Lee out for Team USA


Posted by John Schuhmann

LAS VEGAS David Lee is officially out for the summer, knocking the Team USA roster down to 19 healthy bodies. Lee was examined this morning in San Francisco by Dr. Bill Green and determined to have suffered a “mallet finger” injury.

Lee will wear a splint for six weeks, but should be ready for Warriors training camp in late September.

The list of true big men in Team USA camp is down to Tyson Chandler, Brook Lopez, Kevin Love and JaVale McGee. Coach Mike Krzyzewski called Lee’s absence “a big disappointment,” and said that he’ll now have to consider new lineups, perhaps with Lamar Odom playing the five.

“When those things happen,” Krzyzewski said, “we don’t know [the group] well enough to say, ‘this guy’s going to plug in here.’ Now that they’re not here, you see how they go.”

So it’s not as simple as saying that Lopez or Chandler is now the starting center.

“On paper is not the way to choose the team,” Krzyzewski said. “You look at it, and then you watch it.”

Lopez knows that nothing’s a given.

“Regardless of how many bigs are here, I still have to put my best foot forward,” the Nets’ center said. “I can’t come out here and play terrible and expect to get picked if I’m the only big here. They’re definitely going to pick the best players available, and I have to do my part.”


  1. ben says:

    why isnt the stars like Kobe, D-Wade, Lebron….competing in this years World Championship

  2. Texifornia says:

    how can you bron,wade and cb4 suck if you think they sick than you are the worst basketball fan ever. Those guys are all stars in the nba. how far would you go in the nba.

  3. allaround baller says:

    Rudy Gay, Stephen Curry, Jeff Green, Tyson Chandler, Eric Gordon, O.J. Mayo? And who is JaVale McGee???
    Hello.. compare to the 2008 team and it turns strange LOL
    I feel like USA never take this tournament serious. Or maybe playing for national team isn’t a big proud anymore (for nba superstars). The truth is USA always rotate the squad, best 12 happens once in a while

  4. chris pido of Philippines says:

    well usa is still the best team in the world weather you send the gold medalist team last olympics or not…or if you have to send the sixth man of the nba. usa is still the team to beat….as long as they work hard together in the court and play a good defense against the shooters and they must know how to play the zone defense…i hope that every world championship the usa should send their best collegiate basketball players…b coz if we’re gonna analyze it the line up of other team is just a reject in nba?! right? so why not send the best NCAA player to the world championship. coz i believe that this NCAA players can still win the gold as long as they prepare or practice enough the international style of basketball…USA is the alpha and omega of basketball…

  5. laaakers4lyfe says:

    Chris Bosh: 24.8 Points Per Game; 11.4 Rebounds Per Game ; 2.6 Assist Per Game (5 Time Allstar)
    LeBron James: 29.7 Points Per Game; 7.2 Rebounds Per Game; 8.2 Assist Per Game – MVP (6 Time Allstar)
    Dwayne Wade: 26.7 Pointers Per Game; 4.2 Rebounds Per Game; 6.8 Assist Per Game (5 Time Allstar)

    That/s 81.2 Points, 22.8 rebounds, 17.6 Assist Between 3 Players!

    Who Ever says they and their statistics suck must be retarded…

  6. kemerc19 says:

    i think kevin durant can bring dis team to d promise land again..


    wow dis is not bad….

  7. Grimblade says:

    I agree with Hail Know, its about the mental approach that players should bring to the table in international events such as the World Championship, ‘coz if I compare US Bigs with other International Bigs, the difference would be athleticism and strength…its also not about numbers, but how a player could blend in with the system…look at the Europoean Bigs they are so efficient in the middle…,

  8. Sid says:

    oh man.. David Lee was a prolific rebounder with some experience over McGee and Lopez

    hopefully Mike makes the right choices and puts the best talent on the floor. I reckn it will be Chandler, Lopez, Love and Odom playing 4 and 5 for team USA .. i dont think McGee has got enough experience under his belt to play big minutes for USA. Im not saying he shouldn’t be given a chance but at the end of the day the team needs to win.

  9. Twiny says:

    think about the most important thing that coach make this time…he didn’t take the old guys,the old USA starting lineup(i wish he could).not because a big part of them refused…he want to show all that the young talents can represent Team USA this time and handle with Europe,Asia and Argentina…Kevin Durant,Billups,Rajon Rondo,Lopez and all can show us what they can and bring good results as old Usa team did…I think David Lee could make it possible and try to continue practicing because in my opinion not all Nba players have this ocassion..i belive in you!! and i hope you’ll make a good impresion!!Go USA

  10. matt says:

    not only Rose and Durant, but Granger as well. not to mention Billups who’ll provide the leadership and guidance in the Jason Kidd role. Not being American i’m not sure if LeMarcus Aldridge is eligible, is he? he could help fill the centre void

  11. Hail Know says:

    jajajaja u need to either learn English or not get enebriated before posting.

    with that said this 2nd tier team going can still win it all because a lot of the international nba stars themselves arent competing. not to say the rest of the players arent good but witht he commitments now..3 year…4 year and experience of the coaching staff i think USA can put together a solid team to compete.

    i think javelle maghee is highly under rated in terms of defense and athleticism. as long as the players that are chosen have the right mental approach we will be fine. if they go back to showboating and not showing class n disrespecting other teams like not just on the court but while in their country then thats when things unravel and u see leads blown or no defense played. i doubt that would happen ..we had the redeem team who honestly would want to be known as the demise team…

    oh and to follow up..both kidd and kobe were brought on to lead and show class to the youngsters. kobes work ethics rubbed off on everyone on the team including lebron and lebron admits till this day that he learned from kobe about gettin in the gym early and staying late and it trickled down…now im hopin kidd can help these same guys as well as billups as well as durant who is very mature for his age in my opinion. They will be fine and it will definitely be fun to watch…

  12. zandro says:

    hmmmm….wade, lebron….this two guys is always running they are good in OPEN COURT BUT as to HALF COURT OFFENCE yuck!! they cannot lead a team to victory. what USA team need is a veteran player that can play under pressure like KOBE, KID, DUNCAN, HWARD…

  13. GoBulls says:

    Lol Vincent, you should learn your memes. Jajaja is used by hispanics, while Jejeje is used by filos. Racist idiot.

    Anyway, I believe Team USA has a big chance of getting the Gold. Come on, you have derrick rose and kevin durant..

  14. Kareem says:

    Why does everyone have to pit Lebron and Wade against Kobe? Do people forget they played on the same team? They were all major contributors but because they’re always being compared and all have their fans, it seems they are not teammates at all!

  15. Salaner says:

    Let’s face it: no Stoudemire, no Lee… Talent is getting thinner all the time. Also, there were a lot of players who were on both the 2006 Worlds and 2008 Olympics, so they really meshed and became a unit in Beijing. Now this is an inexperienced, much less talented squad that Coach K has to put together in a month. Plus there are signs the FIBA refs will not be as tolerant with FIBA rules violations by the US as they were in 2008 – a big issue in Europe that was silenced in the US. We’ll see, but it doesn’t look all that promising. Preparation games against Spain and Lithuania should be revealing – and they’ll be played in Europe with European officials. Spain, the current world champ, looks like the favorite on paper despite its own big loss, Pau Gasol. But his brother Marc, who’s stepped up one level this past season in Memphis, and Fran Vazquez, once the Magic’s lottery nightmare, give the Spaniards plenty of strength in the post, and everyone knows how good they are on the perimeter. If the US wants to get its first World title in 16 years (!), the new kids will really have to hustle and even catch a little bit of luck on their side…

  16. tomcruz says:

    ok lets get this straight d wade lebron and bosh had nothing to do with winning gold if you guys don’t remember KOBE got it done in the last 2 min vs spain i can guarantee that there would be no gold metal I repeat NO GOLD with out Kobe no one can argue that if u watch the gold metal game vs spain with that being said American’s are rude and it should be a law that if your going to get paid millions in the US u should at the very least play for the team i mean seriously i think that it just shows how stupid WE Americans are that we can’t get OUR own citizens to play… and bosh and lebron are not real competitors there just roll players at HEART

    • Nick says:

      Yes Kobe was great in the last few minutes, but for the rest of the game he played far below his standard jacking up a lot of silly shots from outside. The team was so talented, USA would have won without Kobe. You take any 2 players out of that team and they would have won. You take out Kobe, Wade starts, take out Lebron, Melo plays 3 and Bosh plays 4, Paul out and you have D Wills. There is so much talent in the USA, they could put 3 squads of 12 that would get to the semis, its a joke.

      These players are human beings, not robots. Its not easy to play through several summers in a row after a long grinding season of 82 games + playoffs. Give them a break

      Bosh and LeBron are not role players…

  17. SAD says:

    HDMI kabelis

  18. Jr. says:

    Brook Lopez at starting center! thats it

    Go Nets!! lol

  19. dom says:

    Why start Lamar Odom? Brook lopez is a top 5 center in the nba and is just as good if not better then Lee.

    • Duc says:

      Joakim Noah is indeed better than Chandler, McGee and Love and he is going to the world cup in Turkey this summer.
      He was born in the US (NYC) but he’s gonna play for France, he’s father was a famous french tennis player in the 80’s, winning the French Open.

  20. joseph blowston says:

    what about Joakim Noah? He’s better than Chandler, McGee, or Love? He must not have been born in the US

  21. dreamteam says:

    peroul.. i agree about your comment that team USA have less talent this year.. a lot of USA BASKETBALL FANS are upset about the change of their rosters. some expects kobe, wade, james, howard, anthony, paul to be playing again this year.. this 2008 olympic champions team are much of great talents but their still close to the FIBA DEFENDING CHAMPION SPAIN.. the team USA’s goal is having a GOLD MEDAL this coming FIBA 2010 at TURKEY.. its not easy to judge the present team USA roster. but as far as i knew or a guess instead, this team might not end up with GOLD medal. just review all the FIBA records of team USA last 2002 and 2006.. they almost have those BIG names playing, but still cant win GOLD at FIBA. me and my friends are USA BASKETBALL FAN but not so happy to watch the team 2010 rosters playing because we like and love to watch the 2008 rosters breaking it down on the basketball floor again..

  22. vincent says:

    unknown, is probably some filipino, coz the “jajaja” thing kinda gives the clue coz filipinos like to use that term alot
    well thats kinda tough team USA already lost amare and im kinda hoping lee will be a good replacement for a pick & roll combo, well they still have lopez who is a real offensive threat inside and his like 22 or 23 , and they have chandler and mcgee who can create havoc inside by shot blocking and getting put backs, and kevin love who can shoot the mid range kinda like a poor man’s pau gasol

  23. Peroul says:

    That will really hurt Team US… they have much less talent this year than the 2008 team. Still, the final was so close against Spain. They’re still the favourites though. Can’t wait for August 28th and GO GREECE and I hope for another win against the USA πŸ˜€

  24. montani76 says:

    hey hubert…”After 39 years of working ( having worked ) with Americans I still wonder how uncivilized , unpolite and rude they / you can be.”….”Americans better start to realize they aren’t the middlepoint of the world. And if being β€˜ polite β€˜ means somethin’ to you : learn another language.” FIRST OF ALL, hubert, for someone who seems to like to preach tolerance you sure do like to bash the u.s. no one here ever claimed we are the centerpoint of the world. you and many others like you just assume we do. as far as the whole language thing you are on a website for an american league (NBA). for you to say for any of us to learn another language is ridiculous. if we went on another national website and typed a broken translation of that nationality you know someone from whatever country it was would be bashing that post. now, as far as david lee is concerned, he is probably the most over rated player in the nba. as a big man his defense is decent his offense is decent but as an overall player i think i would rather have 9 out of 10 of other starting PF’s/C’s in the league.

  25. GSW You are the supreme idiot in this discussion Kobe never won silver, Kobe signed on to the olympics in 07-8 not when they lost to Argentina which was a disgrace earlier in the decade! Kobe & coach K, along with Kidd brought with them leadership experience that is not as apparent but makes a huge impact in the mental outlook & character of a team. But yeah the best player & Most efficient player by far was Dwade who was playing out of this world!

  26. paki says:

    There are still a lot of guys with talent on the roster … let them play and see they wont dissappoiint.
    Let the Youngsters step up now. they need this experience to grow up for future …

  27. DBD30 says:

    Oh cool Hubert! My best friend is Belgian!
    I have to say, though, Jason Richardson and Zach Randolph definitely deserve spots on the Team USA roster.

  28. Hubert Goossens says:

    After 39 years of working ( having worked ) with Americans I still wonder how uncivilized , unpolite and rude they / you can be.
    You don’t like David Lee ? OK , that’s your opinion and you have that right , but don’t start insulting other people . Ever heard about civilization ? Start with yourself !! And yes , as one of the guys who responded , said : make sure , in the first place , that your English is +/- correct. I’m not South American or Asian , my mothertongue is not English , but I do care about languages : so I’ve learned it. And Americans better start to realize they aren’t the middlepoint of the world. And if being ‘ polite ‘ means somethin’ to you : learn another language. Strange message for someone who started writing about David Lee. And yes , I like David Lee. I’ve been playing baskett myself , I know what I’m talking about !
    And for those who are interested : I’m Belgian ( = from the country Belgium !! ) Got it ?

    • Foreigner says:

      Hubert, you are not the only one speaking multiple languages. I speak 4 fluently, learning 5th, big fricking deal. Learning other languages has nothing to do with being polite. You are who you are. There are quite a few people who speak a few languages and who are opposite of polite. Now, you speak about insulting people. Dude, this is internet, calm down, it is not that serious. You also mention middlepoint of the world. I thought you were the tolerant one. You are the first one to jump to the conclusions based on a few not so bright people that you may have encountered. I have met many people in Europe who are very close-minded, but that does not mean that every single European is like that. I know many absolutely great and well-rounded, intelligent, people from everywhere, all continents. In other words, you may preach that you are all nice, but you are the first one to jump to silly conclusions how Americans think that they are the middlepoint of the world. I thought you would know better than that given your age. By the way, when I came to America I was shocked how nice and willing to help they were, it was simply awesome. Needless to say, I got my citizenship here, and I am an American too.

      You are Welcome Buddy!!!

    • Huberts Gay says:

      First of all you’re the one thats being rude and impolite (not unpolite, Mr. “Oh I know several different languages”) All I have to say is we may be rude or what not but what is your little tiny country gonna do if America slapped everyone in your country in the face. You’d sit there and cry cause you have no power to do anything about it!

  29. TC. says:

    You’re such a jerk! David Lee is a wonderful player. Jealous.
    Anyway, I hate to see him sitting out for TEAM USA. We need his body and skills. Psht.
    And don’t talk about my Knicks!!

  30. TEAMUSA says:

    D. Wade averaged the most points coming off the bench with like 18 mins a game. So yeah….. πŸ™‚

    • KOBE WAS GO 2 guy says:

      in the gold medal game the ball was given 2 kobe in the fourth. points aren’t everything u know

  31. unknown says:

    Jajaja that is great.This guys suck as hell.One of the top most overrated guys in the nba.His number are high because everybody in the knicks sucked and the knicks suck too.If usa want to win they should put kobe and take trash out like David lee, because this year usa team may go down easily.Not much talent.Example lebron,wade and bosh.They suck and they have bronze medal, that is a disgrace.Kobe or Jordan never got a bronze medal, always gold.Only hope now is Kevin Durant that is the new legacy.

    • gsw says:

      HA WRONG Kobe got silver at some Olympics when they lost to Argentina.

      • Muudey says:

        HA! You guys are both idiots. First of all, unknown you really need to fix your english. And even though LeBron, Wade, and Bosh had bronze medals, they also won gold medals in Beijing. And the reason kobe isn’t on the team is because he didn’t choose to participate this year. And Gsw, Kobe wasn’t on the 2004 olympic team. 2007 and 2008 were his only appearances. πŸ™‚

    • lo_ol says:

      Unknown you are an idiot. Jajaja? Hispanic or latino, you need work on your grammar. David Lee doesn’t just get his stats cuz he is on a bad team. He is a great passer and shooter. And yes, Bosh, Wade and LeBron have gotten bronze medals….so what? For the redeem team 2 years ago, LeBron led the squad for the gold. Wade was a major contributor. And why do you care about the U.S? Don’t you cheer for the country that you came from (Mexico)??? Oh wait, your country is trash, no wonder you jumped the border

      • Nom Nom says:

        Everything else is fine, but that Mexico crap is unwarranted. No need to get racial you closeminded twit.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, LeBron did NOT lead the Redeem Team to gold…the leading scorer was Dwyane Wade off the bench with around 18 points a game and the vast majority of leadership came from the one who knew how to win big games the best: Kobe. Think about it; LeBron, Wade, and Bosh never managed anything above a bronze until Kobe came around and set them straight. LeBron was definitely the other leader next to Kobe for the Redeem Team, but if anybody led the Redeem Team to gold, it was Kobe.

      • Unknown says:

        wwwiiiiiiooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.The police Grammar again????Oh, wait is some white racist police grammar,what are you gonna do beat me up and say I charged you?Jajajajaja Hahahaha.Yea I’m hispanic and I was born in New York with a puerto rican family so you call me New York Rican.Don’t worry I know there are other racist like african american in case you are black.If tell you the true everybody is racist.May I add something carlos arroyo free of charges and the police beat him without a reason.Why?We don’t know and will never know.To tell you the true with are the closest thing to a brother country.I will be laughing if someday a puerto rican became the president of the USA.You know we already have srong position example: Sonia Sotomayor.Wiki her, use the english wiki, you may get confused using the spanish, italian or portuguese wiki.The other guy you have to be kidding me?You know that I’m hispanic because the way I laugh in a written comment.Maybe I should use the stupid lol or lmao.

        Anyway ending the racist topic.My reason why David lee suck he play like he nervous and can’t handle the ball in important games.He doesn’t have fluid game yet.And over pressure player can’t win gold.We all know that.Maybe all you guys are chicago or boston or L.A. fans and only watch yours precious team.But damn I live in New york, most of the game I watch are those of the knicks.Fans haven’t watch all Knicks games are just talk.For example you fans know of the two game that referee gave to the cavs against pitons and the Nets???I really watch too many Knicks games, so I have my opinion about who guys are good for the usa team .But believe I watched many knicks games.I would prefer Brook lopez over david lee believe me.

        I’m not kobe fan(In reality I hate him for beating boston) but I respect talent and the talent that lebron, wade and bosh bring is nothing compared to what kobe or MJ can do.I’m just saying that MJ and Kobe are rapist.Let me explain this easy MJ and kobe>KD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Wade>Lebron and Bush.Wade and Lebron are alpha male???don’t joke about it.This guys are very well placed.They are just two beta male to make a alpha male.Kevin Durant is the strogesnt alpha male after kobe.I hope KD never fail my expectation.Kobe didn’t get silver in argetina and if he did is better than bronze at least he reached the finals LOL jajaja.Being two time Bronze winner is the worst award you can win, that award is for weak countrys jajajajajajajajajajajjaja

    • malley says:

      Lebron, Bosh, and Wade suck? You can argue that Lebron is the best in the league, how can you say the two time reigning MVP sucks? If the MVP of the league sucks, where does that leave everybody else?

      • makivelli03 says:

        james, wade, bosh did win the bronze when they were in the league for one season on a bad olympic team that was put together for star power not wins that 2008 team made our country proud they did what they needed to do as a team and that is bring the gold to the country that should never lose it the team was put together right we were stacked from pg to c so dont hate on any player just love what they did

    • gabriel says:

      WTF.? lebron wade and bosh suck.. wow obviously you dont see whats in these players. the way you rate player is by there number of wins or rings. you shud really watch all three of those power houses and you WILL think different.

    • tyer123 says:

      I take it you did not watch the USA vs Greece game in the semi finals. USA lost that game not because of LeBron, Wade or Bosh, but because of Anthony. Anthony was just cold in that game but kept on putting up the shots and missing them. He has definitely improved his team play from then thankfully.

      Also, you can’t compare the likes of Jordan to Wade etc because they were playing in different eras. Back when Jordan was around, NBA players were prodominantly American only and there was a cap on the number of NBA players allowed in international teams. When they finally allowed NBA teams to join, Jordan, Magic and Bird were all in team and outclassed the rest of the world due to the world’s limited experience playing against NBA players.

      Now however, a lot of NBA players are international players from Europe etc, so the game has gotten a lot more competitive. Also, zone defense has not been played in the NBA in years, so no one knows how the hell to play against them in the international games. And dispite Kobe joining the team in 2008, they only managed to win the final by 4 points, a game which could have gone either way. Also, USA is a team which pre-2006 do not play much together and was more of a one-man show than a team. I expect, with or without Kobe, that USA will at least make the finals this year – depending on whether they face spain along the way of course