Hang Time Podcast (Episode 17)


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Five days into life after “The Decision” we’re still talking about Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh joining forces in Miami.

We can’t help it. The whole affair adds a new layer or two by the minute. So you know we had to dive in on all that and more on Episode 17 of the Hang Time Podcast, featuring special guest co-host Lang Whitaker, the executive editor of SLAM Magazine and NBA.com’s super producer Micah Hart (who showed up from vacation to vent about the formation of the Heat’s super team).


We’re holding a contest here at the hideout for an official nickname for Miami’s new trio, so do share your suggestions (below).

We did talk about more than that, though. NBA.com’s rookie guru Drew Packham is in Las Vegas for summer league, so he joined us to talk about John Wall’s debut and some of the other sights and sounds gleaned from Vegas.

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Here’s a quick breakdown:

0:00–   Intro, LeBron’s move to Miami, Dan Gilbert’s reaction to LeBron,
risks vs. rewards in Miami and what does it take to win a title?

26:25– Special guest NBA.com’s Drew Packham talks about Summer League
and Free Agency. John Wall’s performance, Summer League breakdown,
reaction to LeBron’s decision and predictions for the Heat.

40:35– What to look for in Summer League ball, banter about the Atlanta Hawks
and Josh Childress‘ overseas play.

47:55Udonis Haslem back to Miami, Derek Fisher stays with Lakers, Boozer with
the Bulls and are the Lakers still the favorite?

52:40– Wrap-up


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  2. gabriel says:

    i dont like miami at all and im a big suns fan… but lets be realistic now. the miami heat is going to win and lebron will finally get a ring.

  3. C.J. says:

    Forgot to submit a nickname for the new trio. “Blaze Triad”.

  4. Zzanzabar says:

    Hidden amongst all the hoopla and venom about LeBron’s ESPN decision was the fact that it made 6 MILLION dollars (in one night) for the Boy’s and Girls clubs of America. As I said before if LeBron was going to do this for a charitable cause then it was OK. It did tarnish his image but players in professional sports seem to overcome that (Woods, Kobe, Magic Johnson, Ben Rothensburger, etc) and move on. Fans are fickle and will forgive indiscretions if they get a good show (not to say the ‘decision’ was a good show).

    As for Gilbert, he was (and still is) a self serving, rabble rousing, two faced JERK (but being wealthy I’m sure he could care less). Didn’t he FIRE a head coach that had just broken the NBA record for wins in consecutive years? Why didn’t we get an open letter from Mike Brown cursing ownership? Didn’t Gilbert offer James everything but his first born daughter for LBJ to remain in Cleveland (and thus increase the value of his franchise)? The funny part is that the fans in Cleveland will never take a close look at Gilbert’s ownership because of Lebron’s telecast. Lebron gave 7 years to a franchise that thought that Mo Williams, Varejao, and an aging decrepit Shaq was surrounding Lebron with a playoff caliber team!

    • C.J. says:

      People shouldn’t blame Shaq for any issues. Shaq scores when he gets the ball. Shaq didn’t get the ball much during the series. He’s still a scoring menace when you use him right.