Winners And Losers


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Sifting through the wreckage that was “The Decision,” the 60-minute ESPN spectacle that saw LeBron James declare his intentions to join the All-Star party in Miami, has left us with very few real winners but oh so many losers.

Sure, the Heat vault to the top of the list of title contenders in the Eastern Conference on star power alone, sending their fans and folks in and around south Florida into their own hoop dream that ends with parades up and down Ocean Drive. And James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are all checking their ring sizes in anticipation of the hardware they will chase for the next five seasons, and possibly beyond.

But there is little else to celebrate today, with frayed feelings everywhere else.

Nowhere is that empty feeling greater than it is in Northeast Ohio, and especially Cleveland and Akron, where James has lived, worked and played his entire life prior to Thursday’s night’s stunning departure. And if you need proof, just take a look at the number of people in Cleveland that watched the show Thursday night compared to the number of folks in Miami.

Their rage remains palpable, not only with James but with any and everyone that doesn’t share their anger about the way this all went down.

Still, the Hang Time crew had been charged with handing out awards for the winners and demerits for the losers. And no matter what, we have to do the job. So without further ado:

WINNERS — Miami, South Beach and business owners all over South Florida

Every single restaurant, club, condo and boutique hotel and shop owner in Miami should start planning to clear out more space and expand their facilities, because if James’ arrival there has a similar impact to what he had in Cleveland, business is about to get really, really good. Already one of the world’s finest party hot-spots, Miami and South Beach get the added boost of being the epicenter of the NBA universe for at least the next year. And if the Heat actually lives up to the immense hype that surrounds this groundbreaking compilation of stars, Will Smith might want to find his way to the studio for his 1997 hit, beinvenido a Miami!

LOSERS — Jim Gray, LeBron James and Dan Gilbert

Both James and Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert will spend plenty of time as punching bags for folks that don’t agree with how they have handled themselves during this process, and rightfully so. The entire broadcast was a classic example of how not to handle something like this, as both Richard Sandomir of The New York Times and Buzz Bissinger of Vanity Fair made abundantly clear in these must-read accounts of what went down Thursday night. But the man we’d most like to bounce on his head here at the hideout is Jim Gray. Not only did he drive us wacky playing 21 questions (fine, he asked 18 before getting to the only one anyone cared about), he did it in such a smug manner that even James appeared to be annoyed with the silly banter. Even worse is the news that Gray was possibly behind this entire debacle, per CNBC’s sports business guru Darren Rovell. We waited 30 minutes for James to give us what we came for and we’re putting that last 30 on Gray and his useless interviewing scheme. This wasn’t fair to the fans in Cleveland or anywhere else to drag out the decision the way they did.

WINNERS — Dennis Scott and the rest of the media working the story

ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard and former ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith are both being credited with breaking the Miami Big 3 story, deserving plaudits for two guys that turned out to be spot on in their reporting and analysis. Broussard scooped his own network a day early. But he and Smith were not the first pundits to float the idea of a Justice League-style conglomeration in Miami. That honor belongs to NBA TV’s very own Dennis Scott, who suggested Miami as destination paradise for the elite members of the free agent class of 2010 on this special edition of the Hang Time Podcast … over a month ago! 3D detailed exactly how Pat Riley could get it done and everything.



LOSERS — Mike Brown and Danny Ferry, the ousted brain trust

Former coach Mike Brown and former GM Danny Ferry were both ushered out of town in the aftermath of the Cavaliers’ playoff flame out last season. Brown was fired, while Ferry chose to depart rather than spend his time dealing with the foolishness that he must have known was in store in free agency. Both men were scapegoats for failures that deserves to spread out among many more, including James and Gilbert. Brown departed as the most successful coach in franchise history and really a pawn in a game far more sinister than he probably imagined. Ferry got out ahead of the craziness. And good for him. They’ll both resurface elsewhere and the hideout crew wishes them the best.

WINNER — Tom Izzo, the Cavs-coach-that-wasn’t

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo knew better than to dip his toes into the NBA waters in Cleveland, whether LeBron James was on board or not. Kudos to Izzo for smelling the stench ahead of time and avoiding being a casualty in this high-stakes hoops-opera that would only have served to tarnish his legacy as one of college basketball’s best coaches. Izzo resisted the intense and lucrative recruiting pitch of another MSU Spartan, Gilbert, who clearly isn’t ready to turn the operation over to anyone else, not even Izzo. If he watched Thursday night’s show, and there was no reason for Izzo to bother, we bet he was relieved that he hadn’t jumped at Gilbert’s offer when he heard the words “South” and “Beach” roll of James’ lips.



LOSERS — Cavs coach Byron Scott and the team and fans James left behind

Cavaliers coach Byron Scott remains a fantastic choice to lead the Cavaliers into this most uncertain future. But he could have kept his analyst job with ESPN if he’d known he would be coaching a team with Mo Williams as its first option. Scott was rumored to be the next in line for the Los Angeles Lakers if Phil Jackson left, he didn’t. So you go from almost coaching a team led by Kobe Bryant to almost coaching led by James to coaching a team led by Anderson Varejao? That’s just not right. We’re rooting for the Cavs, who still have some room to maneuver and add star power of some sort with nearly $12 million in available cap space, once they renounce their rights to James. But Scott will have to work some magic to save this season for the Cavaliers and a fan base that’s been cut to the bone by yet another disappointing sports moment.

WINNERS — The team that upends the Miami 3 on their way to a title

There are about 20 teams that would love to ruin the fairy tale ending Wade, James and Bosh have in mind. The NBA history books are littered with super teams that were put together with multiple championships in mind, the most recent group being the Shaquille O’Neal-Bryant, Karl MaloneGary Payton Lakers of 2003-04. They made it all to the NBA Finals before being dispatched in five games by a then superstar-free Detroit team, whose legacy in Pistons’ lore was cemented by their dethroning of Hall of Fame Foursome the Lakers assembled. This Miami 3 already have a target on their chests and plenty of teams are aiming for them, including Stephen Jackson and the Charlotte Bobcats and Magic GM Otis Smith, who added fuel to the Southeast Division and Sunshine State rivalry by stating publicly that he thought James was “more of a competitor.”

LOSERS — All the teams that didn’t land James, Wade or Bosh

James never did name a runner-up for his services or a pecking order for the six teams he considered. So we’ll throw them all in here since the Heat snagged the top three free agents on the market. The Knicks, however, lead the pack of the biggest losers. After spending the last two years doing whatever they could to create hype for James coming to Madison Square Garden and saving a basketball-mad city, so losing out to former Knicks coach Riley has to sting for the Knick faithful, yes that includes you Spike Lee. Amar’e Stoudemire is not an adequate consolation prize, we don’t care how many different ways the Knicks try to sell it. Waiting another year for Carmelo Anthony or some other member of the free agent class of 2011 isn’t going to cut it either. The Bulls, Nets, Cavaliers and even the Clippers have foundations to work with. Meanwhile, the Knicks are back to chasing ghosts.



  1. raistlinx says:

    I feel sorry for Cleveland..
    Its just that your “King” has a motto: “If you can’t beat them join them!”
    I love his move, his game but i guess your right ab0ut his leadership!

    I can’t wait to see Miami vs lakers in the Finals and see how lakers will beat them!
    But then again, maybe they won’t reach LA in the finals.. haha

    For you kobe haters out there.. Sorry that Kobe isn’t your MAN. Maybe you ought to change
    your motto too!? like Lebron? haha

    Lets go Lakers!

  2. PRINCE says:

    GUYS! Remember that basketball is a 5 PLAYER TEAM… therefore it should be played and won as a team! NO ONE MAN CAN win a game by himself! so cut the crap out of who’s the best man who could carry his team ALONE and win championships! GET REAL PLEASE!

  3. Kikz says:

    Pathetic Lebron could’nt handle the Celtics so to get even,he joined Wade and Bosh,this is the reason why he chosed Miami becoz theres no way he can do it on his own,Lebronhuggers,don’t tell me Cavs are a bad team,60 plus wins in the last 2 seasons,Lebron just choke in the playoff,what a loser!!

  4. THSBA says:

    booo woooo cle fans stop crying! dan gilbert you made your fortune off lbj so i understand why your crying as for the everyone else in the league, get ready as the big 3 will avg about 20 pts each with showtime.

    no matter what mia will not win a championship as long kobi and the lakers are still together,

    so mr, jerry buss stop being dumb and sign back fisher for his 5- 6 mill, and ensure kobi gets his 6th ring

    plus whats a few million in luxury tax when you will make way more in sales after winning another title.

    and those knocking lbj, wake the hell up this isnt fun basketball, or I.O.U somthing basketball, this is I need a ring or ill be like charles barkley, p ewing, and malone (greats that never won a ring)

    now lbj cant be in that category so dont hate the guy!

  5. Kikz says:

    Lakers hater everywhere,what differentiate Kobe from LeFraud is,sure he has role players with him but they are not superstars compare to Wade and Bosh,Gasol during his time with the Grizzlies is in the same status with Lebron?gimmme a break,he was a role player not a superstar!!!Kobe opted to stay in LA becoz he believes he can carry this team,everybody needs help yeah but WADE,LEFRAUD and BOSH is an OVERKILL!!!why not Knicks?why not Chicago?becoz we all know Lefraud can’t do it on his own,he chosed the easy road,at least he burden on scoring is not all in his shoulder anymore,anything less than a championship this year would be a failure,well see…

  6. lpasuncion says:

    No one must compare great players such as the likes of MJ, Magic and Bird to LeBron. Do LeBron won the championship with the only team he played with?…..NO!

    What would LeBron think if he won a ring? (how big guy who leaned on to some other guy just to win a championship?!)

    Hope he would not turn into the next…MALONE!

  7. juju says:

    Miami should win the championships else its a shame of their team up…

  8. Dro says:

    To every1….Wade is the only one who has been carrying his team quite sum time…..lebron cudnt even do it this year with a great team….kobe is jus lukky he has an overloaded team of superstars

  9. myles says:

    i hope to God that miami falls flat on their faces. this whole thing was planned a long time ago. the garbage of dwayne wade doing what is best for his family and going to chicago is a load of $#!&. chris bosh is a follower who isn’t even that good. i’d take boozer and david lee over bosh any day. lebron, you are a selfish, lame, ego bloated, traitor. how could you do this to cleveland. you don’t deserve a one hour special you waste of talent. im going to pray to God every day and night that cleveland wins the next title without you. i hope to God that they post this message on twitter, facebook, myspace, tagged, youtube, sportscenter, around the horn, pti, sportsnation, and spraypainted on your front door. this is not good for your image, miami, or the nba period. what’s the matter lebron? can’t you win an nba ring without your girlfriends wade and bosh? i hope you all fall off a cliff. Good luck “QUEEN JAMES”

  10. Purple and gold says:

    Hey Jason, get off your high horse. What do you mean Lebron was a one man team with Cleveland. You CAN’T win 66 games in one season by being a one man team!!!!!! Besides you sound like another Laker hater so join the crowd of haters!!!! I look forward to my Lakers playing this renewed Heat team next year. I don’t think the Lakers are gonna bow down because of these unprecedented player acquisitions. You think just acquiring superstar players makes a championship team????? You have to earn a championship buddy!! So let’s see who’s holding up the trophy at the end of next season and only then will we know who earned the championship!!!!!!! The Lakers still are the champs and they have to be dethroned!!! And Kobe Bryant is the leader of that team, even though people like yourself can’t give him any credit.

  11. Bob says:

    Winners for 2010 – 2011
    1. Miami got basically what they want for their core team.
    2. LA Lakers – main players are coming back to defend title with coach Phil Jackson.

    Losers for 2010 – 2011
    1. Some Western conference teams – top caliber playoff players had signed up with the teams in the East.
    2. Some Eastern conference teams – instead of having a fairly balanced groupings, only few could afford to reach 35-40 wins.

    Things will appear predictable next year. By the middle of April 2011, LOOK at Conference standings (win-loss). May not seem good to look at.

  12. Paulstar says:

    Lebron could have been the first one to get Cleveland a ring and start a Cleveland dynasty, just like MJ did for Chicago.

    Lebron could have stayed in Cleveland where he was thriving.

    People don’t remember Chicago had to get bruised up by detroit and others in the mid to late 80’s before finally getting it all together by 91.

    People don’t remember that MJ had to wait his turn, wait for the time to be right …. he had to wait!

    He had to wait for a very raw Pippen to develop as the best all-round player in the league and also one of the best defenders in the league (he could defend any position if needed, but people forget that).

    They had to make a coaching change.

    They had to let their role players learn to stick to their roles.

    Most importantly, they had to get playoff experience.

    I guess Lebron was too impatient (like most kids today) and couldn’t take a history lesson of the NBA’s best superstars and teams ever and how to get the job done.

    A little more adjusting and they were a 70 win team for sure. How you ask? Varejo and West proved they couldn’t handle playoff pressure, so they need to go. Brown proved he couldn’t coach the playoff games, only the regular season games – which Phil Jackson says ‘are just exhibition games for the playoffs’, so you replace Brown. You replace West with a veteran defensive point guard, and you pick up an all-star like Carlos Boozer to fill in where Varejo left off. Now you haver the right mix and now you have another star player (Boozer, still getting better) to fit in the mix, much like Gasol fit in with Kobe and got better over time.

    Now you are talking fair. Fair to the league, fair to the fans of the league (not just Cleveland), and fair to Lebron himself.

    But how can he look in the mirror now? The most dominant force to play the game since Shaq, Moses Malone and particularly Chamberlain (Lebron is easily second best dominant force to ever play the game, behind Chamberlain) and now he has to team up with with two others that make them arguably three of the best five in the game today. And you thought Garnett, Pierce and Allen was a fix? No comparison! A threesome of this calibre today has never before happened in the league.

    And all you Chicago haters can eat my shorts. The Pippen, Rodman and MJ trio is not even remotely comparable as single stars. Pippen was a raw talent that developed over time, with his team, alongside a superstar. Rodman was a journeyman looking for the next best fit. He was a role player slightly past his prime, yet still in better shape than most players at the time and he lead the league in rebounds and was a defensive specialist. Most of all, he knew how to get under your skin and throw you off your game (something MJ was best ever at doing in this league, which is why the Kobe/MJ arguments are silly – sure Kobe shows he has slightly more pure talent than MJ, but MJ had the mental effect against his opponents like no other! So they are not comparable, no matter how much they walk the same or chew gum the same).

    So there you have it – Rodman who was the best role player and rebounder in the game at the time; Kerr was the best three point shooter in the game and Pippen developed over a long patient time to create a NATURAL team, not a team fixed by convincing superstars at the top of the league to create a powerhouse.

    Not like Boston did in 08; not like Miami did in 06 to get Mourning, O’neal, Payton, Wade, Kapono and Williams (all together? are you kidding me?); not like LA TRIED with Payton, Malone, Shaq and O’neal; not like Charles, Hakeem and Pippen TRIED with Houston (though all well past their prime at the time). The list could go on back to the beginning of the NBA.

    So which ring attempts do you respect the most?

    Philadelphia 83 or San Antonia 03?

    LA 04 (The failure of a powerhouse with no bench) or Houston 94?

    Houston 99 (the trying old hall of famers) or Detroit 89?

    Miami 11 (yet to be done) or Chicago 91?

    Boston 08 or Boston 68?

    Lakers 69 (Wilt finally learns defense and has a stacked team, but…) or Boston 69 (the improbable title / the trophy of heart and will)?

    Miami 06 (The full stacked team) or Detroit 04 (no superstars, or even stars)

    If I were Lebron, I couldn’t look in the mirror! I have lost all respect for him to have to stoop so low as to attempt to ‘buy’ a non-guaranteed ring with Miami.

    I have lost respect for Pat Riley. He is the smartest guy out there at developing a team and his resume shows it, but he didn’t have to go so far as to get Lebron and wade together – that is just ridiculous. Bosh alone would have been enough of an addition to make a Miami contender again, but now you have Lebron AND Bosh to join Miami??? it’s beyond laughable – it’s ‘in your face’ silly!

    If Lebron wants to be a billionare, fine – leave Cleveland and go to New York alongside ONE other superstar like Bosh, Boozer, Johnson or Stoudemire and get a title one day (maybe a few) and pick-up a billion in endorsements as THE MAN (may take longer to get that ring but at least you will be financially set if they invent a pill that allows you to live 1000 years).

    It ain’t goin to be in Miami. Endorsements won’t be the same in Miami as it could have been in New York and he won’t be THE MAN anymore – he’ll be ONE OF THE MEN, which will further hurt his endorsement opportunities I might add.

    With that being said, he has made a foolish mistake to try an easy way for an unrespectable ring!

    You care more about winning than being a Billionare? Stay in Cleveland with a new coach and push your GM to get you just one other decent star player like Boozer or Bosh (not like Jamison) and you are ring happy a few times in the future. Stay in Cleveland and you build your legacy as one of the greatest ever alongside Russel, Chamberlain, Abdul-Jabbar, Jordan, Bird and Johnson.

    That legacy in the making has now disappeared the moment the DECISION was made. And by the way, the ‘reality show’ type of announcement is by far the dumbest thing I have ever seen in sports – period. It belongs on a blooper show. A blooper because the ‘decision’ was an attempt at earning an ‘unrespected’ ring. A blooper because he fails to build his legacy any further as THE KING. A blooper because a classy player would never swim in his own fame to the point of having a show based on his free agency decision decision- absolutely ridiculous!!

    But to team up with Wade and Bosh to get a ring instead?? The most immature move I have seen since Malone and Payton took pay cuts to team up with Shaq And Kobe, only to lose their chance at getting a ring due to Malone blowing his knee out in the playoffs (karma, you may be thinking?).

    Take a lesson from Hakeem who stuck with small market Houston for 10 years after losing in the ’86 finals, Robinson for waiting on his team through the 90’s, Kobe for raging through trying times but staying married to the same team he has ever known without acquiring a superstar (like when he was with Shaq in the first dynasty) so that he can prove he has the ability and talent like other past supestars to be a leader and help everybody around him play at a level higher than their average (and it worked – Gasol flourished, he was raw beforehand just like Pippen was the years before the ’91 title), Dr J for waiting after several failed ring attempts, Jordan for getting beaten up by stronger more experienced teams for many years before finally showing the world how much better he really is than we thought he already was – he waited for his team to climax and prove he was not just the best player of his time, but also the best leader! The entire San Antonio team for sticking together and playing out the string for the past 8 seasons through good and tough times, without ever trying to acquire superstars to join their ‘team effort’ to maintain their dynasty (I feel for them this year, because the big three actually played well against Phoenix , but the rest of the entire team failed miserably – they really had a chance to make a run again if the role players played had played their roles properly).

    Even the ones that didn’t win like Stockton, Ewing, Barkley, Miller, Malone (yes he changed teams after 20 years as a last chance attempt for a cheap ring with a stacked team, but the man did stay married to his team for two decades to become the second highest scoring player ever in the league with a goal of bringing a ring to the small market Jazz).

    You live with the cards you are dealt. If you have one eye, you make the best of it. If you have the talent to make the NBA and play for a team as the star player, you prove your ability to truly be a star by leading the players around you to play at their best and to influence your managers to give you the role players you need. You stay with the team and build fans in the country to respect you for being the best player of your city, not the best player from city to city – you want that then become a globetrotter and have fun with it. If you win along the way, great! If not, oh well, it is a team sport so don’t take it so hard just because the other TEAM was better, everyone still knows you were the best. Stockton has the most assists and steals of all-time so we know how good he was, but he didn’t choose tennis where the best player wins, he chose a team sport.

    When we played at the local gym, we took the two best players and split them up and they took turns choosing the rest of the players to make the game fair. How could David Stern allow Miami to make a team containing 3 of the 5 best players in the league? Why would Pat Riley do this? Why would Wade allow two superstars? Why would Lebron want to tarnish his legacy in the making???

    Well I don’t wish bad on the health of this trio of superstars because they are playing with each other for the first time (in the NBA) alongside many other new teammates for the first time and if you know anything about B-Ball in this league, it comes down to role players, coaching and bench to get that ring!
    So getting a ring won’t be as easy as they think!!

    Sure Garnett, Pierce and Allen proved instant mesh can equal title, but the reality is that they listened to Doc Rivers like he was God and there was great coach-team chemistry. The reality is that Rondo was the unexpected x-factor to help complete the team. Had he not exceled as he did, they may have been ringless. Had he not exceled, the Lakers were sure to win the ring that year. Any arguments??

    It’s a team sport folks and you need all cylinders working to make it happen. When Joe Johnson fell on his face and broke it, Phoenix couldn’t get that title they deserved; that title they should have gotten. Why? No bench. But they did have the best starting five since the 86 Celtics and 87 Lakers. Stroudemire, Nash priming his MVP status, Johnson, Marion and Qeuntin Richardson. No one can argue that. But they had to stay flawless because without a bench they couldn’t handle missing a starter like Johnson.

    I do so hope Miami misses the finals next year.

    I do hope for team quarraling and breakdowns and a superstar or two wanting out of Miami for 11/12 . . . . which is what you will see happen folks! Lebron and Wade are not three point specialists, but I assure they will take far too many attempts. I have always argued that Wade attempts too many threes that he doesn’t have to. Ttake away three attempts per game and he slashes and passes his way into two more assists and one layup to add to his average! LeBron has proven to take too many threes in the playoffs over the years, especially late in games when he should be driving to the bucket and getting fouled over and over and over! Why give up all that muscle for a lame .316 career playoff 3-point average?!? Not necessary LeBron, but you can’t blame him – it is all about the coaching to fix that! Which is exactly why Cleveland did Lebron a favor by getting him a new coach!!


  13. dgreeze says:

    does anyone think that jordan during 88,89,90 would have thought about leaving chicago to join detroit because he just couldnt get past them. do you think he would have worried about not being good enough to beat them. I DONT. Lebron got scared when Bosh signed with Wade and Miami and thought to himself I wont be able to beat these guys so im gonna join them. he took the easy way out. Jordan is the best and always thought of himself as the best and always thought im gonna smash these pistons next year never gave up and eventually did it. you have to work for championships not try to run from a challenge and join what looks to be your biggest challenge. Lebron will now be the A-Rod of basketball and will never be considered one the all time greats and its sad to see.

  14. Ron says:

    no matter how things go in miami, lebron will never be top dog……wade will now always have one more title than Lebron 🙂 everyone wants to compare the number of titles with jordan’s 6 titles what about bill russells 11 titles in 13 years and he was even coach/player some of those years.

    Yes bird had parish, mchale ect. and magic had kareem ect. but they were put there by draft choices and were not stars until they meshed together……was mchale, parish great stars on other teams…..ummmmm no when you make the comparisons it would be like would bird and magic, or magic and jordan ever join one of the others teams, just answer that question! im sure the answer is no because they were competitors and a different breed of player compared to lebron and bosh, if lebron was king he should have had wade and bosh come to cleveland and not piggy back to wades team….it will always be wades team and he is the one who will come out on top… my opinion he was better than lebron before, if i recall it was lebron who sucked in the conference finals while mo was playing like a champ and like lebron should have……its his fault they did not win, if you would stick kobe or wade on that cleveland team they could have won the championship.

    I think it was total disrespect for him to wait till all the good free agents were signed to make his self worshiping decision, it would have been more professional and mature to just made the statement and given the cavs a chance to sign someone like booser amare or any other player.

    usually when you see teams scramble like this to get a championship it is desperate to win older veteran players, its very odd to see young stars doing it as they must have no faith or belief in their game or prospect to win a championship as the centerpiece of a team.

  15. JWill255 says:

    I think it’s a shame that everyone is getting on LeBron the way that they are. How dare any of us that HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT KIND OF PRESSURE feels like to pass judgement. This is a grown man we are talking about here also. LeBron has been loyal to Cleveland, Akron, & the entire state of Ohio since he was a little kid and he was the “savior” for Ohio. What do we know about having a camera shoved in your face since you were 13? There was bound to a loser in all of this, but for people to sit back and say he was selfish is just insane to me. ESPN, OHIO, SLAM, & Sports Illustrated created this media monster. I think LeBron did what he thought was best. Why should he hold everyones hand throughout this whole situation when it’s clear that people want him for one thing and one thing only – to win. Cleveland had numerous opportunites to build a better team around him and didn’t. He was with them for 7 years and you can’t possibly say he didn’t carry his team at all. he might not have won a ring with them, but give credit where it’s due. Is it his fault the economy in Cleveland is shot to hell?

    We should be ashamed of ourselves for expecting him to the be the “savior for all things holy” in Cleveland. What happend to him in that city is nothing short of them just using him.

    As for “The Decision” you all forget the money raised went directly to the Girls & Boys Club, & at least this way the commentators got to ask him questions while the decision and everything else was fresh. What he gave were honest un-edited answers.

    SMH @ everyone for wanting more.

    If you were truly a fan of the game, you’d be excited for something to get excited about. I’m sick of seeing the same 4 teams in the semis & I’m sick of seeing lackluster teams.

    LeBron, let ’em hate.

  16. mac mac says:

    …. lebron …. will also missed cavs …
    the franchise that put him on NBA and MVP awardee …
    he must not left cavaliers … coz he is the so called KING ….
    cavaliers is so proud no matter what happens …
    with title or without ….
    look he can have the championship trophy and ring but
    not in your hometown …
    JAMES must re view he ‘ s decision …

  17. Sportsfan101 says:

    Here’s the difference. While Lebron, Dwayne, and Chris are living it up and holding press conferences and appearances talking about all the rings they will win Kobe is in the gym getting ready for next season. All the players on the Olympic Team spoke of his work ethic and how Kobe pulled them together. They were losing before Kobe joined the team. Eye of the Tiger. Jim Rome on the air said that he and Alonzo Morning bumped into Kobe at about 10 pm on a weekend in the off season. Kobe was with his wife and Rome and Morning asked Kobe what he was doing after let’s have some drinks. Kobe replied I missed my morning workout due to a prior engagement. So I am going to home and put a couple hours in the gym before I go to bed. That’s how you get it done. Dude is sick and not 1 member or the MIAMI HEAT has that type of dedication. That is why there is only one ring between them. My money is with Kobe and The Lakers. By the way after that next in line is Durant in my book. Don’t sleep.

  18. not a LeGone fan says:

    for all who commented about Mr. Kobe Bryant being on a packed team,and stuffs like “KOBE S*CKS”,here’s what i have to say…
    Lebron James is not in the league with Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant…
    they went and won championships without having another superstar with their calibre on their team…
    kobe is the guy to be reckoned with…
    Finals MVP(that your KING has yet to hold),5-TIME Champion(he’d been to the finals and hasn’t won any GAME),all-star game mvp, “EIGHTY ONE”, and BTW dwyane and lebron couldn’t bring the olympic gold that’s why they needed the help of Mr. Bryant in the so called REDEEM TEAM…

    as for all you guys out there who call him THE KING….


  19. Lucyfer says:

    LeBron came into the NBA being the so-called “K-I-N-G”. as far as i know a king is someone that can be looked up to by the people around him. someone who will give his all for his comrades/supporters/staffs. someone who has pride. someone who has faith in his colleagues. someone who has faith and believes in himself.

    YES! i was a LBJ fan. but i WAS, not anymore. all those things that could be described to a king is not to be found on LeBron.

    LeBron cant handle the pressure, especially of the playoffs. he cant live being the centerpiece anymore. he cowardly sold his soul to the devil. i would rather be a fan of reggie miller, karl malone, charles barkley, patrick ewing of the old days. or carmelo anthony, steve nash, dirk novitzki, and all those other allstar players that could never win a championship w/ their current teams. than be a fan of a former king. a former “superstar” that rants and whines and joined… yeah JOINED other person’s team just to have a better shot of winning a ring.

  20. APP_Master says:

    Winner and Losers? It all opionion…
    I am an LBJ fan, not a CLE fan not a MIA fan either.
    Lebron chose his best chance to win with the added benifits of money and playing with his firends.
    No one in their right mind would ever give up this opportunity. To say so would be hypocritical – think about it.
    I cant wait to see it all unfold…I will be going for the team Lebron plays on….can’t wait for this season to begin!

  21. LakerFanFrance says:

    2011 NBA Finals: Heat vs Lakers?
    Oh well, we don’t need Phil Jackson to coach such a Final because in Basketball game only matchups count.
    2: Dwayne vs Kobe, well Kobe is the best player in the League; 3: LeBron vs Artest – Artest defense will just lock Lebron up. LeBron demonstrated the last two years that he can’t handle any defensive pressure: 4: Bosh vs Gasol – Bosh is half a player because he doesn’t exist defensively.
    All we have to do is to give the ball to an healthy Bynum and go to the rim because Miami is not going anywhere without a Center (don’t bring back Shaq, he can’t run anymore) and some good role players. Odom is just the 6th man in LA but he could be in any roster elsewhere. If they double-team Bynum, the Black Mamba or Pau will bite.
    LeBron is just a good Harlem Globetrotter (look at the head band). Nothing to do with Jordan, Magic or Kobe. Remember that the Olympic Redeem teammates were impressed by Kobe seriousness at the practice…something common with Magic, jordan and Bird. Remember that the extremely talented Kobe went to Hakeem Olajuwon to learn his Dream Shake. Kobe is not humble when he talks but when he is at work, he is the humblest.
    LeBron…go practice and you will win a title.
    By the way, the NBA should lower the number of teams to avoid dilution of talent. Every franchise should have a couple of potential Hall of Famer to have a fair game.
    Lebron is just gifted and very lazy.

  22. Jerry Filler says:

    On the bright side for Cavs, fans, JJ Hickson may come into his own now and he could be a great basketball player. We still have a good nucleus and might get lucky with one or more of our EUor players. Trades and free agents still to be dealt with anbd don’t forget….for 7 years, teams have won NBA titles without Lebron.

  23. good game says:

    First want to say no matter if Kobe wins 7 titles he will still be behind MJ, just look al all of other MJ’s records, no player is even near them and all of those stats make him the GOAT not just number of rings, but thats for some other discussion.

    About James, most probably he wont be consider for one of the greatest of all time cause of this, but dont u think he is aware of that?! This is the ultimate sacrefice he made and he is aware of that, but he wants to win, its so clear and I congraz him on that, nothing wrong in wanting to win. If its not important to him to be considered as best of all time, why judge him, let the man be champion.

    There are several examples of truly great players like Karl Malone and John Stockton who never won ring, and u all know what they say how much they suffer for never winning 1, they would change every MVP or other title for just 1 ring, Im sure thats what James never wanted to happen to him, so good luck LeBron and Bosh wish yo to win at least 1 ring!

    • wertyqqq says:

      dude. stop comparin mj to kobe. their diff for several reasons that if written would fill this entire blog sheet up for that. TRUE nba fans knows that. TRY WATCHIN EVERY NBA GAME MORE, not just watchin the news and the web.

  24. Desportivo 57 says:

    At least the NBA still has the draft system as well as salary caps, and all sort of rules made to balance somehow all the franchises.In European soccer, there is nothing but contracts. Basically the club with the most Money gets the best players period! That is why you see that the big clubs in the richest countries win all the time and get richer and others in smaller countries get very little.
    Be happy dear American friends, you have a great system in the NBA, that is why I am a great fan, and watch games on TV in Europe at crazy hours of night.
    I am really looking forward to the new season even though I am more of a Lakers fan, but cannot deny that I will be watching a lot of Heat games
    Cheers from Portugal

  25. dd says:

    i don’t see why people think bosh is that great, sure he is talented but he never led his team when it counted. hell he only has been in 11 playoff games and what happened. the nets and magic both manhandled him. he was the most overrated big man in this free agent class. amare is ten times the player this bum will ever be.

  26. Thaddaeus from Louisville says:

    One last thing, how does being a brand like Lebron is match with his idea of being just another member of the new big three? There seems to be a dichotomy to Jemes that he doesn’t recognize himself. Will the new Lebron shoes come with pictures of Bosh and Wade? How does one promotes themselves like Lebron as an individual but then make a decision to join D-Wade. I think Nike should give Wade the spotlight and air a 30 minute special on how they no longer need Lebron as a spokesman because he is second fiddle. I think this dichotomy will eventually gnaw and divide lebron deep beneath his multi-million dollar veneer.

  27. Thaddaeus from Louisville says:

    Is the real winner not Dwayne Wade. Think about it. We have all been comparing the stellar 2003 draft class of Wade, Bosh, James, and Anthony since they got drafted. We all thought James was the best and we were surprised that the number five pick, Wade, could compete with the legacy that James was about to enjoy. Well folks, I don’t have to tell you who now is the greatest player from that class. Wade has already won one, and now if Lebron wins won so will Wade. Wade was able to trick his competition in that legendary draft class to help him win . What a brilliant move by Wade. Even in the signing pictures Wade is in the middle wearing his own suit while Lebron and Bosh are on the outside in matching suits. So comical. Lebron now will always sit on the outside of the talk of the NBA’s greatest. Wade will be there though. Lebron you are a sucker. Sports are about the best competing against the best, not colluding. How does James not understand any of this? Its like he watched how people criticized Kobe for needing people and decided he wanted to be hated more than Kobe. Kobe now appears to be a hero compared to James. I have never seen a player sacrifice his legacy so willingly and happily as James.

  28. patrick says:

    You people really need to grow up. Lebron gave Cleveland 7 years of his life, and they didnt give him anything. Not 1 supporting superstar to help him carry the load. I would of left to. The people of cleveland did not love him, they loved what he did for them, they never cared about him as a person, just look at how they reacted when he left, burning his merchandise and cursing his name. Im a laker fan for life, and if kobe would leave me nor any other la fan would act that way.

  29. Rookie98 says:

    Yea! Well is finally over.The HYPE was really over done. I wish the best for all parties( (Knicks, Cavaliers and Heat). Miami as ABBA says wnner takes it al the loser takes a fall well. After alll Miaimi still as to put together a team and
    that not going to be easy. The Knicks are lot closer to making waves if they sign Felton than most people give them credit for. Has everyone forgot that the CAVS did win 60 games last year. If Glbert puts his money and common sense to work all is far from lost.
    God Speed to all parties. As far as really picking a winneror loser ask me next year. As a closing note watch that Chicago
    and both teams out of LA
    98 OUt!

    • mrk says:

      hello there …. i have just notice that, some people don’t like the decision of bosh and James… but in my opinion.. i think there is nothing wrong with there decision, They are playing in the league the we called NBA, in the name it self,, national basketball,, it means all the players playing are good players, if they are really NBA players they must not be disappointed of the decision of C.B and James… they must be happy because they are now given a chance to be one of the superstar of NBA.. take the challenge be like them, be the the super of your team,, a team is compose of 12-15 players, it is not compose of only 1-5 players,, in order to win a championship a team must be one,, no one can be a team if he is alone,,,
      even you are the best player in NBA you cannot win a championship alone,,
      all team have opportunities to win,, and they must prove it.. it is NBA not just any league,, it the best basketball league that we had.. prove to us that you deserve to be famous and to be supported,,

  30. AustiN says:

    seriously people… you all speak like the NBA is played by 1-3 players… do you really have the lack of logic to really understand the built of the Miami Heat yes 3 of the top 15 players today in south beach… and then Chalmers, Beasley, 3 rookies and a couple of washed up guys? If it were the finals with the lakers heck maybe even the mavs can beat them because they are teams with a deep bench.. why? do you expect all three of them to never be subbed out of the game to rest be realistic

  31. Rick says:

    Wow.. im speechless.. for that city of Akron and state of Ohio. This this really gets to my gut especially after watching his MVP ceremony special going back to his old community, these people loved him. Those heartfelt fans. Man just the way this whole thing was done, i mean was all that really necessary. My new second favorite team behind my blazers is now the Cleveland Cavaliers. I now dislike what was my second team in the heat, i dislike Wade, Bosh, and the people who run the NBA. I already see alot of former NBA fans commenting and that’s great, the NBA to me is a lost league, the only way basketball and not media hype can be retained to the NBA is for all 29 teams to compete and slay this monster. I hope that every other team wins a championship before this team does at least until the fire is finally burned out. Any team but the heat please. I hope the best for the NBA.

  32. RON says:

    Gino – Let’s not throw stones..every superstar has won with some other superstar Michael (Scottie), Magic (Kareem, Worthy), Bird ( Parrish, Mchale, Dennis Johnson). The pattern is every superstar had a Hall of Famer that helped..Now everyone is saying Kobe wouldn’t do it, oh how everyone forgets how Kobe quit on his team when they lost to Boston. But now he is the best in the game. Everyone can say a superstar won’t leave there team, but this is a different time and era. If any superstar that never won a ring could do it again they would go to a team to win a Championship also. You aren’t remembered for records, you are great with rings. Ask Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Elgin Baylor and John Stockton to name a few.

  33. VChase says:

    After reading quite a few comments some arguments really stood out in my mind. Mostly the comparison of the Heat Trio and other duo’s or groups of stars in the past. For example a heavily debated one is the Lakers, Kobe Bryant and his cast. As a basketball fan we look at the stats and we see the “leading” players in the league. When we buy jerseys, we buy them for an individual who stands out and for me someone who “leads” their team. So in my collection I had Bosh, Kobe, Lebron, Dwayne, DWill, Carmelo. When I heard my hometown CB4 was going to Heat I was sad, but pretty excited for his future, what a dynamic duo that would bring. But when Lebron and i mean “the Chosen One” that we were “Witness(ing)” from all the Nike Ads. announced he was going to Miami, I have to say I was shocked. You cannot possibly compare these three to any other combination of players BUT the trio in Celtics. Because these THREE players are part of the most elite in our league. Am I the only one who thinks this is a desperate move from 3 considerably YOUNG athletes who haven’t reached their prime abilities yet? Lebron James’ move just went way over the top… like please do not say his team was weak! 60+ games won in 2 seasons in a row? that is incredible. Bosh/Wade is a good team up bcuz they didn’t even make the playoffs. It’s true all the comments implementing Lebron’s kryptonite… he can’t do it without other superstars. Wow is he the “KING” 30,8,8,2,2 I thought he would beat off MJ one day, for real. But I see his weakness now. Regardless of who you are a fan of, take in account of what I mean. I’m going to be cheering for OK Thunder, Utah Jazz next season, they have good Teamwork/Chemistry. True basketball, there aint no easy way out

  34. Adam says:

    I am glad that LeBron went where the chances to win are far greater. I don’t approve of the media circus he created, but I think he decided if he wants rings, he needs to go where the rings will be plentiful. Joining 2 good friends of his that he has played with in the All-Star and olympic teams, we can see just how much of a team player he can be. If he tries to be a prima donna in Miami, it will be a disaster. But if he plays well with Bosh and Wade, I feel sorry for defenders that play Miami this season. Who has 3 solid defenders that can one-on-one Wade, Bosh, and James? But the real question is can 3 players that are used to being the big shooters on their respective teams be able to share the ball for an entire season, plus the playoffs?

  35. Fan#21487236038 says:

    I just want to know, why is ther so much hype: ”Ohh LeBron will never be a HoF now he left the Cavaliers etc.”
    It’s the game, they (LeBron & the whole Cleveland staff) couldn’t accomplish their goals in the last 7 years, so when the time came for him to go elsewhere and be maybe more succesfull, it’s only logical to do so. ”LeBron is not loyal etc.”
    He stuck with the Cavs fan base for 7 years without jack ****. My favourite team is still Chicago, but i really am looking forward to see this team compete, and hopefully succeed. Just for the fact that LBJ is my favourite player and I would love to see LBJ finally win a ring he’s been working for the last 7 rings.
    So give the guy some rest, he deserves it. A bunch of hypocritcs these so called NBA owners and fans.

  36. Jackie says:

    Ok, so I’ve kinda been sitting here and just listening/reading what everyone has had to say about the LeBron incident. First of all, let me admit that I’ve been a Heat fan for some time now both before and even after their ’06 championship season (yes, that includes the season after when the heat was had the WORST record in the NBA). But I am not joining this discussion to be biased. Above all else, I think the reaction to LeBron’s decision was and still is too hyped; it’s all so unnecessary. He made the best decision for HIMSELF. And like he said in the interview, quotes from his own mother, “You need to do whats best for you. Because at the end of the day, everyone else is going to do whats best for them.”

    @Captainbigeyedpig, btw, your post was probably the best thing I’ve read on here. Thank you for being true to heart, but not so childishly close-minded at the same time.

    After its all said and done, he says he knows he made the right decision. It’s just really sad that LeBron has to see his former owner taking it to an elementary level by setting a “curse” on South Beach and accusing him of “quitting” during the playoffs– I’m sure if you had some personal troubles b/w a teammate of yours, you’d be pretty upset too. (i hope we all know what i’m referring to…)

    In short, to some of the questionable-Cleveland fans, way to go on supporting your “King.” If Wade left Miami, we would never imagine burning his jersey. I really wish people would stop and think for a second that maybe this time, all 3 of them are getting together to form a TEAM that neither of them were ever really given. Not just this superstar-studded dynasty.

  37. JAyv1717 says:

    i can’t believe how many $%%$%%$& cry babies their is out are you serious it’s basketball it’s a sport…obama didn’t just leave the u.s to be president in another country…it’s a game,a business, he was a FREE agent after july 1st he didnt owe the cavz anything he owed it too him self to get a ring he wan’t to be a champ and if that means sharing the spotlight and being ONE of the guys and not the guy(which by the way i like better) i’d do it in a heart beat for the opportunity to be a champion that’s what it’s all about..he’s giving up so much to be a champ…less spotlight less touches less stop over reacting get the @&$% over it u bunch of whiners

  38. Aristotle says:

    Here is something for all of you to ponder… What if Cleveland didn’t win the 2003 NBA Draft Lottery, and instead it went to Denver, Toronto, Miami, LA Clippers, or Detroit (from Memphis)??? They never would of even had LeBron. If he was to go No.1 it could of been to someone else. Secondly, although already a freak of nature basketballer, would Cleveland have chosen LeBron if he wasn’t an Ohio native? Or would they have gone for Carmelo Anthony instead?,

    So what I’m getting at is that the people of Ohio, and Cleveland fans should be happy for getting to watch him grow, play, achieve what he did with that organisation individually and with the team, and also put Cleveland back on the map (look at what happened to Shawn Kemp’s career in Cleveland).

    Don’t be hating Pat Riley, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, or the Miami Heat for what they did. Put any of the other teams in the same boat and they would do exactly the same. Didn’t New York sell itself, and allowed a proud team rot and become laughable, just the possibility that it might get LeBron? Shouldn’t New York fans be angry about that and the state it’s team is in?

    If you look at all three players, they are nothing more than three FRUSTRATED Franchise players. Seriously, who was Wade’s, LeBron’s, or Bosh’s Robin to their Batman, the way Jordan had Pippen, Malone had Stockton, or Kemp had Payton? All 3 rosters of these All Stars were just players who were pieces for them to succeed. They weren’t like Kobe’s Lakers, that if Kobe had a bad game, Gasol or Odom, or even Fisher could step up. Well they want rings. Many of them. They’ve made up their minds to do just that. Now Wade can have a bad game without praying that Beasley, Haslem, or O’Neal would be able to take over the game or help him out. So too can LeBron and Bosh. Just like Kobe can, just like Paul Pierce can, just like Carmelo can.

    The only thing that you can blame LeBron on is the way he let the cat out of the bag. Should of been done with more respect to the franchise and the people of Cleveland.

    Love the game. It’s not called PROFESSIONAL Basketball for nothing.

  39. Damo says:

    @Josh you name one team that hasnt been stakced in the finals it takes a team to win a championship.

  40. Joe says:

    I’m still wondering why everyone thinks this team is an automatic championship team…? Last I checked, LeBron gives up in the playoffs, and have you ever seen Bosh do ANYTHING in the playoffs? Plus who else are they gonna get to fill the other 9-10 roster spots? Basketball is a team sport with role-players, and I see alot of egos clashing next year in South Beach… I’m a big Wade fan. But I actually would rather see this team lose to the Big 3 in Boston. I think that would be best for the NBA.

  41. wally says:

    im sorry lebron just realized that it will be close to impossible to win a title in cleveland for the NEXT SIX YEARS considering he will already be against bosh/wade + a few good free agents (it doesnt matter who but if u have bosh and wade fcking anyone would be great). honestly mo williams is no dwade and jamison is no bosh both players are not well rounded and inconsistent. i mean going to miami is the easy way out, 4 straight championships over none?? its tough for cleveland however lbj knows that without a ring a player cant even be compared to the likes of jordan, magic in the long run. personally I think durant will be a great player and the future superstar of the league and will beat miami if he get to be on a good team i really hope steven nash comes to miama after his time with phx is over,

  42. Captainbigeyedpig says:

    Okay, I’ve just got to say a few things to everyone. And by the way, I’m a Cavs fan.

    1) Try to look past what much of the media is saying. The majority of Cleveland Cavalier fans aren’t mad at Lebron for leaving. It’s for how he went out. Sure, we’re hurt and a bit stung, but the way he went out is why we are angry. That is where our feelings of betrayal come from in all of this. He went on national tv and put himself not only above the NBA and the team that drafted him, but his hometown region. Think of it this way. Remember Drew Carey, the comedian with his own show, out of Cleveland (Parma, really), who was pushing his hometown city like crazy! On his show, he’d always be wearing Cleveland sports apparel, and commenting about different places that were worth going to in the city. In many ways, he put Cleveland on the map in the entertainment world, erasing from many minds the previous portrayal of a hapless baseball team (in the movie Major League, ha ha). Now Carey had his own show, so imagine him getting on the show and announcing to the world how terrible Cleveland was, etc. It would bea slap in the face, which is exactly what Lebron’s behavior amounted too.

    He could have chosen the Heat and acknowledged it through his agent, manager and/or People, as well as notifying the networks. The least he could have done was return Gilbert’s phone calls prior to the two days leading up to “The Decision”, and notifying Gilbert earlier than 9:01 P.M. the night of the “The Decision”. In fact, the Heat is one of the few teams that Cavs fans acknowledged would hurt the least. New York syphons off all our good players in all the major sports, and their sense of entitlement to Cavs fans was maddening. So the Knicks were really the only team Cleveland fans “despised” Lebron going too, if he were to leave Cleveland.

    But that changed. Instead of taking the high road, and gracefully bowing out of the city, he chose to drag out his decision. Even giving him the benefit of the doubt, that he really did not make up his mind until Thursday morning, why not just cancel your ESPN show? Why would you stick it to everyone.

    2) Some fans around the league don’t understand, because I’m not sure they’ve had the same issues for so long that the sports fans in Cleveland have had. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that’s bad. I’d prefer you don’t understand, and that is why I usually don’t get too upset with many of the comments, on here or other boards. If it were up to me, none of you would ever understand, because teams shouldn’t go so long with so many bad breaks.

    But my patience with many Miami fans is coming to a close. Instead of basking in the glory of your now-stacked team, many a Heat fan feels the need to rip into Cavs fans for their strong reactions, or not appreciating the seven years Lebron gave us, etc. Look, we all appreciate those years. He made basketball relevant again for many of us. Nobody can deny his all-around talent. That isn’t what our reactions, be it outcry or burning jerseys, was all about.

    Remember how you felt those few days, when you heard that Wade was considering returning to his hometown, to join up with the Bulls? Remember how you felt for those days, as you grew nervous that the guy who had always seemed happy where he was, and felt the love and returned it, was thinking about going just so he could play with a couple buddies? Now imagine that Wade was actually a hometown guy, and the team he was going to had no special ties to him at all. Okay, now imagine that in announcing that decision, he did so on prime time, interviewed by a guy who his “camp” hired (not ESPN). Knowing he would never be “grilled” with questions that matter, who cares what was said. Imagine how all you Heat fans would have felt, with Wade sitting there, answering softball-like questions from his pre-paid puppet master, wearing Miami Heat colored shoes and laces. How would you have felt? So please, if nothing else, stop with the “Cleveland fans need to shut up, and move on”.

    3) While I agree, I would probably have made some different choices in putting pieces around Lebron, it is just personal opinion. You guys say “maybe if the Cavs had gone out gotten Bosch, Lebron would have stayed.” Well guess who tried? Cleveland tried. They tried for Bosch, and even had a sign-and-trade with Toronto worked out, if Lebron would stay. It was Bosch who refused to come to Cleveland, not the Cavs who refused to go to Bosch. Ergo, it is Lebron who failed to bring in the big name talent. Look, for all his faults (and he definitely has them), owner Dan Gilbert has shown he’s not afraid to whip out the old wallet and dump money into a player. Money talks, and like other teams (including Miami) the Cavs were willing to sign Bosch. So with all the money in the world promised to him, and a place where he could compete w/o being the #1 guy (something he said he didn’t want to be), Chris Bosch still wouldn’t come to Cleveland. So then it falls on Lebron’s shoulders. “look, if you want this guy, we can get him. You just need to get him to come to Cleveland. We can’t force him”. And Lebron failed. Or perhaps he never even tried, despite what the papers would have you believe.

    4) I’m not saying anyone needs to be disappointed he went to the Miami Heat. After all, it is free agency, he was free to go, and it’s only his potential legacy he has ruined. Cleveland sports will continue to live on, if but a little bit worse for a couple years. But if you can’t honestly at least feel a bit of empathy for fans of the city, and the organization itself, not at the loss of player, but the loss of class Lebron proved he has, then I don’t know what to tell you. Perhaps it’s time you step back and look at your own moral compass.

    5) While Dan Gilbert is to blame for some of this, and his angry letter was a bit pathetic, at least he was showing some emotion. That’s more than I can say for Lebron. More importantly, at least he was able to suck it up the following day, put things in perspective, and like a good businessman, cut his losses and move on. So props to him for following through on a siign-and-trade, not only helping out the Heat salary cap-wise, but picking up multiple draft picks and some trade exceptions. It’s always better to get something, even if it stings a bit inside.

    6) Don’t fear for us. Despite our lack of sports success, Clevelanders are rather resilient, and will bounce back. Besides, as much as a Cavs fan many of us are, Cleveland is Browns town, and nothing can change that. Our Browns have been terrible for what, like 9 of the 11 years they’ve been back? And yet, every week we sell out. One saying about Cleveland fans is that The Browns are a way of life, while the Cavs are a hobby. We will be okay.

    • LakerHaterAter says:

      LOL Get ur sweet boy “article” outta here man



  43. HEHEHE!!! says:

    King LeBron, If your “not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6 (maybe zero) didn’t materiaiized, try to go in LA and sacrifice again your salary behind kobe to have a ring, if you can’t beat him, join him. That’s the only way you can have a ring while kobe is around. hehehehe!!!!!

  44. Jay says:

    the way he handled free agency, he could have gone anywhere coz thats his rights as a free agent but putting his CLE fans in that situation on live tv for 1 hour thats just plain heartless and S*****D.

  45. teardrop says:

    Lebron is just another guy.. and I guess every player has the right to decide what’s best for him. If he chooses to play in Miami, better respect it. Amare chooses to be with the NYK.. Boozer chooses to be with the bulls, why are you guys not reacting?? Lebron is just like them, it just so happen that 3 good friend choses to play along with each other in South beach. The NBA rules never said it is forbidden to team up with great players.

    In the end, who are we to judge the guy? It’s his life and it’s not something all of us should be pissed off.. It’s not also good to say that other team do not have their chances, all NBA players I believe are in their respective statures and positions right now because all of them do have the talent. So anybody can be just Lebron, Dwayne or Chris..

  46. JC says:

    I’m not a fan of Lebron James just an NBA fan.
    But I’m really afraid that the big three in Miami, will change the NBA into the MLB.
    Generally speaking, Sport is better when there is some sort of parity. We are July 10, but we can already say that (barring any major injury) there is only 4 contenders for the 2011 NBA title : Heat, Celtics, Lakers, maybe the Magic.
    OKC is too young, Spurs are too old ; and then there is good playoff teams but they really won’t be a threat for the Finals : Bulls, Nuggets, Mavs….
    What kind of interest could we have in watching the regular season or the first round of the playoffs. Because if Bryant, James, Wade don’t blew off their knees (I REALLY DON’T WANT THAT), everybody knows that the Eastern Conf Finals will be Heat versus Celtics (Or maybe Magic) and In the West Lakers versus someone (doesn’t matter Lakers will win).

    But what we saw thursday, could be the signs of difficult times for a lot of small market teams and also for the NBA.
    We already know that the Pacers are in a difficult situation (economically speaking) and I’m sure that there is other teams who are in difficult situation:
    – Toronto : I think the only hope for them is to relocate in the US because their franchise players bolt one after the others (STOUDAMIRE, CARTER, BOSH).
    I think that we will see the problems of small-market teams arise with the negociation for the next CBA.

    I think that the only hope for small-market team to have a shot at an NBA title is to have a hard cap in the NBA. If not this one, I’m not sure that there is another system now to maintain a sort of competitive balance.

    I really hope the NBA don’t morph into the MLB or worse into European soccer (I’m from Europe, for example in Spain soccer league : you have only 2 teams that can win it all, and every 15 years you have a surprise team).

    PARITY IN SPORTS IS GOOD, THAT’S WHAT MAKE SPORTS ATTRACTIVE, because you don’t know who will win before it begins.

  47. Antral says:

    All this hype is because Lebron is a “superstar”, and bad words were said about his “loyalty” just because he chose to be with another team. Ask Dan Gilbert (and the rest of the team owners) this: “What about the non-superstar players? The “unknown” or “role” players that you waived or did not re-sign because you think you don’t need them anymore? Where’s the “loyalty” in that, your “loyalty” to them?” If you answer that it’s just part of the business, then why the bad words and the sour graping? Quit yapping and move on, it’s part of the business. And Lebron’s decision to leave you is HIS business.

  48. Mark Lester says:

    I’d say LeBron is a winner in this. He just looks to be a loser because as we all know, everybody’s a critic who wants to topple others down coz they have a chance at winning.

    You people keep on saying that LeBron is a quitter in Cleveland. Well, with top management led by owner Dan Gilbert, no wonder Danny Ferry and LeBron James quit on him. 7 years, and Cleveland didn’t give him a chance to win a title coz ownership was afraid to take risks! If Cleveland traded for Stoudemire instead of Jamison last season, things would be different.

    I believe LeBron James and Dwyane Wade don’t even think about who’s the man in Miami. Who’s Batman and Robin? If you want to win a title, great players put their egos aside, and think of themselves as equal leaders of the team who can complement each other, not outshine each other. The only MAN in Miami is their legendary GM Pat Riley! Didn’t their play in the USA Olympic Squad show us their mutual respect for each other and unselfishness?

    Now chemistry and reserve players aside, Miami has a very good chance to win titles ala Chicago Bulls circa Jordan era. No worrying about who’s boss, no worrying about who’s better than who, no crap about who’s the star of the team ala Kobe vs Shaq in LA, no thinking of who will surpass the greatest ever Michael Jordan. Remember Wade won the title in 2006 with the help of Shaq. Without Shaq, Wade wouldn’t have reached the NBA Finals!

    LeBron and Wade are the equal alpha males of Miami. Think of this pairing as Michael Jordan and the hybrid of Magic Johnson/Scottie Pippen on one team. Chris Bosh is their offensive Dennis Rodman. Let Miami work out the rest of the roster. LeBron and Wade now lead this team.

  49. blue_panda says:

    why the sudden hate for Miami? if anything, it should be looked at how Lebron handled the whole thing,
    After what the cavs owner had to say I think he at least still owes the city of Cleveland and the fans an apology for humiliating them on live tv.

    I mean we can’t be really mad at him for doing what he thinks was best for him, he’s a free agent and has the right to switch teams, he owes nobody nothing but an apology especially to cleveland fans. At the same time, nobody can argue on how he went about this whole thing.

    Also, I think Lebron is the perfect example of how today’s industry and society works and that is people desperately wanting to make or see another Jordan, so obviously a lot of people are disappointed because they thought that he will be that guy.

  50. WIL says:

    There a lot of haters out there that are angry at Miami because they have stepped up and made it more difficult for the rest of the teams in the league. I can just see it by reading some of the comments. All Miami needs now are three point shooters so that the lanes open up and Lebron and Wade could go on a lay-up drill. When those two guys get into that paint is a dunk or an assist to Bosh for another dunk. I can even imaging a brick by one of the role players and three hands ending up on the ball for a rebound dunk. Was it you no it was you no i think it was you. Sportcenter is going to have many highlights. Oh for those who love Kobe, I can see him getting dunked on by all three in the same game and if it didn’t happen is because Kobe fouled out because he wanted to guard Lebron or Wade. I’m telling you watch and you will see.

  51. Jason says:

    Every single hater out there, pull your bloody heads in. There is all this talk that Lebron couldnt do it on his own so thats why he went to Miami. Why the hell should one player have to carry an entire team. He didnt have any backup in Cleveland at all and they made no attempt to help him out. To me this move proves that there is no i in team. i applaud. He would be aware there are some nights he’ll take a backseat to d-wade and bosh. He has taken less money in the chance to join a team that can win a championship. You all want to talk about loyalty. He stayed with CLeveland for 7 years. And not once did the organisation sign players that could make it a legitimate contender. Lebron worked his as* off in Cleveland and carried a team by himself and with nothing to show for it. You all say how great Kobe is. He had a team to back him up. And when lakers werent winning championships he wanted to leave. He made a smart move in the hope of winning a title, he was never gonna do it in Cleveland cause he was a one man team. How can you expect him to keep that up. Pressure will be off now with a better team around him, and i tell you all, especially lakers fans, watch out. Cause when pressure is off, your gonna see the real Lebron, A lebron no one will be able to stop. I applaud you Lebron, D-Wade and Bosh. Titles over money is the message here.

  52. donn ronn says:

    first of all i wanna say i read all the commemts annd they are all great but i think everyone is forgetting one important fact about this whole situation lebron (to me) gave up in the playoffs vs bos for whatever the case may be.i think if he plays his heart out and gives his all it might have been la vs clv instead.hes had chances with clv and didnt get it done. they were the favorites to win it all the last two years and they they had the best records in those years.if your a superstar and your getting payed the big bucks your the one in charge of that teams destiny win or lose.there was no excuse to how he played vs bos.As a fan of nba competition you want to see your stars give it there all and lebron clearly didnt do that.whatever personal problems your having with your team or otherwise you leave them in the locker room until after the game.that what seperates all of the legends of the nba like jordan,kobe etc. from lebron.I have never witinessed a meltdown like that in an a major playoff game by one of the best superstars in my lifetime it almost felt unreal.Kobe would have never done that to his team no matter how bad the situation was good or bad.i love LBJ but i think he has some maturing to do to be an all time great.Sometimes you look elsewhere to find what your looking for but most of the time the answers right in front of yor face. I think he wouldve eventualy won with clv sooner than later gilbert wasnt gonna give up till that happend.remember it took jordan a couple of years to get past the pistons but he finaly did it with almost the same team he started out with.I think LBJ couldve done it with the so called garbage team he had without that second superstar that people say he needed. if he stayed with clv this year the lakers wouldve been his only real compitetion bos is washed up most of the magics team that won the east in 08 is gone so who was really left he had one of the best teams in the nba hands down they had enough bigmen to stack up with lal.I dont think the reason lebron went to mia was all about winning a title because if it was you wouldve seen a different LBJ last playoffs. For whatever reason he left im fine with it but in the end hes gonna have to look at himself in the mirror and face his decisions straight up and deal with them.the grass aint always greener on the other side and sometimes you get what you ask for.

  53. Benny says:

    How the HELL did LBJ get the KING title? as far as i know he hasn’t won any title yet except in High School… Yeah go get help from Wade & Bosh…Good luck getting past Boston (& if you do) you still have to FACE the REAL DEAL CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM called THE LAKERS!
    Kobe can’t wait to take down this so called 3 headed monster!

  54. kingsfan says:

    lebron did what was best for lebron!!! he wouldnt be throwin a tissy fit after he got cavs that championship than

  55. lebron says:

    It is amazing the amount of thoughtless garbage people throw around after something like this.A guy gives up some money to play with 2 other great players to win a championship.If your going to win a championship you do it.Lebron wasn’t getting any help in cleveland and the city of cleveland and the cavaliers organization have show their immaturity and justifying exactly why james should of left.Saying lebron won’t be in the same category as kobe and jordan is a crazy statement considering who jordan and kobe played with in their title years.They both had another hall of fame player on their team.A player who could create their own shot consistantly.Lebron just had a bunch of role players who were overrated playing with poor teams(besides shaq who is just on the downside of his career).It has also been made very clear that today in the nba the most stacked team always wins.Just look at the past three years the teams with the most talent on paper always won the title.Lebron just mde a wise decision for himself and I greatly look forward to seeing this super trio play come the start of the season.

  56. OIU says:

    LeBron is not to be the one being blame for all of these.Credit that to the people who created the team that was formed around him.For years,they never acquired a real player that would complement LeBron’s game.O’neal,Varejao,Jamison,Williams et al dont step up during critical situations, leaving Lebron alone to do it all.They dont even make their presence felt during the playoff series.It’s no wonder Lebron chooses to leave.And another thing, Lebron way of things now are different to the other great stars that all we know.MJ,Magic,Bird had all stayed on one team (though MJ had stints with the Washington Wizards) to win a championship ring but what about those other greats that stayed on one team but never got even one ring to be proud of.Say Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller, John Stockton, they are three of the great players to play the game but what happen to them?they stayed but still FAILED to get a championship.

  57. Steve says:

    What I cannot stand is people disregarding the fact that he is chasing his aspirations to win a championship. I think it is undeniable that he has a better chance of winning now that he’s in South Beach, so why should it matter where the championship would be better? In his mind, clearly, a ring is a ring, whether in Florida or Ohio. Why should it be his concern that he’s left a small market to go to a bigger one, with a better championship opportunity? Who can blame the man. The best player on the planet wanted to go play ball with two of his better friends in the basketball world, and people act as though Cleveland are now in the worst situation ever seen in the NBA. They need to stop licking their wounds and attempt to do something with this, now being void of the obligations they had to satisfy LeBron. The only way is up for them now, and they need to see that the only way is down for the now championship favourite Heat.

  58. Kiko says:

    We are all entitled on our opinion I support lebron in his descision I’m sure its really hard one for him to deal with this kind of situation but as they say you cannot please everyone and strike while the iron is hot!

  59. nba fan says:

    LBJ I’m a really big fan of yours, I fly from ASIA to USA to watch your game, but I’m really dissapoint with your decision. You dont know how many hearts you have broken.YOU AINT NO MICHAEL JORDAN!!!

  60. Coach J says:

    Winner: Wade
    Loser: Lebron
    I believe the televised-decision idea was great its just that Wade was ahead of him. If only Lebron had decided way ahead of Wade, Bosh and even Stoudamire it could have been better. Great if he had chosen to stay or choose the other contending cities. I like the Heat its just that it couldn’t be called his own. Wade is the king there. He will be demoted to a prince. Not bad. But the pressure (to win championship) is on him and not on Wade and Bosh.

  61. docmugen says:

    never ever call LBJ a KING who bends his knees and bows down to the almighty Miami Heat hahaha!!! Bow down to DWADE…A King who walks away is not a KING.. never he gonna be a KING. His Legacy and his Honor is gone. Now Cavs gonna be bankrupt and its gonna get shutdown. The goodnews is DWADE much better than Lebron.
    LAKERS 2010 Champs!!!

  62. hvgz says:

    Seven Years Lebron James give to Cleveland, Mike Brown one of the best coaches in the NBA had an amazing run back to back season with over sixty wins and best record in the league. The team chokes twice and he gets fired for what ever reason it is … NOBODY in the CAVS city said anything about that. That was a disgrace to him, how come we couldn’t say that he could have tried for one more … that was a gutless act. Now Lebron does the same thing Cavs did a month ago and everybody is angry. Probably if they did keep Brown he would have convinced Lebron to stay. I hate how people make it look as if Cleveland is such a good team and they so innocent and everything bad has happened to them but if that’s the case why did the GM step down? If they were as amazing as they say they are why didn’t Lebron stay just on the love alone he has for them? If a child says he loves his parents then runs away from home would you say everything is perfect? Yes it is a hurtful situation for Cavs but MOVE ON .. Brown did it ….. So can you ….

  63. JASS says:

    MR.Sekou. Do you think ,in this 5years MIAMI will break the nba record for most games wins in a season.Which the Bulls had 72-10.

  64. alfrancis says:

    Lakers is still a title contender next year…wade vs. bryant bosh vs gasol & bynum or lebron vs artest or odom.And you can add the rest of lakers supporting cast….Stupid are those saying that miami has championship in their hands.Lebron is no leader.Kobe is the true leader and captain.Lebron will get his ring when Kobe is gone!!!!!mark that

  65. ZenMaster says:

    I am happy for Wade and the Heat organization but I’m sorry because Phil Jackson is still with the LA Lakers. Phil always wins championships in series of three. Hell you can even get Carmelo Anthony I could care less. When Wade, James and Bosh teamed up in FIBA World Basketball they did not win, their asses got beaten up so bad that when the Olympics was drawing close they called in the best player in the world of basketball right now KOBE BRYANT! Kobe was the soul reason why TEAM-USA won gold in the Olympics, not those three, they just learned from the best. LA Lakers 2010-2011 NBA Champions!

  66. WIL says:

    The media is making a big deal about Lebron leaving Cleveland but they forget that he was the first to be drafted and by his home team. His home team chose him not the other way around. Usually players after their careers are ending they go to their home teams because of this. Look at Vince Carter now is when his with the Magic. The other player that will suffer the same if he leaves is Derrick Rose. Those players that are great players that are drafted by their home teams will all suffer when is time to leave. Lebron was born with a gift and the city didn’t give it to him so let him go where he wants to go. He doesn’t owe you nothing. Lebron is a Free Man in a Free Society. I love this Country!

  67. Lets go LA says:

    It is clear the fact that Lebron has not been able to win a tittle during 7 years. On top of it, his free agent process shows to everybody the level of arrongance as a person. I have to accept that it is matter of tiem that he win a tittle, but there is something that he can not control, who is Kobe and Phill Jackson, they will be ready to win other ring face to face in 2011.

    Finally I will like to make a reflexion…..what would happen if the heat is not champion in 2011 and 2012?????, Lebron will be able to survive.

  68. LalAlA says:

    Ok…for me i resoect the choice LeBron madee…oh come on hee gave 7 years to the cav’s and he has been unsuccessful. Now the only thing he want’s is a championship. Plus..if you were LeBron…what team would you choose?

    I doubt you wouldn’t you choose Miami.

  69. Nik says:

    Sekou. I guess you have seen now how the Cavs fans are far more ruthless than Raptors. Hope your opinions of Toronto and its Ratpros change from hereon.

  70. reland says:

    The Lebron show in Cleveland is over…. But all is not lost the Cavaliers must try to win without Lebron! Its going to be hard but hey that’s basketball. The Heat now is an improve team but still they have to find guys to compliment the three headed monster you know what i mean. To top it all it’s not a sure thing for the Heat, they have to go past Boston, Orlando, and of course The Mighty L.A Lakers! Good to Coach Erik of the Heat! Filipino fans are behind you.

  71. NYK says:

    i hate miami knicks rule!!!!!! bosh lebron and wade suck

  72. tin816 says:

    It all boils down that the three (James, Wade, Bosh) cannot win anything while kobe is around. they have to be teammates to be a threat for a threepeat by LA

  73. WIL says:

    Lebron, Dwayne and Bosh will probably average 80 points a game because they will give headaches to defenses around the league. Both Dwayne and Lebron are unselfish players because they pass the ball. I won’t be surprised if Lebron and Wade both average 10 assist each. Their stats are going to sky rocket and even look like an XBOX or PS3 basketball game looking stat. The only thing that can derail this train will be injuries but if they stay healthy it will be Showtime like the old school Lakers. I think everyone is going to be a Heat fan for a long time and if you aren’t convinced just wait you will become one. Kobe you better start crying to your team again so that they can bring some young legs out there with you. Ou for you haters out there! Don’t hate Lebron for doing what you would have done if you were in his shoes. How aren’t they not going to be considered to the hall of fame after all the titles that they will win together?

    • wertyqqq says:

      @ wil. u got a lot of people backing u for a 2011 heat title. but there are a lot of teams that will have more determination to beat the heat now than they ever did. u better be ready for that. and as far as kobe crying? he never did and never will. 81 pts man.

  74. Fred says:

    @Confused… You hit it right on the head!!! It’s a business. Period. Money. Check. Fame. Check. Title. Next!! Go Lebron!
    I was born in Cleveland. I live in Cali but I am still a Cavs fan. More so because Lebron was there. I follow players not teams. I am a Shaq fan. A K.G. Fan. I respect Kobe’s skill but not a You do what’s right for you and yours. There is NO loyalty in the NBA!! Get real people. Do you honestly think for one minute, if a deal had come up to financially benefit the Cavs organization, Dan Gilbert would not have traded Lebron? Get your head out of the sand and stop being so damn emotional. You people act like you are out there on the court. YOU ARE A FAN! Not a player. Watch the game. Dream it’s you. But most of all….shut up and relax. It’s a game after all. Just a game.

  75. waka waka says:

    come on, lebron’s just desperate LOL,

    do you know what’s wrong in cleveland?…it is because coach brown expects lebron to do superhuman thing but he just cant, he never have a game like wade does with 3 overtimes, it was impossible and lebron cant do impossible. only MJ, KB and Dwade do impossible things…he even cant beat D.Howard last year LOL. the king? LOL king of what? now he needs to play with wade because he’s desperate but i think if he win this season hell be boring and wants to have what MJ have… he cant do it with wade and bosh. i am a laker fan, i thought hell pick bulls, it will be exciting if hed picked bulls.

  76. rivalry for the heat dynasty says:

    c’mon guys as good as kobe is he is getting old(with injuries) so instead of assuming he is gonna be as clutch as he’s always been you should give him ideas like trying to lure the likes of howard, melo or durant. A good rivalry kobe-melo/durant-howard against bron-wade-bosh now things are gonna get interesting

    • wertyqqq says:

      yup he’s getting old. some say his finger injury is for good. but i betcha he still win 2 or 3 titles with only 9 fingers. unless u guys pray that he will bust his knee. c’mon.

  77. jpdip says:

    ALL this just proves that the hype of JAMES BEING A WINNER is not true. yes, he did win 2 straight mvp’s but it never came with the larry o’ brien trophy. JAMES, despite the media hype, is just another basketball player who needs a STAR PLAYER , in wade to win a title. just like how wade won a title when he had a star player in shaq with him. KOBE IS STILL THE MAN. he has proven time and again, MVP AWARD OR NONE, that he could win titles even without the media hype or another star player. LA VS. CAVS IN 2011 FINALS: LA IN 4.

  78. lbjking says:

    hey people how can u say this to LBJ he jst decide for himself u cant jst rectify him. he just made a choice. even if he back to CLEVELAND and hes not happy in that place how can he perform well? and also Hes in AKRON if 40 miles away from cleveland. i can say he jst make a big decision.. and also the offer of miami is 30million less than in cleveland so i thnk its not the money. what ever happen im for lebron.. WINNING IS WINNING records is always record. GO LEBRON.. im expecting a GREAT GAME.

  79. Win says:

    Le Bron did the right thing. He grew up fighting to be a Champion.

    Le Bron gave the Cavs 7 years and it did not materialize into any Championship.

    Cleveland dont own Le Bron, everyone has to go out and fight it out to win it.

    Instead it is the Cavs that has let Le Bron down. Loyalty means nothing to Reality. You dont know what you have until you lose it.

    Cavs are not good enough for Champions. Cleveland is not good enough for Champions.

    Instead of thanking Le Bron for what he did for the team/city, they burn him

    Le Bron did the right thing.

    • luke cruz says:

      dont have a problem w/ him going to another team its the way he did it press conference and all cant he do that bhind close door w/ d clvland it has to be on spotlight,national lebumm u sir have no class,for all u clvland fans out ther here is early x-mass gift for u MAGIC 4-0 OVER D HEAT IN EAST 1ST RD PLAYOFF 2011,GOD BLESS U CLVLAND FANS…..

  80. John says:

    I believe Lebron has made the right decision. As a star ball player who wouldnt want to play alongside 2 other star players ? And now they are really going for a championship. Staying in Cleveland meant he had to put up with the easy-angry owner and i mean. All i see in Cleveland is maybe Mo Will and LeBron playing good.

  81. 88/89 badboys says:

    Lebron left because Cleveland kept surronding him with scrubs. They gave him an ancient shaq that averaged 11 points a game, an old Jamison, and a bi polar dude having sex with Jame’s mom. This is business plain and simple, doesn’t matter if you want to hear it or not but these players only care about winning championships and gettin big time contracts. These guys are professionals, they can block out a boo or some kind of vulgarity from some random fan trying to annoy them. James already has the money, now he wants a championship. He doesn’t want to be like Charles barkley, Karl Malone, John Stockton that never won a championship.

  82. Ted A. says:

    Ya’ll are all idiots. Rigging the game??? You can tell they wanted to play together. Too much pressure in New York. Not enough marketing in Cleveland so that only leaves Miami. It’s on thing to be upset that a player leaves your favorite team. But its another to dog him with an open letter and burn his Jersey on National TV. Cleveland fans ad management should be ashamed of themselves. All they wanted was Lebron-omics.. I was disappointed he didn’t go with the Knicks.. but they suck and will stink for a while They don’t have the proper personnel or coaching.. I think Herb Williams would have been a better coach. James, Bosh and Wade had a vision and no matter what people will say if they can win 3-4 maybe 5 titles in 7 years. No one will argue. James needs 6 rings to be in the class with Jordan.. Although he only had to win one ring in Cleveland to be the greatest of all-time..

  83. kam_soluusar says:

    I would first like to point out, that there are only 2 teams that have won an NBA championship, that was “short on Star Power” if you will. First there was Olajuwon’s 93 – 94 Rockets, when he had Maxwell, Smith, Thorpe, and Elie as the starting 5. With players like Bullard, Scott Brooks, Robert Horry, Carl Herrera, Chris Jent, as role players. The following season, the only addition/s were Drexler and Cassell, whilst losing Thorpe and Maxwell. So Olajuwon could do it, (though many would argue it’s because Basketball was Jordanless at that time!)

    The next was those uppity Detroit Pistons with Wallace, Billups, Hamilton, Prince, and R.Wallace. Now while all of them are Allstars, many will argue they are not neccisarily in the “Top Ten” players in the league, at that time. So Lebron may have one a ring in Cleveland, but it would have been that much harder!

    If a ring IS the reason you play in the NBA, you can put an ego aside, for the greater good. Boston did it recently. Did Garnett ever “quit” on Minnesota? No, he just realised he’d never get a ring there. Goes to Boston, and bang, he has one.

    Basketball is a team sport. We forget this sometimes with all the hype and star power given to a player. Players are now getting smarter. They won’t let a team bleed them dry, and be discarded when the no longer sell tickets. True, Lebron may have gotten away with muder in Cleveland, Maybe this tasteless situation might make Dan Gilbert practice what he preaches!

  84. joao paulo says:

    Since 1991, root for the Bulls and I still hope and we will win the HEAT this season, write

  85. Jose says:

    Lebron is a quitter as the Cavs owner said. Was terrified by the way he played playoffs. Felt like he was threatened by somebody not to play well. They had a championship team in Cleavland. But Lebron was a big dissappointment. May be he cant handle the stress of playoffs and he is looking for help.

  86. Steve Blom says:

    Believe it or not I still think the Celtics are the team to beat in the east. I think it will take a couple of years for the Heat dream team to jel together and become a championship calibre team. And the Lakers are still the team in the west so I’m looking forward to a repeat Lakers-Celtics finals next year!

  87. The Recruiter says:

    as of my analysis James has a good choice choosing the Heat for the next season we all know and see what happen in the last 2 season were the Cavs has always the no. 1 in the standing and has the home court advantage, what happen in that 2 years its all James doing all the work what do other do i’ve seen the playoff how James really work hard to get in the final and win a championship the mistake that the Cav during James was still there is they didn’t have a good coach who is like Doc Rivers who can coach a non all star like he did in Orlando having no all star in the team but still get in the playoff. If you compare Kobe to James you can now that Kobe is ahead to James but if you just analyze Kobe didn’t won a championship until Gasol and Artest arrive in L.A we all know kobe won 3 championship because of the power dominance advantage O’neal done in his supreme years. this is also what James do to be able have help he need people who can help and James seen this in Miami,

  88. Big 3 oyea says:

    so what if knicks got amare without nash he sucked knicks dont have anyone

  89. LALover says:

    LeChoke is sorry guys, his best bet was to go to the knicks and start something there. Those 3 elites? all together? PLEEEAASSEEE thats a certain fail and Pat should KNOW better. Anyway now all im wondering is the kind of treatment he’ll get on his first game against the cavs, i predict a lot of empty seats or BOO’ing in which they’d have every right to do so.

    LAKERS once again……………………..come on guys, you know it 😉

  90. Daniel says:

    Chris Bosh has missed 10 or more games in 4 of 7 seasons, Dwayne Wade 3 of 7 (while missing 30 games in two seasons). Lebron is likely due to miss several games this season, perhaps elbow surgery. Are the #5-14 players all signing for the minimum, and will anyone be able to pick up the slack when the stars are missing? If the big 3 going to have to play nearly 48 minutes a game due to a weak bench, then injuries are even more likely.

    I’m reminded of Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady teaming up in Orlando, and then Tracy with Yao Ming in Houston. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the big 3 misses more games than they play over the next few years, and am wondering who will pick up the slack. Apparently Michael Beasley was making too much to keep him around.

  91. jayjax says:

    Even though i know it was a business decision for LeBron to leave the Cavs but he did what was best for him and his family.. I would love for him to have stayed in Ohio and completed that mission. South Beach will bring in alot of money but people let’s not forget we do have more power house teams in the East.. At any given night u can get your a__ beat, Miami don’t think it will be cake walk because if you do, it’s gone to be trouble.. It took Kobe and Jordan a while to develope into a team leader and they led their team. One reason for that Phil the REAL DEAL… they better put Riley on the bench if not, they want be in the Finals.. By the way I’m a BIG time LAKERS fan..

  92. LBJFAN(Not Cavs) says:

    I like how people are saying things like: now he is just a very good player, and if he was a superstar, he would let players come to him. HELLO! Did you see anybody trying to come to him. HE was not the problem; Cleveland was (no offense to the city). But think about it: LeBron did not choose Cleveland, they chose him, in the draft, he had no choice. He lived in Ohio his entire life, he knew better than anybody how bad that team was (how do you think they got the chance to draft him, by being one of the worst). Do you think that any half way decent player would just choose to go to Cleveland at that time, if they had the choice, would have done so? We all know the answer to that. To be honest I really didn’t even realize Cleveland even had a team until LeBron went there, and I bet most of the country can say the same. My point is: LeBron didn’t have a choice the first time around and now he does, now maybe if they would have put the right players around him and he had a ring, he probably wouldn’t have left, but since nothing changed as for as players he decided to go where he wanted to go. He did try to be “the guy” for 7 years and what did that get him? Absolutely nothing. More power to him!

  93. HOMOPHOBES says:

    This team will fail, Lebron ruined his hall of fair regime, and so did Wade. Whatever Boston and ORlando are better TEAMS

  94. Andrew says:

    whats all this haterd for lebron? this is the best thing for Cleveland they can finally stop having such a lopsided team relying on one player to win an entire season and then the championchip. i think it would’ve shorten James careea having to be the guy to score 44% of his teams points

  95. PAULBRADY says:


  96. Refered says:


  97. jrdavao.. says:

    i think that this will be a great season for the nba.. all the talks about lebron and his decision to go to south beach should be respected.. in a league where 3 all star type of players are needed to win a championship then its fine.. Cleavland may have the right to offer lebron more money but the joy for him playing with wade and bosh is priceless.. it’s still no guarantee that they’ll win it all.. they still have to play the game..

  98. hoover says:

    Ive read most of these blogs and i keep hearing ” lebron isnt gona be the man no more because d wade is gona carry him. I dont know if im a little slow or what but last time i checked LEBRON was a back to back MVP, and im pretty sure that stands for most valuable player! Im a celtics fan but i cant wait to watch this heat team, gona be rrreeeaaallllllyyy rrreeeaallllllyyy fun haha

  99. MG says:

    @@@ DUNCAN21

    r u serious?..”kobe was nothing without Shaq until Gasol?” ..”magic had jabbar” and the bulls were good but they werent LA OR BOS, and Tim Duncan did it ?!!!
    first of all you must not be a true basketball fan. because sure when kobe didnt have shaq they were loosing or coudnt make it out the 1st round of the playoffs which is understandable when you have absolutley no talent as KObe did when Shaq left! gimme a break the lakers had “Smush Parker”,and “Kwame Brown”..yea real NBA SUPERSTARS!!!….NOT!!! far as MAGIC having JABBAR sure but they also had James Worthy as well asmany good supporting players! ..Tim Duncan did it in S.A..yea twice with the help of the great David Robinson and the other times with healthy Ginobli, and Parker! and for your last statement! which i coudnt believe my eyes when i read it ! The bulls are good but they are no LA OR BOSTON….Boston is a great defensive and yes they have KG5,PP34,and RA20, but the bulls of the 90’s would have handed it to these Boston Celtics! and as far as the Lakers they have Kobe,and Gasol with minor help from Ron Artest and Derek Fisher! All the other players are either Overrated “Odom,”Bynum””Brown”or jus suck “Morrison’,”Mbenga”,”Vujacic” or whoever you spell it ! but please dont ever make dumb comments like that again

  100. PAULBRADY says:

    My greatest dissappointment is not that Chris Bosh and Lebron are leaving their “poor” teams to play in Miami but the lack ofof leadership -and sportsmanship_ they are showing.
    It just does not make any sense except financial, for them to leave to play second fiddle to Dwayne Wade who has already won a championship and is and will have to be the clear leader of the team.
    As a T.O. Raptor fan I came to the conclusion that Chris Bosh although a great player lacked the leadership skills and mental toughness to take any team to a championship. Having watched Lebron James for three playoff series in the last three years especially this year against the celtics I am drawing the same conclusion about him.
    Of course the greatest loss is not to Cleavland or Toronto but to the NBA and its fans in general- Over the past 5-10 years we have seen plays with great talent but no leadership skill or mental aptitude- Vince Carter, Tracy Mcgrady , Rashad lewis, Stephan Marbury to name a few who speak to being “the man” on their team then quit when crunch time arrives.
    Lebron and Chris Bosh welcome to the club.

  101. DennisLAKERS says:

    The Miami Heat is now a force to reckoned with, but never under estimate the Orlando Magic, Charlotte Bobcats and the Boston Celtics..If the South beach big 3 get pass those teams,the mighty LA Lakers are on their way..Its going to be DISASTER for Pat RILEY and the Heat and not a DYNASTY..

  102. 305 WADE COUNTY says:

    i use to feel for cleaveland but after witnessing the despicable act from their fans and the owner of that franchise i believe it just made THE KING feel a lot better about his decision. i cant believe their insults after lebron gave them SEVEN great years and made something out of that francise. obviously they were not true fans and dont deserve lebron. instead they should thank him for the best seven years that city have seen. he was a proffesional and said the right things about cleaveland……a guy like this comes once every 30 years, he is believed to go down as one of the greats next to bird, magic, jordan, n kobe to name a few so why blame him to seek n opportunity to persued his dream. everyone knows it takes two to three stars to win campionships therefore i think it makes a lot of since to team up with wade and bosch and try to catch kobe n jordan because yes he is that caliver of a player. he clearly wants to win and took less money, cleaveland did not do anything to retain him instead they leaned on him returning because he’s a local. this is a business and im sure if lebron slowed down the franchise and the fans would not hesitate to ship him elsewhere. knicks and bull fans u cant hurt for something u never had!!!!

  103. Hawks fan says:

    I believe the reason Lebron left Cleveland wass because of the relation with his mother and Delonte West. He was the last one to found out about it just before game four of the Boston series. Lebron is mad at all his team mates for keeping the secret from him. He feel betrayed and just does not want to be around them anymore. Remember thge team’s owner said it’s time people stop covering up for Lebron. The truth of what really happened will come out in the future…..I still believe he disrespect the organization by letting them down on national tv but it iss still his decision.
    Hopefully his ego will be cut down now..just like he walked off the court and not congratulate Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magics…He is spoiled and think he is better than everyone. I wish he never get a ring. However, i like Chris bosh.

  104. Missed Fan says:

    Lebron leaving Cleveland is a bad move on his part for multiple reasons, and the nba’s for that matter. He shouldn’t and probably won’t be put into the same category as Byrd, Jordan, Magic, and Kobe because those players were loyal and would play for their teams, even if they weren’t wearing rings, they were there through the thick and the thin. Not to mention guys like Karl Malone who stayed in Utah for years and years without winning anything. One championship in Cleveland would have meant the world to them for years to come and now he’s fleeing to Miami, after two years in a row with the best record in the east on the Cavaliers, so he can win a title on Dwayne Wade’s team just to prove he’s a good player. Everyone knows he’s amazing so hold true to that title and do it without the cowardice, don’t just go and join the dark side cause it’s easier (don’t worry I’m aware of the geekiness), Cleveland still had a great chance with him, he could have won it next year for all he knew they were so close the fans could taste it, it would only be a matter of time. From king to Darth Vadar. 2ndly I hate the ramifications this means for smaller teams, why don’t they just have 4 or 5 all star teams to compete in the biggest cities, cause those are the only one’s with a chance anymore, too many willing to backstab smaller markets for jewelry now adays instead of earning it. Your 25 dude should’ve given Cleveland a few more years.

  105. Lance says:

    This is shameful for james because of the fact that D-Wade is Miami’s FRANCHISE PLAYER! Goes to show he’s nothing but a lump of dog sh*t!

    For the record:

    MJ was in Chicago his entire career (excluding the comeback in Washington) and he won 6 championships with the Bulls
    Bill Russell was a Celtic his entire career! won 11 championships with them
    Kobe Bryant has been a Laker for almost 15 years! won 5 championships with LA

    there are others. so many i can hardly remember them. but hey, James only showed that he’s got nothing by joining Wade and Bosh in Miami >:[

  106. Eman says:


  107. Fswan says:

    The way I look it is you have to take out the emotion and just state your opinion based on an understanding of the game. Personally I have never been a Lebron fan. For some reason I have never liked him as a player. The same was true about Michael Jordan. However, I cannot deny that Lebron (and MJ) probably are the most talented players to ever play the game. I disagree with those who attack and criticize Lebron personally. It was his decision to make and he did what he thought was best for him. However, as a longtime basketball fan I do believe he has forever tarnished his legacy because he did not stick it out and win a ring on his own as the man on a team that he build and led to a championship. This is what will forever separate him from greats like, Jordan, Isaiah Thomas and Kobe. All of them struggled but stayed with there teams and eventually won. KG and Ray Allen you cannot blame because they were much older, no longer in their prime and would have never won with their former teams. Lebron is 25 and had plenty of time to do it.

  108. Hamlet says:

    Leave Lebron alone and stop playing-hating. He simply wants to win and basketball is a TEAM game, so of course joining the team with the best players makes sense – If you really want to win. Is free agency, that happens all the time, big deal.

  109. KLACM34 says:

    I don’t get why everyone keeps saying Miami has the 2 best players in the NBA now. They are the two best in this free agent class, but it hasn’t even been a month since everybody seemed to think Kobe was the best during the playoffs. I also don’t think being the 1st sports writer to predict these 3 signing in Miami is very spectacular, I remember seeing people on message boards and some friends saying they thought this would happen in mid April.

  110. Lordseven says:

    This is the time to prove James is a winner or loser, when his back against the wall and got no way to go except winning the NBA championship. If he performs well next year playoff and get his first ring then in the next few years, no one will remember what happens. If not then he is just not good enough to compare to the greats who played before him.
    In tough time, is where one shows his true-self and what he made of.

  111. nojjAMS says:

    im favored if lebron go to the BULLS

  112. Beez in FLA says:

    if you really think about it all it was probably the best decision for all 3 players to make for so many reasons. plus i think lebron personally would have had 2 best case scenarios for free agency, 1 play for a built up cavs team that made trades or cleared cap room for one more top notch player, or 2 play with some of his good friends that he knows will be fun. i mean if you look at it d-wade is a threat to any playoff team by himself add in one really good player and hes a title competitior. if lebron went anywhere else he would never be able to guaruntee winning over d-wade and bosh together. so if he really wanted to be sure he will win in the next 5 years this was the surest thing. they have all probably have extended their nba careers at least a few years because now they arent carrying the load of the whole team to the point of injury on a regular basis. if they have a sore ankle one game they can be the 3rd option now instead of always being the 1st. plus they will all be making so much through endorsements and stuff once they 3peat and all. i think lebron took the easy way out on winning but hey the HEAT r my team to begin with sooo im not complaining

  113. nojjAMS says:


  114. Lexie says:

    Ooopsss, sorry there, it must be “Let’s just say it was Wade who came to Cleveland”.

  115. miami big three says:

    i dont know why some of you guys are getting pissed at lebron for choosing a stacked team. so what? i mean like the Boston Celtics are a stacked team and no one spazzed at ray allen or kg. LA Lakers are stacked too with Paul Gasol and Ron Artest. Lebron wanted a team who can win. But he preferred a ring than money so don’t hate the man for making his own decision.

  116. Lexie says:

    Ooohhhh, anyone who thinks their team has no chance now must disagree with what James did, hehe…But anyway, should we really hate James for what he did? What if it was the other way around? Let’s just say, for the sake of an argument, it was Wade who came to Miami? For sure Dan Gilbert would be celebrating, and what would be Miami’s reaction then? Come on people, aside from NBA being a business, let’s not forget that every player has also the right to choose what he thinks is best for his career. It may be for the reason of money or wanting to win championship/s. That’s why there are contracts so that when it is done or over with, the player may do whatever he wants. Of course the sourgraping is understandable, but come on, be open minded… Wade, James and Bosh together isn’t a guarantee they’ll win it all, but for sure the chances are great. It’s up for the other teams now how to compete….

  117. Paul Singh says:

    honestly for all u haters jus shut up! like seriously the man has a choice n he utilised it… he gave the cleveland cavaliers franchise an amazing seven seasons buh after all he was the only player they had…… unlike kober who had gasol n shaq wen he won the titles…. like if theres someone to blame go blame the GM of the cavs for not signin a player good enough for LeBron to work with. and for all u ppl sayin that hes not in the same breathe as MJ or Kobe like common..think again!!! look at the numbers he put up in cleveland even though hes in his early 20’s i dont think MJ or Kobe were able to do that…. well wen its all said and done LeBron u made a great decision n Miami will win a championship n if possible more than one… even though the “TRIO’S” numbers will drop

    • LakerHaterAter says:

      Lebron jumped ship and is now a ring hopper. He will NEVER be mentioned in the same breath as the GREAT ONE 23 OR THE BLACK MAMBA 24. Basketball is more than numbers, just ask karl malone.

  118. The Big Witness says:

    LeBron has decided. Leave the guy alone. He did what he thinks is best for him. But all these other people might blabber about like ‘being up there with Michael Jordan and all of those greats’, ‘getting the bigger offer from Cleveland’ and even just his ‘loyalty and pride in staying in one time and try to win a championship for Ohio would be the RIGHT thing to do’, but THE GUY IS MATURE ENOUGH TO DECIDE THAT HE WANTS TO BE A CHAMPION. Don’t you guys get that? I personally would support the guy with whatever he decided Thursday night, with wherever he may sign with and since he chose to play with 3 of his closest and most talented friends and decided to build their OWN dynasty, their OWN story, YOU GUYS CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM THEM. I agree with these other basketball fans here. STOP CRYING AND MOVE ON. YOU GUYS CAN’T JUST ACCEPT THE FACT THAT THE THREE OF THEM WOULD MAKE A GREAT TEAM THAT WOULD BE THE TOUGHEST CHALLENGE FOR ALL OTHER TEAMS OUT THERE. And you know who’s the immature one in this story? It’s the Cavs’ GM Dan Gilbert. C’mon, just read this letter he wrote to the Cavs Fans, this is RIDICULOUS. –

  119. gman says:

    Angel wat the —- u talking about,the nba has nuttin to do with that.

  120. DBBJ says:


  121. Scott 1956 says:

    Did he have a right to go to Miami? Of course. Did he have the right to knife Cleveland on National TV? Apparently.
    Is he a classless, ignorant, self-absorbed child? I guess he’ll have to “AX” his handlers. A PR persons dream, someone who hasn’t won anything, who cannot speak the language. I’m just a BB fan, and could care less where the quitter plays. It use to be that you had to be great to be called great. Not anymore apparently.

  122. luis Ariza says:

    alright for allllllll you “Lakers fan”” lets leave something very clear kobe won about 3 or for championships rigs because he had no one else but shaq..when shaq play for the lakers he was fast and young now his not but i bet u anything if shaq would of play with lebron back in does day he would be having a ring on his finger….now lakers have been a way better team then clevalan..kobe has people that will help him out when he is having a bad night..but what about lebron who did he have? lets see no one..he can score all the time he needed help and no one step up mo williams was a good 3 point shooter in the regular season but ones the playoff came he chock.. so don’t be saying kobe here and there because his been help…but lebron has been doing it by him self and now that he got a chance to go to a team that knows that it will help him he took that chance so will see u lakers fans in the finals…and stop hating on lebron bosh and d wade because they were smart….for the first time in nba history pretty much this players are not taking alot of money all they want is to win a championship so stop looking at the bad things and look at the good things because basketball is meant to play with heart not for money

    • LakerHaterAter says:

      If hes the KING then why couldnt he make those scrubs in cleveland better? And you dont win 60+ games and fold in the post season like that unless your LEADER is lacking something.

      Seems your main argument is that Kobe had help and thats why hes successfull… uh ya… that how basketball works. Takes 5.

      Stfu dude your a tool

      The lakers finals experience… THREE YEARS IN A ROW/ KOBES 8TH APPEARANCE NEXT YEAR/ PHILS 13TH and the chemistry we have built over the years will show the basketball world what the game is about.


    • wertyqqq says:

      @ luis. kobe won the last 2 titles with a shattered index finger. not broken, SHATTERED. some say its permanent. Try lending him your extra index to make our three peat easier. cmon. 81pts

  123. TimetoThink says:

    Do people just totally forget that Kobe threaten to leave the lakers and the nba step in and gave them gasol? (yes the nba because everyone on the planet knows that was a bs deal). I’m no fan of any team except my suns so i don’t care for anyone unless they are on my team. With that being said I find it funny how people are saying how kobe wouldn’t have done it or MJ. Huh MJ was making 30million a year when the salary cap was 24 million. Yea I wouldn’t leave to go to another team knowing that they couldn’t even give me half of what I was making. Oh and lets not forget that duncan was about to sign with magic when The Admiral called him and talked him out of it. I like how people and media just totally change history to their liking.

    And speaking of owners, I like how the bulls owner pretty much wanted jordan and them gone. But do you hear players talking smack about that back than? No. But oh god if a player does it, the owner has the right to just go nuts and rip a guy that put cavs back on the map???? No not fair at all especially when owners trade guys and don’t even tell them some times. Oh and if you didn’t draft bron you would still be sucking like you did 5 straight years before he got there.

    Oh and another thing, this is about barkley. He is talking smack saying he would have tried to win on his own. HUH fool! he freaking gets himself traded to my team with 3allstars and danny ainge( hahah i love messing with ainge) than when that didn’t work he goes to Houston with top 50 players Hakeem and Clyde the glide. That fool is a buster and totally is forgetting what he did. Freaking liar.

    • GoSitDown says:

      Dude… your a suns fan. Your basketball opinion means as much as the amount of championships you have. Kick rocks

      • TimetoThink says:

        Wow at least come back with some thing intelligent and constructive. Must be a clippers fan hahaha. Sorry clippers! Didn’t mean to bring you into it 🙂

    • Jumpman says:

      but Bron did kinda damage his legacy
      i guess he can kiss another MVP award good bye

    • LAKER'SHEAT says:

      Well I think he won’t be remembered the same as Jordan, Magic, Bird and Bryant, these 4 guys started with their own teams from scratch to legacy, If Lebron wanted to be remembered as a true Legend he would have signed back to Cleveland and waited, its true all four I’ve mentioned had STACKED teams, but they wouldn’t be STACKED if they weren’t GREAT players, Lebron should’ve waited the players that would fit with him perfectly, it’s hard to build a chemistry but it’s not possible, Cleveland won 2 consecutive seasons as the best record but lack playoffs talent.
      The Heat will probably win rings unless they build a chemistry, but they would be remembered as the big 3 not as individuals as Jordan, Magic, Bird and Bryant, look how O’Neal turned out, he wouldn’t be finals MVP if it wasn’t for Phil Jackson’s triangle offense, Kobe made shots for the team by himself most of the times carrying his team at his shoulder, Jordan, Magic and Bird did also in their own styles, Im hoping for the best for Miami and more power Lakers. Honestly I’m starting to like Miami also more power Lebron. The true betrayal was made by Cleveland, If they were really loyal they would’ve supported James and thanked him for what he done, maybe that’s why Lebron left, because they were OBSESSED with him that made them crazy when he left.

  124. KingJuan says:

    Yes 3 KINGS together and the Lakers will be put in their place. Now at least Bron won’t end up like KG or Pierce a great career with only one title to show for it. Its the smartest decision these three guys have ever made. Thats what happens when you don’t do anything to keep your star player why would you stay with 3rd rate players like Varejao, West and Williams or washed up guys like Shaq, Jamison and Z, C’mon. If anyone should be catching heat for this its that lil punk Gilbert telling someone its his hometown ain’t enough to keep a guy who wants his hands full of rings.

    • GoSitDown says:



      The Hangtime Blog…. Where haters try and hate but get dumped on by the back to back sweet sixteen champs

  125. basketball fan says:

    Lebron ended up at Miami because he knew that even though he is a star, he couldn’t handle the pressure of trying to win it himself. He is just another really good player now. A person that was trying to have his own legacy would have let the players come to him. That is the difference between him and the great players. They gave him pieces but he didn’t make them better during the playoffs.

    The big 3 in Boston, made everyone else around them better so we will see if they (Miami) can do the same thing becuase LeBron couldn’t do it in Cleveland.

    He is such a good player, but I hope he grows up one day.

  126. J. Cartier says:

    It’s a business. The owners are going to do the things to maximize their profits. The players have every right to do the same. The players don’t owe the owners anything ,it’s the players who fill the stands every night. Lebron had a chance to choose his own destiny instead of staying where he was drafted. He took it. Whatever reason he chose ,it’s his choice to make.

    That he was unselfish enough not to ask for a max salary is being overlooked for the trivial things. Few players ever stay at the same teams their entire careers. Why should he be any different ?

    • D-pointeddd says:

      End of the day, It’s all trying to get a ball in the basket.
      You gotta look at this in all ways my man.
      Lebron received unconditional support by the whole state of Ohio since he was in Highschool.
      Plus, Lebron set expectations as the self-titled King in Cleveland.
      Now no one is proud of what Gilbert said, but the way Lebron handled this was ridiculous.
      It was a double slap in the face. He hosts a show for hype and embarrasses Cleveland on National T.V.
      If I was a billionaire, I wouldn’t go through all that to donate money to kids.
      In addition, his ambition as a competitor seemed to fade.
      He didn’t want to go get the ring, he wanted it to be given. That’s what basically is.
      Most greats earned the ring, this guy got paid 80 mil to get one.
      It’s not business my man, Business only revolves around people’s decisions which is controlled by their ambition and feelings. Clearly, Lebron made a bad move, not only to throw his legacy in the trash, but take the competitive spirit out of the NBA. Oh and, Lebron was ‘the chosen one’ He wasn’t like most of the players who switches teams all the time. People expected something else out of him. All these things make Kobe look way too good, and I dun exactly love him either.

  127. DBBJ says:


  128. Steve Blom says:

    I’m gonna say what I haven’t seen anyone say yet. Lebron James made a smart decision. I don’t see how anyone can think he would be better off on any team other than Miami. He has a chance to play with D Wade and Chris Bosh on the same team, and he took it. Who in their right mind wouldn’t. He would never have another opportunity like this. I’m a Laker fan and I wasn’t happy with Lebron’s decision but I think that’s my own fear of my team getting dethroned. I don’t knock his decision though, it was just plain SMART. I feel for the Cleveland fans though because they did show a great deal of support through the years. It’s gotta be tough for them! I hope the Cleveland franchise recovers. We’ve all seen through the years that just having great players on a team doesn’t make them champions. Whether or not Miami becomes champions remains to be seen. I would put my money on them winning a championship sometime in the future. In the meantime I hope my Lakers keep excelling for awhile! They’ve been a joy to watch the last couple of years. Re-sign D Fish Lakers!

  129. social_justice says:

    Lebron did the right thing, He forms a trio of superstars who are willing passers and more capable finishers. The problem to figure out is how to give them the right mix of role players who’ll defend their respective positions and be capable enough to step in.

    Leaving the cavs was a good decision for lebron, because the management although did everything to try and build a championship around Lebron but they lacked the understanding of who to put around him. Lets be real guys, a supporting cast of Varejao, Mo Willams and a very old Jamison and Shaq last year? Lebron with all his talent and skill can’t defeat the likes of Orlando and Boston because his mates can’t hold their own against their respective counterparts on the other team. He’s really the best player now so that’s not a problem but the team is stuck and flawed for years to come. will he really want to be a 31 year w/o any championships to show. He’ll still earn his millions and make the difference up in endorsements and then some.

    Starting to dream of a Lakers-Heat finals, hmmmmm…….this is a talent laden finals, one for the ages.

  130. Duncan21 says:

    All of you who talk about he’ll never be Johnson, Bird, Kobe… because they are on one team, thats nonsense they had great players around them anyway. Kobe was nothin without shaq until he got gasol. Majoc had abdul, etc. Jordan did have a good team, but his team wasn’t LA or BOS. Tim did it in San Antonio.

    • GoSitDown says:

      Tim duncan is a sweet boy who can thank the admiral and a frenchman for his success. not to mention the ring hopper robert horry.

      Kobe nothing till gasol came?

      1st to average 35 in a season since jordan?
      81 points?
      4 straight 50 games?
      Single handedly gettin that lakers team to the playoffs all but one of those post shaq/horry/fish/phil/shaw/malone/payton days?



      The miami wonder boys will get toasted like wonder bread

      • GoKnicks says:

        Are you honestly insulting TIm Duncan? Are you kidding me? TIm Duncan won because of the Admiral? No way.

        He won 1999 cuz ewing was injured, and Duncan was the one making the big buckets in that series.
        He won in 2003 because he worked very hard, did extremely well, and was backed up with a solid supporting cast. Note: He did score 36 points or so in the last game of the series (thanks to his strong field goal percentage). Also note that kobe shot 25% FROM THE FIELD IN GAME 7…Plus, the ADmiral was scoring a mere 9 or 10 points per game against an injured Mutombo (i apoligize if i mispelled his name)
        He won in 2005 and 2007 without the Admiral, but worked even harder.

        Now, to the Kobe Bryant issue. Kobe Bryant only scored 35 points per game because HE HAD SMUSH PARKER, LUKE WALTON, KWAME BROWN and other washouts. He was the only scoring option. CMon man, think.

        By the way, Horry actually helped the Lakers a lot more than he helped the Spurs (remember the game winning three pointer against the Kings?)

    • wertyqqq says:

      @ mr.duncan. ur very funny man. kobe helped shaq won 3 titles. try riding a time machine on shaq last 2 titles w LA and hear him saying kobe s d best player in the world. shaq was pretty accurate cz kobe has won 2 now and looking for his 6th and 7th. REVIEW the pistons and LA finals. detroit won by stopping kobe, not shaq. retard duncan fan. 81pts. baby!

      • GoKnicks says:

        hm. Did it possibly occur to u that kobe won the 5 championships in the 2000s? Ok, Shaq was in his prime in the 90s, the worst time to win a championship (MJ completely dominated the 90s, and maybe hakeem the dream as well). Kobe is in his peak in the 2000s. Retard. Did it also occur to you that the only contenders (other than the lakers) throughout the decade were the Mavs, Celtics, and Detriot? The first three rings kobe won because he helped Shaq, but Shaq was the main factor. He destroyed Mutombo! I don’t see many players doing that. By the way. why the hell did u mention Kobe and Shaq when I’m talking about Duncan? You’re a retarded kobe fan…did i not mention that kobe is one of the best players in the league? Do yourself a favor and talk about Kobe and Shaq elsewhere…

  131. Mucha says:

    The Knicks don’t have a foundation to work with but the Nets do? Are you f’in kidding me?

    The Knicks were a 29-win team last season, they have 3 very talented young players in Danilo Gallinari, Anthony Randolph and Wilson Chandler and they’ve just signed Amare Stoudemire who’s one of the best power forwards in the game.

    The Nets didn’t win more than 12 games last season, and they’ve only added Derrick Favors and Travis Outlaw.


  132. Bahamas says:

    Is it really Lebron being selfish? How about everyone that didn’t like his choice. Simply put someone had to be upset no matter where he choose. It easy to say he should have stayed but put yourself in his shoes for a second. Supposedly his mom slept with one of his teammates, the team did nothing to try and resolve the matter by at least setting a place for the two to harsh out there differences, You just lost again with the promised line-up that was supposed to get you there to the pinnacle of the NBA, and finally you have a chance to play with a proven winner in Dwayne Wade who has heart and still shinned with no one on his team that consistently helped him. It was his choice to make and he made it, LIVE WITH IT!

  133. Mike Nairne says:

    It’s sad to see such a young and talented player like LeBron choose to take the route that in the past has been used by desparate over the hill veterans. He never again should be compared to Michael Jordan or any of the truly competitive greats of the game. He is a very good player that will never be able to live up to his potential. No the biggest loser is definitely LeBron. However, to say that the Knicks were a loser in this process is a joke. The Knicks are winners because not only do we now have Amare but we have plenty of cap space to sign additional players this year and with Curry’s expiring contract in future years. The Knicks have not been in this position in over a decade.

  134. kb24allday says:

    This is just craziness! I can understand Bron wanting to win a championship but he should have at least gone to Chicago or New York. If he was “so good” he should have looked forward to the challenge of playing the Heat rather than just joining them. I am a Laker fan and naturally i can’t stand Boston, but now I will be cheering for Boston if they meet up with the heat in the playoffs. This is pathetic. To stack a team like this is horrible. And the whole Kobe-Shaq-Malone-Payton team does not nearly compare to this because both Malone and Payton and even Shaq were past their primes unlike this new heat team! Best of luck to everyone and may the best team win!

  135. Redd says:


    He should be investigated and put to THE HALL OF SHAME or even JAIL TIME>>>

  136. Miami For 5 NBA championship says:

    Those that they criticize the king for not having remained in Cleveland to obtain a title of league with the Cavaliers, as the only stellar figure inside the equipment, they forget that already it came to the Finals and lost opposite to the Spurs of San Antonio because to his side it has never had to any other figure of quality.

    The king and his equipment of advisers were conscious that while Kobe Bryant, in Los Angeles, has to Paul Gasol, Andrew Bynum y Lamar Odom, in Cleveland, before that was taking the decision as free agent no player of quality had come.

    His first option, her of continuing in Cleveland, was stopping being the best in the sports paragraph because it was going to be again without the major player who could help him
    Congratulation’s the king Now we are going to finish with the damned lakers. You’re the best

  137. Bahamas says:

    Hey LeBRON is still one of the three best in the NBA. That hasn’t changed. I know when i play pick up games in the parks i pick the best players to play with or i play with my friends. Didn’t LeBRON do this whats the problem. In life nothings given to you they still have to go out and win. Think about this fact, the Olympic Team with WADE,BOSH And LeBRON lost. YOU HAVE TO STILL GO OUT THERE AND PROVE YOURSELF ISN’T IT WHY WE PLAY GAMES!

  138. Akbar says:

    I am actually glad Lebron Left the Cavs and all of you people that are being so disrespectful towards him are the real hypocrites. Lebron has done so much for the the Cavs franchise and the whole state of OHIO for seven years and one would think that people would respect his decison. He brought this crummy franchise to an eastern conference title and has shown thats the most he could do. There is a limit to everything and unfortunletely the sky isnt the limit for the Cavs however with the Heat the sky can be the limit and its a good choice for him. So people stop hating on Lebron he is still number one in the game and always will be. Lets all respect his decison and see what the future holds.

  139. Angel says:

    I could care less about where Lebron goes; it is just that I love watching COMPETITIVE basketball. And where is the competition in this? I am a Suns fun no matter what, but I hope the Lakers embarrass this so called Dream Team.

    And Gasol was traded for, Kobe didnt go out and beg for him to play in LA!

    Go Suns!

  140. Amused says:

    Not so sure that the Knicks are necessarily the biggest losers here; they had already flubbed the presentations to the Big Three, so it’s not like they just nailed it from beginning to end, only to lose out at the final moment. And no, Amare isn’t a superstar of the James-Wade-Bosh quality…but he is an addition and an improvement to the Knicksk sagging roster.

    The biggest losers? My vote goes to the Nets, because they were waiting just as long and just as anxiously for the Big Three as the Knicks were…they aced their presentations, according to everything we read last week…and still they came up completely empty-handed. The Nets have a foundation to work with? Where, exactly? Prokorov may have more money than God, but it doesn’t mean he can speed up time to get one of those 2011 free agents early, and meanwhile, who does he really have on the roster? All the money in the world can’t guarantee landing talent. Amare can still perhaps help lure some solid help, but who’s going to sign on to the Nets to play with Devin Harris?

  141. The "Get Over It" Guy says:

    Wow, get over it people. If Lebron had done anything other than re-sign with the Cavs (who did absolutely nothing to improve their team during this free agency), then he would have been this “heartless quitter” that people are calling him now. I can’t believe how quickly “cavs” fans have turned into fools over this whole thing. I’m not saying you should be jumping for joy that he is gone, it is definitely devastating to the franchise. However, let’s not forget what LBJ did during his 7 years as a cav. Made an entire league respect and fear Cleveland. CLEVELAND!! Showed off his incredible talents wearing wine and gold every night, and he made it look like fun while doing it. “Heartless”???…dream on….”quit in the playoffs”???….check the stats (triple double in the final game….). Jeez, you’d think he was the only player on Cleveland that lost last year and would like to play somewhere else…..It’s not like he asked to be traded, or even said anything bad once about playing in Cleveland (where I’m going to take Noah’s argument here and say it is not a top place to play). He doesn’t owe Cleveland a thing, and he’s not selling out. He is taking less money to go play with special players to get a ring. All this individualism that LBJ is accused of is crap because he could have went somewhere where he would be the WHOLE show, but he’s done the “LOOK AT ME” routine, and you know what happens?? RINGLESS FINGERS. People forget that they are talking about THE MOST unselfish superstar the game has ever seen.
    MJ and KOBE wouldn’t do it? BULL! MJ never had to do it….KOBE almost did it (and if it wasn’t for Pau, he’d be gone), or do you forget that too? Lebron has to try this, if he didn’t he’d always be wondering what if…. He doesn’t give a crap about a statue, he wants to be a winner, and he doesn’t feel like waiting….can you blame him…really?

  142. Brian Keith says:

    Much love to Dennis Scott of Atlanta for being one of the first to get this correct. I am very happy for Lebron James and his family and he deserves nothing but the best, and upmost respect for the decesion that he made for his family and himself. To give up all of the cash and put his pride on the line shows that he is more interested in winning a ring than must people will ever give him credit for.

  143. ldhl89 says:

    Everyone forget Shaquille o’ neal

    • IMREADY2010 says:


  144. Zzanzabar says:

    @ Angel…Sorry but you cannot stop players from talking to each other privately. First there is no way to control or monitor such conversations. Secondly it is unAmerican to try a stop any type of private speech.

    I find it strange that people want it both ways: ‘Lebron is greedy and egotisitcal he is only concerned with himself.’ And in the next breath ‘How could he give up is NBA legacy by going to another man’s team for a ring (or two) when he could have built his legend by staying in Cleveland?’ Many people tend to overlook a small blurb in the media that stated that he TRIED to get Bosh to join him (and other players as well if the truth be known) but none wanted to make Cleveland their home.

    After awhile the handwriting must have been plain on the wall, he was going to end up like Kevin Garnett, well respected, well thought of old (in basketball terms), with one ring and two bad knees. This isn’t football where players can put up with 8 home games in Green Bay or Minnesota then spend the off season in Mississippi or Florida. This is a grueling 42 game home schedule where you come home to… Cleveland (sorry Clevelandites but that is the brutal fact). Which one of you if given a choice would settle down in Ohio if you could have South Beach Miami?

  145. IMREADY2010 says:

    Well personally this kind of a response to angel’s topic at the top of the public responses. I understand
    that you are upset with the decison of Lebron James and maybe the ESPN special was a little over the top,
    but the bottom line is he gave Cleveland 7 yrs of not only basketball but his life.
    So with that said how dare people critisize what he felt was best for him and the reason why he probally didnt tell Dan Gilbert of his plans because he knew the pain and anguish it would cost to him, so interem he went a head and waited it out exactly the way I WOULD HAVE DID IT BECAUSE UNLIKE CLEVELAND FANS LEBRON JAMES ULTIMATELY VALUED THEIR FEELINGS.


  146. chuck says:

    On the long run, though Lebron might win an NBA Title with the Heat, I agree with Sekou, he is not only one of the losers, he is the BIGGEST loser on all this charade/drama/one hour reality show dubbed “The Decision”. When he attempts to come back to Cleveland and see all the burnt jerseys and all the hatred, boos, negative chants against him, he will then understand that he is the biggest loser in all this ESPN/Lebron James made up show.

  147. Steve says:

    Everyone’s gotta stop being mean to Lebron James its his choice cleveland is just gonna have to deal with it. If you were on a team and two of you’re good friends were on a team and you had a chance to all play together you’d do the same. plus he wouldn’t have won a title in cleveland

  148. miamichampions 2010/2011 says:

    I think people should stop comparing Lebron’s career to either Michael’s or Kobe’s. Lebron is Lebron so let him choose and write his own legacy.

  149. MIAMI FAN says:

    quit whining you guys! King James don’t need the money, he needs a ring and the only place that he can think of, to get that illustrious championship ring is by teaming up with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. so whats the fuzz about King James Leaving Cleveland??? he never left Cleveland he just change teams that’s all, cant you get that? its all business nothing personal. cant you just be proud of King James son of Ohio who is the best Basketball Player the State of Ohio has ever produced. Move ON! don’t be so selfish share your BLESSINGS!

  150. Glimit says:

    Bron is never gonna come close to Michael Jordan. Hes not going to be the guy in Cleveland. He just went to Miami so he can get carried by D-Wade and Bosh. LeBron lost my respect

  151. Knicksallday says:

    Why does the media always have to say something negative about the Knicks? It’s not their fault Lebron chose the easy way out and can’t carry his own weight. Lebron can no longer become the best player he can be because of this. He can’t even be compared to Kobe Bryant because guys like Kobe would never share the spotlight with his friends in order to win. Charles Barkley was right about this affecting Lebron’s legacy because he could no longer be the “guy”. As a matter of fact, Dwayne Wade is always going to be one step ahead of Lebron because the Heat is and will always be DWAYNE WADE’s team.

  152. Ronaldo says:

    It’s understandable why the Cavs and a lot of other teams feel disgruntled about LBJ going to Miami. Dan Gilbert didn’t really help his situation further by his undignified open letter and I would say this would play a major role in signing future potential stars. Who would want to play for an owner who is spiteful and bitter? Kinda like “you sign with the Cavs, you’re here for life”…uhh not the case. Keeping his spite and anger in-house and resorting to appropriate PR would have been better for him and the Cavs (stating the obvious much?). Problem on LBJ’s part is how he handled the whole situation. A TV special? C’mon, just say where you’re going, you’re not as special as you think buddy. I’m a Heat fan and as excited as I was with the news of the decision, I was hoping LBJ would either stay put or sign with the Bulls. I enjoyed watching a Wade-LBJ match up, now unless they televise Heat practices we can say bye-bye to that.

  153. Matt says:

    I watched The Decision on replay last night, and was pretty impressed by how LeBron conducted himself. He conveyed to me his reasons for deciding on Miami, and how difficult he found the decision-making process. He also emphasized what he felt he’d given to, and done for, the Cleveland organisation over the last seven years, and I found myself thinking “well he’s a professional athlete who has the right to ply his trade where ever he likes.”

  154. Meech says:

    The reason this is bad for the NBA is because now all of the “major” stars besides Kobe are all in one city. Where is the superstar rivalry now? Kobe facing LBJ and Wade? Carmelo facing LBJ and Wade? Bosh was a good acquisition and they had money to get better role players…. You need role players good solid ones to win titles otherwise it will be 3 vs 9 or 10 guys

  155. joelean says:

    “How did Wade and Pat get away with this? Where does tampering come into play? Wade recruited these members when they were still under contract with their perspective teams.”

    First off there is no way to prove that, unless you got them on tape… all you are doing is speculating, secondly the phoenix sun are still good, Amare was only good because nash made him look good never forget that, he has no nash in NY he will fail.

    I don’t understand why the hate on lebron… he gave so much those 7 years in cleveland and what did cleveland give him in return to help him win? a washed up shaq… nice really shows you want to keep him. in the end i understand why he chose to leave, i mean really go to miami? paradise city… where old TALENTED friends will play with him, or stay in cleveland and carry them again with nothing to show for, not really a tough choice if you ask me.

  156. kobe says:

    They wont beat LA we have Kobe Bryant!! As simple as that!!

    • Jason says:

      kobe Bryant??? Cmon, the biggest hog on any team in the league. The guy who earns more then Lebron. The guy who sooks to get the players he wants to play with. Lebron made the right decision to make Miami the superteam it is and I for one, cant wait to see the end of the lakers and Kobe.

  157. James says:

    “I thought Lebron was more competitive than that” is the perfect statement for this. This whole debacle is ridiculous. Not just Lebron, but Wade, Bosh and the NBA as a whole should be embarrassed about the media frenzy they put on for no reason. These athletes knew what they were going to do long before they hit the Free Agency Market. This obviously the most stacked team in the history of the NBA. Although the article mentions the old Shaq-Kobe-Malone-Payton Lakers team, how does that even compare? You have the two best players outside of Kobe in the prime of their careers with one of the top big men in his prime. Why watch basketball? Where is the entertainment at? Why bother to pay to go watch a game where you know its going to be a 30+ point blowout. The Lakers are the only true threat to this team. Because of all the tampering and shady business that went into allowing this to happen, I can foresee a mess that will never be able to be cleaned. At least not for another 5-7 years when this mess ends. Sadly I have a feeling this is only the start. The NBA is about to go the way of the MLB. A few major teams and the rest are just chumps.

    • Paul Singh says:

      buddy ur forgettin the CELTICS and MAGIC they will sign free agents and prepare for this Dynasty Team…… they no its comin nn jus wait another year n New York will be the same…. their gunna have Stradomire, Tony Parker, Carmelo Athony (thats an amazing trio)… nnn as far as the lakers gooo they are the only good team in the west soo i dont know wat u mean by “wats the point of watchin b-ball” like they literally rape all the teams in the west…. so i think that miami did a good job signin the “TRIO”…. n im sure that there will be enough teams to battle the heat

    • brandon says:

      how are the fakers I mean the Lakers a threat! They didn’t beat Boston the refs did!

      • wertyqqq says:

        @ brandon. i knw you have a better excuse than that one man. cmon. SHATTERED finger. 2 nba titles so far. how about that excuse. stop blaming the refs.

      • MJ YOUR FATHER says:

        DON´T SAY THAT, REMEMBER THA LAKERS FANS DON´T ACCEPT IT. KOBE IS THE BEST PLAYER EVER SHOOTING 6 FOR 24 UNBELIEVE NUMBERS IN GAME 7 (Fortunately for Bryant, his supporting cast starred GAME 7, and they protected him from a summer of LeBron-like backlash.)FOR THE PROCLAIM THE BEST PLAYER EVER.


  158. tksr says:

    hey guys, KEVIN DURANT is the man, the most respectable guy in the league, also if he has only 21, he will grow more than LBJ. All are talking about wade, lebron, bosh, amar’e blah blah blah. Kevin is quiet but is a killer, remember that and take a look at OKC in the next years 😉

    • MJ YOUR FATHER says:


  159. hac45 says:

    Life is NOT fair. The man made a decsion on his own and it is his choice not sterns, not the fans, and not the different clubs! I doubt it was an easy choice for him and to say he is a sell out is stupid because he probably doesn’t think he sold out. Maybe he didn’t want to stay without brown or ferry which in that case he has no blame in this. And to those that think homo kobe is so great if he didn’t have shaq, artest, pau, odom and the refs he be in the same no ring situation James is in. So once again life is NOT fair.

  160. COREY PORTER says:


  161. Confused says:

    I’m very confused! After all the stories about how NBA players are all about money and not winning, now a player actually gives up money to win and he’s a loser now? So if Lebron didn’t go to Miami, would he have been applauded going to any other team than Cleveland? Then if he stayed in Cleveland once all the other free agents were signed, with the same team as last year, would he have a chance to win? Basically, he was damned if did and damned if he didn’t. Why is it that a franchise can trade players at whim and say, “it”s business”, but a player can’t choose a team and it be “business”? Don’t teams trade and sign the “best” players in the league to win a championship? But when a player signs with the best team to win a championship, he’s disloyal. Give me a break before I throw up!!!!

    • Gino Ulmer says:

      What money is he giving up, they have no tax in Florida. He would actually make more money with NY, Chicago or Cleveland.

    • tingyman says:

      @ confused-

      yeah, i can see that you are a very confused fool, let me fill you in on the details.

      In miami there is NO SALARY TAX. none. nada. meaning that lebron will not have a huge chunk cut out of his salary every year.
      through this fact hopefully you can now see past your ignorance and recognize that lebron is earning much more money in miami than he would have anywhere else, including cleveland.

      next time research this info, and maybe you wont be as confused

  162. Bulls says:

    LeBron, though i do admire and respect him, has made a big mistake. He is rigging the nba. I dont think that this should be allowed… because of this year the salary cap should be lowered drastically. I udnerstand he wants to win a ring but this is cheating!! And what happens after he wins his 3rd ring? What will he do? I think its going to get boring for him eventually. Hes taking so many peoples chance awawy to win rings. I understand Jordan did this also but he did this without cheating the nba system!!!! Kobe’s won a bunch too but hes worked hard with the same team and with the same fans to get those rings. What if they did this in football? What if the Pro Bowl NFC roster called eachother up and told eachother to sign contracts for small amounts of money so they could win 8 straight superbowls!?!?! LeBron used to be one of my favorite players but… i just dont know anymore

  163. r.a pangan says:

    I totally disagree regarding to James as a loser, as look at it it seems James did the best for him, to be considered as the best you must have title rings place on your fingers, how could he cement his legacy if he could not get one with the cavs. Kudos miami heat, Now I cant wait to see LA being dethroned by the New dynasty of Miami HEat

    • Gino Ulmer says:

      They better get some more hall of fame players to beat Kobe and LA. Wade is a stud, Bosh is ok and Lebron can’t take the playoff preasure.

    • lakerboy says:

      Dethroned huh? How could he cement his legacy if he’s a crybaby?

  164. Time says:

    Call me old fashion if you want, but “The Decision” was Narcism gone wild. I could have respected him if he wouldn’t have gone through that whole theatrical performance. You should have made Cleveland a WITNESS before he dragged them through the mud. Who the heck does he think he is? A KING, ha. He was/is just a pawn in Miami because that’s Wade town and he’s just a visitor. Bosh, I can understand because he’s just a sidekick. Championship or not, I’m a WITNESS to one of the best ballers of his generation falling from grace. Bring back the good old days!

  165. Wise Choice says:

    Ok, i have read blogs and blogs or everyone’s opnions, thank god its only opinions as they say to each his own, and here is mine; First of all YOU PEOPLE must stop judging this guy with your feelings, facts dont lie; when Kobe was losing just after 2yrs since Shaq left wasnt he the one saying he wanted to be traded? if he was a free agent i am sure he would have left! thats two yrs compared to Lebrons 7, Now last time i recalled Lebron is a Free Agent, which means he can do what ever the Crap he wants, No matter what no one say the man’s stats speak for it self, Lebron didnt make a decision to satisfy any of yall but for himself and that i can respect, it was not about money,fame or glory, it was for what anyone who went into the NBA for and this is for a chance to get a ring, this man had the opportunity that no other free big free agent had and he took it, and quote me on this if and whenever this opportunity comes around i am absolutely sure that free agents wll more than jump on it. Once again please stop Hatin

    • Gino Ulmer says:

      Kobe only said that so that Buss would take action and finally get a little bit of talent around him. He was never leaving LA. His wife and kids wanted to stay in LA.

      • KLACM34 says:

        I agree. It was different in Kobe’s case. In those 3 years (Lakers missed the playoffs 1 year and lost to the suns in the first round the next 2 years, so it was 3 years of mediocrity not 2 and those 2 years were in Kobe’s absolute prime), the Lakers had made no effort to surround Kobe with talent and I don’t think the same can be said about the cavs’ attempt to help Lebron. They surrounded Lebron with knock down 3 point shooters with Williams and Parker, which are a good contrast to Lebron’s slashing style. The Cavs also added Jamison and Shaq. Smush Parker, Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm, and Luke Walton all had starting roles at some point in those 3 years for the Lakers and I personally think that Lebron has never played with a supporting cast that was quite as bad as. Caron Butler, who was only in LA for a year, and Odom were the only other respectable starters with Kobe on the Lakers during that drought.

      • MJ YOUR FATHER says:

        We know you, tingyman, KLACM34 and LakerFanInGA (obviously) are LA fans, but I have a question for you and all the lakers fans- why do u hate Lebron so much? Honestly I think you are afraid of him joining 2 good players because the lakers trifecta is in danger and the next 5 years.

        Lebron did an excellent decision, the owner of the cavs was on the comfort zone instead of making good deals bringing another star,
        He is a player not a toy, we are nba fans not GOD to criticise his life and compare him what kobe would do, etc In my opinion LBJ like it or not and the numbers don´t lie is better than your Kobe, yes he has 2 championships as a main man yes he was the number 2 guy in the 3 peat, Shaquille O’Neal WAS THE MAN back then (check the numbers) oh yes you also hated SHAQ the guy who gave you 3 rings, oh yes you denied that MAGIC is the best laker ever and put kobe in the pedestal. No offense but the best team ever are the 95-96 bulls, MICHAEL JORDAN THE BEST PLAYER EVER, THE BEST LAKER TEAM IS FROM 86-87. Kobe is good not spectacular like mj, magic, and bird (this list is 3 guys only, sorry kobe you are in other list)

        Agree? All further comments are nonsense,

    • LakerFanInGA says:

      Yeah he said improve the team or trade me. He didn’t create some Made for TV Reality Show and kick the Lakers to the curb. Kobe has his issues, but Lebron demonstrated that he was one narcissistic, egotistical PUNK. There were folk all over the country who did not like Kobe who have been converted to Kobe lovers, thanks to this PUNKs PR Debacle. And even the non-converted respect Kobe more today than they did 24 hours ago.

    • tingyman says:

      dont you remember that everybody hated kobe for asking to be traded? the thing that happened was that he wasnt traded and eventually won his championship. you do remember that this happened right? or were u still watching cartoons and crap bc you dont seem to have complete accurate knowledge of the situation

    • king of cowards says:

      excuse me…Kobe remained a Laker. Pau Gasol trade happened mid-season. Even if Kobe wanted to be traded, he opted to stay and be “The Man”. Eventually, Laker management rewarded him with Pau Gasol. Please stop comparing the scenario wherein Kobe wanted to bolt out and your LeBron justifying that he wanted to win. It’s not even close. As a Laker fan, I’m always dreadful of the Cavs preseason recruitment. Anthony Parker, Jamario Moon…wow! Kobe defenders. Now tell us that they didn’t get LeBron the help he needed to win. And for crying out loud, Cleveland was the best team last season up until LeBron decided to quit versus the Celtics. Now he’s telling us that he wanted to win and he’ll expect us to believe that? Well, at least it made me more proud that Kobe’s awful FG% in Game 7 of the recent finals proved he’s no quitter…unlike the king of cowards who just…folded.

      BTW, i thought Chris Bosh wanted to be “The Man” on his new team, he was talking about it last week or so…well, he’s talking about sacrificing now.

  166. Traymack says:

    I just think that there are too many hurt feelings around the country. BOO HOO you didn’t sign KING James. Personally I am Knick fan BUT i now live in South Florida and I am also a Miami Heat fan since Dwayne Wade.

    These are people who make decisions in life, they saw the oppertunity and went with it. Time for other teams to get off Michael Jordan and Kobe JOCK because Dwayne Wade got a team now NBA WATCH OUT!!!!

  167. streetz says:

    ey no salary tax in miami right! haha

  168. Jack says:

    There was nothing wrong with Gray’s interview. As any basketball fan would admit, this was a big deal. So yeah, ESPN is going to thicken it a little bit. Six minutes was nothing to make all this fuss about, however. If Gray had confronted Lebron immediately with “the question”, he (James) might have felt taken aback, unable to offer any kind of explanation of the thought process that preceded his decision. Instead, he was given some time to do so. To say something about how he arrived at his decision. Or to say whatever he wanted to say, whatever he deemed useful to the message. The questions don’t matter. A star like Lebron knows that he doesn’t have to color between the lines in these interviews. He’ll say what he has to say. Gray just gave him this opportunity himself, asking some preliminary questions. It doesn’t matter what exactly these questions were. They were just meant to allow Lebron to shape the conversation himself, to give him time. The same time Michael, Magic, or any other superstar would be given to say whatever they had to say.

    The bickering of Sandomir and Bissinger seems uncomprehensible. Knowing the “tempo” of American TV in general, what else would you expect? (Well, actually, you’d expect to know Lebron “Decision” BY THE END of the special.) All in all, the quoted “must-read” accounts, expecially Bissinger’s, were much more of a nuissance than Gray’s six minutes ever were.

  169. Noneedforthat says:

    Mad respect for Lebron’s beastly style of playing, but…

    As soon as he signs on that dotted line for Miami, can we all just agree to take away the “king” title? He’s been demoted to Squire…DWade’s Squire. 🙂

  170. Shane says:

    If you are a fan of basketball you are a fan of Lebron, Wade, Kobe, Howard etc. no matter where they play. Now Clevland could have been proactive and tried to get the services of Wade or Bosh or anyone else who may have assisted them in winning but they didn’t and for this the fans in Clevland should be annoyed with managment not Lebron. If Clevland fans are upset they should be, Mike Brown was their winningest coach ever (ok he had Lebron but you still got to coach to win) but don’t be upset for a great player wanting to win a title. As fans of the game most scalded Kobe we he publicly attacked his team and wanted out but he stayed won championships and all is forgotten, even his fued with Shaq. I will say I was annoyed with how it dragged out and the way Lebron or his managment handled it by going on TV 1-on-1, it should have been a press conference allowing others members of the media to ask questions rather then someone Lebron felt comfortable with. All in all it will be exciting as a basketball fan to see how these 3 cope……Go Lakers, lets get Phil another ring

    • Dan says:

      The big difference is that Kobe stayed through the crap – Lebron ran from it despite it not being that bad. People wont forget this – not the people of Ohio anyway…

  171. eRoc says:

    Forget the basketball comparisons, use other sports because there are many better examples:

    1) Barry Bonds: Post Season Batting Average of about .175 (ONE post-season with better numbers)
    2) Terrel Owens: Dropped more passes than any other self-proclaimed “Greatest Ever.” Claims, “Better than 3) Rice, if he had had a quarterback like Montana or Young” … even though he did have Young.
    A-Rod…. No notes necessary. Some growing up has helped to reduce his past actions/statements.
    4’s) Alex Smith, Marijuanovitch, Leinart, JeMarcus Russell, The Amazing Quit: McNabb’s last 3 minutes of the super bowl
    5) David Beckham: Did he ver score a goal on his US team? Did he ever play 2 games in a row? What was that deal? Possibly most bizarre sports contract of any time. I have no idea what is must have said.

  172. Gnurrgard says:

    Don’t forget the biggest Winner of Lebrons decision:
    Michael Jeffrey Jordan

    The only Player he has to fear now is Kobe,as Lebron ruined his Dynasty

  173. S. Salley says:

    Dan Gilbert is a idiot. Labron wants a ring and his decision was right for him and his family. One minute Gilbert was willing to open the vault to Labron and the next minut Labron is a devil. Gilbert did not have anything to say when Labron was making him even more wealthy by just being on the roster. This guy gave seven long years and did what any smart player would do when he notices his options are better some where else.

    Gilbert wanted a call from Labron: do owners call players when they release them? I dont think so!!!! Gilbert’s comments were borderline racial and the Cav’s wont win any thing because of Gilberts mindset. I wonder will Mr. Stein fine Gilbert, like he is quick to do for players who make such stupid comments. too say the least? Gilbert your team will never get a ring because you let your best player go you idiot: fans of Ohio I feel for you but Gilbert go suck on a lemon!!!!

    • tingyman says:

      i believe a man has the right to express his feelings, and considering the whole section of the ohio area will now suffer immensely financially, peoples lives will be ruined, jobs will be lost, city revunue will dip to serious lows, and the one source of entertainment that was left in ohio is now nonexistent,…. well, i think that he had complete right to be angry at lebrons departure, especially the way he did it, with a 1 hour speech and keeping the city on edge for such a long time.
      btw what is racial about anything that he said?

  174. David says:

    Lebron has never been a true king because he hasn’t won a title. And now he will never be the king because he’s not going to lead de Heat to the title, Wade is going to do that. Right now Kobe es the real king of the leage and I don’t like him but he has 5 titles and he IS the true Laker’s LEADER.Also Heat stil has to get a decent support cast because they are not going to win only with three stars.

  175. moek23 says:

    They say winning is everything but I just have a tough time believing the greats would of done something like this being 25 years old on a very good team and giving up on them to go to another mans city. I don’t think he can ever be mentioned in the same breath as Michael or even Kobe no matter how many rings he wins because he’s not the “guy” anymore. Just seems like he sold himself short I really did believe he would eventually win a ring in Cleveland he was too good not to he could win a ring eventually anywhere he went. In Miami they won’t be building him a statue to place in front of the building when its all said and done.

    • MIAMIFAN says:

      don’t be STUPID every great hall of fame player that won alot of championships had STACKED TEAMS, yes even M.Jordan look at the roster when they won championships during the 1990’s they had the best ROLE PLAYERS…and kobe HAD Shaquille O’Neal when he had a 3 peat AND for the past 2 years that they won the team was also STACKED. u must be a very dumb person. if u want u could go back even further in the NBA history and read about all the champs, Larry bird had a good team, Magic Johnson great team, they had 2 Hall of fame Players on each of those roster. the top NBA players of all time ALL HAD HELP except for Bill Russell{ and that was in a different era so u can’t really compare).

      • Gino Ulmer says:

        Pao Gasol and Shaq are the only future hall of fame players that Kobe won titles with. Lebron does not even belong in the same sentence as Kobe, Bird, Jordon or Magic. Jordan played with 1 hall of fame player and kobe 2.

      • says:

        this guy…miami fan who always cheered for lebron let me guess right?? haha…nah bro dont fool urself. yes every player needs a great supporting cast but to do it this way, where u go out of ur way to meet up with wade and bosh just shows everyone he knows he cant do it on his own. even more sad they’re still not the best team in the east. orlando, boston and then miami. sorry miami 🙂

      • LakerFanInGA says:

        What the H@ll are you talking bout. Kobe has played with one future HOFer, and that’s Shaq. I don’t count the 2003-04, it was an experiment that shouldn’t have happened with two guys chasing rings in the twilight of there careers. Over the seven years Pau was in the league he was an All-Star one year. Ron Artest has been an All Star one year. Odum, Bynum, and Fish zero times. They are role players just like the role players of the Cavs who contributed to the best record in the NBA over two seasons. The problem is in the Lack of Leadership provided the so-called King, so-called Chosen Ones. Yeah we are Witnesses alright. We are Witnesses that Lebron couldn’t Man Up and Lead his team through the playoffs to the championship. We are Witnesses that Lebron took the easy way out – Path of Least Resistance – and is running to South Beach to hitch his wagon to the DWade train. His decision, Free Country, But He Punked out. Doesn’t matter how many rings he wins with this team, he ain’t Batman and therefore will NEVER be mentioned among the greats, MJ, Magic, Bird, Russell.

      • tingyman says:

        @ miamifan

        yes to win championships you have to have a pretty good team. i agree, BUT the shame that lebron has is that he is going to another mans city. you thing that now whenever we talk about the heat that lebron will be the center piece? no as a matter of fact, we can now consider him just a addition to the heat, like how pau gasol was just a addition to the lakers

      • Manuel Rios says:

        I agreed with you on almost evrything you said, but then you blew it by saying Bill Russell did it by himself. Look up celtic Hall of Famers he played with and then tell me if he had any help. Oh, and check who his coach was for the majority of his career.

    • Dan says:

      Had he done this later in his career I could understand, but this just seems at best impatient and at worst, lazy and selfish…

  176. knickfan212 says:

    No longer the king, now, just a court jester!!!!!

    • LAKERS says:

      Never was the King! King of what?

      • Bahamas says:

        Hey LeBRON is still one of the three best in the NBA. That hasn’t changed. I know when i play pick up games in the parks i pick the best players to play with or i play with my friends. Didn’t LeBRON do this whats the problem. In life nothings give to you they still have to go out and win. Think about this fact, the Olympic Team with WADE,BOSH And LeBRON lost. YOU HAVE TO STILL GO OUT THERE AND PROVE YOURSELF ISN’T IT WHY WE PLAY GAMES!

      • Gino Ulmer says:

        King of failure.

      • Dan says:

        Bahamas the Cleveland public surely thought he would go the ‘friend’ option and play with them. He said that family is important to him and so he chose Miami? His ‘family’ in Cleveland must be gutted to have been disowned so easily. Next time you go play in the park, take your friends then gang up on them with the 4 best guys down there – see how they react.

    • cDon says:

      Ok, that’s just ridiculous. I not a big fan of Lebron, never have been….But keep it objective. Sure he doesn’t have a ring and some of his dramatics are a bit much, but you can’t deny what this man does on the court. His numbers speak for themselves. Heck, I never liked Jordan, couldn’t stand him….he was and still is an a$$hole, but there is absolutely NO ONE who can intelligently deny his in-game greatness. Not that Lebron is @ that level, but he’s pretty God damn good.

      • Jay says:

        the way he handled free agency, he could have gone anywhere coz thats his rights as a free agent but putting his CLE fans in that situation on live tv for 1 hour thats just plain heartless and S*****D. lebron is a gifted athlete, he is the most physically athletic guy in the NBA today but, mentally he is just 12 years old. he couldn’t carry a team to a championship. his team won 60+ games for 2 consecutive years, he has all the help he needed to win a ring in CLE but he failed bcoz he’s weak, he folds, he quits. put kobe or MJ or even dwade(even if the refs gave him his ring vs DAL) in his CLE team and for sure they would have beaten ORL and BOS and advance to the finals for 2 consecutive years and won at least 1 ring.

    • suga says:

      Lebron did what he had to to win, if we look at the great teams of the past they had three or more stars carring them to the ship. like Jordan, pip,and rodman. magic, worthy and jabar. bird, mchale, parish and don’t forget thomas, dumas, and bill so don’t hate the man for doing what he had to to win.

  177. Manuel Rios says:

    What about Steven A. Smith? He’s looking like a genius right now, don’t you think? I don’t even like the guy, but damn he called it before any of you ESPN guys!

  178. Hello says:

    Everyone Life is not over but Oh My Gosh the two best players in the nba on the same team and one of the top 3 big men…probably after this season God spare Bosh will dethrown Gasol who i really respect and love as a basketball player keep doin what you doin i watch the games. Also I am happy for Lebron who will finally be able to enjoy the sport he loves so much playign with an equally talented man/athlete in Dwyane Wade watch the fire in Dwyane this season Lebron always had it Dwyane will release his as well as chris bosh unselfish basketball at its finest, literally, THE GAME HAS CHANGED

    • LAKERS says:

      Yea your right the game has changed for the worst! Lebron is no competitor at all. He should have never ever been given the title King! And he should never ever be mentioned in the same breath as great players like Jordan, Bird, Magic, or Kobe!! Those are real champions who all did it with one team. Im glad this turned out this way, it puts my boy Kobe right back at the top

      • brandon says:

        Kope stayed cuz the team!! did what he said got him players! Duh

      • Josh says:

        This talk about how Lebron can never be mentioned in the same breath as those legends is silly to me if he goes on to win titles in Miami. MJ only won with Scottie and the second time around he also had Dennis Rodman, Magic had Kareem (one of the all time greatest players in the league) and James worthy, and Bird won with Mchale and Robert Parrish among others. Those guys didn’t leave because they didn’t have to. They already had hall of fame teammates. LeBron was NOT going to get hall of fame teammates to go to Cleveland to play for that lunatic owner in Northern Ohio in this day and age. Knowing this he went to the team that had at least one other future hall of famer in DWade in a city that (no offense to Cleveland) is just a little more desirable to live in as a 25 year old superstar than Cleveland. What would YOU do people? If you were in his position would you stay honestly stay in Cleveland. We also forget that this guy sacrificed money and ego to join two other superstar teammates. Don’t we usually lambast athletes for only caring about the money? Why the double standard here?

      • adsf1234 says:

        would MJ have stayed in CHicago without pippen or grant or paxson? would Magic have stayed without kareem, worthy, scott, cooper? would bird have stayed without dennis johnson, kevin mchale, robert parish? If LA didn;t trade for Ariza now Artest and Gasol and Fish and Bynum didn’t develop to the stage to he is now Kobe would;ve left to some place where he could win a championship

      • MavsFan says:

        i believe lebron did what he wanted to do, if you are an ok player during the seasona nd a high salary cap they wil cut you and not let you know where you are going, and i think lebron knew that they were not committed to him and bhy the way magic didnt finish his entire career with the lakers, and jordan went to washington, if do recall myself, however….also wilt the stilt chamberlan also went to another team, and so did charles barklel carl malone, we are talking hall of famers here so if your onna bash lebron do it on your own time i feel that we are seeing something new and awesome dont hate the player hate the game

    • tingyman says:

      if the miami heat ACTUALLY DO make it to the finals, which is not guaranteed btw but is highly possible, GASOL will pound bosh’s sorry behind into the ground. WHY u may ask? bc bosh is only a offensive mastermind, my mom can play better defense than him

      • tingyman says:

        @ josh
        he did go to miami for the money, they have no income tax lol. hes making millions more than anywhere else

      • VChase says:

        Don’t underestimate Bosh man. I’m from T.DOT I’ve watched him every night since he was drafted. What a loss for Toronto thats all I got to say. And what a waste of talent for him to be playing beside 2 of the best players in the NBA. Bosh is for sure a offensive mastermind but i think he’ll surprise the world in Miami. His defence isn’t considered amazing i agree but he’s a true Power Forward.. not a shot blocking Center. More Garnett than Dwight.

  179. Abdo says:

    Now that’s a great article up there but I have to disagree with you on the fact that James is a loser in this process. As a matter of fact I am sure that LeBron is very aware of the situation and he did what he thought was right, rather say what IS right. Now everyone can hate on him for choosing winning over cash, they can say he wasnt loyal when the Cavs did nthng to keep him, Cleveland fans can go and be unthankful for the 7 wonderful years he gave them, that does NOT make LeBron a loser after choosing south beach. Plus he’ll be playing alongside Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, and other players that might be experienced veterans to help carry the team up, that’s certainly called WINNING no matter how you look at it.

    • Erick says:

      I am happy with Lebron’s decsion because money comes and goes. A chance to win an NBA Championship with Wade and Bosh is priceless. There have been players with all the money in the world that never win an NBA title. Cleveland fans should not loose hope and look towards the future.

    • B says:

      The Cavs did everything in their power to keep him. Everything.

      • brandon says:

        no they didn’t look at the bums he was surrounded by!!

      • KLACM34 says:

        I agree. People keep saying his team was terrible and they didn’t do enough but everyone thought he had a very good supporting cast before they lost to the Celtics. The cavs were just about every sports writer’s pick to win the championship too nobody was saying that the rest of them weren’t good enough to win and they did put 3 All-star players around them with Shaq, Mo Williams, and Jamison. The Cavs did all that they were capable of doing to try to keep him, it just didn’t quite work out. People just seem to think that Lebron won 60+ games for the past two season all on his own. Obviously, he was the focal point, but he definitely had some help

      • CHRIS says:

        what bums? he had the best record in the league, he should have won the title but doesnt have what it takes. Thats why he needs dwayne wade becuase dwayne wade can finish games…

    • jimbo jr says:

      James get MORE money to play with Heat then Cavs cause there is no state income tax he will get about 100Million more if james just wanted to win he would have gone to chicago if he wanted to be loyal hed have stayed in ohio and if he wanted money hed go to the heat

      • wye says:

        you are wrong, he went to miami because of both the money and the chance to win multiple titles. chicago has a good young core but bosh and wade are leaps and bounds better than rose/noah/boozer. james made a great decision, why do people get bummed about it? i still believe the lakers are the team to beat and miami shoul still fil their roster with minimum guys and beat boston and orlando but they have a chance. if lbj went elsewhere he wouldn’t win, yes that includes the bulls.

      • tingyman says:

        @jimbo- i agree
        @wye – your saying that weak insignificant bosh who has never brought his team to anything in toronto and the aging wade and a whole bunch of crappy stupid players are better than the rising star of derrick rose/ good consistent noah and known skilled player boozer and a solid strong core team? nah i think that if lebron truly wanted to win, he would have chosen chicago, but he gets more money in miami and a gamble at winning in miami, because no one knows how chemistry will affect the 3 all stars.

      • shelty87 says:

        @tingy – are you kidding me about wade aging? he’s 28 aka the same age MJ was when he won his 1st ring aka the year MJ took off as the hands down best player in the league for the next 8 years (even the 2 he wasn’t playing). you officially have no right talking about basketball

    • tübingen says:

      hey abdo,
      i´m from germany and i´m a real nba fan. i just want to add my point of view and i agree with you that LeBron chose WINNING over everything else. The only thing that is new, that he is the first who had the opportunitiy to create a “dream team” of his own, it was up to him, no mega deal created by a GM. But I´m not a Lebron fan just because of the fact that he is almost the best basketball player in nba. I just don´t like the so called “Goliaths”. The same with the lakers team, they just are the best team (or were -we´ll see). And because of this i can understand the fans all over the world who just doesn´t like the new super team, the heat.

      But the Heat a month ago were a nba team that was carried by Wade to the playoffs, without a chance to make something happen in the playoffs, without hope. They weren´t a Goliath at all. And just because its the first time that some young and great basketball players chose winning over all, I don´t think you should root for every opponnent of the heat.
      For the Cleveland fans I´m sorry, I can understand every single one of you. In Germany every good basketball player is leaving my town after one year. You guys had 7 years with Lebron i would be the happiest man if i had one single game with him. There are so many kids out there who will never get the chance to watch a nba player. But I can understand you that you don´t care about it right now. I just want to say that you should understand mr James decision. Maybe its because I´m so far away from the US, but i just felt the Cavaliers never had a strategy of surrounding James with players. Of course the Cavs did everything possible to make their team better and they were also willing to spend (poor CP). But just to look every year what is available on the market that would improve your team for a few percent, isn´t enough. Basketball is a team sport. And no one, NO ONE, can win without a good supporting cast. It is not to a few seconds wich decide a game (like soccer), in basketball the better team wins, not the luckiest. And of course the Cavaliers looked pretty well in regular season but in the playoffs some really good teams showed them that it is not enough. And every year there was at least one better team. I don´t know why, but its not just up to james to win a championship. I just thing the management didn´t look for the long term. But this my opinion. they just didn´t win. For whatever reason.

      What if joe johnson and nowitzki would have decided to join the bulls?
      But they chose another option. For Nowitzki it was not to leave HIS team. But at the end of the day i belive he will end up without a championship. Maybe this will be the difference, but everyone has to find his way. Again, just because the three in miami were the first to build a super team they shouldn´t be hated. Of course if you don´t like James, bosh or wade and as a result you don´t like the heat alright, or for whatever reason. It was just a decision and their choice was winning, i don´t think they will automatically win a championship but i think the decision of Lebron will change the nba in a positive way. The other players who are willing to win, are going to make sacrifices because the level of the contenders will increase. They will have to join other stars, take less money, take fewer shots. At the end we will see better basketball.

      Finally a few more words to the cavalier fans: I think Lebron should have handled it an other way, you are right. But he is just a human being like all of us and despite he is a superstar we should be more careful with judging him. I think the management should rebuild with young guys and a look for the long term.

      I´m sorry for my english. Greetings from the town romeo travis played 09-10!!!

      I would like to hear(see) your opinion.

      • Nick says:

        As we Cavs fans keep saying, it’s not about the decision but the way it was handled. LeBron could have said when the season was over that he was going to Miami. He knew then. He could have said on July 1 that he was going to Miami. He knew then. He could have said on Thursday that he was going to Miami WITHOUT and hour long televised LeBron ego-fest in which he completely humiliated every single Cavaliers fan in the World. He could have done it any number of other ways. It’s not like it’s standard practice for free agents to have “decision” specials. It’s not like he was expected to put on a big show. He decided to do it and in the process left an entire fanbase jaded, bitter, humiliated, and disappointed.

        On the topic of the team, you can’t seriously believe the Cavs didn’t do everything possible to win, can you? Jamison (All-Star), James (All-Star), Williams (All-Star), Shaq (All-Star), Verajao (one of the best defenders in the NBA – whether you like him or not), West (phenomenal shooter). What else did you want them to do? Gilbert spent money out his *** to put together a winning team, and until they lost to the Celtics everyone thought the roster was unstoppable.

        One final note on the, “I’m sorry for the English” comment. I wish half the people in this country spoke English half as well!

      • Henry says:

        Nice analysis bro,
        I dont know too much baskket ball history, but I dont know if it has ever happened that three franchise players moved to one team in one year. When Kevin moved, He was the FP of the wolves. He joined Pierce and Ray Allen. Allen was not a FP. Bosh was raptors FP, James was Clevelands, and they bth joined Wade. Take any of them away and they would become the FP of the team they move to. Who are the big three in Lakers- Kobe, Pau and Ron/Fisher/Bynum? the fact that we are listing it that way tells us that only Pau and Kobe can make FP in any team now. Ron Attest: no way, Fsher: no way, Bynum: no way, Odom: no way.

  180. Angel says:

    How did Wade and Pat get away with this? Where does tampering come into play? Wade recruited these members when they were still under contract with their perspective teams. David Stern, you step into a lot of situations and I wish you would have stayed out of. Now there are 4 teams that will have a shot at an NBA championship and all the other teams have zero hope and fans have zero reason to attend their cities games. My team is the Phoenix Suns, and who are a pretty good group of hard working players even without Amare. What do they have to look forward to? Playing a stacked LA and Miami team. I for one have lost interest in the NBA for allowing Wade and Pat completes this horrible display of professionalism.
    Also, how will Cleveland ever recover? Mark my words, they will be a finished franchise in 5 years, they will either be sold or bankrupt because you allowed James to humiliate them on national TV. What NBA free agents will ever sign with them again? I am disgusted with this whole situation.

    Former NBA fan!

    • LEM says:


      Dude are you serious these guys are already free agents wade and pat have every right to go for them and if you haven’t noticed a lot of teams tried this and Failed e.g. lakers in 04.and no free agent will sign because cavs were humiliated be serious dude nba players are professionals if anything they’ll get disgusted by that immature president no wonder lebron quit on the cavs

      • Gino Ulmer says:

        Lebron quite on the Cav’s because he knows he needs an all star team around him to win it. Lebron proved in the playoffs once again that Kobe is the real league MVP. He needs Wade to carry his sorry butt to a title.

      • CHRIS says:

        well put Gino

      • Josh says:


        Are you kidding me? Kobe is the one who has ALWAYS been surrounded by an All Star team, the dudes never done anything without a stacked team. Stacked franchise, stacked management, stacked players, LeBron is just giving himself a chance, get out of the pathetic city of Cleveland while you can, the people of Cleveland embarrassed themselves with their attempts to get him to stay, show some respect.

        Miami have the two best players in the league in their team, as well as Pat Riley running the show behind the scenes, if they can find a way to win, and do it multiple times, especially by beating THIS L.A team, one of the most stacked in recent times, they will have proven their greatness.

      • shelty87 says:

        @Josh – you’re absolutely right
        @Gino – you really gotta be kidding. Kobe couldn’t do it on his own either, thats why he never won (or even got to the finals for that matter) until he got Pau to play with. And for those ppl who say Pau isnt a superstar, he most definately is. His years carrying memphis and carrying spain to a silver medal prove that. LeBron, Wade, and Bosh have been just about the only ppl actually trying to do it on their own the past few years. Durant is the only other person I can think of absolutely carrying his team. Kobe has Pau, Artest, Odom. Garnett has Pierce, Allen, Rondo. Howard has Carter, Nelson. Duncan has Parker, Manu. LeBron took a team with slow as molases big Z, Donyell Marshall, and super overrated Larry Hughes to the NBA Finals in ’07. Kobe couldnt even get close with a similar (and probly a hair better) cast of Bynum, Odom, Kwame, and Smush Parker

      • BrandonID says:

        Those guys were at the tail end of their careers like the karl malone and gary payton and just wanted rings which is why payton went to miami the next year to try and win it there.

        This is how it’s been for awhile now because this is how true legends are born with the likes of Magic, Bird and MJ.

        Free agents yes they were…but do you think if they knew Lebron was going to pull this BS they wouldn’t have traded him…heck no!

        We’re talking about two years of lying and manipulation in his part and Gilbert is right about the Cavs vs. Boston series…Lebron did just quite.

        He doesn’t have enough will and fire to be a legend! Chris Weber said it best “I’ll never use MJ and Lebron in the same sentence again…give or take.”

        You need to get your knowledge straight son!

      • Candid says:

        Current laker team has 2 all-stars (kobe and pau) and are back to back champions.
        Cavs team before james left had 4 all-stars or more (james, williams, jameson, shaq etc) and ZERO championships.

        Quit making it out like james had no help in cleveland! James can’t lead a team to a championship but Kobe can and Wade can. The King is more a follower than a leader.

        Also, if anyone can remember, this team never won gold in international competition (2004 olympics incuded) until in 2008 when Kobe and Jason Kidd joined them. They lost in 2004 olympics and lost again in another international competition in 2006. It took Kobe joining them to get them to gold medal in 2008 olympics. Team USA used to be known as the Dream Team until James, Anthony and co. started losing. With Kobe’s help, it is now known as the redeem team.

        Please, do not compare James to Bryant. Not now, not next season, not ever!!!

    • tingyman says:

      what? did you want david stern to stop the deal and show the world that the nba can be fixed for more money? i personally hate the miami heat for being able to sign lebetch because of the effect it will have on my lakers. however, i dont believe in fixing the nba. leave it as it is. o and btw, the lakers will win next year

      • zeus says:

        what james did is part of the professional business word.
        when team management trades its players to improve thier chances of winning, nobody reach out and say what they (team management) was wrong, disloyal or disrespectfull. and specially for the unguarantied 2nd round draft picks. when teams that drafted them decides they did not want their 2nd round picks anymore. is not this even more disrespectfull, chocking their life long dreams even before giving them a chance.

        be a professional cavalier president.
        you just never thought a player could do what you nba owners/management regularly do.

      • BrandonID says:


        Play a little basketball and listen to more analysis and you’ll be fine….but for now you sound foolish.

    • sundaesmom says:


      I’m a Clevelander – we will survive. We’ve been thru worse and come back stronger. As for perfect hair Riley and Stearn – there’s an arbitration year coming up next year – Stern is all about money and ratings and he needs 1 more good year w/tv ratings for the NBA because anyone out there that thinks there will be a season in 2011 – 2012 – is nuts. And Stern knows that when that happens, its going to take a few years to get the NBA back up to the position it was in.

      As for everyone that thinks the fans hate Lebron – we don’t hate Lebran we hate how he handled the entire situation. If he would have just told management back in May or June that he wouldn’t be coming back to Cleveland, we would be sad but wish him well. If he had the decency to call Dan even an hour before showtime and tell him that he was leaving – we’d be sad but wish him well. If he would have just parked his $@(& ego at the door and announced his decision like the remainder of the free agent class or 2010 did – we would be sad but wish him well. But to go on TV and literally throw the city and fans under the bus the way he did – nope sorry, no good wishes are following him. I never really had a problem w/Miami – Dwayne Wade is a class act. But I can tell you that I will be rooting for everyteam that Miami plays against the entire season. You just don’t do what Lebron and ok maybe Dwayne did, if the rumors are true that he met w/Lebron and Chris before the start of free agency, and throw someone who backed you and supported you, the way you did on Thursday night. Anyone that’s not from this area wouldn’t know about the time that Lebron’s high school coach left to go coach the college team (Lebron was a freshman), talk about throwing someone under the bus – you should have heard him rant and rave and wish him bad luck. Yes – he did that. Granted he was an immature 14 year old but still – he basically did the same thing 11 years later!

      I’m all for striving to be better, to go for the ring (of course you should make sure that you’ve WON the ring before getting the finger sized.) to move on but what athletes need to realize and most do, in some circles these guys are gods. There are kids that worship these guys, that want to be these guys, have some class guys and do the right thing. Anyone that’s ever left a job knows that you give a notice before bolting. Lebron should have had the decency to tell the team that he was not going to come back. That’s all. No one would be mad – we’d be sad, we’d cry, and we’d wish him well.

      Now we’re pissed. and now we’ll be rooting for the teams that even though they may have taken pot shots at us in the past – we’ll be pulling for them when they show up in Dwayne’s house. Or when Dwayne brings his team to their houses.

      Yes Miami, I’m sure there will be a championship or 2 in the future – 6 or 7 – I think that’s wishful thinking on a certain someone’s mind, but why would 3 guys in their prime not want to try it on their own? And when egos decide to show up – who will be the first one traded? I hope its not Dwayne. He was the nice guy in this – he opened his house up to those guys – but will this be a case of someone who’s nice being stepped on in the end?

    • What Josh said is true.
      Has everyone forgotten, years back Kobe CRYANT was whining about NOT having a team and wanting out of LA. Also, Kobe has QUIT on his Team as well. Go back a few years when they played My Phoenix SUNS in the playoffs and Kobe scored less then 6pts! He didnt even try the second half.
      This year he was saved against the SUNS by Ron Artest and the last two Finals game wasnt it RON who again, saved KOBE and The Lakers.
      Notice how much better the Lakers have always played without Kobe!!
      Just Enjoy the Game, Have fun and if the Miami Heat win, great for them. If they dont everyone is just going to say “I told you so” or “GOOD, they didnt win”
      Its the American Way.

      • wertyqqq says:

        dude. do you really think the lakers could have won their 5 titles without kobe?? try reviewing all the playoff games from the 99-2k season until now. Sure horry fisher ariza gasol and artest made the games winning shots. But im sure they would have lost all those crucial games if kobe didnt play from the start of the 1st quarter. try analyzing games more. xD

        -LA 4ever

      • wertyqqq says:

        just a follow up 04 playoffs. pistons won the title cz they stopped KOBE in teyshaun not shaq. watch the game reviews.

      • Henry says:

        For some reasons we are makeing the right points, but without insight. There are 4 classes of NBA players.
        1. The franchise Champions
        2. The Franchise player
        3. The Supporting stars
        4. The rest of the team

        Here is how you tell who is who. When a franchise player moves from a team to another, he seizes to be a franchise player, but he becomes a franchise championship seeker. So while Lebron (who was a franchise player) moved, Dirk, who is also a franchise player, stayed. When you stay, you make a home, you try to write your own history, but when you move, you erase history and attempt to start all over again. Garnet and Pau were franchise players and are good examples of starting all over again. it does not make much difference when anybody else moves, but when the franchise player moves, it makes news. There is something bad in starting all over again, if you lose, then you drop your status a notch lower- ask Shaquile how it feels to lose. But if you win, lucky you, you might not be franchise champ any more, but you have a ring and a pen that starts writting your history.
        A franchise Champ should seek to stay and attract his supporting stars, which is what Kobe did, and Wade now has too. Lebron should have done the same. Why is no one watching where Shaquile plays next? Because he demoted himself each time he moved, and even though he has won a ring since then, he has not risen to his previous status again. Lebron may have made the same mistake, but we will have to wait 2 years to see. I say 2 years because the first year is the time to jell the team, Garnet and the Celtics were the worst team a year before they became champs and since then have remained the favorites each year. Pau joined Kobe and they lost the finals to Celtics the first year, won it the next and the next. Kobe has stayed, take him away to any team, I swear that team will jump 50% possibility of winning the championship. If he fails the first year, he will ask for supporting stars and will get them and then, he might win again. To say anyone cant do it without stars is kind of boring. Why havent the supporting stars done it without a franchise champ? So lets give them 2 years and if they get knocked out before the conference finals each year, then questions will be asked. To keep all three guys in Miami is a lot of money, they will have to sell a lot of balls, pic, seats and jersies to make enough money to keep the trio for three years without a shot at the ring.
        If Miami wins the ring this year, only a repeat or a loss in the finals will make History for the trio.
        However, History has a way of writting itself, getting erased and then writting itself again. a few years ago, when Miami won the ring and a certain shaq was the new addition, it seemed that history was favoring the move that Shaq did, but Kobe has had 2 since then and remains the dominant team, making and writting his own history.

      • mr615 says:

        in that last game against pheonix yes he stopped tryingscoring deffered 2 every1 because the game be4 he scored 50 points in a lost with everyone standing around and everybody said he scored to much so he did whut any human does when they get mad he said screw all its like how a guy feels when his girl cheats on him he/us laker fans knew that pheonix was the better team that year id gladly replace kwame brown with amare

    • joey of Singapore says:

      additonal roster for HEAT
      Shaq – to intimidate Dwight Howard
      Ilgauskas – alternative center for Shaq
      Juwan Howard – veteran
      Sebastian Telfair = back up point guard
      Gerald Green – free agent
      Raja Bell – back up

      Miami Heat Champion 2010-2011

      joey of Singapore Native of Philippines (BASKETBALL ADDICT)
      (members Church of God International by: Bro.Eli Soriano)

    • David says:


      If Lebron needs a little bit of help for winning a title, don’t forget Kobe has a lot of help… No doubt about it, Kobe is MVP all the way, I like him a lot, but for start he has Phill Jackson, and then we can start about the rest, Pau Gasol – Lamar Odom – Derek Fisher – Ron Artest, are they all bad players mmmm I don’t think so. Lebron was not surrounded like Kobe or even like Jordan. Jordan won his 6 titles, but not alone, ever heard about Scottie Pippen (also Phill Jackson and Dennis Rodman), Scottie was tha bomb. I think it is good for Lebron, He and Bosh – Wade are from the class of ’03, they had fun during the olympics and during the AllstarGame. Believe me the Heat will be fun to watch, as will a lot of other teams, even the less fortunate ones (Oklahoma left a very good impression vs teh Lakers in the playoffs – Denver – Bulls – Suns – … ) Man ALL the teams are good in the NBA. Enjoy next season guys…

    • ibby says:

      Are you kidding me ? I wonder can you tell me how big and huge of an allstar Pau was b4 Kobe and the Lakers? To ask what has Kobe done thats just plain out disrespectful. this guy has done everything tht could be done in the game of basketball. To tell you thee truth Kobes team was not as strong and as good as Lebrons squad this year and last year the lakers won because the had this dude playin for em im not sure if u know him or not but his name is Mr.bryant and when its winnin time its winnin time. and c´mon lebron had shaq mo big z varejao parker moon and an up and coming hickson and won more then 60 games in two straight seasons, Lebron had all the pieces for a championship team but at the end of the day. theirs only one kobe.
      since this free agency went down like this imma laugh if anyone compares “lebron james” to a michael magic and tht 1 guy, with 5 ring and is the defending finals mvp, whts his name again?