Everybody Wants A Piece


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You figured a week later all this hype and hoopla about Miami’s Big 3 would have waned a little bit, right?

There is other stuff going on, summer league, other free agent news, etc.

But the fervor hasn’t let up one bit for what’s going on with the Miami Heat. Almost every player transaction that happens elicits a mention of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James or Chris Bosh and their joining forces on a Heat team that continues to take shape by the day.

Quentin Richardson left the Heat and signed with their Southeast Division rival Orlando but spent as much time talking about what he was walking away from as he did the Eastern Conference powerhouse he was joining, per Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel:

“Definitely, there was a lot of consideration. I have a lot of respect,” said Richardson, who played 76 games for the Heat last season, starting all but one.

“It came down to me considering them heavily. I felt this was the best situation for me and I feel like we have just as good a chance as they do to win a championship.”

Richardson said that Wade — his sometime work-out partner — was in his ear ever since the Heat pulled off the Triple Play last Thursday.

“I definitely heard from D-Wade,” he said. “D-Wade is one of my good buddies. He was disappointed to see me walk away. He knows me. Everytime I go out there, it’s going to be like a war. I told him that and he told me, ‘The intrastate rivalry is on.'”

Richardson said he had a few other offers. There was one other factor in his choosing Orlando — a big factor: All-star center Dwight Howard.

Everybody, it seems, wants a piece of the hottest crew in basketball.

All it took was a recruiting pitch from James to convince Zydrunas Ilgauskas, a Cavalier his entire NBA career, to flip and sign with the Heat for the league minimum.

This is the same man who spurned more lucrative offers elsewhere last season, after being traded by the Cavs to facilitate the deal for Antawn Jamison, to re-sign with the Cavaliers for a playoff run that came up woefully short of the championship folks in the organization were expecting.

David Hyde of the Sun-Sentinel described this stampede to South Beach as well as anyone:

Have you watched the gravitational pull of greatness help the Heat the past few days?

It didn’t just lure season-ticket buyers overnight. It isn’t just bringing a worldwide media buzz to the point that exhibition games are being mentioned in Europe and Asia.

It goes beyond how this team instantly became an easy team to love in South Florida and hate in any other NBA city.

It’s the players lining up outside the arena. The veteran players. The role players basketball analysts said would be hard to find. The thirtysomethings who want to rub against greatness just once in their careers.

Juwan Howard is reportedly the next veteran to sign on for duty in Miami, joining Udonis Haselm and Mike Miller. Something tells us he won’t be the last. Not when everyone else on the planet wants a piece of this team.

More from Hyde:

None of these are great players. Each comes with legitimate questions. Each also can be accused of piggybacking on excellence in the hopes of gaining a ring. But can’t they be praised for that more?

Don’t fans always ask players to value winning above all else?

Don’t media always ask players to fit egos into the bigger team?

So much of sports is about fitting players into proper roles. So if these players aren’t great talents — or even good anymore by NBA standards, in some cases — they can be slotted into a definitive role that makes their game valuable on this roster.

Their first Sports Illustrated cover is already set (below). Surely, it won’t be their last.

This is the first of many magazine covers for the Miami Heat's Big 3!

We’re not pointing fingers around here. We’ve been caught up in the Miami Matrix as well. We can’t get enough of this story either, even when we know we should try to move on to something else.

Two HT faves, Al Harrington and Josh Childress, have found new homes and we’re yet to connect with either one of them to talk details (though, we are in the process of tracking them both down). And the Jazz pulled off one of our favorite moves of the summer, replacing Carlos Boozer with Al Jefferson after Minnesota GM David Kahn made good on his promise to move Jefferson so he could make room for the feared Darko Milicic/Kevin Love/Michael Beasley frontline.

You can probably guess who we think made out best in that deal. And it’s not about our continued ribbing of Kahn or the Timberwolves, a team we are considering for inclusion in HT’s Adopt-A-Team program (it worked for the Grizzlies last year didn’t it?) this season.

With the Western Conference ranks thinning a bit, what with all the concentration of star power in the Eastern Conference during free agency, the move to secure Jefferson by the Jazz keeps them in the mix among the elite. That’s always a good thing.

Ross Siler of the Salt Lake Tribune:

Given the departures of Carlos Boozer and Kyle Korver in free agency, Jazz general manager Kevin O’Connor wasn’t about to describe the acquisition of Al Jefferson as the second coming of the trade that delivered Pau Gasol to the Lakers in 2008.

At the same time, O’Connor couldn’t help but herald the arrival of a player in Jefferson who he billed as one of the best low-post players in basketball, following a trade in which the Jazz seemingly gave up remarkably little in return.

The Jazz completed their deal for Jefferson on Tuesday, sending two future first-round draft picks and center Kosta Koufos to Minnesota while absorbing Jefferson’s $13 million salary thanks to the trade exception they acquired last week for Boozer.

“What we feel like is that we really added a premium player to our team,” O’Connor said, adding, “If you had put him in free agency this year with that crop that they had out there even yet, I think he’d be pretty highly rated, and that’s how we look at him.”

The 6-foot-10, 265-pound Jefferson averaged 20.1 points, 10.4 rebounds and 1.4 blocks in three seasons with the Timberwolves. O’Connor noted that at 25, after six seasons in the NBA, Jefferson should be entering the best years of his career.

Minnesota general manager David Kahn seemed to echo those sentiments. “Al is motivated to have a career-defining season, and I recognize the Jazz will be the recipients of that, not us. I expect him to help Utah immensely,” Kahn said in a statement.

Who knows, maybe Kahn will give us his take on Miami’s Big 3?



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  2. bamm says:

    its funny how confident you laker fans are, you asking what big man is gonna cover bynum? who cares glen big baby fat*** covered hm anyone can you guys wrre losing by 13 in the 4th quarter to a big three thats into there 30’s you really think you beat a big three in there prime? wow and kobe led his team to his 5th championship? 6-34 in game 7 from the field damn he so helped his team the celtics were a perkins away from taking the championshp dont get me wrong im worried but not about the lakers im tryna whos gonna cover howard in the eastern confrence finals but after that were taking it in 6 sorry laker fans accept it and everyone else stop hating on us plss !!!!!!!!

  3. lkrfan25 says:

    The facts are Miami doesn’t have enough players around them to win a title. I agree with the statement that they might not even get to the finals( they’ll lose to the magic in the conference finals). Though bosh is athletic, he’s only a good pick and roll defender, not a great post defender., either Gasol or Bynum will give him fits. wade’s the better clutch player, but Lebron will cry around about not getting the ball at the end of games and even when given the chance to take the last shot, he’ll choke. Even if the heat somehow make it to the finals, they’ll have a tougher time getting through the east than the Lakers we’ll have getting through the west. Miami’s big three will win a lot of regular season games, but due to the fact that they have no one else on the team, they’ll wear themselves out doing so.

  4. Sincere1 says:

    Why does everyone blame James for leaving? Yeah, it’s easy to say, “I’m mad about the way he left.” C’mon, is there ever a nice way to lose a loved one, and he was beloved in Cleveland. I guess there is truly a thin line between love and hate. The same fans that loved him for seven years, the same fans that sat patiently by the television awaiting his “Decision,” were the same fans that moments later lit fire to his jersey, spewed hate and bad wishes to him in Miami (Dan Gilbert). Great going Cleveland fans. Great going recruiting new talent to come to play for your city.

    “But where’s the loyalty?” LOYALTY? Ask coach Mike Brown about loyalty. He was fired after leading them to the best record two years in a row and won Coach of the Year during the first one. Fired! Ask countless players who were traded or let go because they were not “Championship” material. That roster turned over more than a chicken over a rotisserie.

    Well guess what, James soon realized that the Cavs were not “Championship” material. Not for lack of trying, he just couldn’t get the best talent to turn down cities such as LA, Miami, Orlando, New York, Dallas or Chicago. When given the choice, players passed on moving to Cleveland.

    Lebron took Cleveland to hights that the city had never seen before. He took a team to the finals that didn’t have two other legitimate starters on the roster. Kobe has LA to help in recruiting, D. Rose has Chicago, Howard has Orlando, hell, even New York has New York, and D-Wade has Miami.

    Don’t blame Lebron for leaving, just enjoy the times you had together. Don’t be mad/sad, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

  5. Dave says:

    Mike, why is it that so many Lakers haters have to drag Lakers fans thru the mud? I have been a fan of theirs since 1968, and that includes the years with the likes of Vlade Divac and the 40 win seasons. Jealousy, stupidity and any other irrational reasons for hating the Lakers are typical. I’ll bet you are one of those geniuses that shout beat L.A. Anyway, I digress. What I want to say is that Ilgauskas never was more than an adequate center at best. This is a 7’3″ guy who never averaged more than 9.3 rebounds per game, and got above 15 ppg a few times. And now, he is nothing more than a really tall long distance shooter, that is not what Miami needs. Mike Miller can basically do the same things and he is younger and much more athletic. Oh, and of course, Miami could very well win the championship, but I will wait until the season to make any real judgements. I still think the Lakers have a great shot at least one more title. Ya never know…

  6. Sincere1 says:

    Ok, ok, enough is enough. LA Fans are ignoring their own posts. Almost every Lakers’ posts says “if Bynum stays healthy…” That alone tells everyone else that he HAS NOT been healthy. Healthy Bynum? Those two words haven’t been in the same sentence his entire career. Has he even played 50 games in one season, EVER? Also, how do you guys keep saying Pau will outplay Bosh? He struggled with an injured Garnett. Also, the Heat’s trio won’t need to take 20-25 shots each to get their points. Reason, it’s easy to score when you’re always open or single covered. Teams won’t be able to double-team anyone. James and Wade are among the top passers in the league. Also, D. Fish being a better point guard than anyone in Miami? Are you kidding? He was their weakness last year. So why did Miami want to sign him? Just to stick it to LA early. Gamesmanship, that’s all.

    Everyone says Miami will be booed in visiting arenas this year… well shouldn’t they? Why would any home team CHEER for the road team? Come on, you guys are gasping for straws.

    LA has one advantage, and it is a BIG one. They will have little or no challengers in the West to stop them from going to the Finals. All of their competition got weaker. OKC is gonna be good, but not good enough to beat LA.

    Miami over LA in 6.

  7. old school says:

    I wonder sometimes if people actually think before they speak. KB24 just turned 32-years old. Look up his birthdate idiots. You can tell when some one is a d***riding Laker fan on the ban-wagon when they don’t even know the age of their stars. If you’re going to compare his longevity to MJ’s that leaves him 4 more “good years”(Jordan won his last one at 36 years old.). And everyone that’s to young to comprehend that LBJ just did something that Moses Malone did in teaming up with Dr. J (MJ’s idol) which led to a championship the following season. Kobe’s had great teams to help him win championships. LEBRON HAS NEVER HAD A SHAQ TO PLAY WITH FOR 3 CHAMPIONSHIPS OR A PAU GASOL TO PLAY WITH FOR 2 CHAMPIONSHIPS. You laker fans(which is short for fanatics or dillusional) purposely bash LBJ because you can’t stand the fact that your era is coming to an end. LBJ led his Cavs teams to 2 STRAIGHT BEST SEASONAL RECORDS BY HIMSELF AND AN NBA FINALS WITHIN 4 YEARS. Kobe couldn’t make it past the suns until Pau came along. All this ignorant crap about Kobe making Pau better is garbage. The man was on the all-star team before he ever stepped foot in L.A. WHAT F***ING YOUNG PLAYER CAN YOU NAME THAT WAS ON AN ALL-STAR TEAM BEFORE THEY WENT TO CLEVELAND(P.S.-PLEASE DON’T MENTION A BROKEN DOWN SHAQ OR AN AGING 34 YEAR OLD JAMISON YOU NED TO BE B****SLAPPED IF YOU’RE GOING TO MAKETHIS ARGUMENT IN COMPARISON WITH A 28 YEAR OLD GASOL.). Charles Barkely says it all the time if Lebron James switched places with KobeBryant the Lakers would go 72-10 or 82-0. And all this nonsense about the great ones never leaving their teams didn’t SHAQ DO THE SAME DAMN THING IN ORLANDO FOR L.A.? I DON’T SEE THAT TARNISHING HIS LEGACY? AND IF YOU WANT A FURTHER BREAKDOWN WASN’T KOBE ACCUSED OF RAPE? DOES THAT TARNISH HIS LEGACY BECAUSE THAT NEVER HAPPENED TO MAGIC, BIRD, OR JORDAN. AT THE END OF LBJ’S CAREER HE WON’T BE CHASING KOBE’S OR JORDAN’S LEGACY. HE’LL BE CHASING BILL RUSSELL’S RING BEARER TO CARRY ALL THE RINGS HE CAN’T FIT ON HIS FINGERS BECAUSE HE ONLY HAS TEN(LOL.).

  8. Pistol15 says:

    Heat hav Mike Miller it seems with Z and chalmers I think it’s the perfect support so far coz chalmers doesn’t dominate the ball he moves the ball and will get a lot of open looks with all the attention 2 the other 3 guns in the team. Mike Miller is one of best shooters in league and Z is one of best big man shooters so all they need now is a tough back up centre along with a back up point and 2 guard and 4 spot player who can play defense and they will compete nicely…Magic just shoot 3’s and need 2 get some more toughness but at the end of the day barring injuries it’ll be C’s and Heat in the East and in west well there’s lots of good teams shaping over there. Don’t discount rockets with Yao coming back they’ll be unreal with Scola, Brooks, Battier, Ariza and solid bench players they hav scoring and defense….Lakers will be up there but will slow down and OKC r looking primed along with Dallas, Utah, Spurs, Suns even without amare….Without injuries tough to pick a winner but there’s obvious top 3 in each conference

  9. The Truth says:

    First of all, I’m going to point out that I am a Celtics fan, and therefore don’t really care about either the Lakers or the Heat.
    Secondly, for all the cavaliers fan’s out there, yeah how lebron left was disrespectful, but you all must have seen it coming, he was there for 7 years, and the best help he got was Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison (both of which choke come playoff time) for that you can blame Gilbert…
    Lakers won the championship in 2010 so are therefore the team to beat next season, them and the Celtics, not the heat…
    The Lakers fans here clearly know nothing about basketball as they all seem to think Artest can shut down LeBron and Wade, Wrong, how is Artest going to keep up with potentially the two fastest guys in the league, when he barely contained pierce in the finals?
    For the LeBron haters (or kobe riders) – Kobe has never won a championship without other great players around him; First 3 he had shaq, fisher, payton, horry, malone… previous 2 he had gasol, fisher, artest, ariza etc. Either way if you remove kobe from either of those teams (although there not as good) they are still contending teams.
    Without Lebron in cleveland (sorry cavs fans) but they will be lucky (very lucky) to make the playoffs.

  10. Pistol15 says:

    Bosh is soft compared to Pau and pau is way more skilful…Bron will dominate everyone this is true but his flaw is his shooting but that will be cancelled out with his passing to wade and bosh…Z suites the pick and roll game perfectly with his shooting, size and length altho bit slow still handy pick up 4 bugger all money…Wade is explosive and lebron and him with feed of one another nicely. However they’ve lost a decent defender at centre in which gasol, bynum, howard, kg do really well…KG will cover bosh no worries lebron is what pierce is 4 the C’s, Allen is tough not as good as wade but way better shooter than anyone in the game…THEN there’s Rondo noone in the league can stop him ot even wade, bron only thing he needs 2 do is improve outside shot which he slowly has but needs 2 improve drastically. Look at their centre in Perkins, wallace and jermaine o’neal all accomplished defenders along with Big Baby thats 4 quality bigs…Then add KG that’s a tough team in frontline…add allen, pierce rondo they r good side. Shame they lost tony allen he is underated defender who can soke up fouls and play tough D on wade, kobe etc…I’m betting celtics will ssign couple nice bench players at guard positions and be deepest team in the league this coming season

  11. yOUME says:

    Gonna judge the three head monster after some matches in the NBA…ppl are just openning their mouths talking Bushyt!!

  12. tonkat ali says:

    they said that lebron had no other superstar in his team (cavs) but look their back up has all the talents, james cant win a champion in a one two punch combi…..its a lame excuse that he had no robin in his team,,, but the sad truth is that only d wade can give him a ring and not him giving a ring 2 d wade… lebron sucks!

  13. lbjfan1 says:

    man all u lebron haters need to stop it…Man thus dude dominate everyone on the floor any given night hands down…the things he does on the court are sometimes unreal..dwade is the happiest person alive right now because he has the king on his side trust that….granted kobe great but even his so called stacked faker team lost twice to cleveland this past season one being a lopside blowout where the king out shined kobe so case closed on kobe he done…lebron led cleveland out the ahes,doubled the value of a team,made the city mad money,led the team to the finals wit no help,hit game winning clutch shot buzzer beaters time and time again, score 25 straight points for his team to win,man need i say more..To say he not a finisher or a leader of men is obserd and outright blasphemy and u know better stop hatin and keep it real for a change..

  14. Eric says:

    I love how all of you think you’re a coach. The Heat have James, Wade, Bosh, Miller, and Haslem. It doesn’t matter who starts. It matter that those guys finish.

  15. jv says:


    great line up

  16. PILIPINAS says:


  17. Another Thing LeBron. You Talk about family in your intro to miami? what is that about . there was no loyalty to your cavs. your a hyppacrite. if it doesnt work out in miama are you just gonna keep switching teams? thats not how it works. grow up. Your Not The King.

  18. you are real loser 4 that i thought you would say the kobe bryant lil wayne song that is way different from the lil wayne song with gucci mane we be steady mobbin loser 4 that one

  19. Its in the facts, Kobe bryant has five championship rings, Quit making excusese for LeBron. He Obviously Cant get it done. All you LeBron Fans just keep making up excuses For The So Called ” King”. It makes me sick to call LeBron the king. Its Ridiculous. No Hate On D-Wade. He Has my Respect. I Expect Kobe to do what Lebron will never do, Win a sixth Ring this upcoming season.

  20. ZBURRO says:

    Give me a break on “the new big 3 in Miami…..that’s all there is. Just 3 of them.
    If any of you know basketball,put your money on the Celtics and Lakers meeting up again in the NBA Finals.
    Then really lay your hard earned cash on the Celtics….now with Jermaine O’Neil.
    Rondo’s been working on his 15 ft jumpers. If he masters the perimeter shots,goodnight Irene for the rest of the league.
    Jason Kidd has always stated that if Rondo,who already is heralded as one of the most gifted point gaurds of the era,can somehow nail down the short jumpers,he will be quote,unquote “unstoppable”.

    I wish the Heat well…maybe a 50 win season.
    That’s pushing it a bit. They are like a cheap film……….no supporting cast members.

  21. lebrons twin broda says:

    shutting down the three kings ohhh come on lets face the reality u can shut down 2 of them but not all i love playing basketball i know what kobe,s feeling rigth now come on people reality bites

  22. Kobe24 says:

    Ok, first and foremost… Kobe Bryant is the best player in this league. LeBron is scared of carrying a team on his shoulders, he cracks under pressure. That’s why he went to south beach for the next 6 years. Bosh is media hungry like a Raptor, he wants fame. Dwayne Wade is the only one out of the 3 players who deserves a ring. Wade carried the Heat on his shoulders for the ring he has. LeBrons a absolute failer. Yes, his numbers are austounding but if he’s King why must he become a Joker and go to a stacked team?

    Yes, I know you’re going to say the Lakers are stacked, but they have it all. Kobe is their marquee guy and he has COMPLEMENTARY players around him. See that word in bold? Miami doesn’t have that and what happens if Miami doesn’t win this year, what about the Lock Out? They have so much pressure on them to win right now and they just don’t have the pieces. Right now Miami is a gigsaw puzzle with its edges in place, yet it lacks its core. Derek Fisher is the heart and soul of the Lakers. You can argue Wade is that for Miami, but who else does Miami really have? What happens when you take the big 3 out? They get stomped into oblivion and if Mike Millers the best player of the bench, they’re really in trouble.

    Let’s look at this scenerio for one moment:

    Lakers vs. Heat

    Fisher can guard any point guard they can get at this point.
    Kobe can guard Dwayne Wade, and yes Wade will do good on him.
    Artest will stop LeBron James.
    Bynum will guard Chris Bosh, he will alter every shot he throws up.
    Gasol will hammer and devour Z. How can a over the hill, barely an allstar in his prime player keep up with the most skiled big man in basketball?

    Then about 3 quarter after non stop play for the big 3 just to stay ahead, they must put the subs in. Lakers will do the same. Then you put a bench with depth, chemistry, and good shooting vs a Miami Bench filled with old hasbeens? The Lakers bench will drop bucket after bucket.

    All in all, The Lakers starters can keep up with the Miami starters, we know this. Sure some of you will deny this but we know it. Then the Lakers bench puts the Lakers over the hump.

    I want one of you so called real basketball fans to name me a team that won a championship that didnt have good players at every position and a bench that meshed perfectly… Tell me. That’s right, not one. Lakers are perfecting their bench this summer people… Fixing what weaknesses they had last year. I mean repeat champions have weaknesses? Yes they do, and what happens with a nearly flawless teams goes up against a team that only has 3 respectable players? Udonis Haslem is mediocre at best, and Mike Miller isn’t too good himself. As for big Z, he can’t cut it against the big men in this league today. Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, DeMarcus Cousins, and so and so forth will use him as toilet paper, you can quote me on that. Sure they will have their way with teams without good bigs, but any team with good bigs and a bench will exploit the Heats many flaws. No Bench, and No Big Defender. Chris Bosh can’t play defense to save his life. Look at his rebound numbers against the Lakers last year people… They can’t beat the Lakers in a 7 game series, not without a bench and better center. You can’t make something without the material or substance, just like you can’t win a title without a Bench.

    It’s ignorant to say Miami will win the title next year based upon the big 3 players. If you really wanted them to win, you’d be humble about it and let them put the pieces in place before you put pressure on them. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch Miami fans. Clearly I’m a Lakers fan, but I used to be a Heat fan as well. Lakers are my team in the west and Miami USED to be my team in the east. Kobe Bryant is my favorite player and to all of you who down his name, wouldn’t say a word if he was winning titles with your team. He has earned the right to be in the same breath as Michael Jordan. No one else since Jordan has. If I had a dime for everytime someone is compared to Michael Jordan I’d be a billionare. Ok Vince Carter with said to fill Jordans shoes, and he fell about 6 titles short. Allen Iverson “The Answer” also walked around with that, yet now he’s nothing more than a mere “Question.”

    KOBE BRYANT IS NOT MICHAEL JORDAN. I REPEAT, KOBE BRYANT IS NOT MICHAEL JORDAN. We see similarities yes, but the exact same… NO! Kobe needs to be viewed as his own identity. Jordan is Jordan, and Kobe is Kobe.

    I’ve dogged the Heat in my rant quite a bit but in honesty I’m not a fan who’s afraid of Miami. The Heat have made themselves CONTENDERS not Champions. The moment you all realize that the better.

  23. Emmanuel Concepcion says:


  24. Emmanuel Concepcion says:


  25. anthony m says:

    the best trio come on pierce,allen,garnett r the best trio this is the second plus the celtics trio r already gonna be in the hall of fame once they all retire

  26. Laker fan and all, but.... says:

    Sure lots to be happy about in LA, but some commenter was dumb enough to say that Bryant, Gasol, and Artest are better than Wade, James, and Bosh. Apparently his/her parents dropped them n their head repeatedly as an infant. First season may be a bit rough, but it will still be highly impressive. I’d trade Kobe, Artest, and Gasol in a split second to have what Miami has and this is coming from a long time fan. A young 3 is better than an aging 2 and a half.

    • Dont call your self a laker fan if you would give up your players. experiance is somthing the lakers have over the heat. Yeah they have some talented players, Lakers have heart.


  28. Heater says:

    Heat’s only issue will be they will get bored in the regular season

  29. Heater says:

    You Laker fans are talking bout how Artest can shut down Wade,Kobe will shut down Lebron and Gasol will shut down Bosh….How bout the other way around,,,,We are younger and more athletic..We will shut them down

  30. John M says:

    Oh Yeah, Sorry Lakers, your gunna feel the same pain again as in 2008 when the other Big 3 took ya in 6 games.

  31. Reality Check says:

    You mental patients in L.A. are severely overestimating Bynum’s abilities. Maybe if it was Bosh alone or Wade alone, or James alone, then yea, you might have a point, but what the hell are the Lakers gonna do with all three? You think it’s going to be just as easy? See folks, this is what happens when they legalize weed. Face it. You’re screwed. Kobe and Gasol have to take breaks too. Bynum is the most injured 22 year old I’ve ever seen in my life. Hey, great team and all, but not the greatest anymore.

  32. Pacer fan says:

    Alright heres how it is Lebron James actually took his “clevland cavaliers” to the FINALS! The Cavs, in the finals?, the Cavs in the finals period is amazing, the only player he had worth a crap on that team that year besides The King was David Wesley, and he wasnt really good. Not to mention hes too old to do anything really. Lebron Took one of the top 5 WORST teams in the league and took them to the FINALS!, thats amazing! Do I think Kobe could?, I do not. Now then take Lebron that took one of the worst teams in the NBA and put him with D Wade a great player that won the championship a few years ago, along with Chris Bosh. You Laker fans might think you guys gotta shot but your putting too much faith in Ron Artest, I as a Pacer fan did the same, once someone upsets him he could be out a whole season, with his anger managment problems. not to mention Artest is only a “average” player thats right “average”, The heat almost have an allstar team with James, and Wade both being in the top 5 in the leauge, and Bosh being in the top 10. You have 3 players in the top 10 of the whole NBA. The Heat will win a championship. too bad the Pacers didn’t have a good personnel like the heat. We coulda had a ring back in the day of reggie, jermaine, artest, and Tinsley :(, but the Heat will be the dominate team, the team to beat this decade.

  33. John M says:

    First of All No Player Ever Did It Him Self. “Everyone wants a piece” A Center Piece (A King) and Something to surround his King ( His Horses and Rooks).

    JORDAN – King

    Magic – King

    Bird – King

    Kobe – King

    Pierce – King

    Duncan – King

    Isiah – King
    Not talking about 2004 Champs. Billups, Rip and the Wallace Bros.

    This list can goe on.

    But No Critique with those names and all that talent teaming up.

    This is the Fun part..

    James – King

    Oops, I think I was suppose to put Wade up as The King, but If I did.. that would be a lie.

    Miami has been Wades team during the rough times beacuse in 2006 everyone knew he couldnt do without Shaq…

    Wade is the Veteran of this Miami team now.. Thats no surprise, But..

    PLEASE people Dont forget LeBron’s game hasnt changed because the name on his chest and the colors he is wearing “THE DECISION” . LeBron is LeBron. RESPECT HIS GAME. and his Game will down the road lead him to being the leader of that team.

    This is the thing, Its Envious Ignorant Minds who want to judge LeBron James and to try and Taint his career. This is not gonna happen, despite how many people want it too.

    LeBron will focus on shaping his Legacy which would be Legandery and he will have his place in the Hall Of Fame one day.

    He needs to use his experienced NBA years to Set His Goals and accomplish them because he has been there and expierenced the hard times in playoffs and during the regular seaon while coming up as a young star.


    • you buggin i kno you was caught in the moment right there but you need to slow down if you dont kno like wade says “THIS IS MY HOUSE” you may have thought that lebron was the king of heat but your wrong and i kno that lebron would say this himself he is a guest here in miami in WADE’S HOUSE and that is where he is gonna stay he was the king in cleveland but now he is just the help and when heat won the championship yeah he needed help but so did everyone so let this be a lesson and learned john m alwayz and 4 eva

  34. mikkoy88 says:

    at the start of the season bosh or wade will suffer injuries, then BIG 3 will be nowhere, heat will not win it all, so much for the hype given to this team, lakers w/ 3peat.

  35. Laker Fan says:

    well, i really hope the Heat and Lakers would face in the Finals this season 🙂

  36. manilaton says:

    i think the heat should concentrate in getting a role players especially big men who can defend the post. heat’ big men right now are Z, Udonis ,Bosh and possibly Juwan. who of this can stop dwight or bynum??? scoring would not be a problem with their trio but defense would be a big factor. until the time that the heat gets a big man who can bang up against other big men i think the heat would just win games but not the crown…

  37. mikedude says:

    theres something called cap space, heat used up all its cap space on the “big three”, the other players arent gonna play as hard cuz they are getting paied less. and lakers, celtics, magics, and heat are in the conversation to compete for this title

  38. Wade-County-305 says:

  39. jrad1334 says:

    the bottom line is, whether you like it or not, the only two teams in the league right now that can compete with mighty miami are the lakers and maybeeeee boston (but they’re getting old!). No matter how good kobe is, he’s not good enough to take on all three of them, not to mention they added ilgauskas now!! make way for miami for YEARS to come baby!!! HEAT ALL THE WAYYY!!!!!

  40. d3nsyo says:


    Heheheh Kobe almost signed to another team when their ass kicked in 2 years before pau arrived. so kobe cannot carry lakers alone! unlike lebron, even he is the only all star, he reached finals , and was in the winnest teams 2 times in a row. unfortunately, he has no pau like teammate.

  41. J-Hat says:

    to ACJtheGR8; yea he beat the Lakers twice but during the regular season; but what happened during the playoffs? oh yea thats right lebron crumbled under the pressure AGAIN!!!!!

  42. BROD says:

    all i know the lakers are in trouble because phi jackson stated that this is his last year. and without phil thats a bigger hole kobe cant fill. without phil no rings

  43. Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat Fan says:

    kobe is amazing, but against the 3bigs in heat (who are better than celtics 3), is over! plus miami has money to trade and sign for more players to boost their roster and this in turn will be another big hil kobe will have to climb over! i think a new rivalry will start between the lakers, heat in the next years!

  44. trhod says:

    jordan + bulls + PHIL JACKSON = 6rings
    shaq + lakers + PHIL JACKSON = 3rings
    kobe + lakers +PHIL JACKSON = 2rings
    wade + james + bosh + heat + PHIL JACKSON = 12rings ………..LOL

  45. Mr.Amazin says:

    Kobe Bryant is the best, but D-Wade,Chris Bosh,and Lebron James is hungry for getting thier rings.Most especially Lebron James.I even starting to see that Miami Heat Is not gonna make it to the playoff, because of the names that on the team.I also have a feeling that if they doesn’t get together and play as a team ,somebody gonna play like they are the only player on the team,and we all know the there is no i in team.

  46. MIATrey631 says:

    wade has been to the finals and lebron carried a a weak team to the finals. Let alone brought them to the best record din the NBA for the last two seasons. If you think he wont do the same with a better supporting cast your insane. Wade and bosh are better than any name on the Cleveland roster. and together they will be a force to reckon with. Kobe hasn’t done it alone so why bash on lebron and company for forging there own legacy in the history books. I guarantee Kobe and Ron cant guard Lebron and Wade on the same team. They struggled playing them individually. Just wait and see, you’ll all watch in amazement when Miami is holding up a finals trophy in the next 2 seasons.

  47. Wade-County-305 says:

    game over!! face it!! i know is gonna be hard to swallow but no one can’t do, won’t do nothing about it… M.I.A one time 305 stand up!

  48. scott says:

    I have never heard stupider comments in my life. “China has over 300 millions” ….are you form earth? First of all, the grammer is just….terrible. And second of all, China has 2 Billion people. Billion, with a “B”, not an “M”.

    And why do people bother saying idiotic things like: LeBron sucks, or Kobe sucks? Come up with an actual argument. Obviously these players are great….that’s why they are being written about. That’s why your commenting on the story. Idiots. If you want to say something, have a real argument….don’t just repeat what your illegitimate 2 yr old daughter says as she’s sitting in front of the T.V..

  49. KOBE!!! says:

    No way Kobe will win at least win 1-2 in the following 5 years to tie franchise history or even beat the celtics. the big point is Kobe is like alone and the celtics had three bigs. kobe still won. lebron is amazing but kobe is just crazy amazing! 3peat!!!

  50. MIATrey631 says:

    Everybody is thinking a little too hard into the Miami Thrice trio. Now imagine. if you were to play Lebron, Mo Williams and J.J Hickson in a three on three. That would be a difficult team to play, but if you switched out Mo Williams for D-wade, and Bosh for Hickson, wouldn’t that be an even more formidable match. Yes they may have ego’s, but the basketball IQ’s and talent there is far more devastating, than a supposed all about me mentality. Miami is one of the favorites to win the NBA championship, but that’s only until the Lakers have been dethroned. There comradery and maturity will guide them through the struggles they’ll endure during the regular season. And there 7 years of experience will help develop them into greater post season players. There will be no disputes as to whose the go to guy on the team because they will only bring out the best of one another. Wade has finally received a player to relieve him of all that pressure of performing at a intense level every night, and Lebron has finally got a teammate who can actually finish and close out fourth quarters. And Bosh, he’ll fit in perfectly because he doesn’t need the ball to be successful and playing off those two in transition will be a dream. Now for those of you who want to say all their numbers will drop across the board, none of that will matter when your piling up the wins, preventing injuries, and breezing your way into the post season. Mark my words Miami will become a dynasty, there synergy must be established first!

  51. Rashad says:

    Why is everyone dissing on Ron Artest, he put a stop to Kevin Durant, who in my opinion is better than LBJ. Kobe CAN guard Dwayne Wade,(raja bell will help) Bynum and Odom will guard Bosh, Fisher and S.Blake will scare the crap out of Chalmers. Pau will Rape ilguaskus(who wouldn’t?), put a hand in millers face and he’s done, and as for J Howard..frick adam morrison could guard him, he sucks.. Who else does miami have? no one, they have 3 AMAZING players, and a bunch of nobodys. Don’t get me wrong, miami will be an amazing team, but Bosh and LBJ have never been just “role” players, its going to take some adjusting, and some humility in order for them to be good..

    In the east cleveland still taking 2nd or 3rd, I see them signing both McGrady, and Iverson so that fans will atleast show up to their games, and then i really think Mcgrady will have a comeback year, and Cleveland making the playoffs


    then you have Gibson, Moon, and possibly Rashad McCants coming off the bench, yes they will need alot more down low presence, but that still is a good team.

    However…the team to beat (other than LA) in the west will be utah

    PG-Dwill——R. Price—-Sunnie D
    SG-Shannon Brown——–Rbrewer——Otheyus Jeffers
    SF-CJ Miles——–Hayward————otheys jeffers
    PF-Paul Millsap——-AK47——-Jeremy evans
    C-Al Jeff——-mehmo——-Feskenko

    that right there is a dang good team

    • uoykcuf says:

      Whoa, cleveland? Still 2nd 3rd seed? Boston? Miami? Chicago? ATL? Orlando? MIL?

    • who ever sed cavs is still up there they is bugging allen iverson is one of my fav but please he ain’t gonna show up to a game not one time so stop it and that was pretty gay about pau raping ilgauskus really and t mac is washed up and really needs to retire and live a different life because this ain’t it no more

  52. Paulo Borlongan says:

    “Guys do any of you remember the Bostons big three when they first got together!? Those guys were use to being stars of their team and played like they still were the stars and no teamwork. Same with Miami but this time these guys are the LEAGUES BEST! These guys can score and do everything on both sides of the court but they need the Ball on a lot of possessions to be as Effective as they were on their former teams obviously they will need to adjust to this new play style. Also, they will not perform to a MVP performance every night, the Toll of the Season on their body for playing massive minutes every night, and one of the biggest things CAN THEY STAY HEALTHY! Yes this team has AMAZING talent but their problem is getting it to work and remember Bostons Big three didnt do well in the first year but when they got in sync the result is a Happy Team in Green holding up the Treasure of the NBA. Heat hold up trophy at the end of 2012 season and Lakers 3-peat. End of story.” – 14YearOldBallPlayerPB

    • i see what you are saying about boston but these guys have much experience with playing with each other they played with each other in the all star and on the usa fifa tournament so lebron and bosh what level to play on and what they need to bring to miami heat they have a lot experience and if i stand corrected because im not sure in 2008 wasnt that the year they got together and wasnt that the year they won im just saying you know because im not sure

  53. KOBE!!! says:

    Yo Kobe is amazing. He will get a 3peat and tie history for lakers and celtics at 17. Then let him win one more and lakers have the best franchise in nba history. Miami has only one championship with DWade and with the miami they have the three for six years only. So, LAKERS are the best and Phil is coming back!

  54. ACJtheGR8 says:

    ok last season LEBRON beat the LAKERS twice by himself now he has to other all stars they will destroy the lakers

  55. KINGJAYMES06 says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….. LEBRON JAMES still d best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE CAN STOP THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES.WE.DID

  56. eeeewwwww says:

    ok … who said that miami will be in a situation that they will need a last shot to win ????

    hello wake up people…this is a new era in the NBA…from now on every team will have to make big arrangement if they want to beat the HEAT….thats a fact….just make the equation Lebron assists, points and rebounds + Wade assists, points and rebounds + Bosh assists, points and rebounds = no one will beat …not even once…the HEAT….
    wait for the next big free agency so the rests of the teams can make their movements !!!

  57. J-Hat says:

    this is exactly why Lakers will 3-peat

    • please you need to stop it did you not see who we have on our team i mean come on we litterally have three all stars on our team i mean please if you really think that they will win this year you are sadly mistaking kobe is getting old compared to all the young people man you delusional

  58. VoiceOfReason says:

    Let’s be realistic here. There’s no doubt the Miami Heat will be a very good team but guaranteed championships? Remember when Team USA didn’t win the World Cup against non-NBA players? LeBron, Wade, Bosh + 9 other all stars lose to unknown players not even cut enter to in the NBA. If they make sacrifices as they say they would then probably. They’ll have to give up numbers they use to produce hence tarnishing their individual legacies but winning championships will be a quick cure. Sure its nice to have great players in your roster but their still a lot of factor to consider like chemistry, bench and a good coaching staff. You don’t win championships on paper you win them in the playoffs.

  59. 2k Sports says:

    miami is not a problem at all. their just like the big three of celtics,big three but cant even stop/win the lakers 😀

  60. J-Hat says:

    Kobe is better than Wade(Kobe is also best in NBA); LeBron is better than Artest; and Gasol is a lot better than Bosh. Therefore i would have to get the advantage to the Lakers (concerning the Stars). Another thing that gives the Lakers the advantage is that if Bynum can stay healthy none of the heat post can stop him unless they can covince shaq to join the trio. The Lakers also have great role players in Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher.

  61. 2k Sports says:

    obviously,lebron is a gay.he quit because he cant even carry cleveland.he cant be a legend.he joined miami for what?for an lesser effort?haha.u really suck lebron.

  62. James Hoang says:

    reading you guys comments is really making me LMAO. Lebron, D wade and Chris Bosh together is like the USA international team in 2006 2007, at that time the team even had Melo and much more superstars, they didn’t even win a championship against another national teams. How you expect them 3 to win a champion here in NBA on their first year against huge team like Orlando, Boston, LA Lakers. Miami don’t even have 13 players in their roster yet. Maybe in 2 or 3 year to come Miami will win a champion if they work their ass off.

  63. Purple and gold says:

    I wish my Lakers could have landed Mike Miller. I think he would have fit in real well. I wish him the best in Miami.

  64. Jordan says:

    Ok…. I find that kobe/laker fans are far too egotistical. Clearly Kobe Bryant is one of the best basketball players to play in the NBA but Lebron, even with out the ring one or two in the league. There is no denying that Kobe and Lebron are one and two. So when Lebron gets D-Wade and Bosh i think it pushes him over the edge. I am a firm believer that it takes a team to win a championship but these guys have what it takes as long as the Heat are able to aquire a few role players. Any Laker fan cannot honestly think that the Heat will be easy, NO one in the NBA can match up with these guys. It may take some time but the Heat will have more than one ring with these three!

  65. Purple and gold says:

    The Lakers won’t bow down to anybody. And the fact is they have 2 championships in a row that were hard fought and hard earned against tough teams. The have the same team back with some improvement, with the addition of Steve Blake. And some of you people can actually say with a straight face that they’re finished. Especially if Andrew Bynum comes back completely healthy! Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom. all the role players: Walton, Brown, Blake. Even the new rookies are lookin pretty good in the summer league. C’mon give this back to back champion team some credit. And, by the way, Phil Jackson is back!

  66. DaHeatisON says:

    @Jordzenegger Pippen was great but not on the level of Wade or Lebron. I’d put him slightly above Bosh because of his achievements.

  67. Bandwagon says:

    Everyone jumped on the Heat Bandwagon lol.

  68. JC says:

    I think you guys are forgetting the obvious….the heat dispite having their amazin “big 3” still have a long road ahead to even seeing the lakers in the finals, dont fall asleep on the celtics, magic, even the young bulls….reg season is one thing, but playoffs are a complete diff story. hope to see heat vs. lakers in the next finals tho, then all this talk can be put to rest, while either side that looses will find any possible excuse to justify their teams loss……..

  69. The Prediction says:

    Lebron will get an injury ending his basketball career this season…. LOL

  70. DaHeatisON says:

    Kobe is looking to sign Radja Bell because he knows that he WILL have to guard somebody this year–he won’t be able to just let Artest guard the top scorer while he use his energy for only offense. It’s on, here’s my STAT prediction for the REAL BIG THREE:

    Wade – 28pts., 5rebs., 5ast., 1.8blks., 2.4stls.
    LeBron – 23pts., 10ast, 10rebs, 1.4blks, 1.9stls (Yes, triple-double average)
    Bosh – 20pts., 11rebs., 3ast., 2.5blks.

  71. Just Dropping By says:

    I love how people speak with double standards! I keep reading these blogs and everyday people are arguing the same thing over and over again! Best of all, people twist their words and go back on their owns time and time again.

    FOR EXAMPLE: when people want to say “MIAMI is good, they have the NEW BIG 3 and that there’s no way the LAKERS can ever compete.” But then, they will use comments like “Give Dwade/Lebron/CB a break, they just want to play with the best. Lakers have always been STACKED” or “Kobe’s always surrounded with good players!”

    So what is it then? Make up your minds. So are the LAKERS stacked or are they not? You cant say the LAKERS cant compete because they lack in talent in one sentence and then SAY that the LAKERS are stacked in the NEXT!

    Give me a break man. If you wanna complain and say the fact that the LAKERS are stacked, you can’t turn around and say that they cant compete!

    Then there’s the comments about 3 great players all averaging 20+ points, well that’s because they’re the go to guy on each team. How many shots do a team average? How many shots do these guys average? How many shots will there be to go around for the rest of the team? So, everyone else is just gonna stand around and do nothing? None of them are 3 point shooters so it’ll take them at least 10 shots to get to 20 points (100% fg%). They’re shots are probably gonna be alot easier because they cant all be double-teamed, but can anyone seriously say they will not miss? The Big 3 in Boston all averaged 20+ points before teaming up in Boston, how much are they scoring now? They each dropped around 5-10 points on average. I’m not saying the 3 in Boston is the same as the NEW BIG 3 in Miami, but it’s comparable and it’s not that very different (SG,SF,PF).

    In fact, an advantage that the Boston Big 3 has over the Miami 3, is that they’ve proven their willingness to share the ball and play for the team and not themselves. Miami 3 still needs to prove that. Young men have big egos. When people start saying Wade is better than Lebron, or Lebron is the new leader, or CB is the anchor and the go to guy, how strong is the ship and how long will it hold after waves and waves of media criticism.

    When matched up nicely, let’s use the lakers for example:

    Bynum, Gasol, Artest, Kobe, Fisher
    Ilgalskus, CB, Lebron, Dwade, ?

    i would pick Bynum over Ilgalskus, Gasol and CB tied (they’re good in their own way), Lebron’s offence a slight advantage over Artest’s defence, Kobe and Dwade tied (i’m being very generous, Kobe has proven to play better than Dwade on match ups), and fisher is better than any unknown pg at the moment.

    Just looking at the situation, LAKERS are already winning based on the Starting Line UP, we haven’t even touched on the bench yet. LAKERS is the team to beat, No point figuring who they CAN beat, cuz they’re not touching the RINGS if they cant beat LA.

    All this hype about the big 3 in Miami is just hype. They’re BIG names that guy people excited. Lakers don’t have huge names like those 3 but they’re still considered STACKED when people want to complain that LA keeps winning. So, haters stop hating and if u want to complain that the LAKERS are stacked, dont say they cant compete with talent.

  72. z says:

    that announcer is as tacky as Miami

  73. guest says:

    i am a LA fan… BUT the way i see it if the lakers dont make it this season then thats to bad, and if the heat dose good for them. when the season comes around thats when the hype dies and all that maters is the team that has the skills to play, the leader ship to make shots and to fire the team up when they are down, and the hart to play if they are behind and not give up. thats a team that wins. and i hope that LA meets Miami in the finals that well be a HELL of a series, and that well most likely be a nother one to go to a 7th game. but lets wait to see…

    • tingyman says:

      ill love the finals to be miami vs lakers, just so that the lakers can kick miami’s behind, but you can never count out orlando magic, which has improved with a few key additions, the boston celtics, which were the runner ups, or even maybe atlanta

  74. OriginalHeatFan says:

    Ughhh, im a Heat fan. been a heat fan all my life. even in the 15 win season. now because of they’re newly found talent. we are gonna have bandwagoners, I HATE THAT. those fools need to go back to loving the lakers cause they won. leave the heat alone

  75. mamba says:

    miami’s #6 will hand out LA #24’s 6th championship

  76. […] O' questions Heat role in 'Miami Thrice' dealChicago Breaking Sports – TribuneNBA.com (blog) -Washington Post (blog) -MiamiHerald.comall 2,064 news […]

  77. teamUSA10 says:


  78. Jordzenegger says:

    “Arguably the best trio of all time”…ahhh, as much as I love you D-Wade, I’ll take Jordan, Pippen and anyone, over these three any time. Let’s go with Kukoc for example.

  79. Really see lebron cant do it alone his is no king D wade is the king down in south beach and bosh that was ok for him to go because he didnt have anything going for him in the first place and lebron will never be known as the player who who did it but the player who faild to do it alone dont compare him to jordan he will never be able to fill those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HeatFan #3# says:

      Are you an Idiot James is Garanteed a place in the Hall of Fame , and Jordon didn’t do it alone either he had Pippen and geuse what No matter what people Say No one Can match up to Bosh Wade and James They may not be the best defensivley but there offensive skills will make every other teams deffence look stupid!

  80. eliazar says:

    champion miami heat this season………..


    Miami will win 3-5 championships in the next 5 years. they have a higher chance than the lakers of winning it next year. The reason why i think so is because lakers almost lost to a boston team that could have won if perkins wasnt injured, nobody would really know. Im pretty sure everyone knows that miami is now a way better team thank boston and if boston almost be lakers in the finals then for sure miami will beat them. What happened when the big 3 formed in boston? everyone hated on them like they are doing now in miami and nobody knew how good perkins and rondo would get. mario chalmers is young too and he isnt even at his prime. boston ended up winning that year they formed and they were a much older and less talented version of the big 3 in miami. miami will win no doubt. u lakers fans are stupid because the lakers barely won this year what makes you think they are gonna win now that they are a year older? AND WHEN MIAMI WINS I KNOW ALL THEIR HATERS ARE GONNA SAY “THEY STACKED THEIR TEAM ITS NO FAIR. OR KOBE DID IT WITHOUT STACKING HIS TEAM.” what about when shaq left? he never won a championship byhimself he was jsut a selfish player who averaged 35pts he didnt care about winning a championship he just wanted the fame. lebron wade bosh could have dont the same but instead they take less money that shows how much determination and fire these guys have to win a championship. and for the ppl who think kobe is better than jordan? kobe has 5 championships with 2finals mvp and jordan has 6 championships with 6 finals mvp he even decided to come back from retirement to win his last championship. finals mvp is what makes you the best player in basketball because it shows that you can lead your team to the finals. KOBES 2010 CHAMPIONSHIP RING IS GOING TO BE HIS LAST! HE SHOULD THINK ABOUT RETIREMENT NOW THAT THE BIG 3 HAS FORMED IN MIAMI. I BET WHEN KOBE RETIRES, THE LAKERS FANS WILL MOVE ON TO ANOTHER TEAM BECUASE THEY ARE NOTHING WITHOUT HIM.

    • tingyman says:

      ur forgetting that that same boston team that could have beaten the lakers in 7 games raped the miami heat into oblivion. it was only by a last minute antic by wade becoming superhuman that saved the heat from being swept.

  82. acer says:

    Prediction: Heat will win a championship and Kobe will be so angry and disappointed and again rapes a girl then his wife and kids will leave him taking a lot of money because of the divorce that upsets Kobe more so he do stupid things on and off the court that will cause him a lot of fines by Stern and he will be broke because of his addiction of gambling because of his loneliness. lol.

  83. AHA says:

    Heat will be a Wade and Lebron game play thing. Celtics, Magic, and Lakers are playing as a team. You guys are idiot to think that 2 men team can win againts these teams or even win a championship!! Wade and Lebron plus overrated and washup players!!

  84. Facepopadop says:

    Keep on hating on LA we love the hate all we gonna do is keep celebrating like the champs that we are and will continue to be so thanx to all the haters were all laughing at the top

  85. 6-3-1 KINGS says:

    How funny how all the Laker fans preach about Kobe. Before Pau Gasol came to the Lakers, Kobe can’t even go pass the Suns. Lebron was able to take his Cavs to the Finals in his 4th year! They lost but it was still an achievement. Also, Kobe won his first 3 rings because of Shaq. Shaq was the main guy. Kobe was just the sidekick. Shaq left and Kobe became a brat. Oh yeah!!! Did you Laker fans remember that year Kobe wanted to be traded to the Bulls?!?! Remember that it is because he can’t win games by himself and he desperately needed some help. Kobe and Lebron are alike! What differentiate them is the City. How can Lebron get any help if nobody wanted to go to Cleveland? Kobe was lucky because of the great Jerry West trade. So now, Kobe got his FIRST ring being the main guy at the age of 31. Lebron is 25 and tied up for 6 years with Miami. He could first win 6 titles being the 2nd option. He is not far behind from the race.

    There are more things that I could say but you get my point 😉

    the HEAT is ON!!!

    • tingyman says:

      um kobe isnt even 31 hes 30 yet making the rest of your argument invalid because you obviously dont know your facts


  86. lakers2010champs says:

    lmao……………ive been reading all these comments, and the lamest fool on here is “jordan fan”, he must be some 12 year old kid.absolutly has no idea what he is talking about, i think he must get molested by his dad hahahaha!LAKERS ALL WAYYYYYY IN 2011 and thats just the bottem line.

  87. Ryan says:

    I honestly feel that this Heat team isn’t going to workout well. I’m not saying this because I am a Laker fan and etc, but lets look at this respectively. You got James, a guy that likes the ball in his hands constantly everytime down the court. Usually likes to be the man to score 27+ a game. You got wade, that doesnt mind sharing the ball, but would still like to remain the man in Miami because its his team and not Lebron’s. Then you got Bosh that wanted to be the 1st option on any team he went to when he started this free agency. You got 3 guys that like scoring 25+ a game. That wont be possible now. The reason why it worked out for the celtics is mainly because, 20ppg was their career averages in the first place, so it never effected their offensive output. as for the heat these guys are gonna wanna take shots. so i feel that when it comes playoff time they may make it to the eastern conference finals, and probably the nba finals but i dont think they will get it all unless they learn what teamwork is really about. they are young players still and stats still weight heavily on their mind even though they deny it. as for the lakers, every player knows their place on that team, and for this heat team, these 3 need to find their place instead of trying to be the #1 option. lebron needs to learn that triple doubles dont win games/championships, getting triple means 2 things, either your doing to much or your team isnt doing enough. wade needs to learn that as well, hes been to the top so he knows how to get ther but he needs to adjust back to that mentality now. and bosh just needs to realize he will never the first option anymore, if you got a great gaurd, you will never be first option anymore. sorry bosh. i say eastern finals lose in 7.

  88. vakaris100 says:

    You guys always talk baout injuries, you make it sound like these players come out to arena, slip and break their necks on the first game >. Mario Chalmers Rajon Rondo > Mario Chalmers Jameer Nelson = Mario Chalmers

    Kobe Bryant = Dwyane Wade Ray Allen < Dwyane Wade Vince Carter < Dwyane Wade

    Lamar Odom < LeBron James Paul Pierce < LeBron James Rashard Lewis < LeBron James

    Pau Gasol < Chris Bosh Kevin Garnett < Chris Bosh Brendon Bass Big Z Dwight Howard > Big Z

    Please forgive me if I made a mistake with the rosters I am not sure about these 🙂

  89. Joe Gyedu says:

    lakers r gonna lose ……………kobe im glad yur puttin all yur rings in the bank cas thts all yur gettin …………..the heat will win for the next 6 years and the entire team will have 6 rings………….k=lakers u suk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……….say bii bi to to winnin the nba finals

  90. Millan says:

    There is no doubt that LEBRON is a very, very very talented player. But he did not use his natural gifted talents to over come the challenges when he had the chance to use them during the playoffs, i.e. VS the Celtics. He simply GAVE UP! He gave up on his team mates, to the sports of basketball, and most of all to himself! He GAVE UP on the myriads of FANS relying on him.

    In winning you must have lot’s of talents and good luck (lots of them too) and strong determination. LEBRON’s giving up on so many fans will bring lot’s of BAD LUCK – BAD KARMA. His going to MIAMI is not the main issue, it’s THE GIVING UP-SURRENDERING and BEING JUST PLAIN SELFISH – EGOISTIC – the BAD LUCK that goes with LEBRON will overwhelm the talents of the so called BIG THREE and anyone in MIAMI HEAT! Unless LEBRON atones for all his blunder and becomes humble, he will bring everyone along that has got to do anything with him to failure.

    • Jessica says:

      I absolutely agree with you! Sometimes karma will eventually bite you in the butt if your not careful. What people don’t even understand is that if the Heat do NOT live up to all the hype surrounding them then all fingers will point at LeBron, not Wade or Bosh! That will be something that LeBron has to live with and for his sake I hope they …..No, I am not going to lie I am from Akron, I hope LeBron NEVER gets a ring for the humiliation he implored upon this dying region. Please do not start with the HATE, I am just saying he could have been courteous about his decision by letting someone other than Wade know his DECISION( what a joke). I wanted to post also because I am so sick of people saying LeBron had no help. He did not win 66 or 61 games alone. Just as well as folks are pointing fingers about the Cavs roster and how LBJ had no help then I must ask who helped him achieve such wins? During the playoffs he did give up and just like the year before he behaved horribly! As for the present, I am glad LeBron no longer wants to be the man on the team, I especially like how stupid his grin looks as he stands behind Wade on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Currently, the Heat are enjoying their moment and I am happy for them.They should be enjoying this moment because there are NO guarantees in this game. If I had to choose a team to beat next year….Ask Kobe how does it feel to have rings for both hands!

  91. Laker Fan says:

    lol…lakers are going to win again..all the laker haters have to say is “ur lakers will lose THIS TIME” LOL. Of course they will lose 1 day, but damn…thats kinda sad since we win/make finals so consistently….

    go lakers

  92. OKC says:

    Kevin Durant is a true winner. Kid exemplifies the right attitude on and off the court. Once they get a little bigger in the post this young and growing team will be dominant. No buying rings here, just working hard, developing a team and watching the youngest scoring champ in NBA become one of the greats

  93. Miamithrice says:

    We already won no need to play no more games.
    You serious the two laker games the heat played it was super close and we only had wade. GAMEOVER. Lakes suck Go Heat

    • yes i know heat is the best and for all them fakers that wanna start liking heat because of james,wade,and bosh you people are real losers because you know heat fan sence 4 eva nd lakers please not one team is gonna have a buzzer beating shot with heat because WE ALREADY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Heat new dynasty says:


  95. HEAT FTW says:

    Ow guys your forget that Z can shot trees Z can dunk and Z can make mediums so thats why they wanted him…. streching out the flor if Z in the building then dwight has to go for 3 or medium so then bosh omg and lebron ow and wade can jump right in the paint no big man can protect 3 all stars and Z at the 3 point line….

  96. DVDOTCOM says:

    THIS is the best offseason ever in a long time. this year will be a epic one.

  97. jabon24 says:

    this big 3 wont win nothing till kobe the master retires

    • uoykcuf says:

      And after he retires, I wonder how many lakers fans left and how many will jump to heat bandwagon?

  98. mavs says:

    Lakers have better SG PF C and PG

    Heat only have better SF

    but Lakers might trade for Melo and if they do he NBA will dominated

  99. king me says:

    I bet everyone on this website that miami has the best record in the nba, number 1 seed in the playoffs, eastern conference championship, and nba champions.

  100. Hey Lakers, u guys suck. The big 3 is one of the best teams of all time hands down. The lakers r just jealouss cuz they didnt get anything and we r going to get FISHER, yea man, the heat rulke lakers suck and kobe is a ball hog, and were going to kill u guys in the playoffs!!!! So, i wouldnt be talking about the heat cuz the lakers r nothing compared to the big 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. LebronIsOverrated says:

    You guys..you still worship lebron? Lebron is OVERRATED!!ok! do you see the travels he does every game

  102. Chris Ross says:

    Why wouldn’t you want a piece of that…well except for Lebron James. But Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are class acts and being a part of something as great as winning is something that everybody would love. The Miami heat are not going to be the most hated team in the NBA by fans and media because Bosh and Wade are going to save them from that.


  103. Just Play. says:

    did you forget that LBJ beats the Lakers twice in the season? how about lebron teaming up with wade and bosh? can’t they beat the Lakers? i’m a Lakers fan, but what i see is any team in the NBA can lose and win. lets just wait andsee what will happen. if D-wade, Lebron, and Bosh takes home the champinoship or Kobe and the Lakers or maybe Durant and the Thunders can make their move or stoudomire feels his new home or maybe derreck rose dishes to boozer. this is a tough season.

  104. bigboy11 says:

    i remember 2010 the lakers almost got beat by miami 2 times if it was not for kobe’s lucky shot the first time, he even said it was, who we had playing on the heat wade and a bunch of titos made it to the playoffs with one scorer, they played great defense now they got 2 more scorers the heat is defense first team lsat season they held a lot of high scoring teams below40% shooting now they got players who can score this season is gonna be fun these is gonna make playing basketball look easy 3 very skilled players..pat riley did this before with the heat 3 players from the same draft all in top 10 shaq, alonzo, lattiner

  105. dustin says:

    dont any of you laker fans remember the beating you took from cleveland on christmas????

    =) miami…where blowing out LA happens

  106. Justin says:

    Fact is, although the lakers have a solidly established team and Miami has not shown any chemistry until now, everybody must face the facts:

    1- Both Lebron James and D Wade require full time double guarding because of their extraordinary offensive skills.
    2- Both The Heat and D Wade have been considered probably the best DEFENSIVE team in the league even when they had terrible low post players such as Jermaine O’Neal. The biggest reason they lost is that Wade did not have any effective support because his teammates apparently had a lot of off days during the season.
    3- With A dominant low post figure such as Dwight Howard, Bosh should be able to team up and make a more than efficient defensive role to control.
    4-When you have three explosive offensive players simultaneously and a well sized low post figure (big Z) to rebound, the offensive capabilities are going to destroy any defensive system in the league.

    Point is nobody can give predictions until the team plays, but don’t forget, we’re talking about the mvp LBJ, The TRUE MVP D WADE and a the MV Forward in the league besides LBJ Chris Bosh… this is gonna be a show

  107. Only Kings Have Rings says:

    Kobe > Wade
    Gasol > Bosh
    Bynum > Big Z
    Artest Miller
    Laker Bench > Heat Bench

    These are the facts kiddies. Without a bench. I’m afraid Miami will have a hard time getting a championship this year. Maybe next year =]

    • M-V-3 says:

      What’s up with the bench. Did u not think the Lakers had the better bench last year?!…and look wat happened! Series tied 1-1.

  108. Much Respect for Miami Trio But says:

    Let SHAQ return to Lakers! Kobe-Shaq once more!

  109. zimbo says:

    u still have to keep a look out for orlando boston and lakers but the smart money goes with miami

  110. with wade, james and bosh all at the same team miami’s heat will be fired up

  111. BigCam says:

    *Pau not Paul

  112. BigCam says:

    Everbody forgets that the best player in the game (Kobe) was pretty much injured for the whole season. He was literally playing with 9 fingers, half a back, and one leg. He still put up MVP numbers. Just imagine him coming into the season healthy and tired of hearing about how the Heat are the team to beat. Everybody know how competitive Kobe is and what he is capable of doing. Thats just 1 piece to the Lakers. I haven’t even mentioned Paul, D Fish, Artest, Odom, Bynum, Blake, and the ever dangerous Morrison (LOL, just kidding with that 1).

    Nothing against Miami’s big 3 but when it comes down to it, can Eric Spoelstra effectively coach 3 major stars the way Phil Jackson has done multiple times in his career? Its one thing for them to go out and play. We know they can do that but will the coach demand thier attention the way Phil did/does? It will be an interesting season, but I still pick the Lakers to win it again.

  113. mdaddy says:

    lebron is the best player in the league, kobe is on the best team in the league.

    in that last two years in all offensive categories fg%, 3pt%, ft%, rbg, apg, spg, bpg, ppg. kobe has bested lebron three out of 16 times, twice in ft% and once in fg%.

    kobe has had a better career, but in no way is he the best player right now.

  114. Livinglegend 23 says:

    I can’t believe how many lakers fans are spilling out trash about the East and Miami, The east have, in this off-season, greatly enhanced a majority of the teams (look at Chicago, NYK, IMO Orlando, Milwaukee and Washington)and while some may not be title contenders there is no doubt that Miami or the Magic have a great shot at winning the Title, as much as I hate kobe I will say he is one of the best in the league, but with every year he becomes aged and injuries pile up and he will not be as effective, don’t expect much from Fisher who is getting too slow to do anything, which includes guarding all the young quick guards, maybe you have forgotten how bad he looked against OKC?? Also, Artest will not be as good of a defender. All this talk about how the lakers are absolutely unbeatable fail to realize that 2 eastern teams had better records at the end of the season and that 2 western teams were only 2 games behind, also without the help from Artest, they could have very well been eliminated by the youngster from OKC, all your talk is because you are scared of the possibility of the Heat, look to reason and see there is no accident in why people are so hyped up about such a prime team with many superstar’s.

  115. harry says:

    why do people have to be so biased a people have to argue CANT WE ALL JUST ET ALONG but i cant see the heat not winning at least 4 championships

  116. jay says:

    no one can stop miami big 3 even the back 2 back champion…THE BIG 3 of miami will take all the way to thee championship NO ONE CAN STOP AS NOW……

  117. BROD says:

    i’ve been reading all the hate from so many people and lakers fans about the Heat but i really enjoy it. some laker fan stated put artest on wade and shut him down. First of all artest is too slow put him on lebron same results. dont get me wrong artest is a great defender but not to shut down all-star caliber players. and then i read bosh is a decent rebounder the dude has average 10 + rebounds for 2 consecutive years. now big z, i agree with a lot of people that say that his defense is not the best but its better than what they dont have. and for people saying they dont have a bench. agreed. but its still a work in progress. sure juwan howard is there in age. oh well, the guy can contribute consistantly. i mean look at lakers bench, it only goes as far as lamar odom. they dont have farmer anymore, from what ive heard shannon brown may be out the door, sasha is somtimes, what does that leave you with mbenga? no! luke walton? no! josh powell? no! they have proven nothing expect wasting money. Not hating on Lakers cause they are still the team to beat and with kobe anything is possible. all im saying is Miami Heat has came a long way and is looking to win a chip now! However, congrats Kobe on leading your team to another championship. well deserved!!!

  118. Refered says:

    You guys are stupid heat almost on lakers with only wade even with chris bosh they would beat lakers by like 2 or 3 and now with lebron OMG . and you guys saying z wont do anything he’s better than jermaine oneal and he could shoot from mid range and mike miller better than quentin richardson in my opinion because quentin had alot of shots wide open and he couldnt get them through. all we need is a back up shooting guard and a decent point guard because udonis would play center. he did that last season and he played kinda well for the size of a small forward

  119. I really hope the Miami Heat will not sign Mike Miller because I believe Raja Bell and Mat Barnes would be more valuable for them than him. Mat Barnes is only asking for 2 or 3 million and Raja Bell has family in Florida.

  120. flipside says:

    I don’t think Miami will take it as far as they think. It’s Wades house but Lebron will want to take over. Lebron’s Ego will not let him accept that wade is the man in Miami. Bosh was only an All-star cause he got all the canadian votes being in Toronto. With Miami his stats will quickly drop along with his all-star status. With the money Miami is paying out for the big 3 they have no room for a good bench so the 3 will have to play high minutes, every game, all season to still lose in the playoffs. After all the loses they will suffer the first season to the real super power teams in the league that have not only a great starting line up but a great supporting bench, the big 3 won’t be so big and 1 will want a trade. At the end of the Heat season their will be alot of fans scratching their heads, the Big 3’s friendship tested and lots of people fired for wasting millions on a fallen dream but will be laughed at by millions around the world. Lebron was right about one thing, they won’t win 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7 championships “they won’t win any”.

  121. IDOL says:

    This is a team game ya’ll. It really does look good on paper what the Heat has especially with the addition of Z, Miller, and Haslem. We all know though that games are played for a reason…. because if not we can just play the game by papers.

    In my opinion, Kobe and the Lakers (Im a Rockets fan btw) are still the best team until proven otherwise. They are the defending champs and still have the BEST player in the world named Kobe Bryant. Lakers is a well established team with a strong solid core and a LEGENDARY COACH.

    Right now, Heat looks good on paper but until actual games are played I am still not a believer that this team can even pass the Celts and Magic. I am not hating on the heat because I am a big fan of Wade.

    Also, to all the LBJ lovers….. Yes, he is a great athlete and one of the best in league but so as other players as Amare, Dirk, Yao, D.Howard, D.williams, Nash, J.Johnson, Duncan, Ginobili……. but he is not in the level of say KOBE, WADE, and definitely surpassed by DURANT in terms of greatness and legacy. LBJ will NEVER be in the same conversation as JORDAN, RUSSEL, BIRD, MAGIC, CHAMBERLAIN, WEST…. and absolutely KOBE when it is all said and done…… why? These guys NEVER left their team and built their legacy on the same team and was able to lead their team to the promise land…..

    Anyway, Go ROCKETS and STAY HEALTHY YAO!!!

  122. Fab1979 says:

    Why is everybody hating on the Heat so much? Jealously I guess…however I do agree that the need to prove themselves, but come on! I’m not worried about who’s taking the last shot, because they’ll be ahead by 20 pts by the fourth quarter so it won’t matter. The bench is taking some form with Haslem, Miller (soon to sign), J Williams (coming back), Joel Anthony will sign and Juwan Howard is heading this way as well. How many decent guys does a team need coming off the bench? not 7! Besides, they’ll just be playing to give these guys a breather while keeping the lead. I’m sure that not all 3 will sit at the same time and the Heat will still have a smooth offensive set up going through. MIAMI HEAT WILL WIN IT ALL!!

  123. red says:

    you guys, you have been talking too much against Heat because you are now scared. as the saying goes, people will be hitting at a bearing tree. with that, it just mean that they will eventually win a championship or two or even more basing on your view of the Heat. there are great teams such as lakers, celtics and some others but for now, there is no doubt that Miami has tipped off the balance. with that, i believe it would be just logical for us to accept, some of you may not agree, but for the sake of professional discussion, let us give the Miami Heat the credit or should we say the advantage point for next season. They will surely be having difficulties and flaws along the way but they will surely get along well and prove that they ALSO deserve to win a championship. Nonetheless, I am not a James fan to be honest but to be named as MVP of NBA, we can say whatever we wanna say but that guy is the best the time he is rendered with the award. So for now, let us put it to rest that Miami has the advantage and has a chance of taking the next season’s championship trophy. Best of luch to all other teams!

  124. I am sure the over-rated triplets will win some, but 8 titles? Please. For that, they’d need a great supporting cast AND a deep bench, which are both MIA so far. (Pun intended.) I honestly hope they all try to be 30 PPG guys, because that will tear that team right to shreds. If they can be unselfish ON THE COURT, it will work. Frankly, I doubt it, but no one can say so for sure, not yet. None of these guys is Jordan, and neither is Bryant, while I’m on the subject. And even he couldn’t do it alone.

  125. Dayne#3 says:

    LA is the team to beat, but LA fans act like the Laker ran rough shot thru the playoffs.. Easily could have lost to OKC and if Ray Allen makes 4 more baskets in any game except GM 2 or Perkins isn’t hurt the Lakers lose in the finals. Kobe is a year older! Ron Artest isnt getting any better! 23 offensive rebounds is what saved ya’ll in GAME 7! So this DOMINANCE LA fans are speaking of is really hard for me to grasp.

    That being said the Heat team is UNREAL 2 of the top 3 players in the league play on the same team that cant be discounted. They should be the favorites to come out the east! L
    akers have 2 more years to run at it, doesn’t meant they will get it. but 2 years. One bad injury to Pau and its over. You guys do remember the PRE-PAU years!

    This should be a VERY interesting season!

    • backtoback ! says:

      Another great comment and you touched on a fact and just kept going as if it meant nothing….Rebounding is a huge part of playing basketball and the 23 Off rebounds didn’t “save” them…its something all these tiny teams will have to deal with against the Lakers !

  126. Further says:

    This was a big move. True Z isn’t a dominating center, but he is a true center. Which means Bosh will be free to dominate the four spot. All he has to do is get rebounds and defend marginally well. He can do that. I think this move, with Haslan and miller make the Heat contenders in the stacked East.

  127. True LA Fan says:

    Here’s the matchup:

    Kobe on Wade
    Artest on Lebron
    Gasol/ or Bynum on Bosh

    Stop tripping. LA > Miami. They can’t stop our twin towers…especially if there’s a box of Wheaties and a mamba standing in between them.

    As for the argument that the supposed new Big 3 averages 80 pts all together…that’s because the team relies on them individually, so they have more opportunities to shoot. These averages will go down. Stop falling into slippery slope argument…there’s a hole in your reasoning. Lakers by 6 if LA plays Heat in the championships!

  128. bball says:

    is one basketball on court enough when the big3 are playing?

  129. Ice Pogi says:

    like i said before Kobe is now the greatest player. Just like the match before with MJ the commentators said “The present Great and The Future Great” You can fight your Age can’t you? The Future great today is Dwade Lebron Durant … Miami having a ring maybe maybe not, but after a year or 2… They’re unstoppable. But still Miami can be formidable team. It’s true that they can still beat the Heat utilizing their full roster, even reserves are needed.But still they are beatable. After a year Dynasty!!! Heat and Thunders for the Finals….Heat wins…

  130. tall says:

    you guys talking too much bla bla … It’s over for the lakers. I have never seen a nba team in the history better than the heat . they gonna be champ for 7 straight years.

  131. Fcruzlafan says:

    fast eddie u r retarded lakers will win again n lebron aint going to have mvp numbers all 3 dropping in the rankings wen it comes to stats.. thats the only way they will win so lbj aint winning a 3rd 1 sorry n we r winning 5 str8 we r to big to long to strong n we have the best closer plus the best scoring n passing big man pau lets go la

  132. HEAT3 says:

    Lebron james two time mvp leaves cleveland bc hes tired of being the only guy carrying his team into the playoffs. Chris bosh same story has nobody in toronto to do help him in anyway. Dwayne Wade only one out of three to have a ring also finals mvp an lebron an him are in the race for the scoring title every year. that have alot of expectations but no doubt these are three dominant forces who will change the nba an be a contender next year

  133. Playerfan not team says:

    What most of yall fail to realie eventhough though its a 12 man team most rotations barring injuries only go about 9 deep and that being the case a lot of teams have pro bums….they can play cuz they made it to the NBA however how many deep on the bench really get PT….Roster they having pending looks jjust about as good as any teams going 1-10 players….

    Lebron James, Wade, Bosh, Z old but still capable, chalmers (decent point) , Haslem, Miller, Juwan Howard pending, Joel Anthony, and 3 decent rookies who will be worked in….and I count a man team…. and u still have slots for vets …To me I see a roster….whatabout every one else?

  134. SUNSFan says:

    Lakers didn’t beat the Celtics a few years ago and they already had Gasol then. Kobe couldn’t win a championship for LA if he didn’t have Shaq or Gasol in the team. He is definitely a great player but can’t win a championship without solid backup.

    Miami’s superfriends is definitely the favorite. Who cares if Z strolls down slowly if you have Wade, James and Bosh on the break. Can anyone stop a fastbreak with the 3 of them on the run? Wade won the championship for Miami a few years back. Wade (on my opinion) won the Olympic gold for the US team. The best clutch player now.

  135. Lakers in 7 says:

    Lol @ Scotty up there. Larry bird had Bill Russel? haha, that got me laughing!

  136. FastEddie says:

    First and foremost, LA is Number 1!!! Lakers won the NBA Championship back to back and return a great team. Now to the reality, I hate to say this, but I do believe the Heat will be a better team. We can all speculate, but until we see what happens with pressure of the playoffs and how the heat respond which team will win in 2011. I am going to play devils advocate and agree that the heat will win the 2011 NBA Championship. Something just tells me that this team is going to be $^%&*ing awesome. I know that LBJ will do his best to make sure KOBE does not tie Michael Jordan with 6 rings. LBJ wants to be the greatest ever and will have sooo much free space created with Wade and Bosh on the floor. Teams will not want to double team or run zone because the Heat will have 3 major threats. We all know that KOBE is slowing down and getting older with injuires. Its a fact and I hate to admit, but the Heat are going to dethrone my beloved Lakers. At least the lakers won back to back. It was nice while it lasted, but the Heat will kill us. LBJ wins 3rd straight MVP

  137. Sami Tokan says:

    All this talk of the lakers is sooo amusing and funny … you fans realize you had one of your best crews in a while assembled last season with a great balance of offence and defence, on paper at least. What ended up happening? a title win that was very much threatened the whole time through … and though i do tip my hat for eventually winning, everyone forgets how close and lucky LA was to beat OKC (last second tip in) and Boston (Kobe played very very UNCLUTCH), reminded me of that game 7 loss to Phoenix back in ’05. The truth is the laker lineup wont get any better this year, it will still be great but look out cause many teams in the league this year have gotten ALOT better. Think Chicago, Miami … etc.

    • LA Showtime says:

      …Thanks, another great point at the end of your comment. Miami is better, Chicago is better, Orlando is better, Boston still has the best coach in the league. Get the pattern? they will beat themselves up and crawl into the finals…Whoever comes out of the east that is….

      • Sandile says:

        I really cannot wait for the season to start, same ol story from the West (LA) in the finals. My only wish is for the Cavs to pick up the pieces and fight for the final playoff spot against Miami since they look ste to clinch home court advantage. Only then can we see if the Cavs will get a championship before LeBron. hmm…………

  138. aboulc says:

    Lebron and Bosh just broke their legacy! They have no heart and they are not winners. Wade is the big winner this summer. He will still get his second and maybe more ring at home with the Heat. Lebron just want the easy way out and bosh is over rated. BUT I gotta admit that we are living a historic moment in the NBA. Props to the Heat management to get it done. Can’t wait for the season to start!

    Orlando is still very very good and got even better with Q-rich and Duhon.

  139. Jared says:

    Guys come on! Anyone who doesn’t think Miami is the team to beat in the east is crazy. When I congratulated the heat eariler on the addition of their role players I wasn’t saying the heat are going to DEPEND on them as someone said in a later post. The heat are going to depend on wade, lebron, and bosh. The role players are simply there to complement them, play defense, rebound, and simply enjoy the slew of amazing passes coming from lebron james. Mike Miller is going to give them a ton of flexibility in terms of roster changes because they can switch out lebron or wade for him and depend on his great ability to shoot threes. This team is for real. Accept it.

  140. ycd says:

    if by chance the heat would ultimately win it all, lemme be the first one to say that WADE TOOK THEM THERE. NOT LEBRON. IT’S WADE’S TEAM, NOT HIS. lebron’s just a very very very good player, not a leader. he could never lead a team to win a championship. he sucks ass. bigtime.haha


  141. rinD says:

    The Miami Heat will eventually win a championship – well after those three learn to play as a team and realize they aren’t “that guy” anymore. The Celtics managed to do it based on their maturity, they’d done their hot-dogging and built their individual legacies.

    I’m not convinced yet that the Heat trio can do what they did in the Olympics — for a whole season and a brutal playoffs. It’s completely different, and it’s amusing seeing analysts using that to draw conclusions on how they’ll perform. Don’t forget the rest of that Olympic team were also all-stars as well.

    Way premature to say the Miami Heat will be the best. For all you guys know, they could struggle out the gate, and the questions/flags will be raised IMMEDIATELY b/c people don’t think logically and count chickens before they hatch.

  142. Fcruzlafan says:

    Lakers 3peat mayb 4 or 5 in a row.. KObe Artest Pau beats wade Lbj Bosh.. Plus u have odom n Bynum Lakers to big n to stacked. **** a big 3 we got a big 6 lets go LAkers

  143. Gateway says:

    Now Listen Miami is out to send a message and all of you people who just won’t believe it its what it is. Lebron made cleveland they didn’t make LeBron and now that hes gone they should be thankful that they were in the spotlight for seven great years. Its almost like a bittersweet realationship you say you want the best for your girlfriend when you really don’t. This takes no toll on LeBrons Legacy in my eyes and if the stardom is to bright for yall just put on your sunglasses and walk by and to all you hating lakers fans or former fans of cleveland they know they have something to prove they know it So no more discouraging comments and no more bitter lies You ask will this all blow up right before our eyes we can only wait and see I was and will be a ride or die heat fan even if it kills me. I remember thos days when we were even worse than the kings the season where Mr. Wade kept getting injured where we won less than 50 games and we would never even dream of becoming what we are today. Lakers fans Lakers fans much love much don’t take it personal its true all of the above hope the best for our teams like I said wait and see this could be the beginning of an intense rivalry.

  144. jwhit says:

    somebody tell scotty up there that Bill Russell didn’t play with Larry Bird…..Thats like saying kobe had Jerry West!!!

  145. jwhit says:

    everyone on here keeps talking about the heat need bigs…that is crazy…they need roll players that can rebound and hit open layups….they don’t need a scorer or anything else..all they need is a defender and some subs in case of foul trouble…MJ won 6 rings without an all-star center….he had great roll players that could set screens, knock down easy layups, and use all 6 of their fouls….The lakers have won without a big man, bynum is on the injured reserve more than anyone and it wouldn’t matter if he wasnt cause it all comes down to kobe and gasol, and then fisher hitting some shots….the big 3 of the heat will take 80% percent of the shots, miller can drain open threes, and Haslim, big Z, and howard are more than adequate to hold down the middle…they will instantly compete as one of the top 3 teams in the east and will give any team out the west fits…with lebron and Kobe on the court at the same time, it will make all defensive strategies go out the window….now kobe will have to play defense, artest can not guard the best player cause there are two of them on the court and both pass the ball like guards…kobe will wine and complain all game when he gets in foul trouble and doesnt get the calls cause he is physically overpowered by lebron or slower than dwade…kobe will still get his but who will fisher guard??? This team will live up to the hype, may not win it all this year, but they will work out the kinks and be a powerhouse for years to come….GO Magic

  146. ycd says:

    seriously, you guys really make me laugh. all those comments on who’s the better team and who’s gonna win the championship never fail to entertain me. anyways, the heat may have the so called big 3, but it DOESN’T guarantee them of winning the championship. we still don’t even know if they’re gonna fit well in one team or if they could perfectly complement each other. i mean, who’s gonna give up his place and end up as number 2? lebron who’s entitled as the king? or wade who’s unarguably the heat’s pride? c’mon guys. don’t get me wrong thou, i’m no heat fan but i admit they’re a team to beat now with all those stars. but it’s BASKETBALL guys. it’s everybody’s ball game. you can all start talking after this season’s finals. we might even end up with the wolves and nets winning this year’s ring.haha the point is: nothing is impossible. that’s just how it rolls. it’s what you call..BASKETBALL. dig it.

    oh, i almost forgot..COME WHAT MAY, LAKERS ALL THE WAY! =p

  147. bigbaddugg says:

    LAKERS…..you must be one of those scared fans too…LOL…I see you skipped straight over my posting…care to comment?

  148. bigbaddugg says:

    LAKERS……you must be one of those scared fans too…..care to comment on what I wrote?…LOL

  149. Andre says:

    The heat have three people on the roster that are good enough to be the best players on all but 2 teams dont sit there and tell me we arent gonna win a lot of championships you dont even believe what you are saying

  150. STRONG says:

    THE MIAMI HEAT IS A PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Scotty says:

    All of the great players that have won a championship had never done it flying solo. The situation that Lebron had in Cleveland or Bosh had in Toronto or what Wade had in Miami were brutal. They had essentially no support.

    For example, Kobe Bryant was never by himself. First he had Shaq and now he has Gasol and lets not forget that he has Derek FIsher as well.

    Going firther in the past.. Magic had Kareem. Larry Bird had Bill Russell. Even Michael Jordan, the greatest player of all time, needed Scottie Pippen!

    What the three guys in Miami have done is textbook for winning a championship. Ultimately, thats all that matters.

  152. Dewey says:

    Title still has to go through LA. Kobe is the best player in the NBA right now and has the best TEAM. With Fisher resigned, Jackson coming back, and adding Steve Blake, they are going to be in the finals this next year. They are the best defensively as well due to having Artest who can guard anyone on the floor, Kobe who is 1st defensive team material, Bynum, Odom, and Gasol. These guys can guard the new Miami trio as well as the Celtics and Magic. The fact of the matter is, can anyone stop LA from scoring 90+ points a game in the playoffs while scoring more than 90 yourself. Do that and I dont care who you are. You can beat LA in a series. Miami has one thing over LA, and that is Bosh over Gasol down low. Gasol looked incredibly week against an injured KG and Rasheed Wallace in the finals. Flopping for fouls. I dont see Bosh having trouble with him on both ends of the court. Will be an exciting year for LA and Miami both.

  153. mack says:

    well one thing is for sure, this guys will win it all. cause the three of them are winners and something that we all know now is that there not selfish like kobe bryant, kobe is a good player but not a good person i will never ever ever will have some one better or as good as him in his team, cause he’s selfish, and thats why a lot, a lot of peolple doesn’t like him as a person. lakers a good team, heat they have show that this is not just a show and that they are for true.

  154. karen says:

    What gets me is the TRIO in Miami is talking all this noise and they haven’t played a game yet, they don’t even have a full roster. LeBron is guaranteeing championships, and Wade is talking about they’re the greatest trio ever, GET REAL!!! Nothing is guaranteed. Wait until you start winning, and let that speak for itself.

  155. STRONG says:

    Miami will be fine against LA, Kobe and Wade cancel each other out, Bosh and Paul cancel each other out, then you have James and Artest and James will mop the floor with Artest. Btw People forgot Lebron during the season beat LA TWICE!!!!

    • urmom says:

      you forgot the year befor lakers swept the cavs….artest ccan slow lebron down

    • TT says:

      no they dont cancel out each other. kobe will win the battle against wade. and pau gasol will win the battle against bosh. so there u go. Lakers win in 2 out of the 3 superstar positions u heat have. Lakers are gonna 3 peat

  156. STRONG says:

    u guys act like miami dont have a good team…bosh..wade..an lebron average 80 points 2gether…miami is a really good defensive team..an soo is the lakers..but nobodies been able 2 hold d wade or lebron james under 25 points..d wade is a way better defender than rayy allen..miami is going 2 kill tha lakers..

  157. yuri geronimo says:

    the big three of miami are great!!!

  158. Mioamm says:

    LBJ will average a triple-double!!
    u heard it here first

  159. BALANCE says:

    all we want is balance here.. nba will be boring if only 2 teams can compete…lebron and bosh transferring to miami is like kevin durant transferring in LA… there ull see whose the best… unbalanced basketball is not pleasant to be watched…

    • M-V-3 says:

      Are u saying that the Lakers dominating the West for the most part and making it to the Finals what seems like every year is pleasant to watch too?! C’mon now…be real!

  160. Ben says:

    Miami will be fine against LA, Kobe and Wade cancel each other out, Bosh and Paul cancel each other out, then you have James and Artest and James will mop the floor with Artest. Btw People forgot Lebron during the season beat LA TWICE!!!! by himself so now he has Two All-Stars one of the best shooters in the NBA in Mike MIller, a soild back up in Udonis Haslem. Two big bodies in Juwan Howard, and Big Z plus maybe Dexter Pittman or Jarvis Vernado. Plus at PG the Heat could bring back Jason Williams or Carlos Arrayo or Keyon Dooling.

  161. WG says:

    Lets get one thing straight here
    Because just like Kobe suck ups, LeBron has his too.


  162. rm24 says:

    I would also like to dispel one issue that is just craziness…..People thinking Lebron has a chance to be the greatest player of all time? WHAT??? Let me know when he LEADS a team to a championship, and if Miami does win it wont be just his team. Also, he is a terrible jump shooter, although has improved, yet will never be reliable as a shooter. When he is 31 and getting those nagging injuries that come along and no longer able to blow by everyone, he will have to shoot even more jumpers, and that isnt going to bode well for him. He is a great talent, but not the all time greatest, not even close. That is Jordan, and Lebron will never hold a candle to him. Case closed. Lets just focus on lebron being a great player. He is not the greatest, and to suggest such is a travesty.

  163. rm24 says:

    MV3…..Seriously, you think that the heat are going to want to SLOW it down???? Lets be realistic here. If you have ever watched Wade and the supposed king, they are just going to want to speed up the game. Also, everyone is getting hung up on three names……The lakers are now eight solid, the heat have four solid, I will give miller his due. Eight doesn’t beat four?? Seriously?? You talk about foul trouble as well, with wade and lebron drawing fouls, it will go both ways, and the lakers have more quality players to take the hit on foul trouble than Miami will. Two quality wing players who, by the way, both deferred to Kobe in the 2008 gold medal game to save them, are not going to win every year just because of their popularity. It takes a team. The Lakers have a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM, it remains to be seen if the Heat will. They will be fun to watch, but does that equate to a championship? I believe they will win a title in another 3 years when they can build the roster a little more, but not til then.

    • siknes says:

      US olympic team stat-Wade and Bosh on the floor-+36 points, when they were on the bench only +8. Ya Kobe got it done in the Gold Game but Wade was the MVP of the olypmics, coming off the bench, not many minutes.

      • aboulc says:

        good point!

      • ub24 says:

        yeah wade is the mvp of the olympics. .coz he,s doing the scoring while kobe is shutting down the offensive players of the other team. .thats why he ,s got the mvp award. . . if you remember very well, your wade,james and bosh combination wihtout kobe . . lost to greece in the world championship. greece?????????? now tell me how can they beat the lakers?

    • M-V-3 says:

      That’s not what i meant. I meant that getting to the freethrow line would give the players more rest…more energy to woop up on their opponent.

  164. ISRA says:

    Fellow whay you are so worry about what team is gonna win this year , just enjoy every single game to come and tha’s it obviously miami will be show time team, lebron ,wade ,bosch and the rest of the crew will be do anything to prove dubter what they are made of , lebron will be always an elite player and no matter how many of you guy try to convince other of blame lebron, it wont get any effect on him
    as soon as you start watching games will notice where your heart is , no matter what lebron is a champion, for all achivements that he has done so far..

    • garry says:

      People People. UNderstand this. The lakers have size that the heat cant match up with . Sure, they have wade and lebron but they dont have size. All la has to do is just lob it into bynum or gasol and just let them do work. You have to think five on five not three on three. Also lineup of kobe artest, gasol, bynum, fisher,blake, odom would outplay any best 7 players on not just the heat but any 7 in the nba. Believe it or not, lakers are a better team. Besides, you see kobe have some good teamates but not anything like d wade or lebron and he still won championships. I have a lot of respect for wade even though i am a lakers fan.I dont like lebron because of “the decision” he made and his ego. He wants everyone in the world to notice and give him attention

  165. The Heat is the Hottest Ticket says:

    It’s pretty simple really. The heat have gained 3 super stars which are just hitting their prime. All they need is a decent centre to clog up the middle (big Z) and some decent bench players, (Miller + Haslem). They are pretty much there.
    I know all the one eyed laker supporters would like to claim Kobe is going to win a sixth ring, but lets face it, Miami is going to run over the top of pretty much every team in their way.

    UNLESS …………. what concerns me is when the Heat take the court and they encounter a few close games. When the competitive juices start flowing it can easily change things. I know people are going to say that Wade etc claims that it is all about sacrifice but you are talking about 2 massive ego’s (Wade & James) and one big ego (Bosh – his ego is not quite as big).

    When you look on the Heat posters and see Wade in the middle and James/ bosh in the back ground, don’t you think that it is eating James up that he isn’t the man!?!? I think it is. He is a two time MVP of the NBA and he wants to be the man. Sure, I think James will sacrifice his game a little but he wants to go down as one of, if not, the greatest player of all time.

    The first true test will be not when the Heat are in the good times but when they hit their first losing streak (I know it’s hard to believe but there will be some) that’s when you will see Wade & Co’ss true colors. Hopefully I’m wrong but this experiment/ band of brothers can go terribly wrong.

    The Heat will have no problem getting other players to join the show. Who wouldn’t want to play on national TV every other night.

    I would just like to leave heat fans with the notion that this team obviously can be great, but on the flip side, it might be a ticking time bomb. Maybe not this season, but if these guys win one or two championships, I can see a disgruntled Bosh or James who isn’t getting enough love, demand a trade in 2 or 3 seasons.

  166. Bhemis Parks says:

    Will Kwame Brown be heading down to Miami? I think he’d be a perfect fit to start if they could get him in shape.

  167. sting says:

    Just when we all thought that Kobe Bryant had ran out of motivations to win yet another ring. Well the Miami Heat certainly came up with a good one. Kobe lock and loaded, target –the Miami Heat–let the quest for no. 6 begin!

    • siknes says:

      Remember if it is Lakers-Heat in the finals Kobe will have Wade or Lebron guarding him the whole game, no need for double teaming him and leaving Fish, Lamar or Artest wide open for uncontested threes.

  168. demiel says:

    i dont understand why everyone gives the miami thrice a hard time. i hope they win the championship the first year just so everybody can eat they’re words, and also i think they will be way more stronger offensively, defensively, and overall!

    • M-V-3 says:

      THANK YOU!!! I just wish everybody would stop running their mouths about what’s “wrong” with the Heat. LET THE SEASON DO THE TALKING…

      • siknes says:

        Amen, Chris, LeBron welcome to WADE COUNTY. The defensive intensity from them will be unreal. I don’t understand why Bosh gets so much hate, NO ONE got to watch him play given he was stuck in Toronto.

  169. rm24 says:

    This combination of Lebron, Wade, and Bosh gets them to the second round, but no further. The big question I have….Foul trouble and rebounding….Orlando and Boston will destroy the heat bigs down low and wear them out. Bosh is a decent rebounder, but he is not a great defender and he certainly cannot handle Howard. Even if for some crazy reason they get to the finals, there is no way in the world they can deal with L.A. First, who guards Bynum? Bosh will match up with Gasol, though even that matchup goes to the Lakers side as Pau is a better pure player, and it will be a wash with the rebounding numbers between the two in a finals matchup. A healthy Bynum will be a nightmare for the Heat. So, Haslem tries to guard Bynum? That will mean Haslem gets three fouls in the first quarter of every finals game and is a non-factor. Then the other bigs come in and start the foul parade and the Lakers will gladly accept. Then, when they finally get a break with either Pau or Bynum to the bench for a breather, Odom comes in and makes them move their feet more. It is a bad matchup for the Heat. Lakers will win it again next year, they are the team to beat, and oh yea, they got better with Blake.

    • M-V-3 says:

      Yea…ok… u talk about foul trouble with the Heat. But do u not realize that the Heat will have teams in foul trouble also?! Wade and LeBron are two of the best when it comes to getting to the freethrow line. It will slow down the game to the Heat’s liking and give the team a rest.

      • 305Kashun305 says:

        Wade would outplay anyone 1on1 to the basket and so will lebron lakers arent good in iso situations defensively.

      • LAKERS says:

        With two superstars on the same team, Wade and Queen James will not get the same call that they use too. Just watch!!

      • JORDAN FAN says:

        its not just wade lebron and bosh but the whole team. the lakers needs 6 players on the court to beat miami. seriously. kobe will get exhausted in the middle of the game. this is what its all about ya’ll.

      • blackmamba! says:

        kobe is the most durable player in the wtf are you talking about?

    • Wes says:

      Ok, so Miami doesnt have a big who can guard Bynum…SO WHAT!! Whats he gonna do, go off on them for 12 pts and 8 rbds?? Who gives a s*#t about Bynum! Whos gonna guard LBJ and D-Wade?? The best game in Bynums career cant touch an average game for the big 3!

      • HJGHJH says:

        your comment was soooooooooo funnny lol i so agree with you.

      • Juan says:

        haha that’s right my friend….don’t tell me that artest is gonna guard lebron…not even wade and wade proves that artest is not match up for him….artest can’t catch wade and is not even fast enough to keep it with him….plus lebron, wade and bosh go to the free trow line almost 10 times per game each….haslem is a true rebounder and a true warrior and is a good defensive player, the last season the heat and the lakers searie end it up tied 1-1 and the lakers almost lost the second game where bryant hit the buzzer…don’t tell me now that the heat cannot win against the lakers when they have a much better team than last season…..

      • LAKERS says:

        Wes, you are a complete damn idiot. I tell you who will give a s*@t about Bynum, the heat when they realize they cant guard him. LOL!!!!!!!!

      • JORDAN FAN says:

        @FAKERS: hahaha cant guard him? theyl get exhausted all of em. this is goin to be easy for miami. these superstars can play 48 hours if they want to. just watch and see!LOL

  170. Vargas says:

    Haterz.. Miami will win 3 consecurive championships.

  171. salomon says:

    Thinking about it whetever you want LA fans but your no wanna see yet this move from Lebron jame going to make it impact if lebron took to the Cavs term to a lever no one to take before is better star tire up you shous becuse all this 3 guys goin to take the nab store to nobody taken before all the guy weiting a championship and the other terms!!!! 5 year STRIKE THEY’RE GOING ON MAKE CHAMPIONSHIP THAT’S IT LIKE OH NOT UNLIKE WHIT THE GOD OF POWER….

  172. JJ says:

    omg why in the world would lebron get igalskus. hes an oversized weak, slowest player in the league, type of guy. Lebron had all the crappy big men in the cavs that were over rated. and now hes bringing that curse to the heat? if he recruits all of his cavs team to miami than miami will never win a championship. big z was worthless when he tried to defend dwight howard in the 2009 conf, finals. he sucks and his shooting is so over rated. KG is a better shooter, boozer, bosh, dirk, bonner, lamar, gasol, but big z? hes so inconsistent. yeah he can make them. but i can shoot 3s too. u gotta be more consistent. ur freakin 7’3 u can shoot over everyone so every look u get is open. he shows no effort at all and why is he chasing championships? he dosnt have a legacy. hes just gonna be remembered as a plyer. hes just like adam morrison for the lakers championships. seriously and all those loyal cleveland fans loved this dude and he betrays him just cause lebron is his friend? what he did is worse than lebron. lebron is chasing rings, ppl complain about how he has no rings. big z it dosnt matter how many championships he gets, cause hes probably gona be the worst player on the roster. i mean hes pathetic. oh yeah miller from bulls is a better shooter. i just hate that player and his gameplay.

  173. JAZZone says:

    Miami? …I’m not really too worried about the Heat …I would still take the Celtics in the East – its a team game, we’ll see how it goes I suppose. The Lakers are better than any team right now …As much as I despise them as a Jazz fan, they are the best team in the NBA – Kobe>all other players, even LeBron and Wade, and Gasol=best big in NBA, seriously though, and the rest of the Lakers …way better than the rest of the Heat. …still, Go Jazz! Big Al could wind up as the best big in the NBA in no time with Sloan and Williams …I hope Millsap and Jefferson start together – really everyone in Utah has wanted Millsap in a starting role. -Jazz/Lakers are 1 and 2 in the west

    • M-V-3 says:

      I so disagree with the Lakers. Yeah they’re good and all but did u think the same when the Heat played the Lakers last year. I am a Heat fan and yes I pay attention to games, stats, u name it. But for not just you, to say the Heat aren’t good enough to beat the lakers, I strongly disagree. Every game that i have watched when the Heat and Lakers face off have been close games. It either comes to Wade or Kobe, as u saw hit the buzzer beater against Wade last year, taking the last shot, most of the time Kobe. And can u not agree that the Heat are much better than they were last year? C’mon now. Sure they lost Q-Rich and Jermaine O’Neal, but they got LeBron and Bosh! They even have one of the best 3-point shooters in the game in Mike Miller. So talk about the Heat and Lakers…and the Lakers size…but let the season do the talking. There’s alot of hype coming from the players, but that’s just motivation that they have to shoot for and motivation for the fans. Even Wade said that he gives credit to the Lakers as being the favorite to win it all as a sign that says that he is just ready to get on the court with an improved Heat roster and show the Lakers and the rest of the NBA what the Miami Heat are about.

      • LAKERS says:

        Lakers will stomp the heat. To much experience on the Laker side. Too much heart in Kobe something queen james knows nothing about. You put Artest on wade to shut him down. We all know what Lebron does in the playoffs, nothing!

      • emb says:

        Lakers you sound dumb, last season the lakers couldnt beat the heat with jus wade, n got lucky off kobes bank shot another time, were they won by one, ONE!! So now that there people who can actually score, rebound, your lakers are about to get stomped in south beach!!

      • JORDAN FAN says:

        @FAKERS: fool! if lebron switches team with kobe then the lakers will win multiple championships!not one two but more than 3 in a row. kobe is a ball hog not an all around player! hes lucky to have big guys like bynum and gasol but without them hes nothing!! 2000-2002 chmpioonship without shaq hes nothing! but this time its different. jusr wait and see!

      • Gus says:

        As a nuggets fan you would expect that I despise the Jazz and Lakers; however I must agrre with Jazzone…the Lakers are a better team than the Heat is now. The Heat has 3 top players (true) but thats it. All other players up to now are not good enough to support them, and if you really think that 3 excellent guys can beat 4 great palyers + 1 that is certainly better than any of the 3 stars from Miami (not even counting the bench that is 10X stronger in LA than Miami – by the way what bench in Miami lol)…well sorry man but you are not being realistic.
        When Miami can really build a TEAM with those 3 guys they will certainly win a lot, but it won’t happen next year for sure!
        In the east Celtics (if healthy) are still #1, and Miami may be better than Orlando (depending on who else Orland is going to bring).
        Just hope my Nuggets can do better than last year with a healthy George Karl!
        *Jazzone – good trade Boozer for Al jefferson

      • A fan says:

        These HEAT HATERS don’t get it.

        I always see comments like,,, “yeah, they got the top 3 players,,so what? that’s all,, there are no help coming”

        You Morons should shut the ef up,, some teams need help on bench because there is only one superstar.

        For Example : Cleveland a year ago,, it’s only Lebron that’s why he needs all the help from his teammates.

        The POINT is,, there are three SUPERSTARS now in Miami,,, if one player for example Wade will have hhis off night there are two more who can scor big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The need for help is only for Defense!!!!!!!

    • Nuggets says:

      Jazz and Lakers 1 and 2? Are you serious? Not only did Utah lose Boozer, who is better than Jefferson, they also lost Kyle Korver.There is no way they make top 3. You forget about Denver, who now has a bigman that may lure Melo to resign, and they didn’t get out of the first round because of injury and George Karl. Then theres Dallas, who i doubt will make 2, but is still a competitor. Don’t get me wrong Utah will be a competitor, but definitely not 2.

  174. lakers dynasty says:

    lebron, wade, and bosh, what can i say these guys are pretty good but they are focusing on the future not the present while kobe and the lakers are still around. So for the east the miami heat can take it easy, boston sucks, orlando chokes, and the bulls are young, besides what other east team are hearing out there, now for the west let me just say the lakers and maybe the thunder if they continue to play with heart like they did, the finals we all know the lakers will be there and hopefully lebron james and the heat excuse me correction dwayne wade and the miami heat…


    • HJGHJH says:

      you miami hater just shut up look who they have and still building.
      pg mario chalmers maybe not amazing but effective and young and some one who can learn a lot from thes stars.
      sg d wade the best in the world along with kobe but d wade got the exra step now.
      sf L james no comment needed he is the best like wade and got some hight on him so maybe a it better but wade still my favrite.
      pf cb34 he easily amoung the top 10 players in the NBA.
      c they got big Z who is a great rebounder and could help bosh geat pick up miami.
      now they building a solid bench haslem is so 4 player and they got 2/3 avg rookies whom will learn a ton playing with these guy and also seems like they get m miller a good 3 shooter and possiby stakehouse. who knows maybe athoer good players will come 2 so they can get there ringssssss!!!GO HEAT!!!

      • LAKERS says:

        AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Mario Chalmers, yea right he sucks!!Lebron can no longer be considered one of the best, face it he sucks!! They are building a great bench with just Haslem sitting over there. And its funny you heat fans keep talking about Z! He may be ok with offense, but his defense is where its going to count. He couldnt handle Dwight. And he wont be able to handle my boy Bynum!! Right now the heat sucks!!

      • JORDAN FAN says:

        @FAKERS: ur nervous are you?hahahaha its time to shut the fakers down.

      • Lakers suckkk says:

        @LAKERS hahahaha yikes bud… when the world sees lebron destroy kobe in the finals next year.. we’ll see who’s laughing. And you wanna know what else, that team is gonna be an unbelievable defensive stopper, lebron and wade will be all over the passing lanes and most players cant match up versus either of. Sure CB4 isn’t the best defender but he will compliment their team nicely. Big Z is a fantastic low poat defender and he will stretch everyone ot on defense, so will mike miller. Exactly like the Orlando offense that tore everyone up

  175. Jared says:

    Miami is already shaping up their roster nicely. People were wondering if they would be able to add bigs to help Bosh defend and rebound in the post and those questions are quickly being answered with the additions of Haslem, Big Z, and soon to be Juwan Howard. Obviously none of these guys are superstars but they are proven players. Big Z will help defensively and he is also a great offensive rebounder. Not to mention he can bury 18 footers. Also, it’s a piece of Cleveland and I think that will make Lebron feel at home a bit more. Haslem plays with great heart, is good defensively and is a favorite of Wade’s. Did snyoner see how good Juwan Howard was for Portland last year? He played great for them and gave them long minutes when they asked because of all their injury problems. This year he will play a nice minimal role. Those three guys should compliment dominant post threat Chris Bosh very well. Then you have Lebron and D-Wade to look out for on the wings. Look out.

    • M-V-3 says:

      Great comment!

    • bigums says:

      i don’t see Big Z fitting in. Miama need a big bruiser in the middle. Shag or resign Jammaal Magloire along with Howard. Also try to get Matt Barnes or Larry Hughes.

    • LAKERS says:

      You are depending on Z, the guy who could not defend Dwight Howard! And old ass Juan Howard! WOW, Miami sounds like a big joke here in LA! Keep on dreaming if you thing miami is taking the gold from LA!

      • zimbo says:

        he dont need to defend Howard u all got to focus on who will guard the two on the backcourt

      • famous says:

        @Fakers….you have such a sharp tongue to be an NBA fan…or ((ABN)) fan…but to the point…Lebron is the best player in the league as of 2yrs and running, arguably 3…Kobe’s time is up…the Heat dynasty is too forceful…Kobe has always had tons of help, and he couldn’t even smell a trophy without the best coach in the league and a ton of support…its Lebron’s league now, and after they acquire more rings than Kobe, then you can officially ask Kobe how Shaq’s ass tastes….

      • r u serious says:

        @famous very good comment dude…u did HEAT laker fans asses in here…

  176. HJGHJH says:

    go eat there gana own next year evrybody wants a ring.your all ready rich so wy not give up a few mill to win rings and get better by playing with the 2 best in the league an arguably the best pf so why not come 2 miami.miami heat campions 2011 2012……….LOL so true!!! GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HJGHJH says:

      my bad i ment go heat miss spelled

      • imarlboroi says:

        quite crying kobes got a stacked team now that lebrons on one every1 crys and as for Z hes goin to stretch the floor for the so lebron can come right down the lane and dunk on kobe and anyone else that gets in the way and dwade will be hitting gamewinners and you will all be witness to the three kings and the 8 rings

      • LAKERS says:

        You Queen James fans are so funny! Its sad you still cheer for someone who wasnt good enough to carry his own team.

      • emb says:

        Lakers is funny!!! I hope Kobe likes the rings he has now, because he isnt getting ANYMORE, bet! How do you expect kobe to compete againest a team with 3 players who all averaged 20+ points last season, so you know they can all score, i cant wait to see your lakers carry his team past the heat hahahahahahahah, D-wade, the king, and chris bosh, versus kobe??????? come on now

      • JORDAN FAN says:

        @FAKERS: hehe thats enough for kobe. a new story is here. new era has began. 😉

      • doctor 'k' says:

        wow this guy titled ‘LAKER is a huge hater every comment thats positive for miami he has to say some B.S so he wont be jelause come on man have some respect and shut up!!!!!!!!!!

  177. ANONAPERSONS says:


  178. lakers all the way says:

    these guys are celebrating like they won a nba championship, i respect lebron decision on competing for a ring but this whole trio thing is getting out of line, no the heat arent the team to beat its the lakers who are, the nba hasnt even started yet and people already have this team to take it all, you cant look forward because you never what can happen like injuries for an example, yes lebron is good at what he do so goes for wade and bosh, but you need a team to win it all and these guys dont even have a complete roster, so they need to start focusing on whose coming off the bench. But i give mad respect to the heat organization and fans for supporting this whole triplets, those three guys are still in the same league where kobe is at, so kobe bryant is hungry for his 6th ring and he is not gonna let miami come in between that…..


    • bigbaddugg says:

      Time will tell…..time will tell…..I am not a Heat or Lakers fan, Sixers all the way…..but I know greatness when I see it, and so does everyone else in the world……never has there been 3 of the top 10 playes in the NBA, any of which can get 30+ points any night, and 2 of which can get a triple double any given night (one who almost averages a triple double) and NOT be a contender.,,,LOL….all the other 31 teams fans are scared, so you have to come up with excuses on why the heat wont win, but you just wait and see…LOL

      • 3peat says:

        -Can’t win without a bench.
        -There’s only one basketball so there not all getting 30 a night.

      • emb says:

        Hey 3 peat, you havent been catching up with the news about all the vets coming over to miami huh? Everyone is trying to go over there becasue the new Big Three are about to bring chamionships bet on that, and bigbaddugg said they can all get 30 points any night, not every night, there just that good, i dont know why your just lying to yourself.

      • tingyman says:

        all the other 31 teams? obviously you are ignorant and dont watch the game because if you did, you would know that there are only 30 teams in the nba. you should have said the29 other teams

    • JORDAN FAN says:

      haha now its the end of kobe. emulating jordan time is enough! its time for a different nba story. sorry man but FAKE is FAKE all day everyday! LOL

  179. Mahesh says:

    Well nice blog for a start.
    Just waiting for season to start.

    Miami 92 Boston 94… James misses the clutch
    Miami 98 Orlando 100 … James missed the clutch
    Goes on andon and on. One exception Miami 100002 LA 0 .. I hate LA

    2011 summer. The big Split… James to Celtics and he wins 10 championships.. End of story..

    • unikr0n says:

      lakers take the heat 2-0 in the season series of 2011 and if the heat DO make it to the finals next season, the lakers take the finals in 6.

    • caliking831 says:

      obviously your mad because the 3 queens of bostons couldnt get it done against the champs but dont make your self look like a fool. lebron wont be taking the last shot it will be wade and if you have him missing in the clutch why would you want him on your team and think he will bring 10 rings. hes not a winner. watch every playoff ending lost for him and see if he cares no emotion thats why he doesnt deserve 2 win. wade does so does kobe, pau, fisher, kg,ray allen. rondo, pierce. all the greats do. he doesnt cause he only cares about money and dont give me that he went 2 miami for less because there is no state income tax which helps him get more money on his endorsments and everything else and if he wins even one ring he will get a bigger fan base in china where kobe is 2x bigger than him and the place where the nba makes there most money due to over 300 millions over there.

      • Hank says:

        I hope the rest of the NBA is ready for a lot of heartache. This is team has 3 of the top young players in the league on the same squad. Kobe ended the season hurt. Not to say he is not great he is but these 3 plus whatever other players you put with them will win. Mark my words the 72 win season record set by the bulls is in jepordy. It will happen this coming season or the next. This is like Jordan (before he had his titles ) Magic, and Barkley got together This is how good these guys can be. So much potential but they still have to play the game. I am excited to watch basketball again.

      • tingyman says:


        plz, dont EVEN compare lebron wade and bosh to jordan magic and barkley. they were the all time greatest [except for barkley he was just a showman] and dont deserve the disrespect that you just gave them. in honest truth, i hope ur miami heat fans are ready for serious heartache, because despite this gathering of all stars, the lakers will take it again.

        P.S. im not even sure the miami heat can easily make it to the finals, neverless take on the lakers

    • True NBA follower says:

      I’ll second what caliking831 said
      sorry Mahesh that would never happen. I respect ur love for the celtics but if you are a true fan of them you would know that they have no cap room at all to get Lebron next season (2011) plus he’s locked up in Miami for 5 years with the last year optional. Oh yeah and its ok that the celtics lost to the lakers in the finals. Don’t worry buddy you can let it all out. Express your dissapointment to us that they lost to them its ok 🙂

    • LA982 says:

      Mahesh, don’t be a hater now. Hmm, who’s the world champion again?? That’s right LAKERS baby.

      • Mahesh says:

        hahah.. Come on guys.. thats a hypothetical situation that I just presented..

        @ trueNBA follower: Cap space… hahaha.. no comments.. Cap space is always there if lebron comes in.. 😉

        never can be a lebron hater.. he is the best and rightly comes closer to be among the best.. How many time has he turned games single handedly.. Kobe may also be awesome, but his attitude and the looks on his face demines them.

        Well, the essence of my comment was there would be surely a self imposed super ego creeping upon Wade/Lebron (may be Bosh), which can be demoralising. At last, all of them r humans.
        @caliking831: Leborn minus ego is why I want him at Celtics (no Wade to have an ego)

        Again that Lakers r not the best team, in the same breath as saying Celtics were not worthy enough of the finals place. I appreciate Laker fans, but the so called Kobe did not do anything great in the last playoffs. Pau stepped in and Artest had a lucky shot in Game 7.. the table could have turned..

      • Raps Fan says:

        Lakers twice in a row. Miami will be tough to beat, but you still have to respect the fact that the Lakers are the 2-time defending champs. As for Boston, I don’t think they will be able to cut it against Orlando or Miami next season.

      • Lakers Fan says:

        All yhu heat fans need to just shutup with all this when boston got the big three they didnt win automatically and 10 rings wont even compare to celticts or lakers right now the heat as a team only has 1 ring and mark my words heat will not get the ring you guys expect this year

    • JonB says:

      LMAO if u knew anything about basketball u would know Wade not LBJ is going to take the last shot. Wade has proven he is arguably the best clutch shooter in the game with Kobe. If u deny that u just have no basketball knowledge.

      • Gus says:

        Shut up dude…stats proves that Melo is far better than Wade in the clutch! it seems you know nothing about the game….

    • NBAAllDay says:

      @Mahesh he signed a 6 yr deal. James isn’t always gonna take the clutch shot as you seem to think, he has other players that can do that on his team which he didn’t have in Cleveland. 2011 summer. The new big 3 celebrating a championship ring. With more chapters to write..

  180. mark says:

    I hope the big three in Miami would deliver as what is expected on them.

    • LAKERS says:

      Oh they will, when KOBE retires! And the big three suck!!!

      • 3peat says:

        By then it’ll be to late.

      • JORDAN FAN says:

        oh really? well see about that! ur LA FAKERS will fail this time!

      • lebronn jamess(; says:

        kobe isnt that good kobe always had people to win a championship and now lebron has someone and now they can win a championship soo they gonna keepp on winning haa miamii babyy(: yess we diid

      • harry says:

        kobe and pau cant stop lebron d-wade and cb fact so they will win loads of rings

      • 3peat says:

        Will see at the end of the day Kobe’s got 5, and Lebron’s hand is naked.

      • DuranTula Fan says:

        Are you kidding me? Lakers can for sure match up against the heat. They got everything going for them as well, such as Jackson coming back to coach for another year. Look at the match ups: Pau and Bosh, Artest on Lebron, Kobe on DWade. Artest would probably be guarding DWade actually because I feel as if Wade is gonna be the higher scorer on the team. But anyways, Just because there are three superstars on a team doesn’t mean that the team automatically wins a ring. They are not unstoppable…In the end I would put my money on Lakers for another 3-peat.

      • Pater says:

        one advice when time comes to bet money choose those three in Miami!

    • A fan says:

      Fakers won’t be in the finals this time!!!

  181. robert zenon says:

    Hey no one blames players signing for less to go play with the Heat. Still Miller is a good pick up, but he will be coming off the bench and for now that is it. This team will be sorely underman. The center they got is not an impact player. He will not be able to play with these guys at a high level. Cleveland was glad to see him go. No way this team is ready to take it all the way to the top. They will be relying on other teams to play bad or player to get hurt to even up the odds of not having enough quality players. The season will take its toll on these guys you watch. Night in and night out, the pressure is going to be incredible on these guys.

    • HJGHJH says:

      what are you talking about!? big Z can play at this level did you see how good and solid he was with james in cle?

      • LAKERS says:

        AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are serious? Z and solid shouldnt even be in the same sentence. Do you remember what happened to him and the Cavs when they went up against Orlando. Z could not handle Dwight Howard. Same thing will happen until they get a real center! Z, solid. That was very funny!

      • Mike says:

        I beliebe you on that one but Z is getting old now and I know he used to be in an all star but they need someone who is capable of running up and down the court very quickly and Z doesn’t really fit that description. The guy who just replied to you clearly barely even know anything about basketball as Z was one of the best center’s in the league in his prime before he got all those foot injuries. He is just one of those Lakers fans whose ego is as big as Bryant’s back when Bryant got those rape charges.

    • LAKERS says:

      Right now Miller will be a starter because they dont even have a bench

    • JORDAN FAN says:

      its not just about wade lebron and bosh but the whole team. the lakers needs 6 players on the court to beat miami. seriously. kobe pau even bynum will get exhausted in the middle of the game. miami superstars can play 48 mins if they want to. this is what its all about ya’ll! just wait and see

      • tingyman says:

        when have kobe, pau, and bynum gotten exhausted in the middle of a game? and even if they did, the lakers have a strong core bench that can pick up the pace. Do you honestly think that bron, wade and bosh will go 48 minutes every night and still be playing at an elite level? Please. if the heat are to win they need a stronger core than they have right now

      • r u serious says:

        correct me if im wrong.,the lakers wasnt able to catch up with the speed and transition offense with OKC..what more with the heat now that they have lebron wade and bosh running on the floor..and miami will surely focus their offense with the trio…the addition of Z will mainly be just for defense..

    • JORDAN FAN says:

      2000-2010 kobe era 2010-2020 triple threat era!

    • sphinx says:

      underman maybe!….but they’re a really young team now with great energy & pride=RINGS!

    • tou says:

      ive been always a Jordan fans….but with this three superstars in Miami, I love to see these three players beat the Chicago Bulls record…72-10..in the 90’s..

    • Lakers says:

      Look, the bottom line is this, until Lebron wins a ring is no king. Furthermore, Lebron, wade, and Bosh are copying the blueprint of the boston celtics who copy the lakers. I don’t know how will when next year but I do know this The lakers will be in the finals again to fight for that six ring because they still have bynum, odom, drake, kobe, pau and a bench of other good players.

      • three-peat says:

        Yo, who’s drake? thought his name was artest and the new player is “blake.” but yeah, lakers’ path to the finals will only be threatened by OKC. the battle between celtics and heat for the crown in the east will be interesting. But three-peat is the name of the game.

    • J-Revolution says:

      OMG!!! are you serious? I don’t think you understand! 2 out of the 3 best players in the league are on the same team! That is unheard of! Think of it! it would be like putting jordan and magic together! They have the best in the nba by far and they haven’t even played a game yet! All three of these guys were the face of their franchise and now they are all on the same team and you say they wont be good. When you would talk of miami you would think wade, when you spoke of cleveland you thought lebron and when you would talk of toronto you would associate it with bosh! Now all three of these guys are on the same team! Three prominent All-stars on the same team! The Heat are the best team out there! You can keep talking about how big Z will get beat down by good centers and I’m not going to argue with you! He will get beat by Howard! SOOO WHAT!!! Lebron will beat there 3, Dwayne will beat there 1 or 2 and Bosh will beat there 4. So i’m thinking out of 5 position i’d survive with only getting beat by one! Howard cannot score 65 points and grab 30 rebounds so the heat will beat the magic so easily next year! Heat are winning the championship whether you like it or not!

    • Marvi says:

      ima miami dwade fan honestly i dont like lebron teaming up with wade and bosh coz the legacy of those great players (especially LBJ) will come to an end, i think its much better for LBJ to stay in cavs or go to knicks or bulls for him to prove to everyone that he can have ring without having too many all star teammate, like MJ said for you to be the brightest star you need to be in the dark place but its too bright in miami, i just hope that LBJ dont bring his curse downsouth beach and that the 3 stars will blend nicely toghether! if they really play good together KOBE ang the fakers should start packing their ass up coz the HEAT will take their place and build dynasty!