Cousins named top SL rookie

Posted by Art Garcia

LAS VEGASJohn Wall who?

The top pick apparently wasn’t Summer League’s best rookie despite leading the circuit in assists (7.8) and being tied for the scoring lead (23.5) going into Sunday. That honor goes to DeMarcus Cousins.

The fifth selection by Sacramento was awarded the T-Mobile Rookie of the Month award for July, receiving the glass trophy before the Kings played Dallas in the last game at COX Pavilion.
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Prior to Sacrament’s finals, Cousins led the league in rebounding at 10.6 and was averaging 16.2 points in five games. He’s been a force through Summer League, giving Sacramento an intimidating presence in the paint.

Wall, though, easily made the biggest impact of any of the rookie. Washington’s also prized playmaker played under the brightest spotlight.

Cousins’ selection as top rookie over Wall comes off as somewhat curious. Perhaps the fact that the Wizards left yesterday tipped the scales in Cousins’ favor. Can’t have a trophy presentation without someone to present it to.


  1. wuffe says:

    . Who cares if Wall is not the ROY, big deal. What matters is they got a great player as did the Kings. The Kings got the EXACT player they needed .. Do you realize their gamble paid off and they will have a twin towers up front., and Tyreke Evens at the point. I hope they get a veteren sg like Solomon who has defense and offence since they shipped off Martin . They also have Landry as backup PF from Houston , they wont see the Kings coming like OKC ,,, we better ship a hankee to Miami they may need one …. boohoo

  2. ballin559 says:

    I cant believe so many dmc haters ,the kid played his butt of.he hit a game winner he showed nice passes he runs with ball everything better than most of the legues veterans and he still gets bashed.wall looked great in summer legue but you expect him to be that good,centers take time i doubt he will.well deserved DMC.

  3. Eric Kinney says:

    Even though john wall surprised me w/ how well he played but Cousins did work for hard for the award. Could have went either way, but im loving it because Im a Sac Town Fan

  4. max fu says:

    terrible decision! he did BAD last night! and what i meant on bad was BAAADDDD!!! i dont see john wall going 1-12 from the field!

  5. Steve says:

    Quit hating on Cousins. He will make a great NBA player. John Wall did great in the SL as well but I think Boogie made an equally or bigger impact. Besides, I love John Wall and I’m sure he doesn’t care that his friend won Rookie of the Month over him.LOL. That’s ridiculous. And Derek Favors sucked at GT. Picking him over Cousins was like going to the soup kitchen when you had reservations at a steak house.

  6. vnvt2000 says:

    Im still optimistic that Hayward will be the ROY.

  7. Mize24 says:

    come on people, we know better than that, i saw cousins play each game and it was boo boo compared to wall. I’m a laker fan and its clear that the honors are always a fluke, leaving kobe with only 1 mvp and lebron with 2 while its clear kobe has been and will continue to be the best player and more dominating force the whole season plus postseason.

  8. Muss says:

    How can someone, who has yet to play a single NBA game, be the rookie of the month? Summer league MVP maybe. But rookie of the month? Seriously?

  9. king30 says:

    Cousins played horrible – 1/11 last night and look like an out of shape lost kid

  10. mike says:

    I can’t wait to see Cousins and Wall playing in the post-season. Greetings from Poland.

  11. Coyote says:

    Yeah, That makes sense. Although, the Wizards only played five games and Wall didn’t play in the final game. Cousins had to play in all six of Sacramento’s games. If you compare Cousin’s first four games with Wall’s four, it doesn’t seem so ridiculous. Besides a impact Big will always be more of a force. Iverson, Nash, John Stockton; no championships and Stockton’s two appearences in the finals were with Malone, one of the best big men ever. There is only so much a six footer can do. A true Big Man wins championships. I’m not saying Cousins will have any carreer at all, but right now the Big Guy just looks more intimidating than the little fellow. If you knew you could pick a multi-all-star Center or a multi-all-star Point in the draft, you take the Big Man everytime. The only reason Cousins wasn’t the first pick is cause he seems like he might not be able to hack it mentally. But if there weren’t questions about his mental side, it wouldn’t even be close. This is basketball and although the game has gotten smaller and smaller over the last decade, it’s still a big man’s game.

  12. WizFan79 says:

    I don’t think i can agree to DeMarcus Cousins getting the ROM award. Cousins was marred by poor shooting and at times looked weak and overmatched by his opponents, especially in the low post, while Wall, despite occasionally having poor shooting nights of his own, managed to play consistent basketball in the 4 games he participated in. The other big problem that people noticed with Wall were his turnovers, and he got that under control, with only 5 in his last 2 games. If Wall is Summer League MVP, why wouldn’t he be rookie of the month?

  13. n4b33l says:

    hahaha u kidding me? cousins best summer league rookie??? he was real good, but John Wall dominated the competition in summer league (despite his shooting percentage), and he showed leadership qualities beyond any player in the summer league. His 24 points and 8 assist avg were off the charts, and he showed improvement in every game with his turnovers…whoever named cousins the top rookie must be insane….

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  15. OhioCitizen says:

    DeMarcus Cousins will be rookie of the year. John Wall is still in an awkward situation over who will start with Arenas returning to the lineup

  16. Lebron James says:

    lucky kings.. i hate lebron!!!

  17. JTreke says:

    DMC all the way! ROY for sure!

  18. wisdom says:

    You should always wait for all games to be finish b4 naming RoM i mean cousins started great but finish his last 3 games awful,d-caracter or j,wall would atlease been better choice but still good games for all hopefully they transmit it to when the real games start

    • Doomang says:

      He also only played in 4 of 6 possible games, would you give an MVP trophy or a RotY trophy to someone who only played 54 games in a season?

  19. Christian says:

    hmm i thought John Wall did better

  20. UpCominKings. says:

    Kings lover their BOOGIE!

  21. UpCominKings. says:

    Sac loves it Boogie!

  22. UpCominKings. says:

    Sac loves Boogie!

  23. Mike says:

    No, I am pretty sure Wall didn’t get it because he shot less than 30 percent from the floor. That is terrible. Please tell me you actually looked at the stats.

  24. steven says:

    no surprise. Cousins was the second best player in the draft. he only fell because of character issues. hes on a team where he can perform tp his highest abilities, with less of a spotlight because he went 7th. he will win ROY also

  25. Joba says:

    This award must be a complete FLUKE for John Wall did not get the award. Com’on now, he was 4-0 in the games he played in and then the team lost in the only game he didn’t play. Granted, it wasn’t a blowout, but I beat they wouldn’t have blown that 20-point lead if he was leading them on the court. Smh, John lead the league in to stat areas….MAJOR areas at that, and didn’t get anything. He made a bigger impact then DeMarcus. Don’t get me wrong, Cousins is a great player who I see becoming a franchise player along with Tyreke Evans for the Kings, but he plays PF as oppose to John Wall’s PG…a more HARDER and IMPORTANT and DEMANDING position. I just don’t see this reasoning at all. Furthermore, I would like to say congratulations to DeMarcus Cousins, and a BAD job to the voting committee.

  26. D-Wadeeeeeee33333 says:

    Cousins is going to be rookie of the year!!!