Head considering legal options

Posted by Art Garcia

Luther Head‘s agent Mark Bartelstein told NBA.com that they’re investigating legal options in response to New Orleans contending the guard didn’t pass a physical this week. The Hornets then rescinded a contract offer made to Head.

“We’re going to look at the remedies we have because I know that Luther would have no problem passing a physical with any other team,” Bartelstein said today. “And it’s my responsibility to protect my client when I believe he’s been wronged.”

Bartelstein is still gathering information and wasn’t sure what the next step would be at this point, or if the union or league office would be involved.

The Hornets released the following statement today from team president Hugh Weber:

“We can appreciate Mark’s passion for his clients and understand his disappointment. It is our procedure for a player to undergo a thorough physical examination before a contract can be finalized. After consulting with our medical team, the Hornets organization feels that it is not in our best interest to move forward with the signing.”

Bartelstein said a two-year agreement negotiated by former general manager Jeff Bower was in place, but the Hornets backed out after Bower and the team parted ways Tuesday.


  1. kiek johnson says:

    i think the nba should look into this matter we are talking about ayoung man earning a living playing this game . there is no way this young man could not pass i know how he take care of himself.

  2. Ricardo says:

    I’m interested to hear what Luther Head has to say. I live in Houston and have never been much of a Houston Rockets fan but Luther Head, although not highly touted for his “point guard” prowess, has always seemed to be in tip top physical condition. Another factor is the extensiveness of the Hornets physical examination. Blood and urine tests can reveal a lot more than a players ability to get up and down the floor.