Warriors undecided on Morrow


Posted by Art Garcia

LAS VEGAS — Restricted free agent Anthony Morrow is expected to sign an offer sheet of three years and $12 million from New Jersey on Monday, giving the Warriors seven days to match. Golden State’s front office hasn’t decided whether to match, according to league sources.

The sources stressed that the Warriors haven’t ruled out matching the offer sheet.

The team wants to study how the contract is structured before making a decision. Morrow, one of the league’s deadliest 3-point shooters, averaged 13.0 points last season, starting 37 of 69 games.

The 24-year-old former undrafted free agent could be caught in a numbers game behind starting guards Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis. At 6-foot-5, Morrow can also log some time at small forward. The Warriors are thin at that position, even with the recent addition of Dorell Wright.

Money is also going to play a large role in keeping Morrow. In addition to the $11 million committed to Wright over three years, Golden State signed new power forward David Lee to an $80 million deal over six years.

The decision facing Golden State general manager Larry Riley is whether Morrow is worth $12 million or if there’s a more cost-friendly alternative.


  1. the nets has 2 get morrow really bad,cuz then he will play with brook lopez and devin harris it will be a better team with damion james and derrik favors,but the NETS needs marrow really bad,he has to come,has to

  2. DBD30 says:

    The Warriors should let Morrow go. He’s can’t play in the guard spot, because of playing time cooperation, and is too undersized of a small forward for a team that doesn’t have a guard over 6’3″.
    The smart choice would be to instead use the mid-level exception and the money they could be spending on Morrow to acquire Mike Miller, who gives them height at the 2 Or 3 spot. I see him starting at the 3, though, as Dorell Wright is not a capable starter, and even Reggie Williams is better than him.

  3. David Mohrmann says:

    Rob is dead-on right! Morrow must be signed. This is a conscientious, hard-working player with all the skills necessary to be great. Aside from his fantastic shooting touch, he’s learning to get to the basket when over-guarded, and to rebound. He’s quick, smart, and dedicated, and I’ve got to believe other players love his energy both on and off the court. Also, he’s a perfect 6th man, or, if necessary, 7th or 8th. In other words, a great role-player, whatever is necessary to win. I love the guy and I’m always rooting for him. . .and I just have this terrible feeling that if he goes, he’ll really blossom. Let it happen with the Warriors! Go Morrow!

  4. Rob says:

    The Warriors have to sign Morrow. HAVE TO! This is not an option. If they actually care at all about winning, and that is a subject that could be justifiably up for debate as this team sale drags on in perpetuity, they have an excellent chance of winning with a week side scorer that can penalize you for collapsing on Curry or Lee strong side. If you guard them too tightly, you’ve got Monta slashing to the basket and he can be unstoppable at that. Pick him up and you have a either a dump off to Beidrins for a dunk or a dish to Morrow in the corner. The Warriors really have an offense that if it remains healthy, can run and even in the half court now with the addition of Lee, really lacks a week point. After the loss of 20 ppg with Magette going to Milwaukee, you must have Morrow. He works harder than anyone, actually cares about his job like a real person and improves his all around game and defense every season. He is a bargain at $4M/season and delivers numbers, percentages and more importantly, effort that are irreplaceable at that price in this league. If the Warriors sign a free agent small forward but loose Morrow, they will have still lost in the equation. Gentleman, nobody wants to purchase a team that makes bad moves and be saddled with fixing it.

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  6. WG says:

    Has the GM of the Warriors been the same person the last 5years+ ?
    If so he should be fired immediately. The warriors had a great playoff that defeated the top seed and then let Baron Davis slip away, Jason Richardson, Anthony Randolph, Morrow and a handful of other players who made that team very competitive.
    That same team that made a run against Dallas as the top seed should have been kept intact and at some stage added a solid free agent to the team.
    If Warriors management had done that they would be downright scary for any team.
    Baron Davis was playing his best basketball and only does so when he feels the team can win it all.
    That should have been an obvious sign the team had a tonne of potential.

  7. rob hill says:

    the nets better hope that Golden State doesn’t match. because after a terrible season, all they have to give there fans is Travis outlaw, and some super sub center that i can’t even spell his name. thanks nets so much for all the tough talk…………………

  8. Dee says:

    I hope GS doesn’t match.. I want Morrow on my NETS so badly!

  9. Josh says:

    Warriors fans are dying right now.

  10. Tyler says:

    morrow should go to chicago. He would get more playing time there