Cousins’ debut gets chippy

Posted by Drew Packham

LAS VEGAS — You just knew DeMarcus Cousins‘ first game would get chippy.

Battling against Pistons rookie Greg Monroe (taken 7th overall), the Kings’ No. 5 draft pick known for some feistiness at Kentucky, didn’t back down.
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On one particular possession, Cousins was fouled hard by Monroe. Cousins turned back quickly, obviously upset, before settling down, rubbing his neck and walking away.

It didn’t help matters that Detroit’s Summer League roster featured Louisville product Edgar Sosa, who once called Cousins a “nutcase.”

Cousins got the last laugh, helping the Kings’ to an easy 97-68 win over the Pistons with 14 points and 10 rebounds.

“There was a lot of trash talk out there, and you already know how I am, so …” Cousins said, drawing chuckles.


  1. nick says:

    it’s good to see the kings finally pickup an agressive, strong big man. i am SO tired of all the passive centers and pf’s we have had in the past 10 years… webber after he got injured, vlade, hawes, etc. you would be foolish to think the kings will not have a playoff run this season. i can’t wait to shock the rest of the league while all this attention is being focused on the drama 3 in miami whom i wish nothing but the worst to

  2. Jenny says:

    So…. at what point did it get chippy? He was fouled hard and walked away, and a player on a rival team called him a name 6 months ago. Cousins is going to be a beast in the league!

  3. Yer Mom says:

    Cousins is a beast he might not have the career of Artest but he might have a better one Kings could surprise this year

  4. adam s. says:

    DeMarcus has a chip on his shoulder, but most of the negative remarks about him are dubious. Half of it is B.S., the other half is just repeated misinformation. As somebody that actually followed him through his college career, I can tell you that doubts about his self-control, work ethic, and coachability are unfounded.

  5. Jamie S* says:

    Raymond my friend, if this kid end up anywhere in the same hemisphere as “Ron Artest”, he’ll have an awsome career. But let’s just be impressive enough to be in uniform opening day. Love his gritt, nevermind the R.A. comparrisions which he’s obviously light years from right now, but he has a chance to develop into an NBA talent..

  6. DBD30 says:

    No Lonnie the Timberwolves won’t. They don’t need another big man but they DO need perimeter shooting, which is why they will be happy with Wes Johnson.

  7. Rj Ryder says:

    im looking forward to watch how LeMark cuz plays this season!..

  8. Lonnie Walls says:

    3 teams other than Washington will regret passing on Cousins! This is a man!

  9. Raymond says:

    Well I hope his agressiveness only translates to points and not locker room meltdowns like other players the Kings have had…. not naming any names but his initials are Ron Artest!! lol!

  10. Michael says:

    Demarcus Cousins is that guy you’re happy to have when it comes to aggresiveness. Tough guy with a great upside, if he knows how to control his anger and translate it onto the court, he should be a dominate force.

  11. JTreke says:

    YEAH! keep it up! playoffs is coming =)