McGee throws down in Vegas

By Drew Packham

LAS VEGAS — Washington’s Lester Hudson hit the game-winner, but JaVale McGee brought down the house with the best dunk yet in Vegas.

With the Wizards rallying in the fourth quarter, McGee got into the lane and rose up over New Orleans’ Kyle Hines, posterizing the rookie with a one-handed, Statue of Liberty dunk. Hines was called for the foul as McGee and his teammates whooped it up, bumping chests as the crowd roared.
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“I surprised myself to tell you the truth,” said McGee, who finished with 29 points and eight rebounds in the Wizards’ 90-89 win. “I felt like the rim was at my waist. I just went up there and dunked it and I was just really excited. I feel like it was a momentum changer.”

McGee called it his best posterization of his young career.

“Even though it’s Summer League, I’ll take it. No. 1, no doubt,” McGee said.


  1. Mikereese says:

    WTF! Great dunk! Who is the IDIOT who said the man traveled? Watch it again fool. THERE IS CLEARLY NO TRAVEL. Isnt it past your bedtime son?

  2. kt says:

    Jeez. That is so clearly a travel! Not even close. Makes me mad when a guy throws down on sum1 after taking 3+ steps. Blehhh.

    • Nathan says:

      What are you dreaming?? That is the perfect example of how it should be done… Watch Vince if you wanna see travelling