Cuban sides with Gilbert

Posted by Art Garcia

LAS VEGASMark Cuban didn’t take issue with Dan Gilbert‘s open letter to Cavaliers fans taking LeBron James to task. The outspoken Mavericks owner sounds like he would have done the same thing.
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“I don’t blame him,” Cuban said as the NBA Summer League opened in Las Vegas. “It’s the same passion and emotion that comes with owning a team. You’re not just a robot. You put your heart, your soul and every bit of your emotion into owning a team.

“You connect to the community. You feel an obligation to the community, Dallas, Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, whatever it may be. You’re kind of the caretaker. You feel responsible. You have responsibility not just for winning, but for the whole community.”

Cuban didn’t necessarily condemn LeBron’s handling of the situation, which culminated in Thursday night’s one-hour TV spectacle.

“The way it was all handled, I understand why they did it from LeBron’s camp,” Cuban said. “That’s great, they made the decision they thought was right, but on the flipside I understand where Dan was coming from because he was put in a very difficult situation and I would have been upset, too.”

Asked if Gilbert took the scathing letter too far — James was called a “heartless” for his “cowardly betrayal” — Cuban again sided with his fellow owner.

“He sent a message,” Cuban said. “The message was received loud and clear. He didn’t mince any words of where he stood. It wasn’t like if he didn’t write it he would have approached it any differently. But he sent a message to everybody involved exactly what he was feeling.”

Cuban also raised the question whether the league’s tampering rules should be altered in response to some of the recruiting methods used during free agency. As for another team repeating a Miami-like haul of James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, Cuban isn’t holding his breath.

“Let’s put it this way,” he said, “it’s never worked for anyone else in the past. Ever.”


  1. DJMAGNUMTI says:

    For one dan gilbert is a idiot….he didnt have to respond with all this trash talk hes doing hes a owner he should be bigger than that..acting like a racist fool…..trapped in a kids body . he needs to get over it and move on..wishing curses on james thats sick minded ..what!!!! do he worship the devil ? and gilbert why would you want to resign a guy that you said gave up in playoff games that makes no sense…gilbert’s a lier and only wants to make money off lebron…he dont care any thing about lebron cause if he did he wouldnt be bashing lebron but thanking him for the seven years .he took them plaes they never seen…gilbert should have been sign lebron years ago..thats his fault…the cavs will not win a championship for the next ten to twenty years now that lebrons in miami…..they wont even make the playoffs no time soon ……no cleveland team will win a championship no time soon thanks to dan gilbert….and his curse…….he shot himself in the foot…with the way he handle things….just think? you really think a star player will play for dan gilbert ? hell no…..they way he acted….if he treated lebron like that imagine how he’ll treat anybody else….LOOK HOW HE DID MIKE BROWN….THINK ABOUT IT…IF HE SAID LEBRON QUIT A FEW GAMES IN THE PLAYOFFS..WHY WOULD HE FIRE COACH BROWN IT WASNT HIS FAULT..IF YOU SAY LEBRON QUIT THEN FIRE LEBRON THEN IT MAKES NO SENSE DAN YOUR NUTS…..HOW DID YOU THINK MIKE BROWN FELT..HE NEEDED THAT JOB…FOR HIM AND HIS FAMILY ..DAN DIDNT GIVE A F****….. HEY DAN GILBERT MY ADVISE TO YOU IS TO CALM YOUR CRAZY ASS DOWN AND GET YOUR TEAM TOGETHER AND GET READY FOR YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP RUN..LOL YOU WISH..YOUR NEVER GONNA WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP EVER..WITH THAT KIND OF ADDITUDE……GROW UP DAN….

  2. aaaaa says:

    well in this one i agree with lebron james’ decision.

    he wouldve ended up not winning one ring at all because the owner cannot get real key guys.

    u definitely cant compare this to jordan era being him not leaving bulls and so on

    this is a totally different situation and one prime example was shaq leaving orlando for lakers and got a ring.

    i dont see him as a loser like people call lebron.

  3. 25 says:

    I think people place to much emphasis on entertainers and yes pro athletes are entertainers. Fans place stars on pedestals and when the stars do something a fan doesn’t agree with then the star is hated. Example Tiger Woods, so many people were disappointed when he cheated. WHY? He is human. I am not condoning what he did but I could care less if he cheated. That’s between him and his wife, not us the public. Everyone thought he owed the public an explanation. WHY? he didn’t. That’s his life. People talk about Lebron’s Character like they know him. 1st he is the most liked athlete in the world The Decision makes him the most hated. WHY when Kobe allegedly raped a female and ratted out a team mate when he got caught. He put his wife and children at risk of catching diseases and yet the world forgets about that and they still allow their young girls to adore Kobe an alledged rapist. Lebron made a business decision he didn’t intentionally hurt anyone. Clevelands financial status is a burden that can not be placed on Lebron. Folks say how Lebron did it was wrong. Well news flash how Gilbert fired Mike Brown was wrong. Gilbert said after their loss Brown was going to be their coach. UMM last I checked Brown is not Cleveland’s coach. Do we go our whole lives making decisions based on how it just effects others and not how it effects us as well. NO!!! You have to look at both sides. Cleveland has an owner who is very rich tell him to share the wealth to the fans instead of charging so much money for tickets and for Lebron bobbleheads. What did the owner do for the Cleveland community. I bet Lebron did a lot more then what that owner did. New Yorkers mad a Lebron for what? He never promised to go to NY. Just because he likes the Yankees and is friends with JZ he was committed to NY? We only have to have friends in our own hometown and we can’t like teams outside of our hometown? Let’s talk about how much owners care for their players. I remember it was a player (Vince Carter) who graduated from college while playing pro ball. In order for him to walk across stage he had to miss a game. Do you know management threw a fit. They said they didn’t want him to miss a game even if it was for him to walk across stage to accept his diploma. Management don’t care about these players and neither do the fans. The players are only as good to the fans when the players benifit the fans. There is a homeless ex-nba start in Detroit. Why don’t the fans open up their doors to him. These players own us nothing except to get on the court everynight and entertain us. Do you know the NBA (which is majority minorities) do more commun ity service then any other professional sport. What do these RICH owners do?

  4. tdotcity says:

    This is worst than when Vince Carter left Toronto Raptors!

    Get ready for the booos when lebron comes back to cleveland.

  5. carolina baslketball guy says:

    ok, ok i have heard enough, it’s true that Lebron had a ridiculous 1hr television special, he said he would win a ring in Cleve Land, and he’s not the first person to congratulate you when you beat him, but, his contract was up, it was his decision, the two guys he’s joining are better than any other two players on any other team, remember me cause i;m gonna go out on a limb and say that Lebron will be the first player to average a TRIPLE DOUBLE within the next 2years. to comment on Mark Cuban and Dan Gilbert, yea i agree that Lebron did them wrong, but i was taught that two wrongs don’t make it right. Gilbert showed like Lebron did, that they both are gonna do what’s best for them, but Gilbert showed a very hipocritical side of him, practically begging Lebron to stay in Cleveland, now why would you want a quitter to lead your team, anyway the Heat are not guaranteed a ring, but the WILL brat a ring around the city of Cleveland, and you all can thank Dan Gilbert for that

  6. django says:

    if your supposed to be the KING and the best player in the world, other players would want to come and join you in your team and not the other way around.. How can you be king if there is DWade sitting on the miami throne?

    He should have stayed in cleveland and demand the owner to give him support (if thats what really is needed).
    But Bosh wouldnt want to join him at Cleveland. Maybe Bosh knew that winning is not guaranteed without DWade.

    He didnt join the Bulls or NY where he can be the Man, because he cant be the man. h e joined the heat so DWadw can cover his a$$ when he choke.. You cant grow heart or balls.

    • 25 says:

      Bosh didn’t come because he felt the management wasn’t loyal and he proved to be right. Look at how Gilbert tried to destroy Lebron’s character. So are you saying Moses Malone wasn’t great? Moses left Houston to join Dr. J. Kobe again was thinking about leaving the Lakers.

  7. whyte-t says:

    lebron’s contract was up, the owners and gm didnt deliver all-starr players surrounding james. i mean they included shaq (38 years old) who is way way past his prime and jamison was never an all-starr calibre player. mo williams alwayz choked when it matterd, and delonte was a bi-polar bitch with no skills. big z was just lazy and too slow and anderson was just known for his hair. jj no good, parker no good, moon no good, gibson no good. with the heat they look like getting mike miller, derek fisher and keeping joel anthony. couple that with there players now, all-starr trio then get a few more pieces, maybe iverson and oberto. maybe even mcgrady. then u got one hell of a team looking for domination for the next 10 years. GO HEAT

  8. Joe says:

    The 3 big free agents going to the same looks like eurpean soccer. It ´s a shame that a team can get 3 huge players like that. But above all, where ´s the glory for these three players? Where´s the challenge? “I chose to bring my talent to South Beach by joining easyness”.
    How, and Chris Bosh…there´s a video of him, two weeks old I think, saying he wouldn t accept anything else than the position of a masterpiece in a team, blabla, that the team must be built around, blabla, doesn t want to be an “addition”, wouldn t make sense to go againt his child´s dream, blabla.
    That´s why I´m disappointed by these 3 players, and they ´ll regret it I think because people will always say that James wasn´t able to win with a tittle with a normal tean and that he only won because he chose the easy way.
    “it s all about sacrifice” (James), Comon´! We know you guys make money on the sales of tee shirts, so the millions you lose here, you´ll make them there. With the Heat being famous, of course they´ll make a lot of money.
    “So much emotion when I left Chicago after my visit..It´s all about family in the end, My family is the Heat” (Wade)…
    Same thing, Wade said he wouldnt stay if the Heat didn t bring a new big piece. So it´s my family…It´s his family if it gets nicer!
    And then they go after Derek Fisher!!! What a joke. Don t touch the Lakers! That´s the champs. At least, leave yourself a little challenge and decency.
    Im smiling when they say…how are you going to defend the Heat now, how can you double team Lebron and Wade? Well, you put Kobe to defend Wade, Artest to defend James and Gasol to defend Bosh, not very difficult.
    About the article….Cuban defending Gilbert. Well, Gilbert was very childish, and ok, we can understand his letter but the part saying he´ll get the championship before the Heat…how???
    So this last week was may be a little immature as Gilbert´s letter, peolpe talked too fast. Some forgot what they said few days before (Bosh). Some didn t make sense (Cavs being champs before the Heat..during this summer??)

    • 25 says:

      So Joe let me get this straight when you go to play pick up ball you get the worst players and try to win? Nah you don’t you get who you think is gonna help you win. THE LAKERS DID IT WHEN THEY HAD 3 GREATEST PLAYERS ON THE SAME TEAM. It’s business and their buisness is to win.

      If Lebron stays with Cleveland and doesn’t win he is a loser. If Lebron leaves to go somewhere else to win he is disloyal. Damn he can’t win with you fans. Good thing he doesn’t care about what you think!!!!!

  9. ralph says:

    Since dan gilbert is such a good guy he should cut the ticket prices in half .that’s if he is really concerned about the cavs fans.since the product they put on the court this season won’t be as good as it was with lebron

  10. 25 says:

    Another great post by an ESPN writer….So True

    Now that it’s all over, maybe we can return to a semblance of reality.

    To help us get there, and before LeBron James becomes Public Enemy No. 2 in the next SportsNation poll — which seems to be happening in the aftermath of “The Decision” — let’s clear up a few things. It should send us on our way back to our normal existence.

    One: This has been done before in other sports. (And no one had a problem with it.)

    Two: We’ve seen this happen before in the NBA. (And no one had a problem with it.)

    [+] EnlargeAP Photo/Mary Altaffer
    Alex Rodriguez decided he needed Derek Jeter. Is that any different than LeBron deciding he needs Dwyane Wade?

    Three: Michael Jordan might have done the exact same thing. (But we’ll never know.)

    When Alex Rodriguez was playing in Texas (or, for that matter, in Seattle), he was considered the best player in baseball. He was very much the LeBron James of his game. He had lived up to and surpassed expectations. Still, he eventually realized he couldn’t do solo all the things he wanted to get done, so he went to a team that wasn’t his. He went to a place where he wouldn’t be “The Man,” at least not at first. He “took his talents” to New York. He became a Yankee, on Derek Jeter’s team.

    So the question is this: What’s the difference with LeBron? Where is the profound difference between what A-Rod did in 2004 and what LeBron did Thursday night?

    Here’s the answer: Other than LeBron’s personal connection to the city he left, nothing.

    Again, this has been done before.

    In 1982, Moses Malone was considered by many to be the best player in basketball, certainly one of the best of his generation, and he was still in his prime. But just after he collected the second of his three MVP awards and only one year removed from playing in the NBA Finals with the Houston Rockets, he became a restricted free agent. With his team apparently regressing (the Rockets went from their Finals appearance in ’81 to out in the first round the next season), Moses decided to leave Houston and go play for the Philadelphia 76ers, a team that already had one of the other best players in the game and of his generation. A guy named Julius Erving.

    In his first year with Dr. J in Philly, Moses Malone found himself in the promised land of an NBA championship.

    See where this is going?

    Dwyane Wade is Dr. J, LeBron is Moses and Chris Bosh is Andrew Toney in this analogy. The Sixers went on to win the chip the season Moses joined them, going down in history as one of the greatest teams of all time. And no one said anything about damage to Malone’s legacy.

    Again, we’ve seen this happen before.

    Too many times since Thursday night, I’ve heard people express some form of the following sentiment about LeBron: Real ballers don’t join the best; they try to beat the best. More than that, I’ve heard people (including on “SportsCenter”) use MJ as an analogy, suggesting LeBron just did what MJ would never do: leave the Bulls back in the day to play for the Pistons because, at least before 1990, he couldn’t beat Detroit. They are calling LeBron’s decision a “punk” move.

    That notion needs to be squashed right here. Fact is, Jordan never had the opportunity to test the free-agent market the way LeBron did. Jordan signed his rookie contract; then, three years into it, the Bulls put an eight-year, $25 million deal on the table that Jordan signed and rode out until well after he’d been stacking rings on his fingers.

    Bottom line: Jordan was never in the same position LeBron was. Never. And if MJ’s long career in Chicago is going to be used to make a point about LeBron’s decision to leave Cleveland, that not-so-little factor can’t be ignored.

    We’ll never really know.

    So before anybody else goes all Dan Gilbert on LeBron, take all of that into consideration. And we can carry on with our lives.

  11. Ice Pogi says:

    It was a done deal. Lebron already signed in MIAMI.he has the right to choose and south beach is his choice. MJ has legacy Magic, Bird have their own way of buliding their own dynasty. Sadly he chose the shortest path, still he’s a great player regardless of what others say. Why free agency was ever developed? ask that to David Stern. if you don’t like what’s happening then don’t watch NBA! Easy as that. “Don’t hate the Player, Hate the GAME”….. Just like Alvin of the chipmunks said. So please move on now or you’ll be a HATER all your life.

  12. Michael says:

    Dan Gilbert was way out of line in what he said. It is also obvious that he was not in a calm state of mind when he wrote the letter. Lebron will definitely get a ring before the Cavaliers do. I think we can all agree on that. On the flip side, this is a business. Lebron has to do what’s best for Lebron. The Cavaliers had their opportunity with Lebron. Lebron didn’t do anything wrong by leaving. The fact that he’s great doesn’t mean that he has to be loyal. If Delonte West would have signed with another team, Dan Gilbert wouldn’t have written a letter like that.

  13. tata says:

    Now we will never know if DeLonte boinked MeBron’s mom. If EVERYONE else on the team knew about it except MeBron then he has a good reason for his cowardly betrayal. But we may never know. 😦

  14. 25 says:

    Posted by an ESPN analyst:
    Good Stuff!!

    I’m beginning to wonder if Dan Gilbert’s real name is Benjamin Button. You know, the character from the smash hit movie, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” who looks old when he’s young and young when he’s old.

    How else to explain a 48-year-old man — an intelligent, accomplished, incredibly wealthy 48-year-old man — sounding off like an acne-riddled 13-year-old who’d just been jilted by his first love?

    LeBron James has been roundly criticized for the stunning way he handled his departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday, and rightly so. James should have informed the team of his decision to leave in person and as soon as he could, thus giving it the chance to formulate a practical Plan B rather than having to react to such devastating news on the fly.

    He dumped them — and northeast Ohio — on national TV, making the ending unnecessarily dramatic and harsh.

    But James is 25 years old. And though in some ways he’s unusually mature for his age, he’s still 25 years old. No excuses, but at that age, we can all be self-absorbed and unaware of, if not flat-out defiant of, proper protocol.

    But Gilbert’s nearly twice James’ age. And when you’re two winters away from 50, you should know better than to act off of pure emotion. If you want to react spontaneously in your living room, ranting and raving like a heartbroken teenager, immaturely pointing out flaws in the one you’d gladly spend the rest of your life with, issuing ridiculous threats that are about as likely as purple rain, and — get this — casting spells (apparently, like many teens, Gilbert’s a Harry Potter fan), go right ahead.

    But to do that publicly? Uhh, two words:

    Grow up.

    But the childishness didn’t stop there. On Friday, Gilbert, the owner of Fathead, dropped the price of James fatheads from $99.99 to $17.41. Benedict Arnold was born in 1741.

    With the way this is going, I’m expecting Gilbert to tape “Kick Me” signs to the seats on the visitors bench when Miami visits The Q next season. That’ll be a good one!

    Let’s be honest, Gilbert, and most every other owner or league executive, makes a habit of being just as cold-blooded and callous as James was in making his decision. They do it with NBA players all the time, telling them to their faces they have no intention of trading them and then picking up their cell phone and offering them to a competitor as soon as the player leaves the room.

    Heck, the Cavs are doing that at this very moment. Everyone on that roster not named LeBron has been available in a trade since that May loss to Boston. Think Gilbert’s told them that?

    What Gilbert did was especially reckless and immature when you consider how volatile the situation in Cleveland was Thursday night. With fans burning James jerseys and throwing things at James murals and paintings, he thought it best to incite their anger rather than to call for calm.

    So now, I’m told, James’ close friends — and perhaps even the player himself — have been threatened with violence, told that their homes in Cleveland and Akron may be burned down. They’ve got friends and relatives living in the area, and Gilbert thought it right to stir up the fury of the masses even more?

    In his incendiary e-mail, Gilbert wrote that James’ decision to leave Cleveland was “the exact opposite lesson of what we would want our children to learn.”

    Yet in his letter, he seemed to threaten to expose potentially embarrassing information about James, writing that he plans to communicate “events of the recent past” to the public over “the next several days and weeks.” Is that how Gilbert wants children to act when they don’t get their way?

    Gilbert’s diatribes — he further attacked James’ character in a subsequent interview with The Associated Press — were hypocritical in so many ways.

    He called James a quitter, saying he quit in five playoff games over the past two years, yet he was willing to pay him $125 million to stay on his team. He called James a “self-declared King,” yet failed to mention that it was he himself who promoted the “King James” brand throughout his arena. He said James has “gotten a free pass” and that “people have covered up for him for way too long,” yet it was Gilbert who overruled the objections of former GM Danny Ferry and gave James and his friends carte blanche throughout the organization. If James was enabled, Gilbert was the enabler.

    Then Gilbert said James’ actions Thursday night revealed “who he really is.” Well, perhaps James is saying the same thing about Gilbert. Perhaps he’s known all along that Gilbert didn’t respect him, that Gilbert thought he was a “coward,” that Gilbert thought his “King,” “Chosen One” and “Witness” nicknames were a joke, that he’d mock and trash them, and him, as soon as James was no longer making him money.

    Maybe that’s why James didn’t return Gilbert’s phone calls and e-mails over the past two months — because he knew the owner looked at him as a money-maker and nothing more. Maybe James no longer wanted to play for someone like that, someone who, in the heat of the moment, refuses to act his age.

  15. MikeBrown says:

    screw you Dan, i won all those games for you then you fired me.. now this is what you get.. karma

  16. 3rdPersonView says:

    im not a Lebron fan but the man wants to move on… you can’t blame him if he wants a championship… you guys have no right to be upset.. you don’t own lebron.. sheesshh!!! and i think the reason why Dan is upset is he’s gonna lose some money now.. there’s no one who’s gonna watch basketball in cleveland now…

  17. Cire says:

    Give Lebron a break! HE DOES NOT OWE CLEVELAND ANYTHING! The Cavs drafted him, not the other way around. LBJ wanted to win and Cavs could not deliver, so he went to a place where he thinks he got the best chance to win it all over and over again. Nothing wrong with that. Ask Barkley/Ewing/Malone /Stockton/R. Miller. David Robinson almost made that list if it wasn’t for the Duncan draft. You people are annoyed with how LBJ handled “The Decision”? Then don’t watch freaking ESPN! And Dan Gilbert? You are pathetic! Nobody will want to play for you ever! You just bashed the only person who put your stinking Cavs on the map! What a loser!

    Nobody cares how someone wins a title, what matters is how many. KOBE: 5 rings! That’s all you hear. Doesn’t matter that during the 1st 3 titles that Shaq was the MVP does it? You just hear KOBE: 5 Rings.

  18. Danny-filipino says:

    Question now is what will the Cavs do next??? Will Chicago eye for Carmelo next summer??? Do we expect a Miami-Lakers Finals for the next 5 years???? What if Miami does not win a title next season??? Or do we see an upset by the team of OKC Thunders…??? —This just makes NBA exciting.

  19. Henry says:

    Business is always have winner and loser and no team can keep win and anything don’t blame to The King, he tried as much as he can on the game. He does assist, score, rebound, block shot and steal and he got triple double still not enough and get all the blame.
    The King spend 7 seasons at Cleveland but no title yet because not much other player can support him in game. The team owner you want win but don’t want to spend more money to bring in better player. As player nobody want to keep lose everybody want to be winner and you see other teams been make change and salary cap for The King to feel comfortable but what Cleveland done anything to bring better player after lost to Boston?
    Kobe have other players to help him get rebound, block shot, score and defense then Kobe can be pay more attention on score but The King didn’t have anyone can depend to do it as you can see the playoff that’s why make him tired no much hard players around him to support him. You have 7 seasons with The King you don’t even try to keep him to build around him but how about other team like Nets don’t even have chance to have The King they should complaint more than Mr. Gilbert.
    Don’t mention you can win Championship before The King it make people feel more foolish that when you have The King you couldn’t get championship then how can you do it without The King? Cleveland players with bunch of small forward and there is on big and more talent J.J. Hickson didn’t have much time to play. Once in playoff no one in good condition to help The King.
    How many 7 years player have? If The King don’t do it now then when? Mr. Gilbert is not going to spend more money to bring in better player to help The King then it’s time for The King to move on his future.
    The King’s fan we will keep support you no matter which team you go. …..

  20. Regina says:

    All I can say is… if you don’t like the results, than maybe you should do away with the concept “Free Agency”. These words mean that players have a right to market themselves to what they believe will be the best fit for their talent and/or family. Am I a LeBron James fan? No… But I am also NOT a HATER!!!! If LeBron has the name “King” it is because we, the public have labeled him this way. Corporate America fires thousands of us on a daily basis and we have no recourse but to “suck it up” and seek other employment. Very seldom are we given any notification. Yes, he took a different method to announce his decision…But in the business world this is always done. If a profit can be made, it will be taken. These young men have a vision and a mission established and they are gearing up to build a successful team with a clear objective and a set of core values. As a MBA student, I find it impressive!! In fact, I say LeBron, DWade, CB give me a call if you need a business perspective, I will graduate in less than a year!!! LOL!!!

  21. Taylor Meek says:

    Also.. i agree with dan about lebron “quitting”
    i think it was all part of his plan to act like ” i cant win a c’ship in CLE im going elsewhere”
    i was watching the boston series and thought ” what he is doing.. why isnt he doing anything.. he looks like he BET 100k on boston”

  22. Mikel says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion including cuban and gilbert. I personally accept and respect their openness and honesty. At the same time it creates a forum for expressing alternative opinions; They are business owners, not people owners. LeBron fulfilled his business obligation in a most admirable way prove. by him winning two mvp trophies just like nash. Just like nash he left for what he percieved as a better situation; and he was a FREE agent. He did nothing that isn’t all of the time in the corporate world that both cuban and gilbert operate in. It makes me wonder why LeBron is singled out as a bad guy when it is all about business and not relationship, love or sport? It is an insult to an intelligent person to say a FREE agent does not have a right and responsibility to make the best choice for themself! There clearly is another issue here!

  23. g.t says:

    im not even a remote cleveland fan and after reading Gilbet’s remarks I had to agree with everything he said other than the guarantee of a championship thing. Lebron made a fool of his city and team oon National TV all while the Cavs and Six other teams slept on other free agent deals that were possible while Lebron lead them on. How can he not lose their respect. He could have informed the Cavs he was leaving anfd then had a press conf. after like any other professional would but he had to have them hang on his every word on national TV to find out whether or not he will sign a contract. Thats truly classless reality TV crap. Way to go man. Well he got the drama he wanted but looks like a joke.

  24. Taylor Meek says:

    no matter how much lebron gives to “a good cause” he gets it back on tax.
    so hes not losing or literally GIVING any money away at all.

    DAN.G is right for speaking his mind.
    hes a billionaire – he can do what he wants.
    just like mark C – he does and says whatever he wants.
    lebron is cool to watch, but as a person he isnt “cool”


  25. Aloex says:

    I have no problem with Lebron leaving Cleveland. It was the classless way he did it. They’ve known for at least weeks if not longer what they were going to do but they wanted to string everyone along. The whole process just screamed narcissism and he basically flipped the bird to Cleveland in the way he handled it. If I were a Cleveland fan I’d be egging his house about now.

    As for legacy, basically, he just torpedoed it. A great player does not go somewhere else looking for help he brings the help to him. He basically told the world that he did not have enough confidence in himself and he needed two other top dogs to get it done AND he had to go where there already was an alpha dog. They will forever be known as the three dogs – alpha beta and lap.

    As for Gilbert, his email was lame but at the same time its nice to see an owner drop the corporate speak and speak from the heart. That was definitely a letter from the heart (after 5-6 shots of scotch…).

  26. Miguel says:

    I wonder if Lebron had stayed in Cleveland and in a near future got hurt before winning a championship, would they be as loyal as they saying Lebron should be with them? or would they try to trade him to another team or get rid of him?, like it happened to so many super stars before???, come on don’t blame Lebron, after all this is a business and I am pretty sure that he is trying to get a championship early in his career because who knows what could happen in the future? I understand why are they so upset in Cleveland, but how loyal would the cavs be if the one in need was Lebron???

  27. Francis says:

    All you douches who think gilbert did something wrong are out of your mind. he did what every cleveland fan wanted to say. he stood up for the community. he stood up to his principles. him firing mike brown has nothing to do with this. Did he humiliate mike brown? NO. Did he hostage any team with his actions? NO. In fact, he gave mike brown all the room in the world to do what he thinks is best, but at the end of it, he was not able to pull it off, with questionable coaching decisions (or lack of).

    What Lebron did is the one you should question. I’ve been a Lebron fan for the longest time, and what he did just turned me off. I used to look way past what he did and his antics (similar to what dan gilbert and other fans did, look past his errors), but this is the last straw. he had every right to sign with miami or any other team. but how he did it is the question mark. It’s a disgrace. he hostaged cleveland for months, humiliated the city on national tv, made a fool out of the whole free agency.

    if I were Dan, I would have done the same, if not worse. And don’t even think it’s classless or not. What lebum did is classless. quitting on your team is classless. Standing up for the whole community who’s been shattered, that’s class and passion.

    kudos to dan gilbert.

  28. KimJhun says:

    First of all, LBJ, the “King”, had so much respect for the team. did his best in cleveland for 7 years. 7 years ending up in frustation, there might be many role players but no one really has backed consistently. and now Dan gilbert, talking crap about Lebron, expressiong and saying to everyone his unloyalty and disrespect to Cleveland. but all i can say is, Lebron had already waited a long time. Lebron wants not just to win 60+ games and go to playoffs winning back to back MVPs and being an allstar for the past few years…. at the end of it all, its all about winning championship. also, one thing, Lebron is a “FREE AGENT” the word free means he had the freedom to choose which team he wants. Lebron “The King” had the hardest time choosing, among the free agents, since he knows what in-stake for him and what consequences it would bring. He had always thought about staying with cleveland, but on second thought he knows he wants to win a championship and Cleveland couldn’t give him that at the moment, or the next two to three years. Then the news “wade” going back to Miami, as well as “Bosh” going to miami and still has cap space for one more star player, and that was him. He knew if he would play with miami, that could give him a championship, playing alongside his buddies Bosh and Wade. They knew what to do to make it “WORK” Then, the nigh before his Decision, Cleveland Cavaliers or Miami, or other teams. Lebron thought of it would be if he goes back to cleveland, would he wait more time for him to win a championship, would he spent more time with more dissapointments, on the other hand there is Miami, he could be teaming up with Wade and Bosh, a brighter chance at championship, but at the end of the day it’s not about the loyalty for a team, its about winning a championship, so there he went with full courage to go to Miami, knowing cleveland fans will hate him and media would criticize him for every little bad thing he has…! Dan Gilbert, i know what you feel but saying the “Curse” will always be with lebron, how sure are you? is Lebron the curse or is it just really you being a bad owner who fail to understand what players feel. if i were you, Move on and find other players that isn’t “CURSED”, so you might have even a chance winning one. and with your statement “I will Promise to Cleveland Fans that this team would win a championship before Lebron in Miami will win one”, that is just so stupid of you to say, but i respect you so go for it and Goodluck!!!! Cleveland Cavaliers Fans i know how you feel and i can’t say anymore about losing Lebron, but better wish him luck and Thanking him for 7 best years in Cleveland rather than hating him! There is always be a time for a team winning a championship and im sure your’s will come to. Peace out!! ~Kim Jhun Hyuk of Korea.

  29. Mike says:



  30. KAZAA MASTAA says:

    just like the center player said…. DID YOU EVER HEAR ANYONE SAY….IM GOING TO CLEVELAND FOR A VACATION..

  31. UnknownConspiracy says:

    I want tell something to all of this, but maybe you believe a lie unless someone a crazy as me saw this.I was watching the desicion and because always believe in conpiracy and I always look for clues before something ever happend.People who don’t believe in conpiracy will just say I’m a crazy guy,but I believe the cavs were ready to say good bye to lebron.Even the Two hour before lebron desicion I watched the rooster lebron 3d model photo wasnt there.Sometime before that Lebron photo was there even shaq photo is there right now If you check.Dan Gilbert note was put in their website 10 minute after that.I believe I was the first person to see the note because I was looking for cavs news about lebron desicion cav manager opinion,but isn’t 10 minute too fast towrite all that hate to fans?Everything was very well,TOO WELL.

    David Stern fine everytime between the 24 hours.David stern knew what happend with dan gilbert.Why hasn’t he fined yet?He fine after today there is something very fishy.I feel people are too stupid after hearing lebron desicion you didn’t hear that he say that he made up his in the morning.Let be real you woke in the morning and get yourself a desicion.Sethephen smith knew that he was going to miami before lebron made any interview, but he’s like free lancer ,a real mercenary and he have a lot contacts.Miami knew all along lebron just made those interview to look like he was interested.Even if you watch summer league one time in the last two minute of the first half brent barry say all was very well planned.What do I get saying this?Easy I’m reavealing the nba is very well planned mafia dominating TV rating whenever they want.Expect to David Stern because he want more Media attention

  32. Mika 2 SPHINX says:

    Don’t compare the Gasol trade with this SOAP OPERA,,,,
    Pau never conspired to make a super team with two other allstars he was traded!

  33. spunn888 says:

    i think we should all give lebron a break.. lebron gave cleveland 7 years of his career.. i think now he should think let him be happy and win a champinship wherever he wanna go… the man also have a life and he has to live it the way he want it to be..

  34. lakerfan2416 says:

    Getting Pau is nothing like this. It was a trade. No one in Memphis hates Pau Gasol, but everyone on Cleveland hates LeBron James.

  35. Herms says:

    Dan Gilbert has not only disgraced the Cavalier franchise but he has put shame and embarrassment to himself and his family. Before the Lebron arrived the Cavs fan base only existed inside the Ohio state and even then I’d say that alot of the NBA fans in Ohio supported other teams!! After the first month of Lebron’s arrival the Cavs fan base exploded not only in the US but around the world!! Lebron bought much more to the franchise than he could ever do!! He gave his all in the last seven years… If he hadn’t Gilbert and the Cavalier franchise wouldn’t have been so desperate to keep him. Gilbert’s just upset that the greatest asset in the NBA is no longer making HIM millions. Yes the fans in the Ohio State have a right to be upset, but not to the extent of burning his uniform etc… That has only increased the fact that Lebron will never play in a Cavs uniform again. And when they ridicule and boo him on his return in the Miami uniform… it will only make him stronger and unleash a more fierce competitor!! Lebron has done what is right for not only himself but what is right for his family. What is so wrong with that??

  36. John M says:

    Dan Gilbert acted real childish with his comments. Reminds me of a kid in grade school choosing people off the wall and dint get his pick. Everyone needs to realize that LeBron made the right decision for him and his family. He was not going to win anything with the Cavs.

    That is the reality, How many years have they tried to bring in “BIG NAMES” ( An Almost Retired Ben Wallace at the time, An Elder Shaq, Wally after injuires, non experienced Delonte, Playoff disgrace Mo Williams, Jamison after carrying a big load on the wizards which tired him out through the years and the list goes on to Larry Hughes and continues on.

    The organzation failed to bring in the right help and their decisions drove him out of Cleveland.

    LeBron brought them to places they have never been, No championship but he tried his best with the little help he had. He offered his his blood, sweat and tears for that franchise and city through the years he was there. Their fortunate to even have some type of Good years in the NBA thanks too him. That is not a good way to show class and represent a franchise.

    I don’t understand the big picture of Hometown Hero. Jordan was born in New york, raised in North Carolina PLAYED FOR THE BULLS.. Did NY or NC dog him out for not signing with them when he came out of retirement in the 90’s.. ???

    What’s the loyalty subject about ? Oh I know, the Cavs in 2003 got a lucky ball pop up on lottery night.. So therefore he was forced to be a “HOMETOWN HERO”. What if Denver got the first pick or Miami in 2003. Then what ? People have to leave that in the past because so many Great Players never played for their Hometown. It was coincidence not destiny.

    Dan was selfish with his decision on using Mike Brown as a scapegoat and karma came around. Not saying LeBron was being selfish but Dan Didn’t think bout Mike and his family.. only his needs. LeBron thought somewhere in his mind that he might be under appreciated and the pressure will always be on him. He had to make his decision. After seeing how Mike was just fired and everyone just getting the foot as weeks gone by after the playoffs probably made everybody even KING JAMES uncomfartable on the franchise’s intentions.

    Congrats LeBron, let them kick rocks with their head down.

    • LakerFanInGA says:

      Ben Wallace was hardly retired this year. He average 9 plus rebounds/game this year, 6 pts/game, 1.25 blks/game, His production was up 2.5 times what it was his last year in LEADERLESS Cleveland. MJ caused role players to raise their level of play. Kobe caused role players to raise their level of play. Lebron compains that he did not have any help. Just tonite he threw his former teammates under the bus AGAIN when talking about Kobe going 6-24 and the Lakers still winning cause he had help. According to him If he went 6-24 his team would not win because no one would be there to step up. According to him he can do that now. But in the interview he supposedly have friends on that team. In the made for TV production talking bout himself and his greatness in the third person. He is an narcissistic egotistical punk.

      • 25 says:

        Lakerfan you know why they call people fans because they are fanatics….Releax it really isn’t that serious. Lebron, Kobe, Mike, they all make money that we don’t have and none f them care about what we think. The NBA is entertainment don’t you get that? The league is fixed anyway to bring in MONEY!!!!

        Fact…Kobe and Mike had more then just role players on their team. Shaq and Pippen are amongst the 50 greatest players. ummm who will be part of the 50 greatest from Cleveland besides the King of course…Mike had thorough shooters who could knock it down on any night. Lebron didn’t have that, Lebron had to try to do it all. Just like when Shaq left Kobe had to try to do it all it wasn’t until L.A. brought in premier players. that Kobe began to win again. Everyone is talking about how Lebron made his decision well lets look at the fact that Gilbert filled up his arena watching “the Decision” I bet they had to pay.

        Lebron egotistical….I think Kobe has a huge ego…..Radio interview…get me players or I am leaving bwahhhhhhhhh

  37. Orin Davidson says:

    No one knew you Dan Gilbert, with the exception of your inner circle, before Le Bron James came into your world. And now you come across as an arrogant, disrespectful individual to African Americans, masquerading as a leader in American sport. Your public trashing of the greatest player ever to represent your club is an unwarranted and ungrateful act, laced with venomous spite. Why must any player dedicate his entire life to any one club? Do you expect LeBron to give all his skill and energy to the Cavs, simply because Dan Gilbert owns it? The man gave you seven long years of his phenomenal expertise, yet you are not satisfied. He filled your pockets by selling out the stadium every night, not to mention the additional record revenue earnings made from television and sponsorship. Yet you want blood. A player is not a coward if wants to win and you could not provide him with the necessary resources to achieve his goal. So he walked after seven years. Yes, he was born and bred in Ohio, but it does not mean his belly button cord must be buried there. Brooklyn-born Michael Jordan never played a day, much less a lifetime for New York Knicks. Neither did Larry Bird for Indiana Pacers or Kobe Bryant for the Philadelphia 76ers. So why must LeBron give his life to the Dan Gilbert owned Ohio pro b’ball club? You are the disloyal one with this vile attack.Your action hints at open season on specific successful sportsmen in like manner of Augusta Golf Club president Billy Payne’s unjustified attack on Tiger Woods. You must remember though, we are not living in a time warp.This is not the 1950s and 60s’.With your behavior the curse will be on you instead, and you might well end up drawing your last breath before the Cavs win that title you so suddenly covet.

    • LakerFanInGA says:

      Stop the Frackenackle Bull that this has anything to do with an attack on the African-American community. You obviously spent this morning listening to that nonsense from Roland Martin. Gilbert could have slightly moderated his comments, but he was dead on about this egotistical Punk. This is a free country, so yes Lebron is free to do whatever he likes. But there is a way to go about doing it without causing that city the pain he did with the Made for TV (and his ego) Reality Show.

    • tata says:

      Disrespectful to AFRICAN AMERICANS?? Don’t drag African Americans like Kobe, MJ, Magic and the rest down by associating them with the self-centered actions of one ARROGANT PUNK. Why involve the great race of people from which he happened to come?

  38. lakerfan2416 says:

    Give Gilbert a break. He was obviously in the wrong but he didn’t commit a crime. He made a mistake. He should have taken an hour or so and collected his thoughts but don’t condemn him. I would be very mad too. The value of his franchise took a huge hit with LeBron walking out on him. Also this was a drawn out forever and in my opinion the way LeBron did this interview was extremely unprofessional. He should have let ESPN announce it just like everyone else does. We didn’t see this 1 hour special for anyone else. Who does LeBron think he is! That would push me beyond mad. He did use any grace with the situation. He just left a city that loved him, showed they were committed to winning, and spent money to come and watch him play. I would feel like I was just used and thrown away also. Just give Gilbert a break.

    • 25 says:

      Isn’t KOBE the same guy who went on the radio and threaten to leave L.A.? Let’s talk about the way to do things!!!!

  39. Ann says:

    I guess people don’t want Lebron to be happy!!!That is pretty selfish on their part.. GO HEAT!!!!!!

  40. Conspiracy says:

    I want tell something to all of this, but maybe you believe a lie unless someone a crazy as me saw this.I was watching the desicion and because always believe in conpiracy and I always look for clues before something ever happend.People who don’t believe in conpiracy will just say I’m a crazy guy,but I believe the cavs were ready to say good bye to lebron.Even the Two hour before lebron desicion I watched the rooster lebron 3d model photo wasnt there.Sometime before that Lebron photo was there even shaq photo is there right now If you check.Dan Gilbert note was put in their website 10 minute after that.I believe I was the first person to see the note because I was looking for cavs news about lebron desicion cav manager opinion,but isn’t 10 minute too fast towrite all that hate to fans?Everything was very well,TOO WELL.

    David Stern fine everytime between the 24 hours.David stern knew what happend with dan gilbert.Why hasn’t he fined yet?He fine after today there is something very fishy.I feel people are too stupid after hearing lebron desicion you didn’t hear that he say that he made up his in the morning.Let be real you woke in the morning and get yourself a desicion.Sethephen smith knew that he was going to miami before lebron made any interview, but he’s like free lancer ,a real mercenary and he have a lot contacts.Miami knew all along lebron just made those interview to look like he was interested.Even if you watch summer league one time in the last two minute of the first half brent barry say all was very well planned.What do I get saying this?Easy I’m reavealing the nba is very well planned mafia dominating TV rating whenever they want.Expect to David Stern because he want more Media attention

  41. lopsided says:

    oh yeah and did cuban forget about bostons big 3? 3 superstars can work as long as their unselfish, and at least wade for sure is unselfish, we’ll see about the other two!

  42. lopsided says:

    i dont get how lebron commited such a crime? he left cleveland because he spent 7 years loosing in the playoffs! and for Gilberts comments it’s not lebron who has a curse, its cleveland! And the personal gurantee? it was ridiculous and probably a stunt just to get cleveland fans fired up so that their seats can still be filled. Lebron made a good choice in going to Miami!

  43. Albert says:

    If you are Gilbert or the Cleveland fans, how would you feel hearing the kid you supported all the time leaving you? Lebron should have declined appearing in this 1hour special, making his decision broadcast all over the world in public. It’s like slapping the face of Gilbert and the whole Cleveland community while everyone witnessing it. That’s not good!

  44. Mga-Czar says:

    Dan Gilbert is acting as if he is a slave master and LeBron was his slave…. he and everyone else who’s livid with anger is really mad cause the audacity LeBron James has, what they call audacity I call courage and self assurance. I applaud LeBron for being his own man and making the best decision for him…… If you feel like he owes you something then you devote entirely to much time to sport and play as for people saying he is disgracing the game shut up this is a new day in time the yesa boss attitude is gone the new bucks aint having it… what LBJ, D-Wade,and CB4 are doing is a great show of unity and I love 100% it’s a new day the black athlete is the prominent athlete on the floor, field etc … It’s about time that the generation of Michael Jordan do as he did run the game on and off the court and do so respectfully but with no regard of who’s feelings you hurt…. at the end of the day your just a piece of meat to the owners anyway… oh and Dan Gilbert should be finned or something but it probably won’t happen but I’m happy his finances are going to take a hit lol… all hail The King lol

  45. The Truth says:

    So I guess its okay for a NBA franchise to use a player up than trade him off. Evan if that player gave his heart and soul for a number of years, thats what they do. I mean why would you fire a coach who lead his team to the best record the past two years, I’m sure he could have said a few things to the owner about that. Lebrons true fans will follow him where ever he goes. The others are selfish parasites looking out for their own behalf. Well Lebron flipped the script and beat you guys to the punch. Remember folks its still a business and “all is fair in Love and Basketball”.

  46. 25 says:

    And yes let’s not forget Gilbert said he wasn’t going to fire Mike Brown, but then turns around and suprises him…YOU’RE FIRED MIKE BROWN. Like one writer said Cleveland has done nothing to help Lebron win a championship. If all these Cleveland fans feel Lebron is a loser then they should be glad he is gone….

  47. 25 says:

    Why are people so upset with Lebron isn’t this a business!!! Wasn’t the Redsins Quaterback traded and he found out through a reporter! What does Lebron owe Cleveland? He gave them 7 yrs of hard work and they repay him by surrounding him with so so talent. Lebron had to do what was best for him. Garnett was loyal to Minn for yrs and look where it got him. When he finally left the owner still blasted him. Why is it business when the owners trade players but it’s disloyal when the player leaves. Gilbert was wrong in his comments and YES the league needs to fine him. If Gilbert felt that way about Lebron then why try to keep him in Cleveland. Gilbert made a statement saying he doesn’t want his kids to follow in James footsteps!! Well great Gilberts kids should follow in his footsteps anyway not some athlete but how Gilbert has acted in the last couple of days I can see why he would want his kids to follow in someone else’s footsteps. It’s all about the money Gilbert, he didn’t care about Lebron as a person. Lebron’s move is hurting his pockets!!!

  48. scott says:

    Your argument is that we have no idea what we are talking about? Yeah, right….we write on here because we are clueless….nice argument. Go to school.

  49. scott says:

    Bunch of babies in Cleveland. They do the same thing everytime ANY player leaves their crappy little do nothing town. I hope you guys lose Antwan Jamison too….don’t deserve him.
    You are all just mad that you lost the King, and you don’t want to admit it. It’s like listening to a bunch of high school girls get dumped right before the big dance.
    Why don’t you all do us a favor and turn off your internet connection for a few years?
    Full disclosure: I am not a LeBron fan, I don’t care either way, I am a Jazz fan.
    He IS the most talented player in the NBA. We all know it, which is why he gets the hype that he gets.

  50. Rap says:

    Dan Gilbert’s choice of words may mislead some people as to his intention. His letter was not to attack Lebron but to sympathize with the Cleveland fans who at this time are at their lowest. Losing their hometown hero, Gilbert understood it was a painful blow to the Cavs and their fans. In my opinion, his letter intends to rally the team and the its supporters. Even though they may have lost their star player, the season hasn’t started yet and nothing is final until the the last buzzer of the championships. Simply put Lebron has not won anything yet, he just went to a power house team and this does not necessarily mean that Cleveland will be left in the gutter. The team has a competent set of players, they may have revolved around Lebron but they are capable of winning on their own especially now with coach Byron Scott and to me, this is what Dan Gilbert is trying to relay to the Cleveland fans. Lebron may have left the building but Cleveland is still standing. I give it to him for speaking is mind. Guy definitely has cajones. The best of luck to the Cavs. Now is their opportunity to show everyone that they are the Cleveland Cavaliers and not the Kings court or Lebron’s team. And for Lebron, can’t wait to see what he, wade, and bosh are gonna bring to the court. It’s going to be tricky filling that roster but the three of them can bring in some players who are hungry for some gold. The three have delivered in All-Star games and the Olympics, they should be able to in the NBA. Pressure is on Miami now and its Supreme Team.

  51. Brad P says:

    I wonder if he was saying the same thing when they hung Z out to dry.

  52. mike xin says:

    Saying Gilbert is so right is like saying you agree with a twelve year old who feels that he’s entitled to everything, Lebron made a bad move the way he announced it, but in the end Gilbert instead of just saying something to lift his city up, he had to go something childish like we’re going to win before lebron ever will, that’s like a little kid saying fine u don’t want to play with me i’ll find me some new friends who are way cooler then you. It’s stupid, and if a whole city is agreeing with it, then the whole city is letting this fiasco make them look like immature little kids, when your an adult you don’t let your emotions get the best of you, burning jerseys, rants and raving, that’s all childs play.

  53. kobe24mvp says:

    lebron is a little girl i dont blame dan gilbert at all. hes a coward whos scared of taking the heat for not delivering in the playoffs again. he easily coudlve gone to the knicks with amare or the bulls with d rose and boozer or stay in cleveland with the squad they have. the cavs have done everything they possibly couldve to surround the queen with players that would help him contend for a title. lebron wade and bosh are all cowards cuz they know the only way kobe and the lakers will be dethroned is to form team usa down in south beach. way to ruin the league for the true fans

  54. Albert Diaz says:

    The funny thing that we always argue the fact that these players make too much they all put all that money aside and wanted to play as a team. Noboby talks about that. Right now Mrs. Dan Gilbert should have made an effort to keep his superstar happy and he failed to do so. Mo, Jamison Shaq and West if maybe he would have gotten something that was worth a shot he would have been successful. And Cleveland will never win a championship in any professinaol sports Indians sux, Browns sux, Cavs are horrendous and if they have a hockey team they sux too. Go Heat!!!!!

    • Leslie says:

      You think LB did it to be a team player you are full of it. real team players give up money to bring better players to their team not make a big production out of jumping ship that was as classless as it gets. way to go Queen James. You are a classic example of a gutless joke not a real man.

  55. sphinx says:

    Cuban’s bottom line statement should reflect & direct toward the Lakers too because getting Gasol is close to this same situation with what the Heat just did

  56. hmm says:

    gilbert is so right, i wouldnt of had a problem with lebron leaving but the manor he did it in is so unclassy. he lied to the cleveland fans who did nothing but adore him and propusely drug the city through the mud with him because his massive ego. i hope the 3 ego brother have fun playing with a bunch of stiffs because miami has no cap space now but thats a different story. if you guys think dan gilbert crossed the line you really have no idea what your talking about.

    thank you

  57. jack Hines says:

    Well people, maybe it hurts. I’m a White Sox fan and have been since 1951. Loved 2005! But, in a broader sense, I had nothing to do with the WS win. My city certainly contributed nothing. None of my kin or neighbors played on the team. What kind of idiots are we that the our pride and our city’s pride is wrapped up in a money-making enterprise that hires sports mercenaries and puts the name of our city on their jersey? How’d you like to be a Cub fan? 46 years would seem like yesterday. They haven’t even played in a WS for sixty-five years! Your city is what the residents and the businesses make it. Chicago has an advantage, being a financial and transportation center, but the midwest is in a tough time of our existence, with our manufacturing jobs being shipped out. There’s an old saying, “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” Clevelanders (?) are tough people. Never winning a professional championship doesn’t change what you are, and what your city is.

  58. sphinx says:

    but who cares what Cubin thinks hey, Cubin’s just another owner with no intelligence… brains; this is Cubin’s way of frustration that LeBron didn’t choose to go to Dallas.

  59. RS says:

    I’m from Cleveland, I have no problem with Lebron leaving. It’s just the way it was done that didn’t afford us a chance to get other players. Also national embarrassment. Lebron has never been nor wanted to be a Clevelander. Everyone knew that. We gave him a pass because he gave us some light in a dark city. Now that he’s gone, we can express how we really feel about him and his ego. It was his fault we lost. It was always about him and his crew. We have a great team. He didn’t win by himself. We lost because Brown and us fans trusted Lebron too much. Now our players can play their games.
    On the other hand, NBA owners play the game dirty as well. Many players have found out they and their families are uprooted on sportscenter. Cleveland stand up and lets show that loser LB that we can win and support our team without him. We need to support our city now more than ever!! He was never one of us.(Yankee Cowboy)

  60. Gregg says:

    Gilbert’s comments were just dumb…This is a business! Man up and stop whinin’! Lebron gave your organization 7 outstanding years! Gilbert, Lebron is a free agent. He is “free” to choose what team and city he wants to play for! Again,…man up you are making the NBA look bad!

  61. Dmoney says:

    I can understand the heart wrenching agony felt by the CAVS at the manor at which it was done, he should have done it with dan gilbert there and the cavs organization there it was tasteless on the people who advise him it seemed as it was a high school kid announcing his school of choice and thats pretty childish.On the flip side im from NY and although we didnt get him i clearly remember when a player was loyal and teams didnt do much to surround him with enough talent, KG finally left after years, and he won, Patrick Ewing was traded by the knicks to seattle after he was loyal, and of all people charles barkley shouldnt talk he left philly for the suns.Its a biz and in most cases its a what have you done for me now scenario, you fired the coach who won you so much games , fired the gm and you expected him to stay please then you gonna call him out in 2009 against orlando thats a bit far fetched.Dan should have taken the high road out left a statement express his obvious disappointment and left it at that but that was just too far now he has to back up his words with a championship caliber team , Wish they can fire owners as they fire coaches

  62. mike xin says:

    If you guys want loyalty in sports go watch youth basketball or something.

  63. mike xin says:

    uncover what was being covered up? If he thought Lebron had so many issues to cover up, why did they kiss his ass to comeback? Now that he’s gone all of a sudden, yeah he gave up on the playoffs, blah blah blah…Sounds more like a sore loser. I agree that the free agency fiasco was over the top, but as for him picking miami, he did what he want to do so what? He has a right to, so now free agents are obligated to do right only by the team they were with? It’s over he chose miami, get over it. Don’t people have real worries to worry about? The only thing I agreed with in all the ranting that went on after the decision was one cleveland fan saying being worried about the businesses and bars during seasons, finally something practical, burning jerseys and saying oh we hate him anyways, what are we 12 years old all of a sudden. I know it sucks, but life goes on. Go get a hobby, stop being butthurt.

  64. Pat says:

    The negative comments made public by the Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner on LeBron James decsion to play for the Miami Heat were unprofessional and childlish. Lebron was a FREE AGENT, who made a business decision. NBA owners have been making simular business decisions for years, without any consideration for the player or the players families. Many players have found out that they had been traded from some news report. It’s refreshing to hear that professional atheletes are putting more effort into the decision making for their own future careers. LeBron has given the Cleveland Fans seven years of his career. He played hard, long minutes for the Club. The fans and the organization should be thanking him and wishing him well.

  65. Zzanzabar says:

    As someone already said, Gilbert where were you for Marc Brown. The man only won 128 games or so for you in 2 years yet you dumped him like garbage. Oh you say that Brown really didn’t win those games it was all Lebron? Then where is you gratitude for THAT? You bowed to the public belief that Marc Brown simply rolled the ball onto the court and let Lebron do all the work (forget about the other players) so you fired him, but I didn’t see a scathing letter to the fans about how you deserted him after he made a record for your team…hummm, I wonder who has more class?

  66. Eiramahs says:

    LeBron James. Amidst the emotional ranting and raving, mostly fueled by a money-minded media circuit, it is easy to be non-empathetic with a man of his stature. What LeBron has done is far from a “cowardly act.” In fact what he has done takes self-reflection, consideration and ultimately courage. It takes courage to leave home, risking ridicule, and venture out to seek self improvement. This man has garnered hype and lived up to the hype. He had been with the Cavaliers for 7 years and gave it his best. It is easy to forget about the countless NBA superstars that carried teams on their backs and has retired without the main objective: an NBA championship. A man who is serious about his career will seek the best opportunity to reach his main objective, which is to progress, in his case getting a championship. Albeit, rookie of the Year awards, scoring titles, MVP’s are cool yet render meaningless when one does not have a championship title. LeBron has accomplished all the former. He is in fact setting a great example for our generation. In his hour long interview, he pointed out that this is a TEAM game. Our generation is caught up in the idea that it takes one man to make a show. In actuality, it takes a well organized TEAM. Within a team there is no “I”. We can speak on any successful organization; it could be a school, hospital, the making of a movie, and so forth. The number ONE commonality is that it takes a team to create a successful production. Within this team people must sacrifice to reach the common goal. It is that simple. We are the ones saying that his legacy is going to be shot, we are the ones saying “he can no longer be compared to the ‘Greats’ that stuck it through”; whilst forgetting that anything successful in this world took courage, reasonable self positioning and risk taking. We can even point to the making of the United States of America, or any country, successful business, or individual. Most importantly, it is empowering to see a person of color make such an important decision for himself. He is a person of power that is showing a new generation that it takes TEAM effort to WIN. The man wants to WIN. It is amazing that he is being hated for wanting to WIN. It is senseless for an individual to place themselves in an awful position, and expect to WIN. He is showing us that it takes Self-ownership, sacrifice, risk taking and courage to seek the best opportunity in advancing in own career and ultimately, Life. One has to make a decision that is fitting for himself. As he has said, “this is a business.” NBA teams are always in the position where they can shift and buckle players around to make more money (through ticket sales) and get a ring. Why can’t a professional player make such a decision, is it awkward to see this?
    The media should be thanking LeBron for giving them something to make money off of for the past week and a half. It is quite interesting that they are calling his way of presenting the news “narcissistic”, when they all tuned in to watch and criticize. They waited for the event to unfurl so they can make an “intelligent” analysis on the hour long special. Instead of pointing out the leader he is being, they (the media) lazily chose to ride the, somewhat, popular sentiment that LeBron has sold out. We ought to be more responsible in the messages that we are relaying to our youths. I have a 9 year old sister that says “I don’t like LeBron”. I asked her why, she said “because he left Cleveland.” I asked her how she felt, she replied “I don’t know…he should have never left…where did he go?” This is an example of how the media does a great job of delivering information. It is a mostly biased, uneven hand delivery of news. If one listens long enough, you grow to hate a man who wants nothing more to progress in his career development.

    • True Basketball Fan says:

      I agree. I have read almost all of the comments left on this page, and most of the negative comments point to LeBron leaving his home town and betraying his fans.

      In a non-sports environment, would you stay at a job just because it is in your home town? Or because you would not want to betray your boss/coworkers? or better yet, one comment I read also included “the Cavs had back to back 60win seasons, why would he leave?”… so another words if you worked in your home town and the people you work with/support you are nice and your company makes money, that gives you no right to move out of town to pursue a job that makes you happy?

      Also, my understanding is that he would have made more money if he stayed at Cleveland… so by him sacrificing money to play in an environment to be able to win is now considered selfish? Last time I checked, a team sport was designed for everyone to want to win as a team and not just have individuals trying to collect personal accolades. This type of negativity points in a totally oposite direction.

      It seems to me that a lot of Cavs fans are criticizing him for leaving Cleveland after all of his personal accomplishments as “the man” in Cleveland and how much less of an impact he would have as an individual player in Miami. So basically he is potentially scrificing having all of the spot light to himsulf and personnal accomplishments in order to win… if that is considered selfish, then I guess I should start teaching my kids to make as much money as you can and be the best individual and then worry about winning… as long as you do it in your hometown and never leave. If you win, GREAT! But remember to make more money and never leave before you think about winning…

      After all, he brought millions in revenue for Gilbert, Cleveland, and North East Ohio… he has won 2 MVP awards and many other “personal awards” but no title for the city. So by criticizing this situation, one should stick it through no matter what, even if it means the team doesn’t win a title, but since LeBron has won all of these MVP/scoring champ/ etc awards and he “tried” that makes everything ok. I can’t imagine Glilbert thanking Lebron at the end of his career for becoming the greatest player in history and for “trying” to win a championship but never could.

      Maybe the way LeBron departed Cleveland was not the best wayt… Maybe there was a better way for him to handle this whole free agency fiasco… but the result is that he left. Regardless of where he went or how he left, it was a business decision. He is a professional basketball player and that is his business. I grew up in Seattle as a Sonics fan, and when the team was sold to a group of investors almost “knowing” that the team would eventually leave town, I was heart broken. The city of Seattle was not happy at all to say the least when the team finally left, but does that mean I should hate the previous owner and boycut Strarbucks? It was a business decision. If I hated it so much where I would go out of my way, risk embarrassing myself just to criticize another person’s business decision, well, then maybe I should have been smarter, made more money so I can own the team.

      Just like LeBron should have handled things a little differently, so should have Gilbert. I understand the frustration he has, but the letter he wrote seems a little too much. Basically he tried so hard to have LeBron stay, failed, and then announced that he was a quitter and that he doesn’t need him anyways? Sounds like someone who just had there heart broken by their first boyfriend/girlfriend and that doesn’t know how to deal with it but to be bitter and lash out.

      Let him go and move on. more players will come up… how many times was a player potentially named “the next Jordan” since he retired the 2nd time… or even the 3rd time? If LeBron does in fact play the roll of an unselfish player, takes less money than what he could have made, and won 5 rings in his career because of that, can you still label him as selfish? And if he does in fact clash with his teammates in Miami, then you can just say, “well, I guess that was a bad decision on hi behalf”. In the end, he has to live with his decisions, not his fans (or ex-fans in this case).

    • 25 says:

      Beuatiful Put Eriamahs!!!!!!

      I love this comment the most,

      media should be thanking LeBron for giving them something to make money off of for the past week and a half. It is quite interesting that they are calling his way of presenting the news “narcissistic”, when they all tuned in to watch and criticize. They waited for the event to unfurl so they can make an “intelligent” analysis on the hour long special.

      I agree and yet everyone complained about Lebron putting on a circus, well there could be no circus if there were no spectators…so thank you media for making “the Decision” the most viewed show for Thursday night. Don’t blame Lebron for being a smart business man. I guess the “boy” should have stayed with Master!!!! HA Yeah Right!!!!!

    • LakerFanInGA says:

      This the dumbest post I have read on any blog all day. Sacrifice? Lebron didn’t voluntarily sacrifice his legacy because the egotistical PUNK thinks he is still ENTITLED to it. LePunk was not capable of leading a team through the playoffs that had the Home Court Advantage throughout the playoffs to years in a row. Ferry and Gilbert made practically every move they could to improve the team each year of Free Agents available. Some of them, like Shaq, were gambles. But Lebron signed off on them all. Mo Williams, Jamison, Parker, you name it. If spent more time Leading and less time with the dancing and posing sideline antics he may have not found it necessary to high tail it to the South Beach for DWade to win a championship for him. Courage? Courage? You are the biggest Lebron apologist yet. Taking the path of least resistance to a championship does not take courage. Your babble is a nice Marketing attempt to put a good face on it. Nobody is buying it.

      • 25 says:

        I wonder how many people on here actually play ball? This is to you Laker fan. Again wasn’t Kobe the one who went on the radio threatening to leave L.A. what kind of loyality was that???? Wasn’t Kobe the one who got Shaq removed from the Lakers…What kind of team player was that? I believe he also snitched on Shaq and accused Malone of flirting with his wife….Kobe the wanna be Jordan quickly found out that he couldn’t win championships alone. It wasn’t until he brought in other good players to support him. Who do you think won game 7 this yr for the Lakers? It was Kobe it was his team actaully it was Artest. Lebron has always had to try to win games.


    • pretzphilip says:

      wonderfully crafted commentary!!! i sincerely agree with you… im an avid Filipino basketball fan since the MJ era until now. i just hope they will stop biting on LBJ… he’s a nice guy and all he does is to play for the most important career of his life… basketball it is. i just hope he wins multiple championships with wade and bosh, and all we have to do as fans is to sit back, relax and enjoy watching every single game they played against other great teams… wish you all the best LBJ!!! and God bless you in your games ahead against other great players…

  67. Relevancy says:

    Seriously, Dan Gilbert is looking like a real ass right now…just because LeBron was born in Akron doesn’t mean he is shackled to Cleveland for his entire life…give the dude a break…and the day before Gilbert was busy kissing up and brown nosing the player which he now says “quit” in the playoffs…why would he have wanted a quitter anyway?

  68. ED says:

    David, are you from Miami. Gilbert uncovered what LBJ’s PR team has been covering up for. Serious lack of caracter!!!!!!!!

  69. eddie says:

    Dan Gilbert did us a favor by calling out all of these frauds that are ruining the NBA sport.
    the owner just said what he felt and as fans we should not have to exposed to this type of WWF
    drama. no player or players think that they are above the the game, its a shame that the mind games of LEBRON,DEWAYNE,CHRIS makes a mockery of the sport that i have loved as a kid. if you are going to leave the team, leave the team… but in a respectful manner where you don’t humiliate your own city, sadly this sport will lose more fans because of this excess of me,me and more me….

    • the truth says:

      yeah gilbert did yall a favor calling out lebron the same player that double the cavs worth. Made kids all over buy cavs jerseys. I’m 31 i have never seen anyone in a cavs jersey until lebron came. He put yall on t.v. weekly and gave yall great basketball. You can say he quit in the boston series but he avg. 27 points 7 assists and 8 rebounds boy thats quiting. He gave yall two mvps and that brat of a owner wanted to be in charged and he wasnt thats what made him mad. And that same owner youre praising for being unprofessional will never get a allstar player there unless is in the draft. Check twitter all the players are calling him a nut and ignorant. And common sense tells me he has said that to someone before that letter and I know it got to lebron so why not disrespect a clown that says those things and then make videos and more than a player signs to keep you what a hyprocrite.

  70. George says:

    at 25 years old it’s quite shocking that LeBron would leave cleveland. A team who a) is his home town b) has done nothing but kiss his ass the entire time he’s been there, and, c) A team that has had back to back 60+ win seasons, so they weren’t that far away from winning a championship. But they are light years away now!

    • Mike says:

      thanks at least someone agrees with me

      • 25 says:

        When should he have left at age 30? Lebron gave Cleveland 7 good yrs. that was enough. Who had James back? James carried Cleveland on his back and they were gonna ride his until it broke.

  71. Cordell Lawrence says:

    I believe that Dan Gilbert has every right to be upset with Lebron. Not only did he display blatant disloyalty towards not only ownership, but towards the city of Cleveland and those loyal “witnesses” who supported the so-called “KING” for seven title-less years. All Lebron gave them in return was year after year of his crying for more help,( which I think ownership did a pretty good job of giving him), and a slap in the face by going to Miami. It’s apparent that Lebron is not capable of being THAT GUY, who can lead his team to the promised land, so he RAN to Miami where he could let Flash be that guy. And for the record, Jamison, Shaq, Varejoa, Big Z, Moe Williams, Hickson, and Co. were pretty good help. I bet Kobe, Pierce, or Wade could win with those guys. So I guess that just means that Lebron James is “OOVER-RAATED!!!”

    • Relevancy says:

      Shaq screwed up phoenix and is really old and lame now…jamison goes 0-12 in his first game with cavs he is old too…varejao is a flopper with no offense…Z is old, only good thing is his mid range shot…williams collapses in the playoffs when he has to play against defense, and hickson is gonna be good, but still young…compare that to D Wade…26 5 5…bosh 25 2 11…they are both superstars in their prime.

      And again, why did gilbert spend his time trying to recruit lebron and kiss up to him if he is such a quitter?

      • RS says:

        Gilberts motivation for keep Lebron and kissing us was about trying to repair a city that’s down and money I’m sure. With us Clevelanders and Lebron, it’s a love hate thing. He’s always showed us his true colors, but we were winning! That’s most important right? We all knew he quit, whined alot, and disrespected us. We’ve dealt with it. The city and Gilbert would have liked to see him stay, but we will be ok. Only us Clevelanders know how he realy is. Miami fans will find out soon enough. If he did his so called hometown the way he did, they don’t have a chance. He be at Dolphin games with the opposing teams jersey on. A Hurricanes game with a USC jersey on. He’s really full of himself. Get to know him!!!

      • LakerFanInGA says:

        Jamison was a two time All-Star prior to joining the Cavs. Pau Gasol had been an All-Star one time All-Star prior to joining the Lakers. You LeGone Tanker-Riders need to stop with the BS about LePunk not having any help. All of Sunday the Lakers have this team of future HOFers. BS. Lamar Odum is not headed for the HOF. Pau Gasol only has chance if the Lakers win another championship. Lebron claimed to have studied Kobe during their Dream Team time and supposedly picked up on how hard Kobe worked. He needs to go back to school.

    • Mark says:

      I like you..

    • the truth says:

      You say you bet kobe could win with that team lebron had wake up Kobe barely won with his great team he had and he played terrible in game 7 but he had help. What all star does lebron have like paul gasol, odom, artest, bynum, a veteran and champion like fisher get real. Kobe didnt win until gasol got there facts are facts. Every champion team has 2 or 3 allstars so check the facts.

      • LakerFanInGA says:

        You Lebron tanker-riders are a joke. Pau Gasol came into the league in 2001 and made one All-Star appearance in 2006 prior to joining the Lakers. Ron Artest came into the league in 1999. He made the All-Star Team in 2004. Odum, Fish, and Bynum No All-Star Appearances. Antawn Jamison came into the league one year before Ron Artest and played in All-Star games in 2005 and as recently as 2008. He has career averages of 19.8 pt/game and 8.1 rebounds/game. Mo Williams career average of 16.4 pts/game and 5.7 asst/game. But all Lebron and you guys do is whine and make excuses for Lebron.

    • 25 says:

      Those guys you just mentioned are average players. Who was the 2nd go to player for Cleveland? You always have to have one of those and they didn’t. Even with this free agency who was Gilbert trying to bring in? I didn’t hear any word on other players he was trying to recruit.

      • 25 says:

        Ron Artest Career avg is 15.5. Pau is 18.8. those are good averages. Kobe’s supporting cast was better that’s a fact. As far as the allstar games go we all know that doesn’t mean anything. The allstar games are entertainment thats what it’s there for. No one is making excuses for Lebron but no one player can do it by himself History has proven that.

  72. Ernest Golden says:

    Lebron said that his DECISION was business as usual but this was not a business DECISION. This was an X-box DECISION an AAU DECISION a childlike desire to pal around with his best buddies at some park in sunny Miami. We all thought that Lebron James was the man who would be king but it turns out that he is just a child playing games with the hearts of the loyal fans of cleveland. here here Dan Gilbert

  73. Fele says:

    MY, MY, MY! Dan Gilbert what on earth are you doing! LeBron picked your organization up out of obscurity and void, and elevated it with MVPs, post season appearances and wins, put multi-millions of dollars in your coffer, and you treat him like this. Seven (7) years the man gave you his all and even had nothing but good to say about you, your organization, the team, and Cleveland at his leaving. I can tell Dan Gilbert you really could care less about LeBron as a person. He was really just another asset in your stable, on your farm, on your plantation. For you to have given the “Color Purple”-like curse on him, shows your mortifyingly, classless, gutteral, core. When you raise a hand to say, ’til you do right by me, nothing in your life will prosper’, the problem is 3 fingers point back at you.

  74. Jay Ortega says:

    Dan Gilbert is just a sore loser… I understand you don’t want to lose maybe one of the best ball players we’ve seen since MJ, but come on… You’re knocking LeBron because he doesn’t want to end up like another KG?

    Suck it up… If you were to move a player, it’s a business.. But a player like LeBron sign elsewhere and he’s greedy or whatever… pfffft… you gotta be kidding me…

    And after all the LeBron gave the Cavs, that’s what he gets? A letter bashing the dude…

    Honestly, at least now LeBron knows what kind of owner he was working for.. I lost a ton of respect for Dan with that letter.. And players in the league now knows who you REALLY are.. It could just come back and bite him you know where….


    • Jumpman says:

      I think most of that letter was just to let out steam, i abmit that dan kinda through a fit, but look at it through his eyes, Lebron plegded a championship in cleveland and that he wud not quit until that happend, he also stated that he loves cleveland. I dont think Dan wud have been As mad if lebron didnt go on LIVE television n basically give cleveland the middle finger. But the letter does show that Dan is very passionate for his team, but at the same time i did think it was alittle harsh. But…. Someone Had To Say It..

    • LakerFanInGA says:

      Don’t ever mention LePunk’s name in the same sentence with MJ. LeChump has doomed his legacy forever. Furthermore Lebron is not the best player since MJ. Kobe is, and DWade is second best. Lebron may be the greatest Athlete to have played the game of basketball. But best player is the one who is the most skilled and that would be Kobe.

      • 25 says:

        I don’t think Lebron ever asked to be mentioned in the same sentence with Jordan…Hell there is only ONE Jordan. The Lakers stacked their team with allstars why isn’t anyone getting mad at that. Remember Carl Malone, Rick Fox, The Glove, Shaq, Hooray, Kobe. 3 of those players are the 50 greatest. So why get upset when Bron, Wade and Bosh (who is not a superstar) team up. It’s about winning folks by any means necessary

      • OhioCitizen says:

        True dat! Lebron only had good averages cause he played on a bad team. Where as kobe still had good stats this year despite playing on an excellent team and being injured. You can bet Lebrons averages will plummet this season. Lakers will be waiting for them in the finals, if LeBron even makes it.

      • tata says:

        Kobe gets one Finals MVP for every regular MVP that MeBron gets. So there is no comparing them

      • 25 says:

        Ohiocitizen if you know anything about basktball Lebron’s avg should drop thats what you call sacrifice. Bosh, Wade, and Bron realize their avg is going to drop but they don’t care they want to win. Kobe’s stats were not as high when he had hooray, fox, shaq. And Kobe wasn’t the scroing leader this yr cause he didn’t have to be. But Bron did and wade did. When you don’t have to score as much that makes it better for you. Like one analyst said Kobe is the one who has to take the last shot at the end of a game which sometimes isnt good cause he forces it. Someone like Jordan knew he would draw the attention and he had GREAT players to sink the shot at the end of the game and Jordan didn’t mind passing. Lebron is the same way. How many times has Lebron passed the ball at the end of a game and commentators got on him for being too unselfish. Lebron is not a selfish player so if his stats go down he doesn’t care he just wants to win.

  75. BallerAlert says:

    They all need to shut up. They trade and fire these players. Lebron completed his contract and he wanted to move on. What’s wrong with that?

    • Nameless says:

      i agree with u that there iss no mistake for lebron to leave cavs because there was nothing left for him..Mike brown’s gone and the organization was unablt to produce what they promised, a ring for the king so moving on would be better for him

  76. mike xin says:

    Wow..cuban siding with gilbert, one idiotic loudmouth backing up another one, congratulations Dan, Mark just proved how stupid that letter is because he favors it.

  77. David Greene says:

    Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, disgraced the NBA and his fellow owners by his classless, childish behavior in his written attacks against LeBron James, with his criticism of LeBron’s performance and his “personal guarantee” of a championship before the Heat.

    Just as players have to set standards for the public, so do owners — even more so. The model Gilbert has set is not one I would want my business partners, my family or my friends to emulate. It’s embarrassing, selfish and childish. Is this man a leader of the community ? I hope not.

    He’s a sore loser and a spoiled brat. If a player were to write such an email in a public forum after being traded, there would be days of criticism from every camp.


    • Brandon says:

      Not at all. Like Cuban said in the article – you’re not a robot. You put everything you have into being an owner, and you connect with the community. It’s not pure business.

      • Mark says:

        He’s sooo passionate and that’s why Dan Gilbert is rich.. I’ll bet if he always stuck with the polically correct way of saying things and act like a robot, he wouldn’t be where is right now, a billionaire. I respect it.. I respect people who says how they feel.. I do it.. It doesn’t mean your classless. People who say it’s classless are people who are going with social programming and to me that’s the pussification of America.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Agreed.. Dan Gilbert is a disgrace… David Stern needs to kick him out… and Gilbert fired Mike Brown dont see him talking about Gilbert that way..
      and Dan Gilbert.. you just lost your chance of EVER getting Lebron back…and also I highly doubt you and the Cavs can ever win a championship so dont bother saying you can win a title before “not the former but the King”
      You should put your time into improving your team instead of talking crap about Lebron.. Get a Life!

    • Robb says:

      NOPE… he did not… Lebum is the only disgrace in this whole deal… good for Dan for speaking out!!

      • Rob says:

        I have no problem with Gilbert’s remarks…he’s entitled to his opinion…LeBron could have just announced that he wanted to leave without dragging Cavs fans through the mud in this one hour soap opera…i just want to tell Cuban to be careful coming out on one side or the other…Stern is always looking fine ya for something LOL. I wouldn’t be shocked if Stern doesn’t find Gilbert for ripping LeBron…he loves to do that!

    • carl says:

      hit it right on the head……………..

    • Julian Glover says:

      Let Mr. Gilbert know tht the same letter he wrote about Lebron is returned to him by Mr. Brown (Remember the coach he fired!!)

    • Darrell says:

      Lebron did the best thing for himself firstly. Secondly his career and his legacy he will definitely win more rings in Miami. It is also very refreshing to see three guys who have a dream follow through no matter how people critize them for it.Dan Gilbert is trying to be a bully because Lebron is a young guy, my advise to him do not answer to these allegations. Continue to display your professionalism go about your business.

      Darrell.E (CEO) EM Financial

      • Joe says:

        LeBron doesn’t have a legacy anymore. He went from comparisons to MJ to now being nothing more than a Scottie Pippen. Actually, that’s no disrespect to Pippen. I have never seen one man go from basketball legend to joke in such a short amount of time. He could win 10 titles with this team and no outside of Miami will deem it worth anything. His “legacy” took a blow the past few weeks that no one can repair. This is coming from a Boston fan who had no stake in this whatsoever, actually we own the guy, but just watching from a sports fan point of view, this was unreal what went down and how it went down. We (the fans, the media, etc) need to stop with the whole King James thing because he has turned himself into a pauper.

      • Ryan says:

        professionalism, lol…..

        Are you speaking of the professionalism that he showed when he didn’t shake hands with Orlando?

        or perhaps it’s the professionalism he showed when he had a 1 hour special pumpping his own endorsements. (I understand he gave a few milion to a good cause but he ripped the heart out of Cleveland, it did not need to be done that way)

        Maybe the professionalism he showed when he said he would bring Cleveland a championship.

        yea he’s a class act Darrell…..

        if you’re talking about “professionalism” your not talking about LBJ.

        try Steve Nash or Doc Rivers

        I don’t blame Dan Gilbert at all for what he said. He got played………

      • cj says:

        it wasnt lebron fault it was there management and gilbert fault for not giving lebron the needed support… in the past years the management only give mo parker moon jamison.. while laker get pau,artest,ariza bostob got wallace,robinson orlando got carter barnes..

        screw gibert for not sorrounding the king some talent the king needs worthy knight not some useless tash… undersized pf in jamison weak def and inconsistent scorer in mo, warfreak in west mr flopping varejao what a shame… that the very reason lebron leaves the building you all witness how the management screw james for 7 yrs.. and now what boston is trying to get j.oneal without losing there core in pierce,allen.garnett and rondo.. what did cavs do in these day we only hear rumor on paul and bosh rejected james to join cleveland because management sucks… making james leave the cav he already give them enough time to sorrounf him talent and cavs give james trash…

    • RICK MARLOWE says:

      Dan Gilbert, owner of the CLEVEAND Cavaliers, spoke as a fan for the fans of Cleveland. His guarantee of winning a championship was probably not the smartest thing to have said. If you watched the playoff games, you saw for yourself that he quit, or was badly hurt. He has not had an operation so what it there to conclude. He couldn’t wait to get the jersey off when he lost the last game of his playoffs. Lebron, the King, please, This French king surrendered to the invading army and became a traitor. When the going gets tough, lets join the competitor. The King, just moved into Wades castle. All hail the queen. Don’t ever talk about Lequitter being better than Jordan

    • Ohio Native says:

      Obviously, you know NOTHING about the subject you speak of. Dan Gilbert was simply expressing the outrage we all feel at being abandoned by James in the manner in which he chose to do so. James promised that he wouldn’t quit till he brought a championship to Cleveland. Last night, he broke that promise on NATIONAL TELEVISION. This, after deliberately tanking in the series against Boston. We’ve all excused his ego for seven years. We overlooked his 100 MPH trips down the local interstate. We gladly accepted his 3 year ultimatum in ’07. But to be treated that way in front of all of America, like we’re used trash is simply more than we should have to take. Dan Gilbert feels this way too, and we really appreciate his words and sentiment. If you can’t understand our pain, then just shut the hell up.

      • Relevancy says:

        Why would he deliberately tank? Please, one reasonable reason. He wants a championship, why would he decide to stop competing against boston?

      • the truth says:

        You sound crazy ohio native. Lebron owes yall nothing but to play hard and compete. What did cleveland do that any other city would have did for a great talent like lebron. Yall bought tickets, cheered, and jerseys like any other fans would do no different than the heats going to do. He gave yall 7 years of sell outs , great basketball and endless revenue. You know yourself what he did for your city now because he leaves after his contract was up its throw dirt on him but if he stayed you wouldnt mention any of those things just like gilbert did it would be we love u bron. Why resign a quiter, why make movies and go recruit a quiter like yall did. Because it wasn’t true. Its cool to be hurt but he doesnt owe cleveland a whole career to keep trying in that small market that cant get any free agents to come except old washed up players. Gilbert had 7 years to put one all star with lebron and he didn’t do it. Lebron was smart not to get locked in a longterm contract like kevin garnett did. I know you ohio fans don’t care about his goals which is to win a championship, just make yall happy selfish. And if he left in a text the fans would have did the samething an u know it.

      • Ryan says:

        He was worried Delonte’s son would be his brother….. Maybe that child will be the real “chosen one”

      • brian says:

        If he knew he wanted to go to Miami, how would it look if he bolted after winning a championship? That seems like a simple answer.

    • Mike says:

      why dont u just leave dan gilbert alone Lebron the selfish little spoiled punk left us with out a CHAMPIONSHIP and in 2006 he said he never wants to leave the cavs. so shut ur mouth about r owner

      • another ohio native says:

        I agree with the other Ohio native. To me it looked like lbj took a dive in the last two games against Boston. It would not be the first time a pro player did this. I would have to believe that there was a lot of BIG money riding on the Cavs in those games. Perhaps the mafia got to a civil servant of lbj’s mom and made threats towards James’ family. As poorly as lbj played I can’t believe it was just his ‘injury’. Lbj made two 3-pointers in a row in the fourth qtr. of game six and he looked fine, other than that he looked terrible. To make 2 excellent shots amidst an otherwise dismal performance, for a player of caliber just is not natural.

      • 25 says:

        So let me get this straight…it should be up to one man (Lebron) to put Cleveland on the map? What Gilbert said about Lebron was classless and unprofessional. Like one person stated if you guys feel this way about Lebron why would you want him back. Lebron earned everything he got in Cleveland. But this goes to show how folks are. You are cool as long as you do for me. Lebron gave 7yrs read it 7 yrs and you guys still aren’t satisfied. You think Gilbert is concerned about the fans???? No he isn’t he is concerned about the money he will be losing from you fans! Promises!! Gilbert said he wasn’t getting rid of Mike Brown guess what he did!!

      • 25 says:

        tata Kobe has had a better supporting cast then Lebron which means he has been to the finals more then Lebron. Did anyone forget how Kobe got on the radio and blasted the Lakers organization and threaten to leave!!! Why is what lebron did so much worst then what Kobe did…OH cause Lebron actually left. And if the Lakers have been to the finals more then Cleveland then thats the Cleveland organizations fault. YOU GUYS SHOLD HAVE BROUGHT IN BETTER PLAYERS TO SURROUND THE KING…..

        Is anyone forgetting the league tells these players all the time this is a business!!! So Lebron made a business move so why are you guys so mad.

    • Fan says:

      The owner is not to be blamed. At the end of the day the NBA is about entertainment and fans enjoying a spectacle. Dan Gilbert’s letter did just that.

    • Brian says:

      Always best to take the high ground, but Gilbert is emotional and he was at the absolute worst end of the LeBronamania. Don’t blame him for mouthing off, but should be smarter than that.

      Yes, The Decision has been made, but this is a hilarious article mocking the process

      LeBron James announces that he will buy the Miami Heat, endorse the New York Knicks, marry two of the LA Clippers’ Spirit Dancers in a Utah ceremony in August, become Executive Vice President of Mining and Distribution for Polyus Gold (NJ Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokhorov’s gold empire) and play basketball part-time for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

      Read the FUNNY article here:

    • tata says:

      DAN GILBERT IS THE MAN!!! I am now a Cleveland Cavalier fan. I can’t wait to see Gilbert do ANYTHING to win a championship before MeBron. Gilbert could’ve only improved his letter by saying Noah was right.(MeBron is a b*tch)

    • joey of Singapore says:

      additonal roster for HEAT
      Shaq – to intimidate Dwight Howard
      Ilgauskas – alternative center for Shaq
      Juwan Howard – veteran
      Sebastian Telfair = back up point guard
      Gerald Green – free agent
      Raja Bell – back up

      Miami Heat Champion 2010-2011

      joey of Singapore Native of Philippines (BASKETBALL ADDICT)
      (members Church of God International by: Bro.Eli Soriano)