams bigs and stars don’t get the call driving in the lane with the big fella is in there. Please Kobe let Shaq come back to the Lakers for two more season and you guy would the first NBA team in modern era to win FOUR (4) STRAIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP IN A ROW. HEY KOBE YOU WILL HAVE SOMETHING THAT MICHAEL WON’T HAVE WHICH IS FOUR IN A ROW.

  72. catt says:

    Shaq is welcome to comeback to LA… He played well for us… He just needs to realize he is not top dawg anymore and need to contribute his skills and talents and pay taxes to the only emperor in the NBA…. KOBE BRYANT!!! Its funny how LebWRONG James fans and the whole league babies him so much… LebWRONG James always gets the special treatments hahahah if you all can remember, LebWRONG James came to the league the during the years Kobe was accused of raping a woman, which by the way is ridiculous hahahah cause im sure this guy gets more girls than i ever taken a pissed in my life. So the NBA needed a face as a savior, to save NBA’s face they gave LebWRONG special treatments and molded him and hyped him up. Thats what happened. Compare what I am saying to a child, If you nurture and take care of a child so well and do good for him all the time, he/she will most likely become successful and happy. If you mistreat a child and treat that child bad, this child may become a criminal and unsuccessful. This simple but true explanation on how LebWRONG became so huge in the NBA, should not be overlooked by fans. LebWRONG is just the STAR DRAMA QUEEN……….. OH BY THE WAY…… PEOPLE CALLING LEBWRONG QUEENJAMES NOW HAHAHHHAH I LOVE IT CAUSE I STARTED THAT.

    • LAKER FAN SINCE 19 O' LONG says:

      Lebron & Bosh just like Shaq want to suck of D-wade thats why the went to MIA

  73. KAYDEE says:


  74. LAKER FAN SINCE 19 O' LONG says:

    Shaq should go to Miami and become the big “C”…a cop LOL HA HA HA. I ‘ve seen Shaq and he is monsterous maybe he could become the masscott for the THUNDER and play Thor LOL. Shaq had his time in L.A. and disgraced himself after he left with the silly Kobe rap diss and stupid comments via the media. I say if the lakers org. wants him back MAKE HIM TAKE THE MINIMUM and bring him off the bench to support my boy PAU G., as well as APOLOGIZE TO KOBE ”THE BLACK MUMBA” BRYANT on a one hour espn special. LOL LeBron i see you

  75. benmkapa says:

    Sign the shak in NY LOL with is beloved friend stoud and Mike system … sound crazy but it could be a backup some nights

  76. Miles says:

    the lakers need a point guard, but oviously not like t.p or steve or chris like u said
    we need mike bibby
    get bibby as a bakup who sitll plays mroe than fisher
    and once again ur holding a ring

  77. Ameer GA says:

    I say let’s do the Big Old 3, come on media push this comment on a NBA team that needs it like New Jersey. Shaq, Iverson and McGrady, 3 old superstars that have something to prove to the younger Superstars, who wouldn’t pay to go see that, every fan of Basketball would. Let’s go the REAL Big 3, Shaq, Iverson and McGrady together!!!!

  78. Chris Bryant says:

    Thinks Shaq sould go back 2 LA .

  79. Shaqira says:

    The only player kobe trusted is gasol.

    Upon watching the lakers game, kobe won’t give the ball to odom, fisher and artest. If those guys made mistakes like didn’t convert the ball, kobe will then scold them.

    If shaq goes to LA, kobe can’t scold shaq. LOL

    Go to LA Shaq.

    • LAKER FAN SINCE 19 O' LONG says:

      The lakers dont need Shaq Miss. They need A point gaurd who isn’t goin to hang out around the three point line all night but rather a slasher like Tony P., Steve N., Rajon R., or Chris P.

  80. JPinUtah says:

    Lots of talk about where Shaq should go. How ’bout considering that maybe he should just retire and ride off into the sunset? C’mon, 18 years? Isn’t that enough? What’s the point of prolonging the agony? He’s had a great HoF career, no question, but now has become a liability to any team. He should go out on a positive note and not be another Mutumbo–old and crippled and riding the pine.

    P.S. McGrady and Iverson should also follow him out the door. Both are washed up liabilities.

    • Daniel says:

      I think Shaq may have thought he was going to be helping Lebron defend a championship in Cleveland this year and was disappointed that he is not. He likely wonders why some of the younger players are still hanging on to NBA dreams when they’re just not that good. I’m sure he was a secret admirer of David Robinson (while always talking trash about him) and liked the way David went out with a farewell tour and a ring. He’d like to go out the same way.

  81. LAKER FAN SINCE 19 O' LONG says:

    Lakers are the defending champions and will be a tough match for any NBA team (ask the suns, and celtics respectively) without the addition Shaq. Two back to back championships without shaq proves the success of the lakers and Kobe . I do believe that shaq would make a great player of the bench now for the lakers , but is he willing to swollow all those ill comments he made against Mr. Bryant after being traded (Phil J. Choose Kobe to stay in L.A. Ha Ha Ha I would have done the same Ha Ha HA) to MIA (bet he wish he was still there now) I’m gald so many are jumpin on the mia express, BUT THE LAKERS RUN THIS and everyone else just runnin their mouths over the Two and a half head monster in Miami

  82. Francisco says:

    Correct Danny.. You sir are smart and actually understand what a player has to go through and realize that Kobe isn’t as good as everyone puts him out to be. Kobe is a ballhogger who doesn’t trust his teammates. Ron Artest admitted it and the whole team knows when Kobe wants the ball, you better give it to him because if you don’t he is going to throw a fit and get Phil Jackson to curse everyone on the team out. He is selfish and his FG% is so terrible. Pau Gasol is the better Laker in my opinion because he does more work than Kobe and plays like a teammate. Everyone wants him to go to Lakers so they can relive that *Shaq & Kobe* era. Its not going to happen, they still hate each other even though they refuse to admit it and Shaq has a huge problem with Bynum. Shaq is a very good player and in my opinion in the top 10. If he cuts down some weight, he can still play 30 minutes a game scoring 20+ and 8 rebounds a game. I think over the years he just refused to try as hard as he used to and just got lazy.@stephen, wow that would be really epic. It would be a great way to prove to everyone that they still have game and who knows? Maybe they will all become the top trio haha. Honestly that wouldn’t be a bad idea and would be great to see those former stars play once again. @Lakers you are a typical Lakers fan who are ignorant to others and their team. Kobe won’t see his 6th ring because Heat are winning it this year and Ilgauskas can still play so i have no idea what the hell you are trying to say. Bynum? What has he done besides being injured all season? Bynum was supposedly *the next big center* but he has yet to show that for 3 years right now. Listen buddy, you only watch Lakers games because you don’t know nothing at all about other teams, Lakers are going to lose and Kobe knows that already. Lakers couldn’t even handle LeBron at Christmas day, what makes you think they can handle Wade and Bosh? Bosh>Gasol, Wade=Kobe, LBJ=? Thats right, Lakers doesn’t have a match for Lebron. And MR.B that is not the problem Shaq had with Kobe, so you must be the 10 year old huh?

    • batez says:

      Dude, you are a joke! Bosh better than Pau?? This conversation is over!!

      • George_believe it or not rocket fan says:

        Hold on, the guy is not saying that Bosh is better than Gasol, he is saying that if Gasol matches up against bosh, and kobe against wade, who will defend LJ?, c’mon I respect Artest not for his haircut but for how he plays, but as touhg as he might be, he will be fouled out early in the third period defending James, who is going to guard him then, Odom? he is very talented but never been great as a defender, the Lakers cast is wonderful, but there is no depth on the bench, I mean, steve Blake backing up Fisher is ok, but…Vujacic? Walton? Powell is gone, who else plays for the lakers? Does anyone now them? As someone I know would say, every year everyone say that Bynum has a lot of future but no present, multiply that for 10 years (if he survive injuries) and every year is going to be the same for him.

        Let’s make it clear, I DO NOT HATE LAKERS, I only hate that Laker fans are so blinded by the light reflecting out of Hollywood sign that they can not admit there is going to be a very interesting season for the defending champs, C’mon THEY ALMOST LOST against the youngest team on NBA and one of the oldest ones in the finals, those teams only have in mind to beat the Lakers this season and who knows, they might do it easily.

        Kobe is good (as bad as it feels to admit it) no doubt he is one of the best five players in the league, but even though his ego has dropped down a little bit, HE STILL DOES NOT TRUST HIS TEAMMATES, look back at game seven against the celtics, Kobe was doing nothing but messing it up in the fourth quarter and the people who really rescued him were his teammates, they are nothing but pure heart, it is very difficult for guys like Gasol, Odom, Fisher to go out there and play with a guy that probably never said THANK YOU for cleanning my mess off on game 7.

        Heat will be great this season, altough lets not forget they do not have a quality PG, Wade can play that sometimes but they will have trouble defending teams with fully brainee PG’s like Jameer Nelson, Fisher, Parker, or even Mike Bibby.

    • Kenji says:

      you cleary know what ur talking about bro… I will say this most Laker fans believe that the Lebron matchup is Artest but what they fell to realize is Lebron is a pass first guy so it use to be easy to be a team he played on when u stop him from scoring because if other players didnt step up it was over…. But now you have bosh Wad Miller like u said folk dont know it but big Z can still play and has range…I say it again im gladly on the Heat train… iwas bored so i add to your comment but It was an intelligent post…not just MY TEAM GREAT babble…lol

  83. JB1 says:

    LMAO @ Rondo making the “King” look like a bit@# with his around the back pass to Tony Allen in the playoffs.

  84. Aaron says:

    i think the Magic should go for him. Start games with Howard at PF and Shaq at Center. That would be a sick wall in the paint. Even as Dwights backup. Neither is going to happen though…

    Before the Rockets signed Miller, I heard rumors of looking at Shaq as Yao’s backup, but I doubt there was any validity to it.

    Shaq should be looking for a gig as a 6th man…not a starter. He could offer a lot to teams who want some depth but have someone young and athletic at their 5 spot already. Its the same story for Tmac and Iverson. They could all offer some wisdom and limited minutes on teams who want depth…but they’re just stuck on the idea of the game revolving around them. Pretty sad to watch…

  85. kobron says:

    Shaq would make a good fit for Hawks or even the Bucks, very good back up for the Bogut and you never know if Bogut can get hurt again doing a wide open dunk.

  86. kobron says:

    Lakers have Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum & Odom they don’t really need a 38 year old shaq. What the lakers need is great shooters & defenders. Fisher is considered done and Farmar left. So what the Lakers really need is Kirk Hinrich & Carmelo. Lakers need to bring guys who are 24-30 not 35-40.

  87. am says:

    ShaQ to LA Lakers ! to have 3-peat and to have his jersey hang in staple center. he almost give all his basketball career in LA even though he had some issues with kobe. we people do mistakes in our lives so we should leave out the past and support him to play with LA. He is the best center I’ve ever seen in my life.

  88. George_believe it or not rocket fan says:

    OK Gentlemen hold on for a sec. Let’s be realistic in every way, I agree that the lakers and specially Kobe have proven to be the best for past couple of seasons, but let’s not deny that Kobe has an EGO wayyyyy bigger than Shaq has ever had. Shaq led Orlando to the NBA finals when he was a youngster in diapers, then he went to LA and made Kobe a little more self-centered by thinking the first 3 rings were because of him and he did not realize that the MVP on those finals was the Diesel. Conclusion Shaq and Kobe again, don’t think it would work.

    Another thing, Shaq is still way better than Big Z any night you want, Z can’t even lift his knees more than 2 feet now when he runs, he would have been a better addition to the Heat than Zidrunas, and at least as one of the persons here said, Shaq still has the body to clear the lane for an inteligent point guard to dive in.
    Is he better than Jason “never been good in any team” Collins? Of course, he is even with his eyes closed, Shaq’s no competition for Howard anymore, or the frontcourt of Atlanta is never going to beat Miami’s, Boston’s, Orlando, or even if a miracle happened and they go into the finals someday will beat lakers, phoenix, or even the thunder frontcourt, that will not occur, but let’s be real and accept that there is no better center available right now than former “Superman” to fill in and cpver Horford’s back.

  89. kyle says:

    shaq wont come back to LA to play. should he? yes. would i like him to? yes. i think having shaq as a backup to the injury prone bynum is an excellent idea. with phil comin back for one more year, might as well bring shaq back for one year. dump morrison and DJ benga. but will he come back? no. his ego couldnt handle coming back to his old championship team for 10-15 min a game as a backup.

    and dont forget, the lakers may have drafted a an excellent player in derrick caracter.
    for bieng drafted number 58th overall, and having a double double in every rookie game in vegas is impressive. he’s also 6ft 9in and 275 pounds. perfect size for a PF. and he is a rookie so we could keep him a lot longer than shaq.

    still i would like shaq back just so he could win one more 3-peat in LA and retire.

    my prediction is shaq signes a 1 day deal, 1-2 years from now so he can retire a LA laker. but he wont play for LA.

  90. Danny says:

    Shaq has put his foot in his mouth regarding EVERY team he has played with. Lakers, Magic, Heat… None of them want hinm because of the negative vibes and drama and smack talk. Miami might not have as much size or fierceness, but between Z, Pittman, Anthony, Howard and Magloire, I think there is enough diversity to make some plays and present a pretty strong counterattack to the big teams (Rockets, Celtics, Lakers, etc.) plus, as important as size is, when oyu have 3 amazingly dynamic scorers (one of which COULD play undersized center, in Bosh) I don’t know how much the post game will factor in. I would let Dwight Howard dunk all night, and just rely on steals, ball handling and scoring (in the paint, 3 point or otherwise) to widen the gap between the teams. Also, you can’t forget that LeBron and Wade both are foul drawing machines. Figure at least 20 shots a night from them only (penetrations, driving, etc.)

    I think the Heat just needs a decent point guard. Chalmers needs to work on de-sloppying it a bit. Arroyo (if he returns) was actualyl EXACTLY what this new club needs. Not a high scorer, but virtually 0 turnovers for his entire season, decent assist numbers (though he initiates alot of plays that he may not get the dime on) and he is actually a CLUTCH freethrow shooter. HE won a couple of games for the Heat last season singlehandedly by being THE MAN down the stretch, not choking and knocking down shots.

  91. harry says:

    lakers fans are so bias its unreal i know u love ur team but get ur heads out of ur own and kobes asses

  92. K2 says:

    ShaQ go to the Lakers Team , you is the god !

  93. Danny says:

    I read the comment saying that LeBron has a bigger ego than Kobe because he had the “Decision” special. I don’t really think that was LeBrons’ ego. If it were, he would have behaved differently at the actual broadcast. I think it was poor marketing and greed on the part s of ESPN, Maverick Carter and the LBJ Entourage. That, however, says very little about LeBron.

    Look at 4th quarters. How many times in a 4th quarter does Kobe kick out a ball? How about LeBron?? LeBron is CLEARLY less selfish and egocentric. Kobe whined like a little baby ALL OFFSEASON before they brought Gasol in. That was WAY MORE dramatic than LeBron’s poorly produced 1 hour special. Kobe makes WAY more noise. PLUS, he tries to be all upper crust, when he is a womanizing egomaniac ballhog that disses most of his teammates most of the time. Without Gasol, Artest, Fisher, Bynum and the rest of the cast, he would be NOTHING, just like the period when Shaq left and he was left without any “help”.

    This whole “macho man” thing is utter BullCrap. It’s like, in musical terms, when you listen to a band and say “that guitar player is awesome”, but if the bass player, drummer and keyboard players all suck, then no matter how good the guitarist might be able to be, they would/could never realize their potential.

    Lebron is actually pretty selfless. he won every Cavs game he played in. HE did it. He didn’t merely take the CREDIT for it, as Kobe did/does. The Cavs fall apart ROUTINELY and then its Lebron James’ responsibility to clean up the mess??? I wouldn’t want that job either. Drving to the rim all day because your team can’t knock down a jumper. He did the right thing alligning himself with players he can trust and ENJOYS playing with.

    You can tell that in LA, Kobe and Pau have some issues. Kobe doesn’t give Pau enough respect. Pau has a healthy ego himself and actually checked Kobe a couple of times. Also, the proof is in the pudding. When Kobe did not play wit hthe Lakers, they won a few games ,I think maybe they were like 20-7, soa great record without Kobe. The Cavs, without LeBron, virtually NO WINS. That goes to show you who the better player is. The guy who gets a near triple double EVERY NIGHT, gets EVERYONE involved and still gets his!!! The Playoffs?? I do believe he was trying to get his team to play. They did not deliver, so he got frustrated. It certainly showed in his game. I don’t want to say he quit, but I will say he looked very frustrated and resigned.

  94. Shaqira says:

    Shaq can still play the game. I would like Shaq to go to Charlotte. Chandler is gone and I think he can start at center.

    Also, he is a good fit for Utah coz they don’t have a low post threat anymore after Boozer was gone.

    But I think Shaq is looking for another Championship, if he really is then he might consider returning to LA. He can backup Gasol and Bynum.

    Don’t go to San Antonio, it will just make the old team older.

    • Kenji says:

      folk really dont respect how good the heat team will be I know its hard to except exspecially if you have never been a heat fan…but this squa is the truth not just the big 3 but Mike Miller is as good of a shooter as you can find and he will get plenty of looks cuz u have to dub Wade James and Bosh… and then their depth in the 4 and 5 spot plus they will possibly get Barnes and Stackhouse is a given…if AI understands his role as just a scoring threat of the bench for real if you wanna ring in 2011 you might wanna join the Heat….

  95. wuffe says:

    I have to agree with Laker4Life., If Shaq signed with the Hawks, 1. He would start for 20 min. and Horford would play at PF. 2. I bet his ego took a hit when he didnt deliver on his promise to Cleveland about that championship and is probably irritated at Labron for not making that goal a reality… he would like to put the “Whammy on Miami” if he played against them with the Hawks. The one mistake the Hawks made if they trade Marvin Williams for Shaq (Which I Wish they would do for that stiff) is that they let Josh Childress go to the Suns already DANG….

  96. og bobby johnson says:

    obviously he should sign w the heat, but it looks like that will not happen…….i hate the spurs but he probablly should go there
    smoke dope and rap

  97. Mike says:

    Shaq…What can we say, the time has come for “the diseal” just to take a major cut in salary. If what was said is true in this article that he wants 5.8 million and a guerentee of a starting position he just wont get signed anywhere. He is 18 years deep in his career and on a severe decline. Not only that, but Shaq is just way to injury prone. He was supposed to be the answer for “the king” in cleveland, and we all know how that wound up. Shaq needs to take a serious paycut and help out a contender somewhere, in my mind the East Coast makes the most sense. I’m a New Jersey native and I would love to see him go to a big market like the Knicks or Nets to help young players get some of the valuable expereince he has to offer at the center postion. Having Shaq in your market will not only increase profitabilty and revenue for the team but will also be help younger players get better. One of the reasons most people are finding this hard to believe is because there are so many Shaq fans out there. What he has done in his career and the impact he has had on the game is just tremendous. It is just a matter of time for someone to step up to the plate and make offer.

  98. mr. coach says:

    i think da bulls should get the older bigger shaq to help the younger noah and rookie coming in…we could use his guidance and the bulls already have a great aquad coming into this upcoming season….even if he plays only 20 mins or less….i believe he still can get atleast a rebound, a block, give a foul, intimidate and even slam it down a couple times…he is still the hall of famer that could teach the younger bulls…

  99. Ato_bac says:

    There’s only one team that shaq should go……LAKERS!

  100. Heads out of the clouds please! Shaq is not going back to L.A. Kobe’s disdain for shaq couldnt be more obvious in the media press conference after his last back to back i.e “I’ve got one more ring than shaq” jab. Moreover, Kobes ego & shaqs are just about equal. Bottom line Kobe wouldnt let it happen he pulls too many of the strings in Lakerdom & even though Shaq has been kissing up to Kobe by claiming they were the best combo to ever play the game & letting Kobe’s latest slieght go without a counter instead only congratulating him after winning his fifth. Like everyone else here I want an equal playing field during the finals versus the heat but Kobe would have to viciously suffer some more blows to his ego before that happens which odds are it will be against the heat but it would be too late to Sign Shaq then,

  101. LakersHEATsCEltiCS says:

    for me shaq and AI are ignorant!
    they dun deservers to play until they get their mind straight that they aint 24 25 anymore…u guys are in mid 30s and late 30s
    time to think about retiring
    but most important is that AI need to have some acomplistment to show that he was a GREAT player
    which i believe it was and he still is…if he pull that wiiiiner out of his bun
    and shaq need to agree with kobe that is an Azzhole, he was wrong about kobe’s greatness.
    then BAM
    SHAQ in LA
    and AI bak to D-league HAHAHAHAHA(JK)

  102. chuck says:

    shaq t-mac ai all to washington.

  103. kumar says:

    I am a great fan of Shaq..been watching him ever since i was a kid. I would liove to see him playing for the Knicks

  104. jarrod says:

    i think that apurs should sign him!! offer him a low contact. shaq has so much to offer and the publicity he brings to a team is worth so many dollars

  105. Daniel says:

    I think the place that makes the most sense for Shaq is the Spurs. He doesn’t want to be forced into retirement, but would like a farewell tour finishing with a ring. With L.A., he’d wind up one ring behind Kolbe. He’d likely consider Miami, but I don’t think they want him (at least not for anything more than the minimum). If a team would be looking for him to put them over the top, they are out since he couldn’t do it for Phoenix or Cleveland. The Spurs, who look set to bring in a number of solid young players to go with their core, have a solid shot if their veterans stay healthy. Shaq fits right in with Pop’s minute managing. He could even start and play around 20 minutes per game while Tiago Splitter comes off the bench Shaq, Tim and Antonio McDyess would have plenty of opportunities to rest a game here and there when back-to-backs come up in order to stay fresh for the playoffs. With Jefferson likely coming back for less money, the Spurs might even afford giving Shaq slightly more than the minimum, which is likely all he’ll be offered by anyone with a chance to win a championship.

  106. Jose says:

    Its not because there is no one interested in him. He should wait and see how the season starts up and how the teams are performing and shoul look for a team like heat or lakers. Pleanty of time for him to sign. All he has to do is stay in shape and comes the dead line for free agency he will have better suitors. How many will be hurt before going into play offs. he is a playy off guy.

  107. windycity83 says:

    i think the raptors are the best team in the nba

  108. Stephen says:

    I think that Shaq, Tmac, and Iverson should go off somewhere and make their own team. Then they can dominate over all of those young punks that think they own the NBA.

  109. Matthews says:

    well, of course shaq is old and is not like he used to be…
    but let’s face it, he is a nice guy to clog the center and bring some bulk, he also makes a 12-15 point and 6-8 rebound a game. im a miami heat fan and im a bit sad cause i wanted shaq there, just think about it, shaq would open space to bosh and bosh to shaq, shaq would be a nice fit in miami cause the defenders will be worried with bron and wade that will give shaq some space, even with 38 years if u watch the games the teams still double team him cause he is too big and too strong, not even dwight can handle him 1 on 1, he would get a foul trouble, and miami needs some1 to handle dwight and slow down his ofensive rebounds even if its for 20 minutes… thats my concern, im really worried about this miami team, they dont have a bug body to handle dwight, gasol, perkins… big z is weak, jammal magloire sucks and joel is too short, so i hope riley gets shaq, that would help miami a lot, cause he still has that ego and he wants more rings than kobe and when shaq is strong-willed u beter get out of his way, he would play 30min at the playoffs easily… he is still a rebounder, shot blocker, he clogs the paint against gus like kobe and if u dont double team him he will dunk everytime, and if u double team him then opens space to bosh, james and wade. WHAT I MEAN IS, MIAMI JUST GET THE RINGS IF SHAQ PLAYS, AND HE WANTS THOSE RINGS MORE THAN EVERYONE…. and hes not asking for money dude!

  110. Will in Jersey says:

    The Blazers can pay him (their ownership has money to burn)and he can try to get back at Kobe but, is he truly motivated? Doesn’t seem that way. Boston is a perfect fit for him, Perkins is out until Jan. and by then Shaq WILL want to sit out a few games

  111. Once AGAIN PEOPLE KEEP ATTACKING Kobe… The hate out there is unfathomable… Discussion was about SHAQ and his all too lurid constant mercenary and now pimping himself to the nearest nba pretender in search of a title and yet we have to hear from the KOBE haters. WOW! Anyway, KOBE now tied with TIGER for most popular and like Super STAR… Now hate that you LAKERS & KOBE floozies and haters… PS: SHAQ should take his humble pie and wash it down with hubris medicine and act professional and accept the min-mid-level exception salary and play for the love and passion pride of the game. Not of himself and his me, myself and I cluster… As for Kobe’s ego? If you say he’s got more than Wade and LeBRON put together you’re on mark. Cause KOBE & JORDAN, plus Magic, Bird, Dr. J. all of these had it; the EGO, but that is what greatness requires to be legendary. And LeBRON has it only for self-promotion. WADE’s is for greatness and legendary status. I am insulted that you even threw LeBRON into the conversation at all…

  112. China says:

    Very true, Shaq needs a ‘home’ for his jersey. I think he needs to end up in LA where he and Kobe supplied each other with plentiful rings. Los Angeles seems like the only place appropriate for the Shaq Attack to raise his jersey, seeing as he hit the peak of his career down in California. But Atlanta also makes sense, seeing as they only have one legitimate big man in Al Horford. If I were a GM and my team was already put together perfectly, I would love to sign Shaq for many reasons. One: he’ll attract a crowd to every home game because he is such a fun guy, and Two: it never hurts to have a 300+ pound man who is an extra showing how the young’uns do it!

    Although many teams have been tossed in the air, I would like to also toss up Boston, only for the reason that I am a CELTIC FOR LIFE! YOU HEAR THAT SHAQ DADDY? COME TO BOSTON AND WIN US ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP BEFORE ALL YOU VETS RETIRE PLEASE!!!!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and everyone else)

    PS: Who’s Miami?

  113. moja says:

    If there is a GOD for NBA Basketball, i’m praying for your holiness to make it real… Shaq back in LA… come on guys… it would be great to see Shaq end his great career with LA where he won 3 of his rings… also a good opportunity to seal the Shaq-Kobe Issue and watch them win another championship together… It would be great for us fans specially for LAKER fans and for the whole of NBA… a real novel of sorts in the NBA were another great story will unfold amongst us and for the future… SHAQ and KOBE together… that would be a bigger story than Wade+Lebron+Bosh in Miami…

  114. Miami Blizzard says:

    Miami 2010-11 playoffs, east semi final loss, sorry but correct. I am futureman

  115. Richard says:

    Shaq should go to the Lakers as insurance for Bynum. Drew, as much as we like him, gets hurt way too often for his own good, and we don’t really have anyone at back-up center. Shaq can start, log his minutes, points and rebounds, and Drew can learn under him and not be as much of an x-factor if he gets hurt again. Also, Shaq will know whose team it is, so there shouldn’t be any drama issues like there used to be.

  116. Joe says:

    Idk why everybody thinks shaq is going back to LA its not going to happen kobe finally has is perfect team and all this without shaq. He publicaly said that after the finals with orlando was over that it was great becasue it was without shaw and that his latest hampionship was one more thatn shaw so why would he want shaq back? its not gonna happen congrats to atlanta if they get him they need a big man and no matter what happens the heat are the champs for the next 6,7,8… etc. heat are the greatest team in the nba wade is the greatest player stop hating

    • jose says:

      Why do people keep on naming these team as the best assembled ever! They have not even played one game together. Stop counting your eggs before they hatch! Geeeeez!

  117. CB1forlife says:

    HEYSHAQ, do you consider RETIRING since you already PROVE enough that you were the man before. its time to enjoy and watch the game. you already RICH dont be so GREEDY.

  118. t-mac's lower back says:

    i am t-mac’s lower back… tell him to give it up before i give him more pain . peace

  119. shaq knees says:

    i am shaq’s knees….. please tell shaq to retirre, we are dying over here . peace

  120. Kris says:

    shaq, t-mac and ai should sign with the same team and try to win it all:D

    • shaq's knees says:

      if A.I. wasnt such a diva, im preety sure he would be in miami by now, but the guy complains and bitcchess like he need a maxi pad or somethin.. every where he goes his moaning and crying, no wonder his wife dumped him.
      the heat dont trust chalmers to be the starting PG, hes only on the team cuz fisher stayed in LA. arroyo is the backup, he stinnks too, i think the heat will have to put James at PG, he averages 9 asst a game, it would fit perfect.

      but A.I. is unwanted cuz of he is whiny
      t-mac is unwanted cuz his lower back is about to explode
      shaq is unwanted cuz he disrespects EVERY team AFTER he leaves them, he will mess up chemistry with the Heat.

      these 3 guys should retire and get jobs next to reggie miller and chris webber

    • mr. coach says:

      a.i would want to start every game and the same for t-mac so i don’t think theres a team wanting to take that chance….they aren’t the ai and tmac we used to know….

  121. Dion says:

    Shaq needs to be with the Heat. He is just as productive as he was when they won in 2006. Much better addition than Jamaal Maclore. All he does is foul poeple and will be no help in the playoffs. Shaq will help you in the middle against the Lakers and Boston.

    • Joe says:

      we dont need shaq we are much better off without him hes jus going to carry us down and hellllll no he was not as productive as he was when he was with us in 2006

  122. milkymike says:

    Shaq has put is foot in his mouth too many times to come back to LA. he is a great ball player, but can you see him happy playing behind bynum, gasol, and odom? i can’t. he would feel like he wasn’t getting enough credit or attention or whatever and throw some kind of hissy fit. Maybe they would’ve wanted him in miami, but he’s bashed the organization and bosh too many times. he shoots himself in the foot everywhere he goes and that was fine when he was super dominant, but those days are over. i don’t think kobe, mitch, or dr. buss are even slightly interested and i don’t blame them…

  123. D West says:

    Charlotte would be a good fit for him, but unfortunatley we are a small market. Or well

  124. LAiceman says:



    • lux195 says:

      Not an accurate analysis… It is odom who first injured bynum then kobe the following year… so it’s his fellow team mates who put his career in jeopardy… it’s not bynums fault… He could be better & more explosive than howard if only he never got injured..

  125. Steve says:

    Why can’t the Lakers pony up a little extra and bring Shaq back for their next run? Has ANYONE considered that he would be a perfect fit for L.A.again??? Maybe I’m just ignorant…I think that would be a dynamic move that would not only balance out some competition, but you could generate hype and money like crazy!!! What do you guys think?,

    • lux195 says:

      we both think the same about shaq coming back to LA. we are naive but right…. it’s better to have him as a team mate than him as an enemy along with the the big three of heat.

  126. Aleksandar says:

    I think bucks could have some use of him. He can back up bogut for like 20 mins a game, and be a valuable asset come post season. Boston should be a perfect fit aswell, since they play a slow tempo, and move the ball alot and that can open a lot of space for him. One or two passes more and he will get a dunk. Perkins aint that good in dunking and handling the ball when he gets it right before the rim, but Shaq is the best for that. If he can settle for the veteran’s minimum, i’d say go to Boston.

  127. J says:

    yup shaq should consider the lakers..

  128. LAiceman says:

    I believe that Shaq should finish his career in Los Angeles. I know he is old but he is very good in the center. I believe Shaq would be better than Bynum. Even though I am a Laker Fan who is from LOS ANGELES i believe Bynum will be a bust. Bynum only looks good because his with the Lakers. With Shaq its worth it. Finish your career with LA. Its better because I KNOW THAT BYNUM WILL GET INJURED NEXT SEASON. So its better to sign Shag and that would be a better trio against MIami. Get Shaq for 2 years and TRADE BYNUM. IM SORRY GUYS BUT BYNUM IS A COMPLETE BUST! IM A LAFER FAN FOR LIFE. BYNUM IS LIKE CARON BUTLER AND CHRIS MIHN. LETS GO FOR ANOTHER TITLE RUN. SO WE CAN BE READY AGAINST MIAMI IN THE FINALS. LETS GO SHAQ WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR SIGN WITH THE LAKERS WHO MADE YOU A HALL OF FAMER WITH THOSE 3 RINGS AND WOULD GET MORE WITH THE LAKERS..

    • lux195 says:

      Not an accurate analysis… It is odom who first injured bynum then kobe the following year… so it’s his fellow team mates who put his career in jeopardy… it’s not bynums fault… He could be better & more explosive than howard if only he never got injured..

    • drew says:

      Lakers are over the salary cap… pay 12 mil for Shaq!? Buss hates his guts and so does Kobe. We do need a BIG, but Lakes gotta sign Shannon Brown first and foremost and most likely develop the rooks.

  129. Deejon says:

    Its time for Shaq to Retire. His legacy is already solid he has nothing else to prove to anybody. Him going to LA will NEVER happen I honestly believe that he still can’t stand Kobe at all, and those two back together would be crazy the circus would start again. He has 4 rings and he pivotal in the success for all 4 rings it should have been 6 rings if it wasn’t for the lucky Pistons and Hakeem. He is the greatest Big Man in this ERA Period

  130. JC says:

    Every team Shaq has left he has bad mouth them,that and the fact he wants big money for him to play 20 minutes a games is why he is still unsigned.At his age he still acts like a diva instead of a veteran.

  131. SpurredByFate says:

    Big Diesel is finally nearing his total mileage on his body. Why would a team want to burn $6+ million on a guy that most people would say no longer has the hunger nor tenacity to work on another championship.
    Me being a Spurs fan since David Robinson was drafted in the later 80s would say PERHAPS sign him to a one year mid-level exception deal and give him the starting position at Center. Bump Duncan (he’s still the MAN and Big Fundamental) over to his natural Power Forward position and IF they keep Jefferson, he works the Small Forward spot. NOW- I said start Shaq, I never said keep him in for long minutes. Pull him 5 minutes into the 1st quarter if he’s not contributing with defense and dunks.

    Sidenote: Image Shaq and DeJaun “Space Eater” Blair on the bounds. =) They’re so big, it’s like having 4 guys rebounding for your team (and realistically, three are still on the perimeter or recovering on defense.

  132. lux195 says:

    Go to the Lakers, be a backup for Bynum & Gasol. then Odom will be a backup for ron artest whenever ron is in foul trouble guarding melo/durant/roy/pierce/lebron….

    • anthony says:

      Some of these NBA Gms are out thinking themselves. I mean Darko Milicic gets a 4-year $20M deal, “Big Z” and Brad Miller, who is as slow as nails gets picked up before The Big Diesel?????? Brad Miller is no better a passer from the post and nowhere near the complete player that Shaq is. And Milicic?? Need I even go there? Big Z is not even a good player. I guess there’s a reason that Atlanta will never make it out of the second round. Maybe Jordan won’t let the Big Cactus get away and pick him up soon. He could get some playing time there and beat up on the Eastern Conference. Guaranteed playoff spot and I guarantee you they will not get swept like they did last year.

    • Ped says:

      Wow a lot of garbage is being said here. Shaq is too old.. true! But if he didn’t demand to be a starter he is still a great pick up. I think shaq has too much pride to go back to LA. But as I already mentioned, he is still a good (big) player to have on your team. For the short minutes and considering the fact that not many plays were done through shaq in Cleveland he did fairly well for his age (up to 14pt & 8 rebounds). He will be a good addition to many teams but not a player that is going to put the team in a MUCH greater standing. As far as Lakers vs. Miami? Lakers are still the team to beat! I understand Miami has great superstarts but they need to prove that they can work together. Lakers became the champs with a injured Bynum.. not only that, they now have a improved PG (their weakest position) , S. Blake (40% 3pt shooting and a greater passer than anyone Lakers have had last year)

  133. moshe says:

    i am glad to read that many fans here think that shaq can play in l.a
    i have a suggestion to make
    morrison and mbenga have not played if i am not mistaken twenty games together the entire season
    money wise shaq can fit very well
    for training they can bring players from dleague

  134. Beber says:

    The problem with Shaq is that he’s a (aged) Superstar and he still behaves like he was THE Masterpiece of a team … Well … he’s able to make some trouble in the pain (Dwight Howard won’t contest my point of view) but … have you seen most of the team right now ? It’s most like run and gun. With Shaq in your roster you have to play slower with systems around him. Otherwise he’ll be angry if he doesn’t get the ball every possession.
    I really don’t expect him to sign with te Heat with already 2 “ball-eaters” (Wade and James). Same thing concerning the Hawks : if he signs with them I don’t see him playing a lot (or he will play like Joe Smith … just a few minutes there and there).
    I would see him signing with the Spurs (already aged lol) : they would be unstoppable in the paint with Duncan and Shaq ! Why not with Charlotte (if he wants to be useful and show his skills in soring and rebounding) ? Or more unexpected, in the Big apple ? What a tremendous finish to end this carreer !
    But now, one big question : how much will he ask to play ?
    Greetings from Belgium 😉

    • Merek says:

      In Cleavland last year, I think Shaq had proved he doesn’t need to be the main focus or a ball eater.

  135. alex hymes says:

    I am a hung Boston Celtics fan, (Also A laker fan because i live in LA, my parents are from Boston) and i constantly here news about the celtics acquiring Shaq. Getting him would only make the team worse. He is old and washed up, and to top it all nobody wants a man on their team thats only going to bad mouth them when he leaves. I have no doubt someone will sign him but he will be bench and get maybe a mere 15-20 minutes a game. His time to leave is soon but i have a feeling he is going to try to stay longer in the NBA than Kareem.

  136. think says:

    Big men in this era (from Olajuwon, to Ewing, to Mutombo…) just end up to almost nothing during the twilight of their careers… the only big man that got a great exit (90’s up) is David Robinson (and maybe Zo), but he was still very competitive when he retired… he just wanted a ring…. and he had duncan, of course.

    its really difficult to invest much on an old big because, physically, the size that they have gives so much grind to their bodies (esp. the knees) in one whole season… remember the shaq that helped wade flourish and lead miami to a ring, then a year later being overpowered by a 6’8 (or 6’10) Ben Wallace? an injury took place… the once durable body can’t take it anymore… he lost the power that he had upon recovery…

    I think that it does make sense to get a former all-star that can give you 12pts-8rebs a night (darko got 20M for less production)… but the thing is the big guys usually take a huge hit whenever they get injured… and shaq is depending much on his power nowadays (his quickness and jump is gone, he can’t shoot far from the paint)… but now even that power is depleting every single game…

    GM’s are just wary he might not even finish the two years he’s asking for…

  137. moshe says:

    i know that shaq is not the same as he was 18years ago
    but he can still play and give round about twelve to fifteen points and six seven rebounds a game
    how many young players we have otday in the nba who can do that?
    take for instance andrew bynum form l.a.
    or odomwithout them the lakers i dont believe could win
    even with the games they played
    i ddnt think that gasol and kobe alone would win the championship
    shaq has got one great advantage than bynum
    he is not injured
    i know that all you nba fans will not agree with me but if i have to choose between bynum or shaq today
    i would chose shaq
    if bynum can play fifteen minutes a game shaq can play more
    i just read wesley writing that dwight howard is a better big man than shaq
    who the hell is dealing with comparison between them
    we are talking of contribution
    how many minutes does rashid wallase give per game?
    there are so many centers who dont give minutes like shaq even though they are younger than him
    i would love to see iverson in l.a
    i am sure he can give great minutes
    there are four free agents there

  138. Andre says:

    I would love to see Shaq back in LA. What a great opportunity for him and Kobe to truly end that nonsense and go at the media hyped 3 in Miami. And he be great insurence for Bynum. If he signed with LA pencil it in 3-PEAT! and maybe more. Step up Lakers and Kobe, make it happen, if you were willing to get that busta Raja Bell, Shaq will be the Big Man your gonna need to keep the championships coming in case of another injury to Bynum. It would also be a nice way to get all the Lakers back in the fold andtruly add to the greatness of Kobe! This to me is a no brainer.

  139. RICO says:

    He talks too much sh!t about his ex-teammates, teams, coaches, and owners to warrant any true interest from any team. Its going to take a contender with an injury to their center before any picks up the “Big Waste of Space” aka Shaq.

  140. Lakers Fan Since Magic Came Back...Jordan Who says:

    Before its over the Big Diesel will ride in Hollywood one more time. If Mitch & Kobe were smart they would bring him back this year. No Miami won’t win but on Christmas Day when the Lakers visit Miami (and that will be the primier game of the afternoon) it would be a nice gift to me and the rest of the lakers fan to see those to go one-more time. No Bron or Wade will be coming down the lane, and Shaq can bottle up skinny Bosh. Miami will eventually win, but hell with the line up Phoenix has, I think they should win one before the current Miami roster.

    Melo and CP3 to New York next off-season, forbidding a lockout next season!

    • I agree. Shaq has to do his final tour with the Lakers. I or the Heat organizaton dont want him in Miami. Play second center for them behind Bynum and lets give America what they need and what the NBA needs an all-star cast in the NBA Finals. Lakers vs Heat. After that, the next upcoming year Melo and Parker to the Knicks to revive the Knicks and Heat rivalry. Have an Eastern Conference game in two of the hottest cities in the US, Miami and New York. And hopefully by then the West has lost power over the East. Even though i believe the Lakers as defending Champs for the upcoming season wont be able to compete with the youth and experience the Heat young new core has. Young guys with lots of big game experience. SCARY!!! Lakers last championship for many years was this past season in 2010. Good bye LA goodmorning MIAMI HEAT!!!!. And Phoenix will never win. Nash is 102 in Bball years and they lost there only presence down low. Never win Suns. The sun sets in the east. Down in MIami why cause Pat Riley controls it.

      • Merek says:

        Don’t forget the fact that Shaq played a huge part in giving Miami it’s first championship.

      • LAKERS says:

        AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Heat fans are so funny. Cant wait to mop your sorry a*s team in the playoffs, if they even make it! LAKERS wont lose until KOBE retires!

      • FLASH3HEAT says:

        yOU’RE FUNNY LAKERS! tell me something since when Bynum is such a dominant force down low…….oh yeah SINCE NEVER….how are you gonna stop the triunvirate which u have to doble team (and that’s a fact u know it) at once with only 5 guys in the court? Big Z down low (it doesnt matter how old he is) Miller open for three (led league in 3’s while guarded lol) and um….oh yeah D-Wade, Bron and CB4 did i mention that these guys have been playing toghether for like all their career?? Poor lakers…i can already see artest’s technicals out of frustration….kobe scraming to his teammates and gasol figuring out how to stop alleyoops……and bynum…well…injured probably

  141. Andrew says:

    It’s so funny to say that Horford can’t guard Bosh bc everytime Bosh played ATL, his statline was zilch. Both Horford and Smith can handle Bosh bc he is too weak. He can’t body up with those guys. And no, I am not a firm believer that getting Shaq makes the Hawks the East favorite. That is just ridiculous. I mean, who even knows how many miles are left on those tires? I do agree, however, that it would help if they had Shaq in a series against ORL. Maybe the Hawks wouldnt get swept. Get beat? Probably. But still I agree they should pony up the cash and get the Diesel. I mean, really, are there better options out there? No.

    • Joe says:

      if you really think horford can gaurd bosh or is better than you dont know what your talking about lol woww

      • Drew says:

        Bosh has never and will never be a superstar. He did nothing in Toronto. He’s way to weak, everyone knows this. He can’t play center cause he can’t match up. I don’t think Horford can guard him but Josh smith would shut him down.

    • Joe says:

      josh smith wont do crap against bosh plus with wade and lebron on the wings your not gonna be able to double team bosh start being realistic

    • FLASH3HEAT says:

      What ur not l;ooking at is that all three of them demand serious doble team (Wade Bron and Bosh) Now my question is the following…HOW IN EARTH ARE YOU GONNA DOBLE TEAM THREE GUYS AT ONCE WITH 5 GUYS ON THE FLOOR……THE NBA SHOULD LET TEAMS USE 7 GUYS WHEN FACING MIAMI!! PEACE

      • GPlakers says:

        Chris Bosh is going to demand a double team??? Are you not aware of Pau Gasol? The Lakers do not double team, period.

  142. lakerfan says:

    kobe’s ego??? kobe has never answered the question of where do you put yourself where as lebron and wade and both referred to themselves as the best ever you should watch some interviews b4 you open your mouth

    • Tone says:

      Can you provide proof of this, didn’t think so. Stop saying stuff like it’s fact, people these days!

      • lakerfan24 says:

        Kobe only ever says he strives to be the best…im sry but he isnt going around saying he “spoiled people with his talents”

      • Olu says:

        i have to agree with Lakerfan as far as egos go, Lebron has enough for the whole Miami City!
        but please do not include D Wade in the ego tripping class. I hope D Wade (and CB) stay true to who they are and not bceome atttention seekers like LBJ just because the spotlight will be on them.

    • Heatrock says:

      Hey lakerfan can you please provide us all a link to the interview in which lebron on wade said they were the best ever? I wont hold my breath because that never happened. Dont tke shots at my teams superstars and their egos when the primadonna resides in L.A. Remeber when the lakers didnt have Gasol? who was it that was arguing in the meadia with their coach? who was it that was demanding a trade? awww yes, Kobe so before you and some of these other idiots start hating on the miami thrice check yourself and your team first!!! as far as shaq is concerned the real reason he cant get a job is because he craps all over each team as he leaves the organization. His mouth is his biggest enemy not kobe so he needs to humble himself and beg for a job because thats the only way its gonna happen. He can no lonnger demand anything from any team as his abilities have taken a dramatic hit. PEACE!

      • Joe says:

        i completely agree i love these haters though cuz then we can rub it in everybodys face when our miami heat dominate this league

      • Jdolan says:

        Wade said it at the Heat celebration…..something like: ‘The best trio in NBA History….”

      • Joe says:

        yeah wade never said he was the best even though he is and btw laker fan kobe said im the greatet player in the nba today and thats not an ego right? cmon

    • harry says:

      yh but all u guys are laker fans so u are in love with kobe and when did wade say he was the best or lebron

      • LAKERS says:

        Lebron did when he excepted the self givin name KING! How can you be a KING and 1 you havent won a championship, not 1! And 2 your not even strong or good enough to carry a team. He had to run to another players team. KOBE is the man. Neither D wade or The Queen has anything on him. People need to stop hating on KOBE! He is the closest to JORDAN anyone has ever seen. DEAL WITH IT HATERS!!

      • harry says:

        ok so ur another die hard laker fan u like ur team u love kobe so much u’d shag him and kobe isnt the closet to jordan in ability the only thing they have in common is position larry,wilt,bill,kareem and magic are the closest to jordan wothout doubt

      • jimbo says:

        hey you know kobe and mj have close stat numbers if you take away every season mj played for the bulls and only look at his old man wizard numbers

  143. wesley says:

    hey i dont know if you people have noticed but the man is 38 years old!! now theres a better big man out there called dwight howard nobody wants shaq hes old

    • Olu says:

      he’s 38 but still top 10 in Center, in fact name 7 centers in the NBA today that will have the same numbers per minute palyed. go ahead….

      • harry says:

        i’ll try but i still like shaq hate lakers
        kendrick perkins
        brook lopez
        yao (if healthy)
        thats 7
        but theres more
        lemarcus aldrige
        andrew bogut
        tim duncan
        marc gasol
        chris kaman
        thats it

    • harry says:

      no1 is getting howard magic will NEVER get rid of him

  144. harry says:

    people like shaq still i presume cos all every1 ever does is disrespect him as an attention seeker or whatever he is still a solid/decent player some teams need some bulk done low like hawks/ heat ect just sign him for 6.5 million or something he can help and so can t-mac he’s good and i know all the stuff about him being lazy and but he once was a perenial all-star and scoring champ as for iverson not so much bad influence not such a good player anymore either

  145. Laker4Life08/24 says:

    Actually if I were the Hawks i’d pony up the cash and bring him in as a starter but short minutes , slide Horford to his Natural position. That Hawks front court would dominate in the East and yes they would beat The Heat hands down, I say that Because in a game against Lenron and Wade Shaq’s Ego would get him 25 and 10 that night . Shaq may be old but his size still makes it hard for opposings guards to drive to the lane. Then you have the Defensive presence of Josh Smith to back him up. My thing is you gave Joe 119 million that he’s not worth but you can’t give Shaq 15mil for 2 yrs. But gonna go with Jason Collins? The Hawks with that deal just sent themselves home in the 2nd rnd. I also Believe before it’s all said and done Shaq will end up back in LA! in the next 2yrs he will take a MAJOR pay cut to go back there to win 1 last time with Kobe. Then They will both retire cause Kobe will win more than 2 more in the next 3 yrs LISTEN TO ME NOW BEFORE THOSE 3 IN MIAMI WIN THEIR 1st!

    • harry says:

      heat are gonna win not go out 2nd round are you mad and shaq with atlanta i agree with but that team would’nt beat miami ever
      oh yh and kobe’s ego is bigger than lebron’s and d-wades put together

      • jack says:

        haha there is the first idiot to throw Kobe into the discussion when it has nothing to do with him… Gotta take those low blows… lol

      • jason says:

        haha its true. kobes ego is bigger than lebrons? oh yea i remember when kobe had AN HOUR LONG SPECIAL on ESPN to annoucne “his decision” what a load of crap that is. gotta stick up for my boy kobe.

        if the heat win, it still doesnt mean lebron can carry a team. he probably will never be able to.

        Lakers 3peat, 4 peat, 5 peat

        shaq aint comin back to LA sorry it just wont happen. he talked too much when he left

      • robert says:

        well wehn you have 5 times as many rings as both put together, i guess you can be!

      • Mr. B says:

        Harry, we all know you are a little 10yr old kid so how come you hate so much. And, already telling lies. Some day when you grow up, and you start telling lies, you may find some ones fist in your face. Nobody was talking about Kobe but when you have to tell a lie about him every one knows you as a hater and having a mind of a 10yr old. You see, did may not like Kobe either, but it takes a 10 yr old kid to do what you did.

        The subject was Shaq. For years I am telling those that would listen that he is fat, slow, and won’t listen. He is now worth the money he believes he is worth. He has done nothing for Clev or the Suns and was lucky in Miami. He got into with Kobe in LA, because Kobe was the only one that would get in his face and tell him to shape up and play with pain. Shaq use to miss a lot of games to do some ailment or another and Kobe would get on him for that. Go back over the record. It speaks for them self. I always felt the owners that sign him that all that money was lacking upstairs.

      • JB1 says:

        Kobe’s ego is nowhere near lebrons.. Kobe has put in his time and dealt with all the knocks against him, any ego he has is justified( he has the rings to prove it) Lebron could careless about anyone but himself, hes been given the red carpet since high school and its gone to his head. The “decision” was an embarrasment to him, his family , and the NBA. “The King” lmao thats too funny…

      • Playbills says:

        lol kobe has right to have an ego over both of those guys.. he has more rings then both put together

      • wertyqqq says:

        right guys. he couldn’t resist saying that…dirty harry lol

    • Joe says:

      Look lets just be realistic hear even with shaq in atlanta you really think they would dominate against the heat’s frontcourt? the answer to that is a clear NO. They have no chance whatsoever, chris bosh is faster and more agile than al horford no disrespect to him hes a great big man but is nowhere close to chris bosh. Second Joel Anthony is way to great of a defensive center and shaq will get blocked or get a charge called on him every time in the block. Lets just say for your arguments sake that shaq is dominant against anthony or ilgauskas, how many minutes is he going to get a night? not enough to make a true impact against the heat, sorry to disagree with you but you are completely wrong.

      • LAKERS says:

        LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The heat dont have a front court! Who the hell is Joel Anthony, never herard of the guy.

      • Joe says:

        wowww thats cuz you dont know basketball go brush up on it and then come talk you retard i hate when people try to talk ball and they dont know anything about it lol you know what just dont reply your a disgrace

      • tru says:

        mr lakers you talk 2 much…shot the @#$# up…juz wait and watch…

    • Adam says:

      Wait a min. there is no way in hell any team will be able to beat the heat now. We have big z at the at center the, 2nd tallest center in the nba, to block shots. We also have mike miller comin off the bench as a really good sharp shooter put that all together, Miami Heat will be nba champs for the next 5 years

      • Olu says:

        Hey! Miami is still all on paper right now! i like the team but keep it real. the question mark on team chemistry makes them come afrer, LA, Orlando, and Boston in my book. (for now)

      • LAKERS says:

        OMG!!!!!!!! What a joke. Ilgauskas has proved he cant handle big men like Dwight Howard. Dont even let me mention my boy Andrew Bynum. You must be on crack. What makes you think all of a sudden Ilgauskas can be some dominant center? He will be just as weak this year as he was last year. His height means nothing, because he doenst use it properly. Heat wont win s*#t until they get a real squad!!

      • keenan says:

        the heat are stacked! everybody only notices them for having the top 2 scorers in the past years and a dominant 4 man. think harder…D-wade and Lebron are on the 1st team all defense squad. bosh also has above average D. dont forget about mario chalmers who led the league in steals a couple years back..the heat have everything to win a championship. its gonna be to easy for them. expect to see one of the greatest dynasties ever assembled in sports history.

      • tingyman says:

        do you want to place a bet? i would lol
        bynum would dunk and beat up all over big z lol, heck you even have someone in your own division called howard that will chew on big z like he did in the 2009 ecf when big z played for cleveland. YOU HEARD IT FIRST FROM ME PPL. THE MIAMI HEAT WILL NOT BE IN THE FINALS

      • Pete says:

        Big Z? Really?

      • Demo says:

        whats with all you dumb heat and lakers fans always getting off topic.. This is about Shaq.. Shaq would never work in alanta because they play fast paced high energy basketball.. they like to run and hit fast break 3’s.. where would shaq fit into that scenario.. nowhere.. he’d exhaust himself running back and forth never getting anywhere on time to actually be effective on a play..

        As for Anthony.. seriously.. the guy isn’t that good defensively.. the heat only turned to him cuz he’s cheap and young.. half you miami fans werent even fans until a few weeks ago… ilgauskas don’t play much D either.. When it comes down to the slower post game the heat are going to have no D.. sure bosh can play D but he’s undersized.. he’ll have the same problem boozer and milsap had in stopping the lakers.. the same problem the hawks had stopping the magic.

      • dan says:

        dude really?? big z trips and breaks his foot trynna jump over the free throw line. this isnt 2k10 height doesnt block shots z isnt a defensive presence howard or gasol and bynum will rip him apart they need shaq 2 not have a weakness cuz right now its drive the ball 2 da basket but avoil joel anthony 2

      • Sam says:

        to Keenan: Lol, you can’t be serious about Bosh having above average D. The guy gets eaten alive, He may be a good offensive center but good god his D is horrible.

    • Giles says:

      I can understand the Hawks feeling they can`t afford Shaq, the only have room for minimum salaries left. The Heat have the same problem, and are NOT any good! They just have 3 all stars, the rest is spit and bailing wire. Juwan Howard was a 6`9, 250 small forward in his prime, Anthony is 5 pounds lighter, they are not centers, though may be used out of position at small forward. And San Antonio doesn`t have money, though they`ve reportedly resigned Jefferson. It is Dallas, with NO post up players, who it seems to me would benefit from signing Shaq to a 4 year, give or take a year, contract, and doing exactly what teams are uncomfortable doing with him at this age, building around him. Which is what Cleveland ought to have done, but their coach was too busy literally and figuratively kissing James and getting himself fired. Shaq was an all star again, just season before last. Dallas needs, whenever it can`t score on a fast break, to pound the ball in down low to Shaq, let him pass to Dirk on the perimeter. Shaq is still among the league leaders in field goal percentage, tops all time. But it is part of the anti-Goliath fetish in the Nba. Wilt led the league in field goal percentage when he was scoring 50 points a game! He STILL wasn`t shooting enough! Wilt was forced by a judge to retire, still leading the league in rebounding, and shooting 72.7% from the field! There are doubts about Shaq`s work ethic now. Team Dirk and Jason to chew his sorry old bottom out in the unlikely event he proves uneager to work. Kobe just won his 5th, will probably win his 6th. Shaq only has 4, and still probably is eager for 2 or 3 more. On a mediocre team, if injured, he might give up, but on a good team, healthy? Doubtful. He didn`t win 3 championship MVPs being a quitter. Ask Ewing, Malone, Barkley, Baylor, Miller, Stockton. Those championship MVPS are NOT for the faint hearted! Miami may get a decent center before training camp. They desperately need one. And some team wanting to be competive in the playoffs needs to look at Walton, Vujacic, even Morisson, none of whom seem to figure prominently in Laker plans. Maybe Dallas could take some of them, too. Championship heat/poise/experience matters. Especially in the locker room, and blended with quality athletes on the court.

    • MusicalMD says:

      Hey Laker4Life, I agree with you 100%. The Heat is stupid not bringing Shaq to help out Lebron, Wade and Bosh. If the HAwks did get Shaq, that means the Heat won’t have an answer for the man in the paint. It’s like this, whoever signs Shaq as a serious contender will win the title. If the Heat gets Shaq, they will win hands down. If Lakers bring him back, they will 3-peat. If the HAwks sign him, they will be a serious contender for the title. How many smart GMs are out there. Don’t be like DANNY FERRY!!!

  146. zzanzabar says:

    The sad fact is that Shaq is a media lightning rod and his own big mouth has soured him for many potential suitors. Can anyone think of a team where his jersey will (not should) hang from the rafters? Sure he is a shoe in for the hall of fame but he is also the top candidate for the ‘foot in the mouth’ award. What is the only thing left for the big guy? Does he need a ring? Nope, got that. Does he need money? Nope got that a plenty. Does he need respect? Not a player in the NBA does not respect his ability or his contribution to the NBA. The only thing he really needs now to seal his career is a place for his jersey to permanently hang for all to see. If he can swallow his his pride, ‘The BIG EGO’ could and should end up back in L.A. for one more victory tour.

    • steve says:

      yo the Celtics would ,love the big catus, superman, etc they need more post players

      • Retto says:

        Though I hate to say it he might be good for NY Knicks. Off the bench or starting he can contribute to opening lanes for Amare and the rest of the roster. His presence in the paint can lead to open shots for good shooters especially if Chris Paul gets traded to NY. Then all we have to do is wait for Carmello and hope he doesn’t let us down like the sell out 3 in Miami.

    • 1 More Cookie 4 Kob says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more zzanzabar. At age 38, he had to of already thought about his jersey hanging from the rafters somewhere. ‘The Return to LA’ would give him the media attention he’s always loved (over shadowing MIA’s media coverage) and add additional revenue for the Lakers organization. The big question: is Dr. Buss willing to swallow his pride and make nice with Shaq after the public bashing he took from O’Neil?